Trinity Seven

June 27, 2015

Now, isn’t this the oxymoron? It is listed in the synopsis of Trinity Seven that this series is a “romantic comedy but sometimes serious magic school story”. How can you have something serious in a comedy? I don’t know. But I need to check it out. Because if it goes back and forth between laughter and serious melodrama, it’s got to be funny, right? Yeah, it’s funny how they toy with our emotions. Oh, did I mention about the harem factor? I suspect this is the main reason that lured me into watch this… Okay, it is. If you really care about the plot (which I suppose many won’t), let me just summarized it in a few sentences. A weird magical phenomenon occurs. Everybody disappears. Including a previous family member of our guy. Need to be strong to rescue her. Enrols in magic school. Meets 7 lovely strongest babes. Wow! Seven cuties?! I can see why he wants to enrol here.

Episode 1
Arata Kasuga is dreaming about trying to catch someone’s hand. Turns out he caught the boobs of his cousin and childhood friend, Hijiri instead. And he dares ask what’s for breakfast. You mean that wasn’t it? You know Hijiri is the kind of girl who didn’t grow up to fawn over Arata or want him as his bride. Therefore Arata always finds it fun teasing her especially that happy kiddie drawing of hers. Along the way to school, he notices the sun is black. Has it always been that way? A girl passes him, telling him to wake up now or she will have to kill him. At the school’s rooftop, he continues to ponder the black sun. Hijiri says it has always been that way before he was born. Something feels odd about her. She adds this is the world he wished for and as long as she is here, he can do anything he wants to her. Gee, that’s a big turnaround from this morning’s reaction. He wonders if she is the true Hijiri and asks a series of simple questions. Finally, the colour of the sun. Black. Then how come in this kiddie drawing, the sun is of a different colour? The cat’s out of the bag. Where is the true Hijiri? A shot is fired at her. That girl who is a mage, Lilith Asami claims Cracker has appeared. The world is returned back to its original state. Desolated and doomed. Void of people. Seems it happened 3 days ago when the sun turned black and its rays absorbed people. That is when Arata starts to remember. Hijiri gave him a little grimoire and doesn’t want him to forget about her. Nothing like a goodbye kiss before you vanish, eh? Because he cannot take this reality, he made a wish on the grimoire to create this fake world. Because that is a dangerous grimoire (normal grimoires cannot do this), Lilith gives Arata 2 choices: 1) Dispose of the grimoire which includes erasing his memoires of Hijiri and others so he could live; or 2) Die now. Not much of a choice, eh? Arata confirms with Cracker that Hijiri is alive in some space-time rift (a reason why she could take on her appearance). So that guy is going to make and take his third choice: 3) He’ll be keeping the grimoire and his life. Also, he wants to study and become a mage like her.

He is brought to Royal Biblia Academy. As Lilith (she is a teacher) introduces the new transfer student in class, Selina Sherlock spams him a bunch of questions that he doesn’t hesitate to answer. This includes the world he created. With that, the entire class is abuzz that he is a demon lord candidate because you only have to be that to make such crazy magic. Lilith then takes him to see the headmaster who explains about their secret organization funded by the government to investigate unsolved and potentially magic related cases. He warns Arata this school has got 7 ‘bosses’ known as Trinity Seven. They are mages excelling in their own fields. Lilith is one of them. If he manages to make some of them his pawn, he’ll figure out what mages are quickly. Outside, he sees Levi Kazama hiding on the ceiling (I thought the disguise was poorly done). She is also one of Trinity Seven and specializes in ninja magic arts (including arts of the bedroom!). Passing outside are a couple of Trinity Seven so Levi briefly explains to him about Mira Yamana and Akio Fudou. Then they continue teasing Lilith because she blushes so easily. Back in his room and as he takes a bath, he notices Hijiri before him. Naked. No reaction. It’s like she’s giving him a free show. Damn those steam censors. So much so he has to play the straight guy and get embarrassed by her nakedness. He runs out when he can no longer take the fanservice. Lilith was passing by and heard. She clarifies that girl is Arin Kannazuki and one of the Trinity Seven. She looks very close to Hijiri (just take away her emotions and you have Arin). He feels Arin is connected to Hijiri and thus Trinity Seven is going to be important to him. But first, he needs to put on some pants or Lilith will continue to blow her top!

Episode 2
Arin is staring and following Arata all day. Creepy. She notes it is the demon lord candidate she is watching and will always be doing so because one day she will become his wife. He returns to his room only to see Lilith, Levi and Selina waiting. Selina wants to interview him. After a few rounds of teasing that sounds like making fun of Lilith, Arata wants to know about this grimoire. According to the headmaster, Astil Codex is a powerful that is believed to house knowledge from another world. Nothing much is known about it. Lilith points out a mage needs a research theme called Thema. It is based on the seven deadly sins. Suddenly they find themselves trapped in a barrier. The space was tight enough to give Arata some fanservice of the girls before Codex dispels a little of the spell to make some room for them. It seems they are in some barrier and being cut off from the space they were in. It is suggested to take this as an escape game and find a way out. He has an idea who is behind this. As they look around, they realize that there is no bathroom here. Because Lilith really needs to go to one. Shortly, Levi too. So as not to be left out, Levi hypnotizes Selina! Now you have the girls with that wanna-go-toilet feeling. Arata seeks Codex’s help to find the exit but since she won’t, he tricks her saying that they have figured it out and don’t need her help. Codex falls for it and wonders if they have found the exit underneath the bed. Wait a minute, this small room and they couldn’t find it? Where were they searching? Anyway once they blasted the barrier, they’re back into the original world and the girls dash to the toilet.

As he is about to ask about Thema, Arin comes in to explain about Thema, something a mage spends their whole life researching. By executing what they learn through research, they can use magic as spells. Arata lets her check Codex and they get a little acquainted (badmouthing Arata as a pervert anyway). Arin explains she did this barrier trap to test him since he is the demon lord candidate. This means he is a bad guy, right? At least that is what the headmaster told her. Before the headmaster could join them with his silly antics, they ignore him and walk away to go somewhere to talk. With Lilith around (otherwise Arata cannot tolerate Arin’s jokes and have to become the straight guy. With Lilith here, she plays the straight guy for him), she further explains a demon lord candidate can cause a breakdown phenomenon. She demonstrates by having Arata put his palm on hers. It calls for Ira Archive as Arin explains her Thema is Ruina AKA destruction. Arin has destroyed the grimoire’s control over magic so it can no longer hold him. Arata is in pain as the entire school is about to be turned into elementary particles. Arin won’t stop even if she is going to destroy the entire world since this is part of her research. She wants to know what is beyond this destruction and as his wife, she will not allow even Lilith to stop this. But it all calms down when Mira and Akio return to neutralizes it. Mira is using her Thema of Iustita (justice) from the archive of Superbia AKA pride for this as she won’t allow impurities before her. She orders Akio to kill Arata who is the source of the breakdown phenomenon.

