Tenjou Tenge

March 3, 2007

I nickname this anime ‘The Flashback Show’. Why? That’s because around half of the episodes revolves around flashbacks. Which anime am I talking about, you ask? Why, it’s no other than Tenjou Tenge, of course. I know that flashbacks are good to further develop the storyline and tell how the current situation came to be, but taking approximately half of the entire series? Well, maybe they’re trying to tell 2 stories into 1 show.
The main reason why I decided to watch this series in the first place was because of the action and fight scenes. Though, during the fights they pull off some awesome moves with some equally tongue-twisting-hard-to-remember-exaggerated names, there are some comedy and romance elements as well, albeit not many. As most of it would be focused on the drama of the characters and storyline. What else.
Depending on how you view it, this year 2004 main tv series has 24 episodes followed by a 2 OVA sequel a year later. Since the OVA is quite closely related and is a direct continuation from the tv series, you might want to group this half hour series as having 26 episodes in all.
Thus, the first few episodes of the series was enough to get me started wanting to watch more, that is, until the flashback part. And I thought it was gonna be at least for 1 episode, then when that episode’s over, I thought too that hey, maybe it’ll continue to the next episode and finish it over there. But it didn’t. It went on for several episodes. And by that time, I was thinking that am I watching the same anime or what. And when it finished, boy was I glad. But that was just the first part. Yup, after taking a short break back to present time, somewhere around 2/3 of the series, the flashback continues. Haih… And I was going "Oh no! Here we go again…". Yeah, it did again.
Okay, so let’s go back to the main plot of the series first. In the first episode, we’re introduced to 2 delinquents, Souchirou Nagi and Bob Makihara. While Souchirou looks like your typical delinquent teenager bad boy who looks cool in that black overcoat uniform of his, Bob is an African descendant who uses the Brazilian capoeira fighting style and speaks fluent Japanese. Wow. Some multi-racial attributes there.
So the 2 riding on Bob’s motorbike, has this ambition of taking over and ruling schools by using their fists. So far they’ve been successful and this time their target would be Toudou Academy. This school isn’t just an ordinary school. As far as I remember, this school is a special kinda school which is supposed to hone the skills of the students to become some great martial artists or whatsoever. Yeah, all the main club activities are related to martial arts. In addition, the people here posses unique powers and skills.
Souchirou and Bob thought they had it easy at first, barging right into Toudou Academy (what a way to make an entrance) and beating up every hapless guys that they meet. Sort of like big bullies, if I must say. Of course, their bashing has caused a commotion and attracted the attention of the Juken Club head, Maya Natsume, and another ordinary club member Masataka Takayanagi.
Before I move on, I would like to something first. I happen to notice that all the ladies (the main ones as far as I’m concerned) in this series has big and oversized boobs! No, I’m not a pervert! It’s just that, the way they draw it felt like as though they make it so obvious and on purpose. Call it fanservice or what, there’re some panty shots and semi-nudity here as well, though it won’t go as far as hentai.
At first looks, Maya may look like some kindergarten kid because of her small short and chibi stature. But she’s actually not. Due to some whatever technique, she’s able to control her body by shrinking herself into a physique of an 8 year old. Yeah, her actual self is more sexy and voluptuous. Say, doesn’t she look like that mysterious transformed version of Guu of Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu? While in her chibi form, she likes to sit on Masataka’s shoulders. Part of his training or too short to be noticed? Also I find that Maya has 2 long strands of hair in front of her head which reminds me of a cockroach’s antenna…?! Really. And Maya’s equally busty little sister, Aya Natsume, who’s also part of the Juken Club, has her hair so long that she can actually sweep the floor with it. Yeah, she has a potential to be a shampoo ad girl too. Hahaha.
