Seikon No Qwaser II

December 17, 2011

What the hell?! I can’t believe they actually made a second season! More importantly, why the heck am I even watching Seikon No Qwaser II?! After all, everyone who watches this series is a pervert. You’re in for the tits sucking, right? Don’t lie to yourself. Admit it. You just want to see girls get their boobs sucked and the moaning they make which ambiguously borders between satisfaction and pain. As for me, I was hoping there would be some sort of change. Oh, I don’t know, maybe the plot and storyline. Because I’m not in for tits sucking, that’s why. Hah! You’re calling me a liar already, aren’t you?

Who cares about the plot and what’s going on since all we’re ever interested is in sucking breast milk. And even if you do need one, all you need to know about the basics practically are 1) Qwasers = humans with the ability to control a particular element. 2) They power up by drinking Souma, which is breast milk. That’s where the sucking comes from. That’s what half of the show is made up. 3) There is some fight between good and evil groups over some holy object which we couldn’t care less to remember its tongue-twisting-hard-to-pronounce name.

As usual, there are the censored and uncensored version. I have watched a fair share of both and my verdict is that if you’re going to watch this series and really enjoy it, and I mean enjoy it in the sense as to understand what is going on, you are much better off watching the UNCENSORED version. Trust me, it is less annoying though it may be disgusting and distasteful (unless you’re talking about yummy Souma, but that’s not the point). However this time, the censored element isn’t putting another scene or still picture. My, it is in the form of a blinding light! It’s either you see a streak of bright light across the screen covering those indecent parts or just the boobs part. The worse one has got to be when the whole character becomes the blinding light itself! It’s like as though they’re angels but they’re not. You can’t see anything. Can’t see their face, can’t see their action. It’s like somebody cut them out and in place of the blank space is a blinding light. So believe me, do yourself a favour and watch the uncensored version not because you are a pervert (by the way, you are one since you’re watching this series to begin with) but rather for less annoyance. If you’re still thinking that you prefer all those annoying censors, then you shouldn’t be watching this series in the first place. I mean, you already have 1 foot in the grave, might as well put the other one in too :).

Episode 1
The sequel starts off exactly where we were left off in that teasing ending back in the first season. Our moody tundra boy Qwaser hero, Alexander Nikolaevich Hell or more fondly known as Sasha is infiltrating another school with Hana as his new Maria. Yeah, the first episode goes as far as to remind viewers what this series is all about. It opens with Sasha sucking boobs, oops, I mean Souma of some hapless girl. However he notes she isn’t the Magdalena of Thunder. As narrated, the High Ancient Circuit consists of 5 items that cannot be reproduced or replaced. They are the Sword of Maria, Magdalena of Thunder, Noah of Gold, Moses of Silence and David of Resurrection. The Magdalena of Thunder’s whereabouts have been unknown for a long time. Till now. Yuri assigns Sasha to infiltrate all-girls Suirei Private High to find that said Magdalena and has Hana as his Maria. Well, she was in thinking she would see Katja again but to her dismay was paired with this tundra boy. To make things worse, Katja even left a note to say that she transferred her to him! You’ve been abandoned, girl. So in Suirei, Sasha against his will has to cross-dress as a girl and make friends will everyone. This means he has to wear women’s underwear though he still mocks Hana of being inferior He seems quite popular (and Hana is boastful like Miyuri!). Till he starts squeezing girls’ boobs in public. Thank God he has Hana to put him in place. Suirei seems to have a virtual system that ‘manufactures geniuses’. Inside the virtual world, Sasha’s boobs are the largest! It must be some setting problem but as Hana points out, it’s a reflection of his lust for you-know-what. They make friends with the quiet Tsubasa Amano, meet the obnoxious Ayame Satsuki and spot the leader of the sorority Miyuki Seta gracefully winning a sword fight. Since Sasha doesn’t respect her much, Miyuki goes up to him and wants to know his real identity. It’s because there are several criminal cases of women being treaded upon on this school. Investigations can’t be done since all victims refused to speak about it.

She challenges Sasha to a duel whereby the loser must listen and abide to everything the winner wishes. Sasha without hesitation accepts. Hey, all he has to do is win, right? Because he’s not used to the settings, Sasha takes a beating and is close to being stripped naked by the sword. Then only in his undies, he blabs something about the mind and body being the same. See how he uses his own jelly boobs gracefully?! He turns the tables and in a single strike rips all of Miyuki’s clothes! She’s naked! Since it’s Sasha’s win, he squeezes her boobs! And then she wants her to accompany him after school. Miyuki has no choice but to do so and to her surprise, from her point of view it may look like rape. Yeah, Sasha starts stripping her top and sucks her boobs! He notes she has excellent Souma and will be a good Maria but realizes she is expecting something. After sucking his feel, he tells her to go home and not say a word of this to anyone. Hey, Hana is keeping a list of girls that Sasha has raped, I mean sucked! Miyuki must be feeling so violated. Very, very violated. She takes a shower and laments how she is being soiled. Jita can tell she’s very bothered and heard she has lost. Though Miyuki doesn’t want to talk about it, Jita gets forceful and hugs her. Violation round 2. Jita can’t forgive that another woman for laying her hands on Miyuki while she isn’t around. Sasha continues his sucking but the results are zero. Yeah, as Hana pointed out she’s already done in 20% of the school. So he’s going to suck them all?! People are getting suspicious, you know. Sasha returns to class and he is more popular than ever. Hana talks to Tsubasa and thinks she will need to investigate too. Oh, the Adepts are still alive and going strong. Wang Chen is seen outside Suirei and saying the Magdalena of Thunder will fall into their hands.

Episode 2
In order not to forget some of the characters from the previous season, we see Miyuri and Mitarai pay Tomo a visit. She has prepared a bath for them. What else? More boobs. Mitarai seems to be taking it okay with her flat chest. Or not. Wang Chen infiltrates Suirei as the class’ new Data Coordination instructor, Yukinobu Ou. He praises Tsubasa for doing a fine work with her programming. Later Wang Chen meets Jita and tells her she has to continue observing Miyuki since she has the highest chance of holding Magdalena of Thunder within her. Jita also wants to beat up the new transfer students (Sasha and Hana) so Wang Chen leaves it to her hands. Miyuki is so gloomy that she is probably conscious about her boobs. I mean, after getting violated like that, could you blame her? Tsubasa notices this and goes to talk to her. In the bath, probably she took the wrong topic to start off by saying how their boobs were once the same size. She also mentions when they were young, Tsubasa promised to be her wife. She thinks that she did something to make Miyuki hate her but the latter disagrees and it’s not her fault. Miyuki laments that she can’t give Tsubasa her ‘first time’ anymore. Though Tsubasa is okay with it and doesn’t want to be a burden to her, but Miyuki isn’t satisfied still. It’s like she doesn’t need her anymore. Then she runs away. While Miyuki continues to be gloomy, Sasha becomes more popular when he manages to help others with their programming (because it has to do with the iron element). Ayame notices Miyuki gloominess and feels for her when Jita comes up to her. She plays mind games with her like saying how she’s the only one who understands Miyuki. She also says there are rumours that Sasha may be tricking students here into something by using outrageous methods. Perhaps Miyuki is also a victim? Because of that, Ayame feels the need to protect her onee-sama.

Wang Chen meanwhile infiltrates Suirei’s central headquarters as he wonders if Harayuki Amano was able to complete the Neumann-type liquid particle computer. He easily hacks the main supercomputer to find the Magdalena of Thunder’s location. Ayame challenges Sasha to a duel but lost. Yeah, don’t even need to show how. I guess those fight scenes are replaced with short flashbacks of how nerdy Ayame was bullied and ostracised till only Miyuki accepted her. Ayame wants to continue to battle but Miyuki fells she has done enough. Now Miyuki wants to challenge Sasha again but Tsubasa steps in. Tsubasa doesn’t break a sweat while Sasha is pushed to a corner. In the end, Tsubasa flawlessly wins, leaving loser Sasha naked. Jita praises Tsubasa but since the latter has no intention to uphold the decree, Jita takes this as she’s throwing her right and will be the one decreeing instead. Jita binds Sasha and caresses those big wonderful tender and lovely boobs. How does it feel now to be molested, eh? Yeah, how does it feel to have your boobs sucked and pinched. Due to the system’s instability, everyone is logged out. So you could say Sasha is saved from further humiliation. Jita receives mail from Wang Chen saying that she can’t suck Souma in the virtual world. Plus, Sasha is a guy. Oh, Jita has never felt so pissed in her life. Even back in the room, Sasha is reeling from the humiliation so much so Hana mocks him that he called his lover’s name (Mafuyu). But Sasha is not going to be intimidated and wants to suck her Souma. She lets him. As usual, he is rough. Then it hit him. When he was sucked upon, he realized the sensation of what a woman felt. Yes, he realized his sucking techniques were wrong all this time! Took you 1 bloody season to realize that! Hey, even doing that is morally wrong! And Wang Chen is satisfied that he has found the Magdalena of Thunder: Tsubasa.

Episode 3
Ayame continues to execute her revenge for Miyuki via sneak attack on Sasha. Of course it fails so Sasha punishes her by sucking her boobs! Is he using her as practice to suck the correct way? By the way, what is the correct way anyway? Wang Chen is seen getting friendly with one of his students, Megumi Shiba. I’m sure any girl her age would be infatuated with a mature guy like him so she didn’t suspect he drugged her drink. Sasha and Hana continue to have petty argument on underwear laundry, Katja, Mafuyu, boobs. What else? Then Tsubasa comes in and a little moment of clumsiness has some laundry detergent spilled on her. Hana takes a bath with her so I guess she too must be good in doing some skinship. Yeah, I suppose that’s a way to milk out some information. Like how Tsubasa’s grandpa built this academy and was the first chairman, Tsubasa and Miyuki are very close. Then 6 years ago, grandpa died mysteriously so Miyuki vowed to protect her. However Tsubasa feels Miyuki is sacrificing everything to protect her and is like a slave (is it a wonder Hana reacted so happily to that word?). Hana continues with more seductive skinship but this is her scheme so that Sasha could suck her Souma. Taking this opportunity, the verdict on Tsubasa’s Souma: She’s not the Magdalena of Thunder. Megumi wakes up seeing several other girls encased in a tube like herself. Wang Chen sucks her boobs and tells her that she’s going to be like the rest. Then he becomes Wolverine. Oops, I mean he sticks his long fingernails into her back to knock her out while proclaiming the time to awaken the Magdalena of Thunder is at hand. In order not to arouse the suspicions of the others, Wang Chen informs the missing students are to assist in the development of a new production model computer, thus they won’t be attending classes. Ayame doesn’t give up and continues to ambush Sasha but as usual she fails. She gets her boobs sucked again. But how come her face looks happy? Wang Chen calls Tsubasa and brings her down to the supercomputer. Since mentioning the Magdalena of Thunder doesn’t ring a bell to her, he notes that her memories are truly erased. He shows his true colours as he tells her the Magdalena of Thunder is an ability that allows to control any kind of electronic information at will. And he’s going to have that ability. Tsubasa tries to flee but falls into his trap.

