To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd

March 5, 2016

The following of this series must still be going strong. Otherwise, why come up with another season a few years later, To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd? Or maybe it is because since the last time when it aired, it ended in an unsatisfying fashion and now that we have some materials to cover and animate, the time is right. Well, forgive me. I’m not really a fan of the series so I might be just speculation a lot. Seriously as over the years my interests over it seem to have gradually waned, I suppose the reason why I am picking this up is because of the nostalgia factor. You don’t believe me, right? After all, for those who watch this popular series in the first place has to be in it for the fanservice. It is a paradise and must-have for ecchi lovers. Yeah well… I’m not saying I started disliking the series but I don’t feel the enthusiast in it when I decided to pick this one up. Heck I didn’t even go back and re-read my previous blog on the season to refresh my mind. I have a very faint gist of what happened but other than that, I can’t be bothered to even wanting to remember the previous season. And yeah, I can’t even be bothered to wait for the uncensored version…

Episode 1
Fanservice from the start. Rito sexily licking Momo’s tail in his sleep. Who is to blame? Because Momo crept into his bed again. More trouble fanservice when he slips onto Lala when she just got out of the bath and has his hands at her sensitive areas. Rito you monster! At school when Mea learns of Rito’s horny perversion, it really gets her hopes up. Momo reminds Rito that Mea is still a trans weapon although for now she is harmless. Rito gets into more trouble when he bumps into Yami. I don’t know how he got his hands under her clothes. As expected, she beats him up till he has butt face. Only Lala’s mercy has Yami drop her killing intention. Hey, wasn’t she supposed to kill him? Momo reminds Rito about the harem plan and will help him as much as possible. Lala asks Haruna if she would tell Rito her feelings today. Momo then talks to Haruna about becoming Rito’s harem. Haruna feels uneasy because despite so, in the end it will turn into a competition. Momo mentions about polygamy is common in space. If Rito marries Lala and Haruna, both will live happily together. Besides, Rito is no ordinary human and will be Deviluke’s next ruler. This has Haruna in a dilemma because if that happens, then it won’t be a competition anymore. She wonders if she is being selfish thinking about her own happiness. Haruna suddenly becomes drunk since she was drinking an energy drink laced with some Deviluke herbs. Since Rito is passing, she becomes clingy to him and he has no choice but to take her home. Everyone is staring at them and bad enough, the principal sees them. Before he gets suspicious, Rito lies about Yami nearby so the pervert instantly strips and runs that direction. Back in Haruna’s room, she strips herself to her undies. This ‘shock’ has Rito spill water on her. That made it worse. Then she hugs him and they end up in a very steamy and sexy ambiguous position. She asks him about the harem thingy. Because she could confess her feelings, she sobers up and becomes embarrassed realizing her disposition. It gets even more awkward when Akiho returns, thinking they’re doing it this early. Rito leaves and Akiho feels bad for interrupting them. Momo apologizes to Rito she should have stopped Akiho earlier. Yeah, she was watching the entire thing. To steamy to pay notice to anything else? Rito thinks the harem plan is impossible because he can’t understand about Haruna wanting to make her love as her own. Momo hints a girl’s heart is complicating. Of course Rito doesn’t understand. He’s a guy!

Episode 2
This time Momo is sleeping with her boobs and crotch exposed next to Rito! You wonder how he lives every day. She reminds him to be cautious about Mea and try not to be alone with her. On the other hand, Mea wonders something is wrong because her Master Nemesis has not contacted her for a long time. At school, Tearju talks to Rito if he has noticed anything changed about Mea. She is also worried about Yami who still maintains her distance from her. She would like to get to know Mikan because she is best friends with Yami. When Lala zooms past Rito, she accidentally drops one of her quirky inventions. He picks it up and like always, it malfunctions and turns him into a little rat. Now he can see those glorious pantsu! Oh wait. Better run to avoid getting stepped on. He runs to Momo but those VMC guys didn’t like the rodent touching their princess. He hides in the girls’ changing room. Yeah. Tits galore. Saki and co kick him out. Rito’s fanservice trouble run continues. He somehow ends up squished between Haruna and Yui’s camel toe. He thought Nana could help since she can communicate with animals but the stupid principal bumped him away, excited he could read his porn. Rito flies into Yami’s tight outfit and scurries his way down her body. By the time he encounters Mea, he is tired. She takes care of him until he wakes up. That is when the curse is lifted. Big naked boy in front of her. Because Yami’s panties were stuck on his head, Yami knew he was the culprit and proceeds to beat him up, short of killing him. Mea asks Yami if she becomes uneasy sometimes. Yes she does. Nemesis never thought her about this so Yami tells her to think about it herself.

Mea is looking depressed and Nana can tell. She talks to her to cheer her up that with the support of her friends, things aren’t so bad as they used to be. Rito thought Mea is going to do something dangerous when he spots her in her assassin clothes. He questions if whatever Nemesis tells her to do is right. Mea finds this offensive and insulting and quickly takes control of Rito’s body to force him to do embarrassing pervy acts on her. I think she likes it. She thinks their emotions are in sync but he mentions about her uneasiness and loneliness like as though she is a lost child. She isn’t amused by his words. She still thinks what she does is based on Nemesis’s orders. Rito asks back if it was Nemesis’s orders when she tried to save Nana from that truck. Can’t answer. Rito knows that Nana was grateful from the bottom of her heart when Mea saved her. Suddenly several aliens start attacking Mea. They have a grudge against her for destroying whatever they had. Apparently Mea did lots of things to earn money so she can collect information on Yami. She wonders how they found out about her location. To her shock, it was Nemesis who told them. That is when Mea goes on the offensive and beats the crap out of them with her strength. She likes this feeling. Then she realizes why Nemesis did this. It is to make her remember that she is a weapon. Now the aliens are fleeing when Mea is just starting to have fun. The fight spills before Nana’s eyes. Mea sees Nana’s disappointed face.

Episode 3
Mea is absent from school. Nana tries to act find but that disturbed look on her face is hard to ignore. Based on last night’s events, Mea told her this is her true form. Even heartbreaking is how Mea is done pretending to be friends with her. Obviously Nana sinks into depression. Momo also feels bad. She thought Nana being friends with her would turn out something like Mikan and Yami but if this was going to happen in the first place, she should have separated them. Rito decides to go talk to Nana. In her digital safari, Nana pours her heart out about being foolish and naive in hoping Mea would open up her heart to her. It was sad she was earnest wanting to be friends but there was not a shred of it in Mea. Rito wants her to talk to Mea again and hugs her to calm her down. He asks if she would like to be friends with her again. Of course. Without a doubt. Nana doesn’t think Mea understand those feelings but Rito recalls when his feelings synced with his. He felt the uneasiness and loneliness. Like she was lost between a person and a weapon. She was pretending to be friends because she was hiding her true self. But now she knows, they can start over again for real. This gives Nana to go talk to Mea again. At the river bed, Mea threatens Nana not to come close but Nana inches closer. Mea strikes her blades but they all seem to unconsciously miss her. Suddenly Nana finds herself being groped by Rito! Or something that looks like him. Mea used her ability to create a strong image from her heart. More crap from Mea why she should stay away from her. I’m a weapon, you’re a human, blah, blah, blah. Nana breaks free and hugs her. She doesn’t care for all that crap. The most important thing is their feelings. She pleads to be real friends this time. I guess that heart tugging speech makes it hard for Mea to reject. Okay. Let’s be friends. Yami just beat up those aliens planning to blow up the vicinity just to get even. Yami and Mea reconcile. Mea now understands what Yami meant. Back home, Nemesis finally contacts Mea. But she is not mad and allows her to stay as long as she wishes. Thanks to recent events, Nemesis now understands better what is leading her astray. Nana can’t sleep and visits Rito’s room. She thinks of sneaking in and sleeping with him but naked Momo is already there. This must have become a nightly affair, eh? You mad? So why beat the hell out of Rito who is sleeping so soundly?

Episode 4
The festival begins. Momo had the bad luck of meeting those VMC guys there. But the moment they see Rito with her, they start warning her about the lewd beast he would become (horny fanservice delusion cue). Yeah, I think they are the ones in danger of become the lewd beasts. Thanks to that delusion, Momo manages to escape them. Rito asks Momo about her mom. She describes her as a great lady whom everyone respects. He wonders if she ever gets lonely to see her. Because of him and the rest of her friends around, she never feels lonely. Rito also asks about the harem plan. More importantly, why she is eagerly doing this for him. That’s because she loves him. She doesn’t mind being his second or third choice but as long as she wants to be loved by him. That would have been great if she said that out loud instead of in her mind. Instead, she gives the excuse that she wants everyone to be happy. Momo notes that because of this deception, Rito is playing along. The plan will succeed even before he realizes it. The only problem is Yami. Based on her recent reconciliation with Mea, seems that she still views herself as an assassin and weapon. When Mikan comes looking for them because Tearju is in trouble, they make haste but Rito bumps into Yami around the corner. He is a master in somehow getting his face in her crotch, isn’t he? Yami teaches him a lesson and reminds him that she is still after his life. Then Mikan starts to act strange. She is telling Yami just to kill Rito in that case. Mikan then transforms into Nemesis. This little girl is her true form. Rito still manages to slip and gives Nemesis her first taste of fanservice. She likes it and continues flirting with him. She mentions about the 2 types of destruction: Physical and psychological. She prefers the latter. Nemesis then proceeds to humiliate Momo by molesting her tail, only to be stopped by Yami. She backs off since her goal is to make friends and not start a fight. Hard to believe that. Nemesis has observed Yami via Mea and her surroundings and realized her true feelings. Something about Yami knows she does not belong here and she will eventually have to leave. Unconsciously she realizes it in her heart that her true nature is a weapon which can never love a person. That is called Darkness. She believes Yami will eventually awaken to it without her guidance. She’ll patiently wait till that time comes and in the meantime will just hang around and play with them. Momo asks Tearju about Darkness. But she mentions it is nothing to worry about. Even so, it will be okay as long as everyone who thinks of her is here.

Episode 5
Celine is messing with one of Lala’s inventions. What does it do this time? It is supposed to summon a friend here. And it had to summon Yui when she is in the middle of her bath right onto Rito. Oh no… Hey, at least it works! Mea meets Nemesis in person for the first time. She wonders what is Darkness but Nemesis will let her see it for herself when the time comes. When Rito is done with his errand, he is surprised to see Yui taking the same train home. Yeah, that incident still fresh in your mind? Then she brings him away to a corner. No, it’s not she allows him to get horny on her but she doesn’t want him to take out his lust on the other girls. How kind of her. At the next stop, the crowd comes in and packs the train like sardine. If Rito is wondering why Yui is glaring at him, he realized too late that his hand is groping her butt! He tries to break free but unconsciously his arm touches her breasts. Then the cat paw toy he bought for Celine activates and starts fondling her crotch. Wow. Just super. I wonder how long she can hold it in. I don’t think she can… When they’re out at the next station, Rito can’t understand why she screams at him for being shameless. Mikan spots Mea at the supermarket and invites her home for dinner. Although she doesn’t feel close to her, after learning she is Yami’s sister, she thought of putting in some effort to understand her. She lets Mea help out cutting the cabbage. She seems to like it and it flipped her chopping switch. Because Mikan knows her identity, she doesn’t hesitate to transform her blades and start her chopping fury. It’s like she is getting orgasmic doing this. So much so she accidentally cuts everyone’s clothes and Mikan had the unfortunate view of having Rito’s dick in her face! Luckily she stops (perhaps nothing left to cut) right before Lala comes in (she was ‘stalled’ in the bath when Celine was sucking her tits). The friends had a wonderful feeling especially Mea starting to feel this fuzzy feeling of closeness in her heart. Mikan sees the similarity of Mea and Yami. She is still just like how Yami used to be. Mikan feels although she won’t get along with Mea as well as she does with Yami, it is okay once in a while to invite her to dinner again.

Episode 6
After helping father at his manga workplace, Momo wants to show Rito an eroge and perhaps this will lead to something steamy and ‘unleashing of the beast’. Double click! However they bump into Nemesis who is still bent on making Rito her manservant. Momo is wary of her but Rito agrees to accompany Nemesis in hopes of learning something about her. There goes Momo’s quality time with him. Nemesis has lots of fun with her time with him but Momo isn’t looking thrilled. Since he is so good to her, Nemesis explains what Darkness is. Some sort of release of a dark power, the ultimate transformation that will bring chaos to the galaxy. Momo is not amused with that generic answer so Nemesis tries to convince Rito that Momo is a dangerous woman that is not to be trusted. However Rito doesn’t think so as she was just getting angry on his behalf. Unfortunately this pisses off Nemesis. She does not like his attitude of trusting others so easily. Fun is over. She claims it is Momo’s victory this time. Back home when Momo thinks she can seduce Rito in the bath, it seems he is tied up and being seduced by Nemesis instead! Damn this girl beat her to it. Momo tells her off that Yami is her target and Rito has nothing to do with this. On the contrary he has very much to do with everything. Yami and Mea became interested after coming into contact with him. He is the catalyst why Yami has become more human-like. Nemesis reminds her it is her goal to take the desires of others. This means Momo’s harem plans she can forget about it because Rito is hers. Nemesis imitates Rito’s voice to scream for help. Mikan rushes in to see Rito passed out in Momo’s arms. She misinterprets the situation and gives Momo an earful. Nemesis finds it fun to tease Momo but for the latter, she is definitely her, well, nemesis. Next day, to avoid what happened, this time Mikan goes to bathe with Rito. Hey, they’re siblings and once bathed together, right? Besides if there are already people in the bath, this means no more can come in, right? So be grateful for that. She sits with him in the tub (it’s gotten smaller since they’ve grown bigger) and they talk about things. She accidentally mentions some harem thingy and this gets him startled and as he runs out. Momo is seen happily peeping on them outside. Mikan is not too happy when she learns it was Momo’s plan to have them bathe together. Just as planned…

Episode 7
Tearju is now a full homeroom teacher of Momo’s class. There is concern because Mea hates her and Yami still won’t reconcile. When Tearju makes her first homeroom debut, Yami is as usual absent. Attempts by Momo to convince her to attend class only fell on deaf ears. Rito is looking for Yami after school but Mea finds him and dives into his mind. I suppose this is cue for fanservice because Mea is giving some naked bathroom fanservice to him (and us). Mea is conflicted that Nemesis takes a liking for him and if it stays this way, it will be hard for her to play with him if he belongs to her. Fun is over the moment he mentions Yami’s name. Rito believes it will be good if Yami and Tearju made up but Mea is clearly uninterested. So Rito sees Yami at the library. Yami knows that if he is here, it means Mikan must have already told him about it. So he tries convincing her but looks like she is still stubborn. There is something about her reputation that makes it harder for Yami to reconcile despite viewing Tearju as family. Mea interjects. She mentions that she has always lived according to Nemesis’ wishes but now that she has tasted living by her own will, it isn’t all that bad. Surprisingly Mea gives her the best advice. From her experience with Nana, she knows she is afraid of moving forward but if they don’t face each other, they will never make amends. Oshizu and Momo have been spying on them. Oshizu realizes too late a dog is licking on her leg. This causes her telekinesis power to go berserk, controlling Momo to ram into Rito and co. The point of it all is so we can have Rito in yet in another ambiguous threesome fanservice scene. It is such a mind boggling thing to even wonder how he can even end up in such position. Yami follows Rito back home, much to Mikan’s delight. Next day in class, Tearju thought Yami is playing truant again. Surprise! She turns up late and in her school uniform. A moment of happiness for Tearju. Yami has Mea to thank for. Since her little sister is moving forward, she can’t lose and lag behind.

Episode 8
Zastin is warning about some cursed sword when Mikan gets a call from Rin. So why is Rito the one who turned up in Saki’s mansion instead? Mikan had something to do and sent her brother instead. Seems last night when Saki hosted an appreciation dinner for her butler and maids, I guess they got food poisoning and none are able to work together. Her loyal subordinates are here to help but I guess Saki needed the extra hand. Don’t worry. Because Momo, Nana, Mea and Yami are here to help too. Even sweeter, they’re going to be in their maid outfits! WOHOO!!! Momo thinks it will be tough for Saki to be part of the harem plan since she is smitten with Zastin. But there may be a chance for Rin. Speaking of which, yet another freaking ambiguous fanservice position for Rito on her. Mea thought she saw Nemesis in the compound for a while. When Momo teases Rito about helping to get Rin’s heart, suddenly Rin comes attacking them with her sword. Momo is quick to save Rito. Yami enters to scene to fight her. She thinks Rito’s perversion made her mad until she realizes she is being possessed. Heck, even Nana thinks Rito’s perversion is the cause of this. Yeah, always blame him. Rin continues slashing, a reason for clothes to be ripped at lightning pace. As the Trans sisters explain, it is that blade, Bladix that is possessing her. But it is not a cursed sword but a parasitic life form. As it is on the same wavelength with Rin, killing it would mean killing Rin too. So how? Rito has an idea. He wants Mea to use her ability so that he can dive into her mind and separate her. He is willing to risk his life for her because Rin once saved Mikan before. Don’t worry. He believes things will turn out fine. It’s that baseless confidence we’re worry about. After all, it won’t be fun if Rin isn’t part of his harem, right? Rito enters her mind and tries to break free of her tentacle rape but he also gets caught in it. Bladix doesn’t like another to gain control of this body and that Rin’s body is hers. But Rito rebukes him about all the kind people around Rin. It gives him the strength to rip her out before Mea drops in. Bladix thought he could possess her but he is left running for his life. He is crushed by Yami. Zastin has been watching the entire episode and he wonders who Mea is because she possesses the same abilities as Yami. When Saki calls out to him, Nana chides him for hiding and not doing anything to help. Was his help ever needed?

Episode 9
Rin properly thanks Rito for saving her. Although Rito claims it was Yami but she was very sure he was the one who pulled her out of the darkness. Saki teases Rin that she is falling in love with Rito. Because Yami sees Rito getting into another ambiguous fanservice scene this time with Tearju, I don’t think she can spare his life now. Only by Lala’s mercy yet again that his life is spared. Momo seems to be irked that even Nana is showing more interest in Rito (although the tsundere disagrees) despite this is all part of her harem plan. Momo then talks to Lala who in turn is worried if there is any progress with her relationship with him. Because Peke has been bugging her that she is too kind in wanting Haruna to close the gap with Rito. Observing that Lala is still only making pure innocent love moves to Rito, Momo calls Lala to her room to teach her… Eroge! However after teaching her about the kiss, Momo cannot go further as she cannot bear corrupt her sister’s innocent heart. And so Lala joins Rito in his bath and wants to kiss. She knows he loves Haruna more but wonders if his love for her has changed. If he still loves her, please kiss her. Of course with all that nervousness, he slips and ends up in the 69 position. Lala then tells him it’s his lips that she wants to kiss! Too bad he is knocked out. Call it a night. I guess that bump on the head means Rito has this strange steamy dream about naked Haruna steamily kissing him followed by Lala. Next day, he confronts Lala to tell her he can’t kiss her. It is because they are not lovers yet. True, he still loves her but his feelings for Haruna has not changed. He can’t accept the idea of marrying both of them now so accepting the kiss with this half hearted feeling will make him feel useless. Lala is glad. Last night she talked to Nana about it and even revealing Rito’s feelings for both Lala and Haruna. Nana said that she can tell Rito didn’t want to do the kiss because if it was her, she wouldn’t too. Lala apologizes for not thinking about his feelings then. For now, she pecks him on his cheek and will wait for the day to get his special kiss. Then she hopes he will answer her feelings. Eavesdropping Momo admires her sister and perhaps why she can’t best her. That is why she is going to tell Nana about her plan.

Episode 10
Mea is calling Yui the Shameless Woman because this is her favourite line when she chastises Rito. Could it be she wants to experience the shameless thing too? Somebody stop Yui before she turns into a killing machine. Nana talks to Mea about Momo’s harem plan. Seems she knows about it because she dived into Rito’s mind. Nana seems to be against the plan but Mea mentions about its good points. She gets to have fun with Rito every day. She stimulates a fantasy whereby Nana gets licked by him. Nana is not appreciative of this and denies having feelings for him. Oshizu tries to follow Mea and sees what she is up to. But she was scared the sh*t out when Mea plays a prank. Oshizu continues to hate her but Mea doesn’t. Because she is easy to tease! Oshizu wonders why Mea doesn’t just reveal true self seeing she talks freely with her friends. Although her initial mission was to observe Yami and there is no reason to continue pretending to be an Earthling, she feels she just cannot abandon this personality. Oshizu’s scare just caused one of Lala’s inventions to malfunction. It is sucking all the lingerie of any woman it can find. Yeah, fanservice time. Oshizu feels responsible (but partly it is Mea’s fault too) and wants to stop this but Mea doesn’t feel interested in doing so. She thinks it is interesting sometimes to have such chaos. Rito tries to stop the machine but it seems it has to take him to places where girls are changing. Not only he failed to stop the machine, he gets beaten up for all the eye candy. Was it worth it? The ultimate one is where the machine sucked all the girls’ clothes at the changing room and then somehow manages to pin those naked bodies all on Rito like some Katamari Damacy ball. Rito you lucky bastard!!!!! Finally when Nana destroys it, the mini black hole which is the source of its suction goes berserk. Now it is going to suck the entire school. Who is going to save the day? Rito is a wuss. Yami doesn’t look interested. I guess Oshizu will have to use her telekinesis to suppress it. There is a danger she’ll use up too much energy and disappear but she can’t bear to have the school gone. That is when Mea reveals her true form to help out. Though the black hole is gone, everybody has seen Mea’s true form. Before they can jump to conclusions, Yami introduces her as her long lost sister. Not blood related. Everybody now loves her and applause for them. Since Tearju is part of the crowd and emotionally applauding, Yami feels embarrassed and leaves. Mea makes up with Oshizu and becomes friends. But this is just another prank to scare her. This time her disturbance causes Nana’s butt to be shoved into Rito’s face. Rito you lucky bastard!!!!!!!!!

Episode 11
Rito is like a monster ravaging Momo’s tail in his sleep. Though Rito has not accepted her harem plan, she believes he has what it takes to become harem king. Besides, the greatest hindrance to the plan who is no other than Yami is no longer a threat. With just a little push, she might even fall for him. Rito talks to Yami about her relationship with Tearju but she won’t talk more than it’s needed. Another slip up for an ambiguous position has Yami wanting to kill him again. So Momo, think she still won’t kill Rito? This time Haruna’s plea has Yami give up. During pool lessons, Mea talks to Yami. The latter feels that she is has accepted to being part of here. Suddenly something inside her activates. Yami turns Super Saiyan? Her own hair goes berserk and does perversion on herself? Seems this is all part of Nemesis’ plan. The condition to wake up Darkness has been fulfilled. Slowly, Nemesis takes over Mea’s body as she explains that the condition for Darkness is to have a peaceful heart that a weapon should not possess. This is also some sort of limiter release as Darkness contains unlimited Trans power that will become an anti-planetary weapon. When Tearju tried to suppress Yami’s awakening but treating her good, her fellow scientist did not appreciate it. So after Tearju was exiled, they planted this Darkness system into Yami’s mind. Nemesis thought it was making Yami a killer as the shortcut to awakening Darkness but after observing Mea changed, she realizes peace is the key. Nemesis appears for the first time before Nana and Tearju. If she is here, where is Mea? Nemesis says Mea never existed in the first place. She was just a quasi personality she created. After all, how can the warmth of a person’s heart reach a little sister when she does not exist in the first place? Yami falls into despair while Nana still refuses to believe Mea is non-existent. Yami’s blades start stabbing herself. The thought that peace is impossible and Mea is just an illusion puts a great strain on her heart. Yami turns into a flash of light before transforming into her true Darkness form. Uhm… Is this some sort of sexy swimsuit? Nemesis is glad to meet Darkness and asks her how she feels. She is feeling perverted. I can see why she is in that skimpy dress now.

Episode 12
Darkness wants to see that perverted guy. No, she isn’t referring to you, my perverted principal. That guy she meant is Rito and she pulls him out from his class via her portal. She lets him do all the perverted stuffs to her. And then she summons the water tentacles to tentacle rape all the other girls. Since she is going to kill him, what a better way for him to die surrounded by ultimate pleasure of boobs and butts! Nana and Momo also got tentacle raped but by Rito clones. After they break free, Nana summons all the cats to whisk Rito away. Darkness remembers she once awakened like this before. It was after she lost Tearju and became an assassin, at some dump planet, Darkness awakened and split the planet into half! However that transformation was only brief. She reverted to Yami and had no memories. Now that she has returned, the only difference is now she has this perverted feeling. All thanks to Rito and his accidental perversion over the seasons. That is why she needs to hurry up and kill him. Nana and Momo won’t allow that but they are teleported to Mea’s home. Seeing that the recent stuff Mea did, Nana refuses to believe Mea never existed and vows to bring her back. Similarly, Mea knows Nemesis lied to everyone that she never existed. Nemesis won’t be swayed in letting her go. She can’t. They are after all one mind and one body. Looks like the cats bump Rito into Haruna and Yui looking for him. Darkness finds them and Yui of course did not hesitate to reprimand her of her risqué attire. Darkness then uses her portals to fondle Haruna’s boobs and let Rito tastes Yui’s butt. But she realizes she needs to kill him and before she can split him in half, here comes Lala to the rescue. Darkness summons a giant golem in Rito’s image. Nemesis still thinks Mea is trying to struggle to break free and persuading her that she wanted Rito as her manservant. Mea is actually grateful for her that she was able to continue living. Although she can’t do anything with her own power, the difference now is that she has friends. And that friend to her rescue is Oshizu. She uses her telekinesis to separate them. Mea thanks Nemesis for everything but will choose her own path from now on.

