Sket Dance

September 29, 2013

If you have any problems during your high school life that needs some sort of assistance, feel free to come down to the club room of Sket Dance to ask for help. Well, at least if you are a student of Kaimei High School, that is. This club that consists of only 3 members will do whatever it takes within their power to see to it that their client’s request is solved. Thus you can say that this club is somewhat an odd jobs helper and to a certain extent, a jack-of-all-trades. Just picture Gintama but confined to a high school setting. Yeah. That’s what I felt.

Initially when this series started its run back in 2011, I thought this was going to be one of those run-forever animes like you know… Oh wait, now it’s only One Piece and Naruto Shippuden left. And perhaps Toriko… As this series ran around the same time with another anime, Beelzebub, I was already resigned to the fact that this series might stretch to over a hundred. But the first surprise came when Beelzebub already ended at 60 episodes, my hope was that Sket Dance too may see an end. So after 77 episodes, this series came to an end. And I was still surprised it ended because I really thought too that it will end. Yeah, a dilemma. Should it end? Should it continue? Anyway it already ended.

Back to the series. If you like comedy animes involving high school students, you should try this one out because there are lots of moments where you can laugh out loud. Some even the slapstick kind, some breaking the fourth wall and some the retorting kind. Yes, retorts. Two of the three Sket Dance members have this tendency to retort the situations and I feel they have retort everything and even each other so much that they could have easily become the tsukkomi king and queen for the next 10 years. The situation and comical stuff can be exaggerated sometimes but that is what makes it funny. It might not even make sense but hey, who cares as long as you’re laughing?

Of course it isn’t laugh and smiles all the way. There are some drama moments that serve to let us know the character more and some heart tugging moments to show us about the power of friendship, moral values like helping others, etc. You get the point. Such long running animes too depend on their wide range of characters and each of them do have their quirks that you will learn about as you go along. Don’t worry. There won’t be like 100 over characters for you to remember. Those supporting characters have their unique personality so it makes them memorable in a way. As usual, I don’t do episode-by-episode blogs for long running anime series. They’ll just be point summaries of those that are memorable (read: I can’t remember the rest). There’s the good ol’ Wikipedia for some information and Wikia for even more information. The Fandom Post has a decent summary of each episode so I don’t really need to go rewatch an episode if I need to recall something. Maybe I should…

Sket Dance:
In Japanese, ‘Suketto’ means help and S.K.E.T. in their club name stands for Support, Kindness, Encouragement and Troubleshoot. The leader is Yuusuke Fujiwara AKA Bossun. Has an erratic personality but when he puts on his goggles, his concentration becomes intense and his marksmanship excellent. The only female of the club is Hime Onizuka AKA Himeko. The Amazon type woman who doesn’t hesitate to beat you up with her hockey stick if you piss her off. Tomboyish and speaks in a Kansai dialect, this Pelollipop and Pelocan lover (I wonder how she can stand all those horrible flavours) has a knack for doing lots of comebacks. Sometimes Bossun is her comeback partner. The third member is the bespectacled Kazuyoshi Usui AKA Switch. This otaku geek never speaks! At least he never opens his mouth. He speaks via typing in his portable notebook through some special voice software. So don’t be surprised if you hear his voice somewhat computerized. His data and intelligence gathering skill is exceptional almost to the point it is scary. You can never hide any info from him…

The student council members:
Isn’t the student council supposed to be the ones helping students in need. Sure, they still do. That’s why they are loggerheads with Sket Dance as they are like rivals with each other. Well, at least the vice president Sasuke Tsubaki views Sket Dance as. This eyelashes guy takes things very seriously and is very strict in upholding the principals of this school. It’s no surprise he always clashes with Bossun. If only the president was this dedicated. He is Soujirou Agata and despite his laidback personality, he is very intelligent and an IQ of 160! You don’t really want to mess with this guy in terms of intelligence. Then there is Mimori Unyuu the treasurer. She is a rich girl and thinks money can solve anything! All you need to do is just name your price and she can pay it! How rich is this girl?! Kikuno Asahina AKA Daisy is the secretary and don’t let her monotonous looks fool you. She has this knack of insulting people via abbreviation. What is DOS again? Lastly, there is Michiru Shinba of the general affairs. This narcissist is quite a good looking guy and popular among the girls and loves cooking.

Other students of Kaimei (selected):
* Roman Saotome – Mangaka wannabe and specializes in shoujo manga. Though her drawing somewhat sucks… has this ability to turn surroundings and atmosphere into manga-like setting. How did she do that? Has a crush on Bossun since mistaking him as her ‘Prince’ she saw in her delusion on her way home.
* Shinzou Takemitsu – Kendo club captain and samurai wannabe (because his dad acts in period dramas). May speak like one but later one develops an obsession with those Smart Phones. Do samurais use such device? He also needs those Friskies mint for some ‘power up’. Though it only lasts a short while…
* Moe Yabasawa – Fat girl and daughter of a bookstore owner. Thinks she looks hell of a pretty. Well, at least she is positive about herself. Has a ‘3’ as her mouth… Always seen most of the time trying to catch her escaped pet monkey.
* Reiko Yuuki – Could be easily mistaken as Sadako due to her ghostly features. She is of the occult club and believes in everything supernatural. Thus she is Switch’s natural rival. Technology versus supernatural. Science versus occult. The debate continues… Forever…
* Momoka Kibitsu – Actually she isn’t a student of this school. Once an ex-delinquent trying to pick a bone with Himeko, she was defeated and occasionally hangs out outside Sket Dance’s room with her other ex-delinquent girls. Ever since being scouted, she becomes an idol and her repertoire can range from being a singer, voice actress and actress.
* Chiaki Takahashi – The captain of the softball team and thus nicknamed Captain by Sket Dance. Has this uncanny believe to eat very fast. Faster than your eye can catch. It’s like the food disappears from her hand!
* Date Kiyoshi – Also known as Dante and is a big fan of visual kei subculture. Acts like one too so his words are very hard to decipher. You got to be patient talking to him because even the most simplest of things, he can’t say it straight… You need to guess…
* Kaoru Yagi – Bespectacled member of the Broadcasting Club. May seem reserve and stoic but sometimes can be very blunt and straightforward for certain topics.
* Ayumi Kuramoto – Yagi’s best friend and always helping to bring Dante to the Sket Dance’s room for help. She is the one who tells us viewers what Dante’s words mean.
* Mitsuru Jougasaki – Big bully. Although he tones down a lot as the series goes by. Has a crush on Chiaki and nobody seems to be able to properly remember his name.

