Tactical Roar

October 4, 2008

You know, I have just got to stop picking up any so called seemingly harem animes at first sight. I’m starting to notice this worrying trend of mine. But what the heck, I’ll worry about that later. You see, when I read that Tactical Roar was that kind of anime genre, I quickly hopped on the bandwagon to watch it even though I did little reading up on what it’s about.
This is another one of those military themed animes but instead on land, this one is on water. Yes, a naval military anime set in the near future. In this time of era, there has been a great typhoon called Grand Roar which has altered the climate of the world. See, that is what happens if you people don’t wake up and do something about global warming now. But that has nothing to do with this anime. This Grand Roar is so great that this perpetual storm has flooded many countries around the globe. This has given rise to shipping and navigation as an important form of transportation for trade and such. However, due to this, there are many pirates on the rise. And you think at this age the only pirates around are those on the world wide web. If you have seen the One Piece anime series, don’t hope that the pirates here are similar to that. Besides, I don’t really see any of those cross-bones and skull flag. I feel they are like high-tech sophisticated water terrorists.
So how does this 13 episode sci-fi anime series have anything to do with the harem genre? Well, given the rise of these pirates, there has been an increasing need for escort battleships to protect merchant ships and the likes from vicious attacks. One of them being the Pascal Magi. A big difference from this ship than the rest is that all the crew on board are female. That’s right. No men allowed. I’m not sure (or rather not paying attention) but the Pascal Magi, led by captain Nanaha "Nana" Misaki has had some bad reputation in the past when it was known as Alice Brand then. Not that I care but due to this, most higher ups don’t really like them.
Alright, so how does the harem part come in already, you ask. As seen in episode 1, we have this guy named Hyousuke Nagimiya who is supposed to be on contract to upgrade the computer systems on board Pascal Magi. Ah, there you have it, one lucky son of a gun. If you think the whole men-deficient ladies are going to swoon head over heels over that single guy, then think again. Well okay, maybe most of them. But as for some (read: main female characters) do take some interest in him. In a teasing manner, of course. Fortunately, Hyousuke isn’t a pervert either and even though they don’t have the same surname, Nana is his elder sister. Must be one of those cases they became siblings when their parents died and will always be together bla bla bla. That sort of thing.
Thus Hyousuke is remembering the time when he parted ways with Nana who told him how they’ll meet again at sea but this guy is kinda lost trying to get to Pascal Magi on his first day. The first episode also introduces the main female characters on board the Pascal Magi. So let me take the opportunity to do so too. First up, we have popular Weapons Officer, Clio Aquanaut. She is so popular that there are several girls chasing after her! Yeah, notice all those kiss marks covered over her body. She doesn’t confine herself to just 1 particular gender, she swing both ways too, especially when Hyousuke comes on board. Then the ship’s physician, the flirtatious Mitori Shimabara. Others include man-hater and pilot, Tsubasa Watatsumi, and even young little girls like Damage Control Officer, Sango Fukami, a pair of naughty mischievous computer and communications specialist twins, Manatsu and Mashuu Akoya, another bespectacled shy introvert computer genius, Miharu Kairi, and of course the vice captain of the ship and a close loyal aid of Nana, Tanya Kojima.
Basically this episode sees how Hyousuke bumps into the girls he is going to work with. I like the one whereby he accidentally got into Sango’s car (is she too young to drive?) and Sango thought he was some robber who will hurt her and starts screaming hysterically although she is the one driving recklessly around in her panic. When the twins stopped the car with their paint guns, they dump Hyousuke on board the Pascal Magi while Tsubasa and Mitori are taking a bath. So what do you expect when Tsubasa who already doesn’t like men, has somebody like him sees her naked body, she’s not going to like it very much. Couldn’t say the same for Mitori, though. Tsubasa starts beating up poor Hyousuke until an official, Okamachi, tells him that he is Pascal Magi’s technician. I suppose this official guy is only on board for some reasons, not like he’s sailing with Nana and the rest. Hyousuke is glad to have finally meet Nana but to his surprise, she acts quite cold. Has she changed? Some of the crew members are glad to have Hyousuke on board, he is having trouble getting use to the place as he is finding his way to some room when he spots a room filled with women’s undergarments. And since Tsubasa passed by and spots what he is looking at, her views of him are becoming less and less favourable. In short, she hates him. But Pascal Magi soon comes under heavy fire as the crew rushes to their stations. Hyousuke then has a first hand view of how Nana and her crew counter attack the missile threats.
