Tokyo ESP

March 15, 2015

With great powers come great responsibility… Ugh… Are we tired of hearing that same superhero line from time to time? But I suppose we still aren’t getting tired of watching superhero themed movies. Yet again another anime we have people possessing supernatural powers. Yet again these few special people are persecuted by their own counterpart, the supposedly ordinary humans with no such super powers whatsoever. And because of this discrimination they have only themselves to blame for giving birth to the greatest villain (of the series) bent on destroying the current social order and creating a new idealistic world. Not forgetting a hero that will jump into the fray and save the day. Sounds all too familiar? Yeah well, some may say Tokyo ESP has that familiar tone with Hamatora. Heck, too similar in fact. Just change the characters, setting and tone and voila! All you have now is a new anime series.

Episode 1
Tokyo gets an unwanted gift on Christmas night. Esper terrorists have taken over the parliament and are floating it above the city. The leader of the terrorist group, Hokusai “Kyouju” Azuma is demanding espers are the new rulers and their only option for survival is to bow down to them. The lawmakers are taken hostage while the guards are mercilessly slain in bloodied fashion. Even down on the ground, more havoc and chaos as the esper terrorists continue to attack the armed forces and public. All that is left for the public is to pray for the appearance of the White Girl who once saved them from a similar incident last time. A helicopter is seen approaching the floating parliament. Minami Azuma thinks the White Girl is onboard and teleports there. To her disappointment, only the SWAT personnel. She kills them all and crashes the helicopter. On the ground, she engages with a special agent, Tooru Kanze and bike riding colleague, Natsuki Kasuga. Although they have permission to use force to eradicate the threat, Masaki Shindou wants Minami captured alive. Sure. How do you catch a teleporter anyway? Tooru’s plan is to let Natsuki crash her bike into Minami. Of course Minami avoids. At that moment, he fires into the bike’s tank. Boom! Did he get her? Didn’t. What a waste of such a cool bike. However Kyouju wants Minami to retreat and not be too hasty because he believes she will arrive in time.

The public seeking refuge in a building are discussing if the White Girl will ever turn up. Some are sceptical and groups her as a troublemaker like other espers. Poor little Nana girl must have her heart broken hearing that. It’s like saying Santa never existed, right? Ayumu Oozora remains positive that she will protect everyone if she was here. After all, espers are humans too. He is surprised to see his friend, Murasaki Edoyama nearby. She can’t sit by and let nothing happen. She is trying to locate if Peggy is still alive and as she uses her power, she sees a vision that the parliament is going to be dropped at a great height. Nana rushes out to Ayumu in hopes he could relay a thank you message to the White Girl. Suddenly a truck comes speeding into the scene. Although Ayumu saves her, the truck crashes into the building. The truck is loaded with bombs and set to go off in five minutes. Nana is concerned that her mom is trapped inside but mad esper lady creates an air barrier preventing anybody from getting close. Ayumu and Murasaki don’t give up trying to smash the barrier even though it is futile. Don’t give up hope till it’s over. Mad esper lady laughs at their attempt when suddenly she gets punched away by a much powerful air force by Kobushi Kuroi. Murasaki disarms the bomb. And now for the moment everyone has been waiting for. Because here comes Rinka Urushiba AKA White Girl with her flashy entrance, giving the baddie her skull crushing psy-kick. Oh yeah. The heroine has arrived just in time.

Episode 2
While she is kicking ass, we delve into her flashback on how she get such powers, which makes up the rest of this series. Rinka was just a normal girl. Until one day she found herself naked and in the room of her downstairs neighbour. I think the old man could have died of heart attack. She tries to call her father, Rindou for help but he is not picking up. Seems when she is not concentrating, things slip through her hand and she herself could pass through solid objects. Suddenly Kyoutarou Azuma barges in and is awed at this miracle. Doesn’t she remember what happened yesterday? On her way to school, she saw a flying penguin. Yes, PENGUINS FLY! She follows it to a tower with glowing fish swimming around it. Kyoutarou was there too and is amazed she could see the fish. Then the school of fish swim right through her. Meanwhile Rindou must have too many drinks to have passed out (he was dreaming of those glowing fish). It’s not even night time. He panics when he hears the voice message Rinka left behind and frantically goes to look for her. At the same time, a strange phenomenon of magnetic waves seems to attract metal objects mainly cars into a giant rolling ball. It is heading for her. Kyoutarou believes her father is inside it and the glowing fish must be the source of his power. Thinking that those powers activated when he is awake, time to put him asleep before more destruction is caused. So she jumps right into the ball and lands her signature kick on her dad. The moment he passes out, the ball falls apart. Kyoutarou then teleports them away and explains this is his esper power.

Rindou wakes up not back at home not remembering anything but faintly remembers somebody kicking him. So Rinka ties him up back to sleep while she heads for work. When a police detective, Nabeshima comes into her work place for investigation, she thinks she has been busted. However he is here to seek answers for the Black Fist case. There is a spate of robberies on jewellery stores and art museums. CCTV footage shows a crow head mask as the culprit. The only clue they got is that he teleports away. Sounds familiar? If that culprit is that Kyoutarou guy, Rinka is going to stop him first as she sneaks into the museum (it doesn’t take effort considering her power). However all the guards are beaten up. This crow head dude just enters the scene. Rinka unmasks him and beats him up upon confirming he is Kyoutarou. But he can’t be the culprit if he just arrived, right? The real Black Fist is still here as the treasure isn’t stolen. She is Kobushi and she doesn’t give a damn about Kyoutarou’s advice to use her power for good (her power is invisibility). She knocks him out and fights Rinka. Can her fist connect even though she is a good boxer? However Rinka is upset she is damaging important artefacts and treasures with historical value. Like she gives a sh*t. Before Rinka gets punched, Kyoutarou takes the hit. It is what he needed so that he could teleport them outside as Rinka lands her signature kick. Kyoutarou hands over Kobushi to the police and tells them she the real culprit. They just believe it like that? Later Kyoutarou tells Rinka and even quoting that superhero line of great powers and responsibility. That is why it is their duty to uphold justice as espers can only defeat other espers. As long as those fish swim throughout the city, there will be a growing number of troublemaking espers. He hopes she will continue to lend her strength.

