Tsubasa: Shunraiki

October 10, 2009

As expected, I knew there would be another OVA for the Tsubasa Chronicle series. This time round, the second OVA is entitled Tsubasa: Shunraiki. However this OVA has only 2 episodes and for those who just want to jump in and watch what it is all about, be advised that it will be very confusing because the OVA expects viewers to have watched the TV series and the first OVA in order to grasp what is actually happening. You can say that the events from its prequels serve as a build-up to incidents that will happen here.
I know it is an awful long time that I have since watched the series so when I started watching this OVA, it was quite confusing as there are so many things which I can’t remember and thus contributed to my lack of understanding on what is going on. There is a shocking twist here which caught me off guard too. Furthermore, I don’t really read the manga so I guess that is my bad as well. And you know the CLAMP people love doing crossovers between the different series that they created.
Episode 1 – Zenpen
It seems that in this episode opener, the gang are in Fye’s home world. Kurogane has killed King Ashura and because of that, the world is seemingly going to collapse and there is magic chaos all around. Fye uses his magic to transport Syaoran, Sakura and Mokona to another world and the balance for himself and Kurogane but it isn’t enough. Mokona tells Syaoran to take off his earring so that an escape path is enabled between him and Kurogane. However Fye is unable to follow them so Kurogane cuts his left arm in order to bring the magician along. Oh great. Now he has only 1 arm.
When Kurogane comes to, he finds himself resting in a room and back in his own world, Nihon. Tomoyo is beside him and she says something about planting something powerful to save him. She also wonders if he has learn the true meaning of his strength but Kurogane isn’t sure but knows that killing Ashura made him weaker and realized that with his current strength, he can’t protect everyone. Soon Fye comes in and punches Kurogane as ‘pay back’. Is that his way of showing his gratitude? Meanwhile Syaoran is with unconscious Sakura on a sakura tree outside (no bad pun intended) which is supposed to have healing qualities. He is greeted by Amaterasu and Souma. Then to his surprise, Fuuma is also here. His purpose is to deliver a cybernetic left arm for Kurogane which he obtained from Piffle World (if I remember, it is that futuristic racing world). I’m not sure if Fuuma is a delivery boy for Yuuko too. But this is Fye’s wish he made to Yuuko while Kurogane was asleep and the payment is the remaining magic powers in his eyes. With that, Fye’s eyes are no longer blue and hazel as Mokona teleports it to Yuuko. He no longer has any magic left.
Finally after such a long time, Seishirou appears in this world looking for the vampire twins Kamui and Subaru. And here is another shocking revelation. Fuuma and Seishirou are brothers. Can’t really say it’s a small world but what are the odds that you’d meet siblings like them on your journey. Because in the previous OVA Fye had been injected with vampire blood, Seishirou asks him about the vampire twins’ whereabouts in a threatening way by grabbing him by the throat. Fye breaks free from his grip so I suppose Seishirou takes a more polite approach of asking. Fye admits that he met them at the acid rain Tokyo world and Fuuma adds that they are no longer in that world. Even if he knew where they are, he wouldn’t tell Seishirou. With that, Seishirou decides to jump to the next world but before he could do that, Syaoran stops him because he believes Seishirou still poses a single feather from Sakura. Since he isn’t willing to give the feather just like that, a fight is evident. In order for their castle and its surrounding not to be destroyed in the duel, Tomoyo transport them to an alternate dimension where they can take out on each other in a sword fight as much as they want while the rest watches through some portal. I don’t remember but can Syaoran summon a sword just like that?
Elsewhere, Sakura finds herself in a weird dream but she is not alone. Watanuki of xxxHolic fame is also present and he looks seemingly stunned by his whereabouts. As the tense battle between Syaoran and Seishirou rages on, Tomoyo talks to Fye and the latter learns that she gave up her dream-seeing ability (the price she paid to Yuuko) in exchange for the gang to escape from Ashura’s world and directly into Nihon. I guess she saw what was to happen in her dreams and was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for them. Besides, she did say that even though she can see the future, there is nothing much she could do. At the same time, the fight ends in Seishirou’s favour when he stabs his sword into Syaoran. Seishirou prepares to leave to another world but Syaoran isn’t done yet. Syaoran pulls off some super ligthning power blast move from his sword towards Seishirou. Though it was a little bit dangerous, it somehow made the feather appear. He jumps to reclaim the feather but is teleported to another world by the feather’s unstable power. In the dream world, Sakura finds out that Watanuki shares the same birthday with Syaoran when suddenly Syaoran appears in this world. But he isn’t the only one entering the dream. Soon after, the clone Syaoran emerges here and you can smell another inevitable clash coming up.
Episode 2 – Kouhen
The much anticipated sword fight between the 2 Syaorans begins. But before that, Watanuki is even more puzzled by the presence of both Syaorans and recognized one of them at Yuuko’s shop. The real Syaoran tells him to do what he think is right because "You are the other me". Huh? I don’t know how, Watanuki is then transported away from this dream via a storm of sakura petals so that the Syaorans can start battling. In the real world, Seishirou is back with them and Fuuma notes how he is one screwed up guy because Seishirou had intended to give the feather back to Syaoran anyway. Thus the reason why the vampire twins are running away from him. So this Seishirou guy isn’t such a bad dude after all. Then it’s the real Syaoran’s ligthning blast against fake Syaoran’s fireball blast. Unfortunately the latter’s power was greater and injures the former. Sakura rushes to the real Syaoran’s side. Fake Syaoran tells her to move but she wouldn’t so he stabs her with his sword! OMG! Then we see Fei Wong who is commenting how her body it is important and he doesn’t mind what happens to her soul (not a pre-requisite for rape, I hope!). Fei Wong orders fake Syaoran to kill her but somehow his body freezes. Something about though his heart has forgotten but his body could not. Fei Wong then orders to kill the other Syaoran first but Sakura then says how if he kills this Syaoran, everything will be over.
Fake Syaoran gets hold of the feather retrieved from the real Syaoran but since the latter isn’t dead yet, a little struggle ensued. Because of that, the instable powers cause the dream world to overflow bursting into the real world. Both Syaorans continue fighting and in their final sword thrust, Sakura comes between them! Now here is another shocking revelation. Sakura reveals that she is just a clone! OMG! So a clone has been travelling with them from day 1?! She says the real Sakura is waiting somewhere and wants the fake Syaoran to be free. Sakura soon disintegrates into sakura petals (hmm… isn’t that why she was named so?) as the fake Syaoran could only scream in despair. But it’s not over yet because the villainous Dr Kyle appears and has everyone in a bind. He then takes the feather and sleeping Sakura back into the portal he came from (note that the sleeping Sakura is the real body for the Sakura in the dream world but they’re still the same soul). The real Syaoran attempts to rescue her but the portal closes.
Fye says how he knew Sakura was a clone right from the start. That means, even before Fye met the rest on the start of their never-ending journey. So he knew it was a plan of Fei Wong all along? He adds that Sakura probably notices her clone self during the acid rain Tokyo and the appearance of both Syaorans in that world, she started to realize and started acting weirdly. At the same time, they noticed that the fake Syaoran is gone too. Yuuko narrates that Syaoran’s clone only copied the original body but the one who gave it a heart was the real Syaoran. But for Sakura’s clone case, both soul and body were artificially created and that’s why when her feathers were scattered, they were the same as the originals. The reason Fei Wong did this was perhaps he thought as long as he have the original Sakura, he could do this over and over again no matter how many lives are sacrificed. Even if the kidnapped Sakura was a clone, Mokona still wants her back because Sakura is Sakura. Syaoran and the rest too are determined to bring her back and won’t let her die. Which means they are requesting from Yuuko the location of where Sakura is. The price? Yuuko says she has already received payment in advance a long time ago. Who? The once closest to Syaoran and also paid the same price as their travelling Sakura. That has to be memories, right? That person is Watanuki. So that guy is memory deficient too. Since I didn’t see xxxHolic, I’m not sure how it connects. Yuuko reveals that Fei Wong is inside a frozen time in Clow Kingdom (Syaoran and Sakura’s world). Back in his lair, we see Sakura unconscious by his side and he comments how he’ll be able to cross dimensions and achieve his dream. What is his dream anyway? I’ve been trying to figure out that for a long time.
That night, Kurogane has another round of talk with Tomoyo and he says how he will leave Nihon again. Tomoyo gives Kurogane his mom’s sword, Ginryuu, which she did not bury with her when she died. Kurogane swears his loyalty to her. On the rooftop, Syaoran and Fye also talk about things. The next morning, the trio are prepared to leave as Yuuko warns them that they have only 1 chance to enter the frozen time of Clow Kingdom and not to let Watanuki’s sacrifice of his own memories be in vain. The others watch them leave as Mokona prepares to jump dimension.
Final pit stop?
I expect another OVA to conclude this story. Maybe by then our travelling gang will finally come face to face with the master planner Fei Wong himself. The most shocking thing for me was that Sakura being revealed as a clone. I really didn’t see that one coming. So perhaps just as Fei Wong had planned, even if this clone Sakura dies, at least he has other artificial ones to continue the journey and collect memories in her body acting as a vessel. And maybe then, if there is to be another OVA sequel, everything will be revealed in the intense finale. If that is the final journey for them, that is.
Due to the long duration of the series, I have to admit that my enthusiasm in the series has waned a little. A much worse case than memory deficient characters, my inability to remember events which have happened throughout the series has took the fun and understanding when I watched this OVA. I guess if I were to make a trade with Yuuko, she wouldn’t want my failing memories too. Speaking of witch (I mean, which. Yeah, pun intended), I realized that as a witch she knows just about everything like God. Not to mention Fei Wong’s intentions and it’s like she can read them like a book. But I guess it’s her business nature not to reveal everything at one go and it will be better to reveal bits and pieces as the story goes along. And with a price too.
Another thing for me to ponder is Watanuki and Syaoran. Having said that he is the other me, I’m wondering if they are both the same person but existing in different dimensions. Or maybe Syaoran was just referring to the similar circumstances surrounding their cases. With Fye’s magic totally gone, I’m not sure how he’ll put up a final fight if there’s one. But as far as I can remember, during the TV series, he avoids using magic unless in very dire life-and-death situations. As for Kurogane, now with a cybernetic arm, I guess he is equipped with more power and I could imagine the amount of force and strength unleashed now with Ginryuu in his grasps. Mokona still maintains its sombre facade and didn’t put on that cute "Mekkyo~" face.
Even if I did say that my interest has subsided for the series, that doesn’t mean that if there is a future production of it, I won’t watch it. Of course I will. I just hope that it won’t take a very long time. Hmm… What will I trade in order for my memories not to fail me? Watching animes? That’s a big no-no. Not a chance. Hey wait a minute. Did I say the same thing on this series’ previous blog too? Can’t remember… I think so lah!

Tsubasa Chronicle

I really do miss that anime Tsubasa Chronicle. It was one of those romance fantasy adventure genres that somehow captured my attention. Maybe I was new to the world of anime that time and was touched by the bonds, emotions and relationship of the time and dimension travelling group. Though I haven’t rewatched it yet for nostalgic reasons, perhaps in the near (or distant) future, I might just consider doing so.
Anyway one of the plus points of this series besides the storyline is its background music. It’s like everything here complements each other from the music to the animation and to the characters. So it’s no wonder after watching into several episodes of the series, it didn’t take me long to go look for the background music, which until today which I considered to be one of the best compilations for such a genre.
The soundtrack album which I am to blog here mainly refers to the soundtrack of the TV series. Since it spanned over 2 seasons, there have been 4 albums released. They are named Future Soundscape I to IV and each album on average consists of 20 tracks, inclusive of the TV edit version of the opening and ending themes. Though the background music occupies a big majority on each album and are composed by Yuki Kajiura, there are also vocal tracks which featured other artistes as well. Although not every background music is to my personal liking, listed below are the tracks which I have been listening to ever since I’ve got my hands on them. And of course, in alphabetical order:
1) A Song Of Storm And Fire
2) Believe
3) Blue Clouds
4) I Talk To The Rain
5) If You Are My Love
6) Lost Wings
7) Ship Of Fools
8) Storm And Fire
9) Strange Names
10) The Dreamers
11) Through The Gate
Hmm… That doesn’t seem quite a lot, doesn’t it? Nevertheless as I’ve said, these are my favourites. But if you noticed, these tracks are mainly from either Future Soundscape I or II. Of course even if I had to pick one to be my favourite of all favourites, it would undoubtedly by A Song Of Storm And Fire. This is an exciting battle theme befitting for action and fighting sequences in the series. This thrilling piece is mainly voice-driven, like the ones you usually here in large choirs. There are also strings in the background to complement this piece perfectly. Hearing this track evokes a feeling of an epic battle between good and evil as they clash. Then the intermediate part slows down slightly with a melancholic tune which adds to the suspense before bursting into its usual lively and grand finale.
My second favourite track is Storm And Fire, which is a shorter and vocal-less version of A Song Of Storm And Fire. Though not as upbeat as the latter, but nevertheless it is still a good piece and variety for action scenes. In replacement of the vocals, the strings and flute solo takes centre stage. I find the flute play fast and creative, which I also feel is the part of the song which I liked best.
The Dreamers is next in line not only because of the violin play, but the Latin guitar pickings. How I wish I could try and follow the fast and smooth pickings even though it’s just a short stretch but until today I can’t because well, it’s just too fast. Oh well, I guess I have to be happy and satisfied by just listening to it. Of course both the violin and guitar complement this piece well.
If you have watched the TV series, then you should very well know and remember that Through The Gate is a dramatic lively piece whereby the gang finishes its mission of finding a piece of Sakura’s feather in the present world and are preparing to leap though a time dimensional gate to the next world. Likewise, Believe is another upbeat track whereby it gives a feeling of another mission accomplished. With heavy bass lines and dynamic string pieces, it also gives off a sensation of hope.
I Talk To The Rain is a song which initially starts off in a dramatic slow pace as it incorporates slow strings and solo mezzo voices. Then the piece picks up in tempo before ending on a slower and melancholic note. If You Are My Love is a slow piano piece which gives off emotions of sadness and sorrowfulness. The slow strings and flute enhances this effect. A piece which is mainly played by flute (at the start) and strings (from the middle) and is accompanied by the gentleness of the piano is Blue Clouds. This slow song at least gives off a calm and soothing sentiment like that feeling you get on a nice bright and blue sunny day.
A slow piano solo is suitable for the track Lost Wings (though as the song progresses, you can hear slow strings in the background) and is yet another one of those soothing background music. If my memory serves me well, I think there is a vocal and more upbeat version of this song sung by the seiyuus of Sakura and Syaoran. Though Sakura’s voice of singing her part in this tune isn’t bad, however it is Syaoran’s voice which instantly had my hairs stood on ends. Uh huh. So unfitting. I never wanted to hear this song ever again. Ship Of Fools sounds a bit like an Arabian song because of the tune of the voices and other musical instruments like bell chimes which brings to mind such Middle Eastern impressions. Like running through the markets of a Persian street while being pursued by Arabic guards. Yeah, feels like that. I’m not sure what string instrument they use for Strange Names because this piece too sounds like another one of those Arabian tunes. I’m sure the tune of the flute does.
I’m sure that there are a variety of other beats throughout the 4 albums, ranging from slight variations (in terms of musical instrument variety) or total revamp (but keeping the main tune of the piece intact). Whether they are fast or slow, upbeat or sad, depending on your flavour in music, I’m sure that there is one which will suit your taste, even if you’re not a fan nor have you watched the series. Besides the original soundtrack, there are also vocal albums, which are compilations of all the full versions of opening and ending themes of the TV series and also vocal tracks from the original soundtrack. Those who are infatuated with the series and still can’t get enough would be happy to know that there are several Drama CDs and albums. For me, I’m satisfied with the handful of background music that I have. So even if I don’t rewatch the series, hearing these tracks sure do bring back nice memories when I was watching them. Though by now, I can’t remember much of it ;p.