Episode 13
With Mea getting her own body back now, first sign of gratitude for Oshizu is to scare her! Nana is glad Mea is back although Nemesis can still materialize in a separate body. They have lots of things to ask her but right now the big priority is returning Yami back to normal. Lala easily defeats the golem because she knows it is not the real Rito. Darkness plays cheat by using her portal to make Rito’s face contact with Lala’s butt. Luckily she uses some slippery measure to break free and free Rito from Darkness’ grasp. When Darkness uses some high energy output to slice her, I wonder if Lala’s tail laser beam can hold it despite it is her plan to wear her out. Somehow she manages to counter attack although Lala is now out of power and her body has shrunk to loli size. Darkness is also out of power but she can recharge. Darkness can still use her Trans weapons and before she can kill her, Zastin and his guys are here to help out. But before they too can charge, they are held back by Nana’s animals. They explain they are not here to fight Darkness but to return her back as Yami. When Mea’s persuasion to Darkness fails, Darkness becomes mad and considers her as a pest like the rest. Mea has no choice but to use her blaster on her and then they take it to the skies to fight. Eh? But I thought they weren’t going to fight? This is all part of a bigger plan. Mea has noticed that from Nemesis’ observations, Darkness’ transformation is incomplete thanks to her fixation on perversion and Rito when she should actually become a weapon. That means Rito himself is the cause of the bug and thus there is still hope for Yami to come back. Momo tell Rito this plan of theirs and it seems he has to do something unholy. Even though this is all based on speculation, they are willing to take the gamble on Yami’s heart and bet on Rito. He agrees to do it even if this is just a slight possibility for Yami to return. Darkness has caught Mea and lets her Rito clones lick her into ecstasy. Before she can die climaxing via licking, a beanstalk interrupts them. The gang is here. Rito wants to do all the wild perverted stuffs on her! Come on baby! Let’s get down and dirty!

Episode 14
Because Rito’s act of perversion has always been acts of God, for him to do it naturally is suspicious. That is what makes it irresistible for Darkness too. The problem is whether Rito can pull it off. He rushes towards her put slips and falls short. But when memories of Yami flash through his mind, he gets back up. He shows how serious he is by taking off his clothes and starts his extreme molestation! OMG! He’s a monster! This scene reminds us of the principal because he has always been trying to harass Yami like this. I guess those nightly monster acts with Momo also paid off too. Darkness tries to run away but Rito clings on tightly and continues his molestation. With memories of Rito flashing in her head, she gradually returns to Yami. Conveniently they crash in Rito’s backyard and Yami has to slap him to stop his molesting. Too good to stop? Mikan just came home and sees them in this perverted shape. Lots of explaining to do. Life returns to normal. Yami is seen profusely apologizing to everyone at school for yesterday’s trouble. She also has supplied Lala with lots of milk for her growth. As for Rito… She ignores him. Well, better than beating him up. Tearju is overcome with emotion that Yami is back and cries all over her face! Yami and Mikan still get to eat taiyaki together. A good sign, right? And of course, Yami can’t ignore Rito forever. She tries to say thank you but that word is so hard to come out. I guess she is not used to it. But it is Rito who apologizes first. I guess he is so used to this. Making it even more embarrassing is how he describes in detail about the perversion. Those old ladies in public are going to have the wrong idea. Yami tries to shut him up but this lands them in another ambiguous fanservice position. Quickly she tells him Darkness’ perversion wasn’t the real her and that she isn’t a perverted person. She doesn’t think anything of him. Oh really? Nemesis appears before Mea and laments Darkness’ failed activation means no new galactic war could start and made those weapons feel at home. Mea believes it is alright. She now understands and can get use to this. Will Nemesis leave this place? Don’t worry. She will always keep an eye on them from the shadows. It’s her way to kill time. Lastly, for those who are wondering where the principal has gone. He is frozen somewhere in South Pole and researchers think he might be a yeti! But who cares, right?

Rito is about to go to sleep when Nemesis pays him a night visit! Hey, at least it’s not Momo. She is interested in ghost stories after stumbling upon them at the book store and wants him to tell her one. Momo objects as she comes out from the closet. So that’s where she is hiding? She will do the ghost story instead. So she begins about a space traveller stranded on an uninhabited planet. After getting lost in the jungles for hours, he stumbled upon a mansion in which an old lady takes him in. In the middle of the night, he gets up thinking somebody is watching him and it turns out the old lady is staring at him. Nemesis interjects thinking it should be a young woman instead. Then she proceeds to re-enact everything again but this time taking out her flirting on Rito. Momo stops her when Nemesis is just dripping candle wax on him. Now it’s Momo’s turn to show how it’s done. Her flirting includes using a plant that squirts out suspicious sticky milky liquid. With those ambiguous hand movements to let it squirt all over her body, she proceeds to rub it all over Rito’s body with hers, claiming it is supposed to recharge your weariness. I think Rito is only getting more stressed up. Nemesis joins in for double seduction. Wasn’t this supposed to be a ghost story? Mikan is awakened by the commotion. You can imagine her shock and surprise to see Momo on top of Rito and weird liquid all over. Momo tries to blame Nemesis but she is nowhere to be seen. Curses. She has fast escaped again. Mikan reprimands the duo while Nemesis feels refreshed with that liquid.

Yami visits Mikan and the latter thinks she wants to apologize to Tearju. We think and know it is Rito since they act strangely when they see each other. Momo picks up a call from Mikado saying she needs their help at her clinic as it is overwhelmed with patients. Since Tearju lives with Mikado, Mikan gets an idea to bring Yami along to help. So we’ve got everybody in nurse outfits and even Rito is temporarily transformed into a girl just for it. Mikado can’t help fantasize all the naughty checkups she’ll do to examine his body afterwards. The gang works hard to serve the many different alien races. Even Rito gets sexually harassed but saved by Yami. When the crowd simmers down, Yami takes Rito to talk to him at the basement with pretence to go find Tearju since she has been there for quite a while. Yami is eking out her courage to thank him when they see Tearju in trouble. She is being raped by a robot! Actually, Mikado’s old mechanical assistant. She put it away as it was so much trouble. Now you know why, eh? I guess Yami and Rito are too sexy for the pervy robot to resist so it also rips their clothes and throws lots of bandages for BDSM play. It is role reversal when Yami has her hands on Rito’s boobs and he screams calling her a pervert! Tearju has not escaped since she doesn’t want to run away and leave Yami alone again. This has Yami revive and slice the robot in half. It was that easy? Rape play ends. At that time, Rito has turned back into a boy and Yami sees a full view of his ‘little buddy’. After putting clothes back on them (they don’t have any recollections what happened), she leaves very embarrassed.

The Darkness Of The Ecchi Heart
Well folks, whether or not this is really the end or not, at least it ties up the loose ends and had a closure in Yami and Mea’s case. For now. In a way, it gives a better and satisfying end compared to the previous season. Reading back my previous blog, I have to say that my findings for the plot, the characters, the fanservice and overall sentiments of the show stayed somewhat almost the same. Forgive me if I am going to repeat them here again. I know I did say in my opening paragraph that I did not go back and re-read the previous season but that was for the summary of the episodes. I did after all go back to read my opinions on it just for comparison. At least this season round, it has a bit more plot than the episodic ones in the last.

For instance, the fanservice level of this series is done in such a way that you would expect it to be spammed at least once in every 5 minutes. That is the nature of this series and probably why the fans keep coming back. As I have said, I did not bother to wait for the DVDs to come out so that I could watch some clean and uncensored boobs just like last season. I did watch a few initial episodes uncensored but after that, by then it was more or less the same. It seems that this time around I could put up with the atrocious white light and steam censors that are abound in the censored aired versions. Maybe a few years ago I would have been annoyed but is it because of my failing libido? Nah!!! I mean, I wasn’t that desperate since I could just ‘imagine’ what kind of perversion would be going on behind those censors. I guess it is more ‘fun’ trying to imagine those boobs and fanservice scenes yourself. For a series that has ran several seasons of fanservice, it isn’t hard for me to imagine the characters and perhaps their prized assets ;p. No, I’m not saying I am a closet fan of this series, but I can vividly imagine Lala and Haruna with my eyes closed. Heh. Does that make me sound like a master pervert? But not every entire scene is censored although a minimal panty shot scenes are left spared from the censoring. It feels like a little teaser and the extra motivation for horny guys to go buy the DVDs if you want to see the other more risqué scenes.

Another mind boggling thing is Rito’s ‘ability’ to get into steamy ambiguous fanservice positions with the usual girls. Every season he seems to be flawlessly doing it. I know we can blame God and this is His act, so does this mean the God of this series is a pervert? It is like He is channelling his perversion through this poor kid. Because from the way he trips, how can he actually end up in such a position that is worthy to be placed in the Kama Sutra? Near impossible sexual positions that would break your bones and muscles before you could reach climax. So that is why it has got to be acts of God, right? This series is also so good in bringing fanservice to viewers, that by this time you realize that they can make a fanservice scene out from nothing. One moment everything seems to be pretty normal and the next suddenly this Rito’s molestation and groping scene. Even during battle scenes they can even slip in some fanservice to satisfy all your ecchi perversion. And make us wish we guys are in Rito’s position. But can you withstand all the pounding and berating over the years? Rito would have been immune to such situations and it seems so because you don’t usually see him nose bleed every time. Otherwise he would have bled to death. And so it can be concluded that every girl in this series has been molested by Rito one way or another, directly or indirectly. Including Mikan too. In short, many of the girls love him. Whether it is Momo who thinks she is fine being second or third, or Yami who is obviously being tsundere, or Mea who just likes the idea of Rito licking her. Rito, you da harem king! Come to think of it, after all the fanservice troubles and accidents he got into, it seems to have prepared him for this day to take it all out on Darkness/Yami. You could say that his perversion actually saved the world! And thanks to that, we can all live another day and continue our perversion. Thanks Rito! You da man!

Obviously it was Yami, Mea and the Deviluke princess twins (and Rito of course) being the stars of this Darkness arc. We find out a little more about them, see them trying to reconcile, butt heads and then life goes back to being normal like how it used to be. Therefore many of the other characters from the series didn’t really play much of a role or impact again. Some like Lala, Haruna and Yui may have slightly more screen time and even at least half and episode focusing on them with Rito. But for others like Run and Ren (I guess there is nothing much to tell about them since they got separated with individual bodies in last season) and even the perverts Risa and Mio (as side characters, even relegating them to mere background characters although they still have a few but limited dialogues). Mikan is still there but nothing much and same with Saki and her underlings. The same can be said for Mikado and Tearju. Sometimes I feel that if they don’t appear, it won’t have a big impact on the overall series itself. But ultimately you can’t because these characters are related and it would be just odd to have them totally cut out and missing. Maybe the only exception was that Kyouko character… Still remember her? Not in this season too. What is Celine’s role here again? Having more screen time than last season is Oshizu so we could see how she becomes Mea’s friend aside Nana (another reason for me to enjoy this series since I get to hear Mamiko Noto say more lines than usual). Zastin also feels he has more screen time but he is still not being useful when it matters since he is spending an awful lot time helping Rito’s dad as a mangaka assistant.

Nemesis finally shows her face this season whereas in the last season she was just a mysterious being only known as a voice. At first I was convinced that Mea was just a figment of imagination and part of Nemesis’ personality. All because I noticed that Mea and Nemesis are never seen together in the eyes of others. It is only either one when interacting with other characters other than themselves. Even more so when they both are seemingly at the same scene, for example when Mea spots her Master and her friend starts looking where, Nemesis is no longer at that spot. It could be a big indication that Mea actually never existed in the first place and she had been Nemesis in disguise or her split personality all along. And then of course that separation happened. It disproves this theory I had. But even so, it made me wonder if the personalities were extracted out then as they were never separate entities prior to Oshizu’s action. Now that Nemesis’ plan has failed, I doubt she won’t be dumb enough to try and reactivate Darkness again. Her real form is still a mystery and I wonder if she will go somewhere else to start the galactic war she wanted. But if she is sticking around to watch the Trans sisters just to kill time, does she mean she is going to have a lot of time on her hands and doing nothing? I think Rito too might have influenced her in staying on this planet.

This season’s opening theme is Secret Arms by Ray, a bit of techno in what would have been another usual anime pop. The ending theme is Gardens by Mami Kawada. If you have heard her singing styles and also from her group, I’ve Sound or her co-member, Kotoko, you can tell that this one also sounds the same with the rest. Well, not to say that I am a big fan of her nor have I listened to many of her songs but hearing this one reminded me of such similar style like I hear from animes in the past like Onegai Twins, Onegai Teacher and Hayate No Gotoku. Side note: VMC sucks in singing at all levels!

Overall, this season is still okay and if you are a big fan of the To Love-Ru series or even an ecchi lover, this series is rightly tailored to your needs. No doubt I still had some fun and laughs watching this season but I can also feel the enthusiasm isn’t there. Even more so when I realized that over the years that the Darkness arc has been releasing quite a few OVAs over the few years between the TV seasons but I only saw half of them and was never interested to watch the rest when it came out. Still not planning to watch them. Sighs… Well, maybe if they make another season, I will still go watch it but only for nostalgia reasons. You don’t believe me, do you?

To Love-Ru Darkness

September 28, 2013

I guess there are some long running animes popular enough to warrant a few season down the years. Instead of making it one continuous long running series like a certain pirate and ninja, they take breaks in between and only announce when necessary there would be a sequel. To Love-Ru Darkness is the fourth instalment of the hugely popular To Love-Ru series and is the sequel to that manga of the same name. Obviously, those watching this would be in for the enormous fanservice. What else is there? The plot was already lost at the end of the first season. In my personal opinion of course. There are some little developments for the main characters but I would say that the biggest motivation to watch this is still the fanservice more than anything else.

Taking into consideration the amount of fanservice scenes, there are of course the censored version (which is what the TV version aired) and the uncensored one (you buy the DVDs because of that). To cut things short, I saw the uncensored version thinking that if this anime is going to have lots of those fanservice moments, it will be tad annoying to see those dark shadows or bright strips of light across the scene (I have not watched the censored version so I do not know the extent of how bad the ‘censorship’ is). If a series does not have that much ecchi scenes, then sure, it is fine. But from what I predicted if there are going to be tons of them (believe me, there are for this one), it will be just irritating to see those censors. I’m not saying that I am an ecchi fan (to a certain extent, boys will always be boys and they have that perverted nature in them), imagine you have to watch a movie with lots of censors. Wouldn’t that be annoying? If you are going to watch this kind of show in the first place, might as well go all the way.

Episode 1
Mikan calls Rito to come down for breakfast but there is no response. He is sound asleep but gets rudely awakened to see semi-naked Momo on top of him. Did anything happen last night? Nana is going to beat the crap out of him. He tries to escape but comes into naked Lala just fresh from her morning bath. So early, so much fanservice. This is particularly Rito’s life ever since the twins moved in. However he is more cautious about Momo since her behaviour can be somewhat calculated and dark. At school, Rito relishes in meeting his true love Haruna. But it is somewhat ruined when Lala tells him to confess to her. Lala hopes that in this way Rito will be able to marry both of them. Of course he can’t since human laws do not allow polygamy. What’s the big deal since he is going to become the next king of the Deviluke Empire, right? Lala thought he didn’t like her but since he didn’t say no, she takes that as a yes and is very happy. The twins will also be new transfer students starting today. Thanks to the perverted Kouchou. No prizes for guessing what is on that old geezer’s head. Back home in the bath as Rito ponders about his problematic relationship with Lala and Haruna, Momo comes in because she has something important to talk. He might not realize it but there are many other girls who have a secret crush on him. He should create a harem and make them all happy as he is the most suitable candidate to be king of Deviluke. I wonder if Rito heard all that since he was freaking out while Momo’s boobs pressed against his body. Next day in class when the twins introduce themselves, Momo is an instant hit with the boys. Nana makes friends with a girl named Mea Kurosaki.

Momo thinks about the obstacles of creating a harem for Rito and turning him into a manly man. That confession to Haruna at the pool was a failure (from last season) but at least he attempted it. He did so perhaps it was an Earthling’s common sense of wanting to do the right thing. However many kings have a concubine and it is not wrong for Rito to have a harem. As the next Deviluke king, he is allowed to openly love them all and hopefully he will love her too. She feels the need to correct this common sense. She knows Rito has so much potential because the other night when she snuck to sleep with him, his hands were groping all over her body making her feeling oh so good. Was he dreaming of marshmallow? Do you fondle marshmallow like that? I thought it was an eroge scene… First, Momo wants to clear the obstacle field and that is trying to convince Yami to join this school (Yami’s original goal is to assassinate Rito). However she refuses. Suddenly Rito runs by them. He is alerted that his friends have somewhat turned into hostile mind controlled zombies. They target Yami and she realizes their strength abnormal. However she gets caught and realizes that living too comfortably on Earth has made her slow. She manages to break free when they all try to get ecchi with her. Some ‘zombies’ are also targeting Momo and Rito but Momo uses her plants to knock them out. Then a voice is heard. It tells Yami how she has degraded since being on Earth. It tells her to open her eyes that this is not where she belongs. She must return to her true nature of darkness, that is to slaughter and have no other purpose in life. It says that her target is standing right over there.

Episode 2
Mea is talking to her Master in the form of a crow. The latter wants Yami to return to her original nature because the one now is of no use in carrying her objectives. This is Mea’s mission. Momo tells Rito about the plan that Yami must assassinate Rito herself. Someone from Yami’s past is trying to provoke her to return to her former ways and she is worried she may give in to it. When Mikan teaches Yami to cook, she asks her if she would like to join their school. Momo thinks this is good timing to persuade her but it somewhat backfired because Yami agrees seeing she will have better chance to keep an eye on Rito. Momo later talks to Rito that she is adamant of going through with his harem plan. There are many girls whose happiness depends on him and that it is alright to make a concubine. If he wants, he can make them all his. She will crush all obstacles in his way. Perhaps Rito was thinking too much that he didn’t knock on the toilet door. Mikan and Yami changing. Surprisingly it is Mikan who blew her top but not Yami. That night Momo creeps into his bed and starts seducing him. This is her excuse of being his bodyguard? All over his body is more like it. Normally you would see guys running their fingers through the girl’s body like that… Anyway Rito somehow managed to summon enough strength to push her to the other side. Late that night, Yami calls him out because she wants to talk to him. It may seem she might want to kill him when Momo leaps into his defence. Yami assures if she is to kill Rito, it would be by her own decision and not the orders of someone else. She is here to ask his opinion of her cooking. What do you think? Taiyaki in miso soup? DELICIOUS?! Got to be kidding me. I know. He doesn’t want to die if he said otherwise. Momo thinks Yami likes him and gives out that sinister giggle.

Seems Yami has transferred into school. She meets Mea who claims to be a family member. Her job is to assist her in assassinating Rito. After they do that, they can return to space together and Master will be very pleased. In class, Yami thinks about Mea. If what she said was true, somebody called Master is pulling her strings. But the organization that made Yami was crushed by the special forces after the war. She is not sure if some have survived and will observe her for now. Yami is also popular with the guys so when Momo is seen talking to her, the guys are just feeling over the moon. Nana scoffs it off and tells Mea that Momo is just two-faced. She pretends to be a good girl but is really a scheming person. Mea knows they are living with Rito and wants to know more about him. Nana describes the perverted beast he is. It confuses them both since Nana calls him useless but not quite. Understand? Later Yami sits by herself. Yui sees her and talks to her. Yami is confused she doesn’t understand her own heart. Yui understands how she feels because she too is like that. Being pushed around by feelings she doesn’t comprehend. When Nana comes looking for Mea who is not around, Yami becomes alert. Rito is sleeping on the rooftop and I’m sure those sleepless nights of Momo and Yami must be causing this. So deep in his sleep he doesn’t realize Mea has crawled on top of him.

Episode 3
Suddenly Rito finds himself in a bathtub fondling Mea! She is quite infatuated with this ‘beast’. How did this happen? She says they are inside his dream as their hearts are connected right now. Mea continues to seduce him till she is forced apart from the dream by Yami. Yami realizes her Transformation skill allows her to fuse with another organism and even share consciousness. She warns if she lays another finger on him, she will become her enemy. Mea praises her and assures she will never take her target. Mea also has found out something interesting. She learns about Momo’s different character as said by Nana and also her intention to have Yami part of the harem plan, which is completely different from Master’s darkness plan. She thinks it is a race to see whose plan succeeds. Mea is officially introduced to the rest. Rito has no recollection of her. Nana warns Mea about the perverted beast Rito is but Mea is okay about that as she views all living organisms have such natural desire and hopes Rito could teach it to her. After school, Rito walks Yui back. Momo seeing that her sisters and Mikan won’t be home so early decides to make some advances to the harem plan. First she hypnotizes Kouchou to turn him into some pervert. This causes Rito to take Yui by her hand and run. Next, Momo makes it only rain on them so they are forced to take shelter in Rito’s house. So while Yui takes a shower, Momo makes it look like it is raining from inside the house and sets up an invisible barrier to prevent anybody from waltzing in. She also switches the jersey and pants Rito put for Yui’s extra clothes into just a dress shirt.

Nothing much is happening between them. Sitting around. Nothing… So Momo had to up the ante by causing a blackout. Rito panics and accidentally pushes Yui onto his bed. Momo is alerted because this is happening too fast and will make Yui return to her tsundere self. However Yui didn’t. Instead she puts her hands around his neck. Then she explains why she hates indecent people especially boys who flip up girls’ skirt. But she recently got to know it is okay for boys to be indecent. Being indecent doesn’t mean they are bad. But if he promises never to do anything indecent to other girls, she will gladly allow him. Momo revels in seeing such development but Lala and the rest have returned. Suddenly Mea fires a light blast from afar to destroy the barrier. By that time Rito shoves himself away from Yui, trying to explain he didn’t do it on purpose. Yui returns to her tsundere self. She was just joking and testing him. In actual fact, she wasn’t. Lala and co enter the room. Nana thought the beast did something funny to Yui. Mikan suspects Momo behind it all because she caught glimpse of her tail outside the window. While Momo laments not getting to the juicy part and pondering who fired that shot, Master tells Mea to do things moderately and to just observe as instructed. Mea replies she was just trying to interfere with Momo’s harem plan a little. Master announces some visitor from the galaxy will be arriving here soon.

Episode 4
Mea greets the visitor, Azenda the Tyrant who is quite the foul mood she is. As explained by Master, she was a renowned assassin till she was defeated by Yami. She had since fallen into disgrace and lust for revenge. This she hopes will ignite Yami’s fighting instincts. In school, Rito runs into trouble with Run. More accurately, Run starts hugging all over him. Yui berates her. Lala thinks of joining in the fun with Haruna. The latter doesn’t feel confident so Oshizu uses her telekinesis to shove Haruna right into Rito. I’m sure the other girls want to join in this fun too but not Yami. She doesn’t seem to be in great mood today. After school, she meets up with Mikan and they go shopping together. As explained by Yami, she always feels better when she hangs out with her. Mikan gives her a taiyaki keychain as present and they have a matching set. Azenda has been watching them and notes how she has fallen. That night when Yami goes home, she bumps into Rito who is just going out to do some errands. He thanks her for being friends with Mikan but Yami notes some parts of her refuses to accept such kindness. Because as an assassin, her hands are dirtied and mustn’t be happy. Rito cheers her up by saying she should do whatever she wants. So is it okay if she kills him? Just kidding. Haha. Yami pulls away Rito and dodges an attack by Azenda. She didn’t get rusty after all. Azenda is here to enjoy her revenge. Yami explains to Rito who Azenda is. An assassin she once defeated who is fast with her whip and can use psychokinesis. But Azenda says she is not proud of her power but her accuracy. She can easily use an unconscious human has her puppet. The duo are shocked to see Mikan under her hypnosis.

Yami can do nothing but avoid Mikan’s attack. She cannot even attack Azenda as she will use Mikan as her shield. Useless Rito got taken out by her own sister. Yami won’t fight back and will lay down her life to protect Mikan. Thus she takes a real beating. Azenda has Mikan violate her body. Seeing how much she has this friendship thingy, Azenda won’t be satisfied with just killing her and wants to see her cry too. She threatens to kill Mikan and send them both to heaven. Because Yami defeated her, this girl is going to die and she brings nothing but misery. Rito stands back up to defend them. Azenda is about to kill him first when her cheek is grazed by a thorny rose. It is Momo to the rescue. Azenda couldn’t care less about her Deviluke heritage and is going to kill everybody. Momo might seem playing defensive and running away but that is so that the poison in the rose could take effect by paralyzing Azenda’s body. Momo then threatens to shoot her with her powerful plant cannon. Azenda pleads for her life but Momo is not interested and fires away! Don’t worry, she’s still alive and will be hauled away by the galactic police. When Mikan wakes up from her spell, relived Yami hugs her and thanks Momo. She has learnt a valuable lesson she cannot do everything by herself. She needs to rely on others too. Though, she can’t really rely on Rito. Haha. Just kidding. Watching Mea is distraught that Yami did not fight back.

