I know I am weak against ghost stories and yet, here I am having a go at Tasogare Otome x Amnesia OVA. Did I not learn about getting spooked the last time? Despite the series wasn’t really a full horror and supernatural ghostly series, I still got scared. Maybe it’s that inner pride of me to finish what I started. Yeah, right. As some dubbed this the thirteenth episode (the unaired episode that was bundled together with the DVD to get your money’s worth), we see the Paranormal Investigation Club investigate several mysteries around their school. Oh yes. Don’t forget that ghost girl Yuuko that tags along with them.

Demon Slaying Maiden
We see Kirie adamant to put a rest to this ‘ash throwing’ curse that has everyone in school worried. The culprit of course turns out to be Yuuko who is throwing fish feed in the fountain. To make matters worse, Teiichi is the one who is encouraging her! Kirie blows her top that she should stop otherwise people will come up with more ghost stories but Yuuko sees her as a bully. Having it until here, Kirie throws down a challenge that if she defeats her, she must behave. Kirie seems to have confidence in the race (Teiichi quips she’s fastest at running away) but to her surprise, Yuuko beats her flat!!! As for the other series of challenges that includes pop quiz, fashion, test of courage and cooking, Yuuko defeats Kirie in all of them!!! Wow!!! How can you beat a ghost anyway? What has Yuuko got to lose? Kirie uses her last resort. She performs some complicating looking exorcism and in the end… Nothing happens! She runs away in embarrassment while telling Yuuko to just go and die. She’s already dead…

Okonogi has brought a paper that contains hidden legends from a bygone era. Really? As there are ghost stories written on it, she thinks as a club, they should go and ascertain them since the mysteries were never heard before. First up, they enter an empty classroom supposedly to be the ghost legend of Youko. Not Yuuko? If a boy and a girl perform a certain ritual, a ghost called Youko will appear. If they are destined to be together, Youko will leave a message that will have them find happiness. Otherwise, the boy will be dragged with Youko to hell! Okonogi and Teiichi try it out but Yuuko thinks this is part of Okonogi’s plan to confess to him. Thus Yuuko cheekily writes “May you burn in hell!” and drags Teiichi away. Okonogi won’t let it happen and pulls his other hand. How long is this tug of war going to last? Teiichi may split into half, you know? So I guess it’s Kirie’s turn to intervene. Telling a Japanese version of King Solomon’s wisdom, the one who lets go of Teiichi’s hand is the one that truly loves him. But… The girls aren’t letting it go! Suck it up and be a man! Teiichi is in pain and the girls turn sadist because they love to see how cute he is squirming in pain! New awakening! Thank God that Teiichi is still in one piece and the girls almost ‘climaxed’. I hope they don’t get addicted to this new sick play. Next up is a monster that apparently eats you from head to toe. Kirie thinks it is her turn to shine and puts on some Index outfit, mix with eastern and western talisman. She’s bloody confident in slaying this demon and starts her chanting. Seems complicated. Seems convincing. Till nothing happens. Yuuko even felt bad and wears a demon mask out of pity just for her. She runs away in embarrassment and doesn’t need her pity!

Finally there is this story whereby 3 or more people shouldn’t get into this bathtub at the same time otherwise something terrible will happen. The bathtub looks wide and modern and nothing happens when the trio sits in. Noting that this bathtub is built after the new school building, it means there is an old bathtub that exists somewhere since the legend was written before that. True enough, they find a smaller wooden bathtub and it seems it can fit more than 3 people. They prepare the water and Kirie and Okonogi get in. Teiichi is embarrassed to get in with them despite Okonogi making a wooden barrier for the men’s section. That’s because they’re all naked! In the name of science they must! Since when was this a scientific experiment? If Okonogi’s ‘men need to have balls’ argument didn’t work out, Yuuko suggests she can cover his private parts while he makes his way over. Eventually Teiichi does but Kirie points out since Okonogi can’t see Yuuko, that means she saw every part of Teiichi naked, right? Oh dear. Okonogi looked so happy… So the trio sink in and nothing much happens despite Okonogi making some comments about their floating boobs. Then the water starts to rise… Actually it’s Yuuko getting into the tub, sitting next to Teiichi. She’s starting to get naughty with him so Kirie couldn’t stand it anymore and punches the wooden barrier. The entire tub breaks and everyone is left screaming the nakedness they are in.

In the aftermath, they deduce that the terrible thing that would happen is that the wood would break since it was already old. As Okonogi dries the paper, hidden words start to pop up. She remembers there was a group of students doing these kinds of activities before them and it’s a club that came before the third newspaper club that she now joins. That club made journals and picked up mystery and ghost stories. When the paranormal hype died down, the club president who took up journalism changed the purpose of the club and it became the current third newspaper club as known today. As they couldn’t find topics to put in the print they started creating ghost stories. So basically, they were lying and making them up, right? Thus the paper contains discarded ideas and the Youko ghost story seems to be created by a member who fell in love and the ritual was his idea to have a date with the girl he loves. So did they waste their time over nothing? Well, Yuuko thought she had fun. That night, the girls dress in their yukata and Kirie thought Teiichi was complimenting hers. Too bad it was Yuuko’s instead. So pissed. Just when Kirie thought Okonogi complimented hers, it felt like an insult because it’s like she’s trying to say she has no curves at all. Another running away in embarrassment for her. While Okonogi and Kirie go wild with the fireworks, Yuuko and Teiichi find precious time together. They are surprised there was a club before them that did paranormal investigations and Yuuko says there’s always something to keep it going. Not the ghost stories. But the search for love. Teiichi comments that although ghosts are scary, they have some romantic charm to them that attracts people. Take for example Yuuko’s case whereby her story has been told for decades. There’s some romantic charm in it, no? It’s also a reason why they are all here now.

I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts…
Thankfully… There were no scary parts! Not that I was scared by a single bit out of my pants anyway. Because of that, it doesn’t feel that the series had lived up to its scary hype but that’s only because the scary part which was Yuuko’s amnesia and split personality has already been solved in the TV series. Oh, watching this OVA may have made you forget that Yuuko did have amnesia too. However as a series overall, I think the OVA isn’t bad in complementing the TV series. So I guess like in many OVAs these days, the extra episode is to have fun and make it enjoyable, a way to end and wind down the series. Therefore I was laughing and having ‘fun’ most of the time instead of being spooked.

The funniest person for this OVA goes to Kirie. It felt like she has become a clown. We know her as the serious girl who rarely gets the comical part. But here, it’s as though it is her destiny to become one.  Whether it is her failed exorcisms, running away and get disheartened that nobody goes after her or her reaction to insults about her body, she’s really a funny girl to watch. She is what makes this OVA overall very funny. Okonogi too had her moments but it is because we know her as a quirky girl so the impact isn’t really there as compared to Kirie. Yuuko is still cheeky and bumming around, teasing anyone whenever she gets the chance. Okonogi still can’t see her so I think Kirie will have her fun for some time. And more importantly both Teiichi and Yuuko continue to love each other. But it still bugs me how long this will last since Teiichi won’t be around forever. I know. Grow old, die and become a ghost like her. But he’ll be an old man by that time. But really. How do you date a ghost anyway?

There are lots of legends, myths, mysteries, folklores and ghost stories around the world and lack of proper documentation and passing down via word of mouth from generation to generation only distorts and twists everything. Whether you want to believe them or not it is really up to you. I wouldn’t say I totally believe in ghost stories but I don’t read much of them because of ‘that’ weakness of mine. Mysteries as seen in this OVA can turn out to be pretty lame or ‘nothing much’ when the truth is exposed. Be it science, common sense or just coincidence. So that is why as said by Teiichi, there is a certain charm when it is left as a mysterious ghost story. We all love a got spook, don’t we? Not me. Tell me a happy fairytale story instead. Please?

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

November 4, 2012

I was never really into the horror genre and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia would have easily been given the slip had not I saw that ‘comedy’ genre in its listing. Yes, yes. In animes nowadays no matter if they’re dead serious or comedy is not its driving force, sometimes there will always be that short little comical gag to relief tension or because of the situation or circumstances. So while I had my fair share of a dozen episodes of horror (and at certain scenes almost made my heart stop – thank God I’m still alive), I guess I have to be grateful too that there are some comical scenes as well. Thanks for the few laughs. It was cute and funny. And also thanks for the few frightening scenes (read sarcasm). Hmm… Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me because I don’t see that ‘comedy’ word anymore when I went back to the several sites to reconfirm this. Or did I saw the wrong show? Hope it wasn’t haunted or anything. Touch wood!

