You can make an anime on just about anything these days. Even mascots. Yup. Just leave it to Japan and anime and they’ll breathe a new life into your mascots. If your mascot is famous, why not go the extra length of reaching more audience by having your own animated series? This is the case of Super Sonico The Animation. Initially I have never heard of this character although I did see some random pictures of her around the internet but my curiosity wasn’t that nosy to find out more. Till this anime came along. Uh huh. At least in that sense it made me find out and read up a little more about this mascot. Yeah. So that’s how I got to know this character thanks to the anime. But not that I have turned into a big fan of the character or anything, just that now I know. Just that.

Let me see if my ‘research’ has taught me well. I found out that the character, Super Sonico is a mascot to a visual novel game developer company, Nitroplus. Obviously I have never played lots of games, what more Japanese games in my life, therefore that name doesn’t even ring a bell. Only just a few years ago, they started organizing concerts annually so I guess that’s where they put their mascot Sonico to good use. She’s a busty pink haired girl rocking with a guitar in hand. What better way to appeal to a broader fan base than to have your character so. I don’t know if she will reach the same height of popularity as Hatsune Miku (probably the most famous and recognizable one out there) or Black Rock Shooter, but since she has her own legion of fans, it can’t be that bad, can it? And now that she already has an anime series, you wonder what it is going to be like. Turning the character into some sort of superhero and saving the world from super villains? Not really. Just an everyday life and occurrence that we see the character and her friends go through.

Episode 1
Sonico finally gets up after all the alarm clocks and cats wake her up. Maybe she could have hear better if she hadn’t had those earphones. Oh wait. Are they part of her? Sonico realizes she is running late and rushes but it’s making her forgetful of the things she needs to do first before she leaves. Along the way she meets several people who know her. When she arrives at college, she enters the wrong class. Definitely late. For the 13th time. Although she excels in her studies, the teacher laments if she wasn’t late every time, she would have been a model student. After classes, she goes straight to work. However the client has moved up the schedule so she has to start right away. She is to be their model for some of the client’s products. Honestly, I thought that bikini looked skimpy already and it feels like she might be busting out of it any time. Lots of good shots are taken but the client decides to make her wear a more shameful piece and get some photos of her in it, convincing her it is today’s trend and how she’ll be a big hit. Suddenly the client’s head is grabbed by a man in a demon mask! Who? Kitamura. Sonico’s modelling agency manager. If his scary ‘face’ doesn’t scare you, wait till you see his fiery aura and flashing eyes! He claims they are attempting to do something out of their contract. Since Sonico has done her part, the contract is fulfilled and needs to do nothing more. Besides, she should go help her grandma’s bar now. So any objections, people? Who would? Sonico serves beer to a bunch of old guys from the shopping district as well as a baseball team who are having a party in the bar and they all love Sonico for growing into a fine woman. Her cooking is still the same. Best ever. She has to leave when she gets a call from band mate, Suzu Fujimi. As she meets up with her, it seems Suzu has got a new song. Sonico is excited to hear it now. They can try it out at the studio but what about their other member, Fuuri Watanuki? Suzu has already told her earlier in person since she doesn’t have a handphone. She’s sleeping here since afternoon after having many bowls since lunch. When the trio arrive at the studio, Sonico seems too focus in trying to learn the new song. However Suzu just tells her to play how she feels to it. That is what their band, First Astronomical Velocity do.

Episode 2
The girls do an advertisement about their upcoming concert. After practising, they discuss about the ticket design and Suzu wants Sonico to wear a special outfit. It is made with some special material because at the end of the concert, her sweat will melt her clothes away! Just like ice cream? No way she’ll wear that. Fuuri gives the damning verdict that their concert is for people to hear their music and not show off how they look. Sonico’s classmates know she is handing out tickets to her concert because she always acts this nervous before the live gig. Sonico gets a call from Kitamura that he is a model short and wonders if she can be the replacement. Seeing that she has other obligations, Kitamura is okay to look around further. However Sonico wants to do it despite her tight schedule. So she calls Suzu to apologize she can’t make it to their practice today. But Sonico is putting up a gloomy look during the shoot. Will it turn out fine? During the break, the make-up staff talks to her how she got into a band. Similarly, Suzu explains to her Manager the same thing. She saw Sonico nervous in the streets. Her huge boobs were really ‘distracting’. Suzu went to talk to her about her preference in music and invited her to join the band since they lack a guitarist. She also recalls recruiting Fuuri as the drummer (she gave a flying kick to some punk who was trying to hit on her). Sonico feels better and puts up more smiles when the shoot resumes. The night of the concert, Sonico thought she was late but looks like she got here first. Actually, Suzu is on her way to pick up Fuuri in a taxi because the train services stopped so she’s stuck at the station. At the mean time, she has to buy time to entertain the audience alone. Sonico wears the improved ice cream outfit (it doesn’t melt) and talks to everyone how they came up with the band name. Breaking through the atmosphere? Becoming stars? Hmm… Okay. Everyone understands that her band mates are running late and will wait. Sonico is about to play the song they made and worked together but suddenly freezes. She can’t do it alone. Thankfully Suzu and Fuuri arrive in time to start the music rolling with Skylab Hurricane. At the end of the concert, everyone is surprised to see Sonico’s outfit melting! I guess she took the wrong outfit because the correct one was in the locker.

