Senryuu Shoujo

September 6, 2019

I guess this must be a slow season, huh? Not much animes for me to watch hence I decided that this seemingly poetic anime, Senryuu Shoujo should be on my watch list for this season. You know, I’m not a guy into poems, haiku and furthermore this senryuu type of poem that is supposed to be some variation of haiku. Yeah, I only learnt that while I was deciding to watch this anime. Let me Google what the heck senryuu means… Ah… I see… So why the heck do I want to watch a show that is about a girl who only communicates by writing down her thoughts in senryuu style? Kana Hanazawa… Ah… Time to get nostalgic over that cutely retarded sweet voice.

Episode 1
Nanako Yukishiro doesn’t talk. Instead, she writes her thoughts on paper. This is because her thoughts are always jumbled up so by writing it down, she limits the words and helps keep things straight. So what about those that she can’t write? Body action. I hope others don’t get the wrong idea. Not speaking up has its downfalls too. Like she can’t order exactly the food she wants nor remember to tell the chef not to include certain ingredients. Can’ she just write as always? Then there is Eiji Busujima who is the infamous delinquent. Many are scared of him but not Nanako. It seems they are both in the literature club. Eiji tries to make a good impression around Nanako’s friends but often comes off as scary. So the literature club president, Amane Katagiri thinks he should try using senryuu format. May need some improvement. Then they discuss this month’s senryuu theme and Nanako cheekily writes Amane’s 3 sizes. How poetic. We see Eiji’s reason to join this club. He was often fighting and was fed up with it. So when he declared he wanted to turn over a new leaf, he sounded very poetic. But with others still afraid of him, Eiji doesn’t want Nanako to walk near him for fear others would fear her too. However she doesn’t mind. As long she is with him, what they think is irrelevant. Too bad that sounded like some sort of love confession and Nanako got embarrassed after Eiji pointed it out.

Episode 2
Koto Ootsuki enters Eiji’s class to hand him his forgotten gym clothes. Everyone is shocked this delinquent has a hot older sister! The literature club brainstorms ideas to help Eiji be popular. Listing one of the areas he could improve on: His habit of rolling his eyes when he is deep in thought! Koto then marches in to see how he is doing. We find out Koto isn’t his biological sister but his childhood friend. Ah yes… Amane wonders the club she is in: American armed forces combat club. Don’t mess with her! When Eiji and Nanako eat together, he notes her stomach getting a little round in the middle! WTF he said that to a girl?! Oh right, he’s a bit crude. Nanako asks her younger brother, Hiro about it and dad panics because if she is dieting, does this mean she has a boy she likes?! Nanako sees Koto to help diet. I don’t know what kind of training Koto is giving her because it looks like she is trying to snap her neck?! A week later, Eiji is worried seeing Nanako confront him with a serious face. She then puts his hand on her tummy. Is it flatter now? Awkward. Amane walks home with Koto and asks if she has a boyfriend since she is quite pretty. Koto teases her that she is trying to hit on her. Koto remains humble and thinks there are other girls prettier than her. As for someone she likes, this has her remember when she first met Eiji. Crude and rude even as a young boy. She then taught him some manners to at least address her as onee-san as she is older than him.

Episode 3
The senryuu theme today would be about the amusement park. Yeah, lots of fond memories. Hence Amane suggests they all go together on their next day off. When Nanako is picking a dress for tomorrow’s outing, as usual, father gets really sad. That day when Nanako is going away is inching closer. Oh…Oh… Oh… Such a crying shame… Eiji meets up with Nanako at the amusement park. Then Amane texts in that she can’t come as she is busy. Busy spying on them, that is! I guess this is more fun for her. Only if she didn’t dress so suspiciously. So I guess it is Nanako and Eiji themselves, huh? We see them take a few rides, each time Eiji is the one getting sick. Nanako is a cool cat. Then there is this rabbit mascot giving his lucky charm kiss to everyone. Unfortunately he gave one to Eiji and looking at his fierce face, he apologizes by licking his shoes! WTF?! Don’t ruin the image of all the kids watching! But Nanako is unhappy since his first kiss went to a mascot. She hinting something? Amane is enjoying every bit of this. Not only her but Koto too. Double the fun. The duo continue to have a blast and at the end of the day and it’s time to go home, when Nanako hints her shoelace is broken and she can’t walk home, dumb Eiji dismisses her because her shoes doesn’t have any shoelace! WTF?! I know. We’re as frustrated as Amane as she calls out to him. Busted…