“I see dead people”. Heard of that famous line somewhere before? Apparently our main protagonist here can see dead people too. More accurately, just a single ghost. The ghost girl of his school. How, where, what, when or why this happen isn’t exactly the point. Besides having carved an infamous ghost story legend throughout the ages for those who have enrolled in this school, this ghost girl is funny too. She hangs around this dude because well, after all when nobody else could really see her so why waste your chance of ignoring him when you can have fun and mess around in his presence? It’s not like she’s a bad ghost. Just a bored ghost wandering and hanging around. Oh, did I mention this too? She has amnesia. In the sense she doesn’t remember how she died or her past. She doesn’t seem too bothered about it because she’s happy frolicking with him. But how long would that last? So okay, you’re a ghost and you have all eternity but seriously, when odd things begin to show up and that ghost stories aren’t just mere rumours (or are they?), then some investigation about her link to the past has to be done or else the haunting will go on and you won’t be able to move on. What will happen when her memories and past are discovered? That’s not funny, you know…

Episode 1
Momoe Okonogi lists in her diary about the paranormal activities that happened in school. Her pencil breaks as she changes a new one. Didn’t she notice her keychain moving by its own? But she did realize her cup now in a different spot! Maybe there’s a ghost!  A poltergeist! Or maybe she didn’t get enough sleep. She’s too deep in her monologue that she didn’t notice her own paper flying in mid-air. Isn’t it scary that she’s talking to herself like as though she’s talking to… A ghost?! Then she realizes her keychain falling over. Maybe there really is a poltergeist! Teiichi Niiya comes in and she tells him something may be really here with them. She’s starting to freak out but Teiichi is just trying to keep cool. But he’s acting pretty strange. Okonogi wonders if he could read her mind and it seems his ambiguous answer is spot on.  So does this mean he knows her feelings? To put it to a test, she asks a question via her mind. If she had only asked a simpler question. Duh… Kirie Kanoe comes in and doesn’t like the way they’re fooling around. She sits down and soon the Paranormal Investigations Club begins their activities. Okonogi wants to know if the club president is ever coming since she has never seen her. Speaking of which, Teiichi gets a call from the ‘president’ to say that she’s sick and not coming. Okonogi mentions about the result of her interview which leads her to a haunted lunch cart elevator. Though it is no longer in use, it is rumoured to have moved by itself. Suddenly the elevator starts working and this freaks Okonogi like hell. Before she knows it, Teiichi is kicked into the elevator! The next scenes are exactly a repeat from what we see at the beginning. Just that this is what really happened because indeed, there was another person in this room! A girl. Yuuko. We see Yuuko trying to get Okonogi’s attention by moving things but to no avail. Even if she did, she just freaked out by herself. Till Okonogi mentions Teiichi’s name and his great sense to see ghost that Yuuko decides to ‘haunt’ her by dropping that keychain. Teiichi comes in and isn’t amused to see Yuuko. Yeah, he sees dead people. Because Yuuko is toying with him, his answers to her seem like coincidence as though he is answering Okonogi. Then Kirie comes in and looks like she too can see Yuuko. The club meeting gets on the way and Yuuko is the ever missing president of Paranormal Investigations Club. So Yuuko tells Teiichi to feign that phone call… Then at the elevator, Yuuko starts it up to prove it is working properly but it freaks Okonogi out. Because she is clinging so close to Teiichi, Yuuko kicks that guy into the elevator and goes in with him.

Continuing off from that part, the cramped space isn’t really meant for 2 people. Heck it isn’t even meant for people. Or a ghost. Mind boggling thing: If Yuuko’s a ghost, why is she stuck with him in the elevator? Maybe she wants to… Teiichi realizes Yuuko must have been the one who spread those rumours about the elevator but she says he is the first person she abducted. Yuuko purposely lets him feel her body and doesn’t hesitate to say she loves touching him. That’s because he is the only one who can touch her. Others pass through her, look through her like as though she doesn’t exist (duh!). Maybe she’s lonely. Teiichi admits she likes touching her too and gropes her breast. The elevator reaches the bottom and opens. Well, Kirie saw what that pervert is doing. Okonogi thinks a bad ghost is following Teiichi and wonders if it’s Yuuko’s doing because her name appears in lots of ghost stories. She lets them know of her story that has Yuuko in it. She believes she is buried on one of the hills behind the school. She brings them there so Yuuko tags along but says she doesn’t remember the place nor has she been here. Okonogi brings them to a spot underneath a tree and true enough, a little tombstone with Yuuko’s name on it. Could it be true? But Yuuko insists she has never seen this before and that Teiichi should know better her body lies underneath the club room. Teiichi tries to tell Okonogi that probably Yuuko’s body isn’t here so she concludes Yuuko must have gone to this school at some point and someone erected this here in her memory. She feels relieved thinking this is a romantic ghost story than a scary rumour. Yuuko is not amused and kicks over the tombstone! Oh sh*t! Okonogi freaking out big time! After she runs away, Yuuko proceeds to show Teiichi a beautiful scenery overlooking the school. Yuuko claims though she said she has never come here before, perhaps she has been here after all. Teiichi finds a pair of bells near the tombstone and narrates there are popular stories at Seikyou Academy of a girl named Yuuko, who is a ghost with amnesia and also the president of the Paranormal Investigations Club. Before he knew it, he was stuck with her.

Episode 2
As narrated, Seikyou’s 60 years of history means the numerous expansions have turned the buildings into one giant maze. Abandoned classes became storerooms and hallways turned to dead ends. Teiichi heard rumours of a ghost in the old building especially a room with a large size mirror. He is shocked to see Yuuko. From the way she said things, it is as though he is her first visitor after a long time. Indeed. She admits she’s a ghost! Freaky! Teiichi suddenly sees gruesome visions and to ascertain Yuuko isn’t a ghost, he tries to touch her. Of all parts, he touched her breasts… Feels good? Hell, he could touch her! Yuuko explains she doesn’t know when or how she died. She can’t remember her past life nor is she interested to find out. So it doesn’t matter if she’s a ghost or not. But Yuuko clings on to Teiichi since she could touch him as well. She changes into her old school uniform (which is what we will see her in always – besides, does she really need to take off her clothes? Can’t she just change with a snap of a finger?) and wishes to let her do anything for who knows when he won’t ever be able to see and touch her again. She gets an idea for him to remember her and that is to kiss his forehead! She’s messing with him. Besides, doesn’t that feel like haunting him instead? She also mentions about an old story whereby a girl was trapped by a curse in this school. Thinking that girl is Yuuko, Teiichi sees more horrifying visions of perhaps Yuuko in distress when she was alive. He remembers the mirror and rushes back there to smash it. Behind it are stairways leading down to a dark basement and at the bottom, true enough, Yuuko’s skeletal remains. Yuuko freaks out. Now that he has seen her body, she feels… Embarrassed?! But that’s just bones, right? Well, she thinks it’s the ultimate nakedness and now that he’s seen it… Pervert! Teiichi narrates than an accident left her trapped and she was never rescued. Soon Yuuko forms the Paranormal Investigations Club since she is now somewhat interested in finding her past. Guess whom she roped in as a member? So, is Yuuko really haunting him?

Yuuko messes and flirts around with Teiichi in the clubroom till they land in a compromising position. Till Okonogi barges in for help. Teiichi panics but Yuuko says she can’t see her. Apparently people who don’t keep her presence in mind can’t see her. In other words, Teiichi cares enough about her to be able to see her. Okonogi is worried that Yuuko is going to kill her! Eh?! Seems she was playing this ritual alone, Hide the Demon whereby it involves putting a name on a doll. Since it’s a game for one, nobody will come to find you and there’s only one way to end the game and that’s to tell the doll it’s over. If you fail to do so, the game goes on forever and you’ll be pursued by whatever you put on that doll for eternity. Okonogi stabbed the doll with a blade and when she counted to 10, the doll went missing! Ever since, she felt someone following her and at this rate she may end up getting killed. Okonogi thought Teiichi has summoned a ghost when he is actually ‘interacting’ with Yuuko. So Yuuko comes up with that handphone idea to talk to the ‘ghost president’ and accept the case in hopes she could find a connection to her past. Okonogi is given a charm but to Teiichi’s dismay, it’s a fake charm made by Yuuko herself! Plus, why is that doll sitting in the room with Yuuko! She was walking around and saw this doll with her name so she couldn’t leave it and took it. So this whole thing was her fault to begin with?! How can he explain this to Okonogi? Yuuko says Hide the Demon is a form of autohypnosis. Due to the cram space and tension, it increases her anxiety and hallucinations of her subconscious. She could see things that didn’t exist and thus possible for things you can see to catch or kill you. How can you fight something that is all in just one’s mind? Yuuko says they’re going ghost busting. Okonogi sees a fearsome ghost before her. That’s because of her anxiety and fear when in actual fact it’s just playful Yuuko. Teiichi acts as the hero to pull her away and explains the ritual is used to summon demons and the doll was haunted by a ghost (all bluffs actually). Then he uses a real charm (which is of course a fake) to exorcise the ghost and put her heart at ease. Great acting, eh? Yuuko explains people who are afraid of supernatural will make them see what they want to see. Okonogi’s fear made Yuuko look like a demon. When you’re afraid, anything can look like a demon. Next day as the duo lament there is no connection of her past, Okonogi barges in and is very grateful to him. Too grateful. Yuuko could sense it’s just more than grateful feelings. Oh boy. She just leans on his back.