Episode 3
Sonico makes her way to office to check her schedule. She meets fellow loli model, Ouka Satsurikuin. Sonico’s next modelling assignment is for Yamakawa Books who publishes magazines of collected mangas. The location? The sandy beaches of Okinawa! Kitamura and Sonico arrive at the southern island and meet the editor of Yamakawa Books, Endou. They are also introduced to the rest of the staffs on this shoot that includes a famous professional photographer, Kishikawa. The night before the shoot, Kitamura and Endou hit the bar together. Yup, they’re drunk. Kitamura must be glamorising Sonico to be the best model when some guy named Kakazu heard he is some sort of a talent manager and needs a favour. Next day, Sonico works hard as a model as they from places to places around Okinawa to take various shots. Night fall when they get back to the hotel, Kakazu is waiting for them but Kitamura doesn’t remember this dude. Seems last night Kitamura agreed to have Sonico appear in a movie he is making and signed a contract for it. Oh sh*t! He tries to give excuse that Sonico is tired after a long day but Kakazu says that the staffs are already waiting. Sonico is willing to do it thinking Kitamura got this job for her so she’ll do what she can. Seems this is some sort of tokusatsu movie. She doesn’t have many lines and only appears in this short scene so it won’t be a problem. Her role is to be the scared victim being harassed by the sea monster. Hmm… The squid seems to be like molesting her… Kitamura is getting suspicious what kind of movie they’re filming so Kakazu explains that this is how they make their money. In every episode, a girl gets harassed from some monster while yelling and screaming in embarrassing situations. When the squid ups the molestation and the scene is getting ‘dirtier’, Kitamura blows his top. There’s steam coming out from his mouth! Oh sh*t! Before those hero rangers can save the day, Kitamura jumps in and takes out a katana from his back (how the heck he hides it there?!) and cuts up the monster!!! Who is scarier? Don’t mess with this guy! Kitamura drives her home as he apologizes for accepting a job without knowing the details. Sonico doesn’t mind. Although she was scared, she was glad he came to save her. Kitamura notes when she came to his office the first time, he didn’t think she would last. She might be awkward and dense but it was her smile that lights up everything. In the end, the scene of Kitamura trying to cut up the monster becomes part of the episode. Those hero rangers don’t even have to lift a finger. Thanks to their ‘friend’, Okinawa is once again saved. Kakazu is so impressed that he offers Kitamura to star in another big part! No thank you!

Episode 4
Kitamura is glad Sonico could make it for another photo shoot and done it perfectly well. She even brought her guitar. He learns this guitar, Daydream is very precious to her and got it from her senior, Kyouka “Toma” Tomano during her middle school days. However she feels it doesn’t really belong to her and may have to return it to her someday. That rainy night, Sonico receives a postcard from Toma. It made her remember the day she first met her just like on that rainy day. Sonico waited till dark for the rain to stop but was attracted by the sounds of an electric guitar. She saw Toma banging away and the latter invited her to come in and sing (since Sonico couldn’t play an instrument that time). Soon Sonico is enthralled by her guitar and hopes she can join her light music club. That’s when she started learning and playing the guitar. One day Toma decides to give the guitar to her. It was given by her alumni, her senior who chose her. Now she chose Sonico to be Daydream’s owner. Of course Sonico isn’t that good yet so she suggests if she can master the tough guitar riffs of Moonlight Star, she’ll give it to her. It doesn’t have to be today but she’ll look forward to hearing her play. Later Sonico then realized why Toma gave Daydream to her. The other band members told her Toma was going to transfer away due to her family moving. She didn’t want a farewell party because she didn’t want to feel down. Sonico rushed to see Toma and caught her right before she left her home. As they talk, Sonico thought of giving Daydream back to her as she has not mastered the song but Toma told her to keep it. She also explains the meaning of Daydream and thus wants her to pack this full of her dreams. She is going overseas for now but when she gets back, she hopes she can hear her Moonlight Star. Back in the present, Sonico requests Suzu that there is a song she wants to play. During their concert, she plays Moonlight Star and dedicates it to her senior. Unknown to her, Toma was there watching and at the end of the gig, she leaves a message that she barely made it there and that Daydream is officially hers.

