Tenshi Ni Narumon

January 17, 2015

It is every guy’s dream to have an angel fall before you and live with you, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want an angel, right? Well, let’s hope that God didn’t just send you an angel only in form. Because from what we get in Tenshi Ni Narumon is a hell of an annoying angel! Or at least an incomplete angel. So for our main protagonist to have an angel falling from the sky isn’t actually a blessing but somewhat an annoyance. Definitely not the kind of boy meets girl romance he is hoping for. Not only does she become his fiancée but her entire family moves in into his home. There goes his peaceful life. So it is true that when you marry a girl, you not only marry her but her family. Welcome to the hellish life. Oh, did I mention he has a girl in his class he has a crush on? No, it isn’t complicated. Just annoying…

Episode 1
Today is the first day Yuusuke Kamoshita will be living by himself since his parents are going overseas to work. Probably he is so happy about his newfound freedom that he crashed his bicycle in the woods. He sees a trail of girl’s clothing scattered. I guess the panties stuck on a branch must have got his attention. He tries to get it and falls down onto this buck naked girl, Noelle. Their lips met. She wakes up and is ecstatic to see Yuusuke as her betrothed. This freaks him out as he peddles back to school. He tells this to his friends but they think he is imagining too much. They’re doing this while trying to spy on girls in the swimming class? So it is no wonder when one of his friends tries to snap a picture of the girl he has a crush on, Natsumi Suzuhara, he struggles to take the camera from him but she splashes water on them and hates Yuusuke. Because she mistakes him as a pervert as he is the one with the camera in his hand. Meanwhile, Dispel shows Silky a hologram of Noelle. Since she has her halo but has no wings yet, he finds her incompleteness a beauty. In class, homeroom teacher, Shinobu introduces them to a new transfer student, Noelle. Erm… She’s chasing a butterfly outside. But she is extremely happy to see Yuusuke. As she is constantly calling his name and wanting to be by his side, it is understandable he is annoyed. But how does she know his name? She got his student ID somehow. He tells her off not to follow him home and surprisingly she agrees. But when he reaches home, he finds his house turned into some weird fun house. There is Noelle to greet him. She has moved in and this will be her home. Oh, meet the family too. There is Papa the Frankenstein, Mama the kind and gentle mother, Gabriel the big brother vampire, Ruka the little sister elf, Sara the older sister invisible woman, Baba the grandma witch and pet ostrich, Nekhbet. Yuusuke can’t so no to whatever Papa says. Don’t want to mess with this big strong fellow, don’t you? Suddenly there is this giant daruma robot appearing. It is sent by Dispel who is here to take Noelle. But Ruka has seen this coming and the family jumps into their own giant robot (including Yuusuke whose job is to peddle for power). I think Noelle was simply pressing the buttons and it activated something to defeat the daruma. Dispel is left in despair. Everyone has a great dinner but Yuusuke is not. But he can’t risk Noelle crying so he has to put up with him. Happy Noelle hugs him and asserts she loves him. Yuusuke can’t believe he has to join in this friendship reconciliation dance too… Oh, he can’t sleep in peace because Noelle creeps in to sleep beside him.

Episode 2
Yuusuke is going to tell the weirdoes to get out of his house. Can he? Well, everyone ignores him. Except for Baba who seems to be against Noelle and Yuusuke to be together. Noelle disagrees and is happy being with him. Papa and Gabriel get into an argument about getting accustomed to the human world and finding jobs, something Gabriel doesn’t want. Noelle continues to chase Yuusuke at school. Naturally he runs away and hides. But he didn’t realize he was hiding in the girls’ changing room! Furthermore, he had to pick Natsumi’s locker! And here she is opening the door… He might have escaped with his life but later he tries to apologize to her but gets slapped. Noelle sees this and is furious that her beloved Yuusuke is hit but that guy just wants to be left alone. Later on he meets up with Natsumi and wants her to read his letter. Although it sounds like an apology letter first, you can guess it is also a confession letter. So she’s like an angel to him? Natsumi is not impressed. Sure, she will forgive him for all the peeping and other stupid things he done. In exchange, don’t ever come near her again. She rips the letter. Yuusuke’s heart must be ripping to pieces right now. Noelle saw this and tries to cheer him up but he is not in the mood. This causes Noelle to be sad as she cries in her room. Meanwhile Papa has returned home and has found a job. He will be the PR manager of this wrestling champion, Deli. They have a party in the house when Sara visits Yuusuke to tell him to make up with Noelle. Deli enters Noelle’s room to take her to Dispel. But Noelle laughs at his true funny face. Yuusuke enters her room only to see her being kidnapped. He chases after them but looks like he doesn’t need to do anything as Noelle covers his eyes to let him ram into a pole. But their victory is short-lived. He flings Yuusuke away. Gabriel is here to save his sister but because Deli’s body is made out of balloon, it is hard to fight him. Yuusuke lands on Papa and points to where Noelle is. Papa holds down Deli while Gabriel bites him to remove all the air. A balloon is as good as useless without air, right? Dispel in despair again… Back home, Yuusuke sees Noelle taping his letter together again. Why? Because it will be a waste to throw it away since he packed lots of love into it. This makes him feel better but feels trouble is coming up when Noelle hugs him and will become his angel.

Episode 3
Gabriel is sick of drinking tomato and thought he could seduce a girl and drink her blood. He had to pick the wrong girl. She is Miruru, a cat girl and ex-neighbour. Oh, did I mention they used to like each other? She starts chasing him. What a way to bring back your ex into your life. Meanwhile Noelle bugs everyone on how to become an angel. Baba has this sly idea. She must give up her desires. This means no hugging or poking Yuusuke. It’s going to be hard trying to endure it. Miruru’s chase for Gabriel continues well into their home. Miruru recognizes Noelle as they were once childhood friends. Noelle is shocked Yuusuke is missing and that name rings a bell to Miruru. Yuusuke can’t find solace in his own home so he is bumming outside the park. He sees Natsumi hanging out with another guy. It’s that feeling again… That night, Miruru calls Dispel to inform the plan is on track. Noelle wears some spring armour created by Ruka to school. Each time she tries to hug Yuusuke, the force will repel her back. Boy, that’s going to hurt. After lots of pain, Yuusuke brings her to the infirmary and wants her to take it off. She won’t and stubbornly wants to become his angel. Yuusuke discovers a letter from Natsumi in his shoe box to meet tonight at the school’s pool. Of course he won’t miss this chance but it turns out to be a trap by Miruru. She wants him to break up with Noelle because if he is not around, Noelle will return to the monster world. Besides, having her becoming an angel will be troublesome. Speaking of Noelle, here she is making her way to school since Yuusuke isn’t in his room. Still in that armour? Miruru has the kappas make some whirlpool to drown him in it. Noelle dives in to save him but the armour keeps repelling her. Because of her determination so great to save him, the armour breaks. So much so this effects Silky (she starts breathing hard) as she even lashes out at Dispel who is being a sadistic big bully. Yuusuke is rescued but Noelle is out cold. No choice but to give her CPR to revive her. She wakes up and hugs him while apologizing for everything. Yuusuke carries her home as she notes his warmth despite they are soaking wet.

Episode 4
Yuusuke falls sick and some of the family members have their own interpretation the cause of this. It’s just plain ol’ cold, people. Noelle kicks them out and tries to cool him down. Yuusuke doesn’t want her to miss school and manages to convince her that angels go to school. Yuusuke’s friends find out about his condition via Noelle and in turn she keeps pondering about the meaning of happiness among some other words. I’m sure they try their best to explain but don’t get your hopes up. So in class, Noelle bugs the teacher about the meaning of precious. Natsumi couldn’t stand anymore of this and tells her off but Noelle is being a retard and thinks everything she says has something to do with being precious. Yuusuke can’t rest since Baba comes in claiming she knows the source of his illness. It is a curse from his former life as a green turtle and has grudges from other female turtles. To cure it, he must drink this potion. It sure freaked him out. Baba had a nice time with this prank. Miruru convinces Noelle to come with her because she wants to make it up to her (liar!). She brings her to some shady restaurant whereby Noelle gets ecstatic by the taste of some pudding. This is what happiness is? She wants to bring this to Yuusuke now but Miruru convinces her to stay put. Of course this is a plan by Miruru and Dispel to keep her there. I don’t know what is going on because the furniture creeps up on her and when she suspects something amiss, she runs for it. The restaurant chases after her and is joined by his ‘brothers’. They combined into a big robot and when they corner Noelle, they got distracted by a big caked that Papa was making as part of his job. After gobbling it down, they return to their little doll house size. Safe to say, yet another failed scheme from Dispel. Noelle laments the pudding is ruined when Yuusuke comes by. He is better now as Noelle explains about the jelly. He believes it is good and Noelle hugs him like she always does.

