Servant x Service

May 10, 2014

Well, we know that in some countries that a civil servant is one of the most hated jobs in the views of ordinary citizens, right? Because there is always this perception of inefficiency (staffs laze around and don’t get work done fast enough and some even gossip about last night’s TV drama in the midst of work), wild goose chase (making you go several trips back and forth just because you didn’t bring certain documents and they never tell you everything in full detail at one go) and red tape (sufficiently self explanatory). Worst of all, their salaries are funded by taxpayers’ money. Oh. That must be the hardest hit. Is this the kind of service we get for paying taxes? That’s why in some ways we feel we have the right to complain and say bad, don’t we? Servant x Service is an anime about the daily lives of civil servants of a ward in a fictional city in Japan. I am not particularly familiar with government policies from the Land of the Rising Sun (or any other countries and even my own) so I can’t really say if this anime depicts what actually goes on in a particular government office building but I’m sure it is depicted as close as possible. Once you’ve watched it, you’ll definitely say it isn’t… You’ll find out…

Episode 1
Taishi Ichimiya of the health and welfare department receives 3 new staffs under his wing: Lucy Yamagami, Saya Miyoshi and Yutaka Hasebe. He laments a newbie like him already needs to have juniors. Unless you call 8 years in service as still being new to the job! He shows the newbies around but cool slacker is only interested in the times for breaks. Yamagami is then assigned on the job training with Megumi Chihaya. Although a temporary employee, she must have worked long enough at the service counter to put on that deadpan face. Yamagami first time on the job, gets scolded when she is too slow. Everybody hates civil servants, right? On the other hand, Hasebe seems to be getting his personal achievement of getting female employees’ email address, much to Ichimiya’s dismay. He should show more effort in his work if he has passion to do this kind of stuffs. Miyoshi is also in trouble. She has to hear the grandmother stories of an elderly client, Mrs Tanaka. Later when Ichimiya asks Yamagami for her first name (because she left it out in the form), she gives him a dissenting look. Actually she has a reason why she hides it. When she was born, her parents were torn what to name her so they got suggestions from others. Lucy. Kimiko. Akie. Airi. Shiori. Rinne. Yushiho. Ayano. Tomika. Chitose. Sanae. Mikiko. Ichika…  In the end, they couldn’t decide as they all sound good and used them all! Yeah. All those are her first name!!! Could be even more!!! Thus there is a reason why she became a civil servant. Someone in this department allowed that crazy name on her birth certificate. Someone who didn’t care. Otherwise she wouldn’t end up being the butt of jokes with her ridiculously long name. Even if that person isn’t working in this place, he must be somewhere in this office. She wants to meet this person and give her piece of mind! So becoming a civil servant is just part of her revenge? Hasebe doesn’t care about her revenge stuff and wants to do lunch instead. She throws a book at him when he casually calls her first name. Lucy only, that is.

Though Yamagami continues to feel uneasy introducing herself to other department staffs, Hasebe couldn’t make it more worst. Like as though he is purposely saying it to rile her up. That’s his way of getting along? I guess Yamagami is pretty blunt at him too: She hates him. Yamagami continues her job, gets more scolding. Miyoshi too… More storytelling from grandma… Is this more difficult or getting scolded? Hasebe as usual continues to slack so much so Ichimiya has to chase him all over. And that guy is having fun being chased. On another time when Miyoshi is in trouble not in the form of Mrs Tanaka, Yamagami tries to help out but didn’t do any better. But when Hasebe arrives, his smooth talking ways has the client feel good and the problem is solved. On another occasion, Yamagami gets scolded by the customer but she too gets riled up and says bad about her own civil service department! Then another client gets aggressive although it is his part in forgetting his own stamp. Yamagami can’t handle him and here comes Hasebe to the rescue again. Then he had to piss her off again… So how can this slacker do his job so efficiently and cool? Be relaxed? Because he comes from a family of civil servants, it is already common sense that getting scolded is the number one job. At the end of the day, all those angry customers still thank them with a smile so it’s not that bad. Of course Yamagami is still mad at Hasebe for teasing her. She blows her top, chases him around the office. When the clock strikes sharp for closing time, she stops and heads home. Ironically, she hates civil servants but acts so much like one.

Episode 2
Miyoshi must be having a trauma after listening to Mrs Tanaka’s stories for extended periods. Ichimiya tries to motivate her but ends up getting depressed when he notices his juniors are doing better than him. Chihaya is going to be off for one day so she needs Yamagami to cover her. She is surprised Chihaya cosplays as a magical girl because there is an event nearby. Is that the ‘perks’ of being a temporary employee? Because she didn’t take the official exam, her working hours are shorter than permanent staffs. Chihaya mentions that being a civil servant is also a type of cosplay. Yeah. Office ladies, right? This causes Yamagami to feel embarrass. Chihaya also notices her plain dressing. She thinks maybe it is not that she is uninterested in clothes but couldn’t find the right ones due to her large breasts. Yamagami thinks Chihaya thinks they look small to her! That F cup size is small?! Ichimiya warns his newbies a regular nuisance is coming. She is Touko and is already here. She is also a health nut and has memorized all the laws regarding this country’s health and welfare. She is going to test the newbies to see if they have got what it takes. Ichimiya’s advice not to provoke her seems to fall on death ears on Hasebe. Yeah. He tries to flirt with her. If he can answer her question, she must give him her email address. And he flawlessly quotes the sections to her question. Didn’t see this one coming, didn’t she?

Next she tests Miyoshi in a simulation test. Miyoshi got frightened but Mrs Tanaka jumps to her defence! Don’t bully her! Touko gets lectured instead. Touko gets turned off learning Yamagami’s full name… She is so upset about the kind of new employees that she breaks down in Ichimiya’s arms! He gives her this month’s newsletter to calm down before giving her money to go home. The staffs are appalled he hugged and gave a high school girl some money. Isn’t this unethical? Till he explains Touko is his younger sister. They sure aren’t alike. He explains further she was always the bossy one even when young. One day she saw this health ward building and was told what it was. Because Ichimiya is considering working there and she will be all alone, Touko started visiting the ward and ask all that she can so he could stay home and study. I guess it’s not the health and welfare department she’s crazy about. Brother complex! Chihaya and the newbies are in a meeting to discuss Miyoshi’s problem. She has a habit of holding back what she wants to say. Her drastic solution measure is to make her cosplay? Touko is even roped in to help with this problem via simulation. Miyoshi is still nervous so this causes Touko to go mad. Already mad when she haven’t even say anything? When she finally does, it’s about her time wasting effort visits to the office because she’ll never get her brother to return his feelings! This causes Touko to be traumatized. Then she takes out on her brother and wants him to apologize! WTF. She is made to go home and Miyoshi feels bad for her. So she ends it by thanking her for lots of valuable information and she can come visit her on some days to teach her more. Yeah, she will. Tsundere buranko…