Episode 5
A local small time publisher is running out of ideas of what to publish so the editor thinks Sonico could be a good cover. Furthermore, he hands this task to Sayaka Kinomoto who is very much against it and doesn’t want to cover this cow tits brat. He thinks she’s since they’re both girls, it will do. Worse, she needs to keep in line with their tight budget too. She reluctantly calls up the agency to meet and is expecting to get rejected but to her surprise, Kitamura agrees to do it. Although the coverage will be what Sonico does in her daily life, Kitamura will still have the final say of what gets published. That night she calls her fellow friend, Yuuko from another publishing company out for a drink. We learn Sayaka was writing some novel but gave up. Sayaka is too drunk to walk home so Yuuko brings her home. She sees on her messy table the drafts of whatever novel she was writing. She hasn’t given up after all. Next day, Sayaka begins her work but Sonico’s grandma had to open the door to her apartment. Yeah. All those alarm clocks ringing and still sleeping. She takes a few shots of her as payback. The cats help her to wake Sonico up but she falls back to sleep. This is going to be tough. And she’s already running late for classes. While accompanying Sonico in her college, Sayaka also interviews other students. Sonico is just like a normal person with her likes and dislikes. Heck, some students don’t even know who this model is! Sayaka asks Kitamura why Sonico wanted to become a model so he thinks she should ask her personally and it would make a great material. Sonico’s answer is that her father’s friend suggested it but her current dream is not to become a model but a rock star. Sayaka is taken to see her band mates during practice. They too have good things to say about Sonico. Then accompanying Sonico to grandma’s place, the old farts get carried away inviting Sayaka for a drink. She couldn’t resist and ends up drunk. She is taken back to Sonico’s room to rest and while Sonico is in the bath, she caught glimpse of Sonico’s notebook and realizes she is writing songs. Then she asks if her music path failed but modelling career flourished, would she quit her band? She won’t because she loves rock even if she can’t be a professional. She’s gotten lots of ‘power’ from rock and would like to give everyone back that power. Sayaka walks home pondering that Sonico has got it good because she is surrounded by good people and hasn’t taste the bitter reality of losing things along the way. However she realizes she is not to judge her and blames herself for not doing the things she loves. Next day, Sayaka is in good spirits again as she drives Sonico to college as gratitude. She’s going to do her best. Later Kitamura calls Sayaka to thank her about the great article she wrote on Sonico and her rock dream. Sayaka calls Yuuko to say that she’ll try writing novels again.

Episode 6
The girls are trying out swimsuits for their concert on the beach tomorrow to attract as much audience. Sonico is advised by Fuuri to accept this sexy one or else Suzu will put on more embarrassing swimsuits on her. And then… It rained! There goes the show. Ouka shows Sonico her fat burning cream TV advertisement she starred in that will be aired nationally. Seriously, a skinny loli modelling for a fat burning cream? I can see why… She thinks she is going to be famous and invites Sonico and her friends to come onboard the luxury cruiser where the official product will be launched. Sonico, Suzu and Fuuri and perhaps enjoying the lifestyle of the rich on this cruiser since they’re given VIP treatment. At the product launch, Kabuko Joujoji, the CEO of the company making this cream has Ouka demonstrate how to use the product. She gives everyone onboard a sample for them to try. Notice how everyone is so fat? Even Sonico and friends are ‘fat’ at a certain part… Haha! Suzu remains suspicious, though because it sounds too good to be true. Meanwhile the scientist warns Kabuko about launching the product as the clinical trials have not been finished. The cream has different after effects on different people. Kabuko doesn’t care since they can’t back out now after coming this far and will pour all the funds into this project and become giants of the beauty world. That night as Sonico and Suzu are out on the deck, suddenly… ZOMBIES!!! WTF?! Did this show turned into survival horror?! They recognized those ‘zombies’ to be those people who attended the launch. Seems that after putting the cream, they have become so thin that they become hungry! WTF. Guess who are the fleshy meat targets? Run Sonico, run! Thanks to Suzu’s drop kick, they manage to get away. Oh, Suzu was once a wrestler so her kick packs a punch. It doesn’t help when Fuuri is hoarding food and taking it with her. They want to escape via lifeboat but Ouka cuts them off first. Bye bye loli? Kabuko has the girls take refuge in her room. She tells them the product will wear off after a certain time and it is estimated that will be by midnight assuming everyone applied it right after the launch. Since Fuuri was hoarding more snacks, the zombies barge in and attack. Kabuko distracts them for the girls to escape. A few minutes into midnight and the situation isn’t returning to normal. The trio are cornered. Suzu sounds like she wants to sacrifice herself for the duo but Sonico won’t allow it and takes their hands to jump off into the sea! Just then they see everyone returning to normal (fat again?). Oh brother. What a bad call. In the aftermath, they are pulled out from sea, the products are suspended and this means the ad will be taken off. This means Ouka’s debut never made it and speaking of that loli, she’s still drifting at sea… That’s what you get for being selfish.