Episode 3
Suddenly… Arata and co are working at a beach house as punishment for destroying the school which is in the midst of being repaired by the headmaster. And of course this means you can’t leave out fanservice especially with everyone loving to tease Lilith in her bikini. Now we go into flashback mode to see what happened. After Akio supposedly killed Arata, the breakdown phenomenon continues. It means he is still alive. Yes, he is. Right now he is in another dimension and is lured by the violin play of Yui Kurata. He is explained what is going on as the breakdown phenomenon is absorbing weaker people. Lilith and co are holding up with their barrier but that won’t last long. Of course Arata needs to do something about it so Yui explains more about Thema and the deadly sins in those archives. Thinking about Mira’s archive, he gets an idea what to do. Back into reality, he tells Codex his Thema that he wants control over other magic. Codex makes a contract with him and as Arata turns into Magus Mode, he makes all the magic here disappear. It vanishes in an instant. This includes all the girls’ clothes! Only Mira is fully clothed because she reflected his magic back at him. That means he is now naked. And so back at the beach house, Arata is bragging about his new technique. Levi continues to taunt and fondle Lilith’s boobs till she threatens to fire her gun. Later, Selina wants Arata to demonstrate his power. This is so she can test out her magic to seal his. However Arata could break free and destroy her magic with ease. And her clothes too.

Levi and Selina think they hear something steamy coming from Lilith’s room. Has Arata finally done it? Sorry to disappoint you girls but actually since Arata is happy he has his own magic, he wants to go save Hijiri. But first, time to deepen their bond and hang out at the mixed hotspring. Sure, it mixes both genders but of course Arata would have come to expect that nothing is free so the girls are in their swimsuits instead of being naked. Arata wonders the remaining Trinity Seven. He was told one of them is Yui whom is hard to meet since you can only talk to her in dreams. Then there is the last one whom they didn’t say but went missing before Arata enrolled here. I can guess who that last one is related to. Selina and that reaction… The girls discuss about Arata trying to control his magic so as not to turn people around him naked. Maybe pinpoint it and make it a gun or sword. Arata wants Lilith to lend her gun but she won’t since it uses her magic to materialize. Besides, magic isn’t about showing off. Since he is sincerely bowing his head, she gives him and shows him. Arata then asks Codex if she can copy that. She successfully materializes a revolver for him. What she did was copied Lilith’s magic and rewrote it for Arata. The girls are in shock as they realize Arata is able to use magic of other mages.

Episode 4
When Arata enters class, he sees everyone sleeping. No, they’re not boycotting lessons. As the headmaster says, it is breakdown phenomenon and all those with weak magic enter sleep mode. Since the magic is coming from the academy’s dungeon underground, they figure it belongs to Yui. On the way, the girls explain to her how powerful her magic is and thus the need to seal it. Otherwise it is the end of the world. It is possible she was influenced by the demon lord candidate and it could mean Arata is partially responsible for this. They have to get to her first before Mira and Akio because those b*tches only know how to kill. They encounter shadow demons from another dimension who want to eat them. Arin puts up her barrier as Arata can’t materialize his gun. Codex doesn’t remember. Even if she did finally, she turned into some space gun that doesn’t work but only ripped Lilith and Arin’s clothes. When the demons get too close, Levi cuts them all up with her ninja skills. Shouldn’t she have done this in the first place? Going deeper, Lilith thought Arata was molesting her but it turns out to be little demons. Arin destroys them so Arata wants Codex to copy that. However she says he didn’t achieve some process first so it’s impossible. Looks like there is some prerequisite if he wants to copy something. Hmm… What was it? No, it’s not staring at boobs! Although those demons are easy for Levi to take on, the real fight begins when she has to face Mira and Akio. Levi’s wind magic causes Mira’s skirt to flip up. Arata saw her bunny print panties and this ‘incapacitates’ her as they move on while letting Levi to handle Akio. When they open the door to Yui’s room, lots of poison aura flow out and a nasty dragon is guarding her. Arata notices Yui looks different and as told, the one he saw in the dream is her ideal form.

Arata starts to feel pain and it is believed his magic is resonating with the dragon’s. He is after all the demon lord candidate. Lilith’s gun didn’t do any damage. Mira and Akio join in. Levi didn’t get defeated. They form a truce to take down the dragon first. Levi pulls Arata aside and gives him directions to soothe his pain. Though Levi will fight the dragon, she wants Arata to join in. As someone who can erase breakdown phenomenon, he will be facing more fights like this if he intends to save Hijiri. Arata wants her to teach him how to fight. I don’t understand what this expectation Thema Levi has as well as magic is the needs to think of something that is furthest from what he considers rational. Lilith takes over the lecture and wants him to decide on a spell first. And then something about alchemy and its material exchange, blah, blah, blah… However Arata must be cautious not to overuse his magic because it will go out of control and devour him. Like those shadow demons. He is more prone to it since he is a demon lord candidate. When that happens, he’ll be a more difficult enemy to handle than this dragon who is already the strongest of the Phantasms. Levi ends the lecture by telling him to imagine his hand like a gun. Then she licks it for fanservice as well as to put her magic on it. Codex is able to process whatever it was and materializes a gun powerful enough to kill the dragon in one freaking powerful shot! When Yui wakes up, she is so happy thinking Arata came to rescue her that she starts hugging and loving him. Hmm… Only Lilith is the one reacting jealous and saying something.

Episode 5
Arata is in a dilemma. He wakes up to find 2 babes sleeping by his side: Yui and Arin. So when Lilith comes in, he figures it out. She should join in! During PE, Yui continues to cling and flirt with him and likewise to same for Arin who doesn’t want to lose out. But here comes Mira to ruin the mood. She claims they were lucky last time but if anything similar happens the next time, she will take care of them in the name of Grimoire Security. I don’t know how, it then descends into a fight over Arata. Isn’t this what we want to see? But when Yui executes her Thema, Arata finds himself in Yui’s dream. Everyone else is asleep. Except Mira. There’s this talk about friendship that I couldn’t care less but Arata wants Yui to be his friend (because who would want to pass up a chance to be friends with a cutie?) and this makes her happy. She allows him to do anything lewd to her and he is about to take the chance but Lilith stops him. Even in unconscious mode she can do this?! Before they return to reality, Yui pecks his cheek. Now they look like a lovely couple cuddling together on the infirmary’s bed. Mira is worried not about Arata being the impure one or in a dilemma having feelings for him (we hope she would), but the recent events of more and more people losing magic and becoming demons. She thinks it may have something to do with him and thus the need to destroy the strongest and most impure being. Naturally, it always goes back to him, huh? That night, a strange phenomenon occurred as all the school’s windows are broken. Of course Arata and Yui are the main suspects as they have very strong magic power but Mira detects it is not from them. This magic feels like what they experienced at that library.

