August 22, 2008

  Takai sora wo tori natte tobitai,
  Haruka tooi kibou wo mezashite
I was never a fan of the anime series Slayers. Back in the 90’s, this series must have been quite popular. Popular enough to spawn several sequels, OVAs and movies. I guess back then, there weren’t as much anime titles released as compared today so fantasy adventure comedies like this became a hit with viewers.
  Mioroshitara chiisa na jibun datte,
  Tada gamushara ikiteru darou ka
One of the Slayer series which I briefly watched, and have seem to have forgotten most of it because it was a long time ago, was Slayers Try. What I remembered was that it’s opening theme song, Breeze, has quite a nice tune to it. I know, it’s one of those few animes which I purposely woke up very early in the morning just to hear a minute and a half of its opening theme, then go back to sleep. If I don’t feel like staying and wtaching that particular episode, that is.
  Konna fuu ni ima wo,
  Mitsumeru koto dekiru nara,
  Kizutsuku koto mo naku,
  Asu mo kowakunai
I really love the Spanish Flamenco guitar playing style of this song, albeit it is just a short one and at certain lines only. Aside that, I find that this song somehow fit my vocal chords. In other words, this is one of my favourite karaoke songs because I won’t usually have to worry if I’m going to screw a certain line or tone. Well, at least 99% of it. No major stammering either. The words of the song are relatively easy on my tongue.
  Kaze ni notte,
  Yume no kanata e kitto yukitai,
  Yuuki toiu hitomi korashite,
  Kemono yori mo,
  Kewashii michi wo aruite mo mada,
  Akiramenai kokoro nakasazu ni
Surprisingly I can sing anime songs sung by Megumi Hayashibara. Yeah, this song is sung by her as she also voiced the main character of this series. Of course I don’t really sound exactly like her but close enough (I think ;P). Of course that short little chorus part whereby I need to change into a little higher tone (the lines which has ‘tsubasa’ and ‘hitomi’ in it), still prooves to be a challenge from time to time. But most of the time, I’ll just ‘breeze’ through it. Hehehe. Since there are background vocals (though it’s most prominent lines are sung in English a little like black Gospel style), this makes my singing experience of this song even more enjoyable.
  Kaze ni notte,
  Yume no kanata e tonde yukitai,
  Yuuki toiu tsubasa wo tsukete,
  Tori ni natte,
  Miorosu kokoro mochitsudzuketai,
  RIARU na hibi ni maknai you…
So if I ever need to sing a song which isn’t too fast, loud or slow, this moderate pop piece should do just fine. Not too heavy or light. Just right. Hmm… Maybe I should try to sing more challenging songs in order to improve my vocal chords rather than relying on easy ones like this. Ah well, let me finish enjoy singing this first.

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