Episode 5
The family are going to the beach for some relaxation. Except Sara who is believed to be on some part time job. Mama dominates the schedule and nobody dares go against her. She is fired up to play beach volleyball and singlehandedly defeats all of them! Yuusuke goes to get some drinks and enters a strange building. The shop employee is in bandages and seemingly hiding behind the counter. When he sees a strange box, she warns him not to look into it. She thinks some hidden things once you see it, it becomes boring. Yuusuke doesn’t believe so like as in the crane folklore. That night at the campfire, Baba plays another prank on Yuusuke that scares him. Noelle goes in search for him but encounters… Aliens?! Yuusuke ends up in the beach house and finds it unlock. His curiosity got the better of him as he peeks into the strange box. He heard someone calling him as he follows her out. This bandage woman knows his name because she is Sara! She felt happy when Yuusuke praised her because no one cares about her as they can’t see her. At first she was happy being invisible as nobody would bother her. But she has been invisible so long she couldn’t change back. She feels everyone slipping through her fingers. However she feels that with him around, she can change back. She wants him to look at her as she takes off everything. Her bandages and her clothes. Could have been the best night viewing had not Noelle scream. He goes off to save her. Sara feels disappointed and returns being invisible. Noelle is being kidnapped by aliens (setup by Miruru of course) and Yuusuke manages to get onboard. Sara tries to tell her family about the abduction but they are too engrossed in Mama’s beach volleyball training to hear a thing. Till Sara blows her top and becomes visible that they take notice. They ride Ruka’s machine to save the duo. Noelle is being tickled by aliens? Well, Yuusuke tries to be a hero but gets zapped. The UFO is under attack by the family. Mama is furious since they ruined their family time. Her volleyball throws are deadly! Oops. She might have forgotten that Yuusuke and Noelle are in there. Meanwhile Miruru is relaxing and thinks this has so far been the easiest job ever. She makes a wish on the shooting star. Till she realizes it’s getting to close! The UFO crashes on her. Yuusuke and Noelle are picked up by the family. Now that Sara is visible again, Papa formally introduces her to Yuusuke. I guess with daylight, he could see how pretty she is. Blushing, isn’t he?

Episode 6
There is this dream whereby Natsumi frantically chases after her big brother. She felt sad he flew away in those angelic wings and she was left behind. Noelle climbs a transmission tower and jumps off! She thought she can be an angel by flying with Ruka’s whatever this contraption is. It didn’t work and this makes everyone worried. Thankfully she pulls the strings for soft landing. She continues to fly that night but crashes into Yuusuke’s room. And the mind boggling part is how she thinks anything that flies is an angel! The grasshopper… The cicada… The aeroplane… Oh boy… Thus the question of the episode: Why do angels fly? My answer: Because they don’t swim, silly! And so Noelle goes to bug Natsumi to teach her to fly because Yuusuke called her one! Natsumi can’t be bothered with her especially trying to drill into her annoying brain that humans can’t fly. Too bad Noelle keeps tailing her so I guess if she can’t shake her off, might as well talk to her and see where this goes. So Noelle is confused what constitutes to be an angel. They fly but not every flying thing is an angel. Is it because of a smile? But Natsumi never smiles? This only serves to make Natsumi angry and won’t hear any more of it. I guess Noelle becomes crazy enough to try and jump off the diving board. Natsumi doesn’t believe she can do it and will chicken out (that traumatic dream keeps flashing before her). Oh Natsumi, you don’t know Noelle… Because she leaps! For that short moment, it looked like she was flying. At least in Natsumi’s eyes. After a second, she falls like a rock. Natsumi dives in to pull her out of the water. Although Natsumi scolds her, Noelle is happy because when Natsumi came to save her, she smiled. Noelle promises Yuusuke she won’t pull that kind of stunt anymore. She asks him what angels do. Basically, they comfort you. Noelle wants to make Natsumi laugh more when she becomes an angel. They agree she is like a star.

Episode 7
Yuusuke receives a package. Sender unknown. Upon opening, there is this squid girl who claims to be Noelle! What’s with that fake halo? Anyway, I believe everybody is so dumb that they got confused by squid girl’s twisted reasoning that doesn’t make sense why she is part of the family. Noelle is even dumber because she can’t take the hint that fake Noelle is going to replace her and even shows squiddy her room. Because it’s Noelle’s room, right? Yuusuke taking a bath alone can’t take anymore of this so Miruru infiltrates disguising as a maid to drive a wedge to stand up to them. But his meek personality means he won’t be able to do it at first go as the family have dinner. Because there are 2 Noelles and only 1 bowl, squid girl is hogging it. Yeah, everybody is so dumb and confused. Yuusuke gives Noelle his and leaves. He’ll buy his own. Eating at the park, Miruru continues to persuade him to get tough and stand his ground. Meanwhile squid girl confronts Noelle and blames her that she is the reason why Yuusuke left and might not come back. Noelle is still too dumb to get the hint so squiddy tells her to leave. There’s no place for Yuusuke as long as she is here. Finally! Noelle starts feeling something. Or is it… When Yuusuke comes back to tell them off, again he can’t get the chance because Papa has an announcement. He has brought squid girl a bowl of her own and welcomes her as part of the family. Squiddy is touched but Miruru purposely bumps into her and break the bowl. Signifying that family will also break up? Because Noelle is not around, touched squiddy reveals she left and spills everything that her mission was to do that. Miruru didn’t like that their plan is exposed and is going to punish her. Yup. How does barbequed squid sound? The guys are useless to fight Miruru’s contraption and the ladies are just hiding… Yuusuke spots Noelle in town. She is guided by the barbequed squid smell. She is going to save squiddy but Miruru’s contraption won’t let her get close. With Yuusuke helping out (but not much), their bungling clumsiness causes the contraption to come apart and send Miruru running away in defeat. In the end, Noelle was in town to get another bowl for squiddy. But squid girl can’t stay and must leave. She needs to find her own fiancé and views Noelle and Yuusuke a perfect couple. The family later receives a letter from her that she is doing fine and happy. Paparapu~

Episode 8
Yuusuke gets a rude awakening when the furniture in his room starts sliding. Turns out Ruka had created an upgraded version of her tengu robot. Now installed with better weapons and emotions. Checking out inside, it seems that one needs to wear a silly suit and be connected by weird string-like creatures to control the robot. Only Noelle can fit it. I guess we can see what’s going to happen now. The robot is acting as dumb as her… Meanwhile the guy that Natsumi hangs out with, Kai takes her to the beach. He thinks it’s a bad call since she must be bored facing water all the time. She explains how her mom named her so because she saw the sea through her window. Each time she looks at it, it makes her nostalgic. Likewise her brother was named Fuyuki because it was snowing. When Kai suddenly hugs her, she didn’t like it and runs away. Miruru tries to incite the wife of the daruma robot to seek revenge for her husband by blaming the perpetrators. This of course makes her mad as she chases Noelle (still in the tengu robot) all around. The rest need to save her and Ruka has this prototype doggie robot as spare. It picks Yuusuke as its pilot but it is as picky and won’t listen to his commands. Not to mention the sill suit he has to wear too. Doggie robot stops functioning and Yuusuke’s plea doesn’t help either. Noelle continues to get beaten up and won’t fight back because she still believes of not doing unto others if she doesn’t want something done unto you. So is she going to be beaten to death? Sara suggests bringing the husband back so the wife will have no means to seek revenge. They fix him up good in time and the wife stops beating Noelle and leaves with her husband. WTF ending but a happy ending nevertheless. Noelle and her family have dinner but nobody notices Yuusuke is missing. He is still stuck in the doggie robot… Nobody cares or remembers and they dare talk about being family…