As some Trinity Seven girls explain to him, it might be a ghost. It was raining heavily on that day but a pair of twins stayed back at the library. The windows suddenly broke and the books keep falling down. When it is over, the elder twin was missing. It is rumoured that till this day, you can see the ghost of that twin! This happened 6 months ago before Arata came. With Arata trying to help out the investigation at the library, suddenly the entire space is teleported to another dimension. Somebody forcefully transported them to this Eternal Library. Even at such times, Arata can be a real pervert. I don’t know how his hands got over Selina’s boobs. She pushes him down not because she wants to get steamy but to save him from an attack. Before Arata’s eyes is someone looking like Selina but a lot sexier and badass. If you couldn’t guess who she is by now, then don’t worry because Selina explains that is her elder twin sister, Lieselotte Sherlock. The one who went missing and became the rumoured ghost. This ex-Grimoire Security girl was trying to connect Eternal Library, an act that was forbidden. She tries to take everyone’s magic but Selina can use Logos Art to predict her moves. Arata, can you please stop trying to flirt at this moment or admire Lieselotte’s legs? It’s getting serious. She explains about magic being inhuman and thus calling it taboo in the first place is nonsense. Thus getting the demon lord’s power would also mean committing taboo. She bites Selina’s neck to steal her magic. There was a demon lord element sealed in Eternal Library. Not that she has got it, she is now a demon lord candidate.

Episode 6
Selina has fallen ill and a demon lord seal on her neck. Lieselotte claims she doesn’t want to do all the study and research before turning into a demon lord. She wants to take the easy way. Just like Arata. He also agrees with her but not to the point of stealing his friend’s magic. He summons his gun to show off but Lieselotte has analyzed his strong magic. She knows about him because she has Selina’s research. Unlike him who copies from others, she steals from those whose magic she takes. She invites him to join her side. She also hints she knows about Hijiri and if he wants more, join her. As he is stunned, she kisses him. Poison kiss. But it was the stimulating kind to her. The kind of scene that is right after some sex porn. After absorbing his magic, her power grows powerful enough to rip some of the girls’ clothes (except Levi and Mira). It always has to come down to this, huh? While Mira tries to scan her magic, Levi buys her time and fights her. When it’s time to give Lieselotte a taste of her medicine, thanks to Arata’s absorbed magic, she managed to get away from that devastating blast. Selina’s condition is getting worse and if they don’t get her magic back, she’ll die. Arata is okay thanks to Codex protecting him. As Levi continues to fight Lieselotte, the latter is surprised the former could keep up with her movements. She realized that because she has not mastered this new technique yet, no matter how powerful she is, she is still like an amateur. So it’s a draw for the time being. She’ll be back once she masters it. Everyone is returned to the school’s library.

Mira hates to admit it but she views Arata’s power necessary to help defeat Lieselotte. So it’s not about a confession? You wish. She and Akio are going to train him. Akio relentlessly pound him while he is reduced to just evading. He needs to figure it all out by himself or die. Better hurry. I don’t know how but after all that blasting, Arata somehow got his hands over Mira’s boobs. He knows what is going to (bloody) happen to him so he is giving his thanks. On a serious note, they hint that he doesn’t need to be like one of them to fight as he is also unique and possess some moves of his own like that clothes ripping and gun materializing move. Selina’s condition has stabled thanks to Yui’s violin. Levi is injured and the rest are not powerful enough to fight. Thus it is bad timing for Lieselotte to return and attack the school now. She has shadow demons descend on the school and probably to make us viewers happy as some of the girls’ clothes get ripped and almost tentacle raped in some yuri position. The headmaster will have to help deal with this since most of the Trinity Seven are in no condition to protect the school while Mira and Akio are away obsessed with training Arata. Lieselotte thinks she can fight the headmaster but she is awfully mistaken as he is more powerful than her. He even lectures her a few tips on how to fight powerful mages like him as he demonstrates how easily he could break out from her magic. No sweat at all. Lieselotte is impressed of how cool he is, not making any moves and just smiling as usual like he always does. She sees true fear when a horde of demons appear behind him. That smile just turned demonic.

Episode 7
That is his grimoire, Solomon’s Gate and is told not to look too long or else she’ll go crazy. How do you defeat a high level mage like him? Lieselotte shows her boobs and this got that guy going crazy! Instant defeat! So easy. Of course this is no cause for alarm since he is going to let the rest handle it and based on history, evil mages that obtain power always lose. Arata continues to take a beating from Akio. Codex mentions about finishing copying her magic. Once done the processing, Codex materializes into a loli version named Sora. Lieselotte easily walks into a direct and simple trap set by Levi at the infirmary. After all, it has no magic. Cutting herself loose, she goes to Selina’s side mentioning she wanted to bring her along to the dark side. It won’t be possible now. Selina suggests a bet. If Arata beats her, she must give up being an evil mage and return here. But sentimental time is over since Lieselotte is going to eat all their magic and defeat the headmaster. Before she could, she is stopped by a dragon from Arata. Flashback shows that she used his fist to place a mantra from Akio. She told him that will is important in using her magic otherwise it will hurt him. She also passes him some spell called Conception to teach that naughty girl a lesson. Arata saw her past before she collapsed. Lieselotte’s top accidentally comes undone and it descends into some farce about Arata’s dream of looking at Trinity Seven naked. While they’re at that, Lieselotte’s magic replenishes and is going to take his. Sora wants Arata to touch Lieselotte’s chest with his mantra to eat her demon lord power. However she is too fast for him. Thanks to Arata reinforcing the mantra to harden his body, her attacks cannot pierce through him. She gets series and freezes time. Only she, Arata and Sora can move. However those frozen cannot be hurt because matters of different time flow cannot affect each other. This means Arata can’t strip their clothes…

Lieselotte will kiss and steal his magic like the last time but he is not panicking. He’ll take on the challenge. As he tries to get her, he is too slow as Lieselotte freezes him. Then a hot kiss. However she feels pain and weakens. The mantra on his fist is fake. The real one is in his tongue. The will he put in it was Akio’s past. Looks like she was a nun and constantly praying. He hugs her to eat the rest of her demon lord powers. Just like the other girls, he wants her to come back and not seclude herself in this lonely monochrome world. However she cannot do that. It is a price to pay for using this magic. All for the sake of her research. A genuine kiss to him for caring. She says goodbye as she gets sealed away in another time. If they meet, she’ll let him touch her boobs naked. Hope next time comes fast? When time resumes, Lilith cannot believe Arata is touching her boobs. He knows he is done for so he gives his thanks for the delicious meal. When the girls learn what has happened, Mira asks Sora about the Logos Art process that Arata has completed. Since he is almost there, Mira wants Selina to train Arata to master it quickly so that they can retrieve Lieselotte as soon as possible. They call her a tsundere although Mira asserts she wants her punished. The headmaster notes that everything has worked out. But he receives a report that the school to the west has been completely annihilated. Looks like the evil mages are on the move.

