To Aru Kagaku No Accelerator

December 15, 2019

Tch. I suppose with the less than well received third season of To Aru Majutsu No Index, the producers need to come up with something fast to appease all that disappointment. And that solution came in the form of To Aru Kagaku No Accelerator. What a way to make the series’ most beloved hero, uhm, I mean villain, oh wait, make that anti-hero become the star of his own spinoff series. After all, it is about time the best ranked, number 1 and strongest Level 5 esper in Academy City should get his own mini series. I mean, why should a certain Level 0 and a certain biri-biri get all the attention so far? In any case, Accelerator somewhat became an angel by the end of the third Index season and hence deserves this spinoff, right?!

Episode 1
Yomikawa and her Anti-Skill team are trying to track down thieves. In this air compressing R&D facility, it seems the thieves have stolen something and gotten away with it. Meanwhile Last Order is bugging Accelerator to not stay late. Because it’s the day his bandages come off, she wants to celebrate this ‘holiday’! Tch. Yeah, she wants to throw a party too. Soon, Yomikawa enters the hospital. Since Yoshikawa is there, Yomikawa explains the R&D was secretly developing a secret weapon but it got stolen. Because the facility refused to divulge any more info, it could mean they are related to the governing board. After researching, they concluded the thieves stole the weapon to use it against Accelerator. Oh look, they’re here now. The hospital is put on evacuation. Accelerator doesn’t even give a damn to budge and Last Order wants to protect her cake! She baked hard for it, you know. Yoko Takata is slicing things up with her new weapon while Hiromi Nakahara replenishes her when her ammo runs out and Minori Kidera just, uhm, accompanying them? Because they are just high school kids, Anti-Skill can’t even hurt them? How then? How far can they back up until their backs are against the wall? But Yoko can’t kill them too because Hiromi disallows her. Cue for Accelerator to drop in. Time to have fun. They think it’s going to be hard to kill him? Well, Accelerator thinks it’ll be easy to kill them! I think he would have gone all out had not Last Order got in the way. Yoko’s goal is to take Accelerator’s genes. Yeah, his blood dripped onto Last Order’s cake bag. Yoko takes it and flees with Minori but leaves down and out Hiromi behind. So I guess Accelerator has to go after them since the bag is so important, right? Yoko reveals their ultimate goal to sell Accelerator’s DNA and become rich. They will return to rescue Hiromi but first they have to make a clean getaway. Not when Accelerator is standing in the way. He has also figured out things like the weapon is just a high pressure water cutter. Because nitrogen gets spread, this makes anyone who get close to them dizzy due to lack of oxygen. The only reason why Yoko’s team can still function is because Minori’s ability to control the air around them although it is only for a close proximity. Accelerator defeats them and destroys the weapon. He would have killed Yoko but with Minori trying to protect her despite shaking all over, I guess doesn’t want to be a true villain today. Back at the hospital, Last Order is happy to get the bag back. Then she gives it to him. Happy recovery holiday? I guess he’s not interested in the party plans she has laid out for him.

Episode 2
Hasami Hitokawa killed herself by drowning. However she failed and is still alive. But the paramedics decide to kill her and use her pyrokinetic abilities. Now she’s scared to die? We see members of Anti-Skill infiltrating the hospital just to chase down a hooded target Esther Rosenthal. She enters Accelerator’s room but is then cornered by Anti-Skill and taken down. You’d think Accelerator didn’t give a damn with all the commotion but rather he offed all his senses so he can read in peace. Once Accelerator reactivates his senses, he sees a dropped photo by Esther. A picture of Last Order? So he goes down to confront Anti-Skill. He can tell they are fakes because real Anti-Skill will never point a gun at an unarmed civilian. Then they reveal they are DA who will bring true justice to Academy City. I guess they don’t know who Accelerator is so they think they can dispense their justice on him. Yeah, the bullet just ricochet back at him. This is your justice? Now let Accelerator show his! Hey, do villains have justice? Then they bring out this hideous monster machine known as Coffin to fight him. But of course it is still no match for Accelerator. Before he could chase those fleeing baddies, the corpse of Hasami drops out from the machine. This traumatizes Accelerator because it reminds him of the Sisters he killed. When Yomikawa and the real Anti-Skill show up, he tells them about the body has been dead for 2 days despite looking very preserved and clean. He believes they must have drawn out her abilities to be used in the machine and even raised its level. Meanwhile the members of DA are conferencing about this failed mission. Especially Esther who got away as she is a very important factor for the Waste Recycle Experiment. The guy who failed wants to make it up as he fears being tossed away for being useless. Mikihiko Hishigata is tasked to clean this up so he kills that failed guy. Accelerator returns to his room only to see Esther who needs his help. He isn’t interested and threatens he isn’t a champion of justice. She can tell he is not a bad person but if he wants to kill her, go ahead. But in turn please use his power to save the world. She blames herself for being the root of this problem and many more are going to die if this is not stopped. It seems Last Order is an essential part of their plans to shift the world to a new level. I guess that killed his vibe to kill her. Yeah, so why decide to take on the job she dumped on him? He wants her to lead him to their base and he’ll show it to them their true style of a villain.

