Sister Princess RePure

January 2, 2011

Because many fans were disappointed at how the way the prequel ended, Sister Princess RePure was made a year later to quell all those dissatisfied siscon, oops I mean fans, out there. The sequel is said to stay more faithful to the original serialized works and hence the name ‘RePure’. Though I have never read the original works, but I thought the first season of Sister Princess ended on quite an okay note. You know, the sole brother gets to be reunited with his one dozen sisters.

The basic storyline though remains the same but as I read that some time has passed and Wataru has left the island. The sisters also decided to split up and live separately but none of them has forgotten their dearest brother. Thus they still stick together to meet him and themselves. Though there are 13 episodes in this sequel, the first 12 episodes are split into 2 parts. The first part features the sisters spending time with Wataru (what else?) while the second part focuses on a particular sister as she herself narrates the entire half on her feelings, desires and things they do with their brother. It gives more depth to the sisters as we find out more about them personally.

Episode 1
The episode begins with Karen dreaming of marrying her brother. When she wakes up, she narrates how that was a dream of hers when she was young but knows she can’t now. As we see the other sisters making their way to meet Wataru, we also see Karen reminiscing the times she spent with him like at the beach and he bought a beautiful dress for her. On her way, she bumps into a boy who accidentally taints her beloved dress with his ice cream. Karen feels sad and thought Wataru may get disappointed upon seeing it dirtied. But when they both finally meet, Wataru buys several ribbons and puts it over her to make her even prettier. Then all the sisters reunite and are happy to see their dear brother again. While Karen is waiting for Wataru at the park, she remembers how her grandma handed down a silver locket. Grandma also said to be honest and put a photo of her favourite person in it. Guess whose picture is in it? Karen treasured the pictures she took with Wataru so she couldn’t them and put it in her locket. Then she remembered the student planner he gave her when he changed grade. Since that picture is small, it fits perfectly. When she showed it to grandma, she laughed and nodded she was same like her. Grandma also put the picture of her brother whom she loved very much in it and thinks this is hereditary. Karen thinks if she remains honest with herself, she’ll become a wonderful woman whom Wataru will turn to. Wataru arrives to pick Karen up as she holds his arm.

Episode 2
Kaho is supposed to meet Wataru at his home tomorrow to pass him her gift of pansy seeds. First time it slipped out of her pocket but luckily Hinako picked it up. Then back home, she realizes she has lost them. Next day, Yotsuba finds out about this and helps Kaho find her precious seeds and is soon joined by Rinrin but they fail to find them. Wataru comes looking for Kaho since she didn’t turn up and when he finds out what happened, agrees to help search tomorrow. That night Kaho has a dream that pansy seeds bloom everywhere including her head! Next day, Mamoru finds Kaho and brings her to Wataru. He shows her the pansy seeds sprouting beneath a tree. Kaho’s intention was to plant them in Wataru’s home so he thinks of making this place as their new flower garden. Mamoru is excited when she’s invited to play football by the boys. But she got injured. In the hospital, she overheard how the boys preferred her to stay feminine. Mamoru notes how she loves sports, just that she’s not good with ball games. She played with the boys because she can’t find any girls to rival her. Mamoru remembers she played a lot with Wataru when she was young. But the difference between them increased as years went by though he never treated her differently. She hopes to be his true partner who’ll always play with him and wants to catch up to him quickly. That night Mamoru plays football with Wataru.

Episode 3
During the physical examinations, Kaho doesn’t like her weight reading and becomes gloomy. Believing it was the crepe she ate, she decides to go on a diet thinking Wataru will hate her for being overweight. Though it isn’t working because she gains more weight instead! She even refuses a crepe treat from Haruka. Mamoru and Shirayuki come by and brought cakes with them. They find out the problem that’s bugging Kaho. Then Wataru comes by and notes how Kaho isn’t touching her cake. Realizing her problem, he settles this by lifting her slowly over the scales and this soon lifts her spirits. He doesn’t want her to force herself and to take a step at a time. It isn’t her weight but rather he’ll be sad if she doesn’t smile. They go back and join the rest for cakes. As Aria wanders through her mansion, she remembers how the circus people came the day she slept twice. There were caged animals (stuffed dolls?) and a clown who displayed splendid magic tricks and gave her nice things. Back in reality, she realizes the clown is Wataru and hugs him. She notes how he always gives her good things and rids her of her sleepy feelings.

Episode 4
Hinako is going to sleep over at Wataru’s place so some of the sisters help her pick a set of pyjamas. After dinner and bath, she gets into her pyjamas and notes that Wataru’s pyjamas also have the same bunny design like hers. They spend the night eating snacks and playing games. Hinako wants to stay up to continue talking to Wataru but she dozes off. She dreams of a pansy-filled fantasy world where she and Wataru have fun. On a rainy day, Hinako contemplates whether she likes or hates the wet weather as each have its own pros and cons. She decides to go pick up Wataru. On the way she sees a frog in her path. She starts fantasizing it wants to marry her?! But she has her brother and starts playing a staring game with it. Noting it still won’t move, she starts crying. By that time, the rain has cleared up and Wataru is seen coming from the opposite direction. He walks home with her. He told her the frog lost the game, that’s why it went away. If the frog is the king of the rain, Wataru is the king of the sun. If the rain continued, Hinako thinks she might have been taken away to rainy land but it was Wataru that came and got her.

Episode 5
After Wataru tells Chikage that Hinako wants to see her, a little girl that closely resembles Chikage gives him a pair of planetarium tickets and wants him to go there with his sister. Since there’re only 2 tickets, Chikage wants Wataru to go there with Hinako instead since she isn’t interested in artificial stars. Wataru tries to find the little girl to return the tickets but couldn’t find her. Chikage is reading the Triangulum star myth about a girl who was told never to reveal her name if she wants her wish granted. If she did, it would deemed she has given her body to the demon and unable to return to the light. So how can she tell her love to her boyfriend without doing so? The princess answered: There’s a little box packed with the starlit sky. If she hands it to him, her wish will reach him. That night as Chikage waits outside the planetarium, the little girl brings Wataru to her. She disappears when Wataru wanted them to meet. Chikage notes how she has returned to the stars. The planetarium is abandoned and run down. Wataru and Chikage enter and sit in the dilapidated hall as they remember how they have come here before when they were young. So that pic of young Wataru and that Chikage look-a-like girl, that has to be Chikage when she was young, right? Kaho’s mom bought her a pair of bright red shoes. She decides to show it to Wataru. On her way after dancing through a group of floating umbrellas in the drizzle (?!), she gets scared to see a black dog in her path. It starts sniffing and licking her so she fears it might dirty her shoes. But her fear subsides when it licks her face. She then continues her way to Wataru’s place but fell into a puddle. Upon reaching his home, she is all soaked and cries in his comforting arm.