Teaching staffs:
* Genzaburou Karamatsu – The principal of Kaimei and always enjoys talking about his grandson.
* Tetsuji Chuuma – Sket Dance’s club advisor and Bossun and Himeko’s homeroom teacher. His laidback attitude is perfect for Sket Dance since they are always left to do their own devices. You don’t want a strict teacher coming in to check what kind of antics they get into, right? Always busy with experimenting with odd potions and pills that often backfire.
* Remi Misora – Formerly a host of a children’s programme, she is now a staff at Kaimei. She is quite clumsy and always prone to slip-ups. Has a secret crush on Chuuma.
* Junichi Son – We almost got Sadako, now we almost have Jason! Yeah, this guy has a face that closely resembles a hockey mask of that serial killer. Thus the nickname J-Son. Despite his murderous looks, he is quite shy and often goes for marriage interviews, only for it to fail in the end because he ends up looking like a psychopath. If only women could understand the depths of his heart…
* Kunio Yamanobe – I thought this was a very aged Harima from School Rumble… Anyway this geography teacher always teaches Sket Dance very weird games (because he needs members to participate in them). Games you would probably laugh your ass off because it seems so ridiculous. Who is this Master Wong he learns his games from? Like Master Wong was always there throughout history…

Here are some of the memorable episodes of the series. I know, I know. It’s an excuse since I can’t remember them…

Episode 1: Introduces Sket Dance and their case solving abilities when a new transfer student, Teppei Sugihara becomes a victim of bullying. The culprit turns out to be Teppei himself but was under pressure by the bully. When things are set straight, Teppei manages to fit into his new school life although he didn’t join Sket Dance, something they would pretty much prefer, he got into the basketball club.

Episode 7: A guy named Tetsu wants to see his childhood friend Misaki who is coming to visit this town. Problem is, he was liaising with her under a false name due to their past misunderstanding so that’s where Sket Dance comes in. Tetsu has no time to hesitate when he learns Misaki is on a life-and-death operation in America and manages to give her to best farewell present before her a departure: A thousand pink paper cranes that resemble like sakura petals when scattered through the air. Such a heart-warming end.

Episode 8: Yamanobe wants this Genesis game to be continued and to form a club and enlists Sket Dance’s help to learn the game. Now we know why nobody wants to play this game. So ridiculous. Looks ridiculous. Apart from wearing flippers and holding nets, you need to chant what lines again?

Episode 10: Kuramoto enlists Sket Dance’s help to cheer up Yagi who has been depressed ever since. It is discovered that she accidentally possessed a CD that contains footage of someone spying on the mid-term questions. The CD owner is making Yagi to shut up by blackmailing her about revealing her past. In the end, based on the evidence and sharp observations of the video, the nail the culprit that turns out to be a teacher of the school.

Episode 11 – 13 (Bibage Battle Arc): It all began when Yabasawa wanted a lip avatar. They aren’t really interested in participating in the tournament till they discover the student council members will be in it. It is a team game of 5 on 5 so Sket Dance rope in Shinzou as their final member. However when Yabasawa fails to turn up for participation, they need to scramble for another member. The first match is a cooking match with Himeko against Shinba. No shocker for this round as Shinba nails the victory. The second match is a fighting game which pits Shinzou against Tsubaki. The first side to destroy all the orange balls on their enemy wins. At first Tsubaki seems to be taking home victory but Shinzou revives and levels the score for Sket Dance. The third game is a shooting game. Switch to face off with Daisy. Both sides are neck to neck and down to their last ammo. They fire at the same time so a photo finish is needed to see who got shot first. Switch wins. For the fourth match which is a real life love dating simulating, Mimori is up against Roman. Money always solves it for Mimori but for Roman, she took a very long winded and dramatic approach… In the end, Mimori wins because she is that guy’s type. And because to make it all down to the final decider which is between Bossun and Agata. In this card game of wits, Pixie Garden, Bossun is frustrated that Agata seems to know whether the cards he disposes are real or fakes. Agata ups the stakes that if Bossun wins, he will resign as student council president. Otherwise Sket Dance gets disbanded. In the end, even putting on his goggles did Bossun no good as Agata’s IQ allows him to stay a step ahead. The student council wins. Sket Dance is having an emotional farewell for their disbandment but Agata orders them to continue sticking around. The bet was just a joke…

Episode 14: Takaaki Uchida seeks Sket Dance’s help to become popular and at list win one of the popularity categories. But none of the attempts they do seem to make him stand out more. His desperation in becoming popular was hoping he could not let his mom in hospital worry. Of course she can see through her son’s lies. Eventually Uchida did win a category: The kindest person. All his classmates throng outside the hospital to show their support and to give him his medal.

Episode 16 – 17 (Kaimei Rock Festival Arc): Each Sket Dance member has joined a different rock group for their school’s rock festival that the principal loves very much. Bossun while practising his guitar meets a famous violin girl, Sagisaki. She doesn’t have the confidence in her violin skills. As the festival draws nearer and each of Sket Dance’s respective other band members are unable to perform due to circumstances, the Sket Dance trio decide to form their own group. Deriving a name each from their band, the trio form The Sketchbook. On the festival day, The Sketchbook rocks the crowd and Sagisaki manages to catch a glimpse of their performance. The song they perform is for her so she gets enough motivation to fly off to Germany to continue her career path as a violinist.

Episode 18: Another one of Yamanobe’s weird games… What the heck is this crazy board game Hyperion? Bossun and Switch seem to be very into it unlike Himeko. Is this a boy’s game? Yeah, they are even going to attend a world tournament. Reality check for Bossun and Switch when they find the place is some cabin in the woods and the other competing team is a Chinese pair. Now do we know why nobody plays this game?

Episode 19: The student council messes up big time a bust statue of the principal after trying to plan a surprise birthday party for him. The more they fix it, the worse it gets. Last minute before the principal could step into his office, Agata slams his face with a cake. Mimori can use her influence and money power to remake the bust but they just need a mould for his face. Conveniently, it’s there in the cake… And so the bust is repaired but the principal doesn’t remember it had this big smile.

Episode 20: Bossun and Switch attend a blind date with jealous Himeko spying on them. When the couple confess and leaves the guys alone with the other girls, Bossun and Switch become stump for words to impress. Their gags fall flat. Not funny. Finally Himeko couldn’t take it anymore and jumps out of her hiding to do her lecture and usual comebacks. Saved… Later Himeko also goes on another blind date and like deja vu, she is left alone with a couple of boys. The boys think her jokes are old fashioned, causing her to get angry. Just when she wishes Bossun and Switch are here, true enough her heroes show up to save the day but got kicked out due to being noisy.

