Shin Strange+

March 14, 2015

The strangeness continues. I suppose the first season wasn’t weird enough that another season was needed to satisfy our curiosity of strangeness. Oh heck, it is so that we could laugh some more at all the silly and strange antics. And thus Shin Strange+ is yet another season filled with yet of a lot of random and bizarre silliness that to call it strange would be just so underrated. The main characters, the quartet detectives of Mikuni Detective Agency will take up any jobs for anything but all we see them is get involved in silly and random events with old and new characters that only proves to make us laugh so hard that we might hurt ourselves. Can we sue them for negligence then?

Episode 1: Reconduct
Nana who was looking for Kou notes that she found Takumi instead. We have Takumi giving us a summary of what happened in season one in a very fast speech. Is he rapping? Back at the office, Takumi notices some big woman outside and wonders if Kou has something to do with it. He scoffs it off that if she does, he’ll eat from his butt and poop from his mouth. Nana introduces herself that she is here for the brothers. Takumi didn’t hesitate to shove the burger down Kou’s ass! Seems Nana is working for their father and is tasked to bring them back. Takumi doesn’t want to and throws an insane tantrum. He also starts lying that he doesn’t want to go home because Kou bullies him and that he wants to grow up to be this town’s Jun Fukuyama to meet all those cool characters! OMFG! Lelouch! But isn’t Takumi 28 years old? He claims he is a fairy who doesn’t age! All lies! Nana feels bad for crushing his dream and will pretend she didn’t see them. She will cook up a reason to tell father. Then she looks at them with the scary eyes that if she does so she’ll receive a pay cut for failing her mission. They need not concern themselves with this. Oh sure. But thank goodness Nana didn’t get her pay cut. She got fired! Now she is freelance, looks like she’ll be staying with them. And that is how they gained another weirdo in their ranks.

Episode 2: Exchange
Kou and Takumi fall down the stairs and guess what? They swapped bodies! So are they going to live the rest of their lives like this forever? They rest too soon because Ozu just came by. He starts feeling suspicious that Takumi isn’t acting like himself. Act like the other by doing a random joke? ‘Takumi’ uses his butt as a shears but oddly today Ozu is pretty serious and he can’t see how he could make that into a joke. Even the rebuttal (no pun intended) of ‘Kou’ didn’t work. Ozu is getting more suspicious that they are total opposites today. He is going to experiment on them. Feeling the need to return to each other’s body quick, ‘Kou’ kicks Takumi down the stairs thinking their bodies will swap back. But what is the point if he only falls alone? ‘Takumi’ then tries another butt joke and fails miserably. Anyway Ozu is here because he has brought medicine. Medicine to switch the insides of 2 people back. Everybody loves him now…

Episode 3: Crime
Setogawa has a request for Mikuni Detective Agency. Recently he joined a group of delinquents and he is in a lot of trouble. In short, he wants the group to be disbanded. So Setogawa brings the gang to Kanno on pretence that they want to join his group. They look so tough that Kanno is even sweating in his pants. Anyway he wants them to show their skills. And he means stealing money from other people and not him! But they don’t know how and have him show them the way. He targets a woman but picks the wrong one. Nana violently beats him up although she says she is against violence. Epic fail. At this rate his reputation will go down. He decides to go for an easier target. A weakling and a child. Wrong pick again. Because they are Ozu and Dorothy. Ozu injects a big syringe into his ass. Kanno takes Dorothy hostage but was beaten to a bloody pulp. Thanks to his failure as leader, Kanno’s gang is disbanded. Where do all the minions go? Takumi hired them to be their minions. The labour cost is going to eat into their expenses…

