February 14, 2014

A demon king once terrorized the world. Check. A legendary hero who vanquished and sealed the hero. Check. But now peaceful times is in danger once more because the demon king is going to be awakened. Check. The hero or his descendants must take up arms to defeat the threat and save the world once more. Check. Sounds like a typical role playing action adventure anime? Well, no. Not if you are watching Senyuu. Sure, you have all that but this anime that lasts around 4 minutes per episode serves more like a joke and comic relief than anything. You can tell that everything goes when the jokes breach the fourth wall. Yes people. We are going a journey of laughs. Not a journey to reseal the demon king and save the world. So arm yourself with lots of laughing space instead of swords and shields because the quest is about to get crazy. Oh wait. It already has.

Episode 1
Alba the hero is fresh from killing a slime. However his royal guard buddy, Ros seems to be mocking him he has slime fetish, etc. When Alba faces off with a Nisepanda monster, Ros beats him up just because he is wide open. Then he levels up. WTF. As narrated, a big hole appeared in the world and this causes all the demons to emerge from the other side. It is suspected that the demon king Rchimedes who was sealed by the hero Creasion 1000 years ago must have revived. The only way to defeat him is to send the hero’s descendants. Yeah. All 75 of them. That’s good, right? The more the merrier. Have they ever heard of taking the DNA test? The only clue to what the demon king looks like is some funny looking hook or reverse question mark on his body. And so all the descendants rush to defeat the demon king because whoever slays him will be given great wealth on the title of True Hero! Are you game? And so this is how Hero #45 Alba begins his (comical) quest with Ros. Yeah, he just stood there watching the Nisepanda owning Alba.

Episode 2
Alba heard there are monsters terrorizing nearby villages in the Black Cave. However it seems to be lively with people. Are they having a festival? Alba bumps into a lot of people and ultimately the one who stepped on his foot was no other than Ros. Did it on purpose, didn’t he? Alba loses motivation and wants to go home but Ros for once gets motivated to remind him about his mission. On the way out, Alba gets accidentally stabbed. Yup. Ros again. Alba throws a tantrum and while doing so, he flings the dagger into a kid, Rchi! Now she’s dead. Ros tries to make him feel guilty before reviving her. When Rchi sees Alba’s hero’s seal, she shows him her demon king mark on her hand. Oh…

Episode 3
Rchi goes off but Alba doesn’t want her. He pulls her cape off and since underneath is nothing but a naked loli, he gets thrown into prison! He is lamenting his end when suddenly an alien enters the scene to beat him up. Ros in disguise? Oh, how can he tell? They leave with this hole and rendezvous with Rchi on the other side. Seems this is her teleportation power of making such holes anywhere. Of course, getting him arrested was so he would have a criminal record! Rchi explains her grandpa Rchimedes did try to take over the world but her father was successful and kept human and demon worlds separate. They even run a balanced and sensible government. As for the demon disasters occurring now, it’s because she tried to make popcorn but accidentally made it in the demon summoning pot. So it’s basically her fault. Ros defends her that she is taking responsibility by going to seal all the demons. Till Alba had to rip her clothes. Does he have to bring that part up? That’s why Ros is going to help Rchi for world peace. But wait. What are all those moneybags behind them? Did they just rob the bank? World peace my foot!

Episode 4
Another hero, Foyfoy and his royal guard, Rudolf are watching Alba and co. Foyfoy wants to murder them and take the money but Rudolf won’t allow him to hurt the young girl. Foyfoy accidentally kills him in the struggle. Then when he goes to kill them, Rudolf revives and blocks the swing from Foyfoy. That is, if he was tall enough to block it because Ros’ head is split in half! Seeing Rudolf is determined to protect the young girl, Foyfoy mentions the Rchi is actually a few hundred years old. True to his loli soul, Rudolf loses motivation and feels like going home. Lolicon!!! Rchi uses her portal to save Alba before he gets sliced. He berates her about her useless power when she blurts she recently only got this demon king and is only 10 years old. See the life in Rudolf’s eyes light back up? Alba and Rchi laugh when they hear Foyfoy’s name. Rudolf beats up Foyfoy and vows to protect Rchi. True lolicon indeed…

