Here is another versus blog between two animes with sci-fi action element, Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo (Sora Kake Girl) and Kiddy Girl -and (Kiddy Girl). As we know that when mankind has successfully reached the capability of living in outer space, I’m sure there are new problems and issues to deal with like aliens and rebellion within our own kind though they call themselves by a different name. I may not be a total fan of this genre or even these series, but after watching them I thought that there were a few similarities and contrasts between them.

Other related anime
Sora Kake Girl: Well due to the near similar name, sometimes this show may be confused with Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo, though they are not related at all.
Kiddy Girl: The spin off sequel to Kiddy Grade.

The main location of where the series takes place.
Sora Kake Girl: An outer space colony just above Earth, Kirkwood.
Kiddy Girl: The renamed headquarters of GTO (Galactic Trade Organization) formerly known as GOTT (Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs) on the planet Aineias.

The main heroine trio
Good things come in threes…
Sora Kake Girl: Akiha Shishidou, Itsuki Kannagi and Honoka Kawai.
Kiddy Girl: Ascoeur, Q-feuille and Di-air.

The airhead
Notice that they both have pink hair, dense and reckless? But yet kind and cares?
Sora Kake Girl: Akiha.
Kiddy Girl: Ascoeur.

Her main skill
Sora Kake Girl: Akiha assists Leopard in releasing a powerful blast called Soul Shouts.
Kiddy Girl: Ascoeur is able to teleport and later the ability to bend space.

Her weapon
Sora Kake Girl: A Golden Gun.
Kiddy Girl: A multi-purpose comb.

The loli
Notice how carefree they both are?
Sora Kake Girl: Sakura Shishidou.
Kiddy Girl: Di-air and Letuchaia.

You know that cute little creature that makes viewers go aww…
Sora Kake Girl: Imoko.
Kiddy Girl: Tama.

Mecha factor
Refers to the machine that they pilot.
Sora Kake Girl: QT-ARMS called Starsylph.
Kiddy Girl: A guard robot named Typhon.

The ship they ride in
Sora Kake Girl: Leopard’s Brain Colony.
Kiddy Girl: Mistral.

Other allies
Sora Kake Girl: Leopard, Nina Stratoski, Kazane Shishidou, Takane Shishidou, Ul, Bougainvillea and Mintao.
Kiddy Girl: Trixie, Troisienne, A-ou, Un-ou, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Hiver and Sommer.

Other friends
Not involved in the missions they undergo.
Sora Kake Girl: School classmates Julio Surre and Neneko Okura.
Kiddy Girl: Alisa and Belle.

Sora Kake Girl: The Brain Colonists such as Nerval, Xanthippe, Benkei and Aleida.
Kiddy Girl: The G Society with Geacht’er and his Shadow Workers, Shade, Torch, Rubis, Saphir, Pauki and Letuchaia.

Twisted goal
Well, it isn’t the conquest for the universe.
Sora Kake Girl: Nerval wants to enslave all of humanity so as to ensure their eternal peace.
Kiddy Girl: Initially Geacht’er’s mission is to destroy GTO and bring back glory to his Nouvellese clan. Later it is revealed he just wants to destroy the universe because his tormentors denied him his existence.

The police
Sora Kake Girl: ICP (Inter Colony Police).
Kiddy Girl: GTO.

Crazy girl
Whether it’s her voice or character that made me think so.
Sora Kake Girl: Xanthippe.
Kiddy Girl: Saphir.

Girl turned bad
Sora Kake Girl: Nami Shishidou.
Kiddy Girl: Q-feuille (the part when she lost her memories and became Geacht’er’s sister).

Split personality
Sora Kake Girl: Leopard has a dark side.
Kiddy Girl: Q-feuille was brainwashed by Geacht’er as her little sister.

Formerly known as
Sora Kake Girl: Aleida was once known as Kagura Shishidou.
Kiddy Girl: Ascoeur’s real name is Lise-lotte while Geacht’er’s is Alfred.

Fake alliance
The enemy seems to have desert their side for a moment but in the end it’s back to the usual adversary.
Sora Kake Girl: Benkei and Tsutsuji Baba – after they were abandoned by Nerval when they crashed into Earth.
Kiddy Girl: Saphir – a trap to lure and capture Ascoeur but seized Q-feuille instead.

Ghost-like creatures
Sora Kake Girl: Existenz of the Terra Abduction.
Kiddy Girl: Ex-ES Members at an old GOTT building.

The maid
Sora Kake Girl: Imoko.
Kiddy Girl: Koa.

Sora Kake Girl: Itsuki fake her own death so she could go undercover in Akiha’s school. Imoko also tried to do a kamikaze into Cathedral Ventisca but of course that didn’t work out.
Kiddy Girl: Trixie and Troisienne died during G Society’s invasion during GTO’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

Sora Kake Girl: Bougainvillea and Mintao’s bad luck always have them getting injured.
Kiddy Girl: A-ou and Tweedledum were injured during G Society’s invasion and is out of commission for quite some time.

Fanservice episode
Sora Kake Girl: Episode 8 whereby everyone relaxes in a hotspring inside Leopard’s Colony.
Kiddy Girl: Episode 13 whereby the heroines are sent to an all-female resort planet for an investigation.

Filler episode
Sora Kake Girl: Episode 9 turns the entire series into an alternate reality with its baseball theme.
Kiddy Girl: Episode 2 in which Ascoeur and Q-feuille go to great lengths just to get some pumpkin pudding.

Frozen in time
Sora Kake Girl: Humans are put into boxes and become supplementary parts for Nerval, thus there is no need for memories or plans.
Kiddy Girl: Eclair and Lumiere sacrificed themselves frozen in space and time to stop a planet filled with inflammable energy that could destroy the entire galaxy.

Gloomy scene
Sora Kake Girl: Akiha sinks into depression when she thinks Imoko has died.
Kiddy Girl: Ascoeur and Q-feuille sink into depression after Trixie and Troisienne really died.

The all-powerful power
Either it repels the controlling evil force or powers you up.
Sora Kake Girl: Anti-QT and Soul Shouts.
Kiddy Girl: Di-air’s kiss.

Sora Kake Girl: Orbital Cafe Enigma – the place in Akiha’s dream where she always meets Kagura.
Kiddy Girl: Touch N Go – the place Ascoeur and Q-feuille work as part time waitresses.

The Jun Fukuyama factor
The characters he voiced in the series.
Sora Kake Girl: Leopard and Friedrich Otto Nobleman AKA Fon.
Kiddy Girl: Tweedledum.

Quote of the series
Sora Kake Girl: “I have control!”.
Kiddy Girl: “Pokyuun~”.

Number of episodes
Sora Kake Girl: 26 episodes.
Kiddy Girl: 24 episodes.

Well, there may be more of other stuff than this but at this point of time I just couldn’t think anymore. So maybe if you want to add them add, feel free and be my guest. I can’t say which of the series is better since I am not a big fan of the genre or the show. The most interesting thing in Sora Kake Girl is of course Leopard and his obnoxious character while Q-feuille is a cutie and was probably the reason why I watched Kiddy Girl (even if I haven’t watched its predecessor anime). Both have their funny moments and their own plot to build on. Because of the sci-fi factor, the terms and jargons are a real put off to me since I couldn’t remember them and thus ‘impedes’ my ability to further understand. Yeah right. Like I would even if I did. But we all know one thing for sure. It will take a pink hair girl and her friends to save the galaxy rather than an organization with corrupted, shady and dishonest bastards sitting at the top.

Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo

September 4, 2010

Please do not confuse this series as a sequel whatsoever to The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. In fact, Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo or Sora Kake Girl is in fact more of a sci-fi comedy action drama series though its name in English would’ve sound more accurately correct as The Girl Who Leapt Through Space than The Girl Who Leapt Through The Sky. If you have seen futuristic shows whereby humans live in colonies and outer space depending on lots of technology and stuff, then you’ll find this genre quite familiar. Then of course, some evil force tries to take over or destroy the peace and it’s up to our heroes to save the day. Oh, I forgot to mention the little ecchi fanservice stuff too.
Let’s get down to the usual summary. Set in the space colony named Kirkwood, in episode 1, eldest Shishidou sister, Kazane, wants middle sister, Akiha to get married. Now! Yikes. What does poor Akiha do? As protest, she runs away to school with her little potato-head alien-cum-sister Imoko or Imo for short. Kazane has fourth sister Nami to go after her but without a school pass and help from Akiha’s pals, Julio Surre and Neneko Okura, she escapes. Akiha and Imo sneak abort a space capsule to watch the ‘beautiful scenery from space. Floating debris with lots of antique junk. Imo is some sort of an antique fanatic because she spots some old tram and they go after it. A huge space colony suddenly appears and its gravity sucks them in. Itsuki Kannagi of the Mystery Department of ICP (Inter Colony Police) decides to sneak in to investigate. Akiha and Imo wander inside the colony to find no living life form. Till they stumble upon a room whereby a large eye-like robot is talking to himself (a narcissist, I’d say). Of course their presence is busted when Akiha drinks his tea. He is disheartened because he thinks it’s an indirect kiss! He then introduces himself as Leopard. Itsuki comes in and is going to arrest them but Leopard disposes of her. ICP surrounds the colony so Leopard is going to show his true powers. He gives Akiha a Golden Gun for her to activate. He fires a powerful Leopard Cannon shot but it’s just a dud. Feeling embarrassed, he decides to go die! By crashing into Earth and taking everyone out with him! Akiha lectures some sense into him so he changes his mind but it’s too late. Leopard has Akiha take responsibility by putting her into QT-Arms mecha. Together with Itsuki they manage to veer him off course but the colony takes a direct hit from the hundreds of missiles. Leopard escapes via wormhole. Later as Leopard and Akiha reunite, a little quarrel because Akiha left his precious QT-Arms down at the city. A girl named Honoka Kawai appears before Akiha and fires a shot at her.
While Itsuki returns to her superior, Nina Stratoski in episode 2, Akiha wakes up to find herself back in her own room. Imo says Julio rescued them while they’re drifting in space and that colony incident was reported as blown up. Kazane comes in and says if she didn’t want to get married, she should’ve said so but would keep in view if she’s ever interested. Just that simple? Akiha is called by the student council president, Shigure Shinguuji who wants to know what she’s doing illegally onboard the capsule and has video proof. Suddenly Honoka breaks in to fight the prez to let Akiha escape. Later she is shocked to learn Honoka is a new transfer student in her class. Meanwhile Itsuki and Nina are being faced by the ICP board members as they are dismissed to their usual position. Later the duo met up at a bar with Public Security, Ul. He researched that was a Brain Colony, a Banned Article. That is, ICP is trying to cover up something. Furthermore, the colony is some sort of Anti-matter Cannon which can blow half a moon away. Ul thinks it’s damage since its Magnetic Chamber is spoiled and may act upon its instinct to repair itself. As Akiha tries to follow Honoka, she gets shot by her gun again. When she comes to, she finds herself and Imo being taken by Honoka to see Leopard. Then Honoka takes them to the Magnetic Chamber and enter a Q-Tector machine to transform into cool futuristic space outfits. Then heading towards an abandoned space plant to retrieve the Golden Orb for the chamber. They triggered an ICP alarm. Itsuki and Ul are nearby and reach the place. She battles Honoka and beats her. Akiha is trying to retrieve the orb when Itsuki appears and wants her to take her to the colony. Suddenly a robot worm-like creature emerges.
Itsuki and Honoka battle the raging worm in episode 3. It wrecks havoc all over the place and even damages nearby ICP units outside. Honoka orders Akiha to take the orbs back to Leopard and with the latter’s guidance, starts up the Anti-matter Cannon. Leopard tells her to aim her Golden Gun at the clock tower. She pulls the trigger to unleash his Soul Shouts move as the cannon vaporizes the plant. Wow! Nothing left! Not a speck of dirt! Akiha and Imo return to Leopard. Though Leopard calls Akiha, Kareha (Dead Leaves) but Imo completely snaps when he calls her a baked potato. She violently retaliate insults like dung beetle among others. Such scathing tongue! Remember to note down that taboo word. Just unbelievable. Akiha plans to leave but Honoka is reluctant because she believes she is the queen and must be beside Leopard who is king. Nina thinks Itsuki’s investigation has gone overboard with all the firepower and wants her to write an apology letter. The ICP board members send Bougainvillea and Mintao (I’ll call them BouMin whenever referring to them both) to capture her. As they tail Itsuki to a deserted spot, suddenly Nina pulls out a gun and shoots Itsuki, killing her and sending BouMin into a panic that they trigger a trap in their haste to escape. Itsuki’s funeral is soon held but it was all fake. She goes undercover and impersonates as a new transfer student in Akiha’s class as Mutsumi Shimoyama. First thing she did was give Akiha an ‘exchange diary’ to read but was too dumb to understand. Because of that, Shimoyama has to admit loudly she loves her and wants to know more about her. Yuri. She even tries stripping down and considers doing it just to win her trust! Total yuri! Honoka does a distraction to draw her out and when they’re alone, they fight. Honoka thinks those who are an obstacle to Leopard must die. Akiha catches up but was told to butt out. She gets pissed and whacks them and put a stop to their fight. But even if Shimoyama’s wig fell off, dumb Akiha couldn’t remember who she is. As Itsuki talks to Ul later, they see several Level Free students including Shigure who seems to know they’re from ICP but won’t get in their way.
In episode 4, Akiha does some modelling distraction as part of Leopard’s plan to steal parts but it got flashy and drew attention. Yeah, he doesn’t give a damn about them! BouMin are being reprimanded by the board and to atone for Itsuki’s death, they are to investigate the unknown structure secretly. It’s the school festival as Akiha is being called to Surre Academy’s director, Elle and her brother Emilio. Since it came from Akiha’s terminal, she shows her a video of Leopard announcing his plans to steal something from school. Pissed Akiha and Imo go confront Leopard (surfing internet to find out his popularity?) so he tells them about retrieving Positron Matrix from inside the school. BouMin infiltrate as students at Surre and see Shimoyama bout couldn’t recognize her. Suddenly a student goes on a rampage. Shimoyama casts away her wig and goes into action. BouMin freaks out upon recognizing her and thinks she’s a ghost! Seems a student with a red box on his head, supposedly from Reorganization Zone (students who are against current education system). Itsuki and Level Free students face off with the box guy in a power battle but ultimately it’s Honoka who finishes him off. When Akiha returns to school, she sees Itsuki who reveals her true self. It took a while for that dense girl to remember the ICP babe. That night, Honoka, Akiha and Imo try to find the matrix in school. But Itsuki appears and handcuffs Akiha for theft charges. Suddenly Leopard communicates via Golden Gun and he intends to show them who’s boss by gradually removing pieces of their Q-Tector suits. Since Itsuki’s connected, she too feels its effects. Leopard wants Akiha and Imo to acknowledge him as number 1 and his slave or else. Itsuki refuses to give in to that women’s enemy. Leopard continues vanishing pieces of their clothing as both ladies barely avoid being seen while making a run through the school. Imo pilots an old plane to save them from potential embarrassment while Honoka has the matrix in her hands.