Sasha and Hana are pondering if they have missed something in their investigation. Hana falls into Ayame’s trap meant for Sasha. I guess this confirms it. Ayame is getting used to get her boobs sucked by Sasha. Sasha is attacked by an element and notices that is carbon transformed into diamond. Appearing out of the woods is Jita. She wants to get revenge for making her suck his man boobs by taking away his manhood. Or die. Sasha beats Jita not because of their elemental powers but rather capabilities. Before he can strike the final blow, Jita is protected by some glass. Sasha notices it to be a silicon specialist. He turns out to be Wang Chen. While Jita is reeling from shock, Wang Chen combines carbon and silicon to make something hard like diamond. Then he summons several virtual machines and starts attacking Sasha. Now it’s Sasha’s turn to lose. Feels like deja vu because before Sasha could bite the dust, great flames blast away the machines. Who is the heroine on stage? Why, it’s Katja and her Mama! She’s back! Guess who is so bloody glad to see her? She’s been called in because Sasha has become inefficient lately (probably that’s part of her sarcasm). Wang Chen realizes he is no match for them so he retreats with Jita. Before that, he shoots his fingernails at Katja but Hana covers her and takes a direct hit on her back neck. Hana’s out, Sasha’s down from exhaustion and Ayame still in her fantasy world, is it no surprise Katja is wondering what the heck is going on?

Episode 4
Hana is in some sort of dream world and Katja is being nice to her, her caressing sweet lips all over her body and willing to do anything for her. However Hana knows this is not the real Katja because Katja is a mean S-queen. Ah well, the offer’s over. Katja returns to her typical sadistic ways and turns on Hana the way she likes it, rough and hard. That’s more like it. In reality, Wang Chen is observing that pervert in some simulation. Jita is having doubts about the mission so Wang Chen assures her that since the Magdalena of Thunder is in their grasp, all they need now is to make it work and take it out. Sasha and Hana are unconscious as Katja sits by them. She mentions about Hana leaving her body and can’t revive herself. Later she purposely bumps into Ayame. Katja acts all cutesy so a dimwit like Ayame is suddenly taken into her. Who wouldn’t? But it’s a trap so that she could lure her and unleash her typical sadistic trap and blackmail Ayame into revealing how to enter the virtual world since she is part of the sorority and has access. I guess Ayame has to be the one holding the record of getting the most violation, boobs caressed and sucked. Yeah, now it’s Katja’s turn to impose all those on her. To up the ante, Katja even thinks of simulcasting this life to the school! Ayame is pretty stubborn but Katja has more tricks up her sleeve. Yeah, she somehow got hold of Ayame’s love letter to Miyuki. Knowing that she’s holding, she throws the letter and makes her pee on it!!! SICK! In the end, no one can stand up to Katja so it’s best that Ayame submit to her. Yeah, now she’s her new onee-sama. Oh Hana, you’ve got a sister. Or is it a rival? Aren’t those caressing reserved only for Hana, now Ayame’s experiencing it? Jita meets up with Miyuki (still gloomy). Learning that she’s looking for Tsubasa (who has been missing is), she asks what would she do if she knows where she is. Miyuki replies without hesitation she’ll do anything to save her. Jita tells her that she is a Qwaser and her mission is about to finish and they’ll never meet again. She wants Miyuki to forget about Tsubasa since she’s an outsider. However Miyuki still thinks she’s the only one who can save her. Later Miyuki deletes all the childhood photos of her and Tsubasa. Sasha is dreaming why he can best Wang Chen when he sees naked visions of Mafuyu and Tomo. They think he’s wounded in the heart since he’s made to dress as a girl. Well, looks like he’s scared of letting them see him in a dress. He gets more traumatized when they start putting make-up on him! Wang Chen is trying to use his silicon network via Witchcraft to awaken the Magdalena of Thunder within stubborn Tsubasa. Katja and Miyuki enter the virtual world (Katja making Ayame her true slave!). They see a river of naked girls in pain. Among them is Hana. As they go closer, Jita obstructs them. They fight as Katja notices Jita being suicidal because she believes she can be saved if she dies a soldier. But the virtual world is becoming unstable since the Witchcraft has entered its last phase. Ayame tries to log out but Jita won’t allow it. Wang Chen has finally obtained the Magdalena of Thunder as an emblem appears on Tsubasa’s forehead. And a mean circular glowing orb appearing right out from the school’s building. Miyuki still adamant to save Tsubasa even if it kills her, extracts some power from her Knight Chess piece. She turns into a super white knight. For that moment, I thought it was Claymore. Nah.

Episode 5
Remember Sleeping Beauty whereby the prince kissed the princess to wake her up from her slumber? When you say kiss, you kiss the lips right? NOT THE TITS!!! I don’t know how young Miyuki got this idea so she lunge straight right at Tsubasa’s boobs. Tickles, eh? Sasha is still in dream land dressed as a girl while having some slumber party with Mafuyu, Tomo, Miyuri, Mitarai and Lizzie. It turns into boobs talk and comparison (the flat chests must be so disheartened). Not until Teresa gives him that dirty look till Sasha wakes up from his nightmare with Yuri by his side. Out of the frying pan and into the fire? That’s because now he has to deal the problem at hand. Yuri shows him that Miyuki is attacking the orb (Tsubasa). He also mentions Miyuki has the elemental circuit. Katja and Ayame continue to dodge Jita. But in the end, Jita loses her life and leaves it to Wang Chen since Witchcraft is completed. Now Wang Chen is in total control of the world’s network and is going to play God by cleaning up the world. Yeah, he even powers up himself by sucking the tits of those helpless girls. Suck and throw? Not even his tragic past of how soldiers massacred his family and he retaliated by unleashing his silicon powers was enough to pity this twisted idea of cleaning up the world. Yuri gives Sasha the ultimate mission. From that flowery speech, I guess what he’s trying to say is to destroy it. But Sasha isn’t happy with that idea. Has he gone soft? Furthermore, a group called Meteora are on its way. They are a squad that doesn’t believe in miracles because they believe they are envoys of God. In order words, they destroy everything and leave no trace. WTF?! Yuri gives Sasha a little cross which is an atonement device with elemental circuit in it. From what I understand, he’s trying to do the same of what Meteora is doing. He thinks they’ve already lost. Sasha takes the cross and vows to stop them.

Miyuki and Tsubasa meet face to face, the former bent on killing her so that she could be with the latter forever. But Tsubasa soon loses her consciousness when somebody enters her (nothing ambiguous lah). Miyuki charges but is stopped by Sasha. He wants her to back down and let him handle this but she isn’t going to let a perverted cross-dresser do the job. Katja and Ayame breakthrough to where Wang Chen is. He attacks and since Katja can’t use her Qwaser powers, she forces Ayame to protect via programming skills. Not bad but why is her barrier (which is her chibi self) sound so pervy whenever she gets hit? So I guess Ayame is caught between a rock and a hard place. No barrier, get hit by Wang Chen. Barrier up, Katja unleashes her sadistic whipping on her. I suppose she prefers the latter because she’s so stimulated that she upgrades herself from addressing Katja onee-sama to queenie! At that moment, Hana snaps out from her spell. Why the heck is she Wang Chen’s chair?! Nobody and I mean nobody other than Hana is allowed to call Katja that. At least that’s what Hana thinks. Let the rivalry begin! Oh wait, we have more important things to do like preventing Wang Chen escape. Oh, never mind. Sasha and Miyuki’s battle continue. I don’t know how but Sasha pulls off some super fast move to slash Miyuki from the back, seriously wounding her but short of killing her. But Miyuki regenerates and mocks him weak. Now it’s her turn to stab him. Ah, a chance to kill her wasted. Then they’re interrupted with Wang Chen’s godly announcement to cleanse the world. Seems he has fused with Tsubasa. I thought they would be one mind one body, but it seems they’re still 2 separate entities but within bodily touching distance. Did you notice Wang Chen’s habit of pinching girl’s nipples? I guess he gets turned on this way, huh? With Miyuki getting stabbed, Sasha takes out the cross and shouts Mafuyu‘s name. Guess what? She’s here alright. In front of Sasha’s eyes. For once, she’s just cool with her entrance and Sasha just desperate. Role reversal, eh?

Episode 6
What’s the first thing Sasha did to ascertain this is the real Mafuyu? HE GROPED HER BOOBS?! SICKO! He is damn sure this is not the Mafuyu he knew because her boobs are bigger! Hey, they grow in time. Had enough of his groping, Mafuyu knocks his head! Yeah, it’s no dream. This is the same Mafuyu alright. Flashback reveals shortly after Sasha left, the elemental circuit within Mafuyu invoked again and Souma gathered in her body. Yuri and the people at Athos approached her and since the circuit is fused inside her body and can’t be removed, the only way is to control it. That is when she is partnered with Katja and underwent torturous sadistic treatment! So that’s where Katja was during Hana’s partnering with Sasha. Oh Hana. Don’t you just feel betrayed all this time? Well, Katja did mention she didn’t have the talent to be her slave but will still praise her for surviving her harsh training. Miyuki continues to battle Wang Chen. Now it’s Tsubasa’s turn for a short flashback why she was swayed by his words. You know, she felt like a burden to her, etc. She wants her to be free. However Miyuki doesn’t want that kind of freedom. She feels warm whenever she is with her. She goes crazy thinking about her and to control herself from going out of control, she became the sorority’s leader. Realizing that Miyuki really doesn’t want to be separated from her, Tsubasa tells her to destroy her. Miyuki slashes away but Wang Chen grabs her. Meanwhile Sasha is feeling guilty of all the sinless people spilling blood and wonders if he has the right to suck Mafuyu’s Souma. After all those unauthorized sucking, you now feel unqualified to suck hers? Well, she forgives him and wants him to leave. I guess this means she gives him permission to suck her Souma. Feels good, eh?

