Seitokai No Ichizon Lv2 OVA

January 24, 2014

Nobody subbed the extra episode so I also have forgotten that there was actually one. So when Seitokai No Ichizon Lv2 OVA came out (with subs of course), I was in a daze for a while as to wonder whether this series had an OVA to begin with. Instead of pondering and cracking my brains or even do some internet research, I decided to go see this since I have watched both seasons of this anime and it would be a great disservice if I were not to watch the OVA. Who came up with that silly rule anyway?! Oh, it’s me. As usual, this OVA is one of those without any plot. Oh wait. This series never had a plot to begin with. But it is Valentine’s Day and you know what this means. This OVA at least deviates from the usual TV series where the student council sat around in their mindless chatter and shows them trying to do something by giving their chocolates to Sugisaki. Wait a minute. Girls want to give Sugisaki their Valentine chocolates? Am I dreaming?

The Giving Student Council
We see all the student council girls eagerly awaiting the big day to give their chocolates to the sole guy in the student council. And that guy is happy just about thinking about it that he couldn’t do his part time job properly. The line is building up, buddy. And now that day is here. Sugisaki walks into the gates only to be greeted by Chizuru who is talking and acting like a robot. That nervous, eh? This guy is dense not to understand but Chizuru is taking too long so much so some car drifts close to Sugisaki. It is Elise and she is here to give her chocolates. Wow. The girls can learn a thing or two about honesty from her. Now that Sugisaki is happy, he must take responsibility for accepting her chocolates. He cannot sleep with other girls. Gosh. Now the chocolates seem heavy. Lilicia too gives her chocolates but quickly take pictures of him as proof of bribery! Are chocolates considered as bribes? Lilicia explains the chocolate is crafted by the most specialized chocolatier in the world and costs hundreds of thousands. Now this chocolate feels heavy too. Sugisaki realizes he was talking to Chizuru but I guess she already walked away. Big disappointment. Now she is in foul mood. Kurimu is relishing all the chocolates she got from the girls. The happy atmosphere is ruined when Chizuru walks in. There’s this deadly aura. She calls this Valentine’s Day to be a bloody day of massacre! Not good…

Meanwhile Minatsu is receiving lots of chocolates from her juniors. Sugisaki happened to see that and teases her. In her haste, she picked the wrong chocolate (not hers but her junior) to give it to him and realizes too late. Sugisaki deems this an insult and feels disappointed. Meguru cuts in and wants to talk to him in private. She too gives him her chocolate and summons her courage to say that she is only giving chocolates to him and not everyone. Too bad Sugisaki is too dumb to understand what she means. He thinks she is poor to afford more! He is then distracted by other girls who want to give their obligation chocolates to him. He’s a happy girl but Meguru is left ruing his dumbness. And man, Sugisaki is sure a popular guy because more girls pop up to give him their chocolates. Thanks for doing his job in the student council? Since when did that body do something useful for students? Mafuyu watches them and is not thrilled. As she approaches him, Sugisaki receives a call from his sister Ringo. Looks like she has learnt some new words from Asuka. She’s calling her brother Eternally Wet Dreaming Virgin Onii-chan. Upon learning her chocolates are handmade, Sugisaki feels traumatic. Yeah. Last year, he almost died. Don’t worry. Ringo has improved a lot this year. The most is that you’ll faint. Oh sh*t! As Sugisaki gets more chocolates (how popular is he?!), he bumps into Minase. She still hasn’t lose touch of her sarcasm as she mentions Sugisaki just got out of prison and got gifts for his parole. She also hands him her chocolates. Why does it feel so light? Because she has eaten them! Only 1 left. But Sugisaki is happy and thanks her nevertheless. Hoping to see some sort of emotion or reaction from her? Nope. With that no expression face, she even quips those were his last words. So he’s going to die?

Chizuru is now like a tsundere. Wondering how she will give his chocolates to Sugisaki when that guy pops up. Robot mode again. I think she’s entering meltdown. Before he could run away, she lassos him. Next thing he knows, he is tied up S&M style in the science room. He fears Chizuru is going to kill him or something and starts apologizing like hell. Then Chizuru passes her chocolates. But he can’t be happy as he could see her killing aura surfacing. Scary. But since he ekes out how happy he is, Chizuru starts flustering and becomes the happiest woman in the world. Yeah, she leaves and left him tied up. Happy bloody Valentine’s Day. Minatsu happens to pass by and hears his cry. She thought she was imagining things. You’re not. After letting him down, she sums up her courage to give her chocolates. No screwing up this time. This is truly hers. She also panics which causes him to panic because she isn’t like the Minatsu she knows. Tough girl acting also so blushing? Besides, didn’t she just admit she likes him? Can’t blame him if he doesn’t know how to respond. Outside, Sugisaki comes into Mafuyu and she too hands her chocolates. At first he is suspicious because it is handmade and Mafuyu isn’t good at cooking either. So as not to disappoint her, he mentions how happy he is. He opens it and finds lovely pink hearts. Wow. Not bad. Well, it was either that mould or a life size Nakameguro chocolate for him! I think he’ll stick to this one. He takes a bite and since it tastes good, Mafuyu leaves with a happy feeling.

Kurimu is waiting for her pals to enter the student council room so she bides her time by eating some of the chocolates. She is surprised when Sugisaki walks in. She didn’t waste any time in giving Sugisaki her chocolate. He becomes the happiest guy in the world to receive chocolates from the president although she says she only did it because he pestered her all week. Accepted wholeheartedly! She tries to find the right word to say it is obligation chocolate but messes up. This has Sugisaki wondering if it is chocolates to begin with. But he is grateful after learning this is Kurimu’s first time in giving chocolates to a boy. It’s like they both wanted to say something but were interrupted when the other girls enter. So you think Sugisaki is going to live happily ever after? Well, consider Valentine’s Day chocolates as a debt he must repay with his life. Because there is White Day to consider! Oh no. For Chizuru she wants a condominium, for Minatsu a boxing sparring partner, for Mafuyu a video of him with Nakameguro making out their twisted love and it’s the top 100 pastries for Kurimu! Can he accomplish all that? Impossible! Yeah. The girls are just joking. Or not. He promises he will get them something full of love in return. He’d better.

It’s Tough Being Popular…
Well, it was fun seeing this OVA. Even fun and mind boggling to see Sugisaki being swamped with girls who really want to give this guy their chocolates. I don’t remember he was such a loser but I don’t remember him being this popular. It suddenly makes me feel like a loser! How did this perverted guy suddenly have girls giving him chocolates? I never got one in my life! Because I don’t live in Japan, I suppose. I guess he really worked his way up, huh? Also, he wasn’t that perverted here so it makes me wonder if he has really changed. Maybe not. Just for this day with all the girls acting so strange, he perhaps didn’t want to push it by taking out his perversion. Or else, he might not get a single chocolate. While this proves that the student council girls love Sugisaki in their own, they still love teasing him because he’s such a fun guy to be teased. They love watching his reactions, huh?

Even girls who aren’t part of the student council love him. Elise and Lilicia for instance. Though Elise is straightforward (and dangerous in that sense), Lilicia like a tsundere despite threatening with all the scoops and scandal, you can feel that her actions are because she likes him. Though I doubt she’ll ever admit it. Even with Meguru in the picture despite another cameo one, it shows that indeed this girl really likes him. I also believe that Minase also likes this guy. Just that she doesn’t show it very obviously. Otherwise why bother talking to him, right? Despite all the insults and verbal abuses, in a way that’s like her version of love to him, no? Or maybe she’s just toying around. Looks like the only girl who didn’t get to give Sugisaki her chocolates or even show her nose in this OVA is Magiru! I have a feeling she doesn’t give a damn about anything. Even if there are those who are willing to give their chocolates, she’d just eat them without any appreciation. Oh I almost forgot. Another girl that didn’t show up is Asuka. I assume it will be as lively and chaotic if she did hand over her chocolates. If I remember, Sugisaki did reject her to be his girlfriend and aimed for a harem to make everyone happy. But still it doesn’t hurt to give her chocolates, right?

And so now that the happy part is over, there comes the burdensome part in White Day. But that will be another story. Yeah, it’s going to be real tough for him to fulfil it. But I believe that this guy can do it because he is sincere and wont’ go back on his words. Just a little perverted at times. Whether Sugisaki or everyone knows it, he has already amassed his own harem so in that sense, it is not a bad achievement. The tough part is maintaining it and for them to go on this way as long as possible. Because you know, nothing really lasts forever. Not even the chocolates you received on Valentine’s Day because they have an expiry date. So eat them while they’re still edible instead of keeping them as souvenirs, okay? The best love is through the stomach instead of something kept for visual appreciation in your drawer. Oh wait. Isn’t that the way to a man’s heart?

Seitokai No Ichizon Lv2

April 20, 2013

I suppose some people just love the mindless chatter that goes nowhere. So much so Seitokai No Ichizon Lv2 came out as a sequel. Oh yes. If you remember the group of student council students who spend their time talking and chatting about everything and gets nothing done at the end of the day. Yeah. Student councils are supposed to be useful helping other students with their problems at school but this one just waste their time discussing about things that don’t really matter. That’s why we like them. Hehehe… What else to expect from this sequel? Well, don’t get your hopes up if there is a sudden change in direction that will shock you. No sudden appearance of a mysterious evil character that is hell bent on destroying the world. Don’t expect any mushy-mushy dramatic love story setting. Nor would the group go around the world solving mysteries and unlocking the deep ancient secrets in their adventure. Still the same ol’ student council quintet in the student council room conversing. Sometimes you don’t need slapstick comedy or action thrills and spills to be entertained. Just look how these guys are doing. You may learn a thing or two from it all. Or not.

Episode 0
This is an episode dedicated to Sugisaki’s memories. You could say a flashback episode that tells how he ended up in the student council. It all started when he took up somebody’s advice to play a dating simulation game. He meets the shopkeeper, Runa Minase who is sarcastic and indifferent. Recommend him a best-selling game? Tetris. So it’s his fault for not being specific. Dating games? The kind for sad guys who can’t find girlfriends. You can just feel Sugisaki’s pain in his heart each time Minase says her piercing insults. Which dating game to choose? Reality is the best. Oh, you got to love this girl. Even if she did recommend some, she gave away the ending too. That’s highlighting the game points, right? Eventually Sugisaki did what he should have done from the beginning: Choose on his own. He goes back and plays the game he bought and becomes fixated with the everyone-is-happy harem ending. He soon changes his ways to become the smart protagonist by being polite to everyone, much to their shock. He also wanted something he can be proud of. Because the student council members have 5 seats, four of which are voted via popularity contest and the last one based on excellent academic results. That is called the Blue Chip Seat. He does his best to study hard and is surprised to see Minase a fellow student in Hekiyou Private High School. Her sarcasms are still top notch. She pours cold water on his ambitions to be top because the top student scores perfect 500 points. It’s her way to warn him to stop wasting his time. How can she be sure? Because she is that top student. Oh sh*t… That didn’t deter Sugisaki and for the mid-terms, although not perfect, it is the best results ever averaging 90 points in every subject. Minase continues to be top of the grade with the perfect 500 points. One day he patrons her game shop again and notes how he seems to be the only customer buying games. She notes there is another girl who does the same. Is that enough to keep the store afloat? He wants to know why a smart girl like her enrolled in Hekiyou. She clears the misunderstanding that she wasn’t smart in the first place. That’s why she is in Hekiyou. Studying hard and getting first place brings her happiness. Sugisaki knows he can’t beat Minase the way he is right now but is determined not to lose to her. Though he doubled his study time, he also finds time to spend with his classmates and play his games every day. But this lifestyle is taking a toll.