Episode 5
Before Alba and Foyfoy could enter a serious match, they see Rudolf and Rchi in a lovely picnic together! Alba forces the old pervert to finish this first so he rants about only being able to love girls younger than 12 and willing to die for the women he loves. And there’s that loli soul tattoo on the back of his neck as proof. Whatever. He gets easily owned by Ros. He just revived, no? Purposely got in the way? He corrects the old geezer’s words that if he truly loves someone, he should live for them, not die. Ros than powers up to unveil his ultimate technique. Foyfoy is about to do the same but before he could finish saying the name, he got owned. You didn’t think Ros is a fair person, didn’t you?

Episode 6
Rudolf will bring Foyfoy back to the king and report him. The rest will head into town but Ros wants Alba to change into a funny dress since he is in prison suit. Of course it’s a prank and he nearly put it on for their amusement. Meanwhile Rudolf tells what is happening and suggests to call off the hunt by the heroes and have them help Rchi (I think it’s because he’s a lolicon rather than saving the world thingy). After mentioning Rchi is with Alba, the king decides that Rudolf has done his many years of service well and kills him!!! May he rest in peace… Alba and co prepare to head into town as we see a poster of Alba as a wanted man for betraying the kingdom by helping the demon king.

Episode 7
Rchi explains that demons with low magic can be easily sent back but those with strong magic can b a problem. Especially those 12 demons. I don’t know. Does one of them look like Doraemon? And guess what? The trio are sitting in prison! Ros is bored so he pokes Alba’s ribs. Yeah. Because those who go through Rchi’s portal without some sort of suit will have their ribs broken. He’s been through that a few times, no? While they continue to tease Alba, Rchi suddenly feels a great magical power nearby. A power that goes up to 530,000! He is Janua Ein… And looks like he has been captured and being put in a cell too…

Episode 8
Janua is put in the next cell but to them but easily breaks the wall to join them. He got arrested because while he was eating at the burger shop, he reached out for the ketchup but accidentally starts tripping so all the furniture starts falling in domino fashion. Really. Rchi warns of his powerful ninjutsu but it seems he is just ‘cloning’ his arm while spinning it fast. Dislocated his shoulder, didn’t he? Then everyone gets into this ninjutsu thingy because everything is a ninjutsu. Shoulder dislocation, sucking up, grab where it hurts, etc. Well, they don’t really look like ninjutsu, don’t they? Janua has a request but they ignore him and throw him into the portal. But he forces his way back out with brute force ninjutsu. Say what?

Episode 9
Alba has retorted so much that he has lost his voice. Not some kind of ninjutsu, mind you. Janua takes Rchi hostage to get them to listen to his demand. Rchi is scared of heights, no? Just lift her up a little… Anyway Janua can return to his world any time. Just that he made a friend. He wants them to take care of his cat, Mii-chan. Real name: Michelajul Lortelia. He talks. And is a big time masochist! He prefers being kicked in the shin rather than the pat on the head. Meanwhile the king is left to rue his decision to kill Rudolf because he listened to Dezember Zwolf. He assures him everything is proceeding as planned.

Episode 10
Rchi is abusing Mii-chan as he wants. It’s time for Janua and the cat to say goodbye for real. Suddenly Janua is pierced through the chest because this loli Februar Zwei can’t have him leave as he is part of the 12 demons. Don’t worry, she hasn’t killed him. However Zwei seems to be an old woman because her hip joints are aching and her fake dentures are falling out! Then Ros steps on her tentacle and kicks her through the walls just to see how far is stretches. Very far. Ros wants Alba to escape as there are no guards around because Zwei has taken care of them. Why escape? So he could see his front page picture of how this convict escaped! He is really looking forward to it, huh? Meanwhile another hero, Ares and her very armoured royal guard, Hime have seen the wanted poster and are patrolling the area when they see Zwei. Another surprise is Rudolf is still alive and he is upset fate is telling him to fight a loli.