Episode 5
Mea is depressed. She talked to Yami about the other night and looks like Yami has decided to rely on others. Although they are weapons created for fighting, she views there is more to life. If Mea wants to accept her as family, she must learn about human contact and warmth. Nana talks to Mea but somewhat made her feel worse when they talk about sisters. Momo remembers Yami telling her and Rito about Mea, her closest family member. She wants Mea to learn everything about this planet when she first arrived. And then, maybe she’ll understand. Nana calls Rito to seek his advice to cheer Mea up. He suggests to do something fun with her and make her laugh. Nana brings Mea to the riverbank to play with Marron. She quickly cheers up when Marron gets friendly with her. Nana then summons her other pets. Because Marron doesn’t want to lose out on the licking part, he starts licking Mea everywhere. EVERYWHERE! The other jealous pets don’t want to lose too and start licking Nana! Before you know it, a giant octopus and squid are summoned. The squid grabs Haruna for tentacle rape while the octopus must be gay because it grabbed Rito. I think they’re playing dolls using Haruna and Rito. Ecchi version. Once Nana is freed from her licking hell-cum-paradise, she is looking for her dial to send her pets back. She realizes one of them has it in its hand. She goes to grab it but finds herself in the path of an impending truck. Mea jumps to save her but is in a dilemma whether to reveal her true form to Nana. Luckily she doesn’t have too as Yami and Lala stopped the truck in time. When all is calmed down, Mea points out she enjoyed the licking and wants Rito to lick her too. Mea feels this strange warm sensation in her heart. Is this what Yami was trying to tell her? Rito thinks Mea is a good girl deep down so Momo wonders if he wants to add her to his harem. But she thinks it will be good if Mea would come over to their side. This will force Master to make her move. Master is watching them and laments another weapon heading down the path of humanity. She views the need to change her plan and will use those emotions instead. Nana has become friendlier with Yami and even talked to other girls besides Nana. When Mea learns about Run who changes gender every time they sneeze, Lala gladly wants to demonstrate and uses Rito as guinea pig. This happened before, right? So happen that her gun ran out of batteries. Damn it. What happens if Saruyama sees this? Too late. RIKOOOOOOOOO!!! Back home, Lala forces Riko to put on a maid outfit so that Mea can smother her face all over her body. Yeah, she’s licking too. Then a perverted accident has Nana chasing her till she gets all sweaty (don’t forget the hard slap on her face). Riko takes off her clothes and takes a good look at her body. Still can’t get use to it? Little did she know Momo was behind her wondering if she is still fascinated with the female body.

Episode 6
Riko is surprised but Momo continues to molest her body. Wow. I think Momo can be hentai queen. They’re somewhat interrupted when Mea comes in. She has been watching them and is awed. She wants to know what kind of person Momo is. She also reveals the Psycho Dive she used to get into Rito’s mind and that’s how she learnt about Momo. Mea is not here to blackmail in keeping this a secret but she wants to be friends with them. She’ll be staying in town for a while and it would be boring if she had no friends. Momo still doubts her but thinks this isn’t a bad idea since it will help in luring Master out. Plus, she is too dangerous to be left alone since she knows about her harem plan and will go along with it. Momo and Mea continue to harass Riko like their toy when the transformation duration is up. Poof! He is back to Rito. And Mikan had to come in to see this orgy… Run is at their doorstep but she looks depressed. She needs to talk to Rito so Momo would gladly arrange them up. Seems she has set them up to go on a date. Naturally Momo would be tailing them. And some others too… Mea I can understand, Yami maybe but Nana? Why does she need to tag along? Does she care? To prevent him from doing anything funny. But of course. At the diner, Run tells Rito her dilemma. Her manager told her she is a famous idol now and doesn’t need a boyfriend. Rito thinks she shouldn’t worry so much as it would affect her health. Their talk is interrupted with Saki and her underlings making their entry. Saki is usual the obnoxious proud queen ranting about who knows what. Rito wants to take Run and leave but gets into a perverted accident with Rin. Now run like hell! Yui is puzzled to see Rito with Run.

At the overhead bridge, Run explains the conditions of her planet and why their race have both genders in one body to adapt to the environment. Rito didn’t know a lot about her so Run offers to tell more but she sneezes. Hi Ren. Then bye Ren. Sneeze back to Run again. When they move to the park, Run starts crying. As long as she shares her body with Ren, she can never compete with Lala whom she views as her rival for him. So she locks away her feelings for him while doing her idol job. But in the end, she realizes she can’t because she loves him as much as Lala does. She starts collapsing and feels not well. When Momo and co arrive, they see a very ambiguous scene. Nana couldn’t take it much longer and jumps out to chide Rito. Right at the same time with Yui. What’s she doing here? Who cares. Rito seems alarmed too. This is no joke. Something is wrong with Ren. Then her body starts glowing and she is in tremendous pain. Suddenly Run is popped out of her body and onto Rito. Naked. To put it in simple words as explained by Yami, when their species reach adulthood, both their genders split into individuals via metamorphose process. Momo is happy there is less one obstacle to the harem plan while Run is excited she will become the greatest idol to melt his heart. There is no stopping her. For Rito, I don’t think he sees this as an improvement.

Episode 7
Nana is still concerned about her flat chest while Momo teases her about it. Lala offers Nana to try out her experimental breast invention. I can see how this is going to end. Instantly Nana’s boobs grow but at the expense of Momo! She is not flat! Role reversal has Nana flaunting and teasing Momo and revelling in her newfound boobs. So how does it feel like to be a flat girl, Momo? The invention wears out and their boobs revert to its original size. Momo is back to her taunting self while Nana, the distraught flatty. While talking with Mikado, the twins talk about how they used to argue a lot. Because Lala’s inventions always go berserk, they had to team up and put a stop to it. In a way, their quarrel ended. On the topic of Mea, Mikado doesn’t have much information since the organization that built her was destroyed she couldn’t look up anything. She notes that if she only could find Tearju. On a weekend, Rito, Momo, Nana and Yami visit Mea’s apartment. There is nothing inside but Mea is not bothered by its emptiness. Seems this was part of Momo’s plan to discover something about Master but it yielded nothing. Oshizu thought they should ask her directly since they are friendly enough. Yami and Momo disagree. Because Master’s existence means everything to Mea and it won’t change so easily. Although they seem close on the surface, Momo feels there is a wall to her heart. When she tries getting closer, she felt uneasy. Yami feels depressed thinking that the hearts of weapons and humans are different. Rito cheers her up telling her that Mikan is his only sister. Because their parents are so busy, they often support each other. Thus they have that special relationship. If Yami feels that special something, her heart is no different than theirs. Suddenly Oshizu’s telekinetic powers go haywire (because of a dog touching her). It causes Yami to strip and slams Rito right into her. I think she made up her mind to really want to kill him.

Ren gives Rito Run’s new CD. After that, he asks him what he thinks of Lala and not to take her for granted because she is kinder and purer than he thinks. He is just letting himself spoilt by her kindness. Rito realizes he has a point since he intended to sort things out when he told Lala he loved Haruna. Despite so, he feels relieved when Lala is around. Same case for Run. Back home, Rito enters Lala’s room to ask her why she started inventing. Because it was boring and all she ever did was study, study and study. I guess that is what happens when war ends and peace reigns. As for why her inventions always fails and make Zastin angry, Peke points out that it is because of Lala’s love for her sisters. When she saw her sisters arguing, she used her inventions so they could make up. In the end, Zastin always scolded her. Rito realizes that this might be the same reason why her latest experimental invention went berserk. Rito accidentally trips on one of her rope inventions. It causes a mini tentacle rape on Lala. Rito tries to pull it away but gets entangled in a very ecchi position. Why do her inventions always end up like this? Can’t say it’s for her sisters this time, eh? The twins have been eavesdropping on their conversation. They feel bad in a way. They realize that they are the ones being childish instead of her. Thinking about it, they ran away to this planet because they felt lonely. They are glad Lala is their sister.

Episode 8
Right in the early morning we already have Rito-Momo fanservice. He is licking her tail like ice cream? What kind of freaking dream he is having to be licking her tail like that?! She stops short of making him kiss her because she wants him to do it on his own volition. Then Mikan catches her red handed. Too late to hide now. The thought that Momo has been getting closer to Rito is bothering Mikan. She’s thinking too much about it (maybe she should think about all those love letters in her shoe locker). Similarly, Yui is thinking too much about this Rito guy. You know why lah. So in order to take her mind off him, she goes to calm herself to see some cats but bumps into Haruna. She invites her to accompany her. It turns out to be a maid cafe that Risa and Mio are working. Mikan after her shopping errand suddenly starts to feel dizzy. The heat must have got to her head is on the verge of collapsing. Momo sees this and was about to rush to catch her but Rin was the one who caught her. She brings Mikan back to her home to freshen herself up. She feels better but can’t help admire the beautiful person and body Rin has. Of course they talk about Rito and Rin’s perception of him isn’t good. Another perverted beast. Mikan too has a thing to say about her brother. The usual useless big brother. Still, he means a lot to her and is different than the rest. She tells of a pool incident whereby Rito was sweating like hell looking for her, thinking she was lost. Though she was cool, he was worried sick. In a way, she felt very happy he was worried for her. Rin says she has been closer to him than anyone else and knows all his good and bad sides. It is something similar to her relationship with Saki and Aya. Rito and Mikan are there for each other and nobody can replace that.

Meanwhile Risa remembers this was the place where she had a date with Rito after he saved her from a pervert. After that she brought her back to her home and things got very passionate and steamy. All exaggerated lies!!! While this may come as shocking to Haruna, surprisingly Yui brushes that off and believes Rito is different from other guys. He might be shameless but won’t do something so rash or on purpose. Risa admits her joke went too far but is surprised she never knew Yui had such perception of him. The tsundere just wanted to explain properly since Rito is always doing his best. When they leave, Haruna expresses surprise but is glad that Yui understands Rito is a good person. That’s because Yui knows what kind of person he is. He is different from other men. Then it dawned to her she considers him special. When did she start to see him that way? Rin wants to accompany Mikan home but Momo who has been tailing and listening to everything since decides to take over from here. Momo talks to Mikan on how she envies her since she has been longer with Rito than the other girls. They have memories they don’t know about and no matter how much they try, they can never break that bond. She hopes she can someday be someone special to Rito. But for now Momo invites Mikan to join her in bed with Rito since they understand each other’s feelings better. How did it turn out like this? Rito is seen rushing towards Mikan like a very worried brother. Momo called him earlier and explained what happened. I guess some things never change. Momo notes about Rin and thinks of checking her out. In school, Yui is staring at Rito. Celine pushes Rito and his face ends up in her boobs. Now what do you think of him? Can’t believe this is your first love, eh? I know you won’t admit it. Ever.

Episode 9
Rito goes to thank Rin for taking care of Mikan. Then he sees Celine on the verge of handing Yami one of Lala’s invention. He knows it is bad news so he tries to get it away from her. Too late. It activated. This causes Rito and Yami’s hand to be bound together like a magnet. Looking like lovers, aren’t they? Well, as usual they’ll have to wait for time for it to wear off. So Rito has no choice but to accompany Yami after school to buy her favourite taiyaki and even sitting at the park. Don’t worry. I’m sure he isn’t thinking of doing anything funny. Momo envies if she only had used that invention earlier. Things are fine during dinner but how is he going to be when Yami needs to use the toilet? Yeah. She’s suffocating him by blindfolding his entire face! How about wanting to take a shower? Oh no. Can she not take a shower today? She decided to take one every day. Oh great. A towel to blindfold will suffice for Rito. Don’t want that suffocating experience again, eh? Momo wants to help them but Nana interjects. She will do it instead because Momo is too carefree around him. Is she? Is that the real reason? Things are going fine in the bathroom. The jinx starts when Rito mistakenly grabs Nana’s tail thinking it was the shower. Hey. He’s blindfolded, right? Nana squirms. He trips. Lands on Yami’s boobs. His blindfold comes off. Here comes the pain. Now his bottom towel comes undone. Get ready for more pain. Let’s say his face is like a puffer fish now. Rito has to sleep with Yami but Mikan is not worried. She knows Yami unlike Momo. Yeah. She is not worried he is sleeping next to the universe’s number one assassin. Of course Rito can’t sleep. Not because he has perverted thoughts. He learns Yami has never been able to sleep a good night since she became an assassin. She has to stay alert otherwise a surprise attack will cost her life. Yami then thought of Dr Tearju Lunatique and decides to talk to him about her past. Meanwhile Oshizu spots Mea walking alone. She thinks of possessing her to find out what kind of person she is. Inside her mind… Lots of weird things. Not as weird as this one: Lots of mini Ritos licking her!!! Sicko!!! Is this what she really wants? Diving deeper, she sees Mea mercilessly eliminating other bounty hunters. It reminds her so much of Yami. Oshizu thought she could find out who her Master is but is caught by Mea who warns her about staying inside her body. Oshizu experiences the frightening darkness and is about to be absorbed but luckily pops back out. A second late, she would’ve been killed. So now are you interested to know who she is?

Episode 10
Eve (as Yami was known back then) was created out of Tearju’s cells. You can say she is her clone but Tearju the unparalleled genius in bioengineering treated her more like her own daughter. They had fun every day and it was like mother and child relationship. Tearju taught her many things. It was when Eve’s heart was filled with light. But now she doesn’t know where Tearju is. Whether alive or not she does not know. One day, a group of scientists told her Tearju had left and that they will take over in watching over her in becoming a weapon. The institution was of course some organization in disguise as they tried to make a profit out of the war. Tearju was probably exiled because she was viewed as an obstacle. Rito gets upset and won’t forgive such people. Yami continues that the galaxy fell into the hands of the Deviluke Empire and was united. The organization was destroyed amidst the post war chaos. Rito is still mad that had not for those guys, Yami would have had a different and better life. Yami feels odd that her target is supporting her. Even odder, she feels peaceful beside her target. Momo sneaks out of her room but is caught by Mikan. She just knows, eh? Going to the toilet? There’s one upstairs. Momo tries to convince Mikan that the duo may be doing something suspicious. Not sure? All the more reason to go check it out, right? Momo wants to really enter the room but Mikan trusts her friendship with Yami and rubs her tail to restrain her. Yami thinks she wants Rito to hold her when the magnetic effect wears out. Rito is very happy. So happy that Yami got the wrong idea that he is happy to be released from her. I think he got the wrong idea and admits it so Yami knocks him out. Goodnight. Then she huddles close to him while thinking about Tearju.

Next day in school, Rito couldn’t remember when he fell asleep but is puzzled Mikan and Momo look like they haven’t got enough sleep. Then a shocking news: Tearju becomes Rito’s assistant homeroom teacher! For real?! Yeah, the guys totally love her. So once more it’s boys versus girls over Tearju… Sensei became clumsy when she sees the class divided. The boys loved it… Momo talks to Yami and wonders why she won’t see Tearju now that she is here. Their conversation is cut short when Risa starts molesting Momo’s boobs. I think she likes it. Man, she’s good. Oshizu brings Rito to Mikado. She reveals that she brought her here after all her investigations. Mikado shows him a picture of them when they were classmates and best friends. She was suspicious when Tearju was scouted by a suspicious institution. When Mikado found her, she told what happened to Eve but shows her pictures as proof that she isn’t an assassin now (her daily misadventures with Rito and the gang). It brought tears to her eyes. Although she is here now, she still can’t bring herself to meet Eve. Rito goes to see Tearju and pleads her to meet Yami. Tearju says she really does want to meet her but after abandoning her, she feels afraid and freezes up. Just then Kouchou is passing by and can’t contain his lust for Tearju. I guess I know why she was easily transferred here. He starts stripping himself and wants her to teach him with that naughty body of hers. Rito takes Tearju and run. Passing by Lala, he hopes she can do something about it so Lala slaps on his wrist an improved warp invention. It won’t warp them naked this time. Unfortunately, it warped them naked. Why are the socks the only clothes left? Some improvement, huh? Rito panics that he is naked with his teacher outside. Imagine if anybody else sees this. Anyway Rito is so panicky and noisy (because Tearju is doesn’t mind doing it with him although embarrassed) that pissed Yami who is sitting nearby had to knock him out. And so, mother and daughter finally meet.

Episode 11
Tearju wonders if Yami is still mad at her. She explains she tried to take her and run when she found out the organization wanted to kill her. However they were a step ahead of her. Tearju had a hard time staying alive, hoping from planet to planet, she heard of the organization’s destruction and tried to find her but to no avail. Then she heard of the emergence of Golden Darkness. She knew it was her but didn’t want to believe it. She can’t imagine the despair she went through to end up living that way. Although crying and apologizing won’t change the way things are now, the only thing that Yami is glad is that Tearju is alive. Mea is not a happy girl now that Tearju has entered their lives. She was told by Master as a person opposed in turning Yami into a living weapon and preferred to walk to human path and has become as foolish as them. Seeing that Mea is down, Nana needs to do something. With Haruna and Lala, they pay her a surprise visit. Haruna goes out with her so that the sisters can finish redecorating Mea’s empty room with furniture. At least she is cheered up for now. Momo and Rito talk to Tearju if she knows anyone by the name of Master. She doesn’t. But she can tell Mea is made from the same data she had for Yami as a Trans weapon. Momo gives her some plant seeds as protection which also serves as signal to Momo when they grow. Later Rito and Momo talk about Tearju and Yami’s opposite personalities. If Yami was made from Tearju, why is her breast so small? Momo wonders if Tearju should be part of Rito’s harem.

After school, Mea creeps in from the window to speak to Tearju alone. However a paralysis moves binds her. It is courtesy from Oshizu who feels the need to protect others. After touching her heart’s darkness, she notes Mea is much more dangerous than everyone thinks. Mea snubs the paralysis moves and is even in awe when it rips her clothes. No problem. She just materializes into her assassin clothes. Tearju wanted to stop them but tripped and spill the plants. Momo senses Tearju in danger and flocks to her side only to see the plants doing tentacle rape on Tearju and Oshizu. While she gets her down, Mea explains to Rito that she was just here to see what kind of person Tearju is and Oshizu is to blame for starting the fight. “Show no mercy to the enemy you are facing”. Those are the lines Master Nemesis taught her. That name rings a bell with Tearju. She remembers a project running parallel with Project Eve: Project Nemesis. It was a completely different Trans plan and from what she heard, it ended in failure. Mea admits all that. She remembers her first scene was a decimated lab and she had no recollection of who she was. Till she met Master who taught her the ways of being a weapon. Viewing her as the only one who can guide her, she wonders if Yami can still live as a human. Tearju believes so and for Mea too. Because if she is Yami’s sister, then she is her sister too. Rito adds Nana and many others would be sad if she were to leave this place. Momo tells her she can change. No matter how much she thinks herself as a weapon, she still has a heart. She too wants to be friends with her. Mea wants Rito to lick every part of her body and she’ll think about it. Of course Rito refuses but the girls are encouraging him. The point is, it is not easy to have a change of heart. She points out it is a reason why Momo is having so much trouble with Rito. She will not forget Master’s teachings yet but if they’re fine with it, they still can be friends. Bye. Momo notes she has a point but even if she said that, it indicates she accept the fact she has a heart.

Episode 12
A group of guys are in a secret meeting. They all are fans of Momo and know it will be futile to fight each other over her. Thus they will form a truce and alliance. A fan club called Venus Momo Club, VMC! All hail Momo! Don’t worry. Nana has her own fan club to albeit smaller. These guys are the ones who love small boobs! How insulting!!! Meanwhile Momo is playing eroge. Is this how she is learning for her harem plan? Just thinking about Rito turns her on so much so she starts masturbating herself. Playing with her tail, that is. All that is ruined when Nana enters her room asking help for her homework. What a waste. In class, VMC approaches Momo to inform her of the club they have formed. Momo thinks it will be fun and accepts it. But it gets too annoying when they become like her bodyguards. I mean, you need people to guide her down the stairs? Opening the door to the ladies’ toilet? Walking with her everywhere? This is no more fun. She can’t even see Rito. Momo’s grievance is only aggravated when Rito seems to be spending more time with Lala and won’t be home tonight since Lala brings him to help her father for some deadline. The next few scenes show the usual. Risa molesting Haruna’s boobs. Pushes her into sleeping Rito’s face. Lala gives Rito taste another one of her horrendous cooking experiment. Don’t know how he ended up over Yui. Don’t even want to know how he got his face in Saki’s panties. Get beaten up by Yami for another ambiguous position with Tearju. So what are all those Rito having ‘fun’ scenes for? It’s to show Momo who is feeling lonely since VMC is always ‘guarding’ her. She can’t get close to him and feels this pain in her heart. She is adamant she will have that chance soon.

While the VMC guard outside the changing room that Momo is in, they talk about Rito. The leader doesn’t think of him as a threat as he views Lala as his fiancée. But a lackey points out since Yui always brings his name up in the meetings as someone shameless, they start having this perverted nightmare that Rito may be doing something impure to their pure Momo. Rito agrees to meet Momo thinking she has information on Master. However in the storeroom, Momo quickly pushes him down and starts seducing him. She is here to talk to him about the harem plan. She starts licking his body to turn him on and awaken his carnivorous side. Did it work? Because Rito turn the tables on her and starts licking her everywhere! Even kissing her! Then when he is about to lick the part between her legs, poof! Hell! It was just Momo’s imagination! She’s still on top of him. She thinks she can do this and has mentally prepared herself. When Rito touches her, she instantly backs off. Was she afraid? Although trembling, she still plays it cool. Just before she could kiss him, the VMC guys break down the door. They are going to kill Rito. Are those guns for real?! Okay, they just shoot pellets. They think they are doing a good job protecting Momo but she snaps. See her evil aura? She tells them nicely that they were just talking normally and he is not the kind of guy they think he is. Apologize now or else. Instantly all of them grovel on the ground. Wow. Super effective. Momo not blowing her top is scary. Momo wonders how her barrier was destroyed and it turns out Mea was the culprit. She thought it was unfair for them to flirt secretly without her. Is she hinting something? Momo further ponders her reaction. She feels pathetic since it shows she’s not prepared for it. I guess she needs more training. And that means sneaking into Rito’s bed and waking him up semi-naked and sexy. She thinks they have to share this happiness with everyone. Why doesn’t Rito look happy?

Momo narrates about Rito’s failed confession to Haruna at the pool. Even so, her feelings for him won’t change and doesn’t mind being second or third. As long Rito loves her she is okay. Momo notices Lala in good mood and as Peke points out it’s because of Rito’s confession to her at the pool. Momo is confused seeing Rito likes Haruna. Lala explains that Rito likes Haruna for a very long time and it’s the same for Haruna. When Rito becomes king of Deviluke Empire, Earth rules will not matter and he can be with all the ones he loves. Everyone will be happy if Rito gets married to them. That’s why she is supporting them both to be together. However she doesn’t want Momo to tell this to others and wants them to learn about each other’s feelings through their own mouths. Momo is inspired that her sister is always positive and caring. Noting about concubines and its history, it is no surprise that every culture has them. Every king has them. The exception is her dad and current ruler of Deviluke Empire. When Rito succeeds him, he can have as many girls he wants and hopefully she too will be included. But noting his personality, it’s easier said than done. She thinks his confession to Lala was just to set things straight. In order for her harem plan to happen, she needs to learn about Earth’s culture and common knowledge. She also needs to know about each girl’s relationship with Rito. And so begins Momo’s plan for Rito’s harem as she steps inside the bathroom naked while Rito is bathing.

Celine accidentally drinks cola and spills her spores all over Mikan. Rito knows this is bad but surprisingly Mikan isn’t head over heels over him. In actual fact, she is. She is controlling her feelings very hard. The mere look of Rito’s face sends her heart racing. Touching him is even enough to fluster her. Man, she’s really good in controlling and not show them. Can she be a tsundere? Momo observes her and realizes what is going on. Mikan at the same time notices Momo’s cheekiness and feels the need to be on her guard. It’s Momo we’re talking about. Rito thought Mikan wasn’t looking well and tests her temperature by touching her forehead with his. At this point, Mikan can’t hold it in anymore and is going to lose it. Then she pushes him down and says his name over and over again like a broken tape recorder. When she is about to kiss him, she snaps out of it and knocks him out cold. Momo has been watching them and can’t believe Mikan managed to control herself to the end. She thinks she is not ready yet and must make her realize her true feelings. Because in time, she will gladly add her to Rito’s harem.

When Haruna is out with Lala, the latter shows her latest invention in which you can be turned into an animal. So happen Oshizu was running away from a dog so Lala runs off to help her. In that confusion, Haruna picks up her invention and it activated. She turned into a cat. She bumps into Yui but since she is frantic and can only speak cat language, Yui takes it as a sign the feline hates her and runs away. Haruna decides to go to Rito’s place to look for Nana since she can communicate with animals. She didn’t expect to see Rito who picks her up. Haruna enjoys the way Rito holds her and tickles her. I’m sure she would like to carry on but she remembers she needs to do something. She tries to get herself off but accidentally spills milk all over. And so Haruna ends up bathing with Rito. Remember in the previous season Rito had a similar experience where he turned into Marron and Haruna washed him? Now it’s role reversal. I guess he is trying to use that experience in trying to wash the cat. I don’t know. The way he rubs all over her body seems like some sex scene. Don’t you feel good, Haruna? Then the effects wear out. She’s back being human. I think it’s her boobs that smacked Rito out cold. Mikan rushes in to check but sees naked Haruna over naked Rito. Shocked? Baffled? Confused? How to explain? The most disappointed one is Momo because she feels she has missed something juicy.

