Shinryaku!! Ika Musume OVA 3

February 13, 2015

OMG! I didn’t know they tried again! Actually I did. Or didn’t. What I meant was I didn’t expect Shinryaku!! Ika Musume OVA to have another volume way back last year in 2014 and even when it did come out, nobody was subbing it and I thought this series was done for. And surprisingly much later some group subbed this and thus I jumped at the chance of watching this third OVA instalment. So it is back to nostalgia memory lane for me and a certain ‘obsession’ with this invader squid girl. Ah yes. Ika girl. You came to show us your failure again, right? Please go ahead. I’ll always be watching with glee.

Part A: Won’t You Help?
With Nagisa and Ayumi off, Chizuru hires a new ‘powerful’ helper since she herself will be off for today. That powerful guy? It’s Owner! So much so Gorou who is always here for Chizuru’s cooking quickly goes away when he learns his beloved isn’t around. But wait. Don’t judge a book by its cover yet. Owner cooks up a pretty wonderful friend shrimp rice. Looks good. When he tastes it, he couldn’t stop eating! He is only lying to himself he needs to finish it because he is so hungry and it is not like Chizuru’s rice would lose to this. Liar. Owner’s cooking attracts more customers till the place is full but there is a seat directly in front of him that customers do not want to occupy. It’s because there is this hideous Ika robot doing the cooking! Who the hell is this clone?! Trying to distract the customers from looking at it, Ika tries to press the remote and switch on the TV. Clone Ika explodes! Now why on earth is there a self destruct button or a function like that?! Well, if there were too many remotes for anything, they’ll start losing the remotes! But the explosion has scared the customers away. Time to go run some errands and gullible Ika is made to do it with a paltry 100 Yen. Look how happy she is… Along the way, she is attacked by stray dogs but saved by yet another hideous Ika clone. More stray dogs surround them as Ika clone goes to subdue the pack. In the end, Owner presses his remote to let the robot explode to send the dogs running away. Do all the robots have this kind of self destruct function? Yeah. It is exactly for situations like these.

Part B: Won’t You Be Found?
This is a surprise. Ika is willing to head to Sanae’s house by her own will! Something is dead wrong. I know Kiyomi is waxing lyrical how good Sanae is but it’s amazing that Ika would even think good of this squid obsessed pervert. And of course we see Sanae’s evil thoughts. Her plan is to make Ika become good friends with Kiyomi. With Kiyomi visiting her often, it will be no time Ika will start doing the same on her own. Then she will hold back no more when Ika visits her alone. Muahaha! Oh yeah. But first, she needs to hide all her Ika goods as not to scare Kiyomi. Oh man. Look at all the Ika memorabilia. Just freaking scary to see everything made out of Ika’s image! Oh f*ck, man! And she can hide it all in her closet? So when Ika and Kiyomi come, her room seems pretty normal and they have fun doing normal things. Although Ika feels something is off (because Sanae is such a nice person), she accepts Kiyomi’s answer that she is not such a bad person. Maybe she isn’t so bad after all. Kiyomi realizes she left something behind and returns. Sanae is now letting loose her Ika obsession as she records down all the things she observed Ika today! Freaking sh*t, man! She can tell how many calories she ate and if there is change in her height! And those hidden cameras… Oh man… She is frolicking in glee with her Ika goods when Kiyomi returns… Oh God. This is the end of her. She foresees Kiyomi will hate her for being such an obsessed Ika fan. Fearing the worst, she tries playing it cool and admits all her Ika collection that she planned to show her (since the cat is out of the bag, why not just tell her everything). When she thought Kiyomi is at the height of her disgust, to her utmost surprise, she is super cool with everything. She is impressed with her and felt like this is the earnest part of her. She wants to see more and Sanae starts showing off this little ‘angel’ her other freaking Ika collection. There is a mini Ika car? I don’t even… When Sanae visits Lemon and brings some of the Ika collection to show Ika how much she is heavily loved (oh, she doesn’t know how deep that love is…), Ika is overcome with trauma and runs away. I guess it’s decided. Ika can never ever deal with Sanae.

Part C: Is That A Policewoman?
Are they introducing a new character? There is this policewoman, Keiko Furukawa at Lemon. Seems there are reports of a suspicious person. Hmm… Sanae… Cindy… The MIT Three Stooges… Yeah… Lots of suspicious people alright. But nobody could be more suspicious than Ika. Keiko is shocked to see Ika using her tentacles to serve people. Nagisa couldn’t be happier that the power of the state is here to arrest the menace. Eiko had to give excuse she is a cosplayer and warn Ika that she might be thrown into prison if she starts blabbing about her invasion plans. Yeah… Ironically it scares the little invader. Ika tries to act normal but here is her first blunder. As she serves Keiko, she accidentally sneezes black squid ink over her! Ika is about to be taken away when the 3 Stooges fool around with their laser beam that turns anything into jelly. Keiko goes after them. Seriously. Can she chase them in that uniform under the sweltering heat? Of course not. So much so she forgot who she was chasing in the first place. Or did the 3 Stooges do something to her? It is suggested she change into beach wear to blend in. Who knows she has those sexy curves and attracting all the stares of the guys. She sees a man bullying a kid and goes to stop him. He doesn’t believe she is a policewoman. She tries to show proof but her badge is in her uniform (something tells me her hands padding her chest and butt in search for her badge are just for fanservice). Here comes Ika to teach that guy a lesson with his tentacles. When Ika learns what a police badge can do, she gets an evil idea to ‘arrest as many people as she wants’. I think she’s getting the wrong idea. But that didn’t stop her from trying to snatch the badge from Keiko. However Keiko threatens to call for back up and this means Ika can be arrested for interfering with officer duties and thrown into prison for 3 years. You willing to risk that? Ika gives the badge back like a good squid. And that’s the end of it. And Ika is now claiming she is an ally of the police? Eiko and Nagisa are disheartened they’re both unreliable…

Still Trying To Win?
Hmm… Nothing much. Still the same episodic standalone filler feel. Ika and her random adventures with the rest of the characters that do not advance her invasion plot, which now feels like a distant bygone goal and memory. Sure, she still wants to invade and teach us humans a lesson but she could hardly get off the ground and fails even before it starts. I fear Ika might be losing its touch… Perhaps the reason why nobody wants to sub this series anymore. Because even though it doesn’t break any new ground, I too have this feeling that the enthusiasm within me isn’t as great as before. I know I said before that I love this formula of this series and would love to see more of it but I guess I’m only human. How things have changed. Not to say that this OVA sucks. I still enjoy it but not as much as before like how I really used to look forward to it. Besides, am I sensing some sort of trend here? Because they are releasing an OVA episode per year. Judging by this trend, there might be another OVA coming out between the middle and the end of next year (which is this year 2015 by the time of this blog). But nothing of that sort is confirmed yet at this moment. I am afraid I might not be as enthusiastic as before when it comes. Nevertheless let’s keep things positive and I hope if there would be one, this series will still get some love for old times’ sake and get subbed. So Ika, if you still want to remain relevant in our hearts for the many years to come, don’t just fail for the sake of failing and make us laugh. That has become old and boring. Fail in an epic unforgettable way that would even make us have no qualms of surrendering and bowing down to your feet without questions. And you don’t need to have a police badge when that happens.

Well what do you know? Looks like our Ika-chan didn’t really give up after all. At least in the sense she decided to tickle us with more of her antics with another Shinryaku!! Ika Musume OVA. I suppose if another season is not possible (yet), there is no harm in having another OVA for some squiddy good fun. As usual, there is no plot but just random fun of the characters from this series and those of you hoping to finally see some serious invasion, quit dreaming and start enjoying the cute bloopers our cute squid girl have to offer us in this second OVA.

Part A: Is That An Inflatable Pool?
Ika sees a couple of kids playing in an inflatable pool in their backyard and wants one too. Doesn’t she have the ocean to swim in? I don’t know her logic that having a smaller pool means it would be easier problem to tackle. Whatever. That’s Ika for you. So when Chizuru gives her one, she is appalled she needs to blow into it. Feeling lazy, huh? Do it yourself if you want to enjoy the pool! Huff and puff our squid girl when Sanae passes by. You can guess what she’s thinking. It’s Ika’s breath and air in that pool. She wants it all! Sanae offers to help blow but it’s a ploy to suck in all the air in the inflatable! There goes all her hard work! What kind of lungs does Sanae have anyway? Chizuru brings out the pump. If only she brought it out earlier. Sanae uses her love power to pump it for Ika. As she dips in, Sanae wants to join but Ika won’t allow her to jump in with her clothes. Sanae goes home to change but when she returns, Ika and the pool is gone. And there goes her delusional dream of doing underwater things with Ika. I’m sure Ika has thought about running away then. Actually she is on the rooftop. After Sanae left, she is worried the pervert will come back and shifted to the top. With a great view and no disturbance, this is going to be her paradise. She enjoys it and falls asleep. Soon it starts raining and the roof becomes slippery. Ika slides down with the inflatable and the force is so great that the slide continues well deep over the ocean. Just how far did she go? The ride of her life, eh?

Part B: Is This Your Mother?
Gorou loves Lemon Beach House as his sanctuary because it has great food and the girl of his love, Chizuru. Too bad it’s still one-side. Just like Ika’s invasion, keep dreaming. Till his mom shows up. Oh God. She’s not a bad person, just that Gorou fears she is here to embarrass him especially about his secret love for Chizuru. But she won’t leave till she has something to eat. She meets Ika and thinks she is some kind of cosplayer. Isn’t that an insult? Ika mentions her mission to take over the world but she misinterprets it is today’s youngsters with such fiery passion ready to take on the world. Although mommy almost spilled the beans to Chizuru how much her son likes her, Gorou stops her in time. I suppose mommy is worried that he’s been dragging his feet with no improvement that she wants to assist. He doesn’t need it and wants her to go home. She wonders if he can keep the ocean safe and doing his lifeguard job properly. Also, she can’t swim so Takeru assures how Gorou did a good job teaching him swim. She wonders if Gorou will rescue and give her CPR even if she’s not a pretty young thing. Of course. It’s his job. Nagisa and Eiko even relate to events how Gorou saved them on certain occasions. Gorou can’t stand to be embarrassed further and goes off with Isozaki. Ika is impressed how mommy backs Gorou off to a corner and mommy is impressed with the funny way Ika talks. ~de geso… Is this some sort of trend? Before mommy goes home, she tells her son to do her job properly and not to ogle at girls. Of course he isn’t. However she says she knows he is doing a good job. She wanted to see him in action so she can tell others how proud she is of her son. On several occasions, she has stopped by without him realizing and saw how dedicated he is to his job. She is not here to tease or embarrass him but is proud of him. Gorou feels touched but soon returns to his normal feeling of mom-please-leave because she starts talking like Ika. ~de geso…

Part C: Is This A Message In A Bottle?
Ika sees a girl throwing a bottle into the sea and thinks she is littering. But Takeru points out that she is throwing a message in a bottle. After explaining the fun of how the bottle ends up in the other part of the world and the other side reads it, Ika gets this squiddy idea to extend her invasion to other parts of the world. Shouldn’t she just concentrate on Japan first? After getting their respective empty bottle, Ika and Takeru write their message before throwing the bottle into the sea. Want to guess what Ika wrote? The kind that may cause some diplomatic confusion between countries about invasion… But you can be glad that won’t happen soon. Because the next day, although Takeru’s bottle is not seen, Ika’s bottle is washed up on shore. She tries throwing back several times but it always comes back! Is the sea rejecting her bottle?! And she’s from the sea, you know. Thinking it is her contents, Ika rewrites it. The sea instantly spits it back out! The sea really hates her, no? Because of this, Cindy and her MIT idiots decide to help her. After all that research and technology, it seems they have designed some sophisticated rocket launcher just to launch the bottle. However it explodes! Back to the drawing board. But… With each new design, some sort of stupid blooper happens. Are they seriously trying? Are they even MIT scientists?! Finally they design a rocket that is NASA size. It finally launches but into space. So much about launching it into sea. So it’s back to basics for Ika as she tries to throw another bottle. Eiko suggests throwing with her tentacles to increase the distance. How could she even forget about it? Next day, Ika trips on a deep trench on the beach. It wasn’t there yesterday. Unknown to them, the trench makes out to be a big drawing of a shrimp. Seems her space bottle has reached the hands of some alien who is seeking friends. Ika’s message? She wanted a big shrimp. And Ika is wondering when she will receive her reply… Oh, you don’t know…

Will It Continue ~de geso?
Ah yes. Nothing much but still fun nevertheless. Some may find it the same with nothing new to offer but to me who will always be a squid girl lover, I think this is quite nice while waiting word for another OVA or season if there are plans for another to begin with. Hopefully there will be and I won’t have to go so far as to write a message in a bottle for that. There is no progress with Ika’s invasion and even if she still harbours intentions, it feels like a distant dream as she is nowhere serious in achieving them. Just play-play. So isn’t having fun right now with the rest of the gang the best? Maybe that’s why in a way the ocean rejected her message, eh? She’s so accustomed to the land that she might as well be a land creature. I don’t know what else to say. As long as Ika is the naive and gullible squid girl and the other lovable (and freaky) characters around her, I’ll definitely support this series and don’t mind getting my heart and mind invaded by it. You can’t count on that without fail. All hail mighty (failure) Ika! ~de geso!

Shinryaku!! Ika Musume OVA

October 5, 2012

All hail Ika-chan!!! Long live Ika-chan!!! Don’t get the wrong idea. It is not that our beloved squid girl has successfully invaded mankind. It is that we are more than happy to know that the series has come up with an OVA. Yes. More squid antics, more squid abuse, oops. If you can’t get enough of the second season (like yours truly), then you’ll be glad to know that Shinryaku!! Ika Musume OVA is just the right tonic for you to get over the second season that ended at the end of 2011. Wow Ika. We love you for bringing back the nostalgia. We love you for the failures of invading mankind but in exchange you never failed to make us laugh at your gullible and silliness. This OVA is like an extension of the TV series. Don’t expect any advance in the plot. Just watch it just like any other episodes in the TV series. Short and independent segments that are unrelated to each other. Get ready to invade Ika!

Part A: Won’t You Break It?
The scientist trio are playing video games to kill time. Is this what geniuses do when they are bored? Anyway the handheld game they played easily broke into pieces when it slipped off their hands. Being the genius they are, they are going to create a new version. But guess why they decide to let Eiko test their new game? You see, before they give it to her, they ‘demonstrate’ by whacking and pummelling the handheld. The handheld is still in one piece without a scratch. Why did that? As we know, Eiko’s brute strength is only second to Chizuru. Now do you get it? But Eiko won’t be playing alone as Ika is given another handheld so they can play co-op together. However the girls find it hard to even start the game because the buttons are, well, really hard to press! So much so their fingers are bleeding! Now that’s really hard stuff! So once the game starts (a parody of Mario Brothers), their characters get easily killed off! Too weak! Eiko is not amused and throws the handheld away. Guess what? The wall breaks but the handheld is still intact! OMG! With Chizuru warning her, I guess she better be careful next time, eh? Playing the next game which is an RPG, guess what class Ika chose her character. Yeah. So predictable. Invader. By the way, I saw other ‘classes’ such as space alien and NEET. WTF. In this RPG world, despite having lame moves, and the Punyo looking cute and weak, it really packs a powerful blast! Eiko just easily died. It is even crafty enough to ask for money if you want it to be on your side. So Eiko and Ika play the entire game fighting through hordes of creatures, cute and ferocious till they have sore thumbs. But when they reach the final boss, the game suddenly cuts them off and says this is only a trial version. Yeah. You have to buy the full game. Now totally pissed off, they throw the game away into the sea. Realizing the bruises all over their hands, they decide to ‘heal’ it with good ol’ home console game. Unfortunately with all that strong pounding and pressing, they exert too much strength and break the console and game pads! Too strong fingers they have now!

Part B: Isn’t It Normal?
Ayumi is working part time at Lemon again and Eiko notices her talking more. However Ayumi is somewhat nervous talking to Eiko. Is it the way she talks? Is it just her? Ayumi admits that she is able to deal with Chizuru and Ika fine because they are not human. This doesn’t sit well with Chizuru. This statement is bothering her so much to the point she even notices Cindy and the scientist trio continuing their observation over her. She can’t believe she is considered a super human. I guess one won’t realize it herself, eh? Then Chizuru cooks so fast and earns Ayumi’s praise. So fast as though she is super human. Oh. It’s that word again. She starts thinking what the normal cooking speed is for humans and has Ika cook fried rice as comparison. I don’t know but it seems slow and normal to me but Chizuru notes there is no different. Besides, Ika isn’t human in the first place. So Chizuru starts cooking slowly. Like normal people. Eiko realizes it isn’t like her. Like as though she’s a normal person. That’s it! Thus Chizuru continues to do things slowly like ordinary folks would. Everyone can tell she’s not herself today. Even the scientists are appalled at 67% decline in her performance. Chizuru is warned about the banana peel she is about to step. Though she can easily avoid it with her reflexes, in that split second she makes this calculations on what a normal person would do. She thinks up a scenario that if she evades it like a pro, the rest will be awed and call her a super human. Thus she must step on it. Conjuring another scenario if she steps on it but do a somersault to regain her footing, it would also result in the gang to compliment her super human awesomeness. Thus she must step and fall down. However in the process, she calculates the damages she will do when she takes the tumble. But for the sake of normalcy, she slips and falls over, crashing into just about everything. Though she is fine, Eiko notes that a normal person would’ve died from that kind of dangerous fall! Must she fall that hard to be normal?! So they confront her about her weird act today and she explains (in dramatic tears) that everyone has been treating her like a monster. She’s just a shy and naive normal girl who is just a little bit too powerful. Yeah, define a little bit. Ika will treat her like a little girl if she promises not to scold her anymore. She agrees. But Eiko cautions her this will make Ika do as she pleases and step all over her. That’s right. It’s just what Ika wants because she thinks this is her first big step towards invasion of mankind. Suddenly Sanae shows up wanting to take pictures of Ika. Ika tries to stop her with her tentacles but Sanae is just too good evading each strike and at the same time being able to snap shots with that delusional smile. Chizuru calms down and realizes she is pretty normal compared to Sanae. Ah well, everything is back to normal.