Souchirou and Bob met their match when Bob took on Masataka and Souchirou clashed with Maya. Then, with one super blow, Maya blasted Souchirou out from the classroom walkway down to the Juken Club’s dojo below. Yup, Souchirou crashed down below and survived. I guess if he’s such a tough guy, he should at least be able to survive that fall. The thing is, during the same time when Souchirou crashed there, Aya was taking a shower. Uh-huh, you know what that means. But instead of Aya shouting for help and screaming that there’s a pervert, she fell in love with him! Kissing him and asking him straightaway to marry her! Why? Because she has that believe that she’ll become a wife to that guy if he sees her totally naked body. What kind of a??!! Anyway, ever since then, Aya has been totally fascinated, taken in, swept off her feet, and would do anything to support Souchirou to be her husband. If there’re only girls like that in real life. Umm… Maybe better not. But Souchirou seems oblivious to her efforts and not too fond of it.
Because of their defeat to the Juken Club, Souchirou has been thinking that he may be weak. Yeah, a lot of bruised egos too. Earlier on, Souchirou took on Masataka in the school canteen and the latter nearly killed the former with some final super blow after all that cool manoeuvres and not-giving-up attitude and talk from both sides. Yeah, Souchirou’s all bruised and bloodied. At the same time, their first day commotion at school has attracted the attention of The Enforcers. Who’re they? Well, they’re supposed to be like the ‘police’ or rather ‘Gestapo’ of Toudou Academy, keeping the order strictly in school and punishing those who defy them. Yeah, a very feared body in the entire school.
So the president of The Enforcers, Mitsuomi Takayanagi (who looks like your typical bad guy leader and Masataka’s estranged older brother), looking through the list of new students, Souchirou and Bob in particular, and he seems to noticed something about Souchirou’s family background. To save time, I’ll just tell you. Souchirou came from a family of demon exorsist. Something like some super inner power thingy. Because of that, Souchirou during his younger days was always taunted and bullied. Thus, his family has always been alienated and discriminated for their mysterious powers. But instead of staying quiet, he beat them up. No wonder this guy’s a delinquent. And later in the series, not that I understand, Souchirou can unleash the inner demon within himself and his outlook totally transformed. Uh-huh he looks different and spotting a dark black hair. And don’t know what, due to something something, that demon will become a dragon. Something which, Souchirou managed to do in the end.
Anyway, Mitsuomi decides that Souchirou and Bob are to be punished for their actions. Yup, The Enforcers are gonna take action against them, their style, that is. So to start things off, they send Tsutomu Ryuuzaki, the boxing club psycho who can control fire and a little pervert himself (in a psychotic way, that is). Why, when he fondled The Enforcers’ vice president’s breasts as advance payment when asked to do this job only later to find an anki (some sort of dagger) piercing out from his hand. And he’s laughing in pain. Weird. By the way, The Enforcers’ vice president, Emi Isuzu, an anki user and also like Maya has the ability to control her body size. Uh-huh, but unlike Maya, her real body is actually fat and obese! Yes, worse than the Michelin Man. Because of that, she can keep and hide unlimited amount of ankis, which answers my question of how can she keep throwing unlimited numbers of ankis, she isn’t producing them magically, isn’t she? And as expected too, Emi has this crush on Mitsuomi but doesn’t really express it. Not really sure if she’s scared of him or wants to maintain their current president-vice president relationship.