So in most episodes, we get to see some cool CG effects if there are any sea battles. Not to say it is one of the best but I guess during all that firepower and action, but I kinda feel that it’s quite good. Furthermore, there are lots of naval terms and jargons. Though some of them are explained in detailed by the fansubs, I didn’t really remember nor understood them. My bad. Besides, the naval battle strategy to outwit each other in order to get an advantage to take out the opponent seems interesting, but most of the time, I’m in the blur trying to make sense of their words and wondering what they’re talking about and all I can enjoy are the seemingly endless rain of missiles and its streaming vapour-like trails when they are launched. Speaking of which, I wonder how they have so many supply of ammunition. The way they fire seems like they have infinite amount of them. Like activating a cheat code, huh? Other than naval action, viewers can expect to see lots of fanservice and panty shots. That’s to be expected if the entire crew are females, right? Other than that, I tend to notice that in each episode, there will be a girl with a flower in a hair watching over the Pascal Magi crew. Most of the time, she has a sad expression on her face. Viewers may think she’s some sort of a ghost because she can appear in most unlikely of places and you’d go thinking "How’d she get there?". As far as I’m concerned, I think she has no dialogue lines as well.
Episode 2 continues off where the sea battle has started. Nana steers the Pascal Magi into a storm called Spiral Band to take cover from the enemy’s fire but soon decides to take them head on seeing that the enemy isn’t giving up. Some terrorist is using some experimental battleships to aid in their attack, giving them the upper hand. Also on board the Pascal Magi is a cowardly jerk/clown named Hamaguchi. He looks like one of those old American comedians, Laurel And Hardy. Not only that, he has his moustache cutting like Hitler! Though he is the head of some company, he is against Nana’s commands to go head on with the enemy. Why, he’s even thinking of surrendering and making some deals with them. His actions are very unruly as he even snatches a communication headgear away from one of the lady crew to convey his displeasure. Jerk jerk jerk. Idiot idiot idiot. Just sit your fat ass down and let the captain handle everything. If he has left his trust in Nana’s hands, he would’ve felt assured. Even though Pascal Magi emerge victorious, Hamaguchi still isn’t happy and is going to complain.
Due to that, Nana and the crew of Pascal Magi are going to face charges and their due punishment once they dock on land. As the crew can only wait on board the ship, Okamachi drives Nana to the marshal court building where she will face those charges. Upon arrival, they spot a goth loli maid outfit girl at the gates. Suddenly that girl hijacks Okamachi’s car and into the building. A series of explosion follows after. The building has taken quite a damage and we see that goth loli girl’s motive is to rescue her terrorist comrade, Flood, who has been held captive after her battle with Pascal Magi earlier on. First thing viewers will notice is how physically intimate these 2 girls are. Definitely yuri. Since I’m not sure of that goth loli girl’s name, I’ll just call her Yuri Sister. The explosion was loud enough for the crew on board Pascal Mage to hear. Soon Tsubasa pilots her way there to rescue Nana along with Hyousuke (after the latter keeps pestering her to let him come along). When Nana opens her eyes, she finds her crew beside her. With that, she gets emotional and cries. No matter how tough she is on the outside, she’s still a soft girl on the inside. So is Nana tsundere? By the way, during the chaos after the explosions, Flood and Yuri Sister got away.
I actually didn’t expect a beach episode to come up so fast in episode 3. As Nana is standing trial, the other crew went to the beach to have some fun. I guess, they all can’t make Nana worry by worrying themselves too. As expected, Hyousuke makes more blunders on Tsubasa, like getting his hands on her boobs though it is accidental. I don’t really understand what is going on during the trial. All I know is that those court marshals are trying to put some blame on Nana and are threatening to suspend her and her crew. That Hamaguchi jerk is really enjoying it all. But Nana said something back because it is pretty obvious that they are hiding something too and not wanting to be exposed or what, they decide to let Nana go and put the current case on hold for now. This episode also sees the ladies of Pascal Magi throwing a farewell party for Hyousuke, since he has finished upgrading the computer systems. Nana and Hyousuke had a private heart to heart talk and some catching up on the ship’s deck. Well, Nana doesn’t really sound that assertive and cold when Hyousuke first met her. Before anything could happen, the naughty twins pushes the duo off the ship and into the sea as a prank and throws them an inflatable raft. Can they do that to their captain?