One day Minase spots him frolicking with his friends. Sugisaki goes to talk to her to say that spending time with friends is also important. Minase warns him if he wants to stand a chance to beat her, he must spend all his time studying. But he doesn’t want to give up anything just for the Blue Chip Seat. Fine. Have it your way. I guess Sugisaki got desperate so he begs to her to give him that seat. Maybe he just got too close just to see her panties… Sugisaki continues to study hard so much so his classmates, especially girls agree to help him study. Starting today, they’ll tutor him all the way till the finals! The final exams came and go. Sugisaki and Minase are the early ones to catch the teacher putting up the results. As the places roll out, Sugisaki gets worried his name might not be even in the top 10. Not even in fourth, third or second… First place goes to… Minase with perfect 500 points. Sugisaki feels doomed but Minase points out Sugisaki too had scored 500 points! It’s a tie for first place! He is so happy that he doesn’t know what to do. Suggestion: Go to the rooftop and dive to the sky! But he is worried how things will work out since 2 people for the first time in history got first place. Minase says she was never interested in the seat anyway. I guess you know what this means. Yahoo! On the day Sugisaki is standing outside the student council room, nervous trying to think what to say to the girls, Minase passes by with some sarcasm like he is ready to be disgusted by the girls’ scream, be a sex offender or even give up his post. She suggests he do what he did back then by blurting out his goal like an idiot. Girls have nice impressions on people like that. Sugisaki thinks back how Kurimu, Minatsu, Chizuru and Mafuyu had each given him encouragement and support in his time of need. It made him want to become someone who could protect women and the harem route where he could make all the girls in the student council happy. A man who can make many girls happy. He opens the door and blurts out he’ll hang out with everyone and bring them happiness. Back in reality, the girls aren’t too happy to listen to his ‘autobiography’ that lasted the entire episode. Boring, eh? Then they change topic on what to name this new anime season. Lastly, they still pick on Sugisaki to erase his presence since they didn’t get any screen time and that the show won’t really last with just him. So… Where’s the happiness? Keep working on it.

Episode 1
I guess a woman’s grudge runs deep. They want Sugisaki to shut up after talking too much the last time. So to get their much needed attention, they pose their pretty faces for us viewers to see. Kurimu’s “Offence is the best defence” means she wants more assertive action taken since this anime has been animated again. Not to do S&M on Sugisaki or have BL developments. I guess they don’t have any fresh ideas so they allow Sugisaki to talk now. They come up with absurd ideas like giving their characters a new twist with super powers, changing the artwork (mature or cute chibi doesn’t really work either) and changing the story. Sugisaki suggests getting a new heroine but he is bombarded with insults he couldn’t even win over the existing ones. Does he even need a heroine? Such heartbreak… He then suggests everyone to go dere but Mafuyu seems to be the violent dere type. He gets punched whenever he tries to touch her. He begs for permission to touch her and when she does, she allows him to massage… Her shoulders. Feeling used? Mafuyu suggests a change in direction for the story since this show has no room for anything new. No. BL doesn’t count… Sugisaki suggests for them to have girls talk. But they couldn’t just find a decent topic to talk or deviate to their own fantasies while Sugisaki is frustratingly trying to keep the boat going.

Mafuyu then suggests thinking of ways to attract new viewers since most who are watching this show are probably old fans. Chizuru mentions about explaining the setting by changing the story with a dramatic setting. Like how all this is Sugisaki’s dream and Chizuru is an undefined life form. Mafuyu wants to try out something and that is to reset everyone’s relationship to the point they are strangers. Kurimu tries to be the nice student council president but the girls are just cold and crude to the point it really made Kurimu cry! Poor girl. I guess play time’s over. It’s best everyone stays the same, eh? So it doesn’t matter what viewers think because ultimately this show is about the student council’s mindless chatter. Mafuyu gives an example about the games she plays. Despite clearing levels earns you nothing in real life, people play them with smiles. Whether with meaning or not, there is value in doing random things. Their interactions are the same. That’s why the student council is special despite achieving nothing every day. Kurimu resolves to move them forward since it will be less than months before hers and Chizuru’s graduation and the Shiina sisters will transfer to another school. Where does that leave Sugisaki? Better get his harem fast. On to the next topic, Kurimu contradicts herself that only development can occur through change. Didn’t she want everything to stay the same? Well, she wants to be an adult since she’s graduating soon. The rest suggest studying more, drink more milk, do more push ups… Boy, being an adult is tough. Oh no. She starts crying again. Later she shoves up to bread rolls to beef up her boobs. WTF.

Episode 2
Despite starting the topic about mutual trust, Kurimu wants to know the culprit who ate her cake! She’s adamant that somebody in this room is the culprit. Find the culprit. Or else! I guess this means Sugisaki has to play along and be the detective. So taking her statement, it seems Kurimu is exaggerating it as a murder. Yeah. The cake ‘died’. Narrating the events that led to this, when Kurimu unlocked the door to the room, the cafeteria lady passed her a cake to eat. Kurimu left to get something to drink but when she returned, the other members were in and her cake is nowhere in sight. She is sure that the first person after her is the culprit. She couldn’t believe that person is Chizuru! However she didn’t see any cake on the table. That statement clears her because Kurimu put it on a chair. Why her chair? To hide it so that nobody could steal it. Harhar… Still adamant that Chizuru is the culprit, Mafuyu and Minatsu then each say they were the first ones in the room. Huh? At least they thought they were. When Mafuyu first came, she didn’t see anybody but left for the toilet. Same case with Minatsu and she soon left after remembering to do something. I guess this is getting too much for Kurimu so to be fair, she accuses all 3 girls as guilty! That isn’t fair! Then the real culprit walks in: Magiru! Yeah, she admits eating the cake. Kurimu feels ashamed for accusing them but a new revelation pops up: She only took a bite (so as to have an alibi that she didn’t eat the whole thing). That means the real culprit is still out there! Magiru even makes up a lie to make Sugisaki suspicious. That she gave it to him! All lies! But she knows who the real culprit is because she passed that culprit in the hallway with the cake in hand. As she is about to reveal, suddenly she experiences painful stomach cramps. They rush her to the infirmary where the school nurse Misaki treats her. The gang things with the timing of the ‘poison’, the culprit was one step ahead in silencing them.

Sugisaki returns to the room the retrieve the yakisoba bread evidence that Magiru was munching before her cramps. Suddenly Lilicia and her sister Elise come in. Elise is still all over Sugisaki and is asking ‘innocent’ questions if she has grown, is she cute, is she sexy, does she make him feel lustful… I guess Sugisaki got carried away and said yes to all of them. Lilicia threatens to call the police! The last straw came when Sugisaki accidentally touches Elise’s boobs so Lilicia whacks him hard on the head before taking her sister away. Don’t worry he is still alive. Yeah. Humans can live till 100 as long as they breathe and get sunlight. WTF. The student council girls return to the room and it seems Sugisaki has got amnesia! They think he’s pulling a fast one to cover himself as the culprit but his apology is genuine. Then they get worried this isn’t really the Sugisaki they know. Thinking of a way to jog back his memory, I suppose Mafuyu tries to brainwash him into some BL situation by telling him he was going out with Nakameguro! Sugisaki realizes he is a useless person before and laments it very much. Then they let him read the mangas of this series. Yup. He’s good for nothing. He assures them he will leave his past behind and lead a normal life. The girls are shocked that he is pure! They seem disappointed. Always bullying and taking him for granted, eh? Now they’re sad the real Sugisaki will never come back. Sugisaki apologizes to them for making them feel that way. Meanwhile as Magiru recuperates it is revealed that the real ‘culprit’ is the cafeteria lady. After she passed Kurimu the cake, she realized it was already past its expiry date and returned to take it back. Plus, the yakisoba wasn’t poisoned and Magiru’s cramps are due to over eating. How shameful. As the girls are prepared to accept this new Sugisaki, the idiot spots Magiru confiscated porn magazines, reads them and returns to his normal self. In an instant, all his memories came back! Like it was never there in the first place. I’m sure the anger is building inside the girls because they worried for nothing. Beat down time. It’s great to have things back to normal, eh? Amazingly he didn’t lose his memories from that. And the blame game of who ate Kurimu’s cake continues…

Episode 3
Kurimu wants the gang to do simulations of their future dream jobs for an early advantage. Really? After pinpointing out the otaku Mafuyu is, everybody agrees. Yeah, they’re really singling her out. Minatsu starts off as a florist and Sugisaki as her customer. But she’s selling things at crazy prices and extorting him for money just for a rose! Do florists carry a bazooka?! Don’t ever come back! Next, Mafuyu wants to be Sugisaki’s wife. Are we hearing that right? Yes. So does he want dinner, bath or… Nakameguro in bed firs?! Oh sh*t! Sugisaki must be really regretting this woman because she’s making him do all the chores while she goes off to bed! He gives her the rose but she scolds him that he should’ve used the money to buy games instead. At least now he knows marriage with her won’t end in happiness. His. Chizuru steps up next to be his lover. Seriously? After a terrible florist and a wife who doesn’t get close to him, I guess this is the next best option, right? Yeah. It is human nature to cheat! So… Chizuru has a degree from Tokyo’s Art of Lovers College? They teach that in college? And her cooking turns out to be… Soy sauce. He can’t drink it all, can’t he? In reality, Chizuru really has a flyer on that Tokyo’s Art of Lovers College and thinks it will be handy to play several people. Dangerous woman… Kurimu wants to be a company president but has Sugisaki work like dog. Yeah, she’s a slave driver making him do all the work and paying him peanuts. Just can’t find motivation to play this simulation, eh? Suddenly everything turns sci-fi and the fate of the world, no, universe, space and time depends on Sugisaki and all that he has done that led to this decisive battle! The other girls return them to reality and remind that they’re here to do job simulation and not enjoy sci-fi.

Kurimu also wants to be a detective and tells of several mysteries that seem to make her the victim instead. Like the case of the frozen mandarin orange melted and became a normal one after she left and returned. A trip that had her slept an hour earlier (since her watch was set back an hour earlier – that’s her fault, right?) and a disappearance case which Chizuru quickly points out she was just lost. Kurimu still thinks the culprit is among them but the rest don’t really believe. So much so this made her cry so Chizuru lulls her to sleep. She’s really a kid… Chizuru reveals that she is the real culprit behind all of Kurimu’s mysteries. Like the frozen mandarin orange, she sent Kurimu out for a while to let it defrost so it wouldn’t hurt her finger nails but she went out too long. She was also the one who adjusted her watch an hour earlier because Kurimu was exhausted from the train trip and wanted her to rest. So the culprit was just a kind person? Kurimu talks in her sleep that she will work hard to make their dreams come true since she won’t be around next year. As they leave, they wonder what Sugisaki wanted to be. He wanted to be with all of them but changes his mind to be a company president so he will employ them all. The rest gave excuses why they wouldn’t mind working under him. And Kurimu still wants to be the president even though she dropped that idea. Sugisaki reflects how things will change soon and they won’t be the student council after this. That’s why being a student council member isn’t the most important thing in the world. Lastly, Chizuru reveals the incident she caused Kurimu to be lost was because she wanted to film that adorable look on her face when she comes looking for her while wandering around aimlessly. Pure evil!

