Special A

April 10, 2009

Smart. Young. Rich. Good looking. Popular. Multi-talented. I’m sure many of us would love to have such perfect qualities. I mean who wouldn’t. Though I don’t really think such a person or a group of people do exist in the real world, there is an anime where those desirable traits and features fit in like a glove. Enter Special A or also known as S.A.

Hakusen Academy is a prestigious private high school and supposedly the best in Japan. How prestigious is this school? Well for starters, sons and daughters of the rich, intellect and influential are enrolled here. So it’s not just your ordinary school. If it does remind you a little like Ouran High School (from the anime Ouran High School Host Club), but I guess that’s where the similarity ends. Though everyone in this school is smart, there is a special class which houses the brightest and smartest students of the academy, the S.A. Call it the cream of the crop if you will. The top 7 students of the academy will get the exclusive right to be part of this elite class. Why only 7? My guess is that has got to be a lucky number for Japanese.

I don’t think you can call it discrimination or something similar to it but being part of the S.A has its own benefits apart from the other ‘normal’ classes in Hakusen Academy. Firstly, their school uniform is white as opposed to the other student’s brown colour. In addition, the students of S.A get to have a whole building of their own. How is a large greenhouse for size? Wow. Just wow. It’s really mind blowing. And all these just to house 7 top students of the academy? To add icing to the cake, everyone (okay, perhaps almost everyone) in Hakusen admires the S.A with great respect. You see, being smart too has its merits. Well at least in this 24 episode anime series.

So our main female protagonist, Hikari Hanazono, is also part of the S.A and she’s there merely for one sole reason. As seen in episode 1, when Hikari was a little girl, she was beaten in some challenge by her childhood friend Kei Takishima. Not once, but all the time. Normal people would take it as a sign that she’ll never beat that guy even if it’s a million years but you know Hikari isn’t a normal girl either. Because of her sheer determination to one day beat Kei from just about anything, I guess she strived so hard and probably she’s the only person in Hakusen Academy who doesn’t come from a prestigious background (yeah, her parents are just normal average people).

But even if Hikari manages to get herself into Hakusen Academy and the S.A, she is still unable to defeat Kei in whatever challenge. Thus her perpetual position as number 2 in the S.A. So you’d probably guess who is number 1, right? That’s right, it’s Kei of course. The son and successor of the international and powerful Takishima Corporation president. Goes to show that it’s tough to throw the top person off. In this episode, we are also introduced to the other members of S.A. On the 3rd seat is the soft spoken Jun Yamamoto while occupying 4th spot is his twin sister Megumi. As they’re both children of a famous musician, you’ll notice how Megumi doesn’t have spoken lines in the anime. Even if she does, it’ll come real late in the series. So how does she communicate? With her sketchbook of course. I wonder how she could write so fast. The reason for Megumi not to speak is that she’s some sort of singer wannabe. So in order not to strain her voice, it’s best not to use her vocal chords. Nice theory but does it really work? Not. She’s a horrible singer! No offence but whenever she opens her mouth, it’s like Apocalypse is approaching. We won’t hear how terrible it sound like but to give an idea, think of that sound wave resembling an atomic bomb explosion. So is it a good thing for her to keep her mouth shut, eh? Ironically as children of musicians, they don’t posses musical talent.

Coming in on 5th place is the carefree Tadashi Karino and is the son of Hakusen Academy’s headmistress. Then in 6th place is the daughter of the CEO of an airline company Akira Toudou. Though her cooking skills are quite good, she’s a little brutish and poor Tadashi seems to be at the receiving end most of the time. Sometimes you’d think that guy loves getting whack from her. Also, Akira seems to be fond of Hikari and I think she just mean it in a very close girlfriend way and not the yuri kind of relationship. The final 7th spot is taken up by the CEO of a famous sport’s company, Ryuu Tsuji. This guy is an animal lover and any animal could just click with him, no matter how ferocious or dangerous those animals are to humans. Ryuu is always seen together with the Yamamoto twins and is some sort of a guardian to the duo, having being with them since young.

So there you have it, the magnificent seven of Hakusen Academy. Most of the time, I kinda noticed how they idly spend their time in the greenhouse enjoying Akira’s afternoon tea and snacks. So how on Earth do they attend classes? Well, they’re smart so they don’t have to, remember? I think. In most episodes, you’ll see Hikari trying to challenge Kei but the outcome is always the same so much so Kei always teases her by calling her Miss Rank Two. Must be a taboo word in her vocabulary. Just like the word challenge too. Say that word and she can’t back down from it. Over the series, viewers may notice some chemistry between Hikari and Kei but and at times may come close to be a couple but since Hikari is always thinking of Kei as her eternal rival and nothing much, I guess that pretty much sums it all up. In addition, Kei’s cool and confident (some may say arrogant) attitude doesn’t help either. But I think Kei does harbour some feelings for her as you can count on him coming to Hikari’s rescue or protecting her without the slightest hesitation whenever she’s in danger.

Though I did mention that many of the other students admire the S.A, there are a few bunch which doesn’t. So in the first episode, a guy named Nakamura and his underlings don’t really like the S.A because they think the S.A are being arrogant, think highly of themselves bla bla bla. Jealous? Because Hikari is still thinking of beating Kei, Nakamura decides to help her achieve her goal by help her cheat by showing some answers to the upcoming exam. Luckily Hikari has her pride and doesn’t resort to low down dirty tactics to beat her rival. If she’s going to beat him, might as well do it fair and square. That’s how everybody should do it too. Then Kei comes in to tell them how Hikari has worked so hard and this doesn’t go down well with Nakamura and his pals. They decide to beat the duo or else they’ll get suspended but in the end, Hikari and Kei dispatches Nakamura easily. No sweat at all. Then latter, the gang decides to hold a music recital for Kei’s birthday and with Megumi on the frontline… I’ll leave that to your imagination. Soon the exam come and the results are up. Guess what? Everybody stays in the stay position. But Hikari has scored perfect in her exams so is the ultimate moment that she has been waiting for? Can she knock Kei off the top? Well, Kei too scored perfect but shouldn’t that be a tie? Kei mentions how he spot a mistake in 1 of the questions and as a reward, the teacher gave him additional marks. Wow! Just like that! Well Hikari, try again.

