And so the world continues to spin and turn on its axis as life goes on for everyone. Well, that’s what I thought Soredemo Machi Wa Mawatteiru (literally means, And The Town Still Turns) to be. About everyday people living everyday ordinary lives. Oh wait. Why is there a picture of a maid there? Is it about the ordinary life of a maid? Well, not exactly. It’s a little tough trying to sum up what this anime is about but I’ll try.

It’s about this clumsy and lackadaisical maid, Hotori Arashiyama who works in a local maid cafe called Seaside and is into detective mystery novels and films. But the story of the series is mixed and scattered with different other types of genres like aliens, ghosts and the supernatural. Hey wait a minute. I thought this was supposed to be a slice-of-life comedy? Yes, indeed it still is. Just that the many random stories are being told that way. Interesting, no? Odd? Yes. That’s why it’s interesting in its own way. Now, add a bunch of other zany characters and you’ll either love it or hate it.

Episode 1A: Fortune Cafe (Before)
Hiroyuki Sanada does his homework at Seaside. The only reason why he is doing it here (or perhaps why he is even completing his homework) is because he has a secret crush on Hotori. Too bad it’s one-sided. That doofus girl won’t even see it from a mile. Hotori sits next to him to copy his maths assignment but panics upon realizing some mix up between Japanese and European writing system. Discovery of the century? Anyway, Sanada is just happy that he got to be next to her. But back in class, their math and homeroom teacher, Natsuhiko Moriaki can tell she ‘cheated’ due to the blunder she wrote. See? Copy blindly lah. Lecture time. Hotori relates her troubles to her friends, bespectacled Toshiko Tatsuno and Harue Haribara (I thought she was a guy because she was ‘ugly’ with her beaver teeth! Forgive me, please). Tatsuno expresses interest in the maid cafe and plans to come by later. Be my guest. Seaside hardly has any customers and I guess I can assume why. The head maid, Uki Isohata, I thought she was a grandpa in drag. But she really is an old hag in a maid outfit. Please forgive me… What I’m saying is that there are no cute maids to attract customers. Get what I’m saying? It’s no wonder Tatsuno is pissed off that they even have the nerve to call this a maid cafe! She proceeds to give Hotori a lesson on how to properly act and greet as a maid. Uki suggests Tatsuno to work here but she already has her commitments in the ping pong club with Haribara. Then a customer is about to come in, Arai Kazutoyo a local shopkeeper. This is Hotori’s chance to strut what she has learned. However Hotori panics and her clumsiness only magnifies the effectiveness of her charm. Yeah, the customer is all over her! POW! So the rest of the scenes have Tatsuno trying to teach Hotori to be a clumsy maid. Let’s say she’s a natural. Then when Sanada comes in, Tatsuno finds out that he is a frequent customer here. She instantly wants Uki to hire her! Yup, she has a crush on Sanada. What else motivation does a girl need to don a maid outfit just to get the attention of the guy she loves? Her divine calling, says she? More like she’s in love. Yeah, just to note that they’ll have more staffs than customers…

Episode 1B: Fortune Cafe (After)
Hotori invites Sanada to Seaside after school for Tatsuno’s debut. As the girls make their way to Seaside, they are being caught by Moriaki who thinks they are flouting the school rules of having a part time job. They think they can lose him but he’s not that stupid. Yeah, they even lead him back to Seaside. He isn’t going to let them off easily. But how does Moriaki know about this? Apparently when Hotori invited Sanada, Moriaki was in class. Yup, he heard that. Haha. So it’s her fault by the way. But Tatsuno isn’t going to let her dream job slip away and plans to get permission. Well, Moriaki isn’t here to make them quit too. So girls, suit up and charm him of the ways of the maid… Erm… 22 minutes have already passed since… Is it that hard to put on a maid outfit? Hotori feels defeated that Tatsuno beats her in everything pertaining to maid appearance but as Moriaki notes, there is 1 aspect Hotori will always win. Hotori starts taking this as a sign that Moriaki may be in love with her! But what he meant was Hotori will always beat Tatsuno on eyesight! Duh! With Hotori out (I guess her confidence got crushed), it’s Tatsuno’s turn to make Moriaki’s whatever plan backfire. He orders black tea but Tatsuno is disheartened that Seaside doesn’t even sell tea! Well, Uki’s reasoning is that when you think of maids from England, you only think of coffee, right? In this case, Tatsuno seeks to capitalize on Hotori’s clumsiness by serving coffee instead. The coffee starts foaming as it is actually soda powder. But this clumsiness did not appeal to Moriaki as he starts his sharp lecture on how the heck she can mix up a coffee mixer and a soda powder. He continues ranting about her irrational behaviour. Well in a way, I guess he forgot about getting permission. As for Sanada, why hasn’t he turned up? Actually, he is standing outside. He can’t go in upon seeing Moriaki inside. Don’t want to be caught, eh? I don’t understand the end part whereby Moriaki is being served by pretty maids in which everything turns into a horror maid house, one where you can check in but never out. Maybe this is what Seaside cafe is really is.

Episode 2A: The Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
Somehow Hotori can’t seem to get Moriaki’s face out of her head. In love? I don’t think so. She tries to take her mind off it by reading a detective novel but again his face pops up as one of the characters. Her little sister, Yukiko wants to play so she brings her down to her little brother, Takeru and forces him to play with her. How? He shuts off his video game. And he hasn’t saved his progress. They start blaming each other and when eventually Takeru hits Yukiko’s head, she starts crying. Because of that, Hotori gets the ultimate blame from mommy Yukimi. This is going to be one noisy affair. Thus Hotori decides to hang out at Seaside even if it’s her day off. Tatsuno is also there. In case Sanada drops by. Uki is surprised and wonders if Hotori is in love seeing she mentions about seeing Moriaki’s face in her head. I don’t know how the talk wandered into maths of differentials and integrals. Then some advice of deducting the perpetrator of a crime via the highest paid voice actor. Huh? Uki sends Hotori to buy onions and potatoes but on her way, she meets her arch-nemesis, the policeman, Shunsaku Matsuda (his hairstyle I thought he popped out from the Flower Power era). Is it a wonder to see why these 2 are like cats and dogs? Hotori flouts the rules by riding her scooter in a no-scooter zone. He tries to stop her. She ends up crashing into his crotch. Ouch! Probably that got Hotori to mix up her errand as he got potatoes and carrots instead. Then when she gets milk, Mr Policeman and the shopkeeper, Kikuchi Takanori pass remarks that it might help her ‘grow big’ so she takes this offence as a sexual harassment. Still not pleased, she scoots off on her scooter. How many rules has she already broken on this? When she goes back, Sanada is already in Seaside. Seeing her drinking milk, he mentions about her getting bigger. Hotori is upset that everyone is talking about her boobs and is going to sue him for sexual harassment even if what he meant was her height. Tatsuno leaps to his defence and becomes his defence lawyer. However we won’t see the trial because Uki on the other hand isn’t pleased with Hotori’s mix up and thinks she should develop her brains rather than her boobs.

