Seto No Hanayome OVA

August 22, 2009

Even if this series didn’t have a sequel, nevertheless it is still great to watch its 2 OVA episodes of Seto No Hanayome OVA. I guess it must be a trend these days that after the TV series has finished airing, an OVA will be given the green light to satisfy hard core fans or those curious enough and wanting to know more about what happens or in store for the gang.
Thankfully because of the nonsensical humour the series had to offer and of course having laugh out real loud myself while watching the hilarious comedy of the TV series, it is no surprise that the OVA too retains its overall silliness. Both the OVAs are split into 2 separate stories and I can say that they can serve as a standalone from each other and even the TV series.
Briefly on what the series is mainly about, Nagasumi was forced to marry the beautiful and gentle daughter of the Seto mermaid yakuza clan, San, in order to keep himself and his family alive. Then there are parties who want to break them up and of course their other school pals as they try to go on living a normal life without exposing this secret marriage. Now into the 3rd year senior of his schooling life, will it still be kept safe amidst all the chaos? Well, let’s find out. Yeah just like the narrator said, a new idiotic comedy of middle schooling life begins.
Episode 1A
Nagasumi is pretty much shocked to find himself in some desolated eerie graveyard-like building. How on Earth did he end up here? Earlier on in the day, Nagasumi, San and Runa are walking to school at the start of the new semester and as usual meet Mawari, the moral disciplinary committee member, at the school gates. Still blabbing about how things should be properly done in society, eh? And yes. The nameless Iinchou is still around. And yes. Nagasumi still gets pounded by Runa. Ah, all too familiar. Good news is that everyone is together in the same class. Bad news is, that means Gouzaburou is still their homeroom teacher. Oh wait. Not everyone. Where is Nagasumi? Yeah, it may seem part of Gouzaburou’s plot to put Nagasumi in a different class. Though he says that he is sad but we know that voice tone and crocodile tears.
So that’s how Nagasumi ended up in the worst place on Earth. A decimated post apocalyptic-like prison class with mad delinquents as his classmates who are as crazy and dangerous to go into killing mode anytime. More like an asylum, I’d say. Then there’s this guy with super big feet called Tenousan, who is the supposed emperor of this class. I guess it’s a more macho term for class rep. To Nagasumi’s horror, he finds that everyone here are middle schoolers for eternity! He’s going to have a tough time making "friends". Then the homeroom teacher comes in. He turns out to be Shark! Initially several delinquents didn’t like him and didn’t want to follow his orders but Shark shows why he is the boss and tosses them all out of the window! But Shark is as crazy as everyone because his first lesson is to have everybody kill each other! So Shark has already placed random weapons underneath their table and wants them to take them out and start killing. Unfortunately, Nagasumi got a fish paste. Hah! I think it’s a conspiracy to finish him off.
Meanwhile Gouzaburou introduces a new transfer student: Runa’s Papa! Something about being a replacement for Nagasumi’s empty seat. OMG! He’s still cross-dressing weirdo in a sailor outfit with apron! Oh the embarrassment for Runa! Don’t blame that girl for releasing several punches on that sicko. Gouzaburou has had enough of the ruckus so the 2 yakuza heads engage in fiery mortal combat, accusing each other of using dirty tricks. Due to their awesome aura, Mawari has the entire class evacuated while San and Runa go find Nagasumi. Speaking of which, he’s being surrounded by everyone who is ganging up on the weakling. Thankfully, his evasion skills which he indirectly learned from evading Maki’s kill bore fruits. I guess Nagasumi got confidence from this and when Tenousan starts to move, Nagasumi is going to face him when Tenousan takes out an RPG! Haha! Who’ll win? Fish paste vs RPG. Boom! By that time, San and Runa have arrived and the former is devastated to see what’s going on. The delinquents decide to continue their Holy War by attacking the ladies. But Runa calls for her supporters and escalates the chaos. To make things ever worse, Runa sings using her mermaid voice to make them all attack but San counters it by using her yodelling mermaid voice to put them to sleep. Awake, sleep, awake, sleep. Then San’s chivalry speech brings them all to tears so Runa has her supporters retreat while Nagasumi thanks San for saving him.
However Tenousan isn’t pleased that a woman got in their way of battle and is going to punch San. Luckily Nagasumi stops his giant fist with his. Don’t mess with his woman. Then Nagasumi transforms into a super manly-faced muscular Bruce Lee-like figure and is in a rage for that big guy to raise a fist towards a woman. Nagasumi beats him in a single blow to the chest. He asks him if he knows what love is and his reply is "friend" although what he meant was "enemy". For unknown reasons, Akeno was there to witnesses the whole thing and is particularly excited about Nagasumi’s bravery so Runa scorns her for taking interest in her slave. If she’s here, what about that fight of the fathers? Well, she couldn’t contain them as they’re still at it and the class now is decimated. Nagasumi decides to step in to stop them but slips on the fish paste, resulting in both dads to punch him in the face. What an embarrassing end after all that cool heroic deeds. Yeah, from hero to zero. Now he’s all bandaged lying in hospital.
Episode 1B
With a newly bought jacket, Nagasumi is happy that he is finally out on a movie date with San. However it isn’t going to be just the 2 of them because Maki has tagged along. No peace and quiet that’s for sure. Yeah, Maki’s here to stop whatever plans Nagasumi has. So Nagasumi gets tickets for some love movie thinking that this will set the mood but to his surprise finds San actually wanting to watch an action packed one. Chivalry Death 4? Spoof of Die Hard series? Bunta Willis as in Bruce Willis? Thus Nagasumi got tickets for this one instead. On the other hand, Saru and Kai are out to watch a movie to and initially Saru wanted to book tickets for Chivalry Death 4 but Kai indicated he prefer the love story.
Before Nagasumi and San enter the cinema, San patrons the Bunta goods shop as a little bratty girl named Satori accidentally spilled her ice cream cone on Nagasumi’s jacket. Though he is mad, she blames him for ruining her ice cream. San and Nagasumi then find out that she is an avid fan of Bunta. Because San is a fan of Bunta too, you can tell the girls click very well. Uh huh. Nagasumi now has ice cream cones in his eyes (San accidentally fling it in her excitement). During the movie, Nagasumi notices San is so into the movie because she is unintentionally talking out loud. Then to Nagasumi’s surprise, he finds Masa sitting next to him. He’s a big fan of Bunta too? I’m not sure how Nagasumi’s feeling because he too is going crazy as he thought he has gotten over that gay thing. But the one being noisier is that Satori girl sitting right in front of them. Though Nagasumi tries to advice her to keep quiet, her violent behaviour has her fist in his face. But when Masa gently tells her to be quiet, Satori gets this lovey-dovey feeling that he’s so manly. Yeah, she listens to him.
When the movie is over while waiting outside, Masa discusses with San about the CG effects during a scene whereby the oil tanker crash. Then an actual oil tanker is heading their way! Luckily the gang gets out of its way before the truck crashes into the cinema. As the cinema staff help evade the movie goers, Kai and Saru are stuck in the elevator. San and Nagasumi drag out the unconscious driver when San notices Satori still stuck at the highest floor of the building. The fire soon bursts into explosion and San desperately wants the fireman to save the girl but they’re thinking it’s too risky. Nagasumi rushes in and a building piece falls to prevent San from following him. Nagasumi runs up the stairs and finally reaches Satori, who is waiting for the lift. Doesn’t she know not to use them in such emergencies? Anyway panicking Kai and Saru are still trapped. They can’t use the stairs as it is engulfed in flames. Before anything else could happen, a huge explosion occurs.
Satori opens her eyes to find Nagasumi on top and shielding her. I don’t know why Satori can still make references on what Nagasumi should say just like Bunta. The building starts to crumble so Nagasumi improvises by using a rope and escape through the window. Satori panics a little but Nagasumi remains calm and cool. But before Nagasumi could sling the rope across, the floor collapses. San uses her singing voice to power up Nagasumi as he busts through the building. He then throws the rope to Maki, who pins it to the building across as Nagasumi swings with Satori in his arms Tarzan style before landing safely on the fire engine below. San is happy to see Nagasumi returned safely but Satori tells him to end with a cooler sentence. "It seems I have an unbreakable bond with chivalry". That line is supposed to be cool? Dunno. But Satori seems to have a favourable view of Nagasumi now. In the aftermath, Nagasumi gives Satori his jacket to keep her warm. Then Nagasumi gets a little ‘scolding’ from San not to do that again because it made her worried. As they leave, Satori learns of Nagasumi’s name. Hmm…That fawning look over her face. Nagasumi Willis? Then back home, we find out that Satori is the little sister of Saru! He’s asking her how the movie went and she said she saw a super manly man (Nagasumi with ice cream cones over his eyes?). Yeah, they just laugh it off. Hey, I wonder how Saru and Kai escaped from the elevator.