Episode 6
Mamoru buys a tent and a couple of mugs to go camping with Wataru, Haruka, Sakuya and Marie. To her embarrassment, seems they’ll be staying in cabins provided instead. They go fishing and have to catch fish or else they’ll have nothing to eat since Haruka only brought vegetables. They manage to do so as Mamoru collected some nuts. After cooking dinner, Mamoru plans to let Wataru use her mug she bought for him but the cabin already had enough mugs. That night she felt sad she wasn’t able to do so and went to sleep by herself in the tent outside. Then Wataru comes by to join her and to her delight he also bought that pair of mugs for them to drink hot milk. Their quiet time together is interrupted by Mikaeru’s barking. Seems the other sisters too join them. No, it isn’t two’s a company and three’s a crowd, it’s the more the merrier. Rinrin remembers how her grandpa she loved very much was a famous inventor. She used to hang around his lab and her penchant for inventing started from there. Messing around, experimenting and creating things. She made her first little mecha then. Soon grandpa made her a lab near her home and came by yearly to see her progress. But one day while waiting for him, he did not show up (he passed away) and she started crying. But she saw Wataru approaching from a distant. She ran and hugged him as he whispered to her that he’ll take care of her in grandpa’s place from now on. Rinrin returns to her normal self and can’t wait to show Wataru her lab.

Episode 7
Aria’s maid wakes her up since Wataru is visiting her. I wonder why Aria calls her Jiiya (not to be mistaken for Wataru’s Jiiya). Must be the same job function, eh? Wataru arrives at Aria’s luxurious mansion and they both played. When it’s time for Wataru to go, Aria doesn’t want him to leave but her maid insists she shouldn’t be selfish so Wataru whispers into her ear. Next day, Aria says she’s sick so Wataru, Karen, Shirayuki, Haruka and Hinako pay her a visit. But Aria doesn’t want to stay in bed and wants to play with them. Her maid gets strict on her in order for her to get well like making her eat up and rest so Aria feels she’s scary. Then the gang learn Aria isn’t sick and just wanted to see Wataru. Wataru whispered then that if something happens to her, he’ll come flying to her. So by saying so, it did made him come, right? Even so, Wataru doesn’t hate her. Her maid doesn’t understand Aria because she herself doesn’t have a gentle brother like Wataru. Then she overhears how Wataru talks to Aria to apologize to her since she isn’t a scary person because if she was so, she wouldn’t ask him to cheer her up. Chikage is trekking through a withered forest, hoping to catch this spirit she’s looking for who is Wataru. There’s a tree on the hilltop that bore only a golden apple that she and Wataru planted on her birthday many years ago. Inside a room where Wataru lies on his bed, Chikage takes a bite at the completed golden apple and wants him to bite so that they’ll go to their world. Then she sees his happy birthday card for her. She is glad he remembered and decides to stop for today because he doesn’t have to hurry though she feels she’ll capture him one day and that someday he’ll want this fruit.

Episode 8
Wataru visits ill Marie at the sanatorium. He sees her interact with the other kids like making clay and doing a hand puppet show. Since Shirayuki will be joining them later, Karen intends to let Marie spend a little more time with Wataru so she buys time before meeting them by taking Hinako and Aria to buy Marie presents, eat lunch and play with the sheep at the field. However they took the wrong tram and ended up arriving late in the evening. But it seems their plan was found out since Shirayuki told them about it. Wataru thanks Karen as Hinako gives Marie the present and everyone watches Marie do her puppet play. Yotsuba, who hails from England, grew up separately from Wataru. When she learnt she has a brother, she became interested in knowing and meeting him. While she was checking his room, she notices a white unicorn made from bone china. It is the same one she had in her room when she’s a child and believed it as a charm that protects girls who are pure. Looking underneath it, there are words written and addressed to her. Then she realized Wataru gave it to her before and though they may have been physically separated, their hearts were connected all the time.

Episode 9
Sakuya, Rinrin, Yotsuba, Aria and Kaho are eating together and talking what Wataru likes but each has different answers. They decide to go visit him but he’s not home. Rinrin notes how Wataru knows them well and treats them nice but they hardly know anything about him. Yotsuba and Rinrin decide to follow him next Sunday and learn his secrets. They stalk, I mean, follow him to the bread shop (Mami making cameo appearance as the bread seller), buying gift cards and at the plant shop (isn’t that Yamada as the plant seller?). They conclude he’s buying presents for his sisters. They tail him taking a train to an abandoned warehouse. Yotsuba thinks he’s some sort of British secret agent and wants to split up and attack him from both sides. Huh? Rinrin climbs to a top spot but falls. Luckily Wataru was there to catch her. Rinrin says she wants to know more about him because she sometimes feels like he’s going away somewhere. He replies he’ll always be in her heart. Yotsuba finally finds Wataru’s secret, which turns out to be a tent on the rooftop. He’s camping here? Why? Don’t know. That night Wataru accompanies them both home via train. Haruka hails from Germany and is infatuated with the Tanabata festival and the Hikoboshi-Orihime legend. She gets dressed in her yukata and is excited to meet Wataru at the festival. But it started raining so this dampens her spirits. But she is glad once more when Wataru comes to pick her up and they both enjoy the festival. The wish on Haruka’s Tanabata paper reads she wants to be with Wataru forever.

Episode 10
As Wataru walks home with Haruka, Hinako and Sakuya from school, the sisters learn he received a love letter. Sakuya however feels disturbed. So next day she accompanies him to school holding his arm (attracting lots of stares) giving an excuse to be his bodyguard because he’s in ‘danger’. Sakuya continues to spend time with him throughout school in hopes the admirer would give up. On their way home, Sakuya mentions about the red string destiny and even hints of the only man she loves but Wataru is so dense and thinks that man is somebody else. Sakuya gets upset, calls him an idiot and runs away. While sitting alone on a bench near the lighthouse, Wataru comes by to apologize and wraps a red scarf around her neck. She still calls him dense but sees him wrap the same scarf around his own neck too. They sit together as Sakuya has him promise to stay over at her place the next time. Marie washes Mikaeru at the sanatorium when the dog gets startled and accidentally splashes on her. That night she felt a little hot and collapses. She dreams of walking through a cold icy place and breaks down upon seeing sleeping Wataru on a frozen bed disappears. Next thing she knows, Wataru is standing next to her as they embrace. When Marie opens her eyes, Wataru is by her side holding her hand. He then carries her to watch the scenery.

Episode 11
Wataru stays over at Sakuya’s place as promised. In her room, Wataru spots her treasure box so she accidentally breaks it while trying to hide it from him. He sees a necklace but doesn’t remember its significance. Upset Sakuya runs away (not again). In town, she reminisced the precious items Wataru gave to her like the ribbon from a wedding’s bouquet, the dolphin hair accessory from the pool and the tile chipped from the fountain. Eventually Wataru finds her at the fountain because they once made a promise to meet here if they get lost. They reconcile as Sakuya gives him a pebble from the fountain as a reminder for today as they return home. Shirayuki hones her baking skills from a confectionary school run by Madam Pikkori, so she can let Wataru tastes her delicious cookies. As they wait for the cookies to bake, Shirayuki talks to her about her beloved brother. Madam is supportive of her love but she looked sad and shed tears albeit smiling. After the cookies are baked and Shirayuki about to leave, Madam gives her blessing and will make her a wedding cake when the time comes. Shirayuki again notices her sad expression but decides not to ask. Remembering a portrait of Madam’s brother in the kitchen she was always looking at, she thought it was probably telling her to have no regrets. Shirayuki rushes to Wataru and gladly jumps into his arms.

