So many harem animes around. Is it just me or we just keep loving them despite the fact we always know that either the sole main guy of the series is a douchebag for not even noticing a shred of the girls’ feelings for him or the girls themselves have such a bad taste in falling for such guys. Oh what the heck, I guess it is always easier to criticize others than looking at ourselves. That is why such animes exist. Therefore I have picked Infinite Stratos and Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance as today’s versus blog. And it also gives me a reason to criticize… Hahaha…

Main genre:
And also the only thing that females can control.
Infinite Stratos: Exo-skeleton mecha called IS.
Blade Dance: Elemental magic.

Sole main guy:
The douchebag… And the first guy that broke the rule that only females can control.
Infinite Stratos: Ichika Orimura.
Blade Dance: Kamito Kazehaya.

The harem girls:
What do they see in this guy anyway?
Infinite Stratos: Houki Shinonono, Cecilia Alcott, Charlotte Dunois, Fan Rinrin AKA Rin, Laura Bodewig, Tatenashi Sarashiki, Kanzashi Sarashiki and Ran Gotanda.
Blade Dance: Claire Rouge, Ellis Fahrengart, Rinslet Lauranfrost, Fianna Ray Ordesia and Est Terminus.

Harem category:
The ‘composition’ of those girls…
Infinite Stratos: By nation.
Blade Dance: By element power.

The tournament:
Infinite Stratos: Mondo Grosso is an international fighting tournament held every 3 years as each nation sends a representative into a one-on-one IS match. The overall winner gets the title of Brunhilde.
Blade Dance: The Grand Battle Tournament AKA Blade Dance is held with each country sending representatives in a team battle. The overall winning team gets protection from the spirits and the winner a wish granted. Unfortunately for both, you don’t see them participating in the real tournament as far as the season is concerned.

Infinite Stratos: IS Academy.
Blade Dance: Areishia Spirit Academy.

The class:
Noticed the guy and his harem girls must be placed in the same class?
Infinite Stratos: Class 1-1.
Blade Dance: Raven Class – A class for troubled and gifted students.

Teaching staff:
Infinite Stratos: Chifuyu Orimura and Maya Yamada.
Blade Dance: Greyworth Ciel Mais and Freya Grandol.

Untouchable girl:
Probably the best girl of the series that is hard to get.
Infinite Stratos: Chifuyu and Tatenashi.
Blade Dance: Restia Ashdoll.

Tsundere girl:
I know most of the girls are but this one is probably the most obvious one and the one our leading male is favourites to end up with.
Infinite Stratos: Houki.
Blade Dance: Claire.

Strict discipline girl:
Infinite Stratos: Houki.
Blade Dance: Ellis.

Prideful snob girl:
Infinite Stratos: Cecilia.
Blade Dance: Rinslet.

Boldest flirter:
Infinite Stratos: Tatenashi.
Blade Dance: Fianna.

Soft spoken girl:
Infinite Stratos: Charlotte at first before Kanzashi debuts.
Blade Dance: Est.

The trusted aide:
Someone who can give you great advice when you’re lost or relay something to somebody when you yourself don’t have the guts to.
Infinite Stratos: Clarisa Harfouch, the vice president of Schwarzer Hare who gives Laura advice with full confidence thanks to her ‘extensive knowledge on Japanese culture’.
Blade Dance: Rinselt’s maid, Carol Nastassja who may be clumsy but often relays her master’s true when she is not being honest with her feelings.

Bad cook:
Infinite Stratos: Cecilia.
Blade Dance: Claire and Fianna.

They don’t mind getting naked and flaunting it before his eyes.
Infinite Stratos: Laura. Only wearing her eye-patch.
Blade Dance: Est. Only wearing her knee socks.

Elderly lady:
Look so aunty…
Infinite Stratos: Squall.
Blade Dance: Greyworth.

The other guy:
No one cares about him. Do you?
Infinite Stratos: Dan Gotanda – Ichika’s close friend in middle school.
Blade Dance: Jio Inzagi – Supposedly the other male who can use magic.

The cross-dresser:
Infinite Stratos: Charlotte first appeared dressed as a boy under the name of Charles. Everybody knows about in the end.
Blade Dance: Kamito cross-dressed as Ren Ashbell in a previous Blade Dance tournament. A tightly secret that not many knows.

The maid:
Infinite Stratos: No resident maid but we have seen some girls like Charlotte, Laura and even Chifuyu donning a maid outfit.
Blade Dance: Carol the maid of Rinslet. And at one point, Ellis…

The eccentric older sister:
Infinite Stratos: Tabane the child-like elder sister of Houki who is also the creator of IS. Laura also has an older sister, Chloe but her moment was recent and brief so I’m not pretty sure.
Blade Dance: Rubia Elstein the fallen noble elder sister of Claire who brought an unparalleled disaster and downfall to the Ordesia Empire. She has been labelled the Calamity Queen.

Super strict big sister:
Infinite Stratos: It goes without saying about Ichika’s sister, Chifuyu.
Blade Dance: Velsaria is Ellis’ big sister although not related by blood.

Childhood friends:
Infinite Stratos: Ichika with Houki and Rin.
Blade Dance: Claire and Rinslet. I don’t consider Kamito and Fianna to be this since their chance meeting was just a short one.

The first real kiss:
Dismiss all those nearly-nearly moments and indirect kisses that don’t count.
Infinite Stratos: Laura kissed Ichika when she protects him from Rin’s rage. It also marks officially that Ichika is her husband (at least in her mind).
Blade Dance: During a mayhem, Claire kisses Kamito to make him as her contracted spirit and quell the chaos.

Female antagonist:
Infinite Stratos: Phantom Task led by Squall and her underlings, Madoka and Autumn.
Blade Dance: Vivian Melosa.

The cat:
Infinite Stratos: Well, in a scene, Charlotte and Laura dressed up in cat pyjamas.
Blade Dance: Scarlet is Claire’s fire feline elemental spirit.

You’re beautiful, it’s true:
When he casually commends her without realizing the implication.
Infinite Stratos: Ichika compliments Laura’s beautiful gemstone-like eye underneath her eye-patch. Also, he did flatter Cecilia’s body just to pacify her before she goes into ranting rage about taking responsibility, blah, blah blah.
Blade Dance: Kamito wasn’t complimenting on how beautiful Ellis’ spear is during their bout. It is you yourself, baby! You’re beautiful, girl!

Badass sword:
The male protagonist shows that he is not only a chick magnet.
Infinite Stratos: Byakushiki’s only weapon is a powerful sword that can defeat you in a single blow!
Blade Dance: Est as his contracted spirit, her true form is a legendary holy sword and the only one that slew the demon lord, Sulaiman.

Intrusion and the steal:
Infinite Stratos: Intruders especially those believed from Phantom Task invaded the base to steal top secret IS documents.
Blade Dance: Jio infiltrated the academy’s library to steal sealed documents to unleash a sealed spirit Jormungandr to prove he is the demon lord’s successor.

Out of control:
Infinite Stratos: An unmanned IS named Silvario Gospel threatens to remind Japan what it’s like when the atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima.
Blade Dance: Restia caused all low ranking spirits to go berserk during a contracting ceremony, something Kamito believed her doing was because she was trying to grant his wish back then. Also, Velsaria during her battle with Team Scarlet, she went crazy and unsealed some dangerous spirit so as not to lose.

Infinite Stratos: Madoka’s terrorist attack by putting a bomb on a train holding students on a field trip just to kill Chifuyu. Thankfully the shield barrier was able to contain it.
Blade Dance: Velsaria alone (when it’s supposed to be a team match) running rampage and going all out with her Gundam-like spirit during her match with Team Scarlet, paying no regards about her destruction of her surroundings.