Yui dreams of the past on how she likes cats. Then about how boys are shameless, cruel and violent. She is sure Rito is the same and won’t fall in love. Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard that a lot. Apparently she bumps into him at the shrine. They see one of those alien skunks. The kind that turns you young with its gas. Better catch it before something goes wrong. But does Rito have to put on his scary face? Of course the skunk gets scared and farts out the gas. Now Rito and Yui are kids. Then they chase it all over town just to catch it. Yeah. Everybody turned back into kids. Can I call this second childhood? You know what this means, right? Loose clothes. You go figure. So as they continue searching town, Yui thinks about Rito and how he could’ve been different that night. That night when she was ready to give himself to her. Wow. Vivid imagination. She’s even thinking ahead! Pregnant with his baby! For a girl who is seemingly anti-love, she really has a wild mind. Of course we need to have those Rito-Yui ambiguous scenes. Skunk jumps on Rito. Rito loses his footing. Tumbles over Yui. Got his hands here and there on her. Shameless. Rito is about to climb the wall to get the skunk. This scene reminds Yui of something very familiar. Back when she was young, she tried to get down a cat stuck in a tree. Since she can’t, she asked some boys but they ignore her. When she returned, she saw Rito (unaware it is him) taking the cat down. She never knew there were boys kind like him. Rito manages to grab the skunk but he slips. Thanks to Yami swooping him, he doesn’t break anything. The skunk is returned to Run. Nana offers a dial where she can keep her skunk so it can roam free instead of being bored staying at home. Next day in school, Yui asks Rito if he often goes to his father’s workplace when he was young. The answer he gives ascertains that Rito was that boy who saved that cat. She felt happy. But a tsundere can’t show that of hers so she starts chiding him instead.

Nana goes to talk to Rito. It is important. Does he like small breasts? Huh? With Tearju as their new teacher, she can’t help notice her amazing boobs. Rito says that Nana has her own charm and that size doesn’t matter. Does this mean he sees her as a woman? Nana takes off her top and puts her breasts very close to his face. He is in a dilemma as usual. Nana teases him that he is aroused and lets him have a feel of them. When they are about to kiss, angry Momo barges out of the closet wanting them to stop. She doesn’t like him taking advantage of the situation and touching her breasts. It is revealed that Momo and Nana swapped bodies for this experiment. Now this explains why Nana is so you know, gentler. How could she have come up with such a Momo-ish prank? After changing back their bodies, Momo teases Nana that Rito doesn’t hate small boobs but Nana asserts she isn’t interested in him. Really? That doesn’t sound convincing.

Rito accidentally smells a plant Celine is playing. Momo is stunned when she learns Rito has smelt it because that plant changes his personality when sniffed. First up, Rito forces Lala to give him one of her inventions. It is goggles that see through clothes. He tests them and it works. He is fired up. He wants Lala to pose in sexy positions. OH YEAAAAAAAH! Then the main course. He is going to view naked girls in school! WOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!! Looks like a school for nudists!!!! Hear him scream his head off! Must be that good, huh? Then he bumps into Yui but before he could get nastier, she slaps him. He wants to do worse things to Haruna like tearing off her clothes but Momo manages to stop him in time. She lets him get close to her. Wild Rito says his eyes have opened (who wouldn’t after seeing so much of ‘those’?) and gives the thumbs up for the harem plan. He will become harem king! But Momo gives him smell a flower that returns him to normal. She notes he will never be harem king this way. Because it is his gentle, kind and sincere self that makes him attractive. Rito is knocked out. Momo adds there is no need to rush in becoming carnivorous and will guide him down that path slowly. In the aftermath, Rito is afraid to open his eyes. Can’t see! Didn’t see! Won’t see!

Momo spots Rito and Haruna watching over Lala’s inventions. She was sorting them when Tearju called for her help so the duo are watching to prevent anyone from touching it. You know how screwed up things can get, right? Unfortunately for the duo, they both accidentally touch one of the inventions and they end up switching bodies. Oh dear. Here we go again. Another switcheroo. Due to the inflexible device, they cannot switch back until 7 hours later. So that means they have to endure the switch till evening and not tell Lala a thing as not to trouble her. But it’s really hard, you know. Rito in Haruna’s body tripped and accidentally molested Yami’s boobs. Yami had this feeling how ‘her’ groping resembles so much like Rito’s. If ‘she’ was Rito, Yami would have instantly killed him. Thank God, no? Risa saw this and wants in on the molestation and starts rubbing her hands all over ‘Haruna’. And then there’s this eternal dilemma: They both need to go to the toilet. Can’t hold it in forever, right? Haruna (in Rito’s body) is outside the girls’ toilet when she is confronted by Yui. Haruna tries to give excuse like wanting to see her but since Yui sees Haruna as Rito, she misinterpret ‘he’ wants to talk to her about dating. Yui flusters and beats ‘him’ up. As for Rito, he seeks Momo’s help but she notes he doesn’t really need any because he has experience doing business when he is Riko. It’s a different story when you’re in another person’s body. Since Rito can’t risk wetting himself, I guess Momo helps him. So both Rito and Haruna feel very embarrassed after relieving themselves. After school since there are a couple of hours left, they decide to hang out at Haruna’s place so as not to let Lala suspect a thing. Because Haruna’s sister left the kitchen in a mess, Haruna has to clean up. Marron senses something strange. His master isn’t as usual. But he turns into a mad dog when he sees Momo wagging her tail and starts going pervy over it. The commotion causes mayonnaise to be spilled all over ‘Haruna’. Guess what this means? Shower time. Or else you risk Marron trying to lick you clean. Can they do it? Momo says they can because it will be Haruna cleaning her own body. So we have Rito closing his eyes while Haruna washing her own body and other sensitive parts. Must be the fanservice that all To Love-Ru fans have been waiting for. We have a glimpsed through Haruna’s mind that if she was in her original body, she might actually enjoy this! Oh? She is snapped out of that fantasy when Rito tells her the way she is cleaning is ticklish. By this time, the time is up and they both switch back. You can now imagine this scene when they return to their original bodies. Rito having full view and feel of Haruna’s naked body. Momo laments how the good part was spoiled and she really forgot about the timer. She also notes Haruna’s inner fetish and thinks this info could come in handy in the future. Rito returns home with a big slap mark on his face but Lala doesn’t suspect a thing and thinks the entire day went through smoothly without any trouble. If only she knew…

Celine seems to be infatuated with some device she found in Lala’s room. Accidentally she shoots some sensor onto Tearju’s back. When she goes to teach her class, she starts feeling strange. It’s like somebody is trying to molest her breast. It then becomes unbearable in class but she puts up a brave face despite the shadow molestation she feels all over her body. Turns out that Celine is messing and pressing some sort of app in the device (which shows Tearju’s body) and this means Tearju’s body part feels molested and ticklish wherever Celine is pressing her finger on. Rito notices Tearju not feeling well and accompanies her to the staff room after class. At that moment, Celine went into berserk mode and starts pressing the app like hell. Like as though she is some sort of finger kung fu master. I feel because Tearju made her late appearance in the series, the producers are like trying to cram in lots of fanservice on her. All the shadow hands must be rubbing (and poking) her most sensitive parts. Well, use your imagination on where those parts are… She can’t take it anymore and falls down the stairs. Rito tries to save her but I don’t know how she ended up falling on top of him. She collapses when she can’t take it no more. So happen Yami saw this ambiguous scene. Can you feel the rage when this girl misinterprets what this pervert is doing to her mom? Tearju wakes up in the infirmary and learns that the device Celine was playing with was actually some sort of self massaging invention Lala created for an old teacher who is having muscle aches. With this incident over, well it isn’t really over for Rito because he is running for his life with Yami hunting him hell bent on killing him.

Trouble In Paradise
Well, I had a feeling it would end in such an unsatisfying fashion. It is like it hasn’t really ended yet. I mean, in the sense to end it for a season. Why am I unsatisfied? Let’s not talk about the fanservice yet, please. Master’s identity is not really known and after introducing Mea as Yami’s ‘sister’, where does she go after that? It looks like she is someone to add into Rito’s harem from the way things are going. The more she stays on this planet and observes Earthlings, the more she will end up like Yami’s thinking. Besides, the way she acts it’s like she’s an airhead. Almost everything she sees she will be in awe and wants to learn like as though she’s never experienced them before especially those that have to do with Rito. This is what happens when you’re a weapon for so long and suddenly experience new sensations. It goes to show Mea isn’t totally heartless. At least from what I can see for this season. When Master seemed to threaten to use Mea’s feelings in her new plan, it seems it didn’t even start when this series ended. Maybe next season?

About the harem plan, I don’t know if it is making progress or not because I don’t really see anything changing. It’s not exactly paradise now either. Rito will always be the nice guy caught in between all the trouble and because he isn’t a real pervert like many other boys, it is hard to aim for a harem ending, right? He keeps delaying, they keep delaying so it’s like it has never moved at all. But like Momo said, there should be no rush. Take things slowly and one step at a time. Besides, I don’t think the girls will run away from him, right? What are the chances of Rito turning into an evil pervert permanently? So it’s safe to say that as long as he is the lovely guy the girls are familiar with, his harem will always be there waiting for him. Sort of. That is why lots of girls flock around him. If he was a perverted guy to begin with, I don’t think he would have commanded such a large number of babes directly or indirectly. As proven, do you like the evil perverted Rito? No, we don’t. So in a way it is a good thing he stays the indecisive guy we all are familiar with. It’s so much fun that way.

Haruna and Lala seem to have taken quite a backseat for this season and although I won’t go far to say that if they don’t even appear it doesn’t matter, I felt that their impact was very much lacking. No doubt this series is more about Momo and to some point Yami, but Haruna and Lala are the big 2 girls in Rito’s harem, don’t you think? Well, maybe that could change. After all, after the events at the end of the third season with Rito’s failed confession to Haruna at the pool, maybe it is good to take a little breather for them. At least there is one part where it proves Lala isn’t just an airhead like I always assumed her to be. Her inventions going berserk may seem like disaster but they have deep meanings behind their occurrences. It shows she deeply cares for her sisters and those around her. And now that we know Haruna likes Rito, the question is when they are going to say it to each other’s face. Something tells me it is going to take a very long time… There are episodes that focus on some of the girls like Yui, Mikan and Run but that hardly brings us anywhere. Except maybe for Yui. With each episode centring on her confirming her tsundere attitude and her love for Rito is deeper than before. Just that she doesn’t to admit it and always gives us that tiring ‘shameless’ excuse. I felt that the Run-focused episode was just to see how Run and Ren split. That’s all. I suppose the joke of them switching genders at each sneeze is getting boring and inconvenient. How can Rito have his complete harem if one of them is dual gender? Thus I thought that was necessary to ‘get it out of the way’. The episode featuring Mikan I believe won’t make her turn into one of those brother complex sister. It just shows us how close their bonds are.

Although Saki was completely forgettable (had she not make that single appearance, I would have totally forgotten about her) and it is ironic that Rin had more spotlight on her. Maybe it is due to circumstances. Same case for Saruyama. I don’t think I would have remembered him too if he had not made that came of chasing Riko (the turned-zombie one was forgettable). Okay, maybe I do will remember that bugger when the series ends but it won’t be to an extent that I will be worried about this and that and the what-ifs for his case. I suppose we don’t really care for a perverted guy, right? Also not making much impact is the breast fondling Risa (I think she had her moment last season so I suppose it is enough), Mio, Zastin and Gid himself. At least Zastin was reduced to just some flashback cameo but Gid just a still picture or two. Kyouko wasn’t even featured at all. Still remember that magical girl that solves things by burning everything down? So don’t you see that this isn’t about Rito going to be Deviluke king and learning the responsibilities of carrying that title. Dealing with a bunch of girls is already burdensome. I still wonder what this Celine girl is around for. Just like the last season, she is just bumming around having fun. I don’t see her as part of Rito’s harem. I shouldn’t brush that off just yet. Every girl has their potential. Mikado and Oshizu too. Ah, so many girls, so little time. Having a harem had never been such a headache. My bad. It is ALWAYS a headache!

When Tearju first made her appearance, it suddenly dawned to me that perhaps that is why Yami was so similar to Eve, a character from the anime Black Cat. The character is designed by Kentaro Yabuki who created the Black Cat series. From my research, both series aren’t in the same universe but Yami was designed based on Eve, in which she was based on Tearju. Both even had the same seiyuu, Misato Fukuen. I guess if you want to rip off something, at least take the history with you too. Just like the other characters, when Tearju finally gets to see Yami, it just makes me go “So what?”. So they make up and reconcile. That’s about it. I thought there would be something more. Yeah. Maybe more boobs fanservice if that’s what her role is going to be. It should prove interesting since she and Master are of from the similar project but suffered vastly different outcome. There would have been some major big battle that I predicted between them but I think they don’t want to ruin the fanservice factor with some bloodbath. So let’s stick to this formula that works, okay?

So the girl having most of the screen time is Momo and of course we see her dual side. In front of the public, she is such a nice and good girl but when she is alone with Rito, she unleashes her dark and seductive side (how many girls do you know have no qualms in creeping up next to you in bed?). It is no wonder that she may be the most dangerous among the girls. Lala’s invention may go crazy but it is mostly harmless and the genius inventor is an airhead. More dangerous than Yami because unlike the blonde who has stated her blunt intentions to kill him, you just don’t know what Momo is thinking. You can never be too careful around with her. Since she is not mono-emotion (you thought she would always be that smiling, happy-happy girl, eh?), at times she can display her angry and annoying sentiments too. When she’s serious, she’s scary. You don’t really want to mess with her. Of course we love it when she is putting up that happy expression. That’s the safest of all. But I can’t say the same for Rito since she loves to play pranks on him from time to time. Nana can be on par with Yui in being tsundere. Whoever said having one tsundere is enough? Nana may not have many scenes like Yui to confirm us her love for Rito but our gut feeling tells us she definitely has hots for Rito. Imagine if Yui and Nana admit their love and lose their tsundere character, that would be no more fun, right? It will feel just plain weird. A harem needs a variety of personalities.

Rito must be the luckiest and unluckiest guy in the world. I know that sentence itself is an oxymoron but my reason for saying that is because of the fanservice situations he always gets into (for our pleasure of course). Every dude on this planet would be green with envy to be in his position. Yet, due to some circumstances, avoiding an attack or an accidental slip, he finds his hands/face in the girl’s boobs or in the lower anatomy or has his hands all over her panties. It just makes you wonder the physics of how he can end up in such situation. Calling it fate would be too convenient because it happens ALL THE TIME! So much so I think the God of Pervert must be having a hand in making him turn out this way. Some girls like it. Some girls don’t. What to do? It already happened. His pain, our gain. I hope we enjoy all the fanservice that this guy suffered to give us? Give thanks and say grace. Thank you Rito!

All of the seiyuus are retained and with Mea as the new addition, at first I couldn’t recognize her voice but then as the series progresses, I can’t help feel there is such familiarity in her voice. It’s like I’ve heard it somewhere before too and with such character. It took me some time to realize Yuka Iguchi is the voice behind Mea. She wasn’t in her annoying bratty role like To Aru Majutsu No Index’s Index or Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai’s Maria. It was something close to like how Hayate No Gotoku Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’s Ruri. Just less naive. Rina Hidaka voices Master so this isn’t her usual cute girl stereotype roles like Anko in Tamako Market, Airi in Ro-Kyu-Bu, Shizuka in Campione, Last Order in To Aru Majutsu No Index and Ririchiyo in Inu x Boku SS. The opening theme, Rakuen Project by Ray sounds like typical anime pop. The ending theme by Kanon Wakeshima is Foul Play Ni Kurari. It sounds very much like a musical stage play song. A little funny too.

After getting into so much trouble for so long, Rito should have developed some kind of immunity or sixth sense to it. But looks like the way things are going, he doesn’t. Could this mean that even though he resists some of it, deep down in his heart he still wants them? Let’s see how things work out when he becomes the next king of Deviluke. Will he change into a different person? Will he become more of a tyrant or a greater hero? Who knows? Only time will tell. I suppose that is why he wants things to stay the way as it is right now as long as possible. Because things will definitely change one day. Like Mikan who won’t forever stay his little sister. Like Yami, how despite she is still sticking around to watch Rito and kill him when the right time comes, it feels like a blatant excuse because it feels that she is more of dandere than anything. Like Yui, probably the only one to have come up with a firm visualizing future of herself and Rito. The only thing that won’t change is his nature to get into such trouble. I’ll say that is his fate and destiny.

Motto To Love-Ru

October 15, 2011

I guess I’m such a sadist after all. No matter how pitiful or annoying it gets, I somehow find it amusing to myself about Rito’s misfortune, bad luck and troubles. Despite my previous blog on how the first TV series was just mediocre and to watch it for the absurd and silliness, that didn’t stop me from continuing to watch its sequel Motto To Love-Ru. That translates into ‘More Trouble’ and you know especially who. For the uninitiated, to cap what this series is about, it’s about this unlucky high school kid Rito who accidentally gets engaged to a princess of the powerful Deviluke Empire, Lala. A big portion of the series dedicates itself to see how Rito’s normal life gets screwed up by Lala’s inventions and the other zany and wacky characters, thus the trouble he gets into and the main theme and title for this show. Well, life is no walk in the park as they say. Oh yes, throw in all the fanservice and ambiguous compromising situations too. That’s the real reason why we’re watching this series, right?

But unlike the first season’s format which shows an entire episode for a particular story, this time around they have divided each episode into 3 different parts. So I guess in small ‘bite sizes’ it makes viewers have an easier time ‘digesting’ and following through the antics rather than an entire duration. Because of this, it doesn’t feel draggy but at the same time not anything fresh either. You know, it’s the same ol’ thing. Rito getting into trouble. Though not every part sees him going through all the torment, some sections delves a little deeper into other characters. Albeit not much but at least it’s better than seeing the poor kid going through all the suffering in each episode. That would be like getting old fast. Oh wait, has it?

Trouble 01: Once Again From The Beginning
This isn’t a retelling of how it all began. Instead it is a continuation after the first season and OVA. The usual life of Rito and his sister Mikan (don’t forget that baby plant Celine too) with Lala continues. Lala’s twin little sisters, Nana and Momo are visiting him. Rito and Lala are running late for school so Lala makes a mad dash while tagging his hand. Her sudden stop has him flying and landing by Yami’s side. Not amused by his bold actions, she punches him back to Lala. First episode, already things like this happen. Then they pass by the place where they first met when Lala ran away and confessed to him. She takes this chance to confess that she likes him as she feels this is the best place to do it. I guess now they won’t make it to school in time so Lala uses her newly improved warp invention to teleport them right over. As usual, things do not go as expected because Rito finds himself in a dark space. Actually his head is underneath Haruna’s skirt!!! That’s not the horrifying part. The most embarrassing part is that they are totally naked and all their friends and other students there have witnessed their ‘boldness’. So how is this new invention improved? It’s the same like the last time! It gets worse when Lala continues being an airhead, oblivious to her nakedness as she hugs Rito while continuing to confess that she likes him.

Trouble 02: War In The Bathhouse
Rito, Lala, Haruna and Mikan visit the bathhouse and are surprised to see Yami there. Mikan tries to befriend Yami but she’s rather distant and doesn’t want make friends with her. The wall suddenly explodes as a pair of bounty hunters reveal their intention to capture Yami. However all they see is Rito coming through the steam (he’s actually being remotely controlled from by the cowardly bounty hunters). They also planted a bomb on his head and it will explode if taken out by force. The bounty hunters realize Yami’s weakness of not hurting her friends so they got her in a pinch. This means they use Rito to do ecchi stuff on the girls. Mikan goes in search for the baddies and finds them hiding in a dustbin (because they’re so noisy). Lala manages to tweak and control Rito and uses him to ram the bad guys (and ultimately himself). Yami thanks Mikan and they become friends.

Trouble 03: The Sound Of Ticking Love
Yui imposes her strict moral policing in school. This includes confiscating one of Lala’s inventions. Though Rito tries to warn her, she warns him of doing anything shameless. Then she sees Saki in an elaborated dress (apparently to court Zastin) and tells her off. Saki mocks her that she has never fallen in love before. Yui stays back after school when Rito comes to get something he forgot. He advises her to relax a little because at the rate she’s going, it’s going to get tiring. Yui leaves and passes by Yami who is reading a literature book. Yami asks if Yui has fallen in love before, causing her face to go red. She is interested to know more since it’s something she can’t understand after thinking over and over again. It suddenly starts raining so Yui takes refuge at a playground. She sees Rito there too. He lends her his handkerchief so she gives him back Lala’s invention. She initially wanted to give him back earlier but the timing wasn’t good. Suddenly Rito hugs her. Yui’s mind starts to go crazy and her heart racing like crazy. Turns out that he was shielding her from making a noise because that perverted principal Kouchou was passing by. Yui gets upset and leaves (probably it wasn’t what she expected). Lala’s invention then explodes by Rito’s side.

Trouble 04: Warped Into Darkness
Rito and Haruna accidentally touch Lala’s warp invention. Oh no. Yeah, this means they are teleported somewhere else naked. In a dark storeroom, Rito tries hard to control himself from looking. Haruna gets scared and accidentally they had physical contact. Rito suggests covering up using some cloth. Since the door is lock, they’ll have to wait for someone to find them. Both are time are in an awkward situation so Rito tries to strike up a conversation about their parents. Things are heating up as they both get really close to each other. The mood is ruined when Mikado opens the door after hearing some ruckus downstairs. Turns out they are in her underground basement. Lala and Yui also found them and the misunderstanding begins.

Trouble 05: Welcome To The Yuuki Household
Mikan’s teacher, Haruko Mito will be paying a house visit. However her dad, Saibai is too busy with his manga deadline to make it home. It won’t be nice to reschedule again since they’ve done it too many times. However Lala comes up with an idea. Haruko’s intention to pay a visit is actually because she’s a fan of Saibai’s work. At the door, she meets Saibai. Hey wait a minute. Isn’t that Rito in a horrible disguise? And he’s bloody stiff too. This isn’t going to work. Oh wait. Haruko bought it. Rito is bad at lying and Lala’s near slip of the tongue that he is ‘Saibai’s’ lover almost screw the whole thing up. Then Haruko admits that she is his biggest fan and wants an autograph. Rito still hasn’t come down and signs on her boobs! Lala gives Rito drink some herb but it turns him drunk. Not only he rips off Haruko’s top, when Mikan tries to pull him apart, he pulls down her shorts! Have you ever seen a daughter beating up her ‘father’? In school, Haruko must have misunderstood the whole thing and wants Mikan to fight on like she will too.

Trouble 06: Slumber Party
Yami and Haruna are invited to Rito’s house for a nabe party. Then the girls decide to have a sleepover. While Rito is soaking in the bathtub, his mind is running wild on his love fantasies with Haruna. Probably he soaked too long so the girls are going to enter. But isn’t it a little cramped? Don’t worry, Lala’s invention will have the bathtub turn into a huge space like the public bathhouse. Rito starts to panic as he tries to discreetly escape while the girls wash each other. After many near close calls, Rito thinks he is straight home to safety. Just then, Peke wakes up from his slumber and notices Lala’s invention. He fiddles with it and returns the bathroom back to normal size. Now everybody is cramped up together. Yeah, Rito is right in the middle of everyone. You know what this means for him, right? Peke the culprit feigns ignorance and goes do something else.

Trouble 07: Special Love Potion
Yui is sick so Rito is tasked to send handouts to her home. Yui’s college brother, Yuu skips classes just to take care of her. Rito arrives at the doorstep and meets Yuu. I guess just like the other characters, he would love to see some spice in his life. Or in this case his sister’s. He invites Rito in so that he could hand the notes personally to her. Oddly, Rito comes into her room without knocking! And she’s undressing! He deserves to get trashed. After giving her the notes, Rito starts to feel nervous since he is in a girl’s room so his eyes start scanning the room to see if there is something they could talk about. Yui notices this and wonders if there is anything weird in her room. Just when she thinks his serious face could mean something that defines the rest of her life, what he is asking is just if she likes cats since her room is filled with pictures and stuff toys of the feline. She starts panicking and accidentally trips, falling into Rito’s arms. Guess what? Yuu comes in. Woah. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude. How can they pull out from this one? Rito thinks of leaving now or else he’ll make her cold get worse but she says that her cold is gone (did that hugging fixed it?). Then her other friends come in to pay her a visit. Yui wonders what will happen if they spend a little more time alone. From her face, you can tell she was thinking of something shameless.

Trouble 08: Through The Looking Glass
Rito inadvertently puts on one of Lala’s spectacles invention. He gets shocked to see Mikan in her undies. Worse, he can’t take it off. However he doesn’t realize that this is the effect of the spectacles till he sees himself naked via a shop window’s reflection, though he can feel his clothes on. So I guess you can say Rito has the best view from now on as he sees all the colourful and panty styles of his female classmates. Lots of perverts would pay a high price to have this glasses. In class, Run comes up to Rito to tell him that she’ll be in his class from now on since she successfully persuaded Kouchou for a transfer. Run isn’t happy that he is putting on something from Lala. Then he accidentally toggles a switch and this time he sees through the undies. Now everybody’s naked! He can’t take it anymore seeing all the lovely naked bodies and bumps into other girls on his run. Just when he thinks Lala is here to rescue him from this awful visions, Run comes by and wants him to put on her glasses. During the struggle, Run sneezes and changes into Ren. I guess the view just got ‘uglier’. Regretting that you should’ve appreciated females’ body?