Episode 9
Baba is against the family’s idea of having a wedding. And nobody cares about Yuusuke’s opinion that he never agreed to this marriage. And Noelle doesn’t even know what marriage means despite being so excited. On the streets, Baba is whisked away by a minstrel to Miruru. Baba won’t help whatever her schemes are. Suddenly Miruru says she likes Yuusuke and would give her anything just to have him. Not a bad trade, don’t you think? Meanwhile the minstrel infiltrates Yuusuke’s home and while Sara is bathing, the ukulele’s scream turned her into a frog. The family are so dumb they can’t believe it is her despite Sara herself asserting it is really her. Till the minstrel turns Papa and Mama into frogs. So now you believe? After Ruka gets turned into one, Gabriel thought closing his ears would save him but alas it did not. Seems Baba is in cohorts with Miruru and this is her magic that changed them into frogs. With almost the entire family turned into frogs, they think of the cause. As it could be Baba’s black magic, it might be because Papa and Mama stuffed her in a bag earlier on and now she’s mad. Hopes now rest on Noelle and Yuusuke but Noelle gets turned into a frog and she’s excited being one. Baba confronts Miruru that this wasn’t the deal because Noelle is not to be touched. Too bad that cat girl was lying and snatches Noelle away. However Noelle slips out of her hands and the chase begins. Noelle ends up hiding in the ukulele. Miruru wants the minstrel to hand over his ukulele but he won’t since this instrument is like his life. He turns Miruru into a frog. Yuusuke then understands how the magic works. It is not the scream but rather looking into the eyes of the ukulele. He blindfolds himself to avoid falling for the trap. But how can he see? Swinging around blindly. Baba tells him to cut the strings and with Noelle’s voice, he manages to snap the strings to return everyone back into normal. Papa and Mama apologize to Baba for what they did. Although she doesn’t hold a grudge for that, she still won’t acknowledge the marriage.

Episode 10
At the shrine, Miruru in disguise sells to Noelle a Bun-bun angel. Take care of it and it will turn into an angel. You know how easily Noelle is deceived when she hears that angel word. Yuusuke didn’t want to buy it for her but since she insisted… Of course this is all part of Miruru’s plan to break them up. And it begins when Bun-bun doesn’t want Noelle to sleep with Yuusuke (for your information, she always creep in without his permission). For once they’re going to sleep in separate beds? Is Yuusuke sure he is going to be relieved? But why can’t he sleep? Does he miss Noelle? Sara comes in to tease him and offers to sleep with him. Even offering a kiss? Just kidding! Next morning, I guess without Noelle around, Yuusuke can’t wake up by himself. The family teases him about them sleeping separately. Noelle had gone to school earlier because Bun-bun dragged her along. In class she shows it to Natsumi who isn’t amused she is still going about on this angel thing. Natsumi later calls Kai to apologize for that day and wants to stay like this forever. As brother and sister. But he says they won’t be able to see each other for a while. Natsumi jumps to conclusion that there is someone he likes and puts down the phone. Yuusuke was accidentally eavesdropping and felt pity. Till annoying Noelle ruined it all. During lunch, Noelle feeds Bun-bun. When she is away, Bun-bun becomes a rude monster by eating up everyone’s meal. Back home, Yuusuke tells Noelle to return Bun-bun because it is just acting cute when it is actually a violent monster. She won’t. The argument escalates and just when it seems Noelle is going to say she hates him, she actually still loves Yuusuke. Disappointed Miruru orders Bun-bun to transform into its real form. It starts drilling holes everywhere and chases Noelle around. Finally Yuusuke hits it away like a baseball. Noelle wonders if Bun-bun was an angel. Yuusuke replies it wasn’t. In the aftermath, Ruka fixes up Bun-bun good as new and like an angel, making Noelle very happy. Bun-bun will always be an angel to her.

Episode 11
Yet another dream by Natsumi of Fuyuki. Yeah. He disappears. Some Durian Comet is passing by next week and it is believe you write your wish on your head with a durian and your wish will come true. Guess what it means for Noelle? But Yuusuke hears Natsumi murmurs wishes don’t come true. As the school will be holding a durian festival in conjunction with it, Shinobu wants 2 volunteers for the committee. Natsumi is of course picked. Yuusuke’s friends then nominate him. He just can’t say no, can’t he? Yuusuke wants to help Natsumi and not only things related to the committee. She is not impressed and is sure he will not be able to help. Gabriel isn’t happy seeing Yuusuke flirting with another girl and is going to suck his blood dry (earlier he tried to suck Shinobu’s blood but the durian stink ‘killed’ him). Noelle brings back the durian and the entire house just stinks. Ruka thinks of making something out of it. The family notices Bun-bun more attached to Ruka. When Natsumi sees Kai at the school gates, she runs away. Yuusuke happens to be there and Kai talks to him. He explains he likes Natsumi but she only sees him as her brother’s best friend. Long ago, the 3 of them used to be together. Till Fuyuki died and she filled the void by spending time with him. At first he was okay with it as he was trying to help her. But she hasn’t grown or moved ahead since. He thinks it’s his fault. Natsumi only sees Fuyuki in him. He hopes Yuusuke can help her. Gabriel wants to target Natsumi but Miruru puts a stop to his tracks and let him do her in instead. Natsumi then sees a bunch of toys who beckon her to come along. This is of course Dispel’s plan to lure Natsumi to draw Yuusuke’s heart to her and away from Noelle. Finally the mysterious guy that we have always seen bumping into Noelle and speaking in riddles, Mikael meets Yuusuke and tells him he is the only one who can protect Noelle. He should not take her eyes off her and she is at the clock tower. Ruka has Noelle wear some prototype flying machine. The wire gets stuck in the clock hands, which is being wind by hypnotized Natsumi (trapped in visions of her past). Yuusuke finds her in time and unplugs the wire. Noticing the clock is acting strange, he enters it and sees a young Natsumi.

Episode 12
Natsumi is also acting like a kid. Oh no. With Noelle already like one, it’s going to be noisier. Back home, everyone thinks of what to do with Natsumi. Since the family is not helping, Yuusuke will do it himself and brings sleeping Natsumi to his room (rest assured, nothing hentai happening). But Noelle understands he wants to be left alone?! Noelle understands?! I guess she is more preoccupied with continuing to fly with Ruka’s contraption. Yuusuke and Natsumi of course can’t attend school so Shinobu calls Yuusuke’s friends that since they are down with some viral infection, the duo will have to be committee replacements. They don’t look happy… So they go visit Yuusuke’s home and find him looking well. What’s this? Natsumi the loli? So he tells them the truth and though what is happening seems strange, they believe Yuusuke should do something about it while they help out as much as they can to cover for him. Yuusuke thinks Natsumi should return to the clock tower to find a clue. But she doesn’t like that place and runs away. Oh no. Now he lost her. So I guess Noelle is the only one who can help him look. She brings him to the graveyard since she and Natsumi once came here before. They see her sleeping by the family grave. When she wakes up, she thinks Yuusuke is Fuyuki. Yuusuke sounds harsh when he tells her that Fuyuki is dead and won’t come back alive. This is of course traumatic for a kid as she cowers behind Noelle. It makes him look like a bad guy. Natsumi locks herself in his room and shows tantrum by throwing things. You can’t get close to her. Noelle continues her practice flight and on the festival day, Natsumi dresses up in a durian suit and sits on the rooftop. He has her listen to what he has to say. He understands it is painful not being able to see a loved one. When he was young, his father was always busy and never home because of work. That’s why mom left. He has been through lonely times and is sad thinking they’re happier somewhere else and wondering if he can see them again. Thus it is completely different from hers. If she wants to see Fuyuki that bad, she should wish upon it. And the Durian Comet has that power to make that wish come true. Natsumi is now more open to him and goes to his side. Noelle is making one last practice flight. Ruka mentions that Yuusuke is trying to be an angel for Natsumi. That’s why he is trying so hard. Will she be okay with that? In that case, Noelle will be Yuusuke’s angel.

Episode 13
Mikael sees Baba in her fortune telling booth. She tells him he has no idea what will happen if Noelle becomes an angel. She wants him to stop encouraging her. She tries to burn his Book of Chaos but Mikael notes it is just an illusion. Just like Noelle’s current form. He points out she is just confused about what is best for Noelle. Like he knows? Yuusuke brings Natsumi to the clock tower. They have to be as close to the comet when it passes when she makes her wish. Miruru is having fun at the festival when she meets Dispel in person for the first time. He is here because she has failed to meet his expectations, he will retrieve Noelle himself. What about her? He will dispose of her. She gets beaten up and everyone thinks this is some cool cosplay action. Gabriel makes him stop his ground slamming abuse. Dispel doesn’t have time for this and leaves. Gabriel is amazed he doesn’t have that itch when he is with her. Could it be he got some immunity when he drank her blood? Well, it made Miruru bolder to flirt with him now. Before Noelle can fly, Dispel appears and shoves Ruka away. Who the hell is he? He is the angel who has come for her. For once Noelle isn’t a retard and doesn’t believe this liar (because an angel won’t do that to Ruka). She runs away while he chases. Yuusuke’s friends and Shinobu see this and throw their stinking durians to stall him. Dispel chases Noelle around the clock tower. Even Yuusuke arriving didn’t help much. Dispel shoots him away. He is hanging on the ledge as Dispel licks his hand to make him fall! Disgusting! When he does, Noelle dives down to save him. At that moment, she looked like an angel in Natsumi’s eyes. Flashback time. Or so it seems.