Episode 3
Ichimiya is worried about his juniors. But he is already a failure since he asks this to Chihaya. Touko sees Ichimiya patting Yamagami’s head for a good job. Oh no. Try not to make her angry… Touko denies about coming here to bring and have lunch with her brother. It’s always the opposite for a tsundere. Later Yamagami realizes her bra hook broke. She tries to hide it by wearing a jacket even in his sweltering heat. Chihaya and Miyoshi realize this due to her weird bust line but are reluctant to say it in her face. Even the guys too. Except for Hasebe. He was going to had not Ichimiya hit him in the face. During the break, Yamagami thinks everyone didn’t notice her bra hook broke. And everyone in turn thinks she didn’t notice that they have noticed. They are having trouble trying to tell it to her indirectly. Till Hasebe says that she has a cold and needs to take the day off and not spread the contamination to others. The others follow his flow and brilliant idea of his. Later Hasebe talks to Ichimiya about his problem. This guy has something bugging him? Yamagami is the only one he hasn’t been able to get her email address. I should have known… So he gets determined to get it. If only he showed this much passion in his work. First, he purposely meets her at the bookstore (he calls it destiny) and forces her to go dinner with him (because he puts the books she wants out of her reach) and the treat is on him. After dinner and she leaves, he remembers he forgot to get her email. In office, Hasebe becomes Yamagami unwilling help as he assists her in taking stuffs out of her reach, help sooth a little whiny kid at her counter (he is a ventriloquist?) and lends her his iPod music so she can do her job better while it is stormy outside (she has fear of lightning and thunder). Yamagami goes to return the iPod to him and witnesses another cool skill of Hasebe. He is able to do sign language. I don’t know if his answer is impressive or not. Because he learnt so many skills and is good at them so he can slack off! He is a civil servant because he has no hopes and dreams. Notice how those working here don’t? People who choose this job usually are those who want stability in career and future. It might be boring but it’s smooth sailing. Yamagami can’t accept more help from him because she feels bad for being indebted too much. She wants to do something in return. He wants to know her 3 sizes. To his surprise, she is willing to tell him! I’m sure he never knew such bust size existed, right? And when all is done, he remembers the one important thing he forgot: Her email address! Doh!

Episode 4
Chihaya has been purposely slipping on Yamagami so she could get her measurements and make cosplay outfit for her. To her horror, she thinks an office romance is brewing between Yamagami and Hasebe but it turns out the latter was teaching her sign language. Chihaya shoos Hasebe away and warns Yamagami to stay away from him. She also advises her about the sexual harassments she will get from him. Wasn’t Chihaya doing the same thing? So Chihaya confronts Hasebe about Yamagami. He thinks Chihaya likes him and is jealous! Or could it be she likes Yamagami?! She lets him off with a warning that he is her rival. This carefree guy may get Yamagami to like him and then get her to cosplay whatever he wishes. That is her concern? If he manages to do that, please send some pictures to her. So Hasebe goes to talk to Yamagami. She mentions about his slacking even though he can do everything. Probably that is what makes him popular with women. Hasebe thinks that is a compliment and asks if she likes him. Not in general. In that case, would she like to go out with him? She’d rather not. Rejected. But he takes it quite calmly. Yamagami ponders Hasebe’s words. Maybe he’s just saying it whimsically without feelings. But it still pisses her off. Ichimiya asks Hasebe if he did anything to Yamagami because she is acting different. He tells him about the rejection. He feels devastated so he hopes Ichimiya could do his work for him. He doesn’t look sad… When Yamagami learns this is Hasebe’s first time in confessing, she apologizes and that it’s not his fault but hers. She never thought a boring person like her would end up in a relationship. So does this mean she can go out with him? No. Rejected the second time. He invites her to go out for food together since it is pretty normal for colleagues to eat together. Later he brags to Ichimiya that he has somewhat settle the issue with Yamagami. It is part of his plan to gradually conquer her and make her fall for him!

The newbies realize they have never met their section chief before and Ichimiya seems pretty reluctant to talk about him. That’s because Kenzo Momoi is a talking stuffed rabbit! Really! Cute? Strange? It’s real right before your eyes. He knows Hasebe’s father because they started working in the same year and had lots of memories together. Momoi starts sulking that the new kids don’t respect him and such. I can see why Ichimiya never introduced them to him. Would it be weird to find your boss is a talking stuffed rabbit? On the bright side, it’s better than a grumpy old man, right? Chihaya is not thrilled about Yamagami’s naivety that she goes out to eat with Hasebe. Well, he takes her to fancy restaurants with good food. How can she resist that? Because of Yamagami being an easy target, Chihaya thinks of assassinating Hasebe quick! So Chihaya has Yamagami ascertain Hasebe’s intention of going out to eat with her. Otherwise she will officially certify her as an idiot. So on an outing, Yamagami asks Hasebe this. She thinks he is doing it because he felt bitter of being rejected and wants to fatten her up! Oh God… Can you blame him for calling her an idiot? When Chihaya learns about this, she too calls her an idiot. And Yamagami doesn’t know what’s happening. Momoi realizes the newbies are getting along well. When he learns he was never invited to drinking parties, he throws a tantrum. Who would invite a stuffed rabbit out? And so this is Momoi’s first time and it’s on him. Thing is, he doesn’t have money and has Ichimiya pay for him! Because Yamagami doesn’t like to drink, he suggests to be more adventurous and lets her try shochu. Instantly she gets drunk. Hasebe accompanies Yamagami home. Worried Ichimiya wanted to do so but Touko called and wants him back. NOW! Momoi wants to accompany Miyoshi home but she already got into the taxi. Yamagami is looking vulnerable. Hasebe may be having it hard to bring her home. It’s late and they’ve missed the last train. They need a place to stay. The hotel nearby looks convenient. Next morning, Yamagami wakes up having no memories what happened last night. She is shocked to see a woman sleeping next to her.

Episode 5
This girl is Hasebe?! Hasebe is actually a girl?! Oh. Here comes the male version. So if you still haven’t got it like Yamagami, this girl is Kaoru, Hasebe’s older sister. A hotel would have been convenient but he remembered his sister’s place nearby. And Yamagami still doesn’t get it why he chose his sister’s place over a hotel. Is she still drunk? Kaoru mentions her favourite hobby is to play pranks. When Hasebe came to her place last night with Yamagami in his hands, she thought he played too many of such games and now wants to do a threesome with his sister! On their way back, Yamagami feels so indebted that she wants to do something to return the favour. Yeah, it’s a big deal alright. Hasebe says he’ll save points for every deed he does for her so that whenever he needs a huge favour, he’ll use them. The next day, Yamagami pays Kaoru a visit just give her thanks. Kaoru suggests that they go over to Hasebe’s place now and Yamagami will be the present. Don’t get it? Along the way, Kaoru mentions everyone in their family are civil servants. And Hasebe is the least hyper active. Oh God… Hasebe is surprised the ladies are at his doorstep. He is feeling sleepy because last night he stayed up playing games. Even Yamagami is asking him if women in games with big boobs exist in real life. I suppose she doesn’t consider herself… Come Monday, Ichimiya is worried what happened to Yamagami after they depart. Full of confidence, she told him about Hasebe bringing her to another pretty woman’s place and then went to his place and then learns how he likes to play games with big boobs. That’s pretty ambiguous the way she puts it. Ichimiya smacks Hasebe, accusing him of doing something to her.