Episode 4: Princess
Kiyoko is dressing up as a princess for a school play. However the person playing the prince sprained his ankle. Don’t worry. Takumi is here to replace him! Oh God… Kiyoko starts flustering when Kou praises the pretty dress. He was praising Takumi. This embarrassment turns Kiyoko into an evil step mother as she beats up Takumi. She has to go on stage now but they haven’t had time to practice. Don’t worry. Takumi will adlib! Oh God. Before Takumi could spew more crap narration, she beats him up with a mace. Then here comes Masamune as a princess challenging her. Kiyoko’s motivation is that she might get to kiss Kou at the end. She powers up to defeat him with ungodly techniques. Your whatever freezing machine gun is of no use! Scary what love can do. Next up is Takumi as Thumbelina. In a thumb dress, literally. Anyway he got thumped. Next is Miwa the mermaid. With legs. However Miwa wants to get yuri. Seeing Kou cheering her from the audience, she gets the much needed strength to defeat Miwa. Finally the kiss with Kou she has been waiting for. But wait. If Kou is in the audience, then who the heck is this old geezer in the coffin?! It’s the principal! She blasts him away into the sky.

Episode 5: Resistans
Masashi, the nephew of Mikuni visits the office. He is not amused of being treated like a kid although Takumi is just being his usual jerk ass. Mera and Kaori are here to bring him back but he won’t listen. Then Kaori wants to use force and shoot him but Mera won’t allow him. Masamune and Takumi make pancakes for lunch but they fail big time and Masashi criticizes them that they are inept to serve others. This cocky talk pisses off Takumi. Want to poison him? They lecture him about his attitude that he won’t get friends, etc. Not fazed. Then, Ozu and Dorothy just come in. Masashi is taken in by Dorothy. Miwa could guess from his reaction and thus the incessant and devilish teasing from Takumi begins. And he had to do it butt naked… Masashi cannot take it anymore and starts arguing back. Kiddie’s quarrel. Mera and Kaori are so happy that Masashi is acting like a kid his age. However they are reluctant to report this to Mikuni. They might get into trouble…

Episode 6: Escape
Kanno and Hanei wake up in a strange locked room. Mera and Kaori are there too. Hanei are in sync with Mera and Kaori in their calm stupidity. Then the announcer proclaiming to be Beauty T (Takumi?) claims that this is an escape room game where they will risk their lives to escape just for his entertainment. Kanno thinks everyone is working with Takumi to trick him and won’t be cowed. So Kanno solves superbly easy puzzles that sometimes feel like an insult. Or just plain stupid. They finally open a door of the exit. It is blocked and with the words ‘EXIT’. Duped? The only other door left is this obvious one. Well, no harm trying. In the end, it led them to the capture of the real Beauty T guys who kidnap people for this game of theirs. Yeah. Dangerous criminals were behind that door. Kanno couldn’t believe it and faints from the shock.

Episode 7: Restrains
Don’t be fooled that the opening scene is exactly the same as the previous episode. Again, Kanno finds himself locked in a room but is tied up. Kanno is having a nice meal at the table next to him. Why didn’t he untie him? Those killer knots… He wants to be cut loose with the knife next to his butt. You mean he has a knife in his butt hole?! NO! The pocket near his butt, silly! Seems Takumi is also trapped here. Beauty T announces that this is his revenge game and they’ll be continuing where they left off last time. But why bring Takumi instead of Mera and Kaori? Because they are too strong and he prefers to defeat weak looking guys! Coward! Let the escape begin! Hanei calls for help. Because his handphone has full signal! However he needs to recharge his battery. Useless! Same thing for Kanno’s handphone. They end up arguing about this so much so Beauty T scolds them to continue the game. Takumi remembers there is this exercise bicycle in the next room and they could use it to recharge. As Kanno increases the peddling, it accelerates forward and slams into the wall. Hanei takes a snapshot and uploads this funny picture up a social website. Thanks to this, it becomes viral over the internet and it lead to Beauty T’s downfall as somebody reported it. Back to prison. All hail modern technology and connectivity!

Episode 8: Homework
It is the last day of summer vacation and Mikuni wants everyone to help out with Masashi’s summer homework. Really? And there are lots to do… For bug sketching, I don’t know what Masamune and Kou caught. Looks like dragonflies but what the heck is this Pokemon creature?! For independent handicraft, Kanno and Hanei make super laser beam from paper mache. But Masashi wants something more adult and mature. Sure. Hanei makes him some extract art with a long ass name. For journal logging, Dorothy explains the convenience of the internet instead of using Miwa’s old fashion stamping trick. But it was dangerous and stopped for some time. For plant observation, Kaori starts drawing penis shapes of the morning glory and worries if it is copyrighted or not. For handicraft, Kyouya teaches how to make hand puppets but our ladies make really freaky creatures out of it. And although Masashi finishes it all in time, he must be regretting having those help because how can he explain all those ‘alien life form’ works in his hand.

