Tayutama -Kiss On My Deity-

December 12, 2009

Another one of those adult PC games adapted into an anime. But what if they involve supernatural creatures? Would it amount to hentai horror? Before I stray too much, Tayutama -Kiss On My Deity- is yet another of those H-game and as expected when it turns into an anime, you can expect some fanservice albeit don’t get your hopes up too much. I find it a little mild here and not that provocative.
Since I did mention that it has supernatural creatures, don’t worry as they aren’t scary looking enough to scare the living daylights even out of a toddler. Think of those cute little monsters in Pokemon or Digimon and you can have an idea of what those supernatural beings, named Tayutai, will generally look like. More cute that anything.
As episode 1 begins, the setting takes place in feudal Japan and you can see powerful Tayutai in some feud. With the help of a Shinto priest, a Tayutai Kikurami Kaminohime manages to seal her other equally powerful comrades. Fast forward to modern day Japan. Yuuri Mito is the descendent of that Shinto priest of the Yachimata Shrine. As a normal high school kid and a budding motorbike mechanic, we are also introduced to his dad Yuudo, his childhood friends, Sankuro Kaname and Ameri Kawai (note: typical emo tsundere childhood friend character). Yuuri investigates a nearby construction which nearly decimates a tree shrine containing a Tayutai seal. He is confronted by Mifuyu Kisaragi who wonders what he is going here. Yuuri spots several Tayutai around her and tries to shoo them away. Since the Tayutais are invisible, Mifuyu thinks he is trying to do something funny to her and warns him. Yuuri knows he needs to do something so he goes back to request the help of Sankuro and Ameri to do an exorcism at the seal. Yuuri’s chanting awakens Kikurami. She warns him how the world will be in chaos if this tree is to be cut down as 1500 species of Tayutai will be released. Kikurami believes in the coexistence between humans and Tayutais one day when a booming voice scoffs her. Yuuri tells Ameri to take the bike and escape but in her panic, she crashes the bike into the seal and broke it. Uh oh. All the Tayutais are released and Kikurami takes the form of a white loli. My, what big hammer she has. She uses it to teach all the small fries a lesson and to never to do bad things. Thankfully they listen. However the other 3 most powerful Tayutai aren’t willing to do so and attacks Kikurami. She is easily defeated in her weakened state so they feel it doesn’t amount to any challenge and escape.
Yuuri brings fainted Kikurami back to his home and is being told by his dad he needs to take responsibility. You know what that means. After Sankuro and Ameri left, Kikurami awakens and her hair now is reddish-brown. Furthermore, she is acting like a lively child. However she notes that her current self and Kikurami are different so she can’t be called that name. Yuuri decides to call her Mashiro since they are eating, well, marshmallows. How convenient. At least it’s better than Potemayo… Potato and mayonnaise… Mashiro then wants to be Yuuri’s bride. Erm… This is developing too fast. I think. Since Yuuri thinks it’s better to wait for her to grow up, she decides to make an oath and kisses him! Then she collapses. The next day, Ameri visits and is shocked to see a grown up girl sleeping in Yuuri’s bed. Naked. Actually she is Mashiro because they recognize her fox-like ears and bushy tail. More misunderstanding arises when Mashiro mentions about being his wife and last night’s oath. She even gets up close and lovey-dovey with him! Because of his gentle care, that’s why Mashiro is able to return to this grown up state. You don’t want to know how pissed Ameri is. Yuudo gives Mashiro his late wife’s kimono to wear and she feels honoured. Mashiro vows to train Yuuri for the upcoming battle against The Strongest Three.