Later the guys see Yamagami being lectured by Chihaya for being vulnerable and taken care by Hasebe. Is she crying?! Actually, she’s got hiccups. Hasebe wanted to scare her but Chihaya’s deadly stare that says “Do that and I’ll kill you”. Later Hasebe is surprised to learn Ichimiya has got a girlfriend. And no, it’s not Touko. But Ichimiya laments he always gets dumped before Christmas. Chihaya and Yamagami overheard this and Chihaya knows the reason. Because Christmas Eve is Touko’s birthday. I guess that guy had to choose. But why does Chihaya knows this? Because she is his girlfriend. Just kidding! That surprise stops Yamagami’s hiccups. But is it really a joke because Chihaya is looking at Ichimiya with killer eyes and that guy is sweating in his pants. On the day Touko goes out with Miyoshi, Chihaya drops by Ichimiya’s place. So looks like they’re really dating? Touko tells Miyoshi that she wants to become a civil servant and doesn’t want to go to college. Reason: She wants to become independent. Definitely big brother complex here. Back to Ichimiya, Chihaya has been dating him for a year. She doesn’t know how to tease him anymore. She gets annoyed because all he ever does is apologize. Like right now too. Since she is busy with some cosplay stuff on Christmas Eve, she doesn’t mind him hanging out with Touko. But she wonders if he really wants to break up with her that much. So she runs into Touko’s room and puts on her school uniform! She lectures him to be more confident because he also has his good qualities. Ichimiya doesn’t want Touko to see this scene but she came back early. Seems Chihaya was here to deliver the clothes she made for her. I’m not sure if Touko knows about them dating. Perhaps not. Otherwise you know what would have happened. At office, Ichimiya and Chihaya act like normal colleagues. And this is perhaps why Ichimiya was constantly reminding Hasebe that office romance is to be avoided. Just too much trouble. He’s serious…

Episode 6
Momoi got a new necktie from his daughter but since he doesn’t know how to tie it, he lets Chihaya do it and comments she is good as though she does it for her boyfriend. Rabbit abuse! It’s getting really tight at the neck. Because Momoi feels he hasn’t gotten close to his juniors, Ichimiya suggests riding on their shoulder while observing their work. Momoi picks up slacking habits from Hasebe. And you thought the chief would teach a thing or two to the youngster but it was the other way round instead. Hitching a ride on Yamagami, because of her big boobs, he couldn’t really see things directly in front. Miyoshi is perfect but his comments that he can see all the way down’ causes her to be depressed. Despite being a bunny, even hearing Mrs Tanaka’s stories and Touko’s lecture can be tiresome. Momoi’s conclusion is that today’s office is less strict than before. He explains Hasebe’s father was a hard worker and everybody was hard on him. Because everyone was paid the same, if somebody works hard, everybody else must match up. I’m not sure what Momoi said but he was punched in the gut by Hasebe’s father. And when Momoi vows to be always there for Hasebe, he punches him in the gut. Like father, like son. Momoi is worried what he lacks but to his horror everybody is ignoring him and talking about something else. Then here comes a high school student, Kanon. Would you believe she is Momoi’s daughter?! Believe it. She brought him a bunny’s tail because when he got his new body, mom forgot to put it on. He thinks this is what he is missing. The rest are surprised that Kanon and Touko are best friends. Since Touko doesn’t know her dad is a stuffed doll, Kanon covers for him and brings her away. Just when Momoi is about to show off his new tail, everyone continues to ignore him.

If hearing Mrs Tanaka’s stories and Touko’s lecture isn’t enough, Miyoshi has to put up with the bunny. Do you think she’ll get burnt out? After listening all these time, all she wants is somebody to talk to. She murmurs she feels like quitting and Hasebe hears her. She explains she doesn’t hate her job or her colleagues but rather she didn’t finish graduate school and might be regretting it. She got a job while still in graduate as she asked her parents to let her take the college entrance exam again after she failed. But her father fell ill and later out she found out it was a lie to bring her back. Hasebe is so casual in his slacking she is even tempted to copy it. She unintentionally tries to encourage him but discourages him with words like he is beneath her or his casual ways will end up living an unfulfilled life. I think Hasebe needs more time to recover. And he’s not slacking… Just when Miyoshi is going to sit through another round of Mrs Tanaka’s stories, Mrs Tanaka asks her to marry her grandson! During the break, her colleagues think it is amazing but of course Miyoshi isn’t. Miyoshi doesn’t plan to date anyone now and if she marries, she’ll have to quit her job and be a housewife since Mrs Tanaka’s grandson is a banker. The rest wonder if Miyoshi had been confessed to before so she says 9 out of 10 people end up crying. Why? How? When the guy confessed to her, she thought there are better girls out there and told him to reflect on himself and think again. I guess he took in the wrong way. Hasebe seems to be against the marriage. His body action hints like he has a problem with the family called Mrs Tanaka. Chihaya is more mischievous. She tells her to tell Mrs Tanaka that same rejection line if she asks again. She might die of heart attack. On another day of storytelling by Mrs Tanaka, an hour passed and she hasn’t mention about her grandson. The issue is blown over? Not quite. She brings up the marriage proposal again. Miyoshi tries to change the subject but she quickly turns it back to this. Miyoshi clearly states she has no intention to get married. But Mrs Tanaka isn’t giving up because next time she’ll bring her grandson here. You just can’t win against this old lady.