Tsubasa Chronicle

Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations

October 11, 2008

When I first read that the anticipated third season was being scrapped, I was a little saddened. I thought Tsubasa Chronicle was quite a nice dimension hopping adventure series and perhaps a trilogy would make a better end for it. One reason why the third season was discontinued was because, as I read, the creators of the series wasn’t really happy of how the producers handled the second season, and thus decided to call off the project for the third season. Well, to me the second season seems fine although there are some parts which still confuses me.
In replacement of the third season, the producers decided to come up with a 3 episode OVA entitled Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations. One might think that there isn’t much since it’s only 3 episodes long and that there is only 1 world to visit. Well in the tv series, the amount of episodes for a normal story arc is around that number. In addition, this OVA reveals the true intentions of Fei Wong Reed, that villain who keeps watching our travelling heroes from the sanctuary of his unknown base. Plus, a shocking truth about the other Syaoran that we always see in his capsule…
Episode 1
The episode starts off with the usual gang of 5 entering a whole new world courtesy of Mokona’s powers. From their conversation, I think that they have just escaped from that library country with that Book Of Memories (the one where Sakura’s feather was on the book’s cover). Since it’s been over more than a year since I’ve watched the second season, I can’t really remember much, that’s why I’m really confused when this episode starts. You see, the gang barely manages to escape from an attack in that previous world through the use of Fye’s magic. Fans of the series would know that Fye will never use his magic but he notes how that time was different. I actually didn’t think they were attacked at the end of that library world’s story arc. Not that I could really remember. An important development that I remembered was that the other Syaoran in Fei Wong’s world temporarily took control of the real Syaoran and made him go wild and violent while retrieving Sakura’s feather.
In this new world that they have just arrived in, it is an alternate dimension of Tokyo, Japan. Only difference is that the whole city seems to be like an aftermath of a big war with destroyed buildings and monuments everywhere and the place seems void of the usual hustle and bustle of modern day Tokyo. In other words, it’s like a dead ghost town. In addition, the rain which falls on this place is acidic. Now this explains why there isn’t any life form. With the acid rain burning their skins and Sakura in unconscious mode (as always whenever she receives a feather), the gang quickly took shelter in a nearby large seemingly abandoned building. So there are skeletal corpses lying around. Lots of them. Mokona as usual sense a great power underground but isn’t sure whether it is Sakura’s feather or not.
As Syaoran and Mokona goes deeper into the building to investigate, they are being greeted (attacked actually) by several crossbow arrows. He tried his best to dodge them, but one of them hit his left thigh. Several hooded people appears and tells Syaoran of his impending doom because he has set foot on their territory as they suspect him to be a thief. Before they could finish off the injured Syaoran a rock is thrown to deflect the arrow. It’s Kurogane to the rescue. Kurogane tells Mokona to give him his sword (remember that little white manjuu can keep lots of things inside its mouth). So a cool short one-on-one battle ensues Kurogane and the leader of the gang, Kamui. After trading blows, Kamui decides not to go on and proceeds to go back underground and let the rest handle the newcomers.
The hooded group decided not to kill Syaoran and co because Kamui didn’t kill them so they think it’s unnecessary. They explain that underneath this building lies a great pool of fresh water when Kurogane asks. Ah, that explains why they are protecting it. Fye then reassures them that they are not thieves and that they are from another far away place. The gang are then taken upstairs and Syaoran treated for his wounds. They learn that this place has experienced acid rain for the last 15 years and any water on the surface is undrinkable nor usable and their only source to carry on living was the one underneath this building, the Tokyo Government Office. Unlike other structures, this one seems to not get affected by the acid rain and is the only 1 of the 2 structures standing firm, the other being the tower which is not far from here and has its own source of freshwater underneath. Thing is, with the scarcity of freshwater, the survivors has been divided into several factions and they fight among each other for the water. Thus there is another rival group based at the tower.
Night falls and Fye wishes Sakura would never wake up in this world. There is some little dramatic talk between Fye and Kurogane about the use of the former’s magic and running away from somebody. Also something on Fye doesn’t want to get anyone hurt or involved with his own personal problems. Not that Kurogane really cares but he is still sharp nevertheless and tells him to face reality. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that ever-smiling face magician had such a dejected expression before. Their conversation is interrupted when one of the hooded members, Kusunagi, enters. Meanwhile Sakura is having a weird dream of someone telling her that she shouldn’t be here and that she has to wake up before the dream catches her.
The next day, Syaoran, Fye and Mokona leaves with the hooded group to hunt for giant monstrous worms, while Kurogane stays by Sakura’s side. Something about this as their food source. The hooded group are amazed with Syaoran’s skill when he takes out a giant worm in a single strike. Soon, another group of people arrives from the other side of the bridge. They are the rival group from the tower. Their leader, Fuuma, still wants their water, so Kamui engages in another hand-to-hand combat with Fuuma. Since they are evenly matched, the battle shortly ends when Fuuma’s subordinates report to him about their tower soon to be attacked. Fuuma and his underlings then left. Back at the office, Syaoran and co finds out that Kamui appeared in this world 2 years ago and they thought he was a thief just life Syaoran. They didn’t kill him because he looked like a lost child. Then after seeing the underground water, Kamui then vowed to protect it. So when Syaoran and co arrived in this world, they thought he was somewhat similar to Kamui as they had something they were after.
Sakura’s weird dream continues and she is being swallowed by a ball of light. Kurogane notices Sakura’s tiny hands moving but soon realizes that she is no longer breathing and calls for help. At the same time, Mokona’s feather-sensing "Mekkyou~" activates and it tells Syaoran that there is a feather of Sakura’s right underneath the office building. Just then, Kamui points a crossbow at Syaoran to prevent him from going there. But Kamui backs down when Mokona pleads to him that Sakura’s feather is the precious thing Syaoran is looking for. Back in Fei Wong’s lair, the other Syaoran breaks free from his capsule. Xing Huo then decides to help him by using her one-time-only ability to send him to another dimension as she claims that the dream has to end. This Syaoran soon arrives in modern day Tokyo and it seems that dimensional witch, Yuuko, is waiting for him.
Episode 2
Continuing from the previous episode, the other Syaoran makes a wish to Yuuko that he wants to be where his right eye is. As fans should know, in order for this witch to grant a wish, something valuable to that person must be exchanged as a price. I’m not sure of the reasoning, but Yuuko mentioned that since he has sacrificed his relationship, time and freedom while being in that capsule, she grants his wish since she has already received that payment in advance. I’m confused. But this is just the first series of confusions yet to come for me.
Back at the acid Tokyo world, when Mokona detects the presence of a feather of Sakura, the hooded group tries to prevent them from going further, citing only authorized personnel can do so. Kamui is underground and the water soon starts to glow. As Kamui dives in, he spots an unconscious Sakura absorbing the feather. With that, the protective barrier over the office building vanishes. Wait a minute. How did Sakura ended up down there? I thought she wasn’t breathing and what happened to Kurogane who’s supposed to be by her side? Did he allow her to go there? But at least this proves that the office was being protected by the power of the feather. Soon Syaoran jumps into the water as he thinks Kamui is going to attack Sakura. Kamui retaliates and we see his fingernails growing longer and sharper as he cuts Syaoran. Wait a minute. This guy is a vampire? He’s saying that someone by the name of Subaru will awaken if he drinks Syaoran’s blood. Syaoran then remembers how he is similar to Seishirou. Wait a minute again. Seishirou is a vampire too? I didn’t know that. Since Kamui found out that he knows Seishirou, he is going to kill them both. The fight continues as Syaoran wouldn’t allow anyone to lay a finger on Sakura. Kamui notices the change in Syaoran’s character.
Because the duo are taking quite some time underwater (I wonder if they could really hold their breaths for a long time even after moving so much and being wounded), Fye dives in only to his surprise finds Syaoran holding up a wounded Kamui, but is soon healed by the blood in the water. Fye tries to convince Kamui that Syaoran is a good kid. Yuuko and Fei Wong then felt the seal of the right eye is broken. Now this is the confusing part. Fei Wong narrates that the Syaoran who has been travelling all the while is actually a clone of the real one, which is the one in the capsule! HUH?! The real Syaoran is a descendant of Clow Reed and the purpose of making this clone is to collect all the feathers. The real Syaoran gives his right eye and copies his heart to the clone. Since Fei Wong is unable to destroy the clone without removing the right eye, he sends Syaoran to Clow Kingdom anyway since the clone’s purpose is to collect all the feathers. Until Yuuko interfered, his plans has always gone accordingly. Also, the real Syaoran’s magic has been halved then and is waiting for a time in which he could break free from an imprisonment spell Fei Wong put on him. Due to Fei Wong’s tremendous powers, Yuuko wasn’t able to interfere directly and could only hope for the real Syaoran to awake. With the seal of the right eye broken, Yuuko knows the heart Syaoran gave the clone will return to him. Do you get all this? Now I’m really blur.
Back at the underground water, Kamui sense that someone from another dimension is coming. Fye knows of this real Syaoran but tries to use his magic to seal it as he feel that the clone’s heart was created from all those he loved and doesn’t want it to lose the heart. However, it didn’t work out. The clone kicks Fye and decides to take Fye’s eyes because he knows that it is the source of his magic. Meanwhile Kurogane is carrying Sakura in his arms down to the underground water when she starts to disappear (I thought she was underwater? Maybe this short moment is to show what happened before to her and how she got there). By the time Kurogane arrives, the water has completely disappeared.
Okay, this part was really disturbing because clone Syaoran extracts Fye’s left eye and eats it! Oh no! I don’t recall Fye in the second season to be one eye blind. He would have taken out the other eye too if not for a furious Kurogane who starts attacking the clone. He also notices this isn’t the real Syaoran he used to know. Nevertheless, the clone fights back and even uses his newly acquired magic. The real Syaoran soon appears. Sakura then suddenly wakes up and witness the heart from the clone fly into the real one. The real Syaoran says that with the seal broken, there is no way of returning the heart to the clone. Fye knew of this and yet he tried, which made Kurogane mad. The real Syaoran further explains that he has watched everything that has happened so far on their journey through the clone’s right eye and had always hoped that the clone’s heart would change and consider Sakura as important, rather than the real one’s heart. The clone seems unfazed by all this and continues attacking the real Syaoran. Kurogane orders Mokona to spit out a sword but the clone intercepts and takes it instead. The real Syaoran then said when he gave his heart to the clone back then, he also hoped that the clone’s heart will grow and change instead of being something like a mindless robot. And if ever that did not happen by the time the seal is broken, he will have to eliminate him. The real Syaoran creates his own flaming sword and sends the clone flying. Before he can land the killing blow, Sakura stops them and pleads not to kill him. The clone uses this distraction to stab him in the leg.
The clone then approaches some pod and cuts it open to reveal a feather of Sakura’s. He forcefully returns the feather to Sakura and vows how he will collect all her feathers. Sensing no more feathers in this world, the clone then decides to go to the next world alone. Sakura tries to stop him but he shakes her off and continues his journey through the portal. Sakura then goes into unconscious mode again when someone emerges from the pod and grabs her. He is Subaru, another vampire. He apologizes to her for waking her up at a painful time. Though Kamui is glad to see his twin brother alive and wants to leave for the next world, Subaru tells him to wait a little longer. Kurogane confronts the real Syaoran and asks him about the crest on his clothes. Syaoran confirms that this is the crest of the organization which killed his mother.
