Seisen Cerberus

October 22, 2016

Fantasy world, check. Magic, check. Dragon, check. Young boy with a date with revenge and destiny, check. His travelling members are a bunch of weirdoes, uhm, okay I suppose I can consider it so. So check. Evil antagonist who craves for more power and chaos, check. Hot chick, check. Hot chick with a secret, check. If all that suits you, then you should have no problems in making Seisen Cerberus: Ryouukoku No Fatalités as your next anime to watch. I don’t know. That was how I decided to pick my next fantasy flick to watch. And so sorry if you thought I was going to say Game of Thrones…

Episode 1
A ritual is held to eternally seal the evil dragon, Dagan Zot at Balbagoa. Unfortunately Lord Bairo was struck and this led to the failure of the ritual. When his son, Hiiro is almost devoured by the dragon, he casts some spell that well, uhm, destroyed the entire land in the process? 10 years later, Hiiro is now a wandering swordsman as he wanders into town. Nambuuko is scattering his money to the joy of the people. A group of boy thieves let by Tomitte plans to steal something more valuable but one of them, Peshate got greedy and secretly snuck onboard Nambuuko’s carriage. Some guy is showing off this ancient crest, Dalhalbart only to be stolen by Tomitte. He is caught and Hiiro saves him by purchasing it for a genuine gold coin. Tomitte blames him for ruining their big steal and steals Dalhalbart. Hiiro tracks them back to their base and steals it back. Nambuuko sees the town lord and is trying to coerce him into selling him some magic stones. This will only lead to inflation and the people will revolt. Nambuuko suggests using fear to control people and will lend him Grand Trowa. An excuse is needed for that and it couldn’t be any perfect timing because Peshate gets caught red handed trying to steal Grand Trowa. Tomitte and co’s cat and mouse game over Hiiro comes to a halt when they receive news that Peshate will be executed at dawn for stealing. He will be made as an example to the people and instil fear for failing to respect the authority. The boys are helpless to go save him but Hiiro being a hero goes in. He skilfully fights the guards but it all ends in the farce when he realizes his sword is just a paring knife. The guards surround him but his loyal subjects, Giruu and Palupa come to his aid. During the commotion, the boys free Peshate and escape. When Sharisharu is going to use Grand Trowa on them, Hiiro recognizes it as his father’s stolen treasure and wants it back. She activates its power but it gets deflected and destroys the mountain behind! Then from out of the shadows appear Dagan Zot. Can’t believe it is still alive? Then some inner trauma of Hiiro starts activating.

Episode 2
As the guards fire their arrows at Dagan Zot, some are in danger of hitting Hiiro. Shockingly Dagan Zot protects him. Then it causes a little havoc before disappearing back into the shadows. This incident gives Nambuuko and evil idea. He will use Dagan Zot to instil fear in the people. Giruu takes Hiiro back to Tomitte’s place. He explains about Dagan Zot’s sealing 10 years ago by Bairo and his wife, Kissmettete along with 100 elite mages. But they all perished and were covered in soul devouring flames. When Hiiro wakes up, all he can think about is defeating Dagan Zot. Tomitte has his reservations and doesn’t believe his current skill level can do it. Hiiro believes he can as he has been training all this while. I think he needs a lot more of it. Hiiro knows that Grand Trowa can grant any wishes and it is his plan to use it to defeat Dagan Zot. But first he needs to know where Nambuuko is. Unfortunately he has left for the Land Where Wishes Die. Tomitte further explains about Nambuuko as a ruthless arms merchant responsible for making countries fight each other while he gets rich. Sharisharu is not pleased Nambuuko left her behind in this town. He orders her to look for Hiiro. Palupa blows his top when he learns Hiiro was duped into buying Dalhalbart. It is fake. Because of that they have no money to eat and even if they have, stall operators won’t welcome them believing they are this morning’s troublemakers. But this cat girl, Erin ushers them to a place where she could it. She hints she knows Hiiro as Bairo’s son. They realized they have been tricked because they are forced to pay for her meal. With no place to stay and Palupa won’t spend any more money, Hiiro forces himself to crash at Tomitte’s place. At least they have a great feast in return courtesy of Giruu’s cooking. Because Hiiro is still weak, Giruu takes him to train more. Heck, he can’t even best the easiest slimes and is complaining more than anything. Feeling the need to defeat something stronger and earn money, how about that sand dragon right behind? Hiiro fails in even scratching it. But a cute girl, Saraato pops out from its mouth. Just using it as a ride? She puts her head on his chest to hear his heartbeat. She likes it and wants him to come with her.