Episode 3
Yuuko wants to show Teiichi her summer clothes but it seems that guy has some other business to attend to. What’s this? A love letter he’s got? Actually, a girl wants to talk to him regarding ‘the girl behind him’. Oh… That girl turns out to be Kirie and she warns Teiichi he is being haunted by an evil spirit and to stay far away. When this school was just completed, a female student died in an accident and became a ghost that lurks the hallways. She searches for those who would share her pain and drags them to the other side, thus Spirited Away. Teiichi doesn’t believe her and asks if she could really see Yuuko. She just replies if she sees something that she shouldn’t, she’ll pretend she can’t see it at all! After Kirie leaves, Yuuko suddenly pops up behind Teiichi. Yikes! And starts sneezing. Ghosts get cold from the rain too? Drying themselves at the infirmary, seems Yuuko was worried that Teiichi didn’t show up at the club room since she heard stories of Spirited Away (from club member Okonogi who was eagerly talking to herself and waiting for Teiichi) and thought he became a victim. Then she asks Teiichi to describe her. Long black hair, pale white skin, beautiful face. Thank goodness that’s how Yuuko saw herself. Then she starts flirting over him but Kirie puts a stop to their unholy act. Branding Teiichi a pathetic idiot for falling for her wiles, she is going to make him see Yuuko’s true form. Teiichi doesn’t believe so he is made to look behind. Dirt coloured skin, twisted face, ugly hatred… OMG! Kirie takes Teiichi out and run. Was that really her?! Outside the hallways, Kirie introduces herself. Teiichi notices her surname similar to Yuuko’s and she reveals Yuuko is her blood relative. More accurately, Yuuko was her grandma’s older sister who died when she was 15 years old. When Kirie heard about the rumours, she thought it was just typical ghost stories. Till she found a photograph in grandma’s room. Ever since, she started seeing this Yuuko ghost and was as beautiful as in the picture. Initially she didn’t want to interact or make contact and ignored her but soon realized her mistake. She saw her true form, the regrets she had. All the sadness, hatred and repulsive bitterness, Yuuko turns out to be the girl in the Spirited Away story. Teiichi mentions Yuuko told him she had no regrets whatsoever. Lies! Those haunted by her will be Spirited Away and he saw her beautiful side because of his pervertness. Well, remember Yuuko did say people see her the way they want to? Teiichi mentions about Yuuko’s body and Kirie says they need to do something about it. Since Yuuko is coming, they have to run again.

In the room where the mirror once stand (now it’s covered with planks of wood), Kirie breaks open when Yuuko comes up behind Teiichi and curses her for stealing Teiichi away from her. Kirie became frightened that she ran into the basement. Teiichi couldn’t look at Yuuko so she realizes how terrible she must have looked. She feels sad that because of him, her lonely and meaningless days were over and her everyday life changed for the better. She was happy he accepted her and apologizes. Teiichi grabs her hand and admits he was afraid. Afraid to see the truth and pretended not to see and convince himself it wasn’t scary. Then he describes the Yuuko he remembers. The beautiful Yuuko with long black hair and pale white skin. Yuuko turns into that form but Teiichi needs to examine her more closely. Yikes! Her corpse that is. In the dark basement, Teiichi finds Kirie crying though she gave excuses she tripped, bla, bla, bla. Yeah, yeah. Pointing the flashlight at Yuuko’s corpse, he examines and finds her leg broken. She probably fell to this unused basement and wasted away, unable to move and never to be found. But something ahead caught their attention. A mini shrine with lots of seals around it! The duo emerge from the basement as Kirie admits her suspicions were wrong but they are not sure if Yuuko is an evil spirit. Kirie sees Yuuko haunting behind the chair, freaks out and runs. Yuuko confirms with Teiichi that he has examined every part of her body. She felt so embarrassed that she could die! Wait a minute. Isn’t she already dead? Kirie walks along and wonders if Yuuko wasn’t an evil spirit, then what was the evil spirit that she saw? Oh, there it is lurking… So when Teiichi returns to the club room, Okonogi tells about the other Spirited Away story. Apparently this school became cursed since it was built on a shrine where it once stood. The curse was why the girl who died from the accident was Spirited Away. Does this mean Yuuko was the one who was Spirited Away? Kirie comes into the club noting Yuuko is still involved in this and nothing has been solved yet. I guess that’s her way of saying she’s joining the club.

Episode 4
What’s this? They’re starting off with swimsuit fanservice of Kirie and Okonogi? Though Okonogi is pretty much well endowed, she wants to touch Kirie’s slender legs. In return she can touch her boobs and butt… WTF?! Anyway Kirie organizes a summer camp for the club since mysteries are bound to crop up at school on a summer night. On what basis? But will Kirie herself be alright? They’ll be staying at the old night duty room and Okonogi thought she had her first paranormal activity when the tap suddenly runs blood! Actually it’s just rust as the pipes aren’t in use for so long. They read the night duty log which records its own paranormal activity of something knocking on the door! So it’s decided they’ll investigate it tonight. However Teiichi notices Yuuko depressed and not her usual prankster self. While waiting for night fall, the trio swim in the pool. Okonogi is to show off her swimsuit when Yuuko suddenly twists Teiichi’s head the other way! Okonogi got the wrong idea that her swimsuit was so bad that it broke her heart and change into something less showy. Night comes as Teiichi and Kirie go patrolling. Okonogi is eager to stay back believing the paranormal incident will occur first when someone is alone. That also means she’ll be the first victim, right? Oh shi… While walking, Kirie explains she did this camp to investigate as she thinks this school might house another ghost. When she first saw Yuuko, she was the one as seen now and thought that ugly side of hers was her true form as an evil spirit. So when she saw this shadow thingy, that’s when she started seeing Yuuko as something hideous but as proven it was just all in her head. So what was that thing she saw? She used to run away alone but now has an ally. Did Teiichi get all that? Well, suddenly she realizes Teiichi has gone missing! Seems Yuuko has whisked him away to another room. She is upset that he ‘abandoned’ her for days (well, it’s the summer vacation) and when he returned, all he did was hang around with those girls and never commented on her swimsuit! He’s all she’s got. He apologizes but also mentions about Kirie being able to see her. Yuuko doesn’t like her. Period. She wants him to touch her again so this time they hold hands. When they return, they see Kirie crying alone in the hallway. Was she really up to this? Heading back to the night duty room, thinking Okonogi is asleep, Yuuko decides to pound the door to wake her up. Suddenly they heard a loud crash. Rushing outside to the window, they see Okonogi’s face stuck to the window! She heard some loud banging on the door, got frightened and stormed out! Haha. Then to shoo away the ghosts, she thinks of playing cards but realizes something freaky when Kirie distributes for 4 people. Cue for Okonogi to freak out!