So okay, a lot of what-the and what-is-happening moments and I’m still trying to absorb and digest what is happening. A lot of new questions for me arise just because I don’t read the manga (not sure even if it’s explained there) like was Kamui waiting for the revival of Subaru to go to the next world and even so how did Subaru ended up in that pod, and why didn’t Kamui just sliced that pod open or whatsoever if he wanted to leave this world together. Other than that, I don’t really recall the clone Syaoran having appeared in the second season because the way they show it, it was like heck, it has always been the same Syaoran from day 1. Another thing is, if Fei Wong had kidnapped Syaoran when he was young, so which means back on the 1st episode of the 1st season meaning to say that Syaoran is a fake all along! Even when Sakura’s feathers started to scatter back then, it’s like all these were part of Fei Wong’s plan. That guy is really one heck of a good planner. Oh yeah, by the way, Xing Huo looks like she is dead because Fei Wong was narrating some lines by himself and he did quipped how she can’t react back.
Episode 3
Anybody would get mad if they have killed their mother. That’s what Kurogane felt and he’s going to take it out on Syaoran if not for Yuuko’s hologram communication advice not to do so through Mokona’s mouth. Besides being cute, that white little creature is sure useful. Yuuko tells Kurogane that his mother’s real killer was the same person who has imprisoned this Syaoran. But for now, they are focused on treating Fye. But Fye doesn’t want to be saved because he thinks that since the clone has got part of his magic source, letting him live will only let the clone to continue existing. Though Kurogane is mad on the way Fye answered, he asks Yuuko if there is a way to save him. Of course, there is a way but it comes at a very high price. Soon the hooded group comes in to tell them that the underground water has all vanished. Though Syaoran feels that everything that has happened is his fault, Subaru says otherwise and that he himself is to blame. To make things up, Subaru requests for Yuuko to refill the underground water. In exchange for this wish that is being requested by someone else, Subaru will use his blood to save Fye. Huh? It gets complicated when Yuuko says that since Kurogane was the one who doesn’t want Fye to die, he has to let Fye drink his blood the same time Fye drinks Subaru’s. Can there be a simpler way? Anyway this in turn will make Fye only able to drink Kurogane’s blood so this makes the latter responsible for both their lives. Healing can be such a complicated matter. Fye is against this so Kurogane shuts him up by saying that if he wants to die so much, he’ll kill him himself instead, but he needs to make sure that he’s alive and well till then. Fye has no choice but to oblige.
But it is Kamui who gives Fye his blood and the transformation is seemingly painful for Fye, after which he soon lose consciousness. After putting Fye to rest, Fuuma and his group arrives at the office building. Fuuma is holding a container which contains a Sakura feather. Due to the container’s power, this prevents Mokona or Syaoran clone from detecting its presence. Fuuma wants to make a deal. In exchange for the feather that Sakura absorbed earlier on, he wants Kamui to let his group from the tower to live together under the same office building. However Mokona says that feather is important as it is what they’ve been searching for throughout their journey. Sakura is now conscious and tells them that her feather is not important now. As everyone goes in to refill the underground water through some little pot with seemingly incessant flow of water that Yuuko sent through Mokona, Kamui notices Fuuma’s feather container is not of from this world. Fuuma says that he brought it from a different world and he is like a hunter just like his brother Seishirou, though they hunt for different things. Oh great. So this guy’s elder brother is Seishirou. It gives a whole new meaning to the term "It’s a small universe after all". This also means that Fuuma is from another world.
Now Yuuko is quite the businesswoman she is as she tells the gang about the price in return for refilling the water. Sakura says that she wants to do the job alone instead. After seeing Sakura off, Fuuma mentions how Seishirou wanted to see Subaru again but Kamui thinks otherwise and wouldn’t allow him to catch up with them, thus that’s why they’re dimension hopping. Meanwhile Mokona is having a chat with Syaoran and the former thinks how lonely it is for him to be cooked up in that capsule as it feels he wanted to travel and experience adventure with the gang even though Syaoran says that he has watched everything through his right eye. Fye then wakes up and says he can’t forgive Kurogane who chose to let him live. Yuuko reminds him that his pain is the same as what Syaoran and Sakura are going through.
Speaking of Sakura, she is hovering through the wastelands on some hover bike when several giant monsters start attacking her. Sakura is thrown off her bike and is forced to take out her gun to defend herself from the menacing threat. Well, she can’t always play the role of a damsel in distress or sleeping beauty. Yeah, Sakura kicks butt too! Okay, maybe not as skilful as the rest but it’s better than screaming and standing there helplessly waiting for help to arrive. The gun really does pack a punch as it took out the monsters after several shots. Though Sakura is wounded, her determination made her trudge all the way to her goal, no matter how painful it is. When she reaches some place, it seems the price Yuuko wanted was some glowing egg-like thingy. I wonder why if such thing is valuable to Yuuko. Or she just prefer to see the suffering of people going through while retrieving it. A two-headed giant snake is guarding it and smacks Sakura against the wall. Woah. Very bloody. Remember, this is to show that Sakura isn’t just a soft girl. She uses her gun to kill off the snake and finally manages to retrieve the egg. With her increasing injuries, Sakura struggles in pain back home. Unfortunately, she has lost her trail after trying to retrace her steps. I’m not sure if she’s seeing things. That’s because Sakura saw a little girl which looks exactly like Sakura of Card Captor Sakura! Now this is really a cross-over series. Sakura wonder who she is (in my mind, I’m snickering and saying, "Hey that’s you from a previous and different world. Haha"). That young girl beckons Sakura to follow her.
Back at the office building, Fye has realized that Sakura has went alone to retrieve the price for Yuuko. He doesn’t seem to like the idea and wants to go and get back Sakura but is stopped by Syaoran who tells him that by doing so, it will only hurt her even more. Mokona then spots Sakura approaching from a distance and the gang rushes to her side. Sakura apologizes to Fye saying that he’s suffering more than her but is glad that he is alive. Fye is overcome with emotions and hugs her. After Sakura gives the egg to Yuuko, Yuuko decides to tell them Fei Wong’s real intentions. Fei Wong’s goal is to scatter Sakura’s memories in order to get his wish. He needs 2 things. First, the ruins of Clow Kingdom and second, for Sakura to retrieve those memories while she visits those different worlds. But Sakura is unconscious most of time so how can she have all those memories if her eyes aren’t open? Well, Yuuko says that another way her memories would accumulate is through a vessel, in this case, her body. So even if she’s asleep, her body has visited that world and accumulated memories from there. Further to his plans to scatter Sakura’s memories, he creates another Syaoran to kill Kurogane’s mom. At first I was thinking why it take so long for him to kill Kurogane’s mom because Kurogane was a little kid back that time and when he was sent away by Tomoyo, he was already a grown adult. Then I thought, maybe in different dimensions, time differs. Thus, it was Fei Wong’s plan to gather the group of Syaoran, Fye and Kurogane as a protection for Sakura as she visited different worlds. Come to think of it, the 3 guys have always did so. Wow. That’s really thinking far and ahead. I’m sure lots of people wants to go head-hunting for this guy.
Even though the journey of the gang was planned by Fei Wong, Yuuko believes that everything else after that was based on their own free will. Even as of now. Sakura then says she wants to continue her journey to look for that clone Syaoran even if Yuuko warns her that this is what Fei Wong had planned. Fye then says he wishes to go with her because since the clone has his left eye, he might be of use to help find him. Sakura asks if that is his true feelings, Fye replied it is and kisses her hand. The rest too agrees to continue their journey with her because Syaoran believes there is something he wants to take back. Soon after Sakura’s wounds are healed, they decide to depart to the next world. But before that, Sakura shows her kind side by allowing to leave this single feather of hers in this world. As she drops the feather into the underground water, Mokona starts its usual dimension hopping process as everyone else sees them off. I’m wondering why Kamui, Subaru and Fuuma are staying. Didn’t they want to leave this place? Maybe later after they sort things out in this world. During the process, Sakura remembers that little girl who guided her back safely and wonders who she is. I have a theory. If Sakura had absorbed that feather, then probably she will have memories of herself during her days of Card Captor Sakura! Hahaha! She might scream in disbelief and say "OMG! I can’t believe my previous life was a mahou shoujo (magical girl)!". HAHAHAH!!! Just kidding. But I guess we’ll never know.
To the next world…
Okay, so this OVA does raise a lot of questions for me. Even after watching the final episode, I still can’t seem to put the pieces together. I’m as blur as always. Since this OVA happened during the middle of the second season, I’m wondering how the later half of the second season has been affected by this. If I can recall, nothing from this OVA seems to have. I mean as mentioned, Fye is now blinded in one eye but in the tv series, no affect from this at all. How about the real Syaoran and the clone? Don’t remember seeing them or even any indication which explains that there are 2 Syaorans actively hopping dimensions. Then in the end, I’m still wondering what is Fei Wong’s real wish. Perhaps its to rule the world or get rid of Yuuko once and for all as what that dimensional witch has explained so far was just his intentions and the process of doing so. But I’ve really got to hand it to that guy for being the best planner I’ve ever known in my life. No wonder he looks so calm while watching Syaoran and co adventuring, even if it doesn’t go according to his plans. See, always have a back-up plan.
Even with all that confusion, I still find this OVA to be quite enjoyable. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t watched this series for a long time and when I heard it was coming out, it brought back nostalgic memories of both the seasons. Though I find the animation quality to be quite good, I read that many viewers expressed that the OVA’s quality was way better than the tv series since a different company produced this one. Not that I can tell the difference anyway.
But mainly here, the drama are mainly focused between Fye and Kurogane. At first, I thought the other characters from this world would have some sort of impact but in the end, I felt it was back to the usual gang. Perhaps 3 episodes weren’t long enough to cover all the areas in the manga and maybe those characters like Fuuma, Kamui and Subaru would make future appearances in future chapters of the manga. Not that I’m so interested in this and would go rush and read the manga. But if there really is going to be another production, be it OVA or third season, I will definitely be putting this one on my priority to watch list.
The opening theme is sung by Yui Makino and is entitled Synchronicity. It sounds very dramatic with all those hymn-like voices at the beginning, which fits this OVA series very well. I was actually thinking that Kinya would do the opening theme for this one because in the past 2 seasons, he did the opening themes for this series. Likewise Maaya Sakamoto did sing all the ending themes, including this OVA one which is entitled Saigo No Kajitsu (The Last Fruit). Though this piece still sounds dramatic but it has a slower and sad tone to it. Not only that, it is over 2 minutes long as compared to the standard 1 and a half minutes in most animes. I kinda noticed that Mokona here doesn’t do its usual genki happy happy sound. It sounded more worrisome. Perhaps this is due to the dramatic and melancholy tone of the OVA. Uh huh. Don’t expect any comic relief here.
Hopefully with many viewers having favourable views of the OVA, a continuation should be timely to satisfy hardcore fans of the series. Though I won’t consider myself one, but I just love the fact of going on an adventure through different worlds and some of them really have breathtaking views. Okay, so maybe besides the increasingly baffling and perplexing twist and turns of the storyline, that’s a different matter. I hope that things will turn out well for Syaoran and Sakura in the end. Even if the journey will take forever. But as they say, love does transcend time and space. Now if there is another season or if it takes many years for it to come out, I’m thinking perhaps I should hop to another different dimension to watch it. Like that is possible. What would I trade in exchange for it? Watching animes? That’ll defeat the whole purpose alright.
Tsubasa Chronicle