Besides Nakamura, the student council president, Hajime Takei too dislikes the S.A. However, this geeky boy has a secret crush on Hikari (in which shall never be realized!). So in episode 2, Hajime issues a challenge letter to the S.A that if they get to beat an S.A member, they’ll get to be part of the elite group. The match: Pro-wrestling. However, Hajime isn’t going to be a wrestler himself and hires a professional tag-team wrestling duo The Fankyuu Brothers to represent the student council while Hikari and Kei represents the S.A. On match day and before the match itself, Hajime manages to handcuff the duo together so as to restrict their movements. Since Kei and Hikari aren’t cooperating (they’re thinking that they themselves can handle the wrestlers alone), it seems the student council has the upper hand because Kei is trying his best to protect Hikari from getting hurt. Of course they realize that it’s not right to hog the limelight all to oneself (just kidding) and that in a way it shows that Kei doesn’t trust Hikari so the 2 set aside their differences and cooperate to bring victory to the S.A. I think professional WWE wrestlers are no match for them. In the end, Kei wins an earlier challenged he made with Hikari, that is, to execute the most moves.

Because Hikari lost her challenge, in episode 3, Kei wants her to make him a handmade bento. Sounds simple but you have to take into account that Hikari isn’t a great cook. You know, she’s causing more destruction in the kitchen than anything else. So Akira decides to help her to make one. But it’s going to take some time because I don’t know how but Hikari just keeps screwing up. Too brute to cook? Furthermore, we find out why Kei wants to eat Hikari’s handmade bento so badly was because he never had a chance to eat home-cooked food. So that’s why he’s so looking forward to it. And that jerk Hajime thinks Hikari is making a bento for him. Dream on pal. When Hikari is done and is about to give Kei her hard work that she put her blood, sweat and tears into, stupid Hajime steps in to take a bite. Call it Heaven’s retribution because it tastes so awful that Hajime nearly died. Kei of course is bloody upset because he’s been waiting all afternoon for this moment (seriously?!). But even so, he picks it up and eats it himself. In contrast to Hajime, Kei notes how good it tastes. I think it’s the fact that Hikari’s hard effort made it delicious.

In episode 4, Hikari is invited to Kei’s mansion as a request from Kei’s father, Satoru. At first glance, Satoru is so whiny, child-like and unreliable and it makes you think whether he’s Kei’s dad. So different. Anyway this episode has Hikari being a tutor for Kei’s little brother, Sui. He may look cute but he’s mean. I mean, he’s been changing lots of tutors with that mean attitude of his. Is he too smart for them? But to Hikari, she takes it as a challenge, even if Sui doesn’t like that ‘stupid woman’ and hurls her several insults. Hikari soon finds out from Sui that he thinks Kei doesn’t care for him and because of that he hates him. Even when Hikari asks Kei about it, he himself acknowledges that Sui hates him and nothing more. Because Kei tells Hikari not to get involve with Sui anymore, that little kid runs away upset. Hikari chases after him but after finding him, she ends up banging her head on the railing when Sui trips. Sui tries to carry her back home. Then it’s like Kei has some sort of ‘Hikari-in-danger-sense-tingling’ because he’s seen recklessly running and tumbling downhill to where the duo are. Kei praises Sui for helping Hikari and Sui’s perception of Kei changed because it’s the first time he praised him. So the next day, Sui tells Hikari that he doesn’t need Hikari as his tutor because he’ll be taking lessons from his beloved Kei. Haha. If you look at it in a way, Hikari lost to Kei. Again.

The school’s Founding Day is coming up in episode 5 but Hikari and Kei are loggerheads on what to do for it. Because of that, Hikari decides to join the student council to help for the preparations (Hajime must be over the moon) and Akira soon follows. At first glance, Hikari seems to be getting along well with Hajime. Of course whatever publicity stunt that the student council does, it is always being overshadowed (many times) by Kei’s. In addition, Kei is doing all this alone and without the help of the other S.A members. Of course Hajime is still up to his dirty tricks and tries to sabotage Kei’s preparations but is stopped by Hikari. And when Kei appears, coward Hajime disappears. Hikari asks if Kei has fun in doing all the preparations alone and this made Kei realized so he asks the rest of the S.A members to help, in which they are very much happy to oblige. On the Founding Day itself, everything runs perfectly from the reception on the cruise ship and to the festival on the island as everyone watches the fireworks in their kimonos.

In episode 6, Sui hires Hikari for a job only for the latter to realize it’s to be Kei’s date at a birthday party hosted by a guy their age, Yahiro Saiga. Though Kei isn’t too fond that it turned out like that, since he’s the employer, Hikari has to do whatever he says. Kei and Hikari (in a stunning white dress) arrives at the party while Akira orders Ryuu, Tadashi and Jun to go on an undercover covert mission to protect Hikari if anything wrong happens (but their presence were redundant because as we know Hikari knows how to take care of herself). You’ll notice how Yahiro has some sort of sinister characteristic based on his remarks he said to Hikari. Yahiro then thinks that she is Kei’s girlfriend and to prove whether Kei has feelings for her, he suggests a challenge. When Yahiro tries to kiss Hikari, Kei who has been watching from afar comes rushing in (I think his Hikari senses is tingling again) and punches Yahiro. Hikari wonders what’s going on but notices Kei’s hand around her waist so she punches him and run away. Later, Yahiro organizes another challenge for Hikari but involves the other guests as well. This tag game ends when the first person touches Hikari or Hikari herself manages to make it to the rooftop. While Yahiro gives Hikari a head start, as she has her hands full in dispatching the ‘players’. Hikari is then pulled into a room by Kei who demands what Yahiro had told her and says that they’ll leave the party. But after seeing how Hikari is bent on winning this game, he helps her to reach the rooftop. Since Hikari won, Yahiro asks her what she wants as a prize but to his surprise, all she wants is him to recognize Kei as her rival. That’s it? So simple. Yahiro agrees when Kei comes in to leave with Hikari. Yahiro then asks her how is Akira which prompts Kei to later tell her that he along with Akira and Yahiro were childhood friends. But when Kei pesters Hikari to tell him what Yahiro said to her, she gets flustered and is unable to do so.