Sasha powers up to save Miyuki and attack Wang Chen. Then I’m not sure about this explanation about combining Mafuyu’s circuit to create something that can slash through anything. Wang Chen can’t retaliate since Tsubasa is conscious enough to hold him down. With that, Sasha and Mafuyu cut and destroy the orb together. Elsewhere, Katja, Hana and Ayame can’t log out. Hana says that she has a connection with Witchcraft so Katja wants Ayame to use Hana and access deeper. I thought it was just ambiguous thought. Who knows the way to access deeper was Ayame really putting her finger deep into Hana’s asshole! WTF?! WTF?! WTF????!!! They appear at Tsubasa. She can’t escape since she’s fused with the system but will allow the trio to escape. However Hana doesn’t like this idea of leaving a classmate behind. Katja impressed with Hana’s change, tells her to go up to Tsubasa and try to control it as her Maria. She has to do it with precision since she has no training like Mafuyu. One slight mistake and they’ll all die. I don’t know how but it seems controlling the Maria means getting yuri, stimulating each other. How’s that for a yuri scene between Tsubasa and Hana? Anyway it worked and allowed everyone to log out in the nick of time. With everyone back out in reality, Wang Chen isn’t done yet. He tries to suck all the Soumas of the naked girls. Yeah, a field of naked girls. Miyuki naked. Tsubasa naked. Are there any girls here who are clothed just a bit?! Oh, Mafuyu, Katja, Ayame and Hana are. Thank goodness. While Wang Chen furiously attacks with his silicon, Sasha got enough time and grace to suck the Soumas out of Tsubasa and Miyuki. At the same time, offering them words of encouragement to live and about love! Woah! Absurdly outrageous! Sasha gets strong enough to slash Wang Chen and put him out of his misery. In the aftermath, Sasha and Hana left Suirei. All data of their existence was erased, like as though they’ve never set foot here. But Miyuki and Tsubasa still remembers them from their memories. Their friendship is back on track as Tsubasa is writing a novel of a prince that likes to suck boobs! Ah well, everybody’s a pervert in some ways. That’s one of the best things about being alive, right?

Episode 7
The first in line of a series of fillers begins. Tomo must be so bored and lonely that she’s talking to her boobs! WTF?! Yuri confronts Meteora Priest Supervisor, Clifford C.J. Crawford about his orders towards his subordinates. From what I understand, he couldn’t care less about blowing up the school and should’ve got the Magdalena of Thunder. Yuri believes he was right to leave it to Sasha’s decision and is sure he has orders to return. Clifford didn’t like his tone and leaves but promises they’ll meet again. Yuri hopes not. Jita apparently is still alive and has a ring lock on her left nipple. She escapes from her confinement and ambushes the student council president of St Mihailov, Yumie Hiiragi. She sucks her Souma but suddenly feel immense pain from the ring and passes out. Tomo passes by and sees both girls out and brings her to Urara. The lock it seems will manipulate the flow of Souma and control the Qwaser’s power. The curse will have the user feel pain instead of pleasure when power is used. Otherwise, it is nothing threatening if you live an ordinary daily life. Why the heck are they flicking the ring seeing that each time they do so, Jita gives out a painful moan?! Anyway Jita comes to and Tomo is ecstatic since she mentions Sasha’s name and bugs her for answers. Not that she knows any. I guess Tomo got too lonely so she wants Jita to sleep with her. Like she has a choice. Tomo falls fast asleep so Jita couldn’t resist sucking her Souma even if it means feeling intense pain. Next morning, Miyuri in an Arabian outfit, proclaiming herself as Madame Lily, St Mihailov’s saviour and great fortune teller, enters Tomo’s room and is amazed by the splendid aura she sees in Jita. She brings them to her fortune telling castle and it seems she even has her own assistant, Edgar! Jita doesn’t believe her fortune telling powers but Tomo insists her prediction is always right. Suddenly Yumie comes by and sees Jita. She was to accuse her of assault but Miyuri won’t allow that to happen to her guest. Besides, Tomo insists Jita was with her all the time last night. Anyway Yumie is here because there’s a rumour that there’s a trade of stolen goods here. What is missing? A list of data of the girls’ breast sizes. I think Urara records that for her own amusement.

Yumie wants to close this area but Miyuri won’t allow it and will find the culprit herself (why is she pushing her boobs against Yumie’s?). I’m not sure of this Twin Boobs Ceremony but Miyuri needs another person of the same breast size for this ritual: Tomo. Oh Mitarai, she’s lamenting how she’s not fit to be in this ceremony… I don’t know, probably it’s for yuri fanservice because we see Miyuri and Tomo in some cult procession fondling and sucking each other’s boobs. Stimulated, aren’t we? That night, Miyuri, Tomo and Jita wait and hide at the predicted spot and see a couple of suspicious guys doing the exchange. Miyuri tries to intercept them but was easily knocked out with a spray. Noting that she has seen their faces, they plan to do something perverted as blackmail. Jita jumps in to save her but Tomo gets taken as hostage. No choice, she uses her carbon abilities even if it causes her pain. However she weakens as she over asserts herself. The baddie decides to toy around with her and throws away Tomo (why the heck did he ripped her dress in the first place?). Urara comes running by and tosses Tomo a little egg supposedly some self-defence thingy. The egg is absorbed into Tomo’s dress and due to her elemental circuit and incomparable Souma, Tomo transforms into an Arabian girl?! Mademoiselle Tomo?! That isn’t the outrageous part. The most ridiculous part is whereby her boobs grow bigger and starts shooting fire-beams!!! WHAT THE HELL?! WHAT THE F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though the baddie is blasted away, Tomo can’t control the beams so we have a nice light show till her energy run out. That’s going to be a long time. Next morning, Jita becomes a transfer student in Miyuri and Tomo’s class, much to their delight. But they are even more delighted with the return of Sasha and Mafuyu! Oh, they’re back!

Episode 8
When friends reunite, they take a nice bath together, right? Well, Tomo starts playing with Mafuyu’s boobs. Did she miss them? Jita is spying outside. Sasha is jealous. Mafuyu knocks the perverts out. Enough said. Sasha continues to show his university problem solving skills in class. But does this give him the right to even squeeze the teacher’s boobs?! Thank God Mafuyu is always there to reprimand that pervy. Later as Hana and Mitarai talk, Hana could tell that she very much has a crush on Sasha and teases her about it. Though she insists that she just wants to get along with him. Herald Madame Lily as she gives Mitarai a free love fortune telling. Um… Why does it say death? Poor Mitarai… Sasha is seen talking via online interface with Yuri. Something about Meteora’s unusual movements and there may come a time they’ll have to fight them. Oh, Teresa’s with Yuri. So that puts a rest to where the hell she’s been, eh? During dinner, Jita and Sasha still hate each other so Tomo nicely tells Sasha not to bully Jita who is restrained and living here with them. Meanwhile Hana gets her fix of Katja’s sadistic torture that she dreads but loves so much. Feels good to be back, eh? I guess Katja went overboard since half of Hana’s face got bandaged. Next day in school, Jita confronts Hana. She doesn’t like their carefree attitude since the battle between Athos and Adepts aren’t over yet. She reminds her that she’s still her enemy despite being restrained. Hana shows her the mark of the Magdalena of Thunder on her as it dwells in her now and she has no chance of winning if she fights her now. Jita still mocks them that they are naive and can’t kill a person so Hana decides to teach her how to fight without killing. That is, by bringing her to Miyuri’s fortune telling castle! Seems it’s not just a fortune telling building but have lots of facilities like spa and billiards! There’s even a bowling alley! Yeah, everyone is invited to play! Well, Yumie didn’t approve of this but since she got 80% approval from the school, I guess she has no choice. So Miyuri is that popular? Well, when the gang was gone, I guess she got so lonely that she tried being a manga artist, idol voice artist and comedian!

That aside, Sasha and Jita are going to fight each other via bowling match. After all that super trembling moves, Sasha’s ball lands in the gutter! See, that’s what you get for disrespecting this ‘ridiculous ball game’. Now it’s Jita’s turn for revenge but she too lands in the gutter! I guess they have a talent for cleaning the gutters. Yeah, throw after throw. Into the gutter. Sasha got so desperate that he sucked on Tomo’s Souma!!! Is that going to help?! Is it?! IS IT?! Nope, still down the gutter. Haha. At least we know Sasha and Jita suck (no pun intended) badly in bowling as they scored zero at the end! But there’s a talented bowler scoring strikes! It’s Mitarai! She’s bowling them down, pins after pins in style and much grace! She ends up having a perfect score of 300! Puts the Qwasers to shame, eh? I hope there is no such trade-off between flat chests and bowling… As the winner, the losers must listen to her. She goes up to Sasha and is summing up her courage. Hana anticipates a confession but it turns out she wants everyone to get along with each other without fighting. Especially Sasha and Jita. Is that really what she wants? Well, she seems to be regretting it outside later. Boo hoo! Missed chance. But that Edgar girl, there’s something strange about her. We see her eyes glowing as she notes how that Qwaser of Athos is Sasha.

Episode 9
Mafuyu is practising controlling her Sword of Maria when she notices Jita nearby reacting in pain. Desperate Jita wants her to remove her nipple lock or else she’ll kill her and then herself. Mafuyu agrees because she thinks it’s cruel to do this to a woman but Jita changes her mind and doesn’t want to receive pity from her enemy. Tsundere, is she? St Mihailov is preparing for the Founder’s Festival. During the preparations, Sasha notices Jita in pain so he sucks her Souma to relief her of it. Mafuyu spot this unholy act and is shocked. Though Sasha explains and she understands, Mafuyu seems pretty much vexed. I mean after all, you’re sucking tits of other woman, right? Mafuyu wanders around till she is forced into Madame Lily’s free fortune telling tent. I don’t know how it works because you’re supposed to put your hands on her boobs. Maybe it’s how she gets her kicks and stimulation. All that blabbing means Mafuyu is troubled if she’s qualified to be loved by Sasha. Then Mafuyu somehow gives her the slip before she could finish. Soon after Tomo comes in and requests her help. Shortly, every girl wants to touch her boobs to get a free fortune telling. Desperate. Obviously Mafuyu is still bothered when she sees other girls like Mitarai talking to Sasha. On the festival day, Sasha’s class is doing butler and maids cafe. Sasha looks cool in his butler outfit and is doing Mitarai’s shift. She’s down and gloomy not because of her flat chest, but rather when Sasha picked out his outfit, he accidentally took out a maid costume out of instinct. Yeah, blame cross-dressing. Mitarai misunderstood his fetish and has been gloomy ever since.