Episode 4
For a few days, Eiji has this weird feeling that somebody is watching him. Could it be a ghost? Seriously, he is calling out to the ghost not to follow him? Amane teases what if the stalker is a really cute girl who wants to confess to him? You trying to panic Nanako? Oddly, Nanako asks what he would do if that happens. You mean he would turn her down? Nanako becomes embarrassed and then runs away. Eiji finally catches his stalker. Turns out to be Kino Yakobe. Just like Nanako, Kino has trouble speaking so she expresses herself via drawings. The story goes that Eiji dropped his handbook and she wanted to return it to him. However he is too scary to approach and hence she ended up following him. Eiji thanks her and invites her to hang out at the literature club sometimes. And here she is. Nanako and Kino become good friends thanks to their similar mode of ‘communication’. With Kino being passionate and good at drawing, they hope she can teach them. It starts off with Amane posing as a model for Eiji and Nanako to draw. Kino can’t make any decisions yet and wants to see more. So the duo sketch each other. Nanako feels embarrassed at Eiji starring at her but how come she can draw him without looking at him? Because she looks at him every day. She trying to hint something here? In the end, Kino gives them both full marks.

Episode 5
There seems to be a long queue to get a reading from a fortune teller. Even Koto has got hers. So when Eiji and Nanako pass by, Koto whispers something in Nanako’s ear about the reading that makes her burst into embarrassment. When it’s their turn, Nanako asks if they are compatible. Tao Hanakai takes their names and looks into her crystal ball. She is shocked to see them ill-suited for each other. However Eiji refutes it. As she tries to explain, Eiji realizes she misspelled his name and this has Tao realized wrong spellings could read to inaccuracies. She tries to read them again but Eiji passes. What about Nanako? She’s okay with the fact Eiji refuted. Tao reads again out of curiosity and sees they are the most compatible in the world. Eiji is shocked that Tao goes to their same school. She thinks she can fool people by changing the position of the bangs that cover her eye? She reads their fortune. While Nanako will have a good day, Eiji will be struck by lightning. At the sports centre, Eiji teaches Nanako how to play billiards. Thrust pole towards balls, aim for the holes! Classic senryuu! Then they go skating and Nanako seems quite happy when he grabs on to her hand. As they rest, Nanako feels hot so she takes off her shirt. Lucky thing she is wearing another underneath. Eiji never realizes her boobs were this big and got zapped by the electrifying sight. There’s his lightning strike for today.

Episode 6
Eiji has got a pet rabbit, Agu. Since Nanako wants to see it, he would have loved to bring her to his house. Only, he fears his parents will tease him about his ‘girlfriend’. So they’ll meet at the park instead. Meanwhile, Nanako’s insecure dad is reading on an article about teens in their rebellious phase. He is cocksure Nanako isn’t but to his horror she displays some of the symptoms like that evil stare (no contacts) and not responding to him (wearing earplugs). Say it isn’t so! So he thinks hard where he went wrong. Dig deep into those memories, papa. Then he makes a fool of himself trying to talk to her outside her room but she isn’t responding. That’s because she already went out! Then he tries to find out more from Hiro and gets even more a wrong idea that she will turn into a delinquent. Eiji brought Agu and his sister, Hanabi. Damn, Agu likes eating its own poo?! When Hanabi sits on Nanako’s lap and then offers her brother to do the same, Nanako eagerly looks forward to it! While Agu is distracting with his ‘machine gun poop’, Hanabi asks Nanako if she is Eiji’s girlfriend. Surprised at first, she replies she isn’t but it makes her happy that they look like that. Hanabi then asks if she is his mistress. No answer since it’s time to go home. With dad lamenting about Nanako’s rebellious phase, mom’s answer is to let her go for a while. That’s the taboo word that got dad riled up. Letting his treasure go?! Oh, if that’s the case, he is going to sever ties with Nanako! Can he do it? Because Nanako comes home and gives him cake. She also thanks him for being a great dad. Happy father’s day. Oh Nanako, you’re the best!!!! That’s my little girl.

