Shukufuku No Campanella

July 30, 2011

The last time I watched a harem RPG genre anime was Tears To Tiara. Something tells me that Shukufuku No Campanella fits under this bill too. Okay, maybe not. Perhaps the party seemed like they had more girls than the guys, that’s all. Besides the feel of the main characters like being an RPG party, I guess the other matters differ very much between the 2 series. One thing, we don’t have a certain Demon Lord amassing his harem at an alarming rate nor the girls proclaiming to be his wife. Even so, we all know that the girls like him because he’s a nice caring guy.

Perhaps it is just coincidence that recently I’ve been watching a handful of fantasy RPG genres adapted into anime. I have not played the game form that it was originally released from but as usual, I read it was first released as an adult visual game (what else should we expect?) but was later turned into one that is acceptable for all ages. I guess with characters this cute, it’s a shame to turn them into erotic styles. As usual, one of my weak points in watching such genres is to remember the unique names and terms. It really took me a while to even remember the names and understand the certain terminologies that are distinctive to this series. Thank goodness it wasn’t that bad. So by the time I finished watching this anime, I could recall names and terms with my eyes closed. I consider that an achievement!

Episode 1
The story takes place on a fictional island called Ert’Aria. Magic and all those stuff that are in need to be operated by is called Ale. As seen, the people of the island is preparing Meteor Shower Festival which happens only once in every 7 years. We are introduced to the several protagonists of the Oasis Clan. We have the lead guy, Leicester Maycraft, an item engineer of the clan; the maid and servant of Oasis Clan Nina Lindberg (never seem to step outside the clan house); Carina Verritti dubbed the Jewel of Ert’Aria who is Leicester’s childhood friend (*wink, wink*); Self proclaimed best puppeteer in the world and one-(wo)man show travelling performer, Agnes Boulange (don’t forget her huge appetite) and her automaton cat Tango; a Knight Templar with a very bad sense of direction, Chelsea Arcot; Leicester’s very young looking mom who is also a bit lecherous, Shelley (young enough to be his sister if you ask me). Oasis Clan also has a ‘rival’ clan house but they aren’t loggerheads. The Tortilla sisters Salsa and Ritos and their huge Golem always seem to butt their nose into Oasis’ affairs simply because, just like the rest of the other girls, they have a crush on Leicester. Salsa being the eldest sister always falls victim to sly and crafty Ritos’ pranks and jokes. You’d enjoy seeing the interaction between them. Believe me, you will. That night the gang gear up to watch the Meteor Shower atop the cathedral (with permission from Carina’s dad, Fabious who is also the Archduke of Ert’Aria). A little ‘argument’ who should be by Leicester’s side. As they watch the magnificent meteor shower streaking across the night sky, there is a big one seemingly headed their way. Uh oh. Even if it’s just a cluster of Ale and has no mass, it’ll be bad if it hits them, right? Well, Shelley isn’t panicking since it isn’t really going to hit them, but the cathedral’s tower. Leicester rushes there where he finds a sleeping little girl, Minette, opening her eyes for the first time. Upon seeing him, she instantly hugs him and calls him “Papa”. Please don’t tell me he has an illegitimate child! Sonna wake nai! (Of course not!). Well you see, at the beginning of this episode, we saw Minette in some suspended-like animation talking with someone about the day she will be ‘born’ and bring happiness to people when she opens her eyes. So I guess this is the day (or night rather)?