Yuri pays Sasha a visit (he’s wearing crazy plain clothes) but he’s here to report that Athos is at an advantage since they have 2 of the High Ancient Circuits. However he cautions that Meteora may use this chance to eliminate the Adepts and also there are rumours the moderators are planning to form an alliance with the Adepts. Katja and Hana are in some stage play with Hana as some super heroine in a revealing leather Catwoman outfit. Flashback reveals Hana was forced to do it as training to control her Magdalena of Thunder, although that was just a lie. Hana can’t control her lighting and I guess the crowd was just shocked (no pun intended). Later Sasha takes Mafuyu to a secluded area to talk about them. He thinks that there is no reason for her to be a Maria and that it’s not too late to return to her normal life. Realizing he hurt her, he quickly says he was glad when she came to his aid at Suirei. Seems Sasha is doing this since he got ‘lectured’ by Tomo if he’s really watching Mafuyu. Sasha asserts that whoever his Maria is, Mafuyu will be his only Maria and that he needs her boobs. Eh? I guess this made Mafuyu happy enough to let him suck her Souma! Unknown to them, that Nikuma AKA Bigmama is watching them. At the end of the event, Miyuri announces that she will choose the best couple of the event and they will play a mock wedding on stage. Guess what? Sasha and Mafuyu won. It’s no surprise since earlier on Tomo requested her help since she noticed Mafuyu down. Yeah, Miyuri is gladly doing this because she thinks she’s been relied on. Oh, she really loves that. With Tomo as the priest, Sasha and Mafuyu dress up as newly-weds and are about to take the plunge. Before Mafuyu could say yes, Nikuma interrupts and disagrees with the wedding. That’s because she isn’t married yet and won’t let those young punks play wedding (apparently she took to heart about Sasha’s comments about making Mafuyu a Maria like her). And yeah, Yuri says that she’ll be the new sister who will be working with them. The true fear and trembling starts now! Aye!

Episode 10
Mitarai’s boobs are huge and Sasha is sucking them! However he won’t be deceived by her fake boobs as it deflates! More boobs trauma for Mitarai when she is confronted by the big bouncy boobs of Mafuyu, Tomo, Miyuri and Yumie. Yeah, they even say how Sasha is a boobs maniac and that her boobs have never bounced once! She wakes up from this dream. But reality also hurts because she’s still flat… This episode has the characters drawn in chibi form half the time and is divided into several short nonsensical unrelated skits. Katja is doing some sadistic quiz show. Seems she’s enjoying it very much. I don’t know, but I don’t think the answer to her whatever question is pig. Sasha seems to be fond of sucking Souma out of Mafuyu, Tomo and Miyuri after doing little favours like mowing, fixing a bike chain and church bell. Why the heck is Tomo’s boobs oversized!!! It’ the biggest body part ever so much so she can’t walk! She’s standing on it! Anyway when Sasha is asked by Mafuyu to replace a pan with a hole, he’s going to get his Souma fix again but Nikuma stops him. She places a “Keep Out” sign over Mafuyu’s boobs and will have him struggle without sucking Souma. I guess the temptation is too great so Tomo offers to let him suck secretly but he was instantly punished by Nikuma. He seeks Yuri for advice so he does meditation and goes on a universal trip. When he comes back, he’s like a zombie! Now he’s a Souma-desperate monster! He tries to suck Yumie’s boobs but to his dismay, spots “Keep Out” sign over it. Nikuma laughs at his failure and the trap she set he has fallen. Noting that he has learned the value of Souma, she rewards him by allowing him to suck to Souma of the student council vice president, Nami Okiura. However her boobs are flat so he didn’t feel like sucking. Nami gets upset about his boobs discrimination! Mitarai and Hana lament about their small boobs.

Flashbacks reveal how Katja constantly had to suck Hana’s Souma but still it wasn’t enough. Maybe her boobs were small that’s why it’s never enough. Mitarai did some research about big boobs (it’s about sexuality of course) and even if they manage to make their boobs big, their other body parts will grow bigger, overshadowing their boobs. So what about people with big boobs but great body figure? Mitarai is in denial and is convinced those are fake boobs. They see Urara’s advice so she gives them a book on how to increase their boob size. Let your boyfriend massage them? Touch them, touch them and touch them! Not likely to happen, eh? They bump into Nami and she too pours her misery over being a flat chest (yeah, the recent boobs discrimination by Sasha). Even if she did say that there are some with fetish for small boobs, they couldn’t name anybody with such a fetish. Mafuyu and Tomo come in so the trio gave them spiteful looks, enough to blast them out of the window. Tomo is disheartened that she set her clock to study early in the morning but couldn’t wake up. Seems she doesn’t have memories of turning it off herself. The next time she tries, the same thing happens but Mafuyu tries to wake her up but to no avail. She slept like a log. It’s 4 in the morning, you know. Because of that, Mafuyu couldn’t sleep and the next round at 5am, the same thing. Mafuyu is so tired that in school, Madame Lily offers to help her out. More like she was forced to. However it is Mafuyu who offers her advice to Miyuri since her fortune telling is experiencing a decline in customers. Then the clock rings so the counselling session ends as Miyuri charges for her service! And she was the one getting counselled! Another sadistic quiz by Katja. And no, Hachiko is NOT a pig! I guess she just wants to call her contestants that.

Episode 11
Remember that stray Qwaser baddie who was trying to con women via some detox machine just to get Souma? Apparently, he is released from jail but it seems he has turned over a new leaf. He is not interested in sucking boobs anymore. Then a staff of his tries to persuade him to come back since everyone is waiting. He doesn’t really seem interested at first but I guess being a guy, he eventually gives in to his temptation. Yup, he’s back and what a way to return by sucking her tits. Sasha, Katja, Hana, Mafuyu and Tomo are undergoing training to become stronger under Nikuma. From jogging, to push ups, to abs exercise and even vocal exercise! Being a Qwaser and Maria ain’t easy. There’s even this study on the composition of metals and copper on Earth thingy. Mafuyu surprises everyone with her intellectual and scientific explanation of metal and Qwasers who control them control the Earth. Amazing! As for our other St Mihailov girls, they’re enjoying their own hotspring courtesy of Miyuri. Meanwhile the baddie Qwaser whom I shall call Director revives his new Mannyuuken (International Boobs Workshop) on a luxury liner and changes its name to Unyuuken (Universal Boobs Workshop). I guess it will have more universal appeal. Besides, boobs are one of the main mysteries of the universe. Haha, just kidding. There is even a new upgraded boobs sucking machine to detox all those ‘toxins’. We see Ayame and Ruru (the girl whose mom was one of the victims of Director in the OVA) are friends. Ayame is trying hard not to think about Katja or becoming her slave but I guess that’s going to be hard. The duo take a stroll and to Ruru’s dismay, she sees a sign of Unyuuken’s revival. They sneak on board the ship and she plans to uncover if he’s going to do something bad again. She’s doing this in hopes Katja will praise her (Ruru was saved by Katja the last time so I guess you can say she’s her ‘slave’ too). However they are spotted and cornered. Ruru throws Ayame off and into the sea to escape while she gets captured.

Ruru is brought to Director and she remembers her from the last time. I don’t know how but Ayame comes tumbling into the hotspring where Nikuma and her trainees are. She tells what happened so Katja and Hana are going to remind that jerk the consequences of laying his hands on her slave. Everyone except Tomo heads for Unyuuken’s ship. Director is going to use Ruru as a punishment example in front of the public when the Qwaser heroes barge in. However Director has prepared a few underlings to keep them busy. Why do they look like boy bands? I don’t think they are any related to the Chemical Brothers either. But they’re all just for show because Sasha and Katja easily beat them up after drinking Mafuyu and Hana’s Souma respectively. You can’t even call this a warm up. Director panics and tries to get away but bumps into Nikuma. Noting his desire to suck Souma, she will let him suck her Souma as much as she wants! This has got to be the worst day of his life. Now he knows the true meaning of trembling in fear of sucking Souma. Katja is having a threesome in her room. Ayame tries to hold it in and not fall for her trap. But with Katja the smooth talker and player, she manages to persuade Ayame to become part of her slave circle. Besides, deep down Ayame too wants to be part of it because she’s wearing that S&M leather suit underneath her robe. I hope they’re not bothering the other occupants. Oh, too late. I hope the guests of elderly people and decent family won’t get scarred of seeing this indecent play. It’s like Katja purposely flashes what they’re doing to those occupants as part of her persuasion to Ayame. So Ayame, welcome to the circle of Katja’s slave. It’s steadily increasing, isn’t it? You can’t defy the queen! Lastly we see Edgar running out from the fortune telling castle as Clifford notes this is where the Golden Noah is hiding.

Episode 12
Sasha dreams that Mafuyu is taking out her pent-up desires on him. But when he wakes up, it turns out to be Edgar on him and today Edgar will be in his full service. Though Sasha didn’t like Edgar for creeping up into his bed (I guess he wanted Mafuyu) but he takes it out on that loli by sucking her boobs as breakfast! Then he realized Edgar is a boy!!! F*CK!!!! He would’ve killed him if Mafuyu didn’t whack him for being noisy. Later at the lake, Edgar reveals Friedrich was his master and that he implanted High Ancient Circuit and thus Golden Noah into him. With Friedrich’s death, Edgar was free but since there are others targeting him, that’s why he thought Sasha could help him and wants to be his master. Sasha scoffs him off that he doesn’t know about him. However if he wants to live, he wants him to say a wish from his heart. Edgar wants to live with peace with everyone and doesn’t want to be alone anymore. He breaks down as Sasha hugs him. Yuri is being confronted by Clifford and his Meteora army. Seems Yuri has anticipated all this coming and even knew who Golden Noah was beforehand. Clifford wants those lenient Athos to hand over the mission to them since they can’t save the world but Yuri tells them to go back where they came from. Nami is talking to Yumie about how she loves this school and her. Don’t expect any genuine yuri relationship because Nami pins Yumie down and exposes her boobs! Nami reveals her true identity as part of Meteora and that the standby orders are over. She sucks Yumie’s boobs and sinks her vampire teeth into it till it bleeds! OMG! But this is to implant some virus so that she could control Yumie’s mind. Mafuyu gets a call to meet Yumie. Yumie gets bold by saying she loves Sasha and wants Mafuyu to break up with him. She exposes her own boobs and is confident Sasha can be satisfied with these. Shows you what kind of guy he is, eh? With Nami showing up and revealing her true identity, Yumie bites Mafuyu’s boobs so Nami could mind control her. She orders her to kill Sasha.