Episode 3
Nabeshima doesn’t think Kobushi is the culprit as there is no evidence. When she wakes up from her hospital bed, she beats him up. Is that enough for your evidence? A yakuza boss, Hotokeda picks her up and invites her to join his gang. As Rindou is able to control his power, Rinka didn’t realize Kyoutarou is a student in her school. Her friends must be thinking she already have a boyfriend. He drags her into finding more about the glowing fish. How to find them? There is a lead. There is a flying penguin that always chases after them. Speaking of it, a bunch of catchers (Ghostbusters?!) have successfully caught this penguin. Murasaki isn’t happy they caught Peggy, her only friend but do they care? Rinka and Kyoutarou arrive in time to save them. The catchers’ van is about to fall off the overhead bridge over some old ladies so Kyoutarou teleports it to the sea. It took a lot of energy so he passes out and risks drowning. Rinka and Peggy dive in to save him. Murasaki explains how she met Peggy but isn’t allowed to keep it as her father disallowed pets. This is the only place Peggy lives but now that it is found out, it can’t stay here anymore. Rinka agrees to keep it as long as she keeps their identity a secret. Murasaki commends them as heroes. Kyoutarou does the same for Rinka but she brushes it off as he is more like the hero. On the contrary, he comes from a town where the weak are killed and couldn’t believe in heroes. Therefore she is more like a hero to him and it was a good thing he met her 6 months ago. Six months ago? Rinka and Kyoutarou follow Murasaki home as they want to see where she lives. Oh dear. She comes from a yakuza family?! She never told people because it tends to freak them out. But father is good enough to welcome her friends.

At the same time, Hotokeda and his goons see Edoyama and want him to cede his territories to them. Kobushi is not happy she ended up in some small time gangster and as she goes to the toilet, she sees Rinka. Well, well. The latter got easily beaten up. Hotokeda has his samurai henchman to teleport and kidnap Murasaki, Kyoutarou and Peggy. Edoyama and his men fire at Hotokeda but his body is bulletproof. He warns him that his daughter’s life depends on his decision. The samurai knocks out Kyoutarou and Peggy to take Murasaki away. Kyoutarou cannot believe he knows his name. Kobushi sets fire on Rinka’s house before her eyes and warns never to show her face again. Rinka is distressed that her father is still inside but thankfully he isn’t. She blames herself for being cocky and everything before passing out. Rindou beats up Kyoutarou for letting this happen to his daughter. But Rinka wants to focus on saving Murasaki and mentions Hotokeda’s name. Kobushi finds out Hotokeda plans to make money by selling esper powers to people. Thanks to this samurai guy who can keep those fish. He then sends Merayama to kill other people who come to their office. However Kyoutarou is already there and finished beating up the other goons. He is not in a good mood. Merayama is left escaping after realizing this dude is serious enough to kill. He couldn’t escape in time and is smacked down into the hands of Rindou. He is scared sh*t of this guy. Who wouldn’t since he is swinging the small fry around like that. That should make him spill the beans. Murasaki is locked up and laments her uselessness. A glowing fish enters her body. Time to power up? Outside Hotokeda’s hideout, Rindou will do the rescuing and wants Rinka to stay put. Stubborn girl won’t so he knocks her out. However she is as tough as nails. She knee kicks him out cold instead! Oh, the irony! Rinka quotes that superhero line to Kyoutarou. She wants him to teleport her inside the building so they can save Murasaki.

Episode 4
Rinka barges in and defeats all the goons. What a joke. All those muscles and guns and they can’t even beat a single injured girl. Well, she can thank her father who was an ex-cop for teaching her those moves. As she confronts Kobushi, she doesn’t hesitate to tell where Murasaki is. That’s because she has her eyes on the samurai guy’s stone (it houses the glowing fish) and steals it and disappears. Our gang try to rescue Murasaki but Hotokeda in God mode prevents them. He did an atrocious thing by hitting Peggy. PENGUIN ABUSE! Peggy couldn’t stand the sight of Murasaki suffering as its arm suddenly turns into a shark and absorbs a glowing fish inside Hotokeda. Kobushi fights off another samurai guy, Kakunoshin who is trying to take back the stone. Rindou saves her and could you believe it? She falls head over heels over him. Wait till you see her reaction when she finds out he is Rinka’s dad. Rinka has Kyoutarou teleport everyone outside. Then she does her famous drop kick on Hotokeda, knocking him out and landing on the samurai. Seems when Peggy ate his glowing fish, his power is no more. The flattened samurai throws everyone away as Hotokeda is in disbelief his power was stripped easily. He was told he wasn’t fit for the task anyway. One of the samurais unmasks and turns out to be Minami. This leaves Kyoutarou in shock. She wants him to join their cause to change the world. She takes back the stone and disappears, warning the next time he gets in her way, she’ll cut him down. Kobushi now stays at Rinka’s place. I think I know a very good reason although she claims she isn’t leaving till she finds out from Kyoutarou more about Minami. Too bad he is missing since. Yeah. He is looking for her. He remembers growing up and getting stranded in a civil war. He saw his friends die and he was about to meet his same fate when Minami saved him and made him her adoptive brother.

Merayama finds depressed Kyoutarou and wants some payback but Rinka beats him up. Kyoutarou tells his story he hasn’t seen Minami for 2 years after she disappeared with her father. The last time he saw her, she was crying. That’s why he wanted to find her why she is doing this as she is originally a good person. Rinka offers to help whenever she can and he is happy that she is truly his hero. He refreshes her memory about their meeting 6 months ago. Punks were beating him up and everyone turned a blind eye. Till Rinka jumped in to save him without knowing the risk. That is why he adores her as a hero who can only get stronger. Rinka has him promise whatever happens next time, never to leave her behind again. Meeting up with Murasaki, she explains she sees strange visions when she touched things after a fish entered her body. Her father is in disbelief even after watching them demonstrate their power. Murasaki chides her father for raising his voice to her friends. They dragged them into this and they even risked everything to save her. She refuses to be part of this family and runs away. Where to? Rinka’s home of course. Man, it’s getting crowded. They talk about Murasaki’s parents but it seems she has never met her mom. She died after giving birth. Because she feels useless even having such powers, she wants Rinka to help train her get stronger. Edoyama was kind enough to stop by to give Murasaki her stuffs. She’s going to be away, right? He apologizes and regrets the way they live as he couldn’t handle the pressure of being a boss and a father at the same time. He gives a ring belonging to her mother. If she has power, he hopes she can feel her mother’s love through it. At the mere touch, she sees how mommy gave birth to her and they were a happy family. She is happy that she has ‘met her family for the first time’. Such touching moment is put aside when Kyouju appears before them and wants to negotiate.