Episode 2A
Remember those 3 fish people? Yeah, they’re downloading fish porn from the internet when they spot something interesting. The scene changes to one whereby Akeno is working part time in a cafe dressed as a maid. Much to the surprise of Nagasumi, San, Saru and Mawari. I guess the quartet is here due to the recommendations of those fish guys. But why is Akeno working here? You see, she was a customer at this cafe when her powerful mermaid sneeze accidentally destroyed a portion of the cafe’s wall. So she’s working part time to cover the damage cost. Seeing how pitiful Akeno’s state is, Mawari and San decide to help her out by working here too. San in maid outfit? Super cute! Enough to bring in lots of customers. Of course when Gouzaburou finds out about it, he is unhappy but softens and allows it when he sees how cute his daughter is. Yeah, Masa is there too. I guess Gouzaburou is here to keep an eye out on his daughter. Well, some customers wanted more than just that service, if you know what I mean. Enough for Gouzaburou to blow his top but is being restrained by Nagasumi. Masa even said how Gouzaburou may end up hurting his daughter’s feelings if he intervened but when some customer tries to hook up with Akeno, Masa swiftly deals a knockout blow (Masa is Akeno’s long lost brother but the latter still doesn’t know of it).
Then there’s this Maid’s Fuu Fuu Curry dish which has the maid blowing the hot curry on the spoon before feeding the customer. Nagasumi wants San to do it on him but to his horror finds Gouzaburou in a maid outfit and doing it instead! Disgusting! Enough to scare away the customers. Also, the 3 fish guys are at the cafe and are being served by Mawari. They are taken in by her kindness and want more then that as they start to pound on her. Luckily Mawari is self-sufficient as she takes out those perverted fishes singlehandedly. Not to be outdone by San, kiasu Runa makes her entrance and decides to work here as a maid too. Because of that she doesn’t care how little the pay is and this has Akeno touched. Then Runa’s entire supporters patron the cafe, even if it seemed like it was a setup to make Runa look better. Yeah, she wants them to order the most expensive thing on the menu: Her smile which costs 10 million Yen! Damn, the captain is having it tough because he did say how he’s treating everyone. I guess with such a price, it’s no surprise he collapses. Anybody would. But Runa’s dad says he will have her smile and pay cash up front. Hey, he’s not in his cross-dressing outfit this time. However Runa refuses his order and daddy notes how even money can’t buy his daughter’s smile.
Next, enter Satori and we learn that she has become pen pals with San, upsetting Runa even further. She’s happy to see her Nagasumi Willis. Then when she spots Gouzaburou, she thinks how bloody cool he is. Yeah, evil lord aura, she says. Definitely seen too much of those chivalry movies. Because of that, Gouzaburou takes a liking for her. But when Nagasumi advices her not to mix with evil people, he gets a painful sensation in both his ears. As expected, San dresses Satori up in a maid outfit to work alongside them. And as usual, Runa doesn’t want to lose to that loli and puts up a sad performance how her parents died (her dad spitting out coffee in disbelief). Satori too can play that game as she acts and says how her brother is missing (Saru’s turn to spit out coffee). This has Akeno remember how her brother left and forsake his responsibility, pissing herself off (Masa now spewing coffee out from his nose!).
With Runa’s dad, Saru and Masa feeling depressed, they decide to order San’s menu to cheer up. San sings a happy fun song which livens everyone in the cafe. By now, viewers can guess that Runa is so kiasu that she isn’t going to let this slip by and sings a rock violent song. This has everyone shaking and banging their heads violently as it soon turn chaotic. Akeno couldn’t take more of this and snaps. She unleashes some powerful force from her sword, wishing that everything would go away. In the end, the entire store is destroyed. San and Runa losing their sanity because they’re laughing together and saying their worries are meaningless? Looks like somebody has to pay for all this… The bar owner is still cleaning the glasses…
Episode 2B
This part of the episode feels more like a horror suspense as it begins with a young San making a yubikiri promise to a childhood friend, Saturn, about being together forever. In the present and on a stormy night, Runa gets scared after watching a horror movie. Something about some curse photos and a spirit coming out of it. Uh huh. She throws the TV into the wall. I guess Nagasumi has lived long enough with her to be that calm. Runa then shows a photo of herself and San whereby there’s some spirit in the photo. As Nagasumi looks into the album, Runa notices the door and window open. They thought it was closed in the first place. Feeling creepy here…
The phone rings and is a call from San to inform the duo who are home alone that she won’t be back until late the next day because her dad and mom is having some wild drinking session with Runa’s dad as well as Nagasumi’s parents. Nagasumi decides to do some study as distraction but Runa can’t. As she throws a pillow, they notice a pair of creepy feet sticking out from beneath the curtains. Then when they look the second time, it isn’t there anymore. WARGH!!! They start panicking and hide under the blanket and pray real hard. The phone rings again but when Nagasumi picks it up thinking it’s San, there is no answer. But shortly a ghostly voice is heard "You said we would be together forever". Runa freaks out and runs away. Nagasumi tries to chase her but trips. He spots a corpse on the floor which accuses him that all this is his fault! But the body disappears when Nagasumi looks again. Something fishy is going on… Yeah, Runa is shivering outside the house gate.
Rain continues to pour the next day and Iinchou spots a girl with a different school uniform at the front gate and approaches her. The next thing we know, we only see her umbrella on the ground and Iinchou nowhere in sight. In class, Runa tries to relate her horrifying experience to the rest like Mawari and Kai. Of course Kai doesn’t believe in them and thinks they’re just presence of seaweeds. Runa then shows her photo album to Akeno and the latter instantly freaks out. In short, she is afraid of ghosts. The lights then start to flicker and Runa thinks she spotted something briefly in the hallway. As Akeno really starts to panic, Kai decides to show them all that there is no ghost as he walks out into the hallway before everyone hears his horrifying scream. While Akeno starts to be in denial, Nagasumi and Mawari decides to investigate as scared Runa clings closely to her slave. As they walk through the dark hallways, slowly Mawari starts to disappear, followed by Nagasumi. Runa panics and rushes back to class but there is not a single soul there. Then a creepy figure slowly approaches Runa from the back and her ghostly voice is asking where San is. Runa tries to pluck up her courage and says how San will be back soon, pleasing the scary figure. As Runa slowly turns around, her true fears are confirmed and in a flash everything went blank.
San arrives in school to see nobody around but Runa cowering in fear in the class corner as she screams not to come close to her. Upset San then hears that ghostly voice again and has an idea who did this to her pals. She goes outside the class to confront whoever she is but finds a girl drinking tap water to quench her thirst (probably the reason why she sounded so scary). San instantly recognizes her as Saturn. Both girls hug each other as they reunite and Saturn is happy that San hasn’t forgotten about her. It seems that Saturn is here was because when she wrote weekly letters to San, she didn’t get a reply. Thing is, she wrote it on seaweed and no wonder San claims she has never received them because she used them as dashi in her miso soup. Then we find out where everybody else went. The ceiling. Yup, Saturn thinks that everybody was a bother and tied them up with seaweed there. And as for Iinchou, she’s being tied up behind the school gate’s pillar.
In the aftermath, Saturn decides to go back as she can’t live without the sea. While Runa and Akeno continue to argue and tease each other of their fear of ghosts, Saturn wonders why San won’t return to the sea with her. Besides, she views Nagasumi as some cowardly maggot and wants him out of the picture. Perhaps the reason why she feels lonely and that San has drifted away from her. Of course we know ever gentle San is loves her husband very much so they make another yubikiri promise to come back and play together again.
Still married to a yakuza mermaid boss’ daughter…
It’s not enough! And I mean that they should have made more OVA episodes if they don’t come up with a second season. Because there are only 2 episodes here, some of the characters from the TV series didn’t make prominent appearances. Like Ren. She’s the only person who could keep that wild Gouzaburou in line. By the way, have we seen Nakajima anywhere either? Nope. The 2 new characters introduced for the OVA are just sufficient. Satori’s lively loli obsessed with the Die Hard spoof is definitely hilarious whereas Saturn is the creepiest character ever in the series. Maybe it’s because of her shorter screen time appearance.
As for the other usual characters, their personality and behaviours are still consistent. San is still the lovely gentle wife and Nagasumi still having his hands full trying to keep things around him under control. But some are more prominent than others. For example, I believe I have not seen Akeno’s emotions swinging out so much like this before. Especially when she was working at the maid cafe or her fear of ghosts. At times, she managed to keep her emotions in check. Likewise, Runa is still that abusive slave driver and total kiasu which everybody either love or hate. But we have never seen her freak out so much during that horror episode. Another side of her which we don’t usually see.
What else can I say more. It has been a fun filled ride albeit a short one. The quality of the episodes are consistent with the TV series. If they do make more OVA episodes, there is no doubt that I will go watch it. Just hope that they have more roles for the other characters. Perhaps more revealing plots as well, such as Iinchou’s real name. Well I guess being married to a yakuza’s daughter isn’t that bad. Only thing is you need to keep a constant watch out for the other family members if you want to keep your head. Which marriage is without its shortcomings?

Seto No Hanayome

Seto No Hanayome

March 16, 2008

Arranged marriages. Sounds familiar? What about arranged marriages between 2 people of different backgrounds. Well, I’m sure fans of the series know what I’m talking about when I say Seto No Hanayome, right? Not only we have an arranged marriage of 2 youngsters, but of totally different species as well! Have you ever thought a man and a mermaid could go well in holy matrimony? I mean, one lives on land and the other underwater, among other things.

But I won’t have any time worrying about such things because I’ll be laughing my way from start till finish. Of all the mermaid themed animes, I could say that this series is my favourite because of its crazy ninkyou (chivalry) love comedy. Besides, at the start of each episode, the narrator will narrate some lines about innocent love and such and asks viewers to please laugh as hard as you can. With that, I can foresee lots of hilarious and crazy antics ensuing.