Episode 3
At least we know they’re not going to a love hotel. Haha! But her destination is to where he is? She talks funny. And I mean in a weird sense. And when she starts talking to pebbles, the gang quietly slip away. Don’t want to get involved with this crazy girl. Meanwhile Nambuuko is making his arms trading negotiations with many people. Among them is Dr Baffaloppa whom he wants to create a new weapon for all the countries’ king that they will die to have. It is hinted that Saraato is related to Baffaloppa. As Tomitte teases Hiiro for being in love, here comes Saraato. Did her magical wand help her find this place? Maybe Hiiro is in love with her. Because he allows her to stay here without consenting the rest. Probably this guy wants to show off his training but only gets owned by the slimes. He still didn’t pass this level? So how can he fight that menacing wolf? He doesn’t. He gets owned too. Luckily the wolf is interested in Saraato. Hiiro tries to be a hero but again gets owned. Pathetic! It is only by luck he accidentally kills it. It is all a god damn fluke! Saraato heals his wound with her wand. After selling it for a paltry sum, he sees the town guards arresting men to force them to work for the town lord’s mines. Can’t stand seeing children being pried away from their fathers, he takes action. Guess what? He gets knocked out and taken in too! Super pathetic! In prison, at first everyone is revved up that Hiiro will get them out. When he shows Dalhalbart, everyone loses hope. Because seriously, this guy is digging his way out with it! WTF?! Long way to go… Tomitte sneaks into the town lord’s mansion and steals his secret journal, one that contains shady transactions. He threatens to show this to the palace but in exchange for it to be returned, free Hiiro and the other men. Too bad Tomitte gets captured by the guards. If not for Giruu crashing in and swinging his mighty sword, things might have taken a toll for the worse. And I can’t believe Hiiro is saying he is so close to getting out when he didn’t even make a dent on the brick! Ah, the happy faces of people when the fathers reunited with their children. Although Hiiro doesn’t have the luxury of such family, it became his motivation to take out Dagan Zot.

Episode 4
Giruu will personally see Hiiro’s training today. This means Saraato can’t follow. She bumps into Erin who takes her to the hotspring. Sharisharu is also there so Erin has a hard time trying to keep Hiiro’s whereabouts a secret seeing Saraato is the type who answers truthfully if you ask. Hiiro is sick of fighting slimes. He is so mad that he attacks Giruu. Seriously, you think he can best his master? Of course not. But Giruu cuts him down! Is he insane?! Giruu’s plan is to take him to some healing springs since he anticipates the training will get rough. Want to bet it is that hotspring? Also, he saw a reward poster of a monster in this area. It will be like killing 2 birds with a stone. Sharisharu has a hard time identifying Hiiro thanks to the mist and that he is unconscious. But when Hiiro wakes up and starts bragging, Sharisharu signals to his guards to wake up that monster to cause havoc and capture them. Unfortunately she never read about tentacle monsters and their fetishes. Uh huh. Which tentacle monster would grab a guy? Yeah, Saraato and Sharisharu are going to get tentacle raped! We know the monster’s tastes since it throws away Sharisharu. Smart Erin has already fled the scene. Giruu saves the day by cutting it apart. And all Hiiro is concerned is only for Saraato? Don’t worry. She’s safe. Although they fail to get the reward, they managed to sell it to nobles who bought it at a high price for its unusual taste. Now that they have enough money, they can start their journey although they have no clue where Nambuuko is. I guess it is goodbye to the boys. They’ll miss the great cooking. Surprisingly Tomitte will journey with them. His goal is to get Grand Trowa to change this sick world. Yeah, who doesn’t? He doesn’t want the boys to stop him but stops them from coming along? As they set off, they chances upon Erin. Palupa asks to pay her portion for that meal so she thought of joining their journey. Why? She has a map that will take them to where Nambuuko is. Hiiro immediately agrees and their party increases by another one.

Episode 5
You know how pathetic Hiiro is when he can’t even defeat and eagle and falling into some sand trap. Yeah, he needs help. Nambuuko is selling the same weapons to all the countries and playing the double, no triple agent for all of them. Yeah, he is so ruthless that nobody even notices it because they’re busy trying to kill each other. He summons Sharisharu back and she knows she is going to get an earful. True enough, he berates her for her failure. But he is going to give her one more chance to capture Hiiro. Fail again and it will be the last time she’ll never be allowed in his sight again. Ever. So here Sharisharu is with her guards and giant earth golems trying to capture Hiiro and his team. That dumb hero rushes in to fight Sharisharu thinking he can beat the crap out of her and take him to Nambuuko. As expected, he gets owned. Heck, his sword even broke! With Giruu having his hands full fighting the golems, Palupa summons Mumu not for weapons but for everyone else to teleport escape via this magic chest. Giruu falls into a trap and Sharisharu intends to kill him. She means it. Hiiro cannot do anything as he is pinned down and being tormented by Sharisharu who relishes every moment of it to avenge her humiliation. But when Hiiro reaches his limit, suddenly something inside him activates. You’re damn right if this looks like something bad. Hiiro turns into a fast ferocious wild beast as he strikes down all the guards in a flash. Scared Sharisharu teleports and escapes in time but that wouldn’t have been necessary since Hiiro returned to normal right before he reached her. In his weakened state, he crawls through the desert, wondering what the heck that power was.