Natsumi catches up with Fuyuki and he wants to let her go as he will always be in her heart and watch over her. She still doesn’t want him to go and has been waiting for him. He believes she won’t be happy and what he wants is for her to smile and maybe think of him once in a while. She wants to stay here with him forever. But that is not for her to decide. Now it’s time to go. Noelle can’t fly so she prays hard that she could. Her halo glows and she is able to fly. I wonder if it’s the contraption. She grabs Yuusuke’s hand and lands him softly. Noelle is happy that the comet granted her wish. Natsumi is back to normal but doesn’t remember why she is here. Yuusuke knows she has met her brother because she’s back. Dispel is saddened that Noelle has become an angel and that he has no use for her. However Silky says she hasn’t yet. Dispel doesn’t like her tone but Silky isn’t intimidated. To his fear, she doesn’t need him anymore as she has gotten bored and when she cuts something, he turns into a toy and is put away in a box. She wonders what she will play with next. Mikael picks up a feather at the site and believes Noelle had become an angel in that moment. He is stunned to see his senior Raphael and is not pleased that he is the one who pulled the strings to hasten Noelle to become an angel (because he thinks Mikael was too slow and took care of things himself). Mikael believes despite Noelle being clumsy and imperfect, it is part of the learning process to become an angel. Because Raphael views him as dear, he is here to help him watch over Noelle and things are going to be interesting from now on. Noelle tries to fly but fails. Could it be a fluke? She is adamant to prove it wasn’t. Because she is still going to be Yuusuke’s angel.

Episode 14
Silky seems to be writing something before crumpling and stomping the paper. As her subordinate Eros finds out, she is writing how much she hates angels! Their wings, their halo, you name it… Eros also notices an empty throne besides hers and it is reserved for her future prince who will make her dreams come true. Eros is taken in with that and vows not to let Noelle turn into an angel. Meanwhile Yuusuke is fed up with the family’s usual antics. Furthermore, Miruru is now officially part of the family as a maid since her former employer has gone missing. Nowhere to go? The best excuse to stay by Gabriel’s side maybe. But here comes to most annoying one. Noelle is still trying to fly so Yuusuke reminds her he never told her to become one in the first place because he hates angels and monsters! Oh really? What was he saying about Natsumi before? Surprisingly Noelle is taking it pretty well. Does she understand what this means? Even her family is in shock when she tells them she is giving up becoming an angel. Yuusuke feels he might have been too harsh on Noelle. On his way to school, he meets Natsumi. She seems not to dislike him anymore and thanks him after hearing what happened from his friends. But Yuusuke is surprised when Noelle tells him she won’t become an angel. Wasn’t this what he wanted? Mikael even tries to convince Noelle to try harder because he believes he transformed then. Since Noelle is being a retard, it even annoys Mikael to death. She still won’t. Raphael suggests changing Yuusuke’s perception. Make him see the miracle of an angel. Meanwhile some pen monster sent by Eros is trying to make Noelle sign a contract she won’t become or attempt to be an angel. And she is pretty surprised that she won’t. She should think harder. WTF. Anyhow, Noelle refuses to sign or anything and the chase begins. In the end when Yuusuke finds them, she trips and ruins her contract. Doesn’t she have a spare? Yuusuke apologizes for what he said and the bottom line is that he would rather like angels than hate them. And so her angel flying attempts resume. Well, try harder. Eros reports his failure to Silky but she won’t be giving him another chance. Goodbye. Raphael moves into the same apartment to live with Mikael, much to his dismay. They live just opposite Yuusuke’s house so to protect Noelle better.

Episode 15
Because Noelle accidentally turn off the alarm clock, Yuusuke is running late for school. Same case for Mikael. Raphael would rather love watching his sleeping face and do something gay! So they meet at the front of each other’s house. Mikael meets Noelle’s eccentric family and just like her, they mispronounce his name as Kael. No use correcting them… It’s stuck… In addition for being late, Yuusuke and Noelle are tasked to guide a new transfer student around, Muse. But she starts crying for just about everything! Seems this is her first time going to school and has always been home tutored and thus no friends. This is also the first time she talks to a boy other than her father. Noelle does a series of funny faces on Yuusuke to prove he is not mad and has Muse try out. Each time she goes into exaggerative mode thinking that slight touch made him mad. So to prove he isn’t, they try lots of dangerous stuffs on him. Literally it’s testing his patience, no? See, Yuusuke is not mad! Hooray! Now they can be friends. Yuusuke and Noelle don’t remember inviting Muse to their house but they have to or else she’ll start crying about being un-friended. Muse pesters to see Noelle’s room and once she does, she transforms into a mirror and tries to make her believe in her own beauty. You think this retard would? Meanwhile Sara is love sick. She is thinking about Mikael! Muse did the same trick on her and she believes she needs to be slender and beautiful to win his heart. Muse then reports back to Eros her plan failed because it was Sara who fell for the trick instead of Noelle. They remember filling the Book of Chaos is one of the requirements to be an angel. If Noelle cannot save her family and in this case Sara from drowning in her own beauty, she is not qualified to be an angel and that book won’t be filled. Sara undergoes strict diet and exercise to achieve her goal. Since Mikael is worried about Noelle, Raphael fixes him up so he could visit the house. Noelle couldn’t understand why Sara is doing this despite she herself is pretty. She looks like she is in pain. Yuusuke tries to explain the concept of being in love. And here is Mikael too. Everyone could guess he is Sara’s object of love since she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Gabriel is very much against this and lectures her about the balance of the world. WTF. She’s not listening and he gets beaten up. When Mikael says those exact same lines, Sara believes in it and takes up his advice that she is already beautiful as it is. She blames the mirror but Muse runs away and vows to succeed the next time. Can she hold back her tears?

Episode 16
Yuusuke, his friends and Noelle didn’t do well in their test. 20%. They have to take a remedial test or else be held back by a grade. Muse is the worst. Zero! Since Natsumi is sick, Yuusuke is tasked to go give her notes but since annoying Noelle is pestering what the hell is green onion and where to stick it, she kicks them out. Papa panics when Noelle tells him the teacher wants the parents to come to school. He believes Noelle will be expelled and will take all measures to prevent that. Since Mikael has perfect marks in his score, he is to help them study (because Raphael also gave his approval). Noelle continues being annoying but she is forced to study after Sara puts it that if she fails, she won’t be with Yuusuke. That should make her sweat. Muse also joins them and thinks her shrine charms will do the trick but Mikael believes they shouldn’t rely on God’s power. Besides, Nekhbet eats them all up and Baba has them make incantation dolls. In school, Papa tries to apologize to Shinobu for being a bad parent. He thinks she won’t accept his apology and is going to shave his head. Thank goodness Mama is here to put a stop to his antics. I don’t know about this but Shinobu allows the family visiting and remedial test to go together. You can expect Noelle’s family to cheer loudly for her. Natsumi is also taking this test and tells them to pipe them. Cheer softer? Muse plans to frame Noelle by putting a blank sheet in her desk but Nekhbet eats it up. Muse then will have Noelle tell her an answer which is like cheating. But her family helps out Noelle. Shinobu won’t allow it despite their argument of family support so she has them take the test as well. It’s harder than it looks, eh? Finally Muse pretends the need to go to toilet. After Shinobu takes her, the ruckus begins. Natsumi cannot take it anymore and tells them off tests are supposed to be done by yourself otherwise there is no meaning. Muse returns disguised as some board. Claiming to be God of Education, she teaches them how to ‘cheat’ by rolling the pencil if you don’t know the answer! In the end, time is up and since Muse technically didn’t return, she’ll have to sit for another remedial test. That’s just sad… Shinobu sees Noelle and tells her she needs to answer the questions instead of writing “I love Yuusuke” on the paper.