Episode 7
Sonico is taking a lone trip to Niigata to learn new things. In the bus she meets a woman who seems to have her own problems but Sonico chooses not to ask. The woman learns firsthand how hard it can wake up Sonico. She’s even sleepy at their destination. When they part, Sonico sees her happily reunited with her man. At the train station she is still sleepy. The conductor had to wake her up when the next train arrives and even give her the notebook she dropped. After dropping off at the station, it starts to rain after a walking distance. She takes shelter in front of a shop when an employee happens to come by. She lets her in as she observes him making glasses with the furnace. He teaches her how to make one and lets her keep this little glass bead as souvenir. Once the rain stops, she continues her journey on foot. By evening, she must be darn tired and luckily finds an inn. After taking a hot bath, she sees a poster of tonight’s stargazing party. She makes her way there in the dark only to get lost. Something in the bushes startles her but it turns out to be a raccoon. It leads her to where everyone is. She sits alongside with them and admires the beautiful starry sky while thinking back the amazing journey and the wonderful people she met. If you’re wondering why there aren’t any lights whatsoever, it’s because you’re not supposed to have any at such events. You might block out the stars.

Episode 8
Sonico goes over to Suzu’s workplace to rehearse. She meets Miina the maid who doesn’t know they’re rehearsing. As Sonico is changing, someone attacks her! Tardy Fuuri arrives to see Miina trying to open the locked door. After Manager gives the sole key to open it, they find Sonico dead! Blood all over! OH NO! Is this turning into a murder mystery?! Actually Sonico is still breathing and the gang deduce from the footmarks, she just tripped and had tomato juice spilled all over. However here comes Ena who thinks there is more to this mystery. Who is she? Suzu’s little sister who wants to be the greatest detective and annoyingly loves bugging people. Oh God… She smelled a mystery so she’s here to solve it. Sure Sonico didn’t just fall down? Since they have time to spare and Sonico won’t wake up for a while, they decide to play along with her. First, Ena takes everyone’s alibi and nails the culprit! It’s Miina! Something about wanting more money and tried to attack Manager while she is tallying today’s sales but Sonico saw her so she followed her to the changing room and assaulted her. Of course this accusation is denied because Miina is a rich girl. Of course it’s a trap from Ena for the true perpetrator: Suzu! WTF?! She’s not making this up, isn’t she? From her handphone, there are expensive stuffs Suzu wanted so she tried to attack the manager but Sonico saw her and you know the rest… But how do you explain the locked door? Manager is in possession of it and has no spare. Another trap! Manager is the true culprit! Sonico and Manager were arguing over the stage fees. They assaulted each other’s boobs and Sonico lost. After that she left and locked the door. Crap… Sonico is about to wake up but Ena wants her to go back to sleep because otherwise she can’t finish her brilliant deduction! Is she that hard up to be a detective? However when Sonico mentions her guitar, the rest notice it is missing. Oh no. Could it be she was really attacked and her guitar stolen?

