Sparrow’s Hotel

September 27, 2013

When you check into a hotel, you would expect the highest service from the warm greetings to the front desk and the bellhop boy, right? Well, in Sparrow’s Hotel, do not be fooled by the beautiful busty babe working there. Don’t worry if you are the law abiding citizen. If you are the kind that loves making trouble and any reason would be good enough for you to pick a fight, then beware of her. I don’t know if she learns her skills from a secret ninja school because if you continue to be naughty, in a single chop she can knock you out! Is this the kind of service this hotel gives? Like they say, action speaks louder than words. And what better way than to protect the stay of the other guests? If you are looking for a very short anime lasting no more than 3 minutes each with random skits about the misadventures in this hotel and its staff, yeah, check out the gravity defying boobs this anime.

Episode 1
A group of guys see hottie Sayuri Satou entering Sparrow’s Hotel and decide to follow her but one of them got punched and was sent airborne. Satou needs to open a hotel room door for a guest but why does she keep the key in her breast? To keep it warm. Ah, I see. A guest thought Satou is going to ask him out on a date but to his dismay she was just asking if he would like to stay another night. Hotel manager Tamaki Shiokawa teaches Satou how to make beds but Satou’s tremendous strength may need a little toning down or two. Shiokawa demonstrates but Satou finds it too irresistible so she jumps on the bed. A drunk customer is beating up the vending machine since his drink didn’t come out. Satou solves the problem by crushing the apple with her bare hands to give him apple juice! At least the drunk guy gets the idea not to mess with this woman. Satou learns the meaning of this hotel’s name (some old man’s pun as Shiokawa puts it) and is impressed. She loves it even more. A customer sees how pretty Satou is and confesses he loves her. But she misinterprets his love for the hotel. Misono sees Satou sharpening ninja weapons behind! Why? As Shiokawa explains, she is the front desk clerk that protects their guests’ sleep and hotel’s furnishing with a smile. Since there is trouble outside with ruffians vandalizing their signboard, Satou leaps into action and takes them out! Another night of good night’s sleep well protected!

Episode 2
Sparrow’s Hotel is located downtown and there’re always brawls. As long as it doesn’t happen in front of her hotel, Shiokawa can ignore it. Otherwise… At least the brawlers are smart enough to know not to mess around when Satou accidentally displays her strength of kicking the trash can into the wall! Misono sees Satou’s skirt rip by the side. To his sees those ninja weapons… He asks Shiokawa on who Satou really is. She replies she hires her for special work. Recalling the interview, it seems there are lots of confidentiality in her resume. Her work experience is blank and thought it was fighting experience. Satou admitted her strong points were large breasts and assassination! She even demonstrates how she sliced the glass bottle with her bare hands! Her hobby? Staying healthy. In short, Satou is like the hotel’s bouncer. We are introduced to Business Manager Shiokawa who is Shiokawa’s older brother. She has a hard time addressing him as onii-chan like he wants. He talks to Satou and tries to find out more about her but Shiokawa stops her as soon as she starts about her top marks for PE. Some things better left unknown? Big brother is worried about Shiokawa’s safety in this rowdy place. There’s a brawl right now so what to do? Satou as ordered goes to forcefully remove them and makes a clear path. Big brother shakes her hand and is confident of leaving Shiokawa’s safety in her hands.

Episode 3
Shiokawa has got a sakura tree in the hotel but finds the dropping petals troublesome. Don’t worry. Satou will catch them all before they hit the floor! While Satou is sweeping outside, a group of people passes by. One of them is drunk and is against watching the sakura bloom. Satou immediately ‘neutralizes’ him and tells him to refrain from making a scene in front of their hotel! Holy sh*t! Since the hotel staffs will be going for sakura viewing, Satou volunteers to book for a spot. Misono gets the surprise f his life to find Satou camouflaged as the grass on the spot she picked. Satou serves the guests and uses her fingers to break open the lid! They’re glad they’re not drunk. A girl trips and is on the verge of spilling the tray of food but Satou acrobatically saves everything. She would gladly do a magic trick so drunk Shiokawa suggests her knife throwing. Satou thought that won’t be fun since she never misses so it’s not a trick! Say what?! But Shiokawa convinces her that doing something normally might go over better than she thinks. This means Misono becomes the ‘victim’. Satou throws her knives and thankfully all of them hit the apples over Misono. He still gets the frights even if she was accurate. Nearly died there… I guess I know how William Tell’s son felt. And the other people vow never to defy her.