Episode 7
Chihaya visits Ichimiya but he is not home but Touko. They play games and the loser must do what the winner say. Touko lost every one of them and each time is made to put on a magical girl outfit till she is fully dressed as one. Ichimiya returns and is surprised to see Chihaya. She didn’t bat an eyelid saying she is here to use Touko as her plaything. Because Ichimiya won’t play with her. At work, Momoi wonders if Ichimiya and Chihaya aren’t getting along. He talks to Chihaya and probably said the wrong thing and almost got his ears ripped! He sets up the both of them to organize articles in the storage. Once more, Chihaya doesn’t like how nice Ichimiya is that it’s irritating her. She feels their distance is awkward and unbuttons her shirt. A couple alone in a room. This won’t take long. Suddenly Yamagami sees them. How can they get out of this one? Chihaya says she felt light headed and Ichimiya caught her. She believes it. Later Ichimiya wants to talk to Chihaya after work but he has to break the promise when Momoi seeks him. Meanwhile Kanon and Touko are at the shopping mall and the little sister is talking how her useless brother doesn’t even have a girlfriend. Well, Kanon even knows from her talk, there are obvious signs he has a girl. Then Chihaya joins them and from her speech, Kanon instantly knows this is Ichimiya’s boyfriend. She observers Touko being manipulated by her without even knowing it. And that she’s using Touko as an excuse to be with Ichimiya. Kanon wants to protect her friend when Chihaya gets a call from Ichimiya. She surprises Kanon when she puts Touko first and ignores her boyfriend. This makes her wonder if they do really get along well. She asks to confirm and Chihaya admits she goes out with both of them as she likes them. But she is troubled with the current situation and wants them to realize it. Since Ichimiya is calling again and his usual apologetic mode, Chihaya leaves to meet him. His first words? More apologies! Because Chihaya is looking pretty scary…

Miyoshi is still feeling down as she is still worried about Mrs Tanaka’s proposal. This makes Hasebe go pale again so Yamagami thinks he wants to go out with Miyoshi! She got her cheeks pinched. Yamagami talks to Miyoshi about it when Mrs Tanaka’s grandson really did show up! Yamagami feels like a third wheel but can’t leave because Miyoshi is holding tightly to her hand! Jouji Tanaka is here to apologize over her grandma’s statement. Also, he came to see what she looked like as words of the elders are absolute. Mrs Tanaka is not here today because she caught a cold. Miyoshi is worried for her so Tanaka likes her kindness to the elderly. Yamagami leaves as soon as Hasebe walks into the scene. Suddenly Tanaka jumps over the counter and starts hounding him! He is yelling at him about disappearing for so long. He pokes his eyes. Just when Tanaka is about to settle some grudge, Hasebe says that lunchtime is over. Back to work. Responsible guy, isn’t he? When Mrs Tanaka is well and is able to see Miyoshi again, this time her grandson tags along too. In fact he has been here every day! Miyoshi lies to cover that Hasebe is not here but he can sense his presence. Later Yamagami learns from Hasebe about their rivalry that goes way back to their school days. Tanaka put lots of effort to get results unlike Hasebe who considers himself a genius. I guess that’s why he slacks. Because Tanaka hates to lose, he always challenges Hasebe to everything but always lost. Yamagami’s honesty has Hasebe wanting to further their relationship. But she can’t go out with him because it’s not payday yet. Hasebe continues to bug her again. Chihaya hopes he explodes alone for flirting. Tanaka is not too pleased to see that. Chihaya adds fuel to the fire that he is a slacker and a flirter. Suddenly Tanaka tells her off not to badmouth him! Chihaya arrives at a possible reason: BL thing. But Miyoshi doesn’t understand what it means.

Episode 8
Yamagami still couldn’t get use to people calling her name. Even if it’s just Lucy. But why take it out on Hasebe? Yeah. Serial offender. He suggests going out for dinner and since Yamagami is broke, they go somewhere cheap. Asking about her love for books, she mentions she was always teased because of her name and ended up running to the library. Although she can change her name, she feels it would be a dishonour to her parents who are great people. Though, she blames the person who approves it. So what next after she finds that person? Curse that person to give their grandchild a similar name to hers? Hasebe adds after she is done with that, go on a date with him. Rejected again. Does she hate him that much? The thought of her boyfriend pronouncing her full name while declaring his love just doesn’t cut it. Next day after work, Yamagami leaves office only to see Tanaka waiting. She tries to cover for Hasebe or Miyoshi that they have already gone home. However he is here for her and takes her away to treat her for dinner! Seems this guy has a complex over his name too. Because Jouji could mean second place and he doesn’t really like that. Yamagami thought she could escape and end this by making him drunk but I guess he’s strong. Nobody is as weak as her. Tanaka then starts ranting about all the challenges he lost to Hasebe. Also complaining about his talent but chose to stay home, place video games, bum around, etc. He thinks he has been driven to despair since he is dating a plain girl! Yamagami thinks this is Hasebe’s way of joking but Tanaka says this is the first time he knows Hasebe trying to hit on a woman. Tanaka drops the bombshell. He wants to date her just to show Hasebe the meaning of losing. Yamagami is about to panic when suddenly here comes Hasebe punching him! Wow. That made him sober. So that guy was drunk?! He is here because Miyoshi saw Yamagami being dragged away and called him. And now here is Miyoshi on the line wanting to speak to Tanaka. He has a feeling it will be a lecture about forcing a stranger to dinner with him.

When they leave (after Hasebe punched the dude many times because he’s trying to get her contacts – how should he when Hasebe himself hasn’t?), Hasebe learns what they have talked and would love to forget those embarrassing bits. That guy is so sick of Tanaka that he transferred to a random school (because he followed him all the way to college!). When Yamagami mentions about how fun it is for him to live the way he wants, Hasebe stops her. He is afraid he will end up liking her so much at this rate that it won’t be funny. Next day at office, Hasebe isn’t his usual. In fact, worse. He admits to want to go slack off, doesn’t even correct Ichimiya’s mistakes (he should buck up) and hangs out at Momoi’s table. Yamagami wants to repay Hasebe’s kindness. Remember those points he saved up? Yeah. He’s going to use it now. Go on a date. Yamagami tries to hold him off saying she is quite booked during her off days and it will only be in 2 months her schedule be free. He’ll gladly wait. He wants her to wear a skirt on a date. Or else, where a skirt to work. Choose. She can’t risk her colleagues see her in one either. Chihaya heard everything and declines on her behalf and accuses him of sexual harassment. Hasebe coolly says since Chihaya makes clothes for cosplay, he wants her to design one for Yamagami. She agrees. Did she take the bait? And Yamagami is more distress than ever.

Episode 9
Chihaya is too deep in thinking about the clothes she will make for Yamagami that she couldn’t concentrate on her work. It just reminds her about Ichimiya’s case too. He can detect her deadly aura… This has her thinking she was also a plain girl 2 years ago. Momoi commented on her plainness because young kids usually dress up splendidly. Then she got to know how kind and considerate Ichimiya is and asked him out. He gave lots of excuses and sounded like he was too busy with stuffs (Touko, what else?) to do so. Ichimiya advises Chihaya not to cosplay in skimpy dress so she doesn’t catch a cold. She kisses and slaps him! That’s how she wants to say it to him. Chihaya then has Yamagami to go out shopping for a skirt. Too bad that means Hasebe can’t hog her today. Chihaya notes Hasebe is trying hard to make Yamagami fall for him lately. She’s fine with that. Just don’t let him drag her to a hotel afterwards. Yamagami wonders why she didn’t stop him then. She bluntly admits she lost to the skirt. Yamagami thinks this date is just his way of teasing her so Chihaya mentions after Hasebe manages to get her fall for him, he’ll dump her. Yamagami is filled with pessimism each time a skirt is tried on. Complain, complain… Impossible, impossible… Till Chihaya makes her feel bad about how all this would turn out since Hasebe asked her out. Yamagami promises to do her best. Chihaya ups the ante that she needs to get contacts too. In the end, they didn’t buy a skirt because her breast size couldn’t match so she’ll have to make one. Yamagami tells Hasebe that she will do her best to accompany him till the end. This made him throw up his coffee. Chihaya takes her away for a lecture.