Okay so back to Ryuuzaki. During nightfall while the 2 are resting and pondering over things at their apartment, Bob’s caring and open minded girlfriend, Chiaki Kounoike (also looks too sexy and too busty) went out to do some laundry. It didn’t hit those 2 at first when Ryuuzaki set fire onto Bob’s motorbike and when they realized that it might be The Enforcers’ doing and that Chiaki’s life may be in danger, the 2 rushed down there. Unfortunately, they arrived a little too late. It seems that Ryuuzaki had already assaulted Chiaki and totally wrecked that laundry shop. But even when Souchirou and Bob arrived, they’re no match for Ryuuzaki and they lost. That’s double the pain. Yeah, looks like they’re on a losing streak now. But Chiaki thanked a depressed and demoralized Souchirou and Bob for trying their best to protect her. Aww…
And because of that, the next day, Souchirou and Bob decides to join the Juken Club to improve their skills and get revenge on The Enforcers. Well, I guess since the Juken Club is short on members, I guess these 2 will do. Plus, the Juken Club has always been opposing The Enforcers, so a few new faces would be good to make up the numbers. Thus, their training in the club begins. Though it’ll be a long road, Maya is confident that they’ll be stronger in no time. I like that smart remark made by Maya while she’s training Souchirou, whereby a few cooking pans are lined up hanging and Souchirou has to hit the first one and his force must not move the other pans in the middle except the last one at the end. I’m not sure what’s it got to do with clenching your stomach by not eating and all that, but of course Souchiro didn’t do quite well at first, complaining and all sorts. Then this is the quote of the series from Maya, "Don’t hurt yourself by thinking with brains you don’t have". HAHAHA! So funny. And it was also quite amusing to see Maya in her chibi form repeatedly spanking Souchirou with her wooden stick when he didn’t do things right. Also, there’s some tension and wavering in Aya’s heart because of Souchirou’s closeness to Maya. In short, you’ll find out that Souchirou likes Maya rather than Aya and because of that, in a way, Aya wants to beat her sister, though she’s hesitant and uncertain at times.
Later on, Maya had an encounter with Ryuuzaki. To cut things short, Maya managed to defeat Ryuuzaki, though we didn’t see what she did to him, but I supposed she pulled off some terror blow which left a huge ‘crater’ on Ryuuzaki’s chest. And because of that, the strong pro-wrestler Kouji Sagara, another member of The Enforcers, finishes off Ryuuzaki with some grappling move. Yeah, all of Ryuuzaki’s broke and he’ll be hospitalized in ICU. And he won’t be appearing anymore for the rest of the series. Looks like now it’s Sagara’s turn to do things.
But before Sagara can start doing things, he found out that his task has also been given to another member as well, namely, the skinny (is boney the right word?) Shirou Tagami. This Tagami guy stammers a lot and I felt that he has got some speech impairment. Although he looks like a zombie, he has that honour code while fighting and despises cowardly manners. I find his weapon, some sort of staff which can be transformed into sansetsukon during battles, amusing. Anyway, Sagara and Tagami are loggerheads on who’s to finish this job when Emi steps in. Looks like something big is going on.
Meanwhile while the 5 members of the Juken along with Chiaki, are having their fun outing at a bowling alley. But at the same time, The Enforcers are making their move and are going take out the Juken Club. So much so they even forcefully quarantined off the place for their battle. Yeah, a few episodes of action pack fights. To sum it up, Maya faces of with Emi in the women’s restroom. The winner, a closely fought match with Maya eventually emerging tops. Then it’s Aya against Tagami on the building’s rooftop. Meanwhile, Souchirou has been advised by Masataka to protect Aya meets Sagara on his way there. Masataka took on several low level members of The Enforcers before taking a one-on-one fight with the effeminate Oshi Kagurazaka later on. At the same time, the remaining thugs of The Enforcers corners and fights Bob in some room as Bob tries to protect Chiaki (by putting her in a locker?!).
So during the fights, we hear some little story of the characters like how Emi’s loyalty to Mitsuomi (more like her crush) leads her wanting to kill Maya and things like that, how Sagara sold himself to The Enforcers in exchange from Mitsuomi that his wrestling club will be revived. In the end, Sagara admits defeat to Souchirou after a lot of those pounding and male ego talk and Souchirou promising him a rematch in the future. But Souchiro may have been a little too late as Aya’s really going out of control and may even kill Tagami! After some words from Souchirou, Aya calmed down. Though Tagami’s really battered, Souchirou told Aya that she didn’t win the match because she was scared, even though she won but if she’s afraid, she still loses. 