There are 26 episodes in total for this series. How I wished it could last longer than that. Oh well, can’t complain. In episode 1, we see a young lad, Nagasumi Michishio, drowning while swimming in the sea during his summer vacation. Just like in space, nobody underwater can hear you scream. Maybe Nagasumi’s hallucinating since he’s near death as he sees a mermaid extending her hands to save him. Nagasumi soon passes out and when he open his eyes, he finds himself on a rock and his dad next to him. Nagasumi tries to explain what has just happened but his dad brushes it off. Back at his grandma’s place, Nagasumi once again relates his ordeal when his grandma tells him that it’s an unfortunate sign if he was rescued by one. Before anything could happen, a cute girl, San Seto, comes by the house and instantly asks Nagasumi’s parents, their permission to let her be his wife. Shock! But that’s the start of it. Soon several yakuza men appear wanting to talk to them. Of course their parents are really freaking out and I kinda notice Nagasumi’s mom always scorns her son "Who do you take after". Well obviously it’s gotta be 1 of the parents, right? Or both.

Well, if you’re standing over a cliff, first impression is that these yakuza guys are gonna drown you. Better say your prayers. But as they dive in, they soon find themselves in a room filled with even more yakuza men. With Nagasumi passing out, 1 of the yakuza men, Masa, gives him CPR to revive him! It was pretty funny the way they show Masa giving Nagasumi CPR, like as though he’s kissing him! And thus, Nagasumi’s first kiss is stolen by a tanned afro guy with a low sexy voice. So over the series, whenever Masa makes his appearance in front of Nagasumi, Nagasumi’s face will change to be all lovey-dovey as he says "Masa-san" in a lovey-dovey tone. Pretty hilarious. Anyway, the leader of the yakuza, the scarface scary looking Gozaburou, who is also San’s father, mentions that a mermaid’s existence cannot be known to human. And if ever there are such cases, the only way is death! Though San wishes to take responsibility as she was the one who saved him, Gozaburou totally disagrees. But his wife, Ren, says that there is another way to save the entire Michishio family from death, and that is for Nagasumi and San to get married.

Gozaburou isn’t too pleased upon hearing these because I think this guy wants to keep his daughter all to himself and instruct his men to kill Nagasumi and family. A lot of loud panic, havoc and chase ensue. San pulls Nagasumi back to the surface but since she’s in mermaid form, she can’t run. Why doesn’t she transform back to her human form then? Well, later on in the series, you’ll find out that young mermaids have an inability to keep their human form when they are being wet. Their flippers will only become legs once they are dried. As they become adults, this occurrence will become less. So while the duo are having some time on their own on the rocky cliffs, Nagasumi finds out the reason why San doesn’t want to run away even though she knew of the consequences because of her ninkyou (chivalry) pride which is the core of being a ningyou (mermaid). Yeah, a play of words here. You’ll hear this from San everytime some chivalry thing comes up and the scene will be filled with Sakura petals floating and the music becomes a little dramatic. Soon Gozaburou finds them and is gonna kill Nagasumi but the latter gets on his knees asking for permission to let his daughter marry him. Well, surprised at first, I suppose Gozaburou still find it hard to accept that a human is gonna marry his daughter and goes back to his killing frenzy mode, but only to be held back by his men. It’s a good thing San didn’t take after her father’s character.

So is being married to a yakuza’s daughter a fate worse than death? That depends on how your view it. Though Nagasumi is just an average guy, over the series, you’ll see how the relationship of these 2 develop. Of course not to mention with all the other characters thrown into the fray, which makes it so much more interesting and funny. Just to note, I think it’s best for the characters to call San, San-chan because San-san sounds awfully weird.
But not all the people in the Seto yakuza clan are violent, such as Masa and Ren. So in episode 2, Ren, the ever gentle wife of the yakuza (the only time she lets loose her other side is when her husband is doing stupid things, to keep him in control. I guess you could say behind every successful and failed man is a woman) tells Nagasumi’s parents and grandma to take care of her cutie San. Since Nagasumi is still thinking about that incident, his grandma comes in and tell him why not take San out for a date. Wah. A date already in the second episode? Why not. They’re engaged after all. At the night of the festival, Nagasumi and San had their first date. Seems perfect, until Nagasumi realizes that all the stalls are run by the Seto yakuza clan! OMG! It’s like they’re watching his every move and if Nagasumi makes a wrong move, they’re ready to move in and make a fresh kill. Better be wary. Yeah, Gozaburou’s there too. And watching.
I’m sure Nagasumi is torn between his love and life when San suggests how they should hold hands as they’re a couple. Then during a goldfish catching event, a shark splashes water on San, turning her into her true form. I wonder why a shark is in there. Well, he’s not just a shark, he is Shark Fujishiro and is 1 of Gozaburou’s men. Yeah, this guy worries about nothing and wonders only if the things he could eat are good. Because San is in mermaid form, it would be bad if people sees her. So Nagasumi takes San to a secluded area and starts wiping her feet. Of course, Gozaburou, Masa and Ren are walking by and saw this. Misconception arises. What in the world are you molesting my daughter?! That’s it! Your head is gonna roll! Luckily, Masa realize that Nagasumi was just trying to wipe her feet dry and constrains his boss. San is annoyed by the fact that her dad tried to intervene and leaves. Then another water-threatening-to-fall-on-San incident. Nagasumi manages to spot it in time and pushes San away. Thing is, his hands touched her breasts. In her embarrassment, San lets loose a blood curling scream. This made Nagasumi a little deaf. San apologizes and explains that a mermaid’s voice can be used as a weapon too. Later as Masa teaches Nagasumi how to dance, San’s a little panic because since Masa was the 1st person to steal Nagasumi’s kiss, she thinks he’s all over him. Also, San panics when she loses her engagement ring but Ren returns it to her saying that it was Gozaburou who found it and how similar this is when they wre young too, making Gozaburou blush. But that guy throws that ring away as not to be further embarrassed and that ring lands directly on Masa’s fingers. San freaks out and her super voice blows Nagasumi away. Good thing is that he didn’t die but is covered with bandages from head to toe. I guess he’ll have to expect and live with the pain from now on. So was drowning a better choice then? No, I think it’s right for him to live. No doubt love hurts, literally. But you’ll see the good side of San.
Since Nagasumi’s summer vacation is gonna end, his family has to return tomorrow. So Nagasumi decides to spend his last summer days with San in episode 3 on a desserted island. However, unknown to them, it’s a trap set by Gozaburou to elimnate Nagasumi. Uh huh. Some visions of his girly happy times spent with San, only all to be crushed away with Nagasumi’s appearance. This time Gozaburou sends a tiny palm size assassin, Maki. Her voice is quite amusing as 1 minute she’s so goody-goody and squeaky in front of San, but so crude and rude when with Nagasumi. Yeah, I really love her voice. Reminds me of Suisei Seki of Rozen Maiden everytime she says her "Desu" lines. I’m not sure what Maki really is but she carries a spiral sea shell with her which shoots powerful force of water, enough to bring substantial damage. Maki also calls Nagasumi sea louse or sea cockroach. Of course Maki is trying to kill Nagasumi behind San’s back and that guy is having a tough time trying to stay alive and at the same time not worry San. After all that failed and near attempts, Maki’s true colour is exposed when San shields Nagasumi from Maki’s weapon when she’s about the assassinate Nagasumi behind San’s back. I’ll spare you the dramatic I’ll-die-for-San talk. San is disappointed in Maki for being a disgraced but since Maki is loyal to San, she has no choice but to repent her actions. Next day, Nagasumi prepares to leave by train and tells San that he’ll come and visit her whenever he can. But to his surprise, San decides to tag along and says it’s her duty as his wife. I’m sure Gozaburou can’t allow that as he’s clinging on to the window next to Nagasumi’s seat. Just close the window and hope he falls off and die. Hehe. Just when Nagasumi thought his troubled days are over, he opens the bag to find that Maki too has tagged along. Oh great. While San is happy that Maki is on board, Nagasumi thinks otherwise. Looks like he can’t keep his guard down ever.
Home sweet home in episode 4. Not. Though Nagasumi has finally come back to his home, he has to give up his own room to San and he himself sleeps in the attic. Even though they’re engaged, it’s not like they could sleep together, right? Just for precaution, though Nagasumi isn’t that perverted. Nagasumi is soaking himself in the bath and doing some deep thinking when San and Maki comes in. In San’s panic, she lets loose her mermaid scream, destroying part of the house. San apologizes and gives them some gold coins as compensation. You see, the Seto clan is quite rich so Nagasumi money face parents wouldn’t mind if she keeps destroying the house over and over. And you’ll see this quite often. Destroy repair destroy repair. Later Nagasumi and San take a stroll downtown and San is fascinated with things in his town like convenient stores. Then the duo spot 2 gangsters harassing a pair of ugly girls. Those gangsters have no taste at all. Before anything could happen, Nagasumi’s classmate, Mawari Zenigata, who is also the school’s enforcer and favourite line "Do you need Mawari to teach you the rules of society?!", comes up to take those bullies up to task. But they decide to take their fight with Nagasumi. He panics and grabs both guys as they jump down the bridge into a river. San’s such an innocent girl. Everytime she hears some chivalry thing or feels she can’t do something, she gets a little depressed and thinks she’s not being a good wife. As the bullies are getting mad, Mawari jumps down to beat them up and save Nagasumi. However, Mawari can’t swim and starts panicking. While the bullies use this chance to attack, San is underwater in her mermaid form and unleashes her supersonic voice to disable them. Back on land, Nagasumi dries San’s feet away from Mawari. Later Mawari comes by and praises San’s brave efforts and thinks they could become friends. Just then it occurred to San that Mawari is the daughter of a policeman and she aspires to be one. Uh huh. It couldn’t get worse than this. Daughters of the law and yakuza friends? Haha, San is a little panic and even starts calling Mawari, Omawari (meaning police in Japanese). But that end scene may suggest that Mawari may have a liking for Nagasumi since she’s wondering what’s his relation with San.