Birthday celebration:
Infinite Stratos: It is Ichika’s birthday and how do you celebrate it? Have everyone dress up in seductive outfits and put on a seductive performance to see which he likes best. He had to choose big sister’s…
Blade Dance: It is Claire’s birthday and how do you save up and buy her a present? For Kamito, he took up a part time job by temporarily joining Sylphid Knights.

Dipping in:
Infinite Stratos: Final episode of second season whereby Ichika entered the wrong section of the hotspring. Then all his harem girls start streaming in…
Blade Dance: Elementalists need to be pure and clean so they dip into some river or lake to purify and clean themselves. You don’t bath with your clothes on, right?

Studio production:
Infinite Stratos: 8-bit.
Blade Dance: TNK.

Number of episodes:
Infinite Stratos: 2 seasons of 12 episodes + 1 OVA each bringing a total of 26 episodes so far.
Blade Dance: Only 1 season consisting of 12 episodes although there are 6 specials.

Personally, I prefer the girls from Infinite Stratos because they all look much cuter and prettier. The ones in Blade Dance just looks a bit one kind. Seriously. However the guy in Blade Dance is a much better person than the faggot in Infinite Stratos although we know they both have this caring side, hidden and talented power. But Kamito isn’t as annoyingly oblivious as Ichika since the former has his badass side. Maybe they should do a crossover and let more hilarious and chaotic cat fights ensue. Basically all the harem genres in a nutshell follow the same formula of a varied harem trying to vie for the guy’s attention. What’s so hard in doing just that? If they’d only be more honest with themselves. Ah, not to mention other rivals too. So now you see why having a harem isn’t as easy as you think? Nothing is ever simple when you have a harem. It’s complicated.

Something that can only be used by females. Never in the history has a male ever been able to use it and suddenly there is this guy infringing this law and is now known to be the only guy in school and possibly the entire world to be able to use this thing that was supposedly exclusive to ladies. Oh, not forgetting a handful of girls being attracted to this dude. Doesn’t that sound a lot like the setting of Infinite Stratos? Yeah well, that is what I thought too how similar Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance is. Only difference is that in Infinite Stratos, you have the characters don some powered exoskeleton. I am tempted to mention Kampfer too but I decided not to open another can of worms…

In this anime, the mecha factor is casted aside in favour of magic and elemental powers. Yes people, as far as this world is concerned, only females are able to summon and make contract with spirits and use their elemental powers in battles. Unlike the tournament excuse in Infinite Stratos for fights, we have this Blade Dance tournament whereby teams representing countries converge to fight and the winner gets a wish granted. Come to think of it, those spirit gods must be some sort of sadists-cum-perverts to have only females fight-cum-perform for them in some whatever offering ritual grandly known as Blade Dance. Yeah well, you don’t really care about all that except to see our guy and his harem, right? No, really? You’re here for the possible plot and whatever? Okay, whatever. I’ve already resigned myself to the harem factor of this magic version of Infinite Stratos. Let me see some cat fight!

Episode 1
Kamito Kazehaya accidentally stumbles upon Claire Rouge bathing in the woods. He assures he is not into the naked body of a child. She feels insulted because she is actually 16 years old and is going to kill him. I have a feeling he was going to get it either way… Noticing her fire whip and powers, he realizes she is an Elementalist. She realized her nudity and loses her focus. As usual, our hero saves her before the tree crushes her. As usual, she takes it as the pervert is going to strike her at such a close proximity. The only reason he is still alive is because he saved her so she restrained herself. He shows her a letter with a royal seal. He is summoned by Greyworth Ciel Mais, the headmistress of the Areishia Spirit Academy that Claire is a student of. He doesn’t know her intentions either. Claire is stumped because only Princess Maidens can become Spirit Knights. She brings him to a shrine dedicated to the Demon Slayer, the legendary holy sword. The one that defeated the demon lord, Sulaiman. She was purifying herself before coming here to make a contract. She needs power. She pulls the sword out of the stone and is about to make a contract with it but it turns wild and attacks her. She summons her fire spirit, Scarlet (in her primary form of a cat) to tame it but unfortunately she gets stabbed. Before Claire can meet the same fate, Kamito steps in and chants the lines that would make the sword become his spirit. Claire is of course surprised because not only has he stolen the sword she wants to contract with, only females can form a contract with a spirit. My theory: Kamito is a girl! HAHA! Just kidding. Of course Kamito knows that there is one man ever in history to have ever done that: Sulaiman. To take responsibility for what he did, Claire wants him to become her contracted spirit. She ties him up with her whip and drags him all the way back to the academy. However his teasing makes her off guard as he slips away. Smooth operator…

Outside Greyworth’s office, he heard a protest from Sylphid Knights captain, Ellis Fahrengart that she is against admitting a man to this place. And then Ellis attacks him first and accuses him of being a pervert. WTF. Ellis is forced to restrain herself because Greyworth says so. Greyworth is going to have Kamito transfer to this academy. He wants to know where Restia Ashdoll is but she is not going to easily answer him. Ellis is tasked to show him around. Including this rundown shed her familiars made in 3 hours for him. Yeah. He has to share the toilet with the horses. He will be in Raven Class, the class where troubled and gifted students are put in. Speaking of which, here comes the person we know. Claire whips him up for ditching her to go flirt with Ellis. He makes her cry when he teases her panties too much. Since Claire is adamant to make him her contracted spirit, he’ll do it but they have to kiss, right? So now why is she flustering? Why is she scared? Why is she chickening out? Good thing or not, teacher Freya Grandol breaks them up and introduces Kamito to the rest of the class. Some girls are thinking how cute this normal guy is. They also know about him taming a sealed sword thanks to Claire’s blabbermouth. Because she also told them she had tamed him. He doesn’t want to sit with her but she insists. He is her slave. Rinslet Laurenfrost ‘saves’ him and insists he wants to sit with her. And then she asks him to be her servant. Oh God. First cat fight and tussle over this guy. Rinslet’s clumsy maid, Carol Nastassja tries to stop them but trips and her boobs all over his face. The class is in uproar. It’s going to be a long day. Back in his shed, Kamito remembers Greyworth wants him to participate and win in the Blade Dance competition. A competition he swore never to enter again. However she mentioned the strongest Blade Dancer, Ren Ashbell is going to be there with her dark female spirit. Can’t back out now. Besides, only 2 more months to endure this crap.

Episode 2
Kamito is being told about the essence of this Blade Dance competition. Five Elementalists are chosen to represent a country and the winning team will be afforded protection for years by the spirit lords. This academy is established to tutor Princess Maidens from noble families for that purpose. Kamito knows Freya forgot to say one thing and that is the winner of this competition gets to have a wish granted. Rinslet comes to offer some food to him in exchange he becomes her slave. No thank you. He has his pride. Claire happened to have the same idea and sees this. They start insulting each other. Cat fight #2. Rinslet summons her ice wolf spirit, Fenrir. During the fight, Kamito’s shed gets burnt. Rinslet douses the fire but overdid it and destroys it. Ellis and her underlings are not happy to see this and even badmouth their family background. Especially Claire’s traitorous sister. Claire does not take that lightly and challenges them to a duel. Kamito is brought back to Claire’s dorm. A messy room. He learns she has no roommate as nobody wants to room with her. She doesn’t even have a partner for the Blade Dance and as long as she has a powerful spirit, she’ll be fine. As she takes the bath, water spirits attack her. Kamito saves her again and believes the Spirit Authority screwed up as she mentions this never happened to her before. He gives her a handkerchief to wipe herself but accidentally gives her panties. Are you keeping a score card on how many times he will die like this? Thankfully he didn’t turn into ash.

