I guess the biri-biri was too tempting for it to be left alone and thus given another season. Or maybe it could be just me. Laugh all you want since my only motivation to watch a series loaded with scientific jargons and terms that only serve to destroy my brain cells each time I think about them, is no other than the tsundere electromagnetic master and super esper of Academy City. Folks, let’s hear it for the one and only Mikoto Misaka! Let me get this straight that I am not as obsessed with her as much as my beloved Mai Tokiha or Suigin Tou but for some weird reasons I myself can’t comprehend, I just can’t help find her cute and pretty. She did end up on my top 10 bishoujo list many years back.

Okay, enough of ranting about her and make it sound like I’m totally into her. Ahem. To Aru Kagaku No Railgun S is the second season in the Railgun series and I’ve lost count what season this is if you want to take To Aru Majutsu No Index into account. Like the ‘S’ in the title suggests, this season expands the Sisters Arc that was briefly seen in the first season of To Aru Majutsu No Index. This time Misaka takes the lead as we see from her story how she handles and goes about the conspiracy to produce her clones and let Academy City’s number one esper kill them all just to upgrade to the next unheard level. Even if they’re clones, I’m sure you’d feel the need to do something about them because hey, it’s your clones, right?

Episode 1
Saten seems to be in trouble with a bunch of delinquents. Don’t worry. Here comes Shirai and Uiharu to the rescue. But the one who really put out the baddies is Misaka since she used her railgun properties. They sure picked the wrong lady to mess with. At school, Misaka ends up in a confrontation with Misaki Shokuhou, a Level 5 esper also known as The Queen. Shokuhou wants to get ‘friendly’ with Misaka but she has her reservations. She threatens her by temporarily mind controlling all the students around because if they were to go one-on-one, Shokuhou will have no chance. She backs down and tells her this is a warning. As Misaka has been making too many friends lately, step into her territory and she’ll have to deal with her. Huh? Misaka meets up with her friends so that they can visit a friend in hospital, Banri. Yomikawa and Tessou are also at the hospital since a radical wannabe is being treated here and they’re tasked to transfer him to Anti-Skill hospital after that. Misaka takes her friends away and leaves Haruue with her just to get Banri a surprise gift. Till she realizes she left her bag back in Banri’s room. As Yomikawa and Tessou are about to retrieve the radical, they realize he has escaped with the help of his pals. They exchange gunfire since both sides passed each other at the hallway. The alarm is sound but so as not to panic the crowd, a fire alarm is reported instead of a terrorist act. Unfortunately Haruue gets taken hostage while they are trying to make their escape via rooftop. Saten and Misaka happen to pass by and was told the truth by Yomikawa. They vow to save her friend. Misaka uses the window to get to the top. Her electromagnetic powers enable her to do so. Saten takes the old fashion ladders. The baddies ride the helicopter and Haruue is also taken along. But they can’t lift off because Misaka is using her electromagnetic powers to keep it grounded. They throw Haruue out so Misaka has no choice but to jump and save her. She misses but thankfully Saten was there to grab her. What a risky move. When everyone is safe, I guess it’s payback time. Misaka with Shirai’s teleportation help, catches up to the helicopter as she unleashes her trademark coin flipping electric zapping move to blow the helicopter out of the sky (but into the river) and then apprehend them. They realized too late they are dealing with Tokiwadai’s strongest electro esper. Banri receives a uniform gift from her friends though Misaka regrets she should have gotten a better surprise gift (the gift shop was closed anyway). But Banri says she was really surprised and happy.

Episode 2
When Misaki was young, a doctor showed her how a patient suffered from some muscular dystrophy and no matter how hard he tried, he could never regain the use of his muscles. Thus he managed to get her to agree to use her powers to cure those who suffer from the same disease. Back in present time, Misaki reprimands Shirai for another one of her perverted ways. She reluctantly follows her to a tight alley, supposed to be some short cut. However there are many people using it. Accidentally they find a money card underneath an air-cond. Reporting it to Uiharu, it seems the number of reported cases of finding money cards in alleys has jumped. They are real and have different values in it. Someone seems to be planting them but no fingerprints were found. Thus the alleys recently have seen an increased in ‘traffic’ as many are searching for them. Misaka sees Saten in the midst of money card hunting. Her nose can lead her to the next card? Anyway she’s got a bunch of them! Saten notes that she tried to say hi to her earlier but was ignored. Misaka asserts it wasn’t her as she was with Shirai and Uiharu. Saten takes Misaka on a money card hunt but at the end of the day, Misaka wants her to report the cards she found. After she leaves, Misaka eavesdrops several Skillout guys talking how they have found the culprit planting the money cards and intend to pay that person a visit. They see a lone girl, Shinobu Nunotaba (looks like Chihayafuru’s Shinobu?) and threaten her to give all the money cards she has. They don’t believe she only has this little on her. They threaten to get rough but she remains calm. They search the building as one of them guards her. He notices her school crest, Nagatenjouki Academy, one of the 5 elite schools in town and that she must be a freaking powerful esper. He starts freaking out as Shinobu calmly goes up close to him. His pals return when they heard him scream and see him dead. Shinobu mentions about her powers that it affects those whom she touches. Speaking of which, she did touch them, right? They start sweating in their pants but when she offs the lights, his other pals scream and fall dead. Now the boss is left. He too is panicking. Lights out again. Stalking in the dark. She has touched him. All that is left is to lower her right hand and he’ll get a painless death. Now he’s begging for his life. I guess he was so scared that he fainted. Misaka has been watching the ‘performance’ and gives her applause. Seems Shinobu used anaesthetic to knock them out and pop their head with a paper pop gun. But Shinobu notes Misaka as the original one.

Episode 3
Misaka has heard many rumours wherever she goes. There are plans to clone one of the Level 5 espers and that the Railgun was picked. Shinobu asserts Misaka to have her manners since she is talking to a senior. Seems Shinobu was involved in some project and the details and purpose of it has changed since she left. But she won’t tell Misaka as she is not strong enough to deal with the truth. She reveals she was scattering those money cards to eliminate blind spots so she can send people into alleyways to prevent experiments to be carried out there. She felt she was careless as someone had seen and followed her. She can’t leave behind any evidence and burns away a stack of papers. The place is on fire and she doesn’t care about the Skillout guys. It’s not her problem. Shinobu flees and Misaka is left to do the cleanup job and manage to get away undetected. Later Misaka hacks the database to find out more about Shinobu. Seems she is a genius in the biopsychology field from a young age and what a coincidence she worked at the hospital where Misaka gave her DNA. That hospital is now closed. Since it is no use to ask her directly, she is going to sneak in. Meanwhile Saten shows off her many money cards she has got to Haruue. Guess what? She has got twice, thrice or maybe ten times more than her! Complete defeat! Along with Uiharu they discuss about doppelgangers since they thought they saw Misaka but wasn’t really her. As for Shirai, she managed to trick the dorm lady that Misaka is in by using some voice projector. Then she gets horny with Misaka’s teddy bear. I guess this substitute will do.

Misaka sneaks into the lab with some easy hacking (I guess it must be a long day for the guards). She almost got spotted but the alarm goes off. Could she have really been spotted? Taking advantage of the chaos, she enters a suspicious lab room to see human sized capsules. As for the guards, they remembered that somebody was supposed to come to delete some data of some frozen project and she forgot her pass, thus the alarm went off. Misaka hacks into the system to read the final report of the Radio Noise, Sisters Project. From what I understand, the project was supposed to clone the Railgun with 100% certainty instead of leaving it to miniscule chances of nature. So they got her DNA and added some kind of other chemicals to nurture her development which was under the supervision of Shinobu. The Railgun was successfully cultivated in 14 days. Misaka realizes the reason why her DNA was given and that the rumours about her clone were true. After that, the project went into phase 2 to mass produce Sisters but based on the supercomputer of Tree Diagram, the Sisters’ ability is less than 1% powerful as of the original. They were merely only Level 2 and the strongest ones could only reached Level 3. Therefore there was no further use in continuing this project as creating a Level 5 clone is impossible. The project is suspended indefinitely to minimize cost and losses. Misaka is relieved to hear this and that there are no clones. The rumours just somehow snowballed. After she leaves, the guard guides a Misaka clone who then erases all the data the original Misaka saw.

Episode 4
A couple of scientists are seen developing a Misaka clone. Meanwhile Shirai is freaking out. Misaka is in good mood and polite. Is this really her onee-sama she knows? Till she tries to get perverted with her and gets zapped. That’s her alright. After meeting up with the rest of their friends, the all go shopping for rice cooker (Misaka the haggler?) followed by picking swimsuit for Haruue. Later as they stop for a drink, Saten notes this is the place where she saw Misaka’s doppelganger. Misaka just coolly brushes off that rumour and they talk about the what-ifs if they had a clone. Meanwhile the scientists have completed the clone but need to develop and fine tune her since her mind is like a baby. When they are done installing knowledge and whatever info in her head, it seems as noted they lack emotions. Reason is that they don’t want unnecessary revolts just because emotions were planted. Besides, they don’t have the technology to implant emotions. She is given more ‘education’ so much so she is confident of going outside. But the scientists mention the world doesn’t always work in the way she has learnt things and there is a chance she might encounter the original. Not that it would hinder the experiment anyway. When Misaka is alone at the park, I guess she was humming how bored she was so the kids in the neighbourhood heard it and she is forced to play with them. She learns one of them has a bit of electric powers but after so much concentrating, all he can output is just a small burst of electricity. Misaka encourages him that if he continues to practice, he can use it for a lot of things. Misaka gets excited when she sees a Gekota badge on one of the girls. Interested to have it? They bring her to a gachapon machine where she got it. Since it’s analogue, she can’t use her powers to cheat. And so begins the coin by coin adventure in hopes of landing that elusive Gekota. Elusive it is because after emptying several gachapon machines and filling up 2 baskets full of them, there is no Gekota badge! Try another one near the station. Desperate, isn’t she? The girl would really love to give hers but you know how stubborn Misaka can be… After another basket full, she finally lands it! See the big relief on her face. See the big relief on the kids’ face. Thank goodness it has ended. After they part, Misaka senses some electric sensation. She fears there may be someone with similar powers to her and follows it. To her surprise, she sees a clone of herself before her eyes. Who the hell…

Episode 5
Due to some circumstances, Misaka clone is more interested in the cat stuck up in the tree. The original is getting frustrated by her retarded answer and short attention span. She has no choice but to play along with her pace and ends up helping to save the cat. Why does Misaka have to be at the bottom? Plus, the clone uses her body as a launching pad to save the cat when it slips. Even so, she uses her skirt to catch it! No kiddie shorts underneath? Shima pantsu… Misaka continues to seek for answers but since she failed in some long-winded authorization code, the clone notices she is not part of the experiment and whatever she is asked is classified. Just annoying, isn’t it? Misaka follows the clone in hopes she will go back to her lab only to see her get distracted by annoying things. She ends up arguing if there are more clones out there. So much so, the ice cream seller takes pity in seeing the ‘twins’ quarrelling, gives them ice cream on the house and hopes they will make up. The clone is cheeky enough to eat Misaka’s ice cream, lie about it and then pesters her to treat her to good tea. Why does she even bother? By night fall, the clone apologizes that she won’t be able to meet her creator even if she follows her. Misaka has an idea and puts the Gekota badge on her just to see if it looks good on her. Despite the clone commenting on its lameness, she won’t hand it back and wants to keep it! Misaka has had it and leaves while the clone says farewell.

Misaka calls Uiharu to check about to authorization code the clone said. She thinks it’s a clearance code for information with ranked A security. Misaka hacks into the system and learns more about it. This time, a methodology to shift into Level 6. As there are 7 Level 5 espers, only one of them has the potential to achieve Level 6. Through standard curriculum, it will take 250 years and thus this course was abandoned in favour of advancing combat growth and ability. By preparing certain battlefield situations and given scenarios, they have found a way to manipulate the direction of advancement. It is concluded that with 128 different scenarios, the subject can shift to Level 6 after killing the Railgun 128 times. Since it is impossible to have that much Railguns, they decided to use Sisters from the Radio Noise Project as replacement. Thus, by using 20,000 Sisters in various combat scenarios, Level 6 is achievable. Misaka is shocked to learn about the killing of her clones. Speaking of which, the clone enters a showdown with Accelerator. This is the 9,982nd experiment. Clearly the crazy dude is more powerful and the clone is left retreating. Accelerator teases and taunts the retreating Railgun. The trap she sets doesn’t even work. She is out of options. This has Accelerator tears of one of her legs! She is crawling to get the Gekota badge she drops. Perhaps the only thing she treasures right now. Accelerator is done with tonight’s experiment and will finish her. Misaka realizes her clone’s words in an experiment right now and rushes to the alleyway. Relieved that there is no way an experiment can take place, she becomes dismayed when she sees her broken goggles. A big explosion rocks nearby and as she heads there, to her horror she sees Accelerator slamming a container over the clone. Game over. Enraged Misaka charges at him.

Episode 6
All attacks are deflected without effort. Misaka is so mad after seeing the ripped leg that she slams all the iron rails at him. Too bad all deflected too. It is then Accelerator realizes this is the original because it packs too much power. He explains his goal of obtaining absolute power that opposing him would be unimaginable. Something he believes shifting into Level 6 can do. Misaka is so upset with his stupid goal that she unleashes her ultimate move. But even that didn’t work. Now it’s Accelerator’s turn to have a blast. However all the Misaka clones tell him to stop because this is not part of the programme and any deviation would cause the experiment to fail. After he leaves, Misaka is not impressed that her clones are throwing away their lives though they reply they are just guinea pigs. They cost 180,000 Yen each too. Next morning, Shinobu sees Misaka sitting dejectedly on a bench and knows she has got involved. She tells her that right or wrong is something subjective. For example, to find a cure for cancer using a bullet, you need 20,000 guinea pigs to prove that, right? She views those involved see their experiment subjects as guinea pigs (at least they don’t discriminate) and think they are not committing murder. Misaka knows Shinobu was spreading those cash cards to avoid those experiments, but why is she protecting artificial beings that aren’t even human? Shinobu was part of the Radio Noise project and left a while before it was suspended. When they decided to use Sisters to for the Level 6 project, she was recalled. Flashback reveals Shinobu is looking at some data and talking with one of the clones. Her earnest and pure answer of the simple reality she first and just experienced was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After that she couldn’t see them as guinea pigs anymore. Shinobu views the world as ugly and twisted. How does Misaka? She doesn’t want to accept her clones as human and doesn’t want to help those who accept getting slaughtered. She will make those who misuse her DNA pay. Misaka returns to her dorm and Shirai is clearly worried of her messed up appearance. She knows something is wrong but Misaka is not saying. To make this up, Misaka treats her friends to dessert. But they really want to know where she was that night. Watching the stars. This girl? Stargazing? When Uiharu asks about the code, Misaka starts acting strange. They don’t want to push it further and suggest going to the arcade to blow some steam. Misaka remembers Shinobu telling her that there are around 20 facilities involved in this. Is she going to do this by herself? Well, it’s her mess, she’ll clean it up.