Episode 6
Oh great. Nambuuko just passed before Hiiro and he is too weak to do anything. When Palupa and co return, they find Giruu unconscious. Saraato heals him and he has no recollections of what happened. They are puzzled that there are lots of dead guards nearby and wonder if Hiiro did this. Meanwhile Nambuuko is demonstrating to a duchess his new weapon that combines an orc and humans. It is one big blended mess. The monster attacks but the guards easily took it out. Baffaloppa is not pleased with the results since the monster should be tougher than this. Hiiro sees everything and pops out to fight Nambuuko. Your guess is as good as mine. He is easily defeated and captured. Yeah, he saved the villain a whole lot of trouble looking for him. Back at his camp, Sharisharu expects to be scolded as she explains how scary Hiiro was. Surprisingly he didn’t get mad and instead rewards her. Nambuuko goes to torture Hiiro to let him spill some information about Dagan Zot. He wants its revival so that there can be chaos. This means more fighting, more weapons and more money! I believe this weakling would have succumbed to his fate if not for the duchess coming to complain about some pretty boys service. Nambuuko goes to pacify her seeing he has time to spare with him. Hiiro tries to free himself and for once Dalhalbart serves its purpose in cutting the ropes. Baffaloppa senses Saraato’s sense and traces it to Hiiro. He is stumped he has Saraato’s scent but is relieved when he learns she is fine. After Hiiro tells how they met, he cannot believe she said something about his heartbeat. He hears it himself and then believes he is her fate. He wants her to take care of her and lets him drink a potion that will allow him to escape and be where Saraato is. Just think of her. His last words are for him to meet Master Theo. Giruu and co are planning their ambush on Nambuuko’s camp. Hiiro falls out of the sky near them. Yeah, it saved them the trouble. When Nambuuko returns, he sees Baffaloppa in the seat. Trying to cover for Hiiro? Fail! Nambuuko is not pleased he set Hiiro free. Even more so that Saraato still lives and that Hiiro lives for her sake. Baffaloppa dares him to kill him but he won’t since he has lots of work for him and will make him pay the price one day. Nambuuko throws a question at him about Hiiro’s thoughts about Saraato once he learns who she truly is. Didn’t think about that, did he?

Episode 7
After Hiiro explains all he knows, Giruu finds it disturbing of Baffaloppa’s words that his heart does not belong to him. Then he theorizes that the reason why Dagon Zot protected him then was not because of Hiiro but its heart. Yup. Hiiro and Dagan Zot’s hearts are switched and it must have been Bairo’s last attempt to save his son. Further prove is when Hiiro became a beast as he had the powers of Dagan Zot within him and they both have the same birthmark on their chests. Hiiro becomes upset that this means seeking revenge for his parents, he must prepare to die. He falls into depression and it’s time to cheer him up with flashbacks? Palupa tells him how Giruu who trains Hiiro by day, has been learning magic at night for 10 years all for his sake. Hiiro then gets motivated to use Grand Trowa to switch their hearts. Well, he is back to his idiotic self. They arrive at a decimated village to camp for the night. This is Giruu’s old home since we can tell he is spacing out and seeing visions of his younger self. And what a dark past it is. His parents were persecuted by the villagers. You see, Giruu’s dad is an ogre and his mom a human. The ogres blamed their union that caused the humans to attack. Giruu watched in horror as they hang them. Giruu escaped and wandered around till Bairo found him. That fused monster is lurking around. Giruu fights him but I guess he is still reeling from his past. Tomitte suggests Hiiro to transform but at such crucial time you know he just can’t. Yeah, he is about to be owned again and luckily Giruu was fast enough to cut it down. Meanwhile Erin praises Nambuuko so that Sharisharu would allow her to seek an audience with him. Easy as pie. She tells him about Hiiro’s heart being swapped with Dagan Zot. Of course this information is not for free so he rewards her with this toy, Alshina. Nambuuko knows that if Hiiro is Bairo’s son, he will definitely come here to get Grand Trowa. All he needs to do is wait. Then he orders Sharisharu to kill Hiiro. Ah, those magic words she loves to hear. That glitter in her eyes… She’s really looking forward to it.