Episode 2
Girls like Carina would go berserk upon hearing some little girl called him Papa knowing very well that he is still single, right? Is he? So fortunately we have Leicester’s dad, Nagan and Shelley explaining about her activation due to the meteor shower and being created by the world’s number one puppeteer: Mizeh Altoise. Agnes was self proclaimed, remember? As a matter of fact, Altoise is Agnes’ Maitresse (that’s French for a female mistress as in master of a certain profession) and in this case her teacher. You can’t leave a little girl by herself so they bring Minette back to Oasis and let her stay here. Would it be natural for a father and daughter to sleep together? Not if the other girls want a piece of that too. Ah, it’s getting livelier at the clan house and a new woman upstaging everybody else… Down to business, Minette learns that clan houses such as their can take on requests. You know, if you have trouble, any sort of trouble that needs fixing, you can put in a request to a clan house and have them go on a quest to solve it for you. Fabious pays them a visit and after his little ruckus, has Oasis undertake a little quest. Apparently one of the meteors last night struck the underground treasury near their house and due to the large flowing power of the Ale, some treasures are turning into harmful Crystal Monsters. Fabious wants them to investigate the treasury. Upon entering the treasury, they are faced with a dragon with a Crystal on its forehead. They attack it but it keeps regenerating. They hear a voice, turns out to be some floating girl, Garnet, asking Minette’s opinion on the dragon. She notes it to be in pain and troubled. She advices Minette to communicate her feelings to the dragon. She and Leicester apologize for their attack and would like it to share their warm feelings. Minette’s Anima Pearl (a type of Crystal that is able to absorb and store greater amount of Ale as compared to normal Crystals) stabilizes the dragon’s Ale, returning to its crystal form. As they discuss with Garnet the source of this, they learn she is that dragon’s avatar. Which means everything was her fault to begin with. She couldn’t handle it herself since she used up most of her power. Garnet gives the dragon’s Crystal to Minette and if she has anything to ask, she can use it to summon her out. Everyone returns and have fun at the beach. Oasis’ other member (and the only other guy around who carries a big axe – don’t worry, he isn’t a total loser), Nick La’juck returns from a quest to join them. Now Leicester has a tougher mission than the dragon quest: Deciding whose swimsuit is the cutest. I agree the former was much easier.

Episode 3
Another quest for the Oasis people. They are to find a Black Rainbow Flower within Laschutatto forest. Since it absorbs light and leaving its surroundings ominously dark (like Crystals absorbing Ale), there is a risk of it being attacked by Crystal Monsters. Along the way, Chelsea got lost, Salsa got into another one of Ritos’ pranks while tailing Oasis and Carina remembers how Leicester gave her Montecchia (Carina’s magic wand that resembles like an oar) that gave her the ability to travel the world despite her weak body. Leicester and Carina arrive at a darkened part of the forest and find the Flower. Suddenly they are attacked by a swift Crystal Monster. Deducing its attack pattern, they manage to remove the Crystal and the creature to a harmless cute looking squirrel. Leicester and Carina fall into an ambiguous position after the latter’s magic powers run dry. After collecting the Flowers and returning to Oasis, Leicester thinks of using the Crystal to install a talking function in Montecchia so that for instance it could warn her when its powers are running low. Carina helps Leicester with the installation (to me it looked like just putting a string in different patterns) and work late into the night till they are successful. With its ability to talk now, Montecchia even expresses its delayed heartfelt gratitude to Carina. Then it starts spouting embarrassing stuff like her deep feelings for Leicester. Oh dear. Is there an ‘off’ button somewhere? Regret making it talk, eh?

Episode 4
After Agnes delivers another one of her awesome puppet road show, an old lady spectator makes a request. The quest takes Oasis towards the mountains and into a closed mine looking for Ale suitable for the hotspring. They continue digging till they reach a room with a shining Crystal in it. Due to its strange flow of Ale, the entire mine starts shaking so the gang makes haste to get out before they get buried alive. Unfortunately as the ceiling caves in, the gang are separated. Leicester and Agnes on one side and the rest on the other. Luckily nobody was seriously injured. They promise to find their own way and meet each other outside. Leicester and Agnes trek through the dark cave (probably the producers think they need to have a little screen time together) and in no time everyone finds their way out. Back at Oasis, they use some of the Crystals for the hot bath. Shelley decides to have some fun playing a little prank. She sends Agnes into the bath without telling her that Leicester is inside using it. If it’s not awkward enough for the duo to see each other naked, it becomes even more when Minette, Carina and Chelsea are heard coming in. Thankfully the trio are as ‘blind as a bat’ because even if the duo hid next to the corner shelf, I’m sure they could’ve been spotted by the edge of their eyes. Oh yeah, they’re hugging each other since the space is a little cramp. Still naked. Agnes goes to join the other girls in the bath while Leicester finishes up and probably would like to tell his mom about a thing or two about her prank.