Episode 5
The girls are transported into an illusion world whereby Kyouju shows them the stone which has the power to unlock innate abilities in a living creature. They see that power in the form of glowing fish. Murasaki remembers seeing this guy and the one who has been releasing the fish in the past 3 months. He was trying to find the Collector that would eventually gather them but didn’t know what form it would take. And now he knows Peggy the Collector is a penguin. He asks Rinka’s reason to fight. Is it for justice or her love for Kyoutarou? Say what? He invites her to come over to his side to create a new world order. In a week, he will bring a ‘miracle’ to the city and he hopes for a favourable answer after she watches it. They are returned to reality and as tell the rest who didn’t see anything, Kyoutarou believes it could be his adoptive father, Kyouju. Further flashbacks reveal Kyouju and Minami picked him up from the warzone and back to Japan where they continue to lead a normal life. Minami saw him getting bullied at school but he fought back. As she treated his injuries, she mentions about people having a fake peaceful front but rotten inside. There are lots of such people in this city. It would be better to wipe the city off from the map. He is glad to hear her voice for the first time. Kyoutarou explains further to Rinka that his biological parents were archaeologists and in the same team as Kyouju. That’s why he is fascinated with artefacts and myths. When his powers awakened, he had a feeling it had to do with his parents’ research and their deaths may be linked to Kyouju. He believes Minami is being used. But what is bugging Rinka is Kyouju’s words if she loves him. No? Why blushing so hard that she is squeezing Peggy to death!

Before Rinka and Murasaki set off from home, Nabeshima confronts them and wants them to come with him to the police station to answer questions about the White Girl. Because Merayama had accused them so it is better he hears it from the source. However a super tanker is reported floating above the city. Kyouju and co’s miracle show? Rinka of course can’t sit still and goes off herself to investigate. Kobushi and Kyoutarou arrive first on the tanker. The police helicopter sends out warning but a rock is dropped on them. What a joke. Then Kyoutarou gets an arrow through his throat! If you are wondering why he is still alive after that fatal shot, it is because this is just Kyouju’s illusion. Kobushi fights back but it seems her sister, Kozuki defends Kyouju with her barrier. With some chain charm of Sukezaburou pointing to Kobushi’s location, Kobushi’s invisibility is pointless so any surprise attack is futile. Kyouju gives a real gun to Kozuki to shoot and injure her sister. Not an illusion. Real pain. Kyoutarou tries to teleport and escape but Kyouju always overwrites his destination and bring him closer instead. He stabs his sword through his palm and shows him his true face. Half of it badly burnt. Two Face? Red Skull? A Titan from Shingeki No Kyojin? Then here comes Rinka with her super kick. Minami blocks it although it sends her flying. Kyouju reveals his plan to drop the tanker on the city as Minami beats up Rinka. She clarifies to Kyoutarou that she is here not under any influence but on her own free will. This is for the sake of their new world. To do that, they must destroy the current value of society. Kyouju intercepts all networks and makes his announcement to demand an establishment of a special territory for espers. As he tilts the tanker, unconscious Rinka is in danger of falling off. Kyoutarou breaks free from the sword at the expense of his hand to dive down and save her.

Episode 6
The tanker is dropped near a transmission tower (it’s leaning on it!) and causes chaos to the ground below. Although Rinka is fine, Kyoutarou tells her to get help for Kobushi first. She brings her to a rescue team and when she returns, Minami is before her and chides her lack of conviction. She will take custody of Kyoutarou from now on. Because there are people trapped underneath the rubbles, Rinka is forced to let Minami go and with Rindou helping, they scan and free trapped people. However there are those who have already died and this causes Rinka lots of distress. It is no surprise she sinks into depression. Nabeshima who was Rindou’s ex-partner, decides to let them go since they have more important things to worry about. Kobushi is also reeling from her defeat and feeling lousy for being useless. Noticing Rinka is down, she tries cheering her up that Kyoutarou is still alive because if they wanted him dead, they could have killed him. He’s like family too. Rinka trains with her father and although it is not her fault, she still blames herself for being powerless. Suddenly some panda interrupts their training. Including stealing Rinka’s bra! Before she can beat up this perverted panda, Rindou stops her. He is Roshi Yodani, Rindou’s martial arts teacher during his heydays as a cop. Murasaki and Kobushi are called to as they discover Roshi has a faint esper power of clairvoyance. Every now and then he could see Rinka and Kyouju. His power is not powerful enough to see Kyoutarou’s location but he can tell the upcoming terror is going to be real. That’s why right now the city needs true heroes. Therefore he is here to help train them to follow the path of a hero.

Kyouju wonders if Minami regrets coming with him. Not a bit. She goes to tend Kyoutarou. He tries to teleport away when he regains consciousness but since he is still under the influence of Kyouju, he can’t pretty much move anywhere. Nabeshima shows Rindou a video of Kyouju’s uprising. Because of this, esper related crimes have increased and lawmakers are trying to pass a law that brands all espers as potential terrorists and contain them. Rinka and Murasaki continue their training under Roshi. Rinka needs to be fast enough if she is going to defend herself from Roshi’s perverted moves. She is also thought the basics of close combat fighting. Looks like she needs more training. I mean, how can she learn esper techniques or super finishing moves if she doesn’t have the basic stuffs? Later Kobushi talks to her to give her some pep talk that she needs to change her ways. Because if Rinka thinks she can avoid fighting, the next time she fights Minami she’ll die. She remembers herself living like a stray dog so watching Rinka and her family somewhat makes her feel at peace. She hopes Rinka can grow stronger so that they can settle their score next time. After Rindou gives Rinka a package from Nabeshima, Kyoutarou’s crow head mask found on the scene, she becomes resolved to grow stronger and seeks Roshi’s help for retraining. Soon, Roshi introduces one of his students to them, Ayumu and he will be their sparring partner.

