Every girl would love to dream to marry a handsome prince or a king of a kingdom, right? What if that prince or king turns out to be a kid young enough to be your little brother? Make that a cold and sadistic kid. Are you willing to spend the rest of your life under this kind of person? Thankfully kids these days have lots of say in their engagement and marriage. Yeah. Marrying a prince or king seems so outdated these days, huh? But the choice is not hers to make for our princess in Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii as she is made to marry a young king who has just conquered the entire world in just 3 years after his ascension! Neat, huh? The first thing he wants? Call the rain! What is she? A shaman princess? Despite the title literally meaning that the world is beautiful, this series chronicles the hot and cold relationship between the duo as the toughest part isn’t about ruling the country or changing it but themselves. I guess there is beauty in the heart of humans especially when it turns from cold to warm.

Episode 1
Nike Lemercier, the princess of the Principality of Rain arrives at the Sun Kingdom’s port in the deep of the night. She wants to sneak off on her on instead of her scheduled time. To catch the kingdom by surprise? Well, she wants to see what this country is like by herself since Sun Kingdom controls most parts of the world. She is amazed by the life of the night market but finds out how poor her kingdom is since the prices are quite high. She couldn’t find a decent hotel to stay and got tricked and robbed by a couple of robbers. She wanted to teach them a lesson but was too hungry and passes out. She is taken in by the kindness of sisters, Mina and Liza. They learn of Nike’s journey here. To marry their king. Surprise? As part of the agreement for Principality of Rain to remain autonomous, in exchange the king asked for one of the king’s daughters’ hand in marriage. Nike is the youngest of 4 sisters and drew the short end of the stick. Before she knew it, the other sisters set her on a journey to Sun Kingdom. Hey, she gets to be a celebrity, right? Yeah. Their little country’s future is riding on her marriage so get on with it! They even throw in rumours how evil the Sun Kingdom’s king is. Meanwhile a group of shady military men are discussing about Nike’s arrival and their job to escort her to the castle. Seems they don’t like Principality of Rain and ponder what happens if an ‘accident’ would occur along the way. They then heard that couple of robbers who are fuming the suitcase they stole from Nike had nothing valuable. So the military men go up to them and have them spill what they know.

Nike repays her kindness of the sisters by helping them out. She learns their mom died 4 years ago in a battle in this town that got everyone mixed up in. Their dad worked hard to raise them and Liza hopes to grow big and strong. The robbers plan to kidnap Nike since they’ll get a big reward. Unfortunately they mistook Mina for her and kidnap her instead. It took them a while to realize their mistake. What now? They’re going to give us viewers some fanservice as compensation. Wow! Really?! Too bad we won’t get to because Nike is here to save the day. Aw shucks. Can you come a little bit later? She uses her wind power to blow them away. Don’t mess with her. Nike finally leaves for her journey to the capital. The robbers become her caravan chauffer. I bet they learnt their lesson. As parting gift, she uses her power to cut the cloth and they scatter like dancing petals. The military men realize Nike is not on the ship when it arrives but note they have other more chances. Nike is at the gates of the capital but gets into a brawl with the guards. I mean, who would believe that she came here to marry the king? It could have been avoided if she had just showed the official document… She is taken by the chief attendant, Neil to see the king, Livius Orvinus Ifrikia or Livi for short. Nike gets the shock of her life. The king is a 15 year old kid!

Episode 2
Because Livi is tired of the sun and wants Nike to call forth the rain, she messes with his face! King or no king, kid or not, she tells him off not to mess with a person’s life and is going to teach him the harsh reality. Livi is impressed for no one has stood up against him brazenly before. He throws her into prison and gives her 2 choices. Entertain him by be his plaything or starve to death. But Nike isn’t going to let him have his way. That night, she uses her wind powers to cut the grills and enter his room. I guess he is working overtime and considers the budget proposals as boring. So you want a good time? Nike can show you that. She’ll teach him to respect his elders. Too bad her stomach is growling. Livi wants her to call forth the rain so she explains it is not that simple. The sacred ritual takes time and preparation and in accordance to feelings and experiences. So if he wants her to show him the rain, he needs to show her the beauty of this world. Nike has 3 personal maids, Suunya, Ranra and Mikia. She is not happy that she is forced to dress in this frilly outfit. She sees beautiful flowers and notes this is what he should be showing her. However he seems indifferent. They’re just flowers. Nothing great. Nike feels sad. He owns the world and yet has never seen it. What a waste. Livi ponders about her words that night and sees her looking at the stars on a tower. Although it is just stars to him, he notes that they used to shine brighter back then. Nike explains basically how she needs to arrange her song, etc just to summon rain so he says there is a garden on the roof of the north tower if she ever needs it. The garden is indeed beautiful but Livi has not been here for a long time. Nike notices his eyes are cold and dry. She then spots something shiny in a distance and realizes an arrow coming straight for Livi. She quickly moves to protect him and the arrow hits her shoulder.