Episode 7
Reports are coming in that the facilities are catching fire with loss of data and equipment. Since the head concludes it is a simultaneous terrorist attack and realizing that the culprit is attacking via communication lines, he has the external communications cut off. This put a stop to Misaka’s doing but she is satisfied she has done in 70% and all that is left to raid and take out the rest by hand. While she is busy doing that nightly, Shirai is getting more worried. How long can she cover for her? How long can her withdrawal symptoms hold? She knows Misaka is taking care of stuffs but won’t pester her what it is. So much so, she wasn’t her usual self when she’s with Uiharu and Saten. She spaces out a lot thinking about Misaka and on one of her patrols, she sees several kids looking for lucky cards in alleys. They are actually money cards with serial numbers and they believed this urban legend that if you get a certain serial number, you’ll get your wish granted. Of course she stops whatever they’re doing and confiscates the card as it is considered a lost item. Elsewhere, the head learns that more of the facilities are being burnt down. He has an idea who is behind this since the attacks are electromagnetic. Because so, he knows they don’t stand a chance against her. On another day, Shirai again catches one of those girls, Minori in trying to search for the lucky card. She was so into looking for it, she almost got hit by a car but Shirai was there to teleport her away. Learning that she wants to give the card as a present to her friends who are moving away, it makes Shirai think about Misaka. That worried look on her face again. Saten comes into the picture as she is using her sniffing to find one. Uiharu must be embarrassed to be seen with her. Saten even teaches Midori how to sniff out the cards. Seriously. Shirai and Uiharu are in a dilemma because if any cards are found, they have to confiscate it as they cannot overlook this matter as they are members of Judgment. They seek Konori’s advice and so she takes them all to go look for four leaf clovers at the riverbank. It’s a better gift than a lucky card, right? Yes, they’re going to search for it. You’ll never know if you don’t try. Saten finds a butterfly but it only makes Shirai think about her feelings. They cheer her up that Misaka definitely appreciates what she does. And then they find a whole bunch of them. Not so rare, huh? The same night, Misaka goes out to do her usual. Seeing how gloomy Shirai is, Misaka thanks her. It makes her feel better. Misaka’s rampage is making headway as there are only 2 more facilities left.

Episode 8
An underground all-female group called ITEM takes out some shady guys doing some shady deals. They get a call from their employer for another job. Their client wants them to take out the terrorist raiding the facilities without any ruckus. The problem is which of the 2 facilities the culprit is going to hit. Frenda Seivelun wants to handle one by herself, thinking of the big bonus she’ll get. She waits and hits the jackpot when Misaka sneaks in. Misaka is set upon explosives in Frenda’s hidden dolls but her electromagnetic powers save her. Frenda continues the offensive and makes Misaka on the run with her explosive dolls. So much about being discreet, huh? Might as well blow up everything. Misaka realizes she must deal with this blonde first. Despite all the traps Frenda set, Misaka overcomes them because well, this entire building is made out of metal and you know how good a metal’s relationship is with electricity, right? Misaka corners Frenda but as usual, it’s another trap. They are sealed inside. Meanwhile in the other facility, scientists are trying to transfer the data when Shinobu pays them a visit. Her real goal is to stop the Sisters experiment and goes off into some deep dark parts of the lab. Misaka questions Frenda for answers but she doesn’t give them. Even so, she isn’t interested who here employer or what her client’s goal is. Frenda unleashes more traps and explosives but Misaka’s strong electromagnetic power has them cut the floor to break the fuse. Frenda even unleashes her multiple heat seeking grenades under her skirt! How did she hide them?! That wasn’t enough to take out the electromaster. Just when Misaka is going to give the payback, Frenda speaks in a foreign language (which is gibberish) and then throws some gas explosive. She then unleashes lots of inflammable gas into the building. She threatens Misaka can’t use her electromagnetic power because it will blow up everything. Now that she is a sitting duck, Frenda fights her with her kung fu. Man, this girl can fight. Of course the inflammable gas is just a bluff and to prevent Misaka from using her power. Bratty blonde is about to kill Misaka and brags. But Misaka is able to stop her knife with just her elbow! Because when Frenda said something about her targets are born to be killed by her, it made Misaka angry. That’s what her clones’ fate is, right? Misaka strangleholds her but Frenda gives a judo throw. Her lighter lights up the trap fuse and almost burnt her. This is when Misaka realizes her bluff. Now she can use her electricity with full force. No holding back. I’m sure Frenda is about to spill everything but her tongue got numb after a taste of Misaka’s power. Misaka misinterprets she won’t sell out her friends. A big laser beam cuts through the metal walls. Looks like Frenda’s pals are here. Big relief, eh?

Episode 9
Whatever Misaka throws at Mugino Shizuri, she disintegrates it or absorbs them. In addition to that, she can shoot devastating beams. Get hit and you’re gone! I guess she isn’t the fourth strongest Level 5 esper called The Meltdowner for nothing. Misaka is reduced to escaping and barely escaping Mugino’s attacks. Because of Takitsubo Rikou’s esper power of sensing Misaka’s AIM dispersion field, all Mugino needs is to just fire from her location where she is, heeding Takitsubo’s direction. Meanwhile Shinobu has snuck into an unauthorized section of the lab and is trying to install her emotions programme onto Misaka Network. It might not awaken true emotions in them but at least it would trigger some sort of reaction and their view about death. The possibility is small and she hopes at least it will make some researches think they are not guinea pigs. She is suddenly pinned down by Kinuhata Saiai of ITEM. As Mugino’s prediction, she predicted the possibility of both facilities would be attacked simultaneously and the one on the offensive might be just a distraction. Shinobu thought she had won since the installation has been completed. However she never expected some sort of security alert to deny the installation. Plan failed. Never thought they installed security, eh? How long has it been since she left? She steals one of the guy’s gun and shoots at Kinuhata. However the bullet did not penetrate her because of her body armour esper power. Shinobu is knocked out and taken away. Meanwhile Misaka continues to barely escape from Mugino’s beams. She has a feeling somebody can locate her. On the other hand, Mugino is dumbfounded that she continues to avoid her attacks. However she knows that Misaka is at her limit and tired. Since Takitsubo is also at her limit, she doesn’t want to risk using her anymore. Knowing that Misaka is still in the building and has not escaped, it means there must be something in this building she wants destroyed and willing to risk her life for it. She thinks of waiting for her at the final destination. Mugino tells Frenda to take Takitsubo back to Kinuhata since she won’t be able to protect them both as they’re both already exhausted. She’s going to face off with Misaka alone.

Episode 10
Noticing Frenda’s tape lines throughout the facility, Misaka goes to collect all the dolls she left behind. That’s why she’s late in meeting Mugino in a showdown. Of course she is not pleased that Frenda forgot to clean up before she left. She’s going to get a good spanking afterwards. Misaka throws a doll and explodes it with her electromagnetic power but Mugino is able to block them. But can she block with all the dolls? In addition, every doll is fitted with something magnetic so Misaka is able to control them. Unfortunately, Mugino has some sort of glass that is able to refract her beam into many directions and takes out many dolls. Whatever tricks Misaka has, Mugino can counter it and even interfere with her lightning. She brags about their position as Railgun and Meltdowner and that if she beats her, she’ll move up a notch in the ranking. The last doll slams into her head taking her out. She got taken out this way? So easily? I guess she didn’t see it coming while she was bragging. Misaka sets the data room on fire but when she leaves, she is attacked by Mugino. Now she’s mad. She’s very dangerous. And she’s going to kill that b*tch! Since Misaka has accomplished her mission, she doesn’t have to face her and tries to run. But she must pick her exit carefully or risk being trapped or cornered by Mugino. Mugino thinks it is game over when she corners Misaka at some bridge. She wants Misaka to use her trademark railgun move since it will be her last. However there is a reason why Misaka ran here. As Frenda has drawn lines all over the place, this means she has secured the exit routes too. With a little spark, Misaka uses those lines and tears apart the bridge. While Misaka uses her electromagnetic power to cling on like a magnet, Mugino falls but uses her beams to soften her fall or else she would have died. She tries to fire randomly from below but Misaka has already escaped. Mugino goes back to the other facility and threatens one of the scientists to reveal the project Misaka wanted to destroy so badly. She laughs at the idea of turning Accelerator into Level 6 and the reason ITEM was hired. She also comes up with a devilish idea. Morning comes and Misaka has rested well in a hotel room. She goes to the last facility but there is nobody. No electricity. Could this be a trap? Checking things out, she finds all the data erased. Then she reads the news that it filed for bankruptcy. Did she force them to retreat because they can’t handle the project with only one lab? Now that it’s over, everything feels so unreal but bitter memories of her killed clones still remain. However she’s glad the experiment is stopped and they don’t have to die anymore. She sees Touma having trouble at the vending machine.

Episode 11
Touma doesn’t recognize who she is and this pisses her off. She zaps him but we know his Imagine Breaker nullifies everything, right? Misaka gives out a good laugh after learning the vending machine ate his 2,000 Yen bill. Then she stops laughing because she remembers it ate 10,000 Yen of hers before. Don’t worry. She’ll get him his 2,000 Yen worth of drinks. Here comes the kick! Meanwhile Saten deduces Misaka has a boyfriend as a reason for her late nights. Uiharu is thrilled. Nightmare for Shirai. Could it really be? They hear a vending machine alarm go off and Shirai knows who this serial perpetrator might be and goes to check it out. To her horror, she sees Misaka sitting on a bench next to Touma. Her eyes are just burning. First, Shirai politely introduces herself to him just to size him up. Misaka gets mad when she learns Shirai thought this monkey who couldn’t even remember he fought with her would be her boyfriend. Shirai is fast enough to avoid her zap. She starts planning about a scheme to make her detest all males so she could be the one Misaka will run to for comfort. Nice plan. I’m sure it’ll work. Knowing Misaka will be in no harm since they’re not dating, she leaves and lets them be. Touma is surprised to see Misaka’s sister. No, not Shirai kind of sister but Misaka’s clone! OMG! What is one doing here? He thought they’re twins. The clone came to investigate the vandalized machine. She thinks they’re in cohorts because Touma’s fingerprints were all over it! Misaka quickly takes her clone away to confirm if the experiment has been stopped. Actually, it resumed and 10,000 clones have already been killed. Misaka starts to feel sick and also guilty that she ‘killed’ them. She tells her clone off not to appear before her like that so she goes off and resume her scheduled experiment.

Meanwhile the facility head is confronted by his fellow colleague. He is furious that there are many contractors for this project that will eat into their profits. But he is confident they will still make a profit and their priority is to carry out the experiments. Misaka learns there are 183 facilities conducting the experiment. I guess it’s their plan to deter her from attacking. 20 was fine but nearly 200 now? Very demotivating…  It made Misaka realize that she was stupid. Academy City is constantly under surveillance so there is no way that something like this will go unnoticed by the upper echelons. This means the entire city is her enemy. Meanwhile Accelerator is fresh from killing another clone. He remembers how he was approached by some guy about this Level 6 experiment. At first he wasn’t interested because he is already number one. But would you pass the chance of becoming beyond than strong? Does absolute power interest you? After being brought to see the Misaka clones in tubes, he likes how their twisted minds are thinking and accepts. Misaka is doing lots of thinking. She knows the culprits are not making any fuss about her attacks because they don’t want the public to know about this. If she tries to destroy that, she might not live a normal life again. She seeks Shirai’s advice what she would do if she causes a big disaster to Academy City. Her reply is that if someone threatens the city whether she is her onee-sama or not, she will still perform her duty. Misaka is relieved that even if she ends the experiment and gets caught by Shirai, she wouldn’t mind it.

Episode 12
Misaka dreams of her good times with her mom. She was able to fix everything. If only those experiments never happened and was just a bad dream… Shirai is in her perverted mode again and despite knowing she’ll get punished, she’s going to relish every moment of ecstasy till that punishment. But surprise, surprise. Misaka pats her head and wishes her good morning. As explained by Misaka, Tree Diagram is a super computer responsible for predicting overwhelming amounts of simulation ranging from weather forecast to the massacre of her clones. She happens to see Touma but is in no mood to beat him up. She is not happy when he mentions he wants to thank her sister for helping him out to carry the drinks. Misaka also mentions she hates that blimp which reports the weather from Tree Diagram results. Because it means humans are acting in line with a machine’s calculation. She goes off to destroy it. She arrives outside the only terminal linked to Tree Diagram. Acting as a student on assignment, the nice janitor tells her to not get too close because of the guards. But we know that won’t be much of a problem for Misaka, right? Her electromagnetic power is enough to snuff out the robots without a trace. Her plan is to plant a fake prophecy that an error occurred when Accelerator and Railgun come into contact. Therefore the shift to Level 6 is impossible. Touma then bumps into the Misaka clone attending an abandoned cat. She is in a dilemma to feed it or take it home because she thinks the cat hates her. I guess Touma has to take it, huh? So Touma brings Misaka clone to the bookstore to find a book on how to take cats. Since the bookstore doesn’t allow pets, she throws the cat at her. See? It doesn’t hate her. Nearby, Accelerator beats up a few punks in the alley. He sees Misaka clone waiting outside the bookstore and remembers it’s time for the experiment. However he is greeted by another clone and they proceed with the experiment. Misaka has snuck into the terminal. She finds it odd there are no humans and the security system is not working. Is this a trap since it is heavily guarded outside but none inside? Have they abandoned it either? Doesn’t make any sense. Even in the operation room, it seems the dust collected on the system is thick but the computers remain functional. No one has been here for a long time. Hacking into the system, she is surprised there are no prediction requests to Tree Diagram for a long time. Well, there are but none are getting processed. Looking at the last report to the supervisory board, she learns that Tree Diagram went off orbit. Then a team was dispatched but a portion of Remnant was retrieved. To her surprise the final report says Tree Diagram has been destroyed.

Episode 13
Misaka wonders how Tree Diagram was destroyed. More importantly, what will she do now? There is only one way left. Destroy all the labs. She becomes a zombie in doing so. Tedious. But she has to. It’s the only way left she knows. When Touma leaves the bookstore, he finds Misaka’s clone gone. He thought she ventured into the alley and to his dismay, sees the area slightly decimated. She dropped her shoes too. I’m not sure if Accelerator is bored or having fun in this experiment because like always, the clone tries to do her best in shooting him down but his vector technique is always superior. He is going to put an end to this. As Misaka is destroying a lab, she sees a live recording on the monitor of her clone being killed before her eyes. Actually, the screen was suddenly covered in blood. You can guess what happened. Misaka falls into despair that she failed to protect again. Accelerator remembers how when he first attend the first experiment, he is appalled this must be some sort of joke as he faced off with a weak Misaka clone. He was told that each Misaka clone retains memories of the previous and learns from its past due to Misaka Network. So it’ll get harder and harder. The last few Misaka’s clones will be tough sh*t for him so please bear with the weaklings now. To end the experiment, he must kill them. They are after all, just puppets. And so the first experiment ended with the clone shooting him but the bullet ricochet and ended up killing herself. When Touma arrives on scene, he gets sick to see blood everywhere. He calls Judgment but by the time he returns, the place is cleaned up. Furthermore, records of the video show no suspicious activities. They warn him not to pull this prank. Touma is confused. Was he dreaming? Then he spots Misaka’s clone behind him. So it was a dream? But she is carrying something suspicious in a sleeping bag. Suddenly all the clones appear before him! What the f*ck is this? They explain briefly about the Misaka clones he met and the gist of their purpose in this experiment. Gee, why tell him all that despite he failed to answer some password authentication code? So what has he got now? He has to take care of the cat… Touma then heads to the dorm where Misaka stays. But he is unsure if he should ask details of the horrifying experiments that involve killing people without remorse.

Episode 14
Shirai is worried about Misaka but promises she will wait for her. Then there is Touma at the doorbell. Can her worst nightmare return? She wanted to ignore him but perhaps this monkey knows something about Misaka. She lets him in to wait but has to hide him under the bed since the dorm lady is here to check on them as she heard some commotion. While Shirai assures her it is some other noise and brings her away to complain, Touma finds some notes inside Misaka’s stuffed teddy. Those are notes about the Level 6 shift, map of the targeted facilities and even schedules of Accelerator’s fight with the Sisters. He then realizes what Misaka and her clones said. It all starts to make sense now. He rushes out and finds her alone in sullen mood at the bridge. Realizing Touma has discovered everything, she hopes he could blame it on her to make her feel better. Surprisingly he says he was worried. Very worried. Misaka is close to breaking down. She explains about the project and the mindless slaughter of her clones despite the fact they knew what was coming. Before anything happens, she is going to settle things with Accelerator. Touma won’t allow her since based on Tree Diagram’s prediction, she will die in 185 moves. Can she win? True. But if she dies in the first move, this will throw the scientist off their feet as Tree Diagram’s prediction is absolute and will re-evaluate.

