How do you get students especially boys to have an interest in the boring and dry subject of history? Why, change all the historical figures into females of course! I thought I had seen it all during my stint with Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls but it seems Sengoku Otome Momoiro Paradox is doing it all over again. Just like in the former series, this series has its characters based on historical characters from Japan’s colourful history. The Sengoku period (Warring States era) in particular whereby Japan would be unified under the Tokugawa Shogunate.

However for this anime, the producers just didn’t came out with the idea from thin air because this series is based on a pachinko game of the same name (most animes are adapted either from manga or video games). I don’t know. I’ve never played pachinko in my life before nor have I been someone who is even curious enough to find out the basic rules of the game but I guess this theme is particular popular in Japan so much so the idea of adapting it into an anime series seems called for. Call it a man’s (perverted) fantasy because to turn the man who reunited all of Japan into a woman seems like an insult. Now why would you do that? It’s like turning George Washington or Abraham Lincoln into the opposite sex, right?

In this show, we have a petite ditzy school girl named Yoshino “Hideyoshi” Hide. To describe her in a word: She’s a trouble magnet. Yeah, she even admitted that herself. Bad luck follows her like her own shadow. Not that she enjoys it but it’s part of life. Things turn for the worse when she is mysteriously teleported back to the feudal era and is roped into help the feudal lord gather pieces of armour to conquer the land. She didn’t just go back in time. Perhaps an alternate parallel world because everyone here are females! Where have all the young men gone? Gone to graveyards everyone? Haha. Don’t even start about being abducted by aliens. And to think that she has experienced the worst in life and things wouldn’t get even worse than this. Thrust back into an era whereby iPod, iPhones and even the most basic of handphones are even unheard of. Bet you even know the history of these gadgets more than your own country’s struggle, trials and tribulations, eh?

Episode 1
Yoshino thought she could sneak in unnoticed for her history class (blame her bad luck on getting to class) but was eventually found out by her history teacher, Masamune Date. Hideyoshi is giving lots of excuses why she can’t sleep earlier or take the early train so history freak Date (see all the ancient items in her room!) warns if she fails the next test, she will have to sit for supplementary classes throughout summer vacation. Oh God! Entire summer on history?! No way! Needing a quick way out of it, Hideyoshi goes to pray at a nearby shrine to pass her tests. Seriously, for a girl who has bad luck almost her entire life trying to get good luck? What are the chances? And she has only 1 Yen to spare. Pathetic. I’m sure the Gods aren’t amused. Hideyoshi spots something going on in the room behind the shrine. This is just the start of her bad luck streak. After slipping on a pachinko ball, tripping, nearly having the bell fall on her, she stumbles into the room while some mysterious character is doing some mysterious prayer procession and whoosh! In a flash she is transported to the mountains. Where could this be? The nearby village is on fire. Hideyoshi is still confused and thought she saw her friend-cum-classmate, Mitsuhide Akechi. Mitsuhide doesn’t recognize her though Hideyoshi thinks everything that has happened so far isn’t funny. Confronted with a band of bandits, out of the fire comes Nobunaga Oda. She swings her Blade of Cruelty to save the day. Hideyoshi is brought back to Nobunaga’s castle and she thinks the castle that is void of lights is to save electricity! Still in denial, eh? Worse, there is no signal for her handphone. Nobunaga has never seen such a device before and her suggestion to fix it is to smash it! Well, that always works if you see it on TV, right? Only thing is there is no TV here! Hideyoshi’s handphone is precious to her (who doesn’t value their handphone these days?) but Mitsuhide doesn’t trust her. However Nobunaga thinks of having her help them out. She looks different and her heart is telling her that she isn’t just an ordinary girl (a girl with bad luck is more like it). Hideyoshi insists she wants to go home and fails to realize that she may have gone to a different era when she couldn’t even recognize if there was such a big castle in her neighbourhood. Still in denial? No train stations, no hamburgers, no nothing. Checking her history textbook to confirm, the only thing that puzzles her is that everyone here is female. I guess she got lost so Nobunaga picks her back to her castle. Looks like she’ll be living here for a while. Mitsuhide not happy with that. But she isn’t going to just be a freeloader. Hideyoshi has to help Nobunaga to gather the Crimson Armour. Legend has it that a general who wore it will certainly conquer the land. However the general incurred the god’s wrath and lost his life while the armour scattered and lost throughout the land. Nobunaga seeks the Crimson Armour for her conquest and to unite Japan as a nation. Hideyoshi gladly accepts her task till she can find a way back home. Later Hideyoshi runs into a dog with a helmet. The odd part is, this dog can talk!