Although her wound is not fatal, she is having fever. Neil speaks to Livi and thinks one of the enemy factions may be behind this. Livi is reminded this is how the world should be. It exists just to hurt people. To survive, you mow down your enemies and take what you want. Nike learns the capital is in martial law and Livi has already done some interrogations. Some of the retainers have been identified to be behind this and got exiled. Nike believes this is a wrong move as this will only sow more resentment. She wants to go see Livi but Neil won’t let her since Livi has issued orders for him to accompany her back to her country. Nike thought she got divorced… Nike would love to help out so Neil apologizes and explains Livi’s past. His mother, Sheila was born from a low class. They lived together in secret and only relied on each other. When Livi ascended the throne, he did his job brilliantly as a king but that was only a distraction. Sheila was assassinated 3 years ago. Sending Nike home is his way of showing his consideration. He wants to protect her. The journey is halted when they notice the castle is on fire. The imprisoned enemies have used this chance to escape. Livi manages to crawl out via secret passageway to the rooftop. He sees Nike on the opposite tower as she sings her song to call for the rain. Instantly dark clouds hover over the kingdom and it rained heavily enough to douse the fire. A big beautiful rainbow to follow after that.

Episode 3
Livi comments that the rain she summoned wasn’t pleasing at all. The water tasted funny… But the best part was the rainbow after it. Nike doesn’t want to play along with this anymore but this only serves to make Livi more interested in her. The more she pushes him away, the less he wants to let her go. He takes her by her hair and kisses her! She is going to make his life more interesting from now on. The first interesting will happen next morning because Livi is sleeping in her bed naked!!! His room burnt down, right? And he got the guts to comment that her breasts have shrunk. King or no king, she beats him up. Livi plans to hold a party to introduce her as his wife to ambassadors of the allied countries. He wants her to put on a performance to show the rain. She won’t. Summoning the rain isn’t some sideshow party and it is something the ruler does for the people. Nike hears from the maids that Livi is a workaholic and works overtime at night. This is confirmed by Neil who adds the more work he does, the less he’ll be forced to remember unnecessary things. Nike meets the ambassador from Ocean Kingdom who mocks her as somebody from a backwater country. However he is put in place when Livi warns him to be careful with his words. That is his wife he is talking to. Livi is in a bad mood so don’t provoke him. Yeah, he pulled an all-nighter last night. He lies on her lap for her to take responsibility. He wants her to summon the rain again. Of course she refuses. But did he not dislike it the first time? He doesn’t know. When it rains, he felt peaceful and calm but remember things he doesn’t want to remember. Nike suggests to lighten his workload or delegate them but is told of not to tell him how to run things. She remembers her grandma telling her how to tell if rain has reached a person’s heart.

Learning Livi is the one who puts those beautiful flowers in her room every day because it helps her relax, she goes to see him in his room but he is sleeping (he loves sleeping naked, doesn’t he?). Neil shows her some medicine he has been taking every night ever since his mother died. But ever since Nike arrived, he hasn’t been taking it. What does this mean? He is capable of relaxing around her. Nike thinks he is a strong person and trying the best he can. He never forgets how to sympathize with others and it is beautiful. She doesn’t want to be protected all the time and wants to protect him too. At the party, Nike arrives and stuns the crowd with her beauty. As thanks, she sings and calls forth the rain. Everyone is in awe seeing the raindrops like falling ray of light. The Ocean Kingdom’s ambassador is so astonished that he wants to kiss her hand. But Livi won’t let him. What was he saying about his wife being a hayseed princess? Livi thought she didn’t want to summon the rain for entertainment. She didn’t. She could see Livi’s grateful face. Nike feels compelled to touch Livi’s cute sleeping face. But apparently he was awake the whole time. He wants her to kiss him and won’t wake up till she does. Neil tells her to get it over with…

Episode 4
Nike needs to lose some weight if she is going to fit into that dress. And that Versace dude insists she must if she is going to wear this dress of his design. However there is an emergency. It seems their engagement is called off. Livi is pissed that the Ministry of Priesthood did this. All royal weddings must have their approval and they decided not to on grounds that Nike is of a foreign ethnic group. This is just an excuse because Livi knows they just don’t like him. Ever since Livi ascended the throne, he has belittled them. If Nike still insists on them accepting her, she must undergo the Rite of Illumination. It is a dangerous ritual as many princesses have lost their lives in this underground maze. This custom was stopped 2 reigns ago. Livi believes this is the work of Rani Aristes. He asks Nike if she is prepared to face all the forces against her. He wants her to sit back and let him protect her. Nike can’t say a word back to him. Livi dreams of Sheila giving him her ring of protection. If he finds someone he loves, give it to her. Nike decides to pay the priesthood a visit. And what does she see? A priest trying to hit a maid for accidentally spilling water on his clothes. This man of God trying to raise his hand to a maid? He should be struck by lightning! Thankfully Aristes was there to tell him off to be patient. Nike didn’t think he is such a bad guy till he says it straight to her face that he deems rain and clouds as ill omen to the country (because it covers the sun). He also badmouths Sheila as a peasant woman who was from some ethnic minority. People warned the ex-king about taking her in but he forced Sheila to become part of his concubine. Now Livi has ascended the throne, defiling it and ruining the country. Nike wants to beat him up but was restrained. You can’t hurt a priest, can’t you? He says she is lucky that she has been given a chance so that she doesn’t end up the same way Sheila did. Nike feels frustrated. This must be how Livi felt the entire time all by himself. She laments she can’t stay with him.

