You know how idols are slowly conquering the world with their provocative cute looks, provocative cute outfits, provocative cute songs and provocative cute dance moves? Yeah. It is no wonder that perhaps evil organizations bent on taking over the world are trying to jump on this bandwagon. With that said, it seems Zvezda hasn’t conquered the world yet. And thus the reason why we need an extra episode, Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda OVA to confirm whether they can pull through and make it big in the idol business. I know it sounds crazy but when you have big dreams of taking over the world, no ideas are that crazy. And I thought they gave up trying to conquer the world seeing nobody wanted to sub this OVA (thus no more ‘followers’) and therefore why this blog is late. I guess better late than never.

New Zvezda Operation
Hmm… Pictures of Gorou and Kaori lovey-dovey in their honeymoon. They must be really getting it going. And so Kate announces… Zvezda will be an idol unit! Wow. Asuta is so amazed (read sarcasm). With Yasu wanting to be the manager, what will Asuta be? The producer of course. Roboko is happy about this when she gets a letter. It seems she has been selected to take part in an audition to join the famous idol group, BBK88. Renge is happy for her however Roboko is in a dilemma. Despite it is Roboko’s closet dream to become an idol, Zvezda’s orders are absolute and she cannot go against it. She knows she will not be forgiven for betrayal. Renge suggests that she will join the audition on her behalf so as not to let it go to waste. Meanwhile Itsuka is training Kate on how to sing. She can’t even get a tone right! Loli is going to cry… Roboko is spacing out and can’t concentrate on the so called lesson. Renge tells Asuta about Roboko’s dilemma in class although she was told to keep this a secret. Asuta then goes to talk to Roboko in her room (filled with BBK88 posters). He congratulates her for passing the preliminary screening and wants her to take the audition. Because with her attitude now, she cannot be a top idol and that she is distancing herself from everyone else. Renge hands back the form to her as Roboko smiles. Smile? I can’t see anything? The trio are going to tell Kate and the rest about this. However they are engrossed in watching a new idol video. And this news just popped up. BBK88 is holding an audition to recruit new members. So we hear them badmouthing those b*tches and how since they are going to be their rivals, they are going to break them up! And with them applying for new members, they can’t let this go and curse all the new members! Yeah, those who signed up with them are considered sympathizers of the enemy! So watch out you BBK88, b*tches! All hail Zvezda and may the light of Zvezda shine through the world! Oh boy. This is going to be tough.

In the wee hours of the morning, Roboko heads off to the audition while Dva and White Robin will do something to stall the rest. They creep into Itsuka’s room but her sharp senses have her awakened. The duo are hiding on the ceiling but how long can they hold out? Dva’s sweat drops on her forehead. This makes her cry like a baby as they put a seal on her to sleep. WTF. Next is Natasha but her room is filled with dangerous obstacles that it makes you wonder if this is some sort of ninja palace! They can’t back out now since the alarm has sounded so after all that death defying miracle (it’s a miracle they got out alive), they made it through and put the seal on her. Meanwhile Roboko is in the waiting room and there are lots of idol wannabes. Also there is Miki. Their eyes meet but Miki says today they can’t be friends. Finally Dva and White Robin walk into Kate’s room. Nobody in. Has she waked up? Suddenly the door shuts and the screen behind has Kate screaming at them that she suspected something about them and was waiting for them to take the bait. She forces them to reveal whatever is going on and they can’t get out of here because the door is laced with explosives. White Robin has no choice but to disclose about Roboko and hopes Kate won’t blame her. Unfortunately Kate will not do so and sees this as an act of betrayal. Just then Gorou returns and opens the door. Whoops. BOOM!

As he is being explained, seems that their honeymoon is cut short because Kaori remembered she had a job to do. Something about being a special judge for recruiting members for a certain idol group. She heard somebody named Roboko passed the screening as well as Miki too. Well, they audition is being broadcast on TV live and right about now is Roboko’s turn. The entire town watches her belt out her song. At the end of the day, seems Miki and Roboko didn’t pass. As Miki leaves, the rest of the gang are here. Kate asks Roboko about her whereabouts as she comes clean. Roboko laments she cannot become an idol because she is a robot. Kate punches her face (her fist must hurt a lot) because it doesn’t matter whether she is human or robot. They’re all the same when they take on that stage. So don’t make up boring excuses. Kate is upset that she didn’t tell the truth and thought she would get mad and get in the way if she did (well, certainly it seemed like that yesterday, right?). But the girls can’t stay mad at each other so it suddenly becomes an emotional reconciliation scene as the girls cry and hug their heart out (the irony in Roboko’s case?). So to ‘punish’ Roboko for her betrayal, she is made to perform her idol stint in front of them. Wow. Nice special effects and everything. Flashy stuffs. You go, Roboko! Asuta asks Kate about their idol plans. Oh, she’s continuing it but this time she is going to make idols out of thousands of people under her command. And Asuta will be the producer. Asuta… Fast in declining…

Even Robots Have Dreams!
And so their dream of conquering the world goes on. Heck, I don’t think in this sense they even made any progress. If there is anything about this OVA, it surely focuses on Roboko and from what we can see, she is clearly more human than robot. She could even be more human than most humans are. Beneath that steely exterior lies a robot who has feelings. A robot who has a dream. Just like every other human being. Her actions of being in a dilemma, trying to pursue her dreams and even acting out of fear of not telling Kate the truth at first proves that she is just not some mindless artificial intelligence. Whether or not Roboko gets to live her dream next time is another story. But she doesn’t have to hide it anymore because she has the backing of Zvezda for that.

One thing that I am stumped is the friendly relationship between Zvezda and White Light. I don’t remember much of the TV series about them becoming friends. Even if their identities are known to each other and there is no reason for them to be at each other’s throat for the time being, the way they are shown here, it’s like their organizations don’t really matter. I mean, you see Dva and White Robin working together and easily inside Zvezda’s HQ. So I am not sure if they are allies or just being dormant. Otherwise it would be very ironic to see enemies sitting down together having a cup of tea or in their case, becoming Roboko’s backup dancers in her short idol performance. If the world is that peaceful, why the heck do you need to conquer it? Ah, maybe that is why there is a need for world conquest. At least for Kate.