Not only Nagasumi has to be wary of assassination attempts, he has to keep his engagement to San as well as the mermaid’s identity a secret. That’s gonna be real tough. In episode 5, Nagasumi is rudely awakened by Maki who drops a knife, narrowly missing his head. Other than that, it’s back to school and we’re introduced to Nagasumi’s classmate and pal Saru, who just like his name suggests, looks and acts like a monkey. That annoying guy instantly fell in love with San when he first laid eyes on her but Nagasumi gives him a good whack. At school, another character whom we’ll only know as Inchou (her real name will never be known throughout the series. Probably they did it on purpose to ignore her) because she’s the class rep. However, it’s gonna get worse from now on. If transfer student San gets to be in the same class with Nagasumi, then their homeroom teacher would be… OMG! Isn’t that Gozaburou! What’s he doing here? Didn’t he die falling of the train? You can’t kill a tough cookie just like that. I’m sure we all know what he’s thinking. Besides, something about the school having ties with Seto clan too. To cut things short, San’s entire family is at this school! Ren is the school’s nurse, Masa as their maths teacher, Shark as the P.E. teacher and even that Octopus Nakajima as the home economics teacher (I wonder why nobody notices a large octopus in school). Just great. It’s gonna be a family affair alright. I guess the father wants to be close to his daughter and not lose her. The next day, perverted Saru drags Nagasumi to watch some girls changing. Nagasumi tries not to get involve but Shark caught him. As for Saru, he’s already no where to be seen. So Shark decides to eat Nagasumi and another hilarious round of chase. At a dead end, Nagasumi has no choice but to run through a room filled with girls changing to avoid being devoured by Shark. Mawari later captures and interrogates him. Nagasumi has to remain tight-lipped on Shark’s identity and is in a pinch (as always) when San comes in. She’s not mad but rather sad in her failure as his wife to convince Mawari that Nagasumi had no ill intentions. Nagasumi is happy that San stood up for him and starts believing in her as they walk home together hand in hand. Enjoy the moment while it lasts. Soon Gozaburou’s back to his usual ways causing more trouble for poor Nagasumi.
In episode 6, though San is getting along well with the other girls, Mawari wonders the relationship between San and Nagasumi. There’re some flashbacks about childhood friends Nagasumi and Mawari, but I’m not going into it. At class, Mawari finds out that San is the daughter of Gozaburou and Ren but they live in a different house. Which means, San lives with Nagasumi. For whatever reasons, it was enough to make the boys jealous as they pound Nagasumi. Losers. It is during that commotion, a flower vase accidentally splashed on San’s legs. Nagasumi’s reflex action is to dry her legs, increasing the jealousy rage of the guys as they continue to hound him. However, Mawari did spot San’s legs transformed into a mermaid. With that, Mawari decides to conduct water splashing experiments to see whether San’s a mermaid. It’s pretty funny to see Nagasumi blocking all the water with his Nagsumi Barrier (his body). Mawari still suspects something fishy but Nagasumi isn’t doing this to protect San’s identity, but Mawari as well from the mermaid’s wrath. Later Mawari confronts the duo at the park and Saru is with them. She tells them that she thinks San is a fish and pulls a cat out of the bag. Since cat loves fish, soon a mob of them starts attacking San. Do mermaids and fish taste the same? Maki is there and tells San to unleash her supersonic voice but San can’t because Mawari and Saru are watching. Nagasumi comes up to Mawari and tells her to stop but Mawari acts all spoiled and runs away. See, when you cross the road, you should look right, left and then right. A speeding car is heading towards her. Nagasumi pushes Mawari out from harm’s way while San unleashes her supersonic voice to stop the car. I wonder if the car driver knew what hit him. Mawari wakes up in the hospital with the rest around her. Saru tries to convince how San uses her voice to save her but Mawari doesn’t believe. During the quarrel, they knock over another flower vase, splashing on San’s legs once again. Nagasumi Barrier too slow this time. But Mawari just covers her legs with a towel before anything else happened (did Mawari herself saw it?) as she thanks San for saving her before dragging a pestering Saru out of the room.
A super popular idol Lunar AKA Runa decides to move in to where San is staying after learning San had moved into the vincinity in episode 7. In short, Runa is your typical jealous rival to San in every way and though she may look cute and moe upfront, she has a devilish side. When she goes into this mode, you’ll notice a change in her personal, voice and her face will go ‘insane’. Plus, Nagasumi’s a fan of hers without realizing that Runa herself is from a mermaid clan called Edomae. Yup, a rival yakuza group of the Setos. Runa’s revenge must be real deep as she cancels all her concert just to exact her vendetta on San. And it all started because San beat her in some singing contest while they’re kids. Uh huh, those yakuzas somehow love San’s dull kiddy song (probably it sounds cute) as opposed to a more talented Runa’s one. Who wouldn’t get mad. Vengeance runs deep. More woes for Nagasumi when he accidentally spots Runa in her mermaid form on the streets and she’s indeed that pop idol. Runa of course freaks out and calls her 2 hip hop bodyguards to take him away. Another death awaiting Nagasumi since he found out another mermaid’s identity? Luckily San arrives in time to rescue him. Though San still considers Runa to be her childhood friend, Runa doesn’t. So some talk here and there and Runa is still jealous that San has everything and is always on top (inferior complex). Thus Runa plans to steal Nagasumi for herself and end San’s happiness. Like how Nagasumi finds Runa sleeping next to him the next morning. But San isn’t jealous because she thinks his first kiss is stolen by Masa. To make things worse, Runa is transferred to the same class as Nagasumi’s as Gozaburou mentions how Runa is San’s relative. Saru and the other guys are jealous that Nagasumi has 2 lovely ladies. Soon those loser boys treat Runa like a queen as Runa thinks she has beaten San. In addition, Nagasumi’s class is split into 2 factions. San supporters and Runa lovers. Wow! It’s like a clash between the sun and the moon.
That conflict turned into an all-out war in episode 8. Uh huh. The whole school is decimated and it’s like Mad Max era! While both sides are at each other, they still hunt down Nagasumi whom they put the blame on. Saru has become some sage and says only Nagasumi can end all this. Well, there’s a 3rd faction. They’re the girls of Nagasumi’s class led by Mawari. Yeah, dumb loser boys. Back at home, the Seto family are converging and wonders if they should go all out with Edomae clan since Maki is seriously injured. Previously Maki confronted Runa and they didn’t like each other. Though we didn’t see what happened, things suggests that Maki was brutally attacked by Runa. Even San wants revenge but Nagasumi says violence isn’t the way. So he goes to find Runa and suggests a singing competition to end all this. Runa agrees and says if she wins, Nagasumi will become her slave. A concert is soon held and is packed with fans alike. Runa struts her stuff and at the same time keeping San away from the stage. But San eventually manage to do her part. Both factions are losing themselves because of the mermaid voices so much so they’ve become… well, we could only see ‘censored’ signs on them. Must be real bad. Poor Mawari and co. They’ve been kept out of the concert. Um… Maybe it’s best to stay away after seeing those ‘censored’ signs. Because Runa is mad to see her fans like that, her singing causes the war to resume once again. San and Nagasumi join forces to save the day as San sings to power up Nagasumi. Woah! Nagasumi looks like Bruce Lee and is so ripped! The action here is depicted in stick people! Nagasumi beats the crap out of both sides. When it’s all over, Runa is crying over her loss when San wants her to apologize for attacking Maki. But Runa says she didn’t do anything to her. Ren and Maki then appear to tell the whole truth. It seems Maki wanted to attack Runa then but missed. So 1 of Runa’s hip hop bodyguard accidentally smashes Maki into the wall. Maki was too embarrassed to tell anyone her ‘loss’, thus contributing to the misunderstanding. In the end, Nagasumi is glad that both girls are back on good terms (not really) but to his horror, Runa seems to be staying at his place as she has breakfast with his family. Ah, another 1 to add to his misery. Yeah, Runa considers Nagasumi to be her slave (though I feel she’ll gradually start liking him but won’t admit) and at times she’ll give him that groin stepping punishment. Ouch!