Episode 4
Yuu Kojou is being harassed by a couple of guys outside the hotel. Till Satou neutralizes them. Kojou may look like a guest but she is the Sparrow’s Hotel Group internal spy. Meaning, she is an undercover inspector that inspects the hotel’s furnishing and staffs. All seems well and I think she takes a liking for Shiokawa’s petite size. Then she tests Misono and tries to seduce him. If he falls for it, he fails. Misono brushes her off and remains professional. Kojou passes him and it’s not that he is well trained, he knows it is too good to be true for a woman to ask him out. Kojou almost got killed by Satou’s ninja weapons. Does she need to do this just to adjust the poster?! Satou reports to Shiokawa that Kojou is a spy but not of a rival business. How does she know? Call it intuition. Better trust a fighter’s intuition, eh? Kojou passes by Business Manager Shiokawa and pretends not to know him but he thanks her for her hard work. Looks like he knows her. Kojou is tired and thinking of writing her report tomorrow when Satou thanks her for her hard work. Then she corrects herself to thank her instead. Kojou is worried that her identity may be busted.

Episode 5
It’s going to be a busy week for Sparrow’s Hotel since it is Golden Week. They have to operate at full capacity since they’re short on staff. Shiokawa has her hands busy at the front desk as well as giving orders to Satou. Including one to take out a fight on the second floor hallway! Pretend you didn’t hear that… Shiokawa notices Misono handling a group of lady guests very well. Actually they’re his college mates. Although he recognizes them, they don’t. Feels sad, don’t you think? A group of guests have another person to add but since the rooms are fully booked, they have to share. They order an additional bed but what they didn’t expect is for Satou to bring the entire bed to them! As the week passes, Shiokawa and Misono are looking more and more tired by the day. How the heck can Satou keep her freshness? Shiokawa suspects her nutrients are kept in her large boobs… Once it is over, Shiokawa is going to head home when a morning host club guy invites her out. Satou immediately tackles him! Peace will always reign… Maybe Satou should try this again using a different friendlier approach.

Episode 6
Shiokawa seems gloomy and Misono thinks it is the drop in business. Satou tries to make up but says the wrong things to the guest giving a wrong impression that the hotel’s business is failing. Then she tries to exaggerate stuffs as well too. Shiokawa reveals she is down due to her compulsive shopping. She bought quite a few feminine clothes and accessories. Asking Satou what she buys with her paycheque, it is only health equipment. But she bought too much dumbbells that her floor caved in. Now she is worried she can’t stay healthy! Shiokawa wants Misono to volunteer his body to let Satou unleash one of her moves on him. No way! He is not going to be a guinea pig so Satou can stay in shape. Not to worry. There are ruffians at the back so it is more than enough exercise for today. Misono views Shiokawa like an animal tamer since Satou does everything she says. Shiokawa is hungry but it is a week till payday. She uses her last resort to call her brother. The signal from her, in an instant he gets off from work to treat her for sushi for dinner. Yeah, it could be steak for tomorrow. Works like a charm always. Then when Shiokawa tries to but on her skirt, it can’t fit! So fat so fast?!

Episode 7
Sparrow’s Hotel is undergoing renovation to include a big bath and sauna. Construction worker Billy is using his enormous strength to put all the bricks together. It’s done in no time. He is about to leave but was stopped by Satou. He always thought something about this hotel that attracted strong people but he can’t stay. Did Satou want a fight with him? Thank goodness nothing happened because it would be costly if there are holes in the walls in their new bath. Sakai dreams of surprising Satou with his visit to stay and part of his scheme to steal her heart. Yeah, he even took a paid leave for this mischievous scheme. But does he need to shout it out in public even to the point of pointing out he is an unworthy man? But he is the one who is going to have a big surprise as Sparrow’s Hotel is closed for renovation. Wasted…