Overall, this OVA is just okay. Nothing related to the TV series. Nothing serious. Nothing that furthers whatever development and even in the case of Roboko it was just a little and just for her. It is something to watch just to make complete after watching the TV series. Some call it fun, some call it a waste of time especially with the idol themed of this OVA, some might view that they are running out of ideas on what kind of plots to put in standalone filler episodes. I know we don’t get idol themes in every anime we see but with idols being ubiquitous all around, aren’t you just getting sick of it? Not if they continue with their provocative cute looks, provocative cute outfits, provocative cute songs and provocative cute dance moves. Yeah. Slowly conquering our minds and hearts with it. Idols. The new world conquering propaganda we all should fear.

Listen up, people. Are you ready to take over the world? This is not a game. I repeat. This is NOT a game! Yes, people. If you are so interested and ever ready in world conquest, then go ahead and stay to watch Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku No Zvezda. Every potential members of our world conquest team needs to know the basics and history of our struggles and what no better way than to watch this propaganda film action-cum-comedy anime. For those who think not of joining our cause, I am afraid that you will still need to watch this series and before you know it, you will open your eyes to the truth and great light of the Zvezda ways that will shine upon this land far and wide! All hail and salute the great Zvezda! *Makes Zvezda hand salute gesture*.

So what does it take to conquer the world? A megalomaniac leader? A huge powerful and loyal army? Big and powerful weapons? Or just a modest dream? It seems a little girl who is the leader of a world conquest team only had that dream to begin her world conquest. Don’t laugh. Everything starts from a dream, right? Besides, nobody has ever achieved true world conquest before and so our little loli here will show us the way of how to do it! At least these are part of her exploits in her quest for world domination. No kidding. Little girls want to rule the world. Put comic book super villains to shame, doesn’t it?

Episode 1
Asuta Jimon is now homeless. Hungry too. He meets his classmate, Renge Komadori who is just fresh from buying loads of groceries. She reminds him about the curfew. Which is about now! All the shops close and not a single soul outside. No home, no money. This sucks. Trying to hide from military police, Asuta sees an unconscious loli. He offers one of his burgers but she deceives him and eats both. She introduces herself as Kate Hoshimiya and the leader of an evil secret organization, Zvezda. Her alias is Lady Venera. He saves her falling from her bicycle but gets punched and labelled a pervert. Thanks for nothing. She has him follow her and she will show him a grander dream: World conquest. An attack occurs nearby so Kate gives Asuta a gas mask and a bun (emergency food, she says). With this he is to join her organization or die now. Oh, his nickname shall be Dva. Kate is looking for friend, Galaktika in which she describes may be her stuffed toy. Asuta thinks she is just a lost girl and hopes they can play this world conquest another day. Because Kate continues to worry about her world conquest, Asuta chides her about her dream that she just want to be pampered by acting cute and feigning happiness while she lives her life like a joke. Now the loli is in tears, she beats him up and scoots away. Asuta felt guilty and goes after her. He almost got run over by a military truck but Lady Plamya cuts it in half and forces him to reveal the whereabouts of the loli. She is distracted by fellow comrade, General Pepel and this allows Asuta to escape. At the park, Asuta sees the army taking on a giant octopus alien. It then bursts into many cute little blobs. He sees the pink stuffed doll on the ground and wants this fellow in a gas mask, Yasu to go help him get it. But the coward runs away. I thought it was dumb of Asuta to stand in front of the incoming tanks to make them stop. Eventually he dives away with the doll, something he should have done it in the first place. All the tanks surround Asuta. That’s when Kate pops up and in her world conquest garb. She is telling the soldiers that conquest is the only way out but they call her speech a rip-off from Lincoln. She stops their missile with a barrier and then activates her doll which turns into a large iron gauntlet to smash all the tanks into bits. In the end, all the Zvezda members including Professor Uumu and her robot, Roboko are going to punish Yasu for his screw up. But they leave it to Kate. No dinner for a week! She introduces Asuta as a new member to the organization. He just realized the sh*t he just got into. He is going on a world conquest with these weirdoes?

Episode 2
White Robin and White Egret of the secret justice organization of White Light are being told by their commander about Zvezda’s recent quest for world conquest and their activities have been more active lately. He wants them to find their secret base and their plot. Asuta is still pretty much a hungry student at school. He sees a familiar girl, Itsuka Shikabane. Seen her somewhere before? That sword… That eye-patch… Oh sh*t! Plamya! He tries to run away but wherever he goes, Itsuka is always behind his ass. With fiery passion, she mentions her mission is to guide him of the Zvezda ways as instructed by Venera. He’ll be under her care. Just great. No choice. She drags him back to Zvezda’s secret hideout since he is hungry. Funny looking base sticking out like a sore thumb that even has a sign of its name. Inside, he meets quirky Natasha Vasylchenko (Uumu) who in turn introduces him to Kurukuru (those little cute blobs. Each has a number…). She warns him not to peep around. In the main room, he meets Odin (Yasubee Morozumi AKA Yasu’s codename). He acts tough like his superior but turns into an obedient underling when commanded to do petty errands. With Roboko, Natasha and Gorou Shikabane (Pepel) soon entering the room, Kate then makes hers and allows everyone including Yasu to eat dinner. But upon knowing the cook is Itsuka, most of them flee. Those left behind are Kate (too slow to run), Asuta (newbie doesn’t know anything) and Roboko (why would she?).