Trouble 09: You Are The Lovely Cinderella
Saruyama is love sick. There is a particular girl he likes but couldn’t find. Rito knows who this girl is because it’s his girl version, Riko! To make things worse, Lala wants to help him out and sets them up together! During the date, Saruyama tries to get close to Riko but she is rather defensive and doesn’t let him to get to her. Along the way, they meet several of their friends like Yui (finding it familiar to see this Riko from somewhere) and Mikan and Yami (wondering if his other side has awoken). Then at the park, Riko notices her body is turning back to the original form. Thankfully she makes a run for it before Saruyama lost his control as he tries to hug her and confess his love. By that time, Riko’s already gone. Phew. That was a close shave. However Haruna sees him in a girl outfit and runs away in shock. Boo hoo! Saruyama is heartbroken and thinks he has been dumped but isn’t going to give up, confident he’ll meet her again and making her his girlfriend. Sometimes the truth is just right under his nose…

Trouble 10: Yami Yami Fashion
The gang sees Yami reading a fashion magazine and decide to go on a shopping spree and dress her up. Of course they drag Rito along and he bears the brunt of Yami’s punches whenever something ecchi happens even if it’s not his fault. Yami looks cute and like an ordinary girl. Then they are confronted by punks who want them cuties to hang out with them. They target Yami but Rito steps in like a man to protect her. They get rough with him tells them off that Rito is his target. What does that mean? Who cares because she bashes them up real good. A lesson they’ll never forget. Yami regrets that the clothes they bought her are ripped so she decides to return to her old clothes. In the library, the gang are spying on her wondering if she has given up Earth clothing for good. However Risa and Mio went to ascertain it by flipping up her skirt to reveal the panties she bought at the store. Guess who get punched instead?

Trouble 11: Wonderful Love
While Haruna walks her dog Marron at night, she gets this strange feeling that she’s being stalked. She relates this problem to Rito and Lala who are at Mikado‘s clinic with Oshizu. Lala decides to help out by using her invention to swap bodies. She intends to become Haruna to take the bait and nab the culprit. The plan works out fine but because Lala is in Haruna’s body, she lost considerable amount of strength and is no match for the stalker. Eventually with teamwork, they defeat the stalker and confront him. As he explains, he fell in love at first sight but notes he has no interest in girls. Revealing his true identity, ‘he’ turns out to be a female alien dog who has fallen in love with Marron instead! Because Oshizu is still afraid of dogs, she hits her away, landing her in Mikado’s clinic totally in bandages.

Trouble 12: The Twins’ Escape
Gid learns that Nana and Momo have escaped again so Zastin offers to capture them. Where else can those twins go? Yeah, Rito’s place. Then the rest learn from Zastin that they ran away from home because they don’t want to study. Well, I guess it runs in the family because Lala also did the same. Zastin’s lecture must be awfully boring that it allowed the twins to escape. Taking refuge under a bridge, Nana blames Momo for doing this. Then they start fighting each other by tickling each other’s tail so much so they ended up stripping themselves. We’re not watching hot lesbian sex, are we? Zastin finds them and is shocked to see them in such a position. However as he tries to bring them back, the twins unleash their plant and animal fury that wrecks havoc. Rito goes to save Mikan who has been trapped by the rampaging tree’s branches (why is it trying to take off her panties?!). In the end, the twins call their father to tell him that they’re staying on Earth a little longer. Please define a little longer. Does he have a choice? Even the ruler of the galaxy has to bow down to his daughters’ wishes. The twins crash at Rito’s home while the poor kid is covered in bandages from his heroic rescue.

Trouble 13: Queen Of Love?
Saki is down because of her crush for Zastin. Elsewhere, Rito is trying to run away from Lala because that girl wants him to taste her homemade bento. Who would want to eat something oozing with dark aura? Rito is kidnapped by Rin and Aya who want him to call Zastin to school and create and opportunity for Saki to confess her love to him. Well, does he have a choice? I guess he has to after hearing their little past of how Saki saved them from bullies (especially Aya) and they’ve been loyal to her ever since. Rito manages to call Zastin to school as Saki meets up with him but has a hard time trying to spit out the words. Spying Rito is caught up by Lala who shoves the deadly bento down his throat. In pain, his random helter-skelter causes him to bump into Saki as they end up in a compromising position. Zastin saw her pantsu but proclaims he didn’t see anything (liar!). In the end, Rito gets chased by a very annoyed and upset Saki, a very displeased Aya and Rin, and a very eager Lala. Oh yeah, everybody wants a piece of him. As for Zastin, he just walked away. Yeah, minding his own business.

Trouble 14: Oh Let’s Play!
Run orders some space skunk in her revenge plan to turn Lala into a kid so that her powers will be halved. However the skunk releases its gas on her and turns her into one. Then it escapes. Oh no. Run relates the problem to Lala and Rito. They offer to help look for the skunk. Speaking of which, it is already wandering within their school. Lala gets skunked as Rito goes after it. Everywhere it goes, it turns everyone into kids. Except for Haruna, she is being tasked to take care of the children. Yeah, the high school has turned into a big nursery. Finally Run traps the skunk in the box but falls off the roof. Luckily Lala uses her rope to catch her. Run felt guilty for trying to get her revenge. However Lala pulled too hard and sends Run flying. Looks like even if she did t lose her powers, she can’t control them. As for Haruna, she has to bear with all the naughty kids pulling her hair and clothes. Don’t worry, the effects will wear off soon as Mikado mentions. I hope that doesn’t mean days.

Trouble 15: The Flavour Of Chocolate Is A Sweet Sensation
Yui isn’t amused of Risa and Mio teasing her about Valentine’s Day chocolates. Saruyama is still fantasizing about receiving chocolates from Riko. Back home, Yui tries making chocolates so Yuu wonders if it’s for that Rito kid, causing her to blush but firmly deny it (if course we know that’s not true). Once she’s done, she starts panicking of wondering how to hand it over to Rito. In class, Yui observes how Risa and Mio nonchalantly hand their chocolates to Rito. Later she confronts him but is too tensed up and embarrassed so she screws up her line and yells at him. Later the duo are paired for class duties. Her attempt is interrupted again when Run comes giving chocolate to Rito via her mouth! Rito’s panic has him end up underneath Yui’s skirt. Ouch! Later Yui sees Lala and Haruna handover their chocolates to Rito. Then at the stairways, she finally manages to give hers but says that they’re just friends. Though she continues to fluster, Rito feels happy because he had always thought she hated him. Yui’s heart calms down and she feels glad that she manages to give it to him. Back home as Rito opens his chocolate presents, the one from Yui has a shape of a cat’s face. Though he thinks the chocolates are obligatory chocolates, Mikan doesn’t thinks so.

Trouble 16: Beach Girls
The whole gang are invited to play at Saki’s private beach. Yeah, a perfect excuse for girls in swimsuits and fanservice. This includes Mikado wanting Rito to rub lotion over her body. But Oshizu’s powers were too much and sends Rito touching Nana’s flat chest. Then it’s watermelon splitting time. Saki intends to show off her skills but was foiled by Rito (falling from the sky). With the high quality watermelons wasted, Momo summons a watermelon alien. Ugh… Who wants to eat that? But the alien took it to heart (especially Saki’s mockery) and got upset, going on a perverted rampage. Seriously, can Rito beat that alien with a stick? Well, he doesn’t have to since Yami finishes it off. Everyone has a taste of the watermelon alien and finds it delicious. Eh? Why is it still alive even though it is cut in half?

Trouble 17: Late Night Private Tutor
Rito is in trouble. Another kind of trouble. His grades are so low that he starts fearing Haruna will never love him because she hates idiots. Plus, the makeup exams are tomorrow. After Yami snorts at his low score, she tells him that it would be better studying with someone. Rito finds out Lala scores perfect in her tests and as Peke says, she’s considered a genius. She flunked her earlier exams was because she didn’t understand Earth’s language but has gotten used to it. And yes, Lala becomes Rito’s private tutor, burning the midnight oil. Because they’re working late into the night, Peke started feeling sleepy so with his energy running out, this means Lala’s clothes will vanish. Yeah, she’s naked. Why doesn’t she put on normal clothes? Anyway, Mikan wanted to reward Rito with snacks for putting in effort but when she sees Rito over naked Lala (of course a misunderstanding), she changes her mind and tells him to continue to study harder. What kind of lesson is that? Worse, next day at the exam, he forgot everything he learned! Was Lala’s body that hot to make you forget everything? You don’t need a sophisticated machine or technology to do that.

Trouble 18: Master Of Love
Lala continues to hug Rito in public. Rito continues to not like it. Risa and Mio offer to give tips on how she can improve her love. Oh no. Giving her a guidebook, Lala follows it word for word as she manages to get Rito to go follow her on a detour after school. She tries acting shy (no response), pushing him around (hurts too much) and being tsundere (poor kid ended up so confuse). Then at an alley, she wears a negligee and seduces him. However she stops halfway after wondering what the next step is. Ah well, and you thought she had the perfect chance then. On the way home, Lala feels down that her methods fail. Rito feels tired after being dragged around but notices her tears. Being the dense guy he is, Peke points to the guidebook Lala has been referring to. Understanding what it means, he tells Lala that taking a detour like this is fun once in a while. Lala is back to her happy self and starts hugging him like nobody’s business.

Trouble 19: Yami’s Clinic
While helping Yami out in the library, Rito yet again gets into another ecchi situation. He could’ve been dead meat for sure but Yami suddenly stops and collapses into his arms. Realizing that she has a burning fever, Rito takes Yami to see Mikado. Needing to place her in a recovery capsule, Mikado wants Rito to help undress Yami since Oshizu isn’t around. He can’t handle it and burns out so Lala takes him out. Once Yami is healed, Mikado informs her that Rito carried her all the way here. She wonders why her enemy would do something like this to her so Mikado’s reply that in his eyes, she isn’t an enemy. Yami is reconsidering her thoughts on Rito when he and Lala come back. Picture this scene: A guy accidentally sees a girl getting dressed. What will happen next? Yami’s hair becomes sharp objects to turn it into a house of flying daggers.

Trouble 20: The Antagonist
Everybody is in awe after getting to know Run will be starring alongside in an episode of Magical Kyouko. However Run isn’t too enthusiastic because she’ll be playing the villain’s part. She feels like a side character though this is Kyouko’s show. During the filming, Run gets a little annoyed that the director doesn’t find her performance okay. During the break, Kyouko goes to talk to her and reveals that she is a fan of hers. Yeah, she reads her blogs and has all her CD albums. Whenever Kyouko is depressed, she would just listen to her songs and that is enough to cheer her up. Kyouko continues to be nice as Run feels bad for antagonizing her. Suddenly Kouchou strips himself wanting the ladies to sign an autograph on his body. Kyouko burns him with her flames. Run is shocked that the fire is real and not special effects. Kyouko reveals that she is half human, half alien. This show was made to make the best use of her powers. It’s so good that people think they’re special effects. With that, Run and becomes close friends with her and promise to exchange mails.

Trouble 21: A Strange Haruna
Haruna is acting very strange in school. Very strange indeed. When Risa squeezes her boobs as her sick way of greeting girls, Haruna did the same to her! Not only that, when Yui reprimands them for doing shameful things, she goes squeezing her boobs too! Accidentally she took off her bra and doesn’t know what the heck this is. Then when told about it, she lifts her own shirt to see for herself! Yeah, something very strange about her. Later Haruna sees Rito resting by a tree and goes to talk to him. She confesses that she likes him. Woah! Did I hear that correct?! Even Rito can’t believe it. Has his dream finally come true? He is going to do the same confession but he sees Haruna puckering her lips, which preludes a kiss. Suddenly a couple of dogs start barking outside so Haruna starts going into panic mode. Rito realizes that it is Oshizu possessing Haruna (it’s damn hilarious to see Oshizu panicking on top of the tree even if the dogs are not targeting her and opposite the fence). When the rest find out, they learn Oshizu’s body is under maintenance by Mikado so as she’s strolling in her ghost form, she got scared and was chased by a stray dog. She ended up bumping into Haruna’s body and thought it would be nice to have some fun. Haruna wonders if she really did the confession but Oshizu notes she had no intention to do it. Which means the confession was right from Haruna’s heart? With Haruna back to normal, Risa imposes her boob squeezing greeting to send Haruna into a frenzy. Ah, we sure love the normal Haruna. Why the heck Lala and Oshizu want to join in the ‘fun’ too?

Trouble 22: Becoming Bigger
Risa complains about her flabby waist as she compliments Lala’s perfect body figure. She teases Rito as he blushes. Haruna thinks Rito may like girls with big breasts. However Rito says that it is the inside that counts. Risa twists his words by tempting to show what is underneath her skirt. She is interrupted by the moral police but Risa continues imposing her trademark greeting. Haruna and Oshizu see Nana sulking on their way. Seems Momo teased her child’s body. So the trio decide to conduct Operation Breasts back in Rito’s home. They invite Mikan to join them but she’s smart enough to stay out of this fishy-sounding plan. That operation is on how to enlarge their breasts. They try all sorts of methods like force massaging, tickling and summoning an octopus. Octopus? Yeah, its suction caps are to… Go figure. Since it is not working, Haruna reflects on Rito’s words of inner beauty and that they need to improve themselves one step at a time. Nana decides to improve her inner and outer self so this prompts Haruna to note that she didn’t understand at all.

Trouble 23: Wonderful Life
While Haruna walks Marron, they pick up a homeless stray dog home. However this is no ordinary dog as this is Rito turned into one due to Lala’s machine of swapping his body with a canine. He got chased around town by other people till he is exhausted and then found by them. Marron makes him his little disciple brother and teaches him how to please their master. This includes bathing together with naked Haruna (hey, she won’t suspect a thing) and also shamelessly licking Haruna’s face. Can Rito do it? Obviously he is still too embarrassed. Marron can’t stand his indecisiveness and shows him how it is done. Yeah, he licks here, there and everywhere! Giving in to pressure, Rito finally does his slurping but realizes it to be impossible and runs away. Admit it, you had a nice time. Okay, maybe not. Eventually he finds his way back to Lala and they switch back bodies. Next time he sees Haruna walking Marron, he blushes when he sees Marron licking Haruna in public and even calling the dog his brother.

Trouble 24: The Trance Of Feelings
After witnessing Yami using her Trans powers, Mikan gets enthusiastic to try it out. Lala suggests the body swapping machine. Excited Mikan goes around town doing fun things she has never done before. Yami needs to get use to Mikan’s body since it doesn’t contain her usual powers. But it was enough to give Kouchou another deserved beating for being perverted. Rito sees his sister acting strange but didn’t suspect anything. Since Yami learns she’ll be making dinner, she makes every dish with her favourite taiyaki biscuit. Meanwhile Mikan is being chased by Kouchou who thinks this strange new Yami is totally cute. Yami finds a brush in the toilet and wonders what the heck this is. Rito wonders if she’s not feeling well so he offers to go clean the toilet and wants his sister to go relax. Yami is perplexed by Rito’s kindness though he says it’s because they are family. At the end of the day, both girls switch back their own bodies. So Mikan, it must be tiring getting chased by a dirty old man, eh? But for Yami, it was an eye opener because she was able to experience something important. She envies Mikan for it. And for dinner, Mikan is surprised about the taiyaki dishes she cooked.

Trouble 25: For Whom The Bell Tolls
Rito invites Haruna to his Christmas party at his home. Could you believe it that even a nice girl like Haruna could even start fantasizing romantic thoughts of being alone with Rito? And right smack in the middle of the street. So a short flashback on how Rito and Mikan used to spend Christmas nights together since their parents were always away. So that’s why they would like to spend Christmas with everyone. Rito invites Yami to their party as a surprise for Mikan. And to top it off, Lala brings back their parents to join them. Could have been a perfect night if mommy didn’t ask whose kid this Celine belongs to.

Trouble 26: Troubling Rampage?
Rito wakes up to find Momo’s panties on him! Worse, she’s right next to him. And she’s looking so carefree too. I don’t know what she did last night. Lala left for school early and left Peke sleeping so he could recharge. Since she wants him to bring Peke when he’s done, at this rate Rito will be late for school. Momo gives him some charger for Peke but when he puts it on, Rito’s physical existence is absorbed into Peke and becomes the little suit robot. Since it will wear off in 2 hours, Momo suggests that he will have to act as Peke (actually she wanted to avoid getting scolded by Lala if she ever finds out the truth). Of course Rito is too embarrassed since he gets to feel the sensation of certain body parts rubbing against him. This causes him to ‘malfunction’ by screwing up the kind of dress Lala is supposed to wear or turning them tight. Momo is spying nearby and is getting mixed feelings of jealousy and turned on seeing ‘Peke’ wrapped around defenceless Lala. Rito can’t take it anymore so his ‘malfunction’ affects the other girls around him as they change into weird cosplay outfits. Momo saves the day by putting a replacement badge on Lala to avoid her being totally naked. She takes ‘Peke’ away citing for maintenance since he isn’t feeling well. Momo feels guilty of making Rito going through all this even though she was at fault and took it upon himself for her sake. But it looks like she falls for him even more. Back home, Lala advises oblivious Peke to tell her if he’s not feeling well.

Trouble 27: Lovely Idol
Run wants Rito to be her boyfriend for a day. Seems when she had a chat with Kyouko about boyfriends, Run lied she had one so Kyouko seems enthusiastic to meet her beau. This is so Run doesn’t end up as a liar. Rito is shocked to learn Kyouko as her friend, what’s more her half alien lineage. But when Rito starts talking about Lala, Run gets depressed and thinks he preferred her. Unfortunately they run into Kouchou. Still the same sick ol’ guy as he strips himself just to have their autograph. In the alley, Run takes out an anti-pervert bomb (say what?) that she ordered but upon releasing it, the gas disintegrates their clothes. Oops. Seems she mixed them up. You’re not going to let Kouchou have his way, aren’t you? Kyouko should have used her flames earlier but I guess she didn’t want her real identity to be leaked. Rito leaves to find clothes and help. Run apologizes to Kyouko for lying but she already knows Rito is not her real boyfriend since she started acting strange. Kyouko felt envious then because she thought Run had a boyfriend but now feels relieved. Noticing she likes him, she wants Run to tell her all about Rito so that she could support her. Rito returns with Lala but the latter got so excited of meeting Kyouko and wants to be friends. As for Kouchou, he’s still lying burnt on the public road. What the hell is that? Don’t touch it. It may infect you in some mysterious ways…

Trouble 28:  Pollen Telepathy
Rito takes Celine out for a walk in the park and meets Yui. The old lady mistakes them for a family so Yui starts having weird thoughts that they are married, though she dismisses it. During that distraction, Celine had run off and drank some cola. This causes her to be drunk as she starts spreading spores around. Those infected has a flower grown on their head. What does this mean? Everyone loves Rito! Yeah, the girls just want to get down and dirty with him. Soon, the entire town starts chasing after Rito. Man or woman. Young or old. Yeah, this guy is so popular. The worst part is that Kouchou caught him and starts pounding on him! Oh sh*t! He’s breathing heavily! Oh, the shock! Oh, the horror! He has never been so violated before! Once the flower drops off their head, the spell is over as everyone wonders what had happened. Good thing, a policeman was passing by when he sees Kouchou public indecency. I hope he gets locked up for eternity. Back home as explained by Lala, Celine emits pollens that makes people fall in love. And since Celine loves Rito, her love for him is transmitted through the victims via pollen. So take note, never let Celine get drunk again.

Trouble 29: A Girl’s Feelings
Lala and Rito are supposed to be running some errands. But because there is a new episode of Magical Kyouko, Lala excuses herself while Rito gladly does the chores. Some showy guy is bugging Risa to date her so she saves herself when Rito passes by and pretends to be his girlfriend, cutting off that guy’s interest. As thanks, Risa treats Rito at a maid cafe and toys around with him with the idea of dating her. Then she messes with his head that he should take the lead to seize Lala’s heart and body. Since it’s late at night, Risa has Rito walk her home. Then she makes him come into her room. Hey, her parents are not coming back till late tonight. You know what this means. Then she pushes him onto her bed! She starts seducing him and tells him about her lonely nights. She even offers to ‘test it out on her’ before doing the real deal with Lala!!! OMG!!! Then it turns out that she was just fooling around because he wants to see his cute reaction. Rito leaves and returns home much to Mikan’s ire because he came home empty handed without completing any errand. As for Risa, I guess things indicate her feelings for Rito wasn’t just playing around either…

Trouble 30: Heart Throbbing Email
Rito asks Yui if she could lend a novel called Midnight Date since his dad is using it as a reference for his work (despite the title, the main character is a cat and nothing suggestive). Plus, the bookstores have all but sold out. Mikan finishes the book and decides to lend it but she starts having a dilemma as she has never sent an email to any other guy except those in her family. Yeah, it took her 30 minutes just to compose a normal one. I wonder how many revisions she did. Rito is too tired to answer his handphone and wants Momo to answer it for him, thinking it is another bugging mail from Saruyama. When Momo reads the Midnight Date word, her thoughts that they might be doing something ecchi crosses her mind. Momo ponders the right answer to reply and responds that this should be their little secret. Yui is confused with the answer. By that time, Nana finds out about what Momo is doing and grabs the handphone since she has something she wants to ask Yui. Yui gets another mail and this time it’s about asking her opinion about small breasts. Thing is, Nana forgot to put her name in the mail. This time there is an air of anger in Yui’s reply. Then Celine snatches the handphone away and accidentally snaps a naked picture of Lala. Yeah, I don’t know how but she also sends it. Yui is trying to calm herself down, thinking this is one big prank from Rito when she receives yet another mail. Upon seeing Lala’s naked picture, she blows her top of this sexual harassment!

Trouble 31: All Quiet On The Sister Front
Mikan turns down one of her classmate’s confession, reducing him to tears. Her friends tease her that she loves her brother that’s why she’s not into these kind of things. Back home, Mikan notices Momo getting real close to Rito so she advises him to maintain her distance. She also knows about her bed sneaking activity and hopes she will stop it since Rito is Lala’s fiancee. Momo jokingly invites Mikan to join her in that. That night Mikan sneaks to sleep with Rito as an excuse to catch Momo in the act. She gets more than she bargained for when Rito starts caressing her butt her in his sleep!  Mikan’s butt is a marshmallow?! Pinch his face! Amazingly he didn’t wake up and continued his dream. Mikan decides to return to her room since Momo is not showing up but the lightning strike prevents her from doing so. She remembers when she was small, Rito comforted her during such stormy knights. With sleep talking Rito vowing to protect Mikan, her heart feels at ease. Next morning, Rito is shock to see Mikan sleeping next to him. I guess he never see this coming, eh? Not even his wildest dreams, his sister. Mikan tries to explain but it seems Momo has been watching them all along and things this is part of her sneaky plan.

Trouble 32: False Love?
History repeats itself. Yes, Celine is drunk once more and on a pollen spreading spree. Though they manage to catch her, it was too late as she has spread her pollen to Yami. She ‘borrows’ Rito on a date. Observing what other lovebirds do, she tries feeding him by stuffing 20 taiyakis down his throat! Then she transforms her clothing to something cute as Rito compliments it. Walking along, some fat guy bumps into Rito and he accidentally got his hand on Yami’s boobs. However Yami didn’t feel irritated. Instead, she goes up closer to him feels it’s okay to give in. She wonders if this is the feeling that she’s been trying to understand all the while. She wants to learn more of it and suggests that they kiss. What? Right now? Right here? In the middle of the street? Yeah, she wants to see how deep a simple kiss can be and where it would lead her. Rito tries to shake Yami back to her normal self and that’s when the effects wear off. Normal Yami punches him away for touching her nonchalantly. She questions why he didn’t want to do it with her. He replies that she wasn’t her normal self and it’s not something she would really do. He feels she shouldn’t do things she will regret later. Though she notes he is an idiot for worrying about someone who is after his life, but she doesn’t hate those kinds. For the first time, we see Yami giving a warm nice smile. But that’s just a prelude for her to mention that he’ll die a peaceful death when she kills him instead. So do you prefer Yami in her violent mode of lovey-dovey mode?

Trouble 33: Predicting Love
Rito wakes up to find he is grabbing Momo’s tail! Yeah, she’s in bed with him. Is she enjoying it? Nana isn’t happy that Momo sneaked into Rito’s room again and reminds her that he is Lala’s fiancee. However Momo is happy being his lover. While pondering what good many sees Rito in, she saves Marron from being run over by a truck but they both fell into the river. As they both communicate (Nana’s ability is to communicate with animals), she learns Marron’s master is Haruna. When Haruna finds them, she invites Nana back to her place to dry her clothes. She meets her older sister Akiho who is on her way out on a date. Haruna flusters when Nana reveals she learned from Marron that she has a crush on Rito. Though she has no intention of telling anyone else, she just wants to know what makes Rito so great since to her, he’s just a carefree idiot. Haruna mentions it’s the fact that he makes them feel warm inside whenever he’s with them. Nana realizes that Haruna never told her feelings because she considers Lala her important friend and if she did so, they won’t be able to get along so well like now. Nana leaves but it starts to rain. Lucky for her, Rito comes looking for her since everyone else is worried. Pondering over Haruna’s words, she still doesn’t buy it and calls him a playboy. That night, Haruna ponders if hiding her true feelings means being true friends. The next day in school, Haruna meets Lala and finally tells her straight in the face that she likes Rito. Oh, this is getting interesting.