Episode 2B: Shop Girls Are Sophisticated
Hotori comes up with a new way to greet customers. Rejected! What’s with that Vulcan salute? The trio shopkeepers of Kazutoyo, Takanori and Yuuji Sanada (Sanada’s baldy father and fishmonger) follow mysterious arrow signs that lead them to Seaside. Seems it is Hotori’s genius plan but they fell for it, right? Since they’re here, might as well discuss the festival plans here. However the maids are purposely screwing up their orders. Hotori becomes upset when Mr Policeman comes in and shows her all the arrow signs he has taken off. She continues to be rude to him so Tatsuno and Uki slam the tray into her head. Always maintain a service with a smile. Obviously she didn’t learn her lesson because she starts chasing a pair of high school kids for 30 minutes around town thinking they mocked her (dock 30 minutes of pay!) and badmouthing the regular trio shopkeepers for being a freak show (be grateful they’re giving you business by eating here!). Tatsuno comes up with a plan to design a signboard to attract better customers who will appreciate maids. Well, Hotori has to help out after being reminded by Uki the 10 years worth of free curry she gave her each time she came running and crying to her with her problems. The girls start painting upstairs and after hanging it out, they are disheartened to see a large Naito Dentistry signboard next to their block. Hotori tries to cut it down with the hacksaw but the dentist caught her in her rage! Apologize now! Hotori’s back day continues when she tries to deduce the perpetrator via voice acting as her siblings watch it on TV. They deduce who the culprit is even before being announced. How can this be? It’s a rerun. Grrr!!! Hotori forcefully turns off the TV, leaving Yukimi in tears. Oh, big sister is going to get it again…

Episode 3A: Eyes
Moriaki visits Seaside again. Could it be he is in love with Hotori? NOT A CHANCE!!! He is here to request a favour seeing she is into detective mysteries, she may help him solve a problem. He shows him a portrait of an old man. While the rest thinks it’s normal, only Hotori feels it is odd because the painting’s canvas is a perfect square. Moriaki further narrates how this painting was done by his late grandpa, an unsuccessful painter and a habitual gambler. After his death, he split his paintings between Moriaki and his other two siblings. But the real issue lies in the other portrait. The next portrait he shows has an old man with 4 eyes!!! Freaky! He couldn’t understand why grandpa did this and as you know as a math’s teacher, he seeks logic in his explanation and seems Hotori is the girl for the job to present him with an acceptable answer. The rest came up with their answer but it sounded lame like Tatsuno’s astigmatism (then there should be multiple nose, mouths and ears too, right?) and Uki’s grandpa-is-a-four-eyed-alien sure didn’t make the cut. Then it hit Hotori! Eureka! Moriaki is called to listen to her answer but were first given simple arithmetic problems as hints. Moriaki didn’t like how she’s beating around the bush so for the first time Hotori gets this high and mighty feeling of what it’s like to torment those who are less intelligent. Role reversal, eh? So Moriaki, how does it feel now when somebody forcefully drills into your head about something you don’t understand? Oh, can you accept this? Something she understands but he doesn’t? Anyway, now the real explanation. Hotori shows a dice she made with the portraits and the other sides which are hand-drawn. The number of eyes reflects the number on the dice since grandpa was a gambler. So when 6 sides of the portrait are divided between 3 people, this work of art lost its meaning. OMG! For once Hotori looks so smart!!! Is this the end of the world?! And true enough, Moriaki found the remaining 4 portraits and gives it to her as a token. Now she has a complete dice of weird eyes hanging in Seaside. Creepy! Take it down!

Episode 3B: The Cat Boy
Due to the last outing, can you blame Uki and Tatsuno to make extensive preparations to make sure Hotori doesn’t screw up on her errand of buying carrots and onions, no matter how ridiculous? Why not save the trouble and just do it themselves? Along the way, she sees a pretty young boy, Futaba Kon searching for his cat, Koban and tries to deduce the kind of person he is based on his voice and appearance. Kon knows who Hotori is since she is quite famous around here after that scooter stunt with the police guy. Koban isn’t coming out from a narrow alley and Kon’s attempts of persuading Koban to come out isn’t working (partly Hotori is trying to make stupid jokes out of it). Yeah, so dumb that it starts snowing. Suddenly Hotori strangles Kon!!! Her reasoning is that if Kon is in danger, Koban might come to rescue him. That’s not a dog! When the onion rolls out, Koban comes out and starts playing with it so it’s their chance for them to grab it. But Hotori panics upon seeing that Koban has no tail and thinks she might have accidentally snap it off! But Kon explains that Koban is from a breed of cats without tails. And yeah, waiting Tatsuno and Hotori really feel they should’ve drawn her a map and told her not to stop and smell the flowers. Next day in school, Hotori gets the shock of her life to see Kon in her school. Kon is not a boy, but a girl! She isn’t somebody younger than her but her senior! And Hotori really panicked when she thought she’d at least knew everybody’s name in her class. Hah! She even thought she’s a ghost! Kon is also a senior to Haribara in the ping pong club. So next time beware when you assume because it will be ASS-U-ME, get it? And even if maid and meido (underworld) sound the same, they aren’t the origins of maids so don’t ever write that down in your answer sheet!