Asuta will know the true fear in Itsuka’s cooking. Those are hamburgers or vegetables? If Kate is shaking in her pants, what are the chances will he? The moment he pops it in his mouth, some sort of explosion goes off. Flashback to the formation of the universe? That bad, huh? I wonder if he can ever eat again. He collapses outside and White Robin finds him, thinking he is a victim of Zvezda. She calls for help and is just outside Zvezda’s doorstep when a large monster distracts her. Let’s say it’s Yasu’s fault again. Asuta in the nick of time changes the signboard to fool White Robin this isn’t Zvezda’s hideout. Team Zvezda quell the monster before White Light gets a chance to defeat it. They interrogate Yasu whose excuse is because he is hungry. Itsuka takes it as an insult and worse, Asuta stands up for him and says it right in her face that her cooking sucks. She is going to send him to hell but Kate punishes them with her iron gauntlet and forces them to make up. But they’re still at each other. Itsuka challenges him to cook. Certainly. Looks delicious. Tastes delicious! OMG! What were those guys eating before him?! A happy evil organization is a satisfied organization with a full stomach. Kate makes Yasu in charge of tasting Asuta’s cooking. Itsuka hopes Asuta can teach her sometimes. By the time White Robin leads her team to Zvezda’s base, the entire building is gone. Did it vanish into thin air? Actually it just went underground.

Episode 3
Yasu is lamenting about their organization’s purpose and dreams of a better dream. When he lights up a smoke, the base goes under full alert and the kitchen he is in gets expelled out! The Zvezda members know this is Yasu’s fault to begin with and orders a full search of him. But in the meantime, Kate approves eating out. Before they can dig into their meal, the customer in the next seat lights up. This agitates Kate as she lectures him about the poison and kicks him out! She also destroys all the smoke vending machines! Noting this is getting out of hand, she initiates a mission to put an end to this. So whoever lights up gets smoked out. But for Asuta’s side… He’s so gentle that the b*tch doesn’t even give a sh*t! Even when Venera tells her off, she just shrugs it off. However the non-smokers thank Kate for her efforts. Venera further encourages them and they get motivated to purge smokers from this town. Soon the word spreads and the non-smokers become violent groups, beating up those who just light up. Yasu is hiding in a toilet. He can’t light up in peace since Pepel is telling him to stop. Yasu doesn’t want to change and he joined this organization to continue his evil ways. So why does everything have to change? Flashback reveals Yasu was some struggling punk but Gorou picked him up as his student and even taught him how to light a lighter. Pepel tells him not to show his face around again.

Every last bastion of smokers is stormed by the non-smokers. Even when they enter their secret final paradise, it isn’t long before Zvezda and the army of 85,000 non-smokers descend upon the place to give them a last chance to convert. But those stubborn guys won’t. Venera has had it and uses her iron gauntlet to punish them but it has no effect. Too stubborn to change? Even Roboko is malfunctioning from second hand smoke! Pepel is going to deal with Yasu and the latter remembers their final fight together. Gorou stopped smoking (turned to candies?) and mentions the only person who can kill him is Kate. They saw Kate standing over piles of defeated bodies. With Venera’s exuding such an evil aura, Yasu feels so scared that he rejoins them and curses the smokers! White Light confirms visual of all Zvezda members and unleashes a bomb that only affects the evil heart. Pepel throws Yasu at it. I don’t know how he survived but all Zvezda members manage to get away. White Robin and White Egret see those smokers getting up like zombies. They deduce it is a reason why they cannot be persuaded since they aren’t humans to begin with. Days went by and the incident is blown over. Everyone returns to their normal lives including Yasu who is slacking off. Kate gives him a lollipop for his urge. But when he lights up, the usual pail of water drops over his head. Some things never change.

Episode 4
Natasha sleepwalks and sleeps with Asuta. Nothing funny happened, though. Except maybe Asuta got beaten up by Itsuka. Asuta couldn’t believe that Roboko eats and cooks udo for her anyway. But Kate says Roboko only takes it raw and has him resupply Roboko’s energy by harvesting udo beneath their base. Suddenly the power goes out. An emergency meeting is called and it seems without this power, they won’t have the cloaking device that hides them away from the world. From their mumbo-jumbo talk, they need to get some parent root at the bottom where the ancient Udogawa civilization is. Asuta, Natasha and Kate make their RPG journey to the bottom while Gorou and Itsuka remain on standby at the base in case of attacks. Yasu? He’s slacking off as usual. When Asuta thinks something else is down here, Natasha brushes it off as fairies. She explains her flashback that since her parents were scientists, she dabbled in mecha and made lots of such toys. Although she wasn’t unhappy, this made other kids stay away from her. One day her parents decide to bring her to the land of fairies and take her hand through several places till they reach some underground darkness. She couldn’t remember what happened after that. It felt like she was walking for years. All she knew was Roboko was with her and subsequently Kate found her and had her join her organization. Was it this tunnel that led all the way from Ukraine to here? Since then, Natasha swore her loyalty to Kate. Her parents went missing. When they lost the parent root’s signal, they see the giant udo dying. Those fairies turn out to be dark haze to Asuta but in Natasha’s eyes, they look like her toys. She will stall them while the duo hurry to make the pistil and stamen pollinate. Natasha is probably overwhelmed by her fear when she probably saw her parents among the haze. Roboko suddenly jumps in to help. When Kate and Asuta manage to get the pollination, weakened Roboko now powers up and saves the day. The udo is reborn and the gang are surprised that Roboko ate Asuta’s cooking to get energy. This proves that she learnt to eat something else other than raw udo. As Roboko puts it, Asuta went all the trouble to make it for her. They fly up the hole and emerge from some manhole in the middle of town. An udo overgrowth is seen all over their base. Plenty to sell? And Yasu gets punished for slacking off…

Episode 5
While White Egret fights Pepel and Plamya, a pathetic chase is going on between Dva and White Robin. Dva accidentally gropes her boobs and they end up in a 69 position. This has commander reprimand White Robin for this embarrassing act while he praises White Egret. As for Zvezda, they are in a meeting about White Robin. Despite her looking like a weakling, Kate recognizes her as a formidable threat. Her girly senses tell her that. She has her subordinates discover White Robin’s identity and the successful one will be given this medal. Asuta meets Renge on their way to school and she looks tired and discouraged, hinting it was from her ‘part time job’. They also see Miki Shirasagi who is a model student loved by everyone. When Asuta sees a cute character doll on Renge’s back, he remembers it looks exactly like the one on White Robin’s sword. Could it be that Renge is White Robin? He observes the clumsy Renge doing things and she looks like an ordinary girl. Heck, she is on his list as the 27th girl he wants as his girlfriend! Asuta is going to eat lunch but a Kurukuru ate it all. Trying to hide it from Renge, he hints about his ‘part time job’ and something about ‘conquering the world’. Against his better judgment, he sneaks into the girls’ locker room to find clues of White Robin. Probably he took too long and the girls are back. He hides in the close so Renge freaks out to see Dva sitting there! He runs but Miki throws him out of the window.