What’s this, another member of The Enforcers, Bunshichi Tawara, is seen having a little chat with Maya. Some tough talk there coupled in with some sexual subtext. Like he said something like don’t stick your breasts out while talking to me because they’re like weapons and the only things he can’t beat in this world are shitake mushrooms and her breasts. Uh-huh. And she said something like I won’t let them touch those 2 (no, not referring to her boobs, but her new Juken Club members. Haha). What’s Bunshichi up to? Just to save time, this Bunshichi guy is some sort of an adviser in The Enforcers. Though he’s quite skilfull, he rarely jumps into fights as he prefer to stay out of it. You could say that he’s quite close to Mitsuomi too.
As for Bob and Masataka, they managed to dispose their lower level opponents. Chiaki’s a little mad at Bob for disregarding his safety to protect her like that. But she still loves him. Aww… I like the part where Masataka came in to check on Bob when the latter fainted and his head hit Masataka’s crotch. Ouch!!! And even Bob quipped that even with years of training, there’re some parts of the body which can’t be strong. Hehehe.
As the Juken members regroup it seems that Mitsuomi (now looking like a real typical bad-ass guy with that body suit and riding that motorbike of his) has finally arrived and moved in. Actually he has already arrived earlier on. It’s just that he had given some time limit to let Emi do things her way. And since it wasn’t a success, I guess he’s going in. As mentioned Masataka fought with Kagurazaka but their fight was interrupted when Mitsuomi came in and took over the fight himself. So the 2 brothers had their fight. Obviously, Masataka had no chance at all against his older brother and was even knocked out cold. That Mitsuomi guy even told Bob that he wanted him to join The Enforcers and not waste his powers in the Juken Club, which made Bob think a little. But Bob was snapped back to reality by Chiaki after she said something which I can’t really remember.
So it’s Souchirou and Mitsuomi. The mother of all battles is finally here. A lot of trading blows here and there until Bunshichi stops things. Yeah, it looks like the match isn’t going anywhere. With that, The Enforcers decides to retreat for now. And this is where the flashback really begins. Uh-huh, Chiaki’s mad and asking Maya why did her beloved Bob and Souchirou get dragged involved in this whole sh*t thing. Yeah, so for the next few episodes, it begins… the flashback… So why does Maya really detest Mitsuomi and wants revenge on him? Yeah, it’s all in the flashback…
Okay, I’m gonna cut things short. It seems 2 years ago Maya’s older brother, Shin Natsume, before his demise, possesd some power called Dragon Eyes, which allow him to see the past, present and future. But it seems because of that he went crazy because he couldn’t control it. Not like he started being crazy, but gradually you’ll notice his behaviour. That was what happened to Aya too when she fought Tagami earlier on. At that time, Shin was the head of The Enforcers and Mitsuomi had just entered Toudou Academy under Shin’s wing. Erm… Mitsuomi doesn’t look so terrifying then. Just your typical high school student. Looks like there’s some sort of friendship between Shin, Bunshichi and Mitsuomi. Yeah, those 3 can really click. Sort of. Also Shin had his motorcycle gang members called Katana, which is suddenly attacked by some mysterious person known as Katana Hunter.
To make things worse, Shin’s girlfriend then, the bespectacled Mana Kuzunoha starts to have an affair with Mitsuomi. Later on, we’ll find out that Mana’s actually been assigned as Shin’s girlfriend from the start as to observe and collect data about him for the Takayagi family. What the? Yeah, it’s getting real confusing here with all the families involve for whatever experiment. So I’ll just leave it all there. Anyway, Mana one day shows Mitsuomi and Bunshichi some video about Shin and herself and their relationship before Mitsuomi saw in horror that Shin killed innocent people just for ‘distractions’. Scary.
Meanwhile the other members of Katana came to a conclusion that the Katana Hunter may be Maya and plots revenge. But they’re being beaten up by the overprotective Shin. Soon, Katana disbanded. I guess they couldn’t take anymore of the beating. While Bunshichi tries to talk some sense into Shin, he finds out that the cause of Shin’s madness was the sword he carried, Reiki. Whenever he holds it, he would lose control of himself and become worse than an animal. Just like Aya. So later in the series you’ll find out that since Maya’s unaffected by Reiki’s powers, she carries the sword as she’s some sort of a ‘neutralizer’. So once Reiki has been taken away from Shin, he goes back to normal.