So over dinner he asks why she wants a strong spirit so badly. There is someone she wants to see. She shows her crest of a lion of fire that belongs to the Duchy of Elstein. They are a famous noble family. Were famous. Till an incident 4 years ago by Rubia Elstein brought about their downfall. She is Claire’s sister whom she wants to see so that she could ask her herself what really happened as she was believed to have caused the Ordesia Empire to undergo an unparalleled disaster. Kamito remembers he is also trying to search for someone important for the last 3 years. It makes them very similar. Claire and Kamito enter some gate to the duel arena and meet up with Rinslet. Ellis and her girls are also there. Ellis summons her eagle spirit, Simorgh. Don’t get hit by its wind. You’ll be done for. Kamito summons his elemental waffe but the sword turns out to be a little dagger. So okay, his summoning skills has been rusty but he was surprised himself too when he tamed that holy sword. Kamito takes on Ellis while the rest backs him up. Ellis shows her elemental waffe, Ray Hawk and Kamito notes how beautiful she is. No, not the lance, Ellis herself. WTF?! So she doesn’t like that compliment? Girls, can’t understand them. Claire and Rinslet want to help but got in each other’s way. The match is interrupted when a demon spirit descends. Restia misses Kamito but thinks he is not his true self. She will make him remember.

Episode 3
The fight is put on hold as Ellis will hold it off. No, Kamito wants to be the hero. No, Claire wants to do it. She ticks him off for being weak and that he stole her contracted spirit. She will tame this one. Obviously desperate Claire fights it but to no avail as Scarlet gets devoured by it. Time for Kamito to move in. He uses up all his strength to summon his spirit and remember the time that he was Ren. Wait a minute. This guy is Ren?! The demon spirit is easily destroyed as Claire is reduced into a confused weeping girl. If he was this strong, why didn’t he summon it earlier. And he’s late in helping her. Girls. Can’t understand them. Kamito collapses as his spirit uses too much of his energy. He dreams whereby he was one of the many abducted kids trained to throw away their emotions and learnt to kill. He was chosen to contract Restia and then I suppose turned himself into a drag queen under the guise of Ren to become the best Blade Dancer in the competition. He wakes up and finds himself in bed. And a naked silver haired girl underneath the blanket. Oh God. Est Terminus views Kamito as her master. I’m sure he would love to be called onii-chan (because papa would just be so wrong) but settles to be called his name. And as expected, somebody is going to come in. She had to hide underneath the blanket again. Anyway Kamito is in the care of Rinslet who brought him and Claire back to her place to nurse them. Noticing something suspicious under the sheets, Rinslet takes it away. Gasp! Naked girl revealed! Est clings on to Kamito. I wonder how he’ll explain this. Don’t bother. Rinslet will kill him. This is the thanks she gets for nursing him? He is going to become wolf meat when Est easily subdues it. She is the holy sword that killed the demon lord and thus Kamito’s contracted spirit. So this is her true form?

Kamito can’t seem to get a good connection with Astral Zero as he can’t get her back even though he summoned her. She doesn’t mind as she was bored stuck as that sword. She wants to enjoy this world. The reason he is unable to make a connection is because his left hand is unconsciously refusing to make a contract with her. He hopes she doesn’t take it the wrong way that he doesn’t want to contract her. She thinks she is starting to like him. When she was a sword, she rejected 53 Elementalists (I wonder if Claire is part of that statistic). However she accepted him based on her intuition that they are similar. I’m not sure if it is that like part that made her so. And as usual, rumours spread that Kamito is a player that Ellis nearly cuts him down only to have her sword easily bent by Est. Once the misunderstanding clears, Ellis apologizes for hating him just because he is a guy and gives him credit for fighting back then. He was cool. I know this route… As Claire wasn’t in her room, Ellis thinks she is trying to head to the contracting ceremony for military spirits. In exchange for Ordesia Knights providing the spirits, the academy supply volunteer students. There is a powerful spirit called Glasya Labolas that you can contract with. Of course the contractors are determined by Blade Dance. Kamito knows what Claire is thinking and heads down there in hopes she hasn’t done anything reckless yet as she is without a contracted spirit and entering Blade Dance is equivalent to being suicidal. I guess he is too late because Claire is approached by a hooded girl (Restia) and since Claire wants power so badly, she lets her take this mad spirit that will draw out her true potential, Gespenst.

Episode 4
Rubia was believed to have betrayed the fire spirit king 4 years ago, took Laevateinn the strongest flame spirit and disappeared. The furious fire spirit king burnt the lands of Ordesia Empire starting with the Duchy of Elstein. The citizens cursed her and nicknamed her the Calamity Queen. Claire is fighting alone among other Blade Dancers. No prizes for guessing she is weak. When her opponents badmouth about Rubia, she unleashes her mad spirit. This is the mad form of Scarlet and as Est explains such a high ranking spirit won’t die easily as it just lose its ability to manifest itself temporarily. Although the mad spirit possessing it is low ranking, it is possessing other spirits and making them lose their reasoning ability. They are causing destruction as the crowd evacuates the arena. Kamito has Est become his sword as he goes to snap Claire out. Is this the power she wants? She chides him like he would understand and whips him. And then she feels sorry about it because he was supposed to dodge it. WTF. He explains about Scarlet’s case. She is relieved Scarlet is still alive so the first thing to get her back is to burn her spirit seal before Kamito defeats Scarlet with his advanced moves (since moves of mad spirits are simple). Then Restia pops up and Kamito is just so flabbergasted to see her. Is that you Restia? In the flesh. She’s not really in hugging reunion mood since she warns him that their spirit is awakening. Why is she doing this? Because this is what he wanted. Goodbye for now. No, wait. Oh, she has indeed waited for 3 long years.

As she disappears, Kamito believes she is trying to grant his wish then. Something no one would ever desire. Could it be his punishment? The golem spirit runs havoc and now it’s Kamito’s turn to space out. Now it’s Claire’s turn to bring him back. So she asks some details about Restia. She was his contracted spirit and it is his fault that this mess came about. Claire couldn’t care about all that because a minute ago he was like promising the heavens that he will be her contracted spirit. To really snap him out, she kisses him! That should really wake him up. Kamito easily defeats the golem with his signature moves as Ren and why he is worthy of the title as the best Blade Dancer. Claire sees the familiarity in his moves. Of course history repeats itself as he passes out. This also means he wakes up in bed and Est naked under the blankets. Uh huh. More déjà vu as this time Claire comes in to check on him and sees this. However it is triple trouble when Rinslet and Ellis come in. They won’t be explaining to Claire because Kamito is the one who needs to explain! He is going to die 3 times today. Although Est is going to protect him, her simple mind believes Claire when she claims Kamito is her slave, which means Est is also her contracted spirit. Okay. Does Kamito have his last words? Man, what did he do to deserve this? I think it could be related to Restia’s punishment…

Episode 5
Three years ago, Fianna was in trouble fighting off tree spirits. Of course Kamito became the hero and saved her. However she recognizes his elemental waffe (which was Restia) the same as Ren. She felt her world crashing down because she always thought Ren was a girl and for a guy to cross-dress as one it’s like a disgrace to Blade Dance. As thanks for saving her, she promises to keep it a secret. Before they part, she learns his real name and hopes they can meet again. He says they will but after the Blade Dance is over. And now in present time, Fianna has just transferred to Areishia, happy to have found Ren. Another case of déjà vu. Kamito wakes up in bed. Naked Est. As he is not focusing, she steals kisses from him! What is with her in kissy-kissy mode?! Oh. Here comes Claire. He just got healed and now he is going to die again? Anyway the duo are to participate in a mock team battle. How is it going to be fair, 2 against 5? Freya doesn’t care about that. That’s why they should hurry up and find their team members. Claire is cocky and confidence that they are enough to win but you know what they say about a pride and fall. So it is no surprise she is ruing how they actually lost. Yeah well, thanks to the lack of team members, they lack teamwork as seen in the other team as they fight to buy time for their important member to summon up her spell and ultimately defeat them. After the match, Freya noted that Kamito’s fighting is somewhat lonely. Rinslet heard about their defeat and since she is not honest as usual, Carol blurts out she wants to join them for lunch. Of course dense Kamito invites them to join in and thus earning him a kick in the foot from Rinslet. Stupid Kamito… There goes their private time. Carol informs of a new busty transfer student and this of course has the other girls really ‘worried’.

