I guess in the previous season, the lesbian themed anime of Citrus was too much to handle even though that the yuri parts are considered between mild to moderate and nothing very hardcore. So for those who can’t handle that lesbian show, perhaps some need to take a few steps back and take it easy. Like this season’s yuri themed Tachibanakan To Lie Angle. It is short (only 3 minutes) and has a very mild case of lesbianism (what do you expect as all the casts are females) and nothing that would give you a sudden jolt to the system. Hopefully. When a new girl moves into a dorm that is inhabited with only females, what do you think is going to happen when the synopsis puts it as “it was not what she expected”? Yeah…

Episode 1
Hanabi Natsuno is excited to start her new high school life as she makes her way to Tachibanakan, the dorm where she’ll be staying. She is disappointed it isn’t as grand as she thinks. Wrong address. She sees a naked, fair and beautiful lady with great proportions. She is interrupted by petite Konomi Fujiwara who is mad at her for thinking she is a kid when she is of the same age. But what upsets Konomi is that Hanabi has forgotten about her. Yoriko Fujiwara the manager of Tachibanakan welcomes her. Yup, not a mistake this rundown place is Tachibanakan. Is boobs smothering a welcoming tradition? I would like to move in to this place too… With Konomi still mad, Hanabi now remembers. Yoriko and Konomi were her neighbours before Hanabi’s family moved away 6 years ago. She often played with Konomi. She feels bad for forgetting unlike Konomi who never did. As Hanabi ponders the identity of the mysterious girl, Yuu Tsukishiro asks her about Yoriko’s boobs treatment. Hanabi is in shock realizing she is going commando.

Episode 2
Apparently forgetting to wear her pantsu is part of Yuu’s prank. I guess it is also Tachibanakan’s tradition for newbies to be fondled by Yuu and get their proportions checked out. Konomi plays the moral police so Yuu teases her that she’ll always be alone. She ends up running away in tears. Yoriko explains that after Hanabi left, Konomi couldn’t stop crying. She might be worried if she had forgotten about her or that she isn’t happy to see her. Immediately Hanabi darts out to find her. She knows their secret hiding place under the bridge. They talk things out and now they’re friends again. Better hang out more often together. Hanabi tries to get away from pervy Yuu and ends up seeing Konomi in her birthday suit in the bath. They’re both girls so nothing is wrong, right? Well, apparently Konomi doesn’t like it. Next morning, Hanabi sees that mysterious lady in her room. As she takes a peek, a sakura petal floats into her eye. Hanabi panics and falls over her. Iori Takamura, nice to meet your acquaintance. And everybody sees Hanabi as the dominant type over naked Iori.

Episode 3
Iori is also a new resident having moved here just a day before Hanabi. With Hanabi being teased for being bold with Iori, it seems Iori doesn’t mind. In fact, Iori wonders if Hanabi likes her. This makes Konomi jealous. Now she’s the protective sister? Hanabi tries to figure out about Iori’s character but even helping her with stuffs and observing her, it only makes her more mysterious. With this occupying Hanabi’s mind, Yuu teases her she is thinking of leaving. This causes the sisters to panic and start holding on tightly to her. Uhm, is Yuu taking advantage of this situation and trying to molest her? Iori looked like she might save Hanabi from this mess but she vomits due to the strong alcohol stench from Yuu. Hanabi sleeps with Yuu and with the latter asking if she likes her, Hanabi realizes her love is of the simpler type. Later Hanabi goes to talk to Konomi to appease her fears about moving away again. All seems fine until Iori wakes up half naked to give Konomi the wrong idea they might have been doing something shady. Jealous Konomi beats her up. Hey, I thought only guys get this sort of treatment? I guess in an all-lesbian show, somebody has to take the fall.

Episode 4
It all started with Yuu accidentally clogging the toilet. So Yoriko called the plumber and since Konomi is the only one around when he came, she has to hold it in and can’t use the toilet till he finishes. She can’t use the neighbour’s as it will be too embarrassing. So she uses the excuse of walking the dog to go to the toilet at the convenience store. Damn dog too active and tying her up. Then Hanabi and the rest coincidentally bump into her. They rented a horror movie and hope they could go back and watch it real soon. Yeah, Konomi is real scared. Once the plumber is finished, Yoriko goes to check but Yuu won’t let Konomi use this as an excuse to escape. Hanabi gets the wrong idea she is scared of the movie so Konomi uses this excuse to go to the toilet. I don’t know how long she has been holding it in but as she is about to do her business, she spots a (toy) bug at her feet. Immediately she barges out but it seems she has created a ‘yellow flowing river’. Now there is a big note outside the toilet door from her warning not to bring weird things into the toilet.