In episode 7, Hikari is still thinking about Yahiro’s words and this is making her acting strange. In addition, the rest of the S.A wonders where should they go for their summer holidays so Kei once again suggests to settle it with a challenge (is that all what the S.A does?). Of course if Kei wins, Hikari will have to tell him what Yahiro told her. And you know Hikari can’t refuse a challenge. The next day all the S.A members are geared up for the obstacle race around the greenhouse. Some of them are given a handicap and the worse one was Kei. Not only he has his start delayed several minutes, but he’s being tied in a straight jacket like as though he’s some psychotic killer! Is he that good?! But it’s soon revealed that it’s a plot by the other S.A members to get Hikari to win as they lay traps. Once it’s Kei’s turn to start, we see him easily break fee from his chains! Can anything hold this guy down?! Of course, Kei shows why he is number 1 as he breezes through all the traps. Kei manages to catch up with Hikari so Akira decides to settle this by fighting fire with fire. Uh huh. She’s using a beast (lion) to fight with a beast (Kei). I think Kei got some of Ryuu’s animal skills so much so he tamed the lion. Upset Akira decides to blow the whole cliff to kill him! What is she thinking?! Even so, he’s still standing! Is Kei human?! Not willing to give up yet, Akira sends Tadashi on 1 final mission. Kei reaches the finish line first (which is back in the greenhouse) so Hikari has no choice but to tell him. Words are hard to come out from her mouth and when the final moment of truth arrives, Tadashi crashes into the greenhouse with his motorbike (yup, that guy has a bike license). Which means, even if Hikari manages to spill the beans, Kei didn’t get to hear in all that noise. So frustrating. Tadashi receives a beating from Kei. Soon after he asks her again and this time Hikari is able to say Yahiro’s statement that Kei likes her. Kei laughs in relieve and thinks she finally understood his feelings but Hikari is as dense as ever because she says how that isn’t possible as they’re rivals. How disappointing…

The S.A travel to Hawaii for their holidays in episode 8 (hey, they’re rich people). After the gang has done their day shopping and return to Ryuu’s villa, they find a little brat, Chitose, who decides to play house with the S.A. Ryuu has to oblige because Chitose is the son of one of his dad’s important clients. Chitose of course doesn’t like the other S.A members especially Hikari. So he has Kei and Hikari be his dad and mom respectively, the twins as his grandparents, Tadashi as his uncle, Ryuu as his beloved older brother and Hikari as their pet dog. Yeah, she has to dress in one too. But instead of being depressed, Hikari takes up the challenge. Then Chitose tries to get Ryuu closer to him so this makes the twins jealous. Chitose probably tries to shame Hikari but that girl’s optimism is sky high. Even if he told Hikari that he’s just feigning innocence and fooling the S.A, he wonders why she didn’t rat him out. Her answer is simple. She just wants to get along with him. As part of Chitose’s ridiculous request to get some flower on some rock, Hikari slipped off but is managed to be rescued by Kei. Even Chitose is surprised that she actually did it. Chitose continues with his selfishness as he orders Ryuu to spend more time with him. Megumi couldn’t take it anymore and lets loose a deafening scream. Hikari manages to shield Chitose’s ears. As everyone is recovering from that deafening experience, Ryuu is about to tick off Chitose when Hikari tells him it’s unnecessary. So Chitose has a change of heart and perception over the S.A. Later Chitose goes to meet up with his elder brother. Surprise surprise, it’s Yahiro. He tells him how the S.A are good people when Hikari comes by to return the dog suit and is surprised to discover the siblings. Yahiro then invites Hikari to his villa.

In episode 9, the gang wonders about Hikari’s whereabouts when they receive a call from Yahiro that she’s at his villa willingly. Kei decides to go bring Hikari back as he takes Tadashi along with him. Though Hikari finds out about Yahiro’s strained relationship with Kei and Akira, Yahiro’s plan is to use Hikari as a bait to lure Akira into seeing him and locks her up in the villa’s little dungeon (that place has one of those too?!). Kei arrives and has a talk with Yahiro while Chitose who is feeling guilty decides to free Hikari and help her escape but bumps into Tadashi in the garden. Though the duo returns to Ryuu’s place, Hikari asks Akira what has happened between her and Yahiro but since the latter didn’t answer, Hikari decides to go back to Yahiro’s villa since he may become suspicious if he finds her missing. Meanwhile Kei is still talking to Yahiro and something about a promise made that he will not see Akira unless she comes to see him. Kei then decides to buy this villa by giving him a blank cheque (goes to show how rich he is) and to stop bothering Hikari. Yahiro then takes Kei down to the dungeons but is surprised to see the cell empty. Just then Hikari comes back with a note from Akira saying how she won’t forgive him if he lays a single finger on Hikari. Yahiro decides to let them go. As the duo ride back in a limo, Hikari pecks Kei on his cheek to cheer him up but he gets upset when he finds out the reason she’s doing this was because of what Yahiro said to her during her imprisonment: "With just a kiss, you’ll life his spirits immediately because men are so simple minded". Well, it worked a little, didn’t it?

Back in the greenhouse in episode 10, Hikari issues Kei another challenge in their upcoming exams. But if Kei wins, he’ll have her for a day. However Akira is in horror after someone has destroyed her precious tea set. Then Nakamura shows up and tells them how he got suspended ever since that incident and throws down a challenge to Ryuu. Since he’s the last ranking person in S.A, I guess if he wants to challenge and beat somebody from that group, it has to be the ‘weakest’, right? But Ryuu refuses. That night, Hikari visits Ryuu in his apartment and you can say it’s a jungle in there! Really. How does he keep an elephant in there?! The next day, Hikari goes to talk to Nakamura and he indicates that he may be the one who vandalized the greenhouse. Ryuu was about to punch him but Kei stops him, telling him that by doing so he may get suspended. So I guess he has no choice but to accept Nakamura’s challenge. Nakamura knew about Hikari’s weakness about being challenged. That’s why he went to her as bait instead of Ryuu directly. To make things up, Hikari and the twins decide to cook for him at his place but causes more mess. Before the day of the challenge, Nakamura contacts Yahiro and it seems he’s going to make Ryuu’s family to do something. The next day, Hajime starts the challenge with 1000 question test. While Nakamura starts, Ryuu is running late due to Yahiro’s ploy but arrives 10 minutes before time and anybody would know it’s impossible to complete it in such a short time. Just then, Ryuu flips through the papers and starts answering them all in time! Wow! Is he really human too?! Unbelievable! Kei then says how Ryuu is always 7th place because he worries about the twins. Which means, he could be the new number 1 if he didn’t hold back! Kei, better watch your back. But I guess Ryuu wouldn’t mind things as they are now. In the end, Ryuu beats Nakamura flat. Of course, Kei too beats Hikari in the recent exams.