Episode 17
The hot topic of red string is the talk of the family. I don’t think they understand it. Different colour strings? Like a telephone connection? So Noelle is dragging Yuusuke around in class tied to the red string. Natsumi doesn’t believe in such superstitions and when Muse comes in with her carriage, she accidentally snaps the red string. Just great. 2 girls crying. Till Shinobu mentions the red strings don’t easily break. Muse calls Eros and wonders if they are connected by the red string. However he tells her to forget about it and get the halo (because Silky was lamenting she was bored playing with red strings and some ring toss that looks like an angel’s halo looked interesting). Mama has been spacing out and unknowingly vacuumed everything up. When she realizes it, she thought Papa was trying to accuse of something and runs away in tears. Sara notes that Mama started acting strange after reading a letter. It could be a bill or love letter. That just sends more sad news for Papa. And so Muse decides to be a cushion for this and steal Papa’s heart from Mama. So she has to become a cushion for that? Muse sees Papa and tries to instigate stuff and lends her shoulder to cry on. Because he is such a dumb guy, she tells him that he needs to act tough because women like strong men. Mama is still sighing about the letter but once she has decided, she returns to her normal self and goes cooking. Papa couldn’t resist her delicious food and against his better judgment to listen to Muse’s words, he turns the tables and tells Mama to remake dinner. Mama got heartbroken and runs away in tears. She hates him. It’s all over. So Papa is once again crying in the bosoms of Muse when Mama sees this. Who is this woman? Muse then says Papa will start a new life with her. Mama is not willing to let Papa go and a tug of war begins. Also a war of comparison begins. The rest of the family join in this tug of war to argue why Mama is kinder, gentler, warmer, etc. I can’t believe they all of them couldn’t even pull away from a cushion. The force throws them all into the river. Papa and Mama apologize and reconcile. They believe their red string is still connected. Muse loses since she is all soaked up. You know how hard it is to clean a cushion? Late that night, Noelle finds Mama’s letter on the floor. An invitation to a witch’s tournament in the demon world.

Episode 18
Mama can’t stand the urge one night. She needs to fly! So she takes out her sealed broom and goes crazy in the night sky. It’s no surprise she didn’t cook anything the next morning and bringing out empty plates. She starts blaming herself for being a failure so the family members try to name her good points. Till Noelle mentions about her flying in the sky with a broom because she saw it last night. Of course she denies. Later, Noelle shows Mama the letter. She explains it is a prestigious event that every witch dreams of entering. Of course Mama can’t enter since she has the family. There is nothing more she wants than losing them. So she’s not entering? Yeah. Noelle is going to rip it apart! Mama will keep it as souvenir. In school, Noelle causes another ruckus. She thinks she can fly on this broom! She jumps off! Didn’t make it. Yuusuke couldn’t catch her but thankfully Mikael did. Muse’s plan now is to have Mama enter the tournament so the family will fall apart and if Noelle can’t save this, she’ll be disqualified to become an angel. Disguised as a vacuum cleaner, Muse goes to persuade Mama to ditch her family and join the tournament. However Mama thinks this is a dark illusion of her heart and starts throwing her volleyballs! Muse’s scream attracted the rest and when Baba sees her broom, she can tell she wants to fly. But if she joins this tournament, she will be throwing away her commitment. Papa doesn’t believe since Mama has not flown since they got married. Since everyone is being such idiots about this tournament, Mama blows her top and tells them this wild side is her true self. A psycho witch that Papa would be scared of. That’s why she quit that and became the kind Mama. All that is going to end now. She flies out of the window as Noelle tags along. Since she wants to fly, Mama has her undergo tough training using Muse as her broom. In the end, she didn’t make any progress and Yuusuke wonders if there is any meaning in this. Mama says this is just to prove it can’t be done or else Noelle won’t give up. Witches and angels are different and she envies Noelle as she has a man she could lose herself in. She was once like that too. She returns home with the family. She is not joining the tournament and just felt better after flying like crazy. Oh, it is Muse’s loss again. Try harder next time.

Episode 19
Ruka has created a new invention. Bloomers powered by farts to make Noelle fly! Say what? Since Noelle can’t come up with a fart, it is suggested to buy sweet potatoes for you know what. So happen Mikael is selling them because Raphael says it’s a need to pay their rent. So it’s a race between Ruka and Eros to get the sweet potatoes but eventually Eros beats her and buys everything for 10,000 Yen! Ruka wonders how Eros could outrun her with his feet when she was on her best bike. It’s the power of love! Ruka is furious she is made fun of and rushes back to find a way how he ran so fast. Worked up, isn’t she? Eros presents the sweet potatoes to Silky. It’s his mistake to say it taste will make her feel like an angel so she dumps it all over him. Not giving up, he believes he needs to find better sweet potatoes. As he runs around to find better ones, Ruka finds him and bugs him again. She crashes her bike and takes out her frustrations on him. She is sick of his power of love answer and challenges him to a duel of pulling out the most sweet potatoes. The family goes cheer them on while Muse is worried that her beloved Muse is having so much fun with her. So it’s the power of love versus power of science. Ruka makes a great start and lead but as usual, her machine goes berserk. Eros is doing fine at his own pace. Ruka won’t lose to him and starts doing it manually. Eros praises her she is good like this too and this causes Muse to worry even further. Even disheartening that Eros is doing it for Silky’s love and that he doesn’t know about her feelings. Can she take this anymore? In the end, it looks like a draw. Eros commends her for being this good even without the power of science. Ruka also thinks he is not bad and says the need to scientifically evaluate the power of love. He replies in that case she needs to fall in love with someone. She starts blushing and her family teases her. At this point, Muse comes charging in as a food cart. She eats up all the sweet potatoes but her system couldn’t take it and explodes. Now everyone can have baked sweet potatoes! Thanks Muse for cooking them all. Noelle gets enough farts to fly but doesn’t she look just like floating? Ruka gives some sweet potatoes to Eros but he is too fast to disappear as she forgot to get his contacts. Unfortunately Eros’ efforts go wasted since Silky is not appreciative. Dumped it back all on him. Mikael continues to sell into the night…

Episode 20
Because Mikael is being serious he wants to be an angel, Raphael puts him to a test. What happens when you become an angel? You’ll have to say goodbye to everyone on Earth. He can’t see anyone as he wishes. This shocks Mikael. So Raphael asks why he wants to become an angel despite not knowing the consequences. What is he going to do when he becomes one? Mikael panics. He doesn’t know. And then Raphael just goes missing. Mikael looks for him but finds Noelle at the field. Then it’s like Noelle is interacting with Raphael but Mikael cannot see or hear him! He tries to make up excuses or block her but how can he when he doesn’t even know what’s going on. Noelle isn’t just seeing things because Raphael is really there. Just that Mikael can’t sense him. He doesn’t even know what questions are being asked and just confirms to everything Noelle enquires. Like how much he loves Raphael and wants to live with him forever… Noelle leaves to make some jelly for them. Mikael can’t contain his anger that Raphael is fooling around. Is this some sort of punishment? No reply… Noelle gets passionate in mixing everything into this giant blender. Is she making jelly? Or a recipe for disaster? I don’t know how she dumped Yuusuke inside there… Mikael waits and waits and then slowly packs to move out. He won’t stay here anymore and Raphael can live here on his own. He is hinting this to him. Sure, he really wants to move out? At the same time, Noelle and her family have finished the jelly (they too have been standing there all day long like idiots waiting for the jelly to finish). Suddenly Raphael appears. Unfortunately the jelly is too heavy and the family stumbles. Raphael dives to catch Noelle. Not only he passes through the jelly, he also goes through Noelle! Splat! Noelle then hugs Mikael and notices he is warm. She goes over to touch Raphael but her hands go through. He doesn’t feel warm or cold. It’s like he is close but far away. Raphael has this sad face and says he really wanted to taste her jelly. In the end, Mikael moves back in as Raphael tells him he was thinking of what happens after becoming an angel and his uncertainty drove him away from him. Mikael says he has been told to protect Noelle since young and he entered angel school and learnt many things from him just for that. That’s all he has now and what will he have if he changes now? Raphael is okay with that. Mikael touches with face (not sure if it connects) and Raphael wants to stay this way for a while.