Episode 5
Yuu brings her drunk friend to stay for the night, Sonoa Mitsui. It’s a good thing Hanabi didn’t get raped. Hanabi suggests to Iori they should try their school uniform. After they’re done, not sure how Iori ended up in a dominatrix lingerie!!! With the others coming, panicky Hanabi takes her to hide in the closet. Of course with that tight space, they’ve got to keep quiet as the others are dangerously close while looking for them. It gets worse with Iori inviting her to do pervy stuffs on her. Not even sure how Hanabi got a pantsu in her hand. So when Yuu finally hears Hanabi’s squeal, she opens the closet door to bust them. Sorry for the intrusion. Kind Yuu even offers to lend her vibrator!!! Hanabi loses it as she runs away. Sonoa wakes up from the hangover and perhaps she thinks she might still be in dreamland when she sees a flying pantsu! I know Hanabi threw it away but is it so light to float this long and far?

Episode 6
Sonoa is embarrassed in the nurse outfit she is in. Did Yuu do something naughty to her last night? Sonoa wants to leave this place but the rest consider her as a tenant. While she was drunk last night, they make her sign the contract! Yuu then has a welcoming party with everyone playing a survival game. In this team based game, whoever gets their t-shirt soak and their bra see-through loses. The winner gets loads of ice cream and free use of the inflatable pool. Highlights of the ‘matches’ include Yuu using her special skill to take off Sonoa’s bra before her dress gets soaked. Isn’t this more embarrassing? Konomi not wearing bra but her swimsuit beneath and hence no fear from Yuu’s onslaught. Iori takes Hanabi’s hostage to ‘kill’ Konomi before ‘killing’ Hanabi and win the entire thing. Wow. Iori is scary when she is serious. I guess Iori is the only happy one with all the ice cream. And Sonoa laments this wasn’t even a team game to begin with.

Episode 7
The girls celebrate Konomi’s birthday. While the rest get the cake ready, Konomi takes Hanabi to see the meteor shower up the mountains. Seeing the meteor shower is amazing as Konomi lets her know this area is believed to have mystical powers pertaining to love. When Hanabi asks if Konomi likes anybody, she flusters and asks back if she likes that pervy Iori. This has Konomi admit that she doesn’t seeing Hanabi with Iori. She might sound immature and so to be mature they have to try and kiss? Is this lesbian logic? They are about to do so when a loud sound startles them and crash their mouths together. Oh, it’s a wild boar. Quickly they make a run for it. Konomi remembers grandma’s advice to fend off boars with a bucket of water. Conveniently she finds one and whacks it away into the stars!!! I don’t think that is how it’s supposed to work but whatever. Poor wild boar… I guess this is to show how sexy Konomi is since she splashed herself with the water. The birthday party resumes as Hanabi and Konomi ponder if that could really be considered a kiss.

Episode 8
Suddenly Iori says she is in love with Hanabi! Suddenly Iori strips her! WT?! Though Konomi stops her, she realizes she is no better because of that kiss. Hence she seeks Sonoa’s advice on the ABCs of love. Yeah, she’ll teach you all the way from A to Z! Better learn fast because Iori is trying to ‘rape’ Hanabi! Yuri fanservice for us. The steamy encounter ends with Yoriko distracting her with some squid snack. I guess her first love is always food? Yoriko then enlists Hanabi’s help to make some kiss fish tempura since she is bad at cooking. Now Konomi is going to show off what she learnt about love. Too bad she has no cleavage so Hanabi doesn’t really understand. I don’t know how it ended up with Konomi on top of Hanabi and the former with her panties down. How did it even end up like that? As they recompose themselves, nervous Konomi asks the kiss question and Hanabi excitedly says she has experience with that. Wanna try it out? Sure, I’m gonna show you. Turns out she is teaching her how to make kiss fish tempura. Disappointed?

Episode 9
Hanabi is sick and not surprisingly the best way Iori thinks of nursing her is to get naked and skinship. Thankfully Konomi drags her off to school. This means Sonoa is left to nurse her. Can’t blame Hanabi as she sinks her face into her cool boobs. Yeah, the heat is really getting to her head. As Sonoa puts her to bed, time for Hanabi to tell about her past. She had no friends due to her dad’s constant job reposting. One day she got really sick in school and embarrassed to be left alone, mom came to pick her up and stayed by her side. It was amazing how she calmed her down. As the only child in the family, arriving at this dorm was nervous. She akin the dorm members like her family such as Yuu the dad, Yoriko the mom and Konomi and Iori her sisters. Sonoa? The big sister. They may get touchy sometimes but everyone feels like family. When Hanabi has recovered, everyone celebrates but now Sonoa catches her cold as Yuu teases her for going far with Hanabi and a lolicon.