More worlds, more feathers, more characters and more drama. Yup, the adventures of Syaoran, Sakura and co continues in the second season of Tsubasa Chronicle. The motley crew of 5 feather hunting travellers will encounter more obstacles and challenges this season in their seemingly neverending quest.
While watching the second season, there were some parts in certain episodes that didn’t make sense. In other words, crap. Yeah, it was as though as it was just out of convenience and for fillers and such. But perhaps since this is a fantasy dimension hopping adventure, you’d think it’d be okay, right? Not. Didn’t felt like that. I mean, it could’ve been better.
But instead of harping on the little bad points, this show isn’t that all bad. And I can say that it’s equal if not a little better than the first season. That’s the reason why I decided to continue watching the second season. At least, there isn’t a world that they’re stuck in for a long 9 episodes (yeah, like the last one in the previous season)! Maybe towards the end, it’s a little bit long, but not so bad actually.
With another additional 26 episodes, I believe there’s gonna be some flashbacks and character insights of Fye and Kurogane. Also, this is one of the several anime series where the second season isn’t been given another or additional title. Like most of the other animes which spans a sequel, usually, a second title is given to indicate that it’s the next season and would be deemed ‘another anime title’. Anime fans should know what I mean. Whereas in Tsubasa Chronicle, it’s like a continuation (which it is). And even before the second season was released, there has been plans that a third season would be released in mid 2007! Talk about foresightedness.
But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and focus on the second season first. Of course, it’s adviseable to watch the first season first or else you’ll have a hard time figuring and putting lots of things together. The start of the second season doesn’t have that usual long flashback of what happened in the first season. But just a short one just to refresh one’s memories. And they blend it quite well while the gang have already arrived in the new world and not as some beginning-of-the-story-flashback-recap manner. Which is a good thing.
So in episodes 27-29, the gang have arrived in Piffle World. Looks like this world is quite futuristic as there are futuristic vehicles zooming in the air and tall futuristic looking towers. But the episode does start off with Syaoran having some kind of weird dream. The one of his mysterious twin in some tube. But Syaoran’s abruptly awaken by Mokona after that. Here, Syaoran and co are planning to enter the Dragonfly Race. Why? Simple. The winning prize for the race is a piece of Sakura’s feather. And just to be safe and increase their chances of getting the prize, all of them are gonna enter it.
Also, Sakura seems to hit it off well with Tomoyo Daidouji, the president of the Piffle Princess Company, the organization organising the race, which also seemed to look so much like the Tomoyo princess of Kurogane’s world (duh!). And since the 2 are like so friendly with each other, it reminded me of their relationship back in Card Captor Sakura. Plus, Tomoyo views Sakura as the heroine (meaning winner) of the race. Call it her foretelling powers or biasness, but Tomoyo seems keen on Sakura winning the race. Of course, the legal way lah. Unfortunately, Sakura doesn’t pretty much handle the dragonfly race car too well, crashing it most of the time. It’s a good thing she doesn’t have a real driving licence.
The day of for qualifying for the top 12 spots for the final race has come. You know you’ve been hopping to too many worlds when each and every competitors looked like the ones from the worlds that they had visited previously. Coincidence? Hehe. Anyway, to cut things short, the 4 of them managed to qualify for the finals with Sakura and Syaoran coming in the 11th and 12th spot respectively. Yeah, looks like there’s some foreign substance in the engine which made many of the racers facing with engine problems and Syaoran just barely made it. Tomoyo thinks there’s a sabotager among the racers. Hmm…
While Syaoran, Fye and Kurogane investigates who may be behind all this, Syaoran befriends another racer, Ryuuoh (that character from that 9 episode long season one) and rekindled some friendship with him, though the latter doesn’t know what’s going on. Yeah, they hit it off like as though they’ve been best friends before. Well, in another time and dimension, that is. At the same time, Tomoyo too is doing her own investigation. And it seems that 2 of the participants, Shougo (from the first world they visited in season 1) and Nokoru of CLAMP Campus Detectives (Akira and Suoh are there too) are part of Tomoyo’s security and entered the race as a precautionary measure.
The final race starts with Sakura being chosen as pole position (by chance or bias?). Of course, somebody else is sabotaging the race course as the obstacles themselves have become more dangerous. One by one the finalists have been brought down and even Fye and Kurogane have been taken out. Syaoran and Ryuuoh were also out of the race after Syaoran used his own dragonfly ship to break Ryuuoh’s fall due to some explosion which caused the nearby rocks to crash on Ryuuoh’s dragonfly ship. Looks like it’s up to Sakura.
Meanwhile Tomoyo managed to track down the culprit sabotaging the race track, which leads her to the Piffle Princess Building. Syaoran and Ryuuoh also managed to get there after they asked some med ship to take them there. It seems that it’s Tomoyo’s secretary who’s partly behind all this and he’s gonna shoot down Sakura’s dragonfly ship and she’s just moments away from the finish line. Because Syaoran and Ryuuoh worked together to stop him and later have him arrested, Sakura was able to cross the finish line and win the race. However, Syaoran felt that there is still 1 more culprit on the loose.
At the prize giving ceremony, before Sakura can absorb her feather, an explosion occurs. And yes, the culprit is one of the racers, the one which looked like Dr Kyle (from that snowy Victorian world in season 1). Wait a minute. He IS the real Dr. Kyle! Oh no. He’s gonna take Sakura’s feather but luckily, Mokona unleashed one of its 108 super secret technique, super sucking (haha) that is, to get it back. Seeing that he has failed, Dr Kyle then opens up a portal and vanishes into it. That’s about all we’ll ever see him for the rest of this season. Bye. See you next time.
Then here’s the crap part. Tomoyo tells the gang why she was so eager to let Sakura win. It seems that the Tomoyo of Kurogane’s world came to tell this Tomoyo in her dream that there’ll be some time travellers who’ll come looking for a feather. What the?! Can that Tomoyo do that? Who would she know that Syaoran and co will end up in this world? I mean, the feather has appeared in this Piffle world for over a year already and they actually patiently waited that long? Wouldn’t this Piffle world Tomoyo freak out to see another of herself and telling her this sort of things? Yeah, the power of dreams. Even the Tomoyo of Kurogane’s world had left some message and comments to this Tomoyo to pass the message to Kurogane. But anyway, just before they leave, Tomoyo had one last chat with Sakura saying how she and her company will create some technology to cross dimensions so that they can see each other again. Yeah, you do. In Card Captor Sakura anime, that is. Haha.
Episode 30 is the start of several one-episoders. In the next new world… erm… well, actually it isn’t a new world. They’ve actually gone back to one of the worlds they visited in season 1. I felt that the producers may have ran out of ideas of what new world they should make. Anyway, once the gang arrived, Mokona instantly felt a Sakura feather nearby and it looks like it’s embedded in a rock. Upon closer inspection, it’s actually a horn of a dragon. And there’re a few villagers aftering it too. Remember that last episode in season 1, whereby there’s some temple floating in the sky and where Sakura wished for the dead people to come back to life? Yeah, it’s that world again. Actually, Fei Wong Reed has had a hand in it, controlling where they go on their journey, and he wants them to experience a ‘painful’ lesson. I didn’t know this guy could do that. I thought he’s just watching them. Yup, Xing Huo’s still there with him.
One of the guys, Sorata, recognized them and was glad that they had returned. Why? It seems that shortly after they’ve left, that God in that temple told them that those who’re brought back to life will be gone during the next new moon. What’s this? Have they been short-changed? So the villagers thought that by doing the same thing like what Sakura did, they’ll be able to prevent this from happening. They managed to obtain the feather as Sakura heads for the temple in the sky and prayed for another miracle. Unfortunately this time, that God refused, saying that lives which have been lost cannot be regained and that earlier miracle was just a short one. What the?! What crap is that?! In the first place if it’s like that, then it shouldn’t happen at all. That God can be a good con artist.
This prompts Sakura to have a flashback of one of her memories about failing to bring a dead rabbit back to life. So, the villagers have to come to terms and accept their fate that they’ll be gone when the time comes. We see them disappearing in green sparkles of light and Arashi and Sorata hugged each other before they too disappear (seems that after Sorata died, Arashi also passed away but never told him when they returned, much to Sorata’s surprise when he found out). What a sad episode as the gang prepares to leave. Lesson of this episode: Since life is precious, make the most out of it while we’re alive, given that it cannot be brought back.
Another one-episoder for episode 31. This time, instead of landing on land, the gang finds themselves in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. Luckily, a ship was passing by and picked them up. To their surprise at first, the captain of the boat looked like that villain they encountered back in that Chinese setting world in season 1. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover, the captain who introduces himself as Tanbaru, is a good person actually. A total opposite. Of course in this world too, there isn’t any free ride as the gang has to work to earn their keep.
Tanbaru assigns Sakura, Mokona and Fye to the kitchen while Syaoran and Kurogane on the deck. There Syaoran met a young genius boy named Fujitaka, which is a young version of Syaoran’s late father! So mainly this episode sees the interaction between Syaoran and Fujitaka. Some chat here and there as they get to know more about each other. But during a rough storm, both of them were thrown overboard. The rest of the crew thought they may have gone too close to that rumoured dangerous Island Of The Dead, because of some ghostly laughing sound. It’s a feared island among the people of this world and they believe that it’s best to stay away from it. And the next morning, Syaoran and Fujitaka were washed up ashore on that island. Also Kurogane and gang decides to take a small boat there to rescue them because Tanbaru and the rest of the crew were reluctant to go there.
But on the island, because Syaoran had previously learned to be an archaeologist, he managed to inscribe some words on some tome and dispel certain myths like that ghostly laughing sound is actually caused by the wind blowing through some tunnel, which made it sound ominous in the first place. A sea monster attacked Kurogane’s boat while they’re on their way but Kurogane had no problem disposing it. Once Syaoran and Fujitaka were rescued and brought back to the boat, they told Tanbaru about the truth of the island, but they said it would be best to continue keeping it as a myth. Soon the gang prepares to leave to another world with Fujitaka telling Syaoran how he wants to become an archaeologist when he grows up and Syaoran whispering "Goodbye father" before they disappear. Well, looks like no feather here. Just a little character development and drama.
It’s a hattrick! Yeah, episode 32 is also another one-episoder. And after so long, for the first time this episode involves Fye. Yup, call it luck or what, all this while Fye hasn’t actually met an alter-ego from his world. The episode begins with Fye dreaming of running away from his King Ashura but awoken in a new city shrouded in darkness. In this world, an alter-ego of Touya and Yukito told the gang that people can use magic and the king of this city is chosen by the person they see in their dream. Funny. Have they ever at least heard of an election? Maybe not. So the current king isn’t fulfilling his responsibilities and this in turn caused the city to be covered in darkness and soon the people will start to lose their magic powers. Then 2 of the king’s servants (I think) Sumomo and Kotoko appeared and transport the whole gang to the castle where the king is. They want Fye to use his magic to convince the king, but Fye refuses as he says he doesn’t use magic anymore, resulting in them all being thrown into prison.
Kurogane managed to bust them all out but encountered some resistance. Along with Syaoran, they battle the guards as Fye and Sakura made their way up the castle to the king’s room. There to their surprise, they realized that the king is a girl and to Fye’s surprise, she looked like Chi from his world (Chobits fans should recognize her). Some flashback here and there before Sumomo and Kotoko told them that Chi lost her memories and will only regain them once she abdicates her throne. Mokona sensed that Chi may be lonely, unable to go outside and play. Soon, Fye approaches Chi and takes her hand. Then a bright glow of light shone from her and the 2 disappeared.
To cut things short, Fye and Chi went on a date. I think it’s part of Fye’s plan to regain her happiness and confidence back. But during their date, Fye and Chi encountered some hostile stone guards. Earlier on, the rest of the gang heard from Touya and Yukito that because Chi was created by some magician, she can’t set foot outside this city or else her magic won’t work and body will disappear. And if something happened to Chi, this city will forever be in darkness. So Kurogane and Syaoran rushed over the help Fye and Chi. But Chi teleports herself and Fye away to the city’s gate. There she tells Fye how she wants to run away with him but Fye refused because by doing so it’ll be a painful thing (like himself?). Some talk here and there.
Soon the sun starts rising as tears swelled up in Chi’s eyes. Fye suggests Chi to go back because everyone back there is waiting for her and they both embraced. I’m still not sure how this made the sun rise. Maybe it’s because Chi’s now happy and realized things? Since there’re no feathers here the gang decides to leave to another world with Sumomo and Kotoko thanking them for their efforts. This episode at least gave a little insight about Fye, though not much. I like the part at the end, which I think was made and inserted by a fan. Whereby we see a picture of Hideki crying and some words on screen saying something like "Chi… I thought we had something special…". Hahaha. For those who didn’t watch the series Chobits, this Hideki guy and Chi are supposed to be lovers. And in this episode Chi going out with Fye is like two-timing him. Hahahaha. Well, don’t worry, this is another time and universe.
In episodes 33-36, the gang arrived in Shara Country. But the thing is they didn’t land together. Syaoran, Sakura and Mokona end up with a group of female circus troupe, led by Suzuran, while Kurogana and Fye ended up at a shrine and a group of men who seemed to attack them at first but was stopped by the shrine priest, Souseki. To cut things short, it’s the battle of the sexes here. Men and women fight each other and are sworn enemies because they worship different gods. The women worshipped Ashura while the men worshipped Yasha and both sides have a statue of them to worship. Yeah, some RG Veda cross-over here. Though Syaoran is a boy, Suzuran allowed him to stay as a traveller. Yeah, it’s so funny to see Syaoran donning a female costume (the men are banned in this part of the country) and doing several circus acts.
Okay, there’re some explanations about the 2 gods but I didn’t quite understand nor remember. Then, even though men and women hate each other, it seems that Suzuran and Souseki are in love with each other and have their secret tryst somewhere in the woods. And they can’t let anybody else know about it or else, you know lah. Then something happened like both Ashura and Yasha statues began to glow and the sky ripped open. Mokona then in a trance sensed that there’s a feather in that rip and transports Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane and Fye there.
Though they arrived in a new world called Shura Country (it’s actually the same world. You’ll see why), Syaoran and Sakura still remained separated from Kurogane and Fye. There, Syaoran and Sakura are taken in by King Ashura, a women and leader of the Ashura tribe, who is fighting against King Yasha and his men. To Syaoran and Sakura’s surprise, they saw Kurogane and Fye fighting alongside King Yasha’s troops. Is it really them? I mean, they didn’t say a thing or indicate that they’re the real thing. Alter-egos of themselves? But both sides were magically transported back once the moon is overhead.
Back at King Ashura’s palace, she told Syaoran and Sakura that both tribes have long been battling each other to reach that castle in the sky. The reason? Whoever wins the war will get their wish granted. Hint hint. Of course, Sayoran wants to take part in the battle for reasons we all should know by now. So the night comes an another battle takes place. This time, Syaoran faces Kurogane. Syaoran has doubts whether he’s the real one or just an alter-ego because the sword that Kurogane’s carrying is the one that he got back in season 1 but his eyes were totally black.
While the 2 tribes slug it out. Sakura has a dream that of King Ashura and King Yasha’s past like how the 2 were once lovers and a fight between them led the former to injure and scar the latter’s face. Anyway, the fight ends in stalemate again. And the next morning Sakura finds Syaoran a little wounded as she tries to nurse him. Meanwhile in Fei Wong Reed’s lair, it seems that he’s blabbing about can’t having to let Syaoran die yet and he’s been sending him to ‘safe’ worlds and confident of obtaining some power back. Yeah, he’s still cautious about Yuuko. So much so, Syaoran’s eye starts to feel pain from time to time.
Anyway, once Syaoran is better, he and Sakura went to town to inquire more information about Kurogane and Fye. But during their time there, Syaoran’s pain in his eye starts to get worse and he could see multiple copies of himself in a reflected mirror nearby. I think King Ashura and Yuuko knows each other. I mean by the way the communicate and say things. Why, earlier on, King Ashura sent some eternal youth jar through Mokona so that she could get her wish to send Syaoran and co to Shura Country and messed up and broke Fei Wong Reed’s control over their journey. I don’t get it. How did King Ashura know about them in the first place? Through Yuuko? Maybe.