Episode 3
Busting into this warehouse, before them is a giant robot, Qionghe. Piloting it is Hishigata. Though he credits Esther for teaching him about necromancy, she is the same like him because they bring back the dead just to serve the purposes of the living. Hishigata won’t stay to fight Accelerator and flees. Smart choice. At least he knows what he is up against. Returning to the hospital, Last Order is jealous Accelerator brought back another woman and throws food boxes at him! Why do that if you’re going to be scared? But thankfully he didn’t get mad. Time to go out and eat. So, uhm, everything is okay? At the diner, not sure what kind of life Esther did because she’s so fascinated with all the food in the menu. Last Order describing how tasty they are while Accelerator adds the sarcastic but truthful touch. With DA still weighing heavily on his mind, Accelerator calls Yoshikawa for answers but she doesn’t know a thing. As Last Order goes for her usual check-up, the doctor tells Accelerator about Hasami. Anti-Skill requested he take a look at her body but after being dead for 3 days, there’s nothing he could do. Except he found a talisman in her mouth. Esther recognizes it as a low level spiritual charm. They go examine Hasami’s body as Esther explains about her family’s roots in necromancy of transplanting a false soul into a dead body and freely controlling it. Then there’s more technical sci-fi sh*t I just can’t understand but basically what Esther is going to do to Hasami’s body is to restart it. When a hologram of her brain lobes appear, Accelerator curiously touches it. He sees snippets of Hasami’s life from young till her suicide and ‘second death’ by those fake paramedics. Esther’s ritual is successful when a couple of fake Anti-Skill guys tell them to scram so they can look at the body. But Accelerator stole their solution that is supposedly to rid of the corpse. I guess we’re going to fight now, huh? And also Hasami returns to life…

Episode 4
Hasami returns to life as Huotou, a pseudo-soul. She targets the attackers but Accelerator wants to have fun showing these bastards what it means to be monsters. Unfortunately his injuries were too much for him to handle just when he was about to have fun. He collapses and one of the perpetrators got away. So much so he bumps into one of the Sisters and takes her hostage as he flees with his other comrades. Meanwhile Hishigata contacts Nakimoto. Because he views DA’s activities getting to be more brazen lately, he doesn’t want them to obstruct his upcoming plans. Hence Nakimoto thinks of cutting DA off and has Scavengers do the job. You mean this quartet of hot weirdo chicks? Okay. Accelerator wakes up in hospital. The doctor did a good operation on him. A Sister visits him to leave him a note from Esther. Looks like she and Huotou has gone looking for DA. And you know Accelerator is going to get involved too once he learns one of the Sisters has been abducted. A timely call from Yoshikawa to dispense what she has researched on DA. It stands for Disciplinary Action and as the name suggests, they take punitive action. They are formed by rejected members of Anti-Skill and will do anything to bring about their version of justice. The problem is that they have a huge number of sympathizers from bigwigs to scientists who support and fund them with high technology weapons and info. However with DA going berserk now, there is word they will be purged. Sounds like fun to Accelerator. Bet you he wants to join in this evil party? Hishigata notes a Sister in custody and wants her. In the name of justice, of course. Yomikawa is shocked that lots of info on the members of DA is popping up. Yeah, it’s like a whole lot of them right under their noses. Then a warehouse which is supposedly their base explodes. Scavengers trying to do their purging job.