Episode 21:  Bossun and Switch think Switch is dating Reiko since they’re frequently going out together. Seems he is helping her out to choose a personal computer so she can create a webpage dedicated to her occultism. Reiko bumps into her old crush, Kobayashi. He turned her down because of her creepy features and continues to mock her in that. This heartbreak was what made Reiko ventured further into her occult. Switch decides to give Reiko a total makeover and surprisingly, she looks pretty! OMG! Nobody would have known she is that occult girl! Even Kobayashi couldn’t recognize her and ask her out on a date. So when he did find out she is Reiko, she rejects him and turns the table on him, pushing him into a fountain. Reiko wonders why Switch went all the way to help her. Could it be he likes her? He rubbishes that thought because by helping her to buy a computer, it is a step closer to make her move away from occult and realize the wonders of technology. But Reiko is confident she will drag him down the occult road.

Episode 24 – 25 (Switch’s Past Arc): It all began when Shinzou had a quarrel with his brother, Shinpei who is in that rebellious stage and in got into some trouble with delinquents. Switch had a younger brother named Masafumi. They grew up together with another childhood friend, Sawa. Masafumi was a genius in computing and his friends nickname him Switch. They were very close to each other especially Masafumi and Sawa. Of course it is hinted that Kazuyoshi likes Sawa but feels Masafumi would be much better suited for her due to his computing skills. One day, Sawa learns from her friend, Yoshino who tells her to be wary of a stalker. True enough, there seems to be a guy stalking Sawa from a distance. In an attempt to bring Masafumi and Sawa together, Switch sends them out to buy some crime prevention goods. Later Kazuyoshi gets a call from Yoshino who has learnt the stalker’s identity: Shinji. He had a reputation of injuring a classmate with a knife. When Kazuyoshi spots Shinji lurking outside his house, he goes to chase him down. When he finds no knife on him, Shinji explains that he once dated Yukino but broke up shortly. But when Shinji revealed to Yoshino he liked Sawa, Yoshino prevented Shinji from reaching Sawa by being at her side. Shinji’s ‘stalking’ is just to warn Sawa of Yoshino’s personality. She is the one who has that unstable mind of stabbing people with a knife. Masafumi and Sawa are at the shopping district when they encounter Yoshino. She pulls out a knife and lunges at them. Masafumi uses his body to shield Sawa and paid the price with his life. In the aftermath, it is learnt that Yoshino thought Masafumi was Sawa’s boyfriend (because Kazuyoshi mistakenly and accidentally told her about this). Kazuyoshi starts blaming himself for causing his brother’s death. It is then that Kazuyoshi assumes Masafumi’s identity and took on his nickname. He becomes his brother. Sawa’s family moved away but not before both of them finally confessing their feelings for each other. The pain in Switch’s heart became unbearable so he stopped talking ever since. He completes Masafumi’s voice software to combine their voices to ‘speak’.

Episode 26: Gintama crossover! This is what happens when both funny animes collide. Yeah, Gintama calling Sket Dance their poor anime version. So we have got lots of havoc with Sket Dance and Yorozuya, lots of paranoia especially a couple of seiyuus that share characters from both sides of the anime (Gin and Switch…)! Mocking, insulting, jabbing and at each other’s throat too. So when it is time to return to their own anime, they find themselves travelling back to the first episode of Sket Dance! Then they had to travel through several episodes to search for Kagura and Shinpachi who got thrown off somewhere during the time travel.

Episode 28: Shinba has been chosen to host a cooking show during Kaimei’s first broadcasting during lunch hour. He ropes in Agata and Daisy for the job but the duo are so uncooperative that it may ruin everything. Daisy is just moody and Agata isn’t plain interested. In the end, the faint smell of alcohol was enough to send Shinba drunk and go on a flirting spree with Daisy. Helter-skelter ensues when she beats the crap out of him. All live in front of the camera!

Episode 30: Himeko is stumped why Bossun and Switch are so into those Gachapon items. Of course she got hooked too. We see them get weirder and weirder Gachapon items. I think they even bought the entire vending machine! Need to have one of those Anthony Gachapon…

Episode 31: Shinzou requests Sket Dance’s help for a complete makeover to meet this Megumi girl. After all that trial and error, this Megumi turns out to be a dude… Oh God!!! Later, Himeko tries a workout video from Biney’s Mute Amp but it turns out more annoying and irritating than ever. Is this really a workout? More like getting worked up.

Episode 33: Sket Dance investigates The Glass Man incident after a series of broken windows at school. The clues left behind led them to unveil the culprit who is actually a girl. But Bossun notices something about her and the clue didn’t fit and further investigations reveal she was blackmailed into doing so or else her old pictures of being a fat girl will surface. And the real culprit turns out to be her friend and of the Broadcasting Club trying to film it all on camera. How else would somebody know exactly when the events will unfold? Why, oh why? Love problems. Jealousy. Grudge. At least things were reconciled in the end.

Episode 34: Roman tells us the basics of how to draw shoujo manga. But her horrible crappy drawing… Her incomprehensible storyline… Then she got a new club member. So strong Roman’s art influence that her good art became crappy like hers!

Episode 35: Enigman and his assistant Quettion of the Quiz Club challenge Sket Dance to a series of quizzes. Well, we get lots of funny answers (like as though they’re not trying hard enough) before Bossun giving his intelligent and correct answer. Later Sket Dance is visited by Akitoshi Daimon whose alter ego is Enigman. Seems he has a double personality. Donning on his mask, he becomes the loud extrovert. But his normal self is a shy and timid person. That’s why he has come to Sket Dance for help on his love problems. He is in love with the girl behind Quettion and is afraid to confess. When he finally does, Quettion unmasks herself and her personality also changes. No more the loyal Enigman assistant, eh? Who would have known she had such a crude and rude personality?