Seems Rinslet doesn’t have a team herself. She did but thanks to her pride and expectations, her teammates left. Now she’s alone. So Claire and Rinslet are at their usual of not being honest to themselves. Uh huh. Can’t find anyone who is the same level as them? Kamito can tell Rinslet wants to join them and whispers to Claire about this. However Claire doesn’t want her in the team citing that bad teamwork thingy when they were fighting Ellis. However we know that’s not the problem, right? It has something to do with Kamito. Get what I’m saying? But no harm trying. Claire asks if she would like to join her team. Oh no, why don’t Claire join her team? And so this silly argument of my team begins. Ellis interrupts and since she is like flustering asking him something, they heard other girls how she has fallen from grace with this lewd beast. There goes her reputation. She wants him to join her team and Kamito is tempted since she is quite high ranking (only the top 3 teams get to enter Blade Dance and Kamito’s team ranking just plunged further after that loss). However Claire will not allow it! I’m sure she did a good job reminding us he is her contracted spirit. Yeah. It’s like he is her possession. We get the hint. Kind hearted Kamito knows her trauma of being betrayed and turns Ellis down. Greyworth calls for Kamito and after exchanging ‘pleasantries’, she introduces a new transfer student that will study along him in Raven Class. Fianna Ray Ordesia is the second crown princess of the Ordesia Empire and from Kamito’s reaction, looks like he doesn’t recognize her. Kamito’s team is given a special mission to become her bodyguard.

Episode 6
Restia meets Jio Inzagi and needs his help to awaken something. He doesn’t care less what she does as long as he can prove to be the demon lord’s true successor. Kamito bows before Fianna but she explains she isn’t officially a princess anymore. Four years after that incident by Rubia, Fianna is one of the candidates nominated to be her successor to quell the fire spirit king. However she turned it down and her existence was erased from the royal family. Thus she is known as the Lost Queen. The mission Kamito and his team will also have to do is investigate an abandoned mining town of Gad. It seems there aren’t mere earthquakes happening in it but believed to be mass weapons of destructions. If the seals on it are fading then this is where Fianna’s expertise in using the ritual dance to reseal it back comes in handy. Of course this dangerous mission means Kamito’s team will get a chance to raise their ranking. He can’t decide this on his own and needs to consult Claire. Fianna is a little stirred hearing that name. Freya talks to Greyworth about Fianna cheating to gain entry. However Greyworth thinks she is worth the trouble and will be good for them. It’s the reason why she paired him with Kamito. Outside, rumours spread that Kamito has started hitting on the new transfer student (what the hell is this Demon of the Bedroom nickname?!). Fianna hits back by flirting with him in front of their eyes! Fianna hints to Kamito about his Ren identity. Although this guy is shocked, he still doesn’t remember who she is. I believe he didn’t tell anybody else about his secret identity so… And then Claire comes by… Another lesson to be taught? So back in Claire’s room, Fianna must be purposely pissing her off commenting how small it is. Kamito will gladly leave but Claire sounds desperate in preventing him. All that excuses about cooking and cleaning and the worrying part of the other girls approaching him, etc. You know. Get the hint. He is hers. Observed something Fianna? Learning that Claire has done that kissing ritual with him, Kamito knows Fianna has become upset. Fianna challenges her to a duel. Not Blade Dance but a cooking duel. So is Claire’s charcoal edible? I’ll take her word it’s not in the looks. Too bad it tastes bitter… Fianna believes she has got this in the bag. But what the heck is this lava stew? The moment Claire tastes, it she collapses! Fianna believes she has won! Eh? You mean this is how the cooking game is supposed to be played?

So while Claire is out sick, Fianna takes this opportunity to wash Kamito’s back in the bathroom. Don’t worry, she is in her swimsuit. I don’t know if Claire has super sensitive ears that she could hear what is going on because she barges in and is appalled at their activity. She won’t lose out and joins in. I guess she wasn’t that sick after all. So the battle to scrub his back begins? Claire notices his many back scars but he brushes it off. When she uses her spirit seal, this irks Fianna. Est then reports a commotion outside. Seems Jio has infiltrated the library and stole some sealed documents. The Sylphid Knights are defeated and Ellis is about to meet the same fate but is saved by Kamito and Claire arriving just in time. Jio wants to be left off tonight since they are so weak that they aren’t even worth killing. Ellis warns he has contracted double spirits and also another male Elementalist. As they chase after him, Kamito clashes swords with him and to his surprise, Jio can summon many other spirits. Jio says that Sulaiman has contracted 72 spirits so it shouldn’t be any surprise. So? Because Jio is the demon lord’s successor. Kamito loses but thanks to Fianna’s distracting attack, Jio now targets her. However she is so scared that she cannot move. It feels like that day. Kamito moves into protect her and gets a little wounded. Jio can’t believe he protected that trash. Fianna is not trash. She is his friend. Jio escapes as reinforcements arrive but Fianna passes out.

Episode 7
Fianna wakes up fine in bed. She flusters just about thinking Kamito. He wants to talk to her privately. Noticing Claire is outside, she purposely mentions if it is something he doesn’t want Claire to know. And this has that flat chest girl barging in to vent her punishment. Time for escape plan. Kamito takes Fianna and runs. Rinslet sees Kamito and Fianna together and we all know why she is starting to feel angry. Then she sees gloomy Claire. She is bothered that Kamito likes big breasts so much. Desperate enough for her to suck in her pride and asks Rinslet why her breasts are so small! You kidding me?! That just opened up a can of worms. She is willing to tell her a way to make her breasts grow bigger in exchange for something. In the forest, Kamito asks how Fianna knows his identity (no, he is not interested in what coloured panties you’re wearing – disappointed?). She gives him a few hints but he still doesn’t get it! You mad, sister? Finally after the third big hint, he remembers. Finally! She continues teasing him that he is her first love. She transferred to this school after hearing the name of someone familiar stopping a golem spirit. She wanted to use him and planned to threaten to reveal his secret and forcing him to form a team with her. She wants to win Blade Dance to restore her position and honour, especially those who laughed at her. Kamito isn’t mad at her for trying to use him. In fact lots of girls want a piece of him. Greyworth has been trying to use him for her means while Claire and Rinslet are trying to make him their slave. Then here comes Ellis. She is appalled to see them and Ellis fans the fire by continue to flirt. Although there are no school regulations on this (obviously all Elementalists are females, right?), but why is Ellis so bothered and will not allow it? Her underlings had to calm her down instead as she always acts like this whenever she is with him. Guess that says a lot.