Episode 12
Sakuya, Marie, Chikage and Haruka have booked and Italian restaurant so they could dine with Wataru. When they go invite him, they see Kaho, Hinako, Aria and Mamoru visiting him. They too want to go but they only booked the place for 5 people. Sakuya lets them go in their place but notes that there is still a way they can be with him. That is, to work part time in that restaurant as waitresses for that day and serve him (Sakuya knows the owner of the place). Thought they look cute in the maid uniform (first time seeing Chikage letting her hair down), it was busy that day so they can’t spare time to talk to Wataru. After dinner and the last customer left, Wataru is supposed to stay back as promised but the little ones are sleepy so he has no choice but to leave and send them home. But later he comes back and they have their much awaited chat as it starts snowing. Sakuya seems a little upset that Wataru prefers to spend time with his friend than her cute sister. But she forgives him thinking he has to save a day for her next time. While walking in the rain, she passes by a church and remembers when she was young and on her way to a charity bazaar there, she stumbled upon a wedding ceremony. She tried to catch the bouquet the bride threw but somebody else got it. She fantasized of becoming Wataru’s bride. Sakuya also remembers how she told Wataru she wanted to be his bride when they grow up. But she understands the situation now that isn’t possible and the guy who will be standing with her at the altar probably won’t be him. Tearful Sakuya prays to God to be with him forever. She must really love him because it’s pitiful to see her cry like that :'(.

Episode 13
A full episode 13 sees Karen worried that Wataru won’t be around to spend Christmas with them. However to her relief he was just trying to make a surprise preparation to decorate the largest fir tree in town for their Christmas party. The sisters wish to help him out as Wataru shows them a Santa mailbox. Apparently they can write what they wish for and mail it here. Karen is having a hard time thinking what present to buy for Wataru or to write in the letter. At the town’s square where the clock tower displays a play at certain times, they think they’ve realized the secret of the fir tree and mechanical clock tower. Its meaning is a committed wish to the future and the happy days are a dream that the clock tower watches over. But Chikage don’t think it’s true since Wataru is in their eyes and they too are in his eyes. Seems the sisters all have the same desire they want for their present (make a good guess what it is) as they decide to give a present that represent their feelings to him. Wataru realizes the Christmas star missing so he goes to town to look for it and is running late, causing his sisters to worry. The shops don’t sell them. Then he remembers Chikage’s Triangulum myth (a short continuation of Chikage’s story back then about the stars packed in the box but broke out. Not that I’m interested anyway). He rushes to the clock tower and remembers he saw the starry sky in that clock tower when he was young. After the previous Christmas, the ornaments were left here and forgotten. He takes the star and heads back. He apologizes for being late, puts the star on top and they start the party. Then Wataru apologizes for not getting them presents as he was searching for the star. Karen says their feelings are the same and that they’re happy to be with him. They lit up the decorated Christmas tree as his present and then sing him a song. They assert their love for him and will always be together.

Lovelier By The Dozen
Hmm… Anything special? Well, I could have already guessed from the start that there won’t be anything dramatic or heart-stopping, so to speak. All the sisters get to be with their brother they love and spend time with him till the very end. Since there aren’t any more sequels, I guess the fans must have been satisfied, eh? You can’t call this a harem because the girls aren’t fighting over Wataru and like in the first season, everybody here is so nice and kind! That’s how siblings should be. I still can’t believe he really has 12 sisters. Though the characters remain the same from the previous season, I noticed several slight changes from it as well. For instance, Haruka doesn’t don her traditional kimono anymore unless it’s some traditional festival, Chikage does not seem to read her tarot cards or any fortune telling-like equipments and you don’t see that big friendly robot of Rinrin’s creation around. Some are more toned down like Rinrin doesn’t bug her brother all the time for research funds, Aria doesn’t seem to be that retarded (sorry) and Sakuya wasn’t that flirty and naughty as before though her little sad side story was the most emotionally sad one. Otherwise they’re still the same like Chikage who is ever enigmatic and Marie who is still weak and ill.

Because of so, as compared to the previous season, this sequel tends to be more slow paced and calming. If you’re not used to such brother-sister bonding relationship, you may need more than just coffee to keep you awake. That’s because it lacks the exaggeration the prequel had such as the comic relief characters of Yamada and Mami. You don’t have that girlfriend-less loser and that fake ’13th sister’ to totally bring the house down. By the way, these 2 are anime-only characters and do not appear in the original works so I guess even making a short cameo appearance would suffice. It’s like blink-and-you’ll-miss. Plus, unlike in the prequel, you don’t see all the sisters appearing together in an episode (the exception of the first and last episodes). Which means, more ‘space’ and it doesn’t feel ‘crowded’ as each sister is allocated their time and appearance to be with Wataru who is the only character who appears in every episode.

I’m not sure if the characters are living on Promised Island as this was the setting used in the prequel. It was kind of a little odd seeing that they all don’t live together and even the sisters have their own place to live and prefer to visit Wataru’s own home or have him visit theirs. In this sequel, Wataru is never referred by his name. As we all know, each of the sisters have their own expressive ways to call him so it isn’t necessary and even the ending credits list him nameless and put “Elder Brother” instead.

The drawing and art for the sequel seems to be slightly different. Not to say that there are very obvious differences but in my opinion the girls here do look a little mature. Well, it has been a few years already, right? So Kaho and Hinako don’t look like the little lolis that they are as in the first season. Then I noticed that the Wataru drawn seems to look different in both parts. While the one in the first part is recognizable, the one in the second part looks obviously different. Sure, we don’t get to see his true face (his eyes were never shown) but it did bothered me that he felt like a different person (his different body structure, perhaps?). Like, too grownup. While all the seiyuus of the sisters are retained for the sequel, Wataru’s seiyuu wasn’t and another one was used instead so if you pay close attention, you can hear the different voice.

The opening theme is Maboroshi and is sung by can/goo. If you are aware of can/goo’s rock pop style, you are sure to recognize this lively piece. The main ending theme Kimi To Iketeiku also sung by can/goo. Surprisingly this lively song is quite catchy though it somehow resembles Third Eye Blind’s Semi Charmed Life (the scene is just the animation inside the mechanical clock tower). Don’t be surprised that this main ending theme is played in the middle of the show but remember, this series is split into 2 parts. Which means for the sister-focused part, we have 12 different ending themes tailored for each of the sisters. They are all sung by Ritsuko Okazaki (famous for her Fruits Basket series songs). Even if the song tempo and beat doesn’t match the pace of that sister’s story, at least the lyrics will. Some are casual, some jazzy and some slow. This might be trivial but since there are 12 different ending themes, and each of them has the name “I Like Onii-chan Very Much ~(insert title of that story here)~”, I just thought that they should also changed the “onii-chan” to that expression that particular sister calls Wataru rather than fixing it to just “onii-chan” to truly reflect that sister’s story.