Touma doesn’t agree with her sacrificing herself because her death will be in vain if they recalculate. She is sure that won’t happen because somebody shot down Tree Diagram a long time ago. He still won’t let her through. She will not die on his watch. Misaka is disgusted with petty ideals and warns she will force her way and attack him with all she’s got. She is surprised when he says he won’t fight back. Then she blasts him away. More shock because he didn’t nullify her electricity. Maybe she didn’t hit his right hand. Slightly wounded, he stands back up. Now it’s his turn to tell her. He knows what they are doing is wrong but the way she is handling it won’t save anyone either. Misaka feel she doesn’t deserve to be in this place but would her Sisters appreciate her doing that? They’ll get a peace of mind when she dies? I think Misaka is really broken. As Touma still won’t budge, Misaka lets loose a powerful shock. Don’t worry. He is still alive. Even some lap pillow service from Misaka. Why, oh why? Why can he still keep smiling after getting beaten up like that? He could have led a normal life and pretend he never saw anything. It’s because he is glad she is his friend. Oh Touma, now you made her cry. He knows how to stop the experiment. Assuming the experiment is based on presumption that Accelerator is the strongest, what if he isn’t and loses to a Level 0 like him? Yeah. He is going to fight Accelerator himself. Now it’s Misaka’s turn not to allow him because this is her fight. She needs to settle this herself. How can she? She’s an emotional wreck. He wants her to help him out instead. It’s his dream to go back home smiling without losing anything. So just wait here and he’ll bring her Sisters back. That’s a promise. After all those cool words, how can you not, even for a tsundere biri-biri give in?

Episode 15
By the time Touma finds the clone, she is in the midst of being beaten to a pulp. Angry Touma tells Accelerator to get the f*ck away from her. He throws the clone and amazingly Touma catches her. She doesn’t understand his actions. He doesn’t care. He just wants to save her and the world. So don’t die. Accelerator gets cocky using his telekinesis power to throw things at Touma. So much about putting up a fight. However he feels Touma is something different than the rest who challenged him. He gets back up and fight. He continues to mock Touma the weakest of the weakest and compresses the oxygen around to make a big explosion. He is about to give the killing blow when he finds himself lying on the ground. Bleeding. Touma is the one who is standing. What the hell just happened? Touma gives a few knuckle sandwiches and uppercuts to him and Accelerator couldn’t believe he has been hit by a weakling. So is Misaka. She can’t believe a complete stronger is defeating Accelerator. On the verge of insanity, Accelerator remembers the need for absolute power. The power to control all rules and reason. He uses the air flow and wind around him to fling Touma away. Oops. Now he is out in his pool of blood. Accelerator is impressed with this new power of controlling the atmosphere and works up some giant plasma. Misaka knows at this rate, the destruction can range for miles and that is what this mad kid cares. She is further distraught thinking Touma is dead but I suppose when she tells Accelerator to stop, she heard Touma eking out a little voice. But Accelerator doesn’t give a damn about her and continues powering up. Noticing he is using the wind, she has a plan but can’t do it alone. She goes to her clone but finds her dead. Another round of guilt trip. Powerful but can’t even save and protect. Those words touch the clone’s heart and she agrees to help her. Accelerator suddenly finds his plasma dissipating. He realizes the wind turbines around the city are moving in an opposite direction to disrupt his calculation. This could mean it is the work of those Sisters. The almost dead clone relay via Misaka Network to the rest to do the job. And Touma… Have you slept long enough? Otherwise you’ll be hearing more of Misaka’s desperate pleas for help in your dream.

Episode 16
Accelerator is puzzled why Misaka is helping the clones. Because they are failed copies of her. Or is she jealous that somebody is going to breach Level 6? Actually, it’s quite simple. Because they are her sisters. Accelerator doesn’t find her answer amusing. But more shock is to come. Because Touma gets up! Accelerator charges at him and is going to kill him but when their fists connect, Accelerator’s power nullifies and his index finger bends backwards! Accelerator remembers how he was drafted into this experiment. With all the fighting going on in the world, he was told that he needs to be more than just the strongest and to follow their experiment plans. Because if power breeds fighting, he needs absolute power so no one can contest. At the end of the flashback, Touma gives him the nastiest punch right in his face. Accelerator defeated. Misaka visits Touma in hospital the next day. She brought him cookies but that dense guy couldn’t keep his mouth shut about homemade cookies. She almost zaps the entire room. On to serious stuff, he mentions like night one of her sisters visited him. He was told the experiment has been cancelled. Misaka still feels guilty because had she not give her DNA, all these would never have happened. True, but their birth is something to be proud of because they would never have known the meaning of happiness and pain. He is sure they don’t want to see her so down over it.

At the park, she sees her clone sister and was going to get sentimental over what happened. Till she sees her trying to teach a couple of young girls how swing aggressively! Embarrassing? The girls even try to guess which is the older sister! She picked Misaka correctly only because she had the Gekota plushie. The clone is cheeky enough to mention about her childish traits, tsundere behaviour and short temper. However as her big sister, she was willing to give her life for her. The clone says now that they experiment have been halted, it’s like the remaining Sisters have become unemployed and wandering around without purpose. They have lost their purpose of existence. She hopes Misaka could stay with her till she finds a purpose in life. On another day, Misaka is going to visit Touma and this time bringing homemade cookies. She’s starting to show her tsundere side in beating him up if he doesn’t appreciate it. To her surprise, Touma has been discharged. More tsundere with lots of tsun-tsun. Can’t admit she is here to visit him. Can’t even give the cookies to him. Before they part, she tells him her name and to call her by that instead of Biribiri. I guess it was the happiest face she puts on when he calls her that. So much so Shirai is in total shock that something must have happened to her. Oh, she is here to warn Misaka that the dorm lady has found out about her unauthorized night excursions. An acceptable explanation is demanded. Well, can’t let that spoil her happy mood. It must be a good day for her too since at the gachapon machine, she got the elusive Gekota badge at first try.

Episode 17
The start of a new arc, Silent Party. The dorm lady is suspicious of Misaka’s excuses. Even more suspicious is her group study request. Funny because Shirai also did the same thing. However she approves of it due to her answer of friendship. But she cautions she must not be a second late on the curfew. Or else… Everyone is to meet at Saten’s place later in the evening. Saten tidies her place up as she speaks to Uiharu about the handmade cookies Misaka and her made. She is confident there is a boy involved and hopes to get the full details. Otherwise, why on earth would Misaka be acting so feminine (and tsundere). She was so clumsy on it that Saten can’t help fawn over her cuteness. Uiharu lets a bunch of hackers hack into the decoy server as she has book report problems. After Shirai finishes her patrol and goes shopping for ingredients. She meets Kongou along the way and coincidentally she too is shopping. But at a pet store? Dead mice! For her pet snake. But of course. Misaka sees the doctor and is told that her clones, due to exposure of many drugs that stimulates their rapid development, they have not long to live. At most one to two years. However many institutions are working together to find adjustments to eliminate their hormone imbalances so there is still hope. When she stops by the family restaurant later, to her dismay she sees Frenda and Mugino. Frenda starts getting cocky till she is reminded by Mugino why they lost in the first place. Blonde girl gets whacked. Shirai happen to come in and thinks Misaka is the one who started this public fight. Then it descends into Frenda vs Shirai in a shouting match whose onee-sama is better. It got out of hand when they started comparing their boobs. Busty or flat? The friends finally meet up and start their nabe party. Hey. I thought this was supposed to be a group study? Shirai bought soft shell turtle to help smoothen their skin (some collagen crap). She also has fresh turtle blood she wants Misaka to drink. Yeah. It has libido enhancement, I believe. She’s not going to drink it anyway. Not even a sip. The party goes on fine and everyone had a good time. But Misaka and Shirai need to hurry back before curfew time.

Episode 18
ITEM is ordered to stop a weapon’s deal at a warehouse but all they find were robots attacking them. Little do they know, a bunch of scientists called STUDY are collecting data on Mugino’s power and they’re ready to move to the next phase of their plan. Misaka and friends go visit Banri and she will soon be discharged. She mentions about moving out and got permission to live with Haruue. On the way back, Shirai and Uiharu talk about Academy City Research Exhibit Assembly or Academy Assembly for short. They are to be security guards for the yearly event that hosts exhibits, seminars and talks from the city’s top academic students. Meanwhile Kongou impresses the crowd when she disables a snatch thief with her power. However some dude reprimands her for using her powers nonchalantly. Despite the case being solved, he mentions there were other ways she could have solved this like calling Anti-Skill whose office is nearby. What if she didn’t get to subdue the criminal in one blow? Because he is dangerous and could have took somebody as hostage. She endangered innocent people with her rash act. Wow. Somebody put this obnoxious girl in place. By the time her friends come to vouch for her, he is gone. Misaka and friends are to treat Banri as celebration for her discharge. However Konori calls Shirai as there is a traffic problem in a certain area. The lights went out so they need manpower to direct the chaos. Uiharu helps her and tells the rest to go ahead with the party. Banri thinks of joining Judgment because she wants to be like Uiharu. But Misaka points out Uiharu is nice to her not because she is part of Judgment. It’s because they are friends. By the time Shirai and Uiharu are done and arrive at the party, Banri has already left because she needs to undergo one last check up. Uiharu has bought taiyaki for Haruue. It’s the same type of taiyaki she bought her when she was feeling scared. She feels so grateful that she gets so emotional. It’s probably infectious too because it got Uiharu. The friends leave when the party is over. Saten takes them through a shortcut through a park. They see a blonde loli sleeping in the bed of flowers. When she wakes up, they try to ask her for details but she isn’t replying. Does she know Japanese? Then Saten to pro shows them how it’s done to talk to kids. Well, we’ve got a reply that she is called Febri. And she knows Misaka.

Episode 19
Could this be Misaka’s cousin? Sister? Don’t tell me… HER DAUGHTER?! Oh, Shirai… But Febri is scared of Misaka and cowers behind Saten. Misaka thought she could cheer her up by doing a little finger puppet Gekota play. She snatches it for her own. And that puppet is a rare one… Get back here! Since it’s getting late, Saten doesn’t mind taking her back to her place and Uiharu helps out. They eat and bath together like good sisters. While that, we see STUDY having data on Febri and they have an idea about her whereabouts. Misaka is still sore over the lost of her single puppet despite having tons of the rest. Because she is worried that Febri doesn’t acknowledge her, Shirai gets the wrong idea and will be like that loli. But she looks more like a slut… And got zapped. When Febri is asleep, Saten tastes the lollipop. Let’s says there is a very intense taste that normal young girls couldn’t stand. Next day, they try to find her from the database to see if she is a lost child but couldn’t come up with any match. Could she be Child Error? They think of putting her in a home so Misaka has the dorm lady use her connections to do the necessary but it will take 5 days. Saten is cool with it and is okay with Febri staying with her till then. On the way back, Febri naturally makes friends with other people including Kongou. Everyone except Misaka. Does she have a grudge or something? Saten notices Misaka’s frustration and feigns she needs to go to the toilet and leaves Febri in her care. Meanwhile Yomikawa sees a little problem when a delivery truck here to delivery equipment and the school that is supposed to collect them hasn’t showed up to do so. One of those STUDY scientists is disguising as a student of that school and confirms back to his comrades that their equipment has arrived. Misaka makes no headway in getting Febri to say her name. She is so obsessed in thinking of a plan that when she realizes it, Febri is gone and the Gekota puppet is on the ground. She calls her friends to apologize on the situation and they start looking around this big campus. Febri has actually followed a Gekota mascot. When the mascot guy takes a break and unmasks, you can see the horror on Febri’s face. It’s like discovering the truth about Santa, eh? Before she knows it, she realizes her Gekota puppet is lost. She too is lost. The scientist then spots Febri. Febri gets scared and starts calling all of Saten and friend’s name. All but one. You know who. But the first one that turned up is Misaka. The scientist sends several robot guards to capture Febri but was easily intercepted by Misaka. She thinks she could get an emotional hug from Febri but she actually ran to Saten. Well, at least she’s safe. Saten tells her to be a good girl and apologize. Febri hugs and says sorry but it’s just to snatch the Gekota puppet back. Why that brat! Meanwhile STUDY feels fortunate to get a chance to experiment with the Railgun and vote to go ahead with it.

Episode 20
Yomikawa and Anti-Skill investigate the security robots. They find it strange that it malfunctions because they are new. Furthermore, there are no batteries or circuits inside it so it shouldn’t even be operating. Meanwhile Misaka is still desperate to get her rare Gekota puppet back and tries to trade with all her other ones. Febri isn’t giving in. Even while eating, Misaka thinks of holding her stuffs but she was fed by Saten. Then everyone patrons the public bath. Misaka asks if Febri likes Gekota a lot and since she does, she gives it to her and hopes she will take care of it. Oh, Shirai couldn’t join them because she was made to be dorm lady’s lackey, massaging her feet. Bad luck that she was at the place too? When she’s done, the bath is over. As they head back, they see signs of detour and like the obedient girls they are, follow the directions. It leads them to a warehouse so they sense something amiss. Taking out their handphones, they realize several unanswered calls from Kongou. Just then, a robot comes out from the warehouse and starts attacking them. Of course this is an experiment by STUDY. Misaka engages the robot but finds it strange it won’t get short-circuit as it continues to attack. Febri realizes she dropped her Gekota and goes to get it. Before the robot hammers her, she stares into it and the robot suddenly stops moving. Kongou throws a steel beam to finish it off. Febri suddenly collapses. Yomikawa again investigates the area and finds there are no batteries in this robot. Only some crystal. Febri’s condition turns for the worse. The doctors can’t identify what’s wrong with her as her fever isn’t going down. They have to send her to a bigger institution. Meanwhile STUDY is pleased with the results. As per their prediction, it proves that those who rely on their power are powerless. They take a vote to dispose Febri. Misaka feels guilty for letting another innocent bystander get hurt. Kongou pops up as she is also worried about Febri. About her calls, she wanted to warn them that Febri is being targeted. She and her friends saw that guy who reprimanded Kongou in the streets and wanted to have a word with him. They heard him talking to the phone about reclaiming Febri. Reclaim? Like as though she’s a thing. Next morning, Febri seems okay. Back to normal. The doctor talks to Misaka personally. He did nothing and can’t help her. Does she have some sort of serious illness? Well, he could if it was a human illness. Because Febri is fully and scientifically man-made.

Episode 21
Still can’t believe, Misaka? So what about your clone sisters? The doctor adds although she looks pretty normal on the outside, her body functions differently and gives off some sort of poison. If accumulated, she will die. The candy has some sort of compound which suppresses it. The ones who can solve this are those who created her. He heard rumours of researchers trying to make artificial humans long ago. They might be underground organizations so deep that even Anti-Skill can’t even reach them. Is Misaka willing to face the darkness? After Febri is discharged, Misaka sees her clone and goes to talk to her. Seems she has talked to Febri too and discovered that she has an older sister whom she wants to see. Is there another artificial clone of her out there? Also from her talking, Febri definitely got her knowledge from Testament like the clones so she is probably made by the same people. Misaka suspects Shinobu. Thinking the fastest way to find out is ask those directly behind this, she plans on going solo and be the lone heroine again as she doesn’t want to put her friends in danger. Then she gets a call from Kongou worried about Febri’s state. She also mentions about her friends worried about her when she did not told them anything during Febri’s search. She understood their feelings because if she was in their shoes, she would want to help out too. So this friendship thingy made Misaka realized. She tells her friends the truth but warns they will be dealing with very dangerous people. Are they up to it? Before she knows it, they’re talking among themselves how to save Febri and what they plan to do. It’s like Misaka isn’t part of their circle.