That night when Sasha is asleep, Mafuyu stabs him in bed. However it was just a decoy because the real Sasha is behind her and had earlier suspect something amiss. But Sasha thinks this is the fake Mafuyu and is from Adept. Mafuyu disagrees and asserts that she’s the real deal. Sasha still won’t believe that she’s the real one since he doesn’t need a Maria who can easily be mind controlled. They both fight as Mafuyu is confident that he can’t kill the woman he loves. Sasha is overpowered by Mafuyu’s tremendous Sword of Maria’s powers. I guess with the lack of Souma, he can’t do anything but get beaten up. He even tries to steal some Souma from Mafuyu! No can do, kiddo! However this has a little effect on Nami as Mafuyu tries to wrest control of her own body but ultimately Nami regains full control. Just before Mafuyu could kill Sasha with her powerful Sword of Maria, Teresa comes to Sasha’s rescue! She allows Sasha to suck her Souma and it feels nostalgic, eh? Just like the good old days. With the tables turned, Sasha didn’t finish off Mafuyu with a punch but rather he sucked her boobs! I wanted to say to completely suck out the virus in her was an excuse but I guess it’s a valid reason. When Mafuyu wakes up, she has no memories of what happened. She sees Sasha bruised though he brushes it off as nothing. He tells her that the war is going to start. Meanwhile Yuri fends off Meteora’s attack. He is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t play play with this guy. Who knows what will happen if he takes off his eye-patch. But Clifford won’t give up so he has his army charge at him. Then guess who’s back?! It’s Lizzie! After all this while, I thought the producers have forgotten her and will never show up. Since Clifford remains stubborn to back down, Lizzie shows the results of her training and the effects are so with a bang! Elsewhere, we see Fool (Aurum’s loyal servant). He meets Joshua (another character I thought will never show up) who is in Japan to bring his sister Jita back. But they are confronted with Katja and Hana. Joshua isn’t the weakling he once was and is strong enough to hold Mama. Seems Joshua possesses Aurum’s power and is now known as the Successor of Hermes Trismegistus. Uh, Herpes what? Nikuma sees off Sasha and Mafuyu who are embarking on a new mission. Sasha notes that if he isn’t considered as a God, then as human he’ll just have to live with full of love! I hope there is no perverted hidden message behind it.

Big Breasts Aren’t Just For Decoration!
No way! Not another cliff-hanger ending! Oh, why do I get a feeling that there is a possibility of another season? But let’s leave that aside first. What else can I say about this season? Basically the first half of this season’s mission of infiltrating Suirei served as this season’s short story arc. I don’t know, even with just a dozen episodes, it felt kinda draggy and I was glad it was over. Heck, I hate to admit this but I enjoyed the mindless nonsensical fillers that filled in later. Then with the final episode with a new force popping up and declaring war, ironically I felt it was kinda interesting. What am I saying?! I guess after too many mind-numbing boobs sucking action, something fresh of a new crazy group is just what I need to free myself from this spell. But I can’t say the same for the Qwaser action. Probably this season’s number of episodes was cut in half so we don’t get much of it. So I suppose the final episode is timely and actually what Qwaser actions should be. That short bout between Sasha and Wang Chen was just too short to amount to anything for adrenaline junkies (who by the way shouldn’t be watching this in the first place). I remember that in the first season, we get short educational insights about elemental reactions when one element collides or mixes with another. Here, we basically just have that oh-so-short-one when Sasha and Wang Chen clashed. That’s about it. Mafuyu’s iron theory? Well, that’s more of her opinion rather than anything scientific or proven.

Some of the characters from the previous season took a back seat here. People like Tomo, Miyuri and Mitarai were just relegated to unimportant side characters serve to provide either fanservice or some comic relief. They make only cameo appearances in the first half of the series and I felt they could have been done without. Then when the fillers set in, it’s their turn to have their fair share of screen time. It’s like playing musical chairs because the new characters like Tsubasa and Miyuki no longer appear (even so, as unimportant short cameos). Ayame’s appearance during that hotspring-cum-Mannyuuken-revival episode felt like it served as a catalyst to be part of Katja’s slave empire. Oddly I won’t think that it’s Katja’s fetish or hobby to accumulate perverted masochist slaves but rather how especially Hana and Ayame would fight over her attention just to get spanked. I even shudder to think of that! Other characters like Lizzie and Joshua making their extremely late appearance also serve as a reminder that they have not been cast aside. It’s like as though they took a rest and if there’s another sequel, they’ll be back with a bang. They certainly looked like they have powered up tremendously from this point. Even Teresa’s whereabouts were a point to ponder. Making her late entry in aiding Sasha isn’t going to remove my perception of a slut from last season. Jita was just bumming around in the second half and wasn’t much of a threat either. As long as that lock is there, she won’t be doing anything dangerous soon. Of course there are other characters that did not even make a single appearance at all and it left me wondering what happened to them. In the previous season, there was an Adept girl with a gas mask called Milk. Remember her now? So where the heck is she? What about the comical Qwaser pair of Tasuku and Mutsumi? Oh, oh. You know that loli Astarte who was good friends with Tomo during the latter’s capture? So… Do you even still remember who they are?

You can bet that Sasha and Mafuyu’s relationship has taken another step further but I just don’t feel much development or any deeper. We know they’re still rather reserved in expressing their feelings for each other, but yeah, definitely the pair of the series has got to be these two. Sasha isn’t as cold and unfriendly as previous but he is still a pervert, having no second thoughts about squeezing a woman’s boobs and even noting if their Souma is good or not. Still, he has learnt a lot after meeting Mafuyu and isn’t a cold-hearted bastard he was made to live and scarred by Aurum. Mafuyu too didn’t really get mad too much at Sasha probably she knows his character by now and that he’s slightly a good boy now. It might not be obvious, but I find Tomo’s boobs ridiculously bigger. Big enough to put her face on it and sleep as a pillow! In this show, girls either have very large bosoms or as flat as the plains. In between just doesn’t cut it. Yuri is still mysterious as ever. It’s like he knows a lot and has set his plans in motion with his hindsight. He is one Father you don’t want to mess with even he always put up a smiling and gentle face. The Adepts were lying low this season. Heck, about more than half of their dozen members were wiped out in the previous season. It remains to see for good if Wang Chen is dead for real. With Meteora coming in to the picture, I guess Aurum won’t be getting out from the picture he was sealed in previously even if we see Fool’s appearance. Katja is still the same high-and-mighty sadistic queenie. She never lets anyone steps above her or even come close. You got to respect her for that. Please do not misinterpret that I have fallen for her sadistic play. Another highly amusing character is Nikuma. She is probably the only person Katja could never go up against. She is still that passionate big-sized muscular nun and when she orders you something, you know you’re in for some big sh*t. It was unfortunate she didn’t make more appearance especially her trademark “Aye~” word. Hana has really gone full blown with her masochistic ways with Katja. With the mere mention of S&M words (even ambiguous ones) like ‘deep’, would send her fantasizing in ecstasy. She really loves getting trampled on, eh? But I guess nobody does it better than Katja-sama herself. Miyuri also seems to have changed a little. Like they say, with many of the gang away from St Mihailov for a while, she turned into a crazy fortune telling alter-ego. At least she’s not as obnoxious as before (probably her partner-in-crime Hana was away) but she has this complex of wanting to be useful and relied on and relishes every moment when people asks for her help. Oh and Mitarai, she could never get over her washboard chest. Curse yourself for born this way. If she can’t get over that, how can she even confess her feelings to Sasha because you know, your confidence is in your boobs! Haha! So okay, I made that last bit up. Say, what happened to that cat she named as Sasha? And who could’ve guessed that Edgar is a boy!

As mentioned about the boobs sucking fanservice part, it’s either you’ll love it or hate it because of the disgusting way it’s being sucked upon. So I’ve learned, there’s a proper and nicer way of sucking boobs just as Sasha realized? I don’t know. I can’t remember. The last time I did that when I was a toddler not old enough to upgrade to a milk bottle. In addition to sucking tits, I noticed that if they have only one mouth to suck on 1 boob, the other one is being stimulated by the fingers. Do stimulated women really bring out more Souma? Maybe. Another ‘disadvantage’ of watching the censored version is that the moaning and groaning are also cut out. So instead of hearing the girls going “AaaaAAAaaaahh~”, you’d just be guessing the act of the sucking at that moment (it’d be censored anyway). It’s feels a little like a silent movie with only the music in the background. And of course the glorious uncensored version means that you can feast your eyes on the opening and credits animation filled with panty shots, yuri positions and other fanservice antics which would otherwise be blocked out with ‘coloured silhouettes’. See how many benefits you get when you see the uncensored version? Not only that, in addition to the typical next episode preview narration, the uncensored version brings the amusing rants of the characters which last over a minute. For example, Hana’s dismay over her new rival as Katja’s slave or her masochistic awakening. Of course the best one has got to be Katja who teases the viewers about being her slave and breaking the fourth wall, calling us names for being perverts. Don’t get too close to your monitor, panting with a heavy breath. She might jump out and whip you! Other than this, the S&M part of some of the characters makes up the other part of the fanservice in this series.

So in the even if there is a third season, should I watch it or not? Ah, the dilemma. The good versus the bad (points, that is). More plot and character development versus mind-numbing fanservice. The fanservice is getting bolder and bolder. Everybody here is a pervert. From the viewers (for watching this show) to the producers (for making this show) and right down to the characters (for becoming so slutty). There is a thin line between what is accepted and what is not for being a pervert. But that really depends on the individual. Imagine for a series with a fair amount of holy references (churches, biblical terms, etc) but connected and still it can be related to something perverted (you already know well the theme of this series, right?), that’s really ironic, isn’t it? I hope there won’t be a time when just drinking and sucking Souma won’t be enough to power up. They may need to engage in fornication (or even rape!) to reach and unleash some ultimate power. Maybe that will be the hentai version. Behold the power of sex! If that ever happens, then you should really tremble and prostrate yourself in fear.

Seikon No Qwaser

February 25, 2011

Initially I was reluctant to watch Seikon No Qwaser because it borders very closely to being porn and hentai. But after seeing a few funny pictures, I thought that hey, maybe the comedy factor would overwhelm the explicit fanservice elements and without a second thought decided to give it a try. Let’s just say that it didn’t turn out so.