Episode 4
Kurimu suggests to conduct surveys on what people want from the student council. For real? The rest feel it’s impossible to fulfil all the requests but Kurimu says they only need to pretend to do so and make it like as though they’re doing something. Schemer! Kurimu mentions about needing to change some of the school rules like for instance to have a secret base in school. A luxurious one. Yeah, she’s still a kid alright. While the rest are suggesting what kind of rules they want changed, then Magiru comes in. All the hype just died down and they decide to go do the survey. Kurimu and Mafuyu argue about Magiru’s uselessness because Kurimu pairs the teacher with her. Must hurt, right? So the gang go around taking surveys. Odd requests aplenty including one who wants to date Kurimu (Chizuru takes that as a death wish for that bastard!). Some don’t even have any because they’re not expecting anything from them (true). Minatsu’s male friend happens to pass by so they chat. Sugisaki got somewhat jealous and heads on first. When Minatsu catches up, it is her turn to be jealous because she sees him being friendly with a group of girls. It irks her to see him smile so friendly. Am I hearing right when one of them said she wants to be his girlfriend?! Minatsu gets mad for him fooling around so the girls thought they shouldn’t be doing this in front of his ‘first one’. Kurimu, Chizuru and Mafuyu return to the student council room. Mafuyu left Magiru behind since she was useless and let all those survey papers fly away. As they go through the list of absurd requests (who wants a Ferris wheel?!), Mafuyu discusses about a rule change to allow comics to be brought to school. Though everyone is doing this, her point is that subjects and exams must also be related to anime to make good future NEETs! Is there a future in that? Because Magiru is screwing up once more with the survey forms, I guess it’s their cue to go rescue her.

Sugisaki and Minatsu continue their survey as Minatsu continues to observe how sociable he has become. Very much different when they first met because then, he asked how he could be like her and she replied if he tried to imitate her, he can forget his chances of being part of the student council. Suddenly her heart feels pain. Sugisaki is worried and brings her back to the student council room. He can even joke by asking questions that made it seem she is pregnant. But he notices her expression 2% tenser than usual. She asks his personality before they met. The same. Just minus the perverted side. He continues about a childhood friend named Asuka and thanks to being with her, his personality turned out this way. Though Minatsu’s chest experiences pain again, she realizes it’s not a sickness and feels better. Sugisaki is worried she may be sick and touches her head for temperature. He realizes his blunder and prepares to face her wrath but to his surprise she is smiling happily. Something isn’t right. Then she hugs him. He’s more scared than happy. Something might be possessing her! She wants to confirm this feeling and prepares to kiss him! But Sugisaki views this as wanting to suck his life force or eat him alive! But he can’t resist it when Minatsu pulls back. She understands these feelings weren’t spur of the moment. Before everyone comes back, she quickly kisses him for real! OMG! Didn’t see that one coming! Sugisaki is still steadfast that Minatsu is possessed and wants everyone to stay away from her. But he notices her warm look in her eyes. Kurimu goes over everyone’s request and the girls all think everyone’s are crap except theirs. They notice Sugisaki had no wish. The fact that perverted is against the rules is what makes them exciting. Things are fine the way they are now. The girls challenge him to make a non-perverted request and if it’s good, they’ll take back their word. And that request soon becomes a new rule: To live life to the fullest. Lastly, Chizuru thinks of changing the rules of bringing pets and insects to school. But she changes her mind because Kurimu and Sugisaki can come to school just fine. Yeah. Kurimu = pet. Sugisaki = insect.

Episode 5
Sugisaki and Kurimu are the only ones in the student council room. Mafuyu and Chizuru are at the store to buy stationery and they took their time because Mafuyu was teaching Chizuru the deeper meaning of the BL world, which is very much opposed to her S&M views. As for Minatsu, she is being pulled away by her friend, Meguru Uchuu who wants to know more about Sugisaki. Seriously? Yes. She’s serious. So much so Meguru hailed a taxi so that Minatsu could talk about Sugisaki over tea. Kurimu ponders what to do with just the two of them in this seemingly large room. I’m sure Sugisaki wants to talk about porn and sex but Kurimu had just activated a noisy distress buzzer. Better keep his mouth shut if he doesn’t want to attract attention of others. Seriously, nobody came into the room to shut them up or wonder what that noise is. I guess they must have thought it’s those student council buffoons at their usual and didn’t think of anything more. Then they take away the big meeting desk and have a face to face talk which seems very unusual. They had a one line marriage interview and Kurimu ends it. Then they play verbal catch ball in which the thrower asks a question and the catcher has to respond to it. I suppose Kurimu doesn’t want to ‘catch’ Sugisaki’s questions of dating him, loving him and marrying him. It’s making her sick. Not till he asks if it’s alright for them to be apart. She couldn’t answer. Eventually she says to hang out with her and the rest forever. Just then, the other girls return (I don’t know how Minatsu miraculously got away) and Sugisaki realizes the student council is only when all 5 of them are together.

Sugisaki searches like mad in his room as he had misplaced the serial number to his favourite porn game. What was he thinking? Sifting through every inch of the house made him question the kind of food he eats and the fashion clothes he wore. Seriously… His worse fears realized when he thinks he might have left it back home. So he has to call his stepsister, Ringo who reluctantly drags herself out of the warmth of her bed and into the storeroom just because she’d do anything for her onii-chan. Yeah. Put more enthusiasm in it. She did find the serial number to the game in the box but doesn’t want to give it to him once she learns it’s for his porn game. Sugisaki tries to persuade his sister not to do anything rash. Hmm… She sounds jealous? She shocks him with words, “Aren’t you satisfied with my body?”. Well, Asuka told her to say that in such situation. It got from bad to worse when stepmother and father are standing behind Ringo, shocked at the you-know-what revelation. He’s a goner. I guess as a little girl, Ringo won’t understand the complicated primitive instincts men need and hence the use of this game. She suggests he can imagine lewd things about her and decides to text him a picture of her lewd self. Here comes the message… NOW! Sugisaki can’t wait to see that lewd picture despite knowing it’s his sister (you know how horny men are). It turns out to be a picture of her lifting her shirt to only reveal her tummy. I guess that’s her definition of lewd. So disappointing that he cries and begs for the serial number. Once he has gotten them, he realizes the game has no porn elements because it is an all-ages version. CRAP!!! Next morning in the student council room, I’m not sure if he’s tired or just sighing in disappointment. The other girls wonder what he and Kurimu were doing alone together yesterday and they had no qualms in telling them about playing catch, the ‘marriage interview’, the confession and pressing the distress buzzer several times. It sends ambiguous signals of what they were doing, eh?

Episode 6
Sugisaki brings Ringo to the student council to observe and participate with them. At first, Ringo couldn’t stop apologizing for the intrusion. Suddenly all the girls bump Sugisaki away and start frolicking with Ringo. Yeah. She’s that cute and so adorable. I think they’re molesting her and ignoring Sugisaki! Are they defiling his sister?! As revealed, their parents have business around the area so Ringo thought she could dropped by and say hello before going home tonight. The closeness of their conversation has the other girls in disgust. They had to apologize for 5 minutes otherwise Kurimu threatens to end the session! Kurimu wanted to punish him but Ringo drops the bombshell to also kill her if she’s going ahead with those overkill fantasy punishments. Sugisaki reveals Ringo doesn’t understand jokes easily so they better be careful with what they say. Sugisaki has Ringo introduced to the other girls. First up is Minatsu. Ringo shows her the middle finger and tells her to go home and suck her mother’s milk! Did I hear this right?! Is she provoking her? Sugisaki initially didn’t want to stop them because he wants to see how cute Ringo could get. Is he a sadist? Sugisaki explains Ringo’s twisted vocabulary and doesn’t mean any harm. What Ringo meant was for Minatsu to drink healthy milk so she could hang out with her energetically. Minatsu calms down and apologizes. So what about calling her chicken now? Is that supposed to be a compliment? Next is Mafuyu. She realizes how their character overlaps but Ringo is much better in some aspects than her. So much so Mafuyu goes off to sit alone in a depressing corner, thinking she is just some character who could be easily replaced when a new heroine appears. Next is Chizuru and she’s trying to corrupt this pure sister’s mind! But when Ringo says Chizuru likes Sugisaki, it sends shockwaves to everyone. Even Chizuru can’t hide her embarrassment! She points out Chizuru should be earnest with her feelings or else she won’t get anywhere. She is about to really confess but the other girls stop her. So she was playing along just to see Sugisaki’s reaction? There she goes again playing the tsun part as pointed out by Ringo. Chizuru wants to shut her up by issuing a cheque to any amount she desires! Can’t handle her, can’t she?

Finally it’s Kurimu who introduces herself as a God. Ringo believes her! Yeah, Kurimu got thanked for creating the world and kneading Mt Fuji. Just going with the flow… Because she is ‘God’, Ringo makes a wish and hopes she can be a couple with her brother. Another round of shockwaves. I guess as God she can make her wish come true, no? Kurimu tries to get out by saying being God is a busy business granting wishes though it is rewarding so Ringo thought she should put becoming God in the future as her second aspiration. Second? What’s her first? To be Sugisaki’s bride! Kurimu wanted to promote her to God now. The girls want Sugisaki to say something about siblings marrying each other is forbidden. Don’t worry, Sugisaki will change to laws to legalise sibling marriage and bigamy! He’s a man with a beautiful (read: perverted) soul who accepts all women. The world is doomed… As it’s about time to leave, at the corridor, Ringo didn’t feel it was so much like a student council though Sugisaki insisted they are his harem and since she was around, they couldn’t flirt like usual. He assures her he is still a virgin who loves to dream. She doesn’t understand what virgin means so he tries to explain it when Magiru happen to walk by. How does the drop out application sound? He had to bribe his way out to treat her BBQ. Then he tries to comfort Ringo who got scared thinking Magiru was the ‘devil’. Lilicia took a snapshot of them and is going to be her best scandal story to bring the student council down. Ringo feels this school is lovely and thanks to them, this place is more amazing by the fact they can talk things openly. She admits she feels jealous when she sees him having fun with the other girls because she wants him to be nice to only her. Seeing Ringo’s smile is worth it all and he would gladly welcome her to come back here and play again (nothing hentai mind you) since his harem is open to all beautiful girls. When he goes back to the room, the other girls are chiding him on discrimination. No, not his love for Ringo. But the BBQ! Oh Magiru just slipped it… They want in too and bug him when the lewd picture of Ringo in his handphone drops out. So mad… So upset… So screwed… Perhaps it’s a good thing he doesn’t remember what has been done to him after that. Yeah. Welcome to reality. This is how difficult it is to maintain a harem.