However searching for clues prove to be futile. Misaka and Shirai see Yomikawa but it seems the robots have been whisked away by HQ. It is strange because they acted so fast this time. She gives them the crystal because if everything were to be confiscated, there is no difference giving this to them. The girls discuss what they have but can’t come up with anything conclusive. The traffic lights problems, their handphones not working then, all cameras were out too. Too much of a coincidence. Re-examining their clues, Misaka suddenly wonders the first and basic problem. How did Febri know her name? Did Shinobu tell her? Does she have a hand in this? Meanwhile STUDY is pleased with the progress. Seems their priority is the Assembly and couldn’t care about Febri as she is just the backup. Oh, Shinobu is part of STUDY. Misaka can’t find anything on her as she has been expelled from her school. She gives the crystal for the doctor to analyze and he finds a human hair in it. The protein analysis doesn’t belong to Febri but another of her kind. He also analyzed the candies and the situation is more dire than expected. She will die in the next 72 hours. Misaka is desperate to go find her creators. Does she have a lead? Is she ready to take the plunge into the darkness? If by all means saving Febri, yes. The doctor knows some connections to certain people in the shady world as this would be the fastest way. He makes arrangements for Misaka to meet a familiar person being locked deep within the heavy security prison. Remember Therestina? I don’t ;p.

Episode 22
Mugino gets a call from her employer about another job. She isn’t pleased with this one because the last one was fake and this one feels like cleaning up her mistakes. Nevertheless she promises to pay them and that she can rampage as much as she wants. Therestina tries to provoke Misaka about Academy City’s darkness but she is not easily cowed. She tells her about Febri and wants information but Therestina continues to be provocative about Misaka concerning about friends. Since Misaka loves this city despite the darkness (otherwise she couldn’t have met such great friends), Therestina lost interest in teasing her and wants her to leave. Misaka won’t till she gets some information. Anything will do. But what if she lies? She chooses to believe her. She even eats the chocolate Therestina tells her to swallow. Not amused she can toy around with her, Therestina won’t say a thing further. However Misaka is continuing to pester her so she hints Febri was called Chemicaloid created by a group of scientists who probably want the world to notice them. Any big event coming up lately to showcase their ‘product’? The Assembly. Misaka tells her friends what she has found out when Kongou and friends come in to give Febri a dress as present (sorry, no clues from their side this time). But time is running out as Febri is feeling sick again. Not much lollipops left. Kongou sees a familiar face when Uiharu goes through the database. It is that guy she saw at the exhibition. Haruki Aritomi is a previous winner of the Assembly. In fact, he always wins an award every year. But why have they never heard of him? Because intellect geniuses don’t attract attention as much as high level espers. Oddly, he isn’t participating this year. There are lots of people not participating too and they may be his accomplices. Uiharu digs up more information and Aritomi is a director of STUDY Corporation, a company that manufactures drugs and other chemicals. It seems suspicious they bought a normal factory at an insane price. Could it be the place where Febri was made? Only way to find out is to pay a visit. Misaka thinks about Therestina’s words about some people who don’t even get a chance to be a guinea pig. Shirai cheers her up that she sees her not as Railgun but a kind and childish onee-sama. It’s just a ploy to molest her breast… ZAP!!! That sure ruined it.

STUDY detects an intruder in the first lab. They aren’t panicking because it is just bait with light security. There is no sensitive data there either and only the one on some poison neutralizer is there. Shinobu decides to check just to make sure there are no uncertain variables in their final phase of their plan. ITEM is running rampage in the factory destroying security robots. Once more Mugino is disappointed this is just like the last time. Misaka is spying from outside and wonders if they are here to ambush her or there is some in-fighting within the dark organizations. After ITEM leaves, Misaka ventures deep into the facility and is surprised to see Shinobu at the computer. Shinobu throws her the recipe for the poison neutralizer. She apologizes to Misaka and admits she was the one who taught Febri her name because she doesn’t know who else to depend on. Suddenly Aritomi walks in. He says that recipe is fake and it was added as extra safety measures. He is now certain Shinobu is the traitor within the group and the one who freed Febri. He is thrilled to meet Misaka and mentions he has lots of data from their experiments. Misaka is upset he calls Febri a product but she has to hold back her electromagnetic attack because he threatens to destroy the real recipe. He wants Shinobu to inject a serum to paralyze Misaka. Do that and he’ll give the recipe. Misaka tells her to do it to save Febri. She reluctantly does. Aritomi notes even Level 5 espers are powerless when they can’t move. As for the recipe, he crushes it. Not like they need it anyway because Febri is just a spare to their greatest invention, Janie.

Episode 23
Aritomi explains espers have always been given attention. Those who aren’t very well know no matter how much they achieve will never be recognized as greatly as espers. As espers are determined at birth, at this rate it is only based on chance. He thought if there was a method to produce them at a uniform quality from scratch as much as they want. So he joined forces with those who had the same intention and came out with this plan called Project Chemicaloid. Those who do not see the good of this are labelled as those who still believe in the esper level system. He once proposed this project to an underground group but was rejected. Then he heard another scientist doing a Level 6 shift project and was given lots of attention. That’s when he realized that all the old scientists believe in the esper system. Revolutionary ideas were labelled as heretic. He also explains about Febri’s hair in the crystals acting as remote control for Janie to control the robots. Tomorrow they will bring their greatest revolution. In short, a terrorist attack. Misaka wakes up in a room alone with Shinobu. Only her mouth and eyes can move since the paralysis is still in effect. Shinobu relates when she failed to stop the Sisters project, she was captured by a dark organization (ITEM) and sold to STUDY. She was forced to make Janie and Febri based on the paper and theory she wrote. That’s when she realized she needed to sort this out. Now it’s her turn to play the lone heroine and wants to do it all alone. Misaka might not be the one to say but because she also experienced the same thing, she can advise Shinobu before she makes the same mistakes. She proves it by using her electromagnetic powers to move her body, though it is hurting a lot. Now Misaka is an advocate of depending on others. A loud explosion is heard. Shirai and the gang are here to rescue Misaka. Using some nano devices to trace her, she told her friends if she doesn’t return at a certain time, they will come to look for her. Perfect timing for an example about relying on friends, eh? After that smooth speech, you think Shinobu is still selfish? Well, she’s asking Misaka for help. Shirai happily greets Misaka but gets shocked. Is this the treatment she gets for saving her? And she didn’t even do anything perverted. Oh. Right now, she’s a walking taser due to using her electromagnetic power to move.

Misaka explains what is going especially an attack on the Assembly tomorrow. She also tells them about Shinobu. She decided to stay back as it would mean her only chance of locating Janie. She knows STUDY still finds her useful and won’t dispose of her so easily. Also explain is Janie’s ability of Diffusion Ghost that has her control objects as long as it has Febri’s hair (I think this is what I understand from it). The problem is that they don’t know where Janie is to take action before STUDY strikes. However when Janie activates, Febri can at least tell the direction of where she is. Until then, they’re just sitting ducks. Shirai thinks all this is enough information for Anti-Skill to move but to her dismay, she finds out Yomikawa has been suspended. Currently she is living with that loli teacher. Yomikawa understands what is happening now after learning STUDY’s name. Seems their company became their main equipment supplier and the corporation is not as transparent. Uiharu tries to search for the security robots under them. Seems they have filled in all the necessary paperwork to move all the containers inside the Assembly. Each time that happened, a blackout occurred. Guess how many robots there are? 20,000!!!!!!! That’s as much as the need to kill clones to move into Level 6, right? Misaka is in a dilemma of wanting her friends to help but doesn’t want them to be in danger either. Don’t worry. They all share the same sentiment. As long as they work together, they can overcome this. So everybody including Kongou and her friends, pull some strings to get the things done as much as they can. STUDY is about to begin Silent Party as all systems are up and running. Misaka’s friends stand guard at various points of the Assembly, ready to take on those mean security bots. What can Saten do with a baseball bat? Hey, at least she’s being optimistic.

Episode 24
Actually, the entire Judgment force is going to stop those robots. I don’t know if the robots are that weak since a bunch of students can hold them back. Misaka has found STUDY’s hideout base. Aritomi has prepared some ‘refreshments’ for her. More robots to fight. She can’t do anything rash since Shinobu is taken hostage. Aritomi thinks numbers will defeat her. Don’t forget. Misaka is not alone. She has her friends. Her special move easily takes out those robots but bigger ones enter the scene. STUDY fights back by jamming communication signals and Judgment is in disarray since they can’t contact each other. Also, bigger robots are sent to wreck havoc. But here comes Yomikawa in time, piloting a big white mecha created by Kongou’s father’s corporation. Banri and Haruue take care restoring the communications. Saten has read the manual previously and understands how to pilot this mecha. Serious. She’s on a rampage! Misaka gets help from Mugino and ITEM. Mugino is also on a rampage for she is pissed that all those fake jobs were just experiments to get her data. This buys Misaka time to head into the operations room for the final showdown. Aritomi activates the final phase. That’s just a fancy term for last resort. Although all their robots cease to move, from their fancy scientific explanation, what I understand is that he is going to destroy Academy City by launching a devastating missile from space. And if they try to force a connection to Janie to stop it, she’ll die.

Aritomi is going to kill himself but why is his hand shaking in pulling the trigger? Because of that, Misaka was quick enough to shove the gun away. Then she gives him a pep talk about being strongest, weakest from her experience in Sisters Arc , blah, blah, blah. She doesn’t care about all that. She promised she will save this city and everyone and that includes bad guys like Aritomi. So don’t take the easy way out and not claim responsibility. But how is she going to stop this last phase? Not even Misaka herself can stop it. Sure. If she was alone. Remember. She has friends. She lets everyone else knows and they start cracking their head. From another round of fancy explanation, what I understand is that they need to destroy the missile before it splits into smaller selves that cover a wider perimeter. Misaka is to ride the white mecha up into space, launch it as her railgun power to destroy the missile for good. The calculations are done thanks to her clones. Then she falls back to Earth safely via Shirai’s teleportation. As for Janie, Febri uses the power of love to wake her up (also with the clones’ help) based on the theory that they are twins and share a strong bond. And there you have it, the day is saved, the baddies rounded up and still enough time for the Assembly to take place. Misaka and friends see off Febri and Janie. Saten and Uiharu being the most emotional. They are going with Shinobu to an overseas research facility to be examined and readjusted. Shinobu is now confident that she is not alone and can rely others for help.

Motto Marutto Railgun III
This is actually a short special that parodies certain scenes in the Sisters Arc. Among the short comical skits include: Saten putting her smelling abilities to good use by smelling out foodstuffs that are edible or not; Shinobu thinking Misaka’s English is not good, proceeds to teach her some English words like “Oops!”. Every time she says it wrongly, she gets a kick to the gut; Shirai ‘molesting’ Misaka’s teddy bear in a perverted way; Misaka hoping to get other stuffs from a gachapon machine like a pen or some slime bucket; Misaka thinks her power level is being ‘measured’ by her clone when she instantly replies her weird question; The thing mosaic out in Shinobu’s hands is supposed to be a new video game console; Misaka clone ranting about the scary fate of the video game industry with beautiful graphics that make you doubt your eyes and game controllers that you’ll never get used to; That pep talk Shinobu told Misaka before she was about to depart on her solo destruction of the facilities… It was actually about a lecture on the gaming industry and how the overall fun of a game is what makes it sells, something she has imbued in all the clones via Testament. But doesn’t that make the clones having a game brain? And because of that, the clone has downloaded shitty games and enjoying them; While facing off with a Misaka clone; Accelerator breaks the fourth wall talking about a certain seiyuu’s debut and getting some part in a long running series; What goes on in Misaka’s mind when she squares off with Accelerator? Her concern about other girls into girly things like Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse because Shirai criticized about her Gekota fetish. What is Accelerator’s opinion? He doesn’t give a damn and even so, it doesn’t suit her; The girls are at the restaurant waiting for Uiharu to turn up. Just because she doesn’t wear those flowers on her head, they didn’t realize she is sitting right next to them! It’s like she’s an invisible woman whose pleas for existence goes ignored!

Motto Marutto Railgun IV
The short funny skits continue… Misaka fears that since they’ve picked up Febri, there will be appearances of Kaiju! Did she just watch that Hollywood movie? Uiharu gets the wrong idea that they are those cute sea creatures like otters and walruses… They decide to steel themselves because they feel the writer of this series can come up with anything. Uiharu gets an idea to put the word ‘super’ in their weapon if they want to save Academy City since super does give that super strong feel. So does the supermarket… In the end, they think they need a super robot to fight the Kaiju but since nobody dares call Kongou, Febri would gladly do it. Now they’re all safe. Misaka ponders what happened to that black cat during the scene her electricity went berserk on the bridge with Touma. I don’t understand the joke about this when Shirai explained it to her. And then something about reading it online and an urban legend. Or a lie. Next, they discuss if fresh turtle blood really works that way. You know, the one on your libido. The one whereby it gives you great energy. It leads to them talking about the director and his addiction to alcoholism. Uiharu discusses the possible look-a-likes of Aritomi and something that is connected to those Gray aliens. Finally, a chibi Misaka’s clone sits on Touma’s head in place of Index. Never thought this would happen in this series, eh?

A Certain Tsundere And Moe-moe Railgun…
That’s about it. Pretty okay, I guess. I get to see biri-biri in electric action though the scientific terms still scare me to death. Although those terms aren’t as heavy as I thought it would be somehow it has become a ‘reflex thinking’ that the To Aru series is not without its fair share of scientific terms and jargon. Till this day I have not fully understand what an AIM field means or is all about. But besides the terms, some of the side story plot may seem incomplete only because the Sisters Arc is just one of the many arcs in the To Aru world. For instance the destruction of Tree Diagram. How? Why? What happened? If you just jump straight into watching this series, you might not really understand the impact of it all and might think it is just for the convenience of the show. But if you read the manga or watch the other seasons, you might find a connection for this event. Of course for me, I don’t remember a thing. And I don’t bother to find out more.

I am not sure if they used recycled scenes from To Aru Majutsu No Index but there are some scenes which I (vaguely) remembered like the one Touma confronted Misaka at the bridge before she wanted to do some suicide mission with Accelerator and the fight between Touma and Accelerator himself. But even that, I am not sure if they have redone those scenes or simply used back the same ones. I didn’t bother to go check it out since I didn’t really like that Index series and from time to time it still gives me ‘trauma’ due to the scientific jargon and terms. If they did just add in those recycled scenes, then it would feel cheap, right?

I read that many didn’t like the Silent Party Arc as it felt mediocre to the Sisters Arc. I suppose it is because the former is an anime-only story, I seem to agree that there lacks any depth of the characters and the plot. I mean, it is basically a small group of jealous scientists acting like typical one-dimensional baddies trying to show the world what they can do with science via violence. What else more can you do with that? And because this arc isn’t really linked with the other real arcs and serves more like a standalone, people can’t connect them together. Also, since the Sisters Arc ended in an odd number (even actually) of episodes, it is like as though the producers need to do something for the remainder for the balance 8 episodes. They can’t just end an anime season like that. Sticking it to a single season means cramming in everything in the Sisters Arc and it will be bad because you’d miss out a lot of other important details. Expanding it to full 2 seasons won’t do either because you’d be dragging things along and putting in mindless fillers just to fill up the ‘additional space’. Although the Silent Party Arc is considered as mediocre and doesn’t live up to its expectations (thanks to the great Sisters Arc), it is not entirely a bad watch. You can make do with this season without watching the final 8 episodes but personally, if you are a real Railgun fan (and Misaka’s) you’ll learn to take the good and the bad together, right?