I guess this series was famous enough and have its own set of fans to spawn several games. Don’t they get tired of it? Heck, why would you when you have lots of nice and cute looking sisters who unconditionally love you. Plus, from what I read, I believe though the games work like those dating sims, it isn’t your conventional adult material because you’re supposed to interact and spend time with your sisters. Notice that there are no fanservice elements in this sequel? Unless you’re that kind of sicko who gets his kicks with incest or sister rape, perhaps there should be more games like this in the dating sim category. On second thought, why play such a game when you can try to be nice to your real sister in the first place? Practice? Escapism?

Perhaps the other moral and lesson of the story isn’t just about being good brothers or sisters, but rather to treat everyone nice. Whether you have dozens of siblings or relatives or you may just be an only child. Blood is thicker than water. It isn’t the material and monetary gifts that measures one’s love. That special bond shared is something money cannot buy and treasure it for it is irreplaceable. I may not have a sister and since I mentioned in my previous blog that I’d rather have a harem of 2D girls than a dozen sisters, on second thought if they are nice and cute, why not? A chance to play ‘big brother’. Maybe I’m just deluding myself via escapism. Better than having Brother Princess, eh?


Sister Princess

Sister Princess

December 5, 2010

Imagine if you had 12 sisters. What?! Twelve little sisters? You might be considered a pimp running a prostitution house. Or a harem that is too good to be true. At least it happened in Sister Princess. Hard to believe, eh? Based on a serialized novel series of the same name, it was adapted to an anime series way back in 2001. Because of that, I feel (though I may be wrong) that this show is one of the early pioneers that has set in what you see in many of today’s animes that has big brother complex. Wow. That’s a dozen of sisters. Hope they don’t bring the house down.

Given the feel of the harem setting, you’d expect to see the sisters fight for the attention of their only and beloved brother, right? Wrong. In fact, every girl here is friendly and helpful to each other. Something all of us should emulate in the real world. No catfights, b*tch slaps, insulting admonition or the likes whatsoever. Not the slightest competition or rivalry even if they assert how they’d love to be with their brother. Just wow. So can I still call this a harem? Don’t really know. At least the condition of being surrounded by a bevy of girls is fulfilled. And because of the mildness of it all, where the heck is the fanservice? What fanservice? Should I even expect anything like that from a year 2001 production?

As seen in episode 1, our lucky brother-to-be is Wataru Minakami. He has just failed his entrance exam but is surprised to learn he is accepted to a high school by recommendation and is ‘sent’ away by his butler, Jiiya, to Stargazer’s Hill West University on Promised Island. Probably it was an excuse to kick him out of the house. On his way to the island, Wataru meets Tarou Yamada (a talkative rich kid) and Mami (supposedly tasked to keep an eye on Wataru). Wataru slips and falls into the sea while trying to save his precious camera when he gets off the boat but is saved and gently treated by a nice girl, Karen. He then casts away his specs (because she said he looked better that way). While shopping for clothes, he meets Sakuya who flirts with him for a short while before leaving. Then sitting on a tram up the hill, he chats with a clumsy girl, Kaho, who gives him words of encouragement. Realizing he’s late for school (because his watch is broken), he rushes there and barely makes it. He sees Karen playing piano as she asks him out to shop for a present. They decide on a watch when Wataru spots a peeping little girl, Hinako. Karen recognizes her and takes her away. Due to some contract error for a cheap place to stay, the house is handed to Yamada so Wataru wanders to a large mansion, Welcome House. He goes in and is surprised to see Karen, Sakuya, Hinako and Kaho welcoming home and calling him their brother. Karen gives him the watch as his present.

In episode 2, Wataru still thinks having 4 sisters at a time is a dream. He eats breakfast but finds it too spicy. But the sisters claim they didn’t make it. While wandering outside, he sees a tree with lots of cuts and a hump in the soil which reveals to be a bone. He gets freaked out upon knowing something is in the bushes and runs away. He then sees a figure on the rooftop and continues to panic till his sisters come and ask what’s wrong did the figure disappear. Wataru goes to complain to the real estate agent but the shop is now an antique dealer as that agent has gone bust. He tries to swap with Yamada but he remains suspicious. He tries to get off the island but the boat is broken and the waves violent. Thinking the nice sisters are in danger, he rushes back to protect them from the ghosts but gets scared at the slightest sound. The sisters help him out. The ‘tension’ is diffused when the ‘ghosts’ turn out to be 4 more girls claiming to be his sisters. They are Haruka (sword master in a kimono), Mamoru (skater girl), bespectacled Marie (has a large dog Mikaeru as her pet) and Chikage (fortune teller with tarot cards). The new sisters dismiss claims that they’re the ones who made breakfast this morning when they hear ghost-like sounds from the top. Mami who is secretly living in the top of the mansion (because she’s sick of camping out in the cold) goes to check it out and gets freak out upon opening the door where the sound came from and seeing a hand protruding. Wataru alone goes to investigate the noise and also experiences the same thing but sees 4 girls lying in the room begging for water. When they regroup, the also claim to be Wataru’s sisters and the ones who made breakfast but got a taste of their own spicy medicine and were ‘out of commissioned’. They are Shirayuki (the cook), Rinrin (computer and gadget freak), Yotsuba (detective wannabe with her “Checki” catchphrase) and Aria (slow talker). Mami is trying to leave the haunted mansion but is spotted so Wataru guesses she is his 13th sister.

So you’re going to guess the trend of the show is going to be like this. Wataru spends his time bonding with his sisters as time goes by, some episodes focusing on a particular sister and her quality time with Wataru. With a little adventure here and there, like they say, all’s well, ends well. See, can we all just get along pretty fine with each other? Since each sister has their own version of how they call Wataru as their big brother, it was confusing of who said what. What more remembering all of their names! It’s supposed for users to straightaway identify which sisters is talking to him, I guess. Eventually I remembered them all since they said it quite a number of times. Talk about repetitive memorization. Hey, it works on me. Other things you’ll notice in each episode is every damn old man on the island looks like Jiiya, the other inhabitants of the island seem to be clones because just like Jiiya’s case if you see them there you’ll see them anywhere, Wataru always taking photos of his sisters (don’t worry nothing suspicious), Yamada trying to hit on the sisters but fail, Mami’s spying on Wataru and her amusing email message she gets from her mysterious superior (the sound of a moo and a picture of a bear throwing garbage at her sleeping bear avatar?), Wataru narrating in his email to best friend Akio Yamagami what he’s been through with his sisters in that particular episode and Yamada and his Garuban or Gasovar mecha antics for the finish. It’s like the TV show of that series he is narrating parodies what he desires in real life and always ends with some sharp rebuking line from the lady character (at least for the first half of the show). Oh, and notice that huge native statue right at the top and middle of the island?