The maid takes him outside to see an establishment filled with ethnic minority kids. They are minorities of lower classes. Although the king abolished the class system, he never actively concerned himself with the establishment. The kids talk to Nike and they are happy talking good thinks about Livi. They thank Nike for coming into his life because they could see how much he has changed. Nike feels she wants to repay those feelings and be worthy of them. So she goes back to Livi and tells him she will be taking that ritual. She hasn’t forgotten what he said about harm coming to her. She doesn’t mind getting hurt. Any harm that comes to him because of her, is the harm she needs. She wants to share his pain. She sounds like a masochist… Since nothing will change her mind, I guess there is no choice but to let her do it. Livi gives her the ring and assures it will protect her. Nike enters the door to the cave to begin her rite. She must find her way to the Sun Deity’s temple and find his ring. The time limit is till the morning of the state ceremony. Nike traverses through the dark maze with only a torch. A few near deaths and scares but she believes the ring is protecting her. Finally she reaches the temple but to her horror there is no ring in the box. She realizes Aristes never intended to accept her. Here is more proof. Assassins show up to kill her. They blame Livi for belittling the traditional retainers, paying more attention to the commoners and abolishing the social class that threatens the structure of society. Oh yeah. Nike is a direct threat to them too.

Episode 5
Nike can’t fight them so she erases the torch fire and runs. Can she see where she is running? She gets a surprise when Livi grabs her. It seems he knows this place since a part of it used to be some secret royal path. They begin to believe this trial is used for assassinations and the priests only let the princesses they like get out safely. Nike materializes fog to guide them out. Once out, she is about to be strike by Randa’s sword. Livi quickly pushes her away although the ring got cut in half. Livi is so mad that he takes the sword and is about to kill him. Only Nike prevents his death. The assassins don’t need to chase after Nike anymore because Randa would gladly report Livi’s action to Aristes. Once the duo are safe away, Livi hugs her. He doesn’t care about the ring. He was scared that he instinctively picked up the sword. Nike could feel him shaking in fear. He doesn’t know what to do if he loses her. He doesn’t need some ring or throne if she is not there. Aww… How sweet. She calms him down with a peck on his forehead. She vows to stay by his side and he could feel the warmth of her hands. As for the ring, they need to do something to cover it for tomorrow. Livi has an idea. He is betting on gambling on it. And that is to seek the advice of Lord Graham Wodan the tactician god, Lord Alan Catesby the weapons god and Lord Vincent Ratcliff the one with contacts all over the world. Together with Livi they are known as the 4 Gods and the decisions they make you can say are from the words of God. But well… The old men are discussing about boobs… Nike undergoes more ‘pain’ to fit into that dress. But she looks stunning. Livi complimenting her is from the heart. Not because he is sick.

Rani Learte officiates the ceremony between Livi and Nike. In the crowded arena, Aristes plots that this will not be possible as without the ring, the exchange cannot happen. And to know what Livi had done, he relishes has something to blackmail Livi. Learte is surprised the box is empty. No ring. Nike says she hasn’t given up. Livi explains that a ring from the underground is unworthy for a man who rules the world. For a ring to be worthy for the Sun King, she is going to make a white ring around the sun. Nike starts singing as we hear explanation prior to this how she can materialize this phenomenon. As everyone is in awe, Randa panics and starts to blurt about Livi entering the temple and that this engagement is a sham from the start. Before he can reveal more, Aristes knocks him out. Learte seeks an explanation so Livi tells the truth. He went in to stop the assassination. Aristes admits everything. He is doing this because of what Livi forced upon them. He belittled their Sun Deity, the source of their authority as well as striking down their authority and respect. Learte cannot cover for him this time and cannot forgive those who go against the king. Nike is going to give him her verdict as Livi has given his permission. She won’t be taking his head with the wind. Her punch in the face is good enough. In exchanging of sparing his life, she wants him to approve their engagement as she doesn’t want any resentment to remain over this. Although he views clouds and rain as ill omen and the sun wonderful, can he live without those things alone? They all live because of the sun, wind, rain and clouds together. You can’t just throw out things just because they are temporarily inconvenient. After all it’s all the same for this country and he is part of it. Livi gives the final reminder. He doesn’t care what they do. If they want to die, then die out. If they want to regain authority or respect then do it. The choice is theirs. Nike although possesses half the ring, feels it contains so much more. It’s best to make more memories from now on.