Episode 7
Rinka cannot best Ayumu. It’s like he sees through her. He even insults Murasaki that she can’t fight, which is true. It dawned to Rinka that Ayumu may be an esper so she tries a few sneak attacks and true enough he managed to dodge or react to them. Rinka deduces that he can only see shortly into the future because if he could see further, he would have avoided running into her. The only way to beat someone who can see the future is to react faster! You mean she is going to be like The Flash? And so we see snippets of Rinka pushing herself with her daily training till she can finally overcome Rindou and her body accustomed to quick reflexes. When Peggy is playing with Rinka’s bag, she stumbles upon her night stick. When Murasaki touches it, she could see how Rinka uses it and learns from it. Wow. It’s like she ‘downloaded memories’ from that stick to use it for her own. Meanwhile Ayumu’s mom, Reia feels like the naggy kind. She’s reminding him about studying and at the same time she is a politician who is bent on getting elected and rounding up those terrorists called espers. If she’d only knew about her son… Rinka has her rematch with Ayumu. This time she is able to react faster and beat him up. Roshi explains that despite Ayumu can see the future, it is useless if his body cannot react fast to it. The more he thinks, the slower he becomes. Rinka finally gains victory over him although Ayumu claims he just let his guard down. Murasaki offers to fight him next. Yellow jump suit? Nunchucks? Bruce Lee? Ayumu is cocky and before he knows it, he gets beaten up and lost. Way of the dragon? Dragon Remember move?

Kyoutarou continues his futile attempt to teleport. Minami again reminds him why it is so. He remembers Minami explaining the word terrorism to him and wonders if those terrorism act that happened to their families ever happened. Sometimes she feels she is out of the time flow. But Kyoutarou says he can’t change like her. Compared to her even though they’re the same age, he feels left behind and like a kid. Reia is giving her destroy-all-espers speech. Ayumu is listening from afar when he bumps into Murasaki. Seems she is going to return her nunchucks to her dad and thinks it isn’t really a suitable weapon. Suddenly a lightning guy unleashes an attack on the street. Wait. That was just a premonition. Then it happened. That’s the thing when you see things that happen too close to reality. Lightning guy targets Reia and is going to give her a taste of divine retribution. Hey wait. Just a premonition. Oh, it’s happening right now. He wants to save her but his legs are injured. Murasaki throws a stone at him and gets zapped. F*cking sh*t! Just another premonition! However this time he is able to stop her from throwing a second and starts apologizing. Seeing his mom will die in the next zap, he goes up to him to claim he is an esper too. But whatever he does, he sees he will die. He needs to neutralize his lightning and notices a water pipe. He breaks it and although this reduces the lightning guy’s tendency to use lots of his power, he can’t whack him hard enough to knock him out. That’s where Murasaki comes in, defeating this big dude with her Bruce Lee chops. Wachaa! Ayumu is glad his mom is alright but she is giving him that worried face. Oh no. She guesses her son is an esper.

Episode 8
Reia has got lots of problems now. Now that her son is an esper, if the public finds out, she fears her voters will be turned away and a resignation just won’t do. So she’s thinking about her future? Even if Ayumu says he is still him, not part of those terrorists and that it is not like he wants to become one, she is more worried about her future? As Rinka continues her training, she could hear people scorning more about espers and there is even a petition launched against them. I guess she couldn’t wait for her date with Kyoutarou to the amusement park so she went there herself. What’s the use if she’s not having fun by herself? Suddenly this freaky woman, Kobato Kugimiya starts throwing her Molotov cocktail claiming she will become a real esper terrorist if she kills somebody. Too bad she had to pick Rinka and gets subdued. After she is rounded up and her esper power taken away by Peggy, she reveals she is doing this to meet Kyouju, the new creator of mankind. In fact she was approached by Minami and convinced into doing it as a test. It seems Minami is going around doing the same to troubled girls. Amie Namuro who doesn’t give a damn about the police questioning her coming out so late (she wants everything to die!) and Lin Lianjie whose restaurant owner is just providing his customers more than the food on his menu with her as extra service (she attacked her customer).

There is a talk on TV about esper being terrorists but also this White Girl who seems to come into the scene to save them. People like her may be the only ones to stand against evil espers. They may be their only heroes. Kyoutarou lets Minami see this and leaves it to her. All the gathered espers including Kozuki, Amie and Lin are here. But Minami is in bad mood. I guess she is made to shoulder everything. She visits Kyoutarou again but this time she sneaks up behind her and manages to teleport to the rooftop. His theory is correct that he is not affected if he touches her. But she overpowers him and brings him back. Is this a trend of hers to take out frustration? Breaking flower vases with her sword? She can’t understand why Kyoutarou don’t see their ideals. He believes people should not control people. He wonders why she has changed so much. On the contrary she points out he is the one who has changed. Minami is tired of this. Whatever she says will fall on deaf ears. She believes the cause as long as Rinka is breathing… Peggy comes to deliver his broken glasses, a thank you note and cookies from Murasaki to Ayumu. She owes him her life over that incident and views him as a hero of justice. Rinka must be thinking so much about Kyoutarou that she could see visions of him. Wait. It is the real him! You can’t imagine how happy she is to see him. Believe it or not, they just let him go like that this morning. He talked to Minami before he left but was told not to get in their way. Although he should have called the rest to say he is fine, he wanted to see Rinka’s face badly. What is he trying to imply?! More importantly, is there room for romance from where the plot is heading?!

Episode 9
Minami remembers Kyouju breaking the news that her mom died. He becomes crazy and for a girl to watch her father like that, it is heart-breaking. Minami leads the espers to destroy a high school. Oh yeah. Pick on defenceless children, will you? Also another place bringing back unpleasant memories for Minami. Several guys were going to gang rape her but she teleported them right in the middle of the train tracks. Blam! So as the espers cause panic, Rinka is in a dilemma to risk revealing herself. But she can’t stand innocent students being beaten up and transforms into White Girl. Why attack this school? Because she is here. Simple. She is unable to take on Lin and Kozuki’s simultaneous attack and gets pummelled to a pulp. Pity her face… She thought Kyoutarou is here to help but it seems he has fallen under the mind control of Amie. Her friends are also hypnotized and start using her as a punching back. She can’t fight back her friends. This beat down is recorded and shown live to everyone as warning for normal humans to go against them. Minami remembers she was shocked when Kyouju told her to let Kyoutarou and Rinka go so as to use them as examples. This is so they can discard the world who killed her mom and rebuild it from scratch. After all, she already resolved to cast away her humanity. Rinka is strangled and stepped on. So much so Kyoutarou cannot take it anymore and snaps out. However Minami teleports him away to a faraway island (Peggy is also captured in her hands). The glowing fish swims out from Rinka. Now with Rinka dead, Minami is certain Kyoutarou has nowhere to return.