They are here as they are on their way to Gad to regain their honour. The stolen documents were about Jormungandr, a sealed spirit in that town. Kamito suggests working together since they’re having the same goal. This causes Ellis to fluster. Observed something, Fianna? Meanwhile Claire is in her room turning into a deviant. I mean, she’s already fantasizing about Kamito using some magnificent technique to increase her breast size (as claimed by Rinslet to have the one you love to fondle them). She thinks of trying it herself but doesn’t it look like she is masturbating?! Then Kamito walks in… Amazingly she didn’t kill him. Rinslet tags along with Claire to join Kamito to Gad since this was the deal in exchange for that information. Rinslet meets Fianna for the first time and you can tell that sparks are going to fly over Kamito. But I’ll spare you the details over this since scheming Fianna is using every opportunity to cling closely to him. Inside the mining town, they hear fighting nearby. Ellis is engaging in a battle with Jio. Ellis is willing to sacrifice her life to defeat him and although it makes him sweat a little, Kamito won’t have it. Because how else would his harem be complete. HAHA! As the guys clash swords again, this time each sword Jio summons, Kamito easily breaks it. Remember, Est is the sword that slew the demon lord. Jio doesn’t care about Jormungandr or whatever. His only goal is to prove he is the demon lord’s successor and he is going to do that by defeating Kamito. Even though the other girls provide backup, Jio is ahead of them. Jio mocks Kamito has gone weaker not because he hasn’t been in the game for years. This is the reason. Jio targets the girls.

Episode 8
Of course Kamito gets in the way to protect them. Fianna can’t stand all this and is going to pass judgment on Jio. Using a Blood Stone, a pillar of light engulfs him although he is still alive and escapes. Claire then notices something. Fianna’s boobs are much smaller! She padded them?! It was to hide Blood Stone that she hopes to use as her trump card in Blade Dance. She is carrying her family heirloom around because after becoming Lost Queen, she lost her contracted spirit. This was what she used to cheat and enter the academy. She thought they would accept her as part of the team but looks like she’s no good. Of course you know Kamito would accept her because she put her life on the line. She is more than good enough to be their teammate. The cave is slowly rumbling and it is a sign that Jormungandr is awakening although Jio has not found the true shrine yet. As Ellis and Rinslet are still injured, the rest make haste there. Est guides the way as she has been here before. Meanwhile Jio is back with Restia and he blames her that her spirit didn’t help. Jio will make him regret for this but Restia knows he cannot defeat Kamito for he is the true successor of the demon lord. Outside the shrine, there is a diagram and engraving of elemental lords. One of them is cancelled out and Est comments that is Ren whose existence was erased from history. So Claire and Fianna dip into the pool not because they want to have fun or it is time to feed us fanservice (partly it is) but to cleanse themselves. Kamito senses Jio is here and engages him. Kamito senses some of Jio’s moves the same as taught from the school. It seems Jio is the first successful human experiment to revive the demon lord. However Kamito claims he is not a success because all his spirits are sealed spirits just like Fianna’s. Therefore he is a fake and not even en Elementalist. Jio just wants to kill him and prove it. He then stabs him in the guts (no big damage, though). He also has something similar to Fianna’s Blood Stone. Nebuchadnezzar’s power allows him to control many spirits but still to Kamito he is a fake.

If you’re wondering why Kamito has been so talkative, it is because to buy time for the girls. Now they are ready as Fianna unleashes her dance ritual to bind and choke Jio. Because his body houses a lot of spirits, they are going berserk now reacting to her dance. Before they can interrogate him about Jormungandr, Restia appears. She admits she is trying to revive Jormungandr because of her wish. Kamito will eventually meet her but not now because he has not awakened yet. Jio still wants to fight but Restia calls him a failure who cannot stand up to the real demon lord’s successor. However she is willing to try if it has a chance of awakening him. She becomes a sword in Jio’s hands as he does his dirty tactic of aiming for Fianna. Again Kamito uses his body to absorb the darkness. Fianna becomes desperate to protect him and orders the holy knight spirit, Georgios. They defeat Jio with their teamwork. Next time Kamito opens his eyes, he is back in bed. He expects Est to be under the blanket again but surprise, it is Fianna! I don’t know what ritual she needs to do on him that needs to be touching one another but it sounded like some excuse. Now that Jio is handed over to the military and Jormungandr resealed, is Fianna going back? Nope, she is staying. I guess the reason is so obvious. For those who don’t get it, the little peck on his cheek proves it. Oh, Claire had to see this. Fianna continues to flirt with him and a whole new war begins. This guy can’t even take a break…

Episode 9
When Ellis was young, she witnessed a match between her sister and Ren. Her sister lost and she was so awed with Ren. Didn’t she care about her sister? It must be a ritual for Kamito by now to check if Est is under his blanket. Today so far so good. He hears Claire and Fianna making something in the kitchen. What the hell is this aphrodisiac Fianna is making and this charcoal from Claire? They’re chocolates?! I wouldn’t have guessed. Anyway this Valentia festival is very much similar to the Valentine’s Day in our world. But Kamito is being such a douche to wonder why the girls are making it and for whom since the academy only consists of girls. Doh! Probably the best one goes to Est because she writes in chocolate over her body and wants him to lick her before it melts! Then Ellis had to walk in and sees this. She almost killed him. And the dorm damaged too. Meanwhile Freya reports to Greyworth that Murders are making a return since Blade Dance is near and will try to sell students cursed armament seals. Also, Velsaria Eva will be returning and she is the strongest Elementalist in the academy. Team Scarlet (consisting of Kamito, Claire and Fianna for now), faces off another team and wins with their teamwork. They discuss the next team they would be facing. It should be the third ranked Ellis team but since her mates are injured they may face the second ranked team or worst, the best team that belongs to Velsaria.

They stumble upon the team they just beat as they try to provoke Claire and badmouth her sister. Rinslet tells them off about acting like a noble and was faster than them in pointing her arrow before they could move. Scram. Rinslet wants to treat them to their victory but the girls refuse to let her pay for it. Till Carol reveals she just wants to eat with them. However they will have to do this later as Kamito has got extra classes. At class, he sees Ellis taking it too and he nearly got killed again when he seemingly sneak up her back. Then she apologizes for this morning after she learnt the truth. Yeah. She almost killed him on impulse, right? Ellis starts flustering when he gets close to her to tutor some important points. I guess she likes it so she makes a date appointment to have him tutor her at a later time. Later as Kamito and the rest go to meet up with Claire, Est happily holds on to Kamito’s hand, making the girls jealous. Carol mentions his other hand is not taken yet but the girls have their pride and do not take it. In that case, Carol usurps them and holds his other hand! Yes! Best move. Hope this teaches the girls a big lesson. Kamito sees Claire longingly looking outside a window shop. Rinslet tells him it is her birthday tomorrow. It is the same days as the Valentia festival. At the parfait shop, Est orders a very jumbo size parfait because Kamito promised her she could order anything. A promise is a promise. Kamito sees Ellis walking by outside and this causes Claire to get jealous he cares about her too while reminding him she is on a rival team, he is her slave servant, blah, blah, blah. You know the drill. The waitress who served them, Vivian Melosa notices they are an interesting bunch and sets her eyes on Claire.

Episode 10
I guess Ellis needs some love too. So as Kamito meets her, they’re not heading to the library to study. She requests him to come to her room! OMFG! Ellis said that?! And why the heck is she dressed as a maid?! Because her friends tricked her that men love maids (damn right!). This is to repay him. However Kamito says he isn’t really into maids (what blasphemy!!!!) and Ellis thinks he prefers a more lewd outfit. Okay, so he takes back what he said about maids. Love them! She wants him to order her around. She’s saying that to him while pointing a sword at his neck?! She needs to learn what being a maid is all about. Kamito commends her fine cooking and then she feeds him. She won’t take no for an answer or else. Once that is over, she reveals this might be the last time she brought him to her room as her roommate is coming back and won’t let him live if she saw this. She is Velsaria who is also her elder sister (although not blood related – as usual). She once adored her and wanted to be like her but now she feels cold and distant. Ellis invites him to join Sylphid Knights and will be compensated since they’re short of (wo)manpower after that last incident. Kamito can see Ellis trembling as she speaks to him because she is afraid. The reputation of Sylphid Knights has taken a dive since they failed to capture the assailant and people don’t trust them anymore. And because of that kind ol’ Kamito agrees to help out. So when Kamito returns, he thinks he can just tell Claire the truth and everything. Bad move. Because you can clearly see from Claire’s reaction that she is NOT happy he just spent time with Ellis. Even worse, he tells her he joined Sylphid Knights and became their dog (okay, the last bit was exaggerated but you get the idea from Claire’s point of view). She tells him to get out and hates him (really?). She thought he came back but oh, it’s Fianna. Nothing like a little girl to girl talk would help, would it?