Episode 11
But Ares tells him she is actually a 200 year old witch and predictably, Rudolf regains his composure. For world peace! Alba is shocked that the rest are playing dodgeball. Because it’s fun. Janua is alive thanks to some memento from his friend he put in his pocket. I’m very sure Zwei’s tentacles pierced right through him. Meanwhile Ares thinks tentacles are sexy and in turn teases Hime about being a shy student and the possibility of seeing her in a cute dress, etc. Suddenly Zwei lunges her tentacles right into Hime’s head. Guess what? Ares starts laughing like mad! The one in shock is Zwei. Ares in quips that Hime is the character armed to her teeth and the first one to get killed! Ironic, isn’t it? Of course she is not dead. Don’t even ask how she’s alive even if the tentacles are right through her head. As revealed, it’s a decoy so that Rudolf could capture her.

Episode 12
Rudolf meets up with Rchi and is glad to see her. However he beats himself up for having dirty thoughts of her. Foyfoy is here too as he explains the king is behind all this. They were almost killed by him and ran away. As for why he is beaten up, it’s because of Hime. Ares tease her she is a tsundere who likes Foyfoy. Hime beats her up to a pulp while denying all that. Now that her face is covered with blood, Hime accuses Ares as the one who likes Foyfoy. Yeah. Tsundere. More tsun than anything. Dangerous. However Zwei has a trick up her sleeve. Because she stuck a tentacle in Janua, it brainwashes him into his minion. Yeah. The tentacle on her shoulder is talking too. Rudolf gets owned with Janua’s knee kick to his face. And Foyfoy is using excuses of his body hurting to stay out of this fight. Some hero…

Episode 13
Ares, Hime, Rudolf, Mii-chan, Rchi and Ros get serious to fight against Zwei. However she initiates a teleport magic and Rchi, Mii-chan and Ros are gone along with her. Rudolf falls into his despair that his loli vanished. Foyfoy explains that they are probably back at the castle. The king wants to become like the legendary hero Creasion who sealed Rchimedes in a dimensional rift. Now he wants to be the legendary king too and is working with demons to bring back Rchimedes so he can seal him for himself. If you think about it, if Rchi used a pot to make popcorn, what is a pot that hasn’t been used for 1000 years doing in a place that someone like Rchi could make a mistake? Did somebody use it and not put it away? In short, the heroes have been used. Alba won’t believe this story without proof as Foyfoy points out that Hime is the king’s daughter. And out comes this blonde from her armour. It’s like she’s piloting a robot, no? Ah, that’s how she survived… Meanwhile Mii-chan and the rest are fine. Except Janua who may have dislocated his shoulder and Zwei hurt her hips.

We see how Alba got beaten up by Nisepanda while Ros just stood there watching… Then he goes in to easily kill Nisepanda. Why the long wait? Because heroes must not rely on others and must be reliable! There is no point if he is the one defeating everything. So does this mean all the wicked stuffs Ros did to him were part of this philosophy? Nope. Those are his hobbies… Also, it is narrated why Nisepanda has such long necks. They were once short but a fire destroyed the plants they feed on and were forced to grow long necks as part of evolution to spot fires. Yeah, they eat bento from the convenience store nowadays… They also have long ears to sense danger. But now those things grew shorter because they didn’t need them and it was a pain to draw them long…

Episode 14
We start off with some retorting action by Alba and the narrator to kick start the second season… That’s what this series is all about, right? Meanwhile Rchi and co are experiencing some strange body parts because Janua’s teleportation magic disregards the law of physics, blah, blah, blah. Mii-chan tells them off Janua is sulking because they called it magic as he wanted it to be ninja. That’s why it was ninjutsu and stuff, no? Ares seems to have turned Hime’s armour into some flower pot. Some high speed transformation for her? Hime blows her top about not reading the manual and that she left her cream bread behind in which Ares denies (bad liar she is). Foyfoy doesn’t want them to fight but Hime flusters and whacks him with the robot arm. Ouch. Meanwhile Rudolf is searching for Loura. Loli + aura = Loura.  Back to Rchi and co, it seems they are not at the castle but caught in some dimensional rift. Everything around them is empty. This is where Rchimedes was sealed. Rchi can tell because that’s her grandpa sleeping there.