Takane’s Shadow Group are chasing a masked female X-QT S-class bounty Aleida in episode 5 but it was a diversion and they’re all wiped out. Takane reports to Kazane their true motive is to kidnap the youngest Shishidou sister, Sakura and she thinks this is related to the Nervalists who intend to utilize Sakura’s genius. Akiha angrily confronts Leopard about that near naked-experience and they both bicker and insult each other. Leopard tells her never to show her face again and Akiha happily obliges. At school, Honoka tries to take Akiha for another parts mission but she refuses. Honoka says Leopard chose her but still she doesn’t believe and goes away. So when Honoka returns to Leopard (still full of himself), she asks why he chose Akiha but he acts as though he doesn’t care. Meanwhile BouMin report to the board about Itsuki’s revival via voodoo! Can you believe them? Thinking she’s still alive, they send the duo to arrest her before things get out of hand. Nina reports this to Ul and Itsuki so they can’t make rash moves. While Takane battles Aleida, Akiha and Imo get a rude wake up call. It’s Itsuki and Ul as they force them to take them to Leopard. In the ship, Itsuki says she’s doing this not of her job but the colony may have something to do with her missing parents. The conversation veers a little as Akiha notes herself as useless compared to her sisters. Suddenly BouMin attack their ship to arrest them. Itsuki finds it tough to counterattack due to their perfect synchronicity. I guess Leopard eventually decides to care and give them a hand, giving an excuse his hands slipped to release Q-Tector to Akiha. Plus, his colony was nearby the fight. Akiha soon beats the duo and later pleads to Honoka to let Itsuki see Leopard. She agrees if she helps them retrieve parts, supposedly on the Moon. Itsuki agrees and this brings them to St Artemis Rehabilitation Centre, a den of thieves.
Leopard doing his own radio show in episode 6?! Anyway Kazane plans to see the Shishidou Elders and Board of Trustees upon knowing Takane has been captured since her periodical reports never came. Akiha and co bust into St Artemis to see it like a labour camp. Ul disables the security system to free the prisoners as they cause a riot and use this chance to infiltrate. The ICP board members contact BouMin and order them on a new mission to head to the Moon. Itsuki, Honoka and Ul face a robot, Mister (looking very much like Asimo), who can only say "Let’s be friends". They attack but it’s so good that it pull off Bruce Lee hand movements to deflect missiles! In the end, Honoka guessed something and shake its hands. It became friendly and allows them in to a room behind whereby a little hyperactive girl spewing nonsensical words in every line, is quite enthusiastic about them. Akiha recognizes her because she is Sakura. Seems she was promised by some guy to repair this building in return for lots of sweets. Yeah, how to bribe a kid successfully. Then they see via the TV, Aleida addressing her army of red box-headed people (is this their uniforms? Kinda weird). They get startled to see Takane tied up next to her and rush over. When they arrive, Aleida and Honoka attack each other but the great blast seems to have weakened Honoka. Leopard has just arrived (after bored with his radio show and thinks he’s kind hearted to help them out) when a voice welcomes him to celebrate their reunion. Honoka recognizes him as Nerval, the enemy of mankind.
The building starts shaking in episode 7 so Aleida takes unconscious Takane away and the rest flee via Sakura’s ship. Nerval confronts Leopard and is going to have him pay for his betrayal which resulted in the loss of his body. The heroines get into their Q-Tectors and go help save Takane but Itsuki’s being ambushed by BouMin. The battle between Leopard and Nerval (taking the rehabilitation centre as his body and make it look like a long spinal cord) clash with great impact. This causes the surroundings to freeze so the ladies also freeze and crash to the surface below. Kazane sees the Elders about Nerval’s revival on the Moon so they give her absolute command and Morihime. Akiha and co find themselves faced with Nerval. The latter spots her Golden Gun and thinks she’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Space and Honoka as the survivor of Existenz. Honoka prepares to attack but Aleida deflects. Takane shows up for another rematch. She tells Akiha to return to Leopard and use Soul Shouts, the only thing that can defeat Nerval. Inside his colony, everywhere is freezing up so much so Leopard is weak and sleepy and can’t do anything (his Golden Orb ‘balls’ froze, that’s why!). Sakura uses her telepathy to send inspiration to Kazane. This allows her to hack and control the sunlight from Kirkwood (can it give her that much authority to do that?). This melts away the snow and ice as Leopard is back to his normal energetic and bragging self. Akiha points her Golden Gun at the clock tower but probably he was bragging and taking too long that Takane had to slice the huge asteroid Nerval was going to pound him with (woah!). Soul Shouts then vaporizes Nerval. Before he could brag, another talking colony appears. She is Xanthippe and is here to retrieve Nerval (his core is still intact, protected by Aleida during the blast). Everyone including Takane and Elle, reunite inside the colony as Sakura has another parts of Leopard in her hands obtained from the Moon, Golden Orb Warmer (so he won’t freeze again). Akiha bugs her sisters for answers so they explain the situation (not that she understands anyway) but in the end Kazane points out Akiha is fated to fight Nerval with Leopard.
In episode 8, Honoka takes everyone to see Leopard. Seems Kazane can communicate ‘on level’ with Leopard. He’s met his match. She wants to use his colony as their base to fight against Nerval but he refuses. Naughty Sakura causes a mess by opening his personal closets so the girls decide to clean up his ‘collection’. He goes crazy and throws them all out. As Honoka fixes the parts, the rest soak in hotspring inside the colony. The rest knows of Itsuki’s identity. Kazane tells Akiha a story of how Shishidou Committee was in charge of the Brain Colony 50 years ago, supposedly built to make human more efficient with AI. The first one was Nerval and soon several sprouted. But when population reached a million, Nerval revolted and locked in the population. Nerval’s uprising came about when Leopard and Shishidou led a revolt against Nerval and succeeded though his core escaped. Sympathizers of Nerval integrated into society in hopes of reviving him. Suddenly a creature whom Leopard calls Crocodilias Leopardus (Akiha heard Kuro Panda) emerges and stole the Orb. They have to retrieve it or the place will become and unstable and explode. They head to the library to search for the map to where the creature possible lives (considering Leopard threw away the map, an excuse for losing it). After encountering a real ghost in the form of a headless knight, they subdue and communicate with it. It will give them the map in exchange for a head. Akiha learns Itsuki joined the Mystery Department due to Terra Abduction, a large scale phenomenon where hundreds of thousands of people disappeared in a single night. She was there when it happened to her parents but nobody believed her. As they head to a frozen area to retrieve the Orb, the see Crocodilias fighting with a squid (Leopard decides to name the new species Leoparda Octopada – Akiha head Leo Panda). They return the Orb to Leopard but he throws them out upon learning they dirtied the place he just cleaned. After failed attempts to get Leopard’s attention, Itsuki decides to earn his trust bit by bit starting by cleaning his place. BouMin on the other hand are being reprimanded for their failure and dismissed with punishment.