If you think that will be the last time we’ll see Hyousuke, then you’re wrong. That’s because in episode 4, this guy makes a return to Pascal Magi and I think his contract on board the ship is extended. Hyousuke has a flashback when he and Nana were younger and the thing which bugs me was when Nana was helping Hyousuke study, that guy was more interested in her cleavage than his books because she was so close to him. He just kept staring at them. Anyway, nothing bad or perverted happened. Since Hyousuke is going to stay for some time on board the ship, he has own private quarters but I don’t know why the other crew members used his room as a dumping ground to store their stuffs. Due to that, the other girls offer their rooms so that Hyousuke could sleep with them. But ultimately, it is captain Nana who will decide whose room Hyousuke will sleep with. Hers. Don’t want her little brother to get ‘devoured’ by the other girls, huh? Anyway, Hyousuke’s section and Nana’s are separated by just a thin curtain. You know what this means. Soon, rumours spread like wildfire throughout the ship that their captain and Hyousuke are sleeping together. As usual another one of those Hyousuke-Tsubasa encounters but this time, Hyousuke grabs her arms when Tsubasa trips on a toolbox lying around (why is it lying around anyway?). Instead of whacking him, she runs away embarrassed. Oh oh. I think Tsubasa is starting to have feelings for this guy. Perhaps another tsundere character? Also another steamy when Hyousuke accidentally drops his spherical compass in Nana’s room. He tries to get it but gets more than he bargained for because he sees Nana changing. Nana then tries to return it for him but trips and ulala… their lips met. Some may call it incest… Of course they back off and say it’s just an accident. The next day, Pascal Magi has arrived at their destination to escort a 14 year old prodigy and vice president of the country of East Luz, Esterella Jardim-Mar. Woah. A little girl as a country’s second in command? What is the world coming to? A kid running a country. But there’s another shocking moment in store for Nana. I’m not sure if it’s her country’s custom. That’s because Jardim-Mar proceeds to kiss Nana on her lips once she gets to know she is the ship’s captain. Woah! So Nana got 2 kisses already. Her lips must taste damn sweet. So what next? First her brother, then a little girl. Perhaps a dog next? Haha, just kidding. I kinda feel that even though the crew looked on with surprise, the expression on their faces doesn’t really show that they’re that surprised. Just amazed.
The escort starts in episode 5 through a crowded sea area. The Pascal Mage has another ship called Colman, under the command of Isabushi, to help them out. Though he has his reservations on Pascal Magi, he’s not as bad as that Hamaguchi jerk as he still proceeds with his job. Jardim-Mar has a reluctant Hyousuke as her tour guide on board Pascal Magi. I suppose this kid isn’t ashamed about kissing in public because she did another one to Clio when she finds out how wonderful a Weapons Officer she is. I don’t know why Clio is surprised seeing that she got chased by many females before. Jardim-Mar is really amazed by the slightest thing on Pascal Magi and she seems to be enjoying her time. Meanwhile, Flood and Yuri Sister plans to ambush the ship Jardim-Mar is on. So that night as everyone prepares to sleep, the attack comes. Don’t worry, Nana and co aren’t sleeping on the job. Though they are under heavy bombardment, Isabushi decides to be the bait and decoy to let Nana escape. This is because, Jardim-Mar is supposed to be on board Colman so that’s the reason Flood and Yuri Sister started attacking it. It didn’t take long for them to realize that Colman was just a bait but they decide to finish them off first. I mean, why would Pascal Magi turn and run away since their duty was to protect the vice president on board Colman? So it must be it that the vice president isn’t on board. I wonder if Colman survived all that shelling. Pascal Magi has entered the waters of a destroyed area by the Grand Roar. It’s like a total wreckage. Nana wonders if they have been lured here and at the same time, several marine officers storm the ship supposedly navigated by Flood and Yuri Sister but they find it empty. Unfortunately, it’s a trap as the explosives on it goes off, killing everyone on board. We see them actually remote controlling things from a small yacht of their own in some harbour and are feeling pretty good about how things have turned in their favour. By the way, I kinda noticed that when they are typing or doing something with their laptops, they’ve got 1 hand on the keyboard and the other hand fondling each other! Absolutely yuri!