Episode 21
On her way home, Miruru sees a wedding at a chapel and is enthralled. Meanwhile Muse’s predictions via cards are all correct. Some tragedy befalling? It couldn’t be worse for Yuusuke when Miruru comes in to brag to him about marriage and gives the wrong impression to his friends. Especially when the going with Natsumi is getting better, here is this damn cat girl giving ambiguous signs that makes Natsumi give that hmph-I-don’t-care-about-you look. Miruru wants Yuusuke’s help to break this marriage news to the family because Gabriel always runs away if she talks to him. That’s why she bragged to him. However Noelle is wondering about her birthday. None of the family members know what it is. And they misinterpreted it by picking a day that is a pun of their personality. Then Miruru breaks the news of her marrying Gabriel. Everyone celebrates. Vampire boy not happy. Don’t decide things on your own. Yeah, she feigns being pregnant… Then it is also suggested to hold Yuusuke and Noelle’s wedding. Double happiness. Send out the invitations! Book a place! But Baba has a serious talk with Miruru. Because she has no passport to this world, she is considered an illegal. If the demon world police ever finds out, she’ll be deported and won’t see Gabriel for 300 years! So if she’s serious, do something about it and Baba will acknowledge their marriage.

So while Noelle ponders that she doesn’t anything (it’s about time), Miruru kidnaps Gabriel and elopes! Muse comes crashing down as a rocket to eliminate Noelle once and for all (because Eros tells her off if she has so much time to waste on fortune telling, might as well stop Noelle from being an angel) when a police from the demon world comes. So everyone is being awfully nice to him but he hints that he has been on the job for 29 years and can tell… They’re not a real family, right? Because everyone is so different! Then he handcuffs Noelle! So she is the ‘criminal’? Miruru and Muse are so happy they are not the ones and fly off into the sky (with Gabriel kidnapped again of course). Flashback reveals Baba found a golden egg that hatched into Noelle. Papa also found it and since they consider this a gift from heaven, they decide to raise her. Baba would love to become a mother but since Papa can’t accept that, they go around ‘recruiting’ other family members. So after much bugging from Yuusuke, the family jumps to drag Noelle back. Gabriel decides his family is more important and escapes. Miruru turns back and then confesses she is the real criminal and to arrest her, not Noelle. The officer realizes he made a mistake and lets them go. Even 29 years of experience, he can still make a mistake. He advises Miruru to register at the immigration and say she is family to speed up the paper work. With this happy ending, Miruru can be part of the family. But it’s not a happy ending for Gabriel. You know what this means, don’t you? Gabriel becomes the fastest running vampire… And it seems all that happened, Raphael somewhat intervened. He notes they might not be blood related or a traditional family but they are definitely connected.

Episode 22
For the first time, Noelle’s halo is shining brightly. So much so Yuusuke can’t sleep! The family is so awed at its brightness. So warm. Even in class the classmates can’t help gather around her like a campfire. So warm… Yuusuke thought he could sleep with the blindfold. However now it’s buzzing! Not a wink! As usual, the family is impressed it’s spinning. And since it’s a little noisy, Muse suggests stopping the halo. When Noelle puts her hands over it, the sound stops. Muse reports to Eros and it hit him that there is no way Noelle can be an angel without a halo. So get rid of it! Now Yuusuke has got blindfolds and ear plugs. But why he still can’t sleep? Because it’s shining brighter, louder and isn’t the halo bigger? Holy sh*t! It’s like a chainsaw cutting things in half! Uh huh. The family experiments by cutting things with it and in class it is so noisy that everyone has to resort to writing on signs! Can’t hear yourself think? It gets worse when the halo becomes like a mini UFO with its own mind cutting everything in half. Soon she gets unwanted stares from other students and it makes her depressed. Seriously, Noelle depressed? Very unusual. Of course all these are signs that Noelle is about to become a full angel and as Mikael explains, including the negative outside reactions as stimuli. Yuusuke feels bad for her and he couldn’t stop her from running away. Natsumi bumps into him and notices the protective gear he is wearing (resembles a lot like Doraemon). She opines that although it may look insensitive, but he is also kind as it shows he wants to be with her. However the kinder he treats her, she’ll hate herself for hurting others. She might be happy but will eventually be alone. Since Noelle is cutting everything to rid of her halo including Muse’s carriage, she’ll help her get rid of it and tie heavy duty chains to pull it off. However it’s not coming off. In fact it cooks up a huge storm that blows everyone away! She keeps crying and calling out to Yuusuke’s name. Yuusuke tries to get close but couldn’t and hangs on to his dear life. He remembers Natsumi’s words and tells her she is not alone. When she cries out she doesn’t want to become an angel, everything immediately ceases. The halo returns to normal size and rolls off her top. WTF. That easy? Noelle and Yuusuke embrace each other and Mikael doesn’t look happy.

Episode 23
Suddenly Noelle becomes heavy and is stuck to the ground! Ruka’s inventions can’t pull her out as she sinks further. But I don’t know why this balloon could do the trick. See? She’s floating… Anyway Mikael needs to take desperate measures. He tries to coax Noelle to accept back the halo since she wanted to become an angel for Yuusuke and those signs she experienced indicates she was close to being one. Unless she was lying about not wanting to become an angel. She still doesn’t want it because with that halo spinning and all, she can’t hug Yuusuke. Mikael is so mad that he cuts the balloon’s string and tells her off she can’t be an angel with this fake flying! Yuusuke doesn’t like this and doesn’t want him to ‘bully’ Noelle. Mikael insists they have to become angels. Mikael calls him a detriment now and no longer useful so he should let Noelle go. Although Yuusuke doesn’t understand what is going on, he can’t leave her alone and believes everybody is happy since the halo is gone. So please stop interfering with Noelle. Mikael then goes to return the halo to the family. But because they are indifferent, he ticks them off about being a fake family. No, not in the sense that they come together to raise Noelle, they are just a bunch of people living together without any self awareness of what they’re doing. The halo is part of Noelle and by her own will she discarded it. This means she has denied her existence. Denied her family. In other words, they are no longer needed by her.

Later Baba confronts him and he blames Nekhbet for what happened that day. When Noelle wanted to become an angel for Yuusuke, it was all part of the big flow of destiny. So is it the same when she took it off? By saying that, does it mean Noelle has been happy all this time? The family then announces they are going to break up since Papa said so and it seems they have no qualms in packing their bags. Noelle goes to see Mikael. Again he tries to persuade her to become an angel. She’ll save lots of people and Yuusuke can be part of that many people. Noelle reluctantly puts it on but the traumatic memories of blowing Yuusuke away were too much. She throws away the halo and runs away. As he is seething in frustration, Raphael tells him he is different than Noelle as he managed to adapt to life on Earth. As he could see Raphael, it indicates his high devotion and he respects him for that. But now he can’t turn away from the truth. Has he ever thought why his halo came off? But Mikael is going to turn into a demon so Noelle can become an angel. What’s with this magic electric guitar he summons? When Noelle wakes up the next day, the house is smaller. Back to its original form. The family has left. She and Yuusuke are the only ones who remained. Meanwhile Silky has been acting strange. Edgy and full of sorrow. That curious cupboard that has been bugging Eros, finally he opens it and is shocked to see a halo!

Episode 24
Noelle’s balloon is working up again. She’s floating away… Yuusuke uses all his strength to anchor her and the strings snap. Good news: She doesn’t sink! Yuusuke goes out to look for the family but Noelle wants to come along. He convinces her to cook dinner for him. As he heads out, he sees Mikael trying to find Noelle’s halo in the drain. He is still bitter that Noelle chose Yuusuke over her family. They would have stayed together had she taken the halo but couldn’t stand the pain of seeing Yuusuke hurt. Yuusuke is adamant they will return because they’re a family. Meanwhile Silky is still sad, beating herself up and wondering about her prince. Eros feels sad that she didn’t get better despite Noelle is no longer an angel. Muse becomes a chair to let Eros rest his troubles. Meanwhile Miruru is somehow taking refuge in Natsumi’s place and eating her heart out to ease her troubles. She teases Natsumi she might like Yuusuke since it is because of her dumping him, Noelle tried to become an angel. She stops pestering when Natsumi gives her that death stare. Miruru proceeds to tell how Yuusuke saved her in which of course Natsumi has no recollections about. Suddenly Miruru’s bag starts buzzing. It is Noelle’s halo. She can’t contain it anymore as it bursts out, zipping all over the place. Time for Miruru to run. The halo stops dead in its tracks before Natsumi. Yuusuke tries to convince each of the family, all over the place separately, to come back but they give half-hearted excuses. Till he meets Baba that she tells him the irony that he was the one who treated them like strangers at first and now he wants them back. She explains 15 years ago, an undeveloped angel’s soul was taken to heaven. But it fell and split into 3 pieces. She found one of them who is no other than Noelle. The other undeveloped soul tried to find her in the demon world and contact her. Realizing this, she reluctantly moved the family to the human world. However her expectations failed because Noelle wanted to become an angel because for a love of a man. If Noelle becomes an angel, it is likely that all3 souls will reunite into one.