Episode 7
Nanako hates rainy days since it messes with her hair. So Amane tells her a secret legend that if one shares an umbrella during a rainy day, they’ll forever be together. With that, Nanako loves rainy days. Although that was just a lie Amane concocted just so to see her smile. Eiji then comes to class almost soaked as he thinks it isn’t raining that hard for him to use his umbrella! So manly! Nanako manages to get him to walk back home with her afterwards. With the storm clearing up, the teacher hopes Nanako can help fix the rabbit shed since the storm recently destroyed it. No one else wanted to help because there’s a ‘monster’ waiting. No prizes to guess it is Eiji. Wearing bunny ears do not scare the bunnies? Okay. It worked. Tao tries to help out with her predictions but as Eiji moves the log, he has splinters all over his hands. He goes to the infirmary but Koto is playing the flirty nurse?! So he wants to ‘pull out’, eh? No problem… Eiji returns and Kino helps to design the hut. Isn’t this looking too majestic for a rabbit shed? After fixing it back, because of the loose hinges on the door, a few rabbits escape. Time to go rabbit hunting. Thankfully all of them are caught at the end of the day. With the storm here again, perfect chance for Nanako to pretend she forgot her umbrella and request to share with Eiji. Damn, Eiji forgot his too. Suddenly Amane comes rushing in to the rescue. Here. Borrow hers. And the both of them walk home together under an umbrella as Amane and Koto watch over them. Watching love stories of others is more exciting, eh?

Episode 8
Amane calls Tao for an important divination: To tell her which swimsuit will be the one to attract guys! I thought she prefer watching romance of others? This has Nanako mentioning she doesn’t have one since she has never been to the pool since she was young. That’s because she thinks swimsuits are like underwear and is embarrassed to get into them. There’s some truth in there… So the friends gather to go buy swimsuits. I don’t think it is Tao’s divination that tells us that this risqué string-like swimsuit is the best one to attract the guys. Meanwhile Eiji returns home and to his shock, Koto is waiting in his room in her swimsuit! Yeow! Sexy! Eiji tries to be a man by not looking at her skin?! WTF?! ARE YOU EVEN A MAN???!!! Of course she tricks him into opening his eyes. Back to the rest, looks like Amane is being a fashion critic trying to get Nanako a super sexy one. Tao ‘dies’ seeing how busty Nanako is. Now she wants melon bun sized extra paddings? The girls get to showcase their swimsuits when they visit the pool. Nanako is definitely attracting the attention with her svelte figure and plain and simple white bikini. She is embarrassed and will die of it if Eiji is here. You don’t say, here he is! She runs into hiding. Why is he here? Wasn’t he supposed to have other plans? Yes, that plan is to bring Hanabi here. Damn Nanako, you just made Eiji think he is some pervert and he is even apologizing for staring at her and will put some distance between them. Although she runs back out and says she doesn’t mind, she keeps blocking his view with her note. What’s the difference? Then Hanabi hugs Nanako’s leg and loves how soft and smooth it is, making Eiji worried and thinking something even weirder.

Episode 9
Nanako’s dad wants to meet Eiji?! Seeing Nanako puts up an expression he has never seen before, it’s time for the drama king to start acting up. Eiji sends his handphone for repairs after accidentally dropping it into his ramen. He wanders around and bumps into the rest. Like Koto handing out tissues (is she indicating trying to use it for other purpose?), Amane at the café (when she failed to hail a waiter, she acts like as though she is stretching), Tao eating ramen (she is shocked to be spotted by him and overthinks about her seeing her in such casual clothes) and Kino drawing (a gorilla and not the post box she was focusing on). Meeting all these weirdoes has Eiji think he hasn’t seen Nanako. Speaking of the devil, here she is. So what he wants to say to her? He misses her and wants to see her? What a coincidence. Nanako too. Then she asks if he would like to come to her place. Because daddy wants to see him. That escalated quickly. Eiji is as stiff as a robot. Can’t blame him. When dad is in some sort of interrogation mode. He asks Eiji’s relationship with Nanako. Not sure how he should answer, he says they are in the same C class but dad takes it the wrong idea they are in a sexual relationship. Calm down! Don’t lose your shirt and sh*t! Asking if they are just friends and only friends, the way Nanako longingly looks at Eiji, I think dad can’t take it anymore. He needs to go lie down. Mom takes over. She explains Nanako speaks via senryuu because she was bullied. It was so bad that she locked herself in her room. But then she met someone who liked senryuu and she rebounded. He cheered her up. That person was the first outside her family whom she wanted to have by her side. Oh Eiji, you sure she wasn’t referring to you? Oh look at the time. Got to go pick up my handphone. Nanako overheard all that and is nothing but smiles.