Episode 8
Kojou joins Sparrow’s Hotel as a new staff. She would have carried on listing down the things of the familiar work they do (that includes no fixed time in going home) had not Business Manager Shiokawa stopped her. Kojou is shocked that the other staffs recognize her. It is no surprise because she has this habit of saying aloud what is on her mind. Including herself as a super sadist. The moment Satou hears the word ‘spy’, she goes into elimination mode! Thank God Shiokawa stops her. You don’t want your customers seeing a bloodbath, right? When Business Manager Shiokawa comes in to check on things, he asks Kojou if there are any undesirable men hitting on his sister. This makes her think he has a sister complex. He wants her to report everything over dinner. The rest realize this is going to get more annoying with another weirdo joining the ranks. Kojou learns Business Manager Shiokawa’s sister is the world to him. So important that he made a deal with some department and transferred Kojou to this place so she could look after her and let no undesirable men hit on her. That sickening gross expression…

Episode 9
Due to a manga event nearby, the hotel is packed with cosplay people. A couple of guys are sizing up Satou’s nice body and features and think some humans do look like anime heroines. Misono sarcastically quips she is a race of fighters from a battle manga. Shiokawa couldn’t understand people carrying manga and anime in their bag. Is it some sort of punishment? Misono explains about loneliness, meetings and setbacks… Depressing, eh? Is he talking about himself? After a pair of girls check in, they comment if Misono is uke or seme by his looks. Not that he understands. Satou thought a guy made a homemade weapon. We all know it’s part of the cosplay but Satou is not convinced. Then coming out from the sea of crowd is a familiar voice. It’s Billy! He came all the way hear after hearing about ‘weapons’ but it turns out to be just for show. He knows Satou is the only real thing. Satou is eager to get into a fight with him but Shiokawa tells her that work comes first. Looks like they have to put it off to another time.

Episode 10
Because of the huge sudden storm, Sparrow’s Hotel sees lots of cancellation in reservations. What a bad day. Shiokawa hates storms. However a few people barge into the hotel to seek shelter. Since the storm isn’t going anywhere, they make reservations on the spot. See? This is a blessing, right? Shiokawa loves storms! Then she rants about the only to do in such weather is do nothing but relax. Get massage, drink beer and watch the pay channel! A drunk customer is causing a ruckus so it’s Satou’s turn to quell the problem and make sure he rests till morning. So that guy is complaining about the bad channel and everything but Satou just knocks him out with a chop. Super effective. Next morning, it is a bright beautiful day and the troublemaker slept so well that he feels so much better. Never underestimate the power of sleep. More importantly, never defy Satou!

Episode 11
Satou is seen taking on the ruffians making a scene in front of the hotel. Misono wonders if this job is too harsh for her since her expression indicates she is struggling. Shiokawa asked her before and her reply was her face turned out like this if she tries to hold back her strength. Is that good or bad? After finishing the last of the ruffians, her smiley expression is back. Sakai is devastated that Satou is not around. As pointed out by Shiokawa, she is on leave. Sakai is desperate that he wants to go to the place where Satou’s smell lingers around the most. That would be the changing room, right? No go. Only authorized personnel allowed. Misono realizes without Satou, the place is not as lively as it should. Kojou gladly announces she will replace Satou. Replace her? Can she? When a fight occurs, suddenly she withdraws her statement. Can’t handle it! Kojou thinks Satou is skipping work to go on a date with her lady power. The rest misinterpret that lady power as something brute and forceful rather than something feminine. When Satou returns, she apologizes for making them worry. She was out with a cold and lost her voice. She tried to send some smoke signal but there was some interference from a direction. However she managed to shake it off. The rest wonder if she used her lady power for that.

Episode 12
Business Manager is looking at all the wishes hanging on the Tanabata tree and notes how each is filled with envy, greed, lust, wrath and sloth. Just like the 7 deadly sins, eh? All lies but what do they get in the end? He is about to make his own wish but Shiokawa wishes that they are no longer related. Instead of being devastated, he is thrilled instead because if they are no longer related, they can marry!!! Shiokawa laments this optimistic pervert and dreads being reminded she used to write wanting to marry him as her wish. Embarrassing… Kojou sees Satou on the rooftop and wonders why she isn’t writing her wish. She says her wish already came true. Kojou thought she’s a loser who gave up everything or the luckiest person to have everything. Oops. She said that out loud. Satou praises her as the kind of type who doesn’t hide anything. She should not feel ashamed if she doesn’t correct herself because it makes her who she is. Satou reveals her wish didn’t really come true but she has this feeling. Then she jumps down the building to go fight with Billy. Is this her wish? Although Misono calls Satou a strange person, Kojou also finds her interesting. Thanks to Billy’s appearance, the fight always draws a large crowd and plays a pivotal role in the hotel’s success.