Episode 36 – 37 (Himeko’s Past Arc): Himeko’s hockey stick breaks so she decides to buy a new one. Apparently the shop was in the midst of being robbed. After apprehending the robber and getting her new hockey stick in which she names it as Kunpumaru, this prompts her to be reminded of her own violent past. She first moved to Tokyo from Osaka due to her father’s work. She couldn’t fit in and was lonely till Arisa Kanou became her first friend since she had the same hockey stick. One day Himeko learns Arisa was being bullied and extorted by the worst bully in school, Kyoko Nanba due to her wealthy family background. Himeko vows to protect her and accompanies Arisa to meet Nanba on the night she is supposedly to hand over the money. Himeko got beaten up by Nanba’s underlings. To make things worse, the real boss among the gang is no other than Arisa. She hired them as their bodyguards and wanted to blend in to avoid trouble. Allying herself with the strongest is the best way to do that. She is upset that Himeko views her as weak. Himeko becomes enraged over her betrayal and turns into a monster to beat up everyone, leaving Arisa shaken and very much afraid of this devil woman. Himeko soon transferred to Kaimei but rumours of her being Onihime spreads rife. Anybody who dares challenge or mock her gets swiftly beaten up. She adopts a new hairstyle and tries to turn over a new life. Anything as long as it doesn’t make people think she is that Onihime. When Chiaki first wanted to become her friend (after seeing her powerful softball throw), Himeko was sceptical. Also, Bossun was also interested to become her friend since she had that Poppman hat. Himeko continued to give them the cold shoulder but this doesn’t stop Bossun. Slowly, Himeko learns to open up. One day, Chiaki seems to be acting strange. The kind of look that she is in trouble. Her softball accidentally dented a car of a man and he wants her to pay up at a park. Himeko is still reeling from her traumatic past and has doubts whether to go save Chiaki. Till Bossun tells her that losing a friend’s trust is worse than being betrayed. Himeko arrives first on scene to beat up the men trying to kidnap Chiaki into their car. But her stick breaks and is defenceless. Bossun then came into the picture like a Poppman hero to save the day. That would be sweet if he wasn’t shivering in fear. Himeko notes his determination to save a friend so she returns to being Onihime. When the men realize who they are dealing with, they apologize and run away. Bossun admires her strength and hopes she could lend it to a club he wants to create dedicated to helping others. Himeko views she needs to be strong like him. Himeko borrows Bossun’s shoulder to cry on. She then lets Bossun keep the Poppman getup that becomes his every day trademark. Back in present time, when Himeko and Arisa meet again, the latter regretted how she treated her and apologizes. Himeko also forgives her.

Episode 38: Sket Dance is roped in to help with Remi’s children stage programme but finds themselves trapped in a storeroom. They can’t take off their mascot outfits (useless droopy arms…) and it’s a race against time to get out before the fire burns them down! In the end, I think it looked like a horror show for the kids. Oh, Switch has no talking role in this one…

Episode 39: Another old quirky game Yamanobe brings in to Sket Dance to help fix. What the heck is this Special Mariko Broken? I think the game itself is broken. Though the gang gets hooked in playing this game (no matter how odd/stupid everything is), so epic that the cartridge finally overheats after 4 hours straight of playing. You’ll never play that game ever again. Good riddance.

Episode 41: Enigman and Quettion this time challenge the student council minus Agata to their quizzes. Otherwise he threatens to expose that picture of messing up the principal’s bust. Bossun makes his guest appearance as Quiz King Bosshuton. Of course it seems that Tsubaki is the only one trying hard. The rest seem like fooling around. Then Agata shows up. He displays his high intelligence by guessing the answers based on the sketches that everyone has drawn. And he got all of them right! Amazing! And so the student council is saved. Later Daimon seeks Sket Dance’s advice on his date with Quettion. But Daimon becomes a worrywart throwing in all the what-ifs situation. This guy is probably thinking too much. However they all came true! Date ruined. He is one sad/mad mother.

Episode 43: When Himeko saves Jin Kakiuchi from gangsters, that guy falls in love with her. He is also annoying persistent in praising her so Himeko had to tell him off she has a boyfriend. Really? So prove it. She reluctantly seeks Bossun’s help to act as her boyfriend and go on a date. Switch and Jin obviously are spying on them and it is obvious they aren’t acting very couple-like. It’s so unconvincing. In the end when Bossun assures Jin that Himeko is just some plain Osaka woman and that nothing is special between them, Himeko beats him to a pulp. Jin sees that kind of special relationship in them.

Episode 45: Nothing goes right in J-son’s marriage interview. Not even after grooming him or the words Sket Dance relay for him to say. Another big disaster waiting to happen. Also, Remi goes out on a date with another guy just to piss off Chuuma. She is saved by Chuuma when that guy’s identity is busted to be a voyeur trying to film up her skirt. Remi learns Chuuma is divorced and his daughter Suzu is currently living with him. Chuuma has reservations about remarrying again since he views it will open up a new can of worms. He won’t think about it unless Suzu approves of it. And looks like Suzu takes an instant liking for Remi.

Episode 46 – 48 (Bossun’s Past Arc): When Bossun was 14 years old, he discovered several video tapes in his mom’s closet. Watching the first few tapes, it seems to be records of his mom Akane, his late father Ryousuke (which is a splitting image of Bossun) and their friend Haru. Akane caught him in the act though she is somewhat relieved that he has not progressed further than the fourth tape. Naturally he asks the type of man his father is and Akane’s reply that he is a useless person. Bossun felt something amiss going through the photo albums. On the day he is born, Akane doesn’t look like the pregnant woman she is supposed to be. Bossun confronts Akane wondering if she is his real mom. His real mom is actually Haru. Akane first met them back in high school and the trio became best friends. Ryousuke and Akane grew up in an orphanage so they are very close to each other. Both died on separate accidents on the day Bossun was born. Bossun became depressed and becomes an aimless wanderer on his 15th birthday. He got beaten up by some punks and noticed a boy with eyelashes watching in fear but didn’t do anything to help. A man named Taisuke Mishima saved the day by threatening to call the cops. Bossun learns this guy is grateful towards his dad for saving his life. On that fateful day, Ryousuke saved Taisuke who was playing in the streets from a car. He paid with his life and before he died, he told Taisuke to be strong to help others and help deliver his presents to his wife. Ever since, Taisuke has been coming to this place to pay his respects. He passes the presents to Bossun and inside is a cracked watch, stopped supposedly on the time of Ryousuke’s death. Nearby, Bossun sees eyelashes boy being bullied. He thought of leaving him to his fate but remembering his father’s words, he goes to help him. Bossun is left wondering if this is the feeling of helping others without expecting anything in return but it did some good because the boy is inspired by him. On the other hand, Akane was driving Haru to hospital. Probably she got a little emotional to keep her eyes on the road. She had to swerve her car and as a result crashed into a doctor’s car coming in the opposite direction. The doctor takes Haru to the hospital. It is a bittersweet ending because although Haru died in the process, the baby was saved. Akane vowed to take care of him as if he was her own. Now that he has known his past, Bossun is grateful for his late parents because they risk their lives to give birth to him. He gets the resolve to start a club to help others.

Back in present time during Kaimei’s cultural festival, Bossun is approached by a man who claims to be the doctor who delivered him. First he apologized to him for keeping a secret for 17 years. On the day Bossun was born, he wasn’t the only one to have come into this world. He had a twin so he is not entirely alone in this world. That brother of his is closer to him than he think. He is also studying at Kaimei. Guess who? Bossun is shocked to hear Tsubaki is his twin brother. Before Haru died, she knew she had twins and hoped the doctor would adopt one since it would be a burden for Akane to take care of two. The doctor adopted Tsubaki and never told Akane about it till 2 years ago around the time when Bossun found out about his real parents. He felt guilty and told Tsubaki about it. His reaction was the same like Bossun’s. Instead of yelling and being angry, he left and wandered for a while. That’s why on that day when Bossun got into trouble with some punks, the eyelashes boy (Tsubaki) didn’t come to his aid because he was in shock and confused. Although Bossun can’t forgive the doctor, he knows he has been a good father as he can see how well he has raised Tsubaki. Later when Bossun meets up with Tsubaki, both realizing each other’s relationship, we find out that Bossun is the elder twin and he invites to visit Tsubaki his home for dinner. Now we know why they are so different yet feel so similar. Himeko becomes excited upon knowing this fact and loves seeing them together.