Checking the place, Ena once again deduces the perpetrator came in via air vent. Using a robot. The little robot unlocked the door for the culprit to enter and assault Sonico before stealing he guitar and then locking it and going back up the vent. Or Sonico must have stumbled to lock the door herself, passed out and rolled over to the tomato juice. I must give her points for her fantasy… But if Sonico was attacked, she would have screamed, right? Then it hit Ena. Because they are going to hold a practice here, who else have they told? That person could be the attacker. Since nobody else told others, it could only mean Sonico could be the one. They check her handphone for any messages but it seems she Twitted it. Oh yeah. Everyone knows about it. Suzu tries to wake up Sonico and put an end to this but Ena is still against it. When Sonico whispers Ena’s name, the rest feel suspicious that she might be the culprit. How else would she know there is a mystery? She wanted to be the greatest detective, right? What better way than to show off her brilliance by making the mystery up herself? Prove your innocence! Ena… Runs away! The rest chase her to the stage where she shows Sonico’s guitar sitting at the corner. Everyone deduces Sonico just fell on her own. In the end when Sonico leaves, the rest find out that she didn’t lock the door. Oh no… Much later, Ena confronts Miina and knows she is the culprit. The door was never locked. She pretended it was locked and made everyone think so. She didn’t want Sonico and co to practice because if they do, they may find out the broken amplifier in which she accidentally spilled water. She saw Sonico unconscious and took this chance to hide her guitar because nobody would suspect her if they don’t know how long the amplifier was broken. Miina admits everything and wanted to tell Manager about it. She wanted to get it fixed before anyone noticed but panicked when she heard about the rehearsal. She is afraid she will get fired. Ena promises she won’t tell anyone because being a detective isn’t to catch criminals but to solve mysteries. Sounding like a pro now, doesn’t she? So who catches criminals? The police of course.

Episode 9
Sonico must be playing too much video games. Some creepy bugs appear but she gets the help of her cats. Kitty Rangers! However after defeating the bugs, they decide to bring it to her… Turns out to be a dream. Sonico had been working hard for her college’s cultural festival and they are doing some marine exhibits. To cover the cost of the exhibits, Sonico and her college friends work as maids (I thought it looked more like sailor outfits) at the festival. Suddenly the light music club president comes running to her for help. The guitarist is out sick and they have a gig at 2pm. Please be her guitarist! Okay. And then… Ouka’s manager comes running to her for help too. Ouka was supposed to do some modelling here but entered a hot dog eating contest. Yeah, she was taken away in an ambulance for overstuffing herself. Can you help Sonico? Okay. It’s going to be a busy schedule but it’ll be fine as long as it’s not double booked. The first cosplay photo shoot goes well. Sonico is embarrassed to see Suzu and Fuuri cheering on her. During the break, she learns she has been entered in a beauty contest. They confront the committee and it seems they’ve gotten her permission a week ago. Yup. She was sleepy over the phone when they asked and said yes to everything. Gulp. Can’t back out now. So Sonico runs back and forth between photo shoots and sound checks. And then another problem crops up. The cafe is doing so well that they ran out of ingredients. They want her to go buy! Oh dear, Sonico. Going to feel the burn out? Suzu puts her feet down and assures everyone to get back to their posts. Suzu knows this will happen and thus is ready to help her out. Sonico is to play in the gig whereas her friends dress up as Sonico for the other schedules. Despite the costume making them look very much like Sonico and you can’t tell the difference, at least the people can tell it’s not the real Sonico from the way they act. Unlike some clone gags in other shows… Suzu helps out with the ingredients in which she calls Sonico’s grandma for help while Fuuri enters the beauty contest but can’t take her eyes off one of the food prizes. Though she didn’t win the beauty contest and just got an honourable mention, everyone pities on this doppelganger and just lets her have the food. At the end of the day, everything went smoothly as Sonico thanks her friends. But there is one more thing left to do. Sonico becomes the host of the marine exhibit to the kids.