That night Teiichi can’t sleep so he hears Yuuko remembering she did enter this place. She was the one responsible for the door knocking prank. As it could get cold in winter, she would knock on the door and the unsuspecting teacher would open and she would sneak in. As time passes, the opening stopped since who wouldn’t be afraid of the ghost knockings, right? The room became abandoned. Too bad that story made Teiichi fell asleep. Then she remembers the Rock of Curses. She wakes him up in the dead of the night to go investigate it. Apparently a teacher found it but got targeted by the curse. He quit school to try and escape from its curse. It is rumoured that if you write the name of the person you hate on it, the curse will kill them. But if you see your name written on it, you’ll die from the curse. Yuuko guides Teiichi as they leap through building rooftops and crawl through windows to get to the old building courtyard. Teiichi sees the rock and it’s filled with names. To his horror, his name is written there! How in the world?! He starts panicking he’s going to die from the curse when he sees Yuuko holding up a black marker pen. She wrote his name on the rock. Why that… She woke him up just for this prank?! Good scare, wasn’t it? Yuuko explains curses aren’t real. The bad feelings you get may be the curse. She is sure people presumed the teacher got cursed and quit and perhaps some event made it seemed like there was a curse involved. People don’t realize they aren’t able to choose whether or not to believe something. If they subconsciously believe something, thus there lies the potential for a curse. She apologizes to Teiichi that though the Rock of Curses does exist, it’s just an excuse. Having Teiichi float in the swimming pool and watching the sunrise, she never knew the other face of the school as night passes her by in an instant. She thanks Teiichi because of him noticing her presence, she realized this. Oh… And that shadow thingy is lurking next to Kirie as she sleeps!!! FFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

Episode 5
It’s the school cultural festival and guess what Paranormal Investigation Club is doing? A haunted house… They have a real ghost, right? It’s Yuuko’s idea by the way. She’ll be playing the ghost too. Since she continues to flirt with Teiichi, Kirie feels irritated and takes Okonogi away since the latter suggested they should look for things to decorate the place. Kirie was so irritated that when she clams down, she realizes they’re lost. Teiichi wonders how Yuuko is going to scare them since others can’t see her. She’ll create an environment that makes them see things and they will see their fear before them. Though, I don’t know how making Teiichi undoing her obi would make it happen. Maybe she just wants to have fun? Kirie and Okonogi find themselves outside the old science lab preparation room. Okonogi knows a story about an anatomical model without a heart. A janitor was closing up and felt a presence behind him. It was the model and when morning comes, they found the janitor’s remains and his heart ripped from his chest! Okonogi then bumps into the model and her fears took over. She panics she is going to die when Kirie hugs her. She tells her it is just an object that doesn’t move and it won’t rip her heart either. Okonogi calms down and praises how amazing and beautiful she is. Kirie denies the latter. A mouse scoots by her feet, giving Kirie the jumps before a skeleton model drop and ‘sit’ by her. Okonogi shoos the mouse away as she sees Kirie crying and scared (I think the earlier part when she hugged Okonogi, it was to cover up her fear too). It’s her turn to comfort. Meanwhile the haunted house is such a success that any boy or girl that went in, ran out screaming in fear! Awesome realism! I don’t want to know what they saw. Kirie and Okonogi drag the model back and find themselves back in the main building bustling with the cultural activities. They participate in some of the booths but isn’t it weird for others to see the model tag along? Scary. Okonogi bumps into her friends Hitomi Nishikawa and Manako Kawatou. Seems they have a plan and want Okonogi to cooperate. That plan first involves stripping reluctant Kirie and then putting on maid clothes complete with a wig and cat ears. Hey, I thought she looked like Yuuko! Well, she’s her descendent. Anyway she’s looking super cute! Her genuine embarrassment makes her even cuter! Everybody gives her the thumbs up and wants her to serve them!!!

At the end of the day as Kirie rests, she takes a look at herself in the mirror and finds herself pretty cute too. Till she realizes the resemblance. Feeling irritated, she runs back to the haunted house. Inside as Kirie notes how much she hates this face, Yuuko confronts her and wonders if it’s because it reminds herself of Yuuko. Or maybe she can’t stop thinking about her and admires her. Kirie denies so Yuuko says it’s because she’s dead and one shouldn’t trust the dead. Kirie runs out and bumps into Teiichi. He can tell she is Kirie. She asks what he likes about Yuuko. She has all the things she has (maybe except the boobs) and he likes Yuuko better than her? Even if she’s prettier and girlier, you can’t deny the fact that she’s a ghost. Well, Teiichi didn’t understand what she’s trying to get because falling in love doesn’t have to do of whether you’re a ghost or not. Or aliens or gods… Kirie realizes and gives out a good laugh and teases him for not being normal to say he loves a ghost. Teiichi flusters because he could almost see Kirie’s breasts from the low cut of her dress. Though she is embarrassed, she mentions there isn’t anything to see. He notes even so, she’s still a girl. Realizing that you see what you fear in this haunted house, Kirie walks back in, pushing Yuuko aside. Realizing it’s the first time she touched her, what she saw earlier wasn’t Yuuko but herself whom she was unable to love. Then it hit her if the illusion was the work of Yuuko, then she must’ve been here the entire time and heard everything! In the end, seems Yuuko got the heart of the model (don’t ask where she picked it up from) hanging as the decoration. Okonogi deduces since the model can’t move, it charged to where its heart is. Thus, a heartless anatomical model with a heart. Huh? What? I don’t understand.

Episode 6
Rumours of the Red Woman is gaining ground. It is believed if you stay late after school, she will kill you and drain all your blood, thus the colour red. The haunted house experiences no business today. I guess everybody got scared off their pants, eh? Till a girl shows up because she wants to meet Yuuko. Can she see her too? As Kirie explains, their Yuuko is also in the ghost stories so she’s the most famous ghost story subject around. Okonogi lets them know about the recently popular rumour of Red Woman. In legends, she was meant to be a sacrifice to appease the gods. When the girl comes out, Teiichi asks if she did meet Yuuko. She replies yes and it was very scary. But why is she grinning? But Yuuko tells Teiichi she is a liar because she didn’t see her. In fact she didn’t see anything because she had no fears! A group of girls are worried with the numerous witness of Red Woman around school today, they plead to her for assurance. This girl whom they call… Yuuko?! She promises to protect them. Our original friendly ghost, Yuuko drags Teiichi around the school festival as they talk about Red Woman. Yuuko doesn’t know of any other ghost in school and perhaps Red Woman like her name implies is just a mysterious person and not a ghost. Suddenly they see a commotion and a group of students point out to a shady figure outside whom they believe is Red Woman. A scream follows and it turns out to be the human Yuuko who claims she was attacked by Red Woman. Soon a group of scared students start banging on Paranormal Investigation Club’s door. And I mean they’re trying to break it down for they want them to hand over Yuuko the ghost! They believe Red Woman is looking for her as her sacrifice. They break open and pull Teiichi out, demanding him to hand over Yuuko. Seriously, they’re so scared that they’re not thinking straight. The windows start breaking and the scared students flee thinking Red Woman has come. Actually it’s Yuuko smashing the window with her baseball bat. Soon Yuuko the human pops up and introduces herself as Yuuko Kirishima. Admitting the entire chaos was her doing, she hates people who blindly believe in ghost stories and hates people like them who enjoy and have fun with them. She is going to kill the ghost stories and that Yuuko should just disappear.

Flashback reveals because she shares the same name with the famous ghost, she got teased whether they’re related or not. Fed up of it all, she cooked up a story to make the students believe Yuuko is the one Red Woman wants to kill. Scared enough to believe if Yuuko dies, they’ll all be saved. Yuuko doesn’t really mind about what’s happening since she got bullied because of her. Suddenly Kirie tells them Kirishima has been chosen as Red Woman’s sacrifice. Seems the rumour was too effective that everyone got so scared and has gone crazy. Teiichi wants Yuuko to help out too despite Kirishima hates her. It’s the right thing to do. The paranoid students tie Kirishima up. Her plan backfired. She tells them the truth of the lies she made but nobody listened. They believe Red Woman exists because they are so afraid of her. They think Kirishima’s sacrifice will mean they can sleep better and lay this to rest once and for all. Her blood will make everyone happy. Everyone’s so selfish if you ask me. But that’s normal seeing how paranoid they are. Suddenly the Red Woman pops up and approaches Kirishima. You should’ve guessed it’s Yuuko in disguise. She mentions this isn’t the Yuuko she seeks and by giving a false sacrifice, they shall pay with their lives! Another round of chaos as the students run for their lives leaving Kirishima alone behind. Teiichi frees Kirishima and lets her know the ‘Red Woman’ she saw was the Yuuko ghost of the old building. When the students manage to reach out of the building and back into the school festival, all the paranoia built up died down. As if it was all in their mind. Teiichi tries to explain that the Yuuko he knows isn’t as scary as she thinks. Kirishima thought so too but at least he didn’t call her by her first name. So can Kirishima see Yuuko? I mean when both Yuukos pass each other, Kirishima whispered “Sorry” into her ear. Unless it was because Teiichi saw Yuuko coming back and called her name so it probably gave Kirishima a hint. Teiichi apologizes to Yuuko for dragging her into this but she’s okay and happy with it since it was him. Okonogi is disheartened to learn that Kirie rang the bell as part of the prank to scare those students. Fearing the teacher might find out, she runs away. But Kirie sees that shadow figure next to her! FFUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