Another war looms that night as Syaoran and Kurogane resumed their unfinished business while King Ashura takes on King Yasha one-to-one. But it seems that Syaoran’s arms are moving on its own due to that alter-ego Syaoran back in Fei Wong Reed’s lair. When King Ashura stabbed King Yasha, they embraced before the former kissed the latter’s scarred eye. Then King Yasha disappears and becomes a glowing Sakura’s feather.
To cut things short, King Yasha had died a very long time ago and the one we saw was just and illusion, made possible by the power of the feather. And since King Ashura’s the only one left standing at the castle, she makes a wish for King Yasha to be revived back after giving back the feather to Syaoran and Sakura. But it’s impossible for that wish to come true as the castle starts to crumble. Syaoran saved King Ashura from the crumbling blocks and told her how once a person is dead, he/she cannot be revived, something which he learned during his travels (yeah, back in episode 30). Then King Ashura contacts Yuuko and wants her to make another request, that is to make both Ashura and Yasha into gods for the future of the world, as proof that even there’re things that gods cannot do.
Back on land, the castle in the sky disappears and Syaoran told one of King Ashura’s general that if he should ever find the remains of King Ashura and King Yasha, they should be buried together, which he agrees. Soon Mokona transport them back to Shara Country. Then we find out that the Kurogane and Fye Syaoran battled then were the real ones. Although not sure why their eyes turned black, because they were transported without Mokona, they’re unable to communicate with each other. But it seems Kurogane understood a little of the Yasha’s tribe language and did the talking (how ironic). And the reason why he didn’t tell Syaoran they were the real selves was because Kurogane wanted Syaoran to be serious when he fights him. If Syaoran had known the truth, he wouldn’t go all out.
But the thing which caught me by surprised is that the gang didn’t actually transport to another world, but back to the past! Yeah, all those battles that happened were actually happened in the past. Uh-huh, Shura Country is actually the past of Shara Country. And they changed the future, huh. Then I thought, if it was the past, then Sakura’s feather should’ve been in the present time when they first arrived right? I mean, they didn’t have to go all the way back in time to get it. Unless, going back in time to retrieve it was the reason why the feather isn’t in the present in the first place.
Back at Shara Country, the gang is surprised to find that the men and women are now getting along very well. It looks like the circus troupe members don’t remember who Syaoran and Sakura is. And the gang are back just in time to witness a wedding ceremony between Suzuran and Souseki. They also saw a statue of Ashura and Yasha together as one with a strand of Syaoran’s hair and Sakura’s ribbon in a box below it. They changed the future alright. Then Mokona swallowed up 2 swords from the statue and sends it to Yuuko as payment for making both gods. And looks like they’re off to another world. Meanwhile, Fei Wong Reed watches in frustration as his plans had go a little awry with Yuuko’s intervention. But he’s not gonna let this small hurdle stop his ultimate goal and prepares to plan for his next step.
It’s back to another on-episoder in episode 37. But this time, except Mokona, the rest of the gang are in chibi form! Yeah, those 4 ended up in some story book. Mokona wakes up to find that Sakura’s feather is attached to a pen. Then a lady storyteller appears and agrees to return the feather to Mokona because he asked but Mokona must find a way to get them out of the story first.
What do you expect if Mokona’s the scriptwriter. Uh-huh. Some hilarious ideas he got there. He makes Kurogane as Syaoran and Sakura’s homeroom teacher and the latter 2 are supposed to be childhood friends with a promise to marry each other. Typical. While Syaoran and Sakura are having lunch, Syaoran’s being dragged away by Fye, who’s another teacher, to decipher some inscriptions. What is that Mokona shaped statue doing there? Oh well. And it seems that Souseki and Suzuran are archaeologists too. Syaoran deciphers it as a warning not to touch some golden jar, which Fye then showed him is it the one. Darn. Some black smoke comes out of it and it possesed Kurogane who’s having lunch nearby and turned him into a monster. Well, it looked like Kurogane wearing a monster suit. And Syaoran continues to decipher that the only way to seal it back is to kiss in front of the ruins.
Well, Syaoran and Sakura nearly had one, that is, until an explosion blew them away. In the end, Souseki and Suzuran kissed, making that Mokona statue to glow and a mecha Mokona (I didn’t know this creature was that creative) sucked the monster Kurogane along with Syaoran, Sakura and Fye into its stomach, before spitting them out through Mokona’s real mouth and into the real world. Though the 4 of them don’t seem to remember their time there, Mokona finds the storyteller missing. Even that portrait of her in the picture is gone. Mokona felt a little down but Sakura told Mokona that he could keep that feather for a little while and could return to her when they land in their next world, much to Mokona’s happiness. As the gang jumps to the next world, the current world then slowly becomes white and everything in it vanishes. Um… So is that world real or not? But this episode is quite a light-hearted one.
The gang landed on a desert road which looked like those in America in episodes 38-39. Bad news number 1. They’re in the middle of the road and a truck is coming fast their way. Okay, luckily they managed to get away in time. Bad news number 2. The feather Mokona was holding seemed to slip from his hands and got stucked to that truck. And that truck is going away. I suppose giving chase won’t do. You can’t outrun a truck at that speed. Fortunately a bus arrives. But bad news number 3, they need to pay for a fare in order to ride it. But there’s no conductor or bus driver in this automated bus. Luckily one of the bus passengers, Yuzuriha (the one from that long 9 episodes back in season 1) offers to pay on their behalf in exchange they help her with something.
There’re other passengers on the bus as well. A lady named Chitose, a loving couple on the run Shougo and Primera, and an old man that Syaoran and Kurogane bought their swords back at that previous season long 9 episodes story. Yuzuriha agreed to be that old man’s companion but finds it hard to strike up a conversation with him, which is what she wants them to help her with. Meanwhile, Shougo and Primera are suspicious about them because they think that Syaoran and co are aftering them. But Syaoran says he has nothing to do with them. Also Yuzuriha seems to pretty much click with Sakura. This Sakura girl can really make friends fast anywhere and anytime.
The bus then stops at a rest stop and the truck is there as well. And because that truck has stopped there for quite a while, it will soon be on its way again. Which means Syaoran has little time to grab the feather. Unfortunately, he didn’t managed to grab it but he injured his hand in the process. Yuzuriha who saw this then felt determined to help them. Another unfortunate thing is that, since it’s an automated bus, there’ll be at the rest stop for a designated time before it proceeds. Meaning their distance between the truck will always be constant.
Soon the bus moves but when it’s nightfall, it completely stops. According to Yuzuriha, there is a law which prevents travel at night, so all vehicles are grind to a complete halt. Bad news too. But good thing is, this will apply to that truck too. I guess this world the gang has encountered strings of bad luck when a group of biker gangsters decides to ambush the bus and they have already disabled the bus’s defence system. Syaoran and Kurogane stepped out and prepared themselves to face the gangsters. But part of Syaoran’s plan is to seize one of the bikes and go after the feather. Unfortunately, one of the gangsters blew up that bike before Syaoran could get away. Due to the might of Syaoran and Kurogane, the gangsters then decided to retreat for now.
Chitose fixes the bus defence system and the gang found out that she actually works for the company who made this kind of busses. She got tired of it all and took a trip to look for some answers in life for her future. We also find out that Primera’s some famous star but she got tired of her kind of life too (yeah, signing autographs until her hand got swollen) and decided to run away with her manger-cum-lover, Shougo. Thus, they’re running away from all those paparazzis and such. Mokona then sensed that the truck has stopped because the ‘Mekkyo’ feather feeling seems closer than it is. Upon reaching there, that truck seems to have a flat tyre. But it’s across the railroad. Yup, you’ve guessed it, a train is coming. Such nice timing.
Chitose tries to overwrite the auto pilot of the bus to a manual one (should have done that in the first place) to speed the bus up. Since the train is blocking them and that truck is going to move, after some auto self repair, Kurogane sprung Syaoran in the air over the passing train with his sword. Syaoran managed to cling onto the truck. But it seems that those biker gangsters are back and is gonna ruin it all by attacking Syaoran. Luckily, due to Chitose’s overwriting, she managed to control the laser beams on the bus and fired away at them. Just when Syaoran got hold of the feather, one of the missiles is heading for Syaoran and the laser beam missed it. This caused an explosion and sent Syaoran flying in the air but he was luckily caught by Kurogane and Fye on top of the bus below. Safe.
The bus finally reached its destination and everyone got off. Everyone thanked Syaoran and co and said their goodbyes. I guess the journey did change for a few. Like how Chitose’s glad she met Syaoran and can now move forward in life. Also, Shougo and Primera decides to tell the public about their relationship and not run away anymore. Then there’s something said by that old man which I couldn’t remember, something about life and not giving up.
Episode 40 is totally different and is quite refreshing. Why? Because this entire episode is a flashback on Kurogane’s past. Yeah, looks like the series takes a break from that feather hunting journey. It seems that when Kurogane was young, he seems cheerful and loved his monster slaying father and miko (priestess) mother very much. In the land of Suwa, Japan where Kurogane lived, it’s always under constant attacks from monsters and his father and his men must shoulder the burden to protect the country.
To cut things short in this sad episode, Kurogane’s father along with his other men died while trying to protect the country as the monsters’ attacks have become stronger and stronger. Then this is the part which I felt was done out of convenience. While Kurogane’s mom was praying in a room, some portal appeared and a hand with a sword stabbed her before it disappeared back. What the? Hmm.. But that symbol on that hand looked like the one like Fei Wong Reed. Anyway, Kurogane can only watch in horror. His father dropped that Ginryuu sword and Kurogane remembered some words like protect the ones he loved and becomes totally enraged and charged back at the monsters. He must have destroyed them all because that part was blacked out.
Later the empress of Japan came by and saw the place decimated and Kurogane sitting there with Ginryuu in total shock with his dead mother in his arms. The empress’s younger sister Tsukuyomi (looks like Tomoyo) tried to approach Kurogane but was attacked instead. Looks like Kurogane’s gone insane and he’s just gonna attack anybody. Tsukuyomi tried to calm Kurogane down but he still charges at her. When Kurogane’s calmed down, he only realized that both his parents were gone and cried uncontrollably with the others looking on. Hmm… I guess that’s why Kurogane grew up to be a tough survivor. Then back to present time, we see a teardrop from Syaoran in shock mode as he falls backwards. Fye grabs the book away from him and Kurogane caught him. Syaoran then apologizes to Kurogane, still crying. :'(
So it’s back to the present (new) world in episodes 41-43. It seems that in a library, there’s a magic book called the book of memories, which the first person to touch it will have his memories/past life transferred there and the next person who touches it will receive it. That’s what happened to Syaoran as he wakes up in the medical room with the rest of the gang next to him relieved. Mokona told them that they’re in a world called Rekoruto Country, a world filled with magic and… books. They also noticed that the book of memories has a pattern of Sakura’s feather on its cover. Upon further inspection, that book of memories is just a replica and the real one which has the Sakura’s feather is kept somewhere deep within the central library. Also, there’ll be some moments between Syaoran and Kurogane as the former understands the latter a little more and additional flashbacks of the aftermath of Kurogane since his parent’s passing.
So the gang head there but was told by the librarian that they’re not allowed to borrow the real book of memories. She continues to tell them that 3000 years ago some evil magician used that powerful feather and brought disaster to the world. Since then, the feather has been kept safely in the book of memories under the custody of the central library. But Syaoran is still bent on getting it and suggests of sneaking in. The gang walks down a long halfway before reaching an arch guarded by another librarian. She mentions that this is another security measure to protect the real book of memories. That is, if a person who walks through the gate with an intent of stealing the book, the security system will electrocute them. After some self believing (or rather rearranging their intentions) they managed to pass through the gate.
Mokona leads the group to where the feather is until they reached some magical barrier in the form of bookshelves. After pushing it away, some guardian beasts awakens and attacks them. Syaoran and Kurogane fights them but there’re many more approaching. So they all ran towards a glowing portal at the end of the path. They arrived at a desert landscape. Syaoran and Sakura recognized this as their Clow Kingdom! Could it be for real? Fye mentions that this maybe part of Sakura’s memories and how much she could remember it since the place is devoid of people as the gang explore their surroundings.
Anyway, Fei Wong Reed is going to unleash his new plan and it has something to do with that alter-ego Syaoran in the tube. Mokona managed to sense a feather at the place where Sakura lost her feathers/memories back in episode 1. So Syaoran and Kurogane went down to get it only to be faced with a guardian beast. Then Syaoran fell into a trance and that alter-ego Syaoran took control over Syaoran’s body movements. Kurogane noticed that he had become more violent and not himself as he destroyed the beast and rips the feather off the book and throws the book away. It seems when Syaoran comes to, he doesn’t remember what he has done. The place then reverts back to some dark hallway of the library as Sakura absorbs her feather.
By this time, the entire city is on alert that the feather has been stolen and more guardian beasts are going to attack them. Once outside, the road has been flooded and surprisingly Fye used his magic for the first time to protect them while Mokona prepares to teleport the group. Just when they thought they had arrived to another world, Mokona then felt sick and the gang realized that they’re still in Rekoruto Country.
So until Mokona recovers, the rest of the gang have to seek refuge in the library and avoid being detected by the authorities. Mainly here, Syaoran gets a continuation of Kurogane’s flashback when the latter accidentally touches the book of memories. Deja vu again. But I’m not gonna delve into details. Except Tsukuyomi, who’s actually Tomoyo makes Kurogane agree to 5 oathes if he’s to have Ginryuu. While Syaoran’s receiving Kurogane’s memories, the authorities have arrived and surrounded the library. The magic barrier couldn’t hold much longer as Kurogane went ahead to fight. Shortly once Syaoran snapped back into reality, he joins Kurogane.
But before the fight can start, the central librarian woman tells them that since the feather was stolen it has caused some insecurities and thought that they might have used it for evil purposes. But since the feather has been absorbed into Sakura and the security can no longer detect the feather’s presence, she commended them and in a way Syaoran and co ‘disposed off’ the feather. It’s funny to see that guardian beast turned into a chibi and friendly one, and it’s all over Kurogane playfully, much to his annoyance. Though the librarians wanted to hold a feast to and offer some reward for their efforts, they declined and apologized for the inconvenience caused. Mokona, who feels better now, gets ready to take the gang on to the next world.
Though this one-episoder episode 44 is hilarious but there are some moments which are illogical. The gang arrived in a seemingly uninhabited world filled with lush forests. Surprisingly, an ever energetic Mokona feels a little down here. So Mokona had some chat with Yuuko. Looks like this white creature is homesick. That night, Mokona seemed to be indecisive who he wants to sleep with. And he told Sakura that she moved around too much, much to Sakura’s little shock. Mokona wants to sleep with everybody, but due to circumstances and size, he can’t. But the next morning, everyone wakes up to find that Mokona had turned into a giant! Well, no actually. The 4 of them shrunk. Then Kero arrives before Mokona accidentally stepped on them. Yeah, looks like this is Kero’s second appearance after the first one as a mascot back in episode 28’s Piffle World.
Kero is supposed to be some guardian deity of this world and he earlier sensed a saviour coming to this world. As they regrouped at Kero’s tree house, Kero tells them of a magic feather which fell on top of the mountain, making all humans of this world tiny. Hmm.. which explains why this world seems devoid of life. And through Kero’s dream, he knew that Mokona would be the saviour. Well, dreams do come true. So pay heed to them. Since Syaoran and the rest are too small, they’re left behind at Kero’s house as Mokona and Kero tries to retrieve that feather. Since this is Mokona’s episode, I guess the rest will just have to sit back and wait for his return, even though Syaoran and Sakura wanted to go help Mokona so much. Believe in him.