Episode 5
Anti-Skill is engaged in a heated battle with DA. Some are complaining to Hishigata about the completion of a certain weapon but he blames Esther getting in the way of getting Last Order so that’s that. But he can improvise as long as they bring him a Sister. Of course this is just a ploy by Hishigata to get the Sister. Once he gets his hands on her, he’ll desert this group. With DA cornered by the reinforcement might of Anti-Skill, they decide to use Tarantula. Yup, a devastating killing machine! See Anti-Skill drop dead like flies! Yomikawa tries to stop a small group delivering the kidnapped Sister. She is appalled to see her being abducted. Then Scavengers come into the picture to rout what’s left of DA and even taking out the mighty Tarantula. With the place crumbling, Yomikawa desperately tries to save the Sister. Slipped. But don’t worry. Esther is here to save the day. Scavengers will let her live if she leaves the Sister behind but with Yomikawa protecting Esther, Scavengers are through playing nice girls so they’re going to just kill them all anyway. Before you forget Accelerator is the main star of this show, looks like he has ‘rested’ enough so he is going to continue with his mission. Just the rehab he needs which is so much better than lying in hospital, right? Time for the big player to get into the game.

Episode 6
Scavenger believes educators (I suppose that’s their term for adults) are the root of all evil. Hence they are ruining the minds of kids in Academy City. So if they kill them one by one, they’ll eventually get to the principal (I suppose that’s their term for the big boss of whoever is running Academy City). Yomikawa tries to convince them that not all adults are bad. That didn’t work because a DA survivor tries to kill them. Yeah, got killed off promptly. Yomikawa didn’t stand a chance. Luckily Huotou comes to her aid but after taking a pounding, Esther helps reinforce her with some dirt armour to give her a chance to fight back. But with Naru turning her bunny mascot into a giant driller, I wonder how long Huotou’s arms are and will it be enough to stop the drilling? This is the cue for our hero, I mean villain, oops I mean anti-hero… Whatever… Accelerator drops in to have fun! Esther, you looking so relieved and happy. Leader is fascinated with him and wants him to join them. Accelerator ignores her till she throws a tantrum. Then he throws Tarantula at her! Scavenger thinks using their undefeated combo will defeat him. Confident burning him in this Iron Maiden will do the trick, huh? Surprise! Still alive! Yeah, Accelerator is going to be your sensei and teach you how to be a true villain! They start to be afraid (make that very afraid) when they learn he is Academy City’s number 1 esper. You mean they didn’t know?! Oh well… Now you do. As he takes them down mercilessly one by one, Leader starts to panic. Really, sh*t hits the fan. So much so Leader wets her pants and passes out! Oh Accelerator, I hope that didn’t disappoint you. But this sure isn’t much of a rehab, huh?

Episode 7
Accelerator is not appreciative that Esther is praising him that despite his destructive powers, he doesn’t kill. He might look wild and unmannered but he still helps others. And because of that, she wants him to become her master! No thanks! She even has Huotou help bug him to take on that role. I wonder if this will make him really want to kill them. I guess now she’s resorting to tears, huh? Not strong enough to stop the enemy, huh? Not Accelerator’s problem! Suddenly they are attacked by 3 machines whom Esther recognizes is controlled by Hirumi (Hishigata’s sister). Accelerator fights them but this is a distraction just to kidnap the Sister. As Accelerator chases after them, Esther explains to Yomikawa about the artificial soul inhibiting Hasami’s body. And then some mumbo jumbo about how special pseudo souls that have been fine tuned for generations can be used in those machines. Hishigata is impressed Hirumi has gotten the Sister but now they need to shake off chasing Accelerator. While trying to stave off the machines, Hishigata is trying to download and copy the memories of the 10,000 deaths of the Sisters from this Sister to complete his experiment. Then he mocks Accelerator about trying to play the hero and save a Sister when he has killed lots of them. In fact, weren’t Sisters created just to be killed by him? Oh my. You wanna make him mad? Yeah. You did just that. Now he’s going really kill you! Esther, instead of getting in Accelerator’s way to chase after the machines, she has another way to put an end to this.