Part C: Won’t You Hide?
The siblings wonder where Ika is since she didn’t show up at the table for breakfast. Actually she is purposely hiding and plans to make them worry and watch them get anxious about her disappearance. She must be imagining how glad they will be to see her at the end of the day. But Ika’s growling stomach nearly gave her away. Even if she tried to make a sound of a dog, Eiko goes to investigate (a dog inside the house?) and manages to get away without being seen. After breakfast, Ika watches Chizuru clean up and notices her breakfast portion. Once she’s gone, she’ll go eat it. Chizuru is about to put it in the fridge when Ika witnesses something horrifying. Chizuru is steal-eating her sausage! She’s disheartened and makes a wish she’ll grow fat. She thought Chizuru sensed her so she rewords her wish as a joke. After Chizuru leaves, Ika goes to take her breakfast but is spotted by Takeru. She tells she is playing hide and seek and if she isn’t spotted today, she wins. Takeru is excited and wants to play too so they go hide at different places to reduce the chances of being spotted. Ika sees Eiko brushing her teeth. Though happy she hasn’t notice her yet, Ika is unhappy Eiko is only concerned for Takeru. Even if she mentioned Ika, it was just a hope she won’t skip work. So mean. The sisters go out as Ika waits the entire day. Then when they come back, they realize Ika and Takeru still aren’t back. Could this mean they’re worried? But Eiko says screw Ika because she is more worried about Takeru and they decide to go find him. However they see their shoes outside so Chizuru knows they’re hiding somewhere in the house. Ika felt a bit worried because they sounded serious. The sisters make dinner and are sure the missing people will turn up for dinner. Chizuru starts counting down. For what? Ika starts wondering the meaning of this and panics what would happen if it reaches zero. I guess the fear is unimaginable and by the time Chizuru reaches one, Ika and Takeru in a panic rush out from their hiding. Seems Chizuru was counting down for the roast chicken in the oven as it won’t be good if it becomes cold. Haha. You lost, Ika.

Mankind: 3, Ika: 0
One again mankind has been saved yet another day from the squid invasion. And we didn’t have to even lift a finger for anything. Heck, Ika didn’t even do anything! There is no mention of Ika’s invasion in the OVA (except for that little end in the Chizuru-wants-to-be-a-normal-girl arc), so it’s safe to say invasion is on the least priority on her mind. That’s good, right? Ah well, just like that, the OVA had come and go. Maybe there is hope for more OVAs or even a third season in the future. I bet that will be very worthwhile. Like I said, this OVA is pretty random like the series and since I loved the series, I find the usual same ol’ antics to be wonderful and funny. So my only comment is that Chizuru despite being not a normal human, still yearns to be one and this shows that she is after all human, right? Though it is not outright, we all know that Chizuru is the strongest, most mysterious and dangerous among the bunch of characters in this series. Is it the way she looks and sounds in times of ‘danger’? Maybe. And as for why nobody was bothered about ‘disappearance’, I guess everyone has been living long enough with Ika to know that she’ll probably turn up somewhere, somehow and at some time. Heh, nobody cares for you. Except when you’re needed to work your tentacles off. Poor Ika…

This time for the opening theme, it is Let’s Shinryaku Time by ULTRA-PRISM. It sounds like a mix of anime pop and the kind of music that rallies you to go invade. As for the ending theme, it is the slow-moderate anime pop entitled Puzzle by Kanae Itou (voice of Sanae in this series). Unlike in the TV series whereby we see Ika standing or walking across the screen with a funny object related in that episode passing by, we have none of that here but just some chibi colour pencil-like sketches of mainly Ika and Eiko do a background of shrimps. Oh yeah. Ika’s favourite food. And who could forget her favourite trademark line of “~de geso”. So Ika, if you really get serious and start thinking about plans of your invasion, feel free to drop by anytime because I think we know better how it all will turn out in the end. Don’t worry. Just remember this saying. Failure is the mother of success. Your failure to invade has made this series a success for us. Haha! So won’t you try again, de geso…?

As the saying goes, if you don’t succeed once, try, try and try again. ~De geso. So it is with glee and utmost happiness that our adorable squid girl has not given up on her self-appointed plans to invade mankind yet and thus calling forth for another sequel, Shinryaku!? Ika Musume S2. That’s right, call me a sadist but I just can’t help love seeing cute Ika getting owned and invaded herself due to her naivety and gullible character. Thus her invasions always end up in failure and often with hilarious unwanted results. Oh, Ika. You bring back the fond memories. Now you get to do it all over again with another dozen episodes :).

In animes with their titles having an exclamation mark, usually another exclamation mark will be displayed if a sequel is spawned. For instance, Himawari!! and Hayate No Gotoku!! But for this series’ case, we have a question mark instead. I can only think of a reason. That is, we’re not sure if Ika is going to have a successful invasion or not. Haha! I bet you already know the answer. Putting a question mark next to the exclamation mark may signify disbelief and it is possible you might feel that way because you know, if Ika wanted to invade mankind, she would have done it a long time ago. The sequel follows the same pattern and style as in its predecessor so expect to see the same kind of hilarious jokes and antics Ika and the rest of the gang at the beach-side town of Yuigahama and the seaside family restaurant, Lemon that Ika is forced to work in. The wall that was accidentally destroyed by the squid girl and therefore the need to work to pay back for it. Hey, it still isn’t fixed. Maybe they really want to keep her….

Episode 1A: Won’t You Invade?
Ika gets emotional after watching an alien invasion movie. Well, the alien lost and died. She is being reminded by Eiko to get to work and even if Ika did blame them that they are the ones who interfered with her plans, all she ever did after that as a freeloader was playing games and read manga. Shameful. So is she going to pick a fight with a killer whale? She’ll die. How about with Chizuru? She’ll definitely die. See, peace is the best. However Ika isn’t going to be put down and plans to set forth her invasion plans. Walking on the beach, Takeru’s ball rolls up to her. Thinking it’s a bomb like in the movie, she throws it into the sea, much to his ire. She feels pretty good that she has taken care of her obstacles even if the bomb is fake. When Cindy wants to interview her, she thinks her tape recorder is a trap and breaks it! At Lemon, she pushes Nagisa away when she thinks a timer is a bomb (Nagisa more afraid than ever of course). Sanae wants to film her but Ika instantly runs away! Gorou wants to treat Ika to a plate of shrimp pilaf (to impress Chizuru of course) but Ika thinks he’ll poison it and denies (although she was drooling a moment ago). Ika goes back to Lemon and starts her invasion plan by standing on a table. Of course everyone will be wondering what the heck this is about. Stealing some prawns in the fried rice and excreting black squid ink on Sanae and Cindy. They find the ink delicious. Then she starts her invasion but felt her hair tentacle being pulled as she crashes to the ground. Oh, it’s Chizuru. See those deadly eyes? I hope she hears her warning not to run wild in the shop. Instantly Ika becomes docile and apologizes on her knees!!! Super effective! After Chizuru apologizes everyone for the commotion, Ika thinks her first stage of her invasion plan has concluded. Did it even begin?!

Episode 1B: Is That A Love Rival?
Kiyomi pays Ika a visit at Lemon. Though Eiko notes she is a good girl, she wishes she won’t stay here. That’s because a deadly aura is stemming out from Sanae… Oh, she’s really jealous Ika is getting along fine with her. Yeah, this is not good. At least for Sanae. Eiko tries to make Kiyomi leave by letting Ika off earlier but Kiyomi is waiting for her club members to arrive. Tomomi Mochizuki, Yuka Nishimura and Ayano Watanabe arrive and Sanae is shocked to see Ika has so many other friends other than her (was she living under a rock? Oh, under her delusions rather). She tries to eavesdrop on their conversation but caught red-handed. In a panic, she tries to explain she is not a suspicious person and blurts out she loves Ika. Sanae is surprised that none laughed at her despite her screw up because they admit they love Ika too. Sanae realizes that everyone loves Ika. For instance if Nagisa really hated her, she wouldn’t have continued working here. However she is still bothered that Ika doesn’t like her. Kiyomi asks Ika’s opinion about them so she says she doesn’t hate them. So does this mean she doesn’t dislike Sanae? Nope. She still dislikes her. Oh, the heartbreak. Seeing Sanae sad, Ika changes her mind and this causes Sanae to be happy. That creeps her out as she takes back her words. Sad again. Like you. Happy. Dislike you. Sad. Maybe not. Happy. On second thought… This cycle goes on and on so much so Eiko is disgusted by it. She thought Kiyomi and her friends would be disgusted too but is shocked to see them finding her funny.

Episode 1C: Isn’t It A Jellyfish?
Due to the sudden jellyfish invasion in the sea, lots of customers are being treated. Ika relishes this divine punishment on humans and decides to go join them, only to get stung. Haha! Ika helps collect the jellyfish and sees Gorou doing the same. She teases him for just collecting a small bag as opposed to her big catch. However it soon breaks and she gets stung all over. So that’s why… Ika wants to have a competition to see who can collect more jellyfish. At first Gorou refuses but Chizuru mentions she wants to oversee the competition. Seeing 2 people aren’t enough, she gathers more people in which the one catching the most jellyfish wins a prize. With the beach-goers chipping in, the jellyfish catching is on the way. Ika thinks she is getting ahead of those puny humans with her large catch (she never learns, doesn’t she?) and even stealing from others. Then a rightful divine intervention when her tentacles got tangled and cause her to drop everything. It’s that stinging feeling again. At the end of the day, Ika is confident she is going to bag the big prize and tries to brag to Gorou. But it doesn’t matter to him who wins or lose, he is moved that everyone helped in to make the sea a better place. Ika didn’t like his answer and proclaims she loves the sea more than anybody. Chizuru announces the winner to be… Cindy and her scientists!!! Woah! They’ve got bag loads of jellyfish! Eiko is suspicious how they’ve gotten so much. Did they cheat? As they explain, they catch one first, then use a ray gun to duplicate them! Behold the wonders of science! Eiko kicks them and reminds them they should be ridding them instead of multiplying them!

Episode 2A: Won’t You Go To Elementary School?
Ika follows Takeru to his class and thinks she can handle the kids. However she got owned by them. The teacher, Aiko Saito however is upset that this squid girl has stolen the hearts of her beloved students and is completely ignored. Worse, the kids side with her so she sinks into depression and turns the class into a self study session. Ika, thinking she has won over the kids, starts preaching her propaganda to get back at humans and take back the beautiful sea. Everyone rallies behind her as Ika leads them out to the field. However she is bumped into by a bunch of football bullies who are always hogging the field. She wants to settle this via football. She doesn’t even know what that game is. Of course Ika is a klutz because she keeps missing the ball! To solve that problem, she uses her tentacles to score a goal. However it’s a handball and it doesn’t count (note the kanji for tentacles has ‘hand’ in it too). Ika still needs to do something to show off and has her teammates pass the ball to her. But each time, she fails to even kick it! They let her be the goalkeeper and her tentacles are stretched all over the post. How can anyone possibly score like that? The opponent kicks and since the ball is too fast, Ika chickens out and lets it through! As Ika is losing confidence, the bullies feel it’s bad to not allow her to use her weird hair (because she’s pretty much useless without it) and with the class cheering for her, they don’t want to look like the bad guy. So they conspire to let Ika score a goal. The game ends in a tie so Ika tells everyone to get along and to share the field. Everyone is surprised the bullies actually listened to her. Ika feels nice being praised when Aiko returns. She is going to have her students back. Ika is confident about their unity that won’t fall apart easily but… Aiko treats them to ice cream and instantly all the students flock to her side! Where the heck was the loyalty?

Episode 2B: Won’t You Cosplay?
Noticing they don’t have many female customers, Chizuru and Eiko feel they need a hot guy to attract them. Who? Use Nagisa. Well, with a different hairstyle, she definitely looks like a man. Even she herself notes she is mistaken as a man sometimes. The tactic is successful to bring in the ladies but Ika wants to reveal her true character and scares her. Nagisa needs to show everyone her cool side and hides her fear, much to Ika’s dismay. Now needing male customers, Minamikaze’s Owner sends his daughter Ayumi to them to help work on her shyness. Ayumi is put in a maid outfit as Chizuru gives her some knuckle weapon just in case for self defence. Isozaki comes in as usual to hit on girls and is going to ask Ayumi out. Ayumi summons her courage to ask his order. At this point, Isozaki gets scared upon seeing her weapon and becomes a good boy. This boosts Ayumi’s confidence because every guy who sees her weapon doesn’t dare to do funny stuff. Ika felt she is being sidelined (invaded rather) by Nagisa and Ayumi and wants to cosplay too but Eiko notes she is already cosplaying as a squid! Haha! Owner returns and is not happy to see Ayumi dressed as a maid. He feels she is no different when she wore that squid girl outfit and takes her home. Then it hit Nagisa as she realized she is no different too. The reason she can stand up to Ika is because she is dressed up as a guy. It’s the same as running away. Next day, Nagisa doesn’t want to be a man anymore so Chizuru is okay with it since she made her do it against her will. Ika comes in dressed as Queen Ikazabeth (?!) and starts gathering her loyal subjects. The only thing she got are puzzled stares from the beach-goers and those who truly bow down and want to do as she commands are Sanae, Cindy and the scientists trio of Martin, Harris and Clark. Ika suddenly doesn’t feel like cosplaying anymore…

Episode 2C: Won’t You Lose Some Weight?
On a hot day, Ika and Eiko are shocked to see Sanae dressed up in a training outfit. This intense heat could kill her. Her purpose is to lose weight but she doesn’t look fat. Actually, she recently has this habit of putting Ika’s picture while she’s eating. Before she knows it, she ate too much and has gained weight. Hah. Ika feels like she is some kind of side dish. So as they talk about weight and dieting, they wonder how much Ika weighs. Only 100kg?! Chizuru thinks the scale is broken. Eiko didn’t think so but suddenly Chizuru power chops the scale into half, asserting it IS broken! Oh sh*t! I guess this means she did put on some weight, eh? Back home, Chizuru is still concerned about her weight and with the newly bought scale, she has Ika weigh again. This time only 30kg?! How did she shed 70kg so fast? Ika demonstrates her bracelet which can alter her weight depending on the situation. This is to complement her power when picking up heavy things as she needs to be heavy in order to do so. Wondering how light she can possibly get, Ika tests it out and gets blown away by the wind! Only 0.0005kg! Ah, every girl would love to have that bracelet. Ika gets an idea to conquer the land, air and sea with her light weight. As she soars through the sky, suddenly an eagle grabs her as food!!! HELP!!! I don’t know how, but Ika is able to come back alive (albeit messed up) and because Chizuru still wants to have a look at her bracelet, they struggle and this causes Ika to become heavy as she sinks deep into the ground. Man, at 20,000kg, she might be going all the way to the other side of the world.