Episode 2
It’s hard adjusting to life without modern amenities, eh? Note, I wouldn’t call this bad luck. Referring to her history textbook again and puzzled that everyone here are girls, she thinks they are historical cosplaying otakus! That’s a nice way of putting it but no, it doesn’t help her situation. Nobunaga gives Hideyoshi a proper dress to wear since she’ll stand out like a sore thumb with her school uniform. Then along with Mitsuhide, they go revisit the burnt village (Hideyoshi’s butt must be hurting from that horse ride – I wanted to make a sex-related joke here but I had to refrain). They see everyone working hard picking up the pieces as Mitsuhide announces Nobunaga’s visit to cheer them for their hard work despite their sorrow. However to Hideyoshi, mere words won’t be just enough. She gets involved with the villagers, attracting them with her handphone music. Nobunaga notices she easily captured the peasants’ hearts and is correct to have chosen her. As a reward, Hideyoshi is given her own room back in the castle albeit small but it’s good enough. Seeing how plain and bare her wooden room is, she decides to do some interior decorating. I’m sure such words are alien to Mitsuhide. The helmet dog runs into her again. He is Shiro and seems he too is not of this world and knows Hideyoshi is also from a different world. Guess what? Shiro is the only guy here but I wouldn’t count him because he’s a dog… Shiro may seem knowledgeable but when Hideyoshi asks about how people are born here (because there are no men), he returns to that children’s story of stork delivery or from the cabbage. Duh. More importantly, he isn’t sure if she can return to her own world. So much for being smart. Smart ass more like it. Next morning, Mitsuhide is appalled Hideyoshi has decorated her room (I find it rather okay) but Nobunaga finds it nice. Plus, Shiro reverts to a normal dog whenever he is with others. Looks like he only ‘talks’ to Hideyoshi. Mitsuhide still isn’t thrilled with Hideyoshi and challenges her to several matches to show her the true spirit of a warrior. Seriously, challenge a girl like Hideyoshi? As expected, Hideyoshi fails badly in all the matches. Whether it is dagger throwing, shooting arrows or cutting the hay with the sword. In a face to face duel with Mitsuhide, Hideyoshi pulls off some kung fu moves she loves discussing with her friends. As flashy and entertaining this last bout may be, eventually Hideyoshi lost. In fact, she lost all her matches. Nobunaga is impressed and wants her to continue learning martial arts under Mitsuhide (Grrr…). She also wants Hideyoshi to call her “My Lord” and be her official retainer like Mitsuhide. Later eye-patched Masamune talks to Mitsuhide about information of a piece of the Crimson Armour. Yoshimoto Imagawa has the left leg piece. Mitsuhide will make arrangements to leave with Nobunaga for negotiations.

Episode 3
Archer Yoshimoto learns from her retainer, Ieyasu Tokugawa that Nobunaga is on her way here to negotiate for her Crimson Armour part. She is so bored that she can’t wait to meet her. Nobunaga and her retainers are on their way to meet Yoshimoto. Because whiny Hideyoshi has been complaining nonstop, they decide to stop at the next sweets stall. However they are surrounded by Yoshimoto and her guards. Hideyoshi thought she saw her other friend too, but Ieyasu doesn’t recognize her. Though Yoshimoto sees no use of the armour, she also has no reason to give it to her. She challenges Nobunaga to break through her army to get it. If she can. The trio rest in a nearby inn. Nobunaga thinks Yoshimoto has no real intentions of fighting and scoffs off Mitsuhide’s idea of raising an army to just get the armour. Hideyoshi has an idea: Recreation. Do they even know what that word means? They’ll find out. Nobunaga sends a sarcastic letter of challenge to Yoshimoto that they should settle this between generals or she’ll be a laughing stock for generations. Clearly Yoshimoto has fallen for it. At Okehazama, the generals will fight in a best of 3 matches. The match will be decided via draw from a box. So this is recreation? Each of them can write what kind of duel they want so Nobunaga further taunts Yoshimoto to write all “Archery” if she feels she is just good at that. Yup, she has fallen for it again. The first match is a wrestling match between Mitsuhide and Ieyasu. Mitsuhide has the upper-hand but some magical force causes her leg to trip, thus giving Ieyasu the winning point. Then Nobunaga wins the beach volleyball match (I’m surprised they know how to play it) and it seems this isn’t just a best of 3 match because they played every other match in the box. The last one will settle it since both sides are levelled. It’ll be kite fighting. Ieyasu and Hideyoshi will be tied to the kite. Why Hideyoshi? Because she’s the lightest. Hah! She’ll never diet again. In addition to Nobunaga and Yoshimoto battling it out, Ieyasu and Hideyoshi will also have to duke it out. Plus, a large firework is strapped to each of the kite’s back and after a certain time, the fuse will be lit. Is this really kite fighting? Ieyasu thought she had cut her own fuse so she is safe from the blast but it seems Yoshimoto has taken the liberty to replace it! So Ieyasu’s kite blast off first. She is falling down like a rock. Hideyoshi wants to save her so Nobunaga is impressed with her pity for the enemy and swoops the kite down to grab her. However at this point, Hideyoshi’s fuse lights up and they are both sent blasting into the sky. I can’t believe the water was their safe landing after falling from that height. In the end, Yoshimoto gives Nobunaga her armour piece. She isn’t interested in conquering the land but would prefer watching how Nobunaga will do so. However Ieyasu takes a personal interest in the armour even if her master doesn’t. As reward for her ‘bravery’, Nobunaga gives Hideyoshi a sack of mochi sweets. Was it worth it? Later Hideyoshi refers to her textbook to find that Yoshimoto was killed at Okehazama and this is where Nobunaga’s conquest began. But more importantly, Hideyoshi knew Shiro was peeping at the ladies taking a bath and whacks him. It didn’t help when he mentioned he wasn’t interested with those without breasts.

