Wow. Not only just a hero. But a legendary hero as well. Furthermore, having his/her own legend thus the name The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes. How epic and legendary can you get with that? Initially after a few rounds with RPG themed animes, I thought this would be another RPG-like genre based on its name. However this resembles more of a fantasy adventure. No group, classes or parties like archers, fighters, priestess, rangers (insert other classes you can think of) but we do have magic wizards here. Heck, almost everyone who has the ability to fight can use some sort of wizardry powers. Each power is unique enough so much you can tell the user hails from which country.

And being the fantasy adventure type, this doesn’t mean that I am spared with all the epic names of characters (read: hard to pronounce, spell and remember – okay some aren’t that bad), names of the countries (surprisingly they are short and sweet) and the unique terms and jargon that come exclusively in this series. Not your typical good versus evil as the lines between them are blurred. What we’ll see here are basically corrupted nobles, warring nations, civil unrests, scars of wars, traumatic pasts, political conspiracy, backstabbing, and the eternal fight to uphold justice and peace of the people of the land. For slightly more info on the characters and detailed summary of this series, go to Wikipedia and Anime Evo and loads of screenshots from Tenka Seiha. That’s where I go read up when I don’t understand. Not to say that I fully comprehend whatsoever since I didn’t read the light novels that this series was adapted from.

The main protagonist is no other than Ryner Lute. Looks like your ordinary peace loving guy who loves spending his time napping if not for the troublesome task of searching for Heroes Relics throughout the Menoris continent. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone could just take an afternoon siesta instead of fighting for supremacy? Apparently many others in higher places don’t think so. Unlike others, Ryner possesses something rare. He is one of the few with God’s Eyes (or Cursed Eyes if you’re afraid of them) called Alpha Stigma (see the insignia in his eyes close-up?). Though it allows the user to completely analyze and copy all sort of magic, Alpha Stigma bearers are extremely prejudiced and shunned to a point they are feared and being labelled as monsters. As far as everyone knows, Alpha Stigma bearers have the tendency to go berserk and destroy everything it is path. Don’t want to be near to that when that happens, eh? Accompanying Ryner on his journey is the beautiful babe and skilful swords(wo)man, Ferris Eris. Wait. To say she is his company isn’t right. He’s more like a manservant to her. Yes, the most amusing interaction from the duo stems from Ferris actions towards Ryner. In her usually deadpan voice, this sadist will not hesitate to beat up, whack, abuse, insult, mock, ridicule, scorn, tease (and all other words associated with it you can think of) Ryner. She even will not have second thoughts of making up stories, putting atrocious words in his mouth, create his fake past and future dreams that he is a pervert, sex fiend, immoral piece of garbage, etc. Not only that, acting in the front of unsuspecting third parties that she is ‘sullied’ by him though she tried to resist! You’d normally hate women who act like that but you can’t because it’s simply just funny to see Ryner bear the pain. It’s the kind of ‘chemistry’ between the duo that makes them, well, get along with each other so well. Maybe not. It’s a love-hate relationship. Not even the almighty Alpha Stigma could stand up against or even touch her, eh? No matter how strong and swift she is for a normal human, Ferris has a weakness: Dango. Yes those tasty little balls on a stick, especially those of the Wynnit Store. She’d do anything for them (Ryner usually bearing the end of her antics) and has a bottomless stomach to chow down boxes after boxes. No wonder the dango shops are flourishing. And yeah, any motivation or job needed to get done, dango is sure a pretty good excuse. Then there’s the good young bishonen king of the Roland country located at the south of the Menoris continent, Sion Astal. How many kings do you know work as hard as him in his quest to create a place that nobody will have to fight or suffer? A king that laments and blames himself that he lacks the necessary power to change his country for the better? No wonder all his subjects and people love him very much. There are many other characters but you’ll get to learn about them as you go by.

Episode 1
So the series basically starts off with a narration how countless beings and kingdoms fought wars just for that world domination thingy. Till some legendary heroes came along and kicked their asses. Whoever they are, they must be hell good to become legends. Then we see Ryner and Ferris in the middle of fighting some guards during their quest to look for Heroes Relics. Ferris’ excellent skill has them running away. Then they take a rest while Ferris chomps down her usual dango fix while reiterating that she’s just to guard him on his mission to find those relics for Roland. Back in the kingdom of Roland, we are introduced to Sion and his close and trusted subjects, Claugh Klom, Calne Kaiwal and Rahel Miller. Back to Ryner and Ferris, they stumbled into a tomb (Ferris just sliced the big door open as opposed to using Ryner’s ‘ineffective’ Alpha Stigma which was taking too long). They get into all sorts of activated traps but Ryner being the unfortunate chap nearly getting pierced, burnt and drowned. They notice a group of Taboo Breaker Squad following them. Led by the scatterbrain captain, Milk Callaud, she’s from the same orphanage as Ryner but obviously that guy doesn’t remember, breaking that girl’s heart (yeah, she has a crush on him). I guess she introduced herself too long so much so she bit her tongue. Even Ferris teases her for being in a ‘casual’ relationship with Ryner. She wants Ryner to follow her back seeing that he’ll get a chance to get off lightly but I guess the pair doesn’t see her bungling-ness as a threat so they nonchalantly leave. Milk tries to stop them with her magic but trips and causes a big explosion. Luckily Milk gets saved by her team comrades, namely Luke Stokkart, Lear Rinkal, brothers Lach and Moe Velariore. Meanwhile Sion thwarts a boy, Fiole Folkal who is trying to assassinate the king after mistaking Sion as the kidnapper of his sister, Eslina. Fiole wishes to die since he can’t save his sister but Sion saves him with his speech to change this corrupted land. After Sion frees Eslina in his chambers, he attends a party for nobles and learns that it was them who kidnapped Fiole’s sister as their ‘gift’ to the new king. Back to Ryner and Ferris, they encounter a big freaking rock creature. The obvious option is to run like hell. But watching it cause destruction? Well, whoever said they’re heroes in the first place? Ferris even leaves the cleaning up mess to Ryner. He notices a jewel on her and thinks it might be another of those relics. She says she picked it up from inside the tomb. Before anything else could happen, the jewel floats into the air and emits a bright light which turns into a massive explosion, turning the creature and the surrounding land into a huge crater. Some kind of Heroes Relic that was.

Episode 2
Flashback time. We see Sion’s mom was killed and that he is an illegitimate child of a noble and a commoner. Because of that status, he is being put into Roland Royal Special Military Academy. It may seem that the academy trains teenagers for the army but is in fact a place where the offspring of ‘bad’ people are put. Orphans of the war are also placed here and so that they can be sold to nobles and sent to war on their children’s behalf. Despicable. Sion notices Ryner as the Alpha Stigma bearer and wants him and Kiefer Knolles as part of his team. Obviously that sleepy guy isn’t interested. Till Sion coaxes him that he will tell everyone about his eyes. During a mock battle, Sion displays his leadership and strategic skills by ambushing the other team, earning praises from his team members. Back at the academy, Sion extends his hand to Ryner and wants him to join him in his quest to build his ideal country where no one will suffer or die. They are interrupted when cloak people came to assassinate Sion. And Ryner really left the scene to let Sion handle his pursuers! Sion is cornered in an alley but is saved by Ferris. She makes him return the favour by… You guessed it: Dangos. Man, you got to love this lady on how she imposes on everyone. Sion continues to deliver more dangos to Ferris at her family home. He learns that she was being ordered by her elder brother Lucile to protect him (Lucile’s orders are absolute as proclaimed by Ferris) and that the Eris family has personally served the previous kings of Roland for generations. He also meets Ferris’ perky little perky sister, Iris. Your typical little hyped-up loli who looks up to her big sister all the time. At the academy, some of the students are horrified that the neighbouring country of Estabul is trying to invade their land and that they’ll be in the front lines. Another war going to start. Meanwhile Ferris and Iris are torturing some noble in his manor to find out if he was the one behind the assassination of Sion. He laughs his head off since he tells them that the academy people are trekking to their doom because it’s a trap with 50 Magic Knights of Estabul are already waiting for them. Plus, he mentions of a spy within that group. It’s going to be an onslaught.