In episode 11, Kei is about to have Hikari for a day after winning their challenge when Satoru whisks Kei onto a helicopter for a Shanghai assignment. Then Tadashi takes the opportunity to ask Hikari out on a date. The reason was because his mom, Sumire was thinking of making him attend a marriage interview but he lied and said he had a girlfriend. Of course this doesn’t go down well with Akira who finds out that Hikari has a date but couldn’t say who it is. Being greenhorns in the dating section, the duo are observing other couples together while pissed off Akira is observing them from afar. The duo nearly got into some lovey-dovey act and Akira couldn’t take it anymore but was restrained by the other S.A members. Part of their date includes visiting a beach (their ruckus caused everyone else to leave) and the woods (of all places? Oh, too bad Akira got lost and stuck in some swamp). Then Tadashi decides to bring Hikari see Sumire but she isn’t convinced that the duo are a couple and tells them to prove it by kissing. Hikari is willing to kiss but Tadashi is unable to bring himself to it so he admits that all this was just a setup and Hikari is not his girlfriend. But Sumire isn’t mad and already knew all this along. She just wanted to see his reaction, that’s all. Is this the kind of headmistress of Hakusen Academy? Once outside, Hikari is then greeted by Kei who has returned from his Shanghai trip. After he tells her how he was informed by Yahiro that she went out on a date with Tadashi, he whisks her away onboard his helicopter so that he could have her for a day. Can’t lose to Tadashi, can’t he?

Due to that hectic trip in Shanghai, in episode 12 Kei develops a fever and passes out in the helicopter. Hikari takes Kei back to his home and thinks how Kei just wanted to spend some time with her and have fun after she heard from Sui how he has never seen his brother collapsed from overworking. Hikari is then determined to nurse Kei back to health. I guess she prefers to beat him fair and square. But you know she’s having a tough time because a simple task of making porridge turns into a kitchen demolition act. Even if she manages to make a decent one, she spills it all over him. What about cooling his fever? She literally put some shattered ice in a sack dump it on his head! What about change of clothes? Hikari tries to undress Kei’s top when Sui walks in and is horrified to see what ero Hikari is doing. Misunderstood… But Hikari is determined to be by Kei’s side for a day as promised. Later when Kei wakes up, he is surprised to see Hikari sleeping on a couch downstairs. Hikari wakes up and invites him to go somewhere fun next weekend. But when Kei asks where, she replies anywhere because being anywhere with him is fun. Seeing that Hikari is only person that could make his heart waver and she is doing this as atonement for being a bother, Kei is anyway grateful for what she has done and decides to repay the favour by kissing her! Hikari is shocked by his act and goes ‘crazy’ by telling him never to come near him again and he has an incurable perverted disease but he continues to tease her to look after him for the rest of his life.

The S.A members have to attend regular classes in a normal school for 3 days in episode 13 as instructed by Sumire or else they’ll be kicked out from the S.A. Partly, it’s a punishment for Tadashi for lying to her. The gang are split into 3 groups as they attend different classes (courtesy of Sumire’s random dart throwing selection). Though Akira is overjoyed to be paired with Akira, she can’t believe the fact she’ll miss her afternoon tea and the likes. Then a girl named Yui shows up and introduces herself but since she resembles and reminded Akira of a childhood friend she once knew, Sayo. She starts acting strange and even hits her hand away! Because of that, the class has some reservations on her. Throughout the day Akira spaces out and Kei understood the problem when he finds out about it. It seems back when Akira was a girl, Yahiro told her how she shall not make friends with anyone else but him. Later as Yui tries to apologize if she has done anything wrong towards Akira, the latter remembers how she has some ‘magic’ which could bring people happiness. Snapping out from her depression and after some advice from Kei, she uses her rich influential power, and calls upon her men and limos to take her classmates to a luxurious tea party at her home. Is this the magic she’s talking about? Akira takes the opportunity to apologize to everyone and requests Yui to be her friend, in which she accepts. A short flashback of how Akira used to play with Kei and Yahiro as their parents are always at work. Yahiro always exercised his authority around Akira. Other kids who knew of Yahiro had some fear of him even if they’re Akira’s friends. Thus she had no other friends than him. Then 1 day when Yahiro left, a girl named Sayo lost her way into Akira’s garden and the 2 became friends. But their friendship was destroyed when Yahiro returned and intervened. That’s why Sayo hated her and Akira was traumatized by that. In present time, Yahiro receives news of the S.A’s activities of attending regular high school and notes how Yui resembles so much like Sayo. Oh no.

Akira continues her friendly ways with her new classmates in episode 14 but she seems extra nice towards Yui like chauffeuring her to school every day, which makes her uneasy because in a way it seemed like she’s the only one who got special treatment. So Yui has no choice but to tell Akira to stop doing so. Akira sinks into depression because this reminded her of her similar case with Yui only this time she was the one who did it. Tadashi comes along to talk to her (not with the usual teasing and Akira’s usual bashing) and Akira soon hugged him because he was able to comfort her, something which she once thought only Hikari can do. Later, Yui is seen entering a pawn shop and trying to sell of some jewellery she stole from Akira’s home earlier on. She’s doing it because her family is in some financial difficulty. Yahiro caught her in the act and blackmails her not to see Akira anymore. Then some guy accidentally knock Yui off her feet as she loses her balance towards an oncoming car. Yahiro saw what was happening and dives to save her without thinking. He takes her back to his place for treatment. Meanwhile Akira decides to go visit Yui’s home but the latter isn’t in and notices her parents packing and moving out. Furthermore she finds out how Yui’s dad has just lost his job. Akira fears Yahiro may have a hand in it so she rushes over to his home. She confronts and accuses him of trying to break them up and even blames him for hurting Yui after seeing her injuries. To Yui’s horror, Yahiro takes the blame by admitting that he’s doing it all. A short flashback of why Yahiro is doing this. When he was young, he overheard how other nasty kids were befriending Akira just because she’s rich and nothing more. So in order to protect her, Yahiro is willing to be the villain even if it means her hating him for the rest of his life. Yui then tells Akira the whole truth and that Yahiro didn’t have a hand in it all like her dad’s job was on the line even before she met them. Akira then realized and apologizes to Yahiro, something which made him surprised. So Akira is back to her old self the next day as she tells Tadashi how Yui’s dad got a job in her dad’s company. But all that happiness is shattered when Akira learns from Ryuu that during those times, her precious beloved Hikari went out on a date with Kei!