If you want to watch this series, be very mentally prepared for the over-the-top fanservice (unless you’re into this kind of genre). The only reason why it wasn’t classified as a hentai was because nobody ended up having sex. If a series uses fanservice as its main driving force, who needs a plot, right? So I didn’t really care much about it but just needed to know just a little bit in order to understand what is going on. Humans who are able to master and control a certain chemical elements are called Qwasers. In order to power up or fully utilize that power, they have to drink Souma – breast milk. Aha. So you’re darn right if you’re thinking that this is where the fanservice is. An excuse for fanservice. I mean, if you’re watching this show, you’d be watching tits sucking rather than the storyline, right? So who cares about the good guys, Athos, against the baddies, The 12 Adepts, in a race against obtaining some painting with Virgin Mary that is hard for me to pronounce, spell and remember: Theotokos of Tsarytsin. Say what again? I don’t know what’s so good about this Icon but I believe it gives the holder God-like powers. I think. Yeah, who cares about the plot anyway. We’re here to see the girls getting their boobs sucked, right?

There are three types of episode versions. First, the ‘normal’ TV version whereby it is heavily censored. Second, the webcast that has minimal censoring and third, the DVD release which is totally uncensored. I have watched all three versions for the first few episodes and came to this conclusion. The breast sucking fanservice is disgusting in my opinion because in a way it shows the sucker (the one who sucks lah) sucking on the tits so passionately and the suckee (the girl whose boobs are being sucked on lah) moaning like she’s enjoying it or in pain (I think it’s more of the former). If you watch the censored version, those sucking scenes (and other fanservice scenes that are deemed too ‘dangerous’) will be cut out and replaced with other annoying scenes so much so you don’t know what the heck is going on and will throw you off your feet. But watching some fanservice scenes are disgusting so it’s like you’re in a catch 22 situation. Thus, the fanservice elements are a necessary evil and it is better to watch them uncensored not because you’re a pervert but rather to see the bigger picture better (no pun intended).

If you’re still bothered about this Souma-sucking thing on how it works, let me give you a little illustration. Imagine the Qwaser as a car. Souma = fuel; Maria Magdalen (the woman who aids the Qwaser in his/her battle and provides the Souma) = petrol station; Boobs = petrol pump. The better Souma you drink means the more power the Qwaser has = The better fuel you pump in means the more power you have for your car. So now do you get it? In order for my little blog to fully work, I of course have to do a little reading up on the plot so that I can follow better. Sighs. And what did I say about just watching this show for fanservice? I guess it doesn’t matter because anybody who watches this show will be deemed a pervert anyway. So the story setting: In the school of Eastern Orthodox, St Mihailov Academy, Tomo Yamanobe, the daughter of the previous late dean Yuudai Yamanobe, to sum it up in a word: Slow. But that’s not the only thing you’ll notice first about her. It’s her humungous boobs! Maybe that’s where her brains went. However she’s always being persecuted and ostracized by other fellow students led by the current dean’s daughter, Miyuri Tsujidou and her second-in-command delinquent girl Hana Katsuragi. Thankfully she has her best friend, the tomboyish Mafuyu Oribe to stand up for her but would that be enough? For reasons that that I couldn’t care to know, these 2 have always been that way since who knows when and looks like they only have each other to lean on. It’s a cruel world. Their lives are about to change when they meet silver haired Russian kid, Alexander Nikolaevich Hell AKA Sasha, a Qwaser who controls iron. And they get deeply involved in battles among Qwasers, Athos and The 12 Adepts over that said Icon. So are you still interested in the storyline or just the tits?

Episode 1
So the first episode introduces some of those main characters and others like the nun of the school’s church, Teresa Beria and the father of the church with an eye-patch, Yuri Noda. Mafuyu and Tomo first meet Sasha when they see him lying unconscious on the road during their way home. But he soon disappears. Currently the school is being terrorized by mysterious killings of girls. Unfortunately Mafuyu got kidnapped by the culprit. This heralds Sasha and Teresa into action to repay Mafuyu and Tomo’s kindness as they defeat the menace who is also a Qwaser. Sasha becomes a transfer student in Mafuyu’s class and he’s not afraid of standing up against Miyuri and co even if he himself acts cold and distant.

Episode 2
Mafuyu and Tomo has Sasha stay at their place and I guess the only reason he’s doing so because they make good Borscht meal which is his favourite and Tomo has a striking resemblance to his beloved late sister Olja, whom he believes was murdered by a top Qwaser. So the girls learn about this Tsar’s Crowning thingy, you know The 12 Adepts’ mission, bla bla bla. Eventually Mafuyu’s other friend, Ayana Minase turns out not to be that serial killer Qwaser culprit but one of the Adepts as she holds Tomo to ransom to demand Mafuyu reveal the whereabouts of the Icon, something that Mafuyu herself doesn’t know. And yeah, Sasha-Teresa team up to battle but Sasha powers up further when he sucks Tomo’s Souma and kill off the villain (Ayana tried to suck on Tomo’s but I guess it was too much for her).

Episode 3
Sasha seems to be quite fond of Tomo because of her boobs and striking resemblance to Olja. But wouldn’t that make him a pervert too? We still see Sasha having nightmares of Olja being killed no other by the Qwaser of Gold. In school, Sasha protects Mafuyu and Tomo from Miyuri and Hana’s bullying at the school pool and even teaches them a little lesson. Meanwhile another Qwaser, Ekaterina Kurae AKA Katja arrives in Japan with her copper mannequin called Mama. Don’t play with this loli. Upon arrival, she bumps into Miyuri and Hana and the former taking an instant liking for her because Katja acts like a cute loli. While Miyuri takes her out shopping, she sets up a scene whereby she has Hana violate her and thus blackmails her into becoming her Maria. Note how Katja is a sadistic loli while Hana becomes a masochist b*tch. It’s always like this. Katja exacts some perverted sadistic punishment on Hana, she on the other hand can’t stand it but wants more. It’s like she fears every punishment she is going to get but looks forward to them. Sick girl.

Episode 4
Mafuyu and Tomo forcefully take Sasha (including Teresa) for shopping as punishment for ignoring her house rules. While trying out new bras at a shop, Tomo and Teresa got kidnapped. Mafuyu and Sasha go in search of them but it turns out the culprits aren’t Qwasers but perverted voyeurs who want to film their boobs. Though the voyeurs are easily defeated, Katja makes her appearance before Sasha and battles with him. She is powerful enough to be on par with him and could’ve finished him off if Teresa and Mafuyu didn’t come between them. It’s revealed that it was just a test and though Katja is an ally of Athos, it’s not like they’re going to like each other. Katja returns to Hana’s place and makes it herself the queen of the place much to Hana’s chagrin but I guess she’s got to give in after she exacts more punishment-cum-training on her.

Episode 5
Teresa is having a nightmare that her mother-like nun, Wilma was raped and killed by the Adepts when she was young. Heck, all the nuns in the orphanage got raped and killed leaving Teresa the only survivor. Of course Teresa’s horrifying past comes back to haunt her when the Adepts sent that Adept, Croa AKA Gas Chamber and the Qwaser of Chlorine to finish Sasha. As usual, Tomo becomes his hostage and Teresa is having a hard time trying to become Sasha’s Maria and fight off the menace. Ultimately with the little indirect help from the Copper Qwaser (Katja), Sasha is able to improvise and kill off Croa for good. In the end, Teresa decides to live with Mafuyu, Tomo and Sasha. The house is getting crowded.

Episode 6
Mafuyu decides to find that Icon herself but after searching Yuudai’s inventory and came out fruitless, she decides to do so at Miyuri’s mansion. Seems Tomo, Sasha, Katja and Teresa tag along too. However Miyuri won’t let her do it for free and has them dress up as maids. As they tour Miyuri’s extensive family treasure and art collection, Katja tags along because she’s interested in obtaining some Faberge Egg that Miyuri possessed. Unfortunately that Egg is the very same goal that a group of military men storm in and take the gang hostage. The soldiers decide to have fun and do perverted stuff on the girls. The funny part was when one of them was going for Sasha. When he is being told he is a boy, that solider gave the thumbs up and said “No problem”. Holy sh*t! A bi! Katja remembers her horrible past of being raped before so Miyuri stands up for her and decides to humiliate and strip dance in front of the men for her. Seeing how Miyuri is trying to protect her and in pain against her will, Katja sucks Miyuri’s Souma and summons Mama to slaughter the entire platoon.

Episode 7
Miyuri and Mafuyu trek to the mountains to the former’s mansion as promised so the latter can continue her search. On their way, they are being attacked by several low level Qwasers. However Mafuyu slips and falls off the cliff but is saved and nursed by a girl named Elizabeth AKA Lizzie and her master, Shinichiro Otori. Both girls get quickly acquainted but of course those villainous Qwasers show up again. It’s amazing that Miyuri has been wandering lost all the while as she happens to bump into Lizzie. We should know by now that Lizzie is a Qwaser of Titanium as she sucks Miyuri’s Souma and finish them off. After Otori and Lizzie part with Mafuyu, Mafuyu’s pals reunite with her and think they have found the Icon Yuudai has hid, they realize all this was just a wild goose chase as it’s a painting of young Tomo and Mafuyu together. Meanwhile Otori and Lizzie arrive at St Mihailov to search for the Icon, which they believe is hidden here. Plus, Otori warns some guy Friedrich Tanner about not interfering and Otori was also known as Phoenix, an ex-Adept who was also responsible of Olja’s murder. Friedrich wants him to return to his former position but Otori isn’t interested.

Episode 8
Otori becomes a teacher at St Mihailov and is popular among the girls. The house is going to get noisier when not only Otori and Lizzie turn up for dinner, but Miyuri who invited herself and the shy and soft spoken class rep, Fumika Mitarai. The Adepts sent another one of their member, Yuu Kuchiba, the psychotic Qwaser of Oxygen to St Mihailov. Meanwhile Yuu has kidnapped Hana to lure Katja out. Though they fight, Katja is no match for her as her Mama becomes rusted due to Yuu’s power. She is saved when Teresa intercepts with a range shot. Elsewhere, Sasha unbelievably receives a suspected love letter from Aoi (Yuu’s twin brother) and goes to meet her while Mafuyu and Tomo spy like busybodies.

Episode 9
Teresa has been kidnapped instead as we learn Aoi wants Sasha’s help to stop Yuu and Hana manages to drag wounded Katja back. So they have to stop that mad kid and rescue Teresa before anything else happens. During the fight at an abandoned building, the floor caves in, sending Sasha and Mafuyu falling below. Sasha sucks Mafuyu’s Souma to power up while Katja sucks Hana’s to restore her Mama and repay her debt. I don’t remember about Aoi and Yuu being the same body due to some experiment from the Adepts but Sasha has to eventually stab and kill them in order to save them.