Episode 3
Lucile appears from nowhere to slice off that guy’s head and do a quick kill. He mentions that this is a test to see if Sion would be a competent king. As they young soldiers take a break in the plains, suddenly they are ambushed by the Estabul Magic Knights. Each one getting their heads or body sliced off in a bloody and violent manner. Each getting picked off one by one. Sion orders the rest of the survivors the retreat as we see that Kiefer is the spy. Then several Estabul Magic Knights got Sion in their grasp. Ryner uses his Alpha Stigma magic to wipe them out in an instant. Sion is upset that he should’ve used his magic earlier and prevent casualties. Then Ryner gets knocked out and when he opens his eyes, he finds that Sion and Kiefer in custody and the only survivors left. Everyone else was killed. The Estabul Magic Knights try to awaken his Alpha Stigma by trying to rape Kiefer. Let’s just say it was effective enough for Ryner to collapse into his dark self. Hear that maniacal laughter? Note that ‘destroy everything’ line? That means you’re in sh*t. BIG SH*T! He turns the entire Estabul Magic Knights into heaps of bloodied dead corpses in an instant! Don’t mess with him. He is even going to kill Sion and Kiefer via strangulation if Sion didn’t close his eyes. Yeah, it’s just that simple to stop a rampaging Alpha Stigma bearer. But can you get this close to him in the first place? In the aftermath, Sion has been hailed as a Hero King while Ryner is being beaten up badly while Kiefer is thrown into jail. Ryner makes a deal to take Keifer’s place in exchange for her freedom. Kiefer feels guilty for putting him into all sorts of trouble but Ryner is okay with it and that she isn’t a monster who killed people unlike him, the greedy ones and wars. She kisses him before she leaves. Soon Sion pays Ryner a visit and wants to take this chance to bust him out but he refuses. This is his only way to get this much needed nap, right?

Episode 4
Sion meets Lucile who puts him through some test to see if he is worthy to be their Roland king. Whatever it was, I’m sure Sion passed because he’s still breathing. Two years have passed since Ryner’s condemned and isolated imprisonment. He even made friends with the sole guard watching his cell. During his captivity, Ryner requests lots of books from the library as he begins writing his report. One day, the guard receives a bad news and reluctantly lets him out of his cell. No, he is not free. Seems he is judged to be too dangerous to even be locked away and will be executed. On the way out, he bumps into and even battles Ferris who is to escort him back to the palace (so that’s how their ‘relationship’ started, eh?). In the palace hall, Ryner is shocked to see Sion crowned as the king. Sion has been reading his research about the search for Heroes Relics and gathering them all will lead to a world without deaths, suffering and crying. And don’t forget afternoon naps too. He takes a liking to it and orders Ryner to go on a mission to retrieve those relics with Ferris accompanying him in case he slacks off. Why the heck would he do that? It’s that or his life. And why the heck would Ferris do that? She’s not his subordinate. Sion must have learned the magic word. If she doesn’t her favourite Wynnit Store will burn down this instant! Get your ass moving now! For the sake of the dango and its future! And yeah, Ryner has to be dragged along with her pace. For her dangos. So the report he wrote to pass the time has come back to be one big pain the ass, huh?

Episode 5
Ryner and Ferris arrive in the country of Nelfa as part of their search. After more of Ferris’ wicked accusations of Ryner’s lust, they save a pair of young children and a teenager from a bunch of unruly thugs. That teenager is Toale Nelphi and he is just like Ryner in the sense that he is born out of a union between a noble and a commoner. They visit his library to do more research on the Heroes Relics. Meanwhile Sion attends another banquet and the stuck-up nobles have not changed a bit. After the party, Sion becomes depressed and blames himself for his lack of powers to make changes when he finds Fiole murdered in his room (and he was supposed to take the day off to see his sister). Noting that this is part of the nobles’ scheme to bring him down (Fiole is a commoner and holding a noble position, thus their resentment for it), he orders Claugh to make arrangements for Fiole’s burial and Calne to protect Eslina before the nobles get to her but chooses not to get revenge yet as he thinks he would be no different than them. Back at Ryner and Ferris who are staying at an inn with lots of noisy children. Iris makes her debut. She takes a very much dislike to Ryner and calls him a wild beast. I’m not sure what kinds of ideas were put into her head but she’s too overprotective over her sister. She even has this thinking that if you talk to a wild beast, you get impregnated regardless whether you’re a man or woman. WTF?! And yeah, Iris does not hesitate to throw her loli punches and kicks whenever possible at poor Ryner. Too bad Ferris worsens the situation by lying about putting up with his advances. Back to Sion, he is approached by Miran Froaude a fast rising and high ranking officer in Roland’s army. He is here to offer his assistance to Sion in creating his ideal country. However as we know, achieving it the good ol’ way isn’t possible so Miran is here to bear the darkness on his behalf. Gulp. I can think of shady tactics that this guy will come up with. Yeah, he even mentioned that he is willing to get rid of his own father to achieve his means. And Sion accepted him? What choice does he have? Since this Miran guy is quite a smooth talker too.

Episode 6
Iris returns to Sion because she’s supposed to be a messenger between the king and that travelling clowns, oops I mean, duo. Anyway her drawing is horrible. I can’t make out anything of it. Sion visits Nelfa to improve relations. Though the Nelfa king is welcoming him, his eldest son, Starnel remains arrogant and even mocks Sion so much so the king has to berate him, get a little physical before he leaves. Ryner gets a rude wake-up call. No, not his nap is being disrupted by a certain blonde bombshell, but rather he is surprised to see Sion in person in Toale’s residence. After that, he gets more abuse from Ferris who continues to show her unreserved and merciless side on him. Sion asks if Toale is Starnel’s son and though he replies affirmative, he is just a burden to his father. His simple wish is to raise his other siblings in a happy manner. That night as Sion attends a party in Nelfi’s castle, Ryner and Ferris protect the castle from outside assassins without letting the party from being interrupted. Those people inside don’t even know what’s going on on the outside. Back at the inn, Ryner and Ferris sense somebody coming. It is Miran. He mistakes Ryner for Toale and wishes to dispose of him. They put up a good fight so Miran knows he’s got the wrong person. After all, even Ferris got injured by Miran’s darkness power that originates from his shiny finger ring. Miran continues to history of this powerful ring that was used in many assassinations till some hero, Halford Miran sliced it off its fingers and stopped the power. Even in this time, Ferris has the cheek to put up a fight with Ryner for talking too much instead of finding the enemy’s weakness or do something about the Heroes Relic (Miran’s ring) right before his eyes. Miran finds them interesting and promises he won’t kill Toale but will kill them since they will pose a threat to the king he serves. However he has bigger matters to deal with first and leaves. After that, Ferris collapses from her injury (she must be one tough woman to be putting up with that bluff) and Ryner catches her. Back in Sion’s room, Claugh digs up some info on Miran but couldn’t find much. He is still wary and suspicious of him. Then Miran shows up for his report of the incident in Nelfa. Noting that his background is being researched into, he coolly asks if he would be dismissed. However Sion says that he would still keep him and will use him as and when he deemed fit. It’s a total opposite if one at such position would do, to get rid of dangerous people at once. That’s what makes him a respected king. Then Sion learns about Miran’s encounter with Ryner and Ferris and wonders if he made a mistake somewhere in accidentally attempted to kill them. Next morning, Ferris’ injury is healed so they leave the place to prevent from being a burden and that incident to happen here again.

