Much More Suigin Tou

July 16, 2010

Yeah, can’t forget about this one either after I did Mai. So after another long hiatus, it’s time for another picture blog tribute to my number two love of my life, Suigin Tou from Rozen Maiden. This is the third instalment of my blog tribute to her and I still find her dark gothic lolita outfit and long flowing white hair combo a captivation although. What more can I say? What more do you want me to say? A picture is worth a thousand words so it’s better to see and form your own prose like how I did with mine. Uhm… Yeah… Something like that.
 Sugin Tou 31
DARK ANGEL: If you don’t pay close attention, she may look like just a flying head in the darkness.
 Sugin Tou 32
BEHOLD: When there is light, there is also darkness.
 Sugin Tou 39
SITTING PRETTY: Who says she doesn’t look this good… And gets away with it.
Sugin Tou 34
EHEHEH: "Did I mess up something?"
Sugin Tou 33
UHM?: "Did I miss something
Sugin Tou 29
PISSED: Do you know what it means when you have earned her wrath?
 Sugin Tou 30
O PITIFUL ONE: "That would be you!"
Sugin Tou 35
 SISTERLY LOVE: It’s always a love-hate relationship. Come to onee-sama, my little imouto…
Sugin Tou 37
CURSED DOLL: Change up? What does it mean by that?
Sugin Tou 36
MYSTIFY: Enchanting and lovely but deadly at the same time.
Sugin Tou 38
 SWORD MASTER: Careful what you say. She can slice you up in a blink of an eye.
And for the final ultimate finish…
Suigin Tou 40
UNSTOPPABLE: Puny humans! Tremble in fear and brace yourselves for world destruction!
Woah. Where can I find more pictures depicting supremacy of my favourite Rozen Maiden doll just like in the last picture?! Even if she isn’t going to win the Alice Game (which I couldn’t care less about), in her own ways and my utmost opinion, she is the best doll ever! Maybe this world isn’t big enough for her to stamp her authority after all. SUIGIN TOU ZUTTO TO ISSHONI NI IRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Red heart

More Suigin Tou

August 23, 2008

I have to admit again once more. My feelings for Suigin Tou of Rozen Maiden hasn’t really waned a single bit ever since. In fact, I’ve grown to love, admire and adore her even more. I’m not saying that she has overtaken my Mai Tokiha for the top spot. Still at a distant second spot, though. Heheh. ;p.
Hmmm… Thinking of which, I think I can start my own harem since I already have two gorgeous and lovely ladies in my book. Hahaha! Dream on, pal. Yeah, currently dreaming and hoping not to wake up from it soon. So here are more pictures attributed to this dark gothic-clad doll. Don’t worry Mai, your turn will come real soon. But for now, let’s just enjoy the one and only Suigin Tou… (No other Rozen Maiden dolls can come even this close to her. >P bleeeeeeeh!).
 Suigin Tou 16
MODEL POSE: A perfect shot good for any magazine front cover page.
 Suigin Tou 17
HANDLE WITH CARE: Will you protect my Rosa Mystica that I am entrusting you with?
 Suigin Tou 18
NO NEED FOR INTRODUCTIONS: The name says it all…
 Suigin Tou 20
SLEEPING LIKE A BABY: Suigin Tou in slumberland. Sweet dreams baby.
 Suigin Tou 23
ABRACADABRA: Behold with baited breath!
Suigin Tou 24 
ROSE ROSE I LOVE YOU: Suigin Tou is akin to a rose with a billion thorns.
 Suigin Tou 22
LOVE IS ALL AROUND: Okay, perhaps those love-shaped sakura petals doesn’t mean you’ll be loved tenderly.
 Suigin Tou 19
GLOW IN THE DARK: Somehow her hair seems to stand out at places with dim lights.
 Suigin Tou 25
NOT A VAMPIRESS: Please do not mistaken me for that blood sucking garlic-phobia creature of the night.
Suigin Tou 21 
SEXY LEGS: Doesn’t she look lovely, cute and sexy? WHAT AM I THINKING???!!!
 Suigin Tou 26
SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY: Do you think a raven should be a suitable mascot for Suigin Tou?
 Suigin Tou 27
WHAT IS THIS?: Suigin Tou during her early days when she is confused and learning her surroundings.
Suigin Tou 28 
EVIL GLARE: Thinking of something wicked, aren’t we?
That’s it for now folks. *Sigh*. I guess all good things will eventually come to an end. Hopefully in the near future, there will be even more juicier pictures and images of my darling. And to end it all with the usual:
SUIGIN TOU MOTTO MOTTO DAISUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Red heart

