Super Seisyun Brothers

December 12, 2014

Hey! Did Super Mario Brothers get some sort of cousin spin-off? Perhaps a distant relative from the land of the rising sun? Those were the first thoughts when I had when I first heard of Super Seisyun Brothers. Don’t worry. It has nothing to do with that Italian plumber in any way whatsoever. Instead, the story involves 2 pairs of teenage sisters and their younger brother. Both sets of siblings are as different as day and night from each other but yet are best friends. This is a story of their everyday life at home and school. I guess I can cross out that hope of mine of seeing them jumping on mushrooms, hitting coin boxes and ambushing castles to save a princess in distress.

Episode 1
At the Shinmoto siblings’ place, Chiko is complaining that there are no hot guys at college. Despite her and Chika being hot and good looking siblings, they wonder if there are perfect matches for them out there. See? Even handsome and pretty people have their troubles. Over at the Saitou siblings’ home, Mako and Mao worry about communicating with aliens! What better way to visit the Shinmoto siblings and talk it out. The blondes like to aim high too but Chiko would rather conquer the shopping malls and departmental stores. Chika would also love to use his charisma to change the world. Chiko is pissed when a guy comments that she is great when she doesn’t talk! She couldn’t understand how Chika and Mao attract others easily. Well, Mako is also easily attracting everyone. Chika thinks it is because Chiko is an otaku since she draws stuffs. She calls it artistic and fashionable but the way she rants about her life as a pretty girl makes it sound that she is very much an otaku. I think she likes it.

Episode 2
Mao is having trouble in putting down what he wants to be in the future. Chiko suggests going to university or prep school and it’s not a bad thing since a person like her could get enrolled too. As for Chika, he has already decided a long time ago. He wants to conquer the world! After a nice warm bath, Chika is going to have his nice ice cream but to his horror Chiko took one. He screams of her being immature so Chiko admits she is a child. Chika corrects her she is already an adult… Chika complains this to Mao and asserts that despite looking like a kid, he acts like an adult. But when he gives an example of how, he sounds like a typical kid citing those examples. Eating sushi with wasabi makes you an adult? On the other hands the girls are talking that despite looking like kids, they are already adults. Mako notes her honest opinion that if people really consider them as adults, this country is done for. And as noted, it’s because they can have such open discussion, it makes them adults.

Episode 3
Chiko cross-dresses as an anime character and earns Chika’s teasing. However when she is able to get into a decent conversation on this with Mao, Chika realized that he is also into this. Thanks to his pride of not wanting to lose out, he would love to watch the DVDs too. However Mako won’t allow him in fear he would turn out to be like his sister. As he asserts he is only interested in real girls, Mako shows him her favourite idol group of AKC47 (?!). She’s really obsessed about them… Talking about the opposite or same sex they are into, Chiko prefers hot men while Chika loves pretty babes (that means nice boobs and legs). It is very different for the Saitou siblings because Mako hates men (“they’re all perverts!”) and prefers girls. Seeing them b*tch around is not bad either. And Mao hates girls and loves macho men. That was just a joke! Almost sending shock to everyone except Chiko who is still fantasizing those lovely men of hers. She really doesn’t mind fantasizing him in her BL fantasies. After clearing it up, Chiko mentions she still doesn’t mind about it so Mao tells her he prefers girls. Twice. Trying to hint something?

Episode 4
The professor is relaying the passing grade and points so Chiko’s friend, Shiyo Kohara calculates and it seems they need to at least attend classes for 6 more times! Meanwhile at some gloomy alley and some gloomy cafe, Mako works there part time as a gloomy waitress with an equally shy cafe manager who is always wearing some sort of animal mask. Chiko calls Mako about her dilemma of attending classes. Yeah. It’s like the biggest thing she has ever done as she has always been skipping it. Trying to make others take responsibility for her life? Just go to classes, damn it! Mako is glad she doesn’t have to face that crap. Despite the gloomy working conditions, she gets paid well and eats good meals and this place is not far from her home. Chiko still has no luck finding a hot guy. She meets Shiyo who mentions she has been spending lots of time with her boyfriend lately. Since he is into online, she dates him online and dating in the real world only happened twice. And both occasions are dates to Comiket. Chika tells Mao about a shady restaurant and is suspicious about it. Mao is worried because that is where Mako works. When Chiko mentions things remind her of somebody, Shiyo can tell she is referring to Mako. Is she an esper or what? Well, they’ve been together for every day…