Episode 4
Nobunaga and her retainers are watching the eternal battle between Kenshin Uesugi of Echigo and Shingen Takeda of Kai. Seriously, after 598 straight draws, where the heck did they get so much energy still? A rumour has it that the fight started over something trivial but Hideyoshi thinks they get along well because they seem to be enjoying the fight. Nobunaga finds her answer interesting. Hideyoshi thinks of snapping a picture of their fight but she got a little too close and the impact wrecks her handphone. However Nobunaga isn’t here for just sightseeing. These 2 have part of the Crimson Armour she needs and negotiating and exchange for gold did not turn out favourable. Why would they sell their family treasure for money? Mitsuhide has an idea. Side with one of them to defeat the other. As reward, they’ll get the armour from the loser and as reward from the winner. Nobunaga reprimands Mitsuhide for using such a cowardly tactic. That night, Mitsuhide bumps into Ieyasu in the forest. Ieyasu knows her wish to make Nobunaga happy and advises her to do something that will accomplish that. Because Hideyoshi is still complaining about her broken handphone, she excuses herself when Nobunaga makes light of it. She then stumbles Mitsuhide scheming to launch a secret night strike with several guards in a shed. Being the dumb blonde, she got tied up in the woodshed. Nobunaga went looking for Hideyoshi and spots her handphone on the ground before finding the tied up girl and learned everything. I don’t know if Mitsuhide was a slow ass or Nobunaga was just super fast because the latter managed to get ahead of Mitsuhide and stopped her dead in her tracks. She is not happy that she disobeyed her order of no interference. As punishment, she got spectacles drawn over her face. Next day, Nobunaga cuts into Kenshin and Shingen’s match to battle her for the armour. She mocks their weak fights because there is no apparent winner and that they seem to be enjoying it. A war means taking lives. Nobunaga fights Shingen first and her deadly aura is proof she is serious in wanting the armour to conquer the land. Shingen questions her desire for it but she questions them back why they don’t seek it. Nobunaga wins her match. Shingen agrees to give her the armour with a condition that she takes her head. She doesn’t want to live with shame. She is ready to do so but Kenshin cuts in between. She wants Nobunaga to spare Shingen’s life and take hers instead. Nobunaga backs out with an excuse that their heads aren’t worth displaying. In the end, she got both their armours. Her retainers thought it was a brilliant plan to let Kenshin plead for Shingen’s life but Nobunaga really did intend to take Shingen’s head. Kenshin and Shingen continue their fight while noting Nobunaga’s strength as the real deal. Since Nobunaga ‘won’ that match, they can’t let her take the lead in their battle.

Episode 5
Yoshimoto is so bored but she won’t conquer the land as suggested by Ieyasu. Instead, she will go hawk hunting with Nobunaga. Well, seems Shingen and Kenshin invited themselves not because they want to regain the armour but they heard there will be a banquet. The hawk is skilled enough to get a pheasant. Nobunaga asks Hideyoshi what meat she wanted and her reply was a bunny to keep. The hawk enters the thick dark forest and never came out. So the ladies went in to look for it. They stumble upon an area believed to be the burial grounds for those beheaded during the war. They are surprised to see Masamune telling ghost stories to real zombies! She’s not doing it for fun, you know. In order to leave, they must tell 100 stories that satisfy the dead. Ghost stories. She seeks their help but they don’t believe her and try to walk away to find the hawk but each time find themselves returning to the same spot. No choice, they have to join in the ghost story. Something Mitsuhide is very weak at. The ladies take turn telling their ghost stories and at the end of each story, a candle will be burnt out. All must be out to complete the ritual. Mitsuhide becomes the annoying scaredy cat, screaming and whining even before the story turns scary. So much so she had to be tied up several times to be shut up. I don’t know why they even let her try. She got spooked out by her own story. But at the rate they are going, it’s going to take an awful long time and they have run out of stories. Nobunaga intends to tell the scariest story that will blow away all the candles. Hideyoshi thinks she has a scary one so Nobunaga forces her to whisper it to her. Seems the zombies are quivering in fear whenever Nobunaga speaks or struggles (Hideyoshi trying to calm her master down). In the end, all the candles are out and the zombies see Nobunaga as one who is worthy of ruling the land. The ladies not only found their way out, they also found the hawk and the rabbit Hideyoshi wanted. Ieyasu is talking to a ninja named Hanzou about Nobunaga’s conquest and that she will snatch the armour from her once she gathers it all. Hideyoshi spots them but didn’t think of anything much. The ladies have a good feast except for Hideyoshi because she wanted to rabbit alive as a pet not as fried meat! Yeah, Nobunaga forces her to eat it! Do rabbits taste like chicken?

Episode 6
On a rainy day, Mitsuhide remembers how she first met Nobunaga. Then, she was serving under Lord Kubou. She heard a commotion that Nobunaga challenged several ladies to wrestling to relieve her boredom. None of them impressed her so Mitsuhide was forced to take part. Though Mitsuhide lost, she wasn’t that bad and Nobunaga took an interest in her. Next day, Nobunaga forced Mitsuhide to go out and enjoy with her because the latter is always cooked up in her room writing. They had fun by the river and farming with the villagers before returning. Nobunaga tastes Mitsuhide’s great tea making and wishes her to be her retainer for she wants to conquer the land and needs her wisdom and talent. She was happy she said those words solely directed at her and the rest was history. Meanwhile Nobunaga decides to show Hideyoshi a secret place. Entering a secret passage that goes through the behinds of the castle walls laden with traps (one wrong move and you’re dead!). Hideyoshi wonders why she carries a pipe she never smokes. It’s a good luck charm given by her grandma. She recounts her mom reprimanded her for being a tomboy (she beat up girls who refused to listen to her). Grandma took her to see the water that runs through the village. With mastery of water, fields grow. But force them to obey and they will rebel. The hearts of women are like water. You must not use force. She gives her a pipe and whenever she feels angry or wanting to get violent, grip it tightly and wait for it to pass. Continuing the journey, Hideyoshi accidentally sets off a series of traps. It’s amazing they manage to evade it all by the skin of their teeth. Not bad considering a girl with bad luck. Or is it she’s with mighty Nobunaga? Eventually they got swept away by the underwater currents. Mitsuhide is practising in the rain and is joined by Masamune. She asks why Masamune doesn’t take the armour herself seeing she has information of the armour’s location. She’s not up to the task herself and doesn’t have talent for war nor is she a warrior. Masamune notes that Nobunaga has recently taken an interest in Hideyoshi but sees Mitsuhide more than sufficient. She must be expecting greater things from her. Mitsuhide pledges to see Nobunaga’s wish fulfilled even if it costs her her life. Suddenly Nobunaga and Hideyoshi wash up through a pond in front of them. Once Nobunaga and her retainers leave for her castle, Masamune takes off her eye-patch. Seems she is Date sensei from the future. Flashback reveals she was passing the shrine and a bright light caught her attention. Some guy possibly from the future (because of the futuristic-like clothes) disappeared in her arms but not before a gadget is dropped. Date used that gadget to do some ritual when Hideyoshi distracted her and sent them back to this era.