Episode 10
Tomo becomes sick so Mafuyu and Sasha go out to hunt for a Qwaser and do battle. Unfortunately for both sides, they do not know who they’re fighting with since it’s dark and by the shape of that weapon, you can tell the other side is Lizzie. Meanwhile some perverted molester comes looking for Akari when it is actually Tomo (he might have misread her name). He is Joshua Phrygianos and an inept Adept wanting to kidnap her so he could no longer be the laughing stock of his peers. But he couldn’t stand Tomo’s clumsiness and proceeds to cook for her and maybe a chance to even get lucky with her! Seems like a good and nice guy but eventually he has to escape when Sasha and Mafuyu returns after their stalemate battle.

Episode 11
The Adepts set loose another one of their members. Seems a pair of pink haired lolis, Eva Q and Eva R, having fetish for S&M play kills people who don’t admonish them, with their mercury powers. Back in school, Mafuyu gets the usual persecution by Miyuri and Hana but Mitarai stands up for her. We learn Mitarai has always had a secret crush on Sasha because she watched him showing kindness to a cat at their school. The loli pair show up in school and get into their weird fetish with Mitarai. Sasha and Teresa take on them but their attack have no effect and must destroy the main body which is Eva Silver. Speaking of her, she disguises as a new teacher in Mafuyu’s class and proceeds to teach S&M play to them! I can think of a few horny classroom teachers but this one is very bold and even got physical, targeting Mitarai. Mafuyu tries to buy time for Sasha and Teresa to arrive as they’re being stalled. Eventually he arrives and prepares for a showdown.

Episode 12
Sasha sucks on Mitarai’s Souma to power up and defeat Eva Silver. Even if her boobs are small, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have Souma, right? So it’s not the size that counts. In the aftermath though the incident is covered up, Sasha has become popular among the girls. However Eva Silver is still alive (she was able to repair herself) and takes Mafuyu hostage. She is going to get her revenge and her powers upgraded (including new loli slaves). During the battle, Sasha powers up to new heights by using the iron in his blood and with the indirect help of Katja and Otori, Eva Silver is killed off. But the strain on Sasha is too much as he collapses.

Episode 13
Due to that, Sasha has lost his memories and thinks he is a girl courtesy of Katja! This hotspring episode is the funniest though filled with fanservice. As part of their plan to have Sasha recover his memories, the girls take him to the iron-filled hotspring (except for Miyuri who feels left out and went on her own hotspring trip with Lizzie). Nikuma, Athos’ tactician and dubbed the Hell’s Dairy Cow is being roped in to help with Sasha’s case. Not even Katja can stand up to this towering fraulein! Nikuma gives her evaluation and assessment of the girls’ breast and Souma (the funniest when was on to Teresa! Squirting and drinking her Souma directly into her mouth?!) with her extreme molesting. Too bad Mitarai sinks into depression after comments of her flat ‘washboard’. Then they have everyone smother Sasha in their boobs. However the plan backfires as an earthquake occurs and causes geysers to spout. So much so Sasha got traumatized and quotes he hates boobs!

Episode 14
Miyuri becomes some sort of magical girl called LiliKamen to save Sasha from molesters. Then Hana and Katja take her under their wing and undergo weird training to save an airplane. I don’t understand what kind of development this is when Miyuri takes on the baddies that turn out to be Hana and Katja themselves. Her killing intent is so powerful that she even surprised Katja and got blown away in the end. Miyuri collapses and when she comes to, finds herself tied up by an Athos Qwaser, Tasuku Fujiomi who proceeds to do perverted stuff on her body. But he got whacked and taken away by his Maria, Mutsumi Sendou. What the heck is this filler episode for?

Episode 15
Sasha’s still that little girl and while wandering on the streets, bumps into Lizzie. Some cosplaying girl finds them cute and has them cosplay in front of excited girls alike. Then in the changing room, an Adept sniper (Qwaser of Plumbum) starts sniping at them. During the attack, when Lizzie pulls out her weapon, Sasha regains his memories and both sides realize that they fought each other that time. Mafuyu comes in to see both of them preparing to face each other off. The sniping Qwaser is going to take this chance to snipe Sasha but was killed by Otori. Then they find unconscious Tomo in his hands and Teresa siding by his side.

Episode 16
Lizzie is shock of Otori’s actions because this would mean she would be torn between fighting Sasha and keeping her friendship with Mafuyu and Tomo. Sasha also has a flashback how he was treated nicely by Olja in a facility specializes in drawing out Qwasers’ power and probably she was the first person who taught him how to suck boobs. Then they escaped but it was short lived as Aurum, the Gold Qwaser found them, killed her and gave Sasha that scar and challenged him to become stronger and go after him. I guess Mafuyu felt pity so she lets him suck her Souma before their trip to rescue Tomo. Sasha fights Lizzie once more and then Teresa while Mafuyu goes ahead. Inside, she sees Tomo but it isn’t her who has awakened but Aurum who is using her body as his vessel.

Episode 17
I supposed having boobs so big that you can even suck it yourself! That’s what Gold Qwaser did as he becomes his own Maria. As Mafuyu gets tied up, she learns that the Adepts’ target has always been Sasha. They sent 5 Adepts as sacrifice for him to grow stronger so that he could unlock the Tsar’s Crowning and become the perfect sacrifice. Sasha spares Teresa (who got herself controlled by Otori so that she could be killed by him) and Lizzie to go face Otori. Sasha powers up to heavily wound him but before Otori dies, he tells Lizzie to fight on Sasha’s side. She is devastated by his death. Katja uses her long range attack (what hentai pose is that for Hana?) to disintegrate the Egg but Aurum escapes taking Tomo’s body with him.

Episode 18
Tasuku and Mutsumi become new transfer students at St Mihailov. While Tasuku is being his perverted self and got what he deserves by getting hit where it hurts most from a random girl he tried to hit on, Mafuyu learns from Mutsumi that the latter was Sasha’s previous Maria. Later Tasuku lures Sasha into a battle with him on the rooftop as his goal is to learn to location of the Sword of Maria, another item that is needed to complete Tsar’s Crowning while Mutsumi ties up Mafuyu in the infirmary and starts getting horny with her. Yeah, she’s a bi alright.

Episode 19
Sasha manages to defeat Tasuku’s magnetism power to go rescue Mafuyu. By that time, Mutsumi has backed down as we see strange markings over Mafuyu’s body which turns out to be Sword of Maria circuit. Elsewhere Tomo wakes up in the Adepts’ base and Joshua is in charge of her as he also thinks highly of her. Tomo then meets a little girl, Astarte one of the many candidates and the highest ranking Maria. We are introduced to the other Adepts: Jita (Joshua’s sister), Milk (why is she always wearing a gas mask?), Wang Chen (Chinese guy) and Georg (Friedrich’s brother). Then some dispute between Jita and Georg so Wang Chen is going to punish Jita as she was the one responsible for starting the fight. Joshua begs for clemency but fell on death ears. Till Tomo and Astarte intervene and since Astarte pecks Tomo, the Adepts decide to protect Tomo as Astarte’s kiss is considered a blessing.

Episode 20
Sasha learns that the school’s infirmary nurse, Urara Oikawa has data about Athos along with Yuudai’s research on Tsar’s Crowning. She gives him a key to Yuudai’s research. Miyuri holds a birthday bash for Katja and invites everyone. During the party, a monster attacks them. When they subdue it, they learn it is Lizzie. Later Friedrich tries to persuade Katja to come to their side by giving her the Egg and make her their imperial queen. Katja is in a dilemma so much so she ignores Hana’s horny and masochist pleas. Sasha and Mafuyu unlock a hidden path believed to open the path to Tsar’s Crowning and all the data they have gathered were just dummies.

Episode 21
As Mafuyu and Sasha search for the Aquatic Sanctuary in the middle of the school’s lake, Tasuku and Mutsumi follow Jita and Milk. Before you know it, they engage in a battle but since the former duo underestimated their opponents, they lost. Meanwhile Hana is disheartened to find her beloved Katja missing. Then Friedrich kidnaps Mafuyu to draw out the Sword of Maria in her body. Sasha arrives on the scene but sees Katja on the enemy’s side and sucks on Mafuyu’s Souma. Say, isn’t Mafuyu’s breasts getting bigger from the process. It’s ridiculous that her boobs are sucking the Souma out of every woman in the world! WTF?!

Episode 22
That huge power unlocks the Aquatic Sanctuary as Georg and Friedrich approach it. Tasuku-Mutsumi once again battles Jita-Milk while Lizzie takes on Wang Chen. Both matches end in a stalemate. Hana confronts Katja because she can’t believe she prefers to be sullied by some other guy than her and even slaps her master! Hana is going to get some serious punishment because she was just playing along and don’t intend to be their imperial queen. I suppose the brothers got greedy as they start drinking all the Souma. Their plan backfires and they turn into a huge ugly monster since they can’t control the Souma and have consumed much more than their limit. Think of it as becoming poison. Too much of a good thing is bad. Our heroes combine their powers as Sasha delivers the final killing blow. Then Aurum appears (possessing Tomo’s body) to claim the spoils and looks like he had everyone did the work for him so he rewards Sasha by showing him Olja’s corpse lying in a coffin.

Episode 23
The gang learns this is where Yuudai hid the Icon as they see the painting. Aurum is going to have his Tsar’s Crowning complete and fuels Sasha’s anger for revenge. Katja’s Mama rots by Aurum’s power. Hmm… Tomo’s big boobs prove useful not only for replenishing Souma, but to stop Sasha’s attacks! Then Sasha sucks Tomo’s boobs to successfully awaken her and chase out Aurum. Sasha uses his body to shield Tomo from Aurum’s attack. Sasha sees vision of Olja who tells him to go back to his precious ones waiting for him. I guess Mafuyu become so emotional that her circuit got activated and partly revived Sasha. Don’t worry. He’s the hero so he can’t die. But it isn’t over yet as Aurum possesses Mama to fight back. And in with great acrobatic and agility, Sasha sucks all the girls’ Souma to gain lots of power to trap him inside the painting. One isn’t enough, so why not have all? “Take all my powers!”. The gang realize Yuudai didn’t hide this out of egoism but rather so that people won’t get that power. Yeah, you know what happens when it falls into the wrong hands. Mafuyu and Tomo are happily reunited as the gang heads home.