The Esper Regulation Act has been passed and thus a special squad is formed to detain all of them. Hmm… A squad formed overnight? Like as though they have been in the making in the background for a while. Rinka wakes up in hospital with Rindou, Murasaki, Roshi and Nabeshima by her side. She is worried about Kyoutarou but realizes she can no longer use her power. Roshi explains that her heart shortly stopped after the attack. The glowing fish may have thought she died and left her. She is forced to stay here because everyone knows her identity. Suddenly Torada, the head of the esper detainment squad and his men come in to arrest all of them. Although Rinka has no more power, they claim the attack happen because she was there. What lame excuse. But enough to send Rinka into thinking it was really her fault. When Murasaki starts becoming Bruce Lee Jr, the rest fight back to escape. Unfortunately Roshi and Rindou got tranquilized and the girls are made to run as reinforcements are streaming in. Even their house is not spared but luckily Kobushi escapes in time. Murasaki returns to her father’s house. This is the only place they can seek refuge now. As she goes to get her father, Rinka continues to think back all the events that happened. She really believes it is her fault and if she stays by Murasaki, she’ll get hurt too. She can’t protect anyone anymore and runs away by herself.

Episode 10
Kyoutarou is trying to get back to Japan but due to his limited teleporting range, he tires himself out. He better not end up in a watery grave. Rinka wanders around. Even the homeless guy tells her to scram! She is still thinking it is her fault. Got power but cannot save people. No point being a hero. Okay, okay. We get the idea. Deal with it! But she might be distressed because Kyoutarou didn’t keep his promise to always be by her side. Yeah. Whatever. She gets arrested by those special squad guys. What’s the point of resisting since there is no point living without Kyoutarou. Speaking of him, he is washed back ashore, partly saved by Minami. Although Kyouju intended to make a public execution out of him, she mentions she is different and not him. He accuses her of being the same as he killed people. She points out he is under ignorance and doesn’t know the truth behind their parents’ death. Rinka is now in a detainment centre for espers. Roshi is there and has lost the use of his legs thanks to the tranquilizer. But nobody takes off his panda suit?! Rindou is in a sleeping capsule because those with hard to control powers are forced into a medically induced slumber. Kozuki sees a golden Ark of Covenant in Kyouju’s room. He is going to tell her the story behind it. Likewise the same that Minami tells to Kyoutarou. Time for a flashback that reveals it all. Kyouju and his wife Seira, along with Kyoutarou’s parents, Juutarou and Kyouka are part of the expedition team successfully uncovering the Ark in a foreign land. The greedy and dumb general is so happy about finding the Old Testament that he drops one of them! WTF???!!! Glowing fish swim out of it. Some of them enter their bodies. They wake up in hospital while some saw the fish, others like Juutarou didn’t. To their surprise, those who did could do some sort of super power like Kyouju’s illusion. Kyouju wants to form an international team to conduct more investigation on this but the general wants all research to be done in this country. However Kyouju already has contacted the Japanese diplomat, Washibana and the general is not happy he needs to ‘negotiate’.

Kyouju knows that with the run-in with the general, for their safety they need to head back to Japan. However all of them are called to the excavation site. Suddenly a gas bomb is tossed and the soldiers rush in and fire, killing all of them! Only Kyouju survives as he overhears Washibana making a deal with the general. He realizes the Japanese government has a hand in this too. But another bomb is tossed in to ‘clean up the mess’. Half of Kyouju’s body is badly burnt. Somehow he managed to survive and returned to Tokyo. The nightmare only begins. He was cut off from his university as it was reported he ignored safety evacuations and let his team die. Everyone didn’t believe his word and think he is trying to blame the government for his team’s death. He thought of looking for Washibana, the guy who knows everything. But when he finds him, upon eye contact, it is like some hidden force forces Washibana to kill himself. The secret is forever buried. Kyouju is so enraged that he conjures up a demon and attacks that foreign country. He cuts off the general’s limbs while explaining his plan to use the Ark as bait to lure out the mastermind behind all this out and then kill the entire family. Oh, he killed the general too. No mercy. So as that land descended into anarchy, Kyouju remembers Juutarou and Kyouka telling him about their son and that’s where he picked up Kyoutarou in the decimated streets. Further flashback reveals after the bomb in the tomb, Seira used all her last ounce of strength and power to heal part of him before she died. And now the time has come to put an end to this insane world. Kyoutarou ponders about what Minami said about their parents being killed. Although he still feels it is wrong to kill, he was asked if he can say the same for his parents’ killers. Can he forgive them? But after thinking about Rinka, no use moping about it. What is wrong is still wrong. Might else well do something because action speaks louder than words.

Episode 11
The special squad barges into Kyouju’s base to arrest him. But he is all just an illusion. Left behind is a bomb. Boom! Kyoutarou has created a raft and gathered enough rations for his semi-teleporting journey back to Tokyo when he heard a voice talking to him. It is a pelican! Pelico was flying over the city when a glowing fish entered her body. Ever since, she could read thoughts of humans. She agrees to help guide Kyoutarou back in exchange he helps her find a suitable love mate. Hey, after all the crazy things that have been happening, I am not surprised anymore. Ayumu is left wandering around because mother told him to go to the detainment facility as she could no longer protect him. It is Christmas Day and a heavily guarded Tokyo. Yup. Back to the first episode. Some repeated action scenes. Some extended action scenes. Naturally the detention facility is attacked so that the detained ones get freed and join their cause. Rinka will fight against them because there are things she wants to get back. It is a rematch with Amie and Lin. Amazingly it is like Rinka has powered up even without her power. Thanks to all that training. Not only she can fight in the dark (to stem Amie’s mind control as you have to look in her eyes to be controlled), she is fighting with her eyes closed! Singlehandedly she takes down both those ladies. Was Roshi trolling about his legs because he can get up and do kung fu kicks just perfectly?

They are rounded up as Rindou argues with Rinka that he won’t let her go play hero again. He even goes as far to say this is not their responsibility and he doesn’t care what happens to others as long as she is safe. Because he doesn’t want to see her die again. She feels disappointed that he isn’t the person she used to know. He was her hero and wanted to be just like him. Although she might not make a difference, she still wants to fight as someone needs to stand up against them to tell everyone that not all espers are bad. Nabeshima has gathered a few police allies sympathetic to White Girl’s cause (why do they all look like geeks?) and they even go down on their knees to plead Rindou for his help. Our heroes storm into the floating parliament but an electrokinectic esper is going to zap them out of the sky. One of the guys in the detention facility uses his telekinetic shield to protect them. As an ex-boxer, he was touched by Rinka’s words as there are things he wants to get back too. A couple of guys were tasked with just a simple job to guard Peggy down on the ground. It must be boring, huh? Till they get owned big time by Murasaki, Ayumu and Kobushi. Murasaki is happily reunited with Peggy. Now it’s time for them to break into the parliament since Ayumu’s mom is there. After Rinka barges in and secures the hostage, it is time for another grudge rematch with Minami. Let’s get down to it!