Episode 4A: Formulas Of Love
I don’t know how many horoscope fortunes Hotori has watched but I guess she must been selective to choose one that suits her. Yeah, one that says about her intimate encounter with someone. And that someone she thinks is Moriaki. Well, it did turn true when he imposes extra classes for her!  As Moriaki watches over Hotori, his second nemesis, he remembers how his first nemesis was his maths teacher back in 2nd grade school. He couldn’t accept the answer of some division problem and stood up. The class cheered him. But when she akin it to real life like how there will always be balance and that you can’t finish everything like seeds and bones, the class jeered him and was embarrassed. He starts narrating how he gets this sickly feeling in his stomach each time he marks Hotori’s paper. The way she amassed ‘duck eggs’, she could open a store and sell them! Look at how she even writes the answers! Some halfway, some bastardized symbols. Just when he found something he could circle correct, he realized it was a big zero! She got everything wrong! Thus he thinks she’s a serial exam murderer! Though Hotori is confident of being a detective and maths has got nothing to do with it, Moriaki shoots back that she’ll forever be stuck in this grade. Horror! Hotori tries to be a smart ass by giving an equation for him to solve like how a sphere can fit into the house when the holes weren’t that big enough. Turns out her answer was the house was built around the sphere! Thinking outside the box, she says? See a very upset face here? I guess Hotori has no choice but to take up the maths book because she doesn’t want to be stuck forever. This has Tatsuno explaining a story she heard. Seems there was a student who loved Moriaki years ago. She finally summed up her courage to write her confessions in a letter. However his reply was appalling. And in maths equation. (Boy + Girl ) / Morals = 0. WTF?! This reached the word of the principal but he was so moved that he hung up that equation in his office. As for Moriaki, he ponders how Hotori and his maths teacher look so alike. Could it be she went back in time to be his maths teacher? That’s not how maths teacher should be thinking, should they? And what the hell is Hotori’s answer of Moral < Love?!

Episode 4B: Curse Roulette
As Moriaki rests in the teacher’s room, he and his other colleagues, Kameda and Nishi talk about reading tea leaves in a cup which spells your lover’s initials. What did Moriaki see? A pi symbol! That’s not even an initial! I guess maths will always be his first love. Kameda’s cup turns into the kanji of ‘curse’ and suddenly his chair stand breaks. No serious injuries though. In class, you just got to love the excuses Hotori can come up with for being late. You think Moriaki is going to buy it? So it’s more lecturing time after class and on the way to the teacher’s room, Moriaki has this devilish thought of putting a sweet revenge on her for his daily torture. He is going to make her sit on that broken chair and make her embarrassed falling down. He can’t wait to see that surprise look on her face. However upon entering the room, he sees 3 of the chairs mixed up. Oh no! Which is which? Oh, shoot. He should’ve marked it. His mind starts going wild thinking the consequences of this roulette game. Will it backfire on him? The chances are 33.33% He remembers that pi symbol and it’s starting to resemble to kanji word for ‘death’ (they look really similar!). Thankfully Hotori is stupid enough not to realize why Moriaki is sweating in his pants even though he is obviously acting very strange. Very indeed. So they pick a chair and at the same time, sit down together. One, two, three… Plop. Phew! Nothing happened. Then Kameda comes in and sits on the third chair. Oh dear… And Hotori continues to give outrageous horoscope excuses for her tardiness. The torture never ends…

Episode 5A: Toshiko Tatsuno Cannot Be Broken
Tatsuno won tickets to the screening. Now she just needs to get Sanada to come with her. Easier said than done. She picked a less popular movie so it would be easier for her to win the tickets and since the screening is on a specific time and date, she’s got a better chance of success. As the days start ticking down, Tatsuno really finds it hard to just tell “Please go out with me to the movies”. Okay, maybe those words are hard if you’re a girl in love. Every opportunity wasted no matter how close she got to him. Whether he is fooling around cleaning class or she flying down a flight of stairs and accidentally landing on Kameda’s foot (I don’t know how she got away by quoting history lines). On the day of the screening, Tatsuno is working at Seaside. What happened? She decided it’d be better to let life work for her instead of she working for life. Uhm… So she doesn’t mind passing that chance to be with Sanada? Well, he’ll always come to Seaside, right? And yeah, Hotori won free ticket passes too…

Episode 5B: The Amazingly Weird Card
Hotori teaches Yukiko to be an observant detective. She gets more than she bargained for when Yukiko draws her without boobs! Man, she’s observant. Takeru is a master of those card games and his buddies are amazed. However snobbish Eri Isezaki (why do her friends call her Ebi?) warns him about bringing such stuff to school. In class, Takeru gets a note from Eri saying that she will be visiting his home this Sunday. Shocking, eh? Even big sister is encouraging him to go haul her in and gave him some money to spend. Seems like a date to me and Takeru would be a dead corpse if his buddies find out that they’re out together like this. Let me give you a hint on Eri: She’s a tsundere. That explains it all. She wants Takeru to call her by her first name, has him buy ice cream and that poor kid gets pounded if he says the wrong word. Then in a candy store, Eri buys one of those card game packs but to Takeru’s horror, his friends are outside the store and are coming in. The granny was kind enough to let them hide in her room behind. The guys are looking for Takeru so granny has the cheek to say he might have gone to the world of adulthood! If they ever get what she means. Eri gives the deck of cards to Takeru. But to treasure it, he’s not going to use it to avoid getting mixed up. Takeru notes her different side from school. Back home, Hotori is commenting how youngsters have no shame flirting in public. She wonders where her lunch is as Yukimi points out she can eat with them since she’s like a kid and gets along well with them. Grrr!!! Next day in school, his friends wonder where Takeru has been so he lies by saying he was visiting a relative. When Eri comes in and as he tries to be friendly with her, she beats him up. It’s back to the devil woman. Poor Takeru is so confused. Back home when Takeru is commenting how mysterious women are, Hotori couldn’t believe her ears and laughed like mad! Actually he was referring to a character in the game card. And as for Yukiko, she dug up more dirt on Hotori by finding her exchange diary. She’s sure turning into a fine detective.

Episode 6A: Pandora’s Box
Hotori enters Shizuka Kameido‘s antiques store to get an early birthday present for Tatsuno. Of all places, she picks this one? How about that weighing scale so she can weigh the perfect amount of sugar for your coffee? Well, it’s broken. A creepy mask as a love charm? Shizuka put it on her face so much so it can’t come out. The usual gang are at Seaside to celebrate Tatsuno’s birthday. Hotori goes through the list of presents the rest got. Then she gives hers which is some box that she should only open on her actual birthday. Actually that won’t be coming true since Hotori mentions Shizuka got that box without the key. Now that makes it creepy. After that uncalled remark how this place is eternally reserved (Uki should hit her more times on her head), Hotori asks for Sanada’s birthday, in which he answers February. Then she pesters Kon but she is reluctant to say. Kon tries to change the subject but naughty Hotori has grabbed her student ID book. She tries to get it back but in vain because that stupid maid blurted out the date, which is today. Now everybody’s mood is ruined. How will she make amends? She gathers all the confetti on the ground and re-throws it over Kon. Happy birthday! That’s not going to cut it. Now she’s giving an excuse she needs to give her a present and the only thing left is that love charm. Since Tatsuno says she would prefer that, Hotori thinks switching won’t be a problem. Back home, Hotori and Kon pick the lock of the box and find a love charm inside it. Disappointed? As for Tatsuno, she storms back to Shizuka’s store to return this hideous gift. When Shizuka takes a peek into the box, she gets freaked out.