Episode 5
Since there is no request today at Oasis, they will be taking the day off. Garnet isn’t happy that Minette hasn’t summoned her since (was there a need to?). Minette and Garnet are tasked to buy ingredients for their curry dinner while the Tortilla sisters spy and tail them. Along their way across the island (since some of the ingredients in town are out of stock and have to get them from the other side), they meet Agnes in her street performance, Carina in her guarding duty and lost Chelsea at the port. Garnet offers to bring Chelsea back to her post so Minette goes alone to finish her ‘quest’. She sees a girl, Miriam Roland in pain. After giving her an apple to make her feel better, they both chat and become good friends. Minette learns that she has a weak body. But when she realizes she is late, Miriam offers to guide her there. Taking a shortcut through the alley, they see a kitten stuck outside a window on top. Minette decides to rescue it. The crates she stood on gave way but luckily Leicester was there to catch her (I guess he was following and keeping an eye on her as a worried ‘father’). Soon Miriam part ways with them. Leicester and Minette return to Oasis. She feels that she didn’t complete her quest since she wasn’t able to buy one of the ingredients. The rest didn’t mind till the Tortilla sisters show up to give her the missing ingredient as thanks from an owner of the cat she saved. Chelsea and Garnet finally arrive home after getting lost the whole day. So I see Garnet has hopeless direction too, eh? Classic case of blind leading the blind. Minette happily helps Nina out to make curry dinner.

Episode 6
Chelsea learns that a calamity will befall Ert’Aria and her mission is to find its reason and prevent the situation from worsening. Leicester and Minette meet Chelsea after her knight practice. Fabious is organizing a party at his place as appreciation for the Knights Templar. Chelsea notes she has to be on duty then to guard an Artifact but that is where Fabious requests Leicester to do the patrol on her behalf around the Sacred Temple. Later Chelsea takes Leicester and Nick around room with Artifacts to be protected. Among them the most valuable one, the Sacred Celestine sword. That night as the party begins, Chelsea appears in a stunning gown. It isn’t long before a Crystal Monster gatecrashes the party. While Garnet goes to get Leicester, the rest evacuate the place and try to contain the monster. However it is too fast. When Leicester arrives, he concludes that the monster attacks objects emitting bright lights and uses himself as bait to draw out the monster before Chelsea delivers the finishing move. Chelsea had earlier on drank a little too much and tires out from exhaustion so Leicester carries her back to the clan house. She starts talking funny (“Nyuu”?) and acting funny (stripping her clothes). I’m sure she enjoyed herself very much. All she needs is a goodnight rest. Goodnight, Chelsea.

Episode 7
Nagan requests Oasis to investigate the sky. Apparently the meteor shower is still going on when it is supposed to occur only once in 7 years and strange occurrences like the Crystal Monsters have been taking place. Agnes guides the gang through the forest to Altoise’s research lab in hopes to get some answers. But the forest is laden with traps set by the Maitresse as they have to carefully navigate the puzzle or else they’ll return back to square one (I thought the numbers chart Agnes was holding looked somewhat like Sudoku). They successfully reach Altoise’s cabin but she isn’t around. Agnes tells the gang this is where Minette is born though the latter has fuzzy memories about the place. Altoise brought Minette to life but due to insufficient Ale, she went back to ‘sleep’. In that short period, Agnes manages to befriend her. Everyone soon helps to find clues. Minette notices a shiny object underneath the house and crawls towards a statue with a pearl. She brings it back to Leicester and a series of events lead them to unlock a letter from Altoise. She is currently in a place known as Waterwheels of Heaven (there is an Artifact there that is able to circulate Ale). They hear Nick’s voice outside. He is being confronted by an automaton girl, Avril. She is here to take Minette’s core. The Oasis members cooperate to protect Minette but Avril is too strong and swift for them to handle. Avril backs down upon hearing orders from her master, Aberdeen. Seems Agnes knows him as he is her brother. Though he asserts that he only needs Minette’s core, he and Avril withdraw for now.