Episode 7
Sugisaki wants to follow Lilicia around. That includes when she’s bathing and changing clothes! Perverted stalker! It all began when Kurimu notes about supporting characters who are worried about their decreasing screen time. It led to a discussion of supporting characters leading to spin-off animes. The person who fit the bill of appearing in the anime but doesn’t get much attention goes to Lilicia. So that’s how they decide to send Sugisaki to follow her around. Sugisaki seems to be pissing off Lilicia with his remarks of being a loner or a slave driver. The other girls are happy that for once it’s so quiet without Sugisaki (I guess they know they’re not going to lose him like before so it’s okay). Suddenly Lilicia barges in with a different hairstyle and starts acting tsundere (excess usage of “Don’t get the wrong idea” line) followed by the airhead childhood friend who is hot and cold in love and finally exiting as a clumsy girl. I guess this must be very shocking to the girls, eh? Lilicia returns to Sugisaki in her room and his opening comment that her acting was disgusting and didn’t think that all those tropes were incompatible. She blows her top that it was his idea to act like that with a microphone attached to be like the main heroine. Anyway she’s happy that she’s got a scoop on Kurimu and plans to tail her shopping with Mafuyu. Along with Sugisaki in a thick disguise, they observe the duo shopping at the clothes store (Lilicia’s aim is to observe them so she could steal the main heroine’s position).  Mafuyu is shocked to hear the reason she asked her out is because if she sticks closer to her more often, she gets to appear regularly! Is Mafuyu a background character? Kurimu shows the harsh reality of being a main character when the shop assistant points out the kiddie’s section is below. Lilicia thought she could take more pictures but trips. Sugisaki catches her and thinks she is still playing the clumsy girl act. Well, she certainly looked convincing in that.

In the next store, Kurimu shows the S size that she wears doesn’t fit and often baggy. Her explanation about the real S size has Mafuyu blowing her top because that’s just the same as XS, right? She is even more upset that they wasted so much time shopping when she could’ve played more games back home instead. But Kurimu can’t let her leave. Imagine what happens if the store reports a lost ‘child’ and calls Mafuyu’s name? Don’t want that, doesn’t she? Lilicia is happy to see the duo bickering and will thus report the student council’s breaking down but Sugisaki points out she seems like a sneaky villain instead. They have to hide when Kurimu and Mafuyu are heading their way. They had to hide under the close so Sugisaki ends up in an ambiguous position atop her. How did she mess this up? Mafuyu is not happy they’re just buying t-shirts but when she learns they’re buying the same pair, she finally understands. Remember, Mafuyu is leaving school soon. Mafuyu appreciates this since they’ve never hang out like this together. Kurimu wants to lend her money so it’s a promise that they’ll still see each other again. The duo make up but Lilicia is still bent on twisting the truth and write on the discord for entertainment. Sugisaki suggests she write a touching story but she disagrees because the promise will no longer be between them if the public accepts it. Sugisaki is shocked but gets to quip he couldn’t say anything for fear he might confess to her. She accuses him of always treating others like side characters but he disagrees because there is no way he will treat a special and strong willed girl as one. He asks her plans after graduation and she drops the bombshell she is getting married. To increase the family’s prestige of course. He walks her home and before he leaves, he says despite marriage is for her family’s sake and has no right to interfere, but if she starts crying over it, he’ll do all he can to stop it. I don’t know if he’s serious or not because he just says he was just joking. For a moment there I think Lilicia’s heart just stopped. Elise greets her sister and thinks she’s gotten closer to Sugisaki. Otherwise, why would she lie about the marriage? Technically she didn’t since she just refused and just wanted to make him worry. Both sisters learn that Sugisaki is an unpredictable person. But next day, the student council girls are hot under their collar because the front page local newspaper has a picture and article of Sugisaki happily stalking his loli president during shopping! She really got him this time, eh?

Episode 8
The student council girls get a distressing call from Ringo that Sugisaki has been taken away… By Asuka! To the hotspring! No joke! This is serious! So I guess our worried girls have this idea to go take him back. Meanwhile Sugisaki is not pleased that Asuka has registered them as newlyweds. It’s better than being caught as high school students staying together, right? Asuka seems to love frolicking around with Sugisaki and he is trying hard to not get into her flow. But I guess he can’t resist it when she mentions about the open mixed bath. Let’s go! The other girls have arrived but they got distracted by the snowy scenery and the souvenir shop before dipping the indoor bath (because outside looks cold). Sugisaki is dipping in the hotspring outside and to his dismay Asuka lied about the open mixed bath. There’s a wall separating both genders. He wanted to leave but there is something she wants to tell him. He can’t make his own harem since he can’t handle two-timing as he’s the type that treats others’ happiness as his own. But he says that’s being a harem head and making lots of girls happy makes him happy. So what if Asuka confesses she loves him now? Can he only look at her? Otherwise she won’t find happiness. Sugisaki remembers the same thing that happened 2 years ago. He treasured both Asuka and Ringo but was unable to choose either. He ended up hurting both. So right now is the time to decide on that. He rejects Asuka and though she is surprised, she passes him. She wants to know how he arrived at his answer. He realized his way of bringing happiness to everyone he loves isn’t out of sincerity but egoism. Spending time with everyone in the student council made him realized that. The things that they do were happiness itself. He’ll continue to make his harem and bring happiness to everyone and though he may end up hurting some, he’ll try to bring even more happiness in his own way to make up for that. He admits he is a player but that is who he is. Asuka wants to meet the people who made Sugisaki think this way.

Kurimu and the rest couldn’t find Sugisaki at the end of the day and are about to leave when they run into him and Asuka. Despite their words, you can totally see from their body reaction it’s the opposite that they’re worried about him. So Sugisaki introduces everyone and the cat fight is about to begin. Asuka draws first blood by wondering how her husband’s lovers look like and is relieved she is the prettier one. She makes up more lies that she’s no longer the ex-girlfriend but the current one as they’ve made up and making out in the open mixed bath. She ‘defeats’ the girls by piercing their hearts with true-in-your-face statements. Like for Minatsu, Sugisaki’s openness means he only opens his heart to her and that childhood friend’s rank higher than classmates. Mafuyu is next when she is labelled an overlapping character full of flows followed by Kurimu who is an unpopular spoilt president that only likes like a main character. Even Chizuru couldn’t stand up to her and falls to her defeat with words that she is the only one who didn’t get a dedicated episode and is just like some supporting character! Asuka thought the battle is over when all the girls revive and want Asuka to tell them more stories about Sugisaki. The girls had never thought that argument was a fight and was just chatting. Asuka realizes these are the people Sugisaki spent over a year with and admits her defeat. Sugisaki feels lucky that he is part of the student council. On the way back, Sugisaki clears up the misunderstanding with Ringo and suspects Asuka for once more teaching weird words to her.

Episode 9
Because tomorrow is the graduating ceremony, the student council members think of what to leave behind for their future counterparts. Mafuyu’s BL books? Sugisaki’s ero games? Why the heck does Kurimu want a real bear, lion or tiger?! Then Magiru comes in and lazily suggests to just leave what the previous student council left for them. They got nothing, right? Plus, this is Kurimu’s idea. So is she going to start some legacy? As everyone is still pondering, Magiru just tells them to leave behind next year’s lunch money for her. She’s a terrible person, isn’t she? Mafuyu suggests that rather of handing down what they want, why not find out what the next student council would like to receive. Kurimu thinks handing down the mangas of this series would be a way for the future ones to inherit their thoughts and feelings. With this topic done, she moves on to the next. Well, it isn’t so much a topic of discussion because everybody starts spring cleaning. Sugisaki realizes the broken clock and thinks of buying a new one. The rest agree to buy stuffs to replenish or to fix up the place. However at the store they got carried away with their fantasies. Who does Chizuru want to torture with that tool? Why does Kurimu need a bathtub?! Sugisaki bumps into Minase at the store and she thinks he has been ‘promoted’ to a porn game association! She asks was it worth working hard to enter the student council and he didn’t hesitate to say yes. She adds he should be saying this to them instead of her. She signs off by wanting him to give his regards to the prison guards. She’s expecting him to land in prison next year?! The gang then take a break at the family restaurant. The girls think of ordering fancy stuffs from the menu and have Sugisaki pay. Then Elise pops up because this is one of her father’s chain restaurants. With her around means… Yup. Lilicia too. She wants to have a long interview for her final newspaper. Elise has lots of questions to ask. Including their physical relationship with Sugisaki. The biggest scandal scoop of the year! If Lilicia ever publishes those lies. When they return back to the student council room, they see Asuka and Ringo waiting for them. Looks like they’re here to say goodbye too. Asuka still hasn’t lost her teasing touch and Ringo is still terrible with her vocabulary. I hope she’s not insulting.

Sugisaki is surprised that Kurimu decides to continue with the meeting. So they briefly talk about different school uniforms and the ‘wise words’ Kurimu says which she claims the reason viewers watch this show, before discussing about the farewell speech and formal reply. Well, let’s say Kurimu hasn’t prepared them. That’s why they’re here brainstorming, right? Always leaving it to the last minute. Kurimu has Sugisaki do the farewell speech since it’s inappropriate for the sisters to do it as they’re leaving. They practice their speech but it turns with different versions like ero, confession, unrelated and too short. So how? Sugisaki says it’s best to convey them in their own words with feelings. Because the students of Hekiyou are the ones who elected them in the first place. Agreed. Sugisaki seems a little panicky when Kurimu decides to end the meeting as it’s already dark outside. This means this will be the last one, right? Finally he musters his strength to say something to them. He wants to let them know how much he loves this student council and everyone in it. Then he gives his personal farewell speech-cum-encouragement to each of them.
Mafuyu: He likes her because her kindness set him free in the park that winter. He loves the smile on her face when she is absorbed in her unique hobby. Stay strong in the new school and display that unique character of hers.
Minatsu: He likes her kindness and resilience which she made her protect what she treasures. Her friendliness is like the warmth of the sun and he is confident she will fit right in her new school with everyone and bring them smiles. He hopes she will always be the same Minatsu he is proud of.
Chizuru: He likes his purity hidden under her icy exterior. That composure makes her reliable. Her heart has the capacity to accept anyone and yet it is more delicate and pure than anyone’s. He knows she’ll become more charming and hopes she’ll be the same Chizuru who jokes around with him.
Kurimu: He likes her the way she is: Pure and innocent. Her actions reflect her earnestness when others get mad. She also makes difficult things seem so easy. As she grows at an amazing rate every day while bringing smiles to everyone, he enjoys watching her grow. But no matter how much she grows, he hopes she will always be their student council president.

The girls too have something to say to him. They all love him! He may be a pervert aiming for a harem but he is reliable too. Despite of his shortcomings, they really love him. They want him to continue chasing girls as they know he won’t be satisfied with just them. Oh really? Even if they’re gone, please remain as he is. The heartfelt speech brings tears to his eyes and he promises to be the harem king. But this is greeted with much laughter from the girls. I guess he was stretching it, eh? Sugisaki is surprised that they’ll still meet up tomorrow after the ceremony. After all, they’ll still be the student council members for tomorrow for the last time. Better come up with something to talk about.