Episode 6B: Business Trip Maid Service
Tatsuno and Hotori have 2 weeks to complete their computer assignment. Hotori suggest going to Tatsuno’s house since her brother has a computer to complete their assignment. However Kon is sick so Tatsuno needs to go look after her. This has Hotori deciding to do her work at Sanada’s place. Uki lets her go seeing that they don’t have customers. What about the shopkeeper trio? Oh, she thought they were part of the furniture. That hurts! But guess who is tagging along too. Yeah, Tatsuno won’t miss this kind of chance in the world. Hotori calls Sanada about their visit so he sends them to buy some cream puffs in a faraway stall so that he has time to clean up his porn mags lying around everywhere. But he still has to delete all the porn images in his computer since Hotori will be using it. Oh, now you’ve cleanse yourself of the worldly desires. The girls arrive but upon realizing he doesn’t have a scanner needed to complete their work, Hotori leaves. Oh my! He deleted all his porn for nothing! Then Hotori spots a novel she thinks she lent him but she trips and his place becomes messy again, all the porn mags scattered. Hotori becomes shock and gives him a new perverted nickname. His life is so over… No choice, they go to Kon’s place. They see her in bed and her fever is serious. Kon says an embarrassing word so much so she was prepared to kill them! But they calm her down and convince her she was just spewing gibberish. As they put her to bed, they cook and clean for her. Hotori notices Kon’s weird guitar. It’s actually a bass guitar because it has only 4 strings. Duh! She tries to play it but there is no sound so Tatsuno turns on the amplifier. Can you imagine the deafening sound that could even spring Kon out of her bed. It’s amazing she didn’t die of heart attack. Hotori and Tatsuno return to Seaside and they see Sanada’s dad wondering why his kid is depressed. Hotori mentions about his lecherous tendencies so papa thinks sonny did something to her! Next day, seems Tatsuno has caught Kon’s cold and Seaside is closed because well, Uki too caught the sickness. Then it hit Hotori why she’s the only person not feeling ill. Remember the saying that idiots don’t catch a cold? What does this tell you about Hotori? She starts feigning that she’s so healthy that it makes her sick. Not working…

Episode 7A: Lover’s Elopement
Sanada didn’t like the idea of eating bread and crab for breakfast. As he waits at the bus stop, he is surprised to see Hotori there. Seems she doesn’t want to be late this time and woke up earlier. Ran out of excuses to give? Or rather some alphabetical discrimination during roll call? Yeah, it’s unfortunate her name is first on the list. As they ride the bus, Hotori falls asleep on Sanada’s shoulders. He must be thanking God for this moment. However he is in a dilemma to wake her up when they reach their destination or miss it. His choice? He’s not getting off! They end up at the last line. First period has already started and the next bus arrives in 20 minutes. Rushing back won’t do any good since it’ll be quite a distance back. Sanada suggests skipping school today so Hotori is receptive of his idea. They walk through town and Sanada’s face turns red when Hotori takes his hand to walk. Well, it’s her habit since she has younger siblings so it’s natural. But Sanada isn’t going to give up this happiness even if it uses up all the energy reserves in his life. Die happy, eh? After having lunch and at the river bank and having nonchalant chat about what will happen tomorrow, they take a bus back as Hotori notes how they used to play all the time as kids. He wonders why they stopped so Hotori gets aggressive trying to make him remember why. Turns out he and a bunch of kids didn’t want to play with a stupid girl. Oh, that has got to hurt. Brings back memories, eh? He apologizes but it’s no big deal to her now. Sanada goes back to his room and tries to write a diary of today’s outing. Yeah, it’s just 2 lines. Oh yeah. I’m sure he’ll win the Booker Prize for this.

Episode 7B: Night Walker
Hotori got freaked when she thought a ghost was at her door. Turns out to be Takeru who can’t sleep. Thanks to Hotori’s energy drink, he’s wide awake now. They decide to take a night stroll to lose those excess energy. They pass by Seaside to see Uki and the 3 loyal shopkeeper customers hanging out and the shopping arcade feels deserted like a ghost town. Passing by Sanada’s shop, she thinks of calling him to hire him as a bodyguard. Since she forgot her handphone, Takeru offers her his slingshot in his backpack to aim at the window. Unfortunately, Sanada just came out for fresh air when he got hit by the acorn right in the forehead! He’s one angry kid ready to rumble!!! Hotori, make sure you don’t let him know about this… Then they pass by a ramen stall and the owner recognizes her. But… Mr Policeman is there! It’s like his reflex action when her name is just mentioned, he goes into alert mode! It’s just your imagination, sir. Then at the convenience store, Hotori screws around with Takeru’s head as they cross over to midnight, confusing the kid about how tomorrow become today and today became yesterday at this point. When they return, Takeru realizes that Hotori must have sneaked out many times since she’s a pro when it comes to covering her tracks. I don’t mind that the siblings take a bath together but don’t you think Takeru is a little too old for this? Shouldn’t they have any shame of bathing together? And I’m not sure about Hotori’s method of killing somebody with a banana and then getting rid of the murder weapon by eating it. Seriously, do you eat a banana that you have just whacked someone with?

