WAIT A MINUTE!!!! HOLD ON A SECOND HERE!!! WHAT IS THIS ANIME DOING EVEN RIGHT HERE???!!! Souryo To Majiwaru Shikiyoku No Yoru Ni should have belonged in the hentai category even if the hentai scenes are considered mild! But it was placed along with the other animes of the season albeit not noticeably promoted. So I thought it was interesting that this short series about a monk having a love affair with a normal college girl who once had a crush on him younger, would be no harm. You know, some romantic comedy and little naughty mishaps especially from the misunderstanding arising from a profession that demands celibacy (usually). Nothing too serious. And oh boy to my surprise, there are actual sex scenes!!! WTF???!!! Oh well, already got one foot in the grave. Watching ‘harmless’ ecchi fanservice series in the past doesn’t make me any holier, though.

Episode 1
Mio Fukatani attends her class reunion. They guy she used to has a crush on, Takahide Kujou is there and as handsome as always. By the time she wanted to make a move on him, it was already graduation. Bummer. When some friends play a prank and remove his cap, everyone is shocked to see his shiny bald head. They remember his family runs a temple and that he must have become a priest too. Fukatani can’t help feel disappointed. Her love dream is over. On her way back, she is feeling tipsy. Luckily Kujou is there to help bring her home. As she lies in her bed feeling relieved that he has not changed even after becoming a priest, that is where the true colours of this demon emerge. Kujou says he is a man before a priest. Then he starts kissing and molesting her!

Episode 2
Kujou is even asking why the f*ck is she surprised. Because it’s normal for a priest to want to have sex too?! What kind of religion is that?! I want to join! He continues licking her sensitive parts till she climaxes. Multiple times. F*ck this guy is good! So good that Fukatani even passes out and lose consciousness while climaxing! She wakes up next morning with Kujou by her side, still not believing she did that unholy act with this guy. Though, she can’t remember much. He asks if she is free today. Because he takes her to his temple home.

Episode 3
When a young pretty lady calls out to Kujou, guess who she is? That’s his mom!!! OMG! What the hell is wrong with his world???!!! Kujou introduces Fukatani to his parents as his fiancée! He even says on her behalf that she agrees with whatever crap he meant when she didn’t even say a word. Fukatani feels unhappy despite he says he will love her with all his heart because it feels so empty. Later Kujou apologizes for it all. His father is trying to get him a wife and he is feeling the pressure. Of course he would like to get married to someone he specially loves. He doesn’t mind lying and hopes she could pretend to be his fiancée till he finds his true love. Second sin committed… Mother then shows them a very beautiful bedroom! Wink, wink! Time for Kujou to take advantage because even though they are pretending to be a couple, they can still practice to make children. And with that, here is today’s episode of love making session.

Episode 4
Fukatani knows it is all wrong but yet she still allows him to molest her. At least for once she puts her foot down to resist the lustful temptation by telling him to stop. Despite telling how this is all fake and just a show for his parents, deep down in her heart she still really likes him. She fends off his sweet words and runs away. She feels confused. Since it is late, she has to stay. She returns to the room to find a note that he allows her to sleep on the bed while he sleeps on the couch. Next morning, Kujou is acting all so weird. He is talking in some cheesy romantic fashion that makes Fukatani exhausted trying to keep up with all the flustering. Even mom is trying hook them up together and make Fukatani visit Kujou taking a shower. Let the love flow! She allows it!