A filler episode 9 sees Akiha as the Masked Pitcher going around destroying baseball teams with her QT power baseball technique with Honoka. Shigure seems to be making a contract with her to take out those teams because he feels baseball with QT powers is interesting as opposed to his dad (baseball league head) who thinks traditional is better. Itsuki is a former Pirates team baseball member living a poor life at a church with Sister Nina and orphan kids. She was banned due to her QT powers. One day she is offered a comeback by the Pirates manager to fight against Akiha and a chance to revive her career for the kids’ sake. During the showdown, Itsuki lost but Akiha took some damage too. The manager knows she didn’t use her QT powers to win and thinks she lacks the winning urge. Wanting a 2nd chance, she tells Itsuki to go to a place for training. Akiha back at her home reveals her reason for doing so as revenge because her sisters died mysteriously when QT powers were banned. All she has now is ill Nami to take care. Seems Akiha is a at her limit with only power throws left before the contract she made with demon Honoka expires, in which she will take her life. Itsuki arrives at the place of the so called baseball demon, Leopard. He has her go through tough training till she can wield the Iron Rod bat. She turns the cloudy dark skies into a sunny one! Then another showdown and both sides are determined. Akiha starts feeling pain but Nami is there to encourage her so she gets back up, unmasks herself and play ball. Itsuki hits the ball but collapses. It’s revealed the baseball league head and Pirates manager are in cohorts to have both QT players wipe each other out. They’re also the ones behind Akiha’s sister’s death. They’re going to take out Akiha when she unleashes her final powers taking everyone with her. What a grim end.
Back to the story proper, Itsuki gets her ICP licence back in episode 10 since the board changed their mind. In school, Shimoyama shows Akiha a human size box who claims to know about Enigma. Seems it communicates is via text appearing on its front. Kazane, Takane and Sakura help to create parts for Leopard (not that he’s happy about it). Elle takes Honoka to see the Elders and is emotionally reunited. Honoka returns to tell Akiha and Shimoyama that the box came from Nerval. The girls take it back home and ask questions but there’re many things it doesn’t remember. Honoka mentions Nerval traps humans inside boxes and makes them pieces of the world he rules as supplementary parts, thus there is no need for memories or plans. Akiha decides to help the box out and calls it Hako. They have a pyjama sleepover. In the middle of the night, Hako’s alert went off followed by an explosion outside. Seems Aleida is here to retrieve Hako. They escape as Kazane and Takane fight her to buy time. Several metres from the shelter, the car breaks down. Hako decides to get out of her box and walk there. Before she could, Aleida coaxes her by saying no one will guide her nor will she achieve her goals outside the box. Aleida unmasks herself and Akiha recognizes her as the woman she sees in her dreams, Kagura. Hako follows Aleida’s orders not to come out and with the help of one of the student council girl, Tsutsuji, Aleida swiftly takes Hako and blasts off into space.
Akiha and her sisters regroup back home in episode 11 to discuss about a mysterious body that steals Energizing Mirrors lately. Honoka thinks they’re Nerval’s comrades. Suddenly all the mirrors in school instantly go missing. Akiha and Imo decide to skip school and go see Leopard in hopes of finding a way to save Hako. Tsutsuji is indeed a Nervalist as she meets Aleida. Aleida wants her to help a new Brain Colony to self complete, Benkei. They’re to initiate Bisuna Plan. Nami is upset that her sisters left her in the dark about the recent events but Kazane scorns her back for being selfish. Unlike Akiha who is walking her own path, she feels Nami is running away from her past. Nami decides to leave so Kazane tells her to do as she wishes. Leopard receives an email and being framed for stealing mirrors (he was expecting some fame in it?!). He gets tricked to enter a site in which an announcement by Benkei tells him he’s going to steal his mirrors. The ICP board guys meet up with Nina and Itsuki and want them to restrain BouMin whom they suspect of stealing mirrors secretly. Akiha gets ready to do some bait mission to use mirrors to capture that Brain Colony with the rest as backup. Nami sees her old friends along the way but starts getting paranoid and attacks them thinking that they’ve stolen her modelling place. But they assert that she ran away instead. Nowhere left to go, Nami returns home and sees horrifying paranoid visions. Till Benkei and Aleida extend their hand to her and promise never to abandon her. Nami joins them. Itsuki confronts BouMin who are discarding mirrors as bait. While duking it out, the real mirror thief appears before them: Benkei.
Leopard and Benkei have a massive battle in episode 12. Including trading insults. Leopard seriously doesn’t remember who he is till he mentions his former name, Bonarpart. Benkei got so pissed off with Leopard’s insults that he trapped him in a large box. Leopard tells Akiha to activate Soul Shouts to blast them out but it’s a trap for Benkei to absorb his cannon’s power. He also deflects it back to Leopard, damaging his colony while Kazane utilizes Absolute Breakthrough to hack Kirkwood’s system for remote attackers to attack Benkei. But Leopard’s colony isn’t totally damaged because Benkei kept some of its powers to initiate their next plan. With Tsutsuji commanding Exclusive Control, Xanthippe and other Brain Colonies emerge and immobilize Kirkwood, including hacking its systems. All its residents start collapsing and the Elders start to feel immense pain. Leopard is so pissed off that he was being used, he gets enough energy to ram Benkei as they both dangerously fall into Earth’s orbit. Akiha thinks of stopping the fall like she did in episode 1 but Takane intercepts. As Honoka said, she has turned into a Nervalist at the Moon. Benkei is happy to die together with Leopard but the latter says he can go die alone as he escapes himself! He also left the rest behind inside his colony! Coward! Aleida ambushes the Elders’ hideout. They let Kazane escape while Aleida destroys the entire place. In Kirkwood, snow falls everywhere and everyone seems to be comfortably asleep so Aleida shows Nami that this is Nerval’s word, a pure and tranquil one.
The gang crashes onto Earth in episode 13. Seems the place is overgrown with plants and in ruins. Citizens who escaped Nerval’s grip (like Nina) head towards Kirkwood’s private space station, Blue Bird Mall. Leopard’s blooper causes him to bump and bring unnecessary trouble and ‘reunite’ with Akiha, Imo, Itsuki and Honoka. Seems Itsuki’s emergency backpack is quite prepared with everything. Including swimsuits. She takes them downstream to the Emigrator’s dome, employees of Earth’s admin bureau. She reveals she’s born on Earth. However they’re surrounded and captured by local tribesmen. Even Leopard got caught in their net. Not so might now, eh? They’re going to burn Honoka whom they see as a devil’s agent as revenge for their comrades. Suddenly it starts snowing and a large spaceship hovers over them. The locals think it’s the devil and make a run. Itsuki remembers this scene as Terra Abduction. Lots of white Honoka clones hypnotize the locals by putting a red box over their head. Even Akiha got under their spell as they trudge their way to the ship. Honoka knows them as Existenz, her sisters. She uses her powers to snap everyone out. Honoka notes Akiha’s heart is weak that’s why it was easily manipulated by Nerval. Sakura arrives in her spaceship and several jet fighters soon take on the spaceship but got taken out. The spaceship disappears and the weather returning to normal. Examining the jet fighters, they note the parts are new and trace the source of the remote transmission. Tsutsuji and Benkei who crash landed nearby, plays God and strikes fear in the locals to bow and obey before her. Akiha and co head towards and island when an old guy, Friedrich Otto Noblemain AKA Fon, pulls their ship in and proclaims it as his. Honoka and Fon recognize each other as the former jumps on him and tries to strangle this traitor.
Honoka is upset he went into hiding when everyone was fighting Nerval but he claims he fought via remote control. In episode 14, Leopard doesn’t recognize Fon who claims to be his creator. Fon recognizes Akiha of the Shishidou family as Honoka says she’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Space. The gang want a way back to space but Fon tells them there isn’t and ends the conversation. Nerval in human form, notes Kirkwood has been conquered and Bisuna Plan was a success and thus proceed with the 2nd phase, Zaria Plan. Nina spots Itsuki’s ship and goes greet her but sees badly messed up BouMin (apparently they barely escaped in her ship during the remote attackers’ attack). They start crying over their cursed luck so Nina treats them to pizza (note Pizza Hut the main sponsor). They get emotional over the good food so Nina offers to hire them under her wing and they accept. Itsuki interrogates Fon so he reveals Pied Piper, an orbital elevator created by Nerval to kidnap humans to populate his colony. She isn’t pleased he let it happen but he says it’s not different up there or down here as it’s natural for humans’ desire to seek safety and isolation. Suddenly the spaceship returns for its kidnapping again. Those with a weak heart like Akiha are hypnotized. Fon unleashes QT-Roses to restore order and send the ship away. He tells them Existenz were living weapons created to kill Nerval but were appropriated by him. Honoka is the only survivor.