Episode 3A: Won’t You Take A Walk?
Alex is disheartened that Sanae pays more attention to that squid girl instead of her own pet dog. Jealousy looms… Even dogs have feelings, you know. The last straw came when Sanae starts hugging visiting Ika in her new straw hat and sandals like nobody’s business so Alex bites Ika’s leg. Noticing the jealousy, it’ll be bad if Ika starts to hate Alex and won’t come round to play anymore. So it is suggested that they both go for a walk to get to know each other. How to guarantee that crazy dog won’t bite her? If he does, one bite = one less meal. Along the way, Ika notices the pretty useless and lame dog Alex is when interacting with other dogs of different sizes (acting big and getting scared) and even getting lost. However she realizes that she too is the same so she makes up with Alex and tries to look on a positive note. Getting an idea watching someone play fetch, Ika throws her sandals but Alex is reluctant to go get it. After all that yelling, Alex finally gets his bum moving but throws her sandals into a house compound. Ika threatens him to get it back. Alex enters but is faced with a menacing dog. Alex can’t put up a fight due to their size difference so luckily Ika is there to protect him. After a little struggle and cooperation, they both manage to escape. Ika reconciles with Alex and thinks he has done a good job though the sandal is torn. When they reach home, Sanae is concerned that Ika is all messed up. Yes, she is ONLY concerned with Ika. Alex gets so jealous that she bites Ika’s leg. Back to square one…

Episode 3B: Won’t You Exercise?
Ika notices a bunch of kids coming to shore to do some radio exercise. She couldn’t understand the funny movements. Is this brainwashing? But it turned them from lifeless lumps to bundles of energy. Because of that, Ika can’t concentrate on her job back at Lemon as she can’t get the music out of her head and starts re-enacting those weird poses. Cindy thought she is doing some alien calling, Nagisa fears she is doing some new scary ability, Sanae misinterprets that Ika finally accepts her love! Not! Eiko thinks she is looking for a fight and even punches her in the face! Ika accidentally spills a bowl over Chizuru and apologizes. Realizing this is one of the exercise moves, she continues with subsequent moves but Chizuru thinks she is fooling around. See the knife coming out? Yikes! Ika decides to join the exercise next morning and when it starts, her tentacles accidentally hit and knock out all the kids! After finishing it at a safe distance, she is given a card to stamp her first attendance. At first she fears that she got stamped for the sake of her health but finds out from Takeru that completing the card would allow her to get a prize. So the next day, she returns with the card fully stamp with her own stamp. Yeah, don’t come back anymore.

Episode 3C: Won’t You Help?
Gorou notices Ika’s speedy tentacles in retrieving the boys’ ball deep in the ocean. He thinks she can be a good lifeguard. Reluctant at first, of course he tells her about the rewards and one of them being Chizuru’s specially made bento. Yeah, Ika ate them all. For the sake for another lifeguard, Gorou is willing to put up with it. Gorou takes Ika to patrol and demonstrates what they should do. All she understands it’s some kind of warning. Easy? Well, she took it too literally and prevents most of the beach-goers from having fun. Yeah, everything is just dangerous, eh? Then while cleaning up the rubbish, she spots shrapnel in the sea and prevent a couple of boys from getting into the water. Gorou thought she once again was getting in their way and gives up on her and felt he made the wrong decision to ask her for help. I guess she didn’t explain it too well about the rubbish men made polluting the ocean. Later, 4 boys are seen drowning and calling for help. Gorou and Isozaki rush but no matter how fast they swim, they won’t make it in time. Ika’s tentacles made it in time to pull them out. While their mothers apologize and thank Ika (Ika giving them her own advice), Gorou realizes that even if she is not a lifeguard, she’ll always be watching and protecting others.

Episode 4A: Won’t You Speak English?
Because Takeru is lost for words when a foreigner asked him for directions, he runs to Eiko to teach him English. Ika also wants to learn because she’ll be invading America soon. Haha. Big joke. So their tutor will be Cindy. Takeru wished every American was like her who can speak Japanese fluently but Ika takes it the wrong way. Yeah, she doesn’t want every American to be a crazy scientist after her ass. With English lessons starting, Eiko is disheartened not only she doesn’t understand a single word, but Takeru himself can speak some due to the TV shows he watched. What more, Ika is learning so fast that she too can speak English! Although they are mostly about invasion. But will Eiko accept Ika teaching others?! Even Chizuru can speak good English. Wow. Eiko must feel left out. So over the next few hilarious scenes, we have Eiko and Cindy talking different subjects and misinterpreting each other. For instance Cindy thought Eiko considers her colleagues as psycho (she meant ‘saikou’ (the best) – referring the drink she was drinking), she thought Eiko called her a bimbo (‘binbou’ (poor) – comparing their house to hers), next lesson will be Monday night (‘mondai nai’ (no problem – seeing Cindy looks apologetic), must eat duck meat (‘itadakimasu’) and it ends with Cindy rushing out in panic thinking there is an alligator (‘arigatou’ – thank you). Eiko is pretty confident that though they may not be able to speak the same language, they communicated via heart. If she had only knew. The next time Eiko passes by a foreigner, she is ready to show off her English skills. When he asks about the train station, Eiko responds “I’ll kill you”. I don’t know why she even glared at him with that death stare. The foreigner got so scared and runs away. Yeah, better to find it himself. So what did Eiko actually say? Arukeru yo (You can walk there). Now we know some words we shouldn’t mix English and Japanese…

Episode 4B: Won’t You Stop?
Eiko surprises Ika with a tickle. Ika does it to herself but doesn’t find it surprising. Eiko explains it doesn’t work on oneself. Oh no. See that cheeky gleam in Ika’s eye? Her first victim is to harass Nagisa. Of course it works. Of course when the real pervert Sanae wants her to tickle her to her heart’s content, Ika ignores her and tickles other customers. Though she is made to stop, Ika gets confidence she can take down Chizuru. Eiko warns her not to as this will mean a declaration of war. Still, squid girl doesn’t listen. Ika sneaks up on Chizuru and tickles her but there is no effect! Oh sh*t! Now she’s going to get it… Chizuru tickles her till she almost dies laughing. But now Ika can’t stop hiccupping. Something bad will happen if she hiccups 30 times. Her tentacles will be mutilated and go out of control attacking everyone. WTF?! Anyway to stop it, they must make her happy. They go to great lengths to please her like letting her win a video game, body massage, giving her an allowance and even a sumptuous lobster and prawn meal but it didn’t work. Chizuru has had it and gets rough with Ika. Oh God. Say your last words. Nooo!!! Ika starts apologizing profusely but Chizuru strikes at her throat! Or at least the wall next behind. Seems it is just a scheme to scare her and cure her hiccups. It worked! Ika is so happy to be alive that she finds this a new form of happiness. Yeah, good for her.

Episode 4C: Won’t You Flow?
Ika follows Takeru and his friends to the river. Takeru teaches her to make a leaf boat and Ika makes one that has a rock as a passenger. The boys are in a dilemma to tell her it will sink or not because they don’t want to ruin her pride. One of them manages to convince Ika to exchange the rock for a fake light rock. Then it’s race time so everybody agrees to let Ika win because they know she is a sore loser. As the race begins, everyone’s leaf boat is faster so they sabotage to sink their own boat. Though Ika’s boat is left, she chases it to see how far it can flow. I don’t know how, Ika transforms into her chibi mini self and goes on a little fascinating adventure downstream. Ika is disheartened her leaf boat gets swallowed by the ocean but soon realizes the river is connected to the sea. Nearby is Lemon and the place she calls home. But it’s not Lemon but Lennon! OMG! It’s John and Yoko! Still so hippy as ever! Peace and love, baby! So how far has Ika gone to? Who knows? Takeru and friends are already back at Lemon wondering where that squid girl has gone to.

Episode 5A: Isn’t It Radio Controlled?
Takeru saves up his hard earned money to buy a remote controlled truck. He treasures it very much so it’s a heart stopping moment each time he sees Ika handle it in a way that almost crashes it. Ika thinks of playing it outside since the space inside the house is too small but Takeru won’t risk it. When Takeru went over to Yuuta’s house to play a new video game, Ika thinks it is okay to take the truck out herself. Soon she immerses herself in fun and the expected happened: She accidentally crashes it into a wall. Knowing Takeru will be mad, she tries to cover up that she will be his remote control toy. Obviously it seems odd that Ika moves to the command of the remote control so Eiko hijacks it and wants her to clean the toilet! Surprisingly Ika cleans the toilet and they both smell something fishy. As Eiko finds the broken truck in the drawer, guilt ridden Ika apologizes to Takeru about what happened. Takeru dismisses it that toys break down often but his actions do not seem to match his words as Takeru runs away. A few days later Takeru gets a brand new truck and it is even an upgraded version. Thanks to the scientist trio of course. But in exchange they get to borrow Ika for a day! Oh sh*t! Takeru presses a suspicious button as the truck transforms and flies away into the sky! Looks like they’re going to get an earful from Eiko…

Episode 5B: Isn’t It Tanabata?
Ika learns about writing wishes on Tanabata and wants to do so. However Eiko tells her off not to be greedy to write ALL of her wishes and can only write down one. Good luck thinking. Lemon is lively because of the Tanabata bamboo tree and of course the important thing is not whether one’s wish comes true or not but rather the fun of think about the things one like. So we have Nagisa’s wish to see squid girl’s invasion fail and even the scientist trio ironically seeking God’s intervention to solve the mysteries of aliens. Ika is still thinking hard on which wish to put down. She wants all of them. To be the strongest, to grow taller, to have shrimp meals… Eiko tries to advice her about being selfish and shows Kiyomi’s as an example in hopes she could learn something. But Kiyomi panics and takes back her wish (something about having bigger breasts). She blanks it out before anybody finds out. Eiko’s wish is to pass her grade as Ika learns the history and tradition of Tanabata. Sanae explains the Hikoboshi and Orihime love tale that they could only see each other once a year. Ika finds that not bad when Sanae thinks they could become like that pair. Why? Because she only gets to see her once a year! Haha! Still thinking what her wish should be, Takeru and his friends show Ika their support as they write down their hopes for her successful invasion. Their greatest wish is for her to be happy so they don’t mind not making their own personal wish. Ika is touched by their kindness simply because now she can write her wish to eat an ocean of shrimp. Yeah, maybe she could just find others to fulfil her other wishes. Ika is devastated to see lots of world peace wishes on the tree and is distraught this will ruin her invasion plan. Wasn’t her wish to eat shrimps? Eiko reminds her happiness comes in different forms to different people but most of the wishes hanging there are pretty selfish ones… Chizuru’s wish: Hoping Ika will work here forever; Cindy and her scientists: Hoping to examine Ika; Sanae: Wanting to be forever united with Ika. Ika realizes she has asked for too much and now knows the only truly thing she wants: To be safe. I have a feeling it won’t come true…

Episode 5C: Can’t I Play Alone?
Takeru is bored stuck at home seeing all his friends have their own plans. Ika joins him in watching TV and laughs at every programme because she thought everyone’s voice was just plain funny. They are told by Eiko to get out and play since it’s a waste to watch TV on a beautiful day. But she herself goes back to her room to try out her new video game… Ika takes Takeru to the park and teaches that guy to be a Play Alone Meister since he always get caught up in playing with his friends and doesn’t know other ways to have fun. Yeah well, Ika is sure good at that because she has been doing it since coming on land… Get what she means? While Takeru ponders the best way to play by himself, Ika gets bitten by an ant and thinks of following it back to its base and invade it! WTF?! She observes it till she finds a couple of nasty boys destroying the ants’ base. She scares them away and saves the base. Ika and Takeru return home and tell Eiko and Chizuru about their day. Takeru feels he has a lot to learn about playing alone but one thing still bugs Eiko. Couldn’t they have played together?

Episode 6A: Won’t You Jog?
Gorou joins Chizuru and co jogging. Ika, Eiko and Takeru decide to take a break so the duo continue on their own. I guess it’s a chance for that guy to be closer to his crush. After the trio’s curry break, they go round town sightseeing and visit the Buddha statue at the temple. Ika is frightened by its size so Eiko teases her by striking fear into what this Buddha could do to her if she has an evil heart. Then when they enter inside the statue, Ika realizes she has been had. They have ice cream at the end of the day and Ika felt the spirit of creating something that big reminded her of what humans are capable of. Elsewhere Gorou is having a hard time keeping up with Chizuru. Obviously he can’t lose out to a girl, right? But Chizuru isn’t breaking into a sweat. Even Gorou himself ran out of water and had to borrow some from Chizuru. By the end of the day, he still can’t admit that he’s at his limit and wants to carry on despite Chizuru mentioning not to overexert himself. And yeah, Chizuru is going to run more as part of her diet plan. Though Chizuru reaches home and notes she only ran half the distance today, Gorou is probably dead tired at his doorstep.

Episode 6B: Isn’t That An SP?
Sanae gets whacked when she tries her usual harassment on Ika. Takeru’s friends show up and warn her about giving Ika a hard time. They proclaim they are Ika’s protectors. But don’t you think it is mankind who should be protected from her invasion? Sanae realizes by becoming an SP, she’ll get to be close to Ika so she returns all dressed up like one. She assures them her feelings come second to her duties to protect Ika and accidentally ‘protects’ Ika from a bird dropping. The friends are convinced and let her be Ika’s SP.  A fluke?! That easy?!  Sanae continues to put up a serious presence, scaring customers away with from Lemon her intense staring, helping Ika cross the road, taste her food for poison and yeah, pop up right in the middle of the bathtub when Ika had made sure her surroundings are clear (Ika’s scream was hilarious!). Sanae stands guard outside and Ika couldn’t sleep knowing that fact. She counts shrimps to sleep. She got knocked out by the third count… Sanae is fighting herself to resist the temptation to go see Ika’s sleeping face. Eventually she gives in but falls into her own traps. In the end she falls out the window. It’s amazing she didn’t even scream considering all the traps (especially that painful bear paw trap she stepped in). Sanae realizes she forgot about her duty so the next morning, Eiko and Ika are surprised to see messed up Sanae tied outside the house. What happened? Sanae has ‘caught the bad guy’. Is this a joke?

Episode 6C: Won’t You Take A Trip?
It’s time for another adventure and dialogue-less mini Ika segment. We see the tiny Ika waking up from her comfy enclosure to do some clean up. She gets spooked by a rubber whale and gets blown away on a paper sheet out the window like a magic carpet. She got attacked by an eagle but it soon drops her down to the garden. There, she has fun by herself and sleeps on the sunflower till it starts raining. She takes refuge in a food can and misses her nice owner Eiko. The rain clears up and she is startled by a frog by it is nice enough to give her a ride. Ika walks along till she finds herself in a doll house and once again starts missing Eiko. Then a couple of cats start chasing her before cornering and playing toss with the little squid. But they make a run for it when they see a dog, Alex. Ika is knocked out unconscious when Alex sneezes. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the warm palms of Eiko as they return back home. I remember the last time this was a sick dream by Sanae. The good news is that this isn’t her dream. Bad news? THIS IS GOROU’S DREAM!!! WTF???!!! It’s giving that guy the chills!

Episode 7A: Won’t You Welcome Our Guests?
Owner wants Ika, Eiko and Chizuru to come to his house after work. Eiko spots those hideous Ika masks used as flower pots. She thought Ika is going to relive those bad memories but thankfully she didn’t recognize them. The trio are puzzled and felt awkward inside the house because Owner is being a little loud and pushy, not wanting them to do anything. Did they make him mad somehow? As Ayumi points out, he is in fact happy in every way. How could you tell anyway? He’s been asking them questions that he couldn’t care less and then goes off to make something. Eiko panics that he wants to keep them prisoners here (he comes out time to time flashing his knife!). Eiko wants to go to the toilet so Owner shows her and Ika the way. Ika tries out the high tech toilet but when she comes out, she felt depressed and like as though she has been violated. Eiko peeps inside to see those hideous Ika masks on the wall and as the toilet bowl!!! Owner treats them to a delicious meal and dessert and it is revealed this is his thanks to them. Ever since Ayumi went to their place, she is able to express her feelings more. Though she still has a hard time dealing with men, at least there are impressive improvements. He hopes they would take care of her now. The pleasure is theirs but since it’s already late, he kicks them out and tells them to go home. Some hospitality…

Episode 7B: Isn’t It Amnesia?
As Ika rushes downstairs for her favourite fried shrimp, she trips and falls hard, knocking her head. Yup, she got amnesia and doesn’t know who Eiko and co are or what she’s doing here. But she got easily tamed when they feed her the fried shrimp. However Ika’s body must be reacting to instinct when she suddenly bows down and apologizes that she can’t accept a shrimp from Chizuru. Hehe… Cindy and Sanae find out about this and try to implant fake memories that she’s an alien or lover. Even Chizuru had her fun by saying she is Eiko’s sister! Ika finds it hard to believe which story but settles for Chizuru’s. Yeah, Ika calling Eiko her onee-chan is creeping Eiko out! Ika still isn’t sure what she really is so Chizuru tells her what she knows: She’s from the sea, doesn’t like sharks, loves shrimps and if she takes off her ‘hat’, she’ll die. Ika instantly starts laughing because she couldn’t believe she comes from the sea. Or else why would she be breathing air, right? Yeah, I’d like to know too. As for the ‘hat’ part, she tries to take it off but couldn’t. She forces it and starts bleeding! In that instant, she gets all her memories back and her life flashed before her eyes. She remembers everything except, well, anything that has to do with Sanae. Who is she? Haha! Maybe she really doesn’t want to remember her.

Episode 7C: Won’t You Join A Club?
Ika meets up with Kiyomi and her friends as they talk about clubs. Ika wants to join an Invasion Club and if there is none existent, she’ll make one. Her friends are excited and agree to join her. Ika makes Lemon the club room. Her friends wonder what this club does and Ika doesn’t have an answer! WTF?! Since they’ll be doing invasion, they come up with an idea by drawing a map of places Ika has ‘invaded’ like Lemon, Eiko’s house and school. By drawing a connecting line, they sum that the area in between have been invaded. Great idea, eh? So it seems ‘invading’ is going around having fun at places like bowling, family restaurants, shopping malls and pool complex. Yeah, everybody is having a great time ‘invading’. They have got the entire town ‘captured’ at this rate. One rainy day, Kiyomi is absent from the usual club meet. She never turned up so the meeting disbanded. Eiko thought the club is done for because Ika forced them to join and they may have started to get bored. Well, Ika’s confidence is so low that she may even believe that! Have some faith, will you! It is learnt that Kiyomi is having a cold so Eiko suggests this is a perfect opportunity for their club. Ika and the girls visit Kiyomi and consider her home ‘invaded’. And what do you know? Ika catches Kiyomi’s cold so it’s now their turn to visit and ‘invade’ her home. Wait a minute. Squids getting sick?