Episode 9: Influence
The quartet are at a lavish party. Of course they are here because phantom thief Rusty has left a message to take their treasures. They meet the second son of the head of the prestigious Konzern Kanamiya. He took over everything after his father’s death but because he looks as stupid as his dad, they hope Rusty steals his treasures. Hearing that name has him cowering in fear! Heck, he cannot stop wetting his pants. Super chicken. I think Coward the cowardly dog is braver than him. Of course Rusty is already hear impersonating as a waitress. She takes a look at all the big time politicians, big time celebrities, big time corporation heads, big butt alien… Big what?! Oh it’s Takumi. Kou thinks that suspicious person is Rusty in disguise. However Takumi doesn’t think so because that person has big boobs. Insult? Rusty shows herself and thanks to everyone’s idiocy, she steals Kanamiya’s huge diamond ring. Then there are 2 Kous. Which is the real one? Takumi will eliminate them both! Didn’t hesitate at all! Rusty is going to drop her sleeping gas when panicky Kanamiya comes crashing into them. It becomes the biggest sleep-in party ever. In the aftermath, the news reports that Kanamiya was able to fend off the thief and retrieve the stolen item. They are confident he will be a promising future leader. Lies! Rusty rues that when she escaped, she forgot to take the diamond.

Episode 10: Similar
Nana thought she saw Takumi being kidnapped. So she bursts into the agency through the window to tell everyone about it. But don’t they realize Takumi is here too? Heck, everyone is so dumb that even Takumi himself thought he let his guard down and got kidnapped. With Nana’s tracking device, they head to some warehouse. Upon closer look, this kidnapped girl, Mami looks very much like Takumi. Realizing it is not him, they go home. WTF?! You can’t leave her like this! When the baddies return, they see Takumi tied up in S&M fashion. I guess they switched places. The baddies call grandpa to make their ransom demand and give them hear his ‘granddaughter’s voice’. “What is the colour of your underwear…”. Instant hang up! Oh Takumi, you sexual harasser! Takumi starts fooling around swinging his fake boobs. I guess it must be a pun for ‘hitojichi’ (hostage) and ‘hito chichi’ (human boobs). When the rest are caught, including Mami, they can’t tell who is who because they are wearing the same hairstyle! Takumi becomes a demon and beats everyone up with his un-beautiful move. Grateful Mami wants to repay them. Oh dear. Look at that devilish look on Takumi’s face… Back at the office, Masamune and Kou realize this is not Takumi but Mami! The real Takumi? At Mami’s house being served by maids and eating all the delicious food. You’re putting on weight… You should be putting on clothes, damn it!

Episode 11: Fiction
Kanno seems pretty chirpy today and willing to do anything. Turns out Hanei is currently writing a novel and asked him to be the model for the protagonist. Thinking that his submission might win an award, Takumi ‘kills’ Kanno and will be his central figure from now on. Kou chides him of that but it seems he too is trying to get into Hanei’s good books. And so it descends into a battle to impress Hanei. From Miwa trying to serve well, Nana crushing regular sugar into cube sugar, Masamune trying to lend his stuffs, Mera and Kaori faking an injury to be action stars, Rusty sliding down to failure since her introduction was too long, Kiyoka’s dad kidnapping his daughter and begging the guys to have a tsundere role! Then there is this guy we have never seen before and he is so happy he finally appeared. But who cares?! Then the rest of the other characters like Ozu, Dorothy and Kyouya barge into the impress. It becomes some sort of big brawl. Impressive? Hey, at least Hanei won’t run out of scenarios. And so his novel curiously follows the exact plot of this anime… Guess what? It has the same name too? Strange or coincidence?