Episode 8
Flashback episode. Hishigata and Hirumi seem to be infatuated to go to Level 6. But with failed results, they call in a necromancer, Esther for help and safety purposes. Of course with Esther using talisman and other rituals that science can’t really explain, Hishigata isn’t going to accept all that. Currently his research on a huge machine is at the crossroads. Though he needs some corpse to power it, the experiment cannot carry on if vital life support organs fail to support life and needs something else that can step in to do so. With Esther having trouble in a foreign land, Hirumi shows her around and they even become best friends. A promise to help each other out too, huh? More mumbo jumbo terms I can’t understand regarding this experiment. Scavengers were girls in debt and were forced to go along in this experiment. Something about the bigger the machine, the more power it draws out their abilities. Hence there will be no limit to growth and theoretically it will be easy for anyone to go into Level 6. However with Hirumi being eager for that, Hishigata has always been lying to her and feeding some placebo experiments on her. But one day when Hirumi really wants to become the subject in the experiment, Hishigata will not allow her despite Esther being their safety device. Besides, he has never seen Esther’s necromancy at work ever since she came. Also, he doesn’t think it is worth risking one’s life to get to Level 6 and at this rate if everything goes well, it will take 2 years. Apparently that is not enough time for Hirumi. So she went to commit suicide. Before that she left a video for them and there’s something about some illness she is also suffering. Can’t wait that long. She hopes this would push him forward and that her death wasn’t in vain. Hishigata is in despair and Esther knows her pseudo soul thingy cannot bring the real Hirumi back. Going all for broke, Hishigata puts Hirumi’s body into the machine. Surprisingly, she wakes up as the machine. Then a disagreement breaks out between Hishigata’s other fellow colleague. Hishigata wants to take Hirumi and leave Academy City but the rest disagrees. Then Hirumi starts knocking Hishigata out and killing everyone else. At this point, Esther realizes this is not Hirumi. In fact Hirumi already died some time ago when she used one of Esther’s talisman. So playing Hirumi would be easier to control her brother for now. She then forces Esther to work for her. And then something about Hirumi being like a Schrodinger’s Cat because she is neither alive nor dead and thus the reason Esther has to stick with her. Now, Esther pulls out Emperor Shun’s Blade in hopes of putting an end to this madness.

Episode 9
With Accelerator hot on their tail, the little tussle loose a few cables. This frustrates Hishigata but Hirumi has an idea. Instead of fighting head on with Accelerator, they stall him. Meaning, the robots attack the innocent people and this forces Accelerator to protect them. Best or worst villain ever? Though they get away, Accelerator knows which direction they went. Once the robot is back at their base, the direct cable downloads faster. Just in time for Accelerator to bust in and save Sister. Hishigata isn’t fazed. He has finished downloading and installed the 10,031 Sister deaths and incorporated into his formula for the machines. He has them tackle Accelerator while he finishes his ultimate goal to turn Hirumi into Level 6. The robots are now enhanced as they can teleport Accelerator and anything else within their visual range. But after a while, Accelerator figures things out. Using friction and all the debris around, he spins fast enough to make a fire tornado and disables the machines’ visuals. Easy victory. Hishigata expected this since this was just to buy time and Hirumi’s upgrade is almost complete. It’s now or never for Esther as perhaps thinks there isn’t enough time so she rushes in to stab Hirumi with Emperor Shun’s Blade but WTF Hishigata is faster and uses his body to block?! Oh Esther, you just killed a human!

Episode 10
When Hirumi wakes up, she gets mad believing Esther has stabbed her brother. So mad that she is glowing red?! And plugging cables to herself?! Is she the female Dr Octopus? So becoming Level 6 is turning into this giant hideous tentacle monster? Hishigata is ecstatic his research has come to fruition. Esther tries to tell him that is not Hirumi all along but Taowu, one of the pseudo souls that has gone astray. He doesn’t believe and asks Hirumi himself. At first Hirumi acts like the little sister he knows. Suddenly she stops and then resets. She reverts to Taowu and purges all memories of Hirumi. Taowu claims she has perfected necromancy for Rosenthal. Although pseudo souls cannot go against a master’s command, Taowu views herself as a higher being. In fact she was connected with another pseudo soul who claimed himself to be the devil! Taowu reminds Esther about Rosenthal’s goal to create the perfect golem. Flashback when the founder dabbled in necromancy, the leaders did not like this idea and casted him out. His subsequent generations then found its way to the east and incorporate some of their Taoism and the likes. Hence the goal of creating a perfect golem possessing a perfect soul and a perfect body that would be on par with God. Now with the formula of 10,000 deaths appended to the Sephirothic tree that becomes Taowu’s pseudo soul. Esther tries to command her not to tamper with death and reincarnation as well as not to do evil stuffs. Unfortunately Taowu isn’t going to let go of this newfound power. It is revealed that the devil who merged with Taowu is in fact Isaac, Rosenthal’s fourth family head. Because of him dabbling in necromancy (turning people into zombies?), he is often called the devil. Ironically, a devil trying to create God? Isaac continues to mock Esther that as a necromancer, she brings death wherever she goes. Had Hirumi not think she is one, she wouldn’t have committed suicide. Esther falls into depression so Isaac tells this failure to sit back and watch him become God. So I guess this tree is part of the process? Esther continues to wallow in depression, believing she has been wrong from the start. You think Accelerator cares? You sad girl just sit back and watch him kick God’s ass!