Episode 8A: The All-In-One World
On a rainy day, Hotori, Tatsuno and Kon take shelter in front of an auto laundry shop. After Hotori’s pestering that has Tatsuno getting them all drench, they decide to dry their clothes inside. Luckily nobody is in so they strip naked while they wait. Hope nobody comes in. They notice a dryer with lots of undies in it. They put their clothes back on once it’s dry but feels that their outside is just warm and need something to warm their insides (no perverted jokes here). Hotori buys an udon meal from the vending machine and watches it make the udon fresh. Kon buys one herself. Hmm… Tastes mediocre. Then Tatsuno buys a hamburger from the hamburger machine and finds it to be pre-packaged and ‘dented’. Plus, it has all the meat in the world put into it. Horse, rabbit, beef, pork chicken, you name it! Now Hotori tries the ham with melt cheese and it’s piping hot. With their stomachs full, Hotori feels they need to add this fun factor to Seaside but Tatsuno cautions they should improve their coffee first. When the rain stops, they leave. The person who was doing the undies turns out to be Haribara as she comes in to collect them. That night when Hotori is hungry, she returns to that laundry shop to buy food. She also sees Kon there eating away. Already hooked on vending machine food, eh? Later at Seaside, Tatsuno gives a jar she couldn’t open to Sanada. He does it with ease so she tries to find a really hard jar for him to open. When she finds one, it rolls off her hands and into a tight corner. I wonder how she gets so much strength to lift the furniture. But that would defeat the purpose if she could open it, right? Then when Uki returns, Tatsuno notes her torn stockings. When she lifts her skirt, Sanada spits out coffee upon that sight. Hotori and Tatsuno misinterpret he has a thing for Uki! Looks like he ‘died’ again.

Episode 8B: Band’s Labyrinth
For the school cultural festival, Hotori’s class isn’t doing everything simply because everyone is busy with their club’s own cultural activities. This leaves Hotori, Tatsuno and Sanada free. Kon comes by Seaside to show the gang that she has got a ticket to perform on stage at the festival. She wants to put together a band. All she needs is a keyboard and guitarist since she herself plays the bass. The drummer part has been taken care of and the honours goes to Haribara who went into drumming as part of Kon’s special training to improve her ping pong stamina. Hotori mentions she could play something keyboard-like while Tatsuno something guitar-like, though it’s been a while back. But to Kon’s dismay, Hotori plays an accordion while Tatsuno a violin. Well, not every instrument that has strings can be considered a guitar, dimwit! Though she accepts their instruments, it’s going to be a real pain to hear them play together. Even granny can’t take it. Let’s say it’ll speed up her migraine. Care to turn it into a karaoke cafe then? On the day of the festival, Tatsuno is happy to be able to walk around with Sanada. She invites him to come and see her performance but he says he’ll come even if she didn’t invite him. On the last day, those words have Tatsuno regretting what she said and is obviously nervous. She gets into an argument with Hotori and soon Haribara (who realized she has been tricked by Kon to play drums for this gig). Then when Kon comes in, they realize how cute she is in a maid outfit and felt lost. So the girls dub themselves as The Maids go on stage and put on a… Erm, sounds weird but it’s pretty catchy. I thought it sounded like a country song. Next day after clean up, life returns to school like as though there is no trace of that vibrant festival that took place.

Episode 9A: Clash! The Fairy VS The Reaper
A wife sells her husband’s weird collection to Shizuka to get rid of it at any price. The husband later reclaims it at any price.  This goes on and on and the price keeps increasing each time till both spouses come face to face at the shop. They argue to sell and buy so many times that Shizuka tells them that they owe her 5 round trips! During gym class, Tatsuno is infatuated seeing Sanada in basketball action while Hotori thinks she has jumped through some portal over a pole vault and landing somewhere off. Then a ping pong match between Tatsuno and Haribara. Their skills are fearsome enough to be dubbed the Fairy and Reaper! Even Kon has her own legend that will send shiver down people’s spine because she is known as the Devil or the reincarnation of Satan! Is this ping pong we’re talking about or some fantasy legend? Tatsuno and Haribara start their paddle action and because of that girl’s dramatic narration, everything seems so exaggerated. Like Haribara’s Reaper’s Scythe that makes you really stretch to receive the ball so much so you will fall and knock yourself out! Sounds like so recently made up… But Tatsuno is on the verge of experiencing this deadly effect but when she notices Sanada watching her so her determination has her get up and return the shot. In the end, Tatsuno lost simply because she is no match for one who kept practising continuously. Hotori comments that since she wants to be a detective, she doesn’t need to excel in gym because she’ll be finding out the culprit not catch him. The point? If Tatsuno is going to be Sanada’s wife, you don’t need to excel in ping pong. Haha. Sounds like she’s mocking her. And the reason why Sanada was so intensely watching Tatsuno? Her bouncy boobs…

Episode 9B: Collector’s Frenzy
A guy, Ryousuke Moriaki is disheartened that his mom’s favourite sweet shop will be closed at the end of the month since it’s not doing well. Shizuka takes a bite of a Rainbow Delights snacks and finds it delicious. She learns her grandpa got it from a stranger who randomly handed the snack to him. Also, grandpa has never seen such a snack in his days. Next day, she passes by Hotori and Kon and asks them about it but they have never heard about it too so it can’t be one of those new kids’ snacks. Shizuka tries to call the number on the wrapper to order more but the line is not in service. Seeing the snack has not expired yet, she Googles on its name and location but finds nothing. Plus, there is no city by that name in this prefecture. Shizuka starts thinking if this could all be fake but the part where a stranger gave it to grandpa is her only clue. She rides her bike out so that she can scout all the possible sweets and confectionery stores in that prefecture. While stopping at a ramen shop she asks the store lady about it and is surprised that she is the third person to have asked her the same question. The more answers she tries to find out, the more questions surfaces. She sure has a hard time sleeping. Yeah, she even thought if she really ate that snack or it was just her imagination. Then the inn lady takes her through the corridors and walking pass a door, she finds herself in the supposed city. However she wakes up from it as a dream. Back at Seaside, Shizuka has Hotori and Tatsuno recreate the snack’s flavour but couldn’t come close. Hotori deduces that the snack can only be from the future! Why? See the expiry dates have only the last 2 digits of the years so it may not be of this year but 100 of years in the future! Thus it’s totally possible for cities they’ve never heard of to spring up much later in the future. Well, who are we to say wrong? Say, she’s eaten too much of those and her stomach hurts. But what Hotori said may be true because Moriaki is seen at a welcoming home press conference about his success for time travelling! Since he is hungry, he felt like eating one of those Rainbow Delights. The press wonders if time travelling has made him crave for common man’s food. Common man’s food? Everyone takes out the snack and tells him they are practically sold everywhere. Looks like what Moriaki tried to do became a successful miracle in the future, eh?