Yamagami notices Mrs Tanaka once more telling stories to Miyoshi. When she mentions about her grandson, Miyoshi tells her straight not to talk about him. Grandma gets the idea and returns to her story. Later as Yamagami talks to her, Miyoshi feels annoyed and responsible. Had she declined Tanaka properly, Yamagami wouldn’t have gone through all that. But all is not wasted. The food was good. I think she’s missing the point. Kaoru drops by and they have dinner together. She mentions Tanaka as her type of guy. The type that makes her laugh, that is. She explains the rivalry between Hasebe and Tanaka since young. There was a time he even asked her to go out with her just to defeat Hasebe! Declined of course. His seriousness on Hasebe got worse each day. He pestered her to tell where Hasebe transferred but she didn’t say. He can’t stop following him because he doesn’t want to have regrets till everything is settled. From the way I see it, it’s not going to end soon. Next day, Miyoshi sees Hasebe and tells him about the dinner they had and due to the noise interference, Hasebe heard that Yamagami is getting married! See the shock on his face? Why hasn’t he heard anything? Miyoshi puts it that she said she will eventually find out anyway. And that’s what he remembered Yamagami saying too. He sees her sparkly happy. Could it be true? He asks about it. Although she didn’t exactly say anything about the wedding, her ambiguous words did indicate it was so. Hasebe sinks into further shock and depression. He couldn’t do his work. Hey, he was a slacker but at least he got the job done. He even starts tearing out Momoi’s fur! At his limit, Hasebe finally asks Yamagami who that guy is. An actor she doesn’t know? What? She shows him some Tosho card worth 1000 Yen. No wonder she is happy. Oh, haven’t he heard? Kaoru is getting married. And just this instant, Hasebe gets a message from Kaoru that she is getting married. She thought she’ll tell him later. So embarrassed that he smashes his Smartphone! It’s old. He was planning to buy a new one anyone. Besides, he doesn’t need all the girls’ information. What does he mean by that? It means he only needs Yamagami’s contacts. Get the hint? But wait. Does he even have her contacts? The embarrassing feeling continues to linger on…

Episode 10
Chihaya visits Ichimiya’s apartment but only Touko is in. She thinks this is the perfect chance to let her know they are dating. So that’s what the many cakes are for? She tries to start off with an idle chat but ends up become a mediator for the siblings since she mentioned about her brother being at a marriageable age. When Chihaya says they are seeing each other, Touko misheard and thinks they are going at each other. Since she was studying too much, she falls asleep. This causes Chihaya to also feel sleepy. She wakes up next morning, courtesy of Ichimiya putting a blanket over her. He thinks how the girls get along very well. This angers her and suggests they go at each other to see how strong because as Touko suggested, Chihaya would win. Chihaya talks to Miyoshi about Touko looking through past civil servant questions and wonders if she really wants to become a civil servant. Miyoshi knows Chihaya is dating Ichimiya since Touko often talks a lot about them and she could guess. Chihaya is surprised since Yamagami was an idiot and brushed it off as a joke while Touko had her brother too much on her mind to even notice. When Miyoshi leaves, here comes Tanaka again. He wants to challenge Hasebe. It’s part of his no regrets thingy. Whatever Miyoshi tries to say to make him stay away, it seems he is drawn back to do it so as not to leave regrets of it. Miyoshi has heard from Kaoru and tells him off that what he is doing is not atonement but self satisfaction. This causes him to regret his actions and wants to do something to not regret this regret. Geddit? Now Miyoshi regrets making him regret of having any regret. And one regret after another means Miyoshi ends up having to go out for dinner with him. Regretting it? Yamagami notices Chihaya tired out. It’s just that she was told she worries too much. She advises her it’s okay to be selfish once in a while so as not to regret it later. In that case, Chihaya will go full speed ahead making her date dress. Regretting it?

Since Touko is at her usual lecturing Miyoshi about civil servants’ responsibility, Kanon wanders around to kill time. She meets Hasebe slacking around wherever she goes, Yamagami having plain and cheap lunch, and Chihaya who wants to take her measurements for her magical girl cosplay. Momoi learns Kanon is around and goes look for her. He almost got spotted by Touko and acts like a stuffed bunny. She isn’t amused with this ward’s ugly mascot and abuses it. After she has her fill, she leaves. She remembers she forgot her handphone back at Miyoshi’s counter and goes get it. To her dismay, she sees Miyoshi talking to the bunny. She feels guilty that too much reprimanding has caused her to stress out and talk to it. Not only her, she witnesses the other staffs doing the same! She pours out her guilty conscious to Kanon and she has an idea what happened. Kanon is worried on what to do because this may jeopardize their friendship and everyone will be in trouble. Ichimiya is also worried when Touko tells him about the psychological problems everyone is having. How do you explain it? Then she sees Momoi riding on Yamagami’s head and talking. Shocking? With his identity busted, Momoi wastes no time introducing himself. Touko is not amused that she has been made a fool and the first thing she reprimands Momoi is if this is how he wastes tax payers’ money! Her abuses to the civil servants become much nicer since she tells them to go trip somewhere instead of dying. Momoi thanks everyone for taking care of his daughter and mentions Kanon said how all his subordinates are weird. Not as weird as him. He is the weirdest, right?

Episode 11
Because Hasebe is nowhere to be seen as asked by Ichimiya, Yamagami goes to ask the rest. All the same answer: He is probably slacking off somewhere. Even Momoi had the same reply. I guess to show he is not slacking off too, he takes her to go find him at his usual slacking off places. This brings them to a bazaar nearby. One of the stalls is selling stuffed toys. There is a bunny that looks just like him but only in a different colour. Before Yamagami knows it, he goes missing. She reports back to her friends that he got kidnapped. Actually the salesperson mistaken him for a merchandise and sold it. To apologize for the mistake, Yamagami was given this clone bunny. But the staffs don’t think it will be a problem if Momoi wasn’t around… Yamagami goes to look around for him till Touko catches her talking to the stuffed bunny. Accustomed in doing that? She advises her to look at the library. Yamagami is almost distracted at her Shangri-la when she sees a little girl reading a book with her mother. Next to her is Momoi. He is acting like a real stuffed toy. Why won’t he escape himself? He couldn’t bear see the sadness to be parted with this girl and decided to live with her forever as a stuffed doll. So tell his wife and daughter his body now belongs to another person! Don’t be ridiculous. Yamagami politely offers to swap the bunny. The girl accepts the offer as the clone is cuter. Momoi feels so disappointed. Yamagami goes to find Hasebe and waits at one of his usual places, the rooftop. There he is. She tries explaining why she is not used to guys as reason for her behaviour towards him. Then she says more ambiguous things that just depress Hasebe. He wants to tell her she is special but gets cut off that he needs to be nice to everyone. Hasebe feels this is the price he has to pay for living so carefree.