Some of the characters’ roles in Sisters Arc left me wondering what happened to them in the end. Especially about ITEM and Shinobu. I know Misaka is the main star and their actions were just a small minor part in her role for this arc. ITEM was just some hired gun to stop Misaka and to provide us with some Railgun action but that’s about it. So what about Mugino finding out about the Level 6 plan eventually? Another story perhaps? For Shinobu’s case, she hacked into the facility but failed and she’s never heard ever since. That’s why I feel that the Silent Arc which is conveniently an anime-only arc somehow provides a few redeeming moments for them. Even though if ITEM did not clash with Misaka and their limited screen appearance to go berserk was just a reminder that they’re still around, heck, they at least played a minor role in helping out Misaka just like the rest of the other supporting characters. Otherwise, you’d see them just bumming around as though their role has been reduced to comic relief especially with bratty Frenda around. The same with Shinobu. The girl with a deadpan voice like as though she sounds very tired and a penchant to say one of two English words in her sentences, has always been feeling guilty that she can’t do anything right to save things. And thus this anime-only arc serves as a platform for her to redeem that part of hers and partly to let us see how Misaka has changed from a lone wolf to a team player just to teach her from experience the benefits of relying on others. Convenient, no?

Yeah, and it feels like Silent Party Arc is a story to bring the supporting characters to the fore like Kongou and her friends. The last episode was like everybody had a hand (no matter how small – like Yoshikawa) in helping in Misaka so it just doesn’t feel like this is only her fight unlike in Sisters Arc. Thinking back, I’ve been wondering about another character: Misaki. Did they forget about her? Her debut (and only appearance) seems to indicate there is something more about her, especially with her catty clash with Misaka. I believe that since she is another Level 5 esper and holds some mysterious power we do not know (something like controlling others), it would be interesting to see anything further on this. Sadly, no. Maybe that is reserved for another story in the future whether Railgun or Index series. I wouldn’t have remembered her if she did not make that cameo appearance in the ending scenes that briefly shows the whereabouts of all the characters. Yes, that includes Accelerator sitting nicely in hospital with Last Order by his side. Last Order who? The cute loli version of Misaka. Due to the lack of her appearance, I suppose that is why Febri was made… Replacement loli?

Thus it also feels the Silent Party Arc was to spearhead Misaka from a loner who wants to do everything by herself, shoulder the pain and responsibility all by herself, to a person that knows how to value the meaning of friendship and that this is one way to show that you trust your friends. I guess it was cool to see Misaka kick ass all by herself and even though it would be sufficient, what would be even cooler than to see Misaka getting a little help from her friends? Because even at the end of Sisters Arc, it was Touma who became the hero, right? Not that Misaka did anything directly to Accelerator too. All she did was watch. Even the rest of her clones play a little role in Touma’s help to defeat Accelerator. So now that Misaka has opened up to her friends (although not entirely), can we say that she is less tsundere by now? But she’s still tsundere when it comes to Touma, right? If Misaka is the tsundere, then Shirai must be a masochist. Despite knowing she’ll get zapped every time she tries to take her perverted advances out on her, she does it anyway. That makes her a masochist, doesn’t it? Better do it to feel good now and feel the pain as punishment rather than not doing it and regretting it later. Her perversion brings somewhat comic relief and a little yuri to the tense drama and dilemma Misaka is experiencing. If Shirai got her own little spin-off, it would probably To Aru Hentai No Shirai-san…

The action still doesn’t disappoint especially with Misaka doing her railgun move. It never gets too old. For me. Although it would have become boring if they made her use this ultimate move. Thus it would be more appreciative if this was shown sparingly. Despite Misaka only has her electromagnetic powers, it is also good to see how she uses it in a variety of ways against her enemies especially when she had that confrontation with Mugino and Frenda. It was quite exhilarating.

When I first heard the first opening theme for this season, Sister’s Noise by fripSide, I just thought how similar it was to the first season’s first opening, Only My Railgun, also sung by the same group. It felt like as thought they ripped out bits and pieces of that techno song and changed a few parts here and there to make a new song. Personally, I still prefer Only My Railgun. For the Silent Party Arc’s opening theme, it is Eternal Reality also by fripSide. Again, I thought it sounded very familiar to Sister Arc’s opening theme. Probably it is the techno tempo and their trademark sound style. Just like how the naughty gothic theme is to Ali Project. Grow Slowly is the rock ending theme for Sisters Arc and sung by Yuka Iguchi (damn, I couldn’t recognize it was her voice). She also sings Stand Still, the special ending theme for a couple of episodes (11 and 14) and is more of a slow pop ballad. Also another anime rock pop for the Silent Party Arc’s ending theme, Links by Sachika Misawa. Infinia is also the special ending theme for episode 23 sung by her. I thought the final episode has been turned into some sort of ‘musical’. Because for 3/4 of the episode, there are a handful of full length songs from this season, including one I believe was from the previous season, played out during the action sequences. Too bad I won’t be singing along since I don’t know the lyrics and more importantly I’m concentrating on the action.

As not been told to death, the power of friendship and relying on your friends is the great theme for this season. Because seriously, a bunch of kids in a city that houses the largest number of students, taking care of itself and running the city like pros while saving bad guys from destroying it. Sounds like fairytale but with a blend of science? There are deep and darker secrets lurking around in Academy City and now that Misaka and friends have got one foot in it, they’ll only get deeper and deeper. The culprits will as usual be the adults who are holding the top position. Some being as elusive as ever. But you know… They’ve got each other to rely on so it’s not a bad thing. After another day of saving the city yet again from the villain’s nefarious schemes, they even have time to attend class and hang out together like normal. Of course, until the next super villain comes. Then we can all depend on Misaka and co to kick ass once again.

“It always feels like, somebody’s watching meeeeeeee…”. You know that song from Rockwell? What has it got to do with To Aru Kagaku No Railgun EX OVA? Well, you’ll soon see. After all that short special episodes from the DVD, I guess it’s high time they came out with a full length OVA. Well, this one lasts around 34 minutes (longer than your average OVA, heh) and the story seems to take place after the Level Upper incident. The one whereby Level 0 people downloaded some song onto their handphone, listen to it, gain some power but fell into coma due to its side effect. Yeah, that one.

It Always Feels Like…
It begins with the words onscreen “Somebody is watching you”. That tells a lot, eh? Then we see Shirai going to take on some punks but they were apprehended no other than her beloved onee-sama. She takes Misaka away before crazy fans could swamp her and leave Antiskill to handle to rest. However Misaka has this unsettling feeling. Not only that, it’s like electricity flowing backwards within her body. Then at the restaurant with Uiharu and Saten, Misaka tells them that she has that disturbing feeling of being stared. Ecstatic Saten thinks it’s that urban legend called Someone Watching. I hope she doesn’t mean us viewers, right? I don’t believe this show has broken the fourth wall joke before. Apparently Saten tries to explain what it is till the frightening climax but nobody is afraid of her screaming voice. Maybe for Uiharu, she’s panting… Some website that urban legend is?

So over the next few scenes, Misaka has this being stared feeling till she figures it might be that Touma guy who happens to pass by. She gets incensed by his playing-dumb thingy and probably any reason would’ve made this Biribiri girl take out on him if not for a pair of Antiskill officers on patrol, reminding them about their curfew. Then another outing with Shirai, the horny lesbian thinks she’s being too over self conscious due to her childish fetishes and she even joked maybe it’s due to a man! However Misaka gets that feeling again and yells for the perpetrator to come out. Shirai gets worried and goes to see Uiharu and Saten to request their help. Uiharu finds over the internet a board posting on a chat site, seemingly one of the victims is giving her piece of mind. Shirai guesses it is Kongou due to the familiar initials. She hopes Uiharu and Saten will keep this a secret from Misaka or else that girl will go off running on her own.

As Komori takes Saten and Misaka to the bath house to relax, Shirai and Uiharu question Kongou but find out she was just posting on the site to cheer up the victim and ward off the perpetrator. But her friend did mention the feeling of electricity flowing backwards through her body. After Misaka finishes her bath, she finds herself suddenly being transported to several places including in the midst lessons in her classroom, the changing room and on the streets with Saten, who is worried this is happening quite often though she brushes it off. Each time experiencing that scary feeling. In the end, it’s like waking up from a nightmare in bed in cold sweat.

Shirai and Uiharu continue to work overtime but they do not find any leads. Till Shirai thinks that the culprit may not be an esper. On a Sunday, Misaka gets up early to look for the culprit. Shirai and the rest have their plan in order. Misaka follows this sensation to the alley in hopes of catching the perpetrator but to her surprise meets that Antiskill pair. Then Shirai appears as she explains. Believing that Someone Watching is a real crime and not just an urban legend, seems one of the Antiskill pair, Asako Jounan was once a skill development from Nagaten Jouki Academy. The staring torment Misaka felt were simply electromagnetic waves since electric-type espers are sensitive to such phenomena related to their power. No matter what kind of wave, they process them subconsciously whether they like it or not. Thus the effect is like as though they’re being stared at. As proof, she shows some research thesis she wrote about and took out a suspicious machine hidden in her suit. She further explains that after experimenting with other espers, she used the commotion surrounding the Level Upper incident to target Misaka. She was able to approach Misaka easily due to her position as Antiskill in a heightened security period.

Misaka is convinced she is the culprit but Jounan unleashes a temporary sound and vision numbing device to escape. She steals a boat and plans to escape from this city but to her dismay Misaka is seen on the bridge ahead as she does her trademark electrifying move to send the boat flying in the air. Wow. With such accuracy, she’s pretty confident the boat will not squash her and land just metres away. So how do they know where she’s going? Seems somebody was watching her too. Thanks Saten. In the aftermath, Misaka treats them all to cakes and it is further revealed that when Jounan was a director of that Academy, she felt the pressure to produce Level 5 espers. Since she couldn’t, she got fired and decided to get revenge on Tokiwadai who produced several of them and in a way targeted Misaka (probably she was more well known than the rest). As they praise each other for their hard work, research and deduction, Uiharu mentions how Shirai has always been spying, tailing, trailing, following and monitoring Misaka 24/7. Uh oh… From the bath house to the showers to even when she’s sleeping. More like a stalker, eh? Uh oh… Hey, the massage on Shirai’s shoulder seems to be getting harder… Did Uiharu do that on purpose? Urm… Misaka realized that she was partly responsible for those staring sensations even though she knew it was impossible for the perpetrator to enter their restricted dorm area. “Prepare yourself you damn pervert!”. It’s that electrifying feeling she always gets. From the way she’s ‘screaming’, I think she’s enjoying it.

Zap! Zap! ZAP!
Ah well. I guess this OVA was pretty okay. Even if I had a hard time understanding the explanations about the truth behind those staring feelings and had to rewind and replay those parts numerous times, it still didn’t take the fun out. It was intriguing to find out who was the offender and I had several guesses but they were all wrong. The guilty person may be an unknown but I guess it’s better than somebody we all know well enough.

For this one-off OVA, they even had a new opening and ending theme, Future Gazer and Special ONE respectively. I guess it’s a trend since fripSide did the openings in the TV series while ELISA the endings so the respective songs they sing here are pretty much the trademark tune and pace you’d here in the TV series. I find the opening credits animation to be a little amusing. Among the antics seen from the quartet, we see them swapping uniforms from each others school, Saten flipping up her skirt revealing her shorts (because she’s dressed as Misaka) and trying to do Misaka’s trademark power move.

I’m not sure if they will have a second season but the sequel of Index was in the midst of running while this OVA came out in late October 2010. Misaka and co have got to be tired after appearing in both sides of the series. Haha, what am I saying? I haven’t watch the first or the second seasons of Index yet but if they ever do a sequel of Railgun and more OVAs of it (hopefully unrelated and funny), I’ll definitely won’t give it a miss. So Shirai, maybe you want to sing this song from Phil Oakley for your eternal wish to Misaka: “We’ll always be together, together in electric dreams…”.

Yay! Another versus blog. This time it will be between power based animes in the name of Needless and To Aru Kagaku No Railgun (Railgun). I’m sure we humans do dream of having superhuman powers such as strength and speed. But since that is impossible now or in the near future, what better way for escapism than to make them into an action sci-fi series, each with their own unique terminologies.

The place
Needless: The Black Spot, a large black crater right smack in the middle of Tokyo, Japan. A lawless place and barren wasteland.
Railgun: The fictitous Academy City in western Tokyo, Japan. A technological futuristic place with high-rise and buildings.

Time setting
Needless: The aftermath of World War III.
Railgun: The near future.

Power beings
The class of humans that possess superhuman powers.
Needless: Erm… Needless.
Railgun: Espers/Psychics.

Power rule
In both series, those possessing special powers may only posses 1 ability and no more than that. The term for this coined in Needless is called Fragment while in Railgun, espers are ranked based on the strength of their powers with Level 5 being the highest and Level 1 the lowest. Non-power users are at Level 0.

Police of the place
So called enforcers to keep the place in check. Effective or not is another matter.
Needless: The Guild.
Railgun: Judgment along with Antiskill.

The main group
The group of heroes in focus.
Needless: Cruz Schild, Adam Blade, Eve Neuschwanstein, Dr Gido, Disc and Momiji Teruyama. They are later joined by Seto and Solva.
Railgun: Mikoto Misaka, Kuroko Shirai, Kazarii Uiharu and Ruiko Saten.

Strange fetish of the main hero/heroine
Nobody is perfect.
Needless: Blade is a lolicon.
Railgun: Misaka loves children’s clothes and is a fan of Gekota, a frog mascot franchise.

The main villains
Bad guys are so needed in order for heroes to exist.
Needless: The head of Simeon Pharmaceuticals, Adam Arclight and his Strongest Four that includes Riru Rokakuji, Aruka Schild, Saten, Uten and Kafka.
Railgun: Harumi Kiyama was the main baddie in the first half of the series and for the later half, the director and captain of MAR (Multi Active Rescue) Telestina Kihara Lifeline takes over this role.

Villain’s mission
Taking over the world is so yesterday.
Needless: Arclight wants to collect all the Fragments to become the next God.
Railgun: Kiyama’s goal is to find a way to free her comatose children even if she makes the entire city her enemy. Telestina on the other hand wants to create a Level 6 esper.

The most powerful unfeatured character
Supposedly the numero uno character with the most powerful power but didn’t make his appearance in the anime.
Needless: The Second, supposedly the only Needless who possesses all Fragments.
Railgun: Accelerator, possessing Vector Change, a kind of telekinesis that allows him to change vector values of anything he touches.

The most powerful featured character
Like the above but is the main protagonist of the series.
Needless: Blade due to his Memorization Fragment and Arclight because of his Positive Feedback Zero.
Railgun: Misaka has the ability to generate electricity powerful enough to cause a massive blackout and thus nicknamed the Railgun.

Computer experts
Not to be misinterpreted as nerds.
Needless: Disc.
Railgun: Uiharu.

No special powers whatsoever. Just ordinary humans.
Needless: Cruz.
Railgun: Saten.
In both cases, both characters were pivotal in their roles to turn the tide to their team’s favour in defeating the ultimate enemy.

Weirdo of the pack
Needless: Eve – can’t remember people’s names and is freaking brutal and vicious.
Railgun: Shirai – whenever she goes into her lovey-dovey lesbian mode over her Misaka.

Old scientist guys
Needless: Gido.
Railgun: Gensei Kihara.

Deceiving loli
Look like little girls but they are not what they seem to be…
Needless: Mio – possesses super strength.
Railgun: Komoe Tsukuyomi – she’s a high school teacher.