Episode 15
Mii-chan purposely criticizes Rchimedes’ fashion sense so Rchi can beat him up. Zwei is going to get him but is zapped by a barrier. As explained by Dezember to Juli, an eternal sleep spell was cast on him and thus nobody can get close. There are other ways to revive him, the reason why he assembles the 12 demons. Juli thought it’s pretty redundant since the king is going to seal him back afterwards. Of course Dezember says what he told the king was just a lie. Mii-chan purposely gets zapped by the barrier… Ros notes they must leave quickly because time flows differently here. Hours in here can translate to days in the real world. Suddenly Samejima pops in and punches the hell out of Janua! Who is he? The guy who gave him that memento.

Episode 16
Alba and co head to Mechanical City of Turtle. Hime fears the guard will recognize her and needs some decoy. Ares stabs Foyfoy and throws the knife at Alba! Holy cow! Murderer! The hero framed! There’s your decoy. Zwei thinks Samejima is a descendant of the demon king but he denies and is here because his friend is in trouble. But to punch him? Yeah. To wear out the brainwash effect. A real man’s fist can do that. Alba has run far enough and waits for the return of his pals. He is approached by a bounty hunter, Elf November who disguises himself (poorly) as Foyfoy. Elf is going in for the kill but realizes the suit has no eye holes for him to see. He gives up. WTF?!

Episode 17
Elf makes peace with him till next time when he’ll kill him for real. So when they shake hands, this is a trap by Elf to glue their hands together as there is a bomb in his suit. But doesn’t mean this will take him out too? Alba manages to escape because of the loose glove and Elf feels the explosion himself. Still not wanting to give up, he tries to make peace with him again though Alba is more cautious this time. He is going to help him enter the city. How? They dress up as a Centaur but the guards instantly kill them. Ares has fixed Hime’s armour. Looks shinier and more metallic but feels the same. However when she pushes a button, it transforms to some cool bike. I wonder how many bones she broke just to contort to that bike shape. Samejima warns Zwei he is only interested in Janua and tells her to scram. At first she agrees but is only a trap to have him off guard as she lunges her tentacles at him. Missed?! Janua explains some mumbo-jumbo that he is bigger than what we see. Now it’s payback time because Zwei gets zapped by his manly energy beam.

Episode 18
Janua’s magic brings them back to their world. He realizes his shoulder doesn’t hurt any more. Then he remembers that Samejima has the ability to take on other people’s injuries upon himself. Meanwhile the king summons Dezember and he is furious if he is doing his job as he went through lots of trouble putting bounty on the heroes. Don’t worry. He already sent one of his men to go kill them. And that man is Juli as he attacks Janua’s team. Elsewhere, Alba is thrown in prison with Elf. Yeah. They got into the city, right? After a few teasing form Elf, he is willing to let Alba free. Using his ability of imitating Alba’s face, he will stay here to pretend him while the real hero gets out of here.

Episode 19
Hime wakes up from a beautiful dream of running through the flower field with Mr Death. WTF?! Actually she was almost buried alive by Ares! Trying to cover up evidence that she almost mistakenly killed her?! When Alba meets up with them, they don’t remember who he is. Meanwhile Janua and co are okay. Did Juli miss? No. Samejima absorbs the attacks. Now he is a bloody pulp. I guess the most upset one is Mii-chan not because a friend sacrificed for them but I think it’s because he didn’t get to feel the pain. Janua is also upset and is about to get serious with Juli. But the latter explains when Rchimedes was sealed by Creasion, he changed himself into a sword stabbed into his chest. Because if Rchimedes is awakened, Creasion too will revive. However Janua remembers not seeing any sword in Rchimedes’ chest. Juli continues that Dezember summoned the 12 demons to revive Rchimedes. Each has their own role to play. Janua to provide a portal to the dimensional rift and Zwei to brainwash anyone who opposes him. So what is Juli’s role? To kill anybody who gets in this way. Wait a minute. Is this show turning into something serious?!