Mashiro’s abusive and torturous training starts in episode 2. Hell time. So it’s pretty understandable if that guy is dead tired and can’t move on his bed. And with Mashiro going on top of him, you can pretty much guess the kind of expression Ameri has when she walks in and sees it. Hey, she just walked in like that? "Yuuri-san, it’s alright to do whatever you want…". Erm… Nothing more to be said. Since Mashiro wants to be with Yuuri, she thinks of going to school with him. Also, she thinks of facilitating harmony between humans and Tayutai. Yuudo pulls some strings with the director of Sousei Academy (Ameri’s dad) to see if Mashiro could be transferred to this school. Can’t say no, can’t he? Of course Ameri isn’t really pleased. You know why lah. At school, Yuuri is suddenly hugged by a girl, Yumina Takanashi. Onii-chan fetish girl. Then we learn that this school is divided into 2 sections. The Flawless are those with intellects and well mannered people like Yumina and Mifuyu. Otherwise they fall under the Slightly section like the rest. Some names, I’d say. Mifuyu then appears and she is still suspicious over that incident. Though Mifuyu may sound like an obnoxious b*tch, actually she is understanding and caring person. She just sound that way. More misunderstandings when Mashiro spew out about being Yuuri’s wife… Which means Yumina’s status will be: Sister-in-law! So much for onii-chan… Mashiro gets admitted into Flawless because of her perfect entrance exam scores! She’s a goddess, remember? Though she is happy but the downside of being a Flawless is that she has to live in their dorm. This means, away from Yuuri. But since her goal is to have humans and Tayutai coexist, she accepts this. If Yuuri thinks he can get away with training, then think again because Mashiro has her little Tayutais as her replacement. Bummer. Everyone in class is enthralled with Mashiro. But that enthusiasm turns into horror when they see her tail. They get startled and make excuses to avoid her.
In episode 3, Mashiro is confined to her room because she tried telling the truth about Tayutai and such but which human would ever believe her. When Yuuri gets this news, he wants to do something but Flawless has very strict rules. Like not admitting outsiders. Not even if they are from different sections. That concern with their image, eh? Ameri tries to ask daddy to pull some strings but he too can’t do much. That night, Mifuyu visits Yuuri to find out the truth about Mashiro, to ascertain herself if Mashiro pulled those ‘pranks’ (Mashiro did a little magic to try showing what she said was true). But all she got was the same story. Next day, Ameri tries to discourage Yuuri from rescuing Mashiro and even speaks ill of her but Yuuri isn’t amused and says he can’t leave her alone. That night, Yuuri and Sankuro try to sneak into Flawless. Though Ameri initially didn’t want to help, she just passed by to give them an access card. Well, It’s better than trying to climb over a wall with a ladder. Yuuri gets in and with Yumina’s help, she leads him to Mashiro’s room. However Mashiro refuses to follow Yuuri and resigns to her fate, thinking that she wouldn’t want to bring any more trouble to him. But you know, Yuuri can be considered a smooth talker. Can’t leave you even if the whole world was against me. Enough for Mashiro to just walk through the door like a spirit (she is one, by the way) and hug him. But the alarm system went off. Before they could make their final escape, the access card now doesn’t work as Mifuyu arrives thinking Yuuri is doing some kidnapping. It seems Yumina too had a hand in alerting Mifuyu. Mashiro tries to reason with her but thinking that she still doesn’t believe her, she uses her magic to summon her Tayutai underlings to gather around her. The next day, Yuuri learns from Mifuyu that everyone that night had their memories erased except herself and Yumina. Mifuyu will try to talk to the authorities of letting Mashiro commute to Flawless from her home and will help in the coexistence of humans and Tayutai. That’s good news to his ears.
Mifuyu is fighting against one of The Strongest Three in episode 4. She is Nue, a mollusc. Though Mifuyu is no match for her, Nue didn’t finish her and leaves. Back at Yuuri’s home, Mashiro is trying to pick which panties to wear with Ameri’s help. Even Yuudo gave his opinion. But their revelry is cut short when Mifuyu stops by. She tells them about the Tayutai attack which left a little damage on school aside from stealing underwears. Mifuyu wants Mashiro to tell her how to defeat this Tayutai but Mashiro says that they need Yuuri’s powers to do so. But Mifuyu says males can’t enter Flawless or else he will be expelled. So how to solve this problem? You see, Yuuri has some spiritual power which allows him to change into a girl! Woah! Better than cross-dressing. That night as Mifuyu gathers the other Flawless students to be on guard, Nue makes her move. Yuuri and Mashiro face Nue but it is a trap because Nue has rigged the entire school with her spiders. Nue grabs Mashiro with her tentacles but Yuuri can’t use his exorcism powers yet till Mifuyu gives the signal. However all the other students manage to destroy every spider trap. Mifuyu then activates the sprinkler to immobilize Nue. This is so because since Nue emits lightning, she isn’t able to do so when she is close to water. The trio combine their powers to exorcise Nue as she turns into a bratty loli. They learn she stole underwear because she wanted to try them on. Nue goes on how she was bullied even more when she was named one of The Strongest Three and doesn’t believe in coexistence. Mifuyu makes a promise with her that she will protect her from any harm but Nue is sceptical and accepts thinking that she will not deliver her promise. With Nue no more a threat, she is seen at Yuuri’s place and arguing with Mashiro over panties. They have a bunch of them… Yuuri’s fetish? Not.