Then White Robin descends to punish him. Kurukuru sends a signal to the other Zvezda members and they initiate their plan. When White Robin corners Dva at the construction site, a large tentacle monster grabs them. I know how this is going to end. Even Dva gets one. New awakening? With Kate going to put this humiliation on the internet, the tentacle is going to unmask her too. He tries to reach for her sword but had to grope her butt. He manages to take and cut down them free. Oh, there’s a convenient self destruct button too. Dva tries to sound cool (but pathetic) in his reasoning for saving her and wants her to give up justice. Her mask cracks but her stupid face doesn’t look anywhere close to Renge. Even her doll is slightly different. Dva feels stupid and disappointed. And he runs off like a tsundere. Of course White Robin is actually Renge as that silly face was another mask she put on as safety. Some article in White Light that prevents members from knowing each other’s identity too. Renge feels much better and even gloomy Asuta is glad to see her back this way. Renge is confident Dva won’t get away next time.

Episode 6
Asuta is tired for doing donkey chores for Zvezda. It’s no wonder he finds his school as a sanctuary. Well, that sanctuary is about to be invaded because Kate and Roboko (in super shy mode) become transfer students in his class! Of course they are here on an infiltration mission (as with other Zvezda members) to look for a treasure believed to be buried in this school. At least that is what the poster says. You think Asuta believes this crap? They make good friends with Renge since Asuta covers up their relationship as cousins. Back at Zvezda’s base, from Yasu’s infiltration he discovers anyone who mentions about the Treasure Club (the one who did the poster) ends up mysteriously transferring. Next day at school when everyone is in awe with Miki’s presence, Miki talks to Asuta hinting that they know each other in some sort. Something like Asuta proposed to her when he was young and was rejected. They ask around and it seems nobody knows who the real members of Treasure Club are. Natasha mentions a Treasure Club meeting at 4pm. There, the supposed leader, Madam M makes her addressing speech and announces the Udo Bride treasure that is believed to allow its possessor to conquer the world. Then she pinpoints and forces Asuta to acknowledge he desires the treasure so much and makes him dance a silly treasure dance! Freaking embarrassing! But the rest thinks it’s really good! She dismisses everyone to come to the school grounds tonight to find the treasure. Later it is revealed that this is a trap to get Zvezda and Madam M is no other than White Egret. This mission is to prove her individual worth to her commander. Meanwhile Kate tells Asuta that Natasha has discovered some secret room near the udo greenhouse and part of her encryption revealed all this is going on as predicted. In short, they are close to finding the treasure and realizing her dream of world conquest. That night before the treasure hunt begins, White Egret unsurprisingly turns out to be Miki and her subordinates explain the talisman charms hidden behind the posters pasted all over the school wars that will reduce Zvezda’s fearsome scientific weapons into toys. When everyone gathers, Renge is seen stumbling in. Earlier on she was told to be on standby (orders from her ‘part time job’) and thus couldn’t join in the hunt. I guess she changed her mind but is looking like the odd one out wearing a typical explorer’s full gear.

Episode 7
Madam M has everyone pair together to find little udo stones. This is to pinpoint which ones have high UDO readings and weed out Zvezda members. Natasha becomes an expert to explain how the stone looks like so Madam M agrees. When everyone starts searching, her underlings wonder if that is how the stone looks like. She brushes it off as there are actually any treasures since this is an operation to catch Zvezda. Gorou, who has been impersonating as the principal’s bust, overheard this and sends a Morse code to Yasu and Itsuka about this trap. However she is having a hard time trying to decipher its meaning. White Egret calls Renge to tell her about disobeying orders and should stay home. Just as she is about to give up, Kate finds a stone. So does Roboko. Madam M tests its authenticity by breaking it! It’s fake. Natasha has an idea to test it. By dropping it in the pool, if it is real, it will react somehow. None did. Kate is utmost disappointed. Madam M leaves as with the other club members. Madam M sarcastically hints of doing that dance. Kate believes it and forces Asuta to do it! I think he is having some traumatic memories right now. The girls egg him on and he finally moves. Some sort of reaction is seen in the pool so Madam M changes the plan and commences the operation immediately since all those by the pool show high UDO readings.

By the time Gorou is able to communicate about this trick, the barrier is activated. Renge goes off to call White Egret but all communications are cut. An army is seen sneaking into the school. Kate takes Asuta as they jump into the pool. Asuta thought he is drowning but finds himself in the desert. Before him a ruined civilization. Treasure-mad Kate looks for it but Asuta hears her getting into some argument. Before he knows it, darkness starts to chase and corner him. It turns out to be a giant demon of Kate. She’s complaining about conquering and targets Asuta who in turns pretend to be Dva and runs. White Egret calls her commander about the turn of events. Due to high UDO readings have reached dangerous level and the operation is now out of her jurisdiction. Everyone is shocked to see the giant demon child chasing Asuta. Still blabbing about conquest, she uses her iron gauntlet to smash the school. No casualties, though. In the aftermath, the school is closed and Asuta loses his sanctuary. He returns to his daily chores in Zvezda and feels it isn’t too bad. Renge doesn’t remember what happened after jumping into the pool. Gorou has identified those army men. They are not from White Light but the Tokyo Metropolitan Army’s strike force which is a unit under the governor’s direct command. And the governor… He’s Asuta’s father!