Episode 11
Gosh. The budget must have ran out since this episode is entirely in sepia-monochrome colour! Or did Isaac become God and sucked away all the colour? Well, Isaac sure knows how to get on Accelerator’s goat by mentioning the 10,031 deaths that could only be found in Academy City. So what else? It’s pulverizing time! But no matter how many times Accelerator destroys this monster, it regenerates. Because Isaac hasn’t completely become God yet, he still needs some time to evolve and hence won’t play with Accelerator. Hence our heroes have to trek in and find the charm of the pseudo soul and destroy it with the Emperor Shun’s Blade. Although the abomination is getting bigger, Isaac decides to evolve faster as he devours the DA members. Even though Anti-Skill is ordered not to engage, I guess common sense would have them to go in to rescue. Hey, nobody said they could do a rescue mission, right? Isaac then uses the corpses of the devoured DA guys to fend off Accelerator and co. So is this going to turn into a zombie flick? But better hurry. Isaac is close to becoming God.

Episode 12
With Isaac’s evolution complete, can Accelerator not do anything? But lucky. Because Isaac devoured too many DA members, he starts to hear voices in his head. He starts to feel conflicted because their wish is to bring justice to Academy City. Enough time for Accelerator and co to head up right to the core and confront him. Esther heads straight to stab Emperor Shun’s Blade but Isaac putting that cutie Hirumi act of please-don’t-kill-me-again, Esther hesitates and fails. Yeah, even annoyed Accelerator had to tell her off and be a proper hero! But Isaac experiences more interruption. Hishigata and Sister did some unplugging. The irony is that despite Isaac being God, he is still connected to the Coffin containing Hirumi’s body. This might be impossible to kill him but it bought some time for Esther to final stab in the blade. With that, Isaac is purged. Oh, Hirumi returns for a short while just to say goodbye. Bye. Sad Esther watches Hirumi’s body disintegrate. Don’t worry, Hishigata will soon follow you in the afterlife. With God gone, can we get back our colour now? Oh, what’s the problem now? You mean the power built up inside this blob is going to explode and level Academy City? Okay, time for another ‘hero’ to do his stuff. Otherwise this final episode and spinoff would be meaningless. Yeah, can’t let anything happen to his loli who is sleeping so snugly now. Hence Accelerator uses all that he can to channel the blast into outer space! Woah! I wonder which unfortunate planet or star will get hit by God’s wrath. But not our problem! Esther is so glad her master didn’t die. Of course! He is the hero! I mean, villain. I mean anti-hero.

Back at the hospital, Accelerator doesn’t give a damn what Last Order is b*tching about. So he sends her to some district to buy coffee. Sure you want to send her away that far? Then Yoshikawa comes in to apologize for getting Accelerator involved. But she wants to know what really happened. The report just said Hishigata’s experiments went wrong but she thinks there is more to it as Accelerator was the core of it. Not that he cares. There’s no other damage, right? See? Good enough. Esther has an emotional farewell as she is about to release Huotou. Huotou had to borrow Accelerator’s words to remind her to become a hero. And even if Huotou loses her memories, Esther won’t. And then Esther parts ways with Accelerator. She’s going back to rebuild her family’s name. I guess that’s fine with him because he could use one less babe in his life. Because Last Order and Sister are arguing over who to play nurse with him!!! So much so he gets out and while taking a breather pondering how some villains are behind all this, some suitcase crashes nearby and some drones shoot it. There goes his coffee. Wreck the entire building just to destroy the drones? Yeah. Bad day. And out from the suitcase is an unconscious bride? Wow. Academy City sure never gets boring.