Episode 7
It’s that time of year again whereby Nobunaga will hold a festival for her people. Mitsuhide has once again prepared for dancing miko priestesses but Hideyoshi came out with an idea of putting on a play like a cultural festival. So the stage is under construction while Shiro offers her ideas for the script. In short, they all seem perverted and Shiro as the lustful hero. Not going to work. Hideyoshi thinks of asking the rest but seeing how ‘busy’ they are with their own work (more like being scary), the eager beaver who will help her out is Yoshimoto. She has lots of tales in her collection and even some that are steamy and yuri. I guess Hideyoshi has to agree with this but will have some parts changed. Hanzou reports to Ieyasu about the play. Everyone else practice their lines including a scene whereby Nobunaga receives the love of everyone. Yes, everyone! I don’t know, it felt like a big orgy scene. So much so it stimulated Shiro so much that he flew so far away into the big lake. Hideyoshi on her way back suddenly meets Shingen who offers her great food in exchange for a good part in the play. Subsequently Kenshin also does the same but with nice praises instead. Yoshimoto goes overboard with all the fancy clothes that will make her stand out in the play (why are there modern dresses like Bunny Playboy?!) while Mitsuhide is enjoying the moment she’ll get to be close to her lord. Ieyasu meets Hideyoshi to spice things up. She thinks of making Nobunaga go crazy by slicing everyone so that she can save the day and kill her. During the play, Mitsuhide gets stage fright, some ad-lib parts, Kenshin and Shingen thinking they’re outshining the other and Yoshimoto’s flashy entrance. No matter what, the crowd is just screaming all the way. Do they really understand what’s going on? Beats me either. As they get prepared for the final love scene, Hanzou thinks of helping her master out and sets fire to the stage. That dumb ninja didn’t expect the fire to get so big and out of hand, eh? Everyone manages to evacuate except for Hideyoshi who is still inside. But Nobunaga busts out with her like a true hero. That wasn’t part of the play. Even if the stage is burnt down, everyone loves it and is considered a success. Ieyasu punishes Hanzou for her folly. Masamune tells Nobunaga the remaining 3 pieces of the Crimson Armour. They are all in Saigoku.

Episode 8
I don’t know how far Saigoku is but Nobunaga and her retainers must be walking an awful long time. At least to Hideyoshi. Can’t they ride horses? What? Up the mountain and through the forests? Stopping by a nearby town, the villagers run and hide upon hearing Nobunaga’s name. They get wind that there are rumours spread by a person named Mitsuhide that Nobunaga takes their babies and devours them. Eh? Mitsuhide? She remembers when she sent her guards to spread Nobunaga’s mighty strength throughout the land and when she arrives, she will pat the heads of babies and children. Somehow along the way, it got twisted. Yeah, communication by mouth wasn’t such a clean, clear and efficient mode of communication back then. At least it is a good sign to know what to expect in the next town. However they got lost. Hideyoshi must be tired climbing mountains after mountains, eh? Two more mountains and they think they’ll reach a village. They think. Start moving Hideyoshi! Close by and unknown to them, Masamune is tailing them and everything is going as planned. They stop by an inn run by a priestess. Her principle means she cannot shoo them away just because Nobunaga is rumoured to be a terrible person. Hideyoshi is having so much fun frolicking and swimming in the hotspring that she got ill. Play some more lah. It doesn’t help that the medicine she took is believed to be made out of dried and then boiled horse manure and worms. How can you even feel better knowing that?! Hideyoshi’s fever gets worse that night. She thinks she won’t make it but Nobunaga believes in her energy. She will stay by her side and have Mitsuhide rest because she can’t afford to let her get sick as well. The priestess comes in to give Nobunaga a medicine pill. Something she has never seen before and most likely an expensive pill from overseas. The pill is said to be from a traveller (Masamune – man, she has a bag filled with modern medicine). The priestess is glad to know that Nobunaga isn’t as horrible as painted by the rumours. Nobunaga feeds the pill to Hideyoshi. She sees her crying in her sleep, not wanting her lord to leave her. Because she is too weak, Nobunaga uses her mouth to give her water. From this point of view, Mitsuhide sees them as kissing and is shocked. Next morning, Hideyoshi is feeling all better. She tells her about the strange dream she had whereby Nobunaga kissed her. But she dismisses doing anything like that. Maybe it’s because Hideyoshi didn’t explain properly what a kiss is. Lips and lips together… But clearly, Mitsuhide is the one who is not happy with it all. The trio continue their journey till they reach the seaside of Saigoku. Nobunaga notes Mitsuhide’s red eyes but she brushes it off as the journey getting to her. In her heart, she notes that her feelings aren’t reaching her lord. From afar, not only Hanzou is spying on them but the owners of the final 3 pieces of the Crimson Armour as well. They plan to give Nobunaga a proper greeting.