Then this is the crap part. I wonder why Kero and Mokona need to climb up the mountain and meet up with all those hazardous obstacles when they both can actually fly!!! Yes, they both can fly. And wouldn’t it be much faster that way? I like the funny part whereby Mokona seems to be giving up and gonna fall asleep when Kero tries to persuade him to stay awake by singing. Mokona unenergetically sings but when he finishes, Kero remarked to himself in a funny tone how horrible it sounds. Hahaha. The 2 finally managed to reach the peak and saw a protective barrier around the feather. Mokona also saw a butterfly in there and thought that it must have wished for humans to be tiny like it. Is that what butterflies wished for? Equality in size?
Anyway, Kero blasts open the barrier and Mokona has a short period to retrieve it, which he does. I wonder why Kero didn’t do it all on his own in the first place? They both returned to Kero’s house to find Syaoran and co still small. Kero says that the effect of returning to normal may take some time. So Mokona had this great big idea of sleeping with everybody by huggin everyone as he sleeps. Looks like he got his wish. Another funny moment is when Sakura wakes up the next morning, she finds herself sitting on top of Mokona. Squashed! But he’s alright as Mokona and Kero hugged each other goodbye, Mokona felt happy now even though they’re gonna part. I’m not sure what the swarm of butterflies sudddenly fluttering about means but Sakura suggests they all may be saying goodbye to Mokona. Hmm… And Kero hopes to see Mokona again as they departed. Yeah, maybe in some other CLAMP production cross-over.
I thought it would be another new world for episodes 45-46. But looks like the producers decided to revisit another previous world. Yeah, the one where the gang met and befriended a girl named Chun Hyang in that Chinese setting world. But as soon as the gang arrived, to their surprise they discover that a mob, led by Sorata, is attacking a bunch of monsters and then Chun Hyang because the latter protested to their aggressiveness against the monsters, saying that the monsters aren’t their enemy. Chun Hyang is relieved to find Syaoran and co back again when Syaoran managed to catch her from falling to her death due to the mob’s attack.
The gang finds out that shortly after they’ve left, the people of the sorceress Kishimu started attacking their village and stealing souls. And since Chun Hyang believed that it isn’t Kishimu’s doing, she has been alienated from the rest from the villagers. But is it Kishimu’s doing? I mean, Mokona sensed a Sakura feather when some of Kishimu’s people arrived from a portal to attack on the village. But Kishimu then appeared and tried to stop them but instead they attacked her and Kishimu got wounded in the process. And she transformed herself into some weird looking talisman to heal herself.
Sorata and the rest of the villagers came to a conclusion that Chun Hyang may be in cahoots and protecting Kishimu and went to go up against Kurogane and Fye. Luckily Syaoran and Chun Hyang arrived in time before they started. Just then, Kishimu transformed back into her normal self and as a result a violent vortex is created. Mokona sensed a feather through the vortex, in which Syaoran immediately entered it. Before the vortex closes, several others were also pulled into Kishimu’s world, Kurogane, Chun Hyang and Sorata.
Kishimu then explains to them that shortly after she transported that tyrant ruler and his son Burugaru to her world, Kishimu managed to dispose off that old fart first but before she can lay her hands on Burugaru, a feather dropped in his hands and he managed to overpower Kishimu. Since then, he has been controlling Kishimu’s world and people through it. Thus, Kishimu hopes that the problem can be resolved if they get the feather back.
Meanwhile back on the other side, Mokona explains to the rest that those sucked into the vortex may have actually gone to a reverse/mirror world to the current one. One reason why everybody can still understand each other. Yeah, some cute illustration drawn by Mokona there. Back in Kishimu’s world, Syaoran and Kurogane decides to go find the feather while Kishimu finds a place to hide Chun Hyang and Sorata. Some talk between Kishimu and Chun Hyang about the latter’s mom and such.
Then this part I don’t understand. Sakura and Fye are standing under a bridge next to a stream, which is the exact spot in the mirror world where Kishimu and Chun Hyang are standing. Then with the power of Chun Hyang’s mirror that Sakura has in her hands, she was able to cross-over to the mirror world and give Chun Hyang her mirror. Huh? That easy? Now with her mirror, Chun Hyang is able to launch her Hijutsu attack. Also Sorata realized that he’s wrong and apologized to Kishimu. However, the people of Kishimu’s world spots Chun Hyang and confronts her. Instead of using her mirror and Hijutsu, Chun Hyang decides to use the power of persuasion which turned out to be successful. This reminded Kishimu about how similar it was to Chun Hyang’s mom that time, not using power to become true power, the strongest Hijutsu.
At the same time, Syaoran and Kurogane are facing resistance from Burugaru’s controlled guards. But Syaoran managed to defeat them and Burugaru easily and recovers the feather. Can’t believe that guy got knocked out just after one kick from Syaoran. Must be a real good kick. So as Syaoran and co prepares to leave to the next world, we see Kishimu suggesting that both worlds should be linked and that they don’t have to fight each other anymore. Perhaps you should have done that earlier on. Oh wait, maybe it all started because of that old tyrant guy. At least everybody’s on good terms now.
In episode 47, the gang arrived in a world which reminds you of The Great Depression and noticed Sakura’s feather being lavishly decorated and displayed at a shop’s window for sale. As they enter to purchase it, the shop owner, Oruha tells them its price. Don’t remember but it’s really really really expensive. Yeah, seems that in this world, inflation is quite high. Even though Syaoran said he just wanted the feather only, Oruha says that she’s just doing business. And the only way they can obtain it (not resort to stealing lah) is by finding a job. And they have to do it within 3 days because Oruha will only reserve it for that period and or else after 3 days, anybody with the right amount of money can buy it.
So the guys started looking for a job but Syaoran told Sakura to stay back as this world seems to dangerous and to watch over the feather. And later after some dream, Sakura wakes up and realized that she just can’t sit around and with Mokona, went out to look for a job. Meanwhile, Syaoran and the rest are having a hard time landing one, but soon managed to accept a ‘dangerous’ one. Part of Sakura’s job include working at some road stall bistro with a Touya and Yukito look-a-like but the stall soon broke down, then driving some cart in a warehouse but crashing the cart (remember her bad driving skills?). Soon Sakura she gets a waitress job at a pub. But trouble soon ensued. Three punks appeared and wants the pub owner to hand over the pub to them. But when they went after Sakura, suddenly Syaoran, Kurogane and Fye sprung into action to help. Looks like the pub owner has hired these 3 for a ‘dangerous’ job to protect the pub. Of course Syaoran and Sakura were surprised to see each other. But soon they had no trouble scaring off those cowardly punks.
Because of that, they managed to earn a large sum of money and returned to the shop to purchase the feather from Oruha. With that, Sakura absorbs the feather and it seems her the memories of this feather is like a continuation of her dream earlier on, when a young Sakura’s at a marketplace helping an apple seller selling apples to the crowd. And she’s enjoying it.
Episodes 48-52 will be the last world the gang will visit for this season. Before that we see Fei Wong Reed saying some super power will soon begin and a giant stork dropping a piece of Sakura’s feather. The gang again didn’t arrived in the new world on land. Well, at least they’re not submerged in water this time. Actually, they appeared from a high altitude in the sky and they’re free falling! Luckily some blue flame surrounded them and slowed their fall, making them land safely. Fye denied that he used his magic and they’re soon picked up by 2 travellers. The travellers explained to them about magic called Senriki, which anyone can use it in this world called Tao. But the usage and power depends on the type of Senriki and there’re 4 types of them (not that I remember them).
The gang then reached the main town and was instantly approached by 2 guards who knew Sakura’s name. This is because the king of Tao, King Chaos can foresee the future and thus invite them to see the king in his palace. There, Syaoran and co were surprised to see King Chaos with several of Sakura’s feathers being made into a fan. And King Chaos agreed to give Sakura all her feathers provided they tell him about their feather hunting dimension hopping journey. Seems easy, doesn’t it? So the gang take turns to tell their story. Kurogane seems to have his doubts but King Chaos returns several feathers as proof. It can’t be that easy, can’t it?
Hmm… I’m sensing something amiss here, but not too sure what it is. That night when Sakura’s sleeping, King Chaos comes into her room and strokes her hair and says how he’d finally meet his princess. Does this guy know her? The next morning, Syaoran, Kurogane and Fye are geared up to retrieve more feathers after being told that there’s a giant stork which possesed more of Sakura’s feathers. King Chaos says he didn’t go retrieve it because he believes he doesn’t use his Senriki to fight. And it seems that Syaoran and co can use theirs to fly there. Once Syaoran managed to find the bird, they tried to retrieve the feathers but was knocked down by it. Meanwhile as Sakura regains her memories in her dream through the feathers she just received earlier on, it seems that King Chaos came to rescue a young Sakura when she was attacked by a giant sand worm. Looks like King Chaos does know Sakura.
And mainly in Sakura’s recently retrieved memories, there’ll be moments of Sakura and King Chaos together, like as though they’re quite good friends and how he promised to accompany her on her travels and protect her. Meanwhile, Syaoran and co who were knocked down to the misty ground below, seems to be surprised to face their old foes. Remember Seichirou? I was wondering when he’s gonna make his appearance in this season. He faces Syaoran while Fye takes on King Ashura and it’s Kurogane against his father. But soon the gang realized that it’s just an illusion. Oh well, I guess that Seichirou guy really didn’t make his real appearance in this season. Soon the fake opponents left and the 3 gave chase.
Meanwhile, King Chaos shows a miniature replica of Clow Kingdom to Sakura, which he claims he made as a commemoration when he visited there. He then asks Sakura about the promise whereby he’ll travel and protect her. When Sakura said she remembered, King Chaos then suggested that he’d go travelling with her in place of Syaoran and the others. Mokona objects and soon Sakura declined his offer after some thought. And looks like the reason why those fake opponents left was because King Chaos had recalled them. Realizing that his efforts were futile, he traps Sakura in some energy barrier while Syaoran and co soon arrived. At this point, I’m thinking that the feathers that King Chaos gave him were ‘tampered’ or fake, but Mokona does seemed to acknowledged that it’s real. Hmm…
Anyway, King Chaos is gonna show Sakura how powerless Syaoran and co are by fighting him to convince her. He spawns more monsters but were soon defeated. Kurogane charges at King Chaos but the former was easily defeated. Then it’s Fye’s turn as King Chaos mocks him saying that though he possesed great powers but not using them is the same as not having any powers at all and knocks Fye out cold. Now it’s Syaoran’s turn. During the fight, Syaoran is no match for him and his sword even broke. Once it’s over, King Chaos hypnotized Sakura and opens up a portal behind him and decides to go on their dimension hopping journey. But after seeing tears swelling up from Sakura eyes, he decides to abandon his plan just for now, thinking that forcing her to travel with him and against her will would be no different than to travel without her. So he takes Sakura and goes off to the castle.
Later, Mokona gets help from the 2 travellers they encountered earlier on and lots of spacing out and uncertainty from Syaoran. So we see Fye using his magic for the second time by brewing some medicine and Kurogane contacting Yuuko asking her to borrow his Ginryuu to Syaoran but Yuuko refused. So after some words of encouragement and self belief, Syaoran decides to go after Sakura not for her sake, but his. Fye gives him his potion while Kurogane hands Syaoran his current sword as Syaoran thanked them all. Looks like the gang believes in Syaoran. And it was quite funny to see Mokona trying to kiss Kurogane because he felt that Kurogane truly trusts him, much to Kurogane’s annoyance.
Anyway, Syaoran and Fye sneaked around to find some information on King Chaos and found out that he inherited some power which created this country. Meanwhile Kurogane searches for a blacksmith (an alter-ego of Touya and Yukito) to fix Syaoran’s sword and even gives Syaoran a little training. Later, Fye and Mokona sneaked into King Chaos’s castle. But they seem to meet no resistance as the guards there disappeared to somewhere. Well, it seems that Xing Huo and her black warriors have penetrated the palace but since they’ve been disposed off easily, Xing Huo decides to withdraw. I wonder what was that all for?
Fye and Mokona found out that the feathers that Sakura received were indeed fake, which means the memories too are fake. So it’s true that it’s fake. Hehe. They saw Sakura discarding feathers which are all dark coloured now. Then King Choas comes in and spots them. He tells them to pass a message to Syaoran and says that he wants to challenge Syaoran, whereby the winner gets to travel with Sakura.
The next day as the battle starts, both seemed equal in terms of skill as they clashed swords. Sakura, watching from the palace grounds cheered on for Syaoran, ignoring King Chaos’s orders to stay quiet. Then King Chaos decides to take drastic action by freezing Sakura in a huge ice block while he let his 2 guards keep Syaoran at bay. King Chaos said that since he can’t change Sakura’s feelings, he’ll freeze her body, mind and soul and take her on their travel anyway. He also mentions how jealous he is of Syaoran and transformed into that giant stork. Oh, so now King Chaos is that bird too. He swoops down on them and starts shooting fireballs.
Syaoran wants Kurogane and Fye to save Sakura while he acts as a decoy. Unfortunately, those black troops appear and barred them from getting closer. At the same time, that alter-ego Syaoran opened his eyes, which affected the real Syaoran. Then we see Sakura in some sort of a dream speaking to King Chaos. What’s this. King Chaos asking Sakura to save him or else lots of people are gonna get hurt. Is this King Chaos’ other personality? Then he decides to show Sakura his true form and by doing so, the black troops disappeared and that alter-ego Syaoran’s eyes closed, releasing the real Syaoran from his hypnotisim. Also, Sakura managed to break free from the ice because she borrowed the powers that King Chaos lent her. Thus, she runs towards Syaoran and asked him to save King Chaos.
Then Touya and Yukito rushed to the scene to give the fixed sword to Syaoran. Now wielding 2 swords, he powers up and is able to match the powerful blasts of the giant stork. Syaoran managed to defeat the giant stork which then turned back into King Chaos who admits defeat. Then this is the shocking part. It is revealed that King Chaos’s ultimate true form is actually a cluster of Sakura’s feathers!!! Unbelievable! So Sakura is King Chaos and vice versa. It seems that the feathers have some sort developed a mind of its own and eventually in the form of King Chaos, yearned for Sakura because he’s part of her memories. Uh-huh. Is that the powers of her feathers also? Sakura and King Chaos hugged before the latter disappears into sparkles of lights and feathers! Yeah, it’s raining feathers!!!
But the thing which bugged me was, how come Sakura only managed to get 1 lousy feather. I mean, what happened to the rest? Where did they go? So I thought their journey would end here, but it seems because of so, they’ll have to continue as Mokona mentioned that there’re many more feathers to be retrieved. Furthermore, Fye and Mokona wants to carry on travelling. Syaoran hopes that one day he’ll recover all of Sakura’s feathers. But for now let’s just take it one step at a time. I felt that that heap of feathers were ‘wasted’ or just for show since Sakura didn’t managed to absorb them. Bummer.
We see Yuuko quite please with the way things turned out and even Fei Wong Reed doesn’t seem too worry about it as he says that there’s still enough time to make their next move. Yeah, that’s because there’s another season to it. Finally, Syaoran and co arrived in another new world and their journey continues.
Overall, for a fantasy adventure anime, I could say that I quite enjoy it, though I’ve mentioned that there’re some illogical moments. But that’s just a small thing and I shouldn’t think so much about it. The drawing, art and animation is consistant with the first season, so no new surprises. Also, the mid-intermissions seemed to be ‘halved’. Meaning, in the first season, you’ll get to see 2 pictures of the series’ characters. Whereas in the second season, there is only 1 picture.
Of course there’s some character development in this series but there’re some which still remains a little mystery like Fye and that alter-ego Syaoran in Fei Wong Reed’s lair. I suppose more about them will be revealed in the next season so keep your fingers crossed. Also, Mokona is still cute and genki as ever, though we’ve seen a little of his down side. Yeah, still doing that next episode preview and saying his "Puu~" lines. And everyone said that in the last episode, even a reluctant Kurogane, all in chibi form. Hehe.
The second season also used some background music and soundtrack from the previous season and also some new ones too. Speaking of which this season has 2 album soundtrack bringing the total to 4 Future Soundscape original soundtracks. That’s a lot of songs there. Also, somehow I didn’t find the opening and ending songs for this season to be as appealing as the first season. I noticed the same singers did the opening and ending with Kinya’s IT’S and Maaya Sakamoto’s Kazemachi Jet respectively. Maybe there’ll do the same thing for the third season? High probability.
So till then, I’ll be waiting till the next season arrives. And maybe by then, it’ll answer lots of unanswered questions. Come to think of it, Sakura really does have lots of feathers. Perhaps it’s because each feather consists of a short memory. Yeah, probably they’ll be able to stretch it to season 4 and beyond. But just like Syaoran and co, let’s just take it all one step at a time. And if you really can’t wait, there’s always the manga. So see you next time, doki doki… Puu~!