So the strategic battle between Pascal Magi and the sisters begins in episode 6. So Nana confirms that there is a connection with the terrorists and the anti-government of East Luz. Nana has a hard time tracking down the enemy because of some high-tech cloaking device that they’re using so much so Tsubasa’s aerial reconnaissance is having a tough time. So expect to see some firepower action in this episode as they try to outwit each other. Then when things get a little tensed for the yuri duo so much so Flood shoves Yuri Sister away in order to increase her attacks. See, if they weren’t busy fondling each other and concentrate, I’m sure they could have victory closer within their grasps. In the end, Pascal Magi triumphs and this leaves the sisters pretty sore about it. Don’t take your anger out by smashing that laptop of yours. Partly to blame is their over-confidence. Uh huh. The same escort ship beat them twice. Yeah, it’s not a joke, Flood. After this, you’ll wonder what happened to the duo as they don’t really make an appearance in the remaining episodes. After all that action, the remainder of this episodes sees the Pascal Magi docking and the crew doing some fanservice shot for some exhibition show organized by Haru-Nico. Need I say more about this part. I wonder why the naughty twins are dressed in weird seahorse outfit. Tsubasa on the other hand seems very shy to take off her dress but after some words from Nana, I guess she has no choice but to do it. At the same time, Mitori and Clio are having no qualms about flaunting their stuffs in front of those photo clicking crazy audience. It seems the purpose of this campaign is so that the company gets more money from their sponsors. We see Isabushi in bandages thanking Nana for protecting Jardim-Mar well while Hyousuke is making yakisoba. Jardim-Mar also gives her eloquent speech and her gratitude towards Pascal Magi seems to help improve the latter’s image.
Pascal Magi continues their journey after safely escorting Jardim-Mar. Thus in episode 7, some of the crew are surprised to find that sexy pictures of themselves during the exhibition are being published in a magazine. We also see Tsubasa now having strong feelings for Hyousuke, though she herself doesn’t know it’s love as she consults Mitori. Other than that, there is some chatting by several anonymous people about going ‘hunting’. But this episode is about how Pascal Magi’s entire system has been hacked by an unknown assailant, leaving the crew in a lurch. The twins had an argument with Miharu and launches a scathing verbal attack on the latter due to their different thinking and approach on how to handle the system, since it’s their area. As fate would have it, Tsubasa and Hyousuke are locked together in a compartment and the lights are out. Tsubasa can hear her heartbeat louder than anything else. Well, they got a little closer to each other… but before Tsubasa could confess she loves him, the lights went back up and the system is restored. Nice timing. Nana finds out that the submarine that they’re now in some joint military exercise area but soon discovers that everything on their radar screens are fake. With that, they resume back to their original course. Meanwhile, at some base, we see another computer genius kid, supposedly the one who hacked into the Pascal Magi’s system, Regen, talking to a purple haired lady, Koyomi (OMG! This is Mamiko Noto’s voice!!!) ,done with his ‘simulation’. It seems he was a childhood friend of Miharu and the latter in a way knew it was him who hacked the system because of the way he does it. Hyousuke and Tsubasa are reflecting that incident during the blackout.
Episode 8 starts off with some island native elder doing some chantings. Here, the Pascal Magi crew has been given a special leave and are relaxing on an island. Be prepared for more fanservice. Tsubasa now seems to be like a shy girl and went to ask Hyousuke if he has any free time to spend with her. Since that guy has no plans, he agrees, making Tsubasa quite happy. The gang also finds out from Mitori about some festival and legend on this island whereby if a couple watches the sunset at some beach, their love will be bound forever. I wonder why Mitori is really having so much skin contact with Hyousuke while telling them this. Probably, this seems pretty nostalgic when she did it with her husband. Wait. Mitori is married?! And she still goes around flirting with Hyousuke?! Well, I guess it’s just harmless teasing. Anyway this is a chance Tsubasa don’t want to miss. Nana and Tanya meet up with an old teacher of theirs. I’m not sure what the conversation is about, but it seems to indicate that Koyomi was part of their team and was responsible for some big blunder. Furthermore, Tanya thinks she has seen her on the island and thinks she is still alive. So during at the beach, Hyousuke and Tsubasa watches the sunset and before that guy knew what hit him, Tsubasa kissed him and confessed that she seriously loves him before running away. While Hyousuke is being stunned by the sudden events, Nana approaches him and from the way she said things, she’s kinda jealous. That’s what I feel. On another note, there is some old guy of some powerful rich corporation called Ridil who is trying to buy this island for some ulterior motives of his. Besides, Koyomi is working under him.