Another weirdo appears in episode 9. It’s the rich wealthy kid, Kai Mikawa, another mermaid clan with influences and stronghold in many sectors. Actually, he’s not a mermaid as his true form is a killer whale. Anyway he resurfaces his giant submarine from the school gym (is that even possible?) to declare his undying love and marriage proposal to San. Another loser who thinks money can solve and buy everything. This guys throws money away like as though he’s printing them. Kai went ranting on his flashback how he met San and fell in love with her. I’ll skip this part aside from the fact that this guy has agoraphobia (fear of wide open spaces). That’s a total opposite of claustrophobia. So to keep his sanity, he wears a spacesuit! What the? He feels much comfortable in it. With Kai’s appearance, Saru instantly becomes his underling, calling him master. Since Kai finds out that Nagasumi is engaged to San, he suggests a duel during the sports festival for San before leaving in his submarine. However the next day, Kai has become a transfer student in Nagasumi’s class. It just gets weirder and weirder. I wonder why he doesn’t wear the school uniform like the others. Probably he looks cool in that white general suit. The sports festival soon begins and Kai notices that even though some events he won, the girls still hang around Nagasumi. As for the events he lost, it was basically his own arrogance and stupidity. The final race is the deciding one but it soon starts raining. Oh oh. You know what this means to the mermaids. I’m not sure of this part because Kai’s submarine bursts through the ground with Saru on top and starts firing missiles at Nagasumi. San uses her voice to make everyone and the missiles sleep. Is a mermaid’s voice that powerful? It sounds so much like a kiddy’s yodel. Well, I suppose everything goes back normal the next day.
In episode 10, Nagasumi wakes up to find a muscular man in a dark body suit asking him his relationship with Runa. Hmm… This guy looks like he’s taken after Arnold Schwazenegger’s Terminator and even has lines from him. First reaction for Nagasumi is to freak out. At school, Nagasumi tries to relate this incident but nobody believes him. That guy is even stalking Nagasumi at school and has a shotgun in hand. Is everyone so blur or is it just Nagasumi’s imagination? Not. He’s the real thing because that guy meets Shark and the latter seems to know him. I’m not sure what happened to that duel or Shark. Soon that guy chases Nagasumi through the school hallway and this time Kai too sees him. The duo are running for their lives. I don’t think hiding in a toilet cubicle would help either. Kai panics and even calls NASA to shoot a beam from space at him. Didn’t work. So Kai charges at him with his sword but that guy easily breaks it with his fingers and knocks Kai out. Now he turns to Nagasumi. San appears in time to save him but it seems that guy quickly covers San’s mouth before she could unleash her supersonic wave. Gozaburou appears and the 2 men fought each other. The duo are causing a big mess. I mean, after that San-Runa war devastation, now this one? In the end, the fight ends in a draw. Ren and Runa show up and it’s revealed that that guy is Runa’s dad, the head of the Edomae clan. Since his name isn’t revealed, let’s just call him Papa. He’s a man of few words so he doesn’t say much but Ren says Papa is here because he wants to see his daughter. However, Runa doesn’t like it and I don’t think it’s the lovey-dovey kind of relationship. This is the weird part, he leaves through the school incinerator while saying "I’ll be back" and giving a thumbs up. Going down to hell? San apologizes to Nagasumi that she ‘forgot’ who Papa was. That’s why she couldn’t tell him who he was when she first saw him.
Sun and Runa decides to go on a diet in episode 11 (teenage girl hormones to keep slim kicking in) and we find out the Seto clan owns and does a large chain of tv shopping products. I like the funny part whereby Nagasumi and his dad spots a mermaid porn video and decides to satisfy their curiosity. Hahaha! I didn’t expect it to be fish porn! So nothing much to see here. Also, Gozaburou buys lots of stuffs to help San out like some bath stream exercise device. Nagasumi wonders how Gozaburou would look like in mermaid form and decides to peek only to have San misinterpret that Nagasumi may like men! Why not? His 1st kiss is stolen by Masa. Then there’s a ‘mer-water’ drink which Nagasumi accidentally drank. Though it has no effect of mermaids, but it has a devastating one on humans. Soon Nagasumi grows into a giant, destroying his house and is like a barbarian! Now he can’t risked being seen by everyone but Inchou seems to notice it from her window and thinks her glasses are faulty. Haha. Octopus tries to stop Nagasumi but fails. Nagasumi’s causing a rampage and nearly hits his own parents. Shark and Masa manages to save them in time. At this point, you’ll notice Nagasumi’s mom falling for Masa too :). Kai says how he’ll stop him as he launches some space rocket sending Nagasumi to the moon. But still, he’s unstoppable. San is saddened that she can’t do anything but Gozaburou is happy thinking that he’s got rid of the kid so San will have to come home. But Ren hits him away and gives San some special trident spear. San throws it with all her feelings (on the 2nd attempt since the 1st one she accidentally broke it) and with that, Nagasumi is sent back to Earth in his normal size. That part seems far fetched. But this part seems like deja vu because Nagasumi is unconscious so Gozaburou orders another CPR from Masa! OMG! A second kiss! It’s enough to wake him up. Nagasumi sees San and remembers everything as he thanks her. But he still wish he was back on the moon since his return isn’t ‘welcomed’ by some people. You know who lah.
In episode 12, San went out shopping with Nagasumi’s mom, leaving Nagasumi alone with Runa. But Nagasumi gets a shock of his life when Runa shyly invites him to her room. What is this guy thinking? Because of Runa’s egoistic pride, I’m sure it’s not what he thinks. Runa wants Nagasumi to help her with her studies and this is the best chance since San isn’t around. Kiasu. Uh huh. Her grades are so bad that Masa thinks she’s collecting zeros. Don’t blame your idol work on it. Of course Runa abuses her slave physically and verbally (this guy can grow up to tolerate all kinds of household pain). A quarrel ensues as Runa realizes how Nagasumi cares for San a lot. Then they got into a compromising situation. Unfortunately, they realize Maki was watching the whole thing like a show as she tells them not to mind her and carry on. She’s even taking down notes! The duo pushed each other away in embarrassment but some water spills on Runa’s legs. Runa orders her slave to clean it. Just then, all in good timing (bad timing rather) Papa comes in to see Nagasumi in a positing of wiping Runa’s butt. Haha. Classic one. Looks like porn. This causes a very huge misunderstanding. At the same time, everyone else gathers outside the house and thinks Nagasumi is cheating on San. I guess there’s a first time for such crisis in every marriage. It didn’t help since Runa lied about Nagasumi flirting with her. Papa asks if Runa likes Nagasumi, in which she answers yes, sending shockwaves. With that, Papa tells Nagasumi to take the responsibility and be Runa’s husband! Nagasumi is whisked away in Papa’s helicopter as San tries to go after him but is held back by Gozaburou. That guy is obviously happy that with Nagasumi married to Runa, San will have to come home. But San isn’t jealous nor mad. She’s regretting the fact that as his wife, she wasn’t there for Nagasumi to stop his flirting ways, provide him with more love and attention. If only there are many girls like San in this world.
Nagasumi is locked in Edomae’s cave in episode 13. Though Runa still brags to a depressed San, but she doesn’t feel that happy because she notices Nagasumi still has eyes for San. So Runa went to see Nagasumi and a little flashback of how when Runa’s mom passed away, her dad always ignored Runa, leaving her alone. The only friend she got back then was San. But San topped in everything and had everything Runa didn’t. So Runa orders Nagasumi to love her. I don’t think this will work either. Everyone’s at the wedding ceremony, the procession begins but Nagasumi tells Papa that he can’t accept this wedding. Runa is in tears when she tells Papa how Nagasumi rejected her orders to love her, pissing Papa off. Some talk here and there and Runa’s lie that Nagasumi was flirting with her is revealed as she tells the truth. Just then, San crashes in and makes her way by slashing (but not killing) the guards. San confess how she loves Nagasumi and wants to offer herself to be his wife again. She’s also severing ties with her Seto clan, sending shockwaves to Gozaburou. Nagasumi tells San that since they’ve met, he is her husband. But the Seto and Edomae sides are gonna clash, Runa and San teams up to sing. Their singing must have some hypnotic effect as everybody in the room danced till they drop dead tired. I think this should be a good way to end all wars. When Runa comes to, she finds Papa by her side asking her if she wants to redo the wedding. Runa replies that she’s fine with the way it is now. I guess it’s better to have him as her slave even though deep down in her heart she likes him. As for San, since it ended well, I think she took back her word in severing her family ties.
Nagasumi picks up a stray cat in episode 14 when it’s seen ‘attacking’ Maki. Well, I suppose to a little fry, a cat’s lick would amount to be tasting her. Even San and Runa are really afraid of it. Nagasumi has an idea as he brings the cat to school for some sadistic laughter against Gozaburou. But to his surprise, Masa isn’t afraid and tells him that when someone grows up, that childhood fear would go away. This puts a damper on Nagasumi’s plans. But to his delight, he finds that Gozaburou is still afraid of cats because of an incident which scarred him when he was young. That plan is back in action. Gozaburou and Maki plots to get rid of the cat and thinks Nagasumi is on to them by summoning 3 fishes, which’re supposed to be Gozaburou’s bodyguards. Funny thing is, they enrolled as students in the school and nobody notices their fish-like heads! Blur cases. Of course those 3 fishes aren’t as smart as they look and even attacked the wrong person when Nagasumi tells them that Kai is Nagasumi. When they finally got it right, the cat jumps out and chases Gozaburou and the trio. They’re running for their lives. Note the different view from their perception and reality. It’s like a devil monster hunting them down. The panic gets out of hand when Kai contacts the military and Gozaburou the fire department. Though the calvary arrives, luckily Ren is there to calm and explain things down. Stupid husband. But during that panic, Maki tripped and was left behind, but the cat carried her out to safety. This made Maki having mixed feelings. Later as Nagasumi walks home with Runa, Gozaburou and the 3 fishes come up with another plan. Yeah, 1 of the fishes badly disguises himself as a school girl. Everyone can see through that disguise lah. Nagasumi decides to play along when that fish bravely takes the cat and tosses it over the bridge. While the scaredy-cat quartet rejoices, Nagasumi notices the cat can’t swim and decides to jump in. The cat has an unlikely saviour in the form of Maki as she races through the water to save it as repayment of its earlier deed. After that, the cat seems quite attached to Maki, freaking her out as everyone else still fears it. Some fears are really hard to get rid of.