Episode 6
Livi wants Nike to call him by his name. Can’t do it? Suddenly there is this bratty loli who beat her to it. Not only that. She hugs him, misses him and reminds everyone about how they swore their future to each other. Amaluna Luirasael AKA Luna is a princess of Ocean Kingdom and Livi’s childhood friend. Neil assures the love is one-sided and that Luna was the one who decided to get married and Livi never played along. Livi asserts Nike is the one for him but she allows her to be a concubine. The only things bugging Luna are Nike’s bigger boobs. Like a b*tch, she starts insulting the home wrecker Nike is. Oh dear. How is Nike going to quell this storm? Luna clearly beats Nike at all the royal etiquettes and stuffs. Since she won’t allow Livi and Nike to sleep together (like they always do), it becomes a threesome and Nike hardly got any winks. So Nike decides to take some dancing lessons with Neil only to be caught embarrassed by Luna. Then Luna has Livi dance with her and makes everyone impress with her elegance. Nike feels small and holds it in but the loli b*tch had to rub it in to her that the things she does will cast no shame upon him. What can Nike do? Summon the rain? What’s that supposed to bring? Clearly this affects Nike’s mood. Flashback reveals Luna has always been smitten with Livi even with his fleeting smile. She wanted him to marry him so that he could be guaranteed certain positions like the Sun King. However he couldn’t care less about that. All he wanted was to get away from this place with Sheila and live quietly having no ties with anyone. But when Sheila died, he suddenly ascended the throne and when Luna saw his evil cold expression, she became scared that he had changed and ran away and distanced herself. Nike practises hard on her dance steps so Livi talks to her that he doesn’t care for all that. He doesn’t need dancing, manners or other benefits. Nike can give him what he wants. They’re going to be together for all their lives eventually. Those words easily sooth Nike’s heart as she feels better.

You think Luna after hearing that would concede defeat and go home? Oh no. Not a chance. After that gentle smile she has never ever seen before, she’s going to challenge to Nike to a duel. So how does this death horse race seem princess-like? It is dangerous but Nike won’t turn her down since she challenged her seriously. Maybe Luna is starting to regret it thinking those threats were just to scare her but the race is now real. She’s desperate enough to say that she knows Livi longer. Sure she does. But even the short time Nike spent with him, he saw a lot of sides of him and she loves them all. This shock causes Luna to fall off her horse and down the cliff. Nike uses her power to levitate her back up. Luna realized she was wrong. This woman could accept Livi’s weakness whereas she was scared and ran away (the reason why she just suddenly showed up because she got jealous when she heard he was getting a wife). As Luna rests in her room, Livi visits and talks to her. Luna has heard Nike’s song and hates it because it always gets into your heart. Livi agrees because it somehow strips everyone of their rank and appearance and leave them truly as they are. Just like how rain equally falls on everyone. Before she leaves, Luna acknowledges her loss to Nike and thanks her for saving her life. However she still finds Nike uncivilized and will not apologize for that. But for now Livi needs her and to show some pride. Luna requests her to sing since she doesn’t want Livi to see her crying. She now understands how her annoying song can make the world look so beautiful. Crying in the rain? Later Nike has been reprimanded by doing tons of paperwork for sneaking out of the castle grounds. She went to get some pear but the villagers gave her a whole bundle. She wanted to give it to him. It tastes good. But you know what tastes better? Livi tricks her to steal a kiss from her! You devil! So is this the reward for her managing to call his name?

Episode 7
Nike is studying and working hard about the finer points to be an elegant lady. We all know she’s just damn tired despite that lovely smile she puts up. Livi understands this and one day whisks her away to the town’s festival. Guess what? Because everyone can recognize Livi, Nike disguises him as a girl! Having fun, aren’t we? Yeah. She always wanted a little sister… Although they have fund throughout the festival, Nike can’t help feel that somebody is watching them. This handsome guy maybe, Bardwin Cecil Ifrikia AKA Bard. When they return, Livi is surprised and not really happy to see Bard sitting in his room. He is Livi’s uncle and the former king’s younger brother. He once served as Prime Minister but one day abandoned it to go travel around the world. Livi is not amused a bit that Bard tries to flirt with Nike. Even more that he kisses her cheek as token of their acquaintance! After he leaves, Livi warns Nike if she ever lets her guard down or something like that happen again, he’ll throw her into prison. Jealous? He’s serious… The duo see Bard popular with the ladies at the garden party. Livi is definitely jealous since he tries to match his arrow shooting performance. He can’t even hold the bow straight… So jealous that he is not thinking straight and plays right into his hands about attending tonight’s banquet to celebrate his return. Nike wonders why Bard settled for the Prime Minister post when he actually ranks higher than Livi to the throne.

At the banquet, Livi couldn’t stand how the ladies are gathering around this charismatic guy and goes out for some fresh air. Bard doesn’t want to spend more time with them so she uses Nike as an excuse that she is feeling dizzy and needs to take her away to cool. You can see Livi’s black face when he hears the lady fawning over how Bard carried Nike away like a princess. Not good. Bard takes Nike to a room and pushes her down to the bed. She wonders what his intentions are. He says ever since he spied on her in town, she stole his heart and loves her so much that he is willing to steal her away. So ditch that little kid because he can satisfy her even more. Nike tells him to stop saying things he doesn’t mean because she knows he doesn’t even love her a single bit. Bard laughs out loud and is amazed how she could see through him. He is relieved she is the real deal and no mere fool. Suddenly Livi barges in with guards. He will have Bard thrown into prison and accuses them of adultery. Bard tries to convince him that Nike is not at fault but Livi will not listen. Livi’s eyes are truly like the devil. It’s like his evil side has taken over that he threatens he can even burn down her entire country if he wishes! Then he has Nike confined to her room while thinking imprisonment for Bard isn’t just enough. He is going to torture him to death with his own hands. Truly fearsome little kid…