Episode 10
The girls visit a local hotspring. Iori doesn’t think Hanabi should be embarrassed bathing naked with her because she sees her naked body every night! Is she trying to spite Konomi? Yuu suggests a ping pong doubles match. You lose a point, you strip a piece of clothing. Whoever ends up naked first, that team loses. The winner gets to wash Hanabi’s back. You bet they’re going to play. So it’s Iori-Sonoa vs Konomi-Yoriko. Of course we see them get their turn of losing so that each could take off their pantsu first (they’re only wearing a bathrobe otherwise). Iori’s weird technique has her team winning. But I guess it doesn’t matter since they’re all stripping and entering the hotspring anyway. As Hanabi is shy, Iori will not wash her back but in exchange wants her to accompany her at the summer festival. Konomi better think fast or she’ll lose her grip on Hanabi for summer…

Episode 11
The young ones are getting ready for the festival. Iori looks stunning in her yukata. I guess Konomi really loses out this time, huh? Hanabi has fun with her around the festival grounds. She notes Iori having this mature feel. Surprisingly Iori asks Hanabi to take a picture of her, something she never thought she would ask. But we need to have some lesbianism for this episode so Iori licking the candy apple dripping off Hanabi’s hand is one. Hanabi then sees Konomi at the festival too but with her classmate. Because she only sees her act in the dorm, she never pictured her getting along with someone else. Time for some yuri dilemma because we hear Hanabi worry about this. Then it starts to rain. Time to take shelter.

Episode 12
Hanabi asks why Iori asked her out. Well, Yoriko asked the same question and Iori thought it is because she loved her. Hence the reason why she wants to be with her. Yeah, we figure that out like, ages ago. Before Hanabi’s slow brain could decipher what it means, looks like the rain has stopped and the fireworks resumed. While they watch it, Hanabi asks about Iori’s childhood. She doesn’t remember much as it wasn’t anything special. Hanabi suggests making fun memories from now on. That sincerity of hers somehow activates Iori’s horniness. She kisses her cheek and then tries to get down and dirty with Hanabi right now. Oh look, she’s already unrobed her yukata. Great timing with Yuu coming in to pick them up. No yuri kiss tonight. Back at Tachibanakan, the fight for Hanabi is just beginning as jealous Konomi joins in the argument of who to bath with their beloved. Girls, girls. Please! Hanabi doesn’t belong to anyone of you. They belong to all of you! Haha!

House Of Yuri
And so another disappointing series ends its run. The Tachibanakan girls can go on to create their whatever fun memories but I am sure that it will mostly be the shameless yuri and near lesbian misses that is going to be remembered by. Heck, when Hanabi grows old, she will reflect back to this day at Tachibanakan and only remember all the pervy lesbian assaults and tussles over her and might feel so embarrassed about it. Ah, those are memories for you. You get what you make. Better cherish them for life.

Sadly, this series is more likely to be forgettable when the next season rolls around because of the non-existent plot and even if you remember this oddly named series, it would be about a group of horny lesbians living in a dorm. It’s not like in this same season we didn’t have any good ecchi series targeted for straight (and pitiful) otaku guys (High School DxD Hero, anybody?) but this one feels like as though you are a loser in life and the only way you’re going to get more kicks other than straight ecchi fanservice is watch some low quality lesbian fanservice in its place. It makes you even sadder. Because I feel that despite its yuri think, I don’t think its intended demographic audience would be females. My guts tell me they have better taste in yuri than this crap! And hence otaku losers (like yours truly???!!!) with slightly better acceptance of lesbian shows (but not gay shows?) would somehow and somewhat find some sort of solace watching this low quality yuri to begin with. Sighs… I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore.