In episode 9, we see several figures supposedly from Ridil trying to put their plan into place. One of them being Rush Beyond. Erm… Is it me or does this guy besides having a weird name (yeah, his submarine is called Butterfly Rush), looks like Orochimaru from Naruto? Then in some dark secret headquarters, the other members of Ridil are discussing their world domination and monopolization plans (what would you expect anyway) and something about a theory called Neunte These (literally means 9-point Thesis) which is written by Koyomi (who is now known as Hakubi under Ridil), will come into play. Anyway, Pascal Magi has to participate in some campaign called "Stop The Jolly". I think it’s some anti-pirates campaign. While Hyousuke and Nana sort out their feelings on who the other likes, Tsubasa is feeling pretty good about herself. Of course Hyousuke didn’t really give a direct answer on who he likes more. Soon the Pascal Magi and the other fleets are entering the blockage area of the Lansuy Archipelago. One of the captains of the fleet is pretty confident about the enemy not attacking and even so will soon surrender. He really knows how to talk big. As expected, Rush Beyond starts attacking by launching sea missiles from his submarine and that arrogant captain is made to eat his words. It’s not a good time to cower in fear. Yeah, he’s thinking of retreating. But not Nana. She’s going to fight head on even if the enemy is a submarine and that there are many unknown ships appearing in the vicinity. She’ll put you guys to shame.
Rush Beyond’s surprise attack managed to heavily damage the fleet in episode 10. It’s kinda embarrassing for a huge fleet to be sunk by pirates, since this incident is being broadcasted live and worldwide. Because of last night’s incident, Nana’s mind has been clouded with uncertainty and her crew notices that she isn’t her usual self. Luckily, Tanya is there to keep her in check. Once again, another fantastic strategic battle between the escort battleship of Pascal Magi and the high-tech submarine Butterfly Rush. Rush Beyond seems to be making predictions of Pascal Magi’s move and is hitting on the right notes. No matter how Nana countermeasures them, Rush Beyond is always a step ahead. So the final blow came when he unleashes several high speed torpedoes. The impact on Pascal Magi’s stern was direct and so great that it caused substantial damage and so much so that area has been completely destroyed. Sango is devastated to know that the area is being quickly submerged in water because her close friend, Sakura, is in that area. Sango then remembers the time when she and Sakura were together on that island and how Sakura was looking forward to spend time with her boyfriend. She seems so cheerful then. Back in present time, Sango is paralyzed in shock, which partly clouds her judgement and decision. As Pascal Magi continues to receive heavy damage, the systems are all down and Nana has no choice but to request assistance from the Pacific Fleet. Nana sheds a tear while Rush Beyond relishes the moment.
In episode 11, the crew of Pascal Magi has been evacuated while the ship itself is totally damaged. Though there are quite a few fatalities, some of the crew are being treated for injuries. Nana makes a report of what happen to the Haru-Nico company as Okamachi remembers the time when Nana left the military to join the civilian escort ship. Something about a mistake made and has something to do with Koyomi. Uh huh, Nana did mention how she has to kill her and if she’s under the military, she can’t do so. But this episode sees how the crew of Pascal Magi recover from their shocking loss as they try to absorb reality. The most heartbreaking was Sango’s. She can’t believe that her best buddy Sakura is gone (so do I). She really cried her heart out and it nearly affected me. Of course with her crew members by her side, Sango manages to recover her strength and confidence to go on as they pay their respects to the recently departed ones. We also see short flashbacks of the twins and Miharu in some research facility while they were young and Koyomi was there too (that woman again. She does have a hand in almost everything). Lastly, when Nana tries to apologize to Hyousuke for making decisions that hurt everyone, Hyousuke suddenly hugs Nana and tells her not to shoulder all the burden herself as he’ll always be with her. With that, he confesses that he loves her. And he’s not meaning that because-we-are-siblings kind of love. Well remember, they’re not really blood related to begin with. On the other hand, Tsubasa is witnessing all this from afar. Must be a double depressing day for her. The episode ends with a report saying how the peace conference of the Alliance have failed and that Nachroma’s Republic Army has attacked East Luz’s embassy.