Episode 10A: Holes
The news are reporting of mysterious holes popping up overnight. There’s even a hole expert to say how they are not man-made since they are perfectly round! At school, Kon is very excited about this holes incident and bugs Hotori to take her there since it occurs near the place she lives. However Hotori is very depressed. No joke. She ignores Kon but she tells her the least she could do is to tell it and get it off her chest. Hotori explains that she is the one responsible for making the holes! Last night when she went to the store to buy ice cream, she spotted a weird ray gun on the street. She picks it up and somehow accidentally triggers it. Now there’s your first hole. Then a weird alien being beams down, speaks to her in incomprehensible alien language. What should she do? Give back the gun? Give her ice cream? Then another bug alien shows up. And Hotori is caught in between their feud! In her fear, the gun activates to cause more holes and evaporates the bug alien. The weird alien takes the gun and blasts into the night sky. So will Kon believe her story? More importantly, will Hotori get arrested for making those holes? Kon shows her a weird bullet-like item she found yesterday. Hotori believes it looks like the same material as the ray gun was made. Kon demonstrates how this thing can restore broken things back to its original state, thus the reason why she believed her story and wanted her to take her to the place. There, they repair all the holes like as though none of them were there in the first place. However they unknowingly restore that bug alien too! As they walk away, the bug alien prepares to smash them! And what happens next is up to you to imagine. Heck, this story is even up to you whether you want to believe or not.

Episode 10B: Grandpa Smart Ass
An old guy, Zenji talks to a near-bald guy at the park but he doesn’t respond. Koban starts staring at him so it is then we find out Zenji is a ghost! He remembers how he was on his death bed in hospital and died. His soul left his body and was ready to be picked up to heaven. But the angels missed him and got someone else instead. Thus Zenji fell back down to Earth and is upset he didn’t get an escort to heaven. Though he is not sure what he did to screw up, he has been wandering around alone ever since. Oh, that was 10 years ago. WTF?! Seems only animals can react to him but not humans. Not even the shrine priest. They’re so oblivious. We see Uki praying to an altar of her late husband which turns out to be Zenji. She still loves him and ‘talks’ to him about her day. Zenji is obviously listening close by and notes if she keeps praying harder, he might move on. Till she gets clumsy with her words. Maybe she’s not praying that hard after all, that’s why he’s stuck. He also hears her talking in her sleep how he never bothered to visit her in her dreams and is probably goofing around over the other side. Zenji sits by a table in Seaside. Uki seems to be staring at his direction and tells Tatsuno to leave a coffee at that table. Zenji is shocked that she is able to see him as she approaches. Then she sits down and sits the coffee. Hah! It was for herself! Sanada is seen making a very long-winded, complicated prayer about his chances for Hotori. So Zenji’s comment? God has got it tough! Yeah, it’s not the part of granting people’s wish is hard, it’s figuring out what the wish is. Don’t worry? God will understand? Hopefully…

Episode 11A: Josephine’s Summer
Scene 1: Morning With Ayumu Arashiyama
Hotori’s dad, Ayumu narrates his peaceful morning walk with their tanuki (raccoon dog) pet named Josephine through the quiet shopping district, only to be interrupted by some of the lively shopkeepers about the upcoming typhoon. He passes by a jogging lady who always greets him but I guess with that chubby looks, it’s more like a turn off, eh? He tries to buy coffee at the vending machine but realizes the wind partially blew off the ‘out of service’ sign. Yeah, it ate his money. How bad can his morning get? With the wind picking up pace, pages of newspaper starts flying into his face. Turns out clumsy Hotori tried to pick the newspaper while brushing her teeth. WTF?! Back home, his kids pester him to take them somewhere but he isn’t interested and gives the ‘I don’t have summer break like you guys’ excuse and tells them to get big sister to take them out to the public pool instead. The kids aren’t happy and start moaning and groaning. Ayumu notes how his only true friend is Josephine. Yeah, somebody who doesn’t talk back, right? Plus, he has Hotori walk the dog on his behalf this evening. Dog?

Scene 2: Hotori Arashiyama’s Summer
Hotori’s siblings aren’t happy she’s off to class during summer break. Like she has a choice. Yeah, she thought she was late for her maths remedial class but turns out to be the first one. Wait. She’s the only one! I wonder how long Moriaki has been waiting. As usual, he is frustrated with Hotori’s low scores in maths. Why, there was this recent exam he just changed the numbers but the rest of the equations remained the same and amazingly that dimwit girl managed to score even much lower! Oh, he could feel the pain in his ribs. But he has a ploy that may get Hotori to like maths. He tells her how maths and detective work are alike and he is pretty convincing in telling the clues (formula and equations) will lead to the culprit (answer). Is it working? Hotori got motivated to solve maths but in the end… The case can’t be solved! Oh, here comes the pain again…

Scene 3: Josephine
Hotori reluctantly takes Josephine out for a walk. Seems Josephine wants to go the other way and pick up weird things. Hotori meets Kon and Haribara. After that name-calling insulting greeting exchange, Kon starts laughing at Josephine and notes how the pet is walking the pet! She can’t control herself! Hey, doesn’t Hotori’s face look like the tanuki itself too? Haribara can’t help herself too as Kon takes a picture of the duo and continues laughing. Upset Hotori sends Josephine to attack them but she’s just being cute. Back home, Hotori wakes up from a dream whereby Josephine told her she is packing up and leaving to return to the mountains. She rushes outside to see Josephine not in her kennel so she panics thinking she may have really left for good. She acts out a dramatic ‘come back’ scene so her family inside wonder what the heck is she doing drenched in the rain. Yeah, Josephine is inside with the family because of the impending typhoon forecast. Next morning, she tries to teach Josephine to shake hands like a dog in order to avoid others to call it a tanuki. WTF?! Is he blind? Or is she stupid? Or both? But it’s useless because Josephine licks her hand. However Josephine isn’t as dumb as she looks. She notes ever since she came, she observed the pecking order (from highest to lowest): Yukimi, Hotori, Yukiko, Takeru, Josephine and Ayumu. Yes, the only guy is the last in the order. Then it Hotori, she realized this is how Moriaki must have felt when he tried to teach her maths. Oh…