Episode 49: It’s the Genesis World Grand Prix! WTF?! Yamanobe ropes in Sket Dance and Chiaki as Japan’s representative in the unpronounceable host country. Even weirder, the ‘countries’ that participate don’t really sound like countries! Where the heck is… Oh, hell I can’t even pronounce that country. Is Wyoming of USA even a country?! And all the characters look like they’ve popped out from some shonen manga or anime. Weirdoes! In the end with Chiaki’s fast learning ability, Japan takes the championship and she is named MVP of the tournament. She thought the prize would be some all-you-can-eat special but it turns out the additional reward also makes her qualify to be part of the royal family and the prince’s wife. NO WAY!!!

Episode 50: Himeko becomes Bossun’s personal maid after she injures his hand. But it will turn out to be service from hell with power Himeko serving him. Later Jin is still not convinced about Bossun and Himeko’s relationship and goes to observe their daily interaction. While the duo don’t really admit it, it seems like they are acting like newly married couples (and at one point, mother and son?!), much to Jin’s ire. So is he going to give up his love on Himeko? Well, he’s not throwing in the towel that easily yet.

Episode 51: Tsubaki visits Bossun’s home for the first time to see for himself what his real parents look like.

Episode 52: Introducing an all-new character. Saaya the twintail tsundere. However she wants to get rid of this tsundere attitude and to start it off, she keeps visiting Sket Dance every day. Once a tsundere, always a tsundere. Later Saaya finds an abandoned owl and decides to raise it in the clubroom till it has the strength to fly away on its own. However it comes back to them. All herald the series’ mascot, Hoosuke! Despite owls having a carnivorous nature, this one is quite tame… Initially Tsubaki disagrees with Sket Dance keeping a live animal as it is against the school rules but Agata allows it. Can’t go against the president’s orders, can’t he? Oh, did I mention that Saaya is Agata’s little sister? It’s a small world after all.

Episode 53: Another new character introduced: Koma Morishita. Despite her giant stature, she is very embarrassed. When she becomes embarrassed, she displays her full force of strength. Poor Bossun bears the brunt of it. Later Dante and Koma seek Sket Dance’s help because they have fallen in love with somebody. When it turns out to be each other, Sket Dance tries to help bring them together but due to various misunderstandings of what the other says (and Bossun once more bearing the brunt of it all), I guess their love didn’t work out. It wasn’t meant to be. It was just fleeting…

Episode 54: Sket Dance especially Switch decides to expose a fraudulent famous fortune teller named Himiko Minakami when Reiko seemingly has been duped without realizing it is a scam (that bracelet as a charm obviously look cheap – and the proceeds all go to Minakami). Minakami challenges them to appear on her live show and will prove that her divination is real. It may seem so because she uses several psychological tactics to awe the audience. Her downfall came when she reads Bossun’s prediction. Sure, it is all true but how can she read his when it was actually his twin?! Tsubaki in disguise! Wow. You can never tell the difference if they dress up the same. I’m sure the audiences would want their money back. So are we convinced that Switch is doing this for Reiko’s sake due to some feelings thingy? Well, not quite. Reiko once again has her thanks for him. Switch might not believe in the occult especially fortune telling because the fortune teller does not take responsibility of the failed outcome. He wants her to continue her occult ways because otherwise there will be no meaning if he doesn’t have his rival around. Reiko will create her own fortune system to prove him wrong and Switch will use his technology to blow her away.

Episode 55: Bossun is an expert in folding all sorts of origami paper! Really! But when he cracks his head to create the ultimate origami piece, he finally realizes the address of the competition is being used as one of the origami papers in his Pegasus masterpiece. Can he risk ‘dismantling’ it after putting hours of hard work?

Episode 57: Bossun is made to reply on Shinzou’s behalf as an email friend. Likewise, Himeko gets into the same situation with Koma. Before long, they both get addicted to it and become anxious for the other’s reply, not knowing that they are actually interacting with each other. So when they decide to meet face to face and the person whom they wanted to meet never turn up but each other, you can guess their reaction when they discover the real truth. Very embarrassing, no? If only they trust each other to erase all those exchanged emails…

Episode 59: Daisy never asks for help even though she needs it. So when she gets into trouble with a group of delinquents from Tachikawa High School, she keeps quiet and bears the responsibility herself. The boss, Yabuta wants Daisy to become his woman or else he will not guarantee the safety of Kaimei students. Even when a friend leaks this terrible news to Tsubaki, Daisy is still reluctant to seek help. Tsubaki is in a dilemma and goes to seek Sket Dance’s advice. In the end, Tsubaki decides to do this to settle his own score. He’s not here to ask for his apology. He’s not here to seek revenge. Seems pretty much like that to me. He doesn’t know if it’s right or wrong but wants to punch Yabuta. As usual, big bad bullies always send their lackeys to do the dirty job. Tsubaki is overwhelmed by the other delinquents. Unexpected help arrives in the form of Sket Dance in weird masks. Don’t even ask. It’s game over when Tsubaki lands Yabuta his punch. Tsubaki and Daisy reconcile and the latter does not hesitate to seek for help if she needs it. Even if it’s the slightest bit.

Episode 60: Himeko is scouted to be the new Pelocan girl of Pelollipop commercial. However her stage fright causes havoc so the editors have to re-edit everything since they don’t have time. The end result? I don’t think that even cuts to be a commercial. Later, Bossun and Switch head to Himeko’s home to study but the temptation of preoccupying with other stuffs was just too great. So Himeko’s mom cracks the whip and becomes Spartan mom and forces the kids to study. No escape from her watchful eye! Not even daddy can help! That’s how the legend of Oniyome was born!