Episode 8
Arata seems to be going around asking for the girls’ help to study and some in return do not hesitate to get flirty with him as reward. Lilith is surprised about his diligence and thought he was a different person. He is trying to study hard to master the remaining Logos Art to quickly save Lieselotte. The headmaster calls for them. Time for a little fanservice when he bumps into Mira and sees her panties. No more bunny prints? I know what’s going to happen to him next. Since when can Arata fly? The headmaster wants to make Arata as part of the security but Mira is against this perverted joining. He believes he has the grades for it and also he is worried the next mission will be tough. During Lieselotte’s attack, the magic school to the west, Royal Liber Academy was completely destroyed. They are to investigate and destroy any breakdown phenomenon they find. Lilith will also join this team since she is in charge of Arata and wants her to teach him all about it before they leave. So the rest of the Trinity Seven find out as Arata learns the deadly sins that each of them specialize and belong too. Lilith is embarrassed to say her lust of Luxuria Archive because true enough, the rest start teasing her that she is going to give Arata hot private lessons with her hot body. However as their Thema is the furthest thing from them, they don’t actually take on the traits of those sins and are complete opposite. Lilith becomes his private tutor to teach him what he needs to know. It must be hard work since she falls asleep.

Mira and Akio come to check on them only to see Sora over Arata. They know Mira always flusters seeing this kind of stuffs and it doesn’t help that they act nonchalantly about it. Serious talk about their mission turns into one about Mira perhaps trying to seduce Arata with this night visits. And what was it about her nipples? A cockroach crawls nearby so this freaks her out. This wakes up Lilith as she sees Mira on top of Arata. It’s not his fault and yet he gets blasted by her bazooka. Everyone takes a deserved break at the hotspring. Lilith takes Arata to view a scenic view of the city. It’s the best way to help his mind and body relax. This is also a reward for doing a good job with his studies as well as with Yui and Lieselotte’s case. They start splashing water at each other and the other girls could only watch in envy. But Sora had to ruin the fun as she cuts the strap off Lilith’s bikini top. I suppose this wasn’t part of the reward. Oh dear. He’s going to get a taste of that bazooka again. Whether he is fully rested or not, it’s time to depart. At the warp station, the headmaster is going to beam them directly there when a disturbance occurs. Somebody is trying to interrupt the teleportation and if that happens, they’ll be stuck in some space-time rift. The headmaster shows why he is one of the best mages around and successfully teleports them although only Arata, Sora and Mira are before Liber. But they are shocked that the building is still standing. Wasn’t it destroyed? They sense that they might be in another space. More surprise for Arata when Hijiri is there. Is she the real deal? Mira senses her magic isn’t human and tries to reveal her true form. Hijiri feels she isn’t ready to take on this power yet and leaves.

Episode 9
Sora explains that is Iliad Fragment AKA Ilia and is a grimoire like her. She is the one who copied Hijiri’s form and memories and played her part while Arata created his own world. As for why Liber is still standing, it seems it has been transported and trapped in another dimension. Now they are floating in a rift in the sea of parallel dimensions. They are confronted with shadow demons. When Mira tries to attack them, her clothes automatically got ripped! Finally, the nakedness got to her. Seems there is a spell that Magus Mode is sealed here so fighting them with magic is not a wise idea. Since Sora is purely a magical entity, she’ll do what she can while Arata take Mira out of here. Soon Sora faces off with Ilia. Although Sora uses a powerful move, this renders her open and thus she fell into Ilia’s trap and got sealed inside a mini black box. Meanwhile we are so annoyed at Mira being so suspicious and flustering over Arata that he might give in to his perverted side. For example, they need to check the clock tower for the barrier’s core and are about to climb a ladder. She doesn’t want him to look up to see her naked butt but how can he do so if she’s going first? If he goes first, he might not be able to stop any traps. So how? Arata compromises by carrying her on her back. He wonders about her justice Thema because you know, Thema is supposed to be furthest from your character. Was she a delinquent? Mira explains her powerful magic caused her to be isolated and thus she had no friends. Till Akio became the first one and they did many things together. Mira failed a magic experiment she tried to do by herself so Akio told her to just use it boldly instead of trying to keep it a secret from others. Those words rooted deeply within her as Mira vowed to become someone who could take responsibility for the powers they had and be an agent of justice. Besides Mira spamming Arata an impure man as always, he is happy he gets to see her as herself. This talk was so that she could get her mind off things.

When they reach the top, they see Sora trapped in the mini black box. Before them is Ilia who claims that she has sealed everything and will wait till Hijiri destroys everything. Only they will be together forever in this dimension. Sora telepathically communicates to Arata that she is being held in a core barrier which is also the space of this school. She wants him to buy her time so that she can try to destroy it and collapse the school. Arata negotiates with Ilia to let Mira go since she doesn’t need her. Mira doesn’t appreciate this self sacrifice but Arata plays it cool she needs to figure a way to rescue him after she escapes. Arata goes up to Ilia and wants to know if Hijiri really wants to destroy this world. Indeed she does. For whatever reasons, it is best to ask her personally. Ilia prepares to kill Mira (she didn’t say about letting her go scot free, right?) since there is no way to let her out of here. She also guessed that Sora tried to telepathically communicate with him. Do not underestimate the thinking of a girl in love with him. Arata is horrified to see the girls start screaming. And then he looks back at Ilia with death stares. It makes her scared. All he wanted was for the girls he likes to keep smiling. If he is going to be trapped in her magic, he can’t ‘control’ anything anymore and this sucks. Sora tells Ilia to stop Arata right now. But too late. Arata transforms into his demon lord form, the entity hidden within him, Astral Trinity.