Episode 10
A flashback shows how Sonico picked up the stray cats that are now her pets. I thought it looked like they took advantage of her kindness and good nature… Anyway after another job, Sonico stumbles into another little stray cat. She is torn to keep it or leave it because she remembers Suzu’s words about her poor planning will lead to her house being cluttered by cats. But you know… She brings the kitten back and although the other cats would love to get to know this new one, he ignores them since he is currently getting special attention by Sonico. She decides to call this one Rice. Her other cats are called Cha, Siew, Men, Naruto and Ajitama. Glorious food… That night when one of the cats approaches Rice, he got cat-fu by him. Don’t worry about waking up Sonico. She’s a heavy sleeper. Next morning when all the cats wake her up, after she turns off all the alarm clocks, she falls back to sleep. How to wake her up? Rice claws her hand! Instant wakeup call! While Sonico is out, the cats are left to their own device in the room. But it gets boring for Rice. When Sonico returns, Rice immediately tries to dash out but Sonico stops him. Sonico talks to grandma about this and she’ll try to ask if anybody lost their cat the neighbourhood association tomorrow (the cat seems to be of the expensive kind). That night all the cats see this miracle moment of Rice snuggling up close to one of them. But when he realizes it, it’s like he turned tsundere and does his cat-fu again. One day when Sonico comes back, Rice in exact timing dashes out. Sonico is forced to look for him but not before learning from grandma who the owner is. The other cats also get out to ask their feline and canine friends for help. Rice encounters lots of problems. Almost got ran over by a truck and being chased by a dog for accidentally dropping a pot on his head. When all the cats see Rice being cornered by the dog, they do their cat combo attack that leave the dog pretty much confused and defeated. Sonico eventually finds them all and then brings back Rice to his owner who is much grateful. They see Rice’s mommy cat and thus the reason why he wanted to get out and go back. In the aftermath, Rice sometimes ‘run away’ from home but to Sonico’s place just to play with the rest.

Episode 11
Christmas is around the corner and it’s not good news for the local shopping district people. Because a new big department store opened up 3 months ago, sales has been declining. An emergency meeting is called and Suzu becomes the special advisor. Part of the plan is to have girls dressed in sexy Santa outfits. But I suppose everyone is into mature woman because nobody is looking at Ouka… The plan goes well to bring in the customers till the department store brought in idols to compete with them. Love Idol ABC Forever Mountain 109. Geez… This is sure to take away the young customers and some are already queuing in line to meet them! Some old geezers trying to wait in line too? Traitors! Furthermore, our Santa girls are freezing in the cold in such skimpy outfits. Next day, the shopping district is totally empty. Suzu comes up with a plan to have handsome guys dressed as Santa but it seems the department store have gone a step ahead. They have hired an overseas boy band, Dimension Three (D3) to come perform so say goodbye to your woman customers. Some of the girls trying to sneak out to meet them too? Furthermore, they are issuing a stamp system whereby if you get buy and get enough stamps, you get to meet and greet D3! One of the district’s regulars continues to make her purchase here. However her daughter Ayaka is pouting because her friends told her Santa doesn’t exist. Sonico and Suzu confirm that Santa does exist but they need to do more than lip service. Suzu hits an idea. Get a real Santa approved from the Santa World Association. But how they are going to do that? Sonico’s grandma makes the call. She’s speaking in English so the rest probably didn’t know about the blackmail she said. Get Santa here or else you get trouble! Business is brisk but thanks to the department store having a fallout and contract issues with D3. They won’t be coming and this angered the people. Plus, Kitamura is weird appearance is attracting the foreigners to this place. Sonico sees Ayaka fuming at the park. She is mad her dad is a liar because he won’t come home for Christmas as promised. Although mommy brings her home, this has Sonico remember her own situation where daddy didn’t show up and was alone on her birthday. When Sonico goes to pick up Santa, they find he can speak Japanese and is a local. In fact, the event is near his home. He wanted to become Santa for his daughter’s sake as he told her he really exists so he took a certified course to become one when he is on a business trip. It then hit Sonico who this Santa is. Santa is a big hit with the kids at the park as Sonico rushes to bring Ayaka over. Ayaka wonders if Santa has really got her present. Santa has her close her eyes and when she opens them, daddy is here! She is so happy that Santa granted her wish. In the end, everybody had a great time and it’s a big success for the shopping district.

Episode 12
First Astronomical Velocity puts up a New Year concert. Since it will be boring if this entire final episode would be a music video, in between songs we here Sonico becoming like a Grammy award winner thanking everybody who made this concert possible. For instance, although they had saved enough money for this concert, even hiring a bigger and cheaper stage with cheaper lightning, etc, it was the cost of the professional technician that is going to kill them. So when Sonico went back to grandma’s place and looked worried, everyone hears her out and agrees to chip in since she helped them out and now it’s the time to return the favour. Suzu had Manager supply amplifiers and even Ena helped out with the ‘mystery solving’ by providing transportation of the equipment. Sonico’s college mates help out with the promotional posters while Miina wants to stream her concert live so that all the other characters we see in this series who aren’t able to attend get to see it live. Halfway through the concert and just about starting the next song, 2 of Sonico’s guitar strings snap. As Fuuri buys them time with her guitar solo, Sonico is in a bigger pinch as she doesn’t have an extra guitar or remember where she put those extra strings. Then grandma goes on stage and entertains the crowd with her own rock rendition. Wow! This grandma rocks! Brings back memories to those old guys when she was at the peak of her idol career. Yeah, truly their goddess. The extra strings are found and tuned in time. I don’t know, I thought Sonico should have perhaps asked to borrow grandma’s guitar. Nothing like your own guitar, eh? Going back on stage, the girls continue rocking as they think back the many things that happened throughout the year (read: montage of selected scenes for this series). With the clock striking midnight soon, Sonico leads the crowd to have a countdown with her to welcome the New Year. Of course, that goes without saying that they continue rocking well into the New Year. Next day, Sonico posts a big thank you to everyone who came to the concert on a social media. And as always, waking up late for college. Some things never change.