Episode 8
In the next town, Giruu buys Hiiro a new sword. Later they discuss about Theo whom Giruu and Palupa know as Bairo’s doctor. Saraato claims he is her friend. For the first time in a long time, they get to sleep on warm decent beds. But deep into the night, a shadow monster appears to wreak havoc. They think it is Dagan Zot but its shadow is also devouring the villagers. After Giruu saves Hiiro from another blooper, he too gets caught in the shadow and clinging on for dear life. Sharisharu pops up to kill Hiiro. She reveals this monster is Dah Kuu, a creation of Baffaloppa given by Nambuuko to her to test it out. As Sharisharu electrocutes Hiiro, this is all part of Nambuuko’s plan to bring out Dagan Zot since this attack is endangering its heart. But then Hiiro turns into his dragon beast form. He destroys Dah Kuu as Dagan Zot emerges. Sharisharu becomes scared and escapes. After Erin shoots her special monster killing arrow at Dah Kuu to free Giruu, he runs to save Hiiro but he is in the midst of going berserk and slashes Giruu! Once the havoc dissipates and Hiiro regains his normal self, he becomes distraught seeing Giruu lying in his own pool of blood. The only happy person is Nambuuko because after watching what happened, he is certain Hiiro is needed to get the dragon.

Episode 9
Giruu is alive and recovering although at a slow rate. Unfortunately Saraato can’t heal it. Hiiro feels bad for striking him even if the rest doesn’t blame him. But Giruu is more concerned about Hiiro transforming because he fears if he transforms frequently, he will not be able to transform back. After weakened Giruu collapses, it is a race to get some serafuria herb. But Mumu is selling it at a freaking high price. Erin tells Hiiro a place where he can get it but it will take half a day to get there. Instantly he makes his journey with Saraato. While the duo are gone, the rest discuss about Saraato because Tomitte has observed her that she doesn’t eat or smile. Then it is like Sharisharu always knows their location. Could she be the turncoat? Speaking of Sharisharu, I guess Nambuuko has had it with her and locks her up. More discussions about Nambuuko and Dagan Zot. Erin tells the rest about Nambuuko’s intention to kill Hiiro. She knows because of Alshina which is a communication tool. As the nations are gearing up for war, many are making weapon orders from Nambuuko. This allows the arms merchant to jack up the prices while he also manipulates information. Once war begins, Hiiro will need to go through the battlefields to get to Nambuuko. Thus it is best they get there fast. After all the struggles and perseverance, Hiiro finally manages to grab serafuria. Saraato who has been doing nothing all the while catches his fall. She smiles for the first time. Giruu instantly heals after eating the herb. It is time for Tomitte’s drama because he heard from Peshate that their hometown has gotten worse. Everyone has been forced to work in the mines. Better hurry getting your hands on Grand Trowa. Tomitte stops suspecting Saraato since he saw her shed a tear. That easy? The party makes their way to Theo’s dwelling. It is important to get Grand Trowa but it is more important to treat Hiiro’s body first. As the gang meet Theo, he starts hugging Saraato like nobody’s business. You jealous, Hiiro? Even more shocking for him is how Saraato mentions Theo is her friend. Friend zone?

Episode 10
After Theo is told of Hiiro’s condition, he demonstrates an imitation of the soul devouring flame. Hiiro wonders why if he is the continent’s most powerful mage, why didn’t he do anything to save his parents. Even the greatest mage cannot stop the mother nature force of a storm. Theo begins giving his ‘training’ to Hiiro. He is made to do weird stuffs like picking up and throwing pebbles and crumpling a picture of a badly drawn Saraato’s face. Theo demonstrates using his Kokuu Blade. It’s like an air sword and using the wind to slash. Hiiro tries it out and finds it stupid because in his eyes nothing happens. Later that night as Giruu asks Theo about Hiiro’s progress, he mentions how the son is very similar to Bairo. In short, Hiiro has no talent for swordsmanship and knows Giruu has also noticed this for a long time. I mean, after 10 years of training and he is this weak, something must be seriously wrong, right? Giruu has known his potential ever since he took up studying magic and his thoughts is that if Hiiro is all by himself, maybe he could use magic instead of sword. Thus it can be concluded that Hiiro has a rare talent in magic than swordsmanship. However Theo cautious his magic power is very high and rare. Otherwise, a human would have been unable to bear the magic of a dragon’s heart. During the Kokuu Blade training, Hiiro’s magic did hit Theo. He finds Theo to be a very dangerous person and Giruu teaching him swordsmanship was the right move. His last advice is that Hiiro and Saraato are a pair and must be together. Meanwhile Sharisharu continues to be in depression but when Nambuuko surprisingly calls her, she is motivated after hearing her voice. Looks like he needs her for a mission. Anything, my lord. Next morning, Hiiro has had it with this dumb training and quits. But Theo tells him to cut him down with Kokuu Blade where he stands and if he does so, he will graduate. Hiiro plays along and Theo puts on the lamest and fakest damage receive act ever. Yeah, he graduates. After they leave, Theo notes he was indeed hit by Hiiro’s power and that was just a fraction of his true power. Perhaps switching hearts was the best move as it kept both their powers in check. The gang are now a desert away from Nambuuko’s base. Suddenly an eagle attacks them but Giruu is able to cut it down. Wondering how they are found out, suddenly they hear from Erin’s Alshina, Nambuuko is trying to reach her. Busted.

