I actually didn’t think that I would be doing another blog on anime cross-dressers. That’s because ever since my lost blog on this topic, there has been even more anime cross-dressers surfaced. Yep. A lot. Okay, so maybe it’s not a 3 digit figure but it is enough for me to accumulate and do another blog like this.
Because of that, I have also learned a new term during all these. Trap. It refers to a male character who dresses, looks and acts like a female so much so that no ordinary person in their right mind would think that they are males at first glance in the first place. Neat? The perfect make-up? Something close to a transvestite, eh? Of course in the anime world, there are some androgynous characters which aids in this ambiguity.
So listed below are the 17 anime characters who cross-dress, old and new ones. I know that some of my selections may be controversial and debatable but this blog is mainly about cross-dressing and not so much on traps, even if my blog seems to be inclining towards the latter. As long as the character cross-dresses in clothings of the opposite gender, then for me it counts and is good enough. So here we go:
Jun Watarase

Name: Jun Watarase
Anime: Happiness!
Occupation: Student
Signature move: Patriot Missile Kick
Cross-dressing reason: Thinks he’s a girl born into a body of a guy.
Most defining trap moment: Having a fan club of his own and the members even know that he is a guy! Even other students have a dilemma and gets turned on whenever they see Jun in sexy cosplay outfits but can’t help shiver to the fact that he’s a guy.
Identity known by: His close pals like Yuuma and Hachi and the entire normal section of their school. Later by Haruhi and Anri when they are transfered to their class.
Comment: Currently the most famous trap with all the references and jokes going about. Even if the series isn’t that famous, I think he is the only thing which makes this series ‘memorable’. Nobody in their right mind would have thought this guy is a girl if his pals didn’t admit it. Uh huh. Isn’t afraid to criticize how dumb men are. Perhaps should have renamed himself as Junko to complete his feminity. Man, this guy should have been born a girl. But life is never perfect, you know. Unless you’re talking about the perfect trap… But he did turned into a girl once, albeit a short time. Can’t stand all that craziness, can’t he?
Hamaji Yakumo.

Name: Hamaji Yakumo
Anime: H2O ~Footprints In The Sand~
Occupation: Student and also runs a family convenience store part time
Siblings: A little sister, Yukiji
Cross-dressing reason: Due to their mom’s demise, he cross-dresses to provide a motherly figure for Yukiji.
Most defining trap moment: Giving Takuma a mouth-to-mouth CPR.
Identity known by: Everyone in town except Takuma. He found out the hard way later.
Comment: If he have not gone into the hotspring bath with Takuma and show his full blown naked top, we’d still be thinking that he is a she. Even after when he is married to his childhood friend, Maki, and has a child of his own soon after, he still cross-dresses as a girl. I wonder how this will impact on his newborn child. What kind of message will he be sending. Yeah, his dad is a female…

Name: Buzam A. Calesa or simply BC
Anime: Vandread
Occupation: Sub-commander of the all-female pirate space ship Nirvana
Specialty: Skilled tactician whip user
Cross-dressing reason: Actually a spy for the all-male Taraak race. Yeah, those men actually went that far to make BC into a woman and infiltrate Nirvana.
Most defining trap moment: Due to her trustworthiness, serious and no nonsense behaviour, I guess one of the ship’s male crew, Bart, starts to develop feelings for him. He’s still unswayed even after his identity is revealed because he did mention how he fell in love with ‘her’ as a woman!
Identity known by: Nobody onboard Nirvana knows his true identity except for the commander Magno Vivan, who decides to keep quiet all the while and forigves him at the end, provided he retains himself as BC.
Comment: Unlike other traps who either sound like a girl or try their horrible impersonation of a girly voice, BC uses a voiceover to make himself sound more like an assertive woman. Perhaps working with an all-female crew has ‘opened’ his eyes. At the end of the series he betrays the Taraak race so that he could go back with the Nirvana crew. Uh huh. He too did say something about how he didn’t like a medal sticking onto his ‘boobs’ (he received it for his stint at Nirvana). Being a female isn’t such a bad thing nor a crime, isn’t it?