Uchi No Last Order No Tame Naraba, Ore Wa Zettai Ni Kami Mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai
Oh, Academy City. What will we do without Accelerator around? Yeah, safe to say that without this dude, Academy City would have been toast a long time ago. Or maybe it is because of weirdoes like him that it attracts even more weirdoes. And I’m not sure if trouble in the form of troubled babes come looking for Accelerator because this spinoff sure makes it look like that. What now? That bride trying to run away from an arranged marriage and perhaps forcing Accelerator to play her husband?! Tch. But yeah, Accelerator doesn’t give a damn as long as he could keep Last Order safe. Putting up with her incessant complaints, lecturing and the likes is just a small price to pay. Academy City has got to be grateful that they have the world’s best hero, I mean world’s best villain, I mean world’s worst villain, I mean, oh heck, I give up. Just don’t piss him off.

Honestly, I didn’t find anything interesting about the story. But that doesn’t mean that it is overall bad and disappointing. It is bearable and tolerable only because it is just a single cour. Unlike the series that has Touma and Misaka as the main stars, those lasted for 2 cours and at least have 2 seasons worth of stories. Accelerator is just the side character in those series and at most a supporting character in arcs that he is heavily featured. Hence for this own spinoff series of his, despite being the main star, as usual he doesn’t really give a damn about what’s going on. He doesn’t care about the science in bringing back the dead or using fake souls to reanimate corpse and even more importantly, the f*ck somebody’s grand idea of becoming God. Oh yeah. It’s that cliché and one of the most overused reasons why a bad guy is a bad guy. You try to mess with him, all Accelerator cares is that he’ll beat the crap out of you!!! Oh yeah. That’s the only plot that I understand for this spinoff!

As for Accelerator himself, I guess some would say that he is better than Touma because of his status as an anti-hero. Because he isn’t exactly a hero, he doesn’t give a damn nor does he somewhat virtue signals like Touma. Therefore no such annoyance. Also, no Index. Yeah, I can see why this spinoff is so much more refreshing than the original one. The annoyance of Touma and Index are nowhere to be seen! Not even a hair! Like as though they don’t even exist in this universe at all! Uh huh. I thought they would make a very short cameo appearance by bumping into Accelerator or something but thank goodness that didn’t happen. In turn, I feel that the value of this series is kept intact! Isn’t it why this series feels so much better? Why do I sound like I’m an Accelerator fan now?

Anyway, Accelerator being Accelerator always at his own pace, he claims that he is a villain but as we know even from the original Index series that after his initial humiliation beat down by Touma, this guy tremendously changed. Maybe that is why so many prefer to relate with Accelerator because despite not doing so called virtuous stuffs, he doesn’t really do evil things either. He says that he is a villain but his actions show otherwise. Is he a hypocrite? Whatever you call it, Accelerator doesn’t give a damn! So while we can see that he doesn’t resort to the most vile of tactics (he doesn’t even kill!), he might not want to admit that he isn’t a hero but in most of our hearts, he is one! <3! XD! And I know what Accelerator is going to respond to all that who thinks so. He won’t give a damn! That’s so Accelerator for you. Never change, Accelerator. Never change.

Giving Accelerator’s reason to continue existing is of course the loli Last Order herself. She isn’t as prominent as I think she would be as she is just reduced to a role of being looking and acting cute. Yeah, I think that’s more than enough for her. Besides, imagine a cute loli like her go into the frontlines of the battle. That would be so odd. Also, Accelerator isn’t the kind who is a team player as he is best beating things up by himself. Therefore one of the oddest pairs ever in the history of anime as we have the badass anti-hero and a cute admin superior of the Misaka Network. Yup, Academy City for the umpteenth time is indeed a field of strange bedfellows.

The other characters are just pretty meh. Like Esther making her debut in this spinoff, she’s one of those characters who takes it upon herself to fix what she believes has gone wrong but ends up being very weak at it. Isn’t that why Accelerator has to help out? Hence I can’t help view her as some useless damsel in distress. She feels unnecessary but is forced to as to give a reason why Accelerator is dragged into this mess. Making it worse is that she becomes a self-proclaimed disciple of Accelerator. Like, WTF?! I don’t know if this is a possibility to turn this into a cheesy harem because thank goodness it didn’t. Accelerator already has got a loli, a bunch of Sister clones and now you want to add a necromancer to the pack? Give him a break! Not that he cares anyway. But considering Accelerator ‘cares’ a lot about Last Order, I’m figuring he is somewhat of a lolicon! And Huotou also feels underused. It is just to show us that Esther has some sort of fighting backup since Esther herself is lacking in any sort of martial arts. Esther looks like she isn’t staying around to be the spinoff’s mainstay (at least for now – and assuming this series will get another season) but I guess that’s what memories are for. Goodbye Esther. We won’t forget you too.