Episode 11
Erin admits she traded information. It is her specialty after all. The rest won’t kill her seeing it won’t undo the damage done. They continue the journey without her. They’d rather get lost than have her with them. Meanwhile Sharisharu agrees to be fused with her monster pet dog. Palupa falls into a hole and going to be eaten alive by some giant sand bug. Surprisingly it is Erin who throws a rope for his rescue. Seriously, is this little dude that heavy since all are struggling to pull him out. I suppose they have to continue their journey with her since she is the only one who knows where they’re going. Screw that traitor thing for now. A sandstorm separates them. It is then Sharisharu in her fused form comes to kidnap Hiiro back to base. Since Baffaloppa has refined the machine, the fusion is much better now because Sharisharu looks sexy and badass in her new form. Hiiro instantly draws his sword when he sees Nambuuko. Of course you know he easily loses. Nambuuko tells him a secret. They met before 10 years ago at Balbagoa. Yup, your guess is as good as mine. Nambuuko is the one who killed Bairo. He thought Bairo was foolish trying to seal a dragon because Nambuuko would have used the chaos to earn more money. He survived thanks to some crystal protecting him from the flames. During that, he saw those beautiful flames and that evil beauty is what he is looking for. Human lives pale in comparison to its destruction. Nambuuko assures he won’t kill Hiiro for his fear of death is what is needed to summon Dagan Zot. All Hiiro has left now is humiliation and with Dagan Zot’s heart in his hand, the dragon’s life is his to command. Meanwhile Erin uses Alshina to trace Hiiro but instead they find Saraato smashing her magic wand against some rock till it breaks. Seems she is summoning a dragon as its noise will attract it. Oh, here comes one now.

Episode 12
Using the dragon, they fly to Nambuuko’s castle. It is rumoured it was ruled by a demon king named Gyrokias who was defeated by the hero, Dalhalbart. So sad the dragon is shot down as our heroes go into hiding. Baffaloppa is happy Saraato is here and takes them back to his lab. He reveals she is a magic doll made under Nambuuko’s orders. So now you know why she doesn’t eat, right? Not because she is helping to save money! Baffaloppa was ordered to make a warrior that could fight in lands destroyed by the soul devouring flames. However Baffaloppa was more interested in her beauty and kindness. Unfortunately that is not what Nambuuko wanted and ordered him to dispose of her. Of course he pretended to do so and let her escape. Learning that she is attracted to Hiiro’s heart because it is the heart of Dagan Zot, he concludes she was drawn to it because she herself lacks one. Baffaloppa knows Nambuuko is going to use Saraato in his plan and wants her to escape. However he doesn’t care about Hiiro so Saraato disobeys him for the first time and runs away to find him. There he is in Nambuuko’s and Sharisharu’s clutches. The evil lord wants Saraato to come to his side or else Hiiro gets it. Oddly, if Nambuuko needs them both and can’t kill them, so why so afraid of his threats? When she does so, Sharisharu teleports them to Balbagoa while she fights and stalls Giruu. There she explains how Nambuuko will use his machine to fuse Dagan Zot with all the soldiers from the warring countries who have gathered there into the ultimate disaster!

But I suppose Sharisharu didn’t see this coming because Nambuuko finishes his explanation that everyone in his castle are now trapped and their souls will be used as magic for this reactor. Naturally his subjects start panicking as they don’t want to die. But their screams and tears only fuel the process further. And what was Sharisharu saying about Nambuuko won’t let her die? And what the heck is this irony that she once said she would gladly give her life to him? Now is the moment and she is starting to feel betrayed? Since magic is blocked inside, nobody can get out. Can Baffaloppa get them out? His real body is already at Balbagoa and this one is just a puppet. Damn old man. We see him threatening Nambuuko to stop the machine if he doesn’t release Saraato. However Nambuuko silences him. I guess he isn’t needed anymore as the machine can run on its own. After hypnotizing Saraato under his command, Nambuuko orders her to kill Hiiro to awaken Dagan Zot. Palupa contacts Mumu to have her shoot a hole through the barrier, enough for their magic to teleport them out. You know how high her price would be and she doesn’t take credit. So they pool all their money together. Giruu only has kitchen utensils? I guess Erin’s gems would do. One hole in the wall coming up. They make a deal with Sharisharu to teleport them to Balbagoa in exchange she gets to deal with Nambuuko. Lost that lovin’ feeling? Hiiro has already partially transformed into his dragon form but it is still incomplete. Once it is, the evil dragon will fully revive.