Episode 8
The gang thinks that somebody has to be with Minette as precaution during the Harvest Festival. Since everyone has their own duties, they suggest the Tortilla sisters to help out. Salsa and Ritos accompany Minette through the town as they do some advertising in swimsuits (even attracting animals?!). They let Agnes join in with her puppet acrobatic stuns before helping out Chelsea serving customers. After Agnes takes Minette go shopping, Salsa and Ritos follow Chelsea to the Artifact displays. Salsa once again falls for the pranks that the Artifacts she touched are cursed. Of course not. The Tortilla sisters later meet Leicester as they exchange items for the fireworks display. Ritos shows that though she always have fun tormenting her sister, she isn’t totally bad-hearted as she has Salsa to accompany Leicester back to Oasis. As everyone prepares to get ready to watch the fireworks, Salsa remembers her sister and decides to go back to her and prepare for the fireworks. I guess with the wasted chance and effort, that means Salsa has forgo her right to be with Leicester and allow herself to be subjected to Ritos’ taunting again. Yeah, she bluffs her for wanting to destroy the town with her fireworks (Salsa panicky as usual) but of course the only thing happening was the beautiful display.

Episode 9
Nagan continues to discuss with Oasis Clan about the strange happenings of the meteor shower. He thinks Altoise has also noticed this and taken action. Unfortunately the Waterwheel of Heaven’s location is still a mystery and they’re still continuing to search for it. Later Leicester accompanies Minette and Miriam on their day out. They pass but Tortilla Company as Ritos invites them in for tea before going back to Oasis. Carina and Agnes are doing their research but do not come up with anything conclusive. Suddenly as the bell rings, Miriam experiences pain in her chest and collapses. Agnes came back just in time to explain Miriam is an automaton like Minette. However she was a human long before but turned into one via a dragon’s technology due to her illness (she was believed to not live long). Though she is ‘cured’ from her illness, operating an automaton requires large amount of Ale. Due to the inconsistent meteor shower, somehow the Ale lost its balance. Thus to maintain its stability, Minette’s core which is Anima Pearl is needed and the reason why Aberdeen has his eyes on it. If Miriam’s condition is prolonged, she will cease to function. It’s an either or situation and Minette doesn’t like one bit of it. That night, Aberdeen and Avril break into the room to retrieve Miriam.

Episode 10
Miriam comes to and learns that Minette’s core is important for her survival. She doesn’t want something like that if it sacrifices her friend’s life. Minette just smiled and say to meet again. Chelsea has requested her Knights Templar to search for Aberdeen while the Tortilla sisters offer to take care of the abnormal Ale. Minette spends time with some of the Oasis members and learn their feelings on the situation. Salsa and Ritos journey to that closed mine again to investigate a large flowing Ale power. Minette couldn’t sleep that night so she goes to the rooftop of the cathedral. She meets Shelley as she offers her advice such as considering the views and feelings from all perspective before making her decision. Teary Minette laments her current situation. She loves everyone so much and wants to be with everybody together. After crying in Shelley’s bosoms, Minette has made her decision. Leicester finishes his work and notices Minette’s bell hanging outside her door. Fearing the worse, he enters to find her missing. Then he starts getting frantic and rushes out to search for her. Minette sees Aberdeen and follows him.

Episode 11
Minette volunteers to transfer her core to Miriam as Aberdeen starts the process. As the Oasis members run around town to search for Minette, Carina uses Montecchia to track Aberdeen (they should’ve done this in the first place). Leicester hitches a ride with Carina to the outskirts of the town. However Avril is defending the place and will not allow the duo to get an inch closer. Carina becomes her opponent so Leicester could go ahead. Since Carina can match Avril’s power and speed, Avril makes it top priority to destroy her. Leicester arrives outside the house and sees Aberdeen. He understands his actions of doing so but he wants him to put himself in his shoes too. As the guys fight, Minette rushes out to her papa. Leicester says it is for his daughter’s sake that he is willing to put his life on the line. He mentions that he is not here to just save Minette and Miriam, but also Aberdeen and Avril. Thus he will defeat him. Leicester pulls off a flashy (literally) move that could almost kill them both but thankfully they’re still breathing. Carina and Avril stop their match to rush back to the guys. Leicester continues his fatherly talk with Minette. Something about he is selfish and greedy and will do what it takes to get what he wants. He wants everyone to be together. He is sure that everyone else shares this same selfishness and says it is alright for Minette to be so too. Miriam then comes out and reiterates her similar wish and that she doesn’t want to die yet. In the end, Aberdeen agrees to cooperate with Oasis to find a method to cure her. Their joyful reunion is cut short when Garnet says that they need to head back as something major has happened. Turns out the Tortilla sisters have returned and relate their experience how the light from the mountain exploded towards the sky and caused Crystal Monster to rampage and attack the locals. Thinking that must be the counter-flow of the Ale from the Waterwheel of Heaven, the thing that stabilizes Ale in the world has become abnormal and causing an increase in the rampage of Crystal Monsters. Leicester concludes that if the Waterwheel of Heaven is causing Miriam’s core to behave unusually, then getting rid of it would return her back to normal. Everyone prepares to journey to the Waterwheel of Heaven.