Ellis addresses her Sylphid Knights and Kamito could hear some of them talking behind her back and not paying attention. Clearly her reputation has taken a dive. Before Ellis could introduce him, Velsaria waltzes in and badmouths Ellis’ failure. She didn’t even bat an eyelid to call Sylphid Knight members as pawns. Of course Kamito didn’t like that and Velsaria wants to test him. I don’t know, she just flicked her wrist and suddenly some awesome wind power just blew everything away!!! HOLY SH*T! It even causes a crater! Then she just picks a handful of them to be on her team. Why, those girls would gladly serve her. In town, Sylphid Knights make their patrol during the Valentia festival. As they break for lunch, some Sylphid Knights hang out with them. Trying to catch some romance? Since feeding Est feels like feeding a cute animal, the girls can’t help do so. Is Ellis hinting she wants some too? She’s looking a little fidgety. But she gets cut off from her Astral Zero and turns into a sword. Kamito sees Scarlet and follows her to Claire. As usual, tsundere lines. And that turns into jealous emo when she learns he is helping Ellis patrol the town. She becomes mad. And Sad. Even more when Ellis comes into the picture. The dense guy doesn’t get it. Because those are genuine tears streaming from her eyes, dude! She has had it. Go have your fun with Ellis whatever. I hate you! I think this feels real. She throws the chocolates at him. Meanwhile those sore loser girls still want to get back at Claire and this is their chance since she is alone. Vivian offers to sell them something powerful. Meanwhile each time Velsaria thinks about Ren, her heart aches. Not of the love type. Real pain. She has a big time grudge on that drag queen.

Episode 11
Ellis is conscious that her patrol with Kamito looks more like a date. The way she says it out loud may give everyone the wrong impression. Especially how they’re holding hands. On second thought, she changes her mind. Let’s continue holding hands. More on the serious stuff, Ellis continues her explanation of how she once admired Velsaria. However after that lost to Ren, she changed and started chasing for power. That is why Ellis wants to enter Blade Dance to show her what true strength is and what it means to be a real knight. Kamito wonders if she hates Ren. At first she does but as she watched her throughout the tournament, she became drawn to her. Kamito thinks Ren is like any other Elementalist wanting their wish to be granted but Ellis begs to differ. Her Blade Dance was nobler than others. It was like she was wielding her sword for others. Kamito feels relieved and thanks her. Meanwhile Claire is captured by Vivian but she is strong enough to break out from her binds because she is not naive anymore to want such fake powers. Unfortunately she is set upon by those girls who have been under control by the cursed seals. As Ellis is about to give Kamito her chocolates, several mad spirits cause a rampage. Kamito the hero again gets a little injured to save a little girl from harm’s way. Claire is also here to help out but before they can do anything, a big Gundam spirit, Silent Fortress, the spirit that belongs the Velsaria blows the mad spirits away and all those unfortunate innocent people in its way. She did not regret it as she neutralized the threat. She even insults Ellis’ view of knightly ideas which are just mere empty words with no powers to back them. She has no right to call herself a knight. Of course Kamito doesn’t like it but he stood no chance against her and got blasted away.

Waking up in bed again, he finds Claire’s chocolate in his pockets and tastes it. When Claire comes in, he gives her birthday present and explains he took up the Sylphid Knights job to get money to buy her this. Now that her heart is melted so much, it’s time to say sorry. Sorry for jumping to conclusions. Sorry for getting mad. Sorry for kicking him out. Just sorry. Fianna had to break this sorry state (pun intended) to flirt with Kamito. Okay, she is here to tell them their next opponent for tomorrow’s match is Velsaria’s team. Yeah. What a great time to open her eyes. Although injured, Kamito still wants to fight but he figures he needs a long range fighter for this match. Cue for Rinslet to come in and offer her help. Carol’s translation: She wants to be on the team. Kamito then begs her to join them and since it’s like that, can’t pass up this chance, right? Later Claire goes to see Ellis in her room as she is still affected by Velsaria’s words. She chides her for being down and if so, what Velsaria said is true. Mentioning about Velsaria, she might be strong but not invincible as she lost to Ren. Their goal is to defeat Ren and they will defeat all those in their way and get their wish. So is Ellis going to enter Blade Dance with such a weak resolve? She won’t. Good. Now join Team Scarlet. But Ellis has her team. Cue for her friends to come in and tell her that they will not be in good health in time. And whatever promise they made, blah, blah, blah, friendship thingy, blah, blah, blah, it is set then. Ellis will break up this team and join Team Scarlet. Welcome aboard. The harem team is now complete! Meanwhile Vivian approaches Velsaria. The latter has no intention of becoming her guinea pig experiment. There is some cursed seal placed on her heart and she will die in a few years but Velsaria doesn’t care as long as she can participate in the upcoming Blade Dance. However Vivian can’t have her favourite specimen die yet… Ellis tells Kamito the good news that she has joined his team. And finally she gives him her chocolates. This is as recognition as one of the knights. Oh really?

Episode 12
In the face off with Velsaria, seems Kamito has the sense to sit out and trust his girls to do the fight. Oddly for Velsaria, she lets her newly chosen teammates sit out as she believes she herself is good enough to take them all. Cocky, isn’t she? Then why the heck choose them in the first place?! Unless it is just in name to register as a team. Velsaria may rue her cockiness because our Team Scarlet girls are getting better at teamwork with Claire providing to be a good commander, Rinslet freezing her Gundam and bringing it down to the ground and Ellis’ wind shattering it after Claire’s hot temperature melts its structural integrity. Even so, Velsaria can still run her mouth. At the verge of defeat, she will not give up and this causes the cursed seal to activate. Why do they always happen at this time? As usual, Velsaria is no longer in control over herself and her spirit as they go out of control. Surprisingly not berserk enough for everyone to evacuate because they’re just sitting there watching. Although Freya wants to call the match off, Greyworth wants it to continue and see what happens. Velsaria’s dark aura is absorbing the girls’ energy and Ellis is pretty sad she had stoop this low to get a cursed seal. And when all the girls get caught in her dark aura, here comes our hero in good timing to free them. It wouldn’t be much of a harem if his girls are dead, right? Of course Claire scolds him for trying to be reckless despite his injuries. Even so, he won’t let Velsaria hurt his harem teammates. Kamito employs his Ren moves and but he cannot be in such a state for long as the pain is getting to him. Fianna uses what is left of her power to heal Kamito in expense of her own energy. I guess you can’t put that to waste so Kamito and the rest cooperate to take Velsaria down. Up close with her, Kamito stabs her heart and vows to save her. With his face this close, Velsaria realizes he looks like Ren. Heck, it is him.