Maid outfit characters
Needless: Solva and Secondaria.
Railgun: Maika Tsuchimikado.

Coincidentally, both series feature a character named Saten. The Saten in Needless possesses the Fragment of the Fourth Wave (ability to absorb heat and turn it into projection energy) and was previously Gido’s scientist colleague called Kannazuki. He tried to become God and dispose of Arclight but his plan backfired when Arclight uses his backup plan to kill him. The Saten in Railgun has no powers but loves flipping up the skirt of her best friend Uiharu. She tried to attain powers by using Level Upper and paid the consequences like others who used it by slipping into coma. Thankfully her friends were swift enough to get to the root of the cause and save all the victims.

A little enmity among themselves.
Needless: The main Bishoujo Squad of Setsuna, Kuchinashi and Mio are always at loggerheads with team Nanami and Misaki.
Railgun: The boastful and Mitsuko Kongou and Shirai do not see eye to eye.

Back from the dead
Characters which are believed to be dead but are still alive and well.
Needless: Aruka.
Railgun: Wataru Kurozuma.

Needless: Testaments are large spider-like machines patrolling to area to hunt and destroy other Needless and resistance forces.
Railgun: The little white robots all over Academy City serve as automatic street cleaners and to a certain extend defences from low-level crimes.

Where all the information is stored.
Needless: Iron Mountain that holds all records of mankind’s history.
Railgun: Judgment’s database is an extensive and comprehensive network containing all information possible on its citizens.

Forced flashback
Flashbacks are essential part of the story to know what happened. In this case, the characters are forced to relive those memories again.
Needless: A negative rejection reaction occurred when Blade tried to use his Byakugou to steal Arclight’s abilities. This past re-examination thingy is essential to see which of both subjects are to be the God since a rule states that there can only be 1. The flashback takes us back to the time when Eden Seeds were used in experiment subjects, the birth of Blade and Eve, and the destruction of the entire lab.
Railgun: While Misaka was fighting Kiyama and beat her, Misaka’s close range use of her electro shock causes her to also relive the memories of Kiyama. The flashback sees how Kiyama was assigned to be a teacher to a group of orphans known as Child Errors till an experiment gone awry as the children continue to sleep in coma till this day.

Other flashbacks
Needless: One on how Blade and Seto met Solva and another on the failed attack of the resistance army led by Zakard.
Railgun: One on how Mii Konori and her involvement with the local gang called Big Spider/Skillouts and the time Shirai and Uiharu first met.

Needless: Lots of them. Girls in revealing outfits, panty shots, boob shots, you name it’s got all those ecchi stuff to satisfy you ecchi people. Just short of being hentai.
Railgun: Quite minimal and won’t amount to anything ecchi. And I don’t consider Misaka’s shorts underneath her skirt to be a turn-on. Not that anybody would unless you’re a hardcore obsessed fan of hers.

Episode title
Needless: Short and are named after characters, locations or techniques. Title is at the beginning of the episode after the opening credits animation.
Railgun: Short ones are usually terms and jargons of the series while long ones tend to feel like as though they’re from quotes and speeches which happen to be said somewhere in the show. Title is at the middle of the episode and serves as a mid-intermission.

Opening and ending themes
Needless: First opening theme Modern Strange Cowboy by GRANRODEO. Second opening theme Scarlet Bomb by Aki Misato. First ending theme sung by the seiyuus of the Needless girls, Aggressive Zone. Second theme also sung by the same group, Wanted! For The Love.
Railgun: First opening theme Only My Railgun by fripSide. Second opening theme also by the same group, LEVEL 5 -judgelight-. First ending theme Dear My Friend: Mada Minu Mirai E by Elisa. Second ending theme also by the same group, Real Force.

Background music
Needless: Mainly heavy rock and metal music.
Railgun: Mainly techno and rock music.

In addition to the 24 TV episodes, there are motivations to buy the DVD that come with extra specials.
Needless: 12 two minute episodes called The Secret of St Lily Academy whereby Cruz cross-dresses as a girl to investigate a case.
Railgun: Several nonsensical random and funny outtakes that last approximately 10 minutes. An OVA lasting 34 minutes was released on October 2010. There is also an episode called “episode 13” (not to be mistaken with the one from the TV series) to be included with an official visual book on the show back in July 2010.

I favour Needless more as compared to Railgun because of the non-stop action (silly and nonsensical) comedy and that it has to offer. It never has a dull moment even during flashbacks. For the latter, I guess there were too many scientific terms and jargons which I find it hard to comprehend even though I replayed that particular scene over and over again just to grasp what it means. The action is more serious as compared to the former in the sense that you don’t see gags in the middle of battles. However the girls in Railgun do look prettier and cuter than those in Needless ;p. But both series are not that bad either if you love to see some action.