Trouble 34: I Love You 1
Though Lala is surprised, she quickly apologizes for not noticing Haruna’s feelings and was being selfish all the while. Likewise, Haruna says she doesn’t want to hide her feelings anymore and considers Lala her best friend. Lala is happy that they both share the same feelings for Rito and from now on she’ll cheer on her and herself for Rito. Well, since they both love Rito, it’s no use trying to fight for that guy, right? Yeah, they can share him all they want! Thus after the beach episode, I was wondering where the fanservice pool episode will come. Well, it came in this final episode. Better late than never. So the whole gang gets invited to the pool amusement park and this is our chance to feast on the girls in their sexy swimsuit. Saruyama observes Rito’s casual interaction with the girls and he starts feeling envy that he doesn’t panic around them anymore. He thinks that this is the effect of living with Lala.

Trouble 35: I Love You 2
Run and Kyouko are holding a concert nearby. Oh no, it’s that lecherous Kouchou wanting them to lick their body. Good news is that he won’t be able to do it because some big aqua monster starts to terrorize the crowd. This must be one big horny perverted water monster because the first thing it does with its slimy water tentacles is to grab Run and Kyouko by their sensitive parts and molests them like nobody’s business. Thanks to Kyouko’s flames, they’re able to break free and make a run. But that’s not the end yet. The monster starts terrorizing Rito’s girls. Erm, I mean Rito’s girl pals. So every one of them will have their chance of being sexually harassed cukup-cukup. No girl is spared. When Nana realizes this is some rare aqua pet, Oshizu remembers this is the escaped pet of one of Mikado’s patient. The monster swallows Haruna and Lala while Yami is having a tough time cutting through its regenerating tentacles. Rito becomes a man by diving into the monster and pull out both the girls. However he ran out of energy and can’t pull himself out. After knowing its weakness, Yami dives inside to hammer its pea-sized nucleus. The pool returns to normal but Rito is close on passing out as he sinks to the bottom. His memories flash before him, the time he first met and fell in love with Haruna and also when Lala came into his life. He barely spots Haruna and Lala diving down to pull him out before his eyes closed. In the aftermath, they realize the monster is just the size of a puddle since it is able to grow when mixed with pool water. The owner comes by to apologize and take back his pet.

Trouble 36: I Love You 3
With the uproar over, Rito thinks hard about what Lala and Haruna means to him. Then he goes talk to Lala and confesses that he likes her. Lala is over the Moon but wait! He hasn’t finished yet. Yeah, there is someone he likes for a long time. Lala guessed spot on when she mentions Haruna and her happy reaction all but confuses Rito. I mean, confessions like this would either mean you become sad, upset or jealous, right? Lala wants him to quickly go confess to Haruna so that they can both marry him. Polygamy? Well, once he becomes the king of the Deviluke Empire, Earth rules won’t apply anymore. Lala straps some super booster so that he could jet his way over to Haruna but it was too fast that he bumped into Yami, who subsequently cuts the booster and sends him exploding in the sky after he accidentally has his hands on her butt. Finally Rito is able to meet Haruna alone. She is grateful for saving her. Rito gets his confidence as he prepares to confess. At that time Oshizu spots the duo and thinks of making it livelier but an interruption from Celine causes Oshizu’s magic to accidentally unstrap Haruna’s top as she makes a dash inside. Perhaps Rito was so engrossed in his courage summoning that he didn’t even know Haruna’s gone. So when he finally blurts out “I LOVE YOU!”, it was in front of Mikado, Nana, Run and Kyouko. Yeah, everyone heard it. This has Lala misinterpreting that he loves everybody and it will be livelier if he marries everyone! When Haruna returns, she pushes her close to Rito while asserting that she loves everyone too. And you thought his troubled days are over. Well, it just got worse.

Trouble is his middle name…
Not surprisingly, that is what I expected Rito to get into at the end of the series. It wouldn’t be fun if his troubles were to end, right? Yeah, I’m such a sadist. Better it happen to someone else rather than me. But surprisingly this season seems to fare better than the first season due to the division of the episodes. In a way, it doesn’t make the particular episode boring or draggy though it is pretty much the same thing. I know, overusing the overused cliches in almost every part makes everything stale but I guess due to the randomness and not following any particular plot direction, perhaps it felt less ‘strenuous’.

The only thing that moved forward here is the confirmation of Haruna’s feelings for Rito. That’s about it. As for the other girls like Yui, Risa and even Yami, there are a few scenes that indicate that their feelings are leaning closer towards Rito. We always knew Run and Momo’s open feelings for Rito so that didn’t impact much. Maybe it’s to cater for Rito x Yui fans because we got a handful of ‘close encounters’ and each time the tsundere moral police ends up jumping the gun that it may be something romantic. Even I felt that steamy siscon scene between Rito and Mikan was to cater for fans of this pairing so as not to be ‘left out’. So that kid just about had some nice rapport with just almost every nice bodied girl his age. Gid, Zastin and Ren at least make their appearance here albeit very brief and unimportant ones but it’s better than nothing. I’m wondering if Saki is still continuing to pursue her love for Zastin. After that foul up, there isn’t seem to have any follow up on that. We have more screen time for Kyouko this time round and we see her as a real life teenager rather than someone who exists on the TV screen. As for Celine, she just felt like part of the ‘furniture’. Doing nothing really that leaves any impact except for pulling kiddie pranks here and there. I still wonder what her role is for this series since she only made her first appearance back in the OVA. Kouchou has got to be the most annoying character. I’m not sure but it seems in this season he has a penchant to strip down to his underwear when he wants to pound on a girl. Too bad Rito was the ‘victim’. Haha. But thankfully, it wasn’t a girl.

Unlike in the first season and as mentioned earlier on, the plot and storyline here are basically about the daily lives of Rito and the gang (the hijinks that ensues of course). This means that we won’t see irritating and arrogant aliens either trying to steal Lala away and make her as their bride or extraterrestrial beings targeting Rito so as to eliminate him and have a better chance of taking Lala and claim the throne to the Deviluke Empire. So in this sense the action of ‘thrashing the baddies’ is lessen and replaced with much of the thrashing for Rito and fanservice. Speaking of which, I’m not saying that this season is filled to the brim with mind numbing fanservice but there are enough to keep ecchi lovers satisfied. That’s the reason why we watch this show, right? Some of the mid-intermission is fanservice-y and some just random poses of the characters as they serve as a break and division between the parts in the episode. Loop-the-loop by KOTOKO is the opening theme for this season and is a rock piece. The ending theme is Baby Baby Love by Haruka Tomatsu and sounds like your usual anime pop.

I’m not sure if there will be anymore sequels, spin-offs or OVA to come for this series. But the chances are if it does, it will be more or less the same thing. How far can you run? Stick with the usual successful formula, you can’t go wrong. So if you’re surrounded by a colourful bunch of harem babes including a long time schoolmate crush, an alien princess, a ghost, a busty school nurse, tsundere girl, a transgender idol, an assassin who ‘loves’ you enough to even want to kill you, a loving sister, a pair of twins and some best friends, sometimes it’s best to just suck it in and go along in the ride. I mean, you already have one foot in the grave and in for the trouble, how bad could it get? You’re right. Probably I’ve never been in Rito’s shoes. Don’t ever plan to be.

To Love-Ru OVA

November 20, 2010

Finally. Oh finally. Although there were only 6 episodes in this silly romantic comedy To Love-Ru OVA, it took around a year for it for all its episodes to be released. I guess that’s the point of being sold via OVA. No specific time line so it keeps viewers and hardcore fans waiting. Really waiting. Then it took me around another half a year to finish watching it and I sure took my time too because I had lost a little interest but not completely. Still this short OVA series is worth a shot for those who have watched the TV series and need something a little extra. Or just curious to know what’s in store for that trouble magnet kid Rito.

For those who know this series, it’s about that Rito guy who has a secret crush on his classmate Haruna but due to some misfortunate turn of events, he ends up being the fiancee of Lala, the airhead daughter of the galaxy’s mightiest empire, the Deviluke. Rito gets into all sorts of trouble either due to Lala’s malfunctioning inventions or compromising position with the other female characters thrown into the mix. Oh yeah. He’s got it real tough for a normal boring Earthling kid. Hence the series’ title ‘Trouble’, as in ‘Toraburu’ which morphs to ‘To Love-Ru’. And yes, don’t forget the mandatory fanservice too. Since this is OVA, be prepared for the girls to bare their chest! Ready, set…

Episode 1
PE lessons. You know what that means when boys start gawking at the girls especially that loser Saruyama. Normal. Rito isn’t interested so he’s not normal. So maybe Saruyama has got too much crap when he shouts out men live for boobs and nothing but boobs. Probably his brain is filled with them. As the girls change in the room, Lala ponders about having beautiful boobs and asks Saki straight. That prideful girl strips in the middle of the hallway just to show Lala her prized and proportion-ful assets. Wait a minute. After all the time in the TV series, Lala didn’t think about this? Then she turns to Yami for her opinion. The tsundere girl pretends she’s not interested so later at the shoe area, I guess it piqued her interest as she transforms herself into a busty version just to try for size. So happens Rito was passing by and the first trouble of the series: Yami tries to kill him. As Lala invents some Pai-pai rocket to transform boobs into ideal size, Rito crashes into it and the next thing you know, Rito turns into a girl! Ulala!

Lala takes Rito home and shows it to Mikan. Now she has a sister, haha. There are several ways to turn him back into a boy. Invasive operation? Painful. Some pills? Would you swallow a bucket full of them every day? Compress his body to make it flat? How the heck did she even come up with that?! Mikan suggests to cool things down and take a bath. Well, since everyone in the house are girls, there’s no need to be shy, right? Not. Ironically, Rito is bloody ashamed of his new body and it is becoming bloody awkward. At least we know he isn’t a pervert. Then they try to make him wear girl clothes so Rito dashes out of the house. Along the way, he passes by Haruna and Oshizu but they can’t recognize him. Then in the busy streets, he starts getting those perverted glares from all those horny men wherever he goes. To make things worse, Saruyama tries to hit on him! Wait, that’s not even half bad. Some stranger even comes up to Rito and proposes they get married this instant! Instant rejection! To top it up, he has to bump into that perverted Kouchou who wants Rito to enrol in his school because ‘she’ is so damn cute. Probably Kouchou’s shocking kiss knocked him out. If not for Saki and her underlings, who knows what that dirty old man could’ve done.

Rito wakes up in Saki’s luxurious mansion as she wishes to get along with Rito. Because he heard how she has had enough of stupid Rito and Lala, he can’t possibly let his identity revealed so he bluffs his name as Riko and has some sort of amnesia due to that horrifying experience from Kouchou. Saki vows to take care of Rito till he recovers his memories. Meanwhile Haruna and Oshizu learn from Mikan that Rito turned into a girl. Lala has completed an invention that will turn Rito back as she goes out to find him. After Rito is being treated to a sumptuous luxurious dinner, he dreads this time of bathing together. Rito starts panicking that he may never return to his normal form and all those wild fantasies of living a life as a girl flow through his head. Suddenly Rito’s boobs grow bigger than usual. Too big! Then flat. Then large again. Saki and her underlings start to get confuse of what they see. That’s when Lala barge in and fires her bazooka at him. A direct hit and Rito changes back to his true form. But he’s not out of the woods yet because Saki and her underlings realize they’ve been had and starts shooting their machine guns at him! Hey, how do minors get hold of those arms? What the heck, Saki’s filthy rich.

Episode 2
A flashback of how young Rito and Mikan made a snowman and then had a snowball fight. That time, Mikan called Rito ‘onii-chan’ instead of his first name. Back in reality, Lala tries to feed Rito with her spicy shaved ice. Now that’s hot and cold together. Later Lala and Rito cause their usual nuisance around the house. Lala in naked apron, Rito too busy watching TV to answer the phone, Rito tripped and spilled a bucket of water, Lala added some detergent to that causes some demonic reaction and messes up the whole place, Rito accidentally got his hands on Mikan’s bra (from the washing machine explosion. Because of that, Mikan blows her top. Later Rito decides to go apologize. However he did a fatal mistake by not knocking her door. Yup, she was changing. Once she’s done, now it’s her turn to run out of the house. Rito and Lala go chase after her. While Mikan walks through the busy streets, she sees a pharmacy mascot statue and remembers the time how she wanted it so much that Rito pleaded to the shopkeeper to sell it to them although it wasn’t for sale.

Meanwhile Rito and Lala encounter Saki and her underlings in bikini as they’re trying to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her family group’s shopping mall. Is this fanservice for promotion? When the duo ask if they’ve seen Mikan, Saki mistakenly things they’re searching for tangerine (that’s what Mikan’s name means) and points to them that ‘Mikan’ is inside the mall, in which they also meet Yui. Of course she won’t let it pass this easily and challenges them to a duel. Elsewhere, Mikan is sitting alone in front of the train station when Yami spots her. They talk about stuff like loneliness and such. They happen to see Haruna taking her dog Maron out for a walk.

The challenge seems to be a barbeque battle. Guess who has to taste them? Yup, Rito. Guess whose tastes better? Yup, neither. Saki’s too salty and too much pepper while Lala is too spicy. Then things go out of control like Rito accidentally having his hands on Yui’s boobs and the spraying of mayonnaise on the girls and finally Rito’s accidental violation of Saki. Saki has had enough and proceeds to hand over the tangerine. Obviously not what they’re looking for. As they continue to search, Rito bumps into Haruna. They tell each other what happened so Rito thanks her and rushes off and finally finds Mikan. Realizing he was really concerned about her, the siblings go on an outing together. Mikan teases him that maybe Haruna or Lala is in his heart. That evening at the park, Mikan drops the mother of bombshell: She is not related to Rito by blood! OMG! Fortunately, that was just a lie. Haha! Caught us all there. They start reminiscing the days where they made a snowman here. Lala and Peke are eavesdropping so they have this idea to use an invention of hers to make it snow. For once her invention didn’t go haywire and did more good. The siblings know it’s Lala (because of her obvious wagging Deviluke tail behind the bush) so they enjoy the rest of the day together. Lala also thinks how great it is to have siblings and wishes to go see Nana and Momo. Erm… I take that back what I said about Lala’s invention doing good. That’s because the news report reporting a freak snow storm descending the town into chaos that night. We all know who to blame…

Episode 3
Haruna wins a lottery for a vacation to a south island resort for 10 people. Since it’s only limited to girls, you can guess which girls will tag along to fill up those place. The usual Yami, Yui Oshizu and from Run to Mikado to Risa and Mio. On departure day, Haruna leaves Maron with Rito. Lala is having trouble what to pack so the house is scattered with all her inventions. Rito trips on 1 of them and causes his body to become lifeless while Maron turns into a bag. Mikan takes that doggy bag with her. The girls take a private plane to the resort island courtesy of Saki. Something about her own private island and this resort thingy is for them to try out as she wants to market the island. And you thought she was some kind soul. As for Run, she had to pull out last minute due to some photo shoot in the freezing mountains. When the girls touchdown and head to their huts, the doggy bag transforms back into Maron. As Lala explains that this might have been caused by an invention of hers that can change an animal skin into a bag without having to kill that animal. Of course Lala’s invention never goes right. But this isn’t just Maron. It’s actually Rito in Maron’s body. Too bad he can only bark so the girls can’t really understand what he’s trying to say.

So fanservice cue with the girls in their swimsuits and going about on what people normally do on the beach. Yeah, they even have their own music clip! Not one, but two consecutive music videos! That night, Haruna and Oshizu take a bath and lock Maron outside. I’m not sure what has gotten into Maron/Rito because when he got back in, he starts rummaging their luggage! When the girls come out of their bath, Maron/Rito starts acting naughty by jumping all over Oshizu. I didn’t know that dog was so perverted! He’s trying to pull off their panties?! WTF?! Is it really Rito doing that?! Wait a minute. He just realized he is in Maron’s body?! I thought he realized that earlier on? I just don’t get it. Next day, the fun continues. Play that music video again! Then everyone gets into the jacuzzi and Maron is invited too. Now he gets too much nose bleed after seeing the girls violate each other. Hey pal, just don’t look. Meanwhile Saruyama pays Rito a visit but he does not answer because his body is still lying on the floor. Lala thanks Haruna for this fun trip and Maron/Rito… It ends just like this? I just don’t get it.

Episode 4
It’s the RPG world! Haruna the heroine, Yui the fighter, Mikan the magician and Rito the gardener. WTF?! As they tackle some monsters, Mikan’s flopped magic has Yui’s top come loose. She takes it out on Rito. Who else. It seems a pair of twins are watching them as they note how Lala the princess is asleep and the great Demon Lord is Kyouko (remember that magical girl that solves everything but burning everything down? Yeah, it’s her). A short flashback of how it all happened. Rito thought he found a love letter in his shoebox. When he opened it, he is transported to some job change department led by clones of girls in Playboy bunny suits. Haruna, Yui and Mikan were also there as Rito thinks this is one of Lala’s weird inventions. After being given their character classes and mission to save Lala from the Demon Lord, in which they will be able to return to their original world.

Journeying into a casino, they see Risa and Mio having the time of their life there. More misunderstanding situation and painful consequences for Rito. Then looking for a place to stay, they meet Mikado as the clinic-cum-innkeeper. After the girls have their bath, Rito decides to sleep in the hallway to separate himself from the girls (he’s been in this trouble for so long so I guess he knows what’s best). Haruna and Yui give him their blankets. That night, Rito gets a wakeup call from Kyouko in a skimpy outfit. Seems she can’t wait so she decides to speed things up. Letting him know of Lala’s position, she throws him a deal. If he abandons Lala and becomes her boyfriend, she’ll allow everyone to return to their original world. She then causes an explosion as the watching twins wonders if there’s something wrong with the programme. Kyouko warps them all to her castle. Making their way and facing strong monsters (Yami saves them and joins them at this point) and some farcical ones (like Saki and co – is magic here only able to undo one’s top?), they finally reach Kyouko’s main room where Lala is sleeping. She wants him to choose between her or Lala. Or is there someone else in his heart, says she. Rito says he loves Lala though he’s not sure if this feeling could be called love. Lala wakes up and understood as she says she has loved him always. Hearing his true feelings was enough.

Kyouko isn’t happy with the turn of events so she decides to make it game over to have them start everything over again. She starts burning everything. Upon listening to twins’ advice, Rito lifts his water can to extinguish the flames and purify the world. So that’s how the final boss is defeated. Then twins reveal to be Nana and Momo, Lala’s little sisters. Seems it was them who created this world as they wanted to know more about Earthlings as well as Rito. They realize the many friends Lala has made. As they’re going to return to their original world, the twins realize the remote is missing. The world starts crumbling (and their clothes too). It’s Kyouko and she’s back with a vengeance. The remote is in her hands. The twins summon a giant Maron (he’s talking!) and a carnivorous plant to defeat Kyouko. As everyone return to their original world, Rito wonders why Nana and Momo are living with him too. One pink airhead isn’t enough, how about three? Trouble just keeps multiplying, eh?

Episode 5
Rito wakes up one morning to find Momo sleeping with him. I should’ve seen this coming. Mikan came in. Nana isn’t happy with that beast and to make things worse, Momo said about doing ‘something’ last night. Whatever that was, Rito don’t remember doing it. Good news or bad news? Even if they’re twins, they sure have different personalities. Momo loves him, Nana hates him. The twins follow Rito and Lala to school and observe the kind of guy he is. Well, Lala is sticking like a leech to him and Rito gets into lots of his usual compromising position troubles. Deja vu, deja vu. Yeah, why does it seem all the girls are always flocking around him like it’s some sort of harem? Isn’t this show? Nana concludes he’s an idiot but Momo thinks he hasn’t shown his true strength yet. In order to make him do that, they summon a giant boar and tree to cause danger but all he got was trouble and no super power like they expected. While discussing that Rito may know they’ve been tailing him and reluctant to show his hidden powers, the twins get into a little argument by pulling each other’s tail (Deviluke people easily get weak at the mere touch of their tail).

The gang invite the twins for hanami (cherry blossom viewing) but Momo refuses their offer saying they have something else in mind whereas it’s an excuse to make Rito show his true self. As the usual gang meet up under the sakura tree, the twins unleash a fir tree, Sugitani, who starts blowing spores to the gang. Oddly, all the girls start to act horny! If this is really their true self, man, this must be some sick suppressed feelings they have all the while! Haruna, Yui and Mikan are acting so weird that you can’t possibly think they’re drunk or blame lolicon people for wanting to rape them. Rito and Lala are their usual behaviour simply because that’s how they’ve always been. It’s getting crazy and out of control when Yami wants to undress everyone and Oshizu is already sleeping naked! What’s this?! A yuri scene between Haruna and Mikan? Well, more like Oshizu possessing Haruna’s body. As for Run, she’s kissing anybody she can get her hands on!

The twins have Sugitani spread more of its spores but it creates more havoc. Lala being the airhead thinks everybody is really having fun. Ah, happy people dancing merrily. Nana orders to spread more but the wind blows it back so Sugitani got affected by his own spores and turns violent. So that’s the tree’s true form? Such a violent tree. It grabs Nana and Momo followed by Lala. Yami starts slashing randomly and 1 of her slash made Sugitani to drop Nana. Rito rushes over to save her from her fall. From her body reaction, you can tell she’s starting to fall for him. Too bad she’s the tsundere type too. Then using Momo’s dropped dialler, they free the rest and vanish Sugitani. While everyone else is knocked out (their happy smiling faces seem to indicate a good thing that they won’t remember this embarrassing incident), Nana thanks Rito. That night back home, Nana tries to sneak in and sleep with Rito. But to her horror she sees naked Lala and Momo sleeping with him so she blows her top. Haha! They’ve beaten her! So now all 3 sisters like him, eh?

Episode 6
Yui is reprimanding a delinquent for his dressing but he doesn’t listen. So when Yami tells her to give up, he insults her that includes being a flat chest. Yami cuts everything, the delinquent’s clothes and hair, the locker and unknown to Yui, her panties. I don’t know but it took Yui some time to notice that her panty is gone. Must be the breeze. Her mind starts going wild if all her friends see her without one. Imagine what they’ll think. So in her search for her panties, she has to meet all those people. Yui gets very jumpy when Haruna talks to her, barely escapes the molestation from Momo and Risa, coincidentally meeting Rito at the corridors with opened windows. Luckily Rito is distracted by Lala’s call that she found some cute dog so even if the breeze blows her skirt up, she’s literally safe. Going back to the locker area, she thinks Kouchou may have taken her panties since he’s saying ambiguous words. Yeah, he’s digging in the pan (bread). Geddit? Pan and pantsu. At the hallway outside, Yui sees the dog (ugly if you ask me) with Rito and Lala. The dog spots Oshizu and goes up to her. Oshizu starts panicking that her screams crack glasses and sent lots of things flying. Which means there’s a breeze, right? And so happen Rito finally saw what is underneath Yui’s skirt before getting knocked out by the flying kettle. In the aftermath, seems Yami had Yui’s panties but didn’t get the chance to return it to her while a very embarrassed Yui thinks of making Rito take responsibility.

In the next part, after buying groceries, Mikan spots Peke observing the public to collect data for Lala’s new clothes. Suddenly a robber steals her bag which contains her wallet. In order to chase him down, Peke transforms onto Mikan as her clothes as they fly and search for the perpetrator. Mikan is super embarrassed in the outfit though he has no choice. They manage to find and arrest him and in the struggle pulled off his disguise to reveal his identity as an alien. The alien escapes and at a safe distance, he rummages through Mikan’s bag but is taken aback when he sees Yami. Well, actually it’s Mikan in Yami’s clothes. He knows she’s a fake since the legendary assassin has blonde hair. He is going to get back to her for scaring him as he now turns into a pervert and is going to pound on helpless Mikan. Thankfully she is saved when Rito kicks him away. But he’s not out yet as he takes out his ray gun. He fires but misses. It destroys the telecommunication tower! It would be bad if it really hit them. The alien is finally knocked out when the real Yami appears. In the aftermath, they just let him by the road side since Mikan has got back what she wanted and to let Zastin handle the rest. Yami is happy with Mikan because she notes that they are dressed the same.

The final part sees Rito visiting Lala’s bedroom-cum-lab. He accidentally picks up one of her inventions. As usual it goes wrong and the shock has him grab Lala’s tail. The thing is, his hands can’t come off. What is that feeling when you grab a Deviluke’s tail… Of course when Mikan hears those ambiguous lines, she thinks her brother is doing shady stuff with Lala in broad daylight. As explained by Peke, the item creates a strong magnetic field with a binding effect on anything it touches. He notes that it will eventually wear off. So Rito, until then you have to be gentle and handle it with care. Momo decides to help out and do some research to free Rito’s hand. So in the mean time, they have to be stuck together. From going to toilet (why is Lala so embarrassed now?), having dinner (they got clumsy and spill food), bathing (another clumsy moment so much so naked Lala landed on Rito and Nana misinterprets what’s happening) and bedtime. Rito should’ve been used to Lala sneaking in to sleep with him but I guess he’s not. Lala seems happy he spent the whole day with him and thinks it’s fine if they stay like this. Hell no! Of course she’s just joking. Morning comes and Rito hasn’t slept a wink! Too worried, eh? But at that point, the magnetism wears off so he becomes energetic and happy about it. Momo apologizes she couldn’t find a solution but since it’s solve he doesn’t mind. I don’t remember who that little doll Celine is (don’t remember if she ever made her appearance in the TV series) because she touched that magnetic invention and the next thing Rito knows, Celine is stuck to his head. Here we go again. At this rate if we have more time, he’d probably get stuck with the rest of the other girls. Hey, everybody line up for your turn.

