It’s that time of season again. The seasonal porn pretending to be part of the seasonal anime line-up. After last season’s ‘amazing’ porn, I don’t think the next season could live up to that hype. I’m not placing any much expectations on Shuudengo Capsule Hotel De Joushi Ni Binetsu Tsutawaru Yoru so I am only watching this just to prove my point. Heh. What a weird excuse. Hopefully this would make me want to stop watching the seasonal slut. Really.

Episode 1
Hadano and Minori Aizawa are colleagues and the company is having some party. Because they’re always fighting, they got kicked out. Not sure why they can’t go home at this time so they decide to rent a capsule hotel. For some reason, some idiot is still occupying Aizawa’s capsule and he’s a deep sleeper. No choice, she goes to share with Hadano. I guess all the other capsules are fully booked, huh? Because she dresses so skimpily and he caught glimpse of her delicious boobs, he starts showing his true colours as he rapes her. At least, start off by licking and playing with her pussy. Don’t yell or scream. Don’t want to wake the others up, do you?

Episode 2
Sex must be so good that the next thing Aizawa knows, it is already morning and she’s all by herself? That jerk didn’t even wake her up?! Anyway she manages to make it to work in time. Later Hadano’s dress design is complete and he thanks Aizawa for her help. Help not complete as he wants her to put it on. She has trouble with the zipper and calls for his help. I guess she didn’t learn. Because he gets turned on and blames her for seducing him. Yeah. Rape scene time. Don’t want to move too much or you’ll ruin the dress. Did Aizawa climax so hard that she screamed so loud?! Did anybody hear that?! So Hadano went overboard with this joke (JOKE?! YOU CALL THIS PUSSY LICKING RAPE A JOKE?!) and apologizes (yeah, like every man could get away with it with a sorry). He leaves her alone but Aizawa is feeling pretty confused… Yeah… Porn logic working…

Episode 3
The duo are to design some clothes for this tall but shy model, Kei Sugawara. As it is raining heavily outside, they manage to take shelter in Hadano’s car. He lets her wear his shirt. Uh huh. Too big and since it is soaking, it sees through her lingerie. Yup. Turned on time. Rape time. So now they’re going to do it in the back of his car, eh? Oh yeah. Aizawa now says it really feels good. Hell yeah! Third time’s the charm! Does this mean we can ‘upgrade’ to real penetration? Damn this guy is good that at the end of it, Aizawa wishes this moment would last longer. I hope all that literally didn’t finish too quickly.

Episode 4
As Aizawa ponders about last night’s weird car sex in the bathroom, suddenly here comes Hadano into the tub with her! Oh my. We’re starting with sex already. Yeah, she might be saying no but her body and face are saying yes! Just look at the mirror! Another fingering session, another success. Hope Aizawa doesn’t get burnt out and fever from it all. She feels weird that Hadano is acting like her boyfriend and even more so as he sleeps on her lap. WTF… Next day at work, it seems Aizawa gets chastised by a colleague because there was a mistake in the ordering and now she is stuck with thousands of material stock. Hadano apologizes and will take full responsibility for this. Oh, I can see where this is going, the price Aizawa will have to pay for this ‘clean up’…

Episode 5
Aizawa laments about her screw up. Yeah, you’re going to be screwed anyway, haha!!! Because she’s so confused and Hadano is showering her with nice sympathetic words, oh what the heck, let’s get it on with today’s porn. Yup, doing it right under the office desk at night where everybody has gone home! Heh, even Aizawa is starting to realize how much less and less she is opposing this. Well, like we care?! Next day as Aizawa is out with Kei, I guess she got too happy that he complimented her design so she didn’t see a car coming her way…

Episode 6
Don’t worry. Kei saves her. Now our female protagonist can still continue to get f*cked! Haha! Going back home, she sees sick Hadano stumbling out and collapsing on her. When he opens his eyes, he is in his bed and tired Aizawa sleeping next to him after nursing him. Yeah, I wonder if she had the strength to bring him back to bed and buy all those medication. Guess what? I guess Hadano is now well enough to f*ck her! Even if he isn’t completely healed, I guess the best way to beat his cold is sex! Don’t ask! It’s porn logic!!! He is so good that she doesn’t even mind catching his cold?! WTF are you even saying?! And to top all of that, Hadano whispers I love you in her ears. Oh Aizawa, don’t look so confused. You’re supposed to be ‘good’ at taking all this now.