Episode 12
Aberdeen and Avril want the Oasis members to head up the Waterwheel of Heaven first as they plan to take care of the rampaging Crystal Monsters from advancing. Why do they all look so cute? Just imagine Pokemon going wild… It’s not just here. Just about everywhere, cute Crystal Monsters are on the offensive. The Knights Templar along with the Tortilla sisters defend the island as we get to see Fabious strut his martial arts skill. The Oasis members climb the tower. I’m not sure if they ever thought of flying up but it seems forever running up the flight of stairs (it took them all day). But good thing nobody seems exhausted after reaching the top. They see Altoise embedded inside a large Crystal. Agnes calls out to her mom. Seems she is using her body as a vessel to control the flow of Ale and creating a large amount of Crystal Monsters to preserve it. Though they can fix it by repair but the Artifact is an ancient lost technology so one mistake would mean total destruction and everything would be lost forever. Well, it isn’t impossible though the success rate isn’t even 1%. Better than nothing, right? So if a Maitresse like her can’t repair it, how can someone like them will? Of course they can! Firstly, they don’t like this idea of sacrificing friends for the better future. Secondly, this is how Oasis does things. Thirdly, they are the heroes. They can’t fail even if the odds are stacked against them. I hope. Altoise agrees to leave the reparation in their hands but at that moment, she will be incapable to help and the powerful Ale will attack them. As Leicester and Minette go repair the puzzle Artifact, the other girls keep the attacking monsters at bay. With everyone’s feeling connected, Chelsea manage even to summon Celestine and do some serious butt kicking. In the end, Leicester successfully repairs the Artifact. See, what did I tell you? Yes, we can! Minette meets Altoise in a suspended-like space-time dimension. Minette is happy to have met everyone. Altoise emerges out from the Crystal as Agnes emotionally goes to hug her. With the stabilization of the Ale, all the Crystal Monsters return back to their cute docile form. Everyone returns back to Ert’Aria and resume their normal lives as Minette and Miriam continue to be good friends. All’s well, ends well.

Mixed Blessings…
I guess everything here is rather okay for this series. For a fantasy-like anime, there isn’t any real antagonist or rotten baddie here. Firstly, the Crystal Monsters are too cute to be seen as any threat to anybody. I felt that they don’t pose any serious danger to anybody. Even if they attack and get whacked, you’ll somehow feel assured that nobody gets injured. Besides, hitting those cute little things some may say animal abuse, but to me it seemed a little comical. I mean, can you picture hammering all your teddy bears in a row? As for Aberdeen and Avril, they are driven by their strong desire to protect and save Miriam. Anybody in their shoes would have done the same. They just look unfriendly, that’s all. Finally Altoise’s reason to protect the Ale that flows through the world is a noble one even though her actions put a lot of risk and danger to the people living below. But then again, it’s back to those reasons why the Crystal Monsters don’t seem so threatening.

So a happy ending that eventually has everyone able to be together to enjoy more happy moments. With Aberdeen and Avril by their side now, Oasis will be a stronger clan. I’m not sure if they have any intentions to join because Minette did mention that she hopes they will join the clan after everything is over. Overall, though the characters are interesting, they aren’t that ‘colourful’ enough to be uniquely unique. Get what I’m saying? Basically everyone is the same at the end as when they started. Like Chelsea still gets lost and Ritos enjoying playing pranks to helpless Salsa. Other characters like Nick and Garnet are there just because they are there and I felt they do not make much impact aside the fact that they are being part of Oasis. Even if this series is meant to showcase Leicester and Minette’s bond as father-daughter, I don’t really feel the intensity of it. Sure, Minette learns about the valuable thing called friendship and love, but the way her character is seems that she is naturally a good, kind and helpful girl so there isn’t any ‘big lesson’ to go through and learn from it other than the dilemma of putting her life on the line to save her friend first. Even so, I don’t really feel tense or worried. Yeah, maybe she’s too cute even when she’s anxious and troubled.