Episode 7
A flashback of Milk’s past. Seems she went through hell when she was a child. She wanted death as a way out but Ryner gave her the courage to carry on living. That’s why in a way she’s grateful and chasing him down. She wakes up from that dream and goes to have breakfast with her mates. I think they love seeing Milk’s moe expression every time she digs in her favourite food. Sugoku moe! Elsewhere, Ryner and Ferris continue their raid on the search for Heroes Relics. However the bunch of treasure chests are filled with details of tax evaders. If you think about it, those who don’t pay their taxes are some sort of ‘assets’ or ‘treasures’, right? You can hound money from them in the future. Anyway, they meet a pair of seemingly harmless pink-haired siblings, Kuu and Sui Orla. They too are searching for the relics but gets dismayed when they only see those filings before leaving. Ferris torments and threatens Ryner to rethink the accuracy of the map he got to find this Heroes Relic so I guess in the end he is made to dig the spot of the supposed relic in the woods. Milk and her Taboo Breaker Squad were supposed to use this chance to ambush and take back Ryner but you know, such goofy team can never beat that pair who has gone through so much. They tie the quintet up (another round of weird interjections – what else but the master pervert) and return to work but come into contact with the Nelfa garrison patrol. Milk quickly thinks up of a plot before she loses her chance to capture Ryner. That is, to squeal that she needs to go to the toilet! The patrol spots the quintet but Ryner and Ferris return to impede the patrol. Milk is upset because Ryner wasted a chance to escape himself. I assure you he’s not the kind of guy. Besides, who would leave a damsel in distress behind? As the fight continues, Ryner tries to use the dagger, which is a Heroes Relic that he just dug up, but since nothing happened, he throws it away. The dagger is thrust into the ground and a giant red dragon emerges. So what’s the next plan to deal with that ‘unnecessary dangerous thing’? Walk away like as though nothing happened. WTF?! Seriously?! Yup. That’s what they did. Milk laments over her inept position as captain but her comrades back her up that they will always be with her because they’re like family. They’re even there as far as to correct the mistakes she makes. She remembers how the team was assembled and called into Sion’s room. They were handed a mission to capture Ryner even if they knew the job would mean betraying their own brethren. She accepts it without a second thought because of her gratitude for Ryner. Sion pays a visit to Fiole’s grave, still blaming himself for his failure to protect him. Eslina is also there as she shares the tears over her brother’s death. She later offers herself to serve him. Lastly, Miran tells Sion that Estabul has started a rebellion. It’s going to be busy.

Episode 8
While Ryner is obviously in unbelievable mode at how many boxes Ferris could eat and bring on their trip (he has to carry them all, by the way), Sion and his subjects are in discussion to quell Estabul’s rebellion. Sion comes up with tactics and strategies based on the information given by Miran. He orders Claugh to head the army instead of Miran, who will continue his intelligence gathering. Later as Sion and Miran pass each other, Sion knows that he is the one behind the uprising as the latter says that it’s a way to eliminate those who are against him. At a base in Estabul, Lady Noa Ehn, the popular daughter of the previous king talks to her subject, Salawell about the rebellion. She is against it since she notes that Roland has taken good care of Estabul’s people. Salawell’s reasoning is that it is to get out of Roland’s iron grip before it’s too late. Then a flashback how they wanted to create a kingdom where everyone can smile and be happy. Claugh and his army arrive as he easily takes out the enemy with his powerful magic arm (though he first tries to make them surrender instead of killing them). Estabul is at the losing end as Noa and the rest discuss their further action. I guess they’re desperate enough to say something about beheading the prisoners if they do not withdraw. The internal conflict is interrupted when Miran somehow manages to get pass all the guards and into the hall. He kills everyone as Salawell takes Noa and run. In a room, Noa is horrified to learn that it was Salawell who had a hand in staging this rebellion with Miran. His plan is to kill her and be viewed as the new hero and saviour of their kingdom. And all the while she had truly believed in him. Too bad he won’t live long to see that dream come true because Miran cuts off his head. Now it’s his turn to tell his story. The hostages get killed, Noa commits suicide, the end. Sion predicted this that’s why he put Claugh in charge rather than Miran. Speaking of the devil, before Miran’s story could be a reality, Claugh steps in to protect Noa. Both guys get ready to duke it out but Noa comes between them, having had enough of bloodshed. Noa suggests talking to them in hopes of convincing them to follow Roland instead of letting the hostages be killed and sully their reputation. And if Miran wants to kill her after that, so be it. But not everyone else. This was enough to convince Miran to back down. Noa notes to Claugh that his king is a great one. Meanwhile Sion seems depressed of the bloodshed in Estabul. Perhaps Iris didn’t know what crying means so much so she seems excited that Sion is going to put on a crying face like those she has read in books. She continues with her horribly drawn report about a certain wild beast and a beautiful angel of retribution. Oh God… Then after receiving some alerting news from Miller, Sion wants Iris to head back to Ryner’s whereabouts. Speaking of which, that guy is incredulous over the increase in boxes of dangos. He’s got to carry all that! Easy to put the blame on Sion, right?

Episode 9
The usual hostility when Iris meets Ryner and the usual fawning when she greets Ferris. Anyway, leaving out all those antics, Iris is supposed to hand them a letter from Sion but it seems she misplaced it (it’s in the dustbin with all the stoopid dango boxes). Iris faintly recalls it has something to do with that red dragon so the duo think that Sion probably wanted them to investigate it and head off. However the contents of the letter states about that dragon killing an entire village then suddenly disappearing. Sion wants them to abandon searching for the relics in this area. Too late. The duo arrive in a dead forest and corpses of humans hanging lifeless on the tree branches. They see Kuu and Sui around but notice they have the dagger relic that Ryner thrown away. Seems the siblings were the ones responsible for the village’s massacre. They can’t let any other witness live so you know what this means. Sui shows them how to properly use this relic as he stabs the dagger into his arm. It turns into a dragon and breathes hot fire. As explained, the weapon materializes when it is stabbed into something and its power based on the bearer’s will. Since the ground had no will, thus the reason why the dragon was relatively harmless earlier on. As they fight, Ryner and Ferris learn that they have more Heroes Relic: Kuu’s scythe that can shoot out ice and Sui’s comb that can nullify any magic. Sui also knows that Ryner is an Alpha Stigma bearer and unleashes a crystal to paralyze him as he wishes to obtain the Alpha Stigma. His dark side starts to awaken as Ryner in vain tries to prevent its awakening. Finally Alpha Stigma is fully awakened and is going to destroy everything. Sui is confident that his comb will nullify his powers but he’s gravely mistaken. Alpha Stigma blasts a powerful shot enough to vaporize the comb and if he didn’t cut his own arm, he might have vaporized with it. The siblings make a run for it while Ryner relives his horrifying past how everyone labelled him a monster when they found out he’s such a bearer after he disposed the guards who were punishing the villagers for stealing items off corpses of fallen soldiers.

Episode 10
So Ferris is left to deal with this menace spinning out of control. Even in this state, Ferris remains calm and acrobatically avoids all discharges. Even more amazing, she can spew all those insults like he’s already known as the legendary pervert. Even so, the bottom line is that she has never viewed him as a monster (but her manservant or tea companion at least – hey, she’s honest about it). Can Ryner hear her? Maybe she should speak louder. Does that tears streaming down his eyes tell you something? Ryner awakens a little and manages to give her a hint on how to seal his Alpha Stigma before he actually strangles her. After Ferris closes his eyes, she lends him a shoulder to cry on. Meanwhile Eslina continues to chide Sion for overworking and not eating his meals properly (like shades of Fiole, eh?). After Noa ‘borrows’ Claugh, Miran comes in with news that the northern most country of Gastark is starting some invasion but they don’t have to worry yet as their neighbouring country of Stohl which boasts the mightiest army will be stopping their tracks. Miran also suggests unifying Roland by purging all those (especially nobles) who are against Sion. The king doesn’t seem keen on it till Miran mentions that his country will be destroyed by the time his ideal ways are done. Later Miran meets Duke Stearead. He wants Miran to work for him but Miran only sees Sion because he knows he is the only one who can make his ideals come true. He throws back a question at Stearead on which side he would choose, prompting that old guy to sweat in his pants. Claugh and Noa seem to be like a cute couple. After he escorts her home, Noa finds dead bodies in her hallway. She is being held captive and asked to strip. Claugh senses something wrong and returns. He becomes very mad that the perpetrators may have violated her (naked and crying – does that tell you something even if the baddies said they haven’t done anything to her – yet) so he unleashes his magic on them without mercy. Meanwhile Ryner and Ferris trek their way to a village called Regit they believed may have some hint about the Heroes Relics. They spot a couple of ruffians chasing down a little girl, Kuku. What’s with these people abusing children anyway? After knocking them out, Kuku pleads to them to save her childhood friend Arua who seems to be captured and taken away for investigation because he has that Alpha Stigma eyes too. Yeah, the soldiers killed her parents and was about to kill her when Arua saved her by using his Alpha Stigma, something which he has never used before in his life. Now, this is getting personal for Ryner. Back to Sion, he is being told by Miran about Noa’s assault (of course Miran had no hand in it this time). Then he mentions about his plan to purge the nobles by feeding them with sweet honey and letting their guard down before slaughtering them all in one go.