Name: Seiko Kotobuki
Anime: Lovely Complex
Occupation: Student
Loves: Atsushi Otani
Cross-dressing reason: Thinks God has put her in the wrong body.
Most defining trap moment: Giving unsuspecting Otani a kiss.
Identity known by: Well, Risa, Otani and their buddies initially didn’t know his real gender until Risa heard about its rumours. Too late by then…
Comment: Though his real name is Seishirou, poor Otani has his first kiss stolen by a trap! He found out the hard way when Seiko unbuttoned his top at the infirmary. Honestly, I’ve never met a guy who is this squeaky in terms of voice pitched. One can be forgiven if one actually thinks he is a girly girl. Though Otani isn’t homo and would prefer to remain friends after that ‘horrifying’ experience, but I guess that is good enough for Seiko.
Ayaka Takeuchi

Name: Ayaka Takeuchi
Anime: Bokura Ga Ita
Occupation: Sales promoter
Siblings: A younger brother, Masafumi Takeuchi
Cross-dressing reason: Not really sure but I’m guessing it’s either one of those born-in-the-wrong-body one or his twisted sexuality preferences.
Most defining trap moment: Not that I can think of since he is just a side character which only make appearances on rare occassions.
Identity known by: Masafumi’s friends which include Yano and shockingly later by Nanami.
Comment: Though Ayaka has never personally revealed herself as a trap, but I guess Masafumi’s other pals did hinted so to Nanami. Yeah, they even teased Masafumi that he turned gay because since his brother is like that. Uh huh. Probably a reason why that guy didn’t want to get a girlfriend. Yet. But Ayaka isn’t just all looks and she does give her little brother some ‘sisterly’ love advices.
Mariya Shidou

Name: Mariya Shidou
Anime: Maria+Holic
Occupation: Student of all-girls Catholic High School, Ame No Kisaki
Club: President of the Archery Club
Cross-dressing reason: As part of his late grandma’s wish, Mariya and Shizu cross-dress in a competition in which if their identities are successfully kept a secret after 3 years till their graduation, they will become the next head of the school they attend to. Plus, another reason is to learn the other gender well and to see their crisis management abilities.
Most defining trap moment: Being seen by Kanako how Matsurika is tightening a corset on his body and then giving him a pair of fake boobs.
Identity known by: His ever following maid Matsurika, his twin sister Shizu and recently the self proclaimed lesbian Kanako.
Comment: At least Mariya can pull off a two face acting and considering his ‘pretty’ looks, I guess nobody would doubt that this guy is actually a girl. Even a priest fell for him unknowing his true gender! He may be a sadist pulling off pranks on poor Kanako but he too has a helpful and caring nature. Perhaps he needs to uphold and preserve that goody image in front of the rest. Maybe a reason and excuse to mask his care for others by being sarcastic especially to Kanako? I don’t think this guy would have any intention of becoming a girl as there are times when it comes to exposure of skin, he’d make a deal with his twin and switch places. It’s just his love and respect for his late grandma that he decided to play this ‘game’.


Name: Azami
Anime: Himawari!
Occupation: Kunoichi in training-cums-spy
Specialty: Information gathering
Cross-dressing reason: To infiltrate the all-female kunoichi school.
Most defining trap moment: I’m not sure if this counts but when the girls like take a bath or shower, Azami too joins them. And the fact that the rest know that he is a guy.
Identity known by: Initially her team mates Shikimi, Himeji and Yusura. Later by Himawari and Hayato.
Comment: So I’m still confused about whether Azami is aware that the rest knows about his real identity because his team mates seem to just play along. At times, I feel Azami is like a double spy working for and against both sides but more towards the girls. In addition, there is a rule saying that no female kunoichis in the school must come into contact with their male counterparts. I wonder if the school authorities close an eye on this one because an easy disguise can’t just slip through them considering they are quite skilful, right?
Runa’s Papa

Name: Runa’s Papa
Anime: Seto No Hanayome
Occupation: Leader of the Edomae yakuza mermaid clan
Modeled after: Terminator
Cross-dressing reason: Wanting to get to know her daughter better and since money isn’t always the answer, Papa did some research over the internet and played galge in order to do so.
Most defining trap moment: Wearing a sailor uniform and trying to impersonate a girly voice. Result: Horrible and disgusting but hilarious!
Identity known by: Obviously everyone can see who this overgrown guy is.
Comment: Ever since Papa cross-dresses as a girl, he has never dorn his Terminator-like outfit anymore. Has this guy lost his mind? In addition in creating more unnecessary embarrassment for Runa, how would this impact on the image of the Edomae clan? But I guess even if he looks like an obvious failed trap, he still has the power to show that he is the boss. He won’t be winning his daughter’s approval anytime like this soon. Ever.
Name: Mako-chan (real name: Makoto)