Akiha collapses and has that dream with Kagura. She points out her being Aleida but she dismisses it and the fact she’s fighting against Nerval. Kagura, Honoka along with the young Elders head out to war so Kagura says to read a note she left if they fail to beat Nerval. So why Akiha? Because she’s The Girl Who Leapt Through Space. Simple. Akiha rushes out to see a war going on and realizes the cafe she was in named Enigma. Akiha is then awakened as Honoka notes she was meeting with Kagura. Fon points out she is her ancestor and all those people they say didn’t return (not necessarily mean they got killed). The incident wasn’t announced publically as the Elders wanted it to die along with history. Suddenly intruders appear: Tsutsuji and Benkei. They claim they aren’t Nerval’s ally anymore because earlier on she knows they’ve been used and abandoned. If not, Nerval would’ve come to their rescue long ago. She wants them to hand over their ship and in return may let them return to space. Itsuki asks why didn’t she return via orbital elevator but she’s lost. Fon has an idea to return them to space. Aleida takes Nami to a place to retrieve the latter’s power she needs to save the people and right the wrongs of this world. Why her? Because she is The Girl Who Leapt Through Space. Another one?
Fon predicts the next Pied Piper’s appearance in episode 15 and gives them miniature QT-Roses to counter its effects. Fon plans on staying. Tsutsuji acts all goody-goody and offers to be their slave but Honoka throws her and Benkei into the store. The next abduction begins as the gang fly into ship in time. BouMin are doing their patrol duty when they get freaked out after seeing a wounded woman in space. Turns out to be Elle. As the gang reach space, Xanthippe appears. Akiha spots Nami heading there with Aleida so she and Imo go there. While the boxed humans are being transferred, Aleida gives Nami a staff which allows her to have full control over 8 Existenz battle maidens. Akiha and Imo arrive and plead Nami to return but she turns them down and even attacks them. Itsuki and Honoka then arrive but Honoka is stunned to learn Aleida is Kagura as she attacks them. Nami batters Akiha and rants about being abandoned, no one helped her, bla bla bla so Akiha tells her off and to shut up. Leopard and Sakura’s ship seems to be scratching Xanthippe’s ‘beautiful’ walls so she snaps and goes after him. Unfortunately Xanthippe accidentally destroyed Pied Piper. The distractions allow the heroines to escape. Upon Aleida’s advice, Nami orders her Existenz to attack Leopard. They surround the shop as Leopard sees fearful illusions of Kagura and goes out of commission. Xanthippe and the rest escape via wormhole called Entropy, some space distortion.
In episode 16, Julio and Neneko are trapped in school. Julio feels something’s weird. Though food supply came, rescue party didn’t. They get surprised to see their teacher in a box! Emilio, Shigure and his student council members barely escape from Kirkwood to the Mall. Elle wakes up in hospital with Nina by her side. Nerval talks to his followers about establishing the rule of perfect justice by putting citizens in boxes via phases though he feels humans should choose if they want to be in this society. Do they have choice? Xanthippe returns so Nerval wants her to bring Nami in. He wants her to protect this new world together. She isn’t impressed with his crap but when she sees Takane as his bodyguard, she’s okay with it because it’s not like she’s responsible and couldn’t care less for humanity. Akiha and co wake up and find themselves near Jupiter due to the irregular element in the hyperspace jump tunnel when they tried to chase Xanthippe but got thrown out. Honoka notes Jupiter is where she and Leopard hibernated. It’ll take them 5 years to reach Kirkwood. Looks like technology isn’t that great after all. The girls start arguing among themselves. Honoka thinks this isn’t Kagura because she knows everything about her and she’s dead. Itsuki thinks Akiha is reckless but she doesn’t give a damn about her investigation. They see Leopard’s colony drifting nearby and decide to bring that high and mighty machine back to it. Itsuki reflects on her harsh words and surprisingly the headless knight consoles her! Leopard is pissed Akiha is talking about Kagura this Kagura that so he blows his top that he got hurt most because he trusted her but got betrayed when she organized that assault. He isn’t going to let Kagura’s descendant deceive him anymore and that he hates women. Suddenly lightning storm appear at the clock tower.
The strong electromagnetic waves are going to destroy them and Jupiter’s gravitational force is pulling them in in episode 17. Suddenly Sakura’s alien-stuffed-doll-scarf (whatever that is), Yupitan comes alive and suggests a way out. They need to use acceleration from the free fall and additional force to break through. Benkei powers the engines while the QT-Arms ladies push from outside to make it a success. As the girls apologize to each other, Yupitan points to a space station that they can hyperjump back to Earth. Supposedly built secretly between humans and aliens to foster ties but abandoned due to financial difficulties. Ah, even the universe isn’t spared from monetary woes. Honoka knows this station, also known as Proxima Crown, because it was the last base the Shishidou used for their rebellion against Nerval. She searches for Enigma but couldn’t find it as Akiha remembers this place as the one in her dreams. They prepare to hyperjump back but Leopard refuses due to some trauma from Existenz and can’t connect to his colony. Using the station’s 50 years worth of recharged solar power, Benkei does the honour. Before they jump, Yupitan goes back to his slumber. Kazane sees some space commander and gets him to lend her an agile ship. Julio and Neneko escape outside school to see Nami and her Existenz mercilessly putting escapees into boxes but they’re discovered. BouMin who are assigned by Nina to infiltrate Surre Academy, spot this and return to report to her. However Nami and her Existenz surround the Mall and tell the refugees to surrender. Suddenly Leopard’s colony appears before them.
Nami fears the ‘Black God’ and orders a retreat in episode 18. Benkei got his colony back and with Tsutsuji, steal Leopard’s mirrors and escape. Nami reports back to Nerval but his followers aren’t happy though Nerval believes her. He knows Black God is Leopard and fears his unpredictable behaviour may ruin it all and will go deal with it alone. Akiha and co reunite with Elle and Nina as they exchange info and being informed of Kirkwood’s situation. The refugees are now occupying Leopard’s colony since the Mall’s location has been detected and it’s safer here. Elle has Akiha and Imo go cheer Leopard up but there is no response. An argument with Itsuki that she doesn’t take the initiative to know Leopard more has them think he’ll do better when praised (who doesn’t?). They hold a little mock party enough to draw his attention. He goes for a walk with Akiha who tells him grateful things though he can’t see where she’s going at. He then sees the citizens creating words with light "Welcome back Leopard" so he decides to take responsibility although short of admitting it. Suddenly Xanthippe appears with hundreds of Existenz and is going to dismantle him properly. Existenz avoid the QT-Arms of Itsuki, Honoka and BouMin to start attacking Leopard’s colony. Honoka suddenly blackout for a while. Leopard still fears to connect so Akiha has had enough and kicks him into control. Though with only 1 mirror, Soul Shouts was powerful enough to send Xanthippe freaking out over her ‘precious skin’ and escapes. While Leopard brags, Honoka and Itsuki return to tell him Aleida has kidnapped Akiha.