Episode 11
Sion promotes many of his subjects to high positions. They aren’t happy with it because they’re sincerely following him for his beliefs and not for the promotion. They also discuss about the growing influence and occupation of Gastark. Then Miran tells about his plan to purge the nobles by gathering them all in one place. Claugh is against the idea since it will involve women and children. To his surprise, Sion agrees with Miran. Even if Roland nobles are against him, they are still people of his country and have the right to be protected. I’m not sure the rational of this. Sion wants to save his country without losing any lives but he is taking the aggressive method to do so. He gives them a choice of whether to join and build Roland into a better country and if not, they will be purged. Elsewhere Miller and Luke meet up and talk about the latter’s duty in the Taboo Breakers Squad. They also talk about Milk who comes from an orphanage and was made to go through tough military training at a young age. They note she can’t remain in this country for too long. Ryner and Ferris spot Arua being tied up and instigated by a noble and his Magic Knights to use his Alpha Stigma. They hasten the process by killing his mom. His dad is next. Ryner can’t stand anymore of this and leaps into the fray. Ferris no choice has to kick some serious ass too. Ryner tries to give Arua’s dad some time to take his son and escape but the noble stabs him to death. Arua becomes traumatized after witnessing his dad’s death before his eyes and goes berserk. Yup. Alpha Stigma activated. Luckily, Ryner manages to close his eyes and put him to a long slumber. They are to make their way out but the guards insist that they do not steal their precious research sample and that they will be punished by God. Ryner hates this kind of hypocrisy talk and wonders who are the real devils themselves. And if God really existed, why create such people like them when they have done no wrong at all. Is their own existence a sin? So much heavy thoughts on Ryner’s mind as they take a break at a waterfall after successfully getting away from the reinforcements.

Episode 12
Morning comes. Seems Ferris has stolen a horse carriage. I don’t want to know how. They’re supposed to bring Arua back there and reunite with Kuku. It’s a good thing since Ryner can’t carry him all the way there. However, Ferris makes the poor guy run after them after he puts Ryner in the carriage. At Miran’s mansion, his father hosts a party of nobles. After the doors close, Miran’s dad rallies the nobles to go against Sion and preparations have been made. He requests Miran to explain the details but he wants everyone to do him a favour: To die. With this shocking revelation (they sure didn’t see this coming), Sion uses his darkness power to massacre down to the very last person including his dad. Except for Stearead. He’s so scared of Miran that he’s now like his subordinate doing his every bidding and will never cross his path. Even if this old guy has no backbone, he won’t live long too. That’s because somebody soon decapitates his head. Seems to be the work of a pink-haired guy, Lir Orla. Eventually both guys fight with their power rings (Lir possesses the thunder beasts) but Lir’s power seems superior to the point that it is even eating up his dark beasts. Miran could’ve been dead if Claugh didn’t bust in to save his butt and make their escape. Outside, Miran wonders why he did that so Claugh replies that he was sent due to orders from Sion. Elsewhere, Kuu and Sui are coaxing the Runa king to form an alliance with their country Gastark. Though the king says that their side has already made an alliance with Roland, I’m sure his current situation being all his guards dead around his feet makes him think that it would be wiser to team up with these guys for now. Ryner and Ferris continue to ride into the night with reinforcements chasing after them but were easily taken care off. Then at the border of Stohl, there is an influx of people coming in since Gastark and Stohl are at war. Among the crowd is Kiefer.

Episode 13
Another short flashback. Four years earlier, Kiefer and her sisters were ambushed at a festival for being spies from Estabul. The older sister tried to hold them off but was killed. They’re going to the same to the younger one so Kiefer pleaded that she’d do anything. Anything? I guess that’s how she ended up being a double spy agent. Back in Stohl, Kiefer receives orders from her captain to retreat since Gastark will be upon them soon. However she refuses to leave seeing that there are innocent civilians still in the area. Then she spots a pair of young children in danger of being killed by a magic attack. She rushes to save them. But second round is coming. She was resigned to her death fate when some guy swings his giant sword to dispel the attack. He turns out to be Refal Edia, the king of Gastark and his sword is of Heroes Relic. They get into an argument which prompts Kiefer to say that she hates war (does anybody really love them?). Refal is amused by Kiefer and takes a liking for her (is he trying to flirt with her too?). Then he goes on saying that he hates war too and that wars are inevitable as long as different countries exist. So another contradiction because he says he’s fighting to end all the wars. Huh? That’s like fighting fire with fire, right? Only difference is, so far it hasn’t ended yet. Refal than makes a deal with some contractor to exchange his left eye for a powerful power. He swings the unbelievably awesome and freaking huge magic towards his enemies and destroys them all in a single blow. Apparently this isn’t the only sacrifice he made. He too has exchanged his sense of smell and right leg for previous powers too. Refal offers Kiefer to join him to save more lives but she turns him down (still got Ryner on her mind, eh?). But maybe one day she will. Back in Roland, Claugh is tasked to merge Roland and Estabul’s army. Claugh is against it seeing that many Estabul armies still hate Roland. Sion thinks of using Noa’s popularity for the job. She doesn’t mind since Sion assures her that her people will be taken care of. Ryner and Ferris are in Regit and learn that Kuku is under house arrest. Then they encounter Kuu and Sui. Considering the events of their previous encounter, Sui is very much interested in him now. He’s not just an ordinary Alpha Stigma bearer. Sui tells Ryner where Kuku is being held and expects him to see him there. Miran pays the king of Runa a visit but he isn’t there to greet him but his daughter. She apologizes that he is unwell though Miran suspects something isn’t right and that Runa may have teamed up with Gastark. He later threatens a guard to spill the beans and after disposing of him, Miran feels he has to take action by eliminating those threats by himself.

Episode 14
Arua wakes up. He is still upset about the deaths of his parents when he has done nothing wrong. Ryner tries to cheer depressed Arua when Ferris saves the boy from being a victim of Ryner’s paedophile ways (here we go again). Ferris gives Arua some training so at least he has a chance to save Kuku. That night they arrive at the mansion where Kuku is being held. Sui and Kuu are waiting for them. Each give their reasons why their own king is great and the one who will save the world. Since neither is willing to give way and the ‘negotiations’ have broken down, get ready for round 2. Ryner vs Sui, Ferris vs Kuu. Ryner catches Sui off-guard when Arua unleashes a surprise attack on him. Since Sui can’t win, he thinks of killing Kuku to get Arua. No lolis are going to die today because Miran’s good timing bites off Sui’s dragon arm with his shadow beasts. Kuu is distracted so Ferris snatches Kuku from her arms. Miran questions Sui if his comrades were the ones responsible behind the movements in Runa and is going to kill him anyway when Ryner steps in between. Now he’s saving the guy who just wanted to kill him a minute ago? Sui and Kuu take this chance to escape. Ryner and Miran have a verbal confrontation. Something about eliminating all those every obstacle (according to Miran, if he does so only useful ones will be left). Anyway Ryner thanks him for saving Kuku but Miran doesn’t think so and confirms that he’ll have to kill him one day (didn’t he say that the last time?). Kuku and Arua are reunited but since they can’t follow them on their relic searching mission, Ryner has a good idea on who to leave those kids to: Milk.

Episode 15
Ryner and Ferris adrift at sea? Something like this happened. They came into contact with Milk and her Taboo Breakers Squad, they fight, blast the ship into bits and now they’re all separated. Then a sea storm comes. Ryner is washed up ashore and spots Luke making a meal. They both shortly clash before realizing each other. On the other hand, Milk spots Ferris and thinks this is her chance to save Ryner from that violent woman. Too bad she trips and falls down the cliff. Then Ferris proceeds to fill her innocent mind with lewd, indecent acts and intentions that only Ryner could possibly do. At first she won’t believe a single word but when it comes to making up such lies, Ferris is a number one convincer. Because of that when the ladies find the guys, Milk didn’t hesitate for a moment to fry Ryner with her lightning spell. Ah, she really fell for it this time. Then as Ferris mentions, they are on Roland shores. Ryner gets excited because he can return to kill the king for making him go through hell. Ferris is with him since she has intentions to be the new dango king (what else?) and since Ryner pleaded for afternoon naps, she gives in but on the ratio of dango to naps, 9:1 . Unfair! Sion seems to be reading some document about the world being overrun by demons and a legendary hero appeared to destroy them and save the world from demons. And if anyone finds those Heroes Relics, perhaps peace would return to the land. He wonders if all this is just a fabricated dream in the end. His scary face seems to startle a maid cleaning his room. He apologizes but the maid praised him for being such a nice ruler as compared the king of the country she came from. As Milk and co try to chase down Ryner in hopes to stop them from assassinating the king, Ryner and Ferris already breach into Sion’s palace and are thinking on how to torment him. Stealing the things he likes? What does he like then? Dango! Obviously not. Milk and co run into Claugh. He was supposed to be in Estabul but he heard rumours of someone planning to assassinate the king so he returned. Milk gets more paranoid so she excuses herself (that toilet excuse again) to find Ryner. She finds him but he tells her to duck. He takes out a cloaked assassin behind. Though she is relieved that he isn’t the one to assassinate Sion, Ryner realized that he should’ve let the assassin do the job instead. I hope he’s joking. Sion enters his bedroom but notices a dictionary falling before him before stepping in. Then he sees Ryner sleeping comfortably on his bed and wakes him up by throwing the dictionary on his face. Apparently this was Ryner’s idea of killing him? Is he even serious? Anyway Ryner starts his incessant complain about the troubles he went through on his journey since day one. Then they got into some compromising position that fujoshi girls would go crazy over. Then Ferris and Milk come in. Uh oh. She didn’t know he swings that way. Here we go again… Meanwhile Miran is reading some report and wonders if Milk is the reason why Ryner can’t leave Sion. Then something about the illusion of ideal kings breaks the people and the king himself. He is certain than ever that Ryner’s elimination is necessary.