Episode 8A: Won’t You Watch Over My House?
Eiko and Ika see Sanae setting up surveillance cameras via her laptop as precaution against burglars. Ika is left to watch the house herself but she quickly opens the door upon hearing a shrimp salesperson. However it’s just a trap by Eiko to test whether she’s worthy. She doesn’t trust her but Ika assures she’ll not fall for the trick again. Ika rules the house but finds it boring to do things by herself and dozes off. A robber comes in but is shocked to see Ika. But Ika thinks it is Chizuru’s dad! How otherwise would he enter the house? Actually the door was unlocked. In order to avoid being found out, the robber plays along with dumb Ika. I guess he ended up playing video games with her too. WTF?! He then learns Ika isn’t part of this family as she brags about invading this house. What the robber understands is that she is probably just like him and that she was trying to get away when she thought he was the father and relieved upon finding out he is not. He becomes friendly with her and asks the kind of places she invades. Bowling alleys, family restaurants, shopping malls and pool complex. Yeah, those places of ‘invasion’. Hey, they even ‘invaded’ the police beat box. He thinks she must be some pro and having her own organization (Invasion Club lah) and wants to join. Then he sees her coolly turning away a person passing around a circular like a pro. Then he realizes she is just watching the house and has been had. He sends her to go get Chizuru so he could use this time to rob. Ika happily goes to Lemon to inform of the good news but the sisters are suspicious. Then Eiko realizes it is a real burglar and rushes home. However they see the police handcuffing him away. Thanks to Sanae’s surveillance cameras, she is able to call the police and apprehend the criminal in time. Holy sh*t! Aren’t that places in their house?! Real stalker! No privacy! So remember, keep your doors locked at all times!

Episode 8B: Won’t You Cut It Off?
Ika follows a trail of shrimps and ends up trapped in the cage. Yeah, the scientist trio are happy they can experiment her to their heart’s content but when Eiko mentions about telling Chizuru, I guess they still remember how fearsome she is and drop the idea. Ika feels ashamed over her addiction to prawns so she is going to stop that habit. Can she? Chizuru dangles her favourite fried shrimp so she can’t resist and takes a bite. However it’s laced with poison so Chizuru says sayonara. While Ika is choking, Chizuru reveals she was just lying and warns if she takes them from the store again and they’ll be poisoned. So if she can’t control herself, she’ll end up dead? Well, it’s a way to tell her to lay her hands off the customers’ shrimp. Yeah, that ‘Please don’t feed the squid’ sign looks ridiculous. At least we know Ika isn’t totally obsessed with shrimps because Sanae comes dressed in one and she is more freaked out than turned on. Other than that, Ika is having a hard time trying to hold it in. It must be really unfair because of all days, the supermarket is having a shrimp fair and Kiyomi’s mom has made a curry shrimp for her. So pitiful that Ika even starts biting the leaflet with shrimp or the TV featuring a great lobster. Doesn’t taste the same, eh? Then she couldn’t take it anymore and gives in. She runs to the store to find all shrimps are out of sale, none are left at the sushi shop’s conveyor belt and in her desperate attempt jumps into the sea but gets trapped in the net. Unlucky day… Ika continues to see shrimp in just about everything. The rock, dog, statue, etc… Even if Eiko and Takeru did give her a real lobster, Ika just didn’t have the mood. Chizuru gives her gyoza dumplings in which she starts glomping them all. Inside the dumplings are little shrimp and while Ika continues to stuff her face reiterating she hates shrimps, she’s finishing the plate… Just get over it.

Episode 8C: Isn’t It Heatstroke?
Due to heatstroke and dehydration at Lemon, Ika collapses and finds herself in the lifeguard’s first aid booth. The doctor wants her to rest till feels better. Then Gorou comes in with another heatstroke patient: Sanae. Oh God! Don’t leave that dangerous thing here alone with Ika! Too bad, she has got to put up with 30 minutes of rest time. And during this time, Ika can’t help worry, feel anxious as her mind starts going wild thinking about the harassing things Sanae would do once she wakes up and take advantage over her weak condition. A minute seems like an eternity as Ika prays really hard. Very, very hard. She can put shame to all those church-goers. Yeah, suddenly God really exists. Ika is relieved when Eiko comes in to check on her but that is short-lived because she has to go back to help with the busy store. No! Don’t go! It’s back to that nervousness again. What would she do? What would she do???!!! Even if Eiko is sure Sanae won’t abuse the situation, this isn’t enough to calm Ika’s heart. She thinks of using the water bottle to defend herself in case when suddenly Sanae jumps up! Ika got a heart attack and faints. When she wakes up, she finds Sanae not in her bed and thinks it’s a good chance to escape while she still can. Then it’s not the doctor who comes in but Sanae! Oh sh*t! However Sanae gives her a water bottle and thanks her that the drinking water she gave her made her feel better. She’ll treasure it for the rest of her life. Ika realized that water bottle in her hand just became her sacrifice! Getting freaky… Sanae wants to take care of her but Ika isn’t convinced. She assures it’s unfair to take advantage of someone who is helpless (can we trust her?). Sanae stays true to her words and treats Ika like a queen. Getting use to it, eh? But what happens when she’s back to normal? See that glint in her eye? See her wanting Ika to get well soon? Maybe she’ll take her time recovering… Yeah, the heatstroke must be getting to her.

Episode 9A: Won’t You Play House?
A little girl named Risa wants Ika to marry her! Do we need another rival?! Actually, she wants her to play house and Ika is supposed to be her husband. After explaining what playing house means, all Ika understood was she has family issues. Eiko comes looking for Ika but was forced to play house too and becomes Ika’s wife. Sanae happened to pass by and didn’t like what she saw. She scolds Eiko over her ‘betrayal’. Risa ropes her in and makes Sanae Ika’s mistress. Oh God. I think most of the time Sanae isn’t acting and wants to bring Ika to her love nest for real. With Kiyomi passing by, Sanae goes into defensive mode blabbing about that rivalry thingy. Risa is thrilled a love triangle is forming. Yeah, real life drama. So she makes Kiyomi Ika’s new lover. So we’ve got a cat fight on the cards as the ladies want Ika to choose between them (Sanae isn’t even considered). It gets complicated when Risa changes the situation to Kiyomi being pregnant. All that drama turn into some life threatening thing for Risa as Ika ‘sacrifices’ herself to save her. Risa returns home after a satisfying house and Ika wonders what kind of family she comes from. Seems Risa loves watching dramatic soap operas. That’s where she gets her ideas. From the idiot box…

Episode 9B: Didn’t We Have Plans?
Chizuru and Eiko give Ika their unwanted bag and organizer. Though she lists down the things to do in her organizer, she doesn’t know what else to do in her big bag till she bumps into Kiyomi who gives her good tips. Seeing Kiyomi’s organizer has lots of stuff written down, Ika takes the initiative to be like her. Though it may be good Ika sticks to her plans, but it is getting annoying to the point she actually follows them to the very dot. This means she leaves a job unfinished if it’s time is up and moves on the next thing on her list, much to Eiko’s ire. Suddenly Ika is faced with a dilemma on what to do because there are several stuffs that needs her attention at once and they are not in her plan. She starts panicking and goes haywire. Then she senses crazy Sanae rushing and how did she elude her? Hide in the bag! Phew. Meeting Kiyomi again and telling her how her plans didn’t work out, Kiyomi explains that sometimes she can’t follow her plan. But Ika takes this the wrong way and thinks it is okay to skip it. Yeah, an excuse for being lazy. So all her planning on invasion, she completely ignored the schedule, eh? So why draw it up in the first place? One day Ika dropped her organizer and Sanae picked it up and read her plans before returning it to Eiko. Why is she so calm and honest? That’s because Sanae is going to wait for Ika when she shows up at the hotspring next weekend. However we know Ika isn’t going to follow it and changes it to the amusement park so Sanae can soak there all alone for how long she wants.

Episode 9C: Won’t You Go To The Amusement Park?
Ika is excited to head to an old amusement park with Chizuru, Eiko and Takeru, though she doesn’t even know what an amusement park is. From the way Eiko explain things, Ika gets spooked because all that pops up in her imagination is Sanae. That scary, huh? Upon arrival, it seems the park has only coffee cup rides! The ticket seller explains due to lack of customers (thus lack of revenue) and the economy, this once big park has its land sold in order for it to be maintained. And with the lack of staff throughout the years, he is the only person left because they couldn’t afford hiring others and he wanted to keep this place alive. But he says after today, the park will officially close for good. Eiko is touched by his story and vows to have fun for the entire duration (they bought whole-day tickets – on a scrappy piece of paper. Hah! No money to even do a proper ticket). Ika is having a blast but Eiko soon finds herself with motion sickness. To her dismay, the park will close in 10 more hours so it’ll be bad if she goes out on her promise. She tries an animal ride. It may be cheap 10 Yen but the duration was so freaking short! Keep feeding it money! Night falls and Eiko feels tired even if she didn’t do anything exerting. Ika is still on a roll and traumatized Takeru may never drink coffee again! Eiko is brought to tears thinking back nostalgic memories when she spent time here with her family. The ticket seller lightens up the mood with a little fireworks display before officially closing the park. Some time later, Eiko sees in a magazine that the park spot has been renewed. Into an adult bar, that is. Yeah, the ticket seller did get a new job, eh? Bunny girls, beer and booze… Oh, the ruined memories…

Episode 10A: Won’t You Grill It?
Eiko isn’t too happy that Chizuru and Ika are too fast eating up the beef in their Korean BBQ. Plus, she didn’t like Ika using additional chopsticks with her tentacles. It’s like hogging the beef. She tries to tell her off but Chizuru warns them not to ruin this wonderful moment. Better listen to her. Eiko schemes to let them fill up their stomach so she can have some beef by suggesting some chicken and pork. But they’re not eating. Why? Korean BBQ is all about beef so Eiko can be their guest by eating up all the chicken and pork. Backfired. Eiko tries to play psychology by telling Chizuru she will get fat and jogging will only build muscles. With her out of the way, now it’s Ika’s turn. She rants about respecting the beef and making all the juicy juice come out but Ika just ignores her. Otherwise how can she enjoy it will all that complicated stuff, right? Ika then sneezes and her black ink covers the entire grill. Chizuru tastes it and finds it good. Eiko was reluctant but Chizuru shoves it to her mouth. She too finds it delicious but felt she has ‘lost’. Chizuru has saved the best beef part for last. Eiko and Ika think she was playing dirty as they are already full. Sneaky Chizuru claims then she will have to eat it all herself. However famished Takeru comes in and is amazed with the delicious meat. The ladies forgot all about him as they give all the meat to him. I don’t understand why Chizuru forfeited. She could’ve shared with him, right?

Episode 10B: Won’t You Protect It?
Eiko saves Ayumi from a bunch of guys trying to hit on her. She wants her to teach her self defence so I guess the best person for teaching the basics will be Chizuru. She needs someone to pretend to be a ruffian attacking her so she can demonstrate. No way, man!!! Eiko and Ika ask Gorou’s help but he refuses even if it’s just pretend. But when Chizuru is the one who asked and talks about protecting a young girl, he instantly agrees. Yeah, all that crap about duty, bla, bla, bla. He charges and in an instant he is on his back. Did you see that attack?! I think nobody did. It’s like as though he fell over himself. Chizuru lets Ayumi know that she uses her opponent’s strength against them so this method allows normal girls to defend themselves. But we know Chizuru isn’t a normal girl, right? Don’t let her catch you say that. Gorou continues to be Chizuru’s punching bag all because he felt it was worth the pain for getting to touch her. At the end of the day, Owner comes to pick Ayumi up. He pats her shoulder and instantly she gives him a reflex judo throw. As for Chizuru, she is nursing Gorou who is pretty much bandaged in hospital. I guess to him it was worth the pain. Love hurts…

Episode 10C: Aren’t You Cold?
It’s a bloody hot day at Lemon and no customers are in sight. Thinking of closing for the day, the scientist trio have a solution. With science and technology they turn the area into an air-conditioned zone. Kiyomi and pals are dying from the heat when they are shocked to see snow around Lemon! Thanks to the artificial snow machine, they can have winter any time this year. Come on in and have a warm meal with warm coats provided. Ika didn’t want to help Takeru make a snowman so he convinces her about putting insignificant humans to shame. I guess he knows how to press her right buttons now. Ika makes a gigantic snowman before Chizuru suggests making an igloo. Cindy has just walked in to the freezing zone in only her bikini and stumbles upon the gang having nabe inside the igloo. At the end of the meal, they realize the entire area has been blanketed by the snow blizzard! Serious! Making their way back to Lemon, most of them are losing it. Cindy thinks she’s going to die and Ika feels comfortable falling asleep. Once they reach back, the idiots say the machine is spoiled and there is no way of undoing the process. Till they remember it has a heating function too. Doh! So everybody feels relieved as it gets warmer. And warmer and warmer and warmer. Sanae comes in thinking everybody is having some endurance test or something. Yeah, the batteries to turn off the heater is dead. Upon knowing that outside is no longer the snowy blizzard, everybody breaks out from Lemon and relish summer is the best! Winter sucks! And maybe those idiots may want to do something about their machine because it is snowing in Okinawa…

Episode 11A: Isn’t That Hypnosis?
Sanae tries hypnotizing Alex. Actually the dog got bored and fell asleep rather than her hypnosis working. So why is she into this? You could’ve guessed it’s to use it on Ika for her unholy desire. To make sure it works, she tries it out on Eiko. Feeling bad for her, Eiko plays along to become a crow. Though happy it works, Sanae still wants to make sure and tests it on Nagisa. She too was made to play along but felt very embarrassed. To make sure for real, she does it on Chizuru and turns her into a cat (playing along too). Now she can unleash it on Ika! Ika finds a 5 Yen coin while stacking the bottles before returning to the front. Sanae starts her hypnosis but it’s not working. She realizes everyone was playing along, much to her dismay. Ika picks up the hypnosis book she is reading. Following its instructions, Ika uses her coin to play hypnosis. Nagisa became the first victim and acts like a real monkey! OMG! It worked! Ika’s evilness starts working and even Eiko herself became a crow! But Sanae says she’ll do anything whether hypnotized or not and hugs Ika. This causes her to fall and break her coin. But a WTF moment when Sanae suddenly falls asleep. Ika is on a roll and is going to resume her hypnotism on Chizuru, the final boss. Yeah, now she’s feeling like an invader, eh? Don’t say Takeru didn’t warn you. But it’s not working since it’s broken. The scientist trio appear and reveal they have created a hypnotic coin to use against aliens. But since it worked on humans, they deem it a failure. WTF?! Chizuru’s dark aura starts oozing when she finds out they’ve invented something useless once more. Instantly they go down on their knees and promise never to do it again! You don’t hypnotism for that. Then she confronts Ika about her hypnotism. She’d like to give that a go on her too. Ika is seen working hard than ever and even if it was just Chizuru’s bluff, I guess it’s good that she’s through with hypnotism.

Episode 11B: Won’t You Join The Team?
Owner comes to Lemon with another hideous Ika mask. But it’s not just an ordinary mask. It has some robotic functions and you could say makes it even more effective than the real Ika. Owner and the scientist trio teamed up to create this Ika so that they could beat the real deal with the same functions but better performance. Wanting another duel to take the real Ika as his, Eiko thinks it’s best for her to lose or else they’ll have to go through another of this sh*t the next time. However Ika isn’t going to back down. Both squids slug it out and it seems the real one is losing. Not only that, she gets easily irritated by the mocking function they have installed! Isn’t this like a school kid fight? Both start shooting their squid ink. Back at Lemon, Nagisa trips on a power cable. Oh yeah. Robo Ika’s power just got cut. Time to go manual. Why still need to be man-powered? Not high performance at all! Being the scientist they are, they tire easily. Chance for Ika? Yeah, she also tires out. Fit Owner takes over and just when he thought he had escaping Ika cornered, the cable length reached its limit. Never thought about that, eh? Ika counterattacks and wins. Owner and the scientist trio admit defeat but will be back with victory next time. Ika would be happier if they didn’t.