Anime: Minami-ke
Occupation: Elemetary school student
Loves: Haruka Minami
Cross-dressing reason: In order to get close to the Haruka he admires so much.
Most defining trap moment: Tries out female lingerie at a store. In a dilemma to enter a female hotspring bath and even a male one.
Identity known by: Kana, Touma and Uchida.
Comment: Poor ‘idiotic kid’ always gets into a pinch because he can’t afford to get his identity busted. It must be tough to change back and forth into a guy and a girl. But I guess he has to live with it if he wants to get close to his beloved Haruka. And dumb Kana isn’t helping either. Yeah, she’s just fanning the fire. Therefore, he’ll always be stuck as Mako-chan forever in the eyes of Haruka.
Kuuhen Baum

Name: Kuuhen Bahm
Anime: Galaxy Angel Rune
Occupation: Officer and manager of the Rune Angel Troupe’s dorm. Also works as a bartender in a bar he owns.
Loves: Seducing male customers
Cross-dressing reason: He cares too much for his physical facial appearance and puts too much make-up.
Most defining trap moment: Actually I didn’t watch the series long enough to determine whether any such events happened or not.
Identity known by: I guess the entire Rune Angel Troupe knows about it.
Comment: Here is another one of those obvious traps. I mean you can actually tell by his beard mark even if he is clean shaven. So I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe everytime he dresses as a housewife. You know those typical perm hair accessories and sleeping gown. I suggest he get some plastic surgery if he intends to stay that way…

Name: Honjou Kamatari
Anime: Rurouni Kenshin
Occupation: A member of the Juppongatana
Weapon: Large scythe with a chain connecting an iron ball
Cross-dressing reason: A homosexual who is deeply in love with her team’s leader, Makoto Shishio, even though she knows that his love won’t be returned (obviously. Shishio is a straight guy lah).
Most defining trap moment: After flirting a little with Yahiko and when Yahiko even admits that he is quite pretty, cute, beautiful and sexier than Kaoru and Misao (making them mad and jealous in the process), they then stop for a while and realized that this ‘she’ is a he, when Kamatari said how he’d be glad to teach Yahiko how to be a proper woman, throwing the good guys off their feet and in uber disbelief. Yeah, Misao thinks she has ‘lost’ to a guy in terms of sexiness…
Identity known by: Everyone in the Juppongatana, of course. And later by Yahiko, Kaoru, Misao and her members when they clash to do battle.
Comment: I see that even cross-dressing has its roots way back during the Meiji era. Maybe if Shishio’s team had beaten Kenshin has his, cross-dressing would be more widespread and acceptable today. Not that Kamatari is an advocate for it, but you know, when a group emerges victorious, their ideals are then spread to the rest and others.
Aoi Futaba

Name: Aoi Futaba
Anime: You’re Under Arrest
Occupation: Police officer
Partner: Yoriko Nikaido
Cross-dressing reason: Initially as an undercover decoy to catch a serial rapist but along the way found his ‘feminity’.
Most defining trap moment: Having quite a famous actor propose marriage to her! Also, having to face a dilemma to reveal her identity to a man whom she had befriended and got romantically involved via the internet.
Identity known by: Of course her colleagues and the entire police force at Bokuto Station.
Comment: I’m not sure how many countries have laws against cross-dressing. But as long as an officer of the law isn’t corrupted and would do anything for justice to prevail, then it doesn’t matter how you look like on the outside. So next time you see a female police officer, think twice before pulling off a fast one.
Kaneto Sakurai

Name: Kaneto Sakurai
Anime: Iketeru Futari
Occupation: Student
Love interest: Keisuke Saji
Cross-dressing reason: Because this first year student is in love with Saji so he doesn’t mind cross-dressing as a girl to be with that pervert.
Most defining trap moment: Saji flipping up his skirt to see what is underneath it and Saji doesn’t mind doing so because he thinks that they are both guys.
Identity known by: Everyone who knows him.
Comment: Well, there isn’t anything much I can say about this petite gay side character but what makes me wonder most is perverted Saji is a bisexual or not. I mean, as long as a person looks cute or like a girl, he doesn’t mind getting ecchi. Take Sakurai’s case for instance. But at least it goes to show that Sakurai is willing to go the distance and disregard his outer appearance just to get the one he loves’ attention. But even so, it is necessary?
Kishin Mademoseille Saigou

