May 12, 2007

They say that life is one big play and that the world is your stage and the people are like characters in the play. Only different is, there isn’t gonna be a retake shot if one ever did a mistake or blunder. Though this anime Tsuyokiss isn’t directly about acting or theatres, at least there’s a link to it. I think.
This 12 episode series anime is your typical high school comedy romance anime involving cute, pretty and handsome high school bishies that involves a bunch of zany and wacky characters. So if you’re anticipating with great hopes that this anime is Oscar material, you’re likely to be disappointed. Unless you really love this series very much, then yeah. Would one consider it to be a harem anime? Well erm… maybe not so. Yeah, there are several girls outnumbering the guys as the main casts but love wise, there isn’t any cases here whereby a few girls having a crush on a single guy.
Originally started off as a H-game (hentai game to those who don’t know) and I read that the anime version is less hentai than the pc game. Which is a good thing to me. Yup, no girls baring their breasts right upfront or desparate perverted guys who can’t seem to hold their advances back and would rather pound on the girls and later get pounded themselves. Also there are some differences when this series made the crossover to the anime world like the main protagonist. But I’m not going further into that.
So people, meet Sunao Konoe, the main female protagonist of the show and an enthusiastic drama actress wannabe. Sunao’s a newly transferred second year student to her new high school, Ryuumei Academy. And on her first day and debut first episode, she’s already running late because she wakes up from a dream (or nightmare depends how you view it) that her play has no audience. Could be a bad sign for a future actress. In most episodes, the beginning will usually start off with Sunao in some play theme. Then something goes wrong and she wakes up from the wrong side of the bed and realizes that it’s all just a bad dream.
Anyway upon arriving school, she’s gonna find a few weirdos inhabiting the school like Otome Kurogane, some tough girl who carries a sword wherever she goes. Yup, even in school. Is this allowed? Maybe she threatened to school principal with it. Yeah, she’s reprimanding some guy for being late too. A Gestapo of the school? At class, Sunao’s introducing herself and how she’s a theatrical play freak. I guess everybody’s in a shock to hear that because it’s a defeaning silence for them rather than a round of applause. Later, Sunao asks the girl sitting next to her Shizuka Asada (and soon to be best friend) where is the theater club so that she could join one. Shizuka mentions that this school there isn’t one, shocking Sunao. This prompts her to decide to form a theatre club. But Shizuka further mentions that any club formation or whatsoever must get approval from the student council president, Erika Kiriya.
Wow. The student council place is such a large and nice area. It’s even a building on its own in the school grounds. Is this where all the school budget went to? When Sunao later arrives at the student council place, she barges in and causes Erika to bump into her assistant Yoshimi Satou AKA Yoppie (a nickname which she reluctatly accepts because Erika likes to call her so), ruining her tea enjoyment. Though Sunao tries to appeal for her theatre club, Erika instantly gives her disapproval. Yeah, must be because of ruining her tea. Erika, who reminds me of Megumi of Muteki Kanban Musume, may look pretty on the outside, but she’s actually arrogant, bossy and b*tchy. And because of that she and Sunao are never on good terms, always at each other’s throat. Uh-huh something like Suno’s twin-tail (which Erika nicknames her for her double ponytails) is no match for her single ponytail. I think Erika is more into a yuri relationship too. I mean, she ending up on top of Yoppie when Sunao barges in earlier on. And there are few ambiguous yuri moments throughout the series which may indicate so. After much persuasion, Erika gives Sunao a chance, that is to do a play for her. And if Erika finds it interesting, she’ll approve the theatre club.
Sunao leaves to start on her Romeo and Juliet play when she passed a boy, Leo Tsushima, but didn’t notice him. Leo feels that he has seen her somewhere before but can’t put his finger on it. At the hall, Sunao’s practising her lines but is getting nervous as she remembers her past whereby she got stage fright and her situation got worsen because some kid called Leo called her a daikon. Well, daikon is actually a type of Japanese white raddish. But in theatrical terms, it means a person is useless in acting. Yup, it could be very detrimental for an actress wannabe, especially at a young age. SO you could say Sunao’s ‘scarred’ by that event.