Episode 11C: Aren’t We Alone?
After another groping from Sanae, Ika tells her off in an evil fashion (not working still by the way). Her ‘evil’ side starts awakening as she puts purposely mayonnaise on a customer’s dish (it tastes good anyway) and giving Gorou certain notes as change (not that he minds it). Ika isn’t thinking when she said she’s not afraid of Chizuru. Yeah, she’s right next to her. Suddenly feel the chills, eh? Even so, she thought of being evil by purposely buying shrimp chips instead of salt and sugar as told. However Chizuru isn’t mad and lets it slide. On another occasion, she feigns giving Takeru and his friend shaved iced but throws it away before it reaches their hand. The shaved ice landed on Chizuru. Surprisingly, she thanks her instead of getting mad. One day, Chizuru calls Ika to go out shopping with her. Yeah, just the 2 of them. Ika starts panicking if she has made her mad. Her mind starts going crazy with the punishment she’s going to get. She thinks she’ll be having her last meal. She can’t escape. As she is about to enjoy her last shrimp, Chizuru asks if she is scary. Oh shiiiiii… Instantly she apologizes and promises not to do bad things anymore. Actually Chizuru felt they have never really sat down and talked together. All the while, she always spent time with Takeru and Eiko and felt jealous. That’s why she thought she could get closer if she could talk to her alone. So with that, Ika loosens up and they have a nice chat. Returning home, Ika is proud to tell the other siblings that Chizuru can feel emotion about the same things as other humans and has an unexpectedly human side to her. Oh no. You mean she wasn’t human all along? Chizuru takes Ika away for another different kind of talk. See that deadly aura? Hope you enjoyed your last meal…

Episode 12A: Won’t You Train?
Suddenly! Ika attacks Lemon, sending fear to everyone within! Surrender or die! Has she become a competent invader? Till she flops her line of making her loyal subjects serve her a large serving of fried shrimp rice. Flashback reveals she wanted to do an invasion training to protect them from other kinds of invaders. Other kinds? Like she is the one to say. However Eiko pointed out at their impenetrable defence system: Chizuru. See how she chops the fly without even looking? See how her swift air chop killed the rat? See how when a kid walked into the kitchen area, she told him nicely and instantly he freaked out, bowed and ran away. Wow. Impenetrable alright. But Ika is adamant in assuming the worst case scenario. Of course she has an ulterior motive. This fake training is to see whether she can invade Lemon if Chizuru is away. So take it from the top once more. This time it didn’t go too well. Nagisa blindfolded herself to avoid seeing the fearsome invader, Takeru and friends love being tied up by her tentacles, Gorou and Isozaki got distracted by girls and got easily taken out but this means Ika accidentally helped Ayumi who was being tackled by Isozaki, and Sanae the usual masochist loving every tentacle punch she gets. She has had it with everyone and ties them up with her tentacles. Now she feels arrogant that they can’t do anything when Chizuru is around. However she is give up when the scientist trio down because her tentacle is grasping them too tight and they may fire their brain exploding gun. Yeah, security is impenetrable even without Chizuru. But as suggested, they think Ika should receive some training too. Oh no. See the look in their eyes? Ika imagines a devastating scenario whereby everyone turned into zombies and are out for her! Run for your life! Even if they assured here it is training, Chizuru’s deadly aura, the scientists’ brain exploding gun pointing at her and Sanae’s maniacal expression tells her she can’t trust them. Yeah, run away!

Episode 12B: Isn’t It A Festival?
Eiko is upset that Ika saved over her video game file. In retaliation, she throws away her shrimp collection. The fight escalates to a point that they don’t want to talk to each other anymore. Chizuru and Takeru aren’t worried because they know they’ll be back to normal tomorrow. However to their surprise, they’re still not talking and are avoiding each other. It has never dragged this long. Eiko thinks of making Eiko and Ika clean the deck together but it gets worse when Ika’s tentacles (on purpose or not) has the mop land on Eiko’s head. Sanae is happy that with Eiko out of the way, Ika will be all hers. But she forgot that even if she hates Eiko, that doesn’t mean she’ll like her. Then noticing Ika joining Kiyomi, it dawned to her if they are apart, she might completely ignore her! Now she begs for Eiko to get on good terms with Ika but she’s not going to do that. Their stubbornness continues and you can’t say arguing with each other is the same as talking to each other, right? Eiko may have crossed the line by telling her to go back to the sea. Chizuru decides to close the shop early and have everyone go to the festivals. Ika wears Eiko’s old yukata as the jin-jang gang meet up at the festival stalls. Still not on talking terms, Ika leaves with Kiyomi and friends while Eiko with Sanae. I guess the rest have no choice but to let them be for now. While eating cotton candy, suddenly Ika gets somewhat philosophical about her life. Yeah, reflecting about her vague sweetness that is so like her life. Feeling empty, eh? Getting fixated over trivial things and ruin everything, just like her relationship with people, eh? Then she gets hyped up to play goldfish scooping (stall manned by Owner). She fails several times. That’s because she was using her hands. So she becomes an expert when she uses her tentacles. Feeling satisfied now? As Kiyomi and her friends go to get candied apple, Ika frees the goldfish at a nearby river. Then she realizes she is separated and lost.

Episode 12C: It Really Is A Festival, Isn’t It?
Kiyomi and co return to the rest and apologize they have lost Ika. The rest are worried except for Eiko who thinks it is what Ika deserves for she is hyperactive and always like to wander off. Then it starts to rain so everyone begin looking for the squid girl. Eventually Eiko gets moving to look for her. Ika is frightened by the pushing crowd. She loses a sandal and trips. Eiko finds that sandal and thinks Ika has drowned herself at the river. She rushes in to save her and to her relief is just a handkerchief. But seriously, a squid drowning? Suddenly Kozue shows up (still remember her from last season?) and says the more important are, the easier it is to mess them up. Advising her on that it is better to quickly make up on misjudgements, misunderstandings and ruined relationships, she points to the direction where Ika is. She is seen sitting alone next to a stone. Thinking she is done for, Eiko then covers an umbrella over her head and offers her hand. Ika is overcome with emotions and hugs Eiko like a lost child who has found her mother. They return to the rest as everybody heaves a sigh of relief (amazingly Ika didn’t smack Sanae away as she’s the first one to hug her). Chizuru notes that Ika has been the centre of their lives lately and perhaps they’ve already been invaded. Sure it’s not the other way round? Everyone joins the Bon dance. Next day, Ika and Eiko are in another feud (Ika accidentally dropped noodles over Eiko’s head). It’s déjà vu once more because they don’t want to talk to each other again. Well, do we have to go to the festival again or find another way to reconcile? I’m sure it’ll work out again because their relationship has always been love-hate, hot-cold.

Completely Invaded And Almost Jaded…
Yeah! The sequel doesn’t disappoint and I was having fun all the way watching the antics. Though some may find it more or less the same like the previous season with nothing new, but hey, if this formula works, why change it? Don’t go fix something which isn’t broken. Yeah, I’m hoping that there will be another sequel to satisfy my cravings on squid meat, oops I mean, the squid girl. Don’t lump me together as that crazy Sanae because I don’t rush in to grope, harass and molest that invader. So seeing how this sequel ended, more or less nothing gets done, right? But you can sure bet that Ika has made an impact in the lives of everyone. Without her, it doesn’t get livelier than this. Consider changing her occupation from invader to friend maker? But this season’s ending didn’t feel so much of a crisis that was in the first season. Back then, we had Ika suddenly unable to use her tentacles, her organs degenerating and thus returned to the sea. And when she returned, it was like she has  taken on a whole new personality. For the sequel, it was just a spat with Eiko and thus it doesn’t feel that ‘threatening’.

Some of the jokes were really good and had me laughing till the end like that English lesson episode. It made me think that I had really better be careful in speaking both languages so as not to make non-speakers of either language to misconstrue. Due to the short nature of each ‘independent’ segment, it never feels bored or tiring, that’s why I say this formula really works and one of the reason why I love this show. One obvious thing that was missing from this season was that horror-like segment. Yeah, remember that creepy doll Eiko had? Phew. Thank goodness we don’t have a single creepy episode here (unless you consider Sanae is one). Though those dolls do make a very brief appearance, that was just during Eiko’s very short flashback.

Basically everyone here remains the same wacky character they are in the first season. So there won’t be any surprises in terms of character development or advancement. Ika is still the usual gullible squid girl that makes you think she’s more of having fun than serious in conquering mankind. I mean, if she herself easily gets depressed and lose self confidence, how is she going to gear up for greater things like invading? So it’s like she’s using this invading reason as an excuse to go have some fun, though she may not realize this is the case. Yeah, the Invasion Club is just for child’s play, don’t you think? Thus in both seasons, Ika didn’t really learn from her lessons. That’s why I can consider her a successful failure. Get what I mean? Her invasion could see more success if she didn’t get distracted in doing things like watching movies, reading mangas and what invaders should never do, making friends. Yeah, things that people tend to have fun and enjoy themselves with. The only new thing we learn about Ika is her bracelet that allows her to change her weight. But that fact itself doesn’t change much of everything. The tomboyish Eiko feels more like a tsukkomi person for this series, especially when Ika becomes the boke. Each time some idiotic antic happens, Eiko will usually be the one to retort or rebuff. She may look like she has the edge over Ika but she too isn’t perfect. Especially when it comes to grades and English. Even Ika does better than her in other languages. If Ika puts her brains to it, she may very well beat Eiko as this brute girl uses more of her physical strength to keep Ika in line.

You have got to agree with me that Chizuru is still the ‘strongest’ character in the series and in terms of power and authority, nobody can top her. With that eternal smile across her face, you’ll never know what she is thinking or when she’ll turn into a deadly person. Even if being in the latter mode is just for a few seconds, it is enough to send shivers down everyone’s spine and make them know their rightful place. You wouldn’t want to mess with her. So is she human or what? I’m sure with her around, mankind can be safe from any kind of threat. If she cares enough to make it her business, then every invader would be in sh*t. Sanae’s obsession over Ika is so annoying but somehow it doesn’t irritates me. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t end up with what she truly wants (Ika) and settles for the next best thing (her beatings). In most scenes, you can predict this sort of pattern. Squealing Sanae comes rushing to molest/harass/grope/pound/assault/pester/bug Ika. Ika senses her mad dash. Ika punches her away. Ika breathing hard but relieved. Sanae down but happy. Get the picture? So is it any surprise when Kiyomi comes into the picture, she becomes very jealous? Maybe she should try not being a serial harasser and realize the difference in treatment is because Kiyomi doesn’t get physical with her like she always does. But wait. Sanae already tried something like that in the first season and it didn’t work out. So I guess this is the best, eh?

Other than that, all the other characters remain somewhat the same. Like Takeru is still the little kid brother, Gorou the committed lifeguard vowing to protect the sea and still love struck with Chizuru (though I feel it is only a one-sided crush), Nagisa the only one who truly believes Ika’s invasion is real and thus her fear is the reason why Ika continues to pick on her, Ayumi still unable to get over her shyness (though her dad said she had improvements, she looked the same to me), Cindy still hanging around researching on aliens and her MIT colleague-cum-scientists inventing weird things that would benefit mankind but not their goal. I felt Cindy wasn’t as prominent as she was compared to the last season although she is still a side character. She doesn’t feel so much as pestering Ika to admit that she is an alien. The scientist trio felt like they made more memorable presence than her in this season (because of their idiotic antics of course). I totally would have forgotten all about Kozue if she did not make her brief appearance in the final episode like she did in the previous season. Heck, I even forgot her name when she first showed up. No wonder I felt that there was something missing and couldn’t place my finger on it till I saw her. Well, looks like she only appears in times of crisis. For Ika in the previous season and to Eiko here. So there goes any hope of answering who she really is. Maybe next season, eh?

This season’s opening theme, High Powered sung by Sphere (a Jpop group made up of seiyuus that comprise of Aki Toyosaki, Haruka Tomatsu, Minako Kotobuki and Ayahi Takagi) feels like it lacks the energetic cuteness that was all the hype that it was as compared to the first season’s song. Though it is still good but I just don’t feel it gets you into the crazy antics or prepare you to immerse in the invasion fun of this series. I mistook last season’s ending theme to be sung by Ika’s seiyuu but it turned out to be Sanae’s instead. This season, Ika’s seiyuu, Hisako Kanemoto does the ending song entitled Kimo Wo Shirukoto. In terms of the tune and pace, I felt it was nearly similar to last season’s Metamerism. Just like in last season’s ending credits animation, this time round we have Ika strolling through the sandy beaches and if you stay tuned, you will see an object that is somewhat related to a segment in that episode appearing somewhere halfway. For instance, the ticket seller, the lost foreigner, the passing eagle, Ika walking Alex, those horrible Ika masks used as flower pots and even one with the beach blanketed with snow. On a trivial note, I happen to notice that one of the background music closely resembles to John Lennon’s hit song, Imagine. A tribute to him, I’d say.

So what’s next Ika? Considering that you still have a long way to go for your invasion plan, for the time being you’ll have to contend and overcome all the dangers that lurk around Yuigahama. Especially those closer to home. You’d be surprised and turned off if you ever advance to the big city if you can’t handle a small seaside town like this. But just like Chizuru had noted, Ika is definitely the centre of their lives so being invaded in this sense isn’t so bad, right? Right. They get to fight back of course. Can I be part of your life to? Can you come invade me and my town? Well, if you do really plan for a real invasion next time (I doubt it very much), I’ll perhaps put another question mark to that invading mission of yours. Over and out, ~de geso~.

What is it about planet Earth that makes it interested to other life forms to want to invade it? From Hollywood movies to Japanese animes, I’m sure that issue has been tackled and most of the time us humans have come out ‘victorious’. In today’s little blog, we’re going to take a look at a couple of anime series that involve certain creatures trying to invade humanity. It is Keroro Gunsou (Keroro) and Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Ika). And boy, don’t they look cute too? Can they withstand the cruelty and truthful injustice that they’ll find about humans? Who says being an invader is easy?

English name
The name of the series in English.
Keroro: Sgt Frog.
Ika: Squid Girl.

The voice behind the invader.
Keroro: Kumiko Watanabe.
Ika: Hisako Kanemoto.

Type of life form
Keroro: Frog.
Ika: Squid.

Keroro: Planet Keron.
Ika: Within the deep ocean.

Reason for invading humanity
Keroro: Part of his mission.
Ika: As revenge against humans for polluting the ocean.

Physical appearance
Keroro: Green body wearing a yellow headgear with a red star in the middle.
Ika: Wears a white knee-length dress, white shoes and erm… that white cap/fins over her head.

Keroro: As observed in most times: Selfish, lazy, a coward though at certain times regards the value of friendship.
Ika: Naive, easily manipulated though at certain times shows that she cares for those around her.

Currently living with
As we know, both of them failed miserably and multiple times in their effort to complete their mission thanks to a certain ‘brute force’. Therefore, they are ‘forced’ to live within this family as a way to keep them in check.
Keroro: The Hinata family.
Ika: The Aizawa family.
So who is the one getting invaded in the end?

The brute girl
Ah yes. The one that keeps our failed invader in line. Violent and brutish, you don’t want to mess with her.
Keroro: Natsumi.
Ika: Eiko.

What the invader ends up doing.
Keroro: Cleaning the house.
Ika: Serving customers at Lemon Beach House.

Other family members
In reference to the family members of the family the invaders are living with.
Keroro: Fuyuki (Natsumi’s little brother).
Ika: Chizuru (Eiko’s older sister) and Takeru (Eiko’s little brother).
Note how the invader always gets along well with the little brother.

In reference to blood related members of the invader.
Keroro: Angol Moa.
Ika: Not known at this point.

Platoon members
You can’t take over the world by yourself, can’t you.
Keroro: Giroro, Kururu, Dororo and Tamama.
Ika: Nil. Okay, so maybe she really thought she could invade the world just by herself.

Favourite person to pick on
Keroro: Not sure. But if I had to guess it’ll be Natsumi.
Ika: Nagisa Saitou.

Special abilities
Keroro: Throwing a Keropa energy ball when he is in his competent and former form and piloting mechas.
Ika: Just about anything from drumming to solving maths equations. Everything except taking over the world.

Other physical abilities
Keroro: Resonate with his other mates and due to his stay in the Hinatas, has become quite a good cleaner and curler.
Ika: Her multi-tasking and multi-talented tentacles, spitting out squid ink, illumination and erm… Whatever those fin on her head does.

Favourite stuff
Which somehow also turns out to be their weakness.
Keroro: Gunpla models.
Ika: Shrimps.

Natural enemy
Keroro: Cobra-like aliens called Vipers.
Ika: Killer whales.

Other rivals
Keroro: (Selected) Garuru’s platoon that includes team leader Garuru, Taruru, Tororo, Zaruru and Pururu.
Ika: The Minamikaze beach house that consists of the Owner and his shy daughter Ayumi. Cindy Campbell and her MIT underlings.

Sentence ending phrase
Keroro: “~de arimasu”.
Ika: “~geso”.

Keroro: “Gero, Gero, Gero~”.
Ika: “Huhuhu~”.

Invasion record
Some of the selected (read: those I can remember) attempts that these invaders try to put into action but failed miserably/pathetically/ridiculously. Maybe they should take up a workshop in invasion after all.
Keroro: Trying to take over the world via forced purchase of vending machine drinks, substituting Valentine Day’s chocolates with dango and sweet potato snacks, using furniture (so that everyone will have a painful time when they accidentally hit their little toes in it), channelling all the lazy energy of the life forms against the humans, taking a trip around the world to various wonders of the world in hopes of learning advance alien technologies from it and a desperate last ditch attempt to create a fake baby planet by stealing garbage and water.
Ika: Trying to take over the world via invading a school thought to be a military base, getting those around her to be her servants and planning on using her maths genius to take over the world.