Episode 15.5
This next episode is a recap episode. Except that it is from the viewpoint of Iris as she reports her biased, one-sided findings of what she observes to Sion. No prizes to guess who she labels the evil one and the all-good saviour. I’m sure Sion is patient enough to listen to her ‘easy to understand’ report. Horrible drawings included. A funny part in the end is that Ryner is having a tough time to finish up his own report too. His main concern is the amount of dangos eaten by Ferris on their journey! Oh the food expense is going to burn a hole in his pocket (he has to treat her anyway). So much that even the number onscreen seems like a rubbish number. And from Ferris’ report, she thinks she hasn’t eaten enough of them! And so far all those she has devoured is only half her usual capacity! WTF?! How much more can she go?! And it’s been a long time since she had a dango?! My foot! Her room is littered with empty dango boxes! With Ferris trying to beat up Ryner again, his room furniture is destroyed so Sion notes that the repairs will be coming out from his allowance. Trouble is so his middle name. And yeah, that montage of him getting beaten up is sure amusing. I’m such a sadist…

Episode 16
Back to the story proper, another flashback this time it’s Ferris. She’s asking the meaning of love so Lucile departs his knowledge on what that feeling is. Seems kinda broad, doesn’t it? And 4 years prior to that, we see her in some tough training with her mom. Mommy isn’t impressed with her ‘uselessness’ so she and daddy had no choice but to make her ‘useful’ by raping her?! Lucile didn’t like how this is developing and kills both his parents and says he’ll protect her from now. Maybe that’s why Ferris is so like that these days. That’s why she abruptly wakes Ryner up from his much needed slumber to go check out new dango stalls. Hey, isn’t this love? Back in Eris house, Ryner pays a visit to Arua and Kuku who are temporarily sheltering here (I guess it was too much for Milk). Ryner learns about Ferris’ abused past though the butler didn’t mention directly but his hints were enough to know what they mean. Then Ryner tells Ferris that Sion wants them to accompany him to Estabul. For once they both agree to ditch that mission and return on their relics searching mission. She wants him to meet her at Wynnit store tomorrow (expect to carry loads of dango backpacks). Soon he meets Lucile personally. The brother does some magic intimidation but Ryner didn’t flinch. Lucile mentions something about Ferris being his partner. Ryner questions back that he senses that Lucile isn’t human unlike Ferris. He gets suspicious of Lucile, seeing that he is close to Sion, he isn’t the one who is being tasked to escort him to Estabul. It’s like as though there is some binding curse and could only protect Sion within Roland. Lucile grabs him by the throat and warns that she is not his nor his blood will ever mix with hers because he is a monster that could never take anything. I’m not sure if this is a comforting note because Lucile mentions he feels safe leaving Ferris in his hands. As Ryner is walking back, he chances upon Milk who hands him an invitation card to her birthday party tomorrow. Uh oh. So it’s the dango trip or her party. A man can’t be at 2 places. After Milk leaves, Ryner reads the contents of the invitation and finds it shocking. Seems the invitation card has been switched by Luke to a letter personally signed by Sion to say that Ryner must be eliminated if he goes out of control outside Roland or betrays the country. Then Milk bumps into Miran. The worse possible match-up.

Episode 17
Ferris waits for Ryner at Wynnit but he never showed up. Oddly, the Taboo Breakers Squad guys are also worried that Milk is missing since last night. Ferris barges her way into Sion’s room to find him (like as though it’s her own house?) and the rest are surprised to learn that the Alpha Stigma guy is missing. Yeah, Ferris had no qualms about telling Sion straight in the face that they plan to shun the Estabul trip. Ferris even asks Lucile but he doesn’t give away anything. Then they receive word that an Alpha Stigma bearer is causing great havoc in Estabul. Sion feels that it can’t be Ryner since he only went missing just this morning. Claugh is ordered to head there to quell the problem. On his way, he learns that this Alpha Stigma bearer has black eyes, black hair and black clothes. Plus, he consumes those he kills. Claugh has a rough idea who he is seeing he met this person before when he was younger. Meanwhile Kiefer is in a library doing research on the different type of God’s Eyes differentiated by the different insignia pattern in their eyes. There are 5 known types so far. Other than Alpha Stigma, the rest include Ebura Crypt (ability to look into other’s dreams), Iino Dwoe (ability to consume the soul of others), Torch Curse and Wil Heim. Reading more about Alpha Stigma, it is believed the bearer will go berserk and will not return to his/her original self (ultimately leading to self destruction). However in Ryner’s case he did return to normal each time. She is interrupted with Refal coming in. He boldly tries to flirt with her though Kiefer tells him for all he knows, she may be a spy for another country. He replies he has a good eye for women (erm… He’s blinded in the left, isn’t he? Unless he likes dangerous women). Claugh arrives to see the culprit in action. He confirms that he is the one he has met before, Tiir Rumibul (looks a bit like Lelouch from Code Geass). He relishes the chance to fight him again. While the other soldiers are shocked to see him consume his soul in front of their eyes, Claugh charges straight. But Tiir is swift and goes on a killing spree, consuming some of the soldiers. The battle climaxes when Tiir tears Claugh’s magic arm! Oh sh*t! Tiir is happy that he made the right decision to let him live, now that he is ‘tastier’. Claugh orders his soldiers to retreat but the soldiers continue to fight on so that they could buy time for another could to take weakened Claugh to safety. Luke is searching for Milk when he is confronted by ruffians. They claim to have Milk in their custody and want him to follow him or else it will be Milk’s life. However Luke has set magic traps on them and knocks them out. Deducting that this could only be the work of military training in Roland, he concludes Miran must be behind this. Speaking of the devil, Miran appears. Miran wants Luke to follow Sion’s decree to kill Ryner but he refuses. As they both prepare to fight, Luke binds Miran in his strings. Elsewhere, Ryner is seen eating dango (he’s a dango lover now?) while contemplating Ferris is mad that he broke his promise. He knew this was coming, right?