In episode 12, a reason why the country of Nachroma is attacking East Luz’s embassy is because they oppose East Luz from joining an organization called EATO (East Asian Treaty Organization). Must be like NATO of the east. Jardim-Mar is having her hands full of trying to evacuate her people and at the same time thinks that the Nachroma army is going to recreate a second but artificial Grand Roar. I suppose at this time the Pascal Magi has been fully repaired so Nana once again takes the helm of this ship and offers those who don’t want to get involve to leave. But the crew has been with her for so long, they’ll even follow her to the ends of the world. Nana is happy that she has her loyal comrades by her side. With no regrets, they depart as a mission to support the evacuation of East Luz (with Jardim-Mar also on board). Meanwhile the members of Ridil are discussing about Nachroma’s action as they were originally wanderers and intends to build artificial islands as their stronghold. Not that I understand, but all I know is that either way, there will be chaos and Ridil in the end will rule the interests of the countries according to Neunte These. Of course Nana and Tanya too discussed about Koyomi and what is it that she’s really after. Soon Pascal Magi and the other Alliance fleet enters Nachroma waters but it seems they have started to activate a device to create a second Grand Roar, which would destroy its neighbouring countries as part of their plan to unify the Asian sphere. Is destroying and than building up from scratch easier than just taking over? Meanwhile Hyousuke bumps into Tsubasa. Since she isn’t really about to give up on that incident yet, she tells him that she wants him to be her only special person and to tell her his answer after the mission, before rushing off.
Koyomi thoroughly explains all the 9 points of the Neunte These at the start of episode 13. Not that I really understood it all. To put it in simple words that I can understand, what the theory is all about tells how people will fight for land, this will lead to uneasy peace and then war and fighting, and as a result of this chaos, this will lead to all sides making some peace treaty hence bringing forth a whole new world government. At the same time, Pascal Magi is already engaged in a second round grudge match against Butterfly Rush. More cool tactical strategies and missile launching scenes. Though Rush Beyond is still confident and has the upperhand, the tables are eventually turned when Nana uses a daring do-or-die move by letting the enemy torpedoes hit the Pascal Magi. Due to the huge shockwave, the temporary interference causes Beyond Rush unable to detect anything from Pascal Magi nor do any counter measures in time. Since Pascal Magi isn’t heavily damaged yet, Nana uses this opportunity to fire back all they’ve got, thus destroying the illegal submarine and ending Beyond Rush’s life. Well, that guy admitted he had lost before sinking to the bottom of Davy Jone’s locker. Nana congratulates her crew for their hard work. Back at Ridil’s headquarters, the head isn’t please of the outcome but Koyomi reiterates that her thesis isn’t a guide to create a war. That guy soon agrees that they shouldn’t have meddled in it.
Six months later, at an abandoned research facility site, we see Koyomi talking to Regen. And if you’re still wondering where Flood and Yuri Sister are, this will answer your question. Though they only make a short appearance, the duo are spying on Koyomi and Regen and decides to do some cleaning up. Well, we heard a gunshot but I’m not sure if anyone of them got killed. And the purpose of them doing so? Don’t know. Back at the port, we see Tsubasa recalling the time after the mission whereby she confronted Hyousuke about his answer. In short, he rejected her. Okay, so it wasn’t direct but he did mention that there is someone he already likes. Oh, the heartbreak. So this guy prefers his sister over her. Well, I wonder if those initial beating up from Tsubasa had anything to do to influence his answer. Just kidding. Back in present time, we learn that Tsubasa was away attending some training so she’s really glad that’s over and she’s back with the rest on Pascal Magi, who teased her about her new-love coming back too. Why, it’s Hyousuke. Looks like he has resigned from his company and decides to come work on Pascal Magi. Did they lax the women-only rules? Or was there one to begin with.
As Nana narrates how the device to create a second Grand Roar has been destroyed soon after Pascal Magi’s victory, the rebel leader of Nachroma has been overthrown and peace restored to the islands. With that, Pascal Magi’s reputation has turned for the better with increase in funds and even that Hamaguchi guy has a more favourable view of them. Good grief. Lastly, Tanya notes how Nana has changed but Nana says the world really hasn’t yet. Since Koyomi is still out there, there is a possibility of her to cause chaos as she deems people as pieces. Looks like she’ll get her another day. Nana goes to greet and welcome back Hyousuke so Tanya asks what is him to her. Nana just replied that he is just her little brother. Well Tanya, it’s not as complicated as you said. Anyway with Hyousuke back, Mitori happily and passionately hugs him so much so that embarrassed guy tried to get away from her and slipped towards Tsubasa. From this point off view, you may think there’s going to be another accidental kiss but nope… they just bumped into each other’s head. He drops his spherical compass in which Nana picked up and says "Welcome home".