Episode 15 is Inchou’s episode and we see that she really has a secret crush on Nagasumi as she dreams of him as prince charming on a white stead. Hmm… I think I can classify this series as a harem anime too. At school, Kai tries to persuade San to go on a date with him but is futile. Saru then suggests a double date. Perhaps we should call it a triple date because Mawari and Runa along with Saru gets dragged into it. At the park, they drew lots to see who dates who. Nagasumi gets San (Yay!), Kai with Mawari while Runa and Saru. During the boat ride, Runa is still in panic that she’s being paired with a monkey and orders Nagasumi to buy her a juice. I guess he’s used to being her slave and rushes off to get 1. He bumps into Inchou on the way and breaks her specs. Woah! Inchou looks pretty without her glasses! She’s so cute! I wonder why she never does this in class. Because so, Nagasumi doesn’t recognize her and since Inchou is blind as a bat without her glasses, they think they’re strangers. Feeling sorry, Nagasumi decides to ask Runa for some money to replace the glasses. Runa gives him her credit card with a condition before San takes Runa away to spend some time with her. So Nagasumi and Inchou unknowingly head together to the nearest specs shop and Inchou thinks his voice sounds like the guy she loves. It’s closer than she thinks. She went about telling her personal feelings bla bla bla while he’s unaware she’s talking about him, gives her some advice. I can’t help but smirk all the way. Meanwhile Kai and Mawari are alone on a boat and they panicked because they’ve never been this closed before. I’m not sure about that Seto family playing baseball at the park during Nagasumi and Inchou’s journey, except it was a failed plot by Gozaburou to assassinate Nagasumi. The duo finally arrived at the store and Inchou got her replacements. The shop owners are bloody surprised at that super credit card and since it’s authentic, they even got a limo cab for the kids to go home! Riding in the limo, Nagasumi tells Inchou to put on her new glasses in which she did. Inchou panics instantly upon seeing Nagasumi and realized everything as she rushes out. Nagasumi chases her and catches up to her. That blur guy still didn’t manage to recognize her because Inchou did an awful voice tone change. Just before Nagasumi could ask her name, San and family passes by so Inchou took the opportunity to flee and tells him she’ll do so the next time they meet. Next day at school, Nagasumi approaches Inchou. Does that guy realize who Inchou is? Nope. He just tells her Gozaburou is calling her. We’ll never know her name.
Yet another new character in episode 16. This time another transfer student in Nagasumi’s class, the serious and busty Akeno Shiranui who wields a sword (is that allowed in school?). To cut things short, she’s a mermaid examiner and can be seen writing notes in her little book. Her job is to ensure that mermaid’s existence doesn’t get expose and to see those who live in the human deem fit to continue living there. Or else it’s back to the sea bed. Because so, Akeno is very knowledgeable about the gang and knows lots of details about them, making them surprise at first. When San realizes that Akeno is a mermaid and her job, she trembles in fear each time she sees her. San looks cute whenever she’s afraid and nervous of seeing Akeno, who’s watching her every move. Kai’s noisy behaviour makes Akeno to fail him. San wants to continue with the examination when as usual, a flower vase water splashes on her feet. Nagasumi Barrier not quick enough. Akeno is swifter as she disables the whole damn class before they can see anything. The hand is faster than the eye. This leads to the fish trio and Kai to challenge her in the hallway but are easily defeated (Kai got his eyes poked!). Then Gozaburou appears but he listened to Akeno’s words to keep the other students at bay. Hehe. No backbone. Next is San (after her legs are dried) and is a sword duel in the hallway. I’m not sure if the other students understand what’s happening but they’re enjoying it. In the end, Akeno tells San that she has failed because she almost revealed her mermaid identity and has 1 week to return but will delay her decision of reporting to her superiors because she can’t land a hit on San. She won’t report it until she gets to do so. San is relief as Akeno walks away. I think Akeno gains a few fans of her own as she gains respect from the students in the school.
Akeno beats a bunch of delinquent lord bandits in episode 17 so much so word goes around that she has become the leader of the bandits. Since those loser bandits are beaten, they consider her like a master and keep following her even to school. Saru also ditches his loyalty to Kai and pledges it to Akeno. But that girl don’t give a damn about that monkey. However, this made justice and righteous (yeah right) Mawari think that Akeno is a delinquent too and decides to go all out against her to protect her school and society. I guess Saru even took advantage of the situation by selling merchandise of Akeno. Why not. Akeno’s got a pretty sexy figure if you don’t mind her attitude. Of course those jealous girls led by Mawari are against it, confiscates them all. I’m not sure what Gozaburou, Masa and Shark are plotting against Akeno as they see her as some threat. However, Ren’s there to stop whatever her baka husband is trying to do. After San tells Mawari she shouldn’t judge a person she just met, Mawari realizes she has treated Akeno harshly. Later, those bandits decide to defect and go against Akeno by teaming up with the other school girls under Mawari and soon round 2 starts. I guess those girls won’t even listen to Mawari now. No choice, Mawari unleashes a flurry of cats (what the?) to stop everyone as it starts licking here and there, ahem ahem, those unmentionable parts. Well, it seemed that way. Ren steps in to quell everything and tell off those girls. Soon everything went back to normal and Akeno and Mawari are now on good terms. As for Saru, he goes back to be Kai’s underling. Now that’s fast. Of course, I suppose you can’t be boss if you don’t have 1 because Kai accepts Saru back. As for Gozaburou, Masa and Shark, I donno what plot they’re plotting but Ren found out about it just in time and punishes them by crucifying them. Lord have mercy on their soul.
A sudden school trip to Kyoto in episode 18. This is bad news for those mermaids because it means getting into a hotspring. While the Seto gang are enjoying themselves, Nagasumi spots Akeno alone and went to chat with her as Akeno admits how she’s having it tough making friends. Maki sees them and uses this chance to ambush Akeno by firing her water shell gun. Though Nagasumi blocks most of the shots, there are some which sprinkled on to Akeno. To Nagasumi’s surprise, Akeno didn’t change into a mermaid. But soon Akeno lean towards Nagasumi and says how she’s trying hard to hold it back actually. Maki withdraws when Mawari and Inchou arrives. Akeno thinks this is part of Nagasumi’s plot and that he has betrayed her trust. Later San apologizes to Akeno after finding out what happened and tells her that Nagasumi has nothing to do with it. Now this is the ambiguous part. Later Akeno and San decides to go to the hot bath together alone. Thinking what I’m thinking? Mawari and Nagasumi are passing by and heard ambiguous misleading statements from the 2. "Let’s do it when we’re adults", "I don’t care whether you’re an adult, you need practice!", "We can do it when no one is around", "Let me teach your body…", "I’ll be gentle with you", "I’ll slowly wet you", "You must resist it". Holy crap! And to see not so clear figures of 1 on top the other, those 2 must be really blushing and panicking! Mawari decides to enter to stop them but Nagasumi worries that this will reveal their identity and tells Mawari to only have eyes for him! Those words paralyzed Mawari and another misunderstanding arises. Yup, it’s like a confession. Blush blush. Just then they heard ambiguous sounds from San and Akeno and Mawari rushes in to see them… well let’s just say this part is more for fanservice. Good thing is that they’re not in mermaid form. Nagasumi pulls Mawari out just in time before the duo turned into their true forms. It’s revealed that the duo are actually training to try and resist changing into their mermaid form. Pretty hard, huh (you horny guys, I don’t mean your part down there!)? That night, Nagasumi and Akeno had a little chat as the latter wants Nagasumi to break up with San seeing that coexistence between humans and mermaids are futile. But he says he’s not giving up so easily especially on San. Nagasumi apologizes for this morning event in which Akeno brushes it off as a misunderstanding. Meanwhile, Mawari has a hard time sleeping and a little panicky because of that ‘confession’. But this is the last time you’ll see any love-chemistry (even if it’s a fake one) between Mawari and Nagasumi. Dunno what happen after that.
It’s revealed that Akeno is working under some guy called Knight and reporting to him in episode 19 and their real goal is to break up San and Nagasumi. Runa wasn’t in the previous episode since she’s away busy shooting a film. And it is in this spot where her movie shoot is. What would this series be without that crazy loudmouth dual personality girl. However, the movie set is destroyed. Don’t despair, Papa comes flying in a helicopter and dropping breifcases of money to fund its repair! Wow. Money do fall out from the sky, literally. Furthermore, with the lack of actors, a suggestion that all the students participate in the shoot as well. Meanwhile, Akeno schemes with the fish trio and Kai to let Nagasumi drink some juice bottle which Knight gave to her earlier on. Why are they teaming up. Well, if they suceed, Akeno will unfail them. Some blunders made them all drink the juice but Nagasumi had an experience before and avoids it. This drink will release the strongest desire of those who drink in them. Uh huh. Prepare for some extreme rowdiness! Akeno starts chasing Nagasumi frantically, Runa wants to punish her slave. Nagasumi is cornered by the girls when San appears to protect Nagasumi (she also drank the juice). It’s another round between San and Akeno but before they could finish, Knight appears and knock some senses into her. The place is still as messy as before. Later Akeno reports to Knight that San’s inner desire was to protect Nagasumi and though their plan was a failure, Knight tells her to continue watching them.