Episode 8
Nike and Livi having a childish quarrel? She tells him to cool his head. Where has the calm Livi gone to? Bard dreams his talk with Sheila. She notes he never showed the contents of his heart. It’s because of what people expects of him. Though it benefited him in some ways, he feels he can’t breathe. Sheila thinks it’s the opposite. He is like the moon. Bard always feels calm around her and confesses he loves her. Nike busts Bard out of prison to talk with him. As there is a beautiful view of the full moon, however it makes Bard sad so Nike summons the clouds to cover it up. She knows he came back to protect Livi and was worried about his engagement. He adds they never got along since young and they were just trying to protect the same person. However after Sheila’s death, he couldn’t face what came after and ran away from him and the memories. So when he heard Livi got a woman, he feared she was some power grabbing wicked woman. Now that he knows her, his fears were groundless. He wants her to stay by his side and support him. But this upsets Nike. If he thinks he can turn dangerous, he should be staying by his side. He would but Livi wouldn’t allow it. Nike feels frustrated. She’s not going to let this slip away and enlists Neil’s help. Bard dreams another one. After Livi ascended the throne, he is still bitter that this world continues to turn like nothing has happened. If destiny is going to kill him, he will control destiny. Then nobody will toy with him ever again. He wants Bard to work with him to make sure the sun never rises again in their world. That was the last time he saw him cry. Bard must have used his charms to get a place to stay at an inn. He could have flirted longer if not for Neil coming in to request something of him.

Nike manages to persuade Livi to meet her when it starts raining. He realizes it is her doing and a trap when he takes a nearby shelter only to see Bard there too. He wanted to leave but Nike sings harder and it pours! Trapped. Nothing to do but to talk it out, eh? And since they can’t talk about fun things, let’s talk about not so fun things. Ever since Sheila died, Bard thought hard how to protect him and the most reliable way was to give him the throne since he didn’t desire for it. Livi continued to indiscriminately expel enemies within and outside the country. He thought as long Livi wanted to live or have hatred, it is his way of protecting him. But he got scared and ran away. His journey wasn’t just to see the world Sheila lived in was not just one with sadness but to also recover himself. Livi accuses him of never saying the important things and that he never really cared how he felt after leaving. Then they realize the inconsistent rain. How long have they been talking? An hour. Holy cow! Nike has been singing for that entire time! Her voice is giving way… But she has enough voice to ask Livi if he has said what he wanted and his true feelings. Because if it hurts him to lose him now, be honest. Livi reinstates Bard as Prime Minister and he gladly accepts. Now everyone is all smiles. Now Nike can faint. She wakes up seeing Livi sleeping by her side. Bard commends Nike for being a great and wonderful person. So much so he starts flirting with her and wonders if she likes older men! Livi instantly revives and beats the crap out of him. A childish argument ensues but Nike is the maddest one because these guys better not break up again or her efforts will be in vain! Pay back her hard work!

Episode 9
The Sun Kingdom is hosting a conference from various nations. It’s going to be a tiring job. One meeting after another. Livi gives Nike motivation to get through. Once this is over, they’ll take a nice vacation somewhere. Just the 2 of them. Soon, Nike gets a letter from her grandma. Well, something tells us something is not okay. Nike summons the rain as part of the opening ceremony. Although everyone is pleased, she cannot fool Livi. She sounds depressed. Like as though she is hiding something. Nike reveals the letter that her grandma collapsed and is bedridden. Livi wants Neil to cancel all of Nike’s appointments from now on and start packing their bags. She’s not going back alone. Livi is coming too. But what about the conference? There’s so much to be done. That’s why he has a Prime Minister, right? Yeah… And those old geezers think they’re going on a vacation to till Livi tells them they’re staying back and covering for him. The shock… I wonder how many days have they been frozen like that. As they sail their way back to Principality of Rain, Nike thinks of her grandma, the person who raised her and taught her how to sing. Livi soothes her heart that he is intensely watching over her because she is the only person he can see clearly. Once they reach ashore, Livi and Neil heard many great and amazing legends of the past from this country. But all that turn into shock when Nike’s sister, Kara and their father come to greet them in a casual and laidback fashion!

Even more embarrassing is that grandma Tohara is well and kicking. She came back from some hiking and sprained her back. Well, to an old woman, she thought she was going to die. Anyway she wanted to meet Livi too. When Nike’s other sisters Mira and Nia come in, they think Neil is the Sun King and start getting infatuated over this handsome man! Even after Nike introduces the real Sun King, they are even more thrilled that this young kid is the king and want to dress him up like their plaything! No respect?! Yeah, they’re taking him away to take pictures! A young lad, Kitora watches and he vows to take Nike back and make Livi never set foot on this soil again. Livi is tired out because the sisters actually dressed him up and take pictures! Toyed around… But Livi and Neil are also having a headache because of this country having lower air pressure. Many foreigners who are not used to it will have this sick feeling. At night when Livi feels better, he is so awed in seeing the clear skies filled with stars. Nike explains her family are doing it for them (because Livi said he wanted to see the stars with her). She also cooks for him and Livi could feel this gratitude feeling in his heart. Also, Nike starts feeling something running through her body. An emotion she never felt body. In the spur of the moment, they kiss. Only to be cut short when Neil arrives. Kitora doesn’t look impressed.