Episode 12
So while our girls fight, Roshi and the police guys are kept busy with Kakunoshin. He is the one keeping the parliament afloat. I wonder why he tosses away his samurai armour. Just to show off his big body? Because logically it should protect him from the bullets unless it’s a hint telling us his body makes a better deflection of bullets thanks to his chi training whatever. As Minami and Rinka fight it out, the former blames her for dragging Kyoutarou into this and to stop acting she knows him. Wait a minute. Doesn’t this sound like women fighting over him? So yeah. She’ll destroy the world and save him, blah, blah, blah. But you know, Rinka won’t be put down by that because she still strongly believes it is wrong to kill. Because espers are still humans. Because if they continue as things are, the new world is no different. Kyoutarou is fighting to save her from this meaningless war. If they had believed him, espers and humans would have walked down a different path. Roshi and the police are defeated by the samurais. But thanks to Kobushi and co coming to their rescue. Kobushi shows us she has been training instead of bumming around as we see her. Because with her ultimate punch, she sends Kakunoshin flying through the walls and into the night sky! WOAH! Okay. So now who is keeping the place floating? Brace yourselves! Thanks to Rindou ripping his muscles to bring it down slowly although pardon the rough landing. Ayumu is reunited with his mom and she is very sorry for what happened. She should be. Rinka just defeated Minami and reunites with Roshi. However Murasaki has picked up Sukezaburou’s chain and saw that this attack was just a distraction. Kyouju plans to use an electromagnetic transmitter to spread the glowing fish throughout the city. At Tokyo Sky Tree, Kyouju opens the Ark and all the glowing fish start swimming. It’s like the night sky is on fire. I guess everyone is going to be reborn as espers. Of course Rinka isn’t going to rest and goes to stop him. Kobushi will help her. I think she hopes to get into Rindou’s good books. Rinka grabs one of the fish and her power returns. Oh, Kyoutarou and Pelico just arrived back in Tokyo. Must be tired from all the teleporting, huh?

Kozuki laments she got mixed up in some big time sh*t since her goal was to steal the Ark. Minami reports her failure but Kyouju praises her playing her part well. Now that Rinka has arrived, time to fight the big boss. He clones himself. Which is the real professor? However her plan of having Kobushi sneaking up failed because she might be invisible but she couldn’t hide her presence. Kyouju freezes them. Rinka couldn’t stop thinking about Kyoutarou and what do you know? Hear he comes floating down with Pelico. Since the pelican is a telepathic user, she is able to neutralize Kyouju’s illusions. Kyouju orders Minami to kill Kyoutarou for real however you can see from her face that she is pretty much reluctant. It sounded fishy when she asks him why it had to be Rinka. He starts thanking her and on the day she left, he felt sad because he was powerless he couldn’t do anything for her. Till he met Rinka who believed in his words and ideals. That’s why he was able to believe in her. If he had believed in Minami then, he would have wanted her to let her protect him too. And just with those smooth words, Minami is reduced to tears. What a perfect way to disarm a girl who was once so emotionless. Kyouju won’t have it end like this and has Kozuki take the Ark and Minami away. It’s time to finish this. Kyouju says he didn’t save him so that he could stop him but rather he sensed he could bring about some miracle. The guys draw out their guns. Suddenly out of nowhere, Kyouju is stabbed by a goddess. He tells Kyoutarou to leave for this is the path he chose. Then he gets divine punishment from some god. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore because the sky just turned red by this god’s dragon trying to devour the glowing fish or something. A week after this, the city continues to plunge into chaos with esper related criminal activities rife. Our heroes lament they couldn’t stop them from changing the world. They couldn’t do anything. However Rinka refuses to throw in the towel. The world might have changed but their ideals haven’t. She remains positive they can do this because like Kyoutarou once said, only espers can defeat espers. And so Rinka AKA White Girl continues to kick ass.

ESPecially Exceptionally Sorry Progress
Somehow, I feel ‘tricked’. After the very awesome and action packed first episode which I thought would set the tone for the rest of the series, who knows it suddenly turned into a flashback show. Yeah. It even has flashbacks in flashbacks. It feels as though the first episode was just a bait to lure you in into watching the series and it didn’t disappoint. Don’t expect the rest of the episodes to follow such awesomeness. Of course back stories are good too to tell everything and how it led up to this but personally I thought that is why using this epic battle scene in the first episode instead of showing at the end feels like a trap to capture your attention. Had they started off with the scene of Rinka getting her powers, I don’t think it would have captivated your attention and mine. Thus I think it was meant to be like this. The story of a normal girl of how she obtained such power and tries to use it as a weapon of justice. And then the ending… No feel good ending because bad guys are still on the loose and thus it feels rushed. That crap about what happened to Kyouju was unbelievable. It’s like they ran out of ideas or something and ended it that way although I am not sure if that is the end of him or not. All too ambiguous.

The plot isn’t overall something bad. Just that it is my fault for thinking when this long ‘flashback’ is going to end and when we will back into the action. Yeah. They took around 9 episodes to do that. Hell, at least they didn’t take an entire season or even 3 freaking months (I’m looking at you, One Piece’s Luffy – your past with Ace and Sabo in particular). Heck, I remember Tenjou Tenge whereby the entire show is flashbacks! Thanks to this idiotic expectation of mine, I started concluding about the progress being slow, the plot turning into a sorry state, etc. Well, at least the flashback that explains how Kyouju came to hate this world and took drastic measures into his own hands was interesting of the lot in the ‘flashbacks’.

Action is supposed to be the theme here but the most epic one is only in the first episode and the penultimate episode. There are lots of explosions, mayhem, random people getting killed, lots of blood, limbs getting chopped off. Just gory. That is why it was cool and exciting. Then the action descended into mediocrity during the big flashback. The biggest unconvincing and lame one was the attack on Rinka’s high school. It was bad enough that random students get beaten up, but the unfair fight with Rinka just feels lame. It is like they sacrificed the quality of everything. Otherwise, Rinka is quite a pretty good martial arts fighter even without her power. Is it me or Kyouju likes to drop things in his terror attacks. First a super tanker and then the parliament. What next? Is he going to drop the moon?