Episode 13
When Giruu and co arrive, Sharisharu turns her back and attacks Giruu. Despite Nambuuko’s betrayal, she is still loyal to him. She herself admitted is stupid. We couldn’t agree more. Once Saraato is on the verge of killing Hiiro, that is when Dagan Zot appears. Nambuuko has been waiting for this moment and has got where he wants it. Using the Grand Trowa and the reactors, he fuses with Dagan Zot. Behold the new Nambuuko! Uhm, doesn’t he look a bit like Giruu but darker? Hiiro has never done many things right so you think he can defeat him? So to stop this atrocity, Baffaloppa, Erin and Tomitte have to simultaneously stop the reactors and take out Grand Trowa. They did it but nothing happened. You’d think Nambuuko would be so stupid to leave everything defenceless, right? I suppose he doesn’t need all that crap since he has already obtained the soul devouring flames. To seal possession of this eternal power, he kills of Saraato. Bad move. Because Hiiro is so mad that his sword somehow now can cut his arm and through his armour! Is it the power of love or anger that made it possible?

With Nambuuko’s demise, Dagan Zot is now free (to make sure Nambuuko is dead, big dragon squashes him). Hiiro has thoughts about sacrificing himself by piercing his own heart (which is Dagan Zot’s). But he chickens out and gets another idea. Using Grand Trowa, he pulls out some magical sword and uses Kokuu Blade to cut open its chest. And then they switch hearts! OMFG! Is it that easy?! But Hiiro didn’t put his own heart back in his body. Instead he gives it to Saraato who then springs back to life. And this is Dagan Zot’s demise?! WTF?! Now, the rest are fighting over Grand Trowa for their own nefarious agenda. But then it breaks! Giruu says that is not the real Grand Trowa as it wouldn’t shatter. So where is the real one? Shattered when Bairo first used it to seal Dagan Zot? But then it shattered too, right? Then how can this fake do so many miraculous things? I don’t get it! For the first time Saraato cries when she learns Baffaloppa died when he tried to protect her. All the warring nations pulled back because Erin has a secret connection with the kings and a simple call was all it took for them to back down?! Sharisharu cries over Nambuuko’s death but the remaining guards easily change her mind to look forward to a new freer future with her sexier body. WTF?! And suddenly she is a free woman. Nambuuko is the past. WTF indeed. After burying Baffaloppa, Hiiro says his heart is now Saraato’s. An excuse to always be with her and protect her? He gives Dalhalbart to Tomitte. With peace reigning over the land, what will Hiiro do now? Train with his sword! He won’t admit he is a magic user and still believes himself as a wandering swordsman. I guess we’re in no hurry for him to become a legendary swordsman then.

A Hero That Never Was… And Never Should Be!
I knew the entire adventure was ridiculous seeing how the main hero is so I accepted everything as part of the entertainment. I didn’t know the finale episode would be this ridiculous because it just felt so rush that they are running out of time and that this is the last episode so anything goes. Uh huh. Not like it freaking mattered. It is still unsure if Dagan Zot is truly defeated since Hiiro is still having its heart. But we don’t see him whining about revenge anymore so does it mean it is gone for good? If it is so, it makes it a truly mind boggling thing because such a powerful dragon that nobody could defeat and barely sealed is defeated in the most ridiculous manner ever. That’s not the only ridiculous thing there. From Sharisharu’s fast-get-over-your-boyfriend to the warring nations just retreating like that, I don’t want to open another can of worms.

The plot doesn’t feel original and sometimes it just feels predictable or lost. It is about a boy seeking revenge on a dragon whom he blamed for causing the death of his beloved parents. I can see why he is so angry and impatient for most of the times. So for the entire series it sometimes feels like little fillers because you see the group trying to head where Nambuuko is but get a little distracted with ambushes in the desert or wasteland and even a detour to visit a certain quirky doctor. A little flashback for the main character and his strongman to stretch the plot further and voila, you have got yourself a season worth of entertainment. And you thought Hiiro and Dagan Zot’s swapped hearts are supposed to be the twist of the story. And what is this about Saraato being attracted to the dragon’s heart and thus it isn’t Hiiro she is attracted to? Sorry to pour water on your romance ideals, pal. You’re already so weak and underpowered so why would a girl like her want you? Because the plot says the hero always gets the girl in the end and thus the predictable direction whereby Saraato chose to be with Hiiro on her own free will. Now that she has Hiiro’s heart, can you say she is one with him forever? Literally.

Of all the characters in Hiiro’s group, the only useful and reliable character is Giruu! You have got to agree with me on this. Everybody else is just useless in some ways. I mean look at this muscle guy. He saves Hiiro’s life from numerous dangerous occasions, he is the most rational of the group, he is sharp in his observations, he has the best swordsmanship around (at least in the group – and the only one who can decently put up a fight), he is loyal to his bocchama and most important of all, he can cook! Not only cook decent meals but the best there is ever! If this guy wasn’t in the group in the first place, everybody would have died especially Hiiro who wouldn’t even make it past the first episode. The only thing weird I find about him is his sword design. At first what I saw was and started thinking, “Is that a giant screwdriver or an odd shaped penis?”. Holy sh*t!