Episode 20
From Janua’s last attack, Juli can tell he has never killed anyone before. Juli lunges at him. Meanwhile Rudolf is upset that he can’t stay in town because the lolis are having some field day. Curse you Dezember! They rendezvous with Ares and co. More like Ares riding on Hime the bike and crashing into them. Then she hooks Foyfoy and makes him run all the way! How fast can his legs go? It’s a good thing Hime’s thick helmet can’t make her see anything or else… And why is Alba sitting inside the cannon? Not enough seats? Back to Juli, he is puzzled that he was certain he killed Janua but that dude is alive thanks to Ros coming to the rescue. What magic did he use? Dezember is on scene watching them and he couldn’t believe Ros is here.

Episode 21
Elf is cursing himself how his disguise got found out. Maybe it’s because he is having half faces of them? He is complaining and whining so much so the guard who didn’t care much just feel like stabbing him. Meanwhile, Foyfoy has been dragged for so long that he doesn’t feel the pain anymore. Yeah. His soul is already out of his body. Ares needs to speed up and press the booster switch. Oops! Wrong button because Alba is fired away! Dezember drops in and wonders if Ros has changed his name. He looks like he is panicking while saying all that. Flashback reveals when Rchi told Ros she saw him in her grandpa’s album, he replied he doesn’t know because before he knew it, he is already back in this world. He went to the castle to find out more information but only saw lots of excited people claiming to be descendants and wanting to kill the demon king. He joined one of them on a journey for the time being. Dezember thinks that if Ros has revived and so should the demon king but why hasn’t he? Is it because his heroic powers are still asleep? Because Ros is the legendary hero Creasion! Surprise?

Episode 22
Dezember deduces that his magic powers aren’t small because he manages to save Janua from Juli’s attack. This means he is trying to conserve it because if he uses them all, the seal on Rchimedes will break. But they can reseal him again, right? Unfortunately when magical powers grow too great, it will affect the world and just the power of the hero could rip through Earth itself. So can they defeat them without putting Earth at risk? Dezember is not worried because he orders Juli to kill Ros. Either he uses up his power to protect his own life and die or die while fighting Juli since his power isn’t strong enough. Juli is about to kill him when Alba comes crashing head on. Saved by the hero? Yeah. They don’t even remember him. Juli gets up to kill Alba but thanks to Samejima who was revived by Ros earlier on, steps in to protect the hero. Of course with Alba and Ros reunited after so long, it didn’t take long for the latter to conduct his usual tease. Dezember is pissed because everyone ruined his fun. He is about to get into killing mode when he is run over by Hime.

Episode 23
Dezember is pissed. But Ros tells him to cool it because he’ll get a chance to see the power of a new generation’s hero. When Alba wonders who this dude is, Ros explains this big bad guy was the one responsible for him being given a bounty, arrested and have a criminal record. However stripping off a loli’s clothes was Alba’s fault entirely. Oh yeah. Remember that one? The most pissed one this time is Rudolf. Fire wings of rage! Dezember gets mad that everyone is fooling around and ignoring him. He summons his shadow weapons but was trapped by Zwei’s tentacle. They knew how he attacks so they split into 2 and waited for a chance to sneak into his shadow. Because they were bragging so long, Dezember cuts them in half! The brainwasher got brainwashed themselves… Then he makes Alba his next victim and cuts him in half too!