Episode 62 – 64 (School Trip Rhapsody Arc): For the upcoming school trip, Kaimei’s tradition has it that classes will have to skip ropes to decide which class accommodates the better rooms. Saaya totally sucks in athletic so it seems she is bringing down the class. Sket Dance trains her and despite falling short of 1 jump of the record, the class congratulate Saaya for trying her best. Because there are 8 classes and only 7 buses, the class will draw lots to see which one will split. Tsubaki curses his luck and ends up with Bossun’s class. The thought of romance on such trips must have given Saaya something to chew about. It is becoming obvious that she is starting to harbour feelings for Bossun or at least it seems like it. Wanting to know the relationship between Bossun and Himeko, Switch advises her to ask him directly. But it’s not going to be a problem because Chuuma has created dangerous and weird drugs (God for who knows what. And don’t ask). Using Bossun, Himeko and Tsubaki as guinea-pigs, Bossun and Himeko switch bodies while Tsubaki thinks he is a cat. While Chuuma tries to make the antidote, Bossun and Himeko have to put up with awkward situations and try to act like the other so other people do not suspect they have switched bodies. Not easy. Especially when it involves the bath… And Chuuma took the wrong drug which causes him to lose all his motivation. They might have to stay like this for the rest of their trip. Saaya watches the duo from a distance while Switch makes it his personal mission to watch over Saaya and prevent her from getting close to them. So much so, Reiko thought he became Saaya’s stalker! Finally, Saaya summons the courage to ask Bossun (Himeko actually) about his opinion on Himeko. She tries to answer in the way Bossun would think. They’re just friends is her reply. Then Bossun (remember, still Himeko) asks Saaya of what she thinks of Bossun. Her answer is that she isn’t sure but he is always on her mind. In tears, she is grateful to him because she now gets to mix around better with others. Bossun and Himeko decide to sleep together in Chuuma’s room and share a futon since they don’t trust each other sleeping alone. Himeko tells Bossun what she told Saaya. It made them ponder about their relationship because they are often together. Do they look like that? Himeko is afraid she might have said the wrong thing but Bossun says he would have replied the same. At the end of the school trip, Bossun and Himeko didn’t switch back. Throw Chuuma into the mix of body swapping and you’ve got another round of chaos! Oh, Tsubaki is still a cat. Nyan~.

Episode 64: In this short side story called Quest Dance, a group of 6 people with totally unrelated and hilarious class are assembled to fight the demon king. But we don’t get to see Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Enigman, Tsubaki and Saaya getting the classes they are supposed to get due to some screw up from Remi. They are left with odd classes that aren’t suitable for an RPG party. More like a comedy troupe. So it becomes a ‘race’ to claim which of the class they want to be since it is first come first serve basis to avoid getting the most crappy one as they thought. So who gets to be the slime? Bossun! He sucks at rock-scissors-paper…

Episode 65: When Saaya asks about Tsubaki’s relationship with Bossun, the other student council members misinterpret and think it’s Saaya x Tsubaki. Of course this leads to big brother Agata getting the wrong idea too and will not approve of this! Evil aura leaking out… Even asking Saaya of this, she is describing Bossun but Agata happens to think it is Tsubaki. If only everyone puts in the name, it would have cleared up everything. Saaya calls up Bossun to ask him out for tea. Tsubaki happen to be there. Oh, Agata too. In the end, all four went to tea together. Agata thinks Bossun is the third wheel trying to get in between Saaya and Tsubaki. After all that miscommunication and misunderstanding, does Agata finally understand what is going on? He thinks Bossun is in love with Saaya and there is a love triangle going on! Wrong! And so Agata keeps following Saaya around and won’t let his guard down… I guess a guy with high IQ can lose his composure too when it comes to his sister.

Episode 68: Suzu knows Remi loves Chuuma and seeing how close they are (although that dude is still dense), she wants to bring them closer. With Sket Dance, she plans to use a love potion that will make Chuuma fall head over heels with her. I don’t even know why there are so many steps just to make this love potion work. I mean, it had to be precise timing too or else it will not work. And they have to do it without making Chuuma suspect a thing. He should have guessed something is wrong when the girls are acting so obviously strange especially during lunch at restaurant where they try to distract him and make him eat the food mixed with the love potion. Just when everything has been set precisely in order, Remi couldn’t go ahead with the final step. She loves Chuuma a lot, a reason why she cannot use this plan. If she’s going to do it, she’s going to do it on her own without any help. Chuuma overheard this and confronts Remi. Remi and Sket Dance don’t want Chuuma to blame Suzu for coming up with this plan. He heard Suzu talking strange things to him. She said she wanted him to remarry not because she needed a mom but rather of because he loves somebody. Chuuma suddenly gets down on his knees to propose Remi to marry him. But she turns him down! That’s because they can’t jump straight into that without knowing each other well first. So currently they are now dating with marriage on the horizon.

Episode 69: Today is not Bossun’s day. Because the toilets are all out and he needs to take a dump. Real bad. How long can he hold it in? It’s a miracle he can still maintain his drive. He can’t even use the toilets in other outside buildings on his way home. Be it in the midst of robbery or just his plain pride. So when he finally gets back to his own home, he lands on the wrong floor. The woman is shocked to see a pervert at her doorstep because Bossun has already dropped his pants ready to dash into his toilet.

Episode 70: It will be Agata and Shinba’s last day for their respective student council post. Tsubaki and Mimori have been promoted to student council president and vice president respectively while Daisy remains the same. Agata thought it would be one of those nothing-happen days. He thought wrong because Saaya got kidnapped! He is forced to play and solve a series of intelligent riddles that would ultimately reveal the whereabouts of his sister. Although I don’t really understand the puzzles, I suppose the end answer is quite smart because of Japanese hiragana and katakana you can play the words around. So it is revealed it was just an elaborated setup by Sket Dance and the other student council members (Saaya an accomplice too) as his farewell gift.

Episode 72: With some student council posts vacant, I guess there is a need to recruit new members. Replacing the treasury post is Hani Usami. If you think she is normal, think again. She hates men. Tsubaki has a hard time communicating with her even if they’re directly in front of each other. Usami always uses a woman (in this case Mimori who loves playing along) to communicate what she wants to say. However… When Usami is touched by a man, she turns into a sexy man-crazy alter ego named Bunny. Now she hates woman and loves to flirt around. To turn her back, she just needs to be touched by a woman. And then the whole cycle repeats. Tsubaki is going to have a lot of headache… And you know how much angst he has already pent up. But that is for Sket Dance… The other would-be member is Kiri Katou. This silver haired guy is a ninja! The reason he joins the student council is to take over this school! He is also the type who doesn’t take orders from his superior and acts on his own. More headache, eh? And Tsubaki thought he at least needs another guy to correct this gender imbalance. Don’t want to make it look like a harem, eh? So have we got enough weird members already?!