Episode 18
Ryner wakes up from a nightmare. The one whereby he heard his mom wanted to kill him but dad calmed her down and assured he’ll protect them all. That calmness is shattered when his Alpha Stigma goes berserk and the next thing he knows, both his hands are bloodied. Sion learns of Claugh’s predicament as Noa accompanies him, in tears that he could’ve died then. Lear bumps into Calne and Eslina and tells them about Luke and Milk’s disappearance. Everybody is disappearing lately, eh? Ferris is so depressed that even her dangos can’t cure her! Is the world coming to an end?! Even Iris isn’t sure what to do. Then Eslina comes by. She has information about Ryner’s whereabouts. Ferris’ mind just spring into evil action, eh? Imagine the divine punishment she’ll give him. Ryner better enjoy his last few moments idly in some inn. That’s because Ferris blasts her way in and starts trashing the place, regardless of anything. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. He knew this was coming eventually, no? He thinks she is one of the elites sent to kill him but Ferris clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Then they hear a scream outside. It’s Tiir and he is glad he has found Ryner. He lunges at Ryner as Ferris tries to stop him. Magic doesn’t seem to work on him because he consumes them and gets stronger. He introduces himself and an Iino Dwoe bearer. Then a hail of arrows rain inside and some of them pierced Tiir. It is Sion and his army. The arrows are not covered with magic that’s why Tiir couldn’t avoid them. Tiir heals himself by consuming one of the soldiers. Sion and Tiir confront each other and the latter says he didn’t kill Sion yet because if he does, Ryner will go berserk. He goes on saying about the discrimination of humans calling them monsters. Ferris tells Ryner not to listen but Tiir’s words seem too true to ignore. Tiir offers Ryner to come with him and his other similar comrades as there is no place for him in the human world. Ryner doesn’t blame Sion and Ferris and doesn’t want to cause them more trouble anymore. By simply existing, he is causing Sion pain and such. Ryner chants a spell so Sion quickly orders his troops to fire but it’s too late as Ryner vanishes with Tiir. Sion is deeply saddened but he forced a smile and rallied his troops that victory is theirs since the enemy is gone. Ferris walks away while Sion tries to reconcile with himself that he did the right thing – to protect what he’s supposed to. Ryner and Tiir make their slow journey away from Roland as Tiir wonders if he has any attachment to the country. It’s not like he ever liked Roland in the first place. Next day, Ferris enjoys her usual dangos but is prepared to leave on a mission to bring a certain idiot back. Yeah, nobody does a better manservant job than he does. Besides, won’t it be boring and lonely if there is no one to beat up and tease?

Episode 19
Back in Gastark, Refal gets word of several God’s Eyes forming an anti-Gastark movement. Who wouldn’t after that kind of invasion. Tiir continues to ‘brainwash’ Ryner about human’s discrimination towards their kind. He states that they are not supposed to be inferior, but superior beings. Some of the subjects of Sion expressed surprise that he was keeping an Alpha Stigma bearer though Sion explains the great importance of such bearers in the military and in the case if he ever went berserk, that is what the Taboo Breakers Squad is sent to keep track of him. Refal is discussing military matters when Kiefer barges in. She’s not too happy that she is being put in a nice gown. Refal says that he plans to marry her. WHAT?! He can think of such things at this time? Not that Kiefer approves, not that his second-in-command approves, but he’s still king so he calls the shots, right? The fling is interrupted when they heard Kuu’s scream outside. Looks like Sui is badly wounded. Her scythe is damaged after using its remaining powers to bring him back. In his last breathe, Sui says his injury stems from an attack from someone who had the same Rule Fragment (Gastark’s term for Heroes Relic) like Lir. Though he doesn’t know the attacker’s country of origin, he notes that there is one similar from Roland: Ryner. This name startles Kiefer. Then the second-in-command says that Kiefer may know this Ryner guy. Reports that Sion was keeping Alpha Stigma bearer Ryner reaches the ears of Claugh and Calne. Briefly going through his history from his early days in the bandit village to some military training facility where he flopped missions, argued with superiors and was thus put into Roland Royal Special Military Academy to keep an eye on him. Calne is surprised that even with this much happening, he has never betrayed Roland. Tiir and Ryner arrive at a small cottage that houses several Alpha Stigma bearers, most of them kids. Recalling an earlier incident whereby the Orla siblings attacked them just to obtain their crystallized powers and succeeded in slaughtering 38 of them! Who are the real monsters? Tiir will not forgive those Gastark bastards and vows to protect these children. That’s why he is happy when he heard that there is another of their kind in Ryner. Ryner continues to join and spend time with the kids. While preparing for dinner, he meets Tiir’s friend, Lafra who possesses Ebura Crypt. He knew of Ryner because he watched him from his dreams and feels he is special, thus taking an interest in him. That’s why he told Tiir to go get him. They talk about wanting to protect those they love but the stigmata that prevent them from making friends with others. Lafra feels is kind but yet sad, weak and lonely. He wants Ryner to save the kids because he himself is unable to do so. Ryner thinks hard on Lafra’s words when he senses someone outside. Lir thought his cover has been busted but actually it is Luke who emerges nearby. He is here to exterminate him under Sion’s orders.

Episode 20
The mystery of what happened that night between Luke and Miran is explained. Luke told him that he will be killed if he lays a finger on Milk. Miran assured him that Milk is alright. He noticed Luke’s Heroes Relic so he admits that he picked it up after Ryner forgot to take it with him. In present, Ryner continues his fight with Luke. He uses his Alpha Stigma but Luke already has traps set around. Ryner thought this is the end when he is slammed away by Ferris. Oh, that was just good timing. It’s like she’s making for all those times he wasn’t around by maximum abusing him. Anyway they have to cut that short because an explosion is heard from the direction of the house. Lir burns the house down and Lafra was killed. That’s when one of his mates, Pueka starts to go berserk, activating her Alpha Stigma. Before Ryner could close her eyes, he was bitten by Lir’s lightning demon. Lir fires a crystal shot right through Pueka’s head and obtains her Alpha Stigma, killing her outright. This is getting personal for Ryner so he becomes rash. Ferris reminds him about the part of him being her manservant and such but will not ever consider him a monster. Lir is amused by their relationship and goes on to taunt the danger this monster is in the eyes of others. But Ferris is unfazed and couldn’t care less about that. Ryner is moved to tears that Ferris cares for him because without him, she’d be lonely (I thought there would be no one to abuse). Lir uses the crystal to force wake the Alpha Stigma inside Ryner. It’s that deja vu feeling again. However this time Ryner didn’t let his dark side get the better of him and on his own, cuts the Alpha Stigma off. This causes Lir’s crystal to break. Frustrated Lir prepares to counter-attack but Luke’s golden threads bind him but he manages to break free. Ryner fires a shot at him but actually was intended to revive Tiir (he was injured when the house burnt down). Ryner tells Tiir to take the kids to safety. Lir is upset that he is only left with one crystal and escapes. Luke lets Ryner live seeing the situation has changed. Ferris tells Ryner the facial expression Sion made after he left. Ryner resolves that he is going to return to Roland and is done with running away. He asks for a favour from her. That is, if he ever goes berserk, he wants her to kill him. As for Sion, he seems to be going through some sort of dilemma. Lucile mocks him about his orders to kill Ryner in which it could’ve been better for him if that guy was dead. However Sion reiterates that he will not kill him. Lucile continues with his riddle talk about sacrifice and choosing the proper path. Either way, he hopes the hero king will not regret it.

Episode 21
Some monster soldier going on a rampage. Refal discuss this issue with his men and fears that forbidden magic is being used. They go see Kiefer who is tied up in a dungeon. So where has that love gone? I thought he wasn’t taking Kiefer’s words as a spy seriously but after knowing her connection with Roland, she’s treated as a prisoner? Ryner and Ferris return to Roland castle and upon entering Sion’s room, they are shocked to see heaps of paperwork! I guess the king hasn’t been sleeping for days, eh? Worse, the duo are made to help him complete his work! No escape! Not even Ferris since she left her sword outside to Eslina. Miran’s sleeping spell on Milk wears off as she wakes up from a weird dream of seeing Sion crying and mumbling about wanting to die. Milk feels that her other comrades are hiding something from her and the first person she thought of who would know something is her father (this includes flashbacks of her tough training getting beaten up while her parents just watched her). That night she sneaks out to her dad’s mansion but to her horror it is in ruins. Luke followed her as he explains that they were killed, prompting Milk to become emotional. Even if they weren’t her real parents, she is grateful that they took care of her up to that point. She wants an answer of what is happening in this country but he couldn’t say. Claugh is fitted with a new black arm as he and Noa spend a little intimate together only to be disrupted by Calne (Noa got really embarrassed that she excused herself). Calne reports the murder of Milk’s parents and even though the purge is still going on for nobles who object Sion, Claugh notes that they are earnest people and wouldn’t do anything for their own benefit. Perhaps they were killed to be kept silent after learning something they shouldn’t have. And yes, Miran doesn’t have any part in this. Always easier to blame to suspicious guy, eh? Ryner notices Sion working too hard and at this rate may end up rate but he asserts that he has to in order to make his ideals come true. After Ryner leaves (probably to get some long nap), seems there is a voice clashing inside Sion’s head about having Ryner killed. Miran is outside offering his thoughts about letting Ryner get killed and the completion of Sion as king. However, Sion will not allow him to kill Ryner, surprising Miran even if he accepts whatever punishment that comes after. Miran continues to pester but was silenced by Sion. The door opens and a bright light emits from it. Miran continues to be shock of what he sees so Sion says he will show him both the light and darkness, causing that general to laugh insanely. Meanwhile as Ryner takes a walk down the street, he sees a familiar man: His father, Lieral Lietolu. I thought he is dead? Well apparently it is Ryner who will be dead because he got stabbed in the heart! And what does Lieral mean by “Welcome home, Ryner”? Is he a ghost taking Ryner back to the after world?