Velsaria regains her control but rues another loss. Of course it’s chivalry time. He didn’t do it on his own. He had friends and a power the strongest Blade Dancer didn’t have 3 years ago. Although Vivian can’t use her favourite specimen for now, she is interested in Kamito and plans to use him. Unfortunately for her, Greyworth has found her and Vivian looks like she is in panic. She was once a student of this academy and failed. Greyworth could tell it was her because her cursed seals were identical when she worked on as a student. I guess she never improved. Now for some punishment. I don’t know about Greyworth but that dark aura was scary enough to scare the sh*t out of Vivian! She became a bloody mess in the end. No kidding. Greyworth could sense this is Restia’s doing and the latter won’t let her do as she wish with Kamito. Why do girls always want a piece of him one way or another? Back home, Kamito and the girls have to finish what is left of the chocolates from the festival. They’re going to finish all of them? They should have called me the chocolate lover to help… The usual antics of Fianna trying to flirt with him, Claire wanting to burn him out of her jealousy and Ellis once more getting trick by her friends to don a lovely gown as she thought this was a party. Flashback reveals Velsaria has opened her eyes after that defeat and apologizes to her sister for everything. Wow. Like sorry solves everything. Okay, good enough. She hopes they will win Blade Dance. Although the cursed seal in her heart is removed, some circuit in her is destroyed and can’t summon spirits anymore. But a big thank you from Ellis to Kamito for saving her sister. Kamito disagrees. She saved her. Whatever. Team Scarlet becomes one of the top 3 teams as they begin their journey to the Blade Dance competition. Claire is glad to have met Kamito (who doesn’t?) while Restia continues to watch over Kamito.


3 over minutes of you-know-what. Need I spell that out for you? FANSERVICE! Isn’t that the reason why you watch the TV series? Now head over the specials for more delicious desserts…

Special 1
Set during the time when Kamito was a boy before participating in the Blade Dance tournament. Restia is his partner as they walk around town undercover siblings. He wants her to team up for the tournament. She’s cool, he’s anxious. Anyway we hear Kamito talking about his plan to steal the seal spirit when the royal guards are in disarray. However Restia thinks it is still too early for the mission and wants to enjoy the festival more. Young Claire and Rinslet make short cameos here. Hey, wait a minute. WHERE’S THE FANSERVICE???!!! Unless you call Restia feeding Kamito parfait amounts to one.

Special 2
Okay, after the first special’s false start, true fanservice starts here. Kamito is having a fever and Est is going to nurse him. She insists on feeding Kamito burning hot porridge. But you know what is hotter than that? Est stripping down naked and only clad in knee socks! Her logic is that this way is the fastest to cool down his fever. Cool down? I can sense the temperatures rising! Don’t worry, spirits don’t catch a cold. Now she wants to insert leeks into his butt! Show me you ass! Holy sh*t! She won’t let him leave! I am guessing if his top gets healed, his bottom is going to be really sore…

Special 3
Fianna and Claire put on their waitress outfit for their part time job. Yeah well… Kamito too… So does Est… Fianna takes the opportunity to fix better Kamito’s outfit, causing the tsundere to be jealous. But play time is over because in this café where Carol works, our waitresses have to get serious in working because Carol demands only the best! Never thought this maid could be such a strict person, eh? Ellis spots Rinslet spying from outside. Curious about their ‘indecent uniform’, they go in to investigate. Wait a minute. It just ends like this? How anti-climax!

Special 4
Claire and Rinslet dip into some special lake believed to house some busty boob spirit. I guess they’re that desperate. So are we ;p. Claire is thankful to Rinslet for this as she owes her one. Something that she might have forgotten. Flashback reveals Claire was bullied by other girls but Rinslet told them off for bullying the weak. Something must be wrong with Rinslet’s eyes to think Claire’s boobs have gotten bigger. I don’t know. Maybe it is my 2D screen monitor ;p. She thinks it is that book she lent her. Because they’re desperate enough that if they can’t find that spirit, they’ll have to resort to that technique. Yup. Rubbing them. Kamito senses the presence of a spirit and rushes over only to see the naked girls. They’re not too pleased, though. You can guess his fate. Hmm… No spirit. Could it be just the wind and Kamito overthinking? I bet it is.

Special 5
Call it dumb or desperate but Kamito and the girls are some sort of ritual to make a dark nabe to see if the rumours are true that you can summon spirits via this method. And since nobody knows much about it, they think what Est says is true (I think she herself doesn’t know much about it). Because she’s saying it is such a big deal that Blade Dancers stake their lives to do this summon thingy. Aren’t you scared? Oh, I’m scared alright. Kamito’s guts say that he wants to ‘run away’ was probably right but he can’t let his harem get into trouble, right? Fianna then casts her magic before it turns into some nasty colour in which they believe it has become dark nabe. And I don’t know who made up this rule about taking turns to eat whatever they take and the last person who doesn’t pass out will be able to make contact. It’s like playing Russian roulette, huh? Rinslet pride has her go first but whatever this thing is, it tastes like chocolate! Not so bad, I guess. Then Claire pulls up some ugly lobster and this scares the sh*t out of Ellis. Already scared from this entire experience, she starts clinging to Kamito. Then it descends into some jealousy argument that they want to do this too. Hey wait a minute. That’s just it? WTF?! So this whole spirit summoning thing is just a prelude for this unexciting hug thing that we don’t even get to see?!

Elementary Of Harem Dance
Okay, I expected something like this would happen and as usual, a potential for another season because at least this series has some potential from development from the characters and plot. The back stories of the characters and the future path that they will be taking seem interesting on its own right. Each of them have some sort of troubled past and honour they want to regain, the reason they want to win Blade Dance so badly. Therefore to say it is not really up to standard just because it only has the storyline restricted to a dozen standards isn’t quite fair. But then again as far as this season is concerned, it could have been better. I don’t know. How do you make better a harem anime like this one? So my overall opinion is thus that it might not be outstanding but at least it doesn’t suck either. Either this anime is really so or my expectations of such genres have really fallen so low without me noticing to actually not criticise it so bad.

The characters feel okay although they seem like typical archetypes in a harem anime that has been done to death. You know, we got the typical tsundere in Claire, tsundere of the other kind in Ellis, the rich company-seeking Rinslet, the flirtatious Fianna and of course the carefree and blur head Est who seems to be in a world of her own. It’s hard to say if Restia would be part of his harem since she feels leaning more towards as an antagonist. Perhaps she is the coolest girl in the series because she is just watching over them all, smiling, creepily, doesn’t break into a sweat or anything. She’s just cool. Just bidding her time for something. I hope whatever Kamito’s wish he made as Ren wasn’t about world destruction because my guts tell me that is what it seems. Now it feels like he is regretting so.

I don’t know, Claire feels like a mix between Zero No Tsukaima’s Louise and Shana of Shakugan No Shana. All characters are flat chest tsundere and their personalities are pretty much familiar. Just put Louise whip and equip it with Shana’s flame and voila! You get Claire! Oh yeah. I’m seeing a pattern here. Plus, her little violent tendency to whip and burn Kamito just the slightest jealousy (she calls it punishment for being lewd) feels a bit like what Louise would do to Saito. Kamito feels like the generic guy and hero. Good guy. Helps the girls in trouble. Has some kind of secret and latent power. Not perfect. Need I go on? But definitely not a wimp. You don’t want to mess with him when he is serious especially now he is wielding the legendary holy sword. One thing odd about Ellis is that despite her captaincy as Sylphid Knights, how come she is quick to punish Kamito for acts that are deceptively lewd even though they are not? I know she has been living a life with some strict discipline but how does she know what constitutes lewd or not? It’s like the way she acts, she is telling us she has experience to tell what is being perverted or not. I know, I know. She’s in love with Kamito and that’s why she’s acting like that but really, no boys ever in the school and I believe she doesn’t need to patrol disciplinary in such matters before. Strange, isn’t it?