The far most amusing characters are still Salsa and Ritos. They are my motivation to watch this series even if I don’t really care about the plot or the fanservice (really?). In every episode, Ritos never fails to make fun out of her poor sister. She is literally quick in twisting her words and turning the situation around to make it so that Salsa takes the blame or seen as the villain, if not the idiot. It doesn’t help since Salsa is rather gullible and I don’t think she ever learns. That is what makes those 2 worth watching. Maybe these 2 should have their own spin-off series. I’ll never tire of watching them in their antics. Sorry Salsa. I know that you’re bearing the painful end of it all but take heart that it is for my amusement :). You’ll run riot with them, guaranteed.

I guess the pacing of the story is rather okay. The first half of the series seems to focus on some of the girls and make it in a way they have their turn and some screen time with Leicester before the final climax. So in the end, does it feel like a harem? Somehow that question in every harem series “Which girl would he choose to be?” seems lost halfway as the focus shifts to the problem dealing with Miriam and the inconsistent flow of Ale in the world. Just like the fanservice part. Some fanservice moments here and there in the first half like Minette temporarily losing her skirt while saving the cat, Ritos waking up totally naked except for a towel clad around her in the Laschutatto forest and the naked embrace of Agnes and Leicester that nearly had them caught. Then when the culmination of the story takes place, you don’t see any more of those. I’m not sure if the mid-intermission eye candy is for fanservice purpose as we see the female characters in the series taking turns posing in a still picture.

Speaking of more fanservice, if you buy the DVD, there will be 6 short specials lasting around 2 minutes or so. They are bath time clips of the girls in the series. Ahem, ahem… Probably the best place if you want to see some tits… Even though there are no dialogue and speeches, I’m sure you would be distracted with the ladies taking their bath, rubbing their body clean or just lying around rather than the lively and upbeat background music. Since the characters are rendered using CG, they look a little different than their usual self in 2D but you can still recognize them. By their face of course not their boobs. I noticed that even this bath time specials come in 2 versions. One in 2D and the other in 3D. I’m not sure how the 3D one will look like (but I can take a guess) maybe because I don’t have any 3D specs with me. Trying to take the fanservice to a whole new level, eh? Something to look forward to? (Pun intended). Perhaps there were quite a number of girls in the series and due to the limited DVD format, not all of them will appear. I have only seen Carina, Minette, Agnes, Chelsea and Ritos and Salsa’s version. Hey, I watched out of curiosity, okay? So I thought the last special would be one of the other girls and was guessing is it going to be Nina, Avril, Miriam or even Shelley who will take the final spot. But nope. The last special includes none of them but instead all those who appeared in the previous specials to gather in one big bath scene. I guess the rest aren’t ‘good’ enough to make it to that scene.