Episode 22
Lieral is approached by Lucile shortly. Lucile says something about Ryner isn’t ready to see some door yet so Lieral escapes using a Heroes Relic like the one Ferris possessed in the first episode. When Sion finds out about Lieral, he orders Lucile to find and kill him. Then Sion opens a door to a room with stained glass as he confronts his other self (clone?). Ferris jumps from building to building searching for Ryner and spots that manservant being carried away by Lieral. Ferris draws he sword and attacks him. Even so, she can’t touch him. He makes her sword heavy and taunts her if she likes Ryner. Then Ferris starts crying when she hears that Ryner is killed (seriously?! I thought she’d put on another poker face at least). Overcome with anger, she manages to lift her sword and charges straight but Lieral knocks her out with a punch to the stomach. I wonder if that will affect her dango input. Just kidding. Lieral notes that she passes and disappears, leaving the duo together. Elsewhere Milk and her Taboo Breakers Squad take down a monstrous masked soldier. Milk is horrified to learn that this is what everyone else is hiding from her. Seems Sion is resuming in secret some human experiments that he once banned. Milk gets emotional and feels sorry for the poor human experiment. So much so she doesn’t want to kill but her other comrades have no choice since this is part of their orders. She has a flashback when she was young, asking Ryner to marry her. She didn’t get an answer as she was called away but he gave her some words of encouragement thus getting her resolve to protect the country he in which he lives. As for Ryner, he is inside his own dream, facing some weird being called Alpha. All I know this being isn’t fond of Ryner whom he calls Solver of All Equations. He tries to use his Alpha Stigma but it has no effect. Alpha is stopped when his mom comes exploding out from its body. Huh? She tells him to get away from the Weaver of All Equations, head to some door and protect those he loves. Alpha regenerates and swallows her whole. Ryner continues running up to a door and after entering it, he sees some knight slaying all the demons. That’s when he wakes up in bed. Next to him is Ferris. Uhn… Did something happen? Who knows what Ferris will do if she wakes up… Oh too late, she just did. So after all the mocking that he is some perverted wild beast, I guess it really got to her mind that he finally did something to her, eh? Even if she was early to jump the gun, her retribution slap was enough to shatter all the windows. Super power, man. Meanwhile Sion continues to fight himself. Each thinking the other can’t do a better job. Something about Ryner. Always about him, eh? Whatever their methods whether it’s killing him or not, both wants to save him. So when one of them fades away, Lucile wonders which one had won. Back to Ryner and Ferris, when everything is calmed down (read: everything else destroyed), Ryner notices a weird symbol on his chest where it was stabbed. Then soldiers come in and swiftly take them away. Elsewhere, Kiefer is still locked up. Refal tells her a story about some hero who fought demons to save the world. As he sought some forbidden power, he was eventually sealed. To break free, he consumed the powers of the Demon of Loneliness. He tells her Gastark is advancing their invasion to the centre of the continent so a clash with Roland is inevitable. He also wants her to save Ryner before Sion betrays him. Kiefer is surprised on why she has to do that. Refal continues that the Black Fallen Hero devoured the Demon of Loneliness in order to save the world. Before despair consumes Ryner (Demon of Loneliness), Kiefer must save him from Sion (Black Fallen Hero). Are they reincarnations of that? Anyway the massive Gastark army gets ready for their invasion.

Episode 23
I don’t know how this happened but Ryner and Ferris are in Sion’s office working their ass off completing all his paperwork. Wait, actually it’s only Ryner who is doing all the work for 4 days straight without any sleep. So when he collapses due to sleep deprivation, Ferris slaps him up. Now his face is swollen. Thanks a lot, girl. Then Ryner and Sion struggle over some paperwork completion which accidentally crushes Ferris’ precious dango box. King or not, punishment is inevitable. Elsewhere too, after a few exchange of blows, Miran manages to convince Claugh and Calne to help in preparations of Sion’s grand birthday bash. They get some ideas from Noa and Eslina. I guess they can’t move without the main star: Ryner. So they drag him away while he is accompanying Ferris in her dango meal. Say, Ryner now has acquired some taste for dango after all this time. He even compliments a dango recipe made by her. A few days later, Sion is seen trying to escape in his carriage but was ambushed by his subjects as they take him back for his birthday party. Ryner is not going to let him slip away after all the torment he has gone through. As Sion steps out from his balcony. The people below cheer for their king as the celebration continues with a firework display over the mountains. Halfway during the party, Sion leaves to pick up Ryner in the woods (that poor guy was the one doing all the pretty fireworks). He takes him back to the place where he first offered his hand wanting Ryner to join him in his quest to make his ideal dream come true. They continue to talk about the endless work. Ryner isn’t happy that he isn’t getting enough sleep time. So how much does he need? 300 hours?! Sion agrees but wants to meet in the middle: In 4 hours time. Haha! Who says his maths was good in the first place? As the sun rises, Ryner apologizes to him that he first thought his ideal was an empty dream but now he knows it isn’t because everyone is happy and smiling. However Sion says it is an empty dream after all because many have died along the way. It’s like they both exchanged stands. Ryner praises him for his hard work bringing change to this country and that he doesn’t need bear everything to a point of punishing himself. Sion remains defiant and suddenly takes out a knife to stab him! Ryner was swift to evade it. It goes downhill from here as both ex-best friends fight each other.

Episode 24
That Black Fallen Hero and Demon of Loneliness story. The Hero went mad killing all the demons and was sealed in the south where he met Loneliness Demon. Hero wanted to break free and eat Demon’s body and the latter was more than happy to do so because he thought he found a friend. That’s when the equations were split into Solver of All Equations and Weaver of All Equations. The Hero continued his mad destruction spree but found only darkness and pain and thus realized he was dying. He needed somebody pass on this pain and the Demon gladly offered his body because for that brief moment he really felt had had a friend even if he was a fool till the end. Ryner continues to battle Sion and this time those masked human experiments emerge from the ground surround them. So Sion says he wants to kill him but apparently Ryner can’t let that happen because he already promised somebody else to that for him (Ferris). The undead soldiers attack Ryner left and right as Ryner dodges them, promising he would save Sion. Sion materializes black swords and stabs Ryner, activating his Alpha Stigma. Their Hero and Demon reincarnations seem to be calling out to each other, possibly repeating history itself. Then Ryner’s mom pops out from his stomach saying that it isn’t time yet. Soon, Lucile too turns up, saying something about underestimating her since he didn’t expect her to manage this long. She wants him to stop Sion and release Ryner because at this rate the world won’t be saved, no one will be saved. Lucile agrees and does so. After mom disappears, Lucile touches Ryner’s forehead and sends him to a dream world. The one where he and Sion are completing loads of paperwork. Back to reality, Sion is in a dilemma to thrust his knife into unconscious Ryner’s throat. He is fighting with his other self again and in the end, couldn’t kill Ryner. The thought of killing his friend to move forward was too much. Once he recollects himself, he walks away wishing farewell to Ryner. Ryner wakes up all bandaged and in a cell. Then the wall crumbles and we see Ferris. Ryner must be thinking he’s in real sh*t this time. But wait! Ferris did something we never expect her to do in a million years. She cries and throws herself in his arms!!! I didn’t see that coming! She was in despair when she heard from Sion’s mouth that he killed Ryner but refused to believe so. She also felt there was something wrong with Sion because when he said that, he was crying. Ferris continues that Sion is marching his undead armies through Nelfa, surprising Ryner. What’s odd is that the Roland people are cheering him on and that he is using forbidden magic in his killing spree. Ryner and Ferris make their escape before the guards come. Shortly outside, they see Kiefer across the bridge she cut off as she buys them time to distract the guards to go after her instead. Ryner and Ferris are going to save Sion as he narrates that he is grateful to Sion because he saved him and he never felt more alive than before. So he is going to save him no matter what because he is his best friend.