Episode 74: Because Tsubaki accidentally broke Bossun’s toy car, Mimori decides to help him replace it since her dad is a collector too. They get more than they bargain for because for the first time when they venture into her enormous mansion… No, that is just an understatement… Shall calling her home an entire country would be appropriate? Because the entrance hall is freaking big like the size of Tokyo Dome! The real residence is underground. You need to sit a huge elevator to get there! What’s this?! There’s an entire civilization living underground?! For all the maids and butlers to live?! Didn’t I say it was like a country of its own? With buildings and its own transportation! Where the heck do they get the sunlight?! Pretty scary, right? Thinking how f*cking filthy rich her parents. And when they realize it is a slightly wrong car model, Mimori’s dad and the rest of the servants go into panic mode to go to great lengths just to get the correct car. Their family’s name is on the line, damn it! Buy every candy box in the world! Out of production? Call the owner to remanufacture it again! Man, the power of money. Next time, be careful what you wish for…

Episode 75: Kiri continues to act on his own, disregarding Tsubaki’s advice. Himeko learns of Kiri’s past that he was unable to stop a bully victim, Kihara back in his old school. To make things worse, the teacher Kutsuwa was the one encouraging the bullies. When Kihara finally transferred, Kiri became the next victim although he endured it till he graduated. This causes him to lost faith in relying on others. That’s why he wants to take over this school and make it a better place his own way. Fate has a funny way of reuniting people because Kutsuwa becomes a new teacher at Kaimei. He still hasn’t lose his f*cking attitude. The last straw came when he reprimands Himeko for her hair colour. It doesn’t matter if she is good now, because Kutsuwa says once a delinquent, always a delinquent. It was odd to see Himeko unable to do something. Where was her fiery Amazon personality? I guess she won’t lay a hand on a teacher she doesn’t know. Kiri has witnessed all this and proceeds to kidnap Kutsuwa. He leaves a website whereby everyone can watch live how he torments Kutsuwa into apologizing to Himeko. Tsubaki and Bossun race against time to stop Kiri from doing something irresponsible. Eventually Kiri holds back his personal grudge to free and apologize to Kutsuwa for his stupidity. However Kutsuwa isn’t going to let this go and shoots his mouth blaming everybody. Kiri and Tsubaki are on the end of their limits. Feel like punching him? Too bad Bossun was the first one to give him a knuckle sandwich since he badmouthed about his friends. In the end, Kiri and Bossun only got 2 weeks suspension from school. That’s already lucky, right? Good riddance that Kutsuwa resigns. Hope he doesn’t show his face anymore. Finally, Kiri pledges his loyalty to Tsubaki like a ninja. I wonder if this will bring more good than harm…

Episode 76: Kiri doesn’t intend to be nice to everyone else but when Tsubaki says to get along, wow, suddenly he becomes the best servant ever. Anything you need, you just get this guy to do. Very convenient. Also, to solve Usami’s problem, the student council and Sket Dance cross-dress! Yeah. The girls look more like girls who love wearing men’s clothes and the guys are just looking so much like drag queens. Even though it wasn’t successful, for a short while there, Usami’s contact with a male didn’t turn her into Bunny.

Episode 77: Saaya calls out Bossun to talk to him personally. Reminding him about that talk she had with him during the ski trip, she has finally come to a conclusion. She admits she likes him. Though she doesn’t know much about him, she loves him the way he is and how he always tries his best to help others. Thanks to him, she has changed too. Yeah, she’s no longer that tsundere. Did she just lose her charm point? But she seems cool that she managed to say it. She feels better now that she got this off her chest. Bossun is lost for words but she doesn’t expect him to give an answer soon. She just wanted to let him know how she feels. For now, they can continue being friends and she will continue to visit their club room as always.

Supporting You Through Thick And Thin
It has been a fun filled ride and quite an enjoyable one. There were many funny moments and of course moments of emotional drama. It is a good mix of comedy and drama but it mainly falls into the former category. Some of the jokes and gags are really funny and outrageous to the point you can’t stop laughing. Whether it is breaking the fourth wall or Bossun and Himeko putting up with that silly cartoonish face whenever they are in panic mode. Well, at least it had such an effect on me. A big part of the jokes rely on Bossun and Himeko’s comebacks (aside from Switch’s sarcastic replies and remarks). The way they retort many of them by blowing their top does have a funny effect. If I should say, they have this potential to become comeback masters. Oh, there was one episode whereby Himeko took up the challenge on a comeback game show with Bossun as her partner in crime and won. I guess they really have a natural knack for it. Due to the nature of the episodes, you don’t have to worry about the plot or what happens to what as they are mostly random unless it is those arcs. Even so, they don’t take up very much of your brain space. You just need some stomach endurance to laugh. Not every episode is dedicated for fun and laughs. With a handful of episodes dedicated on focusing on the past flashbacks of the Sket Dance members, we understand further about their background and ultimately how they came to be. It was quite well done if I should put it.

The many quirky characters are also what make this series a success. This show isn’t entire about Sket Dance so it is quite refreshing to have a number of other supporting characters like the student council members. After watching this series for so long, you’ll feel attached to them and you’ll get to know them better as we go along. There’s nothing much for me to comment on this section since mostly it will be repeating myself. Except that many of the characters have grown into better individuals through the trials and tribulations. Like Bossun and Tsubaki may still be loggerheads but that is what makes them the closest than anyone else. Sket Dance and the student council may be rivals but that is only because their methodology differs but their goals and ends are basically the same. That is, to help others. At the end of the day, you’ll love this bunch of characters for teaching us lots in life and of course for making us laugh. Even new characters like Kiri and Usami you’ll find them likeable despite making very late debuts towards the series’ end. Characters who make only one or two appearances and then ‘gone’ forever never to be seen again may not leave a very lasting and memorable impact but they do leave some for the episode(s) that they were featured in.

I feel the romance factor is lacking but that is only because the comedy part takes up a big chunk of the series. Still, in the end if you are hoping that there would be some sort of real chemistry between some of the characters, you would be awfully disappointed. Like Bossun and Saaya. She admits she likes him. That’s it. They remain friends. Do they plan to take it further than that? Because Bossun and Himeko are so close, it is natural to think that they might end up as a couple since they often jab each other and quarrel. From the way things are going, it’s safe to say that it is going to happen. That episode that had them mistaken each other as their friend’s email friend, when they realized their identity, the first thing that didn’t come to their mind was how lovely the other was, right? It wasn’t what they had in their mind. Their dream shattered. And it’s back to the usual jabbing friendship. Therefore it is very safe to assume that Bossun and Himeko won’t become an item. Because Saaya is not familiar with them, she is of course worried. And Agata still pretty much have the wrong idea Saaya is in love with Tsubaki… I’m not sure if Shinzou has a thing for Saaya because of her tsundere attitude. I notice he puts on that ‘ecstasy’ face whenever he experiences her tsundere moment.