Episode 8
Kyoushirou the governor lectures White Light about their failure after providing countless support and intelligence. He wants things done his way but the commander say it isn’t necessary. He is going to unleash White Light’s best guardian: White Falcon. Actually that’s the commander and she’s a woman???!!! Asuta isn’t going to enjoy his only day off since Kate is dragging him around especially she becomes infatuated with her favourite Robo Butler hero show that is starting right now. It is hosted by Kaori Hayabusa who is no other than White Falcon’s real identity and alter ego. Yup, she’s a famous voice actress! Part of the show’s attraction is that Robo Butler will visit your home if you win a hammer game so Kate definitely wants this. She cheats by using her strength. Of course Asuta is trying to tell Kate about the implications of bringing somebody to their secret base. She doesn’t care. What if Robo Butler finds out she cheated? Kate has no choice but to admit and refuse the house visit. But Kaori hypnotizes them with her microphone and the home visit continues. She hypnotizes Natasha too and uses her talisman to diffuse all the traps. Meanwhile Gorou is at a patisserie exhibition and meets an old friend, Pierre. However things aren’t going too well between them and Pierre has him leave. Gorou remembers Pierre was kicked out of his yakuza group despite his pleas.

As Gorou enters the elevator, several men try to take him out. No match for this big guy. Pierre and the other guys surround him and mention this is a trap by White Light to capture him. It is easier since he is separated. However Pierre betrays White Light to help Gorou get away. He owes it to Madam Tsubaki. Pierre sacrifices himself to let him escape. When Itsuka returns she finds Kaori suspicious. She raises her sword when Kaori bullies Kate that Robo Butler will never turn up in naughty girls’ house! Itsuka is no match for her as White Falcon sends a signal to White Light to confirm Zvezda’s base. However they are all taken out by Pepel who does an overkill to destroy the base too. Seems Pepel and White Falcon have a long history together. Their epic battle in the street begins. Pepel calls her a traitor and the one who gave him that scar. White Falcon explains her hatred for Zvezda because they tossed aside Tsubaki’s life and now they got him too. Pepel tries to correct her but she’s not listening. Pepel believes the world conquest is not a dream and has been reborn. The fight ends in a draw. Plamya though Pepel has taken some damage with his bleeding. But it turns out Pierre’s cake saved his life and got ruined. I guess this is their dinner tonight. And they can have it under the open sky. Isn’t it romantic?

Episode 9
Coincidentally, Asuta and Renge are on the same bus to the hotspring as their ‘part time jobs’ proposed. It’s a masked hotspring so everyone can relax without their identity being known. Mask might become a taboo word for Asuta… The old couple greets and takes them to their respective rooms. Granny is part of White Light as she leads White Robin to the room where White Egret and White Falcon are waiting. No formalities needed. Just relax. Similarly, Grandpa is a Zvezda member and takes Asuta to his fellow comrades. There are actually more Zvezda members? At least this proves their influence reaches other corners of the world. White Robin talks to White Egret while soaking in the hotspring. The former praises the person she yearns to be: Miki. Unknowing that White Egret and Miki are the same person. They leave when Zvezda girls come in. Thanks to the steam, they can’t see each other clearly. After the bath, Kate somehow wears Asuta’s robe and has him wear his Zvezda outfit. Dva bumps into White Robin and they talk instead of fight. Thinking that their organizations don’t know the other is here, they feel if they keep quiet, no untoward incident will happen. However White Egret sees this and isn’t pleased. During dinner, the other Zvezda members are getting some sort of attention from other patrons. Kate falls asleep so Asuta brings her back to her room.

Granny gives Dva a letter from White Robin saying to meet in the woods. However it is a trap by White Egret to kill him. An explosion occurs and Zvezda realizes something is wrong. However some of the patrons are White Light members. Is their doom imminent? Not quite. Some of the other patrons are Zvezda members so it’s a faceoff between the foot soldiers. Itsuka tries to go see if Kate is alright but is stopped by White Falcon. However she got her old wound and is forced to abandon the match. Granny is going to kill Kate but is stopped by Grandpa. They never knew each other’s secret identity and so their decades of blissful marriage end up like this. I wonder how Kate can sleep through the commotion. White Egret wants Dva to resign from Zvezda and stay away from White Robin as she symbolizes her as some hope and justice shield that will protect the people. Dva is not happy with her thinking because it reminds him of a certain adult trying to impose his ideals on his kid. White Falcon knows who Dva is. She takes off her mask to show herself as Miki and mocks his proposal to her. Although he says he doesn’t like her anymore, she continues ridiculing him that he might propose to Venera next. White Robin sees all of this and an explosion rocks the place and White Robin helps bring Dva away. His mask falls off and she is surprised to see his true identity. Next day, everyone leaves the inn. Yasu is seen leaving with Kaori. Asuta boards the bus with Renge but the latter is just keeping quiet. Asuta is shocked to see his town devastated.

Episode 10
As narrated, when Japan descended into a civil war. Only West Udogawa declared its neutrality and spared of war. But now looks like it has become a warzone. The Zvezda members are hiding nearby their base since the army is surrounding it. They think Yasu has sold them out. Kate is grumpy and crazy since she lost Galaktika. The army blows up the base. Now they’re homeless. Wanted posters of them are pasted everywhere. Kate isn’t enthusiastic anymore and getting crazier from her withdrawal. Worse, Natasha notes they can only transform one more time each. They can’t retreat now or they will never rise again. That night they hear a public announcement on the radio by White Robin to plead for Zvezda’s members to surrender themselves and give up on their world conquest. White Falcon leaves White Light’s commanding post to White Egret. Though, now she becomes a direct subordinate under Kyoushirou. Zvezda’s makeshift base in the park that sticks out like a sore thumb is surrounded by the army. Kate goes out to give them a lecture about what they are fighting for. They don’t give a damn and are given orders to fire. Pepel and Roboko stay behind to deal with the menace and let the rest escape. Kate is the only one who doesn’t know that the governor is Asuta’s father. But Asuta wants to remain with Zvezda because they accepted him for who he was and never questioned why he ran away from home. He thinks of turning himself in so that he won’t be so focused in catching the group. That won’t do for Kate since he is a vital part of her world conquest plan. Asuta beats himself up as a loser who only knows how to run away and has never conquered anything.