What Legend?!
Wait a minute. That is how it ends?! So incomplete, so unfinished?! And there I was worried that after so much potential build-up in the plot, development and characters, there number of episodes seems to be running out so much so I was wondering if they’re going to pull it all off like perhaps doing a rush ending or as it turned out, a potential continuation if ever that happens. Of course there are the novels if you are interested to continue reading but for me, if it isn’t turned into an anime, there is no chance that I will be picking it up. Thus I was a little disappointed of how this was ‘suddenly’ ended since I was expecting a clash between Roland and Gastark army seeing that everybody was already getting very prepared for the inevitable. Then when they throw in more characters in the end, coupled in with the development of those existing ones, my mind just went complicated. I mean, their names were already hard for me to remember, then with so many intrigues, incidents and occurrences taking place for the build-up, I thought I’d eventually lose track of it all. Not to say that this is one hell of a confusing series but I’m not used to this kind of genre so in a way, the abrupt ending was also a good thing and reliever since my head was going to explode with it all. As far as I can see from the storyline, it turned from one of searching for Heroes Relics to the purging of traitors, preparation of war to fighting inner demons.

Ryner is an amusing guy himself but he is more amusing when we see the chemistry and interaction between him and Ferris. He may not be perfect but at least deep down in his heart he is more human than many others. Ever since he started on this quest, he hardly has any good night’s rest thanks to Ferris’ constant abusing and the tons of work Sion throws at him. For a heavy sleeper like him, he could die from insomnia! Just a theory. And if he were to make up for all his sleep deprivation, he could break Rip Van Winkle’s record. Ferris’ character in the end really thrown me off-guard. I never thought she would turn into something like a tsundere! Maybe all those initial hints of abusing and teasing Ryner is a way of showing her tough love for that guy. After all, who else would be so fitting to be her dango expert. At first many would hate Ferris for taking out and even making up stories for Ryner but somehow I felt the opposite. Would you like a straight heroine or one as eccentric as her? She too shows that she isn’t a perfect being with her own traumatic past that probably makes her what she is today. Somebody who only does what is right or wrong based on those sweet little dango balls. Speaking of which, I think her bottomless stomach for it would put Clannad’s Nagisa to shame. As the series progresses, we see her showing more emotions than before. So she’s not a heartless and cold b*tch like we all thought her to be (okay, maybe at least to Ryner). There is something that is more than meets the eye for Sion. He is always putting up his nice smile up to a point that I was suspicious and having reservations if his ideals were true or not. Even if it was, there were several points that indicate that there is much more going on behind this gentle facade, like his contorting angry expression that nobody else sees. His different way of analytical thinking and foresight are perhaps what makes him a good king because for instance he keeps dangerous people near him as he has use for them. You know what they say about keeping your friends close but your enemies closer. His inner self is something that puzzles me because it is just as mysterious as Lucile himself. Is he an ally or foe? His actions make you keep wondering if Lucile is just waiting for a moment to kill him when Sion slips up. Miran is also as enigmatic. My stereotype views on such ‘evil-looking’ characters would mean they had an ulterior motive and would do something despicable like betraying the kingdom in the end. However as for now and till this series ends, he is still sticking to Sion even if he did some questionable things. Somebody has to dirty their hands.

Because of the final arc of Sion fighting with his inner self, many of the other characters were sidelined such as Milk, Claugh, Calne, Noa, Iris and the Orla siblings. Tiir leading a group of God’s Eyes bearers in the end would also be interesting watch since there will be a third force that will be clashing between Roland and Gastark. Too bad, he too got sidelined when the story focuses more on Sion at the end. I also thought Kiefer would be reunited with Ryner (and possibly see a love triangle or quadruple – but who am I kidding?) so it felt somewhat ‘injustice’ that they just glimpse each other in the end. Milk’s naivety makes her another funny and amusing character. Without her Taboo Breakers Squad guys, I don’t think she would manage to get by even if her feelings to protect Ryner and kindness to all those living are strong. Noa was initially staying at Roland as some sort of prisoner but came close to Claugh enough to care for him likewise Calne and Eslina did. It’s funny to see Claugh and Calne teasing each other when it comes to women. With lots of other side characters, some of them were killed off. Some expected (like those arrogant betraying double-crossing bastards) and some unexpected like Fiole’s. His appearance was so short as I thought he would have a little more screen time seeing he serves an important position to Sion but got murdered a few episodes later. And then there are some who came back from the dead like those undead human experiments (duh…) and Lieral (well, at least Ryner thought of him to be dead).

I need to mention something about the action sequences. The sword fights and magic battles are rather okay and nothing that will blow your mind away. But the thing that may bother certain people is the bloody and gruesome deaths that befall on the characters. It is very graphic so if you’re not used to seeing limbs getting chopped off even if this is just 2D animation, you may have that sense of throwing up. Everything is just so gory so much so the blood even stains the ‘camera’ from the viewers’ point of view. But yes, that is the horrible effects of war and I guess they’re purposely done for realism. Hey, you’re not going to see people being killed nicely, right? And what the heck is being killed nicely? Does that even exist? Another gripe that I have with this series is the darkness. My estimation that nearly half of each episode there will be dark scenes such as the deep dungeon or even the rainy storm. It is so pitch black that you can’t really see anything. I had to strain my eye each time, thinking that I would miss something important. I thought I was going to blame my hardware problem but this wasn’t so as after turning up the brightness and contrast levels, it just feels too dark.

The irony that had my eyebrows raised is the reason for going to war. Whatever they may be, trying to save the world by killing off others and fighting doesn’t seem convincing enough. It’s just the same like killing off all those that opposes you and all that is left are those who agree and are on your side. And yes, the effects of war are definitely that will affect the land of the people, who are the ones who really suffer. So why can’t we just sit down and have a nice talk to iron out our differences? Why must we get violent and spill blood to show our might and who is right? Is it because it is our deep and dark human nature? Simply, it’s because we can. Just think about it. Why do men still dare cheat on their wives knowing well the consequences and even if they get caught in the end? Because they can. So it’s true though how dreadful it is, as long as difference in nations, race, religion and ideals exist, war is unavoidable. I guess it beats destroying the whole damn world so that we can start from scratch again.

Jun Fukuyama excels in his role as Ryner. I guess he really does fit the character as you’d be amuse with his different kind of moods whether be it serious, rebutting or joking. After voicing various roles like Lelouch in Code Geass, Lawrence in Spice And Wolf and Watanuki in xxxHolic, I feel that there is no one else suitable in playing Ryner but him. Ayahi Takagaki as Ferris (Mikako in Sora No Otoshimono, Noe in True Tears) is also befitting of her character especially her usual deadpan voice, slightly dramatic tone when making up stories about Ryner’s wild beast and the all-omniscient expert on dango. Daisuke Ono as Sion (Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji, Koizumi in Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu) is also appropriate for the hero king seeing he sounds better when using his calm and gentle voice. Other casts include Fuyuka Oura as Kiefer (Hiro in Kaibutsu Oujo, Ren in To Love-Ru series), Mikako Takahashi as Noa (Rushuna in Grenadier), Saki Fujita as Milk (Ao in Yozakura Quartet), Tomokazu Sugita as Lucile (Gintoki in Ginatama), Tomosa Murata as Iris, Atsushi Imaruoka as Claugh (Dallas in Baccano), Miyuki Sawashiro as Calne (Shinku in Rozen Maiden), Junichi Suwabe as Miran (Atobe in Prince Of Tennis), Takahiro Sakurai as Tiir (Suzaku in Code Geass), Mariya Ise as Kuu (Aruka in Needless), Takuma Terashima as Sui (Arima in Princess Lover) and Kazuya Nakai as Refal (Zoro in One Piece). On a trivial note, some of the next episode preview which is narrated by Ryner is amusing because it really reflects that he prefers to nap rather than going through all those ‘troublesome’ and ‘bothersome’ deeds.

War is really one big messy affair. It is good if we learn from it and move forward. But often it doesn’t and what makes it sadder that many of them are avoidable if people just come to understand each other a little bit more and show some tolerance. That’s why heroes are made, the antagonist becomes the scapegoat and history rewritten. With all the recent uprising and rebellion of the people towards those holding high power, it’s up to you to think whether it is a good or bad thing in the overall picture. But really, how do we put a stop to wars once and for all? Do we need to find that special Heroes Relic or the rise of a special saviour-cum-hero that will bring salvation to the land? Ah, screw all that. Sounds too complicated after all. Aha! Maybe we need more nap time so that we can sleep over it and yes, dangos.

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