Episode 11B: Kon-senpai’s Silent Rage
Kon returns home to see Hotori letting herself in. Her boiling point starts increasing when she sees Hotori sleeping comfortably in her bed, the air-cond set at 24 degrees Celsius, a random inflatable next to her bed, a lukewarm drink Hotori took out from the fridge, drank and left outside and the worse of all that will piss her off is she left Koban locked outside. This does it. Kon turns off the air-cond so Hotori’s tropical dream of being served by several Josephines turns into a fiery fire of hell! Then as Kon cooks omelette, Hotori suggests in putting sugar. She pesters her as Kon politely refuses. But her persistence got to Kon as she gives off that scary leave-it-or-else warning enough to shut Hotori up. Hotori tries to sing a beach song but it sucks. Back at Seaside, Tatsuno waits for Sanada to show up since it is Hotori’s day off and wants to ask him out to the beach. That courage mustering feat again, huh? I thought she didn’t want to work for life? Anyway Sanada comes in looking for Hotori but was told that ‘the 2 of them went to the beach’. Sanada starts to panic that Hotori went to the beach with another guy and he might jump ahead of him in confessing his love to Hotori! Screw the beach! He’ll show the sea my rage! Then Tatsuno stammers in her invitation. Screw the beach! She’ll show the sea her rage! In actual fact, the ‘guy’ Hotori went out with is Kon. She thought she is going to have her perfect summer but it all goes downhill from here. When she tripped, her inflatable burst, it started raining and the waves washed away her top. Hotori is inconsolable like a cry-baby, not even caring her dignity as a woman while Kon tries hard to keep her calm. She tries to buy her a nice warm curry but the kitchen is closed. Boo hoo! There goes her summer…

Episode 11C: Mr Poorman
Actually this short black-and-white panel skits are scattered throughout the episode. It’s about the interaction between Mr Poorman and Mr Richman. The joke is about Mr Richman trying to show off the Mr Poorman so when the latter accepts his offer, it turns out more cheapskate than originally thought. Like having a sumptuous meals turns out to just be a picture and putting it under the pillow so you can dream about it, catching a beetle and only putting it in a gold cage that has 2 bars (so as to lower the cost. WTF?!), buying a popular DVD to watch but got no DVD player to watch (hence just admiring the DVD), visiting his winter villa which turns out to be shovelling snow to make a hole and a mixed rice that has nothing mixed in it. So who says being rich is all about style and content? Who is really the poor guy here?

Episode 12A: And The Town Still Turns (Part A)
There is a little tension between Kon and Tatsuno because of some petty issue that the latter’s refusal to join the ping pong club and the former thinks she was a wuss and ran away since she couldn’t beat her. To ease the tension, Hotori shows a fountain pendant, a combination of a magnifying glass and Mont Blanc pen (the pen part she received as a gift from her uncle). Hotori is pretty confident she is going to patent this ingenuity but Kon have to spoil her party and tells her the Mont Blanc pen costs very expensive. And she cut it in half just to fix it to the magnifying glass… To add salt to her wound, this combination isn’t anything new and is already long in the market. Oh, the heartbreak. Because of that, Uki allows her to go home and rest. Back home, she gets a call from uncle who is asking how she finds the pen. Gulp. Yeah, he wants her to come and visit him for the summer holidays. Double gulp. Needing an excuse to distract him during the visit, Hotori scours through the magazine to see a contest prize worth 5 million Yen. All she needs to do is write a detective novel and win first place. In addition to the money, her work will be published in Mystery Magazine. So Hotori burns the midnight oil writing her detective murder mystery about some murder that took place on some Jelly Island. Tatsuno got killed followed by Kon. Brilliant detective Hotori points out Kon is the culprit and her death was just fake. Yeah, some ping pong club thingy. Hotori is pretty confident she’ll land first prize. So much so it’s the case of counting her chickens before they hatch. Yeah, she’s dreaming she’ll make it big and famous. A week later, she receives a letter from Mystery Magazine. Thinking something amiss since it’s still too early before the final results are announced, she is disheartened to read that her works did not make it pass the initial round! Oh sh*it! She goes into deep shock and didn’t see the incoming truck. When she wakes up, she sees her lifeless body! OMG! An out of body experience! I’m not sure if the truck killed her or the shock. Must be the latter because her body looks pretty okay. The truck driver seemed pretty worried. Then she is whisked to heaven with the angels showing sketches of her past life. Is this how life flashing is done?!

Episode 12B: And The Town Still Turns (Part B)
I don’t know how, Hotori ended up in some Egyptian judgment chamber to be decided if she would go the heaven or hell (did they make a joke on the light holy feather?) before being whisked away by a Japanese admin guy who tells her to get into the Japanese line. Hmm… The Heaven Immigration Bureau looks like city hall. Hotori is being told she will get her approval as residence in about 2 to 3 weeks. The admin guy accompanies Hotori since it’s his job to assist new residents. He gives her a white flower named Silent Flower (kuchinashi no hana) and got the guts to make a pun that dead man tell no tales (shin nin ni kuchinashi). You can’t blame Hotori for beating him up. Hey, she just died. He brings her to an arcade to have fun so Hotori tries some Ghost Picture whereby she can make ordinary Earth pictures into spirit shots and tries it on Kon. Then she looks through the binoculars to find her body. At the hospital, the doctor gives the ultimate bad news that Hotori may be in coma and never wakes up, much to her parents’ dismay. Ayumu then runs off. She also sees how her siblings cried very hard (who are they going to fight with now?), her friends though arguing about Hotori still believes she can’t just die yet, Moriaki shedding tears upon knowing what happened (nobody to reprimand?), the shopkeepers being restrained by Mr Policeman because they want to get the truck driver’s head, there is a tear in Mr Policeman’s eyes too, Sanada very upset because he hasn’t confessed his feelings to her yet (why take it out on the swing?), Uki praying to Zenji that he will take care of Hotori (sorry granny, there’s nothing even grandpa can do), Ayumu rushing all the way to the temple and dumps all the money in his wallet to pray to God for Hotori’s recovery. Hotori suddenly felt how everyone cared for her and in tears realizes she still wants to spend time with them. However the admin guy says it’s impossible to go straight back and she may be able to see them again if she works hard here. Suddenly Hotori is being called to the bureau. She learns that she can go back immediately since her body is intact and her brain has miraculously recovered. Of course she’s not going to pass this up. Before she returns, she promises to pay a visit to admin guy’s grave but he replies that once she leaves this place, she will have no memories of being here. Hotori wakes up in hospital and is surprised this is some sort of candid camera. The nurse is shock of her miraculous recovery and calls the doctor. In the aftermath, Hotori recuperates in hospital as worried but relieved Kon visits her. Hotori is back to her usual self because she notes how daddy poured 3,400 Yen into the donation box to revive her and this means this is all she is worth! Plus, she found a new excuse for her Mont Blanc pen: It was crushed by the truck. She still hasn’t lost touch of this knack. But Kon thinks she got into this mess because an evil spirit possessed her. Showing a picture as a proof, Hotori freaks out upon seeing a hand over her shoulder! How did she mess this one up?