Somehow Leopard manages to find and ambush Benkei to take back his mirrors in episode 19. Leopard makes it top priority to look for Akiha (because he can’t Soul Shouts, nothing else) and doesn’t care about the system failure causing hardship for the citizens as Elle snaps due to pressure. Itsuki and BouMin are assigned to fix the systems via underground maze and the duo are brought to tears upon hearing Itsuki’s background. Kazane reunites with the rest and learns of Akiha’s abduction. Akiha and Imo wake up in Xanthippe’s colony. We learn her distraction allowed Aleida to board Leopard and that Nerval wants to make Akiha his assistant. Akiha and Imo run away but find themselves in a room filled with row of boxes. She wants them released but Xanthippe says humans are like supplemental parts and Leopard is the same. Akiha dismisses Leopard isn’t like that but Xanthippe questions back how much she knows about him. While trying to escape from hostile machines, Akiha sees Hako and tries to get her to escape but Hako rejects. Akiha herself is then trapped in a box. Nerval shows Nami a room filled with rows of boxes and assures her she won’t be put into one because she is The Girl Who Leapt Through Space. But he notes he received 2 of such girls. Akiha and Nami: A light and shadow, white and black.
Akiha is still conscious inside the box in episode 20 and manages to communicate with Imo via keyboard (thus the text appearing on the outside). While Kazane discusses with Emilio about Leopard’s last self-actualization phase, Benkei attacks Leopard out of revenge. Kazane steps in to offer Tsutsuji a mission. Though Tsutsuji claims she is an independent force not affiliated with Nerval, I guess Kazane’s deal was too eye-popping good for her to refuse. Kazane allows Shigure and co to follow Itsuki to Kirkwood to find Akiha while Honoka who knows her time limit is near decides to go down to Earth to get Fon. Kazane has Leopard do a slow journey to Innsmouth Reef to avoid detection to find his Sword while Benkei’s hyperjump serves as distraction. Nerval and his group are at the box room as they’re 70% near completion to Full Cowl. A standalone assassin robot suddenly breaks out from 1 of the boxes and stabs Nerval before fleeing. Nerval orders to go after it or their location will be exposed. Aleida, Takane and Nami chase it before Nami manages to subdue and rips its head. When they return, Nerval has another replacement body and they think it’s from the Uray People’s Republic. Nami touches the ripped head but it suddenly pierces her.
Benkei and Tsutsuji arrive to retrieve the Crown located very close to the sun in episode 21. Benkei is reluctant but crazy Tsutsuji tells him to go forth and fight for their survival and so they succeed. Akiha seems to find the box rather cosy since she gets, sees and hears what she wants. She even rejects Imo’s pleas to get out! Nami wakes up in a room (Enigma by the way) and goes downstairs to see Nerval cooking noodles for her. Aleida soon joins them. Nami gets upset and leaves when she learns the other Girl Who Leapt Through Space will gather. Takane intercepts Honoka as they battle it out. Nami soon joins them as Honoka did a final break to escape. Nami turns to fight Takane but some force restricts and causes them both pain. While Existenz retrieve Nami, Takane continues to float in space. Imo’s desperate pleas never to separate from Akiha have her snap out of her comfort zone spell. She accidentally throws a fit and broke the box. She keys in a password "The Girl Who Leapt Through Space" and her box starts to move. With Imo’s guidance, Akiha evades hostile machines till they escape in a ship (note Akiha is still inside the box). Suddenly hundreds of missiles rain on Kirkwood. Xanthippe starts panicking so Nerval takes control of her and fires Nerval Extraordinaire Cannon to destroy them. But an anti-matter missile is heading towards Kirkwood’s perimeter. With no choice, Imo ejects Akiha and dashes towards the missile. Thinking back fond memories with her and professing her utmost love, Imo does a kamikaze and crashes into it. Wow. Now over-baked potato. Oops, sorry.
Nerval finds the rebel perpetrators responsible and freezes them all for eternity in episode 22. Honoka crashes onto Earth as Fon saves her. But she knocks him out with a bowling pin to take him along. Some gratitude. Akiha is retrieved by Itsuki and co and let out of her box. They escape to Kirkwood and when Akiha learns of Imo’s fate, she breaks down and becomes depressed. The gang sees rows of human buts but it seems the Shishidou Elders have survived the obliteration and bring them to safety. In an unknown location, they show them human survivors from the box including Julio and Neneko. They’re so influenced by the box that they want to return to its sanctuary. There’s also some manufacturing plant in which dead human boxes have their contents and brain neurons removed and recreated into those red boxes. Itsuki learns they’re the ones who released Hako who is one of their comrades to infiltrate Nerval but lost her. The Elders are suspicious about the deaths of many human boxes supposedly intended to prolong their life with better management, due to unknown causes whether it’s functioning properly or not. Xanthippe finds them so everyone and the victims evacuate via a ship. They’re faced with Xanthippe in space when Benkei hyperjumps back and bumps into her. Benkei’s supposed to retrieve the humans when Xanthippe chides him for being a traitor so he changes his mind. However Tsutsuji orders him to take them in and temporarily controls Benkei to stave off Xanthippe. That guy sure is caught in the middle. Mad Xanthippe is going to slice the humans when Takane intercepts. When everyone gets onboard Benkei, Tsutsuji orders him to swiftly hyperjump to Innsmouth Reef.
All survivors board Leopard in episode 23. Kazane explains Anti-QT, the power to repel QT and see through everything which they inherited from Kagura and the reason Takane broke free from Nerval’s control. Kazane knows Nerval will come after Akiha and since Benkei used his hyperjump, their location is discovered and will be here soon. Nerval learns of the current events and orders Xanthippe to destroy Leopard while he’s still recovering. Akiha still couldn’t get over Imo’s death. It’s made worse when Leopard exclaims how happy he can sleep peacefully without those insults. Can’t he see how pitiful she is? Xanthippe arrives and launches her minions to infiltrate inside Leopard’s colony. Aleida fights Takane again. Existenz hypnotizes the citizens and are ordered to retrieve Akiha. Akiha resigns to her fate but Itsuki slaps some senses into her. But the box people have them cornered. Honoka returns in time with Fon as he plants QT-Roses in the Crown to free the people and send Existenz away. I didn’t know they grow so fast. Super fast. Leopard has found his Sword hidden within the asteroids and recovery is complete but he can’t seem to connect. As Honoka explains, the Sword has been sealed and the only way to release it is to use Golden Gun. Akiha realizes her importance that if she doesn’t stop Nerval, more important people will die. She fires Golden Gun into Leopard as he powers up and uses his Swords donned onto his mirrors to slash and immobilize Xanthippe. Aleida and Existenz escape as the rest board Xanthippe. Itsuki accuses her for killing Imo but Akiha says it doesn’t matter because it won’t bring her back and breaks down. However Xanthippe denies and that Imo is still alive with Nerval. That baked potato is wearing China communist clothes?
Logically how can a little thing blow up a missile? So it’s revealed in episode 24 that it was Nerval’s large colony, Cathedral Ventisca that intercepted it. Akiha wants to go save Imo but Kazane locks her up for her own good to avoid falling into Nerval’s hands. Leopard is bragging of his eternal strength when he sees a vision of his dark self, dubbed the Prince of Darkness, who mocks him and reminded him that he was one who dominated the world with fear and tremendous power. Imo wakes up next to Nami and is surprised to see Nerval. She learns Nerval wants to know humans better in order to rule them. When Nerval learns of Xanthippe’s failure, he thinks of having more allies and calls back Benkei. He is thrilled to be back by his master’s side but Tsutsuji thinks otherwise. Seems she is disappointed with Nerval as he’s not what she had hoped for. In short, she isn’t going back to him and cuts connections. Benkei is obviously pissed and isn’t going to follow her orders anymore but Tsutsuji had secretly made modifications to control Benkei. She wants him to be her foundation stone for her empire and gives him a chance to be god. But Benkei decides to settle an old score first. Nerval concludes he can’t understand humans so Nami suggests destroying them all. He disagrees as his role is to make both humans and colonies exist together and has no further use for Nami as he thinks she is immature. Honoka and Itsuki decide to defy Kazane’s words and free Akiha. But they’re cornered before they leave and also Benkei returns to fight Leopard over his mirrors. But Leopard has turned into his dark side and mercilessly slices Benkei to severely damage him. Leopard then hyperjumps to Kirkwood and destroys the mirror life support systems. He announces to the citizens he’s going to make them experience absolute darkness and to accept his rule and work hard for his sake. Akiha, Honoka and Kazane try to go talk to him but he no longer has further use for them as Honoka weakens. Nerval appears and says he can’t hand over the universe to him, his son, at this state.