Papa wonders why Runa is always depressed and whatever he does doesn’t seem to please her in episode 20 so much so he went to ask Nagasumi for advice. I guess it’s a man to man talk. Obviously money isn’t everything and 1 solution is to spend quality time with her. So Papa did some research on how a girl thinks and discovers galge over the internet’s search engine. Next day as Nagasumi and co are walking to school, to their horror (and Runa’s embarrassment!), Papa is seen dressed in a school sailor girl outfit! It looks horrible! Not even to mention he tries to make that girly voice! Does he have no shame? Anyway, Gozaburou finds out about Papa’s intention and also wishes to do the same for San. So back home, he along with Masa and Shark played a galge. It doesn’t suit a yakuza boss. Don’t ever let anyone else catch them playing this. Next morning, Nagasumi wakes to his horror to find Masa in a girl’s dress and calling him onii-chan. No more that "Ah… Masa-san…" line. Downright horrible and disgusting. Gozaburou too had the same idea to dress as a girl with cat ears as he and Papa wildly chase a totally embarrassing San and Runa as they try to get away from their stupid shameless fathers. Both dads cornered their girls at the school rooftop when Ren comes in to give them their punishment. After telling off these 2, they apologize and Gozaburou puts his cat ears on San. Now San definitely looks cute and moe in that. Back at home, San secretly admires herself in a maid outfit with cat ears. Super cute! By the way, from now on, I kinda notice Papa will be dressed in that girly outfit of his. Does he think he looks cool in that? Not. Did he not learn that its this dressing which is making Runa drifting further away?
Nagasumi is excited because he got a love letter in episode 21. Unknown to everyone, it’s from Inchou. However, Maki reads the letter aloud and causes everybody comes to know of Nagasumi’s secret. Thus the gang decides to hide behind the bush and spy to see if Nagasumi would really show up at the meeting place. Somebody appears. Wait. It’s Papa in that girly outfit! Oh the embarrassment. Then Nagasumi appears but is beaten up by Gozaburou and Papa thinking that he’s cheating on San. So Nagasumi is in a dilemma what to do and had a chat with Ren in the infirmary. Ren gives Nagasumi a potion which will make all the girls fall for him at first sight. I suppose this guy is desperate, knowing his previous experience with one. The effect must be damn good because Ren is all over Nagasumi! Don’t want to mess with a yakuza’s boss wife, as Nagasumi runs out. But there’s a downside of the potion. If every girl loves him, then every men will hate him. Another chase ensue throughout the school as the men wants to kill him will the girls want to love him. Yeah, all the girls sees a different and ideal version of Nagasumi. Nagasumi comes back home to even find his mom falling for him (what the? Vision of Nagasumi as Masa?!). Next day, the potion effects wear off and Nagasumi receives yet another love letter. Change scene to that meeting place and we see Inchou waiting there and in her beautiful form. Yeah, she’s a real beauty. Inchou sense somebody coming and quickly confesses. However, that person is San. Oh no. Everybody (and those spying) gets the wrong idea that Inchou may be into that kind of yuri relationship. An embarrassed San apologizes but Inchou runs away. Inchou is thinking she still has a chance to solve things and comes to reveal herself as some Amazon jungle girl who will 1 day steal San’s heart before leaving in a commotion. Not good. In the end, Inchou is again depressed and is resigned to the fact that she has to wear glasses for the rest of her lives in order not for everyone to recognize her as that Amazon lady. Poor girl.
Runa needs someone to act as her boyfriend as practice in her upcoming show in episode 22. Since Runa can’t have her slave do it, she decides on San. And I thought that was a new character but it’s actually San dressing up so manly and acting so brute! I only realized it halfway. It’s bloody hilarious (and disgusting) the way San acts and talks (but it was a damn good one). San is best when she’s her cute girly self. Runa then decides to ask someone else for help. Remember that Sun-Runa war? Yeah, it nearly started again. Even Mawari and her girls are ready to join in. So Runa decides to practice for a different role, which is some puppet show, and the next person she asks is Maki. Refuse at first, Maki agrees after being persuaded by San. Quite funny to see Maki being tied to Runa’s hand and everybody’s bloody convinced that Runa is a good ventriloquist. I mean, how can both the master and puppet talk together simultaneously. Furthermore, they’re both at each other’s throat. It’s so convincing. Akeno realizes what’s going on and warns not to reveal Maki’s identity during the show but she isn’t gonna listen so Akeno has the fish trio and Kai to subdue them. So once the class period ends, Runa makes her move by dashing to her limo waiting outside school. Maki uses her water shell gun to move around (or even fly! Reminds me of Midori No Hibi’s case). Careful, or you’ll bump into things and hurt Runa. Oops. Too late. The duo spot San taking on Akeno and Maki is touched by San’s stand to help them and decides to help her by flying down towards them. Of course from that height, I’m sure the impact is quite painful. In the end when Runa comes to and asks San to help write the script while Maki is being ‘attacked’ by that cat while still wearing the puppet outfit.
Akeno asks where Masa learned his swords skill that he thought San in episode 23. Masa says he can’t remember. That’s because Akeno notices how San’s sword skill is somewhat similar to the sword skill supposedly passed down in Akeno’s family. Plus, Akeno has an elder brother who went missing. She wants to find him not because she worries about him, but to punish him for being irresponsibly leaving without saying anything. To cut things short, Masa is Akeno’s long lost brother. Woah! They look so different. How did Masa ever ended up like that. Gozaburou tells Nagasumi how it all happened. Akeno’s brother was some government official and 1 night Gozaburou was drunk and talking to him. Since Akeno’s brother mention something about San being married, Gozaburou gets furious and accidentally hits him. He lost all his memories. Not wanting to for anybody to find out, Gozaburou gives him a fake identity, false memory and did everything he could so he could’nt remember his true self. I see. At the dojo, Masa wants to take a look at Akeno’s sword because it felt nostalgic. So Gozaburou and Nagasumi go to great lengths in order for Masa not to regain his memories. Yeah, Nagasumi has to fake that he’s in love with Masa. Haha! "Gay love, kill me!". Everyone’s shocked to hear it (Akeno writing it all down and Inchou eavesdropping too). San is shocked but remembers that Masa was the 1 who stole his 1st kiss. During an attempt, Nagasumi knocks Akeno so much so she reverted back to her child-like character. Meanwhile, memories are flowing back to Masa as he and his other self had some talk. Bla bla bla. I’ll always be a part of you, etc. Anyway, the old self doesn’t mind being in the shadows because the current Masa has a new family and such. Masa goes to sooth a childish Akeno and says he will always protect her but Akeno doesn’t believe him. San arrives and throws Akeno off the roof and the latter is back to her normal self. Don’t try this method, kids. Good thing is Akeno doesn’t remember what had just happened. As Gozaburou and Masa had a chat over the bridge, Nagasumi is having a hard time convincing San that he isn’t gay. Ah, the damage’s done. Oh yes, Inchou goes to a saloon and requests for an afro hairstyle! Well you won’t get to see her in 1.
Kai has a disease that he doesn’t want anyone to know about in episode 24. Well, it’s just a boil on his butt. Must be a damaging factor to his ego. Because of that he’s been acting strange. So happened that Saru was walking by the clinic and overheard the doctor telling the nurse how Kai’s case was sad and there’s no hope. Saru is devastated. But the doctor is referring to his attitude than anything else. Saru confronts Kai and the 2 are talking different things. Kai makes Saru promise not to tell anyone. But Saru seeing that he has to do something for his master’s last days, eventually whispers to Nagasumi and the other girls about Kai’s condition. Everyone realize that they’ve been harsh on Kai and feels pity for him. Even the teachers got to know about it. How touching. They’re so unnatural when they decide to throw him a class party. Kai even received pics of San and even has escorts on his way home. Of course he thinks it’s timely for his egoness to be recognized and doesn’t mind it all. The news spread throughout the whole country and somehow people think he’s the legendary guy. A typical mountain made out of a molehill. Back at Kai’s submarine, he’s watching the news only to find out that he’s dying of a terminal disease. It hit him then. Kai then rushes to Saru in tears asking him what’s going on. Of course the duo talked different things. Kai says the doctor told him it’s not life threatening (referring to his boil and not the disease) and would go away if he just rub some medicine as Saru slap some senses into him. Resigned to his fate, Kai asks for 1 last favour before he dies, that is a final duel with Nagasumi. The day arrives and everyone is there to watch Kai’s last grand exit. I can’t help but chuckle even though they portray that sombre mood. Kai takes off his spacesuit and doesn’t care about the sun shining in his face anymore as he starts slashing Nagasumi childishly. Nagasumi just stood his ground. Kai gets emotional but his punches on Nagasumi had no power nor effect. Eventually, Nagasumi punches him as Kai drops to his knees pleading for everyone to love him. San tells Kai that everyone around him loves him while Nagasumi sheds a tear. Kai then collapses as everybody rushes to his side. The next day Nagasumi is mad at Kai for that huge misunderstanding but Kai says it’s their fault for misunderstanding the whole thing. Ah well, everything’s back to normal.