Episode 10
You want to know how powerful this Astral Trinity is? Why, he turns Ilia naked and tells her this is what true control is about! Now that he has taken control of this space, Mira could feel her energy coming back. But when she and Sora charge at him, he instantly rips their clothes! Wow! All girls naked now! He views Mira as a potential to be his wife and is about to kiss her but she slaps him and claims he is not Arata and thus have nothing to give him. This tsundere attitude causes the demon lord to waver so Sora quickly seals his magic and turns Arata back to normal. They discuss the quickest way to get out of here is to defeat Ilia but since he doesn’t want to do that, he’ll just have her tell them a way out. Though, he doesn’t mind spending eternity with her here, he wants to see Hijiri personally. Also, he won’t get to thank her for thanking care of him in her stead. Ilia couldn’t believe that they’re still fooling around in this grave situation. Well, the girls believe in Arata’s luck and that with cooperation, they are sure to get out. Ilia decides to support and give him her magic. This calms and stabilizes Arata’s magic. Then everyone fires all they’ve got at the black sun which is the source of this problem. Back in the real world, Arata collapses onto Lilith’s boobs since he has completely run out of power. Akio could tell something good has happened since Mira is calling Arata by his name. As usual, the tsundere has excuses… Lilith notices Arata has another grimoire in possession and also feels someone is watching them. Sure it is. Hijiri in the flesh. She notes Arata is going to be her enemy. As Arata is resting, Mira explains the danger when Arata turned into the demon lord. Akio suggests killing him off. Mira is the first to show he concern. Of course Akio won’t since the rest of the girls would be mad at her. Besides, she is fond of him too. Talking about Ilia, they believe Hijiri was her former owner and the culprit who destroyed Liber. Since she is a high level mage and Arata a demon lord, it could be more than just coincidence.

When Arata wakes up, the real Hijiri is by his side and she is happy he could recognize her. She is also glad he turned into a mage to save her although he apologized that he couldn’t save her back then. Since he is a powerful demon lord candidate, he is going to make sure he saves her this time. It is also the reason why Hijiri is going to kill him now. Lilith’s shot disrupts the moment. She senses Hijiri has demon lord element and a candidate too. She got it when she was sent to that ruined world. She manifests clothes from the Ira Archives to become Satan. There are 3 Thema that she has mastered and thus qualified to be called Trinity. Lilith quickly goes to protect Arata because he will die if he gets hit by her powers as he has none. Hijiri will kill him and take his powers and grimoire so she might recreate him someday. Well, he prefers if she didn’t kill him. She fires a blast but is deflected by Arin. Seems she heard her husband calling (did he?) and was able to use whatever magic that was to teleport herself here. With Mira and Akio coming in as reinforcements, Hijiri wants to play with them since most of them are here instead of sealing them in darkness. They, Iscariot will head to their school and destroy it. Better hurry back fast if they don’t want their beloved school to be flattened. Even as they speak, Biblia is under attack. They can’t get back fast enough with Arata in this condition. But that guy insists they make a move now since Levi and Yui are the only ones back there protecting the school.

Episode 11
Levi faces off with Iscariot’s Lugh outside the school. When Yui and Selina have safely evacuated the other students, the ninja girls go all out. Both have their tricks but in the end, Lugh is better and Levi is wounded. Levi is going to do a desperate self sacrificing move like what Lieselotte did. She connects to Invidia Archive to attack her from all sides in this destructive move. Lugh feels disappointed that this is all she’s got and thought victory was in her hands. However Levi pulled the biggest bluff on her as she used her Last Crest to escape and seek shelter inside the school. Arata and co are going to have a hard time coming back since the warp system is destroyed by Hijiri. It will take some time to repair and the nearest one is a day away. There is another way, though. I’m not sure what Lilith is going to do but she needs everyone to lend their power. Lugh searches for Levi and gets trapped by her wires. The headmaster healed her during that time and she’s back in action. However Lugh is able to cut through them by summoning her mythical armaments and eventually Levi takes the biggest cut. Yui is horrified and on the verge of losing her concentration in keeping the rest safe in her dream world. She is desperate to go save Levi so Selina suggests she goes in her stead.

Once Selina pops back into the real world, she temporarily binds Lugh with her camera flash to heal Levi. But Lugh breaks free and blasts them. Did she get them? Well, as cliché as it would get, our heroines are saved because Lieselotte is back. Seems she switched places with Selina (there’s a whole lot of explanation for this but I’m not interested. Rather, I just don’t get it). Then there is something about their magic not compatible so Lugh had to destroy one of her armaments to increase her mobility. Lugh attacks and when she thought she is going to get Lieselotte, it is yet another feint because Levi this time cuts her remaining armaments. Lieselotte’s goal was to heal Levi and not seal Lugh or something. Knowing her chances of winning is slim, Lugh summons Hijiri’s help. Hijiri is disappointed that Lieselotte has decided to side with the good mages. She did lose to Arata after all. Hijiri views this world as no hope but Lieselotte after facing off with Arata realizes that there are people who want her back. She prefers it this way. Besides, betraying is part of being an evil mage, right? Before Hijiri could kill them, Arata and co comes crashing down via wormhole. I guess Lugh cannot be left out of the fanservice since Arata lands on her and got his hand on her boob. I’m sure he enjoys it. Is this the way she is going to get defeated? With everyone happy Arata the man is back, Lieselotte thanks Hijiri for the advices and wants to stay with her Trinity Seven friends. Time for their fight back.

Episode 12
While Arata is pondering about Lieselotte (because Selina’s boobs aren’t that big), it turns into a conversation that Arata is some lucky pervert of that sort since Lugh is concerned the demon lord candidate was trying to make her his mistress. Trivialities out of the way, it’s time to get serious and power up for their final fight. The hooded girl with a powerful aura from Iscariot finally reveals herself. She is Liber’s headmaster and technically she is supposed to fight with the headmaster but they don’t want to destroy the world and just be content with watching the rest fight. So we see our Trinity Seven girls cooperate to take them out. Lugh defends Hijiri from the attacks but there is only so much one girl can take. Defeated. I’m not sure about Hijiri’s God-like power but Arin says only she can destroy its protection. With Lieselotte and Levi buying time for her to do so, eventually it gives enough time for Lilith and her Arata-powered gun to fire back. The ultimate blow that not even Hijiri could defend herself. On the bright side, she is fine (and more importantly, or not, her clothes are intact). Hijiri admits her loss as she underestimated him. As it goes in the unwritten law, losers must reveal everything, right? When Hijiri was sucked into that ruined world, it had nothing but emptiness. She saw Arata living his peaceful life in his fake world and was satisfied with that. But she also saw the future of the world. Arata’s demon lord had awakened and with his Trinity Seven harem, they destroyed the world to recreate a new one. Then in this new world, they reunite once more to destroy it again. The cycle repeats. Therefore Hijiri cannot forgive a world whereby it uses him as nothing but a tool for reincarnation. Iscariot was established to destroy and recreate the world in that stead. That is why she wants to collapse this world and create one whereby he can live happy. Arata is grateful that she is having him in mind but reminds her his Thema is control and thus even when he becomes the demon lord, he will control it. Easy talk now? Unfortunately Hijiri can’t stay in this world for long. Her body disappears and turns into some crystal. Liber’s headmaster takes it as she won’t lose their only chance to defeat Arata. He hopes she will take care of her till he comes to her rescue. Liber’s headmaster is amused that he is coming to save the girl that will kill him. She will make her the ultimate anti-demon lord weapon. I don’t know how or even if this scene is necessary because Arata is the only one who has his clothes ripped in the end. For goodness sake, at least rip the girls’ clothes in that case too! So disappointing…