Episode 5
Chika and Mao often take the train to school together. There were times they were so hot that girls would just fluster to ask their name. But now it seems none are doing it. Wonder why? Well, actually the girls are keeping their distance. They misinterpret their very close interaction and think they are gay! Even when their female classmates note they are like peas in a pod, Chika gets the wrong idea and thinks he is like fish paste and Mao the wooden base. It gives the girls even more wrong ideas about them. Their friend, Iori Maruoka wants them to join in playing basketball but Mao is napping. Till he mentions if Mao comes along, more girls will come cheer for them. Time to wake him up. Chika starts wondering how he ended up being Mao’s best friend. He starts thinking of all the hobbies but they weren’t quite it. It makes him conclude that he has no hobbies and is a boring person! So he calls Mao to ask if he has any hobbies. He does. Hanging out with him. You don’t say. Because Chika also has that same hobby.

Episode 6
Chiko decides to show Mako her shoujo manga that she decides to debut with and has put in a lot of effort. It’s about BL… So when Chika heard about it, he really wants to read it. However since she only has BL stuffs, she can’t really show it to him and gives excuse she doesn’t have any copies. But Mako will gladly show all Chiko’s drawings since school days in her notebook! So come on over to her place! NOOOO!!! We can see how her manga transforms from something angelic into something demonic through the years… When Chika learns being a mangaka can be famous, make lots of money and having your manga adapted into TV, he starts jumping the gun that he might get discovered by Hollywood! Chiko submits her work and feels nervous about the results. Mako talks to her manager that her friend has taken a step forward in life and she wonders if she will be stuck in this part time job forever. He believes she will be doing fine but what she meant is that she doesn’t want to end up like him. Too bad, he already planned to hand over the shop to her when the time comes. She doesn’t want it. How sad…

Episode 7
The girls wonder if the guys are in another clubs. Because they were in the volleyball club back at school. The guys couldn’t believe it. Flashback reveals they didn’t like club times. They wanted to find an excuse to skip it and the best way was to feign injury. But they need to come up with a back story too on how they got it. And then it hit them. Literally. They fight and punch each other’s face! They manage to skip it and the best part was they get to mend their friendship. The girls start lecturing how they’d better join one to be popular once they become seniors and that it’s like honing your skills for society. But the way they’re lecturing feels so unconvincing because they’re like so unmotivated. While looking through photos of their younger days, Mao can’t help be infatuated with a photo of cute Chiko in an Alice In Wonderland stage play. She allows him to keep it. Wow. For real? He continues to stare at it and when Chika learns about it, he thinks Mao is obsessed with him and likes him a lot. Why? Because that is Chika cross-dressing as Alice! Holy sh*t!!!!!! Can’t blame him for being this cute, eh? Mao got so sick that he gives the photo to Maruoka. He doesn’t want it either.

Episode 8
I suppose Mako has ran out of excuses to skip this year’s Comiket so she decided to go with Chiko. That vast sea of people… It just disappoints Mako. Is this what youth these days spend their time on? How disappointing. There is no hope in the government anymore… Chika really wanted to go but Chika prevented him since ‘it is no place for a normal person’. Nobody comes to buy Chiko’s doujin as they man their booth. When Shiyo comes by, Chiko goes to hang out with her. Mako then contacts Chika that she can tell him how to get here without his sister knowing with a condition that he doesn’t tell Mao. So while her brother babysits the house, Chika brings Maruoka. A world of new opportunities will be opening up for them… A Power Ranger surprises Mako when she comes to buy a doujin. Even more surprising, Chiko knows her. She is Ui Umezono and her senior at college. She takes off her helmet piece and is quite a pretty person. Mako asks why she is wearing such an outfit. It’s her childhood dream to be like one. Mako didn’t think many girls are into this tokusatsu stuff when suddenly it is greatly hinted Ui may be a guy… Holy…