The characters feel okay and as usual there are 2 sides to a coin. The good guys have their typical ideals of justice while the villains have their own. Naturally rational people will think it is wrong to kill and destroy but if you were put in their shoes and went through the injustice and discrimination, would you be able to say the same? Not many people are strong enough to do that. Maybe that is why the city and even the world need people like Rinka although she herself is not perfect and went through ups and downs. But with her allies and friends supporting her (not forgetting her never give up mentality and lots of perseverance), I’m sure she’ll get by just fine. As long as Kyoutarou stays by her side. Yeah. He is the big motivation why she is able to do and withstand all this sh*t. So Kyoutarou, don’t say you’re useless or something because you’re the big motivation to a couple of girls for moving on. More on this seemingly ‘love triangle’ later. Strangely, the pair is separated for half the series. Reunited in the midst for a brief period before being separated again.

Besides the duo, Rinka’s ragtag team of heroes of justice aren’t your typical heroes you see on TV as they are just ordinary people (aside the esper powers they have). Like Rindou who is just a father who loves his daughter and like any other dad, he doesn’t want to see his daughter get hurt. So you can’t blame him for saying extreme stuffs or being protective because naturally he will start to get worried thinking she’ll be alright after rushing into every fight. Hey, somebody has to do the job, right? Then there’s Kobushi who has changed from her thieving ways into a badass fighter of justice. Thanks to the power of love again. Then you have a couple of kids completing that line-up with Murasaki becoming a reincarnation of Bruce Lee and Ayumu whom I sometimes think his afro hairstyle is a small running joke of the series. People always call and comment on his mini afro in which he doesn’t like it very much and probably it is that anger that makes him ‘power up’ and fight back, rebuking that afro statement and telling them off it is his natural hair instead.

Lastly there is Roshi who isn’t a pushover but sometimes the way I see him fight resembles more cute and comical. It’s like his role is to be the series’ mascot or something. Speaking of mascot, I think that is what Peggy’s role is. Otherwise a penguin flying and bumming around and hardly contributing to anything (heck, prone to getting kidnapped too) makes you wonder that they choose a cute creature to silence you up instead of making you question about its usefulness. Because I believe it ‘eats’ glowing fish inside people and the reason why it is called Collector, right? How often have you seen her doing it? Because it would have been cool to at least explain about her shark arm thingy. Whatever. Oddly too, did Pelico join the group? Because the pelican is now seen as part of them fighting crimes in the final scenes. Wow. How many animal mascots do we already have? A penguin and a panda and now a pelican? I don’t know, pelicans aren’t considered as cute as penguins and pandas by the general public. This could be something new…

After getting to know what Kyouju and Minami went through, it is hard to label them as true villains. They were once normal people until certain parties turned them abnormal. You understand their pain and grief and thus the inevitable attack on Tokyo. Despite so, was it right? Maybe they chose the wrong methods but thinking about it, I think trying diplomacy would land on deaf ears so the only way to shake them up is by doing something extreme. A terrorist attack that no one could ignore. Something tells me that Kyouju staged everything so as to play the part of the villain so that when heroes like Rinka stand up to them, at least a good part of the public would come to realize that not all espers are bad. Or then again, he might just want to destroy everything and then recreate a new world. In spite of Minami’s seemingly cold exterior, in certain light she still displays emotions of humanity so all is not really lost. Despite my complaints of this show is entirely sort of like a flashback, I feel that some flashbacks of other characters are welcomed but due to episode constraints it is not possible for this season at least. Especially I am curious to know how sisters Kobushi and Kozuki end up on different sides of the fight.

The romance part feels like a distraction. If you are hoping something would come out of this, you would be disappointed. From Rinka’s monologue and her constant thinking of Kyoutarou proves that she does have feelings for him. But I suppose in such emergency times, love has to take a backseat and you can’t expect to confess those 3 magic words during the heat of the action, can’t you? So it was rather funny that in the final episode, the face-off between Rinka and Minami, it feels like there is a hidden meaning behind their talk for Kyoutarou. It’s like they’re fighting over him. And it goes to show that Minami too loves him. Many times she could have killed him but didn’t. She couldn’t. And finally when she broke down in tears hearing his honest words, that just proves it. Sometimes I think she was just being tsundere. More heart-breaking for Minami is that Kyoutarou’s action often indicates he chooses Rinka over her. Like how he would rather sacrifice injuring his hand to dive down and save Rinka from falling to her death.

And of course the other love interest would be Kobushi for Rindou although I have a feeling it would be one-sided. Because it would somewhat feel wrong for them to become a couple. Imagine a guy probably double your age as your lover. Not uncommon in the real world but it would be disturbing. Yeah. Just like how ordinary humans find espers disturbing, the same case of a girl young enough to be your daughter is actually your lover is also as disturbing. But thanks to him for being the reason why she turned to the good side although she is still pretty much the most badass character. Thought to ponder: If Rindou ever successfully returns Kobushi’s love and marries her, then wouldn’t Kobushi become Rinka’s step mother? Holy sh*t! It’s just scary just to think about this! Another scary thought: What if Pelico couldn’t find another pelican mate and end up with Kyoutarou instead? This would bring the love polygon to a whole new level because 2 kickass girls are already hard enough to deal with and now he’s got a bird to deal with… Just saying, you know.

Drawing and art are rather okay. Something that you would expect in today’s anime standards. The coolest thing I thought was the teleport effects. It looked like smeared water colour lines each time the characters use this power. The only gripe that I have with the design of some characters is that some of them have this very eerie eyes. It is like the opposite of normal eyes in which their pupil is white but the rest of their cornea is completely black. It just makes them look creepy. Apparently a handful of characters with no relation with each other in any way such as Nabeshima, Lin and Juutarou have such insect eyes. Of course there are others like Rindou who don’t even have eyes. Completely white. Is he a spectre or something?

I am not sure about this but somehow I feel that some of the characters feel like paying homage to other characters. For instance, the most obvious ones are the Ghostbusters’ cameo appearance. Not to mention Bruce Lee because it feels Murasaki has become his disciple when she donned his trademark yellow jump suit, wielding nunchucks and howling his signature shrieky kung fu ass kicking sound effects. As I found out, there are cameos of characters from the Ga-Rei anime since both shows were created by the same person. But since I didn’t watch that anime, I couldn’t identify them at first go. Then there is that little panda who is obviously a reference to the character in Dragonball. There is also a joke that beneath his panda suit (in which he never takes off for some reason and that nobody even bothered to try take it off – not to mention the obvious zipper at the back that makes you itching just to zip it down) that he could be Yoda from Star Wars. Heck, his surname is suspiciously similar and sometimes his speech also resembles that Grand Jedi Master. Then there is the bar master who also lives with Rindou, doesn’t he look like Steven Seagal? Only difference is that this one is more gay.