Mikael sees Noelle (still cooking?). He assures not to be afraid because she is him and he is her. He hypnotizes her to sleep and brings her away. Meanwhile Silky continues to torment herself. He shows her the halo and this makes her traumatized. Eros realizes Silky is destined to become an angel and that she doesn’t hate the thought of Noelle becoming an angel but rather is jealous that she had a family and everything. He starts destroying the throne. He doesn’t care as long as she smiles. Silky goes crazy. Eros wonders if he isn’t enough for her. He tries to reach out his hand to her but she cuts his strings and reverts him back into a doll. Muse is devastated and chides Silky that she herself is the one who doesn’t understand what true love is. All she did was create illusions and making them vow eternal love to her. It is just pathetic. Just rot away in this castle then. Silky will not tolerate anymore of this and cuts her strings. Two little dolls… Mikael carries Noelle to the school’s clock tower. Raphael finds it ironic that he wanted to be an angel so much but what he is doing is the opposite. Mikael won’t listen to him anymore. Yuusuke comes home and realizes he is too late. As he leaves, Natsumi is outside. She heard from Miruru and is here to thank him for saving him. At first she didn’t believe such outrageous story. However she has vague memories of it like flying and the warmth of his back. It was like a dream. She gives him the halo but it flies off towards the school. They give chase. Mikael is literally climbing the stairways to heaven while carrying Noelle. Silky vows not to let Noelle become an angel and leaves her castle for the first time.

Episode 25
Here Silky is in the real world. Lots of crowded uncaring people. Noelle’s halo stops dead at the doorstep of the clock tower. Yuusuke will go alone and wants Natsumi to stay behind since it’s dangerous. Noelle finally wakes up and it seems Mikael has been carrying her while walking up the very long stairs to heaven. He looks like a crazy maniac bent on turning them into angels. At the top and middle of the stairs is Durian Comet. Mikael summoned it because becoming an angel requires a large amount of energy and needs its help. Noelle finally snaps not wanting to become an angel and runs down the stairs. Oh dear. Now he has to chase her all the way down. Those ropes holding the stairs… Conveniently sliding down it. All the hard work of climbing up. Mikael shouldn’t have taken his sweet time climbing it or cast a longer sleeping spell. Yuusuke too is running up and tries to catch up. Meanwhile Silky has arrived at the doorsteps. Natsumi tries to warn her but she pushes her away. Mikael grabs Noelle’s hand. He has this evil look on his face that he has won. Her trauma of not becoming an angel reaches boiling point. She breaks free and also steals Book of Chaos from him. But when she drops it down the stairs, it seems he is more concerned about the book than Noelle and goes after it. It falls on Yuusuke’s head. Now give the book back like a good boy. He will only do so if he promises not to harass Noelle. No can’t do. Noelle will still become an angel. If that’s the case, he throws the book down. Go and get it. Yeah. Long way down. Yuusuke and Noelle happily reunite. The book is now in Silky’s hands. Mikael knows who she is and the fact she is here means she wants to become an angel. She disagrees. And she hates Noelle. Mikael explains Noelle and Silky are like mirrors facing each other. Noelle is always surrounded by warmth and love while Silky always in the cold darkness and shivering all alone. He pities her but that’s alright. They’re all going to become angels. However Silky starts ripping the book like a mad woman. Enjoying it? Mikael goes crazy just watching this. What are you going to do now pretty boy? All the pages are torn out. After picking up a few pages, he becomes insane believing he can still be an angel. Then wings sprout from his back. Did the Durian Comet grant his wish? Not only his, Silky and Noelle too. Meanwhile Natsumi is awakened by Papa and the family. They are here because they have the same idea to make a wish upon the comet to become a family again. Better hurry. Because Mikael is laughing like a maniac while Silky in depression-cum-denial and Noelle, her back feels so hot.

Episode 26
Are you happy now being an angel? Well, Silky isn’t. So she’s going to burn her wings! I didn’t know angel wings were easily inflammable. But guess what? If an angel’s wings are on fire, other angel’s wings are on fire. I guess they are really one being. Meanwhile Natsumi and the family prepare to ascend the tower. When Natsumi sees Raphael, she recognizes him as Fuyuki. She gets distracted for a while and when she turns back, he is gone. I suppose all that burning must have made Mikael open his eyes. This isn’t what he wanted. Because now he pleads to Raphael to save Noelle. Save everybody. The stairways start collapsing and everyone falls off. Noelle desperately tries to grab Yuusuke when she remembers Mikael’s words about being an angel. She’ll save lots of people. So now she wants to become an angel? Oh come on! Make up your mind! Because she wishes so hard, true angel wings sprout behind her back as she swoops down to grab Yuusuke. Look Yuusuke! I’m flying! What about everybody else? Mikael safely caught them in his floating ball. Oh yeah. Mikael and Silky also have wings. But Silky is still being the stubborn b*tch because she still really doesn’t want to be an angel. Then it took Noelle’s warm hug to make her relent. Seriously, that was all it took? Once they land safely, here is another set of problems. Noelle can’t touch Yuusuke anymore. She goes through him like a ghost. The angels start floating up in the sky against their will. It’s like gravity for angels got turned off. This is a cue for them to unite and become an angel? Noelle is screaming Yuusuke’s name as usual.

Yuusuke tries to catch her but he can’t. He is on the verge of giving up when he gets a big lecture from Natsumi not to give up. She’s the one who is the most emotional… The family agrees to help out and have Yuusuke catch Noelle. I know forming a human totem pole is a great idea but how the heck are you going to grab somebody you can’t even touch even if they gather all the people and reach the heavens? That’s why I suppose Yuusuke has to say those magic words that he will always be by her side. They’ll always be together. Yeah. Suddenly he can touch Noelle. He grabs her and pulls her close to him. I’m sure this is quite a lovely moment but Papa being the base of the totem pole can’t hold any much longer. And so everyone comes tumbling down. They hold hands for the longest time ever. Yeah. Hands so warm. Because it’s snowing… In the aftermath, the family holds a Halloween-cum-Christmas party that most of the side and minor characters attend. Except for Mikael because he is looking for Raphael. He is leaving back for heaven. Oh wait. So now Mikael doesn’t want him to go and leave him alone? If that is the case, Mikael wants him to bring him back to angel school with him. He can’t. Because Mikael has already passed. This test wasn’t just for Noelle. It was for him as well. Raphael hints of doing lots of naughty yaoi things with him as they disappear back to heaven. Regret wanting him by your side? Noelle is happy that Yuusuke came looking for her. I guess this is the part we’ve all been waiting for. Yuusuke and Noelle finally kiss. That just seals it between them. Lastly, if you’re wondering where Silky went, don’t worry, she isn’t forgotten. Shinobu introduces a new transfer student. You guessed it. Silky! Such a kind and pleasant behaviour this time.

I’m Gonna Be An Annoying Retard!
So everybody gets to live together happily ever after? Well, that is fine but in the end, I never really understood the concept of what it takes to become an angel. It sounds so easy but yet so complicated. Because it all depends on your feelings and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it goes against your will sometimes it listens if you pray hard enough. As said the egg split into 3 pieces. Shouldn’t God or the angels come looking for it or something? Sure, destiny thingy. The ending doesn’t sure look like it. With Mikael choosing to return to heaven, do Noelle and Silky choose to stay behind and remain as half angels since they still got their halo but no wings. What will be of their destiny to become one? Don’t tell me it’s postponed. The other thing I never understood was why Mikael never had his halo. How did it come off? And then finally after all that, we see him having it back on his head. Did I miss something somewhere?

The story and plot I guess it is rather okay and despite coming in as silly this is because it is supposed to be a funny show. I mean when you have a bunch of monster trooper as your zany family members, nothing can be taken so seriously. For the first half of the series, we see how Noelle tries to become an angel while some underworld sneaky enemy of the week whom family will never ever get to know tries to stop them but ultimately fails. Natsumi’s arc come in the middle and then later on you get a bit more serious stuff with this becoming an angel thingy and Mikael getting a little pushy but like I said, I never quite comprehend that becoming an angel part. Because I don’t even understand why Silky had to leave her comfort zone just to keep spamming us why the hell she won’t turn into one. Okay, girl. Fine. How? Yeah. That. So I had my fun share of laughing at the silliness of everything. But it won’t be anywhere near my top favourite anime comedies.