Name: Kishin Mademoiselle Saigou
Anime: Gintama
Occupation: Owner of an okama bar
Son: Teruhiko
Cross-dressing reason: Since his wife’s demise, Saigou cross-dresses to also play a motherly figure for Teruhiko.
Most defining trap moment: Wants his son to call him ‘mother’!
Identity known by: I’m sure everyon who isn’t blind can see he is a cross-dresser, right?
Comment: Formerly known as Saigou Tokumori and an ex-member of the Joi resistance team, I guess after so many hard fought rebelling and wars has got this guy thinking about his life and future, especially after the arrival of his son. No matter how a tough cookie you are with whatever terror legacy to your name, your paternal instincts will kick in and instantly become more mature and responsible. Okay, maybe not true for some but in Saigou’s case, he definitely has thought about it.
Kare Ijuin

Name: Kare Ijuin
Anime: Penguin Musume Heart
Occupation: One of the 4 White Knights serving under Mary Whitebear
Club: Cheerleading
Cross-dressing reason: Loves the beauty of wearing skirts.
Most defining trap moment: When he lost the Battle of the Holy Panties competition, he flipped his skirt to reveal his true gender.
Identity known by: Surely by her boss and other comrades of the White Knights, and recently Sakura and her friends.
Comment: I’ve never known a guy who flips up his skirt to reveal his real gender identity. Was it because his lost to Nene was so overwhelming that he doesn’t see a need to hide anything anymore? But if he doesn’t spill the beans, it would be impossible for many of us to know that he is a guy. And even after the rest knows of his true gender, he still continues to cross-dress.

Name: Kogarashi
Anime: Kamen No Maid Guy
Occupation: Maid Guy
Specialty: Too many to list! Bloody multi-talented, I tell you!
Cross-dressing reason: Erm… It’s part of his job description and title, right? As in, maid guy. Get it? "Maid" guy…
Most defining trap moment: Not that I can think of. Possibly not applicable.
Identity known by: Heck, everyone know who he is except for his true face partially hidden behind a mask since he arrived like that in the first place.
Comment: Okay, so he may be the most controversial and debatable character for this blog but hey, he cross-dresses in a maid outfit, right? One reason why his cross-dressing isn’t so obvious is because of his burliness and huge ripping muscles which seems to overwhelm his dressing. Nobody is going to pay attention to his fashion sense because it is his no-holds-barred character and actions in which viewers will be more fascinated and focused on.
Hayate Ayasaki.

Name: Hayate Ayasaki
Anime: Hayate No Gotoku
Occupation: Butler-cum-bodyguard-cum-confidante and anything else needed
Loves: Nagi Sanzenin. Though he may not realize it yet…
Cross-dressing reason: Well, unlike other cross-dressing characters who cross-dress at his own will, Hayate’s cross-dressing is forced upon by Nagi (and sometimes Maria) to satisfy her sick fetish…
Most defining trap moment: I’m not sure what that sick pet tiger Tama is thinking but he instantly fell in love for Hayate cross-dressed in a catgirl outfit and even pounds on him to mate! Yeah, even that old geezer Klaus can’t hold back his pervertness.
Identity known by: Good thing that this cross-dressing is temporary. As far as I’m concern, only Nagi and Maria knows about this, though it would be pretty obvious if the rest of the other characters ever finds out…
Comment: I don’t know why but most viewers would also consider Hayate as a trap sometimes. Perhaps it is his girly face and feminine characteristics like good in cleaning and cooking, which makes many to consider him as a trap albeit for a short moment. Uh huh. He may look cute and moe whenever he dons those clothings.
Of course this list isn’t meant to be definitive as there are many more cross-dressers and traps (especially!) in the anime world. I know that there are some characters which could have made the list but are missing. That’s because I have not really watched that anime so I don’t really have much information on them and can’t really list it down here.
Anime traps and cross-dressers are definitely here to stay for a long time. So it doesn’t really matter what you do or how you look like on the outside, it’s the inside that counts. Erm… That depends on how you view it too. Thus beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So make very sure first because it’s better to be safe than sorry, if you know what I mean. Unless you swing that way too. Now, after witnessing a bunchful of these, I wonder if that character is a trap or not…