Episode 9
While they are taking a break, the Crimson Armour holders make their flashy long-winded introduction. The axe wielding Motochika Chousokabe, Sourin Ootomo (I thought she looked like Chrno Crusade’s Rosette) with her big Don Frankie cannon and Motonari Mouri with mean looking claws. Nobunaga just blasts them away with her Blade of Cruelty. Haha! They are tied up and forced to tell the whereabouts of the armour. Via tickling, that is. Nobunaga orders Mitsuhide to collect the armour stashed in the wooden chest inside the nearby hut. Because Mitsuhide’s heart is clouded, she couldn’t tell the box is a trap and the swords that sprung up nearly killed Nobunaga if not for her quick reflexes. Nobunaga is going to make the trio pay but they manage to free themselves and kidnap Hideyoshi. If they want her, they must come to the top of the mountain. Nobunaga’s expression is clearly not good. While journeying up to the mountain, Mitsuhide apologizes for her carelessness but she wants her to make up for it via her actions. The duo jump away from incoming missiles but it is clearly a trap to separate them. They will continue their journey separately. Mitsuhide continues to ponder if Nobunaga has abandoned her when she comes into Motochika and Sourin with Hideyoshi tied to the tree while Nobunaga and Motonari prepare to clash in a misty forest. But it’s not just a mist. In fact, the wind is carrying anaesthetic that is paralyzing Nobunaga. Before Motonari could kill her, Nobunaga stands up and blocks her blow. She tells her off that they are not as weak as they think. The final swing of her Blade of Cruelty ends the match. On the other side, Mitsuhide is having an explosive hide-and-seek battle. Reflecting on her selfishness to be close to Nobunaga, she finds the strength to fight back. Making adjustments to some of the traps, Mitsuhide manages to corner them, uses Don Frankie against them and free Hideyoshi. They meet up with Nobunaga and Mitsuhide is happy enough to think Nobunaga will be pleased with her achievements. However when Hideyoshi starts running into Nobunaga’s arms, it’s that jealous feeling again. She doesn’t even feel honoured when Nobunaga praises her. Is it too late for her? If you know your history, you would know what happened between Nobunaga and Mitsuhide, right? Elsewhere, Ieyasu and Masamune are prepared to make their move to steal the armour.

Episode 10
The trio stop at Honnouji to rest. Hmm… Does it sound familiar? Hideyoshi consults her textbook to find this is the place where Nobunaga’s loyal retainer Mitsuhide killed his own lord and this became known as the Honnouji Incident. Is history going to repeat itself? Mitsuhide is attending to Nobunaga’s bath fire and she is thinking doing a double suicide. Masamune overheard her little murmur and she talks to her about Nobunaga obsessing over the useless Hideyoshi than her. She gives Mitsuhide a deep sleeping potion. How she uses it is up to her. For the umpteenth time, Hideyoshi gets tied up to a tree again as Mitsuhide plots to serve the sake laced with the potion with Nobunaga’s meal. Once Nobunaga passes out, Mitsuhide burns the place down. I’m not sure how Hideyoshi got loose and broke free but I bet it wasn’t her growling stomach. She confronts Mitsuhide over her actions and the latter is clearly upset that since she appeared, her happiness alone with Nobunaga dissipated. Even so, Hideyoshi asks her back would it be okay if she never sees her smile again. Can she love her as the sole person she cares for? Hideyoshi rushes in to save Nobunaga. Mitsuhide unwittingly follows her in and reflects her action. She is surprised to hear Nobunaga calling her, wanting to know where the enemy is. The enemy is her heart. Apologizing for being a traitor, she will atone her sin with her life. But Nobunaga dares her not to say something so stupid. Making her read the words on her blade which reads “Conquest”, that dream will never have started if not for her. They are one and that fact will never change. There, happy enough you heard that? Though Nobunaga manages to drag Mitsuhide out, she has inhaled too much smoke and is unconscious. Finding medicine or washing her throat will take too long so the fastest way to make her breath is to… Yup, mouth to mouth resuscitation. Kiss, for short. Probably Mitsuhide wanted this kissing moment to go on forever. See that silly grin on her face? She’s alright. But are they missing someone? Hideyoshi sees Masamune stealing the Crimson Armour. A pillar nearly falls over her but was pushed out of the way. Before she passes out, she thought she saw Date sensei because of the way she addressed her. Next thing she knows, she is safe outside. Mitsuhide seeks her forgiveness over her actions but boasts that she got it 12 times as opposed to her one time (the kiss lah). Noticing Nobunaga looking for her Crimson Armour beneath the rubble, Hideyoshi realizes that Masamune and Date is the same person. Masamune is galloping away, happy that her clan’s long cherished desire will be fulfilled. However she is stopped by Ieyasu and Hanzou who want her to hand over the armour. She is going to conquer the land and will start off by killing her.

Episode 11
Nobunaga and her retainers realize Masamune’s betrayal and rushes back. They see her castle under attack and believe it is her but in actual fact it is Ieyasu and her army. Hideyoshi fell off Mitsuhide’s horse down the ravine and to her surprise finds Masamune close to dead. She reveals Ieyasu stole the armour and killed her with her magic. However Ieyasu did a big mistake on not making sure Masamune stayed dead from her blast. Masamune reveals her reason to steal the armour: So that the Date clan will conquer the land. Nobunaga and Mitsuhide have no time to chat so they continue their rush back to the castle. Hideyoshi confirms with Masamune that she is indeed her teacher. She explains the event of using the futuristic gadget. She really wanted to go back to the Warring States era to find the armour but ended up in this world instead and got Hideyoshi caught in it all. I don’t know how Hideyoshi found a horse but she did. As they gallop their way back to the castle, Date continues her revelation that she is a descendent of the Date clan. Her ancestors dreamt of conquest but never got it. For generations, they tried to make this a reality and forge Japan on how it truly should be. The legend of the Crimson Armour was unheard of in Hideyoshi’s time. Date came to know about it when a clan member from the future appeared before her. That person failed in her mission and passed to her a scroll about the armour before disappearing. She didn’t believe everything but when she saw the data in the gadget that only Date clan members would know, she had to check it out to confirm. If it didn’t exist, she would forget everything that has happened. Returning to her home town and following her dim recollection of the data, she found a scroll and a crystal that was exactly like the one fitted in the gadget. That’s when Date felt that this was more than just coincidence that person appeared before her. It’s like fate. So if Date clan gets their hands on the armour, they will rule Japan. Erm, isn’t that changing history? Well, she wants to fix this perverted history because if a proper doesn’t rule Japan, a proper history is impossible. Hey, what makes her think her clan is proper? She thinks Nobunaga or Ieyasu’s conquering will not change the world and for it to be led back to its correct path, a Date clan member must rule. Again, what makes her think her clan is so righteous? All Hideyoshi can think of the armour is making her crazy. Even so, Date feels the armour has its worth.