And the rest of the groupies are just a bunch of weirdoes and losers especially with Hiiro being the most pathetic one. But one thing ‘refreshing’ about having a main character that is just a wuss is that he is unlike many other cliché, generic and typical main characters in similar genres. You know, the kind with a dark brooding personality or one that has some sort of latent power that is so powerful that it would change the balance and the world or the kind of hero that has his own annoyingly generic ideals of justice. Therefore with Hiiro being weak and whiny, it does give a different feel to the already ubiquitous archetype of heroes. Hence despite the irony of his name that sounds like a champion or victor, Hiiro is just a spoilt brat with lots of angst trying to avenge his parents with powers he doesn’t even have. Not even part of it. Sure, you can argue he is studying the wrong skill for 10 years but even an idiot should have realized long ago that something is totally wrong. To say he has the heart of Dagan Zot and that he transforms into a terrible half human half dragon killer isn’t also entirely accurate because for most parts he is consumed and controlled by this rage. He is now a mindless killing machine. And the worst part of all his pathetic-ness is how when he learnt about his switched hearts, he isn’t even willing to sacrifice his own life for his vengeance! If he was that determined to avenge his parents, he would just stabbed his own heart and let it all end there. Even preventing Nambuuko from pursuing his unholy goal. But nooooo. He is too chicken to even take his own life and thus it gives an excuse why the anime should continue. Yeah, if he killed himself, the anime would have ended right there and all of us would be taken by surprise then.

Continuing the rest of the useless characters in Hiiro’s group, Saraato feels more like a retard than anything useful. She feels like a cliché girl whom the hero picks up and holds some sort of secret (look no further than Comet Lucifer). And so when the ‘shocking’ revelation that she is some magic doll, it just made us yawn. And I thought she would be the sleeping vessel of Dagan Zot. That would be something. And this Palupa shorty, he is like the comic relief of the series seeing that the most memorable thing about him is his penny pinching ways as he is always concerned with the limited funds the party has. So is he Hiiro’s financial advisor or something? Tomitte might be a thief but since he joins the journey, he didn’t do anything related to his skill and thus he feels more like an excess baggage. You know, like as though they just need an extra member in the party to make it look more like a bigger party and do some minor ‘errands’ when the hero is having his hands full with something else.

Finally there is Erin. Ah, when you have cat ears and big bosoms, there is always that sexy lady in the group to provide fanservice. Not as useless as the rest but not as useful as Giruu or half of it, Erin’s ‘trademark’ seems to vanish at times when she is needed most or during times when the party is in crisis. It’s like she is the greatest disappearing act ever. This makes her some sort of ‘useless’ to the party, right? And when she turns out to be a turncoat or rather it is her specialty in trading information regardless of who she sells it to, we can’t have sexy babes be the true bad guys, can we? And everybody quickly forgave her because it won’t change a thing. I don’t think that Mumu can be considered as a proper member of the party since she is only called out on certain dire occasions. In the event if she is considered so, she is another useless character as she charges freaking high prices for weapons or other stuffs. She is like the Scrooge McDuck of the series, worse than Palupa. So if you’re poor, forget her help. Faster and better for you to die than to haggle with her over the price.

Nambuuko as an antagonist feels typical like any other baddie. Although his aim is to create chaos, have nations go to war so they will continue to buy arms from him and ultimately become the master dragon himself, that is pretty much the same as world dominance because you are controlling everybody under your thumb and manipulating them like puppets on a string. Thanks to weak Hiiro, it only serves to enhance his power and evilness throughout the series. A food for thought: If everybody goes to war and kill each and there is nobody left, where will Nambuuko get his money then? Maybe he should just print his own money then. Sharisharu at first passes off as a typical but lovable evil sidekick. The kind you can’t bring yourself to hate totally since she is awfully cute despite how evil she can get. The biggest irony about her is the fact that she felt betrayed by Nambuuko when she told us in the face that her life belongs to Nambuuko. After all the screw ups that would have made stricter evil lords kill you off for being incompetent, Nambuuko is more ‘merciful’ giving her second chances and even a body upgrade. And then when it is time for her to sacrifice her life like all those other dumb minions, she gets scared. WTF?! Isn’t her sole existence is to live for him? She should have realized that all the failures she brought she has no right to be next to him and should pay for her life. At least in a villain’s organization. So it was just mind boggling that she felt deceived when Nambuuko abandons her and was fretting over it. Life has no meaning without him… And then when he is truly gone, time to get over and move on. Wow. So much about loyalty. She should have killed herself too if she really wanted to follow him wherever he goes. Just like how they killed of Baffaloppa, so why can’t they do the same with her? Just because she is sexier now doesn’t mean the producers need to let her live.