In episode 3, Wataru thought he could get a reprieve in school but seems all his sisters attend the same school (because it’s the only school on the island). Karen is in the same class with him. As usual everywhere he goes, he sees them. Lots of close encounters and helping out with his sisters. Yamada tries to hit on the pretty babes but they all turn out to be Wataru’s sisters so he gets envious in a way. One morning Wataru tries to leave the island but due to circumstances he can’t. Karen comes to pick him up but he laments that everyone can’t leave him alone. Karen says how she’s alone and wished for a brother so when she found out she got one, she was happy and wanted to make him happy too. She believes the rest also felt the same way. Too bad he made a girl cry so I guess he has to reflect on his words that they knew him but he knew nothing about them. He returns to the mansion where his sisters happily greet him so he decides to tolerate this lifestyle a little longer. In episode 4, the usual troubles have Wataru think of leaving the island again but Kaho comes in with a distressing message. A note by Hinako to go look for her missing teddy bear. Wataru has no choice but to help her look but the problem is she doesn’t know where and only knows how it looked like in her dreams. Better hurry or you’ll look bad making a loli cry. They both search and ask high and low but couldn’t find it and return to the mansion. That’s when an old jogging guy came by to return a large box he dropped (did he?). Inside is Hinako’s large teddy bear. Kaho and her sisters are happy and thankful so Wataru decides to stay with them together now.

In episode 5, Rinrin teaches her sisters how to send SMS texts and creates handphones for them so they can email Wataru (after ‘extorting’ him for cash, that is). Wataru seems to want to keep his email pen pal, Aiko a secret from his sisters. Of course the sisters spam and flood him with emails eagerly waiting for his reply so he gets pissed off that they need not do this when they live so close together. Their reply: He’s obsessed with his online friend that he has no time to look at them. He regrets his actions and read each of their heart warming and honest-from-the-heart messages and replies them all. In the end, Wataru learns Aiko is Akio. He did this because it’s Wataru’s fault for not noticing his sub address. He apologizes but is glad Wataru replied and hopes to continue remaining friends.

The gang enters a play contest to win a huge mysterious prize in episode 6. Because Wataru doesn’t know what to do, he leaves it to Yamada so he takes his chance to be the director, the sisters as actresses and Wataru the props. However the sisters are reluctant to carry on the play with only princesses and without a prince. It’s settled with Wataru playing the prince. The script? They can make it up as they go along! Some plan. On performance day, Wataru is nervous and scared stiff. The play is totally made up and pathetic from the start. After all princesses appear on stage, it’s Wataru’s turn but he’s still nervous. After remembering Mami’s words that a man shouldn’t run away, he gets a little courage but that’s just it. Chikage then throws everyone apples so the princesses eat them as though they are poisoned and fall into an unconscious state. Wataru is in a pinch because he has to choose which girl to kiss! In the end he shouted he can’t just choose one, prompting an applause from the crowd! Oh yeah, that’s what a harem is about! They didn’t win in the end but only an effort award. When they return home, not sure how but they receive the mysterious prize anyway: A train. I don’t know if being the main character surrounded by a bunch of girls means it has to be a win-win-win situation.

In episode 7, the sisters help Sakuya dress up as a bride. When she goes to ask Wataru how does she look, he avoids answering, making her a little sad. The other sisters talk about their ideal dress, cake and ceremony so they start making their own dresses. Even Mami helps them so much so they neglect cooking for Wataru. Sakuya soon takes Wataru to a nearby chapel and play mock wedding. Till the kissing part, Wataru hesitates, She asks what if she wasn’t his real sister and if she isn’t, she can’t stay with him forever and wants to spend the lost times with him. They’re interrupted when the other sisters appear in their wedding dress so each take turns playing the mock wedding. Yamada wants to be the groom but Mami made him the priest instead. In episode 8, Wataru goes for a walk with Marie but it suddenly rains so when they rush home, Marie develops a fever. Wataru goes to town to get a doctor. Though it’s nothing serious, it’ll take a few days to subside. Over the few days, the sisters help nurse her as Wataru stays by her side. But 1 night it got so bad that he rushed out to the dock just to find a seashell (Marie once told him a story if they get a pink seashell from someone you love, one will get well. Plus, she wanted to go to the beach with him). Since it’s stormy, there’s no boat. But surprisingly Mikaeru pops out from the sea to hand him a pink seashell. He rushes back and puts it in her hand. Next day, Marie gets better but Wataru has fever. Though he is okay later, he goes to talk to Marie, She thanks him and tells about her dream of walking with him on the beach. They see a thin strip of land opening from the sea connecting the main land since it’s low tide and seashells scattered everywhere on that opening.

The hot summer is here in episode 9 and the gang eat flowing soumen and go shop for swimsuits for their pool. I guess Yamada is so hard-up to get into some action with Wataru’s sisters, not only he gatecrashes by eating all their soumen but volunteers to clean their pool. Then he finds out they’re going to wear their swimsuits and rushes to buy one but unfortunately all male swimsuits are out. The girls did lots of preparation and decoration in setting up before playing in the pool. I don’t know how Yamada eventually got his swimming trunks but his presence was snubbed by the sisters. Wataru after seeing Mamoru swimming alone and reflecting on his past summer he spent that was never near any water, he asks her to accompany him to buy his swimsuit and wants to learn how to swim. In episode 10, Mamoru teaches Wataru to swim but since the other sisters want to play and serve as distractions, Mamoru teaches him alone at the school pool. They continue their lesson throughout summer but Wataru notices he didn’t improve and gets depressed. Mamoru hands him goggles to help him swim better (should’ve thought about this in the first place) but Wataru still has his doubts. Of course this makes Mamoru depress too so he decides to do more thinking. Suddenly Aria falls into the pool and struggles. Wataru in his instinct quickly puts on his goggles and dives in though his doggy paddling is pathetic and reaches the float first instead of Aria. He realized he just swam quite a distance. The sisters help teach him swim and cheer him on. As for Yamada, he’s trying to learn swimming via video lessons of some American guy Bob Stanbacks but can’t get pass the simple first lesson of dipping his face into a basin of water. Just keep envying…

Wataru and his sisters take a 2 days 3 nights sea cruise via submarine Rinrin created in episode 11. Yamada wanted to tag along but gave in to the fisherman’s plea to help do some work because it’ll attract girls. The usual bonding like drinking Haruka’s tea and taking pictures while Mami is seasick. Rinrin gives Wataru a hug when he thanks her for everything. The sea suddenly turns turbulent and to make matters worse, the steering wheel broke! Everyone did a Dutch Boy by using their hands to plug the leak! Serious! I don’t know but it was successful. When the storm’s over, Wataru finds the submarine stranded on the rocks and only Mami around and the rest missing. In episode 12, Wataru tries to head back to the submarine but stepped on a sea urchin as his leg cramps up. He opens his eyes and is relieved to see his sisters around him. Seems there is a villa nearby though no one is living in it but the supplies are fresh and even have electricity. They decide to use the place and have so much fun that Wataru begins to wonder if they’re ever interested in going home. Wataru can’t sleep that night and sees Chikage on the beach. She’s supposed to use the stars to tell their location. She questions why he wants to go home so bad and that compared being together with everyone, everything else is minor. Next day as everyone continue to have fun and play with sparklers that night. Till the fisherman shows up and surprises Wataru as he wants them to clean up after playing the sparklers. Even Yamada is there as he’s helping him collect wild grasses. Then it hit Wataru they had always been on Promised Island all the while! All the sisters knew about it Chikage thought he had told Wataru that morning. Apparently he was sleeping then. They leave a thank you note and head home. They then realize they haven’t completed their summer homework. Meanwhile Jiiya is at the villa taking down the note as he says how Wataru forgot the time he came here during his break. He will be waiting for him next summer. This is his summer villa?!