So the romance isn’t much and left to be desired more. More so because Kamito is such a derp and douche to notice it just like you typical male protagonist in many harem shows. It feels like all of the major and supporting girls want him for whatever reasons. His harem girls of course they want his attention and others like Greyworth and Restia have their own hidden agenda in using him which at this point isn’t really known yet. Even Vivian could be added to the list but too bad from the looks of it she has been done for although I won’t discount that isn’t really the end of her yet. The best part is that at one point Kamito even admits that he knows girls want a piece of him. That ‘hot’, huh? Speaking of which, unlike Infinite Stratos whereby all the other non-important extra backgrounds girls (all other girls rather than the harem or supporting, to put it simply) love this guy and want to make him theirs, in here Kamito doesn’t have that attraction to the other girls. Heck, I think they don’t really bother about him either. Although I don’t see any yuri happenings, at least it proves that they aren’t guy crazy since like in Infinite Stratos’ case where their hormones start to work up and go wild after seeing the only guy in history enrolling in their academy. Prior to Velsaria opening her eyes, you could say she too wants a piece of him. For revenge. So once she is defeated, she isn’t really such a bad girl. She just got lost along the way after being disillusioned by her humiliating and easy defeat to Ren in the first round 3 years ago. So you see people? Hunger for power corrupts.

There are a handful of so called romantic scenes between Kamito and the girls (thus what you call a harem). Most of them get a decent share of the spotlight with him. Like Claire who is using this spirit slave excuse thingy and her tsundere personality to be close to him or ring him in. Fianna is the most daring of the girls and sometimes you can hear her hint sexual subtexts to him. Kamito treats Est ‘better’ than everyone else just because she is his sword and the act of patting her head could even send the girls seething their teeth and pouting in jealousy. Even Ellis got her own spotlight towards the end of the series just to justify why this chivalrous knight needs to fall in love with this dude. Heck, even without all that you can already sense it because of the way she gets worked up near him, her emotions fluster greatly whenever he is around, accusing him whenever she thinks he is doing something indecent. Just like Claire. So with Kamito helping to save her sister, doesn’t this justify for her to be part of his harem?

As I said that most of his harem girls get the spotlight because the only who doesn’t is Rinslet. Therefore as far as this season is concerned, she is made to look like a rich bimbo. I wouldn’t want to discount Carol too because, which guy doesn’t love maids? Okay, so that is just me but seriously. I believe Carol too has a liking for Kamito but not really of the romantic kind. She is quite the honest girl in the sense she is Rinslet feelings translator. If you can’t guess what roundabout way Rinslet is saying, Carol will put it simply what she wants in simple tense instead. So most probably Carol is around just to give her master a push but with Rinslet having her pride, it seems it is going to take a while. Unless the girls need that usurp lesson again. That was a really good one.

Fanservice wise, I have a feeling they are catering to those with knee socks fetish. Because they seem to show us a lot of Est’s butt naked but only clad in knee socks scenes. She is a serial offender in this department. I don’t even know how she came to this conclusion that Kamito may like this. Heck, I think Est provides the most fanservice compared to the other girls. Sure you have Fianna’s daring flirtation rubbing her boobs on Kamito (which also serves as a double edge sword to smite Claire – how else do you make good use of those boobs?), some bathing scenes but it isn’t anything alarming or even provoking. Unless you consider Est’s naked knee socks fanservice as threading on dangerous grounds. I don’t know if it is a running joke of the series that Est is the main offender to hide under Kamito’s blanket because she assumes he likes it. I don’t even know how she came up with such assumption. For better or worse, it always leads to that cliché situation of another girl (Claire especially) coming in. Saw that one coming.

Faring slightly worse than the service is the action parts. It feels like a little side distraction to everything. Sure, Kamito swings his holy sword while the rest of the girls assist or back him up with their weapon-cum-elemental power. Fire, ice, wind and, erm, earth dance? Sometimes I feel that the fights by the Elementalists using their spirits are just a gigantic version of Pokemon and infused with lots of magic. But despite all of that everything feels weak and really nothing to shout about. The final fight with Velsaria feels just okay but Kamito’s fight with Jio feels paltry. Eventually despite all the sealed spirits Jio have, he still loses to Kamito. So it proves that if you’re not a hero of the show, fake demon lord or not, you will never win even though you have seemingly godly powers. And yeah, the power of the harem to go with it too ;p. In a way, sometimes I have this feeling that I have been short-changed because when Kamito is supposed to do his Ren moves, we don’t actually see them but snippets of, I don’t know, his still motion poses or something. Maybe it’s so great that we don’t deserve seeing, huh? It’s like they’re telling us to use your imagination! Personally I think I prefer the cat fights when they start fighting over Kamito but that usually don’t last very long. Why are you looking at me with those eyes?!

The art and drawing are also your typical conventional Japanese anime style. If you’re pretty familiar of how animes like Seikoku No Dragonar, Mashiro-Iro Symphony and Hoshizora E Kakaru Hashi are, you’d be feeling at home with this one. Besides, the studio that animated this series, TNK also employed such styles in some of their productions like Lovedol, Kyoshiro To Towa No Sora and Akane-iro Ni Somaru Saka. On a side note, personally I feel the contracted spirits’ design seem dull. Sure, Scarlet is cute enough to be the series mascot but Fenrir and Simorgh look pretty ordinary. And oh, this means other contracted spirits by other non-important characters feel like oversized Pokemon creatures. Yeah, gotta catch ‘em all?

Voice acting wise seems decent, nothing spectacular and nothing for me to complain. Ibuki Kido takes on the role of Claire and I suppose she did a decent job in voicing a typical tsundere although I thought Rie Kugimiya would have been icing on the cake. She was also the voice of Nanami in Kanojo Ga Flag Wo Oraretara who is also a tsundere character but not as emo as Claire. Seems veteran seiyuus like Youko Hikasa as Restia (Mio in K-ON!), Mai Nakahara as Greyworth (Mai in Mai-HiME), Yumi Kakazu as Freya (Mikaze in Stratos 4) and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Jio (Kirito in Sword Art Online) playing secondary characters, the main supporting casts are voiced by lesser known seiyuus. They are Makoto Furukawa as Kamito (Banri in Golden Time), Ai Kakuma as Est (Hakua in Kanojo Ga Flag Wo Oraretara), Kana Yuuki as Rinslet (Hachiko in Ai Tenchi Muyo), Shizuka Ishigami as Ellis (Inoue in Majimoji Rurumo), Saori Oonishi as Fianna (La Folia in Strike The Blood)and Manami Tanaka as Carol (Alice in Kiniro Mosaic). Not forgetting Ayane Sakura as Velsaria (Suzuka in Tokyo Ravens) and Harumi Sakurai as Vivian (Lisanna in Fairy Tail) as well.

The opening theme is Kyoumei No True Force. At first I thought it was an effeminate male singer singing this rock piece but turns out Hitomi Harada was the one doing the vocals. This song doesn’t sound too bad too as I believe it mixes in a bit of some funk. The ending theme is Blade Dance by Knee Socks. Having a band name like that proves the kind of fetish this anime is trying to show us. Even more so, this group is made out of Kamito’s 5 harem girls singing it. I think that just nails it. Although this piece is interesting because it has some Celtic tune, I find some of the singing lines odd because it’s like as though they’re rapping and saying their words too fast because there isn’t enough time to fit all what they have to say in it. At least that is what I feel. Or you can say that somebody slightly fast forward those lines to make it as sound though the girls are singing those lines fast and in short bursts. Just plain weird if you ask me.

Overall, this series just like the abundant harem genres out there isn’t the best and definitely isn’t the worst. Yeah. It is that middle ground answer from me again. You watch this show just for the plain fun and entertainment value especially if you are into fantasy + harem. Note again, fantasy + harem, not fantasy harem, if you get what I mean. If it gets another season, so be it and I’ll still put this anime on my to-watch list and see if the cat fight and the harem intensifies. Oops! I mean to see how far Team Scarlet can go and get their honour and pride restored. Okay, who am I kidding? I already said I was here for the harem romance thingy. I’d be lying if I watch it without this as my main motivating excuse. So Team Scarlet, please win Blade Dance and let us have a second season.

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