Episode 7
Yuuko and Teiichi are in another one of their fake ghost busting activities. This time a ghost piano. Are you relief, Okonogi? She praises him for his ghost busting techniques and hopes she could learn some from him. Private lessons, that is. Yuuko felt jealous and kicks the piano chair for some paranormal effect! Kirie remembers talking to the shadowy figure who told her that all they do is repeat and another iteration has occurred. Yuuko continues to hang close with Teiichi. In basketball, making his ball look like he did some awesome throw. In class, sitting on his lap like nobody’s business. Heck, it’s nobody’s business. Isn’t it a little cramped? For lunch, she’s going to eat alone with him. Till Okonogi shows up for the same reason. Can’t say no, can’t he? Of course Yuuko sits right in the middle of the table so obviously Teiichi is feeling some kind of tension. In yet another jealous move, she eats all his lunch! Okonogi tries to feed him hers but Yuuko slaps her chopsticks away! Teiichi is not amused. He talks to Kirie and notices Yuuko hasn’t been herself lately though at the same time she’s so much like herself. Confused? Kirie mentions she saw that shadow again and her form was that of hatred, envy and grief. She mentions isn’t it strange that Yuuko doesn’t get mad or angry? Even though she pouts, it’s just jealousy when girls come close to him. In actual fact she does not harbour or feel anger or hatred. So she having no such emotions somewhat makes it unnatural. Maybe she’s dead? Yuuko from across the building sees Teiichi but she feels jealous when she also sees Kirie. That shadowy figure pops up behind her trying to make her remember.

Kirie has an idea what that shadow’s connection to Yuuko is. Using Kirishima’s case as the Red Woman, she projected all her negative emotions on Yuuko. So Yuuko may have done the same and pushed all that to another aspect of herself. She may have dissociative identity disorder whereby she splits herself into several personalities under stress to protect herself. If she ever did sever her missing memories and feelings of her own, then there is no way to retrieve it as it all stands. If those severed memories and emotions manifested as a separate entity with a will of its own, than that shadow is an aspect of Yuuko whom she calls Shadow Yuuko. Yuuko heard all this and wants them to stop when Shadow Yuuko pops out. She confirms she is Yuuko and wants her to remember. They’ll continue to warp everything around themselves till they bring their wishes to fruitation. Yuuko runs away as Teiichi goes after her. She denies everything. They find themselves at the courtyard of the Rock of Curses. She thinks presumptions are like this rock. Because of them, you see things like the shadow, things that never existed. Now that it’s daylight, Teiichi could see the rock clearer and it looks a little strange. Cleaning it a bit he reads a writing that states this is a memorial to the students that died in a plague 60 years ago! Furthermore, Yuuko’s name is on it! Did she die from the plague? However Teiichi says her body is under the old building and her name wouldn’t end up here if she had died so. Teiichi mentions all the recent paranormal cases, each ghost story are all related to her in a twisted way. In order to calm the accursed plague, she was sacrificed alive. Yuuko says since she has no lingering regrets or malice, she may have volunteered. Maybe this explains her cheery attitude?

They’re going to let this case rest but Shadow Yuuko isn’t going to end it. She wonders if Yuuko is going to push all her regrets and malice away to stay beautiful. She is so because she forced it all on her. She is the ugly memories and feelings she couldn’t bear. She wants her to remember or else she will repeat what she did by pushing it all onto her. Yuuko continues to deny so Shadow Yuuko adds since she’s fallen in love for the first time, she has given birth to a new negative emotion: Jealousy. Shadow Yuuko doesn’t mind and will accept it and charges straight at her. When Kirie comes into the picture, everything seems to have returned to normal. Next few scenes we see Yuuko lingering around on her own. Each time she sees her own reflection she gets alerted thinking she may have seen her shadowy self. Even hanging around with Teiichi she isn’t her cheery self. Yuuko notes she is afraid to look at him in the eye for each time she does, she will see her other self. She doesn’t want to remember her past and feelings. When Teiichi leaves for class, Yuuko pushes him down the stairs! OMG! Was she possessed to do that?! Though Teiichi survived (but in bandages and crutches), he doesn’t see Yuuko around anymore. Till he enters the club room. It’s Yuuko alright but she doesn’t remember who he is. Oh no…

Episode 8
Yuuko thought she made him suffer to be in this condition. Bad enough for her to make her forget that she doesn’t want to see him again or even touch her. Teiichi talks to Kirie about this and she believes she may have cut off her memories to protect herself. Whether it was really an accident that she pushed him down the stairs, she has dissociated her memories of him. Like an amnesia. Talking about memories are the product of one’s personality, one’s actions and way of life change depending on past experiences. So for unpleasant and traumatic memories that are hard to get rid of, the carefree and naive Yuuko is what Teiichi came to know. Teiichi says that they originally started the club to look into her past and retrieve her memories but if she cut it off voluntarily, there is no point to the club now. However what Kirie wants to know is whether he wants to get Yuuko back or not. Since he’s indecisive, he calls him an idiot. If he’s okay with it then so be it since the dead and living can’t get along. She even jokes if he really can’t forget about her, she can take her place. Teiichi walks back and sees Yuuko. However he turns around and walks away. Those painful memories of her not remembering him has him slip and crash to the ground. Okonogi is shocked and helps him up. I guess it’s a chance for her to get closer to him. She also feeds him for lunch but it’s like déjà vu. If felt like someone slapped her hand away before she could feed him. Teiichi continues to hang out more often with Okonogi and looks like Kirie isn’t too happy. Another jealous girl in the making? So much so she calls him out if he really has forgotten about her and if that’s the case, she won’t bug him anymore. But Teiichi doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She breaks down mentioning she adored her when some force throws her back. Kirie thought she heard bells. Another lunch time with Okonogi, when she goes to get drinks, he sees her club diary and browses through and sees a love umbrella of his name and Yuuko’s. Suddenly memories of her came flooding in. When was the last time he called her name? Okonogi return and so does her friends who tease her about liking Teiichi, much to her embarrassment. So she explains he always seem so cool and reliable and admired him in that sense. Asking if he has someone he likes, Teiichi answers yes (hint: A certain ghost girl). It may be heartbreak for Okonogi but she keeps a cheerful expression.

Teiichi returns to the club room but is stopped by Kirie. She wonders if it will do any good since he can’t see Yuuko anymore. He says if his feelings are real, he will be able to. Even if she doesn’t remember him, if her memories are her heart, he doesn’t want her to lose more than she already has. Inside the room, Teiichi scream Yuuko’s name out comes the ghost girl still not sure who he is. He brings her with him to the rooftop and tells her of all the wonderful times they spent together. I’m sure if this talk could jog her memories, it would already a long time ago, right? Anyway he continues to identify himself and his purpose of forming the Paranormal Investigations Club. Though he wanted to know her past, what he really wanted to know was her heart. Why? Because he loves her! So desperate for him to make her remember that he trip and fall onto her. I guess it worked like a charm because he got his hands all over her boobs! The first place he touched when they first met. Who could forget that? Oh! Yuuko’s memories are back! She remembers everything. When she placed his hands over her chest to make him feel how fast her heart is beating, I was thinking how odd it is because do ghosts have heart beats? They both hug as they both confess they love each other. And guess what? Okonogi saw everything. Minus Yuuko of course. She deduces he loves Yuuko, the ghost of the old building more than her and is thrilled with that reason why she could not compare herself over a famous ghost story like her. Yeah, whatever. Kirie is in the club room looking at an old photo with Yuuko in it. She ponders if she separated her feelings and memories of Teiichi, then where did t all go? Then she hears the sound of the bell and realizes Shadow Yuuko is next to her! FFUUUUUUUU!!!!!! Was she the one that pushed Kirie away then? However Shadow Yuuko doesn’t remember who Kirie is.