Episode 12: Sutopura
It is gender bender for some characters because we are going dating simulation style! Kou is the main guy in this harem genre and Takumi not surprisingly as a girl but not one of those in the harem. Get what I’m saying? Kou knows it is a pain to pick one of the girls so he ends up picking Ozu’s route. The setting and story change dramatically into some fantasy Armageddon kind of setting. They must confess on the rooftop or else this won’t end. That new guy who appeared last week is now their teacher and supposed to be some great wizard. But like hell he could do anything. Takumi finds a sword and pulls it out. It isn’t a blade it has but legs! A tsundere sword? And all of them become RPG party members. Yeah, they start arguing among each other. Somehow they made it to the rooftop and after Kou and Ozu proclaim their love for each other, the world is returned to normal. All hail the power of love! Everyone wants to apologize to their wizard sensei for making fun of this world. However he can’t talk unrealistic stories anymore and runs away. And it all turns out to be Kou’s dream. There, your dream punch line. Not so strange, right?

The Butts Of All Jokes
Well? Did you love it? I guess after expecting the nonsense, it is no surprise that we do not find anything strange. The anime retains its hilarious charm from last season so those who watched the first season can find and straightaway identify with the trademark antics and peculiar jokes. Some jokes may be a little too extreme (big syringe in ass must be the killer) especially the ones involving Takumi because this guy, viewers especially those who watched the first season should already know and expect Takumi to be either an exhibitionist or cross-dresser. If he is not naked, he’ll be wearing in some girl’s clothes. And if he is in his birthday suit, he’ll do gross jokes and flaunting actions with his butt. Most flexible butt ever. Can you beat such booty, J.Lo? Beyonce? Okay, maybe his butt is not sexy. But still hilariously gross nevertheless.

Again Kou and Takumi feel like hogging most of the screen time. But this is also because there are a handful of other characters. With such limited screen time and with the adding of new characters, I suppose even Masamune and Miwa have been pretty much relegated to the sidelines although they will still be around when the silliness of the part calls for it. At the end of them, they are still the lovable idiots that we know them especially Takumi who is the biggest idiot, pervert and troublemaker of the lot. Kou will definitely have a hard time putting up with it all since he is playing the tsukkomi/rebuking role most of the time.

Old characters still appear but to a lesser impact. It is confirmed that Kiyoko really does have a crush for Kou but too bad the way I see it, it won’t be reciprocated. Keep hoping… Rusty who was the first ‘regular’ side character in the first season made her appearance quite late in this season. She still steals. She still fails. Basically they are all still the same like Ozu still the shady doctor and Dorothy still the little moe nurse assistant. Not to mention the Mera and Kaori pair who have very good potential for yaoi elements… New characters are also as wacky such as Nana whom everything about her is big (size, breasts, lips…), Masashi the serious kid, the pair of Kanno and Hanei somehow I feel their role closely mirrors that of Kou and Takumi because Kanno is the one trying to be serious but Hanei is more of the troublemaker and joker. Hmm… Come to think of it, I think these 2 make the most appearances for the new characters.

This time around, there are no opening illustrations because although some were sexy, some of them in last season were disturbing. So was it a good thing or not? Heck, they even cut out the end card illustration. I don’t know. Maybe it is the version I watched that omits it or this season entirely took out those short little segments. But there are some eye-catch illustration cards (although not many) that are a spoof of other series. At least those that I could identify such as Hanei as the boy wizard Harry Potter.

This season’s ending theme is 3’30 –Sanpunhan- sung by POARO. This pop rock piece sounds rather okay and fun but not really to my liking. And this is one of the strangest things this season. As there are a few versions of ending credits animation, some of them have this very strange sketching of some hideous creature. I don’t know if it is meant to be horror because there was one version it was being spammed with such strange creatures. Monkey head with a quadrupedal body and bat wings. Is this some kind of horror cult? Too strange to be called cute anyway.