Episode 15 tells of Hikari and Kei’s ‘date’. It’s the one whereby Hikari told Kei that they should go somewhere during Kei’s fever. During the date, Kei notices several MIBs of Satoru’s spying on them. Without Hikari’s knowledge, Kei secretly takes them all out but it didn’t take long for Hikari to find out. It seems Satoru has set up Kei for a marriage interview and is desperately pleading for his son to come. Uh huh. That weakling father gave in to some big bully friend of his. Initially Hikari tells Kei to go but notices how depress he is about it so she changes her mind. Just then, Kei’s marriage interview partner, Sakura Ushikubo appears because she thinks she stood up on her. As punishment for her lost time looking for him, Sakura decides to borrow Hikari for a day and whisks her away (Hikari sure is a ‘borrowable’ person). Hikari learns that Kei isn’t Sakura’s type of guy and also she’s a wonderful person but can be real nasty and brutish like Akira when it comes to liars (fear her true brute power!). Even if Kei isn’t her type, but she thinks it’ll be good for her family business so she proceeds to ask Hikari what kind of girl is Kei’s type. Naturally, Hikari is having a hard time trying to do just that even if it’s just asking the other S.A members. She decides to go ask Kei directly and his reply is normal girls (he answered her so as not to trouble her after knowing how Sakura put her up to this task). Sounds easy, huh? Meanwhile Sakura is seen chatting with Yahiro about Kei and Hikari’s relationship (it seems everybody in this anime knows everybody). Soon Sakura confronts Hikari and accuses her of lying because she thinks Hikari didn’t tell him what kind of girls Kei likes because Hikari is his girlfriend. Hikari has trouble telling Sakura because she thinks Kei’s type of girls doesn’t include Sakura (hey, nobody is normal in this anime). Then before Sakura could show her power, Ryuu and the twins arrive. Sakura spots Jun and instantly fell in love with him. What about Kei? Don’t care anymore but Megumi is bloody furious to see some other girl clinging on to Jun. When Hikari finds out that Sakura has fallen head over heels for Jun, she lets out the cutest and funniest "Heeeeehhhhh???!!!" of disbelief!
Sakura tries to ask Jun out in episode 16 but shy Jun runs away. But just like Hikari, Sakura isn’t going to give up easily. So she devises a plan with the help of her dad to organize a BBQ party for the S.A members on her private island. Of course we know her true intention is to get close to Jun. Sakura has several schemes to get closer but is always thwarted by Ryuu and Megumi. Sakura’s dad decide to heat things up when he pairs up the teens and obviously it’s fixed because Sakura ends up with Jun. As the duo are in the woods, Jun tells Sakura off to stop but she trips and she catches him in her arms. Sakura puckers her lips in anticipation of a kiss but this brought back horrible memories (something about how he befriended a girl when he was young but the girl ended up hating him) to Jun so he pushes her away. When they reunite with the rest, Sakura’s dad decides to have Jun force kiss his daughter. Luckily the other S.A members fends them off. I think Jun sympathizes with Sakura when she said how she thinks he hates her and allows her to peck on his cheek. In her delight, she does so but this causes Jun to collapse. No, it’s not that he couldn’t handle her kiss or was her kiss that hot. You see, Jun has a dark secret, a dark personality. When Jun comes to, Jun’s personality changed! Woah! Now he’s like a lady-killer! A Casanova playboy! A seductive hunk! What a total opposite! His charms seems to have an effect on Sakura and Akira as they go gaga over him! I wonder why Hikari isn’t affected? Perhaps the same reason why she’s oblivious to Kei. Ryuu explains how when they were watching TV, Jun was hypnotized (something about how he will become bold when he gets shy). Due to that, when the girl Jun befriended found out of his flirting ways, she hated him. Naturally. In order to return Jun back to normal, he has to lose consciousness again and courtesy of Megumi’s singing, Jun awakens to his old self again with Sakura next to him. Surprisingly she tells him that she loves both sides of him. Even if Jun is a little comfortable with Sakura, he still continues to run away when she starts chasing him.
It’s Akira’s turn for a marriage interview in episode 17 and even though she has Tadashi on her mind, she agrees to go. Also Sakura has decided to enlist the help of S.A for her school’s cultural festival and ever positive Hikari is seen dressed up in a pink bunny mascot suit named Yappi. In a way she does fit the lively character of the suit. So embarrassing even Kei wonders if he could cancel her as his rival. At the school cultural festival, they are greeted by Yahiro who is also hosting the reception and it seems the other S.A members are playing some sort of host club. The girls are definitely swooning over the hot guys. Hikari notices Yahiro’s troubled face and how he’s having trouble approaching Akira (who seems to have her mind preoccupied as well) so she goes over to him and encourages him to do so, much to his annoyance. Then when Akira lost her handphone, Sakura organizes a large search just for it. Yahiro then approaches Akira but Tadashi cuts in. Noticing how Akira and Tadashi fit nicely together, he backs away. Yahiro searches for Akira’s handphone with Hikari and Kei when they overheard a group of boys claiming that they have found it. But upon seeing the trio, the boys panicked and tripped, thus dropping the handphone. Yahiro manages to dive and grab it but lands himself in the bushes. He then wants Kei to return the handphone but Kei refuses and Hikari advises him to do it himself. Yahiro manages to do so as she thanks him. Then when Tadashi overhears about Akira’s marriage interview and encourages her to go, she gets upset, slaps him and runs away in tears.
Episode 18 continues with teary Akira running away as she thinks Tadashi is oblivious to her feelings. She then bumps into Sakura and the latter finds out what happened. The duo then go ranting about building a male harem of their own because of their failed relationships (WTF?!). Soon Tadashi approaches Akira to apologize but Akira still breaks down and slaps him. Poor Tadashi receives another beating from Sakura soon after. Yahiro picks up Tadashi and treats his wounds while giving him some advice at the same time. Tadashi has a flashback during his younger days whereby he showed Akira the beautiful city lights and she was happy about it. I guess that’s when Akira started to have feelings for him. In present time, Akira is still sorting out her feelings when Hikari comes by and suggests for her to go apologize. That night as the school festival comes to a close (can’t believe Hikari is still so lively in that Yappi suit), Tadashi takes Akira on his bike to the hilltop to watch the city lights and nightsky like they did before. When Akira goes to buy some juice and says to herself how she’ll clearly confess her feelings to him, to her surprise, Tadashi has heard what she said. So in her embarrassment, she punches him (as usual). But the duo soon reconcile and Tadashi lets Akira know his feelings and doesn’t want her to go to the marriage interview. Tadashi then remembers how he confessed he liked her when he was young but because Akira was sleeping, she didn’t really hear them. In the end, Akira and Tadashi prepares to enter a room (I think they went to see Akira’s dad) but she punches him again when he held her hand and thinks he’s being indecent. Meanwhile, Kei once again beats Hikari in the number of proceeds during the host club.