Action scenes are rather decent too. Because the one who is doing most of the fighting is usually Giruu. Hiiro sometimes feels like a damsel in distress seeing he has to be saved countless times even when they are not in battle! Yeah, this kid can’t even do anything right on his own. We all know he sucks in his sword skill (heck, he has his sword broken not once but twice!), so we thought with that revelation he is some super hidden magic talent would at least get him somewhere but unfortunately if he himself doesn’t realize it, what is the use? It just felt like trolling. Grand Trowa supposed to grant any wish? More like Grand Troller. Don’t get me started if the Grand Trowa we see the entire time is fake or not. I’m too confused to even talk about it. And Dagan Zot whom I believe is supposed to be the true hidden star of the series is just relegated to pathetic cameo appearances but when he does emerge from the shadows, be very afraid with his awesome powers because it literally blows you away. Take that you weaklings!

For a fantasy setting, I guess the art and drawing are pretty standard too. Hmm… How should I put it? Everything looks colourful but in a dark way. I mean, well, everything isn’t your bright colours but they are shaded darker to associate with the grim theme of a looming war and all. It might be just me since I find that Hiiro looks quite effeminate. Must be those eyelashes… Sometimes I thought it enhances his pathetic character. Oh, did I mention that with his angst looks, it makes him look like a bad guy sometimes. Even Nambuuko isn’t looking as much as a baddie compared to Hiiro (although he still is). I find some characters resemble like characters from other anime like Erin resembling close to Xiao Mei from Shining Hearts: Shiawase No Pan and Saraato has an uncanny look to Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko’s Erio. At the end of each episode, there is an illustration eye-catch which I think it is pretty good quality. This anime series is produced by Bridge who did Nobunagun, Devil Survivor 2 The Animation, Mitsudomoe and the second season of Fairy Tail (co-produced with A-1 Pictures).

Voice acting is rather okay with only Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as the only recognizable to me in his role as Hiiro. Palupa is voiced by Youji Ueda (Kisaragi in Basilisk) and I am not sure if his dragon character is speaking in some sort of accent because to me I thought he sounded very gay. Really! You know, sometimes I thought Koji Yusa was the one who voiced him. The rest of the casts are Mao as Saraato (Renge in Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda), Taiten Kusunoki as Giruu (Rock Bison in Tiger & Bunny), Maaya Uchida as Erin (Rikka in Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai), Arisa Ogasawara as Tomitte (Panty in Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt), Shunsuke Sakuya as Nambuuko (Okuninushi in Noragami Aragoto), Mariya Ise as Sharisharu (Levi in Fairy Tail), Masayuki Omoro as Baffaloppa (Sam in Bakuretsu Tenshi) and Manami Numakura as Mumu (Paula in Nisekoi S2). The opening theme is Resonant Heart by Maaya Uchida while the ending theme is Xenotopia by Suzuko Mimori. Pretty okay by today’s anime pop standards and nothing to shout about.

On a trivial note, I find that the name of each episode doesn’t really correspond to what the episode is all about. For example, episode 2’s “The Dark Crystal” is just mostly about Hiiro taking refuge at Tomitte’s secret base and his pathetic slime training. So where the heck is the dark crystal? If they mean the Grand Trowa, it doesn’t even make a decent appearance except being mentioned a couple of times. Then in the next episode, “The Hidden Fortress”, what freaking fortress are they referring too? Is it Tomitte’s base or the town lord? Because either way I don’t see it as hidden or a fortress. Then for episode 4’s “An Unexpected Journey”, the entire episode was almost a hotspring fanservice and the journey only began right at the end. If you’re talking about episode 11’s “Fury Road”, nowadays the recent Mad Max Hollywood film comes to mind but we don’t see any post-apocalyptic cars whatsoever or a wild chase. The only thing I can associate it with is that the characters are trekking through the desert. And there is nothing fury about it. Usually I don’t give a damn about episode titles but somehow this series has got me thinking at the end how the heck it turned out this way when everything was so different.

Overall, this isn’t anywhere close to a masterpiece fantasy story but at least it still provides decent entertainment especially with the main character being weak and his bunch of weird and ‘useless’ companions. With the less than stellar plot, either you love it (as in for laughs) or hate it. But it is bad enough to make you want to root for Dagan Zot just to devour everyone so that peace will forever rule the land plagued with silly wars. It would have been much so better and funnier if the plot was about Hiiro switching hearts with a chicken so he travels around the continent chasing it down to prevent it being turned into chicken soup from unsuspecting hungry people. Yeah… Chicken-koku No Fatalités! Double Fatality!

Seisen Cerberus

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