Miyoshi is regretting about agreeing to dinner with Tanaka. To take her mind off it, she goes out shopping on her off day. At the bookstore, she sees Yamagami and she can accurately predict what she is thinking about purchasing about a particular book. Next, she sees depressed Hasebe playing at the video arcade. His mood changes when he spots her. He takes pride in the dating simulation games he plays but Miyoshi had to nail it by saying if he has time to do that, he should have asked Yamagami out. Bull’s eye! He feels like a loser. Miyoshi sees Chihaya buying a cake and thinks it’s for Ichimiya. Then she sees that depressed guy and talks about his ‘girlfriend’. The more she says, the more depressed he becomes since they are all truths. He feels like a loser. Miyoshi feels at this rate she will bump into Momoi. True enough… Momoi and Kanon… Fearing she will bump into the rest of the staff and ultimately Tanaka, well, turns out to be Mrs Tanaka. Oh God. The grandmother stories begin… Is it a wonder why she looks so tired when she returns to work? So never going out again on her off day. Later she tells her colleagues about the dinner with Tanaka. They hope she’ll be alright. During the dinner, all we see Tanaka do is talk about Hasebe while drinking a glass of wine. I hope he isn’t drunk. When Miyoshi requests to talk about something else, he brings up a boring work subject. She laughs because it was so boring she can’t help be amused. She accidentally drinks a glass of wine and instantly passes out. When she wakes up, she is surprised to see Tanaka carrying her like a princess. Tanaka felt fun doing that and hopes they could do it again. Oh, he forgot to talk about regrets. Regretting that? Next day, her colleagues want to know how it went. She says Tanaka will be fine as long as Hasebe is not involved. He feels disappointed as though his existence was denied.

Episode 12
Chihaya is tired from making her cosplay clothes and uses Yamagami’s boobs as her pillow. As Yamagami’s date is coming up, she requests for leave for 3 straight days. She doesn’t want to be disturbed so as to concentrate and tells this to Ichimiya. Okay, he won’t bug her. I suppose her intention to get him to care backfired. 3 days later, Ichimiya visits her to see how she is doing. She’s almost dead. And he had the cheek to say she doesn’t look any different than usual. I hope she doesn’t waste her angry energy on him. Ichimiya knows she has been pushing herself and wants her to go to sleep. She acts a little horny but drops deep into sleep. Chihaya shows Yamagami the dress she made. Looks lovelier but isn’t it shorter than the one in the store? Chihaya purposely notes that the date is tomorrow and can’t fix it. So she’ll have to put up with it. Will it be possible for Yamagami to put this on? Well, she seems very reluctant about it. Chihaya wants Yamagami to find out if Hasebe is a decent guy and to observe him (based on Chihaya’s own experience, I guess). When Yamagami tests the dress, she is embarrassed that this is impossible. She thinks of calling Hasebe to call off the date but she realizes she hasn’t got his contact. Chihaya thinks Hasebe is a master strategist to think this far in case Yamagami wants to cancel. Of course we know it isn’t. On the day of the date, Hasebe arrives early. But Yamagami starts running late and he begins to wonder if something happened to her. Is she sick? Did she stood him up? Or is the dress too embarrassing for her and part of Chihaya’s master strategy plan? Then here comes Yamagami. Looks pretty decent to me. Perhaps it was just embarrassing by her standards. Hasebe finds her cute and this makes her smile like a person who loves being praised. Because she is wearing contacts, Hasebe teases her by buying her fashion glasses and ‘admits’ he loves glasses!

Yamagami is happy when he takes her to the bookstore but she remembers Chihaya’s words to observe him. Chihaya is out with Touko. The latter explains that she doesn’t mind her brother having a girlfriend (really?) and since she wants him to be free, independent and not hold him back, that’s why she wants to work hard for this civil servant test. Chihaya is surprised to see Hasebe and Yamagami nearby. Not wanting Touko to see this, she brings her away. Yamagami has been so pre-occupied thinking about observing what kind of person Hasebe is that she didn’t realize he was being considerate to her. Not that she was observing either. She panics when she thinks he is doing all that without thinking. She could have run away but her high heels. She tripped… Hasebe puts the band aid on her knee and mentions he could almost see her panties. She smacks him and thinks she may just be over thinking. It’s Hasebe as usual. Hasebe gets serious and wants her to date him. He doesn’t mind her long first name and thinks she is using it as an excuse. He wants to know what she thinks of him. The well timed phone ring just ruined it. Hasebe wanted to ignore it but Yamagami has him pick up. It’s about Kaoru’s marriage meeting today. Shouldn’t he be there? He made the date with Yamagami first and Kaoru was okay with that. Besides, his future bride is more important than his sister’s husband. Counting his chickens? Yamagami suggests redoing this date another time so long he goes to his sister. Happy guy agrees. Then Chihaya calls Yamagami in hopes to crash in, or rather check up but was told Hasebe already left for personal matters. Next day at work. Something is wrong with Hasebe. He makes lots of mistakes and more importantly, he is working and not slacking! His colleagues wonder if something happened on the date and ask him in person. Remember the official who approved Yamagami’s ridiculously long name? It was his father. Oh shi…

Episode 13
Yamagami and Momoi wonder where the rest of the young ones are so they go around looking. Too bad Touko was there so she starts reprimanding the bunny. Kanon thought of saving her dad without exposing him has her father. Thankfully Touko was dumb enough to think Kanon likes this doll, the reason she was defensive. If they think they’ve got Touko out of the way, here comes Mrs Tanaka. No Miyoshi so who to substitute? Hasebe explains after his date with Lucy ended, he went back to his parents’ place. First thing he saw was his future brother-in-law knocked out from alcohol thanks to the heavy drinking with his dad. When Kaoru asks about Lucy, this reminded his father about a girl he approved with that name. Hasebe then realized. But father even went so far as a joke he could be dating this girl. Oh Lord… Hasebe blamed him at first but when he learns daddy was so concern about his son who was having a bad fever that day and couldn’t concentrate on his work, Hasesbe realizes he is the source of why Yamagami got that ridiculously long name. I’m not sure if it’s Chihaya’s intention to cheer him up or just to make sarcastic comments that rings “Hah! In your face you loser!”. Yeah. She’s making him even more depressed. Ichimiya and Miyoshi couldn’t do any better. Especially when Miyoshi nails the finisher that says it is just perhaps Yamagami doesn’t like him at all. Before Hasebe could revert into a child throwing a tantrum whether he should tell Yamagami or not, here comes that lady with Momoi. They return to work. Yamagami gets the wrong idea when Hasebe starts avoiding her. She thinks it is her fault during the date that made him act so. Miyoshi wonders if there is a way to resolve this without Hasebe getting hated. Chihaya puts it bluntly. There isn’t. If Yamagami finds out Hasebe has been keeping this a secret, she’ll hate him even more. Plus, since Hasebe is the one who teases her the most about her name, she’ll hate him if she admits it. Either way, he’ll be hated. It gets even odder when Hasebe calls her by her surname instead of Lucy. And it’s pretty awkward too because Yamagami personally wants him to keep calling her that!