Episode 9
When Okonogi opens the door, Shadow Yuuko vanishes and everything returns to normal. Was it a dream? Yuuko is back to her cheery self. So happy that she wants Teiichi to say those 3 words again. Now? Yes. Too soft. Can’t hear you. Before he sounds like a mad fool confessing to himself, Kirie puts a stop to it. She is going to tell him about Shadow Yuuko when Yuuko slaps her! Teiichi is taking a test and he must be helluva good in controlling his calmness because Yuuko is bugging him to say “I love you” out loud! Writing it down isn’t going to do any good so the bugging continues till the test is over! He hasn’t even finished yet! And he got reprimanded by the teacher thinking he’s playing a prank on her that he loves her! To make it up to him, Yuuko tries to feed him for lunch. Won’t it be embarrassing if people see a guy being fed alone? Yuuko says not to worry since he doesn’t have much of a presence. Ouch. Then Okonogi comes by and decides to join him for lunch. In an accidental déjà vu ‘revenge’, Okonogi accidentally and unknowingly hits Yuuko food away when she tries to feed Teiichi. Yuuko got upset and ran away in tears. That’s the first time he saw her cry. And when the usually flirtatious Yuuko who doesn’t even mind her modesty being naked in front of him suddenly gets embarrassed and scream the pervert he is, something is definitely wrong. Anyway Kirie wants to talk to Teiichi about Shadow Yuuko she saw again. However Yuuko doesn’t remember her. Kirie concludes it isn’t that she doesn’t remember, she doesn’t know at all. Okonogi suddenly barges into the room like an eager beaver wanting to meet this Yuuko ghost. Seems Kirie has told her about Yuuko’s existence and it wouldn’t harm gaining an ally. So she thought. Despite Okonogi being overly eager to meet Yuuko, she still can’t see her. Then Yuuko mentions about wanting to investigate the Rock of Curses. Eh? Didn’t they do that already? At the courtyard, Yuuko fools around with Okonogi by writing her name on the rock and “Meat” on her forehead to freak her out! Teiichi and Kirie discuss if they look into her past, she’ll dissociate her recovered memories again. However she thinks all is not lost because for the first time, they saw Yuuko getting angry or cried for the first time. When Yuuko forgot and regained memories of him, what about the times she didn’t remember him, where did those memories go? Shadow Yuuko. During the time he couldn’t see Yuuko, it wasn’t Shadow Yuuko she saw but rather her jealousy so she deduces Yuuko moved her jealousy along with her memories of her to Shadow Yuuko, then perhaps returned along with other memories and feelings.

It’s time for them to leave school but Yuuko doesn’t want him to go. He assures he’ll come back tomorrow and lets go of her hand. Yuuko tries to go after him but the more she runs towards the school gates, the further she gets. Then she feels this choking feeling in her heart. This is how loneliness feels. Shadow Yuuko materializes and this time looks like an exact replica of Yuuko. Save for her flaming blue left eye (Black Rock Shooter?). Yuuko has several visions of her torrid past. She still doesn’t want to remember so Shadow Yuuko reminds her she is her. She knows her pain since she forced it upon her and wants her to share it. She sinks her hands into Yuuko’s chest but before anything could happen, Teiichi returns to grab Yuuko and run. She was worried something might happen and made a u-turn. She tells her to hide while she talks to Shadow Yuuko. Wondering why she is tormenting Yuuko, on the contrary it’s the other way round. All she does is run away from the pain and so she is the ugly feelings Yuuko dissociated from. She will never be in peace unlike Yuuko and will continue to be tormented with these painful memories. Since she is also part of Yuuko, does he hate her? Knowing Yuuko wants to rid of her, she vanishes to find Yuuko. I mean, how can you run away from yourself? You’ll always find, uhm, you. Trying to share her pain with her once more, Teiichi shoves her away but not seeing those horrible visions. They make a run for the gate but the more they run, the further it gets. Shadow Yuuko closes in and since he can’t take anymore of this, dives into Shadow Yuuko. Teiichi goes back in time when the school was just completed. Next thing he knows, he sees through Yuuko’s own eyes, her memories.

Episode 10
I guess Teiichi couldn’t avert his eyes so he saw every aspect of Yuuko’s body when she’s changing. Too bad we viewers didn’t get that same treatment ;p. He could also feel what she feels (her boobs are heavy?) and notes this isn’t exactly Yuuko’s memory but Shadow Yuuko’s as her memories now reside in her. Yuuko’s younger sister, Yukariko (Kirie’s grandma) didn’t want her to go visit a girl named Asa fearing that she would get infected by the plague too. Yuuko slaps her for being negative since in such trying times they must help each other. Yuuko makes her way to see Asa who is somewhat depressed. Who could blame her because her entire family got wiped out by the plague and she’s the only one survive. Even if Yuuko gives her positive advice, she thinks she’s lying and believes she’ll soon die. To prove it, Yuuko eats the sweet that Asa had in her mouth. She gives Asa half of her bells so that when she’s not with her, think of it as a Yuuko substitute. Yuuko leaves and meets Yukariko on the way back. They see a group of village elders gathering. Thinking it’s something important, they follow them to the school where the secret meeting is held. Seems they are worried that the plague will kill them all. The thirteenth family has died out and some of them are affected. They need to do something. One thinks it’s the curse for building the school on top a shrine. Despite the shrine was already in ruins and completely burnt down during the air strikes, it didn’t change the fact they built on a shrine and perhaps did not do a proper offering. The only way to appease the gods is to sacrifice a young child. How can they be so cruel? Well, everyone’s dropping like flies so a missing person won’t make much. Even if it does, they’ll use the plague excuse. Such demons! But who will be the sacrifice? It is suggested to let the Red Woman decide. How? Lots will be drawn among the villagers to be the Red Woman. That Red Woman will then select a child to be buried as sacrifice in the shrine ruins. The sisters had heard enough and were about to escape but her bells gave them away. They run and hide in the room which Teiichi recognizes as their club room. But there was no hole in the wall then. They manage to evade the villagers.

Asa is made to live with them since being alone she may be a target for the sacrifice. Taking a bath, Teiichi now has reluctant fanservice of not only Yuuko but Yukariko too! Too bad we viewers aren’t given such luxury. Anyway Yuuko believes the elders’ won’t hold since it’s the age of science and will do something about it. Yukariko slaps her since she is worried but gets slapped back for being selfish. Soon Yuuko notices Asa not in her room. Realizing a torn in her coat, she fears the worst and goes out looking for her. Inside the school grounds, she sees Asa being held down by the elders. Because Yuuko is appalled at what they’re doing, Asa recognizes her voice and calls out her name. Instantly, the villagers view it as the Red Woman naming her sacrifice and pull Yuuko in as the sacrifice. They throw her down the hole and in the process she broke her leg. When she wakes up, Teiichi is surprised that Yuuko is glad this happened to her since Asa and Yukariko will be left alone. Then she crawls her way to the shrine and sees a mirror within reflecting her hideous side. She panics as reality hits her she is going to die and screams for help. Teiichi knows too well help never came and her cries were in vain. Then all the candle lights blew out and Yuuko is heard with one last blood curling scream. As Yuuko sits alone waiting for her death, she starts to blame Asa for her misfortune. What had she done to deserve this? After all these times being nice to her, she is going to hate her. However Yuuko calms herself and couldn’t bring herself to do so since it wasn’t Asa’s fault to begin with. So if Yuuko won’t hate her, I suppose that’s why Shadow Yuuko does. She hates all those who denied her life and made her a sacrifice. Teiichi is brought back to reality while Shadow Yuuko hates Yuuko for splitting her off.

Episode 11
It’s only been a few minutes Teiichi has been knocked out. It certainly felt like a lifetime there, eh? Teiichi realizes Yuuko may have dissociated her memories again when she doesn’t know who Shadow Yuuko is. When Yuuko touches him, suddenly memories of her painful past come flowing in as she realizes he knows her past. Because of that Yuuko can’t see or hear Teiichi anymore despite him standing just right next to her. Even next day in school, Yuuko waits for Teiichi. He is there but she couldn’t see him. Teiichi talks to Kirie and she concludes that since he knows her past, they are also his memories now. This means as far as Yuuko is concerned, he has become Shadow Yuuko. Since she can’t see Shadow Yuuko and quickly discards her from her consciousness, this now applies to Teiichi. Teiichi has lunch with Okonogi and tries to hint he is there. I guess she got it but that’s about it. Teiichi has another talk with Kirie. He felt he turned into a ghost and may forget her one day. If his touch brings her pain, maybe he should leave her alone. However Kirie blows her top about him being a liar and a coward. Does he think if this is what Yuuko wants? If he loves Yuuko, he should wake up and stop lying to herself. They need to take responsibility. Do her tears convince you? He returns to the club room and has an idea to communicate. He writes what he wants to say in Okonogi’s diary and soon they start to exchange writings. Despite so, Yuuko feels lonely and breaks down. Okonogi comes in with a present for Teiichi. Some candy drops her family line used to make. They still taste the same, eh? Then he realizes something. Upon his request, Kirie takes him to see her grandma who is also to superintendent of Seikyou. Yukariko knows about Teiichi since she has heard from Kirie how he could see Yuuko (though Kirie never told her she herself could see Yuuko as it would bring back sad memories). Yukariko confirms she could always see Yuuko’s ghost but in a twisted form of hate and spite. Those who buried her were equally afraid and her name was forbidden to be mentioned for quite a while. Soon those elders passed away and Yukariko inherited this school while she was still young. She kept the old building as tribute to Yuuko knowing her body is buried somewhere inside. However Yuuko’s spirit wouldn’t rest and continues to haunt the hallways. Teiichi denies and describes Yuuko as the kind and beautiful girl he always sees her. Since he wants to speak to her again, he came here to know more about Asa. Yukariko shows him her old photo album when slowly it dawned to Teiichi. He rushes to Yuuko’s tombstone and takes the bell.