Episode 7
After another long day at work at Kei’s photo shooting, Aizawa laments missing another fireworks festival. Yeah, I guess it was the same reason last year. Damn overtime work is killing Japanese! But anyway, Hadano takes her to his private cabin in the woods where he often works on his design. They put on their traditional Japanese outfit he made. Aizawa makes the damn mistake of quipping he looks cooler when he shuts up unlike when he is talkative. Yup, that’s all the sign needed for him to rape her. Yeah, table sex this time. Wow. Aizawa must have enjoyed so much that she’s actually saying she felt so happy!

Episode 8
I guess finally Aizawa admits it. She’s fallen for Hadano. She didn’t say if it’s because the sex but we know better. Because Hadano spots Aizawa is having a good time designing clothes for Kei, he decides to ‘reward’ her. Yeah, rape her in the pantry! Damn, he didn’t even close the door! Colleagues too busy talking to each other fail to notice people f*cking next to the fridge! Hello! Despite Aizawa feeling he is being roughed, damn she climaxes so fast! His tongue game must be very strong today. Later when Aizawa has finished the designs, Hadano relays the bad news that their superiors have relieved her from this project. She gets upset and is in disbelief since they have been working on this for so long. Hadano also snaps back that he too has put in a lot of effort. Aizawa so sad she just runs away. Oh yeah, Kei conveniently sees and hears all this.

Episode 9
Kei goes to cheer her up and before you know it, her blues are blown away. But did the blues transfer to him because now he is sad telling her how he always wanted to do something different by being a model. He is now focused on selling instead of doing what he wants to do. He thinks the most important thing is to make others happy. Uhm, but at your own expense? Isn’t that what’s happening? After parting ways, Aizawa apologizes to Hadano and realizes the important lesson of making others happy. You don’t mean letting others f*ck you, right? Too bad she had to say how Kei helped cheered her up and Hadano doesn’t like it. That’s it. Back alley rape time. Probably Hadano isn’t his usual and Aizawa doesn’t like all that she is feeling and pushes him today. Probably the first time sex with him sucks.

Episode 10
Such a hot day that the employees are complaining that the air-cond is not working. Yeah, Hadano will fix it and tells them to go home. Wow. They can go home?! Anyway as he fixes the air-cond, Aizawa comes to talk to him. He got distracted and falls over her. Oh dear. I think I can see where this is going. But first, he asks if he is a good boss! Why the serious question? Since he has this side, it makes her happy. Huh? Anyway, screw all that because it’s sex time. Damn, everything is so hot! Literally. Now I know why they call animals f*cking in heat! Haha! Damn, the heat must be melting them all the way till they cum!!! After sex, back to serious questionings. He wonders if she sees him as a co-worker. She worries their relationship will change if she tells him her true feelings. Then he throws down the ultimatum. After this project is over, he is going to tell her something. You mean with words? Not with your body and dick like this entire time?

Episode 11
The dresses are finally finished. When Hadano asks if she wanted some reward, why the f*ck did she blush?! Oh, so she expecting sex?! Looks like Hadano won’t betray our expectations and proceeds to reward, or should I say, rape-ward he with the best fingering act he’s ever done to her. Haha! During the night of the fashion show, Aizawa dresses up Kei and notes this is her favourite piece since it brought up a lot of memories. And then suddenly! I supposed it triggered something in Kei because he is so grateful to her for everything that he confessed he loves her and wants to forever be by her side! But catch up with you later, ‘cause I gotta hit the runway. WTF. A love triangle at this stage? Aizawa so confused. I wonder how Hadano feels about that since he is at earshot range of this conversation.

Episode 12
Kei is so hot when he takes the stage. Girls screaming everywhere! After the successful show, once again it feels like déjà vu. Because Aizawa has drank a lot and is a bit tipsy. Oh dear. Going to miss the last train again. When Aizawa says Kei confessed to her, Hadano cuts her off and wants to tell her something first. Unsurprisingly, he loves her. Unsurprisingly too, she hugs him and also replies she loves him. But what about Kei? She didn’t get to finish her sentence that she rejected him because she loves somebody else. Maybe that’s why Kei was so clear and focused on stage, huh? And is that the alcohol talking for Aizawa? And then Hadano kisses her. Oh my, get a room! Just like déjà vu, they crash at a capsule hotel. Yet again, somebody is sleeping in Aizawa’s capsule! What are the chances?! Why do I have this feeling this same guy never left?! And you guessed it, she has to go share with Hadano. Here is the clincher of why they will end up having sex: Because Hadano says it’s not like he does this with everyone else. Yeah babe! You’re so f*cking special! Let’s get it on! And I suppose they have ‘experience’ doing this before so they can have a less noisy sex…

Sex… Sex Everywhere!
Oh well, oh well, oh well… As per my expectations this is how it ends up. The basic porn logic of if you f*ck a girl long enough, she will eventually fall in love with you and let you f*ck her forever and ever. Happy ending. The end. I hope this will be the last ‘legal’ anime porn that I have to watch. But don’t place your hopes too much on me being good on my promise yet as I am known to have break them many times in the past. Like my taste for mecha animes but over the years I sometimes go watch them. So I supposed it is the same for this genre. Not surprisingly and expected, I am quite disappointed with this crap and the reason why I am not as disappointed as I sound is because I already lowered my expectations a lot from the start. Yes, it helps curtail and cushion the impact of crappiness very effectively.