There is an additional episode if you buy the DVD entitled The Mercurius’ Holiday, albeit it is only 10 minutes long. Nothing much happens here on this episode except the fact it’s some drinking session between Nana, Tanya and Koyomi. Furthermore, the animation are still pictures. It’s like a comic book with audio and talking. Not only that, there are quite a lot of ‘recycled’ scenes. I’m not sure what the trio are talking about but Nana gets drunk very easily and sounds so cute and like a little girl when she’s intoxicated. Tanya is still sober while Koyomi is well… let’s just say she’s still as enigmatic as usual. Then I think Koyomi started to get drunk when she repeatedly said "Unfair, unfair, unfair…". Then she went splat face down on the table. Looks like Tanya has to pick up the pieces. So the next day back on the ship, I think Nana is a little embarrassed of what happened the previous night though she doesn’t really remember exactly what happened. When Koyomi passes by and gives her usual evasive answer of anything embarrassing happening to herself at the bar, Nana notes how one day she will definitely have to fight with her. How true. I’m thinking, perhaps that drinking session started it all?
So ends another okay series for me. Except for the cool CG battle sequences and the tactical strategies, everything else here seems just average. Uh huh. The ladies here aren’t as pretty as I hoped to be ;P. So much so at one point, I couldn’t differentiate between Nana and Tsubasa because they looked so close and the only way for me to tell them apart was their uniform. Though there has been no word of a 2nd season yet, but there are several developments towards the end of the series and some unanswered questions which may indicate that if the producers want to continue, they could carry on from there. I’m thinking that in this anime, you won’t really see a face-to-face encounter between the good side and the bad. Not even through contact nor communications. Like Regen, I’m not sure if he survived that assassination attempt because it’s a pity that he made such a short appearance without coming into contact with the other main characters.
Speaking of the characters, I could say they are average too. So after watching so many harem animes, I feel that with the bevy of ladies on board the ship, nothing really much happens between them and that single guy. They’re just like happy to have someone here so that they can tease and play. No serious love tussle here. Thinking of which, that Hyousuke guy doesn’t really play much of a role here, does he? Sometimes I feel that he’s just a side character. But I guess besides those little fanservice, perhaps the producers may want to concentrate on other things like the little storyline.
Though there are quite a number of seiyuus that I’m quite familiar of, the voice acting here is just okay. Nothing much to shout about. Besides my favourite Mamiko Noto, the other casts include Mai Nakahara as Nana (Mai Tokiha in Mai-HiME), Mikako Takahashi as Tsubasa (Rushuna of Grenadier), Junko Minagawa as Mitori and Regen (Ryoma in Prince Of Tennis), Kana Ueda as Sango (Mikan in Gakuen Alice), Yumiko Kobayashi as Miharu (Azuma in Yakitate! Japan), Rio Natsuki as Clio (Nanami of El Hazard), Mai Kadokawa as Jardim-Mar (Mayu of Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun), Rina Satou as Flood (Punie in Dai Mahou Touge) and Yoshinori Fujita as Rush Beyond (Masumi in Nodame Cantabile).
The opening theme song by Yozuca is entitled Tatta Hitotsu Dake and sounds quite fast paced and lively whereas the ending theme by Mai Nakahara is called Monochrome and is a slow and sad sounding ballad. However, I find that I don’t really like both themes at all. Speaking of the ending theme, the animation shows that mysterious flower girl standing while watching the Pascal Magi ship go by (except for the final episode where she’s no longer standing there). Till this day, I’m not sure what her role is, though I’m pretty sure that she and that island native chief are somewhat related.
Since a military themed anime isn’t really my cup of tea, maybe the next time if there are such animes, even if they are harem or comedy genre, I think it’s best that I pass it. Not to say that I really regret watching this one nor wasted my time, but it manages to satisfy my curiosity and be grateful that there are so much more better animes out there. I’m not saying that this is a B-grade anime as well. Just that, I’ve seen many better ones. Hence, after watching this show it’s not like I have any interest to join the naval army or whatsoever. Well, if I do say, then most of my time will be devoted to patrolling the seas, keeping stringent checks on borders for illegal entrants from dawn to dusk. Life will indeed be tough and I won’t have much time to watch my favourite animes, don’t you think, no?
Tactical Roar

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