Then there’s that annual school tournament which decides which team gets to be The Enforcers. Since the Katana has been disbanded, Shin founded a new group called Juken along with Mitsuomi and a reluctant Bunshichi. Since the tournament requires 5 members, they need to find 2 more. Mitsuomi managed to convince Maya to join. I guess by this time Mitsuomi has gradually started to have feelings for Maya, and probably vice versa. But they still need 1 more. Then there’s this guy Kagesada Sugano AKA Kuso (meaning garbage/trash/sh*t) where Maya forced him to join because this guy wasn’t too fond of the tournament thingy and one of the teachers flex his powers and show him a little of his power which made him shiver in fear. Thus the teacher and the rest of the students decides to nickname him Kuzo. Which I think I should also call him by that. Plus, this guy has no fighting skills. So I guess he’s just there to make up for the numbers.
But before Shin can participate in the finals, Mitsuomi’s father, Dougen Takanayagi (who looks like Hiroshi Uchiyamada from Great Teacher Onizuka) wants Shin to be a true warrior by bringing out the evil in him. Shin refuses. Dougen then resorts to a dirty tactic by sending one of his men, Fu Chien, to attack Maya. I don’t really remember much about Fu Chien except that he’s evil and he got his arms ripped by Shin! Yes, his arms ripped off! Anyway, Shin killed him later in their fight even though Fu Chien has a new set of blades as his arms.
So while Shin goes berserk trying to save Maya and even attacked and innocent Emi then. Not even Maya’s plea could calm him down. Mitsuomi rushed to save Maya and tied to calm things down. This caused Shin to be jealous and angry. As a result, his Dragon Eyes are activated and blasts Mitsuomi with some super blow. I guess this is the turning point for Mitsuomi. That incident left him some scar on his chest which probably changed his character. Though he’s fine from that incident, at times Mitsuomi may cough out blood. Something which Mana explained Mitsuomi has a few years to live because of some powerful ki which speeds up his heart beat and such bla bla bla. Not that I understand.
As the Juken Club managed to reach the finals, only Bunshichi and Kuso were there. Yeah, some Bruce Lee look-a-like there. Mitsuomi turned up at the last minute and beat up everyone real good in a short amount of time. And the audience think that the other opponents are just lousy, having lost like that. So the Juken Club will be The Enforcers of Toudou Academy. But by this time, Shin has become even more insane and will kill those who come close to Maya. Though Mitsuomi promised that he’ll defeat Shin, Shin soon challenges Mitsuomi to be The Enforcers’ president. So during the fight Mitsuomi seems to be winning until Shin decides to use his Dragon Eyes. But Mana used her body to shield Mitsuomi from Shin’s blasts. Shin then realized what he has done was wrong and together with Mana they both committed suicide!
Later on, Mitsuomi removed his father from the family organization and install himself as the new head. Yeah, Dougen’s men were gunned down Mafia style. Mitsuomi then restructures The Enforcers to expand their powers in Toudou Academy. Maya who didn’t like all this, blames Mitsuomi for Shin’s death and becomes the new captain of the Juken Club and vows revenge on Mitsuomi.
Good news is, end of flashback! YAHOOOOO!!! Well, the flashback wasn’t told in 1 sitting but 2. Though the first one was told by Maya, she didn’t really finish it. Souchirou, Bob and Chiaki who’re still unsatisfied with what they heard had the flashback continued by Bunshichi when the latter visited their apartment. Yeah, so a couple of episodes of ‘back to present time’ before viewers forget who Souichirou and Bob is.