Yuuri wakes up from a dream whereby he and Ameri made a promise to always be together in episode 5. However when they entered middle school, Ameri coldly ignored him. Nue drops by to see their training but is disappointed and thinks they have no chance. Nue is the weakest among the 3 and the reason she wins is that she chose battles that would result in her favour. Elsewhere, another of The Strongest Three, Ouryuu, drains the life force out of a woman and notes how humans these days aren’t worth feeding on. Yeah, the kind of lifestyle and attitude, I understand what he means. Meanwhile Ameri isn’t happy to know that Yuuri is getting less ‘free time’ for himself because he’s been doing this and that for Mashiro. In this case, to investigate a recent incident which may involve The Strongest Three. Sankuro knows Ameri’s feelings for Yuuri so he advices her to tell her true feelings to him. But you know, Ameri is emo. Sankuro then gives her 2 tickets so that she could watch a movie with Yuuri. Ameri musters her courage and finally does so but gets disheartened when Yuuri invites Mashiro to come along as well. She runs away eventually.
That night as Yuuri is fixing his bike, Mashiro asks him if he ever thought that Ameri may have feelings for him. But he dismisses the fact since they’re childhood friends. Ah, no wonder lah. And to think he says he knows all about her. However Mashiro couldn’t think of any other reason for Ameri to act that way and wants to talk to her. Yuuri tries to call her but finds his number has been blocked. He is upset and decides to go find her. He finds her walking in the street and an argument ensues. Yuuri gets even upset when he hears how Ameri calls Mashiro a monster. He starts raising his voice and this scares Ameri. Ameri bumps into a supernatural being who wants to feed on her life force but Ouryuu comes along and destroys it for taking his prey. He tells her how he has been looking for her. Yuuri continues to search for her but to no avail. Next day in school, he is surprised to see Ameri back to her normal self but something feels amiss. Then the sky suddenly turns dark and a dragon emerges from the vortex. Also, everyone else seems to be frozen in time except for Yuuri, Mashiro, Nue and Mifuyu. But Nue lifts her protective spell on Mifuyu and the result she is frozen like the rest. Nue feels that she doesn’t want to lose a friend like her but also thinks she can’t defeat Ouryuu and runs away. Mashiro and Yuuri confront Ouryuu but he is too powerful. Ouryuu zaps Mashiro with a powerful lightning blast while Yuuri suddenly felt hard to move his body. Yuuri then sees Ameri hovering in the air with black wings. The next thing he knows, he is in the infirmary with the rest while Mashiro is out cold. He wonders if all that was just an illusion seeing that Mashiro is her happy self.
In episode 6, Mifuyu and Nue inform Yumina that Mashiro has reverted to her child form after using up her powers. Yumina then prays upon a shooting start to give her powers to help Yuuri. Well, she may be praying too heard because the shooting star crashed into her! Next day at school as the rest are discussing things, they are surprised to see a phoenix Tayutai sitting on Yumina’s head! They learn that this is the male half of one of The Strongest Three, Hou. His other half is a female named Ou and when combined, they become Houou. Furthermore, Hou does not have any intention of leaving her head. Hou will peck anyone who tries to remove him. Yumina is saddened what did she do to receive such punishment. They also learn that Hou finds Yumina’s spiritual energy compatible so he is sort of like replenishing his energy. His mood depends on Yumina sort if she’s sad or any negative feelings, Yumina will receive lots of pecking headache. Well, at least this makes her to be happy always. In order to keep an eye on Yumina, they suggest Yuuri to once again transform into a girl and be a new transfer student in her class. This time Nue gives Yuuri a magic stone to do so. Call her Yuuko… Though Yumina is thrilled, Yuuri is having a tough time because he has to run back and forth between classes of both sections. Must be very tiring. Then during PE, the magic stone starts to weaken as Yuuko turns back into Yuuri. Almost busted. Another day as Yuuri and Yumina’s class does an outdoor sketching, the sky is suddenly filled with Tayutai ravens that proceed to attack them. Yuuri protects Yumina even if he gets injured in the process. Yuuri says Ameri was by his side when his mom died and when got into a fight with Ameri, so this time he will protect her because she is his precious family. The ravens relentlessly attack Yuuri so Yumina tearfully pleads to Hou to do something. Hou suddenly turns into a majestic blue phoenix and all the ravens stopped attacking and bow their heads in respect. But it’s not over because Hou’s other half, the red majestic phoenix, Ou, appears swooping down with her army of ravens.