Episode 24
Alba is dead???!!! Dezember thinks this is too easy and orders Juli to kill the rest. He then mocks Ros for being in shock for real. Yeah. Who else is he going to be his butt of jokes? Ros could have died by Juli’s death move if Foyfoy hadn’t swiftly moved in. Foyfoy is about to use his ultimate technique but remembers Ros destroyed it way back… Now he’s going to be dead meat too… Suddenly the seal on Ros’ arm breaks. Juli is cut in half and Alba suddenly in one piece again and back alive! Dezember revels that he has figured out his magic: Time control. Everyone realizes Ros is Creasion and because he used his power, Rchimedes has revived. Ares tries to suck up to Ros that she knew it from the start. However Ros says he never had children… Haha… So all the descendants are never heroes to begin with! Since it has come down to this, Ros will defeat Dezember and seal the demon king. Dezember is still cocky but before he powers up, he suddenly finds himself slammed into the rock! OMG! Was Ros this powerful?! Just a swing of his palm and there goes Dezember flying! And that villain starts ranting how he is not strong enough and this will interfere with his plans, blah, blah, blah. I guess when you lose, you have lots of things to say.

Episode 25
But something baffles Dezember. If his power is to control time, why hasn’t the world been affected yet? Simple. Whoever said his power was to control time? His real power is… Anything he wants!!! Oh sh*t! He’s like God, no? He can cast any kind of attack, any spell to undo anything or even give Dezember a bad afro. Dezember is not pleased that his magic and everything had no effect on him. But why didn’t he want to use his power? He thinks it’s because the demon king is more powerful than him and thus fear him. However Ros summons Rchimedes here and beats him up! The demon king is a cry-baby?! Dezember is devastated that nothing works on Ros. Before he powers up and goes all out, Ros zaps him into smithereens. Rchimedes becomes a pathetic scaredy cat after witnessing Ros’ power. He uses his useless power of seeing into his short future. Yeah. He saw it coming. Getting punched in the face by him. He is going back to the dimensional rift to seal him. Alba still reeling from the shock of the events, mentions that they need to seal the 12 demons. However Ros tells him he can do that on his own. But Alba can’t since he is not his descendant and doesn’t have a hero’s blood. What’s the problem? Go be your own hero. He believes he can do it. And just like that, Ros gives his simple goodbye and vanishes before Alba’s eyes.

Episode 26
Everybody wonders their future now. Because the demon king is sealed and Dezember lost. Will there be peace? Because the heroes won’t be getting paid as the king wanted glory. Alba says he will revive the demon king. Am I hearing this right? Yeah. So happen the king agree with his statement and tries to push it but was eventually punched in the face for being an annoying jackass. Alba doesn’t care about whether it is the demon king or hero, title or money. He wants to go back to retrieve his friend. He thinks the world isn’t at peace since Ros isn’t laughing. Meanwhile Ros is about to seal Rchimedes together when suddenly Janua enters the scene. Actually he is Elf in disguise and wants to see his true power. Ros blasts off his arm. Ares replays Alba’s words and laughs. Yeah. She is sure Ros is laughing now. At him. Nobody seems to be taking Alba seriously that he is going off to save Ros. How long will that take? 30 years. Because that’s the time he has to spend in prison for punching to king. See you for the sequel in 30 years!

And The World Is Saved…
So…? That’s it? I should have known something like this would happen and being a comedy anime with no particular purpose and the plot just flying everywhere, I can forgive them for making such an ending but really, I just thought it really sucked to see Alba and Ros actually parted ways. Maybe that was intentional. Besides, the end battle with Elf seems like something grand. Unless everything was just exaggerated like how every other thing in this anime was. Somehow I just feel that it was left hanging and thus I wasn’t really satisfied about it. Hey. At least they didn’t introduce a new character in the last minute as a cliff-hanger. Phew. Saving the world and sealing the demon king seems like a secondary plot and one that is forgettable because we were overwhelmed by the antics of these jokers. But overall there are lots of laughs coming from each episode (especially Alba being the butt of jokes) so it is enough to cover for the ‘disappointing’ last episode. Unless there is going to be another season that will come in less than 30 years.