I don’t see how Yomikawa is relevant her. It’s like as though they’re trying to tell us there are some good adults in Academy City because as aa teacher and Anti-Skill member (in that order), she tries to help out the kids as much as she can. But being just a normal human, you think she has any chance against overpowered weirdoes and their weird technologies here? Yup. Didn’t think so. So far, she and her colleagues are pretty much lucky to have survived all the sh*t that has been going on in Academy City. Is this another way to say that good guys live longer and that crime doesn’t pay if you’re like those twisted justice seeking DA goons? Okay. Whatever. If only reality was like that…

Hishigata being the antagonist-but-not-the-real-main-antagonist-who-turned-over-a-new-leaf-to-help-things-out also doesn’t fare any better since his character feels pretty cliché as one of those obsessed personalities trying to achieve something. In this case, to reach Level 6. And then plot twist Hirumi not really his sister because she died some time ago but is inhabited by a pseudo soul and more importantly the true secret final boss of the series who is no other than one of the heads of the Rosenthal family, Isaac. Yeah, boring story and past. What’s new? Guys like him who wants to be perfected and become God? Yawn!!! This means all the other baddies like DA and Scavengers were like just side dishes. In some ways, I thought Scavengers were going to be like the sub-boss or something but the way Accelerator took them out without any sweat, boy I was wrong. You’ll never hear from them again. Just like Yoko and her cronies. Yeah, that just felt like appetizers and introduce to us Accelerator.

Action wise, I guess I can’t complain. They’re okay and not boring. But with Accelerator being the best Level 5 esper, he makes it look so easy when he goes up against many of his opponents. Yup, he looks like an overpowered character with his vector altering abilities. Not that I still understand how it works but I guess him being an anti-hero character who just smashes anything that gets in his way, maybe that’s the only thing I understand from the fight scenes. So it doesn’t matter how advanced technology you’ve got because they all look like pea shooters in the face of Accelerator or at least some other seemingly superior hi-tech equipment. With Accelerator being so powerful, sometimes I think he should go up against One Punch Man’s Saitama just to see who is the strongest!

Art and animation feel decent and nothing that would stray from the original Index series seeing this spinoff is done by the same J.C. Staff but this time joint with ACGT (Freezing, Dies Irae). Voice acting maintains the same seiyuus like Nobuhiko Okamoto as Accelerator and Rina Hidaka as Last Order. New casts joining this spinoff are Yurika Kubo as Esther (Hanayo in Love Live), Ryota Ohsaka as Hishigata (Marco in Shingeki No Kyojin), Ayumi Mano as Hirumi (Natsumi in Date A Live III) and Sayumi Watabe as Huotou/Hasami (Tachibana in Koi Wa Ameagari No You Ni). The opening theme is Shadow Is The Light by The Sixth Lie. This heavy rock outfit isn’t my cup of tea but the dark feel of this song suits this series as well as Accelerator like a glove. Another heavy rock outfit for the ending theme, Parole by Sajou No Hana. But this time it has heavy funky bass line and although not my cup of tea too, but if I had to choose, I’d prefer this one than the opener.

Overall, this series might be an improvement from the disappointing third Index season but it still has its flaws that doesn’t make it anywhere near a masterpiece. Not like Accelerator would care anyway. It feels this spinoff is to cater for Accelerator x Last Order fans and a transition to keep us occupied for those who are waiting for the arrival of the third Railgun season (which was supposed to premier at the end of 2019 but somewhat delayed to early 2020 and I’m guessing they don’t want either series to overshadow each other). That is why Academy City is interesting not only because of the myriad of weird people with twisted ideas and technologies but because of my pace characters like Accelerator who just pulverizes anything that gets in his way! You don’t need science or magic to understand that! Says me with full confidence and pride although sheepishly trying to hide and not admit that I might be a closet fan of Accelerator…

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