Episode 10
Amane thinks a club activity is in order for the start of summer. What better than to organize a kimodameshi. They might have to walk through this spooky tunnel but it’s the only way to get to the pond with fireflies. With Kino and Tao joining in, apparently Amane called them to help her scare Eiji and Nanako. Would it not be interesting to nudge them close together? While Tao’s bad acting gave it away, Kino played her part perfectly like as though she was possessed to draw some ghastly ghost! Inside the tunnel, the spookiness goes up several notches. Weird noises, Amane gone missing, Kino found unconscious in a pool of blood! Yikes! Tao is getting pretty scared and I don’t think scattering her cards is like scattering salt but whatever. With Eiji and Nanako hugging each other tightly, real sh*t hits the fan when a ghost pops up from the darkness and pulls Tao in!!! OMFG!!! RUN!!!! Eiji and Nanako manage to get out of the tunnel and as they contemplate to return to save their friends, no need because here they are. The ghost is actually Koto in disguise. Yeah, she’s in on this too. Superb acting. Mission accomplished. The best reward is of course watching the fireflies. They celebrate by writing senryuu. However Nanako won’t show hers and Eiji pesters her. It is hinted she is happy to be watching the fireflies with him.

Episode 11
Fireworks festival. The literature club trio have fun there until it dawned to Amane that she feels like a third wheel! Keep dreaming, girl. During the raffle, Eiji wins some glowing ring prize and puts it on Nanako’s finger. No prizes to guess why she flutters like hell. Meanwhile Amane wins the grand prize of a video game console but so sorry girl, I have never heard of any such stalls having a boyfriend as a grand prize! Before the fireworks start, Eiji and Amane go to the toilet. But as Nanako waits, her other friends take her along to their watching place. Why didn’t Nanako just say- Oh, she can’t. So you bet that when Amane and Eiji return, they can’t find her but Amane did saw she was taken away by her friends. Of course Eiji can’t let this be since he promised to watch the fireworks with her. And so he goes around searching as the fireworks begins. Oh dear. Nanako crying. I’m sure it’s not the beautiful fireworks. But eventually Eiji finds her. Easy. Nobody else wears that lame ring. Now they can happily watch the rest of the fireworks together. Only if her friends didn’t misinterpret and think the guy she is dating is Eiji. I guess Nanako can’t say anything to object that, eh?

Episode 12
This is when Nanako and Eiji first met when they were still in middle school. After having had it of fighting, he suddenly found himself liking senryuu. He attended a senryuu workshop that Nanako was also attending. He was amazed by Nanako presenting her senryuu and she was the only one among the old people who wasn’t afraid by his delinquent looks. When Eiji tried his hand a writing one (Santa beating up his father?!), Nanako was the only one who clapped. Later he thanks her for liking his poem. Though he doesn’t want her to hang out with him often because others might think she is weird, he hopes she could teach him the cooler aspects of senryuu if they ever run into each other. But the clincher was how he accepted her way of communication using tanka boards. Nanako couldn’t stop thinking of him and her dad thinks little girl hates papa now! Oh, so dramatic. So sad. But mom knows what she is thinking because (ironically) it is written all over her face. She suggests visiting the workshop again in hopes of meeting him again. Despite not meeting him, she notices he left his senryuu on the notice board. She also left hers. In no time, they start exchanging replies in this fashion. Gee, must be better than letters, huh? I thought she was going to ask for his number or address. Whatever. However one day there was no reply. It is rumoured he might be moving away. Nanako is in distraught as she frantically looks for him. Where to start? So many things she wants to tell him. She wants him to be by her side. Lucky her. He is trying to find inspiration at the park. He is surprised to see her. He didn’t realize she is the senryuu penpal whom he has been exchanging with until he realizes her style of writing. The rest is history.

Poetry In Motion
Of all the anime shorts for this particular season that I have seen, this one feels a lot more decent compared to the others like Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga, Midara Na Ao-chan Wa Benkyou Dekinai, Chou Kadou Girl 1/6 Amazing Stranger, Nobunaga-sensei No Osanazuma, Miru Tights and Joshikausei. A season filled with lots of sleazy and cheap fanservice, this one stands out as a lot more refreshing. Despite there isn’t any real plot (just like the aforementioned animes too) and each episode can serve as a standalone filler, this one is more palatable and light hearted if you want something that isn’t related to carnal desires. After all, poetry is a boring subject and usually reserved for old boring people, right?! Having young kids and their romance with senryuu just feels… Weird.