The Cross-dressers

June 8, 2007

You know, even though I’ve been watching animes for several years, there is one thing that I have trouble telling apart. Have you ever wonder whether a particular character is a boy or a girl? Because of the ‘unique-ness’ of the Japanese anime art and drawing, sometimes it’s relatively quite difficult to tell whether that character’s a he or a she. This doesn’t help when the seiyuu (voice acting) of that particular character too sounds ambiguous and can fall in either category.
Because so, this makes it easier for characters who cross-dress. Uh-huh. You could say it’s out of convenience but without it, where’s the fun in all that, right? Mistaken identities and mistaken love triangles are bound to be aplenty. Cross-dressing is a term used to describe whereby a person dresses in clothes of the opposite gender. There are several reasons why a particular character cross-dress. So here is a list of 10 anime characters who cross-dress:
Name: Tsubasa Kurenai
Anime: Ranma 1/2
Reason for cross-dressing: Simply because… he enjoys it! Besides having a fetish for dressing up in weird outfits such as mailbox, vending machine or even a tree, Tsubasa fell in love with Ukyo Kuonji (who at that time was cross-dressed as a boy). And even though Tsubasa knew Ukyo’s a female who cross-dresses as a guy at that time, it makes it even more the reason to fall in love with Ukyo. See, in a way, opposites do attract.
Love interest: Ukyo Kuonji. Though Ukyo tried to date the female Ranma with the latter feeling sorry, decides to ‘set up’ a date with the male Ranma, but Tsubasa absolutely detests him.
Identity known by: Since Tsubasa’s not one of the main cast of the series, his real gender identity is known to those he has encounter in the episodes he appeared, such as Ranma, Akane and of course Ukyo herself.
Name: Isabella "Daisuke" Yamamoto
Anime: Paradise Kiss
Reason for cross-dressing: During his childhood years, Isabella always felt uncomfortable and ashamed with his body as a boy. He’s one of those cases whereby he’s a female inside who’s wrongly being born into a male body. Luckily, Isabella’s childhood friend Jouji (or George to some) manages to give him the confidence and help him to become comfortable in wearing female clothings. Ever since then, this tall fashion designer student has been wearing women’s clothing.
Love interest: Nil. Though he considers Jouji to be his best friends and will follow him to wherever he goes.
Identity known by: The members of the Paradise Kiss atelier.
Name: Ritsu Souma
Anime: Fruits Basket
Reason for cross-dressing: Ever since he was young, this insecure monkey-cursed Souma member cross-dresses to hide his feelings and inadequacy from other people because he thinks he is no good in studies and sports. Because his parents are often seen apologizing for his faults, Ritsu has the habit of incessantly apologizing for the slightest mistakes, even those which are not his fault.
Love interest: Nil. Tohru maybe?
Identity known by: The entire Souma family and later by Tohru Honda.
Name: Mizuho Miyanokouji
Anime: Otome Wa Boku Ni Koi Shiteru
Reason for cross-dressing: For some unknown reason, Mizuho has to cross-dress as a girl because of his late grandfather’s will for him to attend the same all-girl’s high school, Seio Gakuen. Nice guy Mizuho decides to abide to his late grandfather’s wishes and tries his best to adjust his life there while learning the ways of how a girl should walk and talk (especially leaving the toilet seat down after done doing one’s business).
Love interest: Not anybody in particular but everyone else loves him! Even the obnoxious and proud student council president Takako Itsukushima falls for him in the end.
Identity known by: At first only known by his homeroom teacher Hisako Kajiura, childhood friend Mariya Mikado, then classmate Shion Jyuujo because of her sharp observance, the ghost girl Ichiko, and finally Takako herself.
Name: Hibiki Amawa
Anime: I My Me Strawberry Eggs
Reason for cross-dressing: Hibiki is an optimistic fresh graduate who’s currently looking for a job as a physical education teacher. He applies for one at a private high school, Seitou Sannomiya, because it’s near the place he’s staying and renting (not to mention he has to pay the rent up fast). However, upon hearing the female chauvinist principal’s reason for rejecting him because of his gender, he decides to cross-dress as a female to prove her statements wrong.
Love interest: Having mixed and confusing feelings for the clumsy but selfless girl Fuuko Kuzuha, who is one of his students.
Identity known by: At first only the residents of Gochisou Inn, Lulu Sanjo, Mori Kouji and Tofu Tofukuji. In the end, Hibiki’s identity is busted and is known by the entire school when the vice principal Reiko Mukogawa exposes it all during the school assembly. But everyone comes to a conclusion and doesn’t detest Hibiki’s actions because it’s not the outside appearance that counts, but the inside and the lessons that Hibiki has taught them all.