Finally! We get to hear how Megumi sounds like in episode 19. After 4/5 of the show has passed, she finally utter some words (actually she did in the previous episode but I wasn’t sure it was hers then). What was her first lines? She confessed her feelings to Yahiro and wants to go out with him! Wow. How did that happen? Yahiro agrees to go out with her on this ‘test date’. At the same time, Hikari is out sick so the other S.A members pay her a visit. When Hikari’s sick, she’s acting real strange. Sometimes real horny. Especially on Kei. But let’s leave that aside and focus on Yahiro-Megumi. Like in all dates, communication is essential so it’s natural that things aren’t going well for Yahiro even if Megumi is trying her best. She even thinks of singing for him! Anyway she decides to throw away her precious sketchbook so that she could communicate better, much to Yahiro’s surprise. But after hearing her voice, Yahiro thinks it’s better for her not to speak. That creep. We find out her reason for dating Yahiro was because since Akira and Tadashi are a couple and noticing that Yahiro too likes Akira, she decided to be his girlfriend in hopes he’ll forget about Akira. Megumi tries to put some make-up when Yahiro comments on her appearance but that too didn’t go too well. Because it was irritating that Megumi can’t communicate without her sketchbook, Yahiro gets her a magnetic board to write on and Megumi thinks how considerate he is. Megumi then spots Ryuu and Jun out shopping and tries to hide from them. But of course the duo spots her and confronts them. Yahiro tries to play the villain again by saying how he forced her out on a date. That’s when Megumi opened her mouth to tell them that she is really going out with Yahiro on her own accord and to leave them alone, shocking Ryuu and Jun. Well, so much of preserving her singing voice (which never sounded good anyway in the first place ;p). Later Yahiro says how he knew Megumi is doing this for Akira’s sake but tells her not to go on as he doesn’t wish to bother Akira too. Megumi then decides to sing for him for being selfless and to cheer him up. But you know what? For once, Megumi didn’t sound horrible! Okay, not the best singing voice but it’s better than her previous attempts. If only she could sound like this all the time. In the end, even if Yahiro enjoyed their outing, his male ego denies it. Meanwhile everyone else is exhausted from taking care of Hikari (earlier on, she went wild so much so they had to tie and restrain her but she jumped out of the window from the 2nd floor to continue harassing Kei and even randomly confesses to him! Nothing can stop her!). So when Hikari feels better and wonders what’s with the gang and where Kei is, Kei is seen sleeping on top of Hikari’s roof. The safest place, no?
Hikari wins a lottery prize in episode 20 to an athletic amusement park. She tries to get the other S.A members to come but they are busy except for Jun who agrees to come. Then I think out of jealousy, Kei changes his mind and decides to tag along. A reason why Jun decides to come is to get away from Sakura. Of course when Sakura sees Jun and Hikari there, she thinks he’s dating her. Until Kei shows up. Once again Sakura tries to get close to Jun but since she got too close, he collapses. Oh no. Herald Inner Jun! Since Kei is holding him in his arms, Inner Jun decides to get mischievous and kisses Kei! Horror! Hopefully this isn’t turning out into a yaoi show. Kei’s going to kill him when Inner Jun’s charms attracted a swarm of swooning girls. He escapes as the trio searches for him. It then dawned to me how athletic Kei and Hikari are. They can jump and hop on to anywhere with ease just like those ninjas. They soon find him commanding a large crowd of girls in a restaurant. But don’t forget, Kei too has his charms so the girls let him go through. Sakura comes by and another eye contact makes Inner Jun faint and reverts to the old Jun. He runs away and all those jealous girls are furious. Kei and Hikari uses their charm to buy Sakura some time. It also dawned to me how cheap those loser girls are. Any good looking guy or girl would do. Sakura catches up with him and wonders why he’s always running for her. Fed up, she tells him to just run away. Jun then says he’s doing so because he thinks he’s strange. Then another weird thing happen as Jun transforms to Inner Jun just like that. When he tells her how he’d be a bother for her, Sakura punches him (men shouldn’t complain so much)! After lecturing him, she tells him to stop running away and asks for his feelings. He says he does like her the day they first met but he can’t stand the fact that he won’t be able to touch her and such because he’ll transform each time he does so. But she tells him to touch her face and when he did, to his surprise notices how warm it is and didn’t underwent a transformation. Meanwhile Satoru gets a call from the president of Takishima Corporation (his own dad, that is) as he tells him how Kei doesn’t need to attend school anymore.
In episode 21, while Hikari is on her way to school, she bumps into a good looking man named Aoi Ogata. No, she didn’t fall head over heels for him. When he introduced himself, several photos of Kei fell out from him and Hikari thinks he’s a Kei maniac. We find out that he’s the secretary of the Takishima Corporation and has been sent by the president to observe Kei’s school life. After he tells her how he’s indebted to Kei and would do anything for him, Hikari gladly helps him out by putting a little spycam in her pocket while Aoi watches in his car. Aoi sees the usual antics of the S.A from Tadashi and Jun’s new volume controller for Megumi’s singing (didn’t work anyway) and the usual jigsaw puzzle between Hikari and Kei (no prizes to guess who won). Later when Hikari meets up with Aoi and asks for his opinion, Aoi says that he has decided that Kei is to be transferred to London and deems Hakusen Academy as unsuitable for Kei. Hikari surely wouldn’t accept that as Kei hasn’t had his say in it (considering that if Kei is taken away, who would Hikari rival with?). In order to convince her, Aoi takes her to his private villa on the outskirts of the city. Akira then spots the duo in a car and suspects something so she calls Kei and yells at him what is he up to. Kei too is surprised to learn that Aoi is in Japan so he decides to see him. At the villa, Aoi shows several amazing accomplishment feats from Kei. But instead of being intimidated of the difference in their level, Hikari gets even more excited how worthy her rival is. Aoi then mocks the S.A which causes Hikari to be offended. So he challenges her to land a hit or him, failing which she has no right to be Kei’s rival. Hikari tries her best but Aoi evades each blow like a dancing butterfly. Meanwhile Kei takes a taxi to Aoi’s place but there is a bad traffic jam. We see another superhuman side of Kei as he starts jumping down the bridge and running through the thick forest. Kids, don’t try this anyhow. Hikari is pinned against the wall by Aoi. He continues to mock her and to stay away from Kei as she is in a different league. For the first time, she feels so helpless and calls out Kei’s name in tears. Then in good timing, Kei appears and gives Aoi a good slap (can’t believe he didn’t avoid that one. Perhaps he can’t since he’s Kei?). Hikari is relieved and hugs Kei. As he walks her home, he assures her that he will stay at Hakusen Academy till he graduates. And when Kei says how Hikari may be in love with him, we see the most dumbest shocking look on Hikari’s face! She gets flustered and well, still thinks no way something like that could happen because he’s her rival.