I have this feeling they want to promote this senryuu poetry (because you know, Japan is very rich in other cultural aspects and is more than just the otaku world) but I just don’t seem to connect with it. Mainly because I’m not really a guy into poems so even when Nanako recite her lines in typical senryuu fashion, it didn’t make me go “Ah, what an excellent senryuu recitation she had there”. You know, that kind of inspiration. This isn’t the first anime that deals with Japanese style poems as there was this Go! Go! 575 anime short that came out in 2014 but that was more on haiku. I saw that series too but it didn’t really spark any interest in me to look it up any further. It may have created some sort of awareness in me then but by now I have almost forgotten whatever awareness that I had then. Thus it feels the same for this one. I don’t really see the difference between senryuu and haiku (there’s a Wikipedia explanation about it that I skimmed through and you guessed it, not really getting it either). So any senryuu references said here I would be more inclined to see it as one of those ‘meek attempts at love’ by Nanako. Yeah, seriously. I mean she is saying (writing, rather) all those senryuu poetry to amaze and inspire Eiji, right?

Despite the non-existent character development, it seems many of the characters we see here have another side to them. How shall I put it? Let’s just say never to judge a book by its cover. For instance Eiji might look like a delinquent but he is probably one of the nicest and considerate guys around. Not many delinquent guys can actually walk away from his thug life and continue living a decent life thereafter. Probably he hasn’t reached the point of no return yet, that’s why he is able to make a quick u-turn and recovery on the right path. After all, no other delinquents could best him and this show they are just pussies to begin with. Nanako might not say much but she sure is more ‘talkative’ (I know, the irony) when she starts putting down her thoughts on her tanka board. The same can be said about Kino. Very shy girl like Nanako and doesn’t talk but when she expresses herself through her drawings, she ‘transforms’ into a whole different character and a very ‘talkative’ and passionate one too. Not so obvious for Tao as she is gloomy and blunt most of the time. Even when she uses her divination, it’s not like she turns into some psycho fortune telling gypsy. I did say this series lacks any sort of sexual subtexts. Well, with Koto lately making sexual innuendoes to tease Eiji, I think this is the most ‘sexually charged’ part of the series we can get. Other than her busty and well developed figure…

The relationship and onscreen chemistry between Nanako and Eiji is fun to watch. No doubt it is unravelling at a snail pace but I think this is essential to build up their relationship. After all, we aren’t expecting a fast whirlwind romance. Impatient ones might find it frustrating that after a dozen episodes, their relationship is still at friendship level. At least on the surface. But you know how complicated when you try to translate that to emotions and feelings. Obviously it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they both like each other more than just close friends from the actions they do and how often they hang out with each other. There is a time for everything so it is best they take it slowly and only pop the question when the time is right. Unfortunately, not this season. So make those memories together now as they will serve as (dating then marriage) flag in the future! But in the meantime, more senryuu poems in between! Yeah, that’s their romance.

Having said all that, no wonder Amane loves enjoying their romance unfold. It is so much better than your average Taiwanese and Korean soap romance drama on TV. Unscripted, live action and better still, the casts are people whom you know! Best reality TV ever! So much so this could have had a profound effect on her as well because you realize that lately Amane has been pining and ‘complaining’ for the need to have her own boyfriend. Uh huh. I guess it’s that time where her biological clock for love starts ticking. I know she is still young and has time, but if she keeps delaying and keep watching romance of others, in no time she will soon realize she has turned into an old hag! Serious! So perhaps watching Nanako and Eiji in turn help make her think about her own future. After all, she is quite accomplished herself in literature but when it comes to the topic of love, she is as empty as a mother bird’s nest whose nestlings have flown. She can continue to keep watching, but make sure it is for her own future reference. Maybe.

