OMG! WTF???!!! Is this really going to be a trend???!!! Just a season before, they had this short anime of a monk f*cking his pretend girlfriend. It is borderline hentai and I theorized that they are testing the market by slipping in a very questionable anime to see if the general viewers would accept it. Because this season they have done it again with something similar, Skirt No Naka Wa Kedamono Deshita. No monks this time but a cross-dressing college guy! Is this some sort of warning to lesbian wannabes to really make sure your onee-sama has a vagina before getting screwed all over? Anyhow, whoever this poor college girl here is really getting screwed by a hentai (strange) hentai (pervert).

Episode 1
Shizuka Kominami meets up with her friend at a mixer. Since this is her first time and she is nervous around guys, she excuses herself to the toilet. There, she meets a beautiful woman, Ryou Kirishima who calms her down. They blow this joint and go drinking elsewhere. Shizuka enjoys Ryou’s company and they both like the get to know each other better. It is getting late so Shizuka wants to stay at Ryou’s place for the night. Suddenly Ryou pushes her down on the bed and starts making out. Shizuka realizes Ryou is a man since his voice changes. And the fact his dick is rubbing on her stomach. Maybe Shizuka is a bit drunk and didn’t fight back as Ryou continues to masturbate her until she climaxes. Next morning, Shizuka’s head is heavy like as though she had a hangover last night. She reads a note by Ryou. He went out for an errand and they’ll do more later. So last night was indeed real.

Episode 2
Shizuka can’t help feel tired at university. Her friend is worried she left the mixer by herself. Shizuka can’t tell her what happened but it seems she saw her left with a beautiful woman. Speaking of which, Ryou is here and hugs Shizuka from behind. Is he from the same university? What exchange university programme is he talking about? People are starting to see them as a lesbian couple the way Ryou is hugging her. Shizuka doesn’t like this one bit and is about to reveal this cross-dresser so Ryou takes her away to the toilet. Inside the cubicle, he warns her about men being wolves. That’s right. Time for another sexual harassment. He masturbates her like the last time but this time she has to keep it down because the other girls outside are worried if she is sick from making all that ‘funny’ noise. Ryou won’t stop and continues his fingering and boobs sucking so Shizuka really has to control her voice and not screw things up. Either way, she’s screwed, right? After the girls leave and the masturbating is done, Shizuka slaps him.

Episode 3
Back in class, Shizuka’s classmate, Sousuke Kuratani is worried about her after seeing her went off with that ‘woman’. Shizuka can’t tell him the details when she gets a call from Ryou. He knows her number? Apparently she gave her contacts when she was drunk then. He wants to apologize in person and hopes to see her at his place. So he didn’t give her a chance to reply? When Shizuka enters his place, he sees Ryou coming out from the bathroom naked. First time seeing him as a man. Naked man. Shizuka feels weird because Ryou as a man looks good and has a nice body. She tries to stop herself from thinking too much because it will remind her of all the sexual harassment. Ryou dresses up as a woman again as Shizuka fears the harassment will start. Surprisingly he takes her to a shop. He wants to buy her clothes as apology. Seems like nothing till she realizes she wants to help her change! She threatens to call the staffs but Ryou says he knows all of them so they won’t listen to her. Apparently changing her clothes is the same as molesting her crotch and licking her ass.

Episode 4
I suppose Shizuka has been making weird sounds for so long that Ryou decides to stop. Enough for today. Till next time. She tells him to stop fooling around and go find someone else but he asserts he is serious in her. He doesn’t want anyone else. She thought he is going to kiss her but he just compliments her hair. He teases after buying the clothes, they’ll go buy her underwear next. The harassment hasn’t end yet. While Shizuka waits outside, a couple of guys try to hit on her. Shizuka is so scared that she is close to tears. Luckily Ryou is here to save the day. He has taken off his cross-dressing since the makeup was starting to run from the sweat (due to the harassment?). When a few girls spot Ryou, he takes Shizuka and run. They are hiding from them as Ryou explains those girls are supposedly his fans. They will flock to him in his guy form. That is why he cross-dresses. He can’t let them see Shizuka for who knows what they’ll do to her. Their only option to hide is in a hotel…