In episode 13, Wataru goes around helping and observing his sisters. He reflects and narrates their personalities and how each of them changed him in a way and made him realize or learn things. At the end of the day, he wonders what he can do for them. He puts up a fantastic fireworks display for them to watch. They thank him but he soon realizes he forgot to do his own homework. Mami can’t finish hers and Yamada who barely finished his thinks of coming over to help the sisters with theirs (or at least 1 one of them) but they’ve already completed it. The 2nd semester starts in episode 14. Wataru announces if his sisters have anything they want in mind, he’ll gladly help out. Karen requests a burnt light bulb above the angel painting to be replaced. She and Wataru go to several shops before managing to find the rare bulb. On the way back, Karen decides to return a lost kitten she saw earlier. She scoots off herself and ends up chasing the kitten. Wataru spots the other kitten it was supposed to reunite with and decides to go look for Karen since she’s taking too long. When Karen finally catches the kitten, she realizes she is lost and feels sad thinking this is some sort of retribution for being greedy. But soon Wataru finds her and the kittens reunite once more. In her happiness, she touches his hand and Wataru experiences some flashback. On the way home, Karen says the best gift to her is to be with him. They fix the bulb back home as everyone admires the painting. Mami wants Wataru to buy her lots of stuff but backs out after sensing the other sisters staring at her. They have a wonderful dinner after that.

While the gang has a sketching assignment for autumn in episode 15, Aria loses her ribbon gift from Wataru to the wind. She along with a kind old man that can seemingly perform delightful magic, search for it throughout town. When they can’t find it, Aria follows a butterfly to a dead end alley and appears in another world with lush greeneries. The duo continue searching but the ribbon is nowhere to be found so they return to the original world. That’s when she saw her ribbon stuck on a tree branch. After retrieving it, Aria gives the old man her head ribbon as gratitude. Wataru who has been looking for Aria the whole time finds her. But he can’t see the old man! Wataru is puzzled to see Aria’s head ribbon tied to the tree branch. As everyone finishes their sketch, Aria’s sketch suddenly turns out to be a sketch of Wataru and the old man behind him. Tree spirit? It’s the sports festival in episode 16. Wataru hasn’t decided which even to join. He notices Kaho down and gloomy. He learns she joined the cheerleading club so she could cheer for him since she’s clumsy. Because of that, Wataru decides to enter the relay race. During sports day, Mamoru sweeps all gold medals for the athletic event, Wataru and Haruka paired together in a 3-legged race, Chikage won first place in an event that was not shown to us but hinted something ‘dangerously flirty’, Karen and Sakuya borrowed Wataru in a borrowing-race to win first spot. Kaho remains clumsy during her cheerleading. During break, Wataru encourages Kaho to cheer him on. The final relay event has Yamada off to a great start to pass the baton to Mami and then Karen. Wataru as the anchor trips, causing the rest to pass him. This has Kaho to start cheering for him with all her heart. At the end of the day, Wataru thanks her and though he didn’t win, her cheer made him get up and finish the race.

Wataru picks up Haruka from her archery dojo in episode 17. She invites him to a dance event. Along the way they pick up a hair ornament but Wataru sprained his ankle at the escalators. Haruka nurses him like feeding and bathing him. As a result, they missed the dance event as he feels responsible for it. Wataru seeks Yamada’s advice on what to give a girl in return but Mami says to think about it himself and not rely on that girlfriend-less loser (so true!). Wataru takes Haruka out to the autumn festival where she has the happiest time of her life. Meanwhile an uncle is looking for his lost hair ornament, a precious memento from his wife. Some of the sisters like Rinrin, Yotsuba and Marie help look for it but to their dismay it couldn’t be found. At the end of the day, Wataru-Haruka and the uncle accidentally meet each other. When they learn about the hair ornament, Haruka returns it back, much to his delight. As a reward, the uncle allows them to have a dance event all to themselves because he was that event’s organizer and hall owner. Much to Wataru’s relief, the dance is western and not traditional type like he initially thought (because he sucks in it). They dance their heart out.

In episode 18, Wataru wakes up from a dream of being separated from Chikage. However he is in spirit form! He can go through walls! I hope this doesn’t mean he has turned into a substitute shinigami. Just kidding. The sisters except Chikage are oblivious and think he is asleep. Wataru wants to return to his body but Chikage has him remember some memories. Wataru wakes up in another world whereby Chikage is by his side and is happy they can live together without anyone interfering. Suddenly they’re being chased by a Grim Reaper and it kidnaps Chikage. Meanwhile Yamada pays the sisters a visit and is horrified to see Wataru’s lifeless body and thinks he’s dead. He tries not to let the sisters know and pretends to play chess with him. But he’s having a hard time trying to distract the bugging sisters. Wataru enters a castle to see Chikage tied to the throne. While fighting the Grim Reaper, the next thing he knows, he is in a chapel with Chikage in a bridal dress. She says he lost his life while trying to save her. She shows him a pendant in which serves as proof that they can be together even if their bodies rot and become spirits. When they reincarnate, they can be together again. But Wataru still wants to return because he has sisters and that was the reason he saved her. She gives him the pendant and says she has already told him her feelings. Wataru wakes up in his body much to Yamada’s relief so the latter takes this chance to flee. He sees Chikage holding the pendant but she says she can’t give it to him yet.

Shirayuki makes bento for Wataru and the sisters in episode 19. Since Yamada didn’t get any, he tries coaxing her to make more in hopes he could have leftovers but Shirayuki misinterprets to make ‘nutrition for the heart’. After shopping with Wataru for ingredients, she makes a sumptuous French cuisine and large servings of bento. Some find it too excessive but couldn’t have the heart to tell her to reduce the portion. On a holiday as the gang head to a frozen pond to ice skate, seems Shirayuki even had a kitchen trailer tagged along! Everyone watches in awe as she displays her culinary skills. Shirayuki makes lots of pizza dishes so poor Wataru have to stuff himself and couldn’t tell her he is full. Till he hit his limit that he does so. Yamada takes this chance to have the food but was stopped by Mami. Back home, Wataru feels guilty that he may have broken Shirayuki’s heart and goes apologize to her. But she’s not upset, just that she thought he would never leave some (seriously?!). Next day, Shirayuki makes extra big bento for everyone. So as not to be left out, she even prepares a little bento for Yamada. Well, it’s better than nothing. His hungry days are over.