More Than Words…
So as the saying goes that nothing lasts forever. Change is the only thing that is constant (and death). From the way things are going, it looks like Kurimu and Chizuru are really on their way out while the Shiina sisters are really transferring for good. Where does that leave lonely harem boy? It’s a chance to get a new harem! I speculate that is what might happen if a third season gets the green light. Thus the most important thing we learn from their chatter as observed is the time spent together as friends. Never mind Sugisaki’s perverted harem dream. Never mind Mafuyu’s BL fascination. Never mind Chizuru’s sadistic nature or Kurimu who acts like a kid. The important thing is that they were all true to their selves and appreciate each other’s company during their tenure as student council members. It’s good that when it is time to go for real, they don’t cling on to old memories nor do they throw a tantrum they want to stay like this forever. Instead they look to the future with bright optimism. That should be the way. If only they did more for the school overall.

Sugisaki as the main guy, he is still the same person I remembered him back in the first season. Despite being a pervert, he is not that all bad because he is reliable when it comes down to it. Where would all the fun be if Sugisaki was as clean as a holy priest? But he has got to wait a little longer if he wants to achieve his harem dream. Yeah, I guess the girls are playing hard to get, if you know what I mean. You could say that most of his role in this anime is to rebut the girls’ fantasies and ‘jokes’. That’s what makes this series funny too. Plus, it isn’t only Sugisaki that totally bears the brunt of backlash. Sometimes the other girls too get a little share of that. Like Mafuyu’s personality in which they sometimes like to take a dig at. So I suppose in that sense all is fair and square.

The other girls are quirky too and they love teasing Sugisaki. I bet that they all really love him more than just friends and the final confession was just out of courtesy and respect. I mean, if you give in easily to this guy and let him have his harem, where is the fun in all the rebutting and rebuking? Like Sugisaki said, it is more exciting when porn is banned and prohibited. Hmm… Now I understand why guys prefer to have girls accidentally show their slip instead of intentionally or voluntarily displaying them. It’s human nature to feel excited in doing something forbidden, no? So they finally blurt out their love since it’s the last time they’re going to be together in this room. There are lots of moments whereby you see the girls blush or get alerted when the real topic of romance with him is brought up. If they weren’t serious, they wouldn’t have that sort of reaction. It’s great that the girls get a fair share of screen time and even an episode dedicated to them. Except for Chizuru. I realized this even before Asuka quipped it as a joke. True enough, it happened. I thought the producers did this on purpose. I mean, you have one whereby Sugisaki spends time alone with Minatsu and then with Kurimu, even Mafuyu gets some although it is more of spending time with Kurimu shopping, so why leave out Chizuru? I’m sure things would have been interesting too if she had some ‘private’ moments with Sugisaki.

Even Lilicia has her own episode she hogs the spotlight. But don’t expect her to be the main heroine in her own spin-off. So she still has a grudge against the student council (because she lost out in the votes by just one spot as mentioned back in the first season) but I don’t see her trying to aggressively take them down or publish scandalous reports or lies. It also indicates that she has a crush on Sugisaki and I bet that’s true. Otherwise, why keep bugging the student council, right? I would love to see more of such developments as well as the other girls but I’ll wait for next time if they make a sequel. Elise still makes her appearance but it feels she has lesser impact in this season although last season she made cameos too. Perhaps with new characters like Ringo and Asuka, more screen time has to be shared, huh? These girls provide good insights on Sugisaki’s past but I have this thought that if I wished for another flashback episode, it might turn out boring. So when Sugisaki just narrated his indecisiveness 2 years ago that led to both of them being hurt, I guess this was enough to give me an idea what he went through. So can you blame him for wanting a harem? His goal is to make all the beautiful girls happy, right? In the process to make himself happy too, of course :). In short, all the main girls love him. Even that mystery one, Meguru. Man, they should give her some more screen time and explain what it is that she finds so fascinated about him. I even thought she would be ‘added’ to his ‘harem’. Even his female classmates are fond of him. Shows how much he has grown, eh? Not the perverted guy that we thought we know. So is there a girl who doesn’t like Sugisaki? Oh yeah. Magiru. She’s the same lazy advisor who likes to eat and hang around doing nothing. She got what she deserved for the overeating part. She’s a failure as a person. And oh, perhaps Minase too. I know she is sarcastic but her seemingly emotionless face makes it very less obvious if she likes him. Maybe not. Even despite her insults, I can sense that she has hopes for him. Just like the student council girls, she played a vital part in shaping Sugisaki to where he is now today. As for Nakameguro… Thank goodness he didn’t appear much even if he was just restricted to Mafuyu’s fantasies. This dude really exists, right? At least he appeared in the flesh towards the end of the first season.

I don’t remember how much parody the first season had but there were lots of anime trivia for you to spot. For this season, I think it is much lesser. I could be wrong because I may not be paying attention as the trivia slipped by or maybe I just couldn’t recognize the parody when the gang made one with their statement. Nevertheless, the chatter is still amusing especially Sugisaki’s rebuttals and the other silly ideas that come with it. This series has also a good mix of drama and serious moments that touches your heart but of course, the main dish is the jokes from the chatter. Hey! I just remembered something. I remember that cute pose they do back in the first season whenever the meeting is over. But in this season, that group pose is completely unseen! As far as I remember, only Kurimu does it alone on one short occasion but it doesn’t feel satisfying because… It should be done in a group!

Though many of the seiyuus were retained in this sequel, there are a couple of changes as well. Mafuyu’s original seiyuu, Yuki Horinaka has been replaced with Iori Nomizu (Haruna in Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka) and Yuka Saitou who was the voice of Chizuru is now replaced with Mina (Sohara in Sora No Otoshimono). Hmm… Maybe that’s why Mafuyu doesn’t sound as dreamy as before or why Chizuru doesn’t have that sadistic assertiveness in her voice like I remember. Thankfully my favourite Mamiko Noto is still there as Lilicia and rocks in her character. Adding to the line-up of new casts are Madoka Yonezawa as Ringo (Ui in K-ON!), Ami Koshimizu as Asuka (Horo in Spice And Wolf) and Houko Kuwashima as Minase (Tomoyo in Clannad). The opening theme is Precious by the student council quartet girls and somehow I can’t help feel that this song reminds me of Ebiten. A group of girls singing… Well, I saw that series a few months back too. As for the ending theme, there is a new one for every episode. I guess it makes for a good character image CD and sales. They are sung by the girls of this series, sometimes as a group and sometimes as a solo individual. Unfortunately, none of them were memorable enough for me to keep humming in my head.

Another difference that viewers who watched the original TV series may notice is that the art and drawing may slightly differ. Even if you don’t really notice the difference, the characters will remind us all in the beginning as they broke the fourth wall in telling us how a different production studio made this anime. The first season was brought to you by Studio Deen which was responsible for animes like Fate/Stay Night, Fruits Basket, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, Rurouni Kenshin and Ranma 1/2. This time, AIC took over and they gave us Amagami SS, Special A, Seto No Hanayome, Tenchi Muyo and Ebiten. Mmm… Maybe that’s why the characters have that uncanny resemblance to Ebiten. On a trivial note, the mid-intermission seems to be a still picture of the girls in some sports or physical activity. Except perhaps the final episode whereby they all are sleeping on a bench. Tired after all that workout, eh?

I did browse Wikipedia for a while and came to notice that this series has multiple spin-offs usually in the form of manga or light novel. I didn’t really read them (as usual) so I can’t really say but I’m sure what else can they offer about this series than the group of student council members talking? Also, I caught a glimpse that there are a new bunch of girls filling in the student council post and one of them includes Minase. So a new era and harem for Sugisaki? Provided if he still manages to cling on to his post. What are the chances? Of course I am certain he will seeing how popular he is. I won’t be surprised if he has got the most votes and ends up as the student council president in his final third year. Ironically instead of seeing the student council doing something and change the school for the better, we see them changing themselves in the midst of mindless chatter. Wow. If sitting around idly and empty talks really improve people, we should all put down our guns and weapons and started talking instead. Hey… That may be crazy enough to work. Or… It would just have a negative impact on overall productivity. Who pays you to sit around and talk on aimlessly for hours anyway? I want that job too even if I’m an introvert!

One of the many essential bodies in high school is always the student council or as known in its Japanese equivalent, seitokai. There are countless high school anime genres that either have the seitokai as the leading protagonist or supporting role. Either way, they are important in overseeing the welfare of the students in their school. Or so it seems. In today’s versus blog, it will be between 2 seitokai-themed animes so much so they have it in their series title, Seitokai No Ichizon and Seitokai Yakuindomo. Which of the 2 is the better one? You decide.

English meaning
Seitokai No Ichizon: The student council’s discretion.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: The student council members.

Name can be shortened to
Seitokai No Ichizon: Seizon – it means ‘survival’, a joke of course.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: SYD – its initials.

The school they are from
Seitokai No Ichizon: Hekiyou Private High School.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Ousai Academy.

School type
Seitokai No Ichizon: Co-ed school.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Previously an all-girls school and was recently opened as co-ed.

The student council members
Seitokai No Ichizon: Kurimu Sakurano (president), Minatsu Shiina (vice president), Chizuru Akaba (secretary), Mafuyu Shiina (treasurer) and Ken Sugisaki (Blue Chip Seat).
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Shino Amakusa (president), Takatoshi Tsuda (vice president), Aria Shichijou (secretary) and Suzu Hagimura (treasurer).

The only guy in the student council
Seitokai No Ichizon: Sugisaki.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Tsuda.

How he got there
Seitokai No Ichizon: As the student council members are chosen base on popularity vote, another way to land a spot in the council is to be the top scorer in the school, thus winning the Blue Chip Seat and that is what Sugisaki did.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: On the first day in school, Tsuda has been forced to join the student council by Shino after being pulled in for his scruffy uniform appearance. Due to the very imbalanced male-female ratio of the school (28 to 524 – a harem buildup potential), his appointment is to give views from the male side as he is their representative.

Why he attended this school
Seitokai No Ichizon: He wants to have a harem of his own.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: It is close to his home.

The kid-like character
Seitokai No Ichizon: Kurimu – acts like one too.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Suzu – has an IQ of 180.

Intelligent loli
Seitokai No Ichizon: Elise Toudou.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Suzu.

Brute girls
Seitokai No Ichizon: Minatsu – quite an athletic girl.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Mutsumi Mitsuba – from the judo club.

Fear of men
Seitokai No Ichizon: Mafuyu may be an obsessive fan of Boys Love and into yaoi, but she afraid of men. However Sugisaki is an exception.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: The disciplinary committee president, Kaede Igarashi has a serious case of androphobia.

Seitokai No Ichizon: Minatsu.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Shino.

Probably the most physically well endowed
Seitokai No Ichizon: Chizuru.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Aria.

Seitokai No Ichizon: Chizuru has this tendency to want ‘to be involved’ with Kurimu and at points can be seen ‘brainwashing’ her.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Sayaka Dejima is Aria’s personal maid and seems to have some sort of fetish that Aria wears or touches. She even holds her chastity belt key.

Boob conscious
Seitokai No Ichizon: Kurimu.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Shino.