And so this is one of those series where you put your brain aside to entertain yourself for a short period of time before putting it back on and move on to something else. However something tells me it falls short of classifying this as some kind of ‘anime drug’ like what I labelled Ai Mai Mi or Teekyuu. Maybe it is because no delusion stimulants and fast paced talking? Maybe Takumi’s butt isn’t something that will get you hooked on… Thus if you love the first season, you’ll definitely love this one. If they ever make another season, it wouldn’t surprise me nor would I find it strange. It would be very much welcomed in fact because despite how silly and strange everything is, they still make you laugh at the end of the day. Unless you don’t laugh at such things… Then people like you have no sense of humour at all. Such people are just strange not to laugh at this kind of things. So give yourself a chance at this series. You might find strange things normal and stranger things funny. And the strangest part is that all this is not so strange. Because this is Strange+.


June 13, 2014

A detective agency that will do anything? Sounds more like Gintama’s Yorozuya, right? Well, that’s what I thought when I watched Strange+. Yeah. A bunch of oddballs in a private detective agency, Mikuni, going around handling not-so-normal requests and at the same time meet different and interesting people. Oh wait. Let me correct myself. Meet odd and strange people is more like it. True to its anime title, in fact everyone here is just plain weird. Odd. Peculiar. Bizarre. Strange. You have the leader of the quartet a little boy Takumi who has a fetish of stripping naked or dress in female clothes. His younger brother Kou who dotes over him who is usually the voice of reasoning or the butt of jokes, the Rastafarian Masamune and the sexy Miwa. But that is what makes this short series (3.5 minutes per episode) quite funny.

Episode 1: Thief
The quartet are being chauffeured in by a maid to see the rich lord of the mansion, Doumoto. He has received a letter that a phantom thief, Rusty Nail is going to steal his prized family treasure: A little golden statue of the old geezer in some ambiguous position! Hey, at least it is made of gold. Turns out the maid is Rusty in disguise as she steals the treasure and makes a run. The detectives chase after her but get into silly traps like rolling ball down the stairs and butt punches from all the doors they open. Just when they thought she exited via underground, it was a decoy because she flew off in a hang glider. Takumi laces the butts with gunpowder and fires at her. Success. However the spark fuses all the other butts and the entire mansion is burnt down! Hey, at least the gold is saved. But how the heck are they going to repay his 2 billion Yen mansion???!!! Just laugh it off everybody. Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

Episode 2: Princess
Another old geezer hires the detectives to be the bodyguard of his daughter, Kiyoko. But Kiyoko is being an unfriendly b*tch that pisses off Takumi and Kou. They have to hold back if they want to see this mission through and get paid. She is also looking like a tsundere as she has her bodyguards meet her at a fast food joint after school and they must come dressed in her school uniform. Seems what Kiyoko wanted is to experience the normal life as a high school student. She thinks chatting with friends at the fast food joint is so. So what did the guys talk about? Panty shots! Kiyoko is enjoying her burger but the rest misinterpret her smile as she likes the panty shots topic. Later Kou and Kiyoko seem to be talking fine with each other. The rest don’t want to ruin their ‘romance’ but a bunch of shady guys prepare to kidnap the princess. The rest jump in to stop those bozos while Kou feels being a bodyguard is boring. He doesn’t even know what’s going on behind…

Episode 3: Hospital
I don’t know what sick dream Takumi is having but he grabbed Kou and it looked ambiguous from Masamune’s point of view. Anyway the big guy has got some injury so Miwa suggests he go look for Doctor Ozu. Oh no. You scared? But Takumi loves this shady doctor a lot that it is just pissing off Kou. He has to stop being jealous of all his brother’s friends. Ozu gives Masamune an ointment or if he wants to heal faster, take the mysterious Ozu soup. No thanks. He’ll take the former. Ozu’s cute little nurse, Dorothy shows them the way out. Later that night, Ozu comes stumbling in all bloodied. Actually he fell from the stairs. But the emergency is that Dorothy is kidnapped. There were shady people knocking on their door and he fell for the trick of junior high girls going through puberty and opened the door before some gruffy bad guys took Dorothy.