Episode 5
Eventually Fukatani enters the bath… No turning back… She keeps her distance and tries to act tough, berating him for always teasing her and lying to his parents. Are you going against the man of God? Since she cares about his lies, that’s when he grabs her close to him. As her towel drops off, she is embarrassed he would see her entire body so she sticks close to him. Out of the frying pan and into the fire because now he is biting her ear. And then he starts washing her. Especially those dirty parts that must be cleansed… The cleanest bath she’ll ever take…

Episode 6
More confusion for Fukatani. If he isn’t really in love with her, why keep pretending? Isn’t that what pretending is all about? The next time Kujou wants to talk to her, she quickly avoids him and runs away. He catches up and tells it straight to her to say it if she doesn’t like him. She rants about being used as his plaything and should at least respect her. What respect?! She starts crying as she can’t take this anymore. She wants to stop pretending and go home. Kujou then hugs her and says he loves her. He has always loved her during those high school days. Because he stays in a temple, he knows he cannot think to stay with her so being with her was just enough. She thinks he is still lying. How to prove he isn’t? Kiss her. Okay. And then it leads to a full blown intercourse. Does she need any more proof than this?

Episode 7
More sex… She worries his monk robe will get dirty. So? Strip for him! And what is her reward for doing that? More sex! Full penetrative sex! I don’t know, Fukatani at the end says she is so happy but throughout the sexual intercourse she doesn’t have that happy look on her face. Like as though it was the face of being raped… I suppose it still made her feel so good that she forgot to set her alarm the next morning and is almost late for college. As she explains to her friend about her ‘extra-curriculum’ activity at the temple, her junior, Yukitaka comes to give a list of some space he booked. He then touches her hair and knows about her staying at the temple. Because he once lived near there too.

Episode 8
When Fukatani returns to the temple, a man who is here for some memorial service starts asking her questions. Though she is unsure, she tries to answer. Luckily Kujou is there to cover for her and give the correct answer before she made the blunder. Kujou is going to teach her more about it so she can help out better. I hope there wasn’t any sexual connotations in that. So Kujou did actually teach her some Buddhism stuffs. She is so awed he knows a lot! I mean, he isn’t just all about sex and perversion, right?! Why you have to say that because now the real interesting lesson begins! He wants to make sure there is love between them. Yup. Screw the teachings of Buddhism and let him f*ck you doggy style! I hope you learn your lesson today.

Episode 9
The duo must be really getting good and used to having sex now, huh? I hope it is the ‘energizer’ Fukatani needs to continue her studies. There’s still more to learn… While she is walking at the corridor, Yukitaka suddenly springs a surprise by showing his face. He has helped her out with some of the assignments she has forgotten. He starts acting weird as he tries to flirt with her and trying to prepare to kiss her. Luckily Kujou shows up. He is Yukitaka’s older brother. Both brothers don’t like each other. Kujou believes Yukitaka is always doing what he wants and doesn’t care about the repercussions here. Later Yukitaka tries to convince Fukatani to not stay with his brother because she will only suffer by doing boring things. She tries to resist his flirting and temptation to come with him. Kujou shows up and warns him about trying to rush his death.

Episode 10
As both brothers continue to argue, Fukatani tries to calm them down. It’s nothing. She’s alright. Fukatani is shocked when Kujou admonishes her for having little faith. It’s disappointing he cannot trust her. She is left in shock as she lashes back that she was afraid the whole while and that it is her who is disappointed in him for not trusting her. Kujou wants her to prove it by having sex in front of Yukitaka?! WTF???!!! Hey, better than having a threesome… Oh wait. That’ll defeat the point. But still, WTF???!!! And so he molests her to prove she belongs to him. Even Yukitaka feels freaking uneasy. Fukatani stops this insanity and screams she is not an object! Damn right she isn’t. But at his rate… After she runs away, Kujou starts feeling regret. The next morning, Fukatani is shocked Kujou has left a note saying he left on a trip. Mom explains that trip is for him to become a better monk and will be back soon. Imagine no more sex…