The gang are preparing for their Christmas party in episode 20. Sakuya takes Wataru out to town as ‘distraction’ for what the sisters will give him for their present. Wataru then shops alone for a present for his sisters. He gets an orgel (music box). Sakuya’s duty of taking Wataru out seems like a daily affair till Christmas Day. Alone together at the town’s Christmas tree, Sakuya says there is only 1 person she wants to be with year after year. She whispers in his ear and causes him to blush. Guess who that person is. When they go back, Wataru is amazed of the decorations. The sisters give him a surprise birthday present. They line up and sing a choir song. Wow, Aria’s voice is beautiful! Some hidden talent she’s got there. Other than that, in my humble opinion, the song isn’t that spectacular ;p. But Wataru finds it as the best present in his life. After dinner and exchanging gifts, Wataru hands over the orgel to his sisters. Part time job weary Yamada trudges in and is happy that he gets to enjoy some Christmas food. After putting a star on their Christmas tree they found in Yamada’s bag, they head outside to enjoy the snow.

Rinrin and Yotsuba cooperate to observe and collect data from the sisters and Wataru to make a secret invention in episode 21. After Wataru answers 100 questions, he enters Rinrin’s room to find she has made a life-size version of herself, Mecha Rinrin. She wants the robot to be Wataru’s support since he isn’t good at doing anything by himself (not meant as an insult by the way). But it overheats when it starts moving and causes a blackout. After fixing the problem, Rinrin works hard to repair Mecha Rinrin. She shows it to the other sisters and tests it by doing household chores. Since it’s too powerful, it ends up almost breaking everything. Sakuya pretends to be a robot to get flirty with Wataru. Soon Mecha Rinrin malfunctions and it’s back to the drawing board. Wataru learns that Rinrin plans to study in USA in this field and thus the reason why she created Mecha Rinrin to support him when she’s not around. This has Wataru to ponder that nothing lasts forever and one day, the festival will end and everyone will start walking. Though it’s a good thing but it feels kinda sad.

The sisters’ precious belongings start going missing in episode 22 as they suspect a thief. Everyone relies on Yotsuba to figure out the culprit. Kaho then accidentally broke the orgel (initially Mami broke it but hid it) so she and Yotsuba took it for repairs but due to the handy craftwork, it’ll take 3 days. Soon everyone finds out about it and Mami starts panicking this is becoming a big fuss. Yotsuba disguises herself as Cute Girl Thief Clover as distraction and tells Wataru she has stolen the orgel and wants him to take better care of Yotsuba for 3 days and will return it by then. Wataru knows she is Yotsuba and decides to play along. Yamada tried to play detective but he was so lame. Because the orgel is taking longer than expected to be repaired, Kaho delivers a message from Clover telling Wataru to come to the island’s peak since she has Yotsuba in her hands. There, she challenges him to find her by giving him puzzles on her whereabouts. He chases her throughout town and by the end of the day (it took that long?) he corners her back at Welcome House. I guess his words that he won’t allow anyone to take Yotsuba because she’s his precious sister were convincing enough to let Clover ‘free’ Yotsuba. By that time guilt-ridden Kaho spills the beans and soon followed by Mami. The old guy who fixed the orgel returns it to them, delighting everyone. Wataru advises them that they shouldn’t hide things and made everyone worry. Kaho, Yotsuba and Mami apologize. Everyone finally has their precious things returned and Chikage reveals the culprit to be the squirrel Aria wanted Wataru to bring back from the wild earlier on. Chikage seems to be getting along well with it and calls it Salamander (?!). Don’t feel like teaching the culprit who stole her tarot cards a lesson now, eh? Wataru and Mami receive an email indicating that Akio is coming to visit them. Wataru is ecstatic. Mami isn’t.

In episode 23, the sisters prepare for Akio’s arrival and Wataru is excited about his visit. Akio arrives in style by gliding down a motorized para-glider. He gets acquainted with the sisters quickly. He refuses Wataru’s invitation to tour the island because he has a ‘date’ with Mami. But under Akio’s instructions, Wataru and his sisters are to pay a visit to the island’s Promised Park, an amusement park that nobody knows existed since living on the island for 1 year. Wataru rides every ride with his sisters. Akio confronts Mami and reminds her of her initial mission: To make Wataru to leave the island. Due to her failure, he’s going to make his move. He thinks Mami like Wataru has been corrupted by the soft side of this island. Though Mami and Akio are real siblings, Mami chides Akio that he doesn’t know anything about her or Wataru and that the latter is a much kinder person. That night Akio enters Wataru’s room and tells him the reason of his visit. He passes Wataru an acceptance card. Seems there was a mistake in his entrance exam grading. Wataru can now return to Tokyo as a 2nd year transfer student and be Akio’s classmate.

Though Wataru has a sleepless night and in a dilemma over his choice in episode 24, Karen sees him and tells him about her bad dream and doesn’t want him to leave. Next morning, Sakuya spots Wataru’s acceptance letter on his bed. Karen, Haruka, Chikage, Marie and Rinrin notice Sakuya acting strange and learn the shocking truth. As part of Akio’s plan, Mami is supposed to encourage Wataru to go back to Tokyo but since he was running late for class, she didn’t make it. During recess, Mami sees Wataru and tells him that she is Akio’s sister but he doesn’t believe her. Wataru decides to return to Tokyo. At the pier, Wataru has trouble telling his sisters that know of his departure. Since he can’t say it, Akio tells them Wataru is coming with him to Tokyo tomorrow. Though Wataru says it’s to see the school he was supposed to be enrolled in and will be back soon. The next day as the sisters are supposed to go on a picnic, Akio tells them to head to the park first and they will catch up. Chikage gives Wataru her pendant. Karen, Sakuya and Mami see Wataru off at the pier. When the other sisters learn that Chikage gave her pendant as a sign of farewell, all of them rush to the pier. The old fisherman is cleaning his boat filled with foul graffiti (Akio sprayed all over it last night) and hears the sound of a speedboat. He realizes this is Akio’s doing. By the time the other sisters arrive, Wataru and Akio already left in the latter’s speedboat and could do nothing.

Wataru dreams of meeting a little girl dressed in yellow in episode 25 but she shed tears before disappearing. Akio wakes him up and he is now back in his home in Tokyo. Akio puts a pair of glasses back on Wataru and tries to brainwash him about their future and becoming chosen elites (I hope nothing yaoi). A gloomy atmosphere befalls Welcome House as all the sisters miss their brother dearly. Some pouring out their thoughts and feelings. Even some of the island’s residents mention that since Jiiya went back to Tokyo, Promised Island may be finished. Not even Yamada is happy with the Gasovar sets he got for free. Sakuya can’t wait any longer and decides to go pick up Wataru herself but there’s no boat. Jiiya sees Wataru and admits that he was all the old guys on Promised Island. He apologizes for hiding the truth about his sisters and bringing him there. Wataru isn’t pleased with his selfishness and tells them leave. On the day Akio takes Wataru to finalize his transfer, Mami comes by to stop and bring him back. Efforts to persuade him failed as Wataru listens to Akio. Though he suddenly remembers the promise he made with the girl in yellow back on the island, he says he isn’t going.