A power fight between Leopard and Nerval in episode 25 but Nerval lost. The citizens in Leopard are being evacuated as Akiha goes off to save Imo with Honoka and Itsuki following behind. Akiha manages to see Imo but an attack shortly forces them to separate. Nami destroys Enigma and sees Akiha crashing before her. Nami filled with hatred beats her sister up. Aleida seeks answers from Nami thinking she has betrayed Nerval but was attacked. Even Honoka and Itsuki can’t stand up to her. She’s about to finish them when Akiha shoots her Golden Gun and releases lots of Anti-QT. Nami got the cheek to say she had the guts to fire at her own sister. What about her? She tried to attack Akiha, right? Nami orders Existenz to dispose her but they do not obey. Aleida says Existenz belongs to Akiha originally as The Girl Who Leapt Through Space. Angry Nami flees. Aleida reverts to Kagura and becomes her friendly self. Honoka is overcome with happiness upon learning so. The gang regroup and Akiha gets a good lecture and slap from Kazane for doing things selfishly. Akiha argues back that she doesn’t understand this and that so Kagura explains the queen of Existenz is the one holding the Golden Gun. The Girl Who Leapt Through Space is the one who will put an end to the battle between Brain Colonies. The Elders are wary of Kagura but she assures them she’s back after she got directly hit by Nami’s Anti-QT. Kazane tells Akiha her next mission is to kill Leopard since the circumstances have changed. Akiha is reluctant at first but gets her confidence to complete her mission. Nami teams up with the ‘Black God’ Leopard and decides to show the heroines who the true ruler is. A powerful cannon blast that destroys Fon’s entire island! Don’t play play.
The plan is for Akiha to infiltrate and destroy the Brain while the rest destroy Leopard’s Crown in episode 26. Seems the real Leopard is trapped within himself. Nami fights Kagura and the former isn’t happy about the latter being a hypocrite because she got into this messed all because of her. Kagura’s answer: Sorry. Yeah right. Like she’ll buy that. Eventually Kagura defeats Nami and breaks her staff to rid her off her powers. Dark Leopard discovers their plan and prepares to fire his Anti-matter Cannon at them. But the other Brain Colonies appear to restrain him in time. Kazane makes a deal with Nerval to cooperate. As Leopard thrusts his Sword into Benkei, it’s a trap by Tsutsuji to break his Crown. Itsuki retrieves Imo and reunites her with Akiha. With a message from Fon, after all that mumbo-jumbo, all Akiha has to do to reach Leopard is to wish hard enough upon her QT powers. Entering a hyperspace dislocation, the genes of Constructs and memories of Brain Colonies, they reach a mirror-like Leopard. Akiha gives orders to her Existenz to fire at Leopard. It cause a little pain so the real Leopard briefly shows himself before the dark one wrest back control and throws everyone out except Akiha and Imo. Akiha tries to convince the real Leopard and eventually kicks him in the eye (that worked?). Dark Leopard is going to use his remaining energy to destroy everything, the real Leopard is back and resumes control. Nerval uses Exclusive Control to transfer Dark Leopard into Nerval’s human body and wants Leopard to fire at him though it will destroy him too. Leopard happily obliges. Haha. Good or bad thing? Dark Leopard is destroyed and Nerval survives. Seems his core is in the Magnetic Chambers and the distraction was part of his plan for Leopard to fire at him. The gang board Leopard to find Akiha but couldn’t find her so Itsuki ticks him off and gets emotional. Leopard is surprised to see Kagura while the rest try to free the human boxes. Due to the hyperdrive when the dimension of dislocation was destroyed, Akiha and Imo were blasted away to another galaxy where they both spend time together watching space. BouMin beg Nina to allow them to stay with her while Benkei and Tsutsuji pick up Nami, still bitter and reeling from it all. Leopard and the rest soon find Akiha and Imo as they happily reunite and then go home.
Hmm… I couldn’t say I’m pretty much satisfied with the ending. Not to say it totally sucks but I feel it could have ended in a better way. I mean, in fact a very big chunk of the series was pretty much focused on preparing to defeat Nerval with the introduction of the characters, powering up Leopard with parts and then for the last couple of episodes, everything turned topsy-turvy and it turned out the real antagonist was supposed to be Leopard’s dark side and the baddies become the good guys and cooperate to defeat the final main foe. Even if Nerval seeks forgiveness though his sins against humanity won’t be completely forgotten, it’s like as though all the build-up to his perfect colony rule just came to nought in the end. It could’ve been so easy in the first place if both humans and Brain Colonies coexist, right? Instead of having to go through all that crap and make Akiha a reluctant heroine and such. Maybe Nerval realized all that through Nami.
With too many characters, terminologies and things going on, partly that was what contributed to my dissatisfaction. Thus there are many questions that I was seeking at the end. For instance, what was that note that Kagura left in Enigma for Akiha to see? Well, Nami burnt the whole cafe down, didn’t she? And since Nami is back to her old ways, is she going to continue to be bitter or change over a new leaf? How did Kagura end up being Aleida and under Nerval’s command in the first place? What about the Elders’ investigation on the unnatural deaths of the boxes? If Leopard’s true self was such an evil menace 50 years ago, how did he and the Shishidou family team up to defeat Nerval then? Wouldn’t they be fighting Leopard instead? So how did the narcissist one came about? Split personality? Then if Existenz can only obey the true Girl Who Leapt Through Space, how come they obeyed Nami in the first place? Was the Golden Gun the overriding factor? What happened to Hako? Has Itsuki resolved her parent’s Terra Abduction case? What happened to that space commander Kazane met? And why does Honoka do not have much time left? Too many questions so it’s best I just let them be.
My favourite character is of course Leopard. Simply because of his narcissism. I just love it when he goes bragging about his high and mighty self and it just gets even better when he and Akiha lock horns. Yeah, the blockheads they are. I just wish he had more screen time and wouldn’t mind listening to his mocking and insults even if they’re unrelated. Perhaps they should make a sequel spin-off for him only. Akiha as an airhead shows that not all heroines are perfect. She may consider herself useless but she still has her principles when it comes to friendship especially with Imo, the duo are inseparable. Just remember not to call that potato a… Oops, I said it. She’s yandere potential. Itsuki is a serious and no nonsense ICP cop and she should learn to loosen up a little. Though she may not like Akiha in the beginning for being to carefree, in the end she does admit that she loved her. Not going yuri from her Shimoyama experience, isn’t she? Taciturn Honoka too see the importance of Akiha and I’m glad she acknowledges her as her friend. The pair of BouMin is definitely jinxed. Where ever they go, they sure get into trouble. For comic relief if I should say. Towards the end, I felt that the many other characters were redundant for instance Emilio, Elle, Shigure and his student council members, Julio and Neneko. It’s like they had just little parts to play in the series and tagged along for the remainder so that we’d know where they are.