Soon Erika comes in to watch the play and is confident that Sunao won’t suceed because you need 2 to tango. Meaning, you need at least 2 players to play Romeo and Juliet and in this case Sunao is handling both main parts, but surprisingly doing well. Just then Leo comes in and Sunao spots him, which prompts her to bring back those infamous memories. But the set crumbles and in the midst of it Sunao ended up on top of Leo. Meaning, Leo broke her fall lah. Leo soon remembers Sunao and calls her daikon. But Sunao slaps him and is nearly in tears. Later Sunao cleans up the mess and is complimented by Shizuka who seems to like her play, making Sunao cry in tears of joy. But all that happiness turned into anger when Shizuka asks her what daikon meant. Hmm… That word seems to be a taboo in Sunao’s vocab.
At the student council’s place, Leo’s wondering why did he get that slap and is feeling depressed when the other student council members come in. Speaking of which, let’s go through briefly about the other zany student council members. Besides Erika and Yoppie, we have Leo’s childhood friend Kinu Kanisawa, who’s short and also short-fused. Because of that, she’s also violent, vulgar and childish. Don’t mess with her. Unless you’re Nagomi Yashi. Both Kanisawa and Nagomi often quarrel among each other with Nagomi often calling Kanisawa, Kani (crab), and Kinu calling Nagomi Coconuts. No further comments. Another one of Leo’s childhood friend is Subaru Date who is sensible and quite down-to-earth kinda guy. Then there’s Shinichi Samesuga AKA Shark who’s your typical hyperactive guy who likes to flirt but is actually a loser because he doesn’t get what he wants in the end. Yeah, he tried to flirt with Sunao but was given the cold shoulder. Somehow I find that Leo, Kanisawa, Date and Shinichi are always together most of the time, so much so that I once thought the quartet lived together in Leo’s place. I think. Also, the 3rd year student Otome is one of the committee members in the student council.
Not on the student council team are Sunao’s 2-A classmates. Besides Shizuka, there’s also Youhei Murata, whom nobody (including me) can’t seem to remember his name correctly (like remembering as Tamura), and Noriko Nishizaki, a photograph maniac and the typical character without any proper lines and dialogues except some high pitch squealling or whatever gibberish she’s uttering. Hmmm… I’m not sure whether Murata and Noriko are dating or what. Faint hints but not conclusive enough. Maybe it’s because they’re always seen together. Because of Sunao’s animosity with Erika, Sunao’s class 2-A is always rivalling with Erika and her other second year student council members class of 2-C. Yup, the whole jin-jang gang is in that same class. Sunao also has a little more down-to-earth sister, Honoka.
Besides the students, there are the teaching staff as well. Though not many (only 2 seems to be in the regular casts), one of them include Inori Oueyama who has a talking pet parrot Tsuchinaga. This parrot is one of my favourite characters not because of its ability to speak fluent Japanese, but sometimes it makes sarcastic remarks and jokes. And the voice actor for Tsuchinaga seems so fitting for the role. You should hear it if you want to know what I mean. Then there’s the school principal Heizou Tachibana, your big size bearded guy with scars on his face. He may look tough and intimidating, but he’s okay.
By the way, since Sunao’s name means honest or frank, and because she’s an actress wannabe, at times her friends usually notice that she’s not being honest with her feelings and would say to her "Sunao ja nai", meaning "You’re not being honest". Though I’m not too sure whether her pals are playing pun with her name intentionally. And Sunao would always reply "Don’t play with my name". So is Sunao acting or what? But if you look at it in a way, it means Sunao’s not a good actress because her pals could see through her, right?
So in episode 2, Sunao’s quest for forming the theatre club continues. But more of those daikon nightmare and flashbacks. So much so Honoka thinks that Sunao’s in has a crush on someone. At school, Sunao’s putting up flyers of her intention to form her club but was told by Otome to take it down because there isn’t any approval. And Sunao’s able to do so from the principal’s office. Tachibana after seeing Sunao’s enthusiast gives his stamp of approval without question. But it seems that nobody’s taking up the offer. Sunao later finds out from Shizuka that because her theatre exhibition performance clashes with Erika’s school uniform event, and event where it’s like a showcase to see what school uniforms the students will be wearing for the next school term. Which means, all those perverted guys will be attending this.