He heads back to the club room and smashes everything! This enables Yuuko to see him once more since everything in this room is a treasured part of her memories. So if she could see him, it means she could see her other self. Oh, there she is now. Yuuko goes into trauma mode and wants it all to stop so Shadow Yuuko wants to drag her into her suffering. Teiichi goes up to talk to her but Shadow Yuuko isn’t amused that he’s acting like he knows everything after watching their little episode. She chides him for all the suffering and pain she had gone through and what does he know anything about that. Teiichi admits he knows nothing. But he knows how painful she was suffering. He’s crying too! Not crocodile tears, please! It hurts him so much to see her in pain. Worse, he could only watch and do nothing. It was very frustrating. So if she’s an ugly mass of hatred, how can he shed tears? Simple. Because she’s Yuuko too. She’s still part of the Yuuko he loves. Both Yuukos realize their wrongs since she’s been hating for such a long time. It felt painful but somehow it feels like it’s fading away (because of Teiichi’s tears). And since Teiichi accepts them as they’re both the Yuukos he love, the Yuukos reconcile and merge back into one. Welcome back. Later as explained, the names of all those who conspired in her sacrifice were written on the memorial, the Rock of Curses. They suffered from the plague in the end. Yuuko notes her good and bad memories lie in this tombstone now. Teiichi shows her the photos from Yukariko’s album. She has been taking care of Asa ever since Yuuko’s demise. Now for the revelation part. Asa’s full name is Asagi, which is Teiichi’s grandmother’s name. Fate? Yuuko is so happy her suffering wasn’t for nothing. It’s because Asa lived, she got to meet him. So happy that she throws herself into Teiichi. So happy that she doesn’t mind getting buried again and again. Is she sure about that part?

Episode 12
It’s winter and Okonogi has news for Teiichi and Kirie. Seems their club room is sealed off as Yukariko has found a corpse underneath it. She heard rumours it might be related to the superintendent and that the ritual getup made it as though somebody must’ve been sacrificed when the old building was put up. She couldn’t be more accurate. But the surprising thing was the room was wrecked like as though a poltergeist had a field day! We know it wasn’t a ghost… Okonogi deduces Teiichi knows that dead girl is Yuuko. How? She couldn’t help but read their lovey-dovey communication in her diary. How embarrassing?! They forgot to erase it, eh? So as stated, the authorities are having a proper burial for her body and since she died an unnatural death, she may get an autopsy. Feeling embarrassed, Yuuko? The shrine will be moved and sanctified anew, the tombstone Asa made for Yuuko will be moved to Kirie’s family grave, the underground will be filled up and the room used as storage shed once more. It’s all going to end soon so it can’t be help if they feel kind of sad. Yuuko wants to go on a date but how can she when she can’t leave the school grounds? If she says so, then a date it is. First she borrows clothes from the drama club but isn’t it a little too small? Are you saying she’s fat? Woah! The buttons are unbuttoning itself! Teiichi tries to prevent that and grabbed her breast instead. Slap! However Teiichi is happy since she never showed this side before. After all, she combined with her dissociated self. For lunch, Yuuko is extremely happy when she finally manages to feed him. No interruptions! Even happier when he feeds her back. Suddenly the chopsticks slip off her hand but she didn’t think much of it. Wasn’t she fading a little there?

Then sitting together by the frozen lake (school pool, that is), the last straw came when her bell slipped off. She gets up, thanks Teiichi for everything and wants to break up. What? She feels they can’t stay like this anymore as she is fading away. She existed as a ghost since she had something to do and that was to reunite with her other self. Thanks to him, she was able to accept her past and memories. Now she has no regrets so this is the end. She can accept this because she’s happy. Teiichi won’t let her go. He doesn’t want to. She wants to end it with a clean farewell and asks if he has seen other ghosts beside her. If many people die, yet why is she the only ghost? There are no ghosts. Even if there were, they didn’t stay in this realm forever so she’s vanishing with her regrets. Teiichi won’t have this and is desperate enough to call Kirie or Okonogi to help. Yuuko prevents him as she doesn’t want others to interrupt their final moment. She wants him to go home and not see her disappear. She knows he loves him but if he sees her disappear, it’ll make him sad. She wants to live on after she’s disappeared, fall in love with someone else and find happiness again. Teiichi refuses to believe this is the end and wants to be with her till the very end. Because he loves her. Well, you cry, now you made her cry too. So back in the club room, the place where they first met, he felt it was fate he was brought here. He heard the sound of the bells from her other self. It’s not as though she picked him because he’s Asa’s grandson but in a way Shadow Yuuko too liked him. Then Yuuko’s words become inaudible so they communicate via the writing. Parting can be painful so Teiichi agrees to forget her, live his life, bla, bla, bla. Then she vanishes. He changes his mind. He wants her to stay after all. She’s not totally gone yet. Still in the process of fading. This is your last chance. Last chance saloon for a goodbye kiss. She’s gone for real.

Spring arrives as Okonogi tells Teiichi the seal over their club room has been removed. Seems Yukariko is going to preserve it for historic value rather than demolish it. She hopes they can revive the Paranormal Investigations Club. Teiichi narrates the numerous paranormal rumours that he doesn’t know anything anymore now. It was all a dream. An illusion. His memories of his time with Yuuko are now locked away deep within and won’t surface again. I hope he won’t split his own personality for this. Teiichi returns to the club room only to see it fixed up. Man, Okonogi did one heck of a good clean up job. He sees a box that warns him he’ll be cursed if opened. Well, curiosity killed the cat. And since it has come to that, here is his curse. Or best gift. Why, IT’S YUUKO!!! SHE’S BACK!!! WHY?! WHY?! HOW?! He’s not dreaming, isn’t he? So desperate of wanting to meet her that he’s seeing things. Not! She’s real. In the flesh. Although she’s a ghost ;p. Yuuko couldn’t go to heaven and thought all her worldly regrets had disappeared but something is keeping her here. That kiss. Yes. THAT KISS. So wonderful that it makes her want more and now it’s keeping her here. So Teiichi, you’ll have to take responsibility! Here’s another kiss to welcome her return! And so you could say, Teiichi continues to be haunted by Yuuko. Together forever. Truly fearsome!

Still Being Haunted… I Did Not Forget… The Fear!
Phew! It ended! Thank goodness. I admit I’m an amateur in handling spooky stories and don’t sit well so there were several moments that I was actually freaked out. Especially Shadow Yuuko. She herself was already enough to give me some sleepless nights and bad nightmares. If you are a horror veteran or somebody who just loves ghost stories and horror movies, I’m sure the spookiness here is nothing but as I’ve said for me, I was really scared at certain scenes. I know it’s all in my mind but I can’t help it since I’m watching this series alone. At night! With the lights off!!! Oh shi… It just really ups the tension and fear. So you could say that I was scared the daylights and the sh*t out of my pants when the horror theme starts to build up. However when Yuuko’s case was solved, the ending suddenly turns into a love drama. From fear, it suddenly became heart wrenching moments that would tug your heart strings. If not for the earlier horror moments, I would have been very emotionally moved and cried along when Teiichi and Yuuko had to part. The fear in me had ‘cushioned’ the tear jerking parts so it was hard for me to feel truly sad. Though it was still heartbreaking to see them face the difficult crossroad of parting and that’s why those final moments felt like a dramatic love story so much so for that instant you may have forgotten this was initially a horror themed genre in the first place.