Noelle has been annoying from day one till the end. She could be up there in the list of the most retarded of the history of all retards. At first I keep wondering if she really loves Yuusuke because it seems she doesn’t even understand the concept of love. All she does is bug him without even having what you call a conscious to see how pitiful this guy is in his state. It not only makes her an annoyance. It also makes her a retard. Because seriously, she doesn’t know a lot of things and although I would want to believe that she may be a pure angel who is alien to everything in this world, the way she goes about it makes her look like a retard. And annoying. And then after her short experiencing in dangerously becoming close to become an angel, suddenly she doesn’t want to. After more than half of the season bugging Yuusuke and us that she wants to become an angel, now she doesn’t want to. Complete u-turn. And then back to an angel again. Temporarily. It’s like she never understood the concept of what is an angel or becoming one in the first place, which is what I think it is. I know it’s not right to badmouth her like this since she hasn’t been long in this world but after a while I just can’t help it. To give Noelle her dues, I suppose she is the embodiment of being pure and innocent. At least she’s cute too :p.

Yuusuke as seen initially has to put up with all the shenanigans and antics. It feels like he is a wuss for not being able to voice out his frustrations. Or is it because the family’s annoyance is just too great for him to make his intentions known? Besides, in the first half of the series whenever Noelle gets into trouble, each time Yuusuke tries to go save her, he fails badly. The trouble solves itself without having any need for him to intervene (because the baddies are just as dumb anyway). So in a way, he is like a wuss, right? He might not approve of being Noelle’s future husband but he certainly didn’t say he hates her because if he did, he would have gone to great lengths to kick everyone out. It would make him look more evil than the antagonist. So as expected, he grows used to the family to a point he wants to keep them together despite it’s for Noelle’s sake. It’s a sign that he has accepted them, right? And slowly spending more time with Noelle means his crush on Natsumi has diminished. Observe how he no longer acts like he has a crush around her anymore. He becomes more concerned for Noelle than her. Well, Natsumi ‘dumped’ him, right? Safer to stay in the friend zone.

Natsumi feels like she has become irrelevant after halfway and her issue ‘solved’. She becomes part of the background like and although she doesn’t dislike Yuusuke as much as before, it feels as though she doesn’t matter anymore. She’s just around just to let us know she’s there and perhaps to give that all important hint or nudge to Yuusuke. Otherwise it felt like she didn’t really matter after that. It is also hinted that she starts getting attracted to him a little after that. Such bad timing. When he likes her, she didn’t reciprocate. When now she seemingly does, he doesn’t. It only means their love was never meant to be? But hey! What happened to Kai? I haven’t seen his nose anywhere since the end of Natsumi’s arc.

The other family members are okay and although they have a little bit of screen time on their own, overall they just feel something like of a supporting role rather than anything that adds impact to the overall series. Like Gabriel feels like the punching bag of the family in the series. Anything that goes wrong and needs some beating up, you look for this guy. That’s his role. Then you have Miruru who is just all over that vampire boy. Literally she didn’t change before and after. Ruka’s most prominent episode was the sweet potato challenge with Eros and it would have been nice to see some romance blossoming from that friendship. Too bad it was cut short. Same case with Sara. Now that her Mikael is gone, will she still continue to fawn over him? Looks like it. Mama’s wild witch background also provides some variety but that is about it. Then there’s Baba who is always opposing to many things but doesn’t take any proactive action most of the time. It just makes you wonder if she is really serious about disagreeing on the subject in the first place. Maybe she’s just trying to not be forceful and let Noelle make her own decisions.

Mikael seems to have changed a lot. For the first half of the series, he was exuding this mysterious aura because he knows about Noelle and his scenes are always the same. At the end, he opens his Book of Chaos, says something philosophical which I don’t really get and that’s it. Then come the second half, he becomes a bit comical ever since Raphael came into the picture because this angel loves teasing him to a point of suggesting something yaoi. It was like that cool mysterious aura disappeared when we start seeing more of his comical side. And then he had to turn to the dark side after getting so desperate to turn Noelle into an angel. So who is the real angel here? Sometimes I feel Raphael is around not only to poke fun seeing Mikael’s reactions. Something tells me he was watching over Natsumi too because as the last episode greatly hints he is her brother. Because why does an angel with only one wing descend down to Earth just to screw around with Mikael if he wasn’t really serious in doing his job in his first place? Oh maybe that is just what he is. I’m sure the subtle yaoi hints would make fujoshi fans squeal in delight. Absolutely made in heaven. Literally.

Silky baffles me. For the first half of the season, we were made to believe that Dispel is the master and Silky is his slave of all sorts. And then it turns out to be the other way round. So I am wondering why she was acting like a doll and being so subservient to Dispel who was acting like a big bully and sadist. Was she that bored that she decided to have some sort of kinky S&M role play? After Dispel is disposed, Silky continues to bum around in her lonely castle waiting for her ideal prince who will never come. I don’t even know what she’s trying to do. Then suddenly pops up Eros and Muse from nowhere to be her underlings. Where have they been all this time when Dispel was in control? It’s like they have been around for a long time with Eros trying to do everything to please Silky and Muse trying to do everything she can to please Eros. Unrequited love. So in the end are they really just toys? Toys with more feelings and emotions than Silky? Speaking of Muse, she is annoying girl after Noelle because of her insecurity and her tendency to become a cry-baby. Maybe that is why she always fails. Heck, blame Noelle and her family for being too dumb to notice. I know she can shape shift into other things but that is not the point. Do they not notice that some odd talking unrelated object starts popping up and interacting with them? Oh, who am I kidding? There are all sorts of demons in shapes and sizes so maybe Muse’s shape shifting doesn’t ring any alarms. At least Eros and Muse aren’t forgotten as seen in the final scenes that they are hanging as Silky’s little doll straps. Nobody remembers Dispel… At least Silky doesn’t look so hateful anymore.

Although the art and drawing are old school anime, however sometimes the monsters that were sent to disrupt Yuusuke and Noelle’s family seem funny. I know this is on purpose but they like they have this very plastic-look and feel (take a look at the family’s house – some sort of fantasy fun house?). I want to think of their design being comical but sometimes deep down within me I thought it is a bit of horror-like. Yes. I don’t know. It must be just me. For example, clowns. Bright happy colourful people that make you laugh, right? There’s a horror side to that especially for people who fear them. Get what I am saying? Anyway, what I’m trying to say that the monsters and Ruka’s inventions also makes it look unreal. Like a mismatch between the human’s world and theirs.

The opening theme, Datte Daisuki by COMA is amusing and catchy. It’s quite fun to hear actually especially with the singer’s voice sounding like she has this sleepy feel. The lyrics are cute (Cycling… Cycling… La la la la…) and the background instruments help enhance the catchiness of the tune. Sometimes I would love to sing along. However the ending theme is the oddest of them all. After all that comical nonsense and drama, Ai Wa Umi and Shizuru Ootaka is such a slow and calming song that it feels like it doesn’t fit anywhere near this anime. Either you want to fall asleep or go to heaven after hearing this serenading tune. More so, the singer’s voice sounds a bit of a ghostly feel. Yikes!

I’m sure they’re trying to tell us the concept of being family and it doesn’t necessarily mean sharing the same blood. Just like love, the concept of family isn’t as straightforward as you think sometimes. Despite having a Frankenstein, witches, vampire, elf and invisible girl (and later a cat girl) to the mix, everybody gets along well despite their differences. They’re just short of a mummy, werewolf and some other creatures I can’t think of with now. Okay, so they are not much different in terms of their thinking and ‘dumbness’ or density. But you get the point. The family that thinks together, sticks together. Okay, I made that up. But you get the point. Much better than blood related people living together without bond. It’s like related strangers living together. So you see when you start living with weird and crazy people, normal guys like Yuusuke can even get used to it and start developing that special bond with Noelle. Annoying at first. Spiteful at first. Then you start to see the good side of the other person and come to think he/she isn’t that bad after all. Yeah. Life is funny too.

Overall, this series is still entertaining and fun to watch despite some silly stuffs (there’s always a little silliness in every one of us anyway). Probably being an old school anime is a saving grace for this anime to be a good watch mixing some comedy with a decent pace of character drama and bonding. Because comparing with so many animes nowadays that are even crazier and sillier compared to those ‘innocent and pure’ animes back in the 90’s. This anime came out right before the millennium back in 1999 so I guess it counts, right? Next time if you ever wished for an angel, better be a little more specific because you may end up with a little devil instead.

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