Episode 9
Chika and Maruoka are at Comiket. Chika is thrilled to see Ui cosplaying and wants a photo taken. He goes to ask for to get a picture and as they chat, he notices the very well made mask. Ui takes it off for him to inspect and Chika is impressed with this ‘beautiful woman’. So he requests taking a photo without the helmet on. Maruoka thinks he is a guy but Chika doesn’t believe. While Ui is talking with Chika and Shiyo, he notices Mako left out and wonders if she is alright. When Mako spots people cosplaying as AKC47, she becomes excited and squealing for pictures. Everyone leaves Comiket early. Chika further hangs out with Maruoka and the latter asks about the former’s plan. Chika doesn’t think he is going to university because he believes Mao can’t handle life without him! Or is it the opposite? Mako talks to Mao that she never realized Chiko had other friends than her. It makes her feel relieved and happy she has other broad minded people as friends. At the same time it makes her envy. When Chika goes back, Chiko is waiting and quite furious. It’s like she just came out from The Grudge or something. She knows he has gone to Comiket because of that selfie Ui took with him subsequently. It’s a small world after all…

Episode 10
Because the guys are getting along so well together, their sisters wonder if they have any girlfriend and so it is decided they should interrogate the other’s brother. The guys know something is fishy when the girls want to ask something. Definitely something is up. Mako asks about Chika’s girlfriend. He once was in a relationship but broke up. Because it is always the same reason. Who does Chika like more? The girl or Mao? No wonder… Although he is not in any relationship now, there is one girl that he is quite interested in. He shows the picture of him and Ui together. Oh dear. Doesn’t that make him gay? It’s so amusing that Mako doesn’t tell him the truth. On Chiko’s side, her body language is obviously easy to read like denying Mako put her up to this. She is surprised that he has never once been in a relationship and although many girls confessed, he turned them down. The disappointing part for her is that he didn’t play along with them (because he doesn’t want to break their hearts) and thus she finds him a bit boring. Mao adds there is a person he likes but the love is one-sided. Chika is excited to know more but obviously he can’t say it…

Episode 11
The love interrogation continues. Mao describes the bad points of this girl she loves. Chiko is blur not to realize this girl is herself and criticizes her! Then he relates her good points and since he sounds serious, she now feels envious. She wants to take a look at her picture and won’t forgive if she is not cute. Don’t worry. She is as beautiful she’s hoping for. Meanwhile, Chika asks about Mako having a boyfriend. She denies that she has one otherwise she wouldn’t have so much free time to hang out with Chiko. She also decides to play safe and deny that she had any past relationships in fear Chika might tell Mao. He finds it odd since she is pretty but comes to a conclusion that he himself wouldn’t date a girl like her! This pisses off Mako and Chika still doesn’t realize what he said. So she tells the truth that she once had a boyfriend who professed his love for her every single day! When he asks what type of guys she would like to date, she gets her sweet revenge by saying never a playboy like him! Back to Chiko, in exchange for telling her about his love life, she is going to take the liberty to tell hers. Oh God. Mao isn’t the kind of guy who loves to hear this kind of things but he just can’t tell her off. And so her first love begins since kindergarten. Oh dear. This is going to take a while. But how come all her loves are anime characters? Then she breaks down lamenting and wishing she was born in the 2D world. He calms her down that she is prettier compared to most otaku girls and that her ideal man in glasses hasn’t appeared yet. He was about to hint one who likes her very close by but she gets distracted since it is time for her anime rerun… He wanted to tell her off that her otaku ways could be the biggest problem why she couldn’t land a guy but he isn’t the kind of guy who speaks his mind so openly.

Episode 12
Interrogation ends and the girls exchange information. Mako will pretend she doesn’t know anything as she doesn’t want to interfere with her brother’s love life. Chiko thought she has brother complex so Mako adds the only time she will interfere is when they are to get married and she will become a tormenting sister-in-law! Scary! As for Chiko she doesn’t mind having a stupid and narcissist sister-in-law. This discussion of love also spreads to their friends. Guess who is Shiyo’s first love? A video game character! She’s hinting it has lots of tentacles… And the girls are surprised that Ui sounds a lot more like a playboy. Maruoka is still sulking over the recent breakup with a junior. It seems he wanted a pure relationship but that girl gives the green light to get down and dirty with him. He couldn’t take the heat and froze. Now he is traumatized by it… The guys talk how their sister’s interrogation wear them out and it is rare that siblings take an interest in their love life. Chika feels Mao may be hiding something so Mao mentions he plans to tell him one day as he doesn’t know how it will affect their relationship afterwards. Chika won’t have him say a word more and clearly understands the situation. He knows he is in a situation where he is involved in a love that can never be. He knows despite that person’s looks and characteristics are similar to him, he has a hard time saying it even to his best friend. Mao is surprised by his sharpness but it comes crashing down when Chika thinks the person he is in love with is… Johnny Derp!!! JOHNNY WHO???!!! Chika continues ranting that their relationship will still be the same although he’ll never know why he chose that Hollywood star. Feel like punching him?