Nerval doesn’t really feel like the bad guy if you think about it. Perhaps his way of making humans sleep in the comfort of the boxes is odd but it’s the best interest for eternal peace according to him. Annihilating other life forms isn’t his top priority unless when needed to. Thus the true villain here in my eyes is the fallen idol Nami. She’s so spiteful of everything and wants everything to destroy. She’s the kind of person whom you’d love to see crash and burn. Too bad she didn’t perish in the end. Tsutsuji may be prideful but she’s not bad either. If you can stomach her philosophies and her dream of leading her own empire, I guess she’s pretty alright. Benkei sure learned his lesson and nearly got ‘burnt by fire’ after nearly paying the price for his ego by confronting Dark Leopard. Yeah, I’m sure it took him a scary near death experience to not want to fight anymore. Xanthippe is another amusing character simply because of her cacophony when she tries singing. Faraway from being idol material. Kazane truly plays a good role as a leader being the eldest among the Shishidou sisters. Without her, I guess the whole gang won’t be so efficient in achieving their mission. She’s such a smart girl that even Leopard can’t beat her in chess. She won hundreds of rounds straight! Probably Leopard is at a loss for words for that and sometimes it’s necessary to know where he stands. I don’t know if spewing nonsense and being playful is considered a genius in Sakura’s case but she does deliver the goods. Though I feel she provides more towards the loli side.
The drawing and art are of today’s anime standards but seasoned mecha fans would find better mecha designs elsewhere. The QT-Arms to me resemble more like robotic centaurs and it was hard for me to distinctively tell them apart. Not to mention their ‘unique’ and hard to remember names (at least to me). So when Itsuki and Honoka got their QT-Arms upgrade later in the series, it made me go "Doesn’t look any different?". Besides, the Existenz battle maidens sure look weird with human boxes as it head. As for the futuristic suits, well let’s just say that they are tight and body hugging. Especially Itsuki. Yeah, fanservice I guess. I’m not sure if this is the fashion of the future but some characters in the series have bags below their eyes and make them look weird. Though I am impressed with the CG work, it isn’t anything to shout about if you’re a seasoned mecha fan as the fights could be considered mediocre to their standards. And those box head people? At 1 time I thought they were from some occult.
If you buy the DVD, you get special extras in the form of Picture Drama (PD) and there are 9 of them. Yup, still picture monologues including ecchi fanservice (meaning you get to see tits and all while admiring the ‘beautiful’ art and background), focusing one or two characters for a PD. I have seen them all but most without the subs and with my limited Japanese vocabulary, I can barely make out what they say. So my blog here may not be accurate. Like PD 1 has Akiha narrating how she and Imo met when they’re young and became close to each other. PD 2 about Itsuki and her disguises to infiltrate the school and something about being yuri (Hatsune Miku in the end?). PD 3 on Honoka trying to be more feminine as per Kagura but ends up dressed as some leopard? PD 4 focuses on Takane on her struggles in the family and coming to terms with it. PD 5 on how Nami got into the modelling world to break free of her shyness by Kazane but lost it all in the end and turned to the dark side. PD 6 about BouMin talking on eating and food as means of their existence (is that all they think?). PD 7 on Tsutsuji and her boring life and a secret one as a Nervalist and is waiting for a day she’ll live a free one. PD 8 has Sakura revealing her sisters’ secrets but nothing scandalous. Just normal ordinary ones. Of course we couldn’t leave out Leopard because he’s so high and mighty and not to allow the PDs to be dominated by girls, PD 9 is about Leopard doing his own radio show being the host and audience himself! Oh yeah. You got to love his radio show. It will last forever and eternity! As for the other girls missing, perhaps they’re not sexy enough to warrant their own PD. Haha. Nina’s weird afro hairdo probably was a turn off, who’d want to see big sister Kazane and Kagura is an aunty by now. Elle? Side character. Not important.
Voice acting wise, my favourite is got to be how Jun Fukuyama voices Leopard. His voice is just befitting when he goes arrogant and such. He is famous for roles like Lelouch in Code Geass and Watanuki in xxxHolic. As the phrase of the series is "I have control!" (when the Brain Colonies or those little aliens connect to the system and such to gain control), it never fails to make me break into the smile each time Leopard says that. He should say it more often. Jun Fukuyama also doubles as the voice of Fon if you pay close attention. Ai Nanoka is quite convincing doing Imo’s role and I thought her voice was suitable for ditzy girls like Fuko of Clannad and Koyomi of Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou. She proved to be very convincing when she snapped during Imo’s verbal abuse. The side of her I’ve never heard before. Good job. Veteran Rie Tanaka as Xanthippe is also amusing especially when she goes berserk screaming over her ‘precious skin’ or the likes. She reminded me of Sanada in UFO Princess Valkyrie. Another surprise for me is Yukari Tamura as Kazane. Boy, without her high pitch squealing girly roles, I could never have figured out her voicing a mature lady. Heard her Sakura in Da Capo? Nanoha in Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha? Rino in Gokujou Seitokai? Totally caught me off guard.
Other casts include newbie Mako as Akiha (Kazumi in Kyo No Go No Ni TV series), Yui Makino as Honoka (Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle), Aya Endo as Itsuki (Miyuki in Lucky Star), Mai Nakahara as Aleida/Kagura (Mai in Mai-HiME), Ami Koshimizu as Mintao (Tenma in School Rumble), Mika Kikuchi as Bougainvillea (Mokona in Tsubasa Chronicle), Banjou Ginga as Nerval (Babbo in MAR), Miyuki Sawashiro as Tsutsuji (Shinku of Rozen Maiden), Naoya Uchida as Benkei (Soichiro Yagami of Death Note), Daisuke Ono as Shigure (Koizumi in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu), Naomi Shindoh as Nina (Shizuru in Mai-HiME), Yuuka Nanri as Nami (Nao in Mai-HiME), Yukana as Takane (Rinslet in Black Cat, C.C. in Code Geass), Momoko Saito as Sakura (Choco in Chokotto Sister) and Takaya Kuroda as Ul (Renjou in Kurenai). If you’re familiar with the mischievous and gothic singing style of Ali Project, you’ll be able to instantly recognize their trademark in the first opening theme, Rara Eve Shinseiki, which very much suits the pace of the series. However though the anime rock-like second opening theme by Minami Kuribayashi entitled Miracle Fly feels not. I felt they should’ve stick with Ali Project. The first ending theme is more of pop rock sung by Mako, Aya Endo and Yui Makino called Sora Wa Shoujo No Tomodachi Sa while the second ending theme, Espacio by Ceui, seems to have a darker and melancholic feel to it. The characters in the ending credits animation are in chibi form probably to add some cuteness to it since the episode proper itself lacks any. There are a variety of background music in the series but the eyebrow raising ones are those jazzy pieces. They sound cool but when played during battle or tense scenes, it just feels odd. On a trivial note, each next episode narration are just ranting and has nothing to do with actually what is in store in the next episode.
This series probably has lots of cliche in lots of other areas that I’m probably not aware of. So why Akiha was chosen to be The Girl Who Leapt Through Space still beats me. Maybe it’s because of her being an airhead that literally seems that she’s never having her feet on the ground. Haha, just kidding. I know I don’t want to be a reluctant hero and get dragged into a mess of universal proportions. Saving the universe and mankind is one big thing to shoulder. Space maybe the final frontier but it seems we humans still have our very same set of problems whether we are advanced or not. So how to make life better? For me, perhaps I should continue locking up myself in my room, continue to watch animes in my comfort zone. Oh yeah, very comforting that way. It takes my mind from the reality of troubles and into another world. Of course without the box over my head as I couldn’t see a thing if it’s in the way. Maybe I’ll be known as The Boy Who Watched Too Many Animes. Damn Leopard, you got me hooked on your comebacks… "HUHUHAHAHA!!! I HAVE CONTROL!!!".

Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo
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