Next day, the Zvezda purge is in full force. White Robin is disheartened to see defeated and wounded Pepel and Roboko being mistreated. She discloses her report to Kaori and learns White Egret is cooperating with the government. She thinks they shouldn’t be cooperating but Kaori says she isn’t the commander anymore. Natasha is taking the gang to some place that will power up Kurukuru. The girls are fine as long as they have Kate but Asuta is being pessimistic that this brat can turn the tables. When they reach out of the tunnel, White Egret and her army are waiting for them. She gives them a chance to surrender but as expected they won’t. White Robin doesn’t approve of her method of using force. So she stands in between then while revealing her true identity. Although Zvezda has done many unlawful actions to disrupt the peace, White Light has lost its right to judge them. They no longer have the people’s might and only the military’s might. The world has become a twisted place so she asks Kate if she still wants to conquer it. Of course! Asuta can’t let Renge be dragged into this any further so he gives himself up. But Whit Egret mentions that the governor does not want his return. She simply puts it as his son who was kidnapped by a terrorist organization is killed in a crossfire. The army starts firing and Uumu is taken out. Kurukuru blows up to protect them and some time to escape. Renge takes Asuta and run as Kate reminds them not to give up too early as the world hasn’t changed.

Episode 11
Flashback reveals in some ancient civilization, Kate stopped growing when she decided to take on world conquest. Despite the long journey and sacrifices, she believes she will conquer the world. Asuta and Renge become fugitives. They are lucky enough to be a step ahead and escape from the army who are searching hard for them. A week has passed and Asuta worries what has happened to the others. Miki holds a press conference that West Udogawa will be annexed by Tokyo and renamed Tokyo D.C. Yasu is some big shot director but he is sending raised eyebrows to journalists about his odd policies. Natasha is captured and confined. She is only left alive because they are going to extract knowledge from her the advanced technology that they found after mapping Zvezda’s huge secret underground labyrinth. Natasha becomes even disheartened to see Roboko dismantled. Kaori sees Gorou’s motionless body in a capsule and remembers she was warning her sister Tsubaki that Gorou is being tricked by Venera. Unlike her, Tsubaki accepted Gorou’s decision but when she died, Kaori confronted Gorou who is in the midst of dismantling his gang. She stabs him in the back and blames him for her sister’s death. But Gorou can’t die then or else Tsubaki won’t forgive him. Kaori thinks he has got what he deserves. Kyoushirou makes a live broadcast to belittle Zvezda. He also intentionally abuses Galaktika knowing Kate is watching but she has to hold in her anger. He also announces that the martial law on Tokyo that has been in effect for the last 3 years will be lifted. Well, Tokyo is now almost the entire Japan. Kate and Itsuka are seeking refuge in West Udogawa’s mayor’s house.

Asuta and Renge are at the rooftop of their old school talking about old times. He explains how his father is a selfish man who only cares for himself. If he doesn’t understand how those closest to him feels, how can he understand the people’s feelings and run as a governor? Oddly, Asuta once looked up to him because he was strong. His mom eventually left him but was unfazed. The night before she left, she cooked the worst meal ever, even worse than Itsuka’s but Kyoushirou didn’t even flinch. He just ate without saying anything. Not because it was his wife’s cooking and he tolerated it, he sees there are many others who can replace her. Asuta adds that if he has a chance to relive his life and do what he wants, it is to tell others that they can become anything and everything they want to be. He wants to be by the side of those who won’t laugh at him for saying that. Renge snatches his gas mask and teases him to take it back. He teaches her how to do the Zvezda salute before going off. Renge takes it as a sign he rejected her. Kyoushirou and West Udogawa’s mayor is about to start the signing ceremony when Venera and Plamya crash in. Venera sees Kyoushirou in possession of Galaktika and tries to hold in her emotions. Meanwhile Natasha’s tears turn into… Kurukuru? Miki wants to cut all broadcast but Kyoushirou is fine with it. Let this stage be Zvezda’s public execution. Venera can sense that his smoke isn’t the ordinary nicotine and is something more malevolent since Galaktika goes up in flames when he lights up. She knows he isn’t human anymore.

Episode 12
Plamya and White Egret gear up for a fight while Venera charges at Kyoushirou but is blocked by his barrier. His smoke weakens her and Asuta returns to her side. When Plamya’s eye-patch falls off, she starts crying like a baby! Even worse, when Venera is giving her grand speech, she falls asleep! Before the guards could shoot to kill, all the Kurukuru gather to become a giant monster. Kyoushirou foresaw this and unleashes his secret giant robot that Yasu is controlling. Uumu who is controlling the monster is too weak to fight the robot and each blow turns part of it back to Kurukuru. Kaori continues to blame Gorou and wanted to beat him up. But he wakes up and breaks free from his chains. He explains Tsubaki wasn’t expendable and doesn’t want Kaori to follow her footsteps and find her own happiness. To shut her up, he kisses her. The monster is defeated and the robot seizes Venera in his hands. Kyoushirou sees Yasu having Galaktika. This means the one they destroyed was a fake. Some cute girl steals it from him and hands it back to Dva. That girl is actually Roboko. She didn’t really get dismantled. Consider her as ‘shedding her skin’. Do robots grow? Dva uses Galaktika to fight his father but the barrier still protects him. White Robin drops in to give Galaktika devour a vending machine. Galaktika starts dragging Dva around. Is this supposed to be a joke? Plamya continues to be sad but Pepel is back and he has White Falcon on his side. She remembers she was crying at her mom’s funeral when she met Kate. She thought cry-babies cannot become a leader in Zvezda but Kate told her to cry when she needs to. Kate recruited her into her team and gave that eye-patch. Galaktika returns to Venera’s hand and Zvezda regroups. Yasu senses something bad is going to happen so he flees. Typical coward.