Girl with a double personality
Keroro: Momoka Nishizawa has a split person which is more aggressive and bold compared to her gentle and kind original self.
Ika: Chizuru can exhibit supernatural human abilities like speed and strength when is displeased as opposed to her kind and gentle front.

Obsessive stalkers
Keroro: Chiruyo Tsukigami writes all her observations about Fuyuki in her notebook.
Ika: Sanae stalks Ika each time including forcing her to put on cosplay outfits.

Guardian of the frontier
Keroro: Jessica Harpie and Poyon – Intergalactic Space Policewoman.
Ika: Gorou Arashiyama – lifeguard saver and ‘defender of the sea’.

Unrequited love polygon
Keroro: Giroro loves Natsumi who loves Mutsumi/Saburo. Momoka loves Fuyuki.
Ika: Sanae loves Ika, Gorou loves Chizuru.

Episode division
Keroro: Each episode is either divided into 2 short stories or 1 whole episode of its own.
Ika: Each episode is divided into 3 short segments.

Invasion ends at…
After numerous failed invasions, attempts and other non-related endeavours, this is where the TV series ends.
Keroro: In late March 2011 after 354 episodes.
Ika: By end of December 2010 after 12 episodes. However there is a second season announced and in the works.

As we can see that they are in no shape to invade humanity any time soon. Or even in the foreseeable or distant future. Instead they got invaded themselves and become ‘slaves’ for the family that they are living in. If you ask me, I would very much prefer Ika over Keroro many times because the former is damn cute!!! I’m not saying the froggy isn’t because the Ika was shown much more recent and that I never had the chance to even finish Keroro. Not even 1/3 of it. Therefore this blog may seem lacking a lot of other details since Keroro has lots more characters, plots and developments due to the lengthy and long running series that spans 7 years! Even during my tenure in watching it, it got repetitive and probably one of the reason (the other being, there were no subs) why I never continued. As for Ika, it was something similar but yet totally refreshing and the comedy really did made me laugh out loud and the character more lovable. As such, I’d rather have a squid girl invading my home rather than a two-foot tall frog simply because, I prefer eating fried ‘sotong‘ than ‘tin kai‘ (literally means paddy chicken, which are actually frogs). Ika FTW! Thumbs down to Keroro! Let’s just hope they keep flopping their mission so that we can have a good time laughing. Ah, being an invader is such a tough job.


Shinrayku! Ika Musume

July 16, 2011

Remember all that old Hollywood movies about aliens wanting to destroy or conquer all of humanity? But closer to the anime side, remember that frog-like alien who tried to invade our planet Earth with his platoon but failed so miserably so much so he ended up being a subject of slavery and ridicule from the very humans he is supposed to rule over? What is this fascination of ruling over humanity? Hell, I don’t know what their ultimate goal is as long as they bring in the laughs. This time, we don’t have aliens trying to invade humanity but a creature closer to home. A creature from the sea. That’s right. The plot of Shinryaku! Ika Musume may be similar to what aliens want with our planet but instead of domination of the universe or self-glorification, the reason is much simpler.

We humans have been polluting the sea in the name of development and advancement of technology ever since who knows when. So much so a particular sea creature, a squid, can’t take it anymore and would like to teach humans a lesson by invading them. That sounds scary, right? Better learn to respect the sea and recycle your wastes. However it isn’t an army of squid that is invading. Just a squid girl. For easier reference, we call her Ika (that’s ‘squid’ in Japanese). She’s mad that humans have been dumping their wastes into the ocean floor and is about time she teaches us Homo Sapiens to toe the line. All this seems fine until you find out that Ika herself is a rather naive and gullible squid taking a human form of a little girl. Instead of advancing in her invading plans, she gets invaded herself! No different with that green frog, eh? But that is where the fun is. Ika is so cute in just about anything, you can’t help but fawn at all her blunders so much so you’d cheer her on to keep pushing forward with her invasion. And fail. Call me a sadist but that is the very essence of why this show is funny and cute (and probably a hit with many of the viewers out there).

Mix in a bunch of other crazy supporting characters, Ika’s mission of invading humanity seems like a distant dream. She’d be having a hard time even coping with herself. Aww… Don’t fret, Ika. We all still love you. Just as long as you keep up with your cute blunders. Oops. Each episode is divided into 3 parts and sometimes they are independent of each other. In the sense that you don’t really have to see some of them in chronological order as they don’t bear any subsequent impact on future episodes but it is best to see them in order just to keep tabs as you learn the colourful characters and how they grow. Especially Ika. She’s the new moe in town…

Episode 1A: Won’t You Invade?
Ika arrives at the nearest beach restaurant, Lemon and proclaims to everyone there about her plans to invade humanity. Like hell they’ll believe a little cosplay girl. Just ignore her. She is summoned by Eiko Aizawa (Lemon’s manager and staff) about her obnoxious act. She asks what the heck she is doing and Ika tells about her invasion plans. Sighs… Since they’re busy, she tells her to come back and play later. Ika actually believes her and did so! First blunder that tells you she isn’t going to make it. Then when Ika realizes she’s been fooled, she stomps right back to assert her authority but is made by Chizuru (Eiko’s older sister who also works at Lemon) to serve the food and drinks to customer. Why the heck did she oblige in the first place? Upon realizing her blunder again, she confronts Eiko and throws a tantrum since Eiko doesn’t really believe her (who would?). Eiko even gives her a pep talk about needing an army to invade! Is she even up to the task? Ika tries to kill a mosquito but couldn’t so this has Eiko laughing her butt off that she can’t even squish a bug. Upset Ika decides to show her true power by using her multi-purpose tentacles (in the form of her hair) but she breaks Lemon’s wall. Because of that, she is made to work as a Lemon worker to pay for the wall. So yeah. When is her invasion plan going to get started? At least her tentacles can be of good use to serve the customers.

Episode 1B: Aren’t You My Comrade?
As Ika continues to slave, er, I mean work, she felt someone staring at her. Turns out to be Takeru (Eiko and Chizuru’s little brother) pulling her tentacle and taking a fascination with her. Ika uses this chance to show who the boss is but it ends up making more fun for Takeru. He decides to play along and call her ‘boss’ and be her lackey. Of course Ika realizes she can’t be wasting her time on a kid and goes off without him. Takeru creates a cap to match Ika’s and she really gets fooled thinking he’s her comrade from the sea! Then he makes his tentacles via paper and uses the fan to move it and that was convincing enough for Ika! Till Takeru’s cap flew off that Ika thought he died! Saddened by his ‘death’, she throws the cap back floating into the sea.

Episode 1C: Am I Not The Strongest?
Ika thinks how Chizuru is different from the rest since she is kind unlike that violent sister. As Ika helps out, she accidentally sneezes and covers Chizuru all over with her black squid ink. Chizuru didn’t get mad but tastes the ink to be quite delicious. Ika gets frightened with the thought that people actually eat spaghetti with squid ink. Then she realizes that there is no customers on a rainy day and decides to use this opportunity to conquer this beach house and make it as her base. She binds Eiko with her tentacles. Takeru thinks she is having fun by herself so he too gets tied up. Now it’s Chizuru’s turn. As Ika tries to wrap her tentacles, Chizuru swiftly avoids each strike and chops each tentacle! Woah! She’s closing in real fast! Then with the scariest look that could even make a ghost run away in fear of their lives (yeah, how ironic if you think about it), she tells Ika not to fool around in the house. Ika is becomes extremely fearful and goes down on her knees to beg for forgiveness! Don’t play play with her, man! Chizuru returns to her normal self and wants Ika to spurt her squid ink. The next day, it becomes a hit item on the menu. Poor Ika got exploited and she’s real dry by now.

Episode 2A: Aren’t You My Comrade?
Note that episode 1B and episode 2A’s title may be the same in English because in Japanese, ‘dohou’ and ‘nakama’ means the same thing. Lifeguard Gorou Arashiyama saves Ika from drowning. WTF?! A squid drowning?! Apparently her tentacles got cramped. But even so, a squid drowning? Well, she did mention about spending too much time on land till she forgot how to swim. WTF?! Gorou patrons Lemon and his body language indicates he likes Chizuru. Ika thinks it is a sign he fears her. But Gorou and Ika quickly click because they both proclaim that they are protectors of the sea. Gorou takes Ika and Takeru on a tour on what he does as a lifeguard. Then Ika climbs up his lifeguard seat and tells everyone to bow down before her. This causes and argument with Gorou. All partnerships are off. Later Gorou dives in to save a drowning kid. Ika takes this chance to teach him a lesson as she hooks on to his feet. With time running out, he tells her to save that girl. In no time, the girl’s mother thanks Ika for her courageous act and since Gorou didn’t go down on his knees thanking her for saving him, she gets upset and considers him her enemy for now on.

Episode 2B: Won’t You Celebrate?
Ika learns about celebrating birthdays. She proclaims today her birthday and throws a tantrum that she wants a birthday party. Chizuru gives the green light. Ika gets excited on the stuff the gang brings but Eiko tells her to stay put till they have finished preparing. Curiosity got the better of her when she tries to eavesdrop their conversation. From what she digests, she thinks they’re setting a trap to eat her! She gets freaked out when Eiko calls her but eventually comes out as the gang starts the celebration. Then she puts lots of candles on the cake but can’t blow a single one out till she goes out of breath and collapses. Then she blows till hard till her squid ink covers the entire cake. Then when they play sparklers, she gets frightened by it. Once she gets used to it, a bigger fireworks display is seen in the night sky as they all watch and admire it. Ika is looking forward to next month’s birthday till she learns it is only once a year. Where’s the fun in that?

Episode 2C: Won’t You Play?
Eiko’s friend, Sanae Nagatsuki comes over with her pet dog, Alex. Ika becomes afraid of Alex because it keeps biting her tentacles. Then Ika gets upset that Eiko still showers Alex with affection since it was the one in the wrong and dislikes this unfair treatment. Her answer? Because Alex is cuter! I disagree! Ika demands to be treated the same so they put a dog leash on her. Hey, that counts, right? Doesn’t feel the same, eh? Sanae seems to be fascinated with Ika. Then Eiko and Ika pay a visit to Sanae’s home. As Eiko takes Alex out for a walk, Sanae brings Ika to her room. She is shown a few photo collection of Ika. Oh sh*t! Sanae is a scary stalker!!! She wants Ika to help her complete her ‘collection’. Double sh*t! Ika is made to dress up in several outfits while Sanae snaps away happily. Then Eiko gets this feeling Sanae is in danger and rushes back only to see her in control of Ika. So won’t you come and play again, Ika? Better think twice. That’s because obsessed Sanae prints out the photos and starts fawning over them. Ika in school uniform? A nurse outfit? Maid? Swimsuit? Sanae is indeed scary… When Ika comments how there are lots of weird people around her, Eiko knocks her head that she is the one to talk. A pot calling the kettle black.

Episode 3A: Aren’t You Afraid?
Takeru gets freaked out upon watching a summer ghost report. However Ika isn’t scared seeing that she doesn’t know what a ghost is. Eiko organizes a test-of-courage and has Gorou and Sanae tag along. Gorou seems like a chicken unless Chizuru is around (which she isn’t). As they walk through the graveyard, Sanae tries to get Ika scared so she could hug her but ends up scaring the rest. Then Ika gets separated so she illuminates herself (squids have this natural ability) to find her way out. When she sees the rest, she tries to go over to them but all they see is a ghost and run for their lives! Have they ever run so fast in their lives before? Ika is then surrounded by real ghosts. Dead samurais and surfers? She isn’t afraid as they lead out to the ocean. Ika waves goodbye and thinks there are good humans in this world. Next day as Ika laments how everyone was cruel to leave her behind, the rest are discussing about the ghost pic (Ika) that Sanae took with her handphone. Yeah, there’s no such thing as ghosts as Ika said.

Episode 3B: Aren’t You My Natural Enemy?
Ika has been working at Lemon for some time now but the wall still isn’t fixed yet. How low are they paying her?! Wait. Are they even paying her?! Heck, she makes a good slave. As Ika accompanies Takeru to swim in the ocean, she tells him about the pecking order in the sea. Then she spots her natural enemy: A killer whale. Actually it’s just a floatable but Ika is paralyzed by fear how the children are ‘controlling’ it. Plus, there are lots more ‘killer whales’ nearby. Ika’s tentacles accidentally cut Takeru’s float and nearly causes him to drown but luckily Gorou dives in to save him. Useless Ika… Gorou and Ika decide to teach him how to swim. Of course Ika’s methods aren’t for humans because she uses her tentacles and holding her breath for a very long time. They mock her so she goes off alone. Before she knows it, she is surrounded by floatables of her natural enemies. Yeah, panic time again. She swims underwater to avoid them all. On shore, she sees Takeru holding a ‘killer whale’ and freaks out. Later she learns they’re all just floats and gets upset nobody told her. Yeah, didn’t even notice it herself…

Episode 3C: Aren’t You New?
Surfer girl Nagisa Saitou is the new part time worker at Lemon. When she sees Ika, she starts fearing her though Eiko persists that she is ‘harmless’. However Nagisa still fears her so Ika starts feeling good that this is the way all humans should feel towards her. Ika tries to use Nagisa as her first invasion but each time thwarted by Eiko. Nagisa continues to be wary of Ika as she observes her actions. Then she starts getting this whacked idea that everyone here is weird and doesn’t understand the real situation. She decides to continue working here to be the common sense and wake everyone up. Of course this means more chance for Ika to pressure her and put forth her agenda. Eiko knows she’s on one of her scare tactics so she tells Nagisa to put a shrimp bait. Though she doesn’t believe anyone would fall for it, Ika actually does! This proves she’s just a squid. Nagisa isn’t convinced and still considers her tentacles a dreadful weapon. Ika is relieved to hear those words and sees her as an angel and hope for invading mankind. She jumps to hug her as Nagisa impulsively hits her away. Even so, Ika is having that happy smirk on her face.

Episode 4A: Won’t You Buy It?
Ika finds a lost wallet while cleaning up the beach and was given a 10,000 Yen bill as reward for returning it. She is in a dilemma of what to buy. Power? Dream on. Eiko suggests Nagisa to accompany Ika to town in hopes their relationship will improve but Nagisa remains fearful that she may be trying to steal inventions or intelligence. Sanae spots Ika and Nagisa and gets upset the squid girl is with someone else other than her. When did she become her property? Ika uses her entire reward money to buy shrimps from the supermarket. She must really love them. After Ika gulps down everything in her satisfaction, Chizuru points out how that money could’ve easily repaired the wall and free her. Shimatta! What a wasted opportunity! Ika then receives a large package from Sanae. A letter indicates it is top quality shrimp and wants Ika to enjoy it alone. Eh? Alone? As Ika opens the box, she finds a large shrimp. Erm… Why is it breathing heavily? Yeah, she lost her appetite and seals it off to the garbage section. You don’t want to know the trouble if you ‘eat’ that big shrimp (has to be desperate Sanae in a shrimp outfit lah). Nagisa concludes that there is something definitely wrong with everybody here. I agree. But we love it.

Episode 4B: Won’t You Intrude?
When Lemon closes, the siblings return home so Ika uses this chance to invade the beach house. However the TV broke and the fridge is tightly chained in anticipation of her sneaky shrimp snacking. She plays with the bottle of seasonings and mixes them up. Next morning, they give her some grapes but see the mess she has made. Because of that, Chizuru decides to let Ika stay in their house. Don’t worry, her dark aura will keep that squid in line. She joins them in doing things like watching TV and brushing teeth till it’s bedtime. Feeling bored, she goes into Takeru’s room to play but he is sleeping like a log. She wanted to go into Chizuru’s room next but something tells her she shouldn’t open the door. Yeah, better not. Next she enters Eiko’s but finds it boring and sleeps on the floor. When Eiko wakes up in the morning, she finds herself sleeping on the floor and Ika on her bed! Worse, her tentacles are all wrapped around her and Ika is sleep talking wanting to eat Eiko! Argh!

Episode 4C: Aren’t You A Fake?
As Eiko and Ika stroll along the beach, they see kids fascinating with a fake Ika. Her big head is hideous. However Ika isn’t upset. She’s afraid. WTF?! They learn that this is an attraction thought up by another beach house owner, Minamikaze, seeing how popular Ika is. The fake Ika is his daughter, Ayumi Tokita. He suggests that they trade each other’s ‘Ika’ but Eiko refuses. Then he challenges her to a match to take each other’s ‘mask’ off whereby if Eiko wins, he’ll give her 10,000 Yen. It’s on! Ayumi’s fake Ika head malfunctions (freaking out Ika a lot) so she returns with another hideous one. The rematch resumes at Lemon and it seems the hideous mask is scaring customers. However Owner says that isn’t her strong point but rather in the kitchen. The mask is laced with hi-tech equipment to precisely cut vegetables, spew various seasonings (though it may look horrible) and a fire for barbeque. The mask catches fire and Ayumi’s face is revealed for the first time. She’s quite a pretty person! The guys are taken in by her beauty. Eiko isn’t happy that Owner is trying to burn her shop down but he brushes it off as a mistake and will be back.