Episode 10
Nike is still flustering over that kiss. So to cool things down, she goes for a walk with Livi. He apologizes for that threat of burning her country down and felt really close to her this time. Back in his kingdom, he felt she could fly away at any time. Kitora happens to be here so Nike introduces her cousin to him. Seems they forgot about Nike’s dad because he wanted to take a walk too. He explains Tohara was the previous leader and a great ruler. She made many wise decisions like not having her people go to war and is well respected. The decision to send Nike away to get married was his decision. Tohara was furious. This is what happen when you let someone incompetent handle things. He admitted that? He continues telling about Kitora. Losing his parents when he was young, he stayed with them. Nike and Kitora were black sheep of the family. They had no talent in summoning rain till Tohara taught them. Under her guidance, Nike excelled very well to a point Kitora admires-cum-adores her. Kitora talks to Nike privately. He tells her straight that he doesn’t like her being married off to another kingdom. He questions if she is really in love with him because it looks like she is just playing house. She’s just pitying him and can’t abandon someone who is damaged. Nike falls unconscious thanks to the incense she smelled. Seems the mastermind behind it all is no other than Tohara. Nike is said to have come down with a local illness and Livi can’t see her since he is without immunity. Actually she is locked up in the royal tower where their powers are restricted. Kitora keeps watch over her and is kind enough to tell their plan. They are going to hypnotize Livi every night for 3 straight days till he forgets her. If they see each other, the spell will be broken. Gee, thanks for the tip. Kitora adds that she is not meant to be a wife to some child and her place is here to protect their secret art. He has been watching her all this time. Creepy. It makes him sound like a stalker.

Meanwhile the other sisters aren’t happy they need to do this but they have no choice. Grandma’s word is absolute. Aki will handle the hypnotism and as he checks on Livi, he surprises him by pointing his sword at his throat. He has never drank the drink laced with hypnotism and only pretended. With Neil fighting off the guards, Livi escapes and Kara guides him to the tower. She knows this is like treason to grandma but she wants to find her own answers even if it is different. Outside the tower, Tohara shows herself. Livi reveals he had always suspected her from the start because recalling your engaged granddaughter over a sprained back is just plain suspicious. She shows him the key imbued with her magic that no one can get in or out without it. She throws it into the mud. She will not give up Nike. Because Nike has the power to alter the world to a point if she can call a wrath upon it, she asks if he can guarantee he will not use it for his own purpose. Or even his children or descendants. But Livi couldn’t care less about the future and what he wants is the present. And what he wants he gets. Nike is his woman. Tohara will give him a chance. If he can find the key, he can take Nike. Hurry because the mud is filling up. Livi jumps in without hesitation. He won’t give up. Because a future without Nike is the same as dying. Nike on the other hand can’t sit there and just be a damsel in distress. The thought of Livi losing memories of her is frightening so she tries to break through the wooden cage. Even though it is futile, it’s better than doing nothing. Oh, she’s bleeding… Kitora is very worried and wants her to stop. She won’t. She can’t. Each time she thinks of losing Livi, she can’t stop shaking. She realizes she is really in love with him.

Episode 11
Kitora can’t stand seeing her hurt herself anymore and because of her steely determination, he lets her free and gives a key to the back exit. Once outside, she is taken by Kara to where the rest are. Livi was pulled out of the swamp after it engulfed him. After doing CPR and lots of screaming of the heart, he wakes up. Even sweeter is that Livi announces his victory because he has got the key in his hand. Two days later as he recuperates, the other sisters apologize for going along with this plan. They knew of it and yet did nothing. They will accept any punishment. Neil doesn’t want this to be an international issue because it might reflect badly. However Livi says they got the wrong idea. This is just a personal squabble and nothing more. Later Livi and Nike have their personal talk but before they could reach to the point of flirting, Neil breaks them up and says everyone else has been summoned and wants Livi to return to his chambers to rest. Livi is then whisked away by Iraha, Nike’s mother. She treats him to a bath and is fascinated with him. After all, she only had daughters. She mentions about their legend about their people being terrifying is true. But there is a secret art inherited only by the country’s greatest singer. It’s a blessing and a curse together and cannot be separated. If others inherit this power, it will bring about world disaster. That’s why she views it is safer for her to stay here. However Livi disagrees and believes it is more dangerous for Nike to stay in this small and weak country. It will be safer by her side as he vows to protect her always. Iraha then puts on traditional wedding clothes on him since her daughter is going to get married. Why not do it their style since they’re here? And it seems Nike has been put on the same too. Pretty enough for Livi to be speechless. Mother gives her blessings. No tears, please. After all, Iraha’s weak body came about after she gave birth to Nike. She can’t call the rain now. Please no sad tales on this joyous day.

Everyone holds a party for them. Livi is made to give his speech as he mentions his first encounter with Nike. Yeah. Thrown into prison. He adds that he only thought his mom was his only real family member and everyone else blood related was to be hated. He never knew what a true family means. Even now he feels a little out of place. He feels envious. The crowd eggs him to kiss Nike and he doesn’t hesitate to land it on her lips! What’s this victory sign he did?! Because Kitora and Tohara are the only ones who didn’t attend, Livi is able to trace him bumming around some cliffs where he used to hang out with Nike. Livi doesn’t sympathize with him and instead calls him a coward. His attitude of admiring Nike from the background and that get jealous when she is taken away is what makes him sick. Kitora is mad and is about to push him off. Livi tells him off that if he really wanted Nike, he shouldn’t have concocted that stupid plan and should have done this right from the start. Kitora couldn’t kill him either. And those usual words when you give up on something you love. Make her happy or else he’ll come kill you. But when they have the same thoughts on Nike, it’s like they become brothers, in unison discussing about her as they feel the same for her. As part of Livi’s plan, Nike comes by shortly. He knows they have lots to talk before they depart and leaves them be.