Nagasumi and San had their first quarrel in episode 25 when San is telling him something about his socks and not leaving tissues in his pants. But since that guy is so engrossed in watching Runa on tv, this causes a rift when Nagasumi said that they’re married due to circumstances. That jerk can be so insensitive. After a short quarrel, Nagasumi still thinks he did nothing wrong and refuses to apologize. I guess it’s pretty obvious that they’re avoiding each other at school. Soon, the whole Seto family gathers because they’ve received an invitation from a noble called Yoshio Minamoto, who’s inviting them to his party. Though Gozaburou didn’t want to go, they had to to show their face as the invitation states other clans will be attending too. Actually, this Yoshio guy is a playboy and has ill intentions. He wants San to be part of his harem and this party is just a bait to lure them. Plus, Akeno is working under him as an apprentice knight. Gosh. The next day, every San member has left and Nagasumi wonders what happened. Even at school, everyone seems to notice the Seto family is absent. Kai and Runa went to see Akeno for answers and knows the dreadful thing awaiting the Seto clan even without Akeno saying. I know Kai’s gonna save San because he loves her but Runa? I wonder why she’s so eager to go save him. Meanwhile Nagasumi is spacing out and tries to find San but to no avail. He finds that ring in San’s room and gets emotional after some thinking back. At the party, the Seto clan realizes this is a trap when nobody else appears except Yoshio, who gets excited upon seeing San. So he uses some gas to make them all go to sleep. San calls out Nagasumi’s name before she passes out. Nagasumi is at a bridge as Mawari comes by to give him some advice. I’m not sure if Mawari know what’s happening, but it was enough to boost Nagasumi’s morale. Then Kai’s submarine emerges from the river and tells Nagasumi to come aboard to save San. And off goes Nagasumi, Kai and Runa as Mawari salutes them. After all the times San has saved Nagasumi, it’s his turn to return the favour. In the end, we see Yoshio preparing for his wedding with San, who is being hypnotized.
In episode 26, I’m not sure why Saru tags along besides always wanting to be by Kai’s side. I thought humans aren’t supposed to get involve in all this? Anyway, the Seto family are locked in an iron wall prison and attempts to breakout are futile. Kai’s submarine arrives at Yoshio’s place and Runa uses her voice to disable the mines. Upon crashing into the place, Yoshio sends his guards against Kai’s submarine officers. Runa helps by using her voice and we see that ‘censored’ signs again. Nagasumi went ahead and calls for San once he enters the main room. Yoshio commands Akeno to take care of him while he goes to see how San is doing with the preparations. Akeno is in a dilemma because she can’t disobey her master’s commands. Then some words made Akeno realize and so she defects and points the sword at Yoshio. With that, Yoshio summons a giant eel to eat them. But Gozaburou arrives in time to stop it. Looks like the Seto family has broke out of their cell. Yoshio orders his followers to stall them as Yoshio escapes. Even Papa arrives to help out as each Seto family takes on the fight. Shark must be happy feasting away. Nagasumi chases after Yoshio and enters a room where San is held captive. Yoshio beats up Nagasumi but the latter manages to snap San out of her hypnotic state by blurting out his true feelings. Yoshio is mad that his plans are ruined and shoots his gun at San. What kind of man points a gun at a lady? However, Nagasumi takes the bullet! OMG! San is horrified and decides to use her song to power up Nagasumi. But he stood back up even without her doing so. Yoshio continues firing but Nagasumi stops it with his true power. Nobody can stop him now. The tables are turned with Nagasumi defeating Yoshio all in the name for San. Yes! Beat up that bastard. It’s revealed that Yoshio is some fat ugly catfish and Knight makes a deal with him that he won’t report this if he’d let this go. Nagasumi and San had an emotional reunion as they both apologize. They reaffirm their love when Nagasumi puts back that ring on San’s fingers as they embrace. What, no kiss? Ah, Masa-san… In the end, everybody goes home and everything is back to normal. Okay not everything. Because Nagasumi is bloody ripped and manly! Woah! Is that okay? But I’m glad everything ends well.
Overall, this is 1 amazing series and I really enjoyed it from start to finish. The ending though it ended well, I felt that I still haven’t had enough of the series. Yeah, asking for 2nd season already. The drawing, art and animation is pretty standard but I like it when the characters go into their chibi mode, especially during comical scenes. Everybody looks so darn cute, especially San. I also kinda notice that whenever there’s blood spilling out or tears streaming, the blood or tears will be shown in a ‘reflective’ way. It’s hard to describe. It’s like a scene whereby the sunlight shines and reflect the water surface on the lake.
In some episodes, there’ll be a short segment called Kyou No Masa-san (Today’s Masa-san). We see Masa sitting and drinking in a traditional Japanese bar, hosted by a very beautiful Mama in a kimono as Masa talks to some troubled character, giving them advice. Those characters include Gozaburou, Maki and even Nagasumi’s dad. By the way, did you notice that Nagasumi’s dad has been ignored more and more as the series progresses? Yeah, he’s so sad that not even his wife looks at him anymore. Poor guy.
The voice acting is great and in my opinion one of the best. That’s because each character sounds really like they should. Due to the nature of the comedy, you’ll notice how the characters tend to shout or raise their voices each time. San is voiced by Haruko Momoi who in real life is a famous singer herself. She did quite a pretty good job making San sound funny, cute, blur, assertive and other moods to suite the scene. She also did voices for Utamaru in Da Capo, Marin in Magikano, Maya in Ragnarok The Animation, Chika in Ai Yori Aoshi and Komugi in Nurse Witch Komugi. Others include Takahiro Mizushima as Nagasumi (Shimotakatani of Girl’s High), Daisuke Ono as Kai (Koizumi of Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu), Kenta Miyake as Gozaburou (Sydonay in Shakugan No Shana, Klaus in Hayate No Gotoku), Natsuko Kuwatani as Maki (Suisei Seki in Rozen Maiden – hah! I was right!, Yue in Mahou Sensei Negima, Kanako in Love Hina Again), Takehito Koyasu as Shark (Kuroyanagi of Yakitate! Japan, Kururu of Keroro Gunso), Rika Morinaga as Mawari (Sousei Seki in Rozen Maiden, Francesca in Kaibutsu Oujo), Noriko Rikimaru as Inchou (Nori of Rozen Maiden), Sakura Nogawa as Runa (Hina Ichigo of Rozen Maiden, Nemu of Da Capo, Ayumi of Magikano) and Masashi Yabe as Saru (Same in Tsuyokiss). Hmm… I kinda notice most of the cast are like a reunion from the Rozen Maiden and Magikano series. I can’t find any other roles by Katsuki Murase who voices Masa. Must be a newbie since he’s low sexy voice is quite unique.
The opening theme, Romantic Summer, sounds like a summer rock n roll song and is sung by Sun & Lunar (Haruko Momoi and Sakura Nogawa) and we see the gang doing some nice summer beach dance. Okay, maybe except for Nagasumi who’s trying to get away from Gozaburou’s wrath. Ashita E No Hikari is the 1st ending theme is sung by Asuka Hinoi and it sounds quite slow and calming. If you notice, each time an episode adds a new character, the ending theme will also add them here. Sun & Lunar again sings the 2nd ending theme, Dan Dan Dan, which is more lively and pop-like. The animation here sees the characters in chibi form on a sushi conveyor belt. I notice the characters animation depends on what they did for that particular episode. Oh yes. The credits scroll horizontally instead of the typical bottom to top. As for the next episode preview. I just want to note that the narration seems to be so fast paced like as though they’re trying to squeeze in all those gibberish in a short amount of time. It’s sounds so funny. Except for the final episode preview whereby it goes something like "For once, Mishishio Nagasumi is pissed oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooff!!!". Wow. That’s a pretty long angry sustain. Some of the episode titles are amusing like episode 11’s ‘Armageddon’ to episode 16’s ‘Minority Report’ to episode 20’s ‘An Elegy Of Men’.
The characters are all pretty amusing themselves, even those who are side characters or make just a short appearance. I guess this is the main appeal which makes the series so wacky in the first place. I’m just wondering why those fish trio didn’t follow the Seto family to Yoshio’s party. I thought they were part of Gozaburou’s men. Also, there are a few trivia for viewers to spot, especially in Papa’s case with several references to Arnold’s movies like Total Recall and Terminator.
So of course in the end, the usual love conquers all lesson. It doesn’t really matter what kind of background one comes from (okay, maybe just a little) but I’m sure I’ve said this many times before that what’s important is the true love between them. Hmm… Nagasumi and San’s case do remind me of Narue No Sekai’s couple Kazuto and Narue. I just hope Nagasumi would get along well with most of his in-laws. And that he’s not gay! Marrying the daughter of a mermaid clan yakuza boss may seem like a hard thing. But it beats marrying to your job. Haha. Just kidding. I think I’m ‘married’ and a ‘slave’ to anime…
Seto No Hanayome

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