Ieyasu is trekking through the castle walls laden with traps. She uses unlucky Hanzou to activate all the traps so she can pass through safely. I guess in a way Hanzou must be darn lucky not to have died, eh? Nobunaga and Mitsuhide have reached the main gate of the castle but her troops can’t break in due to Ieyasu’s spell barrier. Ieyasu finally reaches the room with the armour. Knowing the traps, she sends Hanzou in. I thought this was a joke because each time Hanzou goes in and falls through the fake floor, Ieyasu orders her to go in again. I was thinking, man, this Hanzou is quick to get out from the bottomless pit. Since unveiling fake floors is taking an awful long time, Ieyasu orders all Hanzous to go in at once!!! OMG! There are lots of Hanzou clones! And all of them fell through! Big joke. But it revealed the true path to the armour. Careful, watch your step. Ieyasu activates the armour and Date’s futuristic gadget starts responding. Date cannot believe that the armour is being activated since the crystal is the only thing that could activate it, the reason she never told anyone else. But looks like it worked against her. Date says that if Ieyasu wears the armour without the crystal, she will go out of control. Shiro has been watching Ieyasu all the while because he wanted to see how far her magic could take her. He tries to stop her but seriously, that small fry can’t stand up to anything. Ieyasu puts on the armour and it feels like a henshin scene from a mahou shoujo series. Hey, how come the armour has become so sexy? I believe it looked intimidating and fit for a male body. But now, especially the chest plate has all those curves! Feels like cosplay, eh? Hideyoshi and Date return to Nobunaga and Mitsuhide. Date explains those who wear the armour with evil in their soul will gain power to destroy the land. In short, she has awakened the evil heart hidden within it. Ieyasu has become so powerful and evil, that a very big insignia appears above the land. Oh sh*t!

Episode 12
Mitsuhide wants to know who the hell Masamune is since she knows so much. I’m sure she tries to explain her best in detail about being from the future with all that futuristic mumbo-jumbo terms. As Nobunaga understands, she’s from another country, right? Haha. All the Hanzous are willing to serve their new lord but Ieyasu tells them to disappear as her first order because she doesn’t need weaklings and blasts them out of the tower. Nobunaga uses her Blade of Cruelty to break through the barrier. Finally. If she had done this in the first place, they wouldn’t have wasted so much time and energy trying, right? They see the Hanzous badly beaten. They plead to save Ieyasu but Nobunaga refuses since she brought this upon herself. As show of power, Ieyasu unleashes several blasts. Nobunaga orders her army to evacuate but they would rather give their lives as her shield. However Nobunaga tells them they aren’t just running away but to help the people to evacuate. If they are true people of Owari, they should place the lives of people first instead of their lord. Immediately they oblige her order. Yoshimoto comes by and was told what happened. I guess she didn’t understand the magnitude of the problem and nearly got fried by her blast if Nobunaga hadn’t pushed her away. Mitsuhide decides to play hero by getting the job done herself even if it costs her life. Unfortunately she couldn’t even touch Ieyasu and is sent crashing down. If not for Kenshin and Shingen, it would be splat for her. Nobunaga slaps her never to pull that stunt again. Probably the big hug reached her brain. Nobunaga pleads for them to help her to stop Ieyasu from hurting innocent peasants and will take any blame later on. That’s when the Saigoku trio appear. Do they want a piece of the action too? Seems the reason these ladies are appearing now is because they had a premonition of the disaster the armour would bring not because it’s going to be a big bang finale with all the ladies. Okay, maybe that is the reason too

Hideyoshi is distraught that Ieyasu won’t get out of this unscathed. But it is the only way if they are going to restore order. Hideyoshi doesn’t want to lose her friend, what more she getting killed. Nobunaga accepts her challenge to bring her back alive seeing it is more difficult to keep her alive than dead. The warrior heroines rush up the tower (I wonder how Sourin managed to run up with her big cannon) but Ieyasu’s blast makes them start from ground zero again. Can’t even get close. Mitsuhide notes she is too strong for them to attack separately and has a plan. That plan is for them to attack her continuously in succession, without giving her any breathing space or regain herself. Finally Ieyasu comes face to face with Nobunaga. She uses her Blade of Cruelty. So powerful that not only Ieyasu’s wand breaks and her armour coming off, but it also devastated the entire castle grounds! Shocking! Ieyasu wakes up to her normal self, her Hanzous are glad she is safe. Ieyasu chides them as useless but hard to kill. That wasn’t a compliment! But true isn’t it? Ieyasu is made to say out loud her apology for what she had done. Nobunaga feels she should’ve done that from the start and that humans should be honest with their feelings. I guess she took her words seriously because Ieyasu now wants to call Nobunaga her onee-sama and live by her side to atone for her sins! Say what? She is taken in by her elegance and beauty and hugs her. Now she is her fated person to? Oh, this doesn’t sit well with Mitsuhide. And she thought having Hideyoshi out of the picture was the end of it and now she has got to deal with this stubborn brat. Let the rivalry begin! But for Hideyoshi, she’s glad everyone is back to normal. You call this normal? I guess it’s better than people dying, right?