Needless To Aru Kagaku No Railgun

To Aru Kagaku No Railgun

September 18, 2010

I didn’t see the first season of To Aru Majutsu No Index (Index) but decided to jump and watch its so called second season To Aru Kagaku No Railgun (Railgun). Why? Because I thought the girls here were cute. Sheesh… At least that’s what I thought when I first saw its promotional poster. What about the plot and storyline? Is it good and worthwhile? Heck, I don’t know. The girls were cute enough, do I need a better reason? Sheesh… Because of that, I’m not really sure about the terms or storylines that are brought over, if there are any, by the way.
Even if I didn’t watch Index, of course I did a little (read: very minimal) reading. Well, it was enough for me to know that Railgun is actually a side story of Index. I’m interpreting that as the secondary characters will be thrust into the limelight this time. Plus, the setting is Academy City whereby 80% of the population are students. Say what? That’s 4/5 of the people are like say 17 years old? And finally, from what I understand, Railgun’s events are set before Index. Therefore I believe you are going to see cameo appearances of other characters from Index here as well as some of its terminologies.
Thus the tale of this action sci-fi Railgun series tells us about the adventures of heroine Mikoto Misaka and her other friends in Academy City. Namely Kuroko Shirai, Kazari Uiharu and Ruiko Saten. Misaka is the third ranked Level 5 esper out of the powerful seven in Academy City (Level 5 being the highest and Level 1 being the lowest while Level 0 indicates you have no powers whatsoever – a normal ordinary human being). Nicknamed the Railgun, her super electromagnetic powers can literally cause the entire city to blackout. You don’t really want to make her mad. But being a tough girl doesn’t exclude her from having her have own weird fetishes like loving kiddie stuffs, wears shorts underneath her skirt and obsessed about some frog mascot, Gekota. Misaka’s ‘sister’, Shirai is part of a special group that maintains public order in Academy City, Judgment. While her Level 4 power is teleportation and she’s no pushover doing her job, an annoying thing about her is her lesbian tendency to get intimate with Misaka. It’s funny to see her trying to get lovey-dovey but at the same that that cringing feeling in your stomach. Of course most of the time, she gets fried by Misaka. Better luck next time. Shirai’s Judgment shy and humble Level 1 colleague Uiharu seems to always wear a headband of flowers in her head. Did she come from San Francisco? Just kidding. Why do they need kids in Judgment to maintain public order anyway? Oh yeah, 80% of the citizens are kids. Finally Uiharu’s best friend and Level 0 cheeky Saten seems to love flipping Uiharu’s skirt as some sort of her sick idea of greeting, making that poor girl fluster. Another sicko like Shirai but I guess she keeps it under control.
So episode 1 introduces these characters and others such as the prideful Mitsuko Kongou, a schoolmate of Misaka and Shirai (they attend the famous Tokiwadai Academy that hones powerful espers) and also we see Uiharu and Shirai cooperating to bring justice to punks that ruin the peace and harmony of Academy City. Though Misaka isn’t part of Judgment, I guess sometimes she goes overboard to help out too. Shirai and Misaka then meet up with Saten and Uiharu like how friends normally meet up. Probably Shirai’s hope of getting closer to Misaka has to be put on hold because the bank nearby is in the midst of getting robbed by Level 3 robbers. Shirai singlehandedly overpowers most of them since they’re looking down on a school girl. But when one of them uses an innocent boy as a shield and Saten trying to rescue him but got kicked instead, Misaka is furious and is going to get involved no matter what. It’s personal. The robber is going to ram Misaka with his car but cool Misaka flips her coin and unleashes a powerful electromagnetic railgun blasts that sends the car flipping hundreds of metres in the air! WOAH! DON"T PLAY PLAY MAN!!! The baddies are taken away by Antiskill (some sort of police that cooperates hand in hand with Judgment in keeping the peace) and the girls continue their frolicking. Especially Shirai. Zap time…
Episode 2 sees Misaka chasing that protagonist from Index, Touma Kamijou. I’m not sure why she has a bone to pick with him. Does she really hate him or just tsundere? Anyway this episode sees yuri Shirai looking forward to celebrate her ‘anniversary’ with Misaka since they became ‘sisters’ in this dorm. At least that’s from her point of view. This includes picking out what exotic undies to wear. Her plans are thwarted when Saten and Uiharu pays a visit. However Misaka isn’t too fond of that idea and entertains Saten and Uiharu while ignoring Shirai, sending that girl into deserved depression. Then they get a package delivery, supposedly some aphrodisiac Shirai ordered so Misaka blows her top and has had enough with her pervertness. I’m sure they forgot about the dorm rules of not using esper powers in the dorm. So thankfully the strict Dorm Lady (that’s what I’ll call her) makes her fearful presence and stamps her reminder authority by ‘snapping’ Shirai’s neck! Oh sh*t! Even the Railgun doesn’t want to mess with her! As punishment, the duo are made to clean the pool. They meet Shirai’s friends, Kinoho Wannai and Maaya Awatsuki who are grateful to Misaka for saving them the other day. Of course Shirai gets jealous when they seem to get too close so I guess she broke down after several rejections. Misaka shows she’s not bad hearted so she gives her a T-shirt present. Seems they reconcile and things going well till Shirai realized she drank the wrong bottle that contained the aphrodisiac intended for Misaka. Shirai turns horny and cheeky and once more Misaka has to electroucute her and keep her in line. Seems she likes the pain, eh? And I think her buddies watching may just get the wrong idea about this… Pretend you didn’t see this…
Kongou is attacked by a stun-gun from a mysterious presence in episode 3. Saten and Uiharu meet up with Misaka and Shirai at their school so the latter duo give the former pair a tour of their school and area. But Shirai and Uiharu are called back by their Judgment senpai, Mii Konori, about cases of 6 Tokiwadai girls being attack continuously and incapacitated by a stun-gun, all within the Gardens of Education compound. Saten is in the washroom and becomes the latest victim. Luckily Misaka was there to help her. As they continue to investigate and eliminate possible suspects (victims reported that they didn’t see anyone) that used invisibility powers but all had alibis. Uiharu mentions an ability to erase someone’s awareness of seeing an object and the only person to have that power is Miho Juufuku. But her Level 2 powers make it impossible to pull it off. When Saten comes too, everyone has the laugh of their lives. Except Saten of course. She has thick eyebrows drawn over her original ones! It’s payback time. The gang anticipate Juufuku’s next move and with their slick cooperation, she can’t hide no matter where she runs. Of course her stun-gun won’t work of Misaka. Saten is going to get her revenge but it seems Juufuku has thick eyebrows too. She tells her sad story whereby her boyfriend dumped her for a Tokiwadai girl because of them. That’s why she hates her eyebrows and seeks revenge on Tokiwadai girls. Saten consoles her and even says her thick eyebrows are her charm point. No point holding a grudge now. When Juufuku is taken away by Antiskill, she hopes to write letters to Saten. Did she just fall for her? But Saten regrets she should’ve scribble on Juufuku’s face because her thick eyebrows are drawn with a special ink that won’t come off for at least a week.
The girls discuss urban legends in episode 4 like some stripper lady and Level Upper, a tool that enhances esper abilities. Another urban legend about a guy who nullifies esper abilities has Misaka thinking that Touma may be the one but dismisses it (some incident whereby he tried to save her from harassing punks so she got pissed that her powers fired everyone except Touma who was still standing). Misaka by chance spots Touma and decides to settle things but Touma runs away when the woman he’s helping, Harumi Kiyama, starts stripping! I don’t know if she feels that hot that she needs to strip. Those heavy bags under her eyes may give a wrong impression… Anyway Touma leaves her in Misaka’s care. Misaka accompanies her and learns she is a scientist researching applications of power. After they part, Misaka spots Touma and this time she forces him into a duel. At the river bank, Misaka uses her power to draw iron in the sand to make a sharp blade since electric shocks didn’t work. Don’t let that touch you. Even if it’s a trap for Misaka to touch him and sent electrical waves through his body, she realizes that no current is flowing through. Touma then feints defeat but this upsets her further. He runs away, she chases him. I guess she lost him so she returns to her dorm but another sort of trouble awaits her. Horny Shirai is trying to undo the curse of the stripper lady she believes has possessed Misaka. Underwear on her head? Using an underwear? Ah well, we all know how this will turn out. Yup, Misaka having her peaceful sleep and Shirai deservingly tied up. Should keep her this way forever.
Shirai and Uiharu are going to arrest petty criminals breaking into a car in episode 5 but Shirai’s decision to handle it herself instead of waiting for backup not only left them a little bruised but the criminals escaped as well. Uiharu isn’t happy with Shirai’s decision and this causes cracks in their relationship as both girls are not on talking terms with each other. A flashback when young Shirai and Konori were partners in Judgment and Shirai just got to know Uiharu that time. At a post office, Konori (whose power is clairvoyance) notices a man with a pistol in his pocket. She reminds Shirai not to be rash and evacuate the people and leave the capture to Antiskill. But the man makes his move first. Shirai acts rashly and takes him out but there is another accomplice as he takes Uiharu hostage. Shirai goes in and he throws explosive beads. Konori uses her body to shield Shirai. Still in shock, the heartless guy starts kicking Shirai. She got enough strength to teleport Uiharu outside. Frantic Uiharu pleads for help while the baddie demonstrates his bead powers. He offers Shirai to team up with him but being a girl who just realizes, she refuses. He throws dozens of beads and just when she thinks her life is over, a streak of electric zaps them all away and Shirai takes this chance to subdue him. Unknown to them, Misaka was the one who had a helping hand in that. In the aftermath, Uiharu was so impressed with Shirai and her principles that she decided to follow him and made a promise to work together. In present time, Uiharu and Shirai get another call for action so I guess they can’t stay mad at each other and mend their relationship on their way to the scene.
The case of Graviton particle acceleration explosions are seemingly increasing of late in episode 6. But so far they are very small in terms of scale and no casualties reported. Misaka has an argument with Shirai about Judgment’s duties (the latter nagging the former like as though she’s her mother!). So one day Uiharu forgot her Judgment armband and left it on a cafe’s table so Misaka takes it. Konori spots her and mistakes her to be a new Judgment recruit. Misaka takes this chance to be part of the team. She expected high adrenaline but was disappointed when they’re doing boring jobs like cleaning up places and menial chores of helping citizens. Then they get a request to search for a pink children’s bag. Thinking there may be a possible Graviton case, they better get on a move but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. Misaka spots a couple of guys bullying a helpless victim. She tries to control herself not to act rashly but the bullies mock her and walk away. But the victim is ungrateful because he was beaten up since he expected help to arrive earlier. Then they spot a dog with that bag in its mouth and chase it down before finally getting it. Thankfully there is no Graviton in it and the bag is reunited with the little girl who was with Shirai and Uiharu all along. Of course Konori knew Misaka as the Railgun all along. A pair of Judgment personnel are in the midst of evacuating people at a convenient store since there is a possibility of a bomb in here. Unfortunately it explodes and takes the life of 1 of the personnel.
While the girls are sifting through the databanks for possible suspects and clues in episode 7, hints indicate it is that bullied guy in the previous episode. Since Judgment help didn’t come when he needed it most, he hates those Judgment guys. Saten and Uiharu invite Misaka out to shopping and we can see she isn’t honest with her feelings about her preference on children’s clothes. To make things worse, Touma is there and sees her in an embarrassing moment. He’s there babysitting that little girl from the previous episode. After they left, Uiharu gets a call from Kuroko that there is a bomb in the store they are in. They evacuate everyone without causing any panic while Uiharu searches for the bomb. However Touma notes that the little girl isn’t with him and thinking she’s still inside, Misaka goes back inside. The little girl comes running to Uiharu and shows her a Gekota stuff doll she got from some guy. But it seems that is where the bomb is and it is going to explode. Misaka makes it in time to use her powers but her coin slipped. Luckily Touma was there and used his powers to protect them. Shirai has found the culprit and corners him and Misaka soon to follow. He brands them as the bad guys and continues his ranting of unfair treatment and his dislike for people with power. Misaka beats him up because he used his lack of power as an excuse as Shirai notes Misaka was once a plain Level 1 but she got herself to where she is now through sheer hard work.
Uiharu gets sick in episode 8 and probably it’s partly true because of Saten’s constant skirt flipping which got her cold. I think she meant that as a joke. The rest pay her a visit. They talk about the recent cases which may have something to do with Level Upper since it is impossible for such people at their level to pull off such incredible feats. While Saten nurses Uiharu, Misaka and Shirai go to search more about Level Upper which is increasingly becoming more popular on the forum boards. Even if Misaka tried to pull off that nice school girl trick and ended up in a gang fight (which she obviously won by the way) and also their boss (with powers to freely control asphalt) they got nothing. Except the blackout as resulted from her final battle. Next day, Misaka and Shirai get news that the bomber guy and all those in the same state start to collapse into an unconscious state though there is no signs of anything wrong with the body. Since the hospital has inadequate facilities to handle such cases, a brain psychology specialist from an external department is called. She is Kiyama.
Besides the several stripping commotion in episode 9, the girls asks for Kiyama’s opinion. As far as I remember, those who use Level Upper may experience side effects and commit crime. Something that Saten is worried because she’s got a hold of it though she hasn’t used it yet. Saten walking alone spots a guy being beaten up by thugs. He was supposed to buy Level Upper from them but the thugs raised the price. It’s commendable that Saten tried to tell them off nicely that what they’re doing is bad but she should’ve seen that those heartless bastards are the types that would pull a girl’s hair and love seeing them writhe in pain. Luckily Shirai is there. Though she took care of the small fries, the boss is a little tougher to handle. Seems her teleportation ability is a little off whenever she fights him. She makes a tactical retreat into the building, supposedly the punks’ hideout. Begins a cat and mouse game as Shirai finally realizes his ability is making illusions by bending light. She makes a daring move by teleporting shattered glasses to cut concrete pillars and send the building crashing down when he refuses to surrender on the final warning. Now that guy is scared in his pants as he hands Shirai the Level Upper, which is a music player?
In episode 10, because Saten told her other friends she has Level Upper, they try it and are amazed with the little powers they have gained. Hey, even if they are simple but to a non-power user, they’re awesome since this is their first time experiencing such powers. Kiyama comes back with her research on Level Upper and mentions that it is possible via Testament, a special tool for inputting large amounts of digital info into the brain in a short period. Saten and her friends are having fun with their newfound powers. Till one of them collapses. Saten starts to get worried and calls Uiharu. She knows she will collapse too and feels this is some sort of retribution for cheating. Uiharu rushes over, assuring she’ll always be there for her. Next thing we know, Saten is in comatose state. A doctor that Misaka sees closely resembling to Gekota (at least to her) calls her and Shirai and discuss something about brainwaves signal and those who used Level Upper has got the same brainwaves. Not that I get it anyway. Uiharu sees Kiyama while the rest continue to research on the subject with Konori. More technical terms which I don’t understand. They explain it using computer networking linking those connected up as example but it was just too much for me. Say what again? They find a person that matches an ability to use such a network: Kiyama. Uh oh. Uiharu is in danger because she’s looking at some of Kiyama’s research when the latter’s away for a while but got busted. She takes Uiharu away in her blue sports car. Kiyama doesn’t answer Uiharu’s barrage of questions but tells her she has no interests in other’s power as her true goal is far greater.
More technical explanations about what Level Upper is from Kiyama in episode 11. What distribution across multiple brains? What using human brains as computational network? She got 10,000 espers and is using them as guinea pigs for what already? She has a treatment programme that will free everyone once it’s over too? Because Antiskill raided her office, her security system wipes out all data on it so the only cure is a little chip she has given to Uiharu. Kiyama encounters a roadblock in the form of Antiskill. She steps out of the car but she’s not surrendering. Her left eye turns devil red as she unleashes her powers like controlling some Antiskill members against each other. When she wipes them out, it’s Misaka’s turn and expect a power battle. Whose side is right and whose is wrong? Well Kiyama did give Misaka a point to ponder about the data the higher-ups take and measure and possibly cover up. The battle ends with Misaka using a decoy and giving Kiyama a powerful electric shocker. So powerful that Misaka is reliving Kiyama’s memories. A flashback of how Kiyama is made by a higher-up to be a teacher of children who are Child Errors (children in this city with no families or relatives. In other words, orphans) while regulating their developmental data. Of course she hated that job since the kids were naughty and cheeky but she grew fond of them seeing that they’re actually nice and innocent (probably she got her stripper habit from one of their pranks). Then the children underwent some experiment and fully trusted Kiyama. Something went terribly wrong but her higher-up continued on and even claimed their sacrifice were valuable in the name of science. Kiyama tells Misaka that the experiment of controlling AIM diffusion was just a guise for overloading abilities. Those children never woke up and are still in comatose state. She tried to find a cure or take her case to higher-ups but it fell on deaf ears. She’ll do all it takes to wake them up even if this means making the whole city her enemy. Suddenly she collapses and a hideous foetus emerges from her. Scary!
The foetus now wrecks havoc in episode 12 and the comatose patients go into tormenting state like as though they’re having a bad dream. Kiyama explains it is beyond her control and the foetus is made out of the mass thoughts of 10,000 people, pitiful thoughts of Level 0 people craving for power. Firepower seems to have no effect on the foetus and in fact it seems to be growing bigger at each shot taken. Uiharu takes the chip back to Antiskill in hopes that it will put a stop to this. So happens there is an experimental nuclear facility nearby and the foetus is heading towards it. So cliche. Misaka buys Uiharu time as she battles the monstrosity. Uiharu broadcasts from the Antiskill van, some weird song. What were you expecting? Some hip hop or rock? Well, it was enough to sooth the patients but the foetus is still on a rampage and even regenerating. After hearing those pitiful thoughts and promising to help Kiyama if she leaves, Misaka destroys the foetus not with her electricity but the heat from it to melt it away and then her trademark coin flipping move to obliterate it for good. Kiyama is arrested as she tells Misaka that she isn’t giving up yet and if she isn’t happy with that, she can come stop her anytime. And the good news is that all the comatose patients regain consciousness and that means the girls are happily reunited with Saten. That was a good lesson, right? Everything’s back to normal. Including skirt flipping and horny advances.
Wannai and Awatsuki invite Shirai and her pals to do a swimsuit model photo shoot in episode 13. Well, Kongou and Konori are there too. I guess this episode is to provide the typical fanservice as the girls choose their swimsuits and as usual due to peer pressure Misaka can’t be true to her feelings of choosing a kiddie one she likes. With technological advancement, locations of the photo shoot are random and the hologram sure makes the surroundings quite real and believable. Of course due to some error, they are taken to several extreme places like the desert, icy tundra and even the moon! While fixing the system, the girls take a break and decide to prepare curry meal (don’t worry, the ingredients are real). The tasks are divided and Kongou is in a pinch to make curry since Wannai and Awatsuki looks up to her as their sensei when she couldn’t even make a decent one. Finally she comes clean but they aren’t mad at her as they seek help from the rest. They have their delicious meal and all those hard work paid off. At the end of the day as the girls part, they wonder where Misaka is. Seems she has gone back and put on that cute kiddie swimsuit and enjoys herself on the hologram beach. What she didn’t know is that she accidentally activated a camera that projects her actions to the street outside. And Touma saw it…
On a hot day-off in episode 14, unlucky Saten and her pals have been chosen to undergo some special classes at a different school with her other pals, Akemi, Muu and Mako. There are other students from other schools too and the only similarity they all have is that they once used Level Upper. Some punishment? Yup, even Juufuku is there. Theory lessons starts with a loli teacher Komoe Tsukuyomi (brings back memories of Doki Doki School Hours’ Mika and Pani Poni Dash’s Rebecca). During recess, Juufuku meets with Saten to share her lunch. Then the physical-ed session has Aiho Yomikawa of Antiskill making them do marathon training. Run till you can’t run anymore. Whatever that means, one of the badass girl isn’t too happy because she thinks it’s punishment for them who used Level Upper. Yomikawa notes it’s to surpass one’s limits and probably realize the power inside that they aren’t aware off, once you give up, it’s over. Everyone is exhausted except for one chubby guy who still kept running and as Yomikawa notes he was the first one who wanted to give up but went on. So where did that extra power to run the extra lap come from? It’s all in the mind. Training is over when it starts raining. While changing, Saten got into a confrontation with that badass girl but nothing serious happened. Lesson continues with Komoe as she gives them motivational and encouraging words. At the end of the day, Saten’s eyes opened to a lot of things though she still remains a Level 0 but I guess she’s happy that she still has her other pals. Uiharu, Misaka and Shirai come to pick her up.