So basically Yuuko became a ghost because she was afraid to confront the truth about her past. It is understandable that anyone who experienced such traumatic experience wouldn’t want to go remember them again. I’m no psychologist or paranormal expert but I guess when ghosts have split personalities, they’ll become a different entity instead of humans who remain the same body just with different behaviours. Before she accepted her ugly self, Yuuko was such a fun and carefree girl. A cheeky ghost that you would love or be very afraid (if she’s haunting you, that is). When you’re hanging around in school for the last 60 years, you’d be pretty much bored so when there is someone who can interact with you, unless you’re the lone wolf type (which Yuuko isn’t), then you could say two’s a company. Three is only a crowd when another woman is involved ;p. But that’s a different matter altogether. Then when the truth about her personality arises, it’s like opening Pandora’s Box. The only way for her to overcome it is to accept them. I mean, how can you move on if you do not accept yourself? The good and bad part makes her a whole. For one is neither without the other. For Teiichi, he was pretty much unsure on what to do what’s best for Yuuko. Should he leave her alone or should he continue to be by her side. Thanks to Kirie, he understands what needs to be done. He just needs to do what he wants to from the bottom of his heart. Even if the truth hurts and sets her free. I guess for a kid who can see ghosts, he’s doing quite a good job being calm even when Yuuko’s being cheeky flirting all around him. She thinks it’s alright just because nobody else could see her flirt brazenly? Oh, Kirie isn’t even in her sights.

Okonogi is another amusing girl. I’m not sure where she is in terms of tolerating paranormal incidents. At times we see her the eager beaver and the ghost story expert but when she experiences them or sees such occurrence first hand, she gets spooked out. She’s hoping for something to happen and when it does she freaks out. So maybe she doesn’t care enough about Yuuko or know about her well enough to see her. Maybe. Just maybe. Of course the other reason why she’s in the club is because she likes Teiichi. Too bad his heart will always be with the ghost girl. There are many hints that indicate Kirie also has feelings for Teiichi but I guess she knows what lies in his heart and perhaps not wanting to earn the wrath of Yuuko’s haunting, she’d better just be an observer if she knows what’s good for her. Is it just me as I happen to know that when Kirie sometimes talks, she starts posing. Even we have solved the mystery of Yuuko’s demise, we certainly won’t solve the mystery of how a human kid can fall in love with a ghost. Sure, love knows no bounds but if you think about it, Teiichi is a mortal which means he’ll grow up, get old and die. Yuuko will always remain the same. So maybe after Teiichi kicks the bucket as grandpa, he’ll be able to eternally join her? Then there’s this issue too. Since Teiichi can touch Yuuko, and there are a few scenes when they get too close. You know Teiichi likes to touch her boobs, right? Okay, maybe when she provokes him. Hey, he’s still a young normal boy. So what happens when they have sex? Can Yuuko bear his child? Will the child be half-human and half-ghost? Perhaps it’s possible since in many Japanese stories there are those characters that are of mixed descendent and parentage (remember Inuyasha?). But thinking about this is just getting too far ahead. For now, it’s good that Teiichi and Yuuko can continue to be together. Forever doesn’t really sound right, don’t you think?

Whether you believe it or not, some of the explanations about curses and the sightings of ghosts are up to you to believe as what is being explained by Yuuko or Kirie are just from a rational point of view. People’s minds are complex it may all just be in one’s mind. Or not. There is one issue about Yuuko as the ghost that is bugging me. Well, she doesn’t really display many characteristics of a ghost. In short, from what I see Yuuko as, she resembles more of an invisible woman than a ghost. Firstly, you don’t see her fly, right? You don’t see her walk through walls too, do you? Then she is able to interact with other objects like lifting things and such so if you happen to be an unfortunate chap who saw something moved by itself, I won’t blame you if you freak your hair out. That’s why I say Yuuko feels more like an invisible woman more than a ghost. It’s like she’s got some stealth mode on and everybody except Teiichi and Kirie could only see and hear her. However, think about this. She is able to get wet and when she dries her clothes, will the clothes she wears be visible or invisible? I mean, you see her manually changing her uniform so this means if she’s invisible then at least her clothes won’t, right? Since it’s her skin that you can’t see. Unless her clothes are ghost clothes too. Creepy!

Sometimes when you think about it, ghosts aren’t such a scary phenomenon itself because the scariest one has to be humans themselves. Worse than animals, worse than beasts. The way Yuuko was sacrificed just to appease their fears show us how primitive we humans can be. Despite living in the modern age, we still have backward thinking and are more inclined to believe in old wife’s tale, age old tradition beliefs and such when we are confronted with the fearful unknown. So you can say that ghosts that linger on in this planet (if there are any) are the product and results of our own doing. We reap what we sew. If people had not torment or treat others badly before their unjust death, then they wouldn’t have and sense of regret of vengeance when they die, right? But of course as far as this series is concerned, regret and vengeance wasn’t probably what kept Yuuko around. Got addicted to Teiichi’s kiss that she doesn’t want to leave, eh? Yeah, her heaven and paradise are on Earth itself next to him.

When I first see the art and drawing and the way they use the different visuals and angles to project the horror, I thought this series resembled closely to Cube x Cursed x Curious. True enough, I didn’t go thinking it’s SHAFT this time but Silver Link, the same production studio who brought us Cube x Cursed x Curious. Though that also series has supernatural and some horror elements, this one had more fanservice and comedy. Thus the styles in the visuals are recognizable and like I’ve already admitted, it was enough to scare an amateur like yours truly. Despite the end card with different illustrations may look cute and sometimes comical, but the gruesome narration makes it quite frightening in an aural sense (please remember I’m still a big chicken). Like hell and heaven. You get pleasing visuals but haunting narration. On a trivial note, the episode titles also show a quadruple of pictures pertaining to Yuuko’s different expression. Happy, sad, funny, serious, cheeky, laughing, pretty and ugly.

Yumi Hara did quite a good job voicing the different states of Yuuko. Whether she’s being cheeky and flirtatious or just the vengeful and spiteful shadow self. She doesn’t have much anime roles to her name (yet) and as Takane Shijou in The Idolmaster and Sawa Yamauchi in Sket Dance are the few roles credited to her name. Though I couldn’t instantly recognize Eri Kitamura, at least when she takes on cheeky loli or haughty girls role like Rin of Kodomo No Jikan, Izumo in Ao No Exorcist and Miu from Papa No Iukoto Wo Kikinasai, she was just unrecognizable here. It’s like she’s putting on another side of her voice as her role as Kirie. Tsubasa Yonaga as Teiichi sounds very boyish. Sounds very like his other roles like Hanabusa in Yumeiro Patissiere, Jun in Special A and Youji Haneda in Oretachi Ni Tsubasa Wa Nai. Misato Fuken as Okonogi also does well as she has voiced such lively characters as well like Kurumu in Rosario To Vampire and Rika of Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai. Other casts include Ami Koshimizu as Kirishima (Horo in Spice And Wolf), Gara Takashima as Yukariko (Julia in Cowboy Bebop), Satomi Satou as the young version of Yukariko (Ritsu in K-ON!) and Mana Hirata as Asa (Hazuki in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu). The opening theme is Choir Jail by Konomi Suzuki. Though it’s a rock piece, the opening pipe organ tries to make it sound like a horror theme. And the lyrics I thought it was just sad in some ways, “Burn myself”, “Crying won’t move you closer to your dreams”, “The pain inside is blinding me”. The ending theme is Karandorie by Aki Okui. Feels like a dramatic piece during medieval times with a hint (okay, maybe the entire lyrics are) of sadness since it’s like Yuuko singing about her grief how lonely she is, how she cannot touch no matter how close and the tears of hers that won’t dry. That’s why the little things given by her beloved, even a smile she holds it dear to her heart.

I wouldn’t want to go on dragging about this blog on supernatural stuff as my hair was standing on ends while typing this as I still can’t forget the horror. I know some may suggest for me to watch more horror movies to get ‘immune’ but for a chicken like me, I think I’ll stick to something safer, more fanservice and ecchi comedies it is for me! I can help think how funny it is when Teiichi touches Yuuko’s breast as proof of existence. Ghost or not, she’s still a girl. You may not get sexual harassment lawsuits but you might get haunted for the rest of your lives. Be a pervert at your own risk. So if you can really see dead people, would that be a curse or a blessing? What will happen if a ghost decides to lurk and haunt you knowing very well you know its existence? If it’s a pretty girl like Yuuko then I wouldn’t mind. Oh sh*t! What am I saying?! Please no, please no, please no… Unfortunately I don’t have such amnesia luxury like Yuuko to cut myself off with a different personality when I don’t want to remember something unpleasant. That’s why in order to make myself forget about some of this series’ horror moments, I need to lay off the horror genre for now and go watch more fanservice and ecchi comedies!

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