So once Souichirou and Bob knew the whole long winded story, they prepare themselves to take on The Enforcers. However, before anything could happen, because of Aya’s wavering feelings, she stole Reiki which is locked within the dojo, much to Maya’s horror when she discovered it was missing. Of course, she went to inform Mitsuomi about it, and since both of them did not want to repeat the past, they both decided to call a truce and work together to find Aya. Yeah, Aya could be really dangerous with those Dragon Eyes.
Aya then took refuge at Masataka’s place. Well, though I knew that Masataka had a crush on Aya all this while but he’s just holding because Aya’s in love with Souichirou, but I didn’t know that Masataka’s a pervert! Yeah, he’s having a hard fantasizing things and time controlling himself from wanting to do perverted things while Aya’s at his place, especially when she’s taking a bath. Uh-huh, how he can’t let this chance slip away and things like that. Pervert! But he eventually realized (that he’s a loser) that it isn’t right to take advantage when one is in his/her weakest moments after seeing Aya like that, and punched himself in the face. You should’ve had better self control from the beginning.
As the 2 walked to school the next day, Maya managed to find Aya and asked her to return Reiki. But upon seeing Mitsuomi, Aya flees into school. Then she had a short encounter with Emi whereby Aya unleashed her super power, blasting Emi away. Mitsuomi decides to step in. Just then Masataka interrupts and prepares to fight his older brother. This is the funny part. Souichirou with Bob riding pillion on the latter’s motorbike burst into the scene telling Masataka that supporting characters should stay out of it as the motorbike crashed into Masataka. HAHAHA! So darn funny.
Before you know it, Souichirou and Mitsuomi had their second round battle. Some terror aura and power unleashed by both of them as everybody could only stand there and watch. When Aya, watching from the rooftop has had enough of it, her scream caused some powerful blast which created a crater below. Looks like Souichirou and Mitsuomi are very bruised. Then I thought Aya was gonna jump off the building when she said "Goodbye Souichirou", but instead she sum up her courage and gave her support and cheered on Souichirou to do his best. And before that she decided to give back Reiki and tossed it to where Maya’s standing.
As the 2 got up and were going to continue their fight, Maya then steps in and asked them both to stop. After giving Souichirou a punch, he asked Mitsuomi not to overwork himself as the final battle doesn’t end here. Yup, she wants Mitsuomi to give them a chance to enter the preliminary rounds of the annual school tournament next month. And they way Maya gestures to Mitsuomi was as though as the 2 were lovebirds! In fact, the other characters said that this whole mess started in the first place was because of their lovebirds’ quarrel. Well, I guess they show their love in a different manner. Or is it? This gives a new meaning to a love-hate relationship. I’m still wondering why Maya hates Mitsuomi and blames him for Shin’s death. Really dunno. Anyway, Mitsuomi agrees and walks away. So it looks like the Juken Club will have to undergo some serious training. And Aya is back to her ol’ self as she rejoins her pals.
So once the tv series ended, I though hey, maybe they’ll start things off in the OVA since it’s only 2 episodes and won’t be that much to cover. But unfortunately it didn’t. In short, the tournament didn’t start at all! How disappointing. But instead, we have more of the drama between the characters. I felt that the OVA was an extension rather than anything new or progressive.
In the OVA, we see Aya still unsure about Souichirou’s feelings towards her, though we know Souchirou has his on Maya. Yeah, lots of wondering, thinking and spacing from Aya. Then as the 2 were walking together, suddenly they’re being ambushed by some martial art mobs. To cut things short, they’re actually those family crap sh*t thing, out to test Souichirou. Yeah, and it looks like Souichirou’s mom, Makiko, looks too young to be his mom. And she has that oversized plaster as her eyepatch. Weird. She’s also teaming up with Dougen for something. Something which I couldn’t remember and not really want to know. Uh-huh some experiment thing. Let’s just leave this there too.