Episode 4: Trap
And so the gang head off to a rescue mission. Inside the building, they have to traverse obstacles that you see in outdoor parks like rock climbing. Meanwhile the baddies are having a hard time dealing with Dorothy as the whiny brat keeps crying and demands for her plushie. They do just that to shut her up. Ozu senses Dorothy nearby but it turns out to be a giant monster! It turns out to be her plushie. WTF?! And so without the guys lifting any finger, Dorothy is saved and the baddies beaten up. So it’s like they just came to pick her up? When Kou mentions that Takumi is a nice person, Ozu wonders if he has seen his true side to him. He hopes he will work hard and not be left behind. He leaves Kou with a lot of thinking to do. Could it mean Takumi has something to do with that plushie’s transformation or something?

Episode 5: Mistress
The quartet are to infiltrate a building like in a spy movie. Instead of doing it covertly, they knock out some guards to wear their uniform. Takumi wears nothing but the hat… They are so noisy that they got spotted and captured. But Masamune is strong enough to rip out from those ropes and free his buddies. They try to escape through the vent but a couple of guys, Kaori and Mera stop them. The quartet recognize the duo as those guys working under their employer. They claim they are double agents (doesn’t sound convincing). The duo begin their attack and target Kou and he panics. I don’t know what he’s thinking but he uses the wire screen. What is he going to do with that? Takumi just stands there naked looking cute. Don’t even ask. The alarm is sound and they recognize it as end of the game. The rest laments they won’t get any bonus this year because they failed to clear the game as Kou learns their employer is no other than the founder of their detective agency and Kaori and Mera are her subordinates. This building belongs to her and she likes to do surprise tests on them that determine their bonus. So how much will Kou get? 300 Yen! Not enough to cover a beef bowl …

Episode 6: Precious
When the quartet enter the supermarket, they see Rusty doing her shopping! She reminds them she is the kind of chivalrous thief who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. She’ll be coming to their agency tonight to steal something. Oh, she already went off without paying… So that night as the gang waits, they wonder what are the precious things in their agency. Takumi thinks it’s their ancient TV that doesn’t even have a remote. Then Rusty appears and tries to take what she thinks is precious. Let’s say it wasn’t worth it. Do you want strange fungus growing out of your hands after touching that odd mushroom lamp? Or what the heck is this embarrassing drawing by Kou? Definitely not Picasso level. Not wanting to give up, she clones herself into Takumi but that kid clones himself even more and nails the true perpetrator. Then Rusty and Takumi get into a battle of agility, jumping down a building and hopping on electric poles. Takumi throws a mushroom into her mouth. She starts growing into giant size and a helicopter shoots her down like Godzilla. Turns out she was just hallucinating but it knocked her out. Next morning, Kou is flattered when Takumi mentions they were able to protect their most precious thing. No, it’s not them but the TV. Disappointed?

Episode 7: Procession
Masamune feels somebody is watching him. Miwa has him relaxed with a cookie but it was swapped with an octopus! Enter Kyouya. Who the heck is he? Don’t remember? The last they saw each other was 2 nights ago. Masamune calls his bluff because he was waiting in line at some otaku event. Yup. That is exactly where they met. In fact, they met at the same circumstances for many times. Kyouya is always behind him during such event and he lucked out when Masamune gets the last of the limited edition. So he throws down another challenge for the upcoming event. On that day, Masamune brings Kou and Takumi along and he thinks of not worrying as they have plenty of time if they start out this early. Unfortunately they get distracted by silly things that eat up a lot of time. Or even traps that are just playing psychological on them. By the time they reach there, the line is long and Kyouya revels in his victory. However Masamune will just use his reserve tickets. Kyouya just realized that he spent all his time making those traps he forgot to make a reservation. And from now on, Kyouya keeps showing up now and then with Masamune. Like friends, like rivals… Go home already!