In episode 7, Hou flies away as Ou tails him closely. The imminent threat is gone as the others arrive and are thankful that they have no serious injuries. Mifuyu decides to investigate further. For the time being, Yumina stays at Yuuri’s place. As Yumina, Mashiro and Nue are taking a bath, Hou suddenly pops up and sits back on Yumina’s head. Is he treating her like some battery charger? Later that night, Mashiro sense a very strong Tayutai presence and realizes it is Ou. Hou transforms into his phoenix self and I don’t know why Yumina was like sticking to him when he took flight. A little aerial battle but Hou isn’t any match for mighty Ou. Yumina must be having the fright flight of her live. Yuuri devices a plan to save them. He rides his bike using poor Nue as a ramp, crashes it into Ou and unleashes his powers into Ou’s forehead. As Ou disappears, now it’s the problem of free fall. Before Yuuri knows it, he sees Yumina sprouting a pair of white wings as she says how Hou lend her some of his powers and land safely. Ou drops into her arms as everyone learn the birds’ problems. It seems when they were released, Hou thinks of leaving old hag Ou to find a fresh girl. Coincidentally an airplane was passing by so Hou fell in love and tried to shower it with his spiritual power love but it has no effect on machines. Because of that Hou ran out of energy and jealous Ou attacked the plane in retaliation. That’s when Hou found Yumina whose spiritual energy found compatible. So it was just a lover’s quarrel, eh? But both lovebirds reconcile. Even if it is a good thing, it isn’t for Yumina because now she has 2 birds sitting lovey-dovey on her head! Her neck is going to break someday. Yumina vows to look after them both. At the same time, Mashiro has used up lots of her energy so she is still unconscious, sleeping back in her room.
Nue warns Yuuri that Ouryuu may use a human accomplice to attack in his stead in episode 8 and to better prepare himself. It seems that Ouryuu is playing mind games with Ameri, showing her how close Yuuri and Mashiro are and the impossibility of coexistence between humans and Tayutai. He further mentions because of that, she has a chance with him. Then in class, Sankuro suggests Yuuri to hang out with Ameri, which he agrees. Back home, Nue brags and shows Yuuri how she is using the internet to keep track of Tayutai’s energy. She wants Yuuri to dump Mashiro and serve her but he says he’ll think about it. Plus, it has been a week since Mashiro hasn’t regained consciousness. The following scenes show Yuuri and Ameri going out together. Is this the moment she has been waiting for? Then in a Ferris Wheel, Ameri learns that Yuuri still can’t let Mashiro go and wonders if he loves her. Then Yuuri feels a strong presence and suddenly Ouryuu appears sitting next to Ameri. Ouryuu sends Yuuri flying out of the carriage and it is amazing that Yuuri could actually survive the fall from that height! He also sends the carriage crashing down on him. Yuuri could’ve been flattened if Mashiro didn’t suddenly wake up and rushed to the scene. Ouryuu transforms into his dragon form and attacks Mashiro and Yuuri while Ameri sprouts her black wings and is looking very spaced out. Then Yuuri and Mashiro combine their powers to blast him out of the sky. Mashiro collapses due to fatigue and Ameri, snapped out of her spell, sees the duo in embracing form. She continues to space out and even back home, looking at her mirror and wondering if she really did sprout those wings. And if you think Ouryuu is gone for good, then think again. There’s a reason why he is the strongest of them all, you know.