There are indications that Momoka have feelings for Switch. Vice versa too? See the way she reacts lately when she sees him (although she makes very much lesser appearances as the series heads towards the end). See the way he helps her in her time of need. Is there something secret going on between this two? Nothing conclusive actually. I can’t sense any romance building up between Switch and Reiko too since the duo are at the opposite end of the polar trying to prove the other’s belief wrong. It smells like such rivalry can turn into something romantic but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Even Dante and Koma’s romance was a very short and fleeting one. Just the spur of the moment. What happened to Jin anyway? Did he give up on Himeko? Not important, eh? Jougasaki’s love for Chiaki is just one-sided just like how Daimon is for Quettion while Roman can keep deluding herself with her own fantasies over her Prince Charming. Love just doesn’t work out for these people, eh? Perhaps the real one that made it is Remi and Chuuma. Things are looking great for them, taking a little step at a time with Suzu like a family.

In addition to the comedy, I think this series tries to teach us about assisting those who are in need regardless of their status. Because no man is an island, we live via communicating with each other. We are also not perfect and thus the need to sometimes rely on others. Sometimes we might want to solve things by ourselves and not bother others but in the end the problem grows too big and gets out of hand and out of control. Sometimes we are just powerless to do things ourselves thus calling for the need to seek the help of others who might be more efficient in solving the problem. A simple and sincere gesture for help is all that it takes. Though some of the methods employed in this series are outrageous and impossible in the real world, please do not attempt to imitate them. After all, it only adds entertainment value. If getting help or helping out was that easy, then everyone won’t really need to put in effort in the first place. When you help others, you also learn something in the process and is one of the best teaching and learning experience for both the helper and the one being helped. I’m sure that there are many more moral lessons you can learn like humility and responsibility but I’m not going to turn this into some ethical lecture. You’ll know that something of value is to be learnt at the end of a chapter or in the midst of it all.

The drawing and art are quite good and I don’t really have any complaints about it. Your typical conventional standard anime character designs and looks with lots of good looking boys and girls. Very few times I think they experiment with a little different style but that is mostly when Roman comes into the picture and it gets very manga-like. The horrible kind, that is. Initially I thought this anime was produced by Sunrise since they had this Gintama crossover so I assumed both these animes are from the same company. However as I found out, Sket Dance was produced by Tatsunoko Production and they are more prominent in producing old animes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s like Gatchaman, Mach Go Go Go, Tekkaman and the Time Bokan series. Well, at least even if they aren’t as active or popular today like their other studio rivals, they still haven’t lost touch and update themselves in making today’s animes.

If you keep your eyes and ears peeled, you will have noticed there are tons of parodies of anime, manga and game culture in this series. Well, that depends on how knowledgeable you are in this area as well. For the fanservice part, I think it is kept quite minimum. Even the most obvious ones as I noticed are those coming from Mimori. From time to time whenever she speaks, you can see her boobs bounce like it defies gravity. Like as though it was done on purpose to get our attention. The boobs. Kuramoto also provides some fanservice while she is explaining to us the meaning of Dante’s words, be it in a sauna clad in only a towel or soaking in a hotspring. Even with such fanservice, I don’t think they are anything near provoking and are just mild. It is the funny factor that will overwhelm you and the big reason this series is memorable.

For the voice acting part, the casting does fit the characters perfectly. Maybe it is because I have been watching this series for a long time so I have become used to how the characters speak. Bossun and Himeko do most of the retorts and they sound extremely funny and ‘frustrating’ when they go into this mode. Bossun is played by Hiroyuki Yoshino (Hibiki in Vandread, Natsuki in Minami-ke series) while Ryoko Shiraishi is best voicing anybody with Kansai accent like Himeko. Remember Aoi from Zettai Karen Children? Tomokazu Sugita is the voice behind Switch and of course he sounds like a computerized version of Gintama’s Gintoki and with less emotion in his speeches. Kana Hanazawa as Saaya, I think this is the first time that I have heard her voicing a tsundere character. If there are others before, it probably wasn’t as prominent as this one. Gone are the days when I stereotype her in retarded sounding character roles like Nessa in Fractale and the titular character in Kobato. The Japanese musician Gackt plays Dante here and I have this feeling the character was modelled after him. I could be wrong. The rest of the casts include Tomokazu Seki as Agata (Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile), Hiro Shimono as Tsubaki (Keima in The World God Only Knows), Megumi Takamoto as Mimori (Himea in Itsuka Tenma No Kurousagi), Yu Kobayashi as Daisy (Mariya in Maria+Holic), Yuka Iguchi as Usami/Bunny (Index in To Aru Majutsu No Index), Ryota Ohsaka as Kiri (Yuki in Tsuritama), Ai Kayano as Roman (Menma in Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai), Satomi Satou as Chiaki (Wendy in Fairy Tail), Fumiko Orikasa as Reiko (Rukia in Bleach), Marina Inoue as Momoka (Kana in Minami-ke), Kenta Miyake as Shinzou (Klaus in Hayate No Gotoku), Megumi Toyoguchi as Yabasawa (Revy in Black Lagoon), Mamiko Noto as Koma (Enma Ai in Jigoku Shoujo), Sakura Tange as Remi (Sakura in Cardcaptor Sakura), Jouji Nakata as Chuuma (Kirei in Fate/Zero) and Juurouta Kosugi as J-son (Arlong in One Piece).

There are many opening and ending themes in this series. Six opening themes and thirteen ending themes to be exact (including those that are just one-off for a single episode). Sadly, there is none that I am attracted to! I don’t know. Maybe it is because a big majority of the songs are of rock outfit. Also, many of those songs are sung by The Sketchbook so it was rather odd for me to hear Bossun as the lead singer. If you ask me, I think he should just stick to helping people instead of singing. Whoops. Here comes that stinging rebuke… Really. Personally, I don’t think The Sketchbook would really make such a good rock band after all. There is an ending theme whereby it is sung by the males of Sket Dance and student council. Not too good either although it wanted to convey that party atmosphere. Other than them, you’ve got a handful of Japanese rock bands like The Pillows and Everset and even AKB48 sub-unit called French Kiss doing the themes. Gackt himself only handles one of the opening themes. For the background music, I notice that most of them also have this rock feel in them. Be it slow or fast or dramatic.

Overall I would recommend this series to everybody (okay, maybe except for toddlers) since it has lots of funny stuffs and is this series’ main strength. It is the perfect tonic for those who can’t get over the end of Gintama yet but for me, it is like an appetizer for that silver haired Yorozuya guy since I am planning to watch the continuation of that show after this. Yeah, you could say I am laughing all year round and for several consecutive years. Like they say, laughter is the best medicine and helping others is the best way to help yourself. A little kindness indeed goes a very long way. And since we are all like one big family in this big wide world, shouldn’t we all be helping each other out?

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