Tsubasa Chronicle

September 23, 2006

I wasn’t a really big fan of the anime series Card Captor Sakura. But somehow, there’s this mysterious sense of intuition and feeling that I need to watch season 1 of Tsubasa Chronicle. Yeah, it seems that the main characters of the series were based and taken from the former. Surprisingly, I found that this anime is quite enjoyable to watch.
One of my first impressions of this series is that the producer of the series, CLAMP, is that there’re gonna be some overlapping of several characters from them. Meaning, that there’re gonna be cameo appearances here and there from characters of other CLAMP animes. Well, I guess it isn’t such a bad idea to have different characters from different series and genres clash in this universe. It’ll be interesting to see how they act and interact with the main ones. Though, I haven’t really watch other CLAMP-made animes. Just heard and read about it with a pinch of salt some many eons ago.
Okay, so basically Tsubasa Chronicle is more of a fantasy adventure type genre with some romance and drama element it. Of course, which anime wouldn’t have that comedy component in it too. But this one isn’t that prominent nor is it the main driving factor of the series and is just usually to provide a little comical relief here and there.
As seen in episode 1, we’re introduced to 2 childhood friends, Syaoran, who is some sort of an archeologist, and Princess Sakura, the princess of the desert Clow Kingdom. As you’ve probably guessed it already that these 2 are some sort in love with each other but haven’t confess to each other yet. But Sakura has plans to confess to him soon. Seems like Syaoran is that clueless in love and ‘to a girl’s feelings’ kinda guy at first. Yup, he didn’t suspect it even when Sakura dropped hints of it.
Unfortunately, Sakura isn’t able to do so in time. You see, there’s this mysterious villain, Fei Wong Reed, and his assistant, Xing Huo, who’re sitting in some mysterious unknown lair, who wants to ‘change the world’. And to do so, they need to harness Sakura’s latent powers. So while Syaoran’s doing some excavation at some ruin, Sakura decided to go so see him. But soon some black warriors appeared and attacked them. Seems that Syaoran has got his hands full. Luckily, Sakura’s older brother, Toya, and priest-mage, Yukito, arrived in time to help fend off the attackers.
During the fight, as Sakura’s latent powers are being harnessed, they sorta became activated and in appeared in the form as wings on her back. Although Syaoran manage to foil the kindapping attempt, this causes the feathers of her wings to be scattered through some dimensional portal. At the same time she fell unconscious. So as Toya and Yukito explains, that those feathers are actually Sakura’s memories, and over time without them, she’ll die. An adamant Syaoran vows to recover all her memories back as Yukito prepares to send both of them to meet the dimensional witch, while still fighting the seemingly endless hordes of black warriors.
And off Syaoran and Sakura went. The start of their adventure. So in episode 2, they finally arrived at their destination. Seems like the dimensional witch, Yuuko, and her assistants are already awaiting their arrival. At the same time, we have a glimpse of 2 other characters that’ll soon join Syaoran and Sakura on their journey. One of them is Fay, the ever-smiling magician who is running away from his king, and the other, Kurogane, a skilled warrior who’s being exiled for killing senselessly in order to be stronger, bent on returning to his world.
And if you know about xxxHolic, you’d probably know that Yuuko isn’t doing charity work. Uh-huh, in order for her to grant their wishes, they must give up the most precious thing to them. Basically, although they have different reasons, all 3 of them wants to hop through different dimensions and worlds. So Fay has to exchange his magical tatoos on his back (which is the source of his magic), while Kurogane had to reluctantly give up his Ginryuu sword (silver dragon sword) , and Syaoran, his relation with Sakura. What’s that suppose to mean? It means that even if Sakura regains all her memories, she won’t be able to remember Syaoran at all because her memories of him are being traded for this time-hopping thing. I guess intangibles will also do for Yuuko, huh. However, that doesn’t stop Syaoran at all nor does it discouraged him one single bit. He’ll do it even if it takes a lifetime (yeah, literally a lifetime journey) or if it’s gonna be a real pain with lots of suffering and hardship. Ah… such good hearted guys are hard to find these days and in this world.
So in exchange for those stuffs, Yuuko gave them some white rabbit dumpling looking thing called Mokona. Yeah, Mokona’s suppose to have the ability to open dimensional gates, sense Sakura’s feathers (it’s eyes changes and it goes "Mekyo"), and communicate and send or receive stuffs from Yuuko whenever they’re in different worlds. I kinda like Mokona in a way as it’s the one providing comical relief. Yeah, it may be cute and genki and most of the time, it seems like having fun in times of danger. Also, throughout the series, you’ll get to know some of Mokona’s 108 special abilities. Most of which I see as nothing special (but funny), such as super sneaking in, super voice over and some other super stuffs which looks kinda normal. Mokona seems quite close to Fay and likes to ‘disturb’ Kurogane such as giving him funny names like Kuro-pon or Kuro-rin, irritating him most of the time. Plus, I think Mokona’s favourite is ‘puu’. Saying that most of the time and sometimes busybodying when there’s this lovey-dovey moment.
Anyway, I felt that those 3 guys are being ripped off by Yuuko. I mean, each gave her their stuffs, and in return she only gave back 1 dimension hopping creature. 1 for the price of 3. Since they’re in a group, couldn’t they trade collectively as 1? Maybe not. Who’s gonna be the one to give up what then. And Sakura, she didn’t need to exchange anything right? Yup, she’s still unconscious. And without any moment to lose, the 5 (including Mokona) are on a journey of a lifetime (no pun intended).
So the first world they arrived at looked like some present day city. Their presence in this world spans around 5 episodes, that is, episode 2-6. First thing, you’ll notice that there’re similar faces before. Yup, as Yuuko said, in different dimensions and worlds, there’ll be different versions of that particular person. Reminds you of that Jet Li movie, The One, doesn’t it. And you’ll find at least one common face in the the worlds to come. So, the gang met Sorata and his wife Arashi (Yuuko look a like in this world) who helped them to provide a place for shelter as Sakura is still unconscious. And as usual, since this is their first time travelling together, there’d be times where they try to get to know each other better and at the same time go round searching for Sakura’s feathers. Syaoran and gang also meet a young boy, Masayoshi. By the way, Toya and Yukito are some sort of restaurant chefs in this world. And the gang seems to patron their shop most of the time. Nostalgia for Syaoran?
Also, so happens that some gang fight is ensuing. Yeah, they’re using some Kudan thing to do their battles and everyone in this world has one. Must be another one of those CLAMP things I read somewhere but still not too sure what is it. I remember something like Syaoran spotted Sakura’s first feather and in a way when he tries to retrieve it, interupts the gang fight. So those gangsters got to know Syaoran’s power. One of the gang’s leader, Shougo seems interested to have a rematch with him. While the leader of the other rival gang, some fat punk, wanted to enlist the help of Kurogane’s, but of course, turned down lah. Oh, there’s a brief awakening from Sakura, but she and Syaoran didn’t manage to meet face to face as she soon fell unconscious once more.
Anyway to save time, Masayoshi and Mokona have been kidnapped by Primera, Shougo’s girlfriend. And because Mokona’s gone, Syaoran, Kurogane and Fay had a hard time understanding each other. Seems like that Mokona also serves as a universal interpreter or rather language converter. Some fight fight fight. Then they discover that Sakura’s feather is located in Masayoshi’s Kudan (some giant chinese vampire). More fight fight fight. Yay. They manage to retrieve the feather. Gave it to Sakura. Yay. Another feather down… Umm… lots more to go. But hey, it’s a start. Also, Shougo and Primera made up. Some bla bla blas before leaving. And that fat punk seemed so sad that they’re going. Plus those 2 gangs seem like they don’t wanna fight anymore and looks like it was because of Sakura. Yeah, it seems that she has hidden powers to change the hearts of others. Way to go girl. Okay, so let’s move on to the next world. Hey, why are the Kudans of Syaoran, Fay and Kurogane leaving them? Aren’t they gonna follow them through the portal? Ah, maybe Kudans do only exist in that world.
Just to note that, everytime I noticed that each time Sakura receives her feather, she’ll fall unconscious and we’ll get a short glimpse of that memory. And her memories are all devoid of Syaoran, which is kinda weird. Then we see Syaoran’s version, which is the actual version of what really happened.
Another world which spans another 5 episodes, from episode 7-11. This time arriving in an ancient China kinda country. I think it’s much better if I just blog on the important points from now on. Or else it may get to long-winded. Okay, in this world, some autocratic tyrant overlord who seems to be ruling this kingdom with an iron fist. What’s the source of his power? Sakura’s feather in a crystal ball. Yup, that’s what it is. He also uses this power as a barrier to prevent help from the outside from entering his area. Plus, he’s got a son to do stuffs (read: bullying).
But the gang befriended a girl named Chu Nyan, who wants to avenge the death of her mother caused by that overlord. Because of Syaoran and co’s unusual clothing, Chu Nyan mistakens them for some saviour who will lift their land from this tyranny. Oh, somewhere in this world, Sakura finally awakens and gets to meet Syaoran face to face. I’m delving into details how. But I’m glad she’s awake now.
So a lot of drama, a lot of things being revealed. Anyway, Syaoran, and co along with some of the villagers decide to penetrate through the overlord’s castle but some strong barrier is making them unable to do so. So Mokona suggests some trade off with Yuuko again. This time, Fay gave his staff in exchange for some black ball. Yeah, it was enough for them to go through. I felt that it was another rip off. Also, Syaoran and Sakura got sucked into some part of the castle where the overlord seems to keep the dead souls. Yeah, Chu Nyan’s mom there too.
Skip to the final battle scene. The overlord decides to unleash some terror witch which he kept in one of the castle chambers. As Fay and Kurogane battles her, Syaoran proceeded to face the overlord’s son. Of course, our heroes won lah. Then the final fight begins. The overlord seems too powerful as long as he posseses that crystal ball with Sakura’s feather. Plus, he seems to have hypnotize the other villagers to go against them. So Syaoran has to fight them and at the same time don’t do much damage to them too.
In the end, though the overlord was beaten, the witch which he kept earlier on, seems to take him along to some dimension to seal him forever there together. I guess she doesn’t like the idea of being caged up either. I smell revenge. Well, at least now the people of this country are free. And the usual goodbye words, come visit us again in the future. Soon, off they go to another world. Before that, don’t those rescuers who finally came to the village after the barrier has been broken, looked like those from CLAMP Campus Detectives? I think so lah.
Now the next world is only a one episoder. Uh-huh, episode 12 is just about the gang arriving in some world with no civilization in sight. Yeah, it’s a jungle out there. Plus there’s a really big lake in the middle of it. Mainly this episode shows some of the flashback of memories that Sakura obtained, as Fay, Kurogane and Mokona went on to search for her feathers on land, Syaoran does his part by diving into the big lake.
I didn’t get the part where Syaoran was swimming in the lake, only to stumble upon some very tiny village underwater (but it looks like there’s no civilization there too) and a huge whale which communicates telepathically with him and at other times, Sakura. In the end, they didn’t find any feather and that strong power sense by Mokona was actually some giant plate belonging to the whale which supposedly provided sunlight to that undersea village. Huh? Oh well, without wasting anytime, off they go again.