Kyoushirou merges with the robot and everyone starts to battle with it. Including former tank army division who have converted to Zvezda. Venera shows off her cool motorbike riding skills and even has a licence that will never expire. She can ride this so well but not her bicycle? I guess they’re both different sets of two-wheelers. The smoke is choking them but their secret vending machine with milk replenishes them. Everyone has their turn hitting the robot with their power move. But for Dva… He’s only got a fly swatter? White Egret is confused so White Robin asks her what she is fighting for. A world where they can laugh together. That makes 2 of them. White Egret joins White Robin in taking down Kyoushirou. In the final showdown between the bosses, Kyoushirou mocks Venera’s conquest of meeting every single person in this world. Venera remains steadfast in doing that as that is the basics of world conquest. She won’t further reveal her world conquest details. Dva hopes it’s not because she doesn’t have a plan… Venera powers up with Galaktika and knocks Kyoushirou off the robot. He couldn’t believe he lost to a little girl and he stuffs a bun in his mouth. Yasu the turncoat cheers on for Venera but gets reprimanded he’ll never get dinner. With this, West Udogawa or in fact the entire Japan has been conquered! Asuta narrates the aftermath that their lives go on like normal. Everyone knows Venera’s name. White Light is sticking around but not too sure if they are friend or foe. Most likely still the latter. More shocking, Gorou and Kaori got married! The latter suddenly like a loving wife! Was it that kiss that brainwashed her? By the way, Pierre is still alive and seen making their wedding cake. Asuta isn’t happy Kate built a giant sized busty adult statue of herself. He wants to take it down but a baseball comes crashing and destroying it instead. Zvezda takes it as a threat of a new enemy and Roboko detects the attack from the other side of the world! New York? Another secret organization trying to take over the world? Hmm… Looks like Yankee freaks… Kate rallies her members if they want to go and conquer there but from everybody’s enthusiasm, it’s like they want to have fun in New York. Asuta vows never to let Kate conquer him but she smirks… Asuta’s conquest is underway…

Conquering Our Hearts: Almost!
One small step for Kate. One giant step for Zvezda! The world might look like a small place but when you are taking on the giant feat of world conquest, it looks like a vast and endless place. And so with West Udogawa and probably Japan in the bag, the road to true world conquest seems like a long way to go. But with Kate who seemingly never grows up, I think she’ll achieve that. But as for now, let us review the conquest that Kate and her members have achieved so far. Read: My thoughts on this anime. In a nutshell, this is a great anime thanks to its wacky and nonsensical nature. We got wacky characters and sometimes the plot to take over the world seems farfetched but that is what makes this anime funny. Especially the interactions between the characters of the world conquest team. It makes you wonder if they are really the bad guys and question the meaning of world conquest. Usually when you want to dominate the world, you’ll be instantly painted as a bad guy, right? It is not so clear cut in this case since Zvezda doesn’t even act like a typical baddie organization. So you might be confused as to who are the bad guys or the good guys. The lines are blurred that it there is no such thing as good or bad. Of course our Zvezda members are the ‘heroes’ in this anime and like all other heroes of justice, their fist will prevail in the end to all those who oppose. All hail and salute the great Zvezda! *Makes Zvezda hand salute gesture*.

There is great comical action as well as comical dialogue to enhance the nonsensical effect. For the latter, sometimes in the form of very exaggerated unbelievable explanations. Those like you can pluck out of thin air and string them together in a sentence to make it look like some legend. Yeah. Stretching it back to the early civilizations and have connection with aliens. Sounds like a load of bull that anybody can make up and even win first prize in a storytelling contest. But when you take into account that curious past of Kate, it may not be a load of crap. After all, with giant monsters powered but thousands of cute little blobs, an underground ancient civilization beneath the base and supernatural powers that are unexplained, you might start to think that all this nonsense aren’t really garbage or baloney to begin with and have a much deeper connection. After all, our puny minds can’t begin to understand such ancient and ‘high technology’ advances.

The weird, quirky and colourful characters make up much for the craziness you see in this anime. Imagine, a ragtag team consisting of a little girl as the leader, a swordswoman, a big yakuza dude, a professor who loves wearing skimpy bikinis, a robot with emotions, a coward smoker and a normal kid. You would never think that this would be a world conquest team but instead some Halloween party! Get your trick or treat candies ready. Uh huh. Those black leather suits that they wear may sometimes make you think that this is also some S&M party. It is hard not to find them lovable and as odd as their personality, they don’t act like typical bad guys. Only people like Kyoushirou do. Something tells me that they want to paint politicians as such evil beings. Oh what the heck. Aren’t they? Also, something tells me that this anime is also vouching for a no smoking campaign. Yes, people. Smoking is bad for your health! If only there was such an effective method of dropping a bucket of water on a smoker’s head the instant he/she lights up. Complete with the bucket dropping on the head as a sign to say “You dope! Please don’t smoke! Don’t you ever forget that!”. Haha!

Although Asuta isn’t really interested in world conquest, the only reason why I think he is hanging around Zvezda (aside that he was forced to) is because he had nowhere to go and is just doing their whims and fancies just to alleviate his boredom. Not to say he finds his normal mundane life boring. In fact, I think he would prefer it much that way. So how does one repay a group of strangers who take him in and provide a roof over his head? You become their underling and foot soldier as well as obey their commander’s orders. I think that is suffice at least for Asuta. Maybe along the way he’d understand Kate’s obsession for world conquest. Like other members, he doesn’t possess any super powers and I think the most useful skill he has as a member is his cooking! That’s important, right? Can’t conquer the world on an empty stomach.

