Tenshi No Shippo

May 13, 2006

If you really like pets, then this anime is for you. Okay, just kidding, maybe not so. Angel’s Tale or Angel’s Tail is one of those animes where it seeks to explore the relationship between man and his pets. Okay, maybe not so much in detail, again.
The first episodes sees this particular boy, Goro Mutsume (who in a way reminds of of Kei of Onegai Teacher), who is really down on his luck. Yup, he’s been experiencing a wave of bad luck with no permenant job, short on money, and no girlfriend or any friends. Well, all that was supposed to change when he met a fortune teller (who’s supposedly the Goddess) who gives him a handphone saying that his luck will soon change for the better. Would you believe something like that at first? Didn’t think so. So did Goro.
As soon as he reaches home, he finds 3 lovely girls, Ran (the goldfish), Tsubasa (the parakeet) and Kurumi (the hamster), waiting for him. They claimed that they’re his former pets and thus Guardian Angels sent by the Goddess to help and protect him. What a strange day it must have been. First the fortune teller, and now 3 ex-pets reincarnated in the form of teenage girls suddenly appears. You must be kidding me, I wouldn’t believe at first and think that somebody is trying to pull a fast one. At least that’s what Goro felt. But because of his kindness, he lets them stay on.
Basically, the first episodes sees how these 3 girls try to convince Goro that they’re really his deceased pets by following him here and there (and ruining his job interviewing chance). At the end of the episode, Goro finally believed that they’re really his pets. That’s because he used to play that tune on his harmonica to his pets. So there’s that nostalgic feeling between them and this in turn too makes the 3 ladies even wanting more to protect and be with him.
Each of these Guardian Angels met their deaths in a rather unusual manner during their days as pets. And it’s quite ironic to find that a goldfish is afraid of hunger, a parakeet is afraid of heights and a hamster afraid of being hungry. That’s because they died in those circumstances. So sad. That’s why when they’re reincarnated, they don’t want to be alone or separated from their master.


But later on as you’ll know, he has owned more than just these 3 pets. So subsequent episodes will introduce several of Goro’s deceased pets sent by the Goddess as extra help, like Tamami (the cat), Akane (the fox), Ayumi (the turtle), Mika (the rabbit) and Nana (the dog).
However, because there were so many of them being together, you’ll know that a quarrel or a ‘catfight’ will occur. Since they’re so busy fighting each other to selfishly get their master’s attention rather than protecting him, the Goddess got fed up and called them back to the spirit realm in episode 5. There, they reflected upon their actions and regretted what they’ve done. They then promised to work together from now on. Thus this will also introduce to remaining 4 of Goro’s deceased pets, namely Yuki (the snake), Momo (the monkey), Ruru (the frog) and Midori (the racoon).
With all 12 pets now reincarnated, I’m sure it’s gonna be one big happy-messy-noisy time. Since all 12 can’t appear together at the same time (except for the last 3 episodes), they would turn into Mascots (palm size chibi-looking dolls) and is deemed inactive. Of course, there’ll be a little in-fighting and jealousy, but they all manage to keep the most important things in view. Especially, Mika who seems to always want to ‘seduce’ Goro only to be thwarted by Ayumi. Talk about the tortoise and the hare show-down. Yeah, you’ll see these 2 at each other mostly.
All this is somehow a prelude of things to come. You see, in some episodes, you could see that there’re strange men trying to take Goro’s life, only to be thwarted in time by his Guardian Angels. From that lorry-can’t-stop-in-time to the ferris wheel to the dangerous construction incident. Who’re they and why are they doing it? Well, they’re actually the 4 Holy Beasts. Actually, 3 of them at first, and they’re attempting to revive their remaining brother by sacrificing Goro. Ah well, the fourth Holy Beast manage to awake on his own without Goro’s life.
So in episode 10, the 4 Holy Beasts, with Yuki, Tsubasa, Tamami and Ayumi all being hypnotised (as their brides apparently), attacked Goro. You see, there’s some story regarding all this. The 4 Holy Beasts wants Goro to return their special weapons which they claimed Goro had stolen a long long time ago.
There’s another story to it too. Are you still with me? Well, in Goro’s past life, he was the Lord. Yup, the Lord! Neither human nor animal. In that time, tensions arised between man and animal, so the 4 Holy Beasts was ready to lead and wage war against humankind. But before they can do so, the Lord stole their weapons and put them to ‘sleep’ and will only give it back to them when the time is right. So a great war was averted. Fast forward to present time and you have Goro as the reincarnated Lord! Wow! Some story.
Of course, Goro sees the girls as more important than the weapons but he didn’t know how to give them back. Eventually, the 4 Holy Beasts realized that their special weapons chose Goro and admitted defeat. Why not. They’re up against the Lord. The Lord!!! Don’t want to mess around. You’ll also learn that Goro’s bad luck was due to the premature awakening of the 3 Holy Beasts.
In the end, the 4 Holy Beasts try to make amends by also deciding to live with him and take care of him. Much to the chagrin of the other girls. But hey, the girls usually tease them. I guess two’s a company, three’s a crowd. Wait a minute, it’s been a crowd since the beginning already. Eventually, the 4 Holy Beasts decided to go back and train themselves. So I guessed that’s good news for the girls, huh.
The last episode sees Goro having to move back to his parent’s place and that made the girls a little worried as they might not be able to be with him anymore. But soon, Goro’s parents realized that he’s much happier the way he is now and decided that he should go back living the way it was. And all the girls must be jumping with delight. End of story.
I must say, that with only 12 episodes, this is quite an interesting anime. Can be heartwarming and touching at times and of course, funny, especially when the girls duke it out among each other to be Goro’s number 1 (I’m not a sadist, okay).

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