Episode 24
In the aftermath of it all, Mafuyu is disheartened to learn her boobs shrunk! Proud Miyuri takes this chance to have the gang experiment with her breast enlargement products but it ends with disastrous results. Why did Lizzie join in if she thought it was better of her to stay flat (Otori’s views, by the way). And yeah, Katja’s S&M play on Hana not forgotten. Since Yuri gives Sasha a day off, he manages to give her tickets to the movies. At the end of their fun day, Sasha tells her that this is farewell since his mission in Japan has ended. They both confess to each other (she loves him, he loves her boobs?!). He sucks her boobs as final parting gift? And yeah if you have been waiting for this moment because now is the time they both share their first kiss! Finally a mouth somewhere else other than boobs. He gives her his cross and promise he’ll be back someday but till then, Mafuyu had better stay single. After that boobs-filled ending credits (oh gosh), we see (polite) Sasha in a new mission infiltrating a school with his new Maria. Is that Hana?

Got, Milk?
Oh. What? Oh what?! It’s already over?! Thank God! I didn’t believe I could actually make it sitting through all those episodes of boobs sucking, breasts squeezing and molestation. So what about the plot? Heck, my blog is so bare and simple that I think I left out lots of details. Not that I care anyway. So after that super final boss fight, it still got me thinking what the heck happened to those other characters. I mean, the remaining Adepts, Mutsumi and Tasuku and the few others. It pretty makes their role much redundant, eh? The final episode seems like it tried to tie things up but that is between Sasha and Mafuyu, not so much the other characters. So is Katja leaving for good after she gave Hana her last sadistic rites? So is Lizzie just bumming around seeing that her beloved master is gone for good? Basically I think this entire show is mainly focused on Sasha and Mafuyu. We can see how Sasha turns his attention from Tomo to Mafuyu gradually and that final episode confirmed that they become a pair. Though Sasha is still that tundra boy but at least he has learned the value of those important to him. He comes to accept those around him as with Mafuyu. Sometimes I feel that Sasha’s squeezing of other girls’ boobs is just an excuse to cover up his pervertness rather than to test and evaluate their Souma. Reminder to all you guys, never try this to your girlfriends even if it’s a kind gesture to check for breast cancer. Heck, that isn’t the right way either.

There were probably lots of other things I would love to say or ponder such as the nature and role of Yuri and Teresa and minor supporting ones like Miyuri, Mitarai and Astarte (what the heck happened to her anyway? Did Tomo and her become close friends?) but I got too lazy to comment further. Just leave it as it is. Some of the things also didn’t connect like the part how Lizzie turned into a monster and went on a temporary rampage. I just thought some of the characters would make at least some kind of impact at the end but I guess I was just thinking too much. Like Joshua’s meeting with Tomo. In the end, it’s like his role was just to become her butler after all. Heck, he didn’t even appear in the final showdown. So to some up some of the other characters: Tomo the cheery bimbo, Hana the sicko masochist sadist, Katja the high-and-mighty sadistic loli, Miyuri the prideful rich bimbo whose boobs is second largest after Tomo, Mitarai the don’t-call-her-flat-ever, Teresa the soft spoken nun turned slut and Lizzie the small boobs complex (“Big boobs are stupid!”). Oh, it has to come back to boobs eventually. That’s what this show is about, right?

Sure yeah, boobs are the fanservice theme of the series. So I tried a little reasoning of why they did so. Hey, it was shown over TV, right? Albeit it won’t be prime time and in the wee hours and dead of the night. You know how they say art is subjective? Yeah, maybe boobs here are a form of art. I’m sure a certain people would know how to appreciate such ‘beauty’ in all kinds of ‘form’. The softness, the size and all. Perhaps they are also trying to tell us to appreciate them? Oh, who am I kidding? Anyhow I still find it distasteful. Besides, the way they portray boobs are as though their existence are more than just for ogling or sucking. Just as Aurum demonstrated that he can refuel himself (defies logic, eh?) or even stop a shot. Oh, how can we not realize the importance of the various roles of breasts.

There is an OVA episode dubbed episode 10.5. Ruru Shiizaki sees Katja taking out her sadism on Hana in school one day and isn’t happy the other girls look up to her. However Katja keeps her cool and even gives her a ‘warning’ that she herself has her own fetish. After that physical examination check (I don’t know why Sasha was bent on spying on girls’ boobs and although he got a warning from Otori, the duo were sent flying away by Teresa and Urara’s anti-intruder mechanism), Ruru goes home to see her mom obsessed riding some machine she bought doing some boobs detoxification. Yuri informs the gang about some shady organization called Mannyuken doing boobs detoxification and wants them to investigate but they’re not interested. Except maybe for those who wish to have their boobs size increased. Maybe that’s what Hana is thinking as she heads there only to see Ruru’s mom forcing her daughter to undergo a boob detoxification treatment. The master of the organization personally sucks her boobs. Hana hears him say Souma and thinks he’s a Qwaser so the master gets suspicious and has her undergo the treatment. I don’t know if she’s enjoying herself. Just then, Katja busts in to save everyone after concluding that Ruru still holds her mom dear to her. She snaps when the master couldn’t believe a flat chest like her is a Qwaser. All the victimized women hail Katja as their queen. In the end it is revealed that the master is a fallen Qwaser and due to his obsession of sucking Souma, has rounded up women to do so but his scheme is put to an end after he is apprehended and his organization dissolved. Ruru doesn’t think badly about Katja anymore and becomes her friend and whispers a request that her mom wants a boob detoxification from her (well, Katja did mention that back then).

I’m not sure how many Picture Drama Specials are there but I have watched a handful of them lasting around 2 minutes and less. Half them is dedicated to Katja-sama’s Corner, in which the great almighty Katja talks to us viewers that she deems as a slave, masochist and lowlife while we seemingly view her in awe and probably become like Hana herself, wanting more of her pain. The other half is reserved for the other girls and also shows from the viewer’s viewpoint but this time the viewer is supposed to be Sasha. Seems he is like a naughty and perverted boy wanting to have a go at the girl’s boobs. I know, it’s for fanservice purposes. So far I have only seen Tomo, Mafuyu and Mitarai (Sasha was the name of that cat she gave and thus perhaps ‘qualified’ as Sasha).

I’m not saying that the action sequences are so awesome (probably because the fanservice spoiled it all) but there is one interesting bit during the battles among the Qwasers initially. Though just a short line, viewers can learn the different chemicals and their reaction when both Qwasers meet and thus the possible outcome when the chemicals meet. I guess this is the only educational part out of the entire series filled with mind numbing fanservice and plot that I don’t care to follow closely. Wait a minute. I’ve reiterated that many times. Other than that, the other annoying thing during the battles was the loud background music. I don’t think it was my audio configuration. All the opening and ending themes are rock based. The first opening theme, Errand by Faylan suits the pace of the series with its upbeat pulse while the second opening theme, Baptize by Yousei Teikoku sounds very dramatic with all the choir voices coming to play. The first ending theme, Passionate Squall by Ayumi Fujimura, Aki Toyosaki, Minori Chihara, Aya Hirano and Yoko Hikasa (seiyuu of Mafuyu, Tomo, Teresa, Katja and Hana respectively) sounds a little weird. But the ending credits animation is even weirder because we see those 5 girls dancing around and about via… Bathtub? The second rock pop ending theme, Wishes Hypocrites by the same quintet shows more fanservice (girls in wet clothes, breathing heavily, inviting poses, you get the idea – hey, what do you know? Sasha and Mafuyu kissed here. Naked).

Surprisingly, such a series has a few star studded casts. Many of them are recognizable and I’m not saying that their voice acting was fantastic (maybe it was all those boobs fanservice that redirected my attention) but they do suit the characters’ personality. For instance, Aki Toyosaki’s voice is best suited for ditzy girls like Yui in K-ON! So it’s no surprise that she did Tomo. Kana Hanazawa’s shy and gentle voice suits Mitarai like she did with Sora in Sketchbook ~Full Color’s~ and Kusano in Sekirei. Veteran Ayako Kawasumi’s arrogant tone fits Miyuri (Nodame in Nodame Cantabile) while Aya Hirano’s superior complex Katja fits her just fine like Kurumi in Kimi Ni Todoke. Minori Chihaya as Teresa was recognizable because it reminded me of her role as Nagato in Haruhi Suzumiya. Likewise tomboyish girls role are suitable for Ayumi Fujimura’s Mafuyu like she did for Misaki in Kaichou Wa Maid-sama and or tough girls like Raimei in Nabari No Ou. Yuko Sanpei as Sasha too must have been a veteran of voicing boys’ role like Renton in Eureka Seven and Fuuta of Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn. Initially I couldn’t recognize Ai Shimizu as Lizzie because she didn’t put on her trademark energetic squeaky voice like she did for Mikoto in Mai-HiME and Sherwood in Kaibutsu Oujo. Another surprise is Youko Hikasa as Hana because she’s the voice of Mio in K-ON! Holy! That is how Mio sounded like if she’s a masochist?! And yeah, Yukari Tamura’s short cameo appearance as Eva R was definitely identifiable.

The next episode preview is one of the most amusing sections. The monologue ranting of the character lasts over a minute (after the few preview clips, viewers will only see a still photo shot of a random character) and some are quite nonsensical. The best and my favourite one is Teresa’s. She was saying about how she wants to reward viewers to suck her boobs but was only joking. Why? She loved to joke once in a while but given the nature of her character she can’t do so! Nikuma’s breathy and passionate speech about spreading her ‘love’ is also another one that broke me into a smile. Then there’s cocky Katja getting pretty arrogant about over-dominant so much so she choked on her laughter! And there’s the one Hana scorning her master’s S&M but eventually gives in.

I think the reason why they made Souma as the important power up factor for Qwasers was probably a subtle hint to tell us that mother’s milk is good for us. I’m sure the natural breast milk would beat any man-made formula in the supermarkets out there. Milk is also rich in calcium and is also good for your bones, reduces the chances of osteoporosis and prevents hypertension. Young children should drink more milk as it helps in their growth as well. Unless you’re lactose intolerant than that’s a different story. Hey, after so much fanservice, I guess it’s no harm for a little nutrition advice. But definitely drinking milk to enlarge breasts is a myth like many desperate high school girls love to believe. No matter how heroic you are, I don’t think anybody in this real world would accept a superhero that sucks Souma to power up. That just won’t cut it and you may be slap with an energy drink instead. Maybe I should once in a while enjoy a good glass of warm chocolate milk. So, Got Milk?

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