Remember that afro Nabeshin guy? He makes his cameo appearance in episode 9 trying to sell his scam hotspring trip to Mashiro. Since Mashiro is absorbed into whatever fantasies she’s having, she didn’t properly hear his scam word even if he mentioned that clearly out loud. Luckily Nue chases him away. Then Nue suggests that Yuuri may be a filthy male and that Mifuyu may make her move on Yuuri if she was serious (replay that scene Mashiro was daydreaming except replace her with sexy Mifuyu. Yeow!). Meanwhile Yuuri invites Mifuyu to go karaoke with the gang. She flusters because she has never done so before. As expected some are good while some sucked. I believe I have never seen Mifuyu so tensed up before. Then back home, Mashiro continues her torturous training over Yuuri. Though she says The Strongest Three are out of the way, there are still thousands of Tayutai to deal with. Yuuri, Mashiro, Ameri, Sankuro and Yumina go on another outing. Sankuro tells Ameri not to push too hard because she is trying to discard her feelings by letting Yuuri and Mashiro enjoy themselves together. Then the closest Ameri got to Yuuri was in a crowded lift going up some telco tower. At the top, Ameri finally tries to confess to Yuuri but was cut off by Mashiro. This is what happens if you take too long. Frustrated? She should be. On the train ride home, Mashiro puts her hand on Yuuri’s and wishes for just the 2 of them to somewhere together. And yeah, that sad expression on Ameri’s face as she stares forlorn into space. This is getting a little irritating. Can’t really leave her feelings for Yuuri, eh?
Yeah, more sulking from Ameri in her room. But in episode 10, Yuuri improves in his training that even Mashiro admits her lost. Later Yuuri is talking to Mifuyu and Yumina. He learns Mifuyu is going to succeed her family in politics and economics and will entrust Flawless to Yumina. She starts to fluster upon hearing it. Perhaps too great a responsibility? Then Yuuri’s teacher Ran comes by and wants to see him. She is all bandaged up. Though she is concern with his career choice, Yuuri learns that her car was hit by an invisible impact, the reason why she is injured (yeah, she’s lamenting she has 72 more instalments on her payment). Later Yuuri visits Ameri at her home (she didn’t attend school and giving an excuse she’s sick. Love sick perhaps. Just kidding). Ameri is happy to see him but suddenly that turned to depression. Guess why? Right. Mashiro is with him. Yuuri thinks of using Mashiro’s spiritual energy to heal her but Ameri kicks up a fuss and tells them to leave. Yuuri isn’t amused by her ungrateful attitude as Mashiro calms him down. They soon leave. Mashiro once again try to talk to Yuuri about Ameri but nothing fruitful came about. Mashiro tries to touch him but notices some energy barrier around his body so she apologizes and leave. Ameri continues to be dejected and as she is walking to school, she spots Ouryuu. She tries to run from him but he catches up every time. He continues to play mind games with her and pinning all the blame on Mashiro/Kikurami. So he tells her if she doesn’t want to lose him, she must rescue him herself. Ouryuu releases his powerful energy on the city. Meanwhile Sankuro is upset that Yuuri has did something that may have hurt Ameri and Mashiro. Mashiro and Nue then come running by to inform them that something bad has happened. It seems at the telco tower, Ouryuu once again has possessed Ameri (I believe he has never left her body in the first place) and is going to tell Kikurami the meaning of reality.
Everyone in town is frozen once more in episode 11 except a few. Yumina and Mifuyu want to help but are advised to stay back. Yuuri, Mashiro, Nue and Houou go confront Ouryuu. Ouryuu is more powerful than before and their energy attacks don’t seem to work on him. Mashiro goes into his body to go after Ameri. Houou and Nue take on Ouryuu but got absorbed and became part of him. All that’s left is Yuuri but is a mere human any match for a powerful dragon? Hope Yuuri isn’t roasted BBQ after that fire blast. Ouryuu also tells Yuuri how he tried to coexist at one point but was disappointed in the end. Yuuri thinks he is just running away instead. Meanwhile Mashiro confronts Ameri and a lot of angst talk from the latter while the former tries to reason. Like how Ameri just wanted to get along with Yuuri even though she can’t be his girlfriend, she was just fine along with that even if she doesn’t tell Yuuri her true feelings. Though Ameri still blames Mashiro, the latter mentions that even if she hadn’t come along, some other girl will eventually take Yuuri away. Mashiro then says she loves Yuuri but also loves Ameri, though she has more memories of him than she does because she is his childhood friend. Then they both shake hands and reconcile. Thank God. I thought Ameri was going to be stubborn till the end. Ouryuu is going to do his finishing move on a weakened Yuuri but felt his powers weakening. Because of that, Houou and Nue are freed from his grasp. Mashiro and Ameri emerge out from Ouryuu. Since he can’t let it end this way, he zaps them. Furious Yuuri suddenly powers up and strikes him with a powerful blast. In a final move, they go head on with each other.
