Shin Hakkenden

December 1, 2005

One of the early animes I watched and couldn’t piece the whole thing together was Shin Hakkenden. As far as I can recall, it has a little bit of celestial and futuristic elements, and is narrated from a little girl’s point of view (one of the story’s 8 heroes later in the series). Earth was destroyed by some comet a long time ago but before that happened some saviour, Fuse, foretold this and manage to evacuate the peace loving Earth people somewhere else. Fast forward to the future where there are many wars going on here and there, we focused on this little boy Kou (somehow looks abit like Ranma!) who wields a sword with a special jewel on it, and his journey. Along the way he’ll meet up with 7 other individuals whom each posses this special jewel. You see, the 8 pieces of jewels can unleash some ‘terror’ power when needed and also plays a vital role in the creation of a new Earth. Sounds complicating right? Well, it’s gonna get a little worse, the main bad guy, I believe is suppose to be a descendent of Fuse, is furious when he doesn’t get a piece of the jewel himself. Because of this, he wants to stop the creation of a new Earth. You guessed it, our heroes must overcome this adversity and save the day. Since I didn’t see the ending, I’m not sure how it all ends. But I bet it’s the ‘good-triumphed-over-evil-in-the-end’ right? Oh yeah, one thing that boggles my mind still is that, one of the 8 heroes, Rei, I thought he was a guy which sounded like a girl. But he is actually a SHE! A transvestite, I’d say. Sheesh…

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