The yaoi guy
Seitokai No Ichizon: Mafuyu’s fantasizing of a fictional character Nakameguro with Sugisaki actually becomes true when the former becomes a transfer student in their school.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Shino’s wild imagination Tsuda in some yaoi Boys Love during her substitute participation in a judo contest.

Student council advisor
Seitokai No Ichizon: Satori Mahiru – never teaches a class.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Naruko Yokoshima – aggressively seeks out younger boys even if it includes the school’s male students.

The journalist
Somehow they don’t seem to like the student council and often would do write and publish scandalous stuff that would be open to misunderstanding.
Seitokai No Ichizon: Lilicia Toudou.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Ranko Hata.

Seitokai No Ichizon: Shiina and Mafuyu are sisters as with Lilicia and Elise.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Tsuda has a younger sister, Kotomi.

Comedy/Joke type
Seitokai No Ichizon: Mainly on parodies of cultural and anime references.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Mainly sexual innuendos.

The pervert
Seitokai No Ichizon: As the only guy in the series, he loves playing eroge and H-game as a step towards his harem goal but is often shot down and reprimanded by the other girls.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Ironically, it is the girls here who have perverted thinking. They include Shino, Aria and Yokoshima. They have a tendency to think in a perverted way though their intentions may be good and often their sex gags are often shot down by Tsuda.

What the student council spend most of their time doing
Seitokai No Ichizon: Idling around in the room doing nothing but chatting away with empty talk that do not bring any good to the school.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Doing their best to improve the welfare of the school though most of them seemed like perverted suggestions.

The president’s words
Seitokai No Ichizon: In almost every episode, Kurimu would write a cool statement on the whiteboard about the need to change and move forward but nobody else pays attention so she herself loses interest and returns to her kiddie ways.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: At the start of every episode, Shino will announce the number rule for Ousai Academy while Suzu blows the whistle and Aria beats the little drum in the background. The rules make no sense whatsoever and sometimes sound perverted prompting comebacks and rebuking from Tsuda.

Deadpan voice
Seitokai No Ichizon: Mafuyu – at times when she is being dark.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Hata.

Field trip
Seitokai No Ichizon: In episode 7, the entire student council members take a summer trip to Tokyo.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: In episode 3, Shino and Aria’s grade take a school field trip to Kyoto.

Swimsuit episode
Seitokai No Ichizon: In episode 5, to beat the summer heat, the girls wear their swimsuit in the room but unfortunately perverted Sugisaki is blindfolded.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: In episode 6, the girls go shop for their swimsuit so in episode 7 they head to the beach for some fun.

Spring cleaning episode
Seitokai No Ichizon: In episode 10, the gang did a cleanup in their room after a large number of items are placed there and to sort it out.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: In episode 11, it’s that time for the gang to do some spring cleaning for their little room.

School cultural festival for the student council
Seitokai No Ichizon: In episode 10, the gang did a Power Rangers-like play.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: In episode 10, they enter the events separately like Aria in a (screwed up) play and Suzu participating in a haunted house.

Ill episode
Seitokai No Ichizon: In episode 11, Sugisaki fell sick so the girls pay him a visit later.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: In episode 5, Tsuda fell sick after lending his umbrella to Shino and walked home in the rain. Shino felt guilty and pays him a visit.

Fictional characters
Seitokai No Ichizon: Minatsu’s fantasizing of Echo of Death as Sugisaki’s elder brother and Mafuyu’s Nakameguro.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Who the hell is this sailor George guy and how the heck did he end up in Tsuda’s article?

The stamp
Seitokai No Ichizon: The stamp Kurimu stamps to approve or reject on her paperwork. She goes into trauma each time ‘pettanko’ is mentioned because it also means flat chest.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: The stamp appears as comebacks during scene changers.

Episode format
Seitokai No Ichizon: A whole episode each.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Divided into 3 segments.

Episode title
Seitokai No Ichizon: Each title is named on the actions and current state of the student council in that episode.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: Each title is taken after a speech or quote line in that episode. It may or may not have any relevance to the plot of that episode.

Number of episodes
Seitokai No Ichizon: 12 episodes.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: 13 episodes.

Opening and ending themes
Seitokai No Ichizon: An opening theme called Treasure sung by the seiyuus of the student council girls. There are 12 ending themes, each with a different title and lyrics though the tune may sound the same.
Seitokai Yakuindomo: An opening theme called Yamato Nadeshiko Education sung by the seiyuus of the student council girls. There is only 1 ending theme, Aoi Haru by Angela.

Hmm… It’s hard for me to choose which one I prefer most since both have their own quirks and lovable in their own ways. Seitokai No Ichizon sees the close knit relationship between the main characters simply because there aren’t any other characters. Seitokai Yakuindomo may have more characters and due to the nature of the clips that are sometimes short and unrelated, it felt that they weren’t delved in too deeply. Some may not like Seitokai No Ichizon because it is mainly gag jokes and nothing but talking and talking so if you’re not familiar with cultural references and parodies, you may not understand the jokes. Likewise some may not like Seitokai Yakuindomo due to its excessive sex jokes in almost every line and some may even feel offended though they put in some censorship. I like Seitokai No Ichizon for its fun interaction between the characters and Seitokai Yakuindomo for the spontaneous jokes. So the former may have earned the nickname of the Idling Student Council for not doing anything much and the latter as the Perverted Student Council for their distorted thinking. I once brood over why discipline members aren’t part of the seitokai and are a separate entity. Perhaps considering the contrasting behaviour of the seitokai members, they’ll be loggerheads. It won’t be right to jump the gun by thinking what kind of school this is based on the nature of the seitokai but with these kids in charge of the students’ welfare, we better be careful. After all, we are entitled to our own discretion, suggestions and opinions.