Therefore the characters feel just so lacklustre and as though they exist just to give us low quality fanservice. It also seems to fuel the wrong impression that guys would think if girls stay together, there will be potential hot lesbian make-outs one way or another. Hence Iori’s character just feels like that. Being an airhead-cum-retard and always spacing out inside her own world makes her a ‘great’ device to infuse and force in those yuri fanservice. Because with Hanabi and Konomi as the flustering type, we need one who is emotionless, like a robot, when doing those sexually charged stuffs so as to show us that because she is an airhead, we forgive her for outraging the modesty of the other girls, especially Hanabi. And because she’s cute. Can’t apply for #MeToo if there are no men involved… So Iori is like either seen as harassing Hanabi or eating. It’s her only other love than Hanabi…

Then we have new but returning girl Hanabi and Konomi in the mix. Konomi and Iori both are seen as rivals in their bid to win over Hanabi. Hanabi and Konomi are shown to be close but not close enough to warrant any potential lesbianism until the start of this series where she returns and hence all their raging hormones and pheromones start to screw teens around that age, confusing them about their sexuality. Is it friendship? Is it lesbian? Hence the way they fluster and get all embarrassed are supposed to be the moe parts of the series because who wouldn’t like cute girls looking embarrassed? Straight or homo. Damn, I even wonder if that accidental Konomi’s kiss to Hanabi could be even counted. Perhaps that’s the only lead Konomi will have over Iori other than the childhood friend factor. Otherwise Iori dominates in every way to reach Hanabi’s heart and even her chastity. Be careful, Hanabi. You might lose it in the most unlikeliest and unexpected of places…

The rest of the other dorm residents are supposed to be the ‘adults’ but they fail to make any impact. Because Yuu is portrayed as the drunk troublemaker while Yoriko as the busty big sister who may have some sort of hidden desires to flaunt her sexuality. I think. Sonoa? Why the heck do they need this character for?! Why do they need to add another tenant to Tachibanakan? Are they desperate for rent money or company? And since Sonoa doesn’t challenge the contract, I bet she would eventually be a resident sooner or later. So I guess, the more the merrier!

It bugs me why the title of this series is “To Lie Angle”. I am very sure that this might be a creative way to write ‘triangle’ since the obvious yuri love triangle is between Hanabi, Konomi and Iori. Or maybe the Japanese author misinterpreted something and it got lost in translation. But I digress on this one. At first it almost confused me with To Love-Ru or perhaps they are making some sort of reference to that anime but none. I don’t believe it got mixed up with the word ‘angel’ either. Thus my conspiracy theory of having this odd name is that given the fact we see their yuri triangle relationship, Hanabi and Konomi aren’t really being honest with their feelings and hence ‘to lie’ about it from their ‘perspective (angle)’. Damn, one of my worst theories ever…

As with a small cast of seiyuus lending their talents, I only recognized Eri Kitamura as Sonoa and Mikako Komatsu as Yuu. Although Eri Kitamura has voiced tons of colourful characters in her career, I am starting to stereotype her as one who greatly fits voice acting characters who are drunk. Previously it was haughty and arrogant characters. Sonoa isn’t a character who is prone to being drunk but she does sound ‘impressionable’ in that state. Hence with me thinking she has voiced a few drunk female characters in anime like Fairy Tail’s Cana and the recent Osake Wa Fuufu Ni Natte Kara’s Chisato, all the more reason why I think this character suits her. The rest of the casts are Minami Tsuda as Hanabi (Yui in YuruYuri), Arisa Nakada as Iori (Suzu in Kiitarou Shounen No Youkai Enikki), Amisa Sakuragi as Konomi (Sayaki Oki in Bakegyamon) and Rei Matsuzaki as Yoriko (Ayame in Noukome).

Perhaps the weirdest thing that I find in this short series is the ending theme, Motto, Nee Motto by Erabareshi. Although this is one of those ubiquitous all-female Japanese idol group, the song sounds more like some sort of hard punk rock!!! Especially the beginning of the track which feels like as though some dude is about to scream off his long like a had punk rock music! Heck, if there is a guy screaming as the background vocals, it would sound very much like home. The very hectic and frantic pace of the music sometimes feels like as though maybe somebody fast forward the music by half a degree since this series is running short of time. I think if you turn your volumes up, the heavy bass effect might shake the roof of your house down! Definitely a weird song to fit this series in many ways. Definitely makes you go WTF before you don’t give a f*ck.

Overall, it is that catch-22 situation if either this series is good or bad. Of course personally and generally it is more of the latter. But with cute girls doing cute and (almost) harmless lesbian stuffs, plus this anime is really short that you aren’t wasting your precious time which could have been used to watch real porn or hardcore lesbian shows, if you dare or curious and have too much time on your hands, feel free to explore this. But if 3 minutes x 12 episodes feel like too much of a time to be wasting on crap like this, remember, you and I and many others could be out there doing something productive for the country and world. Instead we watch low quality lesbian shows like this and then crap all over how bad it is. Certainly this must be where the real lie angle is…

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