Episode 5
In the hotel, Ryou takes this chance to convince her that he is serious about her. If he wasn’t he would not have approached her like this. Yeah, I thought guys will do anything just for sex. So to prove he is serious, he starts to molest and masturbate her?! And the reason she can’t resist is because he is distracting her with his good looks?! WTF???!!! And so he masturbates her until she climaxes. Probably all that feel good means he now confesses he loves her and wants her to love him back too. You can’t blame Shizuka for being confused. He does weird things to her but yet he still protected her. He isn’t a terrible person and can’t bring herself to hate him. I think it’s because he is good with his hands inside her… Haha! He tries to be considerate about her fear of guys and would stay as her boyfriend candidate until she is sure of her feelings. But she suggests if he cross-dresses… Oh dear. Why you give him the green light?! Oh… That satisfied face. I think she’s already hooked.

Episode 6
Because Ryou paid for the hotel and room service (the genuine hotel room service, that is), Shizuka repays him by going out on a date. When the train gets packed, Ryou covers her. However his knee got in her crotch. Oh dear. You mean she gets turned on like this too?! Try not to scream. Well, she is holding it well. Her training must have paid off ;p. Ryou notices this and teases her further by rubbing her crotch. I don’t know how long the train ride was but it’s a good thing she held it in. So in the end all Ryou got was a meek scolding? Well, can’t disrupt the fun at the amusement park. As they rest, she asks why he cross-dressed at the mixer. Because women like him for his looks, he wants to see whom will like him for the way he is. Shizuka wonders why she was chosen instead but she feels nervous to hear his answer. Then it starts to rain so they start finding a shelter before she gets wet. Heck, Shizuka gets wet easily in some other area. ;p. Haha!

Episode 7
Inside the Ferris wheel, he lends his shirt to her. But since he is sneezing, she shares it with him. Cue for him to have her sit on his lap. It’s time for making out but first he replies her question why he chose her. When they first met, she didn’t flatter him and treated him normally. Despite all the harassment he did to her, it would be normal for him to be hated but yet she is still here with him. He tells her she is much more wonderful a woman than she thinks. So please don’t put yourself down like that. That’s the clincher for them to start their make out session but this time Shizuka willingly kisses him. Until he starts caressing her bottom before moving on to his signature fingering. Ferris wheels are supposed to make you feel good about the ride, no? It’s a much more different ride for Shizuka… ;p. Haha!

Episode 8
The sex act continues with them upping a level. This time French kissing and Ryou wants her to say his name when she climaxes. Man, this is too easy… Despite Shizuka feeling embarrassed, she still continues doing it and kissing him. Yeah, the thrill… Then she starts thinking back all the times she was with him (not the sex scenes). Before she could confess, the Ferris wheel has completed its run. Too late to worry if others saw them but better hurry and fix your clothes. Shizuka feels indebted to him because of all the nice things he has done to her (why can I not attribute this to his love making?). As she hasn’t told him her feelings yet, how should she repay him? He wants to go on another date. I was thinking he wants to finger her again but that’s too obvious. There is always that chance whenever they’re together, right? It doesn’t matter know since Shizuka has totally accepted him.

Episode 9
Shizuka and Ryou are dating at a café. She wonders if she can make the same food here as Ryou finds out she likes to cook. Eventually she did make some cream puffs for him but is pondering how to give it to him. Making excuses she made too many? At the gates of his university, she calls him the first time but it looks like he is ‘busy’ being swarmed by other girls. He tells her to meet him in the room he is hiding. Man, I wonder if the girls at this university ever get any studying or research done since they’re chasing him for most of the time. Anyway, in the room, Ryou surprises her by giving a surprise hug. She lets him eat her cream puffs and is happy he finds it delicious. Accidentally its fillings drop on her lap. Oh no. Your excuse for this week’s sex act. And so he starts licking her lap. But I believe there is another more delicious part that he prefers licking that tastes even better, wink, wink. Get what I mean?! Shizuka is of course embarrassed. She is trying to ‘blame’ him for always doing this to her but he puts it in a way that she is considerate of him and makes it sound like she wants it. Now he wants her to lick his fingers…