In episode 12, before Yuuri and Ouryuu could take out each other, the girls come in between them. Mashiro thinks this would set a bad example for coexistence while Ameri doesn’t want Yuuri to be killed. Ouryuu isn’t happy that she’s talking back and thought she wanted to beat him up. She agrees and goes over to Yuuri and slaps him! Then she kisses him! OMG! Extreme emo actions! She then wishes for Yuuri to live happily with Mashiro. Finally let go of him, eh? Ouryuu and Ameri continue to argue so Mashiro thinks this is a form of coexistence too. With the battle ended, she uses her powers to unfreeze time and repair the damages. She collapses due after using up almost all her celestial powers. While Mashiro is unconscious, Nue says how Yuuri has become too powerful to the point Yachimata’s power would overflow from within his body and this would take a toll on her body if Mashiro were to seep in even more. Yuuri feels guilty that he is unable to do anything for her and for once Ameri did something useful by telling to do what he wants to with Mashiro. He understood, gets up and head to Mashiro’s side.
When Mashiro regains consciousness (though she is still weak), she finds Yuuri preparing a Shinto marriage between them. Then everyone including those mini Tayutais gather as guests to witness their holy matrimony while Yuudo acts as the priest. They exchange vows and their I-will-never-leave-you and I-will-always-love-you lines turn out to be over mushy-mushy so much so everyone had to leave to give them time alone. Well, at least Yuuri has made up his mind that he won’t love any other girl except Mashiro and that he would even continue to love her in the afterlife. If only real life was like this. So much for that harem factor too. Ouryuu can’t stand this blabbering so he gives them a piece of his mind. He asks Yuuri why he could use so much power against him but none for Kikurami. He also questions the purpose of their existence. They realize that they were born for the sake of being together. As they embrace, a bright flash of light envelops the city. Everyone’s lives go back to normal as Yuuri narrates how Mashiro returned to her usual long slumber and her next awakening could be in the next 100 or 1000 years. But he feels it isn’t forever and that Mashiro’s ideals of coexistence shouldn’t come at a price of someone’s sacrifice. The final scene had me stumped because it showed some ruins being taken over by nature and what seems to be Yuuri riding his bike with Mashiro as his pillion. The future?
What a heavy emotional dramatized final episode that was. Though it was sad to see that Mashiro couldn’t continue to be with Yuuri but well, she is happy of what they have achieved. If you ask me, I’m glad Yuuri chose Mashiro over Ameri because you don’t want an emo tsundere as your wife, eh? Just kidding. Thank goodness she isn’t emo till the end because I find it quite annoying. I think her emo behaviour started after Yuuri lost his mom and when she coldly ignored him during middle school. Perhaps she realized her feelings for him back then? I’m not sure if humans and Tayutai around the world continue to coexist seeing that they were just confined to this city in this series. Thinking back, the battle against The Strongest Three, especially Nue and Houou did not amount to anything much. When Mashiro said that Yuuri needed some serious training to beat them and then the way they duke it out was like so simple, it made me wonder if they are indeed The Strongest Three or not. There wasn’t any tough challenge facing those 2 nor any threatening feeling that the whole world would be in danger. Except for Ouryuu of course. That guy is one tough nut to crack but in the end, he too gave in. Another point I’m pondering is, can Yuuri actually change into a girl? Nah. Not important.