What can I say about the characters? Alba as the main hero isn’t really a hero because he always gets picked on by his partner Ros. It is like his destiny to be picked on. It is like his destiny to retort. Yeah, retorting seems to be Alba’s main job rather than being a hero. Ros is the coolest character (and the main hero) because of his sadistic nature that is the cause of Alba’s pain and misery in everything. Yes. Blame it all on Ros! It is like his destiny to piss off Alba. The mismatched couple are so odd that they fit with each other well. That’s why I think when Ros said his goodbye, despite all the torment and mockery Alba has been through, it is that twisted bond of friendship that he wants to go retrieve his pal back. In a way, I think Alba might have become a masochist and a slave to his bullying. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it either. If you notice that Alba spends most of his time in prison especially the second quarter of the series which has the gang in one cell. Heck, Rchi hasn’t changed her clothes since and Janua is only seen in prison clothes ever since his debut. It’s like his main uniform. And now it ends with Alba back to where he once belongs. Got nothing. Lost everything. That sums up what Alba is right now. Won’t his emoticon mummy come to his rescue? Also, I feel Ros is the most powerful character because of his power to do anything he wants! Yes. Anything. That’s like the ultimate and God himself. And he is wise not to show off and keep it a secret till the big revelation thingy. You better think thrice if you want to mess around with him. But it’s okay for him to mess around with you. Thank God I’m not Alba…

The other characters are memorable due to their quirky personality. But that is so much about them because for example Rudolf will always be a lolicon grandpa. Rchi will always be the moe cute demon king’s granddaughter. Ares will always be the sadistic hero who loves to torment Hime whenever she has the chance. Hime in turn is always the tsundere and beats up Foyfoy for just about anything. Mii-chan is always the masochistic cat. Samejima the manly man. And the rest like Foyfoy and Janua, they seem so generic that I don’t know what to describe them. Some like Rchimedes himself isn’t what we think of because when we think of the demon king, he is some ferocious and evil dude but he turns out to be a pathetic wimp that could be Ros’ replacement for Alba in the other dimension. Of course there are some mysterious characters like Elf whom I believe was mentioned to be part of the 4 greatest demons along with Dezember. What he exactly wants is also a mystery. I thought I would see the last of him when he helped Alba escaped from prison but then he had to add to the mystery with his final bout with Ros. I’m curious about the 12 demons and I don’t think if you count them all, you’ll even reach half of it. So where are they? Maybe just to tease us.

Besides our hero being thrown into jail, what will the others be doing? I’m guessing Ros will continue to ‘sleep’ with Rchimedes (and open up a possible yaoi moment), Rchi will continue to wander around (perhaps looking for popcorn), Rudolf would continue to stalk lolis (it’s amazing this guy didn’t get arrested for being a paedophile), Mii-chan will hopefully want to get beaten up, Foyfoy will continue to get beaten up (by a certain tsundere princess), Ares will continue being a pain in the ass to Hime and possibly take over Ros’ role of being the instigator and piss off Hime just for fun. The king will continue to rule his throne for many more years with a big swell in his face. Hopefully Zwei’s hips didn’t break for good as with Janua’s shoulder. Dezember and Juli… They’re dead, right? And all those other so called descendants of Creasion didn’t really matter anymore because as revealed, they aren’t blood related to that legendary hero so it makes things easier. How they were traced to be the hero’s descendant is anyone’s guess. Or maybe they just got plucked out from the crowd or the minister lazily doing his job eenie-mini-mai-ni-mo a field of people.

The jokes are spontaneous and funny. It has to because this series is already so short, dragging the joke longer than it should would mean the episode would have already ended. Maybe that can be a joke itself. As said, many of the jokes come from Alba being mocked by Ros and his retorts to them. Since this is a funny show, nobody would conclude that Ros is a big bully. Because he himself too is a cool character and without that, people might have just looked at him as a big bully sidekick. Slapstick comedy is also abundant in this series with lots of bone breaking and some blood spilling violence. All in the name of comedy. Don’t worry. They aren’t that gory after all. Even if things turn serious, it would be just for a second before going back to its usual silliness. Like as though they’re just teasing us that this show might actually become serious enough. Try not to fall for it. I almost did… Then there is breaking the fourth wall with the narrator telling us audience to buy the DVDs or even not to give away spoilers (for those who already read the manga).