Episode 10
Wow. Shizuka is sucking his fingers and describing them ambiguously. Hard and long… Is this some sort of practice for future blowjobs? She must like it so much that she allows him to take off her panties and start fingering her. But then ‘saved by the bell’ because it’s time for Ryou to attend his class. I believe he really wants to stay for this more interesting lesson. Don’t worry. Please attend your class. Shizuka will wait. Happily wait. As she walks around, she accidentally bumps into this beautiful lady, Sumire Sakurai. At least she didn’t think he is another cross-dressing dude. Then she hear rumours that she might be dating with a guy that could be Ryou. As Shizuka waits in a classroom, she sees Ryou rushing to meet Sakurai outside. They look so perfect for each other that Shizuka starts crying. From the pain in her heart, that is. Why so sad? Are you saying you’re accepting all his modesty outraging? I don’t know how long she was crying but Ryou enters the room to see her in tears.

Episode 11
Shizuka says it hurts to be with him and leaves still crying. And she starts thinking how good he has been treating him and yet she told him off like that. Man, she must be really be confused with her feelings. Ultimately, she realizes she is in love with him. Kuratani sees her and talks to her. He wonders if she had a fight with her boyfriend since she looked so happy recently. If you think Shizuka is surprised by that, wait till she hears Kuratani confesses he likes her! At least he doesn’t waste time. He asks if she would like to go out with him but she says she already has someone she likes although not officially dating yet. In that case, why not try dating him for the time being? She remembers about that boyfriend candidate thingy so she apologizes and rejects Kuratani. Well, that guy took it coolly. Now here comes the tough part. After Kuratani leaves, Ryou overheard all that and takes her to the back of the building. Shizuka can tell he is mad and needs to apologize. Ryou heard her saying she has someone she likes. He can’t accept that and can’t let her go. He angrily starts kissing her and then fingering down her ass while interrogating her about that person she likes. WTF???!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SEXUAL HARASSMENT???!!! IS THIS RAPE???!!! Oh right. We haven’t had our hentai scene this episode yet. He is so rough that he is hurting her. Not his usual, eh? Wow. She knows…

Episode 12
Ryou immediately stops when he realizes she is in pain. He feels bad and walks away. But plot twist! She hangs on to him. She doesn’t want him to apologize and since she is the one who is at fault. She admits she was jealous and the person whom she loves is him. Yeah, I’m not surprised. Ryou assures he would never hate her and confesses he loves her too. So back at his place, he makes her spam like a broken recorder that she likes him. We know how broken Shizuka already is because she says she loves his cross-dressing ways as this is how she came to like him. And I’m sure she loves that other ‘special skill’ of his too. After they agree to be each other’s lovers, let’s cut the crap of this cheesy poor romance and get the sex going! After a wet sloppy French kiss, Ryou fully undresses Shizuka and is going to try something different. You bet! He is going to f*ck her!!!! The moment we have all been waiting for???!!! Even if it hurts, Shizuka still wants him to f*ck harder and harder!!! Is this what you call love hurts so good? In the end, we have one very happy and (sexually) satisfied couple.

Like A Virgin; Touch For The Very First Time
What a disappointing ending? Because it feels like the entire goal of this series is to end up with them having sex. And then that’s it. So having sex is proof that they are truly in love with each other forever? Oh screw it all. We got our sex. We should be happy and shut up. What do you expect from this kind of genre anyway?

At first, the one thing that I wanted to say that makes this mild hentai series different that that hentai monk series in the previous season (its real name is so long and a bother to type) is that there is no dick penetration from the guy. Till the final episode happened. I know it is still pretty much hentai but without that kind of penetration, it isn’t exactly penetrative sex. All we see is Ryou giving Shizuka a great fingering for most of the time and sometimes getting oral on her. So technically is Shizuka still a virgin? Not by the time the final episode aired. By that time I thought this hentai series was just being unique whereby the girl gets fingered from start to finish. Too bad that penetrative sex in the end was like some sort of combo breaker. Besides, that first sex felt awkward in a few ways. Shizuka was totally naked while Ryou is fully clothed and cross-dressed. Usually it is often to other way round in porn, right? I guess nobody really wants to see a guy’s dick.