Episode 5A: Aren’t You An Alien?
A hot blonde babe, Cindy Campbell patrons Lemon but she’s not ordering the usual items on the menu. She wants an alien. After spotting Ika, she forcefully takes Ika back to her lab for analysis. Introducing herself from the US Extraterrestrial Life Form Response Research Centre, she jumps to conclusion that Ika is an alien no matter how much the squid girl insists she’s from the sea so much so it creeps her out. Cindy continues to bug Ika and even tries to persuade her that she is an alien to begin with! Now Ika is acting like an alien big shot and thinks all those mysteries of the world like crop circles are her doing. However she is still treated the same. Like a slave. Then Chizuru brings out a sumptuous shrimp dish but mentions that aliens don’t eat shrimp and eat cow or pig and suck their blood (yuck). This causes Ika to return back to her squid self as she gulps down the dish. Cindy isn’t pleased that her brainwashing wasn’t effective when Chizuru says that they can’t hand Ika to her because as Eiko pointed, she is THEIR valuable slave! Aww, no one is on Ika’s side. Cindy backs down for now but will not give up till she admits she is an alien.

Episode 5B: Won’t You Go To School?
Eiko forbids Ika to follow her to school. Imagine the havoc she’ll bring. However she manages to slip out and enter school. As she sneaks around, based on her observations, she thinks this is a human’s military base due to the same uniform, science lab (developing secret weapons?) and the computer room (for hacking?). Then she enters the principal’s room and thinks this belongs to the leader. Frolicking around till the principal returns, she decides to ‘defeat’ him. She ties him up and announces via PA about her success. Eiko’s fears come true as she rushes all the way there to bring that squid girl back down to her place. On the way home, Ika learns that this is an ordinary school and says how she wants to attend one.

Level 5C: Won’t You Keep It?
An episode that lacks monologue for the most part of it, we see how Eiko found chibi Ika trapped in a bottle one rainy day during her stroll on the bridge. Eiko keeps her as a pet and though Ika is pretty much afraid of her new environment, Eiko interacts with her till Ika becomes friendly enough to trust her. They spend lots of quality time together all through the seasons as Eiko watches in glee Ika in her natural behaviour. This heart warming relationship goes on till Eiko now an old lady lies on her deathbed while Ika remains unchanged. Eiko is happy and has no regrets till she breaths her final breath, leaving poor Ika in tears. Then it is revealed to be Sanae’s dream and she is bloody upset that Eiko was in it instead of her. Sicko…

Episode 6A: Isn’t It A Hero Show?
Takeru and Ika attend a Mask Rider play intended for kids at the beach. Noh Mask Rider is the heroine but Ika is laughing till her stomach hurts. Squid Devil as the baddie then appears. Everyone is to cheer for the heroine but Ika cheers for the baddie. The kids think that the baddie is also cool so they root for Squid Devil. The play temporarily takes a break as the crew contemplates on how the turn out will be. Before they know it, Squid Devil’s costume is stolen. Seems Ika has taken it as she goes on stage for her victory. The kids cheer her on which brings a pleasant ring to her ears. Then another Mask Rider, Han Nya appears. Both sides attack but Han Nya is swift and Ika recognizes a familiar voice that strikes fear in her heart. She loses as the kids cheer for the hero. Back home as Takeru and Ika watch the Noh Mask Rider series, Takeru notes that there is no such Han Nya character and perhaps only appears in that play. Ika gets this feeling it may have been Chizuru… Oh, you don’t know…

Episode 6B: Won’t You Study?
Eiko is having a tough time studying maths. However Ika can answer them with ease! Not wanting to believe that a squid is better than her, she tests her (including tough university level questions) and all her answers are correct! Not even cheating! She’s a genius! Chizuru suggests Ika to teach her. Like hell her pride will allow that so much so she snaps. Eiko thinks for the better of her future and wants Ika to teach her so Ika now gets arrogant. Eiko has to swallow her pride and do all the work that she once bossed Ika around. Getting a taste of her own medicine, eh? Just hold it in there… Ika decides to use her maths genius to invade humanity but it is either they get scared of her (Nagisa) or too hard-up for it (Sanae and Cindy). Eiko talks to Ika and understands the loneliness of being a genius and manages to convince her to teach her how to score in her test. Seems it turns out to be squid scribble so Eiko gets mad and wants Ika to give her back her lost pride. Well, ordinary beings can’t understand the works of a genius, right?

Episode 6C: Isn’t It Love?
Gorou saves Nagisa from drowning and starts to develop feelings for him. Later she realizes it was Ika who was responsible for creating those dangerous waves. The usual Ika scare, the usual Nagisa scared, the usual Eiko beat up. Nagisa concludes that everyone is brainwashed by Ika. Then Ika notices Nagisa getting friendly with everyone and fears of losing her only ‘prey’ and sounds her warning. Eiko thinks Ika is jealous of Gorou so Nagisa asks the lifeguard what he thinks of Ika. Ika shuts him up not wanting him to say anything that will ruin her dignity as an invader. The argument continues as Nagisa realizes that Gorou must have been brainwashed too. She also notes that Gorou is the last defender for the sea and if she doesn’t bring him back to his senses, it’s the end of the world. She goes back and faces Ika and tries to put up a brave front that she’s not afraid of her again but Ika hugs her and says she doesn’t have to pretend. Nagisa sends her flying metres away from Lemon. Eiko concludes an interesting love polygon: Ika likes Nagisa who likes Gorou who likes Chizuru. But she doesn’t want it to get more complicated when Sanae comes by. Oh, it is that complicated already.

Episode 7A: Won’t You Get Targeted?
Nagisa is relieved that the squid menace isn’t present today and hopes every day should’ve been like this. Eiko invites her to her home for dinner and to her dismay sees Ika there. Another conclusion that Ika has kidnapped and brainwashed them all. But she gets determined to protect the siblings and request to sleep here for the night after dinner. Nagisa pretends to sleep and in the wee hours of the morning, spots Ika getting up and follows her to see what her nefarious plans are. Turns out she is playing video games. Next morning, Nagisa feels sleepy due to lack of sleep so when Eiko learns of Ika’s midnight exploit, she punishes her as Ika thinks Nagisa ratted her out. Nagisa continues to further analyze that she’s the only one who fears Ika, if all this is part of her grand scheme so the next day, Nagisa puts up a good act that she is not afraid of Ika. Ika falls into shock and depression so Eiko goes talk to her and to get along with Nagisa. Soon Ika meets Nagisa and is willing to shake hands and be friends but Nagisa loses her cool and apologizes for acting. Yeah, she’s back to her fearful self. So what to do? Return back to the good ol’ times lah.

Episode 7B: Won’t You Research?
Another pestering from Cindy to go to her lab so Ika reflects on herself as she should be the queen. Takeru decides to play along and be her subordinate as they go search for more ‘servants’. They got Gorou after blackmailing him with pictures of Chizuru. Soon Cindy also joins in with a condition that if she becomes Ika’s servant, she must go to her lab. Eiko finds Ika and is going to forcefully bring her back to work so Ika orders her subordinates to hold her down. But enough of horsing around. It’s time for Ika to live up to her end. Eiko and Ika follow Cindy back to their nearby lab and meet her scientist colleagues, Harris, Clark and Martin. They are all top MIT graduates of xenoarchaeology. Since they couldn’t find any aliens, they got ahead of themselves by inventing stuff for aliens but ended up creating a cure for cancer, a way to learn large amount of human languages simultaneously. Seriously, what wasted talents. They created inventions for the good of mankind instead. Successful failure? They beg to Ika that they want to research on her as an alien but she insists she isn’t. Then they ask her to say “I am an alien” ten times. Apparently they have recorded it on tape and are happy they got her ‘confession’ evidence! Ika wants to get back at them and tells them to say “I am your slave”. So who are they? They replied their names! Hey, they are MIT graduates and won’t fall for such idiotic tricks. Haha! Poor Ika got owned as they hysterically laugh their ass off.

Episode 7C: Won’t You Work?
Eiko and Chizuru tell off Gorou’s lifeguard colleague as he is trying to hit on Ayumi. They take her back to Lemon as she agrees to temporarily work for them. Ayumi’s cuteness attracts a large crowd of guys. Owner is also there so he wants to exchange Ika for this. They agree since Ayumi is bringing in more sales than the squid. Haha, it’s all about the money. Back in Minamikaze, Ika is made to stand at the entrance doing nothing as a poster girl. She gets bored and tries some advertising to attract customers but was being told off by Owner that by doing so they may have not enough places and may make the customers wait. He changes her role to entertain on stage. Ika delights the crowd with her performance using her squid abilities. Eiko, Chizuru and Ayumi are done for the day and head over to Minamikaze to check how Ika is doing. She is wowing the crowd with her drum skills! But Ika is disheartened because she realizes she is good in everything except invading. So true!

Episode 8A: Aren’t You Sick?
Ika is sick so much so she carelessly shaves away part of her tentacles. No matter how annoying she was as a failed invader, this even breaks the heart of the rest. No mood to tease. First they try to treat her summer fatigue like having a hot bath, then a cold one or running via bicycle but it just worsens her condition. Then Ika says she has some unpronounceable disease that squids have (does it even exists?). This disease makes her crave for shrimp. How is it different than her normal days? She will eat shrimp till she dies! Ika starts throwing tantrum that she wants to eat shrimp so Eiko tries her best giving her things that sound like puns of shrimp. Haha, it’s not even funny. At least to Ika. Ika’s symptom is worsening as she says she’ll rather die eating shrimp than have none. Eiko has no choice but to call her secret weapon. That is, Sanae dressed up in that giant shrimp outfit. Ika can’t really tell the difference so she munches away in happiness. Same with Sanae. A win-win situation, eh? Yeah, she feels like she’s of good use to Ika now. Ika feels better now and wants to return to her normal diet shrimp but she gets more than she bargains for when Sanae comes pestering to eat her. Yeah, back to normal.

Episode 8B: Isn’t It A New Ability?
Takeru and his friend, Yuuta are building a sand castle. Ika mocks theirs and shows hers, which looks like a dung. Yuuta continues to mock those useless fins on Ika’s head. As everyone wonders what it is, Ika herself gets shocked that it is flapping on its own. Another new ability? Well, it did slapped Sanae good when she gets too close. They discuss its other use as Ika mentions it is to fly (really? Squids fly?). Well at least it is a useful mosquito repellent. Ika and Yuuta argue again so they showcase their sand castles. Then Yuuta’s dad steps in to show off his skills to create a majestic castle. He’s a professional sculptor by the way. Can you beat that? However Ika seem to have the last laugh as her dung castle shocks everyone by moving and destroying Yuuta’s dad’s castle! He sinks into depression and decides to go on a training journey. Ika gloats in her victory as everyone else leaves. But Ika realizes she can’t move or else her ‘masterpiece’ will fall apart since it is her tentacles that is holding it together (and moving it just now) from underneath. Yeah, stay there forever.

Episode 8C: Won’t You Use It?
On a rainy day, Eiko takes Ika out to buy some stuff. Ika has never seen an umbrella and is fascinated of what it can do. Since she is fooling around, she is made to wait outside. She plays with her new ‘partner’ and observes other passers-by opening their umbrellas, much to her amazement. Yeah, even getting carried away to daydream about invading humanity with an umbrella. She then starts balancing a can while rotating her umbrella. This attracts a crowd as they are impressed with her performance till a wind blows the umbrella into a path of a lorry and crushes it. She becomes distraught at the ‘death’ of her ‘partner’ and blames herself. When Eiko finishes her shopping, she sees Ika crying with the broken umbrella but offers to share hers as they walk home.

Episode 9A: Won’t You Play With The Bell?
Ika catches Yuuta and Takeru playing ding-dong ditch. She tries one herself as part of her invasion plan but backfires when Chizuru passes by. A lie leads to another as she tries to hide her act by claiming she knows the person who lives in this house. Worst case scenario happens when that girl, Kiyomi Sakura returns so Ika quickly takes her away to the park. Ika apologizes and explains her reasoning for doing so. But Kiyomi doesn’t want to pretend to be her friend. She really wants to get to know her. They become friends in no time and one day Ika brings Kiyomi back to Eiko’s home to play video games. However Ika’s mind starts going wild as every action Chizuru and Eiko do she misinterprets as some sort of warning and that she’ll receive a punishment later for bringing a friend home unauthorized. I’m even wondering if Chizuru’s scary face is intentional or just Ika’s imagination. Ika can’t take it anymore and panics, proclaiming that she’ll always be best friends with Kiyomi and is ready to receive her punishment. Of course the sisters don’t know what she’s talking about.

Episode 9B: Do You Want Make-up?
Ika is introduced to lipstick. What do you think that means to Sanae? Another crazy hugging spree. In order to stop that maniac stalker, Ika throws her lipstick into the ocean in which desperate Sanae swims after. Good riddance.  When Sanae finally gets the lipstick, she realizes she has been had because it is a just seal. But she still loves her. Hey, isn’t that Easter Islands she swam to? She won’t be back for a while. Ika puts on heavy make-up but Eiko isn’t too pleased and wipes it off her face. I’m not sure why Ika had to ask Gorou for advice for some invader make-up. Huh? Later the girls try putting on some make-up but Ika returns with a heavy make-up. She looks like an African tribe. The girls see how cute Takeru is when he puts on some. It occurred to Ika that she can’t get her make-up off because she used permanent markers.

Episode 9C: Isn’t It A Secret Weapon?
Another usual fight over Ika between Cindy, Sanae and Eiko. Yeah, everyone has their ulterior motives. Cindy’s ambiguous rant of making Ika do ambiguous stuff on her sends Sanae into jealousy and wants Ika to do the same to her too. I think Sanae’s a masochist because she enjoys getting beaten up by her tentacles. Yes, she is. Cindy’s colleagues visit Lemon and they are introduced to the rest. Clark has an invention that will make a person invisible. Sanae wants to buy it no matter the cost. Why is she nose bleeding? Anyway Clark is going to give a little test on Ika but since she got scared, she’d rather do it herself. Of course she can’t and zaps the watermelon as it vaporizes! Are they trying to kill her?! Nagisa somewhat feels relief. They’re going to have another go at the ray gun as Harris points at Martin. As he pulls the trigger, Martin changes his mind and ducks, resulting in the entire Lemon shop being vaporized. While the scientists are revelling in joy of their success, a dark aura is emitting from Chizuru. Oh sh*t! You just made her mad! No matter what barrier they put up, Chizuru swiftly cuts through all of them and even their clothes, leaving them stark naked! OMG! The terror she is! The scientists get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness. Chizuru returns to her nice self and lets this slip by since they understood the implications. Nagisa fears that the true threat to mankind may not be a squid by her! Maybe. Very maybe.

Episode 10A: Isn’t It Teruteru Bouzu?
Because it’s raining, Takeru can’t go out to complete his sketch assignment. He makes a Teruteru Bouzu doll as Ika learns the meaning of doing so. Takeru uses Ika as a model but she can’t keep still that long. Then Ika shows it how it’s done and what do you know? She has a talent in drawing? Pretty damn good! However, the realism of the picture she draws depends on how she sees that person like Chizuru a demon, Eiko a robot on terror, Nagisa an angel, Sanae a crowd of ravaging zombies and Takeru a plain guy. Takeru manages to sketch a portrait of Ika and it turns out very manga-like. As they make Teruteru Bouzus, Ika makes horrible and scary ones because she thinks they shouldn’t be smiling as they’re being hung from their neck. She decides to become one and stands by the window smiling all day. But the rain didn’t go away. Not wanting to ruin his childhood innocence, that night Ika goes into his room dressed as a horrible and scary looking Teruteru Bouzu, frightening Takeru so much that he wet his bed! Yeah, even if the raining outside stops, it didn’t inside.

Episode 10B: Won’t You Be Loved?
Annoying Sanae continues to chase after Ika the usual way but by this time Ika has already learned to avoid her like a reflex. Eiko tells her to stop doing so and wants her to think of it in Ika’s shoes. It is for her own good so that she and Ika could mend their relationship and wants Sanae to give her the cold shoulder treatment. Sanae reluctantly takes up her advice and greets Ika the normal way. Sanae even has to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of not having any pictures of Ika so much so it is killing her! She destroys all of the cosplay clothes, deletes tons of images from her picture and even starts hallucinating of Ika. This is serious. She’s like a zombie now. Ika is suspicious of her unusual act at first but as time passes, she gradually opens up to her as they even do stuff together without the squid girl going on the alert. One morning, Ika pats her shoulder and greets her good morning. For the first time, Sanae felt she is no longer hated by Ika. Eiko is relieved that she is able to approach Ika normally. However Sanae feels something is missing and she is not satisfied as before. Without thinking, she lets herself loose and goes to hug Ika. This ends her up getting punched for good but she is happy. Yeah, a masochist indeed. After all that hard work, it’ll be tough to regain Ika’s trust again. But no matter because she looks contented.