My most favourite part of the show is the next episode preview. Why? It is narrated by bratty and obnoxious Nue with lolicon Mashiro. Though what they narrate does not really reflect what is to happen in the next episode. Sometimes they get to cocky so much so it ends with a sound of an explosion! Yeah, not to mention the final episode narration about Nue telling her Nuetama loyal fans to prepare themselves to enter a world filled with exciting panties and magical girls! She sure is infatuated with those stuffs. Another thing about the next episode preview is the cute greyish Tayutai cat, Azrael, seen doing random stuff such as playing an eroge, taking a bath, eating a meal or even whatever that weird dance is. It is so amusing that I can’t help break into a smile each time I see this section.
On a side note, when I first got to know that the name of the company which created this series, Lump Of Sugar, I couldn’t help but grin a little because it sounded so funny. Well, it’s better than Lump Of Salt. Cute little Tayutais floating around to satisfy all those with a sweet tooth and cravings for anything cute and kawaii. Say, those mini Tayutais did not do anything much and lack any significant impact except maybe for filler purposes. Just like how in episode 9 when they were more cheeky than usual when they see Mashiro and Yuuri together. I was also hoping Mifuyu and Yumina would have a significant role in the end but it didn’t materialized. Better to leave it to the pros, eh? Each of the main Tayutai seems to support and lean towards a human character in the series. Like Mashiro with Yuuri, Nue with Mifuyu, Houou with Yumina and Ouryuu with Ameri. Well, none for Sankuro because he’s just a side character. Just joking.
The drawing, art and animation seems to remind me a little bit from the anime Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun even though they are produced by different companies perhaps because of the character’s eyes, facial outline and hairstyle. My favourite voice acting and character would still be Nue who is voiced by Rie Nakagawa because of the way she portrays Nue excellently especially when she lets loose her arrogant loli laughter. Mashiro is done by Noriko Rikamaru (Nori of Rozen Maiden) and it seems I too like her voice when she is speaking in loli form. She sounds cuter that way. I also like Norio Wakamoto’s trademark sexy low voice. If you remember his previous anime roles like Onsokumaru of 2×2=Shinobuden and Matsudaira of Gintama, you can definitely recognize his voice here as Yuudo. Other casts include Satoshi Hino as Yuuri (Saito of Zero No Tsukaima series), Asami Shimoda as Ameri (Chika in the TV version of Kyo No Go Ni), Shizuka Itou as Mifuyu (Hinagiku in Hayate No Gotoku), Kaori Mizuhashi as Yumina (Ogiue of Genshiken, Miyako of Hidamari Sketch) and Daisuke Kishio as Ouryuu (Suginami in Da Capo series). Hey, I just realized that the fanservice has been gradually toned down to relatively close to none as the episode passes by. Well I did mention that it is quite mild.
But if you buy the DVD version of the series, you will be treated with a short 3 minute special called Pure My Heart. It is pretty much about nothing except short random clips of the characters in the series doing random things. The drawing of the characters are totally in chibi form. So for Special 1, if you aren’t fluent in Japanese, don’t worry because this special lacks in speeches and even if there was one, it would be a short line enough for beginners like me to easily catch. The skits in this special include Mashiro playing whack-a-mole but gets frustrated when all the holes appeared that Tayutai cat all at once, Ameri eating sweets, Yumina trying her luck at whack-a-mole game but finds Azrael too cute to hit, Mifuyu putting on cat ears, Yumina trying hard to sketch something all day but only manage to write "Onii-chan", and Azrael enjoying its tea. Am I supposed to laugh? Because even though I did smile, at the end of it, I was going like, "Huh?". Special 2 has Yumina freaking out to see Azrael drinking coffee in the middle of the road. After lighting up a cigar and introducing himself, he proceeds to tell that blur girl about not wasting life… like his toast. Huh?! Soon Azrael goes back to his card board box for adpotion. Yumina walks away happily while trying to deny all this. And as for Mifuyu, this time she puts on a full cat suit.
Special 3 is Ameri’s version of the famous Japanese folklore Momotarou. Sankurou the grandpa and Nue the grandma didn’t get along very well. They receive a large sweet candy package so insane Nue cuts it open in half with her knife. Bloody… The little girl, Ameratarou grows up and learns of some demons tormenting people by wasting their money on them (demon show girls, that is). So Ameratarou gathers Ouryuu, Houou and Azrael to fight the demons in the form of sexy Mifuyu, Mashiro and Yumina. Azrael submitted to Mifuyu’s force, Houou continue to sit on Yumina’s head while Ouryuu is lazy to do anything so Ameratarou beats him till he explodes. So the final battle between Ameratarou and Mashiro ended with Nue wrapping the demons with her tentacles (fanservice cue!). Ameratarou receives the treasure in a form of… naked Yuuri? Well, he throws her away and takes the gold and money. She uses the money to create games she herself stars in but since none was sold, she led a poor happy life. Okay, lied about the happy part.