And The World Continues To Turn…
It is nice to know that no matter how clumsy or lackadaisical Hotori is, the kind of girl who will never score double digits in maths (no, I didn’t develop fear of maths after this), the girl who dreams to be a detective someday or somebody who just has a knack for giving excuses to get herself out of trouble, everybody still cares for her. It was a heartbreaking moment to see everyone crying during Hotori’s absence. I mean, without her, the town will never be the same, right? It shows she still has a role to play. So Hotori, rest assured that even though you are an idiot, you are EVERYBODY’S lovable idiot! Haha! Don’t take it the wrong way. In that sense, you are quite the ‘useful’ girl. Don’t worry about your clumsiness, some people in some parts of the world fawn over such ‘appeal’. Overall, the series is quite okay with its randomness and comical ways. I had much fun laughing out at some of the funny and silly moments but there are times whereby it left me stumped because I do not understand what is going on. This is usually the case when it deals with the unexplained supernatural stuff like aliens and time travelling. But I guess I should just leave and accept it as it is. That’ll be easier on me :). Because this is SHAFT’s production, you can still see some of their trademark visuals like that trademark despair sequence from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei or the dramatic effects. However there aren’t many varieties of visual creativity as compared to their other works so you’ll just have to do with what they’ve got. Of course the end card illustrations from different illustrations provide a little amusement.

Truthfully, I would have also preferred to see some of the characters making more screen time appearances rather than one-off or short ones. Perhaps if they have made this series a little longer then it would have been so since all the episodes are directly adapted from the chapters of the manga. And as I found out, as of to date, there are around 60 over chapters spanning around 8 volumes. I would have liked to see the relationship development between Takeru and Eri, the continued rivalry between Hotori and the ‘lively’ Mr Policeman, the cause and reason Zenji never went over to the other side, and yes, the one-way love chemistry between Hotori-Sanada-Tatsuno. But I guess I’ll have to make do with the random fun. I also love the narration that occurs at the beginning and the end of each episode. How should I put it? They serve as ‘words of wisdom’ and something for us viewers to think about since they are in a way related to that particular episode’s story. For instance, episode 3’s “Eyes are organs that actively convey unspoken intent, emotions and inner thoughts. Eyes can say just as much as one’s mouth” or episode 9’s “Humans pray to beings they cannot see or whose existence they cannot prove. If one’s prayers are answered, they believe in the existence of their guiding force. If not, they doubt whether their prayers were sufficient”. Sometimes it serves as a punch line like in the final episode whereby Hotori was taken to Heaven: “The town is home to many people. And just like that, there is now one less”. In many of the episodes, Josephine also appears in still pictures in between the episodes. But her words are shorter and random. Ending each of her sentences with “~poko”, what she has to say may or may not have any relation to do with what is going on. Sometimes I am left scratching my head to see how it is related. Or maybe it doesn’t at all.

Chiaki Omigawa is perfectly suited to play Hotori. Knowing her since she first debuted as Maka in Soul Eater, her voice definitely brings out the inept and lazy character in Hotori. Be it complaining or just being idiotic, you can’t help feel her ‘unpolished’ voice suits this role. I think it may be the first time for me to notice this. A guy voicing a female’s role. Who? Takahiro Sakurai as Uki! Here I thought it was an old woman or at least an elderly lady taking on the role but no, it is that very guy who voiced Suzaku in Code Geass and Jenos in Black Cat. Wow. He really sounded so different that I would never have thought a man was actually voicing this role. Maybe old people’s voice doesn’t sound as distinct as young males or females. I also thought and was bloody sure that Aki Toyosaki was the voice behind Josephine. But to my surprise it is Miyu Matsuki! I wouldn’t have guessed Hidamari Sketch’s Yoshinoya or Hayate No Gotoku’s Isumi would sound so close to Aki Toyosaki. Well, if it’s that ditzy dreamy voice, I suppose I can’t tell. Tomokazu Sugita is the voice behind Moriaki. Since I know him as Gintama’s Gintoki, each time I can’t help think he might turn into that silver perm samurai each time he raises his voice. Also, with Shigeru Chiba as Mr Policeman, I can’t stop myself from wondering if this guy will change into One Piece’s Buggy because his lively screaming really sounds like that clown pirate. Other casts include Ao Yuuki as Tatsuno (Mina in Dance In The Vampire Bund), Ryoko Shiraishi as Haribara (Hayate in Hayate No Gotoku), newcomer Rieka Yazawa as Kon, Miyu Irino as Sanada (Syaoran in Tsubasa Chronicle), Satsuki Yukino as Shizuka (Kagome in Inu Yasha), Emiri Katou as Eri (Kagami in Lucky Star), Mutsumi Tamura as Takeru (Kio in Asobi Ni Iku Yo), and Youji Ueda as the narrator (Saemon in Basilisk).

As shown in the ending credits animation, I thought that Kon and Haribara eventually would join the Seaside maid team but looks like it wasn’t to be. But at least they did their maid band gig for a short while during the festival. And so the ending theme, Maids Sanjou! by the Maids (the quartet behind the voice of Kon, Hotori, Tatsuno and Haribara) is a weird rock song (constipation as part of the lyrics?). Kon’s bass cover, Tatsuno’s electrifying violin, Hotori’s clumsy accordion and Haribara’s drumming, this ragtag bunch of maids seem like a maid version of K-ON!, don’t you think? How I wish their performance wasn’t confined to just the ending credits. Hmm… I kinda noticed this but doesn’t Kon’s bass resemble closely to K-ON’s Mio’s bass? But that red bass guitar back in her room looked so much like K-ON!’s Yui’s guitar. Besides, is it a coincidence that Kon’s name and K-ON! are the same spelling?! The opening theme by Maaya Sakamoto, Down Town is sung Broadway style and the animation feels like it plays out to the saying ‘the world is your stage’.

Life no matter how it turns out will continue to go on anyway. Just like show business. Just like the economy. Turning is part of nature’s law. Ever heard of the vicious cycle? Turn, turn, turn. Ah, who could forget that song from The Byrds. The world has been spinning on its axis ever since the day it was born. And perhaps the subtle theme here is to appreciate life and do the things you love because after all, we are only temporary tenants in this world. And when you’re gone, the world will still continue to turn… Oops, don’t want to end this on a gloomy affair. So let’s end this with three cheers for maids! Long live anime maids! Viva Japanese anime maids! Oh, too much maids is already making my head spin round and round and round and round…

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