Episode 8: Intruder
Kiyoko’s friends are appalled at these ‘foreign exchange students’ who are no other than the weird Mikuni detectives under disguise to catch a panty thief at school. At this rate, they could even be mistaken for that pervert. So when they say birds of the same feather flock together, I guess it really means the perverted guy, Baron Eros actually makes his entrance. But the rest or more surprised to see Kyouya here. He is a student in this school, what do you expect? I don’t know what kind of challenge Takumi and Baron Eros had but it lead the former to punish the latter for being distracted by swimsuits. Miwa thinks she is going to be his next victim but he is searching only for young high school girls… This next pain is going to hurt a lot. When Baron Eros thinks he is going to have a peeping chance of a girl changing, it turns out to be Masamune. Takumi beats him up for not coming after him instead. WTF. To make him regret his actions, Takumi did some brainwashing and he did change and turn into a different person. But his dead eyes… Something awful must really have happened for him to turn into a zombie. Or at least someone who doesn’t see attractiveness in anyone else but Kou… Don’t even ask.

Episode 9: Guard
This time, the quartet are to protect an important political figure named Bill in this hotel. That foreigner politician look familiar to you? The rest think it’s some game and if they clear it, they get their bonus. Yeah, they’re really excited. Till a real bullet almost hit Kou! Is this still a game? The rest still think so. They have to run away from assassins in the elevator, hiding in the vending machine and a sexy dispatcher who threw clothes melting acid onto Takumi. The assassins try to fight fire with fire. Because they become oddball perverts! The detectives aren’t please with this because there shall only be one pervert in this world no other than them! And so the fighting goes on… In the end, Bill excitedly reports to Mikuni that he loves the quartet’s excellent work. Farting into vending machines, hitting someone’s face with his butt… Sure he wants to say all that?

Episode 10: Curse
The detectives are now to hold on a medallion worth 80 million Yen! Wow! Till they are told its curse. Whoever holds it will have bad luck. Now everyone tries to pass it off to the other! So while the authorities are going through legalities to donate it to the museum, they want them to guard it. Takumi makes scaredy cat Kou wears it. Masamune tries to take it off but lots of accidents befall on him to prevent him from even touching it. Out in the open wilderness where nothing could possibly go wrong, here comes Ozu trying to show off his scalpels!!! Ozu tries his hand to take it off but bamboo shoots suddenly grow and hit his crotch. True awakening? Rusty appears to steal it but was told it was cursed. Takumi cheekily pushes Kou to her and in her panic, she punches it off. She is happy to have stolen the medallion till she experiences all the bad luck. She doesn’t want it anymore and throws it back to Kou. Shouting some curses with it. Next day, the news reports that the medallion have fallen off a cliff and shattered into pieces while being transported. All the work for nothing…

Episode 11: Antique
The gang is at Kiyoko’s home to see her father’s antiques without appraising them. Inside his treasure room, it seems that most of the antiques are weird. But which antique isn’t? Thinking there is some sort of interesting history in all of them, however daddy mentions that each one is inhabited by a Tsukumogami spirit. Haunted? Disappointed? It’s no wonder they keep calling him a geezer. Even Kiyoko calls him that. Father is going to teach her a lesson by unleashing a ghost in a pot but it possesses Kou. Since the ghost died without being loved, the only way to solve this is to kiss. Seriously, the old man wants to kiss him?! The ghost goes on a love attack rampage. Kiyoko feels responsible for this and will allow him to kiss her. But the romantic mood is ruined when a possessed statue bumps her away and kisses Kou. Both ghosts ascend to heaven very much in love with each other. In the end, the detectives receive the pot and statue as memento…

Episode 12: Hero
Kaori and Mera have a new job for the detectives. They are to act in a live hero play based on an anime 21 years ago made for kids: Sailor Bloomoon. All the audiences… Are grownups! Heck, it was an anime that aired 21 years ago, right? Masamune as the bad villain didn’t like how some of the audiences comment on him so he takes them ‘hostage’ like as done in such shows. Herald Takumi in the lead as Sailor Bloomoon to save the day! With his teammates against the villains, it seems the hero side is acting like the bad guys so much so the audiences are rooting for the evil ones! They’re asking the monsters to save them instead! Who are the bad guys now? Takumi even takes out a real knife for real slashing and bloody effects! With the audiences cheering them on, the baddies make a return and win! Was it supposed to happen like this? Since the show is a success, the guys already have their next hero show in line: Futari Wa Muri Kuri! NO MORE HERO SHOWS PLEASE!