Episode 12
Everyone sees of Nike at the port. Of course grandma is the only one who didn’t come. She tried to say her goodbyes earlier but Tohara never wanted to see her again. Livi knows she doesn’t want to leave like that and tells her to go do it before she has any regrets. Tohara is taking a walk and thinking how a troublesome child Nike has been when Nike stumbles upon her. She quickly locks herself in the room. Nike talks to her from outside and makes her peace. She explains ever since she met Livi, she has grown to love singing and living more than before. She wants to keep living with him. Livi also has some words for her but it’s not as sugar coated and harsher. It’s like he wants to piss her off or something. Anyway he understands how she feels but unlike her, he cannot see the person he wants ever again. As the ship sets sail, they hear Tohara’s song echoing throughout the land and sea. It is the farewell rain song sung to those leaving this country. Nike is touched by the beautiful piece and starts breaking down. Tohara summons the wind to push the ship faster much to Nike’s dismay because she wants to stay like this a little longer. When they return to Sun Kingdom, Nike reunites with Mina and Liza before they return to the capital. They’re going to be in for a big surprise. Yeah… This is what happens when you leave Bard in charge. It has become a big love garden! Everybody’s fooling around! Heck, I thought this would turn into some sort of Sodom and Gomorrah! It’s no surprise that Livi is so pissed that he wants to give him the death penalty! No time for that because Livi and Nike are whisked away for work. So many things to be done. Because of that, Nike has spent continuous nights alone. She starts feeling the strain. Has this been the longest time they have been apart? Bard’s talk can only do so much. The plan by the head chef to let Nike send breakfast to Livi didn’t go too well because he is away. And Neil is being such a doofus being unable to catch what she is doing. The maids lecture the men for being such dense creatures. The lonely days continue so much so Nike starts singing the rain song. It feels like her heart is crying too :’(. One day Nike waits by the plains. She believes the next time she sees him again, she will fall in love once more. Suddenly here is Livi on a steed before her eyes. He snuck away I guess. He joins her lying on the grassy plains. So why did he come to see her? Isn’t it obvious? It was painful not seeing her. It’s the thing he hates most. She too. And the much obligated scene we’ve been waiting for. Their first tender kiss.

There Is Always Sunshine After The Rain
I can’t say I totally love it since such romance genres are a dime a dozen. Although I have to admit that I am touched with the romance part of the series because it is the interaction and bonding between Nike and Livi that makes this series a lovely and pleasant watch. From the start you’ll know that these two won’t really like each other but we have seen so many stories that such couple will eventually come together. You know what kind of ending this kind of shows will have but the magic part is of course watching their romance unfold throughout the dozen episodes and in no time you’ll find yourself rooting for both of them to be together instead of because you expect this kind of shows to end in such a way.

The series divides itself into several mini arcs but that isn’t the story of those arcs that really captivates us but the dealings between Nike and Livi. In each obstacle they go through, they go through it together and learn more about each other. The more they know, the more they start to feel that they can’t live without the other. In a way, their union brings out the best in them because they work best when they rely on each other. Nike’s brash and unpolished behaviour may raise eyebrows and make others wonder if she is suitable to be the queen of a country that governs a great deal on this planet. Despite all that, she has a soft side and shows that she really cares. Livi started off as a cold and distant kid. Cruel if you may call him that. Probably ruling with an iron fist is the only way he knows how to live. He never knew any other person than his late mom that could have the same warmth till he met Nike. You can say Nike is his gateway of opening his eyes that the world isn’t such a bad place after all. The world had always been beautiful. Much more beautiful when you’re in love.

Therefore the blossoming and romance developing between them feels appropriately fleshed out throughout the series and doesn’t feel forced at all. Their personalities always clash and at times they are loggerheads on just about anything but like I said, the more they start to understand each other, the more they feel they need each other to a point that it is just painful to not be by each other’s side. And I think that is the kind of romance that we all like to see and have, don’t we? Thankfully the interaction between Nike and Livi is also nicely done. Because there are some funny moments and there are serious moments. The right mix and balance of it all makes it enjoyable and fun to watch. You won’t be bored with them around. So you see. Life in the royalty doesn’t necessarily be boring or just work, work, work. Beneath that king and queen status, they are still humans after all.

It goes to show that once again love is like the miracle worker. With Nike and Livi loving each other so much, you won’t even notice in the end that she is a much older girl compared to his young age. Is that even legal? Oh what the heck. He is the king and he does what he wants anyway. Letting go is another form of love as seen in the case of Nike’s grandma. Wanting to keep their secret arts among themselves feels just like an excuse. Remembering her as a troublesome kid also feels like one. Because if that wasn’t love, she probably wouldn’t have spent so much time guiding her to where she is now. So probably it is just the fear of parting and never getting to see Nike as and when she wants is what was holding Tohara back.