Some talking here and there between Souchirou and his mom to make him realize some things. Bla bla bla. Even Bunshichi had some with Mitsuomi. After Mitsuomi had left on his bike, he started coughing out blood again. To make things worse, a cat jumped out of nowhere causing Mitsuomi to swerve. Oh oh. Looks like he crashed. Is he okay? Back at the Juken Club, Bob underwent some intensive training by running with a rubber tyre attached to it and Maya sitting on the tyre. I wonder how effective is that.
Aya who still wants Souichirou to be hers, then challenges Maya to a duel. Yeah, so some cat and mouse chase throughout Toudou Academy. There’s this one funny part whereby Souichirou and Bob were both taking a leak in the men’s when Souichirou took a little peek at Bob’s… ahem ahem. Then in Souchirou’s shock, he yelled "You beast!!!". Bob’s smiling real wide and shaking his bon bon in happiness. Hehehe. Because that Aya-Maya chase caught their attention, they decided to see what’s going on too.
Meanwhile, Mitsuomi has been discharged from hospital. Looks like he’s all right. Back at one of Todou’s Academy rooftop, Maya now faces off with Aya. After some sisterly talk, Aya seems to be losing at the losing end. Then after some words of encouragement from Souichirou, Aya gets her confidence back and continues with the duel. I’m not sure who won the match, but everybody seemed satisfied with the way things turned out.
Later on, Souichirou meets Mitsuomi for a fight to the death with Maya tagging along. Some unleashing of super powers from both sides. Looks like Souchirou managed to bring out that dragon in him. And when finally Mitsuomi thought that he has finally lost, he was ready to let a transformed Souichirou kill him as he thought that this was what Shin wanted of him too. But before Souichirou could land the final blow, he collapsed and returned back to the blond Souichirou. Looks like their match has to be postponed again. Uh-huh. As Mitsuomi walks away, he tells Souichirou that they’ll finish their fight at the preliminaries and asked him to prepare to die. Souichirou just gave an uneregetic "Yeah". At this point, they still got that macho male ego thingy. Haih…
So in the final scenes, we see Bob still undergoing that tyre training. And Aya still not giving up on Souichirou. Yeah, she’s still asking him to be her husband, making him blush a little as they both walked home. And it’s back to business as usual at The Enforcers’ headquarters. Is that Mitsuomi smiling a little over there as he ponder over things? We see Bunshichi lying lazily on the couch, much to Emi’s annoyance. Hey, what do you know. In this OVA, Chiaki and the other Enforcer members didn’t make their appearance. Well, maybe they’re not so important after all.
Overall, if you want to know what happens after that, probably you have to read the manga. Uh-huh. More flashbacks and maybe the tournament will start. Since I didn’t read the manga, I’m just speculating. Hey, there’s even an alternate retelling of the flashback called Tenjou Tenge: The Past Chapter, which is a 90 minute movie version of it. Like I haven’t had enough of it all already. Yeah, it’s more like "Don’t tell me your problems because I don’t wanna hear it… AGAIN!!".
Though I’m not a fan of Japanese rap music, but it seems that the opening theme, Bomb A Head! V, sounds quite okay to me and it does fit nicely as a theme for the series. I find that little hip-hop dancing from Bob and Aya a little amusing and interesting. Hmm… How I wish I could do those moves myself too. Hehe. Just kidding. While the ending theme isn’t anything much, the one for episode 24 is like a photo group of all the cast and characters from the past to the present. From Shin and his buddies to his Katana members to The Enforcers to the current Juken Club to even Souichirou’s younger days with all those bully boys.
Because of the violence, blood and gore of the fight scenes, this series may not be suitable for younger audiences. Plus with a couple of sexual content, this show is deifinitely for mature audiences. Well, like they say, violence and sex sells. My favourite fight scenes are still those early episodes and the one the Juken took on The Enforcers in the bowling alley. But if you like character building, development and drama through flashbacks, then I think you may like this one. Though the storyline is another thing and that whole flashback thingy seems kind of a drag to me. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t want my past to be told in that manner too. That’s because there isn’t anything much to tell in the first place. Hehe.

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