Everyone Makes Strange Bedfellows
It was quite fun watching the spontaneous and nonsense so it is no wonder that another season is in the works. Of course the comedy is perhaps just the saving grace of this anime because in other aspects it just feels sufficient. Firstly the art. Although I won’t go so far as to say it is bad enough that my one year old nephew can draw better, the art feels so unpolished and at times makes the character feels cartoonish. But I think that is to enhance the comedy effect since Kou and Takumi are the biggest jokers in the series. Heck, everybody else is but these two are the main ones. Because of so, the ‘sacrifice’ means that if the art is purposely made to look funny, that means conventional anime viewers like myself won’t really enjoy the style it has to offer. Maybe except for Rusty who was looking pretty in a maid outfit…

There is no plot whatsoever even if the synopsis of this anime starts out as Kou coming to town to find his brother Takumi but ends up in his detective agency doing weird errands and meeting weird people, this shouldn’t discourage you from enjoying the silliness of everything because who cares about all that when you can laugh like mad? Each episode is random and can standalone by itself (I think that episode involving Dorothy despite being split into 2 episodes, I can consider both to be independent of each other) so much so that if I submit my stupid ideas, they can even make a short episode out of it. Even if there are some foreboding plots like whatever Takumi’s true form is, I’m sure we can’t be bothered with it since we’re here to enjoy the antics. So for those who really want to see some storyline progression, please look elsewhere. Besides, how much can you cram into 3.5 minutes per episode?

Then there are the characters. Because we have been told what the title of this anime is, we already have our mindset of what to expect from the characters. Despite being fearless detectives who would do and take on anything, they are all just probably big idiots who don’t really know the meaning of fear. They’re likeable because they are being silly and you can probably guess their behaviour from day one right up till the end. To sum it all up. They’re idiots. Strange idiots with no common sense. At the end, you would have clearly known that Takumi is some sort of perverted exhibitionist who loves stripping down to his birthday suit whenever he has the chance. The other minor characters are oddballs too but you wished they had more screen time to add to the silly fun. Like Ozu’s shady doctor business, Dorothy’s cute moe factor, Rusty’s determination to just steal and fail badly, Kyouya being some sort like an ‘extension’ to the detectives and Kiyoko… Is she in love with Kou?

For the voice acting, everyone plays their part well with Jun Fukuyama playing as Takumi (Lelouch in Code Geass), Tomokazu Seki as Kou (Chiaki in Nodame Cantabile), Ryotaro Okiayu as Masamune (Byakuya in Bleach), Satsuki Yukino as Miwa (Kagome in Inu Yasha), Mitsuki Saiga as Kyouya (Phantom in MAR), Shoko Nagahiro as Rusty (Sora in Inugami-san To Nekoyama-san), Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ozu (Naraku in Inu Yasha), Taeko Kawata as Dorothy, (Hisami in R.O.D.), Wataru Hatano as Kaori (Gajeel in Fairy Tail), Katsuyuki Konishi as Mera (Kamina in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) and Ayano Terasaki doing her debut as Kiyoko. The opening theme is Beauty Boy by Jun Fukuyama and despite the animation has some crazy action, they changed it to a Sailormoon parody for the last one. On a trivial note, every episode begins with some sort of illustration. Some are funny, some are sexy, some are disturbing (especially those involving guys in fanservice or seemingly yaoi shots!) and some are just plain strange. Also, the end card illustrations are done by different people. Some funny, some sexy, some disturbing and some just plain strange. Did I repeat myself again?

I won’t try to make comparisons of this anime with huge random nonsensical comedy animes like Gintama or even Cuticle Detective Inaba, Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt, Yondemasu Yo Azazel-san or Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Each has their own distinct uniqueness so it won’t be quite fair to judge them by comparing. All I can say is that if you have a little spare time and want to watch something that isn’t serious and something that makes you burst into hilarious laughter, Strange+ has that little dose for that temporary fix. I know it’s strange but like they say, laughter is the best medicine. When you have a world where everybody is just so strange, then everything is pretty much normal, don’t you think?

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