Cassowary’s Hotel
Lesson learnt in every episode: Never mess with Satou! Be afraid of her. Be very afraid. You will never know where you will end up next once she puts you out of commission. Prevention is better than cure so if you really need to fight, don’t do it in front or inside Sparrow’s Hotel. I know the hotel is in the middle of the bad part of town or is it just coincidence that the fights seem to happen right there. Or is it just an everyday affair? Perhaps the name of the hotel may make it sound like a harmless cute sissy brown bird but I think with Satou around, the hotel could earn its nickname to be one of the most dangerous birds in the world like the ostrich or rhea. You don’t want to fool around with this bird for sure.

As usual, due to the short nature of the show, it is nothing much and you just watch for entertainment without having any long term memorable memories. You laugh, you raise an eyebrow but after it ends, it lingers on in your mind for a while before vanishing into the back of your mind and perhaps in some cases, you totally forget you ever watch this. Each of the characters has their peculiarities but like I said, they are just memorable for the length of this series. Satou stands out the most not because of her humongous boobs but her ability as a bouncer and get her job done. And she puts a smile each time she does her job. Now that is dedication and service with a smile. An employee like her is hard to find. Very rare. Yeah. Very indeed. Not many hotel staffs are like her. Due to her tremendous strength, I think that’s why they don’t hire additional staff. She has so much energy to dispense if she’s not keeping the peace. And she gets her job done in lightning speed too. Ah really. Such service is so hard to find.

Shiokawa is always thinking about her business and dislikes her sister complex brother while her brother is not afraid to show his complexion. I’m not sure if Satou will take him out if he ever makes his move on his own sister. Kojou speaking aloud her mind is like a double edge sword while Misono is just the ‘normal’ guy. Billy and Sakai’s presence feels like a waste since they only appear in a couple of episodes. Though I partly get a hint why the fights keep attracted to Sparrow’s Hotel. Maybe Satou and Billy should throw a wrestling match as part of the regular programme for their guests. I can’t sense if there is some sort of chemistry between them. But I don’t think there is since all they’ve got in their brains when they meet is to test their strength. I believe Sakai has never met Satou in person as far as this anime is concerned. He always misses her. Is that a good or bad thing?

Although the animation and drawing makes the characters look a little bit funny (but still retaining bits of that typical Japanese anime standard), I can’t help notice that halfway through the series, the animation style suddenly changes. It is not very obvious but it is noticeable. I later discovered that the second half of the series (in which it was termed as the second season), the style of the art really changed (in addition to that, the opening theme for the first half is replaced with an ending theme for the second half). If you ask me, I still prefer the art from the first half. The characters already look slightly cartoonish and with the change, it looks even more cartoonish. Especially Satou. She already looks cartoonish, now she even looks more cartoonish. I thought the characters now resemble a little more like those in the anime series, Hen Zemi. It is said that the release of this series via DVD will have yet another change in art style. I don’t know whether they are going to revamp the entire thing or just remake the first or second half of the season to make the quality consistent. I guess I won’t find out since I won’t be rewatching this series. It is already on its way to the back of my mind… ;p.

If you always think that the customer is right and that cash is king, you might want to think twice again if you are visiting this hotel. Here, it is her fists that do the talking and speaks the loudest. And if you are not up to it, be prepared to find yourself to suddenly have ‘a good night’s sleep’ right in the hallway or the street. Now, if Satou was drafted into the special police force, I wonder how many criminals will be put off the streets. Definitely a much safer world but constantly living in fear? At least it makes you think twice before getting into a fight. Can I request for hotels to provide bodyguard service for my stay? For such hotels, it’s either you check in or you chicken out.

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