Both Hasebe and Yamagami continue to be awkward with each other and could not concentrate fully on their work. It pisses off Chihaya so she tells off Hasebe that if he gets depressed over this, he wasn’t serious enough. Don’t ever see Yamagami again. I think that ‘killed’ him. But she couldn’t see Yamagami like this too so she orders Hasebe to go talk to her. Ichimiya for once becomes a man to advise Hasebe about the danger of keeping it a secret. Though, he should take a look at himself because Chihaya is standing right there with that killer aura. This gives Hasebe motivation to go talk to Yamagami. Ichimiya promises to Chihaya he will do better and will tell Touko about their relationship. Just the question of when. Erm… Tomorrow? Gutless… When Hasebe finds Yamagami (with the rest eavesdropping), he still has a hard time trying to say it but she says to spill everything because she can take it for she has endured all the torment due to her name. As long as it doesn’t have to do with her name. Hah. Just made it harder. Hasebe goes crazy and blurts out the secret. Yamagami is shocked but she knows this issue cannot be solved easily and know it is not his fault. It’s not like he wanted to get fever on that day. So to make it up to her and take responsibility, please continue to call her Lucy. She likes it that way. Sign of approval? Hasebe is about to confess the most important thing when Tanaka comes in looking for him. Miyoshi keeps him at bay. Then here comes Touko and Kanon. Ichimiya tackles them away. Momoi’s looking for… Never mind. Chihaya stepped on him. Once outside, Hasebe asks Yamagami to go out with him. Another rejection. But it’s not a no for eternity. Just not yet. They are interrupted again by the rest of those bothersome people…  Tanaka still hasn’t given up on his challenge, eh? Closing scenes: Ichimiya tries to tell Touko about his girlfriend. Hours passed… Couldn’t say it. Gutless… Miyoshi goes out to dinner with Tanaka but she is the talkative one and makes him shut up because it’s rude to interrupt when others are talking. No buts. Yamagami wants to repay Chihaya for that dress. Anything she says? Regret getting into that cosplay outfit? Finally Hasebe has got Yamagami’s email address. First mail he sends her is to go out with him. Declined. Not now. He continues to bug her for it and they realize their colleagues are watching.

Get Back To Work!!!
Does Yamagami harbour any revenge for the culprit anymore? From what I deduce, she doesn’t. Why? Because she’s in love! That’s the only reason why she doesn’t seem interested in pursuing that grudge, the sole reason she became a civil servant. Besides, Hasebe’s first name calling of her should be an obvious sign that she has accepted him but she is just probably in denial in her heart that she likes him. You see, she has spent her youthful days being tormented by people who teased her name. I am sure Hasebe is no different but he teases her in a different manner rather than using her name as the subject of teasing. All of a sudden in the end, she likes how she calls him partly because she is so used to hearing that. So much so if he calls her by something else, it would have sounded odd. That’s what you call conditioning. But I’ll stick to it as love. And it is a good thing and sign that Yamagami loves Hasebe more that not even the hatred for the person who approved her name could change her mind. Imagine a person who has lived solely on the motion of revenge all his/her life. When you find the source, you don’t hesitate to go in for the kill. Yamagami could have easily started looking for Hasebe’s dad and Hasebe would have been the object of torment but Yamagami didn’t pursue it. Why? Because, hell, it’s love. Also, Yamagami is a little airhead, gullible and naive that it makes her look like an idiot sometimes. Seriously.

That is what I feel the entire series is heading towards. It was just a big setting for Hasebe to try and make Yamagami fall for him. I guess that’s why he continued to play pranks on her, tease her and take her out to dinner. Got to admit, the food was good, right? What is she, his pet? Hasebe may have that playboy status of flirting around and the obvious reason why he falls for Yamagami is because she is hard to get it. It all started because she was the only one he never got the email address. Then every opportunity turned into antics and ultimately they got carried away with it and it ends without him achieving his goal. Even when he is serious and never gives up, it feels like the pranks and teasing come back to bite him because his own dad was the name approving culprit. It just feels like God was screwing with him and then when it’s time for the climax, this bombshell. He died a few times after every rejection and then this. Man, he must have a very strong heart each time he comes back.

So this is how a typical government ward looks like? Hard to believe, huh? You’ve got slackers and employees getting caught up in their own office drama that it makes you wonder if they can really do an efficient job. Of course they seem to handle it pretty well in this anime. Some can fool around during office hours and still give the best service to their clients or at least put up a smile when they get scolded or lectured. Makes it sound so unreal, huh? Then you’ve got a little high school girl who spends most of her time visiting the ward and even though it is her ulterior motive to see her brother, can you believe it if somebody really passionately says that he/she wants to be a government officer and it is his/her dream to be one, you must either be thinking that this person is really naive, very patriotic or just look back with scorn and laugh it off. What’s more, studying all the articles and laws in the legislation. I thought you had to be a lawyer just to do that.

This is why it is a little hard to believe there is some sort of connection to realism in this anime. Firstly, Momoi as a bunny and the chief. At first it was amusing to see a little stuffed toy as the head but then you go WTF. Is this for real? How do you explain the bunny moving about on its own? Magic? Invisible strings? Everlasting Energizer batteries? By the way, doesn’t the pink bunny look awfully familiar to that? In the final scenes, it is show the bunny is a robot made by Kanon who put in her heart and passion in it. Hmm… Has technology been so advanced that the stuffed toy can act so life-like? Come to think of it, I think I prefer to go with magic and invisible strings reason instead of an old guy hiding somewhere using a remote control to control the little robot bunny. And the reason Momoi is in a bunny form? I read it was extreme shyness but seriously in a job that requires interaction with the public or at least for his position, communication with his staffs, being shy is the last thing you want to have. Therefore with Momoi around, it’s hard to take and see things seriously in this department especially when every staff is seen talking to a bunny like as though this is some government version of Alice In Wonderland. Oh wait. Do we ever believe in that? A government facility seriously dedicated to their job. Hahahahahahahahaha…. Oops, sorry. Got carried away there.