Rindou himself I thought he looked like a buffed up version of Wolverine mix in a little of Chuck Norris. Serious! Even the way he holds his 3 little sticks between his fingers make it look like Wolverine’s blades. Looking at Edoyama for the first time, doesn’t he look familiar? Of course! Isn’t he that Leonidas guy from the Hollywood movie, 300?! For that moment I had this thought he might break and scream out “SPARTAAAAAAAAAA!!!!”. Haha! Oh hey. What the heck is John Travolta doing in this anime too?! Don’t recognize him? Well, I thought Torada look suspiciously familiar. Finally those special esper detainment squad members, it boggles me why they wear something similar to a hockey mask. Because they might become your worst nightmare as they resemble like Friday The 13th’s Jason Voorhees! Horrifying sh*t! Just multiply them and equip them with guns. Oh, those super soldiers under Kyouju, I thought they look like freaks because some of them are wearing fish bowls and other stuffs that make them look freaky. There are a few others like the general whom I have this familiar feeling that I have seen them somewhere before but at this point I can’t really point it out.

There is an extensive cast of characters thanks to the many characters including side and supporting. At first I thought Minori Chihara was the voice behind Kozuki. It wasn’t her trademark deadpan voice like Minami-ke’s Chiaki, the titular character in Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon or Nobunaga The Fool’s Ichihime. It sounded like Date A Live II’s Miku. So when I thought she put up that same voice again as Pelico, I was wondering why she didn’t make at least another different voice. Because it sounded so obvious. Later I found out it wasn’t her behind Kozuki’s voice. Instead it was Hiromi Konno (Sae in Amagami SS). Minori Chihara too had another short role as one of those cameo characters from Ga-Rei that she voiced. Another misconception was I thought Rie Kugimiya was behind Lin’s voice albeit in a lower tone. Turns out this Chinese babe was done by Yuki Matsuoka (Orihime in Bleach). Speaking of Chinese, I don’t think I have ever heard a decent conversation in Mandarin in any anime for such a ‘lengthy’ period. Yeah. Lengthy as in 1.5 minutes or so. Honestly, the restaurant owner sounded like speaking authentic Mandarin but Lin sounded more like a Japanese trying to speak Mandarin because the tone is not there. Like how I am. Although I am not proficient in Mandarin (and because I am so), I could catch her in that.

The rest of the casts include Ibuki Kido as Rinka (Claire in Seirei Tsukai No Blade Dance), Keisuke Koumoto as Kyoutarou (Raul in Yuushibu), Sachika Misawa as Minami (Black Lotus in Accel World), Yoshihisa Kawahara as Kyouju (Yasu in NANA), Mai Aizawa as Kobushi (Natsumi in Negima), Azusa Tadokoro as Murasaki (Kotori in Gokukoku No Brynhildr), Megumi Ogata as Ayumu (Shinji in Evangelion), Tetsu Inada as Rindou (Gamagoori in Kill La Kill), Kazuhiko Inoue as Roshi (Kakashi in Naruto), Hitomi Harada as Amie (Himeji in Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu), Yoshito Yasuhara as Nabeshima (Aoshi in Rurouni Kenshin), Jin Domon as Torada (Ichibanboshi in Green Green), Tesshou Genda as Hotokeda (Optimus Prime in Transformers) and Aya Hisakawa as Seira (Maya in Tenjou Tenge). Others that I recognize mainly play smaller roles like Jouji Nakata as Edoyama, Eri Kitamura as Natsuki (this character is from Ga-Rei), Keiji Fujiwara as Juutarou and Yu Kobayashi as Kobato. Kaoru Mizuhara (Gisen in Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls) may have got the easiest role because Peggy doesn’t speak. Besides, is this how penguins sound?

The opening theme is Tokyo Zero Hearts by Faylan. Sounds a bit like the style she sang for Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls although this lively anime rock piece isn’t to my liking. But at least it is much better than the ending theme, Kyuusei Argyros by Yousei Teikoku. Now, this one is really heavy punk rock or metal or something because there are lots of screaming in this one. This is the kind of music where you go to some night club, get high on drugs dancing the night away like in some demonic trance while having such loud noisy music banging in your ears. Seriously.

As usual, the usual moral of the story about people being different with powers. I’m sure I’ve done it to death in my previous blogs about this. Maybe it’s time to repeat again. Because humans never learn. As always seen before time and time again, humans will try to discriminate and ostracize each other for whatever reasons. They’ll find a way to do so. It is both a good and bad thing because it shows that we are just being humans. To be human is to discriminate. But to be human is also to have hope and save others. Therefore if everyone becomes an esper, I think it will hardly be any different from now. Because even if they have an esper power, humans will find another way to categorize and victimize. You can see some who just acquired their new powers to run amok with it. Ironically, the powerless ones rule over the ones with power just because they are mighty in numbers. At the end of the day, everyone is still a human being whether you are an esper or not. Espers are not gods to be worshipped or feared. They eat, sleep and socialize with others like you would normally find. Also because espers fighting back after being pushed to a corner proves that they still have that basic human nature and instinct of fighting back for survival. So people, can we just get along already?

In a nutshell, this anime is one of those that fall short of expectations. The kind that starts off very well but disappoints towards the end. The only saving grace was the explosive first episode and everything else was forgettable. Personally, I think Hamatora fares better overall if you compare both animes of the same theme side by side from all aspects. It is commendable they are trying to use a similar but different concept in such super power acquiring themes but you will have to live with the fact that they aren’t explained well. Like how nobody can tell you why it is in the form of glowing fish that give you power if they swim through you (probably it is better than eating some power-up mushroom or something). And why the heck do they even make a penguin fly? I know it’s cute but seriously, a flying penguin? They should have put in a flying hamster too. Therefore, if you really want to watch this show, lower your expectations, do not hope for much, do not place much faith in the plot and characters and do not do serious thinking after it ends, you’ll be fine. Or not. Heck, it’s like talking about humanity itself, doesn’t it? It is just sad that not even ESP powers can salvage both mankind and this series. At least I have learnt that indeed with great powers come great responsibility. It is just that as it says. Because they surely didn’t mention about them solving problems, did they?

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