Episode 13
Nobunaga’s castle is being rebuilt as the lord herself sees off the Saigoku trio. Masamune’s future gadget starts beeping and this leads her to the Crimson Armour underneath the rubble. Oh great. Now her evil hopes are back. Hideyoshi didn’t want her sensei to turn into that conquest-mad woman again but Masamune reiterates that she has to fix things and loathes their world filled with selfish people who don’t care about others (look who’s talking). Even if she can’t change their world, at least she would make this one a utopia. She tries coaxing Hideyoshi to help her. But Nobunaga wants Masamune to show her resolve if that is the case. With the crowd building up and watching, Nobunaga explains she once thought like her. All she dreamt was conquest and would defeat anyone who stood in her way. But that won’t be true conquest because it would be ruling by force. True conquest is to rule equally all over. When she fought Ieyasu, she realized she was powerless. It is the help of others that she was able to win. Conquest isn’t about force. It’s about believing in people and having them believe in you. And if Masamune still insists on wearing that armour and go about with her conquest, Nobunaga will gladly punish her in Heaven’s place. The other warrior ladies side by Nobunaga. The verdict? Masamune is going to show them. But look how shaky her hand is. Hideyoshi is horrified and doesn’t want any more bloodshed. Nobunaga shows Hideyoshi her answer as she breaks the armour with her blade. She believes they can forge a future themselves and not depend on the armour. I guess you have to let that go either way, right? That night, Masamune talks to Hideyoshi and notes how Nobunaga has changed when she first met her. She was ambitious but after meeting Hideyoshi, she changed. Masamune admits she always blamed others or the world if things didn’t go her way. She feels she has to change. Glad she realizes that. Seeing they have no further use in this era, it’s time to go home.

Next morning, Nobunaga and her retainers see off the other ladies. Ieyasu and Mitsuhide have that final spat over Nobunaga. Guess she can’t stay by onee-sama’s side. Once that it’s over, Hideyoshi mentions they too have to leave. Nobunaga doesn’t seem surprised and just says to tell her when they’re ready. That was easier than they thought. Masamune gets the shock of her life when she sees Hideyoshi and Shiro conversing. That evening as Nobunaga and Mitsuhide prepares to see them off, Mitsuhide returns Hideyoshi’s broken handphone that she has forgotten. To return the favour, Date advises Mitsuhide on how to seduce Nobunaga. We’ll leave that to your imagination. Hideyoshi thanks her lord but Nobunaga is the one that is doing the thanking. Without her, she would’ve killed Ieyasu and Date. She would’ve ruled her people with an iron fist and in the end get punished by the Gods. She won’t forget the days spent with her and signs off with a little advice to always believe in herself and live to the fullest. Hideyoshi gives her handphone strap as a parting gift. Date activates the crystal and they both return to the temple in their time. Hideyoshi saw the picture taken with Nobunaga and Mitsuhide on her handphone screen before it blacks out for good. She realizes it wasn’t a dream. Hideyoshi continues her daily life. Yes, the usual getting into trouble, being late for school and getting caught by Date. Hey, isn’t history repeating itself? As Hideyoshi passes by the shrine, she thought she saw a dog that looked like Shiro. Following the canine into the shrine, it is Shiro! So what is that dog in a hurry about? Well, they leave it for us to guess. Don’t tell me. He’s an alien from another dimension?!

This wasn’t what happened in history!
They just returned like that without history being altered? Besides, it might be plausible if they have gone to another parallel world as Masamune theorized. Because otherwise, why would the historical characters be females in the first place? So yeah, I believe it to be another parallel world in the past. Because in the real history, Nobunaga was really betrayed and killed by his loyal aid Mitsuhide at the Honnouji Incident before the traitor himself is killed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Furthermore, it is also true that Yoshimoto died at his hands at Okehazama’s battle. So in this world whereby both of these characters are still alive, don’t you think history has been altered and should in some ways affect the future? But something is stopping me from being totally convinced by that fact. Date’s future descendents. Unless they come from a different parallel world in the future, going back to the past to change history could only mean they really wanted to alter the history as we know it. After all, winners are the ones that get to write history, right? So I guess with the armour destroyed, in a way it did not alter the future and perhaps the reason why the Date clan or any other people did not get to be the great lord that unified and ruled great old Japan. Perhaps this kind of reasoning would go easy on my brain seeing if they ended up with the future really getting altered like how they did in Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin, my brain would’ve exploded trying to comprehend the complexities.

Hideyoshi is the pivotal character that changes many of the so called historical figures. But if she was that crucial, why wasn’t her name listed down in the annals of history? In this anime in this sense, that is. For the record, the actual Hideyoshi was Nobunaga’s successor and brought an end to the Sengoku era. So it took a ‘foreigner’ girl from a different time and culture to change things, eh? Maybe back then, people were much more simple-minded and more gullible. Even if they are kings. Luckily Hideyoshi is a nice girl so she didn’t turn into a power crazy woman or have this thought that if she changes history to the way it suits her, she would have it easy in her history exams! But seriously, Hideyoshi herself has changed quite a bit too. At first, like most of us who are deprived of modern conveniences, she gets used to the olden ways and its know-how. Are you so glad that we live in a world filled with modern technology? Despite her whiny and complaining personality, that gets lesser and lesser as the series progresses. But that never stops her from being a positive and cheerful girl with a sunny disposition even if she is a bad luck magnet (care to count how many times she got tied up ever since getting blast to the past?). Isn’t it all good experience, no? But it made me wonder if she still is in denial that she is in the past era because she thought Mitsuhide and Ieyasu are her friends from her time. I don’t remember if she realized they are not because she still keeps calling them pet names like how she usually does.