Kongou is confronted by several gang members of Skillout who hunt down espers in episode 15. She is immobilized by some sound wave but a mysterious guy in a leather jacket and spider tattoo shows up and defeats them. Back at Judgment branch, Konori tells them how Big Spider group was part of Skillout. They once had pride but recently turned into a bunch of lawless mob with an inferiority complex who hates society. A Skillout member reports to their head, Wataru Kurozuma about the recent events and he isn’t pleased to hear ‘that guy’ is still alive. Misaka and Shirai go to Skillout’s hideout to gather information but are surrounded by those punks. They could’ve handled it themselves but that guy in leather jacket and a fond drinker of Musashino Milk shows up to beat the crap out of them. They talk but nothing conclusive. Kurozuma is upset that his group is being beaten up so he threatens to kill his underlings unless they go out and beat up more espers. Of course Misaka and Shirai put the brakes on their bullying spree and arrive at Kurozuma’s hideout to arrest him. That guy still acts tough so he unleashes some resonating sound wave called Capacity Down to render their abilities void. Then the leather jacket guy appears and unplugs Capacity Down. The thugs recognize him as the real Kurozuma and he recognizes that fake Kurozuma as Hebitani. The punks attack but since Kurozuma is quite a handful, coward Hebitani flees. Konori appears and it seems she and Kurozuma know each other, shocking Misaka and Shirai.
Konori seems upset that Kurozuma didn’t contact her all this while but he just coolly left. In episode 16, Misaka and her pals are interested to know more about Konori-Kurozuma relationship so they visit her but only see her room-mate. She tells them how Konori was once a member of Big Spider. Without a place to go, she saw Kurozuma and gang in a gang fight. But he was fighting for and kind to a boy. She got attracted to that and joined him. Well, you could say she took a liking for him. Back at Judgment branch, Uiharu receives a report that Antiskill will conduct a surprise raid at Skillout’s headquarters tomorrow morning. Misaka confronts Konori at the rooftop. Konori remembers a flashback. Kurozuma decided to go rescue kidnapped Hebitani though he very well knew it was a trap. When Konori reached the place, Hebitani was alive and well but the place burnt down and Kurozuma never to be seen again. Then Kurozuma joins the girls’ conversation, saying he woke up in hospital and was straight away sent to the institution. He intends to end Big Spider since he was the one who created it. Konori isn’t happy that history is repeating itself because she doesn’t want to lose a place she calls home. Next morning, Shirai and Misaka meet up with Konori as they barge into the hideout before Antiskill’s anticipated time with Kurozuma. Misaka takes out Capacity Down so the thugs are no match for the combo of Kurozuma and Konori pair. Hebitani is left and he has dynamites strapped to himself. Before he could anything stupid, Kurozuma punches him as he is disappointed on how much he has changed. But it’s not over yet. Hebitani swiftly takes out a knife and though it grazed his cheek, Kurozuma lands a powerful knockout punch right in his face. In the end, the baddies are arrested and Kurozuma willing gets arrested by Konori. They share a light joke before they part. Musashino Milk has got to be the best?
Episode 17 focuses on an Antiskill member, Tsudzuri Tessou, Yomikawa’s partner. Besides being a teacher in her day job, we see her going through a bad day like being late for work and taken hostage! Then at the video game centre, she spots Misaka and co. She reminds them about curfew. She sees a lone boy there too, Kounoe, a classmate of Saten and Uiharu but aren’t that close. After that, Tessou goes bathing and eating out with Yomikawa and Komoe. The next day, same thing repeating. Another bad day at work. She sees Kounoe playing a fighting game at the centre, and the outing. This causes her to be depressed. On another day at the centre, Tessou plays the fighting game with him and share some secrets since she was a fan of it before. But her bad day continues (I believe several cameo appearances of Index characters here. Including that nun) so I guess she lets go some steam by playing at the video game centre. She is surprised she lost to Kounoe using her favourite secret character but he did take her advice and practice a lot. She walks him back to his home after that. Some time latter Tessou notices that Kounoe doesn’t show up at the centre anymore and she learns from Saten and Uiharu that he suddenly transferred to a different school in another district. Seems that school is famed for making video games. Tessou got her self confidence back and is determined to do her best.
Another terrifying neck breaking punishment for Shirai from Dorm Lady for breaking another dorm rule in episode 18. Shirai drags Misaka along one day to spy on Dorm Lady to see what suspicious things she does (apart from all those unsavoury insults she made up about her being a spinster and all that). It leads them to Cypress Park, a home for Child Errors. Seems Dorm Lady is doing volunteer work here. But there’s a catch. You can tell she has a crush on a teacher who is working voluntarily here, Daigo, who is Uiharu and Saten’s teacher too. Shirai suddenly decides to help Dorm Lady win the love of her life because that means she’ll be treated better if she falls in love. Of course Dorm Lady is suspicious but agrees to let her help. Shirai and her pals also help do voluntary work at Cypress Park as she tries to set up moments for Dorm Lady and Daigo. Of course the cheeky little kids tease them as lovebirds, making Dorm Lady blush. Daigo mentions he likes those who put others before self. Then a short minor earthquake so Daigo praises Dorm lady for being selfless. It’s funny to see a strict lady daydreaming of getting married. And she’s being lenient too! Where has that strict devil gone? Then she gets a call from Daigo to meet her. With Shirai and co spying from afar, Daigo asks Dorm Lady’s opinion on marrying somebody younger than her like say, him. She’s okay with it. When she returns, Shirai congratulates her. Next day, Dorm Lady dresses up nicely so she could properly reply him and at Cypress Park it seems the moment she has been waiting for. Daigo takes out a wedding ring and decides to propose to her. No, not Dorm Lady, but the elderly manager of Cypress Park instead. Heartbreak… He thanks her for giving such encouraging advice then. Sad, but I guess with love out of the way, Dorm Lady returns back to her demon self. All Shirai’s plan wasted… Prepare for another neck breaking punishment just for being a second late. JUST A SECOND LATE! I’m surprised she didn’t die after all that neck breaking.
Misaka is dreading this day in episode 19. The one day of the year where their dorm is open to public and are expected to receive many guests. Think of it as a school cultural festival on a big scale with the dorm girls dressed up in maids to serve people and even getting help from a school that specializes in maid training, Ryouran, to help prepare the food. Misaka introduces Saten and Uiharu to Maika Tsuchimikado of Ryouran. Can someone please keep photo maniac Shirai at bay? Thank you Maika. Misaka takes Saten and Uiharu on a tour around the dorm. Uiharu is so captivated with everything so much so Saten had to bring her down to Earth by flipping her skirt. Uiharu thinks of eating lots of food till she spots Tessou having stomach discomfort from eating too much. Better put back those cakes. Why is Misaka dreading this day? Seems she has a stage performance later. To her dismay, more people seem to get to know about it and looking forward to it. Including the kids from Cypress Park (Dorm Lady’s revenge?). Then there’s that weird auction event (Shirai buying up Misaka’s donated stuff at very high price to stem out competition?) and Kongou’s weird combination of miko priestess and maid outfit. Then it’s time for Misaka’s performance. She’s nervous at the backstage but she gets pissed when she sees Touma who is looking for that nun. She was going to whack him with a chair but he flees. She realizes her nervousness has subsided. She goes on to display her wonderful violin solo.
Uiharu gets a new room-mate in episode 20. She is Erii Haruue and they get quickly acquainted. While she also gets friendly with her other friends, seems there is a new phenomenon case. Earthquakes believed to be caused by supernatural phenomenon called Poltergeist but as Yomikawa mentioned, there is no such thing and the cause is an outbreak of RSPK Syndrome. Whatever that is. I’m once more too tired to understand all those theories by Multi Active Rescue Squad (MAR)’s Telestina. Abilities of multiple espers converge to create a Poltergeist effect and thus seemingly like an earthquake? That night, the girls get dressed in their yukata and head for the fireworks festival. They notice the presence of MAR there. Well, safety first as precaution. During the fireworks display, Haruue starts acting strange and walks away alone so Uiharu and Saten go after her. Shirai’s mood to get horny with Misaka is ruined when she gets a distressing call from Konori that the Poltergeist phenomenon is linked to the deliberate interference of AIM diffusion fields. Meaning, it is not an act of chance or by accident. An earthquake suddenly occurs and a lamp post threatens to fall on Haruue and Uiharu but luckily was held up by Telestina in her MAR power suit. Haruue still seems to be depressed as she keeps looking at her locket and wondering where ‘that person’ is.
While Saten and Uiharu accompany Haruue to the dorm in episode 21, back at the dorm, Misaka does some research and feels Kiyama may be behind this. Though she is still in detention, she feels something isn’t right. Uiharu continues to be with Haruue as they go on an outing together at the park (did she ditch Saten?) but Misaka and Shirai discover that Haruue has a Level 2 telepathy ability though it isn’t enough to cause such phenomenon. Then at the park, the earthquake happens again. There are some serious injuries this time. At the hospital, Shirai tells Uiharu what she has found about Haruue. But Uiharu is upset because she thinks she is suspecting Haruue. But Telestina says only a Level 4 could pull that off but need to examine Haruue. Uiharu is against this but Telestina assures her that it’s a way to prove her innocence. However Uiharu and Shirai’s relationship are on the rocks once more. Telestina talks to the girls and it seems results of the tests show Haruue isn’t responsible for the phenomenon. Haruue comes to as Uiharu gives back her precious locket. She says it’s a memento from a friend. Sometimes she can hear her voice and whenever she does, she goes into a daze. When she opens the locket to reveal her picture, Misaka is surprised because she has seen this girl, Banri Edasaki, before. It was that Child Error girl she saw when she absorbed Kiyama’s memories.
Haruue reveals she and Banri were from the same Child Error facility in episode 22 but one day Banri was transferred to another facility. Uiharu promises to help find her. Misaka and Shirai talk to Telestina about Kiyama and the overloading abilities experiment. It’s revealed that a ‘mad scientist’ Gensei Kihara was behind all this and his whereabouts are currently unknown. Thus he may be behind the Poltergeist occurrences. Shirai and Uiharu’s relationship plunge to record low as the latter accuse the rest of suspecting Haruue’s friends now in their quest to investigate the case. Then they get word that Kiyama has been released on bail and then some theory about espers with overloading abilities will resonate with other espers that will cause 78% of espers in the city to fall and the city destroyed by the Poltergeist phenomenon. How true is this? Well, it was written by that mad scientist. That night, Misaka sneaks out alone to Gensei’s sealed facilities but meets Kiyama there. She got so upset that her electric powers restored the security system. Kiyama takes Misaka to a hospital and is shown the comatose Child Errors. Seems that Gekota doctor was behind Kiyama’s release and was trying to find a way to save those kids. But each time they get close to awakening, their AIM diffusion fields show irregular patterns. He says how Gensei started it all and his goal was to create Level 6 via Crystallized Esper Essence. So Kiyama was at that facility to look for data for that vaccination software. Kiyama is desperate to wake them up even if it causes Poltergeist. Suddenly Telestina and her MAR men barge in since they’ve followed them here. She is going to take custody of the children. Kiyama is against it but Misaka stops her, feeling that she did nothing close to save their lives. She also tells her about Haruue hearing voices of Banri calling out for help. Telestina assures of their professionalism to save lives and facilities to treat them. Kiyama has no choice but to give in.
In episode 23, Haruue is given the chance to see Banri and she is relieved to see her even if she’s in comatose state. Uiharu goes to see Kiyama and the latter is depressed that she’s just a few steps away from waking the kids up. Uiharu suggests for her to take her data and see Telestina. However Telestina tells them they are going to be transferred to a place with better facilities soon and they can’t come along. However they are taking Haruue with them. Then Telestina steps and crushes on Kiyama’s data, saying it is useless. Kiyama goes into a fit when she hears Telestina’s full name: Kihara Lifeline. But Telestina overpowers her. Saten calls Uiharu but is shocked to hear the latter crying uncontrollably on the other line. The rest are shocked to learn that Telestina is Gensei’s granddaughter and the first subject he used for his Crystallized Esper Essence and Kiyama is ‘missing’. Because Uiharu is still sobbing, Shirai slaps some sense to her and tells her that there are better things to do than to sit there and weep. Misaka goes to confront Telestina and isn’t happy that she’s secretly helping out in Gensei’s experiments. Telestina shows her true colours and first thing we see her face turned into of a mad woman who couldn’t care less about anything except her goals. Misaka is going all out against her but was held back by Capacity Down, something she created and used Skillout as guinea pigs to test it out. She tells her goal to perfect the Crystallized Esper Essence before overwhelming helpless Misaka with her power suit. Her MAR men were supposed to take her away but luckily Kongou was there to use her influence to let her escape. Misaka wakes up in hospital with her pals beside her. She wants to go after Telestina but Saten stops her. Even without powers, Saten plays big sister and makes Misaka realize her selfish actions and has Uiharu and Shirai make up. Or else. They get to work and track down MAR’s trailers heading to a district, supposedly where one of Gensei’s facilities is. Then they spot a familiar car trailing behind: Kiyama.
Telestina knows Kiyama is following her and sets her subordinates to attack in episode 24. Before they can move, our heroines arrive and immobilize them. Apparently Kiyama is following a decoy so Uiharu and Saten rides in Kiyama’s car to follow the real ones with Misaka hitching a ride on Konori’s bike. Shirai and Kongou make an unlikely combo as they take out the other power suit users. Along the way, Telestina decides to join in the fun and makes her appearance in a huge mecha (she’s wearing a power suit in the mecha?). A great high power, high speed battle along the highway. Misaka unleashes her full electricity potential via metal piece with a combo with Shirai to blast the mecha into smithereens. Then in a lab area, they find the sleeping children but the esper girls are immobilized by Capacity Down. Telestina’s not out yet. Now she’s crazier than ever. She beats them up and says how this whole town is like an animal farm and experiment specimen. Something about using these kids’ power to create Level 6 by overloading them which will cause Academy City to undergo massive a Poltergeist and be destroyed. Well according to her, there is no need for a city once Level 6 is attained. Like reaching Heaven, eh? Saten who isn’t affected is given hints by Uiharu to take out Capacity Down at the central control room. I’m sure it was her noob in the computers fuelled by her rage when Telestina mocks her pals that makes her smash the entire control centre and break Capacity Down. Though Telestina isn’t going to give up yet and still has a powerful electromaster power in her suit, who do you think will win? Telestina’s electromaster against Misaka’s railgun? Doesn’t take a genius to guess who’ll end all mess up. Once that’s over, Kiyama inputs her programming data and her wait over these years is over when the kids regain consciousness. Tears of joy. In the aftermath, though Kongou brags but I think she’s taking too much credit, Telestina is arrested but remains a tough nut to crack because she’s not spilling anything even if she’s under detention, and Kiyama’s kids wish her a big happy birthday and I-love-you via blimp. Misaka is happy that this city is never boring.
Nice happy ending. All is well ends well. No complaints. Okay, there is one. The terms. My head is still swirling each time I try to understand them. In the end, I just forget about it and enjoy the electrifying action instead. I guess it’s pretty okay for a side story to take centre stage and make it big. I’m not sure if this will be getting a sequel but I read that Index is getting one. After being thrust into the limelight, how do you feel about going back to a supporting role, Misaka? Despite being heroines, each of them have their own quirkiness and may not be perfect. That is why they have each other to rely on and together they can make the impossible possible. That’s what friends are for. For instance Saten, she may be a Level 0 but because of that, she was spared from the effects that affect espers and the turning point that brought Telestina’s mad schemes to a grinding halt. Shirai’s love for her onee-sama may be annoying and sickening but when it comes to her Judgment job, she still holds her ground. Too bad I was hoping to see some sort of ending between Misaka and Touma but I guess the latter was just a side character here. He’ll be back in the second season of Index. I’m guessing that Misaka is tsundere about him… I wonder if there’s anything going on between Konori and Kurozuma after that. Maybe that guy prefers to do his new life behind bars. Kiyama may appear to be the initial villain but I guess she was just desperate to wake her precious ones after waiting for too long. Her methods may be questionable in endangering many innocent people but I guess it’s something like only what mothers would understand towards their children.
I’m not sure how many specials are there but you will be treated to those short comical clips if you buy the DVDs. I only watched the first one which lasted around 8 minutes. What does it contain? Well, the repetitive replay of Saten’s skirt flipping and Uiharu’s rebuking, the talk of Dorm Lady’s neck breaking technique of where she got it from, Saten’s teacher doing some lesson to change a cat in a box into something else, the meal outing between Yomikawa, Tessou and Komoe, Misaka’s paranoia on Academy City’s windmills if they are really generating electricity which turn into government conspiracy which turned into aliens. What’s with that repetitive advice by Misaka to conserve electricity in different voice tones? Easy for someone with electricity powers to say so. I wonder why Misaka is so dramatic and emo while the pair of Saten and Uiharu sound so silly. And Shirai’s like ‘don’t-be-so-paranoid-you-all’.
Then there’s a special DVD episode dubbed episode 13. Why that number? Because it takes place during that swimsuit photo shoot. Ah, the much needed fanservice the series lacks. Besides its long second title, the special is only 5 minutes long. As usual Misaka manages to get away from the horny Shirai. To Shirai’s dismay, Misaka is okay with Uiharu rubbing sun lotion on her back. She teleports an aphrodisiac one but her plan backfires when Saten takes Misaka’s place. This causes Saten to become horny and goes after Uiharu’s virginity. Misaka suspects this is the work of Shirai and electrocutes her. Meanwhile Kongou spots that lotion and puts it on her pet snake. Uh oh. After Saten has come back to her senses and the gang walking back (Shirai tied up and being dragged back), they are horrified to see Kongou’s snake slithering all over her naked body. Even snakes are horny. Better than the typical tentacles, right?
There is something about Academy City that bugs me. Considering that fact that 80% of its said population are students, I don’t see their overwhelming numbers supporting that statistic in the series since I noticed quite a number of working adults too. I have a few theories. One, they can’t show everyone of them (haha). Two, the city is so populous that they seem evident which means students are even more evident. Hey, this is a big city anyway. Three, the definition of student varies for example one in terms of age, say you may be 40 years old but considered a student statistically. Hey, they have students running Judgment, right? Does this mean, ‘students’ too do the teaching job? One might say so for Komoe’s case but 20% only for the real working force, that doesn’t seem right. Of course over the series there are hints that the databanks and the higher-ups may not be accurate or righteous as they seem but I guess that isn’t important here (maybe in Index).
Whenever Shirai goes into her horny mode, she sounds like a very deprived pervert. I guess I kinda enjoyed it whenever she breaks into this mode. Shirai is voiced by Satomi Arai and was also the voice of Aoba in Mahoraba and Peke in To Love-Ru. Once again, Aki Toyosaki shows that she is suitable to voice Uiharu and the other kind of ditzy or seemingly-out-of-breath girls like K-ON!’s Yui and Akikan’s Najimi. Kiyama’s character really do sound tired and weary and Atsuko Tanaka (Caster in Fate/stay Night) portrayed her perfectly. Hats off to Sayaka Ohara (Rika in Honey And Clover) who did an equally good job when she made Telestina sound like a mad woman in the final episodes. Other casts include Rina Satou as Misaka (Haruka in Minami-ke), Kanae Itou as Saten (Amu in Shugo Chara), Kana Ueda as Konori (Mikan in Gakuen Alice), Minako Kotobuki as Kongou (Tsumugi in K-ON!) and Yukari Tamura making a cameo as Juufuku (Sakura in Da Capo series). Both the opening themes, sung by fripSide, have that techno dance pop feel. The lively beat makes you want to get up and dance. Only My Railgun is the first opening theme and LEVEL5-judgelight- is the second one. With ELISA performing the ending themes, I prefer the slow-moderate but catchy first ending theme, Dear My Friend -Mada Minu Mirai E- as compared to the slight techno feel of the second one, Real Force.
Some of the CG used for the animation is pretty nice and smooth. I won’t say that the designs are creative or mind blowing but well to me they are just a little different. Ever since lots of giant ‘skinny’ windmills in the city? Must be to harness power for its huge population, eh? What about those little sweeper robots that keep the city clean by swiftly sweeping away any dirt on the ground? We need to have more of those. On a trivial note, each episode’s title serves as the mid-intermission. That means they appear only during that time. So don’t go searching for the episode title before, during or after the opening credits. I don’t know if this is true in every episode but I kinda noticed that the title of that episode are said somewhere in the show. I know this is evident especially if the title is named after the terminologies, but there are some episode titles which sound more like speech lines. And those lines happen to come out from a character’s mouth and made me go "Isn’t that the title of this episode?". Then there are several trivia for instance Shakugan No Shana and Toradora characters making cameo appearances and I suppose Pizza Hut was the main sponsor for this series just like they did for Code Geass so you can obviously see their trademark label in one of the episodes.
I feel that the series explores the theme about human experiments and using them as specimens for whatever research. There are for and against about this but of course if it is done in the name to take over the world then it’s a big no-no. That’s what happens when scientists become too curious and decide to expand their knowledge and that ‘greed’ of theirs turned them into ‘monsters’ who will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Thankfully for Academy City, they have Misaka and her buddies to keep it safe. I love it when she does her coin flipping action. I tried her move once but it backfired. Don’t worry, just got a little bruised ego that’s all. Other than that, we should all be happy with what we have and even if one deems oneself as useless, I’m sure there are other ways that one can prove to be helpful. To quote a line from a superhero movie: "With great powers come great responsibilities", I guess it’s safe to say that I am happy being a Level 0 otaku with no special skill, talent or ability to my name. Who needs Level Upper when I can watch my favourite animes… To Aru Kudaranai No Otaku (A Certain Useless Otaku)… I wonder if today’s iPhone has Level Upper application?

To Aru Kagaku No Railgun
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