Although the art and drawing of the characters are simple and cute (unimportant ones sometimes turn into stick people – like the other descendants of the hero), somehow I can’t help feel that the characters resemble pretty much like other characters from other animes. Maybe that’s what happens when you’ve watched too much. Like Alba, I thought he was a cross between Sword Art Online’s Kirito and Asuna. It’s like he is a product of them if they really had a son instead of a virtual daughter. Ros feels like a sadistic version of Fairy Tail’s Gray (coincidentally, they’re both voiced by the same person) and his big sword reminds me of Bleach’s Ichigo’s Zanpakutou. Ares looks like a Miyuki Sawashiro-voiced character such as Kanbaru from Bakemonogatri. Hime a spunky fashion tween but when she is in her armour, it brings back memories of Fullmetal Alchemist’s Al. Zwei looks like a kid who popped up from the Lucky Star series. Rudolf an armoured seven dwarf from Snow White (really!). Rchi like Lamia from Beelzebub, Foyfoy like Sting from Fairy Tail or any badass blonde boy, Janua like Luppi from Bleach and Dezember like Kuroro Lucifer in Hunter x Hunter. Does Mii-chan remind you of Puss In Boots? Wow. They all really seem close. Those were the characters that were brought to my mind when I first saw them. Perhaps the only ‘original’ character that doesn’t have me thinking it looked like some anime character is Nisepanda. Big yellow creature with long necks and eternal smile on its face… Oh… Wait… I’m starting to see shades of Pokemon…

Hiro Shimono as the voice of Alba brings back memories of characters who often blow their top like an idiot such as Akihisa from Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu. Yuuichi Nakamura does Ros and something different than the ‘angry characters’ roles I used to hear him like Minamoto in Zettai Karen Children and Gray from Fairy Tail. Tomokazu Sugita as Samejima sounded as though he could turn into Gintama’s Gintoki. Other casts include Ai Kayano as Rchi (Inori in Guilty Crown), Jouji Nakata as Rudolf/Narrator (Giroro in Keroro Gunsou), Emiri Katou as Hime (Kagami in Lucky Star), Yumi Uchiyama as Ares (Yajima in Genshiken Nidaime), Kenichi Suzumura as Foyfoy (Sougou in Gintama), Takahiro Sakurai as Janua (Suzaku in Code Geass), Youji Ueda as Mii-chan (Usui in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), Yuka Terasaki as Zwei (Bevel in Suisei No Gargantia), Takayuki Kondou as Dezember (Oishi in Prince Of Tennis), Daisuke Sakaguchi as Juli (Shinpachi in Gintama) and Seirou Ogino as Rchimedes (Himekawa in Beelzebub). The first season’s ending theme is Believe -Eien no Link- by JAM Project and although I am not used to hear them sing slow rock pieces, at least this one sounded much better than the second season’s ending theme, Questers by Alba’s seiyuu because this one sounds quite comical. I know it befits the silly nature of the theme but purely in terms of the song, I didn’t quite like it. There were supposed to be opening themes for the series as so I read. However the version that I saw did not have them.

I don’t know if Alba could be termed as an anti-hero because his character as a hero isn’t the general definition of it (the classic and traditional traits of what we define a hero). I know, he looks more like a clown and bully victim. Plus, he doesn’t look fitting under the anti-hero too. I know anti-heroes generally have this badass and brooding appearance. For example, Sagara from Full Metal Panic, the quartet in the Saiyuki series, even Homura from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and yeah, everyone in Bleach. Because Alba has a criminal record and have been in prison many times! How often does a main protagonist and hero get that? Well, handling a bunch of jokers that are on your side seems to be much harder than facing off a powerful demon king and sealing him back to his slumber. You know what they say about keeping your friends close but your enemies closer. Today’s foe can be tomorrow’s friend, vice versa. I’m sure Alba will have lots of time to think about this in prison…

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