Rock On, Girls?
Let me just say this. I think fans of Sonico will only appreciate this anime therefore casual viewers like myself who aren’t into this character would find the episodes to be, uhm, boring? That would be a strong word for you Sonico fans out there but seriously, although I do not find the anime bad, it is just that it lacks something that should retain my attention. I won’t go so far to say it was hell of a boring that I was keeping count of my yawns (I don’t think I even yawned, which is a good sign, no?), but something in this series lacks the oomph to make it memorable in the long run. I know the first thing you want to tell me is her well-endowed figure, huge busts and sexy curves which are perhaps the biggest (no pun intended) thing to attract the fan boys. But this isn’t an ecchi themed anime so it doesn’t really work as they’re not spamming bust shots or anything.

There isn’t really any plot with this anime and I can say that each episode can work as a standalone. In this sense, it causes the lack of something to look forward or anticipate. So far the most interesting episode is Ena’s debut since that episode was a locked room mystery solver and I was trying to beat Ena in her game by deducing what happened. Although I had a feeling Miina was the culprit all along, it was just a hunch and I was far off from the actual conclusion of what really happened. Sonico’s solo journey was interesting but yet a little bore to me because despite it tells her journey of self-discovery and introspection in a different pace from other episodes, her interactions with other minor characters along the way just doesn’t seem to captivate me. Perhaps the stargazing party with the beautiful stars at the end was worth the watch. With a long list and piles of animes to watch, this is one show where you’ll just feel good for the moment and then after watching a few other animes, you’ll forget about it. That’s why as I said, only Sonico fans will only know how to appreciate this series but even as an anime adaptation itself, I am not sure if it sat well with the fans. Heck, I am not that free to go looking around the internet and look for comments on this show.

I don’t know what to say about the character Sonico herself. Trying to give her some personality like being a very heavy sleeper and a clumsy airhead, I am not sure if the real her is so. But I guess it makes her lovable although generally she feels quite generic (without a guitar in hand, that is). Her band mates also feels generic and don’t stand out much (not because they have smaller busts, mind you) because Suzu as the band leader is the one who is more energetic and lively while Fuuri’s habit to stuff anything in her mouth if she is not drumming seems to become somewhat of a running joke in this series. Uh huh. She loves eating so much and just about any food gets her to salivate, it’s a big wonder why she doesn’t add on to the pounds. Maybe it all goes into her boobs. Oops. Other minor characters are okay too but nothing that leaves a lasting impression or any impact overall. Like Ouka, she is probably here to satisfy those lolicons and flat chests lovers who aren’t so into those ‘lump of fats around the chest’. And it feels like a funny running joke too about her big break debut. She never gets it. Keep waiting for that big break one day, my little dear. Grandma is the biggest supporting character for Sonico. She’s always there for her and giving her the encouragement. I guess she has the experience and knows what Sonico is going through as she has experienced it herself. Thus you can see the eternal smile on her face which gives Sonico the much needed strength and encouragement.

If I had to pick the ‘best’ character of this series, I would certainly choose Kitamura! This guy is just odd and quirky with his demon mask on but despite all that, he is a professional and cares a lot for Sonico. I certainly would love to see more scenes of him because he was just cool unleashing his katana hiding in the back of his jacket. It’s a sign that you don’t want to mess with him. Come to think of it, I think he is partly the reason why there aren’t enough fanservice in this series. We have seen how protective he is when others suggest Sonico to reveal more skin, right? So think about it. Each time we want to fantasize our own ecchi fantasies of Sonico (which guy wouldn’t with a busty girl?), suddenly Kitamura’s scary demonic mask, glowing fire hair and hot steam coming out of his mouth make us think twice if we should even dream of such perverted thoughts on Sonico. Yes, this is quite effective in a way. You can’t even have dirty thoughts about Sonico without worrying that Kitamura will be just standing behind your back. That’s why in a way it’s such a turn off. Better not have impure thoughts on the main character. Better put your best behaviour when she’s around. Or else who knows how this demon will cut you up in different ways. Thank goodness nobody died in this anime.