Episode 11
Fukatani reflects on things when Kujou is not around. Maybe this happened at a good time. When Kujou comes back, he immediately f*cks her! OMFG! NOTHING WAS LEARNT!!!! Thankfully that was just Fukatani’s lewd after thought. Jeez… But he is the least of her worries because Yukitaka continues to bug her by popping up wherever she goes. He claims she will encounter problems later, that’s why he will always be around for her. He points out his parents’ wedding anniversary coming soon and they will leave together. His parents get along well because mom always cried a lot. Yukitaka doesn’t want to cause problems for the one he loves and wants to be independent. He continues to try and convince her to choose him over his brother or else she’ll have problems. However she pushes him away. She has always thought about her fleeting love for Kujou. It never disappeared. He is the person she loves. Yukitaka gets upset that everyone is the same, always sacrificing for others. It makes him an idiot for doing that. Fukatani calms him down by relating one of Kujou’s teachings. You can only understand the suffering of others when you suffer yourself. She hugs him and hopes he will one day understand. Wow. Suddenly this show takes an enlightening turn?

Episode 12
Kujou finally comes home and Fukatani welcomes him home. As she tries to explain herself, Kujou hugs her and confesses he really loves her. He apologizes for that incident in front of Yukitaka but it is because he doesn’t want her to be anyone else’s. She views him as a mean but kind man (?!) and loves him very much. Cue to kiss. So what else is there left to do? SEX!!! Yeah, this time f*cking feels so much better and good than before. At the end of it all, Kujou brings her to show her a lovely present: The blooming sakura tree. Fukatani notes how many things and hardships will await in the future. But no matter how much time has passed, she will continue to love him. She loves this aggressive monk. WTF?! What could be better than another round of sex under the sakura tree?

Let God Come Into You!
Yeah, it was really screwed up… I’m not really into hentai so watching this albeit around 4 minutes per episode really feels weird. Honest. Believe me, I didn’t really get a boner watching those sex scenes. Honest!!! For the record, this isn’t the first anime hentai series that I watched and I remember that kind of ‘shock’ when I actually saw real hentai footage in it. Uh huh… Brings back memories when I watched the OVAs for Mezzo Forte… Sheesh…

For this kind of series, there are of course a couple of versions, namely the censored or uncensored versions. You might have guessed which version I saw… I did see the censored ones for comparison and it seems the obvious difference is the sex scenes. About 45 seconds or so of sex footage emitted if you feel like you wanna be a good boy but… Oh screw it. Just watch the uncensored one you horny piece of sh*t. We’re all perverts already by watching this series. Later I found out that there are 2 versions of the uncensored… I don’t know which one I watched then. Assuming is the lower quality version, does this mean the mosaic will be taken away? Yeah, instead of strategically placed objects or those blinding lights, the mosaic is the only thing that stands between the real things. You can still make out what a penis and vagina looks like. Just grainier. Though there is penetration, but not fluid comes out in the end or during despite they screaming “I’m coming! I’m coming!”. Geez… So is this considered partial hentai?

So I’m thinking the only reason why such a series (which was adapted from an adult manga of the same name) was ‘slipped’ under the radar and be shown or promoted alongside other ‘safe’ mainstream animes is that they might want to test the market. What are today’s audiences’ perception of something like this? Will they accept actual sex scenes in a series? If the response is encouraging (assumingly), I believe we’ll be seeing more of this kind of hentai stuff slowly permeating the mainstream anime seasons. Well, good thing or not, it looks like there is already one. And another this season. Oh boy. Looks like this is really a trend.

The plot and story is very thin and only made controversial because the main character is a priest. Otherwise it looks just like any other ordinary love story infused with lots of sex to distract you from the wafer thin plot. Like porn, right? Your characters are pretty average too. Just because Kujou is a priest, we start judging him he can’t have sex, etc. I know I shouldn’t be shocked because I have heard of such people who are supposed to serve God end up sexually abusing women and children. But let us not go there. It just proves that it doesn’t matter what kind of job you do or what kind of position you have, as long as you are human, you will naturally have that primal carnal instinct to f*ck and want to be f*cked. Yes, to put it bluntly.