I know many porn shows don’t necessarily have any plot but at least they have some sort of porn logic that make me laugh. Uh huh. Watching porn for its hilarious comedy gold ‘plot’ is one reason why I do so but I guess nobody would believe me. But for this particular series, there isn’t any of that. Just a group of fashion designers… Are they having some sort of problem with their latest project? And then out of the blue the boss f*cks the employee. I mean, WTF?! What?! WHAT???!!! Suddenly the f*cking comes out of nowhere for no absolute reason at all. I mean, like I said porn logic has anybody f*cking anybody anywhere. It just feels so weird. The slightest excuse is the reason why Hadano starts raping Aizawa. No reason needed except that this is an obligatory scene for every episode. Boom! Here’s your sex scene. It’s not like it is exciting too. It’s embarrassing to say this but after watching so many seasons straight of this kind of cheap porn, this kind of sex scene is really nothing. Damn, looks like my turned on level has risen. Dangerous. Meaning I might need even more dangerous and risqué porn for that same amount of satisfaction. But I’ll discuss this personally with myself on another day.

So what else can I b*tch about this series? Oh, do they need another third party for this? It is not like Kei played any obvious role and for the love triangle to come so late, I guess there’s your much needed drama. Because what else is a good time for Aizawa to ponder about the feelings of the men in her life. You got a superior who makes her feel good and on the other hand you got a good looking and seemingly innocent model whom I assume his love for her is pure. If Kei did end up making out with Aizawa, it would have been more of the same and he is no different with Hadano. So is Kei really integral to the series? Just like other colleagues in this assumingly huge organization, they don’t matter. In a way, I’m glad this shy tall model dude didn’t get tainted. It would really suck if suddenly there was an end plot twist and a threesome! Yikes.

I find it odd that the anime’s title is about having sex in the hotel capsule but that only happens at the start and the end. Otherwise, they are like having sex in almost everywhere else they are. Especially at office. I suppose it would be boring if they keep doing it in the hotel capsule. Literally you can f*ck anywhere in office. Just don’t let anybody find out. Not sure if Aizawa moaned out loud because I’m under the impression she does but because all the other office workers are like so engrossed talking to each other, they don’t hear any strange sounds coming from an unlocked room nearby. Yeah, so strange indeed. Might as well put the theme as some invisible man f*cking an office worker. Haha. And with the final scene of sex in a capsule hotel, looks like it is to remind us what this title was about in the first place. And what goes around, comes around! Haha!

Even funnier when you start considering the ridiculously long title of the series. It literally translates to: The Night When Me And My Boss Spent The Night At the Capsule Hotel After The Last Trained And He Passed His Fever To Me. Like… What?! WTF???!!!! WHAT FEVER????!!! Oh, don’t tell me the disease of loving sex is the fever he passed on to her. If a man can pleasure his woman so good like that, I’m sure she doesn’t want to be cured ever! Porn logic! So Aizawa became sick in terms of love sick? Craving sex from her boss despite she saying no but her body say yes? Oh Aizawa, you’re probably confused if love = sex but it doesn’t matter because as long as you feel good, everything is a-okay. Otherwise you would have reported this dude to the authorities and be part of the #MeToo campaign.

Overall, this was really disappointing to say the least. It wasn’t as stimulating as that ‘girl dropping from the hole’ one and not as hilariously absurd-cum-funny like that prison one. And about that next season anime porn that I was unsure if I was going to watch or not? Looks like I would definitely not be watching. Because I just found out that they’re going to take this porn thing to the next level as next season is BL!!! Oh yeah. Time to stay away from that. And what’s this BL story, you ask? Father and son BL???!!! HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MAH GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God. Every day we stray further and further from thou. I’m so glad I’m not into this gay yaoi thing. Time to appreciate hetero straight porn no matter how bad they are. There is still a whole lot of fun with 1 dick and 1 pussy compared to 2 dicks and no pussy at all.

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