Other side characters are also okay and complement Nike and Livi but they don’t leave much of an impact on the overall aspect since the series is mainly focused on the duo. Neil plays the loyal butler but that is about it. Sometimes I feel he may be more stressed than Livi in trying to keep up with him. Then there are those old geezers who are supposed to provide Livi with wise advice but all I see them is that they bum around talking nonsense and sometimes dirty stuffs. It’s like they’re the little comic relief trio of the series. I suppose when you are that old, you’re going senile and there is no reason to take yourself that seriously. After all, there is so much fun in seeing the young ones taking the helm. Bard is a fun and nice guy but sometimes I feel his charming and flirting ways may bring about his downfall if he isn’t too careful about it. Due to the episodic nature of the series, some characters I thought would play some role towards the end never turned up again like Aristes and Luna. It would have been great to see them again but I guess with the final arc having Nike and Livi away to the former’s homeland, there is no reason why some of these characters would pop right back up.

The art and drawing may not be the best but at least it feels satisfying since partly it is part of a fantasy kingdom. Though, no dragons or flying islands and this helps bring about some realism with some of the buildings having this medieval European feel. The Sun Kingdom is really bright and sometimes the brightness of it all can make you feel how hot it is without any clouds and thus any rain that Nike summons is much a welcome relief. Likewise in the Principality of Rain, it is always raining and gloomy so much so I could feel its dampness. Character designs also doesn’t feel unique especially the Principality of Rain’s traditional rain feels like they might have just ripped it off from some rural tribe. Some characters look like they were ripped off from other animes like Livi has this uncanny resemblance to Ciel from Kuroshitsuji while Neil could be the twin brother of Girls Bravo’s Hayate. Nike feels like a grown up version of To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Misaka or Zettai Karen Children’s Kaoru only with long hair. Hey, they’re all tomboyish! Bard has this generic look of a handsome guy in long hair although I can’t name any character that comes to mind right now but I feel I have seen this looks somewhere before. Even more eyebrow raising is the fact that Nike’s main one piece dress feels like as though she is too tall for this tight short dress and thus her obvious thighs. Sometimes I can’t help wonder if there is a chance you can catch a glimpse of what is underneath if the little wind were to blow it up a little.

At first I was convinced that Rina Satou was the voice behind Nike because she sounds awfully similar to To Aru Kagaku No Railgun’s Misaka since she has this tomboyish voice (as well as that little resemblance). Although there was something a little off but I was still convinced it was her. To my surprise it wasn’t. Rena Maeda plays Nike and the only major role I knew of her was as Jinsei’s Ayaka. Other casts include Nobunaga Shimazaki as Livi (Shido in Date A Live), Tomokazu Sugita as Neil (Gintoki in Gintama), Takahiro Sakurai as Bard (Suzaku in Code Geass), Chisa Yokoyama as Tohara (Sakura in Sakura Wars), Takauyuki Kondo as Kitora (Oishi in Prince Of Tennis), Yuki Terasaki as Kara (Basil in Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn), Ai Kayano as Nia (Mei in Sukitte Iinayo), Mariya Ise as Mira (Levi in Fairy Tail), Michie Tomizawa as Iraha (Sumire in Sakura Wars), Yuki Matsuoka as Luna (Orihime in Bleach), Daisuke Namikawa as Aristes (Waver in Fate/Zero) and Keiko Han as Sheila (Luna in Sailormoon).

The opening theme, Beautiful World by Joanna Koike sounds like a generic anime rock. Feels rather okay but nothing that piques my interest. I prefer the ending theme, Promise by Rena Maeda that is quite a lovely ballad. I still can’t help think it is Misaka Mikoto singing this song although I well know it isn’t. The very odd part of the ending animation credits isn’t about the huge focus of Livi’s sleeping face but rather he is sleeping naked! I know he likes doing that but putting this as the big part of the ending? I don’t think so. Thank goodness I didn’t have any shotacon awakened within. The best song goes to the insert song whereby Nike sings to call forth the rain. Ame Furashi No Uta ~Beautiful Rain~ is a very beautiful piece. I actually enjoyed her singing this piece every time. It doesn’t even feel bored despite the several background music versions of it (or is it just one or two? Don’t care as long as it’s this song). I don’t know but if there is some sort of calm and satisfaction in hearing this song, I guess Nike really is a good singer and it’s like this song really has its magic. It might not bring forth the rain in my world but at least it shines in my heart. Heh. Cheesy as it sounds but I really love this song.

Overall, if you are looking for a nice heart warming and touching romance tale, this one deserves to get some little love and attention. There are some funny moments that make you laugh. There are some touching moments that tug your heart strings. There are some dramatic and suspenseful moments that make you sit up and take notice. I don’t want to say this anime isn’t perfect because I probably do not know what perfection is. It’s all up to what you believe in. So if you want to believe in some sort of realistic love and romance development but a bit of some fairytale too, you won’t be disappointed with this series. Unless of course you aren’t into this type. Life is like a cycle. There are good times and there are bad. Take it all together because they go hand in hand. Because even if it’s raining and pouring like cats and dogs, the sun is always there. Just hiding behind the clouds, waiting for the right moment to shine again. That’s the beauty of life and this world.

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