In the aftermath, Lilith invites Arata to town as gratitude. Instead, Arata wants to thank her for taking care of him since. He treats her to a cafe coincidentally where Mira and Akio are working as maids. Thanks for the food. Thanks for the maids. And the rest of our jealous Trinity Seven could only tail and spy the ‘couple’ for the rest of the day. They wish they were her, right? At the end of the day, Arata feels grateful that Lilith is being kind to him because she thinks he is down after his encounter with Hijiri. She claims despite he is the most powerful and dangerous demon lord candidate, he treats everyone as friends instead like mages. Therefore she can say on behalf for every Trinity Seven member that they like him (although some may not agree to his perverted ways). Arata wants her to close her eyes and give something. She panics but prepares herself for a kiss. It’s an anti-magic amulet for protection. Phew. Relief or disappointed? He doesn’t know if this fitting but he wouldn’t like to see her get hurt by the enemy’s magic. He wants her to keep being his teacher. She’s happy and will treasure it. At this point, the rest of the jealous stalkers can’t take it and pop out of their hiding. I guess spying all day made them hungry so Arata agrees to treat them all. Yahoo! Arata’s closing statement is that he is happy now. That is why he vows not to make any of the girls sad (doesn’t his perversion make some so?). He hopes Hijiri can wait for the day he’ll come rescue her and she can laugh alongside them. So sit tight and watch out because he is going to make it happen.

Episode 13 (OVA)
Arata is in danger of getting expelled due to his low grades!!! How can this be?! So he is made to have a special lesson with each of the Trinity Seven as they represent the seven deadly sins archive (because he didn’t understand what it is in the first place and his power is vital in dominating the archives of other mages) and must hand it in by tomorrow morning. Oh, look at the time. Better get going now. Who to start first? Levi might be but since she wants to prepare some sort of sweet dessert, she tells him to make her the last one. So the first one will be Lieselotte and she’ll teach him sloth via Selina’s body. Just like back and chill as she undresses and seduces him! Oh yeah. Me like this lesson! Then dumb Lilith had to barge in and warn them about doing lewd things. Next is Yui. She brings him into her room and strips herself naked. Take out all your horny greed on her! Isn’t that supposed to be lust? And Arata won’t do it does it mean he prefers the loli version? Anyway he tells her to remember about her other friends and not just him. This reminds her that she just had another greed: To live happily with them. When Arata is taking a bath, Akio joins him. Despite she is representing gluttony, she doesn’t act the part because she practises strict abstinence. By the way, the bath next door is more interesting because the girls are molesting Lilith’s voluptuous body all over. Care to join them? Next up is Arin in her room and with her emotionless face, it’s hard to believe she is wrath. She tries to make him mad but I don’t think it is working. But when she suggests making babies, suddenly Lilith barges in and gets mad. Oh, isn’t she the perfect one to be wrath? They got lectured by her but they’re more preoccupied talking to each other than listening.

Arata may have not heard of knocking because he opens Mira’s door and sees her changing! Beat down! She agrees to help him with his assignment. However she starts getting technical about her pride area. No fanservice! Boring! Not interested! Then she gives him heaps of books to read. See? So boring that she herself fell asleep! Only one thing for Arata to do. He puts her to bed and Mira who is half awake fears that he will rape her but all he did is pat her on her head and thanks her for always keeping him in line. Lilith who is spying from outside starts to feel pain in her chest. Mira on the other hand feels regret that she expected him to rape her and now she is disappointed???!!! WTF?! Arata thinks of calling it a day when Lilith visits his room and hugs him. Lust lesson? Yeah, they should sleep with each other just for tonight. But Arata decides to be a gentleman and not devour her because he knows she is doing this for something else. She tells him about that Mira scene so he offers to be with her if she feels lonely. Enough to make her cry! Suddenly the entire dorm is lit up and Levi makes her entrance. This is her way of teaching him envy. Well, she made Lilith felt that. Seems she is the one who planted the sleeping drug in Mira’s and then secretly open the door to let Lilith peek. She is disappointed that nothing erotic happened. But now they have to face the wrath of Lilith and Mira. Well Arata, did you learn a good lesson from all the seven deadly sins? At least the headmaster knows he has passed at this rate. The final scenes show Lugh being brought before the headmaster as he notes all the pieces have gathered. And a few other scenes of other potential characters…

Trinity Harem
All is well, ends well. For now. Till the next time. So okay. There goes another anime with mediocre storyline, filled with extra fanservice to make up for it. It does little to explain about stuffs like the black sun and what the heck is happening to this world because it is just mysterious that it kills normal people but not mages. Even so, weak ones still fall to its affects. But I’m guessing it is somehow Arata’s fault, because it is ALWAYS his fault, right? It feels like mere convenient setting for this anime and as you get into the flow of it, you’ll forget it since it doesn’t bear any significant or important impact on the overall story. At least for where this season is concerned.

The biggest downfall of the series is the direction of the plot and the magic terms and system. Story wise, we get the general idea of it but if you follow closely episode by episode, it makes you wonder where we are going. You start thinking if this is just going to be some harem fanservice show (which it is) because it feels like Arata and the girls fooling around for most of it. It is a bit confusing too because it doesn’t feel like Arata is getting stronger and when he does, it was like instant, crushing our belief that you take donkey years to get to that super master level and he just pulled that off in a blink of an eye. And he doesn’t even know how it is done for half the time. Genius or sheer luck? He is supposed to save Hijiri but it turns out she turned into a bad girl. So does he still want to save her or fight her? Generally, you don’t see the plot moving anywhere.