Still troubled…
Oh, it’s already done? Yeah well since it was a short ride I guess it’s okay. The fun and silly antics are still there though if you’re hoping for any breakthrough in the main storyline or plot, you’d definitely be disappointed since it hasn’t gone anywhere. Oh wait. Was there really a plot in the TV series? Erm… Rito did go up against Gid, Lala’s dad and king of the Deviluke Empire but that’s about it. Romance wise? Lala, Haruna or some of the other girls? Just like any other indecisive guys in a harem series, let things stay the way it is. An excuse for not choosing, eh? Not that it matters to me anymore anyway.

The thing which I never liked and was still present in some of the episodes of the OVA was the way it was left hanging. Some of the episodes in the TV series had an open ending which left viewers to interpret how it all ended, which I think wasn’t a good thing. Sure no doubt that this is a comedy genre but even so it is necessary to tie up some of the loose ends. For instance the part whereby Rito turned into Maron. How did he turn back into his normal self? Maybe just wait another few days, huh? Some of the episodes that were dedicated to certain characters like Mikan did add a little development and better understanding to the character. Otherwise the rest of the other characters typically remain the same like Kouchou’s pervertness (how did he ever end up being a school principal?), Yui’s tsundere and Saki’s arrogance. New characters like Nana and Momo are welcomed but old ones like Zastin and Gid didn’t even make their appearance at all. Not needed?

This time I didn’t find both the opening and ending themes appealing (Yattekoi! Daisuki and Apple Panic respectively). Sung by Haruka Tomatsu and Sayuri Yahagi, I find them somewhat a little annoying. Maybe it sounded too girlish. To add to the fanservice, I notice a ‘disturbing’ thing during the opening credits animation. While the girls of the series are walking, we see how their boobs bounce like as though they defy gravity! Are they made of jelly?! Except for Mikan because she’s flat chest (no offence). Even the female version of Rito has her chance to strut her stuff. One of the OVA episodes, they reuse the ending theme from the TV series, Lucky Tune. The only difference is that instead of Lala doing fanservice poses, we have the female version of Rito instead! Haha, I don’t know if we’re supposed to get turned on by that.

After the OVA ended, there was an announcement that a sequel to the TV series is in the works and currently on air. Wow. This series must be so popular that a sequel was inevitable, eh? And I thought I’m done with the series and ready to put it away in my dusty cabinet till that announcement came up. I can guess it will be more or less the same thing. Maybe more plot and character development. Maybe more fanservice. Maybe new characters and stuff. But one thing is for sure, Rito is going to get into more trouble. Much more than before if I should say. Hmm… I’m having this dilemma whether I should give the sequel a second shot due to some of the cons experienced during the TV series and OVAs. Oh, to watch or not to watch? That’s the trouble that’s bugging me.