For more fanservice, the OVA is just what you need as it is released back in April 2011. The OVA consists of short nonsensical takes of the characters in the series that mocks several genres. And yeah, more fanservice than you could ever imagine though it won’t be like every scene. It starts with a high school parody called Campanella Academy whereby Salsa, Ritos and Golem are the disciplinary committee members sensing the threat of the gradual increase in Leicester’s harem. Leicester is by the way, the student council vice president. Guess who are the other members who make up the student council body? They need to put a stop to the arrival of the new heroine and go to confront Minette and Miriam. They also meet Aberdeen and Avril who are delinquents (they sound livelier here). Minette and Avril talk about how Leicester ‘saved’ them while Aberdeen visualizes a confrontation with him (and lost – setting some BL flag). Then the school director Shelley tells them that their battle has just begin and go forth before all the girls in the city become her son’s grand harem. And that’s it. The rest of the short takes include Minette’s introduction of several hotspring and its benefits (tits galore!); a Campanella movie called Auto Mata Golem which is a screwed up mix of Chinese kung-fu, bathroom horror (ala Psycho), phantom thief (Cat’s Eye parody) with some outer space mecha parody; A bathroom murder mystery with the girls of Oasis rushing in to find unconscious Leicester. They get horny ideas to rub his back and to see his ‘little buddy’ by taking off his loincloth. When they do so, they scream with horror and rush out just when Leicester regains consciousness. The second time, they see Salsa knocked out on the floor and Ritos taking a bath. Seems they’re here to pay a ‘night visit’ to Leicester. Then everyone gets this horny idea to go ‘visit’ Leicester while he’s asleep. Agnes gets flustered when a real scene of her naked with Leicester appears and tries to get it out of everyone’s mind. In the end, the Tortilla sisters just leave. The third time round, the see Nick lying on the floor but no cause for alarm because they walk away calmly and just let him be; A ‘Find Wally’ version called Find Chelsea in which viewers have 10 seconds to find her as the picture zooms in. The last one is tricky because it shows the whole island! How the heck will we know she’s there?!; The Yakyuken supposedly some random character selection in which he/she will do rock-scissors-paper with the audience and if the viewers win, the girl will give us a topless fanservice pose. If not, it’ll be substituted with a guy…

Fortune Sentai Campanellan is a parody of the sentai genre with the Tortilla sisters holding Leicester as hostage for world domination. The other girls arrive to save the day as they transform into their own respective colours. It gets out of hand when other characters arrive and transform, screwing up the colour theme; A Day In Life Of Golem sees Agnes and Tango spying on Golem doing several household chores. Agnes gets this weird idea that there is someone piloting Golem and fantasizes the possible guys in the series inside it. Why is Agnes face like a pervert? Why is her breathing so hard? That night as Ritos is to inspect Golem, she makes Salsa do housewife chores. Agnes is waiting in baited breath but to her disappointment, sees multiple mini Golems inside working out. Later Ritos teases Salsa about Leicester’s outer coat she secretly keeps in the roof. Finally in Leicester Becomes A Doll, as the name suggests, he becomes one as part of Altoise and Shelley’s pranks. Unable to move, every Oasis girl that sees the cute Leicester doll either subjects him to boobs smothering, fanservice, dress changing and worse of all, violation (can you believe Chelsea did this?!). Lastly when Minette takes the doll with her to sleep, the spell wears out in the middle of the night and Leicester returns to his normal size in Minette’s bed. Naked. It’s a good thing she’s still asleep. The next morning, everyone is puzzled where the doll may have disappeared to and wonders where Leicester has been but he can’t say. The mid-intermission for the OVA is total fanservice. At least for the girls’ part (topless nudity, you get the picture) and occurs very frequently between the short takes. Even the guys have their own poses and shots. Are they GAR enough for you? Show us those abs!

I won’t say that the drawing and art is groundbreaking but I feel that the shading of the characters is somewhat a little light. I also like some of the character designs. For instance, I like Leicester’s weapon that doubles up as a sword and a gun. Interesting. Too bad he doesn’t use it as often. Hey, don’t use violence unless really necessary. Unlike in many fantasy RPG animes, we don’t often see any monster or dragon slaying (okay, maybe just on 1 occasion) and powering up or the likes. I suppose they’re trying to stress on the interaction of the characters? The opening theme by Aki Misato, Shiawase Wa Yori Tsuki Takaku sounds like your typical upbeat anime song suitable for this genre. The first ending theme albeit is at a more moderate pace, Mirai Kaikisen by Miyuki Hashimoto. The second theme, AMELIA is all in English though at some parts I felt it was like Engrish… Perhaps it is because it was sung by Yuko Goto, who also did the voice of Avril.

For those who’d love a little short adventure and don’t mind the few fanservice, this series should be okay to those also seeking for a little laughs (you know which pair of sisters I’m talking about, right?) to pass the time by. It still bugs me about what the blessings of Campanella is. Not that important, I guess but as I did a little research, Campanella means little bell in Italian so perhaps the Oasis people got their blessing when Minette came into their lives? So if a little girl really comes up to me proclaiming that I am her father, hell I’ll be thinking when I screwed up big time.

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