Seitokai No Ichizon

June 5, 2010

When you think of high school animes, there has to be a student council body, right? And in many of these genres that feature such a body, the student council’s responsibility includes overseeing the affairs of the students of the school. Some may be overzealous in carrying out their duties while some just enough to what the book says. But have you ever heard of a student council which barely does anything except lingering all day long in their room talking nonsense? Folks, meet the 5 member student council members of Heikyou Private High School in Seitokai No Ichizon (The Student Council’s Discretion).
You’re thinking that if a series only focuses on a bunch of student council members chatting away and get nothing done by the end of the day, this must be a pretty boring show, isn’t it? Depends if you like romantic harem comedy and if so you may enjoy this one. Though the episodes mainly has the characters ‘discussing and addressing’ several ‘important’ issues in their ‘meetings’ (that’s lots of apostrophe I had to use there), it is basically the comical parodies in their conversation that brings in the laughs. Yeah, a place for boring people to have fun conversations.
Speaking of characters, though only a handful of them they are quite the weird bunch they are. Firstly, the student council president, Kurimu Sakurano at first sight is, let’s just say underdeveloped in terms of height and bust size. One could easily mistake this sweet tooth girl for a kindergarten kid and this doesn’t help with her child-like behaviour. The vice president is Minatsu Shiina and your typical tomboyish character who loves a great ‘fight’. A tough cookie you don’t want to mess with in terms of sports. Her younger sister, Mafuyu Shiina on the other hand is a total opposite. Though the student council treasurer who addresses herself in 3rd person may look like the shy and weak character. She is in fact obsessed with online gaming and BL (Boy’s Love for you newbies. That’s yaoi, right?). Read her very thorough online Wikipedia game walkthrough. Scary. Then there’s the secretary, Chizuru Akaba. All I can say is that she is a rose with a million thorns. Though mature and serious, she has a sadistic side and don’t be fooled by her psychological mind games. You don’t want to mess with her. Really. I mean it. And her nice gentle smile isn’t exactly what it seems. She is also very fond of Kurimu whom she nicknames Aka-chan.
But the most interesting (and possibly the weirdest) one of the pack goes to the only boy in the student council occupying the Blue Chip Seat, Ken Sugisaki. In short, he is the kind of guy who is aiming for a harem! The girls of the student council to be exact! No, he doesn’t look like your typical geeky chubby otaku nerd loser. He has got the looks and with a little propping up, he could be a handsome bishonen! Responsible for most of the meaningless chatter and because of his persistent nagging to have his own harem, he is the butt of jokes (and receiving end) from the girls. I can understand the harassment they have to go through every time. Other than that, this eroge and H-game lover is a nice and understanding guy. Hey wait a minute, what’s so good about being addicted to eroge and H-games anyway? Then there’s the advisor for the student council, Satori Mahiru. Another weirdo and enigmatic character who doesn’t really care about the kids and she just hangs out in the room just to get away from the teacher’s lounge. Some teacher. Hey, have we ever seen her teach a class before?
So episode 1 introduces the characters and their quirky behaviours besides the meeting of what to call this anime. As expected from Sugisaki, he tries to make his harem in this first episode. Would the girls fall for his charms? Oh, they know him too well. Then a discussion to do something different from previous student councils but it seems like they’re bullying Kurimu. She’s so cute when she throws a tantrum. No wonder they can’t resist. Because their discussions always go off tangent, they suggest firing Sugisaki. Majority wins. We learn that the positions of the student councils are chosen via popular vote. However, one may also get a place in that council by scoring the best in one’s overall exams. That is, the Blue Chip Seat. Unfortunately, Sugisaki got that. So this guy has brains too, eh? Everyone tremble in fear! Sugisaki continues with his harem ending so the girls ask him why all the fuss of that goal. With a harem ending, everyone is happy. Well, erm… Yeah… Not buying that no matter how true. Later Mahiru dumps tons of stuff to the student council. They have to check the stuff purchased by other clubs matched the correct item. While Kurimu stamps her approval on the papers, Sugisaki messes with her mind by confusing her with ‘stamp’ and ‘flat chest’. Enough to send her crying like a baby into the comforting arms of Chizuru. I guess the paperwork is too much so Sugisaki has the girls leave at the end of the period. After they left, Sugisaki continues the paperwork and he doesn’t mind it. But the girls also noticed this so they left him a meal package, though Mahiru ate them.
In episode 2, Kurimu tries to approve or disapprove club’s requests. Some of them are pretty outrageous, you know. I guess she got tired and bored and leave it all to Sugisaki while she snacks on her favourite cookie. Some president she is. But in this episode, the exam is drawing closer and Kurimu isn’t up to par. She can’t move forward if she fails. I guess she doesn’t want to do this but the rest ‘have to help her study’. Of course with their mindless chatter and suggestions based on and incorporating their crazy personalities, it proves to be just another one of those time wasting moments. But isn’t that amounting to bullying? I guess no one can resist bullying her, eh? Even Chizuru too. Yeah, playing guilty mind games about her irresponsibility to move her to tears before mind controlling her after promising to lend her notebook. Evil. Unfortunately, Kurimu didn’t learn anything so the efforts from the rest were wasted. So they suggest points Kurimu should reflect herself upon. No progress as usual except for the jabbings. At the end of the period, Kurimu is about to leave school when she spots a scandalous lie newspaper report from the journalism club that her grades are horrible because she’s goofing around. Kurimu runs back to the room and requests Sugisaki to coach her. But he won’t. He continues with his earnest speech about her which includes people aren’t attracted to others because of the presence or lack of flaws. She is who she is and can’t get thrown around by her flaws and lose sight of herself. However it seems Kurimu hasn’t learned or reflected at all since she thinks her popularity is all that matters and is bent on world domination. Chizuru who was eavesdropping isn’t pleased and it won’t take a genius to figure out what her raging dark aura means. Better repent fast, girl.
Sugisaki is once more in his wild fantasies for a harem ending in episode 3 (note how he disrespects Enma Ai of Jigoku Shoujo! Ippen Shinde Miru!). The girls see a scandalous report of Sugisaki’s two-timing ways during his junior high days. The posting is courtesy of the journalism club’s president, Lilicia Toudou. Seems she has a bitter grudge against the student council members (probably because she lost out a place in the council by the skin of her teeth by securing 5th spot in the popularity contest) and is always cooking up lies about them. Hey, people want to read about lies, right? That’s why they sell. However Lilicia is very cautious about Chizuru, the only person whom she really considers dangerous. Yeah, the rest are pretty much airheads. Chizuru thinks the journalism standards have dropped so low so Lilicia challenges them all to an interview and will expose it all in her exclusive front page special. Of course interviewing each of the student council members has its weird moments. If not, every moment of it! Isn’t it frustrating because unrelated topics just get popped in or the interview drifting off somewhere. The final interview with Sugisaki as he admits to his two-timing, surprising everyone. But he is reluctant to go further than that as he doesn’t want to involve the rest. Since Sugisaki plays it cool that she can write anything about him, unsatisfied Lilicia leaves. Kurimu then seriously asks him if those girls are happy and he answers yes. The next day as Lilicia posts her interview headlines, Sugisaki seems unfazed. Plus, he seems to understand (from a harem point of view, that is) making Lilicia spew that she hates them all for just lazing around doing nothing. She asks what the student council means to him and his reply is that it is his ultimate dream where both his goal and happiness exist (better than saying harem lah). Shocked by his answer, she then takes down the posting and gets into a little argument with Kurimu. I guess she’s a little tsundere when she says she has no intentions of ever joining the student council. Really?
That very elegant and well mannered meeting at the start of episode 4 is just a figment of Sugisaki’s imagination as he is trying to create a story. How did this happen? It seems another one of Lilicia’s scandalous lies on Kurimu has her deciding to counter it with a novel that the student council is a nice place. Say what? And guess who has to do the donkey work? Yup. Since Sugisaki can’t handle it all by himself, he has the rest assist him. So you know, they add their own flavour into it like Minatsu’s typical shonen fight with Sugisaki against his older brother Echo of Death, Mafuyu and her yaoi fantasy with Sugisaki doing it with another guy (it awesomely ends in a threesome! Total gay! Nakameguro-kun!) and Chizuru’s slave-cum-sadistic edition. They must really love screwing around with him. I guess he can’t take it anymore and writes his harem story and since that’s a no-no from the rest, Chizuru suggests other ways to counter. Instead of a novel, why not an anime? Thing is, can they make it in time drawing thousands of papers? Yeah, not enough manpower. How about making a game? Mafuyu got too engrossed in it. Form a band? Though they have the instruments, they just played a recorded tape for the sound. So fake. Then they find a video camera discarded by the broadcasting club and get an idea of filming about themselves outside. After complete with everything and edit and all, it seems pretty decent if not cool (at least to Kurimu). Everybody is motivated to work harder but when next day arrives, the girls are back to their lazing and nonchalant ways. So what change were they talking about?
The hot summer day in episode 5 and besides their summer uniform, the girls get into their swimsuit to beat the heat. Unfortunately for Sugisaki, he is being blindfolded so he can’t enjoy the visual beauty of his harem. He can’t take it off since there’s an electrocution security. Total bummer. Since he can’t see, I guess he uses his ‘powerful’ imagination to visualize. Erm… You know how it turned out lah. However because of his lewd delusions, the girls’ random conversation led him astray so his imagination takes an awful turning. Yup, it’s that gay scene again, Nakameguro-kun. They continue to screw around with him being blindfolded like Kurimu trying to say she’s a tall and busty girl but how come the voice sounds like coming from below? What about Chizuru’s reverse psychology or Minatsu’s character conditioning of Mafuyu that Sugisaki is her enemy? Mafuyu could have nearly killed him but she missed and this cuts of his blindfold. Heaven at first sight. It didn’t take long for the girls to tie and lock him up in a locker but I guess it creeps them out knowing how Sugisaki and the locker had become one. One? Yeah, he can move and bend in it like as though he’s part of it. More mindless talk before the swimming club finished their activity and allows the student council girls to use the pool. Will Sugisaki allow himself to be left behind? He busts out (I guess the girls loosened the chains before they left) and didn’t initially recognize Minatsu with her hair down. He’s pretty surprised but his earnest words that he doesn’t really know anyone surprises Minatsu more. When Kurimu comes in, Sugisaki approves her loli approach so she locks him back in the locker. Just when he has got his newfound freedom, he blew it. Too bad the girls had too much fun and were too tired so they forgot all about Sugisaki. Poor guy got trapped inside till night fall. He thinks he has found his saviour in Mahiru who is doing her rounds but thinks she saw a ghost so she beats him up entirely.
Something seems to be bothering Minatsu and Mafuyu but they can’t let it disrupt the meeting about the theme for the upcoming school cultural festival in episode 6. By this time you can tell what kind of theme each of them wants to put up based on their personalities. Mahiru suddenly comes in and tells them to duck. Why did she do that? Actually she feels the need to break them up since they were actually having a real meeting! WTF?! However she’s here because the other teachers are asking her for a theme too. She says sexual? Really? Anyway she leaves after she feels the other teachers have left the lounge. Then it is brought to everyone’s attention when Minatsu announces that she and Mafuyu are going to transfer schools soon. Saddened Kurimu doesn’t want them to leave so in order to keep them, she approves Minatsu’s fight theme (after concluding Mafuyu would just go with whatever her sister says). It’s some Power Rangers spoof and they got into an argument of which colour Ranger they should be. Kurimu tells of her feelings how the student council will be incomplete without the sisters but this upsets Minatsu as she rushes out. Mafuyu tells the rest how their dad left home when they were young leaving them and mom all alone. When mommy found a new boyfriend, Minatsu didn’t approve of it and thus a rift was formed. However mommy took great care of them ensuring they had food to eat and a roof over their heads. She thinks it is her last chance of making up with mommy by moving with her when she gets remarried. I guess you can say Sugisaki is moved but is torn about his harem breaking up so he confronts Minatsu and says he is going to cycle to her new school and meet them every week. Money? He can take up a part time job. Crazy? Yeah, this guy is but he seems serious too. When she comes back to the room, Kurimu announces the theme as festival to make it big to fill the space the duo will leave. But Minatsu then says they aren’t transferring yet. Not at least till this year is over since mom put off her wedding till next spring. Yahoo! I guess it’s good too since their heart has always been here and they want to stay here till the end.
Summer vacation is here in episode 7. Kurimu wants to do something before it ends but her members seem uninterested. What the heck are they gathering anyway? Kurimu decides on a summer trip to Tokyo and they’ll be staying at an inn for free courtesy of Kurimu’s parents. Since Kurimu doesn’t believe in planes (maybe she’s scared of flying), they take the sleeper train. Too bad Sugisaki doesn’t have a bunker of his own. Then they check each other’s bag and the stuff they brought tells us they aren’t equipped for survival. Not even the simplest form. Then it’s time for bed so Sugisaki is tied up in another coach and put on a blindfold. Yeah, he can’t see the girls in their sexy pyjamas. Now this is the best part. Minatsu wondering why Chizuru is stripping naked so the latter replies she doesn’t wear any pyjamas when she goes to sleep. Sugisaki is in a rage as he tries to break free but quite futile. Haha! By morning, they reach their destination and the first thing they did was to tell ghost stories since everyone can tell panicky Kurimu is an easy target. Uh huh. Something about a girl who looks like Kurimu (smelling malicious intent here) got murdered at the vending machine and though the culprit was nabbed but another girl died with lots of knives embedded in her body and that the culprit is the dead Kurimu! It was lame but enough to scare the wits out of the little girl. So as punishment she has everyone have their sentence end with some weird word, dress in weird costumes and a change in personality. Including herself. Uh… I don’t know what else to say. They even continued their mindless chatter like that throughout the night. Early morning comes and the gang takes an early walk out into the tranquil city. They watch the city and ocean view from a bridge though it is a cloudy and foggy morning. When everyone comes back to their student council room, everyone is back to their normal ways as Kurimu feels nothing really changed. Did it ever?