What Wataru meant was he isn’t going to enrol in the school. Now it’s Akio’s turn to despair! And so in episode 26 Wataru happily returns to Promised Island because he has learned a lot from his sisters and feels it’s time he do something for them back. However when he enters Welcome House, his sisters are nowhere in sight. At the pier he regrets losing everything but meets Karen who is happy he is back. Then like true siblings 6th sense bond, the rest felt Wataru’s return and rushed to happily welcome him home. He continues to spend quality time with each of the sisters. During dinner, he realizes Mami not at the table so he tells his sisters that Mami isn’t his real sister though he doesn’t regret it. But the sisters already knew about it and Wataru got embarrassed that he was the only one who didn’t know. Again. They read a farewell note from Mami that thanks them for treating her like 1 of their sisters. But Wataru says to wait for her as he believes she will come back. As Wataru takes a group photo with his sisters, we see Mami and Akio watching from afar. Though Akio still doesn’t understand why Wataru threw away his future for something this ‘cool’, Mami says he’ll understand if he stays on the island. She teases him by calling him her An-chan. Wataru remembers he has to go thank that girl and at the park, meets the girl in yellow. When Wataru was young, he came to this island and met his sisters. But he had to leave so he made a promise with her that he’ll return and be a cooler brother. In order to make him remember that promise, she appeared in his memories. She thanks him for keeping the promise and not to forget as she is inside everyone. She disappears into the wind. Next day in school, Wataru’s class receives a new transfer student. It’s Mami! Yamada is taken in by her beauty and wants to marry her! Too bad he slams into the podium. But there’s also a new transfer student. It’s Akio and he wants to find out about true coolness. Lastly we see Jiiya in the villa, holding in hand a diary he planned hardships Wataru would face but has grown up beyond expectations. He throws away the unneeded key. He is going to bring the diary to the cemetery for commemoration. The girl in yellow died?

Can I consider that as a happy ending? Let’s see, Wataru returns to Promised Island and gets to reunite with his sisters. Mami and Akio are also back on the island so I guess there’s nothing bad, right? However there are several questions that still bugged me. For instance, was Wataru’s initial entrance exam failure a deliberate act by Jiiya to send him back to the island? What is the significance of having Wataru and the sisters stay on the island? The residents did mention it will be over if Wataru doesn’t come back, right? And what is this elite thing Akio really wants Wataru to join him with? He is so obsessed about having Wataru by his side that he even sent his sister to do the job. Some dream about becoming high corporate figures and rule the world or create an ideal world of their own? Another mystery is the girl in yellow. Throughout the series, she appears briefly in some of the episodes but her presence does not give us much hint except she has something to do with Wataru. Is she his real sister and the 13th one? Though her face revealed in the final episode to closely resemble Karen’s, but I’m not really sure it’s her either as this wasn’t confirmed. Which brings me to this point. Does Wataru really have 12 sisters? If you think about it, it’s quite impossible to have a dozen sisters with such a close age gap. Twins, triplets, quadruplets? But they all have such contrasting personalities. Unidentical twins? Maybe. But it would be better to believe that they are sisters though not blood related. Just like how many siblings in many other animes have this sort of relationship.

Wataru has definitely undergone a big change. Since the start of the series, he was someone who didn’t want to accept the dozen sisters he have and tried to leave the island no matter what because he doesn’t want to shoulder whatever nuisance he deemed his sisters are. Slowly he learns that they can’t be that all bad and opens up as he accepts them for who they are. And in return the sisters’ love for him grow fonder and fonder as the days pass by. Just like Mami, she was unhappy with her mission but as she learns the true character of Wataru and his sisters, she felt like she had become part of the family. Among all the sisters, Chikage is still the most mysterious one. I’m not sure how true her past life with Wataru is but most of the time you see her alone instead of joining in with the rest of sisters, reading her tarot cards and predicting the kind of future will befall on them. Considering Rinrin’s inventions and her penchant to ask Wataru for funds, it bothers me how that kid gets his monthly allowance. You know how much mechanical parts cost, right? Yet Wataru have no qualms (though it’s more of no choice) about parting his money to her each time she starts requesting for ‘donations’. Sometimes I always thought that Sakuya might end up being the one with Wataru because she is quite flirty. Maybe she’s just cheeky, that’s all. Though at points she sounded serious that she really wanted Wataru to be hers.

Yamada isn’t such a total loser if you consider him as a whole. Maybe he just wants a girlfriend. Other than that he tries to help out and is a hardworking person. You can contribute his little proud attitude as his role as a comic relief character, in which he is. Akio isn’t such a bad guy overall. Though he is made to be seen as a ‘villain’ by whisking Wataru away from his sisters and his detest for Promised Island, it goes to show that in the end he didn’t force him to enrol in the Tokyo school and even tries out as a transfer student in Wataru’s class. It never hurts to try out, right? Hmm… With his good looks and suave talk, he might just rake in the girls… Despite Jiiya’s old looks, that old butler sure has lots of energy impersonating lots of characters around Promised Island. What hardships he planned for Wataru? Was he such a softie when he was a kid?

At first I didn’t really pay attention to the voice acting but then I stumbled upon something shocking (at least to me). I never actually realized Nana Mizuki was the voice behind Aria! OMG! I could barely recognize her voice in other animes like Fate in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha and Touma in Minami-ke series but she is bloody convincing and different as slow talking Aria! It would never have crossed my mind if I didn’t by chance read the seiyuu list. Another one is Natsuko Kuwatani as Karen. Because of my perception of her as the high pitched Suisei Seki in Rozen Maiden, I couldn’t recognize her in any other roles than that. Other seiyuus that I recognized are Yui Horie as Sakuya, Ayako Kawasumi as Chikage and Kappei Yamaguchi as Yamada. As for the rest, they’re not well known enough for me to identify with. Doesn’t ring a bell. Oops. Sorry.

It doesn’t matter the colourful and different personalities of sisters Wataru has. He treats them equally and with lots of love. So should I recommend that everyone should watch this anime to get along with their own family members? Miraculously there hasn’t been a single jealous quarrel throughout the series and that’s how things should be. Some people have only a sibling and they don’t get along very well. What about Wataru who has 12 sisters and only recently met them and even in the span of over a year, they made so much progress like as though they’ve been together for years. If I put myself in Wataru’s shoes, I don’t think I can be a good big brother like him. Probably there’d be lots of nagging from them wanting me to get off the idiot box watching animes and spend quality time with them. Hell, like that would happen! I’d rather have a harem of 2D girls than a dozen sisters with onii-chan complex.

Sister Princess

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