Another thing is Yamagami’s tremendously unbelievably huge boobs. I suppose they are the fanservice for this series but if you ask me, the way they give those racks a lot of bouncy prominence makes it as though she is one of those busty anime babes whose boobs defy the laws of physics. So huge that she could probably even put her own face on it and sleep as a pillow. Serious. Sometimes you don’t want to look at her silly face, then her boobs start to jiggle whatsoever, your eyes start shifting there. Serious. Then there is also her ahoge that acts like some sort of an emotion indicator. Something like what a dog’s tail is. It feels that it has a life of its own and just like her boobs, in the earlier episodes it was given a lot of prominence. Like as though the ahoge is what defines Yamagami. Yes, the ahoge. Not the boobs. They’re just side distractions. Haha.

Can I say Hasebe is a cool slacker? So good in everything that it gives him the right to slack? Imagine if the public knew about this, don’t you think they’ll be enraged? They pay their tax just to find out an employee loves slacking about. Never mind if he gets the job done, you pay tax, surely you want him on his best behaviour too, right? Hasebe is a pretty fun person if you can live with his pranks. But I’m sure if you’re the target of it like Yamagami, you won’t really appreciate it. Even though he is a genius, he is still a human. Because he can get depressed and also fall in love. Being competitive like Tanaka’s spirit is good. Just that the way he does it seems to be tad annoying. In fact, it is. That regrets thingy may sound like a good reason but when over-used, it seems to get a little tiring. In the end, I suppose the only thing he has ‘won’ over Hasebe is his persistence to bug him. That guy is the kind that will follow him to his grave. That’s what you call total devotion.

Miyoshi has developed this ‘deadly’ ability to see the truth in a person and then unknowingly tells you everything about ‘her opinion’ with accurate precision. Observant? Even if it is not her intention to hurt you, hearing all that is like your heart being shot by an arrow, bull’s eye. I suppose at first she used to keep those opinions to herself but ever since she became a regular ‘counsellor’ for Mrs Tanaka, maybe all those pent up opinions just gushed out later on. Tired of listening maybe so she just says the first thing that goes through her mind without giving it much thought. Otherwise, staying silent would make her look like she is just listening, no? So if there is a person whom you just need an ear to listen to, Miyoshi is the person for the job.

Chihaya’s deadpan face I wonder if she inherited during birth or was it her frustration in dating a dense guy like Ichimiya. Even when she shows a little emotions or change in her facial expression, there is still that deadpan look. Besides making clothes, I think her other best ‘ability’ is sarcasm and make witty remarks. It’s like as though if you need a sarcastic comeback, she’s the lady for the job. So why does a girl like her still want to carry on dating Ichimiya? He might not be perfect, but I think he has got lot of good qualities. I think. I don’t understand it myself since I don’t really have a girlfriend ;p. Ichimiya is a good guy but he just lacks a lots of self confidence especially when it comes to the romance part. Maybe it is partly due to Chihaya’s aggressive behaviour that puts pressure on him and the only thing this wimp could do is apologize. That makes it annoying, right? If you are the girlfriend of this man, won’t you feel embarrassed? But of course, it’s Chihaya and Ichimiya we’re talking about.

Something odd about Momoi makes me wonder. He’s a shy guy that had to resort to a stuffed bunny to interact around, right? Then why does his character feel like he craves for attention? Notice when he walks around, he gets his hopes up when he thinks people are noticing or paying attention to him. Then it turns to depression when he realizes it is not. In fact, sometimes the way he talks and acts as though he really wants to be noticed. So why do it all in a pink little bunny than in person? Bunnies are cuter? That only makes him sound very ugly. The very odd thing about Touko is the angry mark that is always present on her cheek. I want to think of it as a birthmark but it’s hard to think so because getting angry and pissed is what Touko does more than half of the time. Even in sad or happy times, the mark is always there. I hope it’s not some sort of curse.

At first it was hard to identify Aki Toyosaki as Chihaya due to her deadpan voice unlike her lively airhead roles like Yui from K-ON!, Kanetsugu from Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride or cute lolis like Ai from Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi. But this is not the first time I heard her in such a role for I remember she was putting up this voice too as Reiri in Kaibutsu Oujo OVA. The rest of the casts include Ai Kayano as Yamagami (Mei in Sukitte Iinayo), Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Hasebe (Haru in Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun), Mai Nakahara as Miyoshi (Mai in Mai-HiME), Rumi Ookubo as Touko (Hibachi in Mushibugyou), Rikiya Koyama as Momoi (Kiritsugu in Fate/Zero), Rina Hidaka as Kanon (Airi in Ro-Kyu-Bu), Yu Kobayashi as Kaoru not in her crazy shouting voice like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei’s Kaede, Tetsuya Kakihara (Natsu in Fairy Tail) putting on a much mature voice as Tanaka and Mikako Takahashi (Ayumu in Hayate No Gotoku) pulling off a totally different sound as grandma Mrs Tanaka.

Overall the comedy part was rather okay and mainly comes from the speeches of the characters especially Hasebe and Chihaya. Romance wise, there is potential for nearly every character but mainly it is on Hasebe trying to get Yamagami who is in denial whatsoever. Miyoshi and Tanaka feel like a small distraction although I am not sure if Miyoshi is continuing to have dinner with Tanaka just to oblige him or she really starts taking a liking for him. I wouldn’t bet on the latter but you’ll never know. Just like how Hasebe and Yamagami’s case but we’ve come to expect it in this series so it is no surprise. But if Miyoshi really does end up dating Tanaka, I don’t know how she’ll have to put up with incessant storytelling from Mrs Tanaka. At work was bad enough, coming home to hear more stories would be a nightmare. That will be the biggest regret ever. In worst case scenario, she would just go snap and kill grandma to shut her up for eternity! There’s also the romance between Chihaya and Ichimiya but things between them don’t move. Even the snail and turtle are faster than them… There’s also Touko’s big brother complex but you can just ignore this one and see it as an annoying brat who can never leave her brother. Also, Kanon and Momoi’s fatherly-daughterly love. But we’re not so interested in this one, right? Drawing and art style seems pretty simplistic. At least they don’t look like grumpy old frowning staffs, right? Even Chihaya doesn’t look that bad if she smiles more often. On second thought, maybe she shouldn’t… It’s just scary.

In the end, this anime doesn’t really let us learn the ropes of what it is really like to be working in a government office. Because experiencing a real life is already enough drama to last you a lifetime and something you don’t want to remember! Haha. This anime could have been in any other setting, say, a restaurant or a manga publishing office and follow mostly the same formula and turn out the same. Basically it boils down that even the people in the government office are ordinary human beings just the rest of us. They have their own personalities and quirky habits. Have our own faults and not perfect as well. So next time when you decide to run down a government employee for bad and poor service just because we pay tax, just put ourselves in their shoes and think for a moment how it would feel if you are that person. I know having a pink bunny as the section chief sounds silly but if he can do a good and efficient job running things, then why not? Imagine if a country is run by a pink bunny… That’s how your tax money is being spent. Still not open to the idea of having a pink bunny running as president? Well then… Don’t send a bunny to do a man’s job. Lame pun. Regretting what I said…

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