Suigin Tou

November 24, 2007

Okay, I have a confession to make. I’ve been trying to surpress or keep it a secret (or rather be in a state of denial) but I guess I couldn’t hold it any longer. See, there’s a new anime bishoujo that I’ve fallen head over heels for quite a while now (Gasp!). Actually… Actually… I’M IN LOVE WITH SUIGIN TOU OF ROZEN MAIDEN!!!
There I’ve said it now. This doesn’t mean that I’ve ditched my previous first love Mai Tokiha away yet. Oh please understand Mai, before you scream and call me a bloody traitor (or even start throwing plates and stones), hear me out first, pretty please. You know guys like me, this may just be a passing thing. My love for Mai Tokiha wil always be eternal. But till then, I need to get this off my chest first. Maybe it won’t make you feel any better, but it does a little for me. Somehow I’ve fallen into her mystical charms.
So below are a few pictures to ‘show’ and dedicate to my current love, Suigin Tou. Wait, Mai. What’s that evil aura and look in your eyes? Isn’t that Kagutsuchi with you? Why is his mouth full of fire as though he’s gonna blast somebody. Umm… I think that somebody is me. WAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! (Enjoy the images while you’re at it).
 Suigin Tou 2
TRADEMARK DRESS… Suigin Tou looking lovely in that black gothic dress of hers.
Suigin Tou 1
NOT A CHINA DOLL… Another lovely pose from Suigin Tou.
Suigin Tou 3 
PLEDGE TO ME ON MY ROSA MYSTICA… Don’t mess with me, I’m not junk.
 Suigin Tou 7
IT’S A SIN TO BE BEAUTIFUL… Don’t hate me because I’m pretty.
 Suigin Tou 5
LOOKING GOOD… Who says you can’t be evil and look good at the same time.
Suigin Tou 8 
WHAT’CHA LOOKING AT… Stare and admire me for all you want.
Suigin Tou 9 
A CUT ABOVE THE REST… I’ll snip off your head if you say I’m second best.
 Suigin Tou 11
WELCOME TO MY WORLD… Come and join the dark side.
 Suigin Tou 12
BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL… Suigin Tou looking as stunning as ever with her arms crossed.
 Suigin Tou 4
HERE COMES THE ANGEL OF DEATH… Death has never come and been this gorgeous before.
 Suigin Tou 10
MERCURY LAMPE… What’s a girl like me to do on a boring day?
Suigin Tou 14 
WOULD YOU CARE TO BE MY MEDIUM… Why, I would gladly even be your servant and slave.
Suigin Tou 13 
A GUST OF WIND BLOWING THROUGH… A sideway profile of Suigin Tou.
 Suigin Tou 15
ALICE IN N-FIELD LAND… The battle to become Alice won’t be as easy as it seems.
Suigin Tou 6 
SMILE… Even a girl like her has her gentle and tender side.

Phew. Now with that over, I can finally have some peace of mind. Oh, Suigin Tou, wherever you are, please let me be your medium. Ditch that death-enthusiast Megu and I’ll gladly get rid of her and even Shinku at your command. Since I’m not sure how long I’ll be captivated and fascinated with Suigin Tou, but as long as I still am, might as well say this too. SUIGIN TOU DAISUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Red heart
While I’m at it, you can spank me all you want, Mai. I know love hurts. But it never hurt so good before. Ouch.
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