As much as we remember history, any warlord would need to be brutal if they are to gain conquest and respect from their army. Perhaps it is because of the feminine side portrayed in this anime that makes this Nobunaga somewhat softened. Sure, Nobunaga here still exudes a commanding aura and as stated, because of a little girl that came into her life, she changed in a way that makes a hero that only exists in movies. Nobunaga was prepared to kill and do anything in the name of conquering Japan (but short of doing anything sneaky that may tarnish the image of a warrior) but with Hideyoshi squealing, begging and pleading for clemency, no lives were actually lost during this series. Serious. Thus a warlord that truly governs for her people? I would like to see that in real life too. Mitsuhide was just smitten by jealousy because Nobunaga was dividing her attention between her retainers. Before Hideyoshi came into the picture, she was her only focus. With Hideyoshi’s unconventional methods convincing Nobunaga, it is no surprise that each time she is pushed to the brink. I’m glad she woke up and realized as long as she still had those resenting feelings, her lord is never going to be pleased. Besides, Nobunaga had never forgot the words she made with her, right? I suppose the ‘kisses’ she got was enough to bury the hatchet with her rival but now it seems she’ll have to contend with another one in the name of Ieyasu. Start protecting your lord’s lips. You’re going to need it.

Masamune was so obsessed with changing history that she forgot that she should change herself. Like the saying, everybody wants to change the world but they don’t want to change themselves. Guess who made her realize all that? Hideyoshi who doesn’t harbour an interest for the armour (even if she agreed to help Nobunaga to find it) had more important things in heart. It’s the simple things in life (okay, maybe her handphone isn’t just something simple) and most important of all, friendship that counts. Now that Ieyasu has got a taste of what it’s like to wear the armour, she won’t be playing a megalomaniac who wants to rule the world anymore. At least for now. Hope this is a wakeup call for bored Yoshimoto to pay better attention to her. What else can I say about Shingen and Kenshin? They’re always arguing with each other over something trivial. It’s like fighting is their normal way of conversation. Shiro is still the most mysterious one and that teaser at the end really indicates he might not be just an ordinary dog. Heck, he’s a talking dog! The only purpose in this anime as I see it as a minor comic relief character. Somebody Hideyoshi could talk to because she’d be looking pretty odd if she was talking to herself. Plus, Shiro as the only male character in this era, it is as though a role for him to get sexually aroused when he sees the ladies in sexy positions or acts. Pervy little dog. Otherwise, there is more than meets the eye to this white dog. How and why he ended up in the past or how he jumped to Hideyoshi’s time or even who the heck he really is pretty much is still a big question mark.

One of the interesting and amusing aspects of this series is the next episode preview, dubbed the Sengoku Otome Style Preview. Here, we see a live action feature of the seiyuus of Masamune and Hideyoshi, Yuka Hirata and Rina Hidaka respectively. They also play teacher and student respectively in this preview. We see them talk and do several stuff such as challenging each other to a tongue twister (Masamunemunemunemunemunemune… Ouch. I bit my tongue), trying to tell a ghost story in the dark with a torchlight (they botched the whole thing), playing penalty rock-scissors-papers (they’re sure enjoying it), a student counselling type Q&A (was Rina Hidaka stumped when she was being asked a third party love question?) and sensei asking her student if she has any romantic stories to share (why is Yuka Hirata typing all the details down as she speaks?). The opening theme is Kagerou by Tenka Tori Tai (made up by the seiyuus of Shingen, Kenshin and Yoshimoto) sounds like your typical anime rock piece fitting for this type of genre. The same group also sings the ending theme entitled Atsuki Ya No Gotoku. I find the chorus annoyingly catchy. “Aa aa, AAaaAAaaAAaaAa~ Aa aa, AAaaAAaaAAaaAa~”. There is an episode featuring Mitsuhide’s version of the song. I think I prefer the original trio version because this one sounds kinda ‘hollow’. I guess the ending credit animation is the place you can get a little fanservice. Naked girls but with ribbons overlapping the necessary areas. Speaking of fanservice, I don’t think it amounts to anything much in this series. Despite the characters all being female and wearing the king of armour that resembles more of daring cosplay than practicality, don’t expect any flashy fanservice like panty shots. Heck, panties weren’t invented back then!

Well, I have to admit that I did do a little research regarding the Sengoku era after watching this anime. But it was just to confirm some of the facts if this was really what happened (of course not!). But I doubt that even if they up the fanservice and turn every important historical character into sexy females, this will get people to pick up history books. It is going to require more than this to get people especially with no interest to get interested in history. Like me. I should be ashamed of myself for not even remembering some of my own country’s history. Okay, important ones like independence day or very critical turning points I would but other than that, especially dates (oh, history dates, how I loathe thee), all I have given back to my history teacher. Yeah, that’s history already. I could easily give an excuse that I wasn’t born then so I wouldn’t know what happened but that would be so cliche. Besides, history is supposed to be based on facts and what happens if people who are supposed to assure the accuracy of history do not make it so? We are after all exposed to a certain ‘facts’ and ‘truths’ from the moment we are born so it is sometimes hard and up to the person to deem what he/she believes in. We might believe in something easily without evidence or something that is false that no matter how many proofs we are thrown with, your beliefs won’t change. So imagine if you get thrown back to the past, would you seize the chance to change history? If I’m thrown into a world filled with ladies, I might just stay there and make it my paradise harem. Haha. Just dreaming and kidding. But really, where did all the men go?

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