As music is the big feature of this anime, however I am not so much into rock music unless it is very appealing. And because I do not find the songs Sonico sang to my taste, another reason why I do not find much enjoyment. The songs are not bad actually but it is just that it doesn’t appeal to me. So for every episode it features a different ending song by First Astronomical Velocity. Since those songs do not last more than an episode, it is even worse for me to find one that is memorable. You know, when you see or hear something a few times, you may start to like it. I know I can just replay the songs again but what are the chances since they aren’t that appealing already. Probably the closest one that got the little of my attention was that slow rock ballad in episode 7 (Sonico’s solo journey in Niigata), Star Rain.

But ironically to me the most interesting aspect isn’t the songs but the ending credits animation. Sonico in CGI means her movements are so, uhm, CGI. Odd. But what is even amusing are some of the animation themes. The ‘best’ one was Sonico in some horror survival scene fighting hordes of zombies. Hmm… Sonico with a chainsaw? Paying homage to Lollipop Chainsaw? And then dancing with the zombies? Tribute to Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Other ‘memorable’ ending credits animation include Sonico turning giant size like Godzilla, dancing with other live mascots, Sonico wearing an over-sized teddy bear head, the designing of Sonico from CGI wires to her little plastic model self in which she is ‘brought to life’ and a heart-warming story of Sonico as a stray cat who became a pet of her master who is a moustachioed cat. For the record, the opening theme is fixed, entitled Supasoni.

The voice acting feels okay but there is something odd that I want to point out. I have this feeling that the producers wanted to keep the person who voiced Sonico a secret because in the end credits, it is listed the one who voices Sonico is… Sonico! WTF?! I did not look around the internet much but it seems from the comments and the lack of information, there is no official statement to say that Ayano Yamamoto is the voice behind Sonico. Even in her resume it is omitted. So how do I know it is her? Not me. Other people and fans. Many recognize her to be the voice behind Robotics; Notes and Steins; Gates’ Nae Tennouji. My theory is that if she was officially credited for this mascot girl, fan boys are going to hound her like hell and she can kiss her privacy goodbye. Unlike Hatsune Miku whose voice is created by a singing synthesizer application so there is a chance that obsessed fans who couldn’t get enough of her voice would want to see her in person to. Hmm… At certain angles, I think she looks a bit like Sonico too. The hair cut? Coincidence? Just Google her image brings up a handful of her pictures in gravure worthy swimsuit poses…

The other seiyuu casts include Mai Goto as Suzu (Mika in Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu), Mami Ozaki as Fuuri (Hana in Girls Und Panzer), Ryota Takeuchi as Kitamura (Albion in High School DxD New), Hisako Kanemoto as Ouka (Ika in Shinryaku! Ika Musume), Kikuko Inoue as Sonico’s grandma (Belldandy in Aa! Megami-sama), Shizuka Itou as Toma (Hinagiku in Hayate No Gotoku), Yui Sakakibara as Ena (Hamaji in H2O ~Footprints In The Sand~), Yui Makino as Miina (Sakura in Tsubasa Chronicle), Megumi Toyoguchi as Sayaka (Chifuyu in Infinite Stratos), Atsuko Tanaka as Kabuko (Caster in Fate/Stay Night) and Kane Oki as Manager (Akie in Jigoku Shoujo: Mitsuganae).

In general, despite having a cute and well-endowed mascot, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success of a good anime if it lacks some sort of plot (unless you’re talking about nonsensical slapstick comedy then it is forgivable that there is no plot) and lack of interesting supporting characters. Music is only if you are fans of this type of genre and even casual listeners wouldn’t go too deep into it. Ultimately, the mascot is to serve its purpose of what it is made for: Advertising the company’s product and create such awareness to the public. Sonico just proved that with her venture into the animated industry, it has at least reached a larger demographic of anime viewers like yours truly who don’t play Japanese type games. But even so, a cutie like her isn’t enough to make me want to go buy their games. Not even if she is dresses up as a maid.

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