However I believe the best character for this entire series goes to Nanako’s dad. The series might be a little bland even with our youngsters’ brand of humour. But this guy ramps it up to a whole new level! We understand as a father with a daughter, he has insecurities when his girl grows up and starts doing different things out of the norm or what he expects her. But he overdoes it with his exaggerated drama like as though the whole world is coming to an end! At least his own world. Was he in the drama club before? Because mom and Hiro have seen this so often that they just roll their eyes and go, “Oh. Not again. Here dad goes into one of his usual fits”. Yeah. This guy is having a midlife crisis! At this rate he’ll grow white hair fast and die of anxiety before he becomes a grandpa. Will he even survive past their wedding day???!!!

It is still weird to think that Nanako prefers to put down her thoughts in writing than use her own natural cutie voice to speak even in times of emergency. It feels messed up and a flimsy reason to say she does so because she doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and by putting it down in writing, she has more time to organize her thoughts. I thought she has a throat cancer or something… Understandably she had a horrible experience. But the way she writes down her replies faster than any of us could open her mouth so speak, that sounds unrealistic… I know a few other anime characters also share this trait like Gintama’s Elizabeth but that one is a totally wacko parody anime. So with this method of reply, it’s like saying there is a problem when her brain processes her thoughts to her mouth but not when her brain processes them to her hand? Weird. Imagine carrying lots of those tanka boards around, I wonder where she hides them. I believe some of them are pre-written that’s why she is able to reply so fast but hopefully maybe she can grow out of it and use both her hands and voice because I fear she might become a mute for the rest of her life. Use it or lose it.

Art and animation are okay with everything looking bright and the characters have this cute and kawaii look. So much so that when I first looked at Eiji, he never struck me as any sort of delinquent. Looks like a normal guy. I only learnt that while reading the synopsis. And the girls, aren’t their eyes a bit too round? This anime is done by Connect and their first attempt in trying to animate a series on their own (the other being Strike The Blood III) as previously they have always been doing joint productions with Silver Link like Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism, Chaos Dragon, Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku, Bonjour Koiaji Patisserie and the previous Strike The Blood seasons.

It goes without saying and as mentioned before, one reason why I watched this was because of Kana Hanazawa. As Nanako, it brings back nostalgic memories when I stereotyped her voice as suitable in playing cutely retard characters from as early as the days of the titular Kobato to even as recently as that certain red blood cell in Hataraku Saibou. Well, sort of. I’m not saying her Nanako character sounds like a retard but it sure brings me back to those early days… After all, this isn’t the first time she voiced a ‘mute’ character as she also did something similar for the titular character in Morita-san Wa Mukuchi. Another seiyuu I want to note is Suzuko Hara as Hanabi. She sounds very much like an authentic little girl voicing her role. She is only 14 years old when she took up this role. The last time I heard her was in Barakamon as Naru and that was when she was only 9 years old! Wow. Her voice hasn’t mature yet even after 5 years.

The rest of the other casts are Tasuku Hatanaka as Eiji (Kaminari in Boku No Hero Academia), Sayuri Yahagi as Amane (Suzu in Seitokai Yakuindomo), Rikako Aida as Koto (Riko in Love Live! Sunshine), Misaki Kuno as Kino (Hawk in Nanatsu No Taizai), Sumire Uesaka as Tao (Shalltear in Overlord), Mutsumi Tamura as Hiro (Sonya in Kill Me Baby) and who could forget Mitsuo Iwata as Nanako’s dad because the reason I find him somewhat familiar is due to I recently watched Melty Lancer and this is the same guy who played that whiny Aide character. Oh wow. So fitting for this overdramatic dad character if I should say. The opening theme is Kotonoha No Omoi by Sonoko Inoue. Quite a bubbly piece that is appropriate for this series’ pacing. The ending theme goes at a slower pace, Ordinary Love by Rikako Aida.

Overall, this series is simple to enjoy and although it isn’t likely breaking any new ground, it can be considered as one of those little gems of the season. Not the best there is but with quirky characters and light hearted moments, this one is still passable. Many would consider this a ‘cool down’ series seeing that this season we are being spammed with lots of other cheap fanservice animes (like I have many paragraphs above) as well as considerably violent ones (Shingeki No Kyojin season 3 part 2 and Bungou Stray Dogs also season 3). I don’t think I will be pursuing further interests in senryuu but I can try to sort out my sentiments for this series in one:

Calming and peaceful,
Slow and nothing exciting,
Give me fanservice.

Now you can see why I suck in this… Yeah, I spent quite a while trying to think that up. Sure, it did help organize my thoughts to think up of something before putting it down permanently but I guess there are some things that are better left unsaid and not written down.

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