Episode 10C: Won’t You Play Baseball?
Kiyomi requests the help of Ika to fill in as a baseball player since their pitcher is sick. Ika seems to be a klutz so the opposing team thinks they’re going to win big time with that kind of amateur play. Kiyomi’s team makes a bad start with Ika fumbling around. But things take an interesting turn when her tentacles do the job (all this while she was using her hands). Nobody can beat Ika’s pitching so when it is her final turn to bat, she scores a remarkable homerun. The ball just flew straight out of the field into the ocean! Wow! Must be a world record. Kiyomi’s team win as the opposing team admits defeat. Kiyomi tells them that Ika isn’t really part of their team but the opposing team is happy. Why? Because they’re asking her to part of their team! With her, they can make it to the Nationals! Brings back memories of Sanae and Cindy’s pestering, eh? She gets scared that more people want to own her so she gives an excuse that she’s busy invading and makes a run for it. Yeah, everybody wants to have a squid girl!

Episode 11A: Isn’t It A Doll?
A horror-like episode without the usual gags. Eiko finds a doll she kept locked away. It freaks out Ika because it looks hideous and old. I thought it was Chuck…  Eiko puts it in her room and Ika can’t sleep since the doll, Depp is staring at her. She turns it towards the window but the next morning, finds that the doll faces back in! Creepy… Worse, Eiko didn’t touch it! Oh shi… Then one morning Ika is given a frightening wakeup call when Depp speaks “Good morning”. However it is revealed to have a talking function. As Eiko chats with Eiko about the doll, they wonder about the other doll because it comes as a pair called Johnny and Depp. Wait a minute? Johnny Depp? Any relation to that Jack Sparrow pirate? Another point is, Johnny is the girl. Huh? Realizing it has some magnetic thingy that causes it to rotate to the direction of the other doll, they go find it in the store room and to their horror really find it in a messed up condition so much so it really scares the daylight out of everyone! For everyone’s good, they are placed in a shrine. Getting goosebumps… Hey wait a minute. I thought Ika doesn’t believe in ghosts? Maybe it’s because she can see it this why she fears it?

Episode 11B: Isn’t It Doubtful?
Cindy’s new target now isn’t Ika but Chizuru after that awesome display of mysterious powers few episodes ago. As part of her plans to get her hair or blood sample, Harris goes in perfectly with an invisible suit, freaking out Eiko and Ika as a ghost. As he is about to take Chizuru’s hair, she suddenly disappears and reappears behind him and ‘warns’ that she felt something. Harris got scared and admits lost. Now it’s Clark’s turn using an artificial invisible fly that emits no buzzing sound. Another failure because Chizuru coolly smacks it! “OH MY GOD!”. It’s Martin’s turn as he takes a direct approach. Proclaiming himself as a big fan of Chizuru, he asks for her hair sample and she gladly gives it to him. That simple? This causes Eiko and Ika to be suspicious of the trio’s activities since they are targeting Chizuru and not Ika. Ika tickles them to spill the beans as Cindy reveals they think Chizuru is an alien, though it is just out of curiosity. She doesn’t mind being classified as one but warns that following what an invading alien would do, she would need to eliminate threats first. It’s that intimidating look again. Enough to send the MIT graduates down on their knees begging for forgiveness. No doubt about it. Chizuru is the strongest! Total respect!

Episode 11C: Won’t You Go Hiking?
Chizuru, Eiko, Takeru and Ika are taking a hike to the mountaintop. Understandably, Ika tires easily. Hey, squids are for swimming. She could’ve used her tentacles to swing from tree to tree but Chizuru warns of no cheating. Better listen to her… Ika gets into a little trouble of her own since the animals have this tendency to bite her tentacles as food. From squirrels to monkey to even a bear. Not to mention a king cobra. Ika faces off with the snake but sadly she lost pathetically to it. It really puts into question her invading abilities. Finally they reach the top as they admire the beautiful scenery of the town below. Ika then quarrels with her own echo. Yeah, she doesn’t understand how it works. As they stop for a picnic, Ika dreads seeing Sanae coming by but how come she looks all fresh and isn’t sweaty? Seems there is a cable car station nearby to bring visitors to the top. Ika gets upset that her struggle was all for nothing and felt deceived so in her frustration she yells to the other ‘cheaters’ that they have no right to watch the view if they don’t hike up the mountain.

Episode 12A: Won’t You Fight?
For the upcoming 18th Yugaihama Beach Volleyball tournament, Ika and Chizuru team up because they want to win a 3D TV. Everyone else also participates except Chizuru, who notes that she is everyone’s manager. Heheh. She’s the big boss. With Ika’s tentacles, their team is earning easy victories like routing Takeru-Yuuta and Sanae-Cindy (Sanae purposely getting hit by Ika’s spiking). They also earn walkovers when Harris-Martin-Clark (WTF?! A 3-man team, how is that legal?) withdraw due to Clark breaking his hand bones and Nagisa running away after thinking her partner Kiyomi maybe in cohorts with Ika to brainwash her. Owner-Ayumi’s team have a new Ika head mask but of course it malfunctions. The final pits them against the Lifesaver Team of Gorou-Isozaki. It is a tough and close match since this is Gorou’s ‘home ground’. Then as Eiko is going to receive a volley, she sprains her ankle and falls into the crowd and Chizuru’s direction. Chizuru swiftly replaces her by wearing that Han Nya mask and resumes the match. With her powerful smash that sends ripples and shockwaves (heck, even the ball exploded!), it is no doubt that Ika’s team wins. Back home with the 3D TV, Ika is puzzled she can’t eat the 3D prawn. Of course cannot lah!

Episode12B: Isn’t It A Crisis?
Horror! Suddenly Ika cannot use her tentacles! They try all sorts of techniques in hopes of getting it to move again. Including desperate measures like Sanae’s ‘shock therapy’. This is serious. An initial scan from Cindy and her MIT boys indicate that her organs are degenerating possibly due to living on the land for too long. She is also losing her other abilities like luminance, head fin and squid ink. The scientists take this as a chance to examine her thoroughly but I think Ika prefers not to be invaded personally so she runs away. Sitting alone, Ika tries to rational that she may have invaded the land personally and hopes to do some reverse psychology by returning to the sea in hopes that everyone would persuade her to stay. However it turned out quite the opposite. Nobody is surprised of her departure and even supports her to go! Even Sanae! For her own good? I guess Ika has to live up to her words so everyone sends her off. However they note that she will return. Still waiting… She’s not turning up… Still continue to wait… I think she’s serious. Waiting, waiting, waiting… Eiko’s heart is suddenly disturbed. Could it be?

Episode 12C: Isn’t It A Bigger Crisis?
Time has passed and everyone resumes their ordinary lives. I can’t believe she’s gone for good. Everything has returned to its original peace and quiet by why is everybody feeling gloomy? Probably no squid girl to bully. Suddenly that familiar thud on the table. That familiar phrase of invading mankind. That familiar white dress! Oh yes! Ika is back! Hooray! But wait. Something is different. She has her tentacles cut! OMG! It’s like she’s taken a haircut. Something about Not only that, she talks differently too. Tossing away her “~de geso” for “~da wa”. Ika Musume Mk II? Did she ‘power up’ by tossing away her tentacles since they no longer function or regenerate? But even without her tentacles, she is still able to work. She continues to help out using her 2 normal hands. Eh? What happened about the invasion plan? However Takeru is very upset because this isn’t the Ika he knew. He starts crying in Chizuru’s arms while apologizing for everything. Ika takes some time off on the beach alone. She encounters a mysterious girl, Kozue Tanabe who talks to her. Ika says she doesn’t know what to do anymore but Kozue insists that she does. And that is to follow her heart because she is not alone. She leaves when Eiko comes by as Ika returns to her talking style. Meanwhile the MIT trio are trying a machine that will explore the depths of the ocean (their new fascination?). Suddenly it goes wrong and causes a whirlpool in the sea, sucking Eiko in. Ika tries hard to save her and at that very moment, her tentacles grow back again to save Eiko from drowning. When Ika finds the idiotic trio responsible, they make a run but no matter how ridiculously far or fast, her tentacles will always catch them. They beg for forgiveness and since because of them that led to Eiko’s drowning, she managed to get her tentacles back, she lets them go. Ika looks forward to staying with them again. For once when Eiko is really going to accept her and shake her hands, Ika gets cocky by saying that she’ll throw her into the ocean again if she ever loses her powers and that she is the greatest being not only in the ocean but the world! Say that when you’ve conquer the world. Eiko gives her a deserved knock on the head. Ah, everything back to normal.

Invasion, Interrupted
Oh yeah, this has been a fun series all the way. I enjoyed every moment of it. It is funny in its own way and after watching many okay-only animes recently, this was quite a refreshing change. Though there were some parts that weren’t comedy-driven and were more of heart-warming (the chibi Ika part) and horror-filled (that creepy doll segment), otherwise you’d be cracking into a smile at almost every antic. Too bad that it is only a dozen episodes long. But fret not because I read that the second season has been given the green light! Oh yes! I couldn’t be much happier and looking forward when Ika returns and gets owned. Oops. But what the heck, everybody loves her. She’s too adorable to be passed up as an invader, don’t you think? I hope she will not succeed in her invasion so that there will be more sequels. I’m such a bad person…

If you buy the DVD, there are 2 short mini stories of Ika in chibi mode. Oh yeah. How cute can you get? Too bad they last less than 5 minutes each. In the first side story, we see Ika going to rest after Eiko goes to school. However she gets thrown out of her own little bed. Seems there is another Ika but this one is dressed in black! Double the cuteness! Well, this vagabond Black Ika seems to be mischievous. After Ika tries several times to wake her up, Black Ika asserts her authority by teasing her and so Ika starts chasing her throughout the house. Then the tables are turned as Poor Ika becomes the victim when she is made to run over crayons thrown at her, rolled over by a ball, getting chased by a remote toy truck and finally being shot at with rubber bands. Wow. She’s been through a lot. Finally Black Ika accidentally fires herself out of the window and is going to be the Dobermans’ meal but Ika uses her tentacles to save her. She is grateful and apologetic so both little squid girls have their fill of prawn crackers before Black Ika leaves for her journey. Guess what? There is no dialogue in this story! Only cute huffing and puffing from Ika. In the second side story, Ika is seen trekking through the treacherous burning desert. Well, it’s actually the sandy beach. It looks like a desert if you’re that small, right? She smells a delicious prawn being cooked by Chizuru and tries to steal it without getting noticed but her plan isn’t smooth flowing as she has to avoid getting stepped on, escape from the curious clutches of Takeru and Yuuta and yes, the mother of all nightmares: Freaky Sanae who wants a piece of her. Poor Ika takes the prawn and runs for her life but Sanae chases her down like a desperate beast, causing commotion wherever they go. When Ika is cornered and moments away from being pounded by her, the prawn suddenly comes to life and Ika is made to bow and respect it if she wants to borrow her powers for world domination. The prawn lets Ika eat her so she turns into a giant and starts stomping away! Now who is the one getting squished? Time to get her revenge on Sanae. She resigns to her fate of getting stepped on when suddenly it’s revealed that it’s just her sick fantasy of wanting to be stepped on in reality too. Of course the rest are dumbfounded at her delusion especially Ika. Sure, she can fulfil her wish and step on her as many times as she wants to so long she gives her the prawn. Another delusion one, eh?

So in the end, did she really have plans to invade humanity? That thought feels like it has become a distant dream. Just like that green alien frog, this squid girl also flops big time. However she flops in a cute way ;). I think it’s because she is lonely, the reason why she made invading humanity as an excuse to go on land to look for friends. She’s made lots of them in a way even if she’s being used, abused and invaded herself. So in a way you could say it is a successful failure, right? I guess she’s quite naive on how humans live so I think the rate she is going, she is going to need to spend more time living on land to learn more. It’s a good thing she has found her ‘family’ on the shore even if they all seem dysfunctional. You have got to agree with me that she is exudes lots of moe cuteness enough to send macho men fawning over her. She could be the next rising moe icon for all you know. Is it a surprise that many people want to own her? Even if it means for their own ulterior purpose? Man, I’ve got to get myself a squid girl too. Something about her tentacles bugs me a little. As seen it can do numerous and wonderful stuff that nobody could possibly match. So why didn’t she use it for her invasion? Maybe she hasn’t thought about it yet? Or maybe she did but really didn’t really want to invade. She’s got a bunch of other talents so much so you’d think that perhaps it is her brain that is lagging.

The other characters are as amusing as Ika herself and with the funny cast, I guess this is also what makes the series successful even if there is not really much of a plot. Stalker Sanae is some sort of a masochist and I think she prefers to get her kicks getting beaten up by the squid. Cindy and her idiotic trio may be top graduates from MIT but I guess the summer heat must have got to their heads seeing that they are obsessed in conducting a research on extraterrestrial life forms and come up with weird contraptions. Nagisa thinks she is the sanest person around but I think she is if not the most paranoid one. She worries too much if you ask me. Eiko may be a brute and using violence to keep Ika in line but that’s her way of caring for her. Chizuru is by far the most mysterious and perhaps the powerful one among the gang. You can say she’s at the top of the food chain. No doubt if you make her mad, you’ll regret having seeing her other side. Her unrivalled speed, power and seemingly omniscient powers make you wonder if she is indeed an alien or even the devil. So remember, when she opens her eyes, you’re in deep sh*t. Deeper than the ocean. If she really puts her mind into it, she can actually invade the entire world! Dangerous… Another mysterious character is the short appearance of Kozue. From the way she speaks and what I have read, she may be another sea creature taking a human form. In her case, she may be an octopus from her written kanji name and dressing.

Hisako Kanemoto did an excellent job voicing Ika. Definitely suits that squid girl with her “~de geso” sentence-ending lines and her other many moods which makes her just too cute to resist. Now I can see why Sanae is so infatuated with her. She was also the voice of Kanata in Sora No Woto. Rie Tanaka as Chizuru wasn’t as recognizable at first because she didn’t went hysterical like she did with Xanthippe in Sora Kake Girl or Sanada in UFO Princess Valkyrie. But at least I should have recognized her from her Suigin Tou role in Rozen Maiden. I guess it has become Ayumi Fujimura’s ‘forte’ to voice tough girls like how she did in Seikon No Qwaser as Mafuyu and Kaichou Wa Maid-sama as Misaki. She feels ‘at home’ with Eiko. Other casts include Kanae Itou as Sanae (Saten in To Aru Kagaku No Railgun, Amu in Shugo Chara), Azusa Kataoka as Nagisa (Sakura in Penguin Musume), Hitomi Nabatame as Cindy (Margery Daw in Shakugan No Shana series), Yuuchi Nakamura as Gorou (Tomoya in Clannad), Miki Ootani as Takeru (Hana in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn), Ayako Kawasumi as Ayumi (Nodame in Nodame Cantabile) and Akemi Kanda as Kozue (Asuna in Mahou Sensei Negima series).

On a trivial note, if you’re wondering why the episode titles are in the form of questions, that’s because it is a pun and play on Ika’s name. For instance “Shinryaku ShnaI KA?” or “Nakama Ja NaI KA?”. Well, it’s better than ending it with her typical “~de geso”. The opening theme, Shinryaku No Susume by Ultra-Prism with Ika Musume is infectiously cute. Howzabout starting off by singing “Shinryaku!” (Invasion!) repeatedly several times like as though they’re brainwashing you for her coming invasion. Otherwise it is your typical upbeat anime song. As for the ending theme, Metamerism, let’s just say that squids can’t sing and it’s better off that they don’t. Initially I thought it was Ika’s seiyuu who sang the song since it sounded so much like that “~de geso” girl but it is actually by Sanae’s seiyuu instead. Maybe I need to get my ears cleaned. So yeah, my bad to say that squids can’t sing. There is a different eyecatch for every ending credit animation. Though we see Ika standing and looking out to the dark black see, you’ll see a thing that is related to that episode appearing for instance a UFO flying across the screen, fireworks or Ika herself in a swimsuit, holding a broken umbrella, standing hand in hand with Kiyomi, that hideous head masks and not forgetting even that chibi Ika scurrying across.

So I guess that a subtle hint they’re trying to say is that stop polluting the Earth or risk the wrath of sea creatures exacting revenge on us humans. Don’t throw your bottles and cans into the ocean. Stop the oil spill. Cease pouring harmful chemicals into the sea. You don’t want a squid girl knocking on your door, would you? Urm… On second thought, maybe if the invader is this cute and cuddly, I wouldn’t mind it at all. So yeah, pollute the ocean, contribute to global warming! I really want to see what kind of cute girls the ocean will bring forth. Fancy a Tako Musume (Octopus Girl) or Same Musume (Shark Girl) or Iruka Musume (Dolphin Girl) or Hitode Musume (Starfish Girl) or Kani Musume (Crab Girl) or maybe a Mermaid! Hmm… Wondering the kind of havoc if there is Ebi Musume (Shrimp Girl). Suddenly I got this craving for fried sotong… Yummy… See how cute squid girl fear me instead ~de geso!

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