As for Kate, there is more to her than meets the eye. At first you thought she is just some runaway little girl who wants to play world conquest instead of doll house just to get back at her parents. But that short clip of her flashback that looked like she was some sort of God in some ancient civilization may have something to do with it all. Her creepy looking doll Galaktika should be the biggest giveaway that it isn’t some toy but a world conquest tool with unexplained powers. It just feels odd that whenever she uses it, she sticks her hand into its anus… Perhaps world conquest is just a fancy name for something else because as we see, it is hinted there is some other creature possessing Kyoushirou (something that is of smoke based) and perhaps a natural enemy to Kate. Heck, it might get even complicated instead of just a simple world domination. Well leave that for discussion for another day. Roboko is another mystery since our perception of her is that she is a robot. However her actions feel that she is as human as her Zvezda counterparts. It is as though she is a girl just wearing a steel suit.

Other characters are likeable too and some of the Zvezda members have their own flashbacks that give us more insights of their past and how they came to join Kate’s cause. Though, I feel that it could be expanded to further understand how they came to pledge their loyalty to Kate. All we do know is that each one believes in Kate and this is important for her to carry out her world conquest. How can you conquer the world when you don’t have the trust of your subordinates? Yasu is the only exception that being the coward he is, the only reason he sticks around is because to maintain his bad boy image (but he looks like a wuss after everything we have seen) and his fear of the great Venera is making him stay. Otherwise, he’ll jump ship the slightest hint he thinks somebody is even more powerful than her. In addition, it feels like his role is to be the fall guy since he always messes up things. Oddly, for somebody like Kaori who hates Zvezda for all her life, suddenly she becomes Gorou’s husband and joins Zvezda’s cause. Probably she was blinded by the false fact that this organization caused the death of her sister. And with that gone (the kiss did it, I presume), she’s a much better person. I prefer her this goofy instead of somebody serious :).

White Light as a secret organization of justice too has their own quirks. Although always at the opposite end of Zvezda’s schemes, with people like Renge/White Robin on board, as long as she doesn’t lose her own sense of justice, this organization won’t go astray. It goes to show that despite being like cats and dogs, oil and water, fire and ice, White Light and Zvezda can still put away their differences and fight together for the greater good that threatens everything. They should cooperate like this more often. But then again, they might as well join up if that is the case. Which isn’t going to happen since both sides still have their own ideologies and beliefs. So it is like White Light is here to keep Zvezda in check. Like a big cat and mouse, cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians tag game.

The art and drawing is quite bright and vivid, making the surroundings lively with its vibrant colours. Sometimes it makes everything looks cartoonish but with all the nonsensical stuffs happening, that won’t be the main issue. But I noticed that the backgrounds and sceneries they have this manila cardboard shading. You know those oak pattern tones in those thick coloured A4 papers? On a trivial note, the next episode preview is amusing and to some you might want to ‘puke’. Because it features Yasu as a great, hot, cool and handsome guy. A great picture of him either as a host guy, a prince charming, a millionaire bathing in his money, a Greek philosopher or some feudal lord just to name a few among them. The kind that would have girls drooling over or the fujoshi types start fantasizing with deep passion with (insert name of the current hottest hunk you would like to see gay with). He is narrating his lines perfectly and so coolly that you wonder if this dude is a different person. Of course towards the end, you’ll realize the idiocy and that he is just some loser and the same idiot we know all along.

In the voice acting department, Kana Hanazawa was recognizable to me as she voices Natasha/Uumu. It’s one of her characters that lack emotion like Noir in Dog Days and Roka in D-Frag! Misaki Kuno as Kate/Venera did a good job in making her character sound like a bratty loli. She also voiced other loli characters such as Mimi in Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS and Serara in Log Horizon. Other casts include Natsuki Hanae as Asuta/Dva (Hikari in Nagi No Asukara), Mariya Ise as Itsuka/Plamya (Stocking in Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt), Minoru Hirota as Gorou/Pepel (Mitsume Yazura in Nurarihyon No Mago 2), Erii Yamazaki as Roboko (Hibari in Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san), Kousuke Toriumi as Yasu/Odin (Kiba in Naruto), MAO as Renge/White Robin (Kazumi in Gokukoku No Brynhilder), Minako Kotobuki as Miki/White Falcon (Tsumugi in K-ON!), Maaya Sakamoto as Kaori/White Falcon (Ciel in Kuroshitsuji) and Takaya Kuroda as Kyoushirou (Capricorn in Fairy Tail).

Be Mine is the opening theme by Maaya Sakamoto. Sounds crazy and enthusiastic enough if you’re into the pace of world conquest. It is just funny to see everybody keeps falling onto Asuta who is trying to run away from everything… Eventually Kate got him. The ending theme is a slower pace and sounds like a space song. At first I didn’t recognize Aoi Yuuki’s voice in singing VisuMania as I am not familiar with her singing. Plus, she didn’t have a voice acting role in this anime, a rare occurrence as usually she would have a role in both singing the theme song and the main character.

Overall, this anime is fun and enjoyable to watch especially if you want some laughs. There is potential for it to expand given the developments of the characters, their past and the setting of the entire story but even if you are not into so much of all that, it still won’t take away much of your enjoyment. At least it makes you feel like a kid again because with a loli as the leader of an evil organization whose ultimate goal is world conquest, it brings back childhood memories whereby you played with your other childhood friends or school friends of such roleplaying. Do you not dream of taking over the world and ruling it your own way as a kid? Or were you the kind who always played the hero of justice? They’re making world conquest here sound like something fun and revolutionary but I guarantee you that the real deal is no fun. Harsh reality and the shackles of society are already enough to make you lose your enthusiasm. Then again, maybe I do need to join a world conquest group just for a change in pace. I hope Kate’s organization is still open for recruitment.  I have fetish for maids and my special skills are watching anime all day long and writing long-winded blogs about them. Yup. Conquest of animes: Still in progress.

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