To Love-Ru

To Love-Ru

June 21, 2009

Have you ever thought or dreamt of being engaged and married to an alien princess whose empire spans several galaxies and solar systems? And I’m not talking about just being boyfriend-girlfriend case like in Narue No Sekai. That’s right. It’s To Love-Ru that I’m talking about. Don’t worry. You’re not going to see space adventures or fighting alien monsters from different planets. It’s all happening right here on good ol’ little planet Earth.
In this 26 episode series, this is your typical harem romance comedy series. Oh yes. Don’t forget the fanservice. Lots of them. So for those who want to see more ‘intelligent’ animes, you can skip this one. For me, I’m here for the comedy and to laugh out loud. You must be thinking that this series is a no-brainer and waste of time, huh? It feels kinda like that after I watched the series but I don’t really regret it because I did have some laughs which I’m after.
Let’s get down to business. Meet our main protagonist, Rito Yuuki. Your ordinary boy attending ordinary high school in his normal life. Nothing much happens. But all that is about to change when a princess from the planet Deviluke, Lala Satalin Deviluke, is seen escaping from her pursuers onto Earth in episode 1. She uses some teleport thingy as her last ditch attempt to escape and ‘vanish’ from their sights.
So okay, maybe Rito isn’t just ordinary, he may be a little loser because he’s having a hard time trying to confess his feelings to the secret crush of his life, Haruna Sairenji. Everytime he says that today will be the day he’ll do so, but it doesn’t really turn out well. Plus, we see a short flashback of why he has a crush on her. Back in middle school, everyone is convinced that Rito was the culprit in destroying a flowerbed except for Haruna who firmly believes in him. As Rito once again tries his confession attempt, he is interrupted with a crashing of a spaceship. Back him, he’s daydreaming about the girl of his dreams in his bathtub when something crashes into him. Next thing he knows, he’s got both his hands over the boobs of this mysterious naked girl (Lala). Of course he gets embarrassed and after Lala introduces herself, I don’t blame that guy for not believing her out-of-this-world story. I mean, who would believe a gorgeous babe like her from another planet. But she manages to convince him with a black tail that all Deviluke inhabitants possess. Their conversation is interrupted when a little strange robot creature enters. He is Peke and is created by Lala as some form of shape shifting costume. Neat.
Soon Lala pursuers have detected her whereabouts and appear before them. Lala can’t use that teleport thingy because it needs some time to recharge. You know Rito can’t leave a damsel in distress so he helps her escape through his window. As they run across rooftops, Haruna who is taking her pet dog out for a walk spots Rito. Then cornered at the park, one of the pursuers, Zastin, wants Lala to come back with him. Rito finds out Lala is running away from home because she’s fed-up with all those marriage interviews. Hey, she’s the princess of a powerful empire. I’m sure lots of aliens want her hand in marriage. But Lala’s just a young girl and wants to have her fun rather than going through all that royalty crap. Lala unleashes another invention of hers which is an octopus-like vacuum to suck Zastin and his men into. Problem is, she doesn’t know how to turn it off so the machine is going to suck everything in. Including Rito. Once it can’t suck in anymore, it explodes. The next day, Rito is lamenting his bad luck as he heads to school when he meets Haruna. He thinks it’s the perfect chance to confess to her. Finally he manages to say those 3 words but he gets the shock of his life because it seems that he has confessed to Lala instead! How was she standing there in the first place?! Lala too thinks the same thing and wishes for them to get married. Oh great. Now the real mess begins. Haruna has that concerned look on her face.
Thus episode 2 Rito has more rude shocks to his peaceful life like finding Lala sleeping naked next to him. She can’t wear Peke all the time because that’ll use up lots of energy and needs to recharge (excuse for fanservice, I think). Things get even complicated when Rito’s sister, Mikan, walks in to see them like that and leaves them alone. Even if Rito isn’t amused that Lala is the one who decided they’re to be engaged, Zastin makes his appearance to tell him that it is Deviluke’s custom for a proposal to grab one’s breasts. I see. Weird. Of course Zastin ‘warns’ him that if he refuses the engagement, Earth will be destroyed. Rito’s got his hands tied real tight. If Rito thinks his school is a sanctuary from Lala, then think again because Lala soon comes looking for him. With Lala clinging so closely to Rito, he earns the jealousy and wrath of the other loser boys, including his best pal Saruyama (read: another loser). So these losers chased Rito who is running away for his life. They got him cornered so he tells Lala to use her teleport thingy in which she does. The next thing they both know, they appear naked together out of some locker room. A female changing room, that is. Guess what. Haruna’s changing there. Holy sh*t! Haruna’s reaction is to slap that shameless pervert.
Rito goes home to find Mikan and Zastin getting along pretty well. Looks like that girl has accepted things and Zastin making himself at home. Rito asks the procedure to annul the engagement in which Zastin says one has to touch her breasts again. But one has to do it within a period of time after which the engagement becomes permanent. For the sake of Haruna, Rito tries various attempts to touch Lala’s boobs but fails miserably. Time is running out and there is 1 hour left. Rito goes talk to Lala and asks her opinion about marriage. Since she replies how Rito was different because he tried to protect her unlike other marriage applicants who only shower her with gifts, she feels happy. Rito feels bad about cancelling the engagement and soon the time limit is up as Rito prepares to live with fate. He is congratulated by Zastin and his henchmen on his way out to school but his troubles are far from over because Lala has become the new transfer student in his class. How can this be? An alien in his class? Well you see, the short bald principal of this school, Sainan High (whom I shall refer to as Kouchou) is a pervert! Yeah, he sees a sexy girl and he agrees to just about anything.
So it’s like this in most episodes, you’ll see some sort of wacky adventure between Rito, Lala and Haruna. As we go by, we will be introduced to several bunch of characters, in a way contributes to Rito’s reluctant ‘harem’. One thing viewers will notice about Lala is how carefree and an airhead she is. Firstly, she has no qualms about being naked and that whenever she’s in danger, she’s like still so happy-go-lucky character not knowing the threats of the danger. I know it’s best to remain optimistic and positive in such times but hers give an impression that she’s having fun. All the way. Besides, she creates so many weird inventions which backfires in the end (or at the start) and some may be useless and the cause of trouble and Rito’s woes. And again, it’s like she’s having fun whenever Rito’s in pain. Also, over the course of the series, you’ll notice that Haruna has a secret crush on Rito from her reactions and such. But she suppresses it. Ah, if they’d both only knew. Initially I thought Zastin was Lala’s brother or kin but later found out that he’s just the bodyguard for Lala.
In addition, Rito has to keep this alien thingy a secret. It would be bad stuff if humans every find out that there are aliens living among us, right? Speaking of which, this planet is a melting pot of aliens with various creatures blending into the human society! So in episode 3, Rito tries real hard to prevent Lala’s origins of being exposed, though Lala is being her usual airhead self. That girl too has easily made good friends with Rito’s classmates, Risa Momioka and Mio Sawada. To make things worse, Rito hears from Haruna herself that she thinks Rito and Lala are suited for each other! Due to his depression, Mikan suggests to go shopping with Lala. During the outing, Peke starts losing his energy which means Lala’s clothes start dissolving. Those perverted people! Luckily they head to a nearby clothes store to get Lala some new clothes. Since Lala is enjoying dressing herself and one in a lingerie outfit, Haruna passes by… You can figure the rest. Good thing Mikan is able to clear things up by saying Lala is a foreigner. Like that will work. Oh wait. It did. Soon Lala becomes friends with Haruna and the gang decides to check out a newly opened aquarium. As usual Lala’s carefree self causes more trouble. But on the other hand, Rito sees this as a chance to confess to Haruna. However, it’s taking too long. How long? Lala decides to play with those fishes and even strips down naked (because that perverted staff suggested so and does so himself too) and floods the entire aquarium with her weird invention! She’s riding naked on a shark! So no choice, Rito has to put off his confession once more and run for his life. See lah. Take so long so more lah. I wonder if they’ll get penalised. Doesn’t matter. The next day though Rito feels closer to Haruna although he didn’t confessed, he tripped and land his face onto her boobs, earning himself a good slap. Ah well, back to square one.
Since Rito is the future ruler of Deviluke Empire, Zastin calls him mukou-dono (son-in-law) in episode 4. Also, Rito gets frightened at the idea that he has to go to war once he ascends the Deviluke throne. Whether it’s on the offensive to expand the empire or defensive to protect from rebellion, what are the chances of victory for a skinny weakling like him? He only sees his impending doom. So when Rito finds out that Lala can’t really cook, he cooks up an excuse to get out of this marriage. Yeah, he said it in her face that he doesn’t want a wife who can’t cook. Since it’s so darn convincing, Lala just got up and run away in shock in her spaceship. Did he say it too harshly? Though Mikan lectures him, Rito brushes it off although he himself feels guilty about his actions. The next day, Lala busts into Rito’s class the energetic self and drags him to the home economics room. It seems Lala has been gathering ingredients from all over the universe in which she stores them in her Deviluke Freezer (reminds you of Doraemon’s pocket because you can seemingly keep endless giant stuff in there). Then Rito learns that even if he becomes the ruler of Deviluke, he doesn’t necessarily directly get involve in wars and can just sit back and relax and let his generals do the job. Isn’t giving orders part and parcel of this position? But Rito’s relief is short-lived because now he has to taste Lala’s monstrous cooking. I know having fresh food is good but her ingredients are still alive! Not only they’re rampaging, but they’re perverted as well! A giant space octopus, squid, lobster and worm all fighting to get pervy with the girls. WTF?! Zastin is blown away by the squid. So much of protecting his majesty. To add to the ‘orgy’, Haruna passes by, gets the shock of her life on what she saw and passes out. Keep your dirty perverted tentacles of her! The monsters continue to wreck havoc on the entire school and what happens after is left up to viewers to decide. WTF?!
The school’s rich and popular sophomore, Saki Tenjouin notices Lala’s popularity is soaring above hers in episode 5 and she doesn’t like it. Your typical obnoxious b*tch with her typical trademark laughter that any sane person would consider embarrassed enough to laugh so in public. She has 2 followers, Aya Fujisaki and Rin Kujou, who also serve as her loyal assistants. Meanwhile Lala has another weird tiny dog robot invention which attacks any suspicious person. Well, it attacks just about anybody, ripping their clothes off. Fanservice cue! Anyway Saki decides to hold a Ms Sainan beauty contest as a challenge to Lala. How influential is Saki? Her underlings can even walk into the middle of Rito’s class lessons and shoot a challenge letter at Lala. Only thing is Lala swiftly evaded it to let Rito take the pain. Ouch. Plus, with Kouchou’s approval… On the contest day, Saki is strutting her stuff much to the perverted boys’ delight while Lala is nowhere in sight. Pissed off of waiting, Saki decides to use Rito as bait to lure Lala (she’s forcing him to touch her boobs in public? Haruna is watching, you know). Lala then comes running by chasing after her robot dog. The robot dog then shreds Saki’s bikini to bits leaving her totally naked and embarrassed in front of the perverted crowd. Still not wanting to lose out, she and her underlings go to Rito’s house to spy on her but Saki gets caught in Zastin’s traps while Aya and Rin run away. So much for being loyal. Saki then finds herself in Lala’s room and thinks it’s the perfect chance when she accidentally hits a button which ejects Lala’s room into orbit. What on Earth is such a button doing there? Why is it necessary in the first place? Well, it’s sort of like an escape pod Zastin built just in case. Just in case.
Anyway Lala still seems like having fun while Saki starts to panic and wondering what is going on. Zastin goes into rescue mode and if you’re wondering why the series is called To Love-Ru, it stands for something really long and ridiculous. Technology of Over Level Operation for Very heavy command to Electronic control unit… Ru. I don’t even know what that means. However Zastin has been blasted away when Lala accidentally unleashes several missiles at him. Oh they’re doomed. Saki thinks this is the end as she free falls off but luckily Lala swoops down to save her. If you think that Saki and Lala will become friends soon after then think again because after Saki faints from her ordeal, she awakens to find herself lying totally naked once more in the public street! Courtesy of that little robot dog. Oh the embarrassment! Now she hates her rival even more. Apparently Lala has accidentally dropped her somewhere and is currently looking for her. What about her room blasted into orbit? Don’t know.
Rito and Lala are in a biology class in episode 6 and I’m not sure if Lala knows the meaning of dissecting because she wants to dissect open Rito like how they did to the frog. Meanwhile an alien Ghee Bree crash lands his ship at Sainan High and it seems this frog-like alien who irritatingly ends his sentences with ~fushuu (is he trying to imitate Kaidoh from Prince Of Tennis?) is one of the many would-be aliens trying to get Lala to marry her. Ghee Bree is also a shape shifter as he takes the form of Kouchou and since he notices how Rito has his heart set on Haruna, he tells Haruna to follow him to the storeroom. As Lala continues to chase Rito on the rooftop to dissect him, Saruyama says how he wants to get dissect by her too after telling Rito that he saw Kouchou bringing Haruna to the storeroom. Thinking that Kouchou may unleash his inner pervertness on her, Rito heads there while Saruyama strips down to his undies to let Lala dissect him. Pinching his navel? Is that called dissecting? Rito to his horror finds Haruna fainted, tied up and her clothes torn. Poor girl. She has to be the victim of perversion many times in this series. Lala manages to track Rito down when she notices his failure to return. Ghee Bree attempts to ‘violate’ Haruna hoping that this pressure will force Lala to marry him. Rito can’t take this anymore and is going to punch Ghee Bree in his rage when the latter cowers in fear. Rito soon learns that Ghee Bree is a weak creature in its true form and shape shifting into meaner looking creatures is its only defence. Not only that, Ghee Bree has several other wives and children who come looking for him soon! And he still wants to take on another bride? Yeah, he’s still in denial and running away from them all. Lala teleports them to Zastin’s spaceship and interrupts his warm bath. Later at the infirmary, Haruna wakes up and is told by Lala how Rito protected her. Meanwhile the real Kouchou is seen enjoying his masochistic tied-up in the storeroom just like how Saruyama is enjoying his on the rooftop.
In episode 7, Rito passes by a girl in a school boy’s uniform after soon which she sneezes. In class, they get another transfer student, Ren Elsie Jewelria who quickly proposes to Lala. Though Ren is Lala’s childhood friend, Lala doesn’t remember him much (probably after meeting so many potential candidates, can’t blame her) so Ren shows several photos of their younger days and from what I understand is that Lala ‘abused’ him as her toy. Then some promise that she’ll marry him if he gets manlier. Uh huh. He was like a sissy boy back then. Ren also views Rito as his rival and vows to take Lala away from him. Thus Ren tries to show his absurd manliness to Lala in the following scenes but Lala doesn’t recognize them (partly she’s an airhead). So Ren undergoes intensive training to be more ripped and manly (including a parody of that American boxing movie, Rocky). After several hard effort and training which garnered world wide publicity, Ren is heading for the finish line to finally get Lala who is waiting there to recognize his manliness. On stage, he asks her opinion of his manliness when Ren sneezes. Ren then turns into his girl form, Run (the one Rito earlier spot). Uh huh, he’s some sort of transsexual alien but unlike Ranma who changes into a girl when he gets poured by cold water, Ren changes gender whenever he sneezes. Because of that, Lala quips how she can’t proclaim a girl to be manly. Ah what a waste of time and effort. Too bad. Just keep trying.
Basically, Run is in love with Rito now after her unforgettable kiss with him in the previous episode. Well actually, it is Ren who did it when their lips accidentally met after tripping. Ugh! First kiss Rito got was with a boy. In episode 8, Sainan High’s public morals committee, Yui Kotegawa, isn’t impressed of the degrading moral standards especially surrounding Rito. Yeah, he’s got a harem. Saki is even in because she always had the idea of using and seducing Rito as bait to defeat Lala. Thus dressing in sexy revealing leather outfits. Thinking that Rito is a pervert and the source of those poor girl’s to be ecchi, she even manages to convince Kouchou to ban illicit sexual relations in school and has restricted Rito from contacting with any girls for 2 weeks. However Yui notices that even quarantining Rito hasn’t ended the problems so she decides to follow him and see for herself. Her views of Rito turn favourable because Rito seems to be a good, helpful and honest kid. He can’t be a pervert, can’t he? Yui thinks she must’ve misunderstood him and apologizes. Hmm… Her heart is throbbing. Could this mean something? However Lala and the other girls are thinking of cheering him up so Lala uses her weird Rito magnetic device to ‘bring’ Rito to where she is. Rito drags Yui along the way overrunning everything in his path and he ends up in a compromising position with Yui. All that good perception on Rito vanishes when Yui spots Rito in a compromising position with naked Lala at school. Yeah, she puts a sign ‘Beast’ on Rito this time.
Another marriage candidate, Pikari from the planet Kirara, arrives on Earth to propose to Lala in episode 9. He is somewhat like a rocketman and his eyes always have that sparkling stars in them. Of course he doesn’t like Rito and decides to whisk Lala back to his planet but uninterested Lala destroys his belt which contains much of his abilities. Which means he is useless pretty much after. Pikari gets help from Ren and Zastin to be stronger but flops big time. Then we find out that Sainan High’s hot sexy busty infirmary nurse, Ryouko Mikado, is actually a secret doctor treating aliens on Earth. Yeah, she’s an alien too. After Mikado treats Pikari back to health, Pikari decides to kidnap Lala once more by paralyzing her and making her drowsy while trapping Rito. But luckily Mikado arrives in time to wrap him up like a mummy and sends him packing and flying back to his home planet.
The chairwoman of Lala’s fan club, Stellar, arrives on planet Earth to bring Lala back in episode 10 but you know, Lala isn’t really interested into going back to her idol show business because she wants to stay on Earth with Rito, which shocks Stellar very much. Seeing that Rito is the cause of all this, she wants Rito to take responsibility and find a replacement idol. Stellar’s picky taste gives Rito a hard time. Just then, she ‘senses’ a nearby human idol material. In short, she is Haruna. Now Rito doesn’t want this little sick birdy alien to turn Haruna into some space idol adored by billions of its fan clubs members, now wouldn’t he? Stellar tries several attempts to kidnap unsuspecting Haruna while Rito tries to prevent her. However his warning attempts ended in perverted and compromising situations with Haruna. Yeah, she may start thinking that he’s a perverted stalker. The duo return home after a day of failures (depending on how you look it on both sides). Stellar gets enthralled by Mikan’s idea of doing a show with Rito in which Lala says she would gladly join in. However Stellar’s happiness is cut short when she receives a call from her staff back at her home planet saying how the tax department has caught up with them for tax evasion so Stellar is instantly ‘blasts off’ away to home.
As Rito and the gang are shopping out in town in episode 11, Rito meets a blonde haired girl (looking very much like Fate of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha). To cut things short, she is an alien under a client’s orders out to assassinate Rito named Konjiki No Yami (Golden Darkness) or Yami for short, a legendary assassin feared by many aliens who know of her. Her specialty is that she can change any body part of hers into a weapon. Better start running for your life, boy. If not for Zastin who soon clashes blades with her, I wonder how long Rito could last. Okay, so Zastin didn’t last long either. Makes you wonder how he ended up as Lala’s head security. Thus Lala decides to take on Yami herself. Who gets the upper hand? Lala’s weird inventions or Yami’s shape shifting body weapons? One thing we know is that Yami doesn’t like perverts. That’s because during the battle, Kouchou wanted so much to see Yami’s panties and she got distracted to beat up that pervert when she had Lala captured in her hands (which allowed Lala to escape). Yami wonders why Lala is going great lengths to protect an evil man but Lala disagrees because Rito is a good person. Soon a space ship arrives and we find out that a tiny obnoxious alien, Lakospo, is Yami’s employer. Yet another rejected marriage applicant of Lala so he decides to hire Yami to get rid of Rito. However Yami only takes on the job provided the truth is told. Seeing that Lakospo has lied to her, he turns on him. Lakospo and his giant frog unleashes some poison gas which disintegrates clothes. Yami is ‘paralyzed’ so Lala and Rito join forces to protect her and since Lakospo threatens Rito, Lala blasts him away into space, never to return. Yami asks why she protected her and Lala’s reply that that Lakospo did a despicable thing to a cute girl, causing Yami to blush. Even though she’s giving an excuse that she’ll kill Rito when the time comes, Yami decides to stay on this planet for the time being and calls Lala, Princess.
Your typical fanservice sports cultural episode 12. Sainan High begins with Kouchou having the girls doing very suggestive warm up moves and position until they realized too late his perverted intentions and throw several stuffs at him. While Ren challenges Rito, Saki does the same for Lala. One of the events is to search for the stuff written on a piece of paper. Common sense tells us most of them is impossible. But Rito has it easier. A girl’s bloomer, Okay, maybe not that easy. With Lala’s malfunctioning invention, Rito is ‘forced’ to take off the nearest bloomer. Haruna’s. Slap! All the other events has Rito ending up in perverted positions. Poor guy. Then in the relay race, Ren finally comes back with some huge legendary sword which he’s supposed to find but his giant sword causes a giant crack on the ground in which Rito falls into. Haruna reaches her hands out for him but he accidentally grabbed her boobs. Slap! The final event is the water kibasen (cavalry) in which Saki is using this chance to get back at Lala. She transform the pool into a sophisticated one with her technology. Not only that, Saki plays dirty with some swimsuit cutter device. When the device shreds the swimsuit, the girls will be too embarrassed and their hands too occupied to cover their modesty and thus Saki’s chance to go for victory and steal the headband. Haruna is knocked unconscious by the device as Rito takes her to the infirmary. Meanwhile Saki’s plan backfires because she too becomes a victim of the swimsuit shredding device just as she’s about to go in for the kill. Haruna wakes up and to Rito’s relief that she isn’t mad. Something romantic could’ve happened if not for the usual ruckus causing the building to shake which has Rito’s hands ending up on Haruna’s boobs with Lala showing up as her usual energetic self. The havoc continues and how it ends is pretty much left to viewers’ discretion.
Zastin warns Rito about Lala’s father, Gid Lucione Deviluke, the King of Deviluke, coming to Earth personally to see her daughter’s fiancee in episode 13. Rito conjures several images on how he would look like. Would he look like a devil because he’s a ruthless ruler (and partly because of his name) or a handsome guy because Lala turned out to be quite a pretty girl. No matter how he looks like, we know he’s damn powerful as seen in this episode’s beginning how he single-handedly destroyed all those rebels. Wow. Don’t play play. Thus Rito decides to be honest with his feelings if he ever comes face to face with Gid. Of course the usual ruckus in class whereby the usual Saki versus Lala but this time the fanservice is on Yui when she gets tied up real tight by Saki’s ropes and her clothes get ripped by Lala’s haywire invention. Rito goes to protect Yui which results in the latter hugging him in her fear and relief. Then Rito runs into more trouble in the form of Run and Yami (the way she says things like how she’s the only one allowed to kill Rito reminds me of yandere characters…) and gets his (un)deserved punishment. Rito is called by Mikado to the rooftop when a blonde woman starts seducing him right after Mikado leaves. Then the woman collapses and a disapproving voice is heard. A little funny looking kid is seen and Rito have no idea who he is until he reveals himself as Gid. Holy cow! That little kid is Gid?! Goes to show never to judge a book by its cover. Because of Rito’s indecisiveness, Gid thinks he isn’t the right one for Lala and decides to dispose of him and the rest of the planet. Before Gid could finish him off, Lala arrives to stop her puny dad and at the same time describe all the good qualities of Rito. Have we ever seen Lala this serious before? I mean, she confessed how much she loves Rito! For real?! You bet. Rito is exhausted from that attack to respond but has heard what Lala said. Gid makes Rito promise to be the number 1 man in the universe and befitting of Lala or else. Back home, Rito gives this a lot of thought but decides to take up the challenge. Can’t have the planet destroyed due to his selfishness and weakness, right? Now that’s a huge responsibility for a kid to shoulder.
Thus Rito decides to do some training and change himself in episode 14. He starts by doing some jogging exercise and his daily routine has caught the eyes of Haruna, who decides to cheer him on and support his cause. This is some sort of a blessing in disguise for Rito as he gets to meet with Haruna every day at the park as she serves him her delicious home-made bento. Feeling like a date? Even Haruna’s sister, Akio, notices the change in her as she is more cheerful than usual. One day, Haruna’s dog fell into a river and nearly got swept away by the current but luckily Rito was there to save it. Haruna is grateful and invites Rito back to her home to dry his clothes. Rito’s heart must be beating and mind wandering for a rare chance like this. What more, he’ll be alone with Haruna today as Akio is out with her friends. Her parents? Oh it’s just the 2 sisters living together. Gulp. After Rito finishes his bath, he spots a middle school photo of Haruna when the latter comes in. She trips and Rito tries to catch her which results him being on top of her. Rito must be guided by his inner instinct as he prepares to kiss Haruna who seems willing to do so. However you know things don’t always go smoothly because Akio suddenly returns to see them in a compromising position and in good timing his towel came off. Kiss, interrupted. Rito runs out of the house in his panic. And naked. Back home, he’s really in despair. What a streak of bad luck and embarrassment.
As the girls are having their pool activity in school in episode 15, Zastin beams down from his ship to pick up Lala. He then reveals Lala and his positions as alien. I thought they have to keep it a secret? Ah well, seeing that in previous episodes, all those alien activities happening right smack in front of the eyes of those don’t-care-attitude humans. In addition, all of Lala’s pals quickly accept the fact that she’s an extra-terrestrial. Zastin beams Lala and Rito up but Haruna accidentally got caught in the beam as well. To cut things short, it seems Prince Kata from planet Baroz, an ally in the Deviluke Empire, is here and Zastin wants Rito and Haruna to act as representatives for Earth as formality. After Lala dances with Kata, Rito finds out that this is his chance to be the universe number 1 and agrees to participate in a hunting game which the people of Baroz are skilled at. They are to hunt using prehistoric tools and clothes as they head to an untouched and remote region of Earth which seems to stood still in time. Uh huh. King Kong and T-Rex still rule the place. It would’ve been more believable if they had went to another planet. The hunt begins and Haruna gets kidnapped by King Kong. Rito tries to stop mighty Kong but is futile. His efforts seem to attract a group of Amazons as they kidnap him so that the leader could mate with the strongest man. Rito is against his will as they prepare the ceremony when Lala comes to the rescue. We find out that as long as you grab a Deviluke’s tail, he/she will be weakened. Just like that? So easy?! Too bad for Lala. Even worse for Rito. You know Kong is in love with Haruna when that over-sized gorilla is listening to her command. Haruna orders Kong to save rampage and while he’s doing so, destroys the Amazon’s village. But since Kong is jealous that Haruna has eyes over Rito, he throws him far away, provoking Haruna’s wrath and no choice but to look for Rito soon after. Kata is amazed with Haruna’s ability to tame that wild beast and when the hunting game is over, Kata bestows Haruna with the greatest hunter in the universe title and a huge trophy cup, sitting cumbersomely in her room and wishing how all this was just a dream.
Episode 16 has Lala inviting Rito and her girl pals to a water amusement park. That’s right. Your usual mandatory swimsuit episode. Expect the usual fanservice stuff. This episode focuses a little more on Run as she feels a little ‘left behind’ in Rito’s ‘harem’. As Rito attempts to get closer to Haruna, Run attempts to have Rito look at her too. Of course, failed attempts filled with fanservice. One including ‘violating’ Rito during the water slide with a pole. Ouch. Some making it look like Rito’s fault, like ice cream cones on boobs… Run even went to the extent of unleashing space piranhas in the pool. Good thing is they’re not flesh eating vicious fishes. Bad thing is, the eat away all your clothes. You know what that means. So Lala’s faulty invention once again saves the day (depends on how you look at it) and catches the mama piranha (in which Run was dressed as). Run then apologizes for causing inconvenience to everyone but they think it’s Rito’s fault. Rito denies that it is and this sends Run into depression. Because of that, Run decides to be an idol and undergoes tutelage under the wings of reluctant Honekawa-sensei. Of course, a failure too. Not idol material. Some hot guy tries to woo Run but she’s too depressed to even noticed him and ‘bankrupts’ him by ordering lots of food. Haruna goes to talk to Rito about Run’s case and made Rito realized his mistake so that boy rushes off to find Run, only to find her being bullied by a bunch of heartless thugs while buying juice. Rito protects her but gets punched. The other girls saw this and rush to their aid. Lala uses her over-sized water gun to send those bullies reeling. At the end of the day, Run and Rito apologized to each other and everyone notes how Rito has become reliable. Even if Lala mentioned how she considers Run to be her friend, Run gets encouraged and won’t lose next time in their love battle.
Lala is thrilled to visit the school’s abandoned wing, rumoured to be haunted in episode 17. Though Haruna is afraid, Lala manages to convince her, Yui, Risa, Mio and Rito to come along (that guy of course the opportunity to ‘protect’ Haruna). The 1st ‘ghost’ they meet turned out to be Yami, who is there to read old books. After that, a series of freaky events causes the gang to think that this building is really haunted as they try to escape (akin to Scooby Doo?). When they are cornered, Haruna in her instinct uses Rito to whack and destroy the main ghost. Later it’s revealed by Mikado that those ‘ghosts’ are jobless aliens who’re sacked from their home planet and nowhere to go. Meanwhile a real ghost appears. She is Oshizu (OMG! It’s the voice of Mamiko Noto! WOW!!!), a 400 year old ghost. Poor Yui. It’s funny how she says why she’s the only one who can’t faint at such times. Every time she does so, her head bumps into something thus awaking her again. Oshizu claims she hasn’t had much sleep since those aliens were being noisy. Plus, Oshizu isn’t the scary kind but a gentle and friendly one (like Casper?). Oshizu is able to get some much needed rest when Mikado has the jobless aliens work at a place of an old acquaintance, Tooyama. But they are disheartened that the place is under renovation to be turned into a space cabaret, thus male aliens aren’t required. So it’s back to the school building. Oshizu then trains the aliens to be more feminine so that they can work there. With hard work and perseverance, all those manly GAR turned into disgusting womanly features (but hilarious lah). Since Tooyama has observed their progress and is very much impressed, he decides to hire them for his cabaret. Later as Lala, Rito, Yami and Mikado visits the cabaret, they find Oshizu working there and what’s this? Zastin a patron among those recently ‘converted’ aliens? Does he swing that way?
Before we forget who Saruyama is, he is the main focus in episode 18. Lala receives a package from outer space which turns out to be a giant wolf-like female assassin (I’ll refer to her as Wolfy). However during the attack, Wolfy experiences labour pains so Lala and Rito takes her to the infirmary and leaves her under Saruyama’s care. Better to push responsibility to someone else, eh? After Wolfy has given birth, she apologizes to Lala for attempting to take a life. Due to Wolfy’s race of wild mating customs, she doesn’t know who the real dad is so Lala decides to give Wolfy an Earthly souvenir. Wolfy wants Saruyama. Well, he’s quite good with that baby. Of course Saruyama declines but Wolfy is still adamant. Risa and Mio even went to the extent of dressing him up as a fish as Wolfy’s gift! However Saruyama heard that she will give up on him if he has a girlfriend. So Saruyama goes to great lengths (some may say desperate) to ask all those other girls of this series to be his girlfriend only to be at the receiving end. Poor guy. Nobody wants to date a loser, even if it’s for a short period. Feeling pity for him, Rito decides to be his partner! Can’t believe he’s swinging that way for a buddy even if it’s an act. But Saruyama isn’t that desperate nor dumb as he refuses (his reasoning is that it’ll make Lala sad). Good to know cares for his friend and at least straight. Saruyama decides to settle for a little stray dog. Okay, it may be ridiculous but it’s worth a shot. By the time he returns to the infirmary, Wolfy has already left because all she wants is Saruyama to be happy. Tears welled up in Saruyama’s eyes as he gets emotional. But all that touching moment is disrupted when the dog bites Saruyama as he finds out that the dog is male… It shows that he can never get a girl.
Lala decides she’s going to have her own hotspring in episode 19 after watching a TV programme on it. So she starts digging at Rito’s backyard with her driller. But news of this reaches her other friends as they invited themselves and tag along. Saki could’ve followed them if she’d stopped her usual idiotic laughing. She got dirt all over her and was left behind (not that they know she was there in the first place). This may remind us like Journey To The Centre Of The Earth movie. Lala’s digging bypasses several valuable sites like hidden treasures and lost city of Atlantis because they weren’t simply the hotspring she’s looking for. There goes their fame and fortune. They finally reach an underground chamber with different coloured hotsprings. The gang takes a dip in each one of them until Saruyama can’t hold in his pervertness and goes on his little ‘rampage’. Rito and Haruna had their moment too but you know, they’ll never make it to confess to each other because they got interrupted. Lala decides to resume work by bringing a hotspring back to the surface (is she thinking straight?) and starts digging again. This causes magma eruption as the gang has no choice but to cut short their stay and escape or else they’ll be roasted. While the magma swallows and destroy the entire hotspring area, the gang are in a race against time to reach the surface. Along the way, they disrupted the final grand plans of some mole people to take over the world when magma comes flowing into their lair (haha. They got beaten by an airhead alien). What happens next is left up to viewers discretion, though I get the feeling the gang did make it back out alive and in one piece.
One can be forgiven if they think they’re watching the wrong show. That’s because episode 20 has been replaced with a mahou shoujo storyline! Your usual high schooler Kyoko Kirisaki who also doubles as Magical Girl Kyoko Flame and her tagline is that she solves everything by burning them down. One thing ‘special’ about her is that she doesn’t go through her usual magical henshin and instead has to go manually change herself! Then her good looking sidekick upper-classman, Ikemen (how aptly named) is a little pervy so he goes to peep on her but spots a homeless old man potting instead and gets chased. Once Kyoko dons her outfit, she takes on villain General Mojack who is turning everyone’s hairstyle into an afro as part of his take over the world plans. Kyoko beats him by burning her surroundings so the chief of the fire department (Kouchou actually) reprimands her instead by wanting to do something ecchi on her. Kyoko’s in a bind because if she doesn’t he’ll reveal her true identity to the public. Mojack comes back an brings his mom this time and Kouchou becomes happy when Mojack gives him an afro. Soon Ikemen comes by, still being pursued by that old guy. It’s revealed that the old guy is Mojack’s dad who has left them as mommy beats him up. It soon turns out to be a public family affair of cheating and pachinko addiction (another turn of events see that mommy likes the pachinko waiter who turned out to be Ikemen’s brother who quitted). Though they reconciled in the end and the crowd breaks out into a song and dance, Mojack uses this chance to attack by creating more afros while Kyoko while burns them. Kouchou arrives in a fire engine to douse the fire as the rest continue with their happy folk dance amidst the craziness. Then we see that this is just a TV show as Lala is watching so excitedly whereas Rito is damn bored.
In episode 21, Rito is all excited to host Earth’s only alien inn after thinking that this is his chance to be the universe’s number 1 following Mikado and Kimio (an intergalactic TV network host)’s recommendations. Rito and Lala uses the abandoned school building for it and gets Zastin and his underlings to quickly reconstruct and renovate it. Renamed Yuuki Inn, the duo starts receiving customers as Rito works real hard to please all the different alien customers. I don’t think I have that much energy to serve. The duo rope in Oshizu, Mikan and Yami for additional (wo)manpower like cooking and housekeeping duties. After awhile, their business quiets down when a group of little chibi aliens come staying. They are actually secretly plotting an attack against Deviluke. Rito notices how they don’t want any room service even though he politely offers them, thus interrupting their plan discussion several times. But when they took out a space map of the Deviluke planet, Lala recognizes it and the aliens are horrified to learn that the princess is here and starts attacking. To get even more shock to find that the legendary Yami is teaming up with Lala against them. What a deadly combo. Zastin enters the fray with his henchmen and the fight wrecks Rito’s beloved inn. The inn is totally destroyed with Lala’s usual gone-wrong inventions. There goes Rito’s hope and dreams. But in the aftermath, Mikado has a tough job of treating all the wounded, filling her infirmary to the brim.
Though Yami goes to find an assassin job after reflecting what she has been doing all the time on Earth, episode 22 is the school cultural festival and class rep Yui has only 2 options for her class, calligraphy or exhibit research. How disappointing and boring. Saruyama takes over and gets other suggestions from his other classmates. Since there are various ideas, Saruyama creatively combines them all into 1. So they’ll be having an okonomiyaki animal cosplay cafe. Now this is more like it. Risa and Mio take this opportunity to measure the girls and take their vital statistics for the cosplay outfit. They really enjoy it. Until it’s the other girls’ turn to get their revenge and measure the perpetrators themselves. Meanwhile Saki gets word from Aya and Rin on what Lala’s class is doing and decides to do better. As everyone excitedly prepares for the festival, Yui gets disheartened because her idea was rejected but after Haruna talks to her, she gets her confidence back and joins the rest. On the other hand, Yami is finding hard to find employment under the assassin trade (seriously, who’d offer that kind of job) and was even mistaken as a young prostitute! She’d sure show that guy not to mess with her. The day the festival starts, one of their classmates has fallen ill and she is supposed to wear a bunny suit. Since that girl is small sized, nobody else can wear it. Yami then comes in to ask Lala if there are jobs available, so Lala entrusts her to wear this bunny suit. With that, Lala’s class experiences hectic and increasing business as people flock over. But as for Saki’s class, she has not a single customers. Simply because her cafe theme is insect. You figure out the rest.
Saruyama has a feeling that he’ll never get a harem in episode 23. So okay, that’s how I view it because Saruyama notices how the girls have those ‘loving’ eyes for Rito, including tsundere ones like Yui and Yami in addition to Lala and Haruna. But can you say Rito is lucky? Thus Saruyama is jealous and wants a harem of his own when suddenly the setting changes to the Edo period and he himself is a noble of that era. Well, he gets his wish alright. Only thing is, his harem are all ugly looking aliens who are going to smooch all over him with their disgusting, erm, mouths. If that’s what you can call them. So he tries to get away from them. You’ll also notice the wood-like background design you see on manila papers in this dream-cum-nightmare of Saruyama. Unless you are very well knowledgeable in Japanese folklore and literature, you’ll be at a lost here. Like yours truly. Saruyama’s misadventures of pain including meeting those famous and fictional characters of that time in which are being played other female characters of the series with some taking on multiple roles. Oh, Rito and Zastin made short appearances as females. Since I’m not into those, I’ll skip the details. Everytime Saruyama wakes up from his dream, Lala sends him back to slumber land with her hammer invention. Yeah, a recurring nightmare. His escape is futile and ends up getting smooched by those ugly alien harem of his. Since he can’t wake up, his sleep talking is painfully distressing and annoying and Lala freaks out thinking he’s going crazy as she runs out calling for a teacher.
Rito wakes up in episode 24 to find Lala sleeping naked next to him as usual. However Lala gets embarrassed and runs away. Mikado later reveals that Lala has a type of cold which changes one’s personality. Uh huh. So Lala has become shy. For several days, Lala’s new personality irks Rito as he pesters Mikado for a vaccine. But as Mikado said, Earth is a remote region so it’ll take days for it to arrive. Does Rito prefer the airhead carefree Lala? I mean, we even see a tsundere version of her! Lala’s cold one day turns her into an ambitious take-over-the-world character. Which means, she’s preparing androids for world domination for Rito’s sake, even if he doesn’t want to rule the world. Time is running out so Rito goes to the old school building to try and talk Lala out of her crazy plans. It seems Lala has recruited Haruna, Mio, Risa and Saruyama as her generals and they are happy to join Lala because they have a particular region on Earth they want to control. Ah, who ever dreams of owning the Caribbean? Rito tries to stop them and selfish Saruyama, Risa and Mio sees him as a threat so they command their androids to stop him. Luckily Haruna is on Rito’s side as Rito summons his own androids (earlier on provided by Lala for his portion) to counter against them. So it’s 2 against 3 in this free for all. Yami joins in the fray to deliver the vaccine but Zastin stops her because he is glad Lala has awakened as a true Deviluke warrior. The androids overwhelm Rito as Lala questions why he can’t understand her. He says he does because Lala has always been thinking about him although she has undergone several personality changes. This causes Rito to scream out loud that he loves Lala. This shocking revelation causes everyone to stop. Lala then suddenly returns to her normal self and wonders what’s going on. But she hasn’t take the vaccine yet. Ah ha. So it must’ve been Rito’s voice and love which has reached her heart and cured her. Must be lah. However things aren’t going back to the way they are just yet because Gid’s voice is heard saying how he won’t allow their marriage as he forcefully beams Lala back up to his space ship. Gid then proclaims himself to the entire inhabitants of this planet. Oh no. Is it going to be the end of the world?
Episode 25 is like Independence Day because several fighter jets are firing missiles to Gid’s mother ship but he disposes them with a super warning blast which even reaches the asteroids! He warns them to back off or else. Gid has a short chat with Lala about his and Rito’s promise and after that, confines her. Zastin goes to Rito’s home to relay him a message from Gid. Rito is to represent Earth in a game that will begin tomorrow and all he has to do is get on the mother ship. The time limit is sunset failing which Earth will be destroyed. The fate of humanity rests on Rito! Thus he’s in a dilemma. He gets a call from Haruna to meet him at a park that night. There, he tells her he’s going ahead with the challenge and after this finishes, he hopes she’ll listen to his true feelings. The next day as the world watches in baited breath which has garnered lots of publicity and Rito hogging the limelight (except Kouchou who is reading his porn magazine), Yui goes to see Mikado for a favour as Rito starts his run towards the mother ship. First obstacles he encounter are giant seeds which are send flying and smashing through buildings. Then giant plant vines grow out from it to entwine whatever it holds. Is it a time to get ecchi and fanservice? Why does the vines only grab females?! Rito tries his best to avoid and before a vine can grab him, a van pulls up to Rito as Yui and Saruyama grabs his hand into it. Since there’s no condition for Rito to get help, Yui decides to do so giving an excuse she’s doing this for the world (yeah right). Hold on to your seats because Mikado is going to ‘fly’ straight there.
Rito’s run continue in episode 26 as a crater appear before them. The gang manages to get across by squeezing into Saki’s helicopter. They are being shot down by more seeds but luckily Yami’s hair landed them safely. I’m getting the feeling that even if Yui, Saki and Yami gave excuses for assisting Rito, I sense that they have some feelings for him. Meanwhile Risa and Mio goes to pick up Haruna to help Rito. They sit in a taxi driven by Ren but it’s no ordinary taxi as it transforms into a futuristic one and flies there. Back at Rito and co, giant gourds appear to obstruct their journey so the rest stay behind to allow Rito to go ahead. Gid is impressed with Rito and decides to have Rito see a dream. Rito falls into one when he encounters several strange plants emitting strange smoke. In the dream, Rito is being seduced by naked Lala and Haruna who agrees to be both his wife. As Rito is losing out, Haruna arrives and shouts his name to awaken him from the dream (same as with Lala who is watching with Gid). Rito thanks them as he rushes towards the finish line. Yay! Earth is saved. Lala in her happiness rushes to hug Rito in her tears as Gid congratulates him. Before Rito knows it, Gid prepares a wedding ceremony for them as he has proven himself to be the universe number 1. But Rito is hesitant since he has feelings for Haruna. Lala then decides to stop the marriage because she doesn’t want Rito to be sad and decides to annul their marriage. In exchange for Earth to be destroyed, Lala decides to erase everyone’s memories instead. Everyone fears the worse but it’s too late to stop her. Few days later, Rito’s teacher announces a new transfer student (Lala). But she gets the shock of her life when everyone still remembers her. The reason? Has any 1 of her inventions ever worked properly? Good news. With that everyone rejoice and though Rito wanted to say his feelings to Haruna, she just puts her finger over his lips. Welcome back Lala.
I must say that this series is just okay and I have to admit that if you really want to watch this one, just watch for the sheer absurd stupidity. I felt that it was interesting when the series started out but as it progresses, it becomes less appealing because of the way certain episodes ended. They left it hanging up to viewer’s discretion, without proper tying up and without any consequences in the next, so much so those episodes serve as fillers, which they are. Besides the gang’s usual antics, it was either an alien coming to seek Lala’s hand in marriage or an assassin out to destroy the Deviluke Empire. In a way it left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. Except for the final 2 episodes, it got interesting once more because I wanted to know how a single kid would save the world as he took on the universe’s most powerful ruler.
I was hoping for some character developments or if Rito made a decision to which girl he would like to be with but there isn’t anything conclusive. Though Lala has annulled their marriage, did she annul their engagement as well? Oh heck, after saving the Earth, choosing which girl can take a back seat first. Besides, that’s a tougher choice, isn’t it? I suppose all we see here are little bonding and friendship which doesn’t amount much. You’d probably guess what kind of personality they are after a few appearances. Though Rito, Lala and Haruna did make some changes along the way. So okay, maybe Lala is still the same overall. But 1 thing is for sure, Rito sure is attracting the girls, directly or not. From airhead Lala to gentle Haruna to tsundere Yui and Yami to even obnoxious Saki and flirtatious Mikado (hey, they’re interested in ‘using’ him, right? So it counts too).
The art and drawing are your typical conventional Japanese bishoujo and those who love ecchi stuff would definitely love the ecchi poses and fanservice shots. I still like Lala’s costume’s design when she dons Peke. The opening theme, Forever We Can Make It, by THYME feels like a rock song while the 1st ending theme, Lucky Tune, by Santos Anna initially sounds like a kindergarten song before turning into a pop tune. The 2nd ending theme is Kiss No Yukue by Anna and has a cosmic feel probably because of the background vocals. To portray the amount of fanservice in the show, both the opening and 1st ending credits are filled with fanservice of the girls in the series. However the 2nd ending theme credits discards all that and I’m wondering why Haruna is the only character which appears. The mid-intermission treats viewers with more eye candy fanservice with the main female characters in a pose. Each of them will have their turn as it rotates after a few episodes. With the exception of Lala’s one of course (taking off her towel?! Fanservice alright).
I like the voice acting of several characters especially Lala who is done by Haruka Tomatsu (Nagi in Kannagi, Sumi in Moetan, Chika in Kyouran Kazoku Nikki). I love her energetic high pitched voice. Other casts include Akeno Watanabe is Rito (Jo in Bakuretsu Tenshi, Chachamaru of the Negima series), Kana Hanazawa as Mikan (Potemayo of Potemayo, Sora of Sketchbook ~Full Color’s~), Misato Fuken as Yami (Kurumu in Rosario To Vampire, Hime in Yozakura Quartet), Sayuri Yahagi as Haruna (Izumi in Hayate No Gotoku, Karin in Karin), Satomi Arai as Peke (Kozue in Mahoraba), Ayako Kawasumi as Saki (Aoi in Ai Yori Aoshi, Miharu in Girls Bravo), Kaori Nazuka as Yui (Hiromi in True Tears, Nadeshiko in Inukami), Hiroyuki Yoshino as Saruyama (Pete in Ginban Kaleidoscope, Yuuji in Tonagura), Takehito Koyasu as Zastin (Kururu of Keroro Gunsou), Hidetoshi Nakamura as Gid, Masako Jou as Mikado and Kenichi Ogata as Kouchou (Genma is Ranma 1/2). There are many other seiyuus who did multiple roles albeit they are side and minor characters but that’s an amazing feat seeing that this series has lots of them.
I later found out that there are several little trivia and parodies in the series for you to spot. Like how Ren was watching Pocky, a spoof of the American boxing cult movie Rocky. Besides the ongoing manga and a drama CD, there has been 2 video games of the series released. I’m wondering what kind of game will it be. Want to bet there’ll be some fanservice elements in it? I also later discovered that the name of this series when written in Japanese Hiragana, it sounds similar to the English word ‘trouble’. Trouble sure is the right word for Rito’s new life is filled with them. I’m wondering if they are such a sadist and by the end of all that, Rito will probably be the universe’s most resilient durable kid.
After watching this, marrying an alien princess is definitely a huge responsibility. The fate of one’s civilization could be really at stake and one mistake could define your future existence. Don’t say extra-terrestrial life forms, even some are finding it tough to handle our own kind. Hahaha! Sorry. Just joking. I’m sure Rito’s happy with the way things are now even though if it means more headaches and trouble in his daily life. But in many other harem animes, he’d have it no other way. Just keep the love coming, they’ll be alright.

To Love-Ru
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