Episode 13
Chiko’s submitted manga is finally out. Seems she got third place. While Mako is impressed on her first try, Chika isn’t because only first place gets serialized. Chiko is feeling a little mixed. It’s complicated. But she gets motivated to get started on her next manga right away. Once Mako and Mao leave, she shows her true colours. She is really depressed and wants Chika to comfort her. However Chika knows she hates being comforted. And so she picks herself up and isn’t going to stay depressed. She’s going to continue working till she becomes the world’s best mangaka and conquer the world! Meanwhile Mako feels irritated because she wanted them to be perfect examples of what useless young people should be and yet she is moving forward in life unlike her who hasn’t got any plans yet. It’s like she’s starting to drift away from her. She wonders if she would want to follow her pace and Mao believes if she does, she’ll find a breakthrough and Chiko will accept her feelings if she conveys them properly. Chika teases Chiko that she’d be a cool brother if she was a guy. She thinks she is pretty proud of herself and cute to go with it. However Chika disagrees and believes she is an older sister who can never get married! Mao mentions when Chiko helped him out with his future career problem, at that moment he wished the girls would swap places as his sister. Mako feels insulted and doesn’t like him saying that kind of stuff. As for Chiko, she will show her brother that she will be a bride someday. Someday…

Episode 14
What the heck?! Suddenly a fantasy turn of events? Mao is a half angel and half devil who formed a contract with this girl called Momoka. Even joined her in class as a transfer student. Till Chika the angel turned up and they both fought over her. Turns out Chika too is half angel and half devil and as they continue to battle, they realize they are 2 peas in a pod. They are the same. They merge and combine into one… WTF… It’s like that Momoka character didn’t even matter. Then it all turned out to be an old manga story written by Chiko that she is trying to rewrite again. Everyone is reading it and surprised or not too amused (especially Mako who is casted as a demon). Chiko is embarrassed and has a hard time trying to explain. Chiko’s friends wonder why she hasn’t come to classes and she doesn’t really want to be reminded about it.

In Between An Adult And A Child
Despite the short duration of the series, this show itself is still enjoyable thanks to the main quartet. They may be a little cliché with the Shinmoto siblings being complete narcissists while the Saitou siblings have this mysterious feel to them. Overall, I think that is why opposite attracts. In certain ways, the characters’ personalities do feel realistic and can relate to. I believe all of us can fit into one of the characters in the main quartet or at least the side characters. Personally, I think I am more like Mao… Yeah, really. However I thought they could flesh out more of the characters and the side supporting ones too but I suppose it is not fair to ask for it given the short duration of the anime.

The comedic parts are also not too bad with the quirky characters and their sometimes witty or even nonsensical dialogue that makes you smirk from time to time. Like Mako who may not portray much of emotions compared to the Shinmoto siblings but she can just turn ‘evil’ in the next second. Best joke of the series goes to Shiyo and her boyfriend because they really nail this online thingy with their online dating despite being so physically close. It basically sums up what today’s life is all about. Everything is so connected. So virtual. So unreal. Mao’s mistaking Chika as a cute little girl in that photo is also another hilarious moment. Now you know why the truth is scarier…

Story wise, for genres like these, there is nothing much to look forward to in terms of the plot. When you have been given the ‘everyday’ expression, that already seals it what kind of anime this is going to be. So whether it ends or not, it doesn’t matter because life goes on. They are still together and will be now and forever. At least that is how this type of shows goes. Those of you who love story driven animes would definitely stay away from this sort of slice of life anime.

Art and drawing feels like and simple but it also makes the characters look good and super cute. The colours are bright and vivid but not to the point of overdoing it so I would really say that there is a lot of plus points in the artwork despite its simplicity. Nothing too heavy but light enough to be pleasing for our viewing pleasure.

In a nutshell, this anime just like any short anime shows won’t become mainstream but it is good that anime viewers from all walks of life could check this cute and light hearted funny series. Because life is too short to be taken too seriously. Funny moments in life like these are a gem and can be found anywhere. So forget about conquering the world. Watch this anime first and then go conquer the (online) world. Hey. Suddenly I just realized this. Why do they call this Super Seisyun Brothers when there are girls too? Google doesn’t have the answer. Ah, one of life’s mysteries that will never be solved…

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