In episode 22, Hikari is deeply troubled by Kei’s words so she turned a little klutzy. She also wonders if deep down she hates Kei because she always see him as her rival. Aoi visits Kei and the former is still bent on bringing him back to London because the president’s orders are absolute. The rest of this episode sees Kei and Hikari going out on the date because Hikari has trouble trying to say Kei’s first name (she always addresses him by his surname). Is it so hard to say it? She seems so unnatural while trying to do so. Well, Kei manages to ‘distract’ Hikari to pronounce his name like what alphabet comes after ‘J’ and such. Meanwhile Aoi is seen talking to Sumire in her office and it seems they both have reached some sort of agreement. As the day nearly ends, the duo had a chat and Hikari kisses Kei on his forehead and manages to say his first name without fumbling. Hikari is going to confess her feelings of love (yay!) when Kei’s handphone ring and spoils the mood (boo!). Kei doesn’t want to answer but Hikari says he should as she excuses herself to the toilet. There she overhears a group of girls comforting their pal who has been recently dumped. She hears how falling in love is like losing. And that’s where it went downhill. After all the build up, it took just that to turn Hikari back to her normal rival thinking. Hikari bursts out of the toilet and calling him and idiot and that that she isn’t going to lose just yet before running away. So close yet so far. Even so, Kei is happy to have known Hikari’s feelings even if it’s for a short spell. At the same time, Sumire locks the greenhouse and cordons off the S.A area as Aoi looks on.
The gang are horrified to learn Sumire has disbanded the S.A in episode 23 and the reason for doing so is that she has been receiving complaints about them not attending classes, enjoying afternoon tea, not mixing around with teachers and other students, and bringing pets to school (all so true!). But Hikari isn’t going to let this setback ruin her school life so she and the rest will just have to attend normal classes. Even so, Aoi tells Sumire how this won’t break them up. As they have lunch together later, Hikari finds out why the S.A is important to the rest. It’s just not a class. The S.A is like a home, a family to the members, that’s why it’s so precious to them. The twins then receive a call from their parents to return home. Likewise Akira too. The next day Hikari is devastated to find the twins dropped out of school. Ryuu tells them that there was an agreement whereby to let them enrol in this school if there was the S.A and without it, their parents see no point of enrolling them here anymore. Currently they’re at the airport ready to board a plane overseas. The same thing is to happen to Akira as she is seen confined in her room. Kei confronts Aoi to tell him that his plans won’t work but Aoi insists that he’s doing it for his sake even if it means Kei hating him. Kei drops by Akira’s place illegally and finds out that the Takishima Corporation is blackmailing her dad’s company. Though Kei’s presence has been discovered, the maids tell him to leave quietly now or Akira’s household will face some backlash from the Takishima Corporation. Kei leaves and saves Hikari (who’s still trying to get in) from falling into the river. Later Kei asks Hikari if she likes the S.A and her reply is that she cares more about the people in it. Kei then issues a challenge to protect some flowers for a day while he tries to change things back to normal. If he wins, he’ll have her for a day. Next day, it seems the S.A has been restored but at what cost? Hikari learns that Kei has decided to give in to Aoi and return to London in exchange for it. Hikari is upset that Kei has never intended to win the challenge in the first place. She chases after Kei and I don’t know how or what she’s thinking because Hikari is trying to chase after the airplane on the runway! She thinks she can outrun it? Of course not lah. But to hear her calling out Kei’s name is so distressing. Kei can only look back as he says goodbye.
Kei has a flashback of how Hikari used to stay by his side till he opened his presents in episode 24. While the other S.A members are back and the S.A has been restored, Hikari decides to go to London to bring Kei back. That’s how determined she is to be his rival. Even Sui comes to Hikari’s home in a helicopter to tell her to save his brother. But since Aoi has been watching Sui’s move, he prevents them from acting further on. The other S.A members then arrive, up in arms and decide to go to London with Hikari. Aoi threatens that they will be kicked out of S.A. But don’t worry, all of them hand in their drop out letters to Sumire already. Plus, Hikari tells Aoi that she isn’t the kind which gives up easily. And off they go… Upon reaching the Takishima Headquarters, a security system tells them to go away as Kei doesn’t want to see them. They have too since Akira is in shopping mood and the security of the place is top notch. That night, the gang infiltrates the mansion but they are being confronted by a pack of guard dogs. Ryuu takes on the bulldog head while the rest scoots along. As expected, Ryuu wins over the bulldog’s affections. Next, they have to pass a series of defensive lasers and sly Akira uses Tadashi as bait so that the rest could move on. If not for Yahiro (what is he doing here?), Tadashi could’ve been toasted in a few more seconds. The remaining members have entered the building and disguises themselves as maids or butlers but are soon discovered because of Hikari’s short skirt (she thinks she can move better in it). A bevy of maids surround them when the head maid appears and is surprisingly Sakura (what’s she doing here too?). She gets up close to Jun to transform into Inner Jun. All the other maids are charmed by him while the rest escapes.
Out on the rooftop, they are confronted by several security personnel. Megumi decides to sing but somehow her voice can’t come out. Yahiro then comes by to give her encouragement and depending on how you look at it, her disastrous singing took them all out. Is Yahiro immune to her singing or is he wearing ear plugs? Now Hikari and Akira needs to get into the tower across. Can’t jump that far, can’t they? Tadashi comes by in Yahiro’s bike which he borrowed to catapult both Akira and Hikari towards the tower but only the latter makes it. Hikari meets Kei and talk things over. She gives him her presents (it’s his birthday today by the way) as well as those from the S.A members from their shopping. He opens Hikari’s presents to find several chibi dolls which resembles the S.A gang and he realized how happy they made him and how much he thinks of her. Since the day is almost over, Hikari then tells him to continue the challenge and if she wins, he’ll have to return anyhow. Aoi then tells all his security personnel to stand down after seeing how persistent Hikari is because he realized he can never win against someone as stubborn as her. Hikari and Kei’s challenge continue up the clock tower and Hikari tells him how he’s an amazing person and thus she respects him as her greatest rival. A gust of wind blows the flowers from Hikari’s pocket as she leaps to grab them. But Kei jumps and catches Hikari and they both kiss. All in mid-air! I wonder how they’ll land. Not important. At the same time, the other S.A members have submitted their application to readmit themselves back to S.A which is accepted by Sumire. So easy just like that? Hey, is Yahiro and Megumi an item seeing that they’re both together? Everything returns to normal back at Hakusen Academy’s greenhouse and with the recent exams just over, Hikari thinks she can dethrone Kei as number 1 because not only did she score perfect, she got extra marks for handing it in earlier. But her happiness is shortlived when Kei says how he scored perfect and got that score doubled when finished it all in a minute! He continues to tease her Miss Rank Two but Hikari smiles back and even if she says not to call her that, I guess she’ll have it no other way for things as they are now. So did Hikari win the earlier challenge seeing Kei is back? Dunno.