Even as bad as the plot is the confusing magic system. Thema and deadly sins… Yeah sure, whatever. The names of whatever spells they chant may not be tongue twisting and confusing but the system itself is already complicated enough for casual viewers like me. I don’t deal well with scientific or other special terms especially animes that rely heavy on such so it wasn’t enjoyable mainly when I’m trying to piece together about how their Thema and deadly sins are connected to whatever archive. I mean, besides the big 7 deadly sins Thema, there are many other smaller subdivisions branching out. Is there a Thema for easy understanding for all this crap? Is there a book in the library called Thema For Dummies? I think it is explained but they’re just touching the surface and like I’ve said, it will be a big frustration for casual viewers and those who are not familiar with the series.

Although the action parts are not bad and quite okay with some big explosions and magic effects thingy to keep you glued, imbuing it with the terms that don’t make sense or cannot remember takes away the fun in watching the action scenes. In the end, you just couldn’t care what it is and like me, you’re going to go, “Whatever…” and accept this whole Thema activating thingy and go with the flow. It’s easier that way on my brains. After all, you’re not supposed to use a lot of brain power when you watch this kind of series which is mainly of the harem and ecchi genre.

In view of that, although I feel the character development is weak, nevertheless the characters are the strongest point of the series since they are likeable and amusing no matter how annoyingly cute or annoyingly annoying they are. They might be typical stereotype tropes but at least they are likeable. At least for this kind of genre. It feels like Lilith and Mira are getting a lot of screen time because the duo are the ones who would react the opposite when dealing with perverted and fanservice situations. Because it is more fun to see girls like that get totally embarrassed compared to the rest who are more sporting and seemingly consenting to such impure thoughts or actions. Is it no wonder why Arata and the rest of the Trinity Seven love teasing them?

So like Arata as the main character, he is no wuss and as seen, he can pull off pretty amazing and powerful moves if he puts his mind to it. Even better, if his harem is in danger. I mean, when you have something strong hidden inside you, you can’t be just a disappointing weakling, can’t you? Unfortunately (or not, depending how you view it), he is quite open and does not have any qualms in refuting his perverted behaviour so this riles some up and to a certain extent excites some up (unless done to another girl instead, then the excited becomes the riled). This guy is also casual and easygoing since he isn’t a genius in the magic department but gets by when necessary. I don’t think he even cares about all that formality about being a mage and just wants a normal life, to laugh with his friends who are coincidentally all females for now. And no, I don’t think the headmaster can be called his friend or anybody’s, mind you.

The rest of the Trinity Seven girls have their unique personality and it makes them interesting since they are not weak or being a damsel in distress that needs rescuing. Individually they are strong although at times cooperation and combination of their powers are key to their victory. As mentioned earlier, Lilith and Mira gets more screen time so obviously we see lots of their personality thanks to them being objects of perverted teasing. But you might get annoyed initially with Mira because apart from being tsundere (or turning into one), she’s the kind that take action first and asks questions later and the method she always employs is to destroy something for good. Being a strict person, she keeps reminding us how impure Arata is like as though she is some pure goddess or something. Thankfully, Arata ‘converted’ her so she is no different from the rest now. The other girls are also amusing themselves although they feel like stereotypic tropes such as Levi’s cheeky and mischievous personality, Yui’s energetic and liveliness, Arin the complete opposite with her emotionless and the carefree Akio. I am sure each of them have their past especially Akio’s one being the most curious but it is sad that with such limited episodes, they are not properly fleshed out and so we are just content to believe that they are just members of Arata’s harem. I mean with so many of them, screen time is limited and even during battle scenes they had to take turns.

I can’t make head or tail about Hijiri whether she is the good girl playing the villain part or vice versa. She doesn’t harbour any strong killing intent to kill him although she gets real serious to kick ass in her Satan mode. When I said killing intent, I mean that kind of aura you emit with so much hatred and detestation that you would want to kill that person because you cannot stand his existence. I don’t feel that in Hijiri and it’s like she’s smiling at the end each time they fight. So is she like serious or not? Maybe like I said, she’s just playing the villain or she is just hoping to be proven wrong that one day Arata will come to rescue-cum-defeat her. Last and not least, the headmaster of both schools. They may not look the part especially with Biblia’s headmaster acting more like a joker but at times he proves why he is one of the strongest mages around because having a peek of his little magic already warns us not to mess with this dude. Just like Arata, better for him to stay the dumb pervert. Because sh*t hits the fan when their true powers come forth especially with Arata not only destroying the world as demon lord but getting the girls in the end as well. And you thought only good guys get the girl in the end, eh?

Highlighting the harem factor, it is safe to say that eventually all the girls we see will like Arata one way or another. Because as far as I can see, he already has got others even outside Trinity Seven. Some are more obvious in showing their affections in public like Yui who can’t stop clinging or consenting to whatever impure actions and Arin the self-proclaimed emotionless wife of the demon lord candidate. Every harem group needs a tsundere and those seemingly outright and against it but deep down you can just feel it’s the opposite otherwise. We’re looking at you Mira and Lilith! Then there are Levi and Akio who are cool about their feelings for him as they like him in their own way. Even bad girls like Lieselotte who took a beating from him even turned to the good side, as well as Ilia. I’m not discounting Selina too since despite not a Trinity Seven member, she hangs around them often and that ability to switch back and forth with Lieselotte feels convenient to have her around as a twin. I’m not sure if I can classify Hijiri as being yandere since she sounded like she loves him enough to kill him but I am guessing if the Iscariot girls ever lose to him, they might just follow the pattern and be part of his harem, which I believe will be the case. So if you’re looking for some solid romance, don’t bother.

Initially before I started watching this series and when I first read its synopsis, I don’t know how I get the idea that this show will be one that has Arata going around fighting the Trinity Seven and after defeating them, they join him and thus become part of his harem. I mean, the line of him meeting the school’s strongest seven seemed to have me thought so. How else do you get strong girls like them under your thumb and command as your ally? That’s how you do a harem in this show, right? It’s like today’s enemy becomes tomorrow’s friend, right? And so Arata went around conquering the strongest babes of the school and eventually earn them under his harem in this action packed-cum-fanservice heavy anime! Oh God. How did I even ever hope to even see this as the plot of the series?! Before you know it, that guy already amassed his harem, some as early as when they are shortly introduced.

Fanservice is aplenty with the girls’ clothes getting ripped seems to be the staple fanservice of the series although not constantly spammed throughout. Every main and supporting girl of Arata’s harem has got her clothes ripped at least once, whether by accident or by intention. I thought grimoires like Sora won’t get into this predicament but they surprised me with her fanservice too. Even background female characters are not immune or excluded as there was one scene (that almost yuri tentacle rape scene). Except for Iscariot, so maybe once Hijiri and Lugh become part of the harem, then they’ll get their clothes ripped too? Hey, to be fair, even Arata himself got it once. The only person left is the headmaster… But I don’t think you would want to see that.