Name: Nuriko
Anime: Fushigi Yuugi
Reason for cross-dressing: When this Suzaku 7 Star superhuman strength warrior was young, his beloved sister Korin died in an accident. Extremely heart-broken by her death, he decides to cross-dress and live as his sister so that her spirit will always be close to him.
Love interest: The emperor Hotohori, who is also one of the 7 Stars Of Suzaku. Once viewed Miaka as an obstacle to his love for Hotohori but eventually sees the good side in her and doesn’t harbour and ill feelings towards her and even fell in love with her!
Identity known by: All of the 7 Stars Of Suzaku and eventually Miaka.
Name: Haruhi Fujioka
Anime: Ouran High School Host Club
Reason for cross-dressing: Coming from a poor family, Haruhi manages to be accepted into the prestigous Ouran Academy. While finding a place to study, Haruhi stumbles upon a Male Host Club and accidentally breaks a very expensive vase and has to work as a male host to pay off her debts. Thing is, Haruhi is a girl! And since Haruhi doesn’t really bother about fashion nor is she really concern about her dressing, at the same time it’s not like she’s really passing off as a male. Besides, wouldn’t those rich girl clients of the host club freak out if they ever find out, that their male host is actually a girl? Or maybe unless they like the idea of being ‘yuri’.
Love interest: Hikaru and/or Kaoru? Maybe, maybe not. Tamaki? Think not. Outoro (giant tuna)? Definitely.
Identity known by: The members of the Ouran male host club, Lobelia’s popular Zuka Club president Benibara-sama, and of course Haruhi’s own dad Ranka who’s a cross-dresser himself.
Name: Mikio Sugisaki
Anime: Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
Reason for cross-dressing: A guy who dresses as a girl so beautiful and pretty that even other guys could fall head over heels over him. He cross-dresses as a female because he loves his little sister, Maho and to protect her. Incest? It’s kinda weird that everytime gets a boyfriend, Mikio will dress up as a girl and ‘snatch’ Maho’s guy away. And Mikio always suceed in doing this. Those guys must be real losers to get swept off their feet just like that.
Love interest: Maho, his sister.
Identity known by: Since this is just a one off episode and the characters are just one off as well, only Maho knows of Mikio’s uncanny cross-dressing habit and later by the Jigoku Shoujo’s team as they did their investigation.
Name: Denzou Yamada
Anime: Nintama Rantarou
Reason for cross-dressing: Being the field instructor, meaning he teaches first hand the ways of the ninja through field methods and technique, he cares a lot about his students and would cross-dress to keep an eye on them. Sometimes if he’s on an undercover spying mission, he’ll do so too. What a hideous looking cross-dressing there! This is the worse cross-dressing quality among the list. At least shaves those leg hairs, man!
Love interest: Nil.
Identity known by: Since his cross-dressing is so obvious, no doubt everybody could recognize him. Unless that character is a very dumb one.
Name: Makoto Mizuhara
Anime: El Hazard: The Magnificent World
Reason for cross-dressing: An ordinary high school kid has been mysteriously transported to another dimension, in a war torn world known as El Hazard. Because Makoto bears a striking an uncanny resemblance to Princess Venus’s missing little sister, Fatora, Makoto has to reluctantly cross-dress and plays the role of Fatora in hopes that it will allow him to access the Eye Of God which in turn may hold the power of returning him to his own world. But Makoto’s cross-dressing role is for a short period and doesn’t span the entire season or it’s later sequels because Fatora has already been rescued since. Okay, maybe there are other occassions but it isn’t that important.
Love interest: Seems fascinated with the Demon God of El Hazard, Ipreetha. Oblivious to the advances from his classmate, Nanami, and others like Shayla-Shayla and Kaoru Taurus.
Identity known by: While impersonating as Fatora, only Princess Venus and her close royal aides knows about this.
At the crossroads
This list isn’t meant to be definitive as there are other anime characters who cross-dress as well. Some full time whereas some just for a brief period, depending on the circumstances and reasons they’re in. I know I should’ve included Revolutionary Girl Utena. But unfortunately, I didn’t really watch that anime ;p. Or perhaps I should’ve include Maeno and Izawa of Ping Pong Club. But that’s way too ‘disturbing’. What about Nagatsuki of Happy Lesson? By the time I’ve thought about that character, I’ve already filled up my top 10 slots. Too bad.
So will cross-dressing be the new trendy fashion of the future? Maybe. Since recently, we’ve that metro-sexual or whatever you call those recent trend is. Yeah, it’s a topsy-turvy world. Anything is possible. Especially if you’re talking about anime.

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