Sugisaki brings in Lilicia’s little sister, Elise to the student council room in episode 8 and the girls nearly called the police for him being a suspected paedophile. It seems Elise came to school with Lilicia but big sister left campus for her interviews. Elise seems to take a liking for Sugisaki and this is making the other girls jealous. Look who’s talking. Now he can add a lolicon to his harem collection. Yeah, Elise even openly proclaims she loves him! Is it as a lover or big brother? Even if Sugisaki is an idiot, he is THEIR idiot. Anyway Kurimu isn’t too fond of a little kid (did she see herself in the mirror?) interrupting their meeting (don’t make me laugh) so bored Elise plays with Sugisaki. Nothing hentai, mind you. It seems the games she plays is way out of his league even if they are children’s games. Like the word game of Shiratori has Elise spewing scientific metal names (why are they all aluminium?) and cat’s cradle whereby she made images of real life and copyrighted objects even the universe! Kurimu can’t take all of this anymore and proceeds to tell Elise all of her amazing abilities. Sounds more like her body parts worded in a special way. Nothing spectacular actually. Then to prove her intelligence, she recites all the important dates in Japan’s history. Only thing is, she got it close and eventually wrong. Like rewriting history, eh? Next is kanji but she can’t even get past the simple ones. Elise even puts her to shame! Maths? I don’t know how Kurimu even got to twist the way the question is being asked and since she’s taking too long, Elise solves it. Who is the real kid here? Elise is having so much fun that she announces that she wants to marry Sugisaki. The girls chide him for his indecisiveness and in order not to ‘hurt’ his harem, I guess he will wait for her till he grows up. Even if she’s fat and ugly. Kurimu gets upset about his double standards and fires him from his position. I guess she’s serious and really hurt this time that she doesn’t want to see his face ever. Sugisaki pats her head and comforts her that he had said he loved her since day 1, making her feel better. But the other girls tease him and since he went back to his harem goal, Kurimu thinks all that was a lie and the girls start pounding him. Ouch. Love hurts. In the end, it seems it was part of Lilicia’s plan to use Elise to record the conversation for her next scandal report. Elise mentions how Lilicia loves Sugisaki since she knows lots about him. Though she tries to deny and giving excuses about the scandalous bunch, Elise is pretty smooth talking so she’s pretty cornered. Haha. A little monster in the making.
Kurimu decides for them to read books to gain wisdom in episode 9 but the rest are reading books, though of a different kind. And what about herself reading children’s books? Can Mafuyu find love via BL (Sugisaki not to say if you consider his via H-games)? After Chizuru conducts some fortune telling test, she leaves. The rest notice a letter from Kanade Miyashiro addressed to Aka-chan and thinks it’s for Kurimu. I guess they’re in a dilemma whether to read it but Mahiru jumps the gun and does so. After a few made up stories, it seems the content of the letter is of an apology of all the bad deeds done to her during junior high. However Kurimu mentions she doesn’t know of a person by that name. Then they come to realize the letter is for Chizuru. She is meeting Kanade as she repents her action. That time she felt Chizuru was her only pal and didn’t want to lose her, thus all the bullying. With her student council in mind, Chizuru doesn’t blame her as she too must’ve suffered and felt hurt. I guess it isn’t for Chizuru to hold a grudge so she forgives her. Maybe her student council members are an exception. Speaking of which, the rest are starting to panic on what to do if Chizuru ever finds out they have read her letter. They try to hide but their own blunder causes it to be exposed. However Chizuru notes that she purposely put it there for them to read. She feels better now and does another fortune telling test on Sugisaki whom she feels he is calmer now before Kurimu ends today’s session.
The school festival is here in episode 10 so Kurimu suggests for the student council to do a play. Now to decide on a theme and plot. She thinks of a tear-jerking story for their play to be memorable but she herself is overcome with emotion. After all that blabbing and making up of her own Laws, Kurimu decides Minatsu to play someone who is dying at the end, Mafuyu an amnesiac and I’m not sure if everyone agrees on Chizuru’s idea of ‘happy ending’ because it all seems unfair for the character Kenichi (Sugisaki, that is). So everyone decides to rehearse the play. I don’t know it’s kinda lame because everybody died in the end. On a side note, Lilicia is selling scandalous reports at her booth. Does anybody really want to buy that no matter how fresh? The festival soon comes to a close and from their conversation, the gang did some Power Rangers spoof play. Don’t want to even know how it went. However a large number of lost items are placed in the student council room. They have to sort which items belong to whom. I’m not sure what kind of club this school has but some of the items are plain weird. A skull anyone? Because Sugisaki is left to do the job by himself, he starts murmuring his monologue which irritates the rest. So what the heck is a Pokkoncho?! The clean up isn’t going well so Kurimu worries if everyone had fun or not so Mafuyu thinks it isn’t so because nobody wants the festival to end yet since it will be totally over if they do so. Kurimu gives a mature speech for the first time. Telling her fellow students that the festival is over and pick up their lost stuff. She also assures them not to worry because she promises to organize more fun events. It was grand nevertheless but everyone has already gone home. Bummer. So when the girls are ready to leave, Sugisaki as usual decides to stay back and finish the job. The girls too decide to stay back and help him out. He can’t get all the fun alone, right? It’s more fun doing it together.
Sugisaki is absent from the student council meeting for the first time in episode 11 because he fell sick and though he did want to stay on, Mahiru didn’t allow that and drove him home (good luck with her behind the wheels). So the girls are rejoicing that the council won’t have any disruptions or harem harassment from you-know-who but feel their chatter lacks that particular oomph without him. It’s lonely and boring, doesn’t it? They’re saying the meetings won’t work without him? Have they ever held a real meeting? To take their mind off it, the girls talk about their part time jobs. I don’t know what Chizuru does because she has a 100 million Yen cheque to her name! Then it’s the paperwork so I guess they really know now how Sugisaki must be handling the tremendous amount of work. But the approval stamp is missing. They search his bag and find lots of unrelated and questionable stuff. They get a call from him and think he’s going to Singapore for a fight but that was just the TV. After getting the stamp and the paperwork done, they decide to pay Sugisaki a visit. On their way, they meet a couple of boys believed to be Sugisaki’s junior high classmates. They caution the girls about him because of his two-timing ways. They further mock him that he’s their punching bag during those days. Kurimu is upset by their statement and sticks by Sugisaki. Those jerks are even prepared to make a move and lift their fist on them but they got beaten up. Don’t play play. Lilicia who was watching from afar approaches the guys. They report about the brutality but unfortunately she decides to pass this one because it is a tradition for her club to create false stories on the student council. So real ones won’t do, eh? Sugisaki wakes up to find the girls preparing warm dinner in his place. The next day when he is well and back with the gang, Mafuyu approaches Sugisaki and confesses she loves him. Gasp! Serious?!
Apparently that wasn’t a joke so Sugisaki’s so lost for words that he’s like so unnatural. However Mafuyu just wanted to tell him her feelings. That’s it. Yup, no date or illicit sex. Disappointing or what after that unexpected development? With that done, episode 12 soon goes back to the usual nothing-much-happens student council as they talk about their future jobs. We expect Mafuyu to turn into a BL author or game reviewer but I guess she didn’t close her options because she too think about being a boxer. Say what? Then there’s Minatsu’s embarrassing childhood dream of becoming a bride, any-job-will-do-as-long-it-rakes-in-the-money-though-it-may-be-illegal-because-it’s-more-thrilling for Chizuru, would you believe Kurimu’s God of Immortality future and Sugisaki’s… let’s just say we all know what he wants. Besides a harem, most of his delusions involve sex or something. Yeah, that’s got to be the only thing in his head. Suddenly a boy pops into the room. He looks exactly like Mafuyu’s BL’s works! Not only that. He shares the same name! It’s Nakameguro! Mafuyu becomes very excited and even whips out her video recorder and tells Sugisaki to go to him! So much for that earlier confession. Have we seen Mafuyu this enthusiastic before? Sugisaki must be freaking out that Mafuyu’s delusion is coming true. Nakameguro is the new transfer student and since he is a little afraid to walk home alone, I guess she got advice from Mahiru to seek Sugisaki for help. Yeah, that teacher loves to watch some development too.
Sugisaki walks Nakameguro home while excited Mafuyu tags along dragging the other girls with her. Sugisaki gets creepy thoughts about gay love so Nakameguro understands he hates him just like everyone else. Sugisaki apologizes for his mistake. At the bus stop, Nakameguro tells how he ran away and was considered weak by everyone else. Sugisaki isn’t happy about him being bullied and mentions and decided for himself. However Nakameguro thinks Sugisaki is the strong one so the latter disagrees and tells his flashback of how he wanted to join the student council. He saw and was attracted to the fighting spirit of Kurimu (vice president at that time). Soon he found himself helping her more often and she told him to play more H-games because in the end everyone is happy (so that’s how it all started). That’s when he decided and started studying so that he could be part of the student council. He continues how he depended on the rest of the girls when they helped him out in his time of need. Sugisaki then realizes the girls are eavesdropping outside and got into a little friendly argument. Till they realized they just miss the last bus and chase after it. Sugisaki narrates he was fortunate to meet the girls in each season and changed for the better (maybe except his harem idea) and loves them all. Lastly, Kurimu plans to make this series continue into 10 seasons and make it into a successful Hollywood movie but what are the chances? Sorry people, this won’t continue. For now.
Sure, what do you expect a bunch of kids sitting around doing nothing? Even if every episode has Kurimu writing some cool statement or advice regarding change, moving on or whatsoever, but that’s just about how serious she gets. Usually she’ll lose interest quick and go back to her kiddie-like ways and the rest, well, Mafuyu busy playing her pink portable console, Minatsu preoccupied reading her shonen manga, Chizuru playing stocks and Sugisaki and his eroge and H-games. So what hope is there for the student council? The school is doomed, I tell you. But we love them the way they are, right? So yeah. Everyone please don’t change because we love you as you are. Sugisaki may be seen as a pervert to those not familiar but he is a guy who cares for his girls. Yeah, maybe that context too seemed like a harem one. But come to think of it, if the girls do become his harem, everything will end. Don’t want it to end, eh? That’ll be too easy. It wouldn’t be fun too if the girls stop teasing Sugisaki. Their main source of entertainment and torment, I’d say. It was a little interesting to see short snippets of the girls helping Sugisaki during his time of need. This goes to show that they aren’t totally heartless. I wished they elaborated on that especially about his past whereby one of the girls he two-timed was his sister-in-law.
It is mind blowing to see Chizuru sometimes doing part time jobs fit for experienced business executives. No wonder she’s dangerous. Who wouldn’t love to hate Lilicia’s scandalous lies she made up against the student council. I thought she would make an appearance in the final episode but was nowhere to be found. Perhaps it would’ve been interesting if she was part of the student council. Just open up an extra place, will ‘ya? Too bad Elise too was interesting herself. I’m not sure if her innocent exterior is true or behind that cute facade hides a bigger devil than her sister. An amusing thing I find about the student council is their end-meeting pose once their session is over and Kurimu gives the green light and says "Today’s student council is over". Put one feet in front of the other, your left hand on your waist and the other hand make a peace sign but stick the fingers closely together. Cute, eh?
The seiyuus voicing the main casts are unknowns and are relative new in the industry. Nevertheless they did perfectly portray their characters well. For instance Mariko Honda fits perfectly as her kiddie role for Kurimu and hardcore otakus would probably fall in love with Mafuyu’s dreamy soft-spoken voice by Yuki Horinaka. Others include Misuzu Togashi as Minatsu and Yuka Saitou as Chizuru. Of course there are veteran seiyuus and it was a surprise to me that my all-time favourite Mamiko Noto was the voice behind Lilicia, Ai Shimizu as Elise (Mikoto in Mai-HiME) and Takashi Kondo as Sugisaki (Hibari in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn). While the opening theme, Treasure by the seiyuus of the Hekiyou student council girls, sounds like your typical Japanese anime pop style music, the ending theme is a little unique. If you pay close attention to the lyrics, each of them is different! Basically the tune of the song is the same. Just that the words are different each time and the ones who are singing it. Sometimes it feels like a kid singing and failing badly at it, sometimes purposely sang out of tune and sometimes it was plain funny (especially the one which went "I am president! I am president!". Thus you have a different song title each time with the same tune. As for the ending credits, we see the student council members in chibi version running and swimming to who knows where. Sometimes carrying weapons on their back and sometimes dashing naked (yikes! Don’t worry, they have the necessary parts blocked). It ends with all of them tripping and falling on each other.
On a trivial note, each of the episode titles depicts the actions or current mood of the student council. Not to say that they are doing anything that productive with their nonsensical chatter but at least in a way you could say such chattering strengthens their bonds, no? Hey, there’s no harm in having a ‘healthy’ discussion. Yeah, all talk and no action. Speaking of trivia, there are tons of them for you to spot in each episode. If you’re a hardcore otaku, that is. Me, just sufficient, you know. Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu, Dragonball, K-ON!, Metal Gear Solid and even a recent anime same time as its airing, Sora No Otoshimono. As for the mid-intermission, the first half shows a short clip on one of the student council girls in a fantasy excerpt based on their personality. The second half shows a group pic of them. Too bad for Lilicia as I would like to see one for her. No Mahiru too? That teacher must hold the best record for missing in action and popping up whenever she feels like it.
So well this student council may give that body a bad name but like they say nobody is perfect. Besides, they were voted in based on their popularity so they’ll be loved no matter what they do (or don’t do). If I were still schooling, I’d pass up the chance to be part of the student council body or give up my seat even if I was voted in (like hell I ever will be popular!). Even if they sit around doing nothing I still don’t want to waste my precious time hanging out there. Unless of course they offer animes to watch and games to play maybe I’d reconsider. Not good you say? Well, it’s up to one’s discretion. Can I have my own harem too?

Seitokai No Ichizon
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