The next world they arrived in has that Victorian European setting during winter time. Spanning 3 episodes from episode 13-15. Currently, that world is experiencing some terrifying old folks lore. About some legend about a golden haired princess who was given a feather (hint hint) hundreds of years ago. Soon after receiving it, the king and queen died and all the children of the village followed the feather and disappeared. That’s what’s happening too. The children are slowly disappearing one by one and their parents are very worried.
Syaoran and gang disguised themselves as some story or folk lore writers, collecting such stories on their travels. So they stayed at Dr Kyle‘s place (looks like Yukito). Then there’s that serious looking Grosum. I wonder is he the town’s mayor? Duno. Can’t remember. However things turned from bad to worse when the town people suspect that Sakura is the one abducting their children. That’s because she and the rest of the children were missing one morning. Now Syaoran and the rest have to get to the bottom of this and put up with the town people’s hostility.
Actually, Sakura’s been kidnapped and imprisoned in a castle said to hold the legendary feather along with the other children. So somebody’s behind all this right? As Syaoran and co try to gather more information, they found some diary with torn pages of Dr Kyle’s in Grosum’s mansion. Okay, so I figure out that the culprit is Dr Kyle. True enough it was him. Yeah, it seems he wants to posses the powers of the feathers too. So in order to obtain it, he has to use the pureness of the children’s heart to do so. Something like that. So that princess was just made a scapegoat afterall. Her intentions were actually good. She’s actually trying to lure the children away from Dr Kyle but unable to so in her ghost form. So I guess there’s that misunderstood situation there.
With the gang infiltrating the castle and trying to stop Dr Kyle, Sakura tries to free herself and the children. To cut things short, the children were freed, Sakura got her feather, and Dr Kyle got squashed by some falling statue in the castle as he was pursuing Syaoran and Sakura. Before the gang embarked on another dimension hopping trip, they wonder how Dr Kyle knew about Sakura’s feather and such. It seems that Dr Kyle is some sort of Fei’s underling. Is he? But the way Fei says things. Probably. And what’s that Syaoran’s look-a-like twin or clone doing in some tube? I’m predicting some twist at the end.
Another one episoder in episode 16 with the gang arriving in some Mayan themed world. Hey, there’s a Syaoran and Sakura alter-ego too. Mokona sensed some powerful force from an item but is unable to tell whether it’s Sakura’s feather. Luckily for them, that item is currently set as the prize for an ongoing tournament. And the gang was lucky enough to be just in time to participate it. So some short battle clips here and there.
Finally it’s Syaoran vs Syaoran. Who’s gonna win as both are determined to get the prized item. The alter-ego Syaoran wanted that item to save his beloved alter-ego Sakura. The latter’s been cursed to die and only that item can save her. In the end, our dimension hopping Syaoran wins. However, the prized item was just a ring. So he gave it to his alter-ego. It was a good thing too. Yeah, Fay said something like it would’ve been troublesome if it turned out to be Sakura’s feather as both of them will have to really fight for it. As the alter-ego Syaoran healed his beloved Sakura, they thanked the gang and went off to live their lives. So no feather here either. Next world then.
This world that they arrived in is the longest as it spans a whopping 9 episodes. Yes, 9 episodes. Count them. Episodes 17-25. Seems like a computer RPG world. Yeah, like it’s some kind of game where people have to register themselves, obtain information, work, earn money that sort of thing. Also, there’re demons called onis terrorizing the town but their attacks come in sort of pattern, in terms of time, place and who they attack. There’s some complicated system and details about the onis, but I won’t go into detail about them. So Syaoran and Kurogane took up a job as oni hunters while Fay and Sakura as waiters at some cafe. Just like in RPG games, they need to have nicknames. And that cheeky Fay gave Syaoran and Kurogane’s little puppy and big puppy respectively while he and Sakura’s big kitten and little kitten respectively.
Also, at the same time, Sakura kinda felt ‘useless’. Yeah, somehow she has got that inferiority complex of not being able to help Syaoran when he and the rest are doing their best. But Fay always say to her that she should smile more often to him and wait for his return.
It is in this world that Syaoran starts using a sword as his weapon. Yeah, before that, he’s always been using his kicks in battles. Under the guidance of Kurogane, Syaoran learns and improves quite fast. Plus, we learn that Syaoran has a faulty right eye as it was noticed by Kurogane, thus making him a little vulnerable and susceptible to the oni’s attacks. Also, Syaoran and Kurogane stumble and make new friends with another group of oni hunters, Kusanagi Shiyuu and Yuzuriha Nekoi, and Ryuoh with Souma. While Syaoran and Ryuoh gradually gets along, Souma seems to remind Kurogane of the one back in his homeworld.
So in this whole world, the gang tries to find out more about the onis when their pattern suddenly changes. A lot of slow drama and fights with onis. I wonder what’s that part all about where Syaoran and Kurogane entered some cave, fight some onis, then reached atop some tower only to find 2 chibi like characters. Besides finding out more info on the onis, I think it’s kinda weird. Then there’s that rumour about the strongest oni and a new kind of breed controlling the rest of the onis. Er… seems like a guy who knows Syaoran. And he does seem to have Sakura’s feathers.
To cut things short, I’ll just tell the spoilers. That guy is Seichirou, from Syaoran’s world, the man who thought Syaoran how to fight. Yeah, it’s like the case of the master vs the student. His intentions are something like to become stronger, and he traded one of his eyes to go dimension hopping. Or so it seems. I was surprised that when he face off with Fay, Seichirou killed him! I was thinking like, there has to be a catch somewhere and this isn’t happening. The same too, when he killed Syaoran and Sakura.
Remember this whole world seems to be like an RPG? Yeah, actually that world is just some sort of a game simulation. Which means Fay, Syaoran and Sakura are still alive! Thank heavens. When they arrived in this world, their memories were temporarily erased, and this game simulation is somewhat popular in this world. So Kurogane, who thinks that his companions are dead, proceeds to fight Seichirou. Problem is, with the powers of Sakura’s feather, Seichirou fused both the game simulation and the real world together. Yeah, now it’s like one odd messed up looking world. Oh, and the strongest oni’s supposed to be that piano lady at the bar. Something like the final boss kinda thingy. Well, not so important.
And because so, the players in the game still have retained some of their super skills like fighting abilities. But Seichirou stopped the fight once Kurogane knew his pals were still alive, saying something like now he can’t fight properly since he knew about their well-being. And before Syaoran could retrieve Sakura’s feather, Seichirou hops to another dimension, asking him to be stronger and come chase after him. Oh… it must be so frustrating. After 9 episodes, and it’s like yet so close yet so far kinda feeling. And this was the fastest ever dimension hopping by Mokona and the gang. No long goodbyes or emotional farewells. Though Ryuoh wished they’d come back soon.
I felt that when they left this world, they leave quite a mess behind and a little bad taste in my mouth. Meaning that they left so abruptly and in such a haste in a way they didn’t stay to ‘clean up’ or tie up the loose ends. I guess that world’s fate and aftermath is left hanging. But probably that’s not important since they’re hot on Seichirou’s trail for Sakura’s feather.
So the last episode number 26 of season 1, Syaoran collapse due to fatigue upon arriving in the new world. An old woman takes them in and tells them about some legend about the castle in the air where if one manage to make it into the castle, their whatever wish will be granted. However, many of the villagers have tried and died doing so, that’s why the place looks devoid of people. Hey, there’s Sorata and Yuuko’s alter-ego, appearing after such a long hiatus.
Could it be another one of Sakura’s feathers? The gang investigates. And those black warriors appear to stop them from advancing. Some cool fighting here before Syaoran and Sakura manage to get into the castle. Yup, looks like another one of Sakura’s feather. The weird part is some God statue is in possession of it. And because they both manage to reach here, that statue willingly grants Sakura 1 wish. And she wished that all the dead people of the village to be brought back to life, before receiving back her feather. How noble of her.
Soon all the dead ones were resurrected and everyone’s happy to be reunited with their previously departed loved ones. So another feather collected and they’re off on another journey. I personally felt that this episode was to make up for the last episode where they didn’t get back any feather. Yeah, and just to please viewers and end the season well.
Overall, eventhough I’m not a big fan of fantasy adventure genres, this series managed to captivate me. Thus, I’m all for the second season. Most probably the second season will have more flashbacks and character developments as this season was just mainly on Syaoran and Sakura and getting the feathers. Plus I assume that the next season will see the gang journey to more beautiful worlds as compared to 6 worlds only in this season (the one where they visited Yuuko at the beginning doesn’t count).
Did you notice that the characters here are quite lanky? I mean their body and limbs are kinda a little slender and long, don’t you think? Whether it’s male or female, even the chubby ones do look like it too. Okay, maybe not so the fat punk, though the skinnier ones are more prominent. I guess it gives the show a unique ‘personality’.
Also, I like the music and the soundtrack of this anime, especially the battle scene song. It’s quite exciting and catchy tune and makes you feel that you’re feel part of the battle. There’re wide variety of background musics ranging from slow numbers to fast paced to solemn ones. It all fits the mood and setting perfectly.
One last thought. How many feather do you think Sakura has? 100? 200? More? But I guarantee it must be a lot since the producers are planning to make season 3 (probably in the process already). And each feather gives her just a few seconds of memories only. Oh yeah, I also felt that Fei and Xing Hua just sat throughout the whole season watching and commenting on Syaoran and gang. Didn’t do anything much don’t they? Perhaps the next season, they might. And with that Syaoran look-a-like in that tube. Something about unleashing their secret weapon too. I guess so. Maybe in the next season too hopefully this will be answered as well as other questions that seemed left hanging.


June 16, 2006

  Hatenaki yume motomeru shirubenaki sekai de…
Currently somehow I’ve got this craze to sing Blaze, the opening song from the anime Tsubasa Chronicle. Each time I’ll at least sing it two times before moving on to the next song.
  Kasanaru omoi kokoro tsukisasu kodou,
  Shizuka ni tsuzuku tamera mo nai uta
Sung by Kinya Kotani, this song is quite suitable for my voice, if I should say. Yeah, no high pitches or parts where you need to sustain your voice for a long period of time. Well, maybe there is for the latter, but it’s not that bad.
  Tooku sora no kanata kara mazariatta bokura no kage,
  Hitsuzen to kimagure no naka shirusareta kioku
Though the singer’s voice is generally low, at first I had some trouble singing it because so. Especially the verses. Couldn’t reach that low initially. But now, I seem to be doing pretty fine. I may even come to think that I sound just like the singer himself!
  Hatenaki yume motomeru shirubenaki mirai de,
  Boku ga hikari nakushite mo itsuka
Hmmm… I still can’t figure out whether that some parts is it an electrical guitar or a synthesizer. Especially the beginning after those first lines before the song comes into full blast (and other parts which sound like it too).
  Kimi ga tomoshite kureta kirameku mune no honoo,
  Tsubasa ni kawaru kibou no kakera…
I feel like doing another round… Oh yeah… Once more from the top…

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