Hence my earlier conspiracy theory why Ryou never started pulling his pants down and bang her is maybe because he has got a small penis and his fingers are bigger than them even when fully erected. Holy sh*t! What did I just say?! Even if his penis was mosaic out and we barely get to see anything in that 2 second clip of his dick, if he can make her orgasm like that, he must be damn good. Oddly, Shizuka is the only one who climaxes but I believe Ryou also gets his kicks seeing her orgasmic face. You know how ‘messy’ it is when the real deal is done, right? I don’t see him wearing a condom in the final part and he looks like he cum all inside her. Unlike a family temple, they usually conduct their unholy act in public places from changing rooms to Ferris wheel to even at the back of his college block. I wonder if Ryou masturbates somewhere alone after the business is done.

You know this is equivalent to porn when a girl like Shizuka always gives in to Ryou’s harassment and enjoys every second of it despite she says otherwise. Because it gives this unrealistic impression that if you finger your girl long enough, she will eventually come to like and accept it all without any resistance. And that how girls like her allow guys she barely knows to screw her over just because he is good at it. Basically this is what this entire series’ ‘plot’ revolves around. Even if it hurts, her twisted thinking has caused her to accept that this is all part of the love. This is such an effective brainwash tool…

Shizuka feels confused and conflicted for most of the time ever since she got her first screwing by the cross-dresser and sometimes I feel that the reason she is sticking around is to ‘try out’ more to ascertain if this guy is worth sticking around with. After all, which girl wouldn’t want to hang around a guy who makes her feel good? It may not be materialistically but hey, it’s the inside that counts, right? Oh sh*t! Technically. You think your wife or girlfriend will let you violate and humiliate her like this? Only in porn and anime this could happen. Rare cases of nympho maybe… So is this lust or love?

Ryou can be easily passed off as a sick pervert with a twisted sense of love. But ask any guy if you were in his position and given the ‘authority’ to do that kind of stuff to Shizuka, would you not do it? You might think it is love but I theorize that if this hot guy has tons of girls chasing after him and how easily he could get any way he wants with them (I believe if he wants to get in their pants, they would easily let him), the only reason why he targets and falls for Shizuka is because she is submissive. Oh, which man doesn’t like his woman submissive? And going by the logic I said in the few paragraphs prior, the more he fingers her, the more accepted it will eventually become and hence Shizuka is now his sex slave minus the f*cking. Potential boyfriend candidate is just a nice way of saying it. And when Shizuka fully opens her heart (and pussy), then perhaps the real sex will occur. So it isn’t just a monster underneath the skirt after all. Because he makes her feel good, it’s a reason why she lets him get away with it instead of crying rape.

The other supporting characters feel so irrelevant and just convenient plot devices. Just like in that monk series who had a brother who also somewhat loved the main girl, here we also have a fellow college student who is in love with Shizuka. The only reason Kuratani exists is because so it will reinforce Shizuka’s misguided love for Ryou. Because when a seemingly normal guy like Kuratani confesses, it makes her think and count what she’s got. Sure, we assume Kuratani is decent but that is because we don’t know about him. For all we know, he got be a bigger pervert than Ryou. But let’s just assume he is a good guy. Eventually Kuratani goes out of the picture after lurking in the background for so long so that Shizuka would eventually choose Ryou. It goes to show that girls prefer bad boys. Or at least those who finger them real good. Sakurai also feels the same kind of plot device to stir some up some emotions in Shizuka and ultimately Ryou. Heck, she could have been a nameless side character for all we care. So what is Sakurai to Ryou? We’ll never know. But do we care? We got to see Ryou and Shizuka f*ck each other.

Overall, this anime feels like what I have said in the beginning, a gauge to see the viewers’ reaction and acceptance of such genre into the main mix every season. Strange, because if horny otakus want to watch hentai and porn, they should have just head straight there. I’m sure there are lots of everything and anything to please anyone of every kind of sick fetish out there. Like as though this series is to lure you in there when your curiosity peaks. Or those not ready enough for the real thing can start off with this guilty pleasure.

Because this fingering hentai is made by a different studio than that monk hentai, it’s like somebody got curious and wanted to try something similar out. Time will tell if there would be more similar series in the future. As of why it comes here instead of the underground porn, well, if you noticed the short duration of this series, porn flicks lasts over an hour!!! Yeah, too short to be considered real porn anyway. So the only thing good about all this fingering your girl theme in this series is that you don’t have to get worried about pulling out and getting her pregnant! Best of all, you can make your girl climax while at it. If everyone was this good in real life, porn is no longer needed… :’(.

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