Fukatani is also your typical average college girl. Just because she is a bit pretty, I’m sure a lot of viewers would come to think her as a slut. Too bad she doesn’t fall into this definition since she has only slept with one man. Sex crazy, you say? For me, I think she is very confused about her feelings for him initially. She does love him for a long time and still does but when she had to participate in this pretend game, it was where the confusion began. Because if they’re supposed to just pretend to be a couple in front of his parents, why are they also ‘pretending’ to make love behind closed doors? And Kujou sometimes wants her to keep it down so as not to make his parents of something weird is going on.

Therefore in the end when they finally realize their true love for each other, I can’t help think but there is just one reason and conclusion for it: Sex is good! Yup, after all that caressing, licking and f*cking, if Kujou was just freaking bad in bed, it would have been a rape case for Fukatani. Yes Fukatani, I’m sure you love him after all because after all the time he has screwed you up real good, why settle for second best? Whoever that is. I wonder if women really like it rough when making out with their man? You can’t be a pussy when f*cking a pussy, can you?

And it made me just realize how ‘unrealistic’ sex is and thus this is just porn fantasy. Kujou is so f*cking good with his hands that he literally makes Fukatani climax all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. I know she is in love with him that helps a lot but it just feels unrealistic. Feels like porn level. Even though the sex scenes are already short, hearing Fukatani moan like a porn shoot feels unbearable. (By the way, I checked the seiyuu voicing her and looking at her resume I found her other voice acting roles were for hentai. No wonder she sounds so pro). Each time such scenes come up, I’ll be wary to turn my volume down and be aware of my surroundings in case it arises any outside suspicion. No wonder I didn’t get any boner! Damn you Kujou! I want to be Fukatani and be sexed up by you!!!

I don’t know what happened to Yukitaka. Was he trying to snatch Fukatani just to piss off his older brother? Did Fukatani’s ‘enlightened’ teachings finally showed him the light? I don’t know. He doesn’t feel like a main character. He just appeared so as to force and shoehorn in some drama and put some tension in their love. So that in the end you could say that this third wheel that was seemingly going to tear them apart actually was a blessing in disguise because it made them realize their love for each other even stronger. And so they f*ck happily ever after. Thank you Yukitaka. You’re no longer needed from now on. Goodbye.

Art and animation feels just pretty average. Just because there are sex scenes doesn’t mean everything starts to look good. I don’t know. I’m not a pro hentai watcher. Animated by Seven who is an expert in animating short anime series like Morita-san Wa Mukuchi, Okusama Ga Seitokaichou, Strange+, Ai Mai Mi, Recorder To Randoseru and Danna Ga Nani Wo Itteiru Ka Wakaranai Ken. But they also animated quite a number hentai series. Well, I didn’t see any of them so can this series be my first? Definitely not going to watch them… Because of Kujou being a bald guy, sometimes I can’t help think this is what a hentai version of One Punch Man or that gorilla warden in Nanbaka would look like if they ever venture into porn after they retire as a superhero or prison warden. Oh heck, Kujou is starting to look a lot like Bleach’s Madarame too… Why do bald guys have this similar look?! Yeah, now I know why different hairstyles and colours are so important in anime. Sad, it took me this series to realize that…

So it goes to show that humans being humans will do anything and give any reason just to have sex. And in the realm of shows, sex sells. I can’t say that I regret watching this show because that would mean ‘disrespecting’ the ‘milder’ ecchi genre anime shows that I have watched all over the years. So you think that butt show, Keijo is bad, huh? I just didn’t really enjoy this series since I was expecting something else from the start. As though this series is trying to trap and bait you into checking out hentai and porn because with Pokemon Go and that stupid fidget spinners overtaking porn as all-time searched thing on Google at one time, porn producers may be worried that their reign will be toppled by other non-porn related stuffs. Don’t worry. As long as we still have dicks and pussies, the f*cking will never stop. We’re so busy f*cking and cumming, it is no wonder Jesus is delaying his second cumming, I mean coming. Damn we’re all so screwed…

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