Though everything ends on a good note, but somehow I felt that it could’ve been a little better. Don’t get me wrong. I love the hilarious comical parts in the story which never ceases to make me laugh but I guess if they ever intended to make a sequel, they can just pick it up from here. Hikari is my favourite character in terms of her positive and never give up attitude. She’s the kind of character each of us should emulate. Though she loves taking up challenges, but isn’t that how we should approach all obstacles in life? Sometimes she may seem like an airhead or rush into things without thinking first but she still manages to maintain a positive and lively momentum. Still, don’t attempt to do the dangerous stunts you see here. It’s impossible anyhow. I have seen many animes whereby if there’s a one way chemistry, it’s usually the guy who is oblivious. But in here, Hikari is still oblivious to Kei’s affections and even so she’s like more in denial. Looks like she sees Kei only as her rival and nothing else. Except a love rival of course. Kei’s cool and calm composure makes him a likeable character too. He still got what it takes to be number 1.
The other characters each have their own unique and quirkiness too. Like Tadashi, he’s able to stand lots of beating and pulverizing especially from Akira. At one point he did admit how he loves getting hit by her. The character development are well spread out among the characters and doesn’t focus merely on Kei and Hikari alone. While the duo may have renewed their rivalry and take it to a higher level, at the end of the series, we could some change in the other characters as well. The twins no longer need to stay by Ryuu’s side and can do things independently without his presence. Jun comes to terms and accepts his other contrasting personality but I feel Megumi’s singing will take a longer time before she perfects it off. Unless she plans to use it as a weapon. Although Akira is still fond of Hikari, at least she knows her true feelings which is towards Tadashi and also not to be restrained by her traumatic past. At first Yahiro may seem like the villain but he has his reasons in doing so because he too feels the importance of the bonds of friendship. That is what I guess this series is trying to convey. By the way, there are 4 happy couples in the end, don’t you think? Kei and Hikari, Tadashi and Akira, Yahiro and Megumi, Jun and Sakura. Well if you look at the pairings in that sense. For Ryuu, I think his first love will always be animals. I wonder what happened to Hajime? Given up?
The drawing, art and animation caters to the bishoujo and bishonen look so of course there will lots of good looking and hot guys and girls, even if they are just side and minor characters. But sometimes I feel the way they draw Kei and Yahiro’s eyes make them look like vampires in a certain light or angle. In at least each episode, whenever feelings are reaching out between the characters, you’ll notice that the drawing becomes some sort of pastel-like and a little sketchy. I also noticed that there are those round snowflake-like things hovering throughout the screen whenever such situations occur. I wonder what is its significance. Even the mid-intermission, opening and ending credits has them. Lots of them.
However I don’t find all the opening and ending themes appealing. They somehow turn me off so much so I just skip this part. I find that the 1st opening theme by Yuko Goto, Special Days, so unsuitable that when I first heard it my hair stood on ends. I don’t know but to me I find that there are some parts of the song which is out of tune. The 1st ending theme, Hidamari No Gate is sung by the seiyuus of the 4 guys of S.A and sounds like an all-boy group pop piece. Both the 2nd opening (Gorgeous 4U) and 2nd ending (Special Gyutto Good Luck!) sounds like an anime version of the musical series High School Musical. Really. Feel like dancing a little?
The voice acting is quite good and my favourite is still Hikari because she is voiced by the versatile seiyuu Yuko Goto (Abiru in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Asahina in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu). I really love her voice whenever she sounds incredulous, shocked or surprise. She sounds really funny and hilarious during those moments. The other characters do fit their personality such as Jun Fukuyama as Kei (Lelouch in Code Geass), Tsubasa Yonaga as Jun (Shu Kannogi of Bleach), Ayahi Takagaki as Megumi (Noe in True Tears), Hiro Shimono as Tadashi (Ikuto of Nagasarete Airantou), Hitomi Nabatame as Akira (Margery Daw in Shakugan No Shana), Kazuma Horie as Ryuu, Natsuko Kuwatani as Sakura (Suisei Seki of Rozen Maiden – damn! Without her desu line, I couldn’t recognize her!), and Kishou Taniyama as Yahiro (Takayuki of Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien).
On other trivial note, the next ending preview is done by Tadashi and is like his personal space to rant, whether it’s related to the next episode or not. But it isn’t the anime drawing of Tadashi that we see, but a puppet doll. In my opinion, he looks horrible (sorry). The episode title come in pairs. For example episode 5 "Festival/Contest", episode 11 "Boyfriend/Girlfriend", episode 16 "Love/Kiss", and episode 23 "SA/FA". However I’m wondering why the first and last episode titles are quite similar to each other because episode 1 is "Hikari/Kei" while the final one is "Hanazono Hikari/Takishima Kei". Is it to say you can’t have an S.A without these 2?
Now here’s a food for thought. If these kids are so smart and intelligent, why on Earth would they need to attend high school? I mean as we have seen, Kei is actually helping his feeble dad in even doing business and making deals! In the anime, we even see the Takishima has several large buildings even naming Kei as their director! I mean they could go out into the business world and start working or make the world/economy a better place! Is it there’s a compulsory need to attend one? Hey, they could use their influence and power to skip that. Don’t want them to miss their childhood and schooling years? Yeah right. At the rate they’re going and stuff they’re doing… Is that what being smart and rich entitles one too? Sitting around idling all day long drinking tea with your buddies? Just mind boggling.
After seeing this anime, I did a reflection on myself back in my schooling years whereby I did have my fair share of studying but the marks were never reflective of my work. Not to say that I became lazy nor am I that stupid a person, perhaps I’m not one of those who could even get close if there is such an S.A in the real world. With education becoming important and a necessity, it’s no wonder every parent would want the best for their children. Though, I’m through with studying now and wouldn’t think about lifting a book. Now here’s another food for thought: Does it really matter if everyone else in the world is smart and intelligent but there is just 1 stupid guy? Ignorance is a bliss too…

Special A
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