The art and drawing feels pretty okay and standard. I don’t know, I think it is just me because I feel that most of the characters’ face have this, how do you put it, uhm, bratty look. Maybe it is their eyes and the way their mouth line curves to give that bratty smirk. From Sora to Mira and even Arata himself, I can’t help think the bratty look they have when I see them for the first few times. Maybe it has something to do with the smiles because like Akio’s, her eternal grin makes her look she has got a silly face. CGI is also used but this is mainly for the school corridors. Sure, they look smooth and pretty but it could be sometimes be a little jarring when combined with the 2D characters. Especially there was that fight scene of Lugh versus Lieselotte in which they pulled a quarter of that Matrix camera effect. Looks cool but also a bit odd at the same time.

Once more, for a guy like me to have watched so many animes, the characters start looking pretty familiar, like I have seen some of them from somewhere before. For instance, I didn’t know Fairy Tail’s Mirajane made a cameo here. Who? Doesn’t Yui look so much like her? Must be the way she ties her front portion of her hair that resembles a brush. That is her ideal version. What about her actual and busty loli version? Well, I thought she switched places with Inou Battle Wa Nichijou-kei No Naka De’s Hatoko. Then there is Hijiri who has this striking resemblance to Akuma No Riddle’s Suzu Shuutou. I’m also seeing shades of Chitose from D-Frag! in Akio as well as Lilith looking pretty close to High School DxD’s Rias. Lieselotte and Selina have that typical look to many other twintail blondes like Ekaterina from Seikon No Qwaser, Himegami from Maken-Ki, Erina from Ore Ni Twintails Ni Narimasu, Chisa from Gift ~Eternal Rainbow~, Anri from Happiness and Ayu from Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien to name a few. I keep wondering if Lugh is a cross between Strike Witches’ Mio Sakamoto, Infinite Stratos’ Laura and Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls’ Gisen. This might be a long shot but at certain angles, Levi reminds me of the child version of Shingeki No Kyojin’s Mikasa minus the grin. Really.

At first I was pretty convinced that Youko Hikasa was the voice behind Lilith. How unfortunately for me to guess wrong because it was instead Yumi Hara (Marielle in Log Horizon, Yuuko in Tasogare Otome x Amnesia). Maybe it is the character that resembles almost closely to some that she has voiced like Houki of Inifinite Stratos, Stephanie from No Game No Life and Hana of Seikon No Qwaser. Or maybe I’m just having hearing problems. Youko Hikasa does have a role here but as Mira. I never would have guessed if I had not double checked. Hearing Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Arata kind of reminds me of suspiciously other similar anime characters like Aito from Mangaka-san To Assistant-san To, Director from Denki-gai No Honya-san and Sora from No Game No Life. They are all little perverts, aren’t they?

It is quite welcoming to hear old familiar voices like Rie Kugimiya as Sora. At first I doubted it was her because recently with so many new seiyuus coming out, some sound very close to others and it throws off your recognizing factor (at least for me). Thankfully, the more Sora speaks, the more convinced that it was that loli tsundere specialist behind the character (although her loli character here isn’t a tsundere). Also recognizable are Shinichiro Miki as the headmaster, Ayane Sakura as Levi (she loves spamming every sentence with ~su’, doesn’t she ~su?) and Nao Touyama as Lieselotte. The rest of the casts include Aya Uchida as Arin (a departure from her lively girl roles like Kotori of Love Live, Ascoeur of Kiddy Girl -and), Rie Murakawa as Yui (Aoi in Vividred Operation), Ryoka Yuzuki as Akio (Ino in Naruto), Aya Suzaki as Selina (Mako in Kill La Kill), Ayaka Suwa as Hijiri (Tokaku in Akuma No Riddle), Chinatsu Akasaki as Ilia (Yasuna in Kill Me Baby) and Ayaka Fukuhara as Lugh (Myoukou in Aoki Hagane No Arpeggio). Hmm… Am I seeing something here because there are 5 seiyuus starting with the name Aya…

The opening theme is a generic anime rock outfit, Seven Doors by ZAQ. For a short series, they inserted 4 different ending themes. Most probably for personalisation of Arata’s harem girls I suppose. They are all sung in duets and have techno as their base. But I have this feeling that in many of these ending songs, they have the penchant to repeat certain lines like as though they have become a broken recorder. Like for the first ending theme, Beautiful Sentence by Magus Two (sung by the ones behind the voices of Lilith and Arin), it starts off and continues to be spammed the lines, “You can choose the destination, you can start the revolution”. So much so I thought this was going to be pretty much the only lines of the rest of the song. Personally, although not my kind of song, this is the better one compared to the rest although it has a little rap in it which I find a little funny for them to be singing the lines quite fast.

Taking a lighter and much playful feel is the second ending theme, Shavadava In Amazing by Yui Levi (you guessed it, Yui and Levi’s seiyuus singing this). Some of her lines also feel like scatting since they are singing cute and meaningless words like ‘shavadava’ or ‘pappa yappa paya payappa”. Back to the repetitious spamming for the third ending theme, Restart The World by Twinkle magic (Lieselotte and Selina) although it isn’t as bad as the first ending theme. The way they keep repeating the song title as part of the chorus made me thought that the clip was broken and on the verge of repeating itself forever. Really. Restart the song, literally? Finally, the fourth ending theme, Trinity Seventh Heaven by Security Politti (Mira and Akio) has got to be the worst of the lot. Not only is the music bland and flat, but even the words and the singing seem not to match. There is an obvious cacophony and it makes you wonder if they had run out of songs and just mash together tasteless sounds to get this. Therefore it sounded more like noises instead of a song. Hey, no Sora and Ilia duet? Aren’t they part of the harem too or there is some rule that subjects grimoires to not sing?

Overall, watch this anime if you are into fanservice and harem stuffs with magic as its side dish. I don’t know if this anime could do better if it had another season but I am pretty sure that it won’t be as good if they keep it clean and straight by cutting out the fanservice stuffs. This is after all what you get and can expect from animes like this. Not many animes that rely on ecchi and fanservice can be epic and great. Even like High School DxD comes to mind, it still has its downfall. Because as long as there are people in this world against perversion, it will never be perfect or generally accepted. That’s why sometimes we guys dream to become the demon lord to destroy and recreate a new world where acts of perversion are acceptable by every standard. Where else can you find a harem by your side till the end when the very world is destroyed anyway?

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