Special 4 sees Yumima and Ouryuu playing rock-scissors-paper. Ouryuu lost first and got a super punch from Yumina. He lost the 2nd round so Yumina blasts him with her bazooka. Mashiro takes on Azrael and wins so she hammers the poor cat with her huge mallet. Azrael also lost his match with Mifuyu and got sliced. He too lost to Yumina but she doesn’t do anything. I just realized that the losers wearing safety helmet isn’t going to do muh and Azrael’s fingerless hand doesn’t tell much, doesn’t it. Next game is kick-the-can and Ouryuu is ‘it’. After several losses, he finally catches everyone except Ameri, who then kicks both him and the can for the win. Then Yumina plays Red Light, Green Light with everyone (when ‘it’ turns around, nobody must move, no matter what funny positions they are in). At first everyone is still as a rock. Yumina does a 2nd time and finds more ghostly people in the game. She then does a 3rd and only sees a sunset and decides to play by herself then. It’s the fanservice hotspring in Special 5. Though the girls are enjoying their dip, the guys are being tied-up in a different room. Better be safe than sorry, eh? The girls are then being given the scare of their lives with the appearance of several scary face masks (one including Jason from Friday the 13th). Note how Azrael’s facial impression changes with each scare. Then when they realized it’s Nue playing a prank, Mashiro hits her head but sulking Nue walks off. She passes the room where the guys are tied up and frees them. I don’t know why but Sankurou somehow turned into a pervert as he goes on his knees begging for Nue to let him peep. She gives the green light. Sankurou rushes to the female’s section with full anticipation while Yuuri tries to stop him. As he opens the door, however to his dismay, the girls are ready for him because they heard his shouting. They beat the guys up and lock them back up in the room (poor innocent Ouryuu and Sankurou bearing the brunt too). Now the sign on it says it has bigger idiots inside. Haha! Nue walks pass again and gets this cheeky idea of freeing them again.
In Special 6, Mashiro is some sort of super thief known as Kaito Mashiro and plans to steal the gold Nue-Nue statue. Yuuri as the detective seems to be real talkative here and plans on foiling the attempt by guarding it. Nue the police chief and Ameri his colleague don’t particularly care to guard that statue supposedly belonging to owner Ouryuu while Mifuyu is just swinging her wooden sword around and Yumina dozing off. Because Yuuri’s talking so much, Mashiro comes in and quickly switches it with Azrael (tied up in some hentai fashion pose?!). While getting away and quipping she don’t actually need this thing and was just stealing it out of boredom, she comes face to face with Yuuri and co. Since Yuuri continue to blab, this allowed Mashiro to escape once more. Even Nue (in mollusc form) who got Mashiro in her grasp eventually lost her to some toy plane distraction. While Yuuri is lamenting his failure, he didn’t even notice Kikurami passing by with the gold statue because he’s so obsessed with capturing Mashiro. He’s lamenting how is he going to answer to his chief. Speaking of which, Nue is in a Ferris wheel in some lovey-dovey situation with Sankurou. Not. That guy is just jamming his guitar while frustrated Nue sits by. Huh? And finally the ending credits reveal Azrael’s construction of some building called Azu-azu Sugar. Huh? Anyway it’s just a cardboard piece.
Talking about coexistence, I think at this point it would be hard for us to coexist with others. Look how we are ‘raping’ and polluting mother nature and mistreating animals. Don’t even look that far. We can’t even get along well among ourselves. Hmm… Maybe just as Mashiro said, that too is a form of coexisting. Having lived under the same roof with a person you have always hated for many years? So what are the chances of even aliens or supernatural creatures coexisting with us? Well if they look as cute as these Tayutais, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem. Maybe not. Would we like to get along with Barney the Dinosaur? Yeah, maybe not.

Tayutama –Kiss On My Deity-
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