Unperturbed by this, Sunao decides to go ahead with her plans and thinks that this is part of Erika’s plan to foil hers by purposely putting it on the same day. After setting up her stage, it seems Otome tells her that the uniform event has been planned 6 months ago and it’s not a compulsory for everyone to attend, that’s why Otome isn’t there, making Sunao feeling a little better. The fashion parade starts off with some models (who else but the student council members) in weird costumes and some in very revealing swimsuits (like Erika’s. Well if you’ve got it, flaunt it) and maid like outfits (like Yoppie’s). Is this really a school uniform festival?
Meanwhile, Sunao starts her performance alone with Tsuchinaga as the only viewer. I guess that’s not bad. But a bunch of gangsters (all of them bald with some red markings on their forehead?) arrive and is demanding for Otome and rips the set. Sunao wants him to fix it but the gang leader doesn’t and is gonna punch her only to be stopped by Otome’s sword. Soon a battle ensues and Otome uses her Devil’s Butterfly move to destroy their bikes and send them retreating in shame. Otome reveals that she’s been watching her play from the rooftop all the time and that she hates the student council though she’s in it. With that, Sunao and her become good friends. Uh-huh. At least they have the same view of the student council. Must be Erika. She’s like the big bad boss there.
Which high school series doesn’t make do with a school sports festival? That’s what episode 3 is about. Mainly, Erika issues a challenge to Sunao that if she beats her, Erika will approve her theater club. And so the challenge is on. But before that we get to see the other characters in their antics such as some race whereby Kanisawa sabotages the competition using nets, electric shocks and sticky glue. Is this allowed? Because of that she won. So if you cheaters think it’s cool to do so, remember this saying: a cheater doesn’t really win, he/she just ends up in first place. Hehehe. Then there’s that weird find the whatever-stuff-written-on-the-piece-of-paper with Leo needing to find a ‘ponytail’ while Murata gets a ‘twintail’. Also a volleyball match whereby Otome thumps her opponents with her super special dragon fireball move. They should’ve surrendered earlier.
Erika wins all the matches that she is involved. Is she that talented or the others fear some retribution from the student council? Then the final boxing match between Murata and Date ended in draw which means there is a tie and no outright winner between the teams. So Tachibana some high in the sky T-beamed dodgeball game whereby whoever falls off the beam loses. So it’s Sunao vs Erika. Though Sunao’s pretty determined, Erika’s powerful shot is way too good and wins the match when Sunao faints and falls off due to exhaustion. Not before Otome jumps and save her from plunging to her death. Later when Sunao comes to, because she lost, she has to clean up after the school grounds (in a maid outfit?) and because her pals saw her great determination, they decided to stay and help her out, making Sunao quite happy.
Episode 4 is one of those flashbacks but it’s not on Sunao. It’s on Nagomi. Nagomi’s out somewhere in the city at night when she encountered those bald gangsters. She’s gonna take them on but those gangsters decides to flee upon hearing Otome’s voice. It turns out it’s just Sunao who’s impersonating Otome’s lines. Though Nagomi says she could’ve handled them all herself, she thanks Sunao nevertheless. Nagomi then returns home and we find out that her mom has remarried another guy after Nagomi’s dad demise and Nagomi doesn’t really like the new guy because her dad used to teach and make her various delicious food. Thus it was her dream to become a chef but since her dad died, it seems impossible to her now. Uh-huh, she gives her long face whenever she’s back at home.
So besides Sunao bumping into Leo at some bookstore and that terrible daikon memories oh hers, lots of spacing out and flashbacks from Nagomi thinking about the good ol’ days. As Nagomi wanders around, she finds Sunao practising her play lines by herself. Sunao’s embarrassed and surprised to find Nagomi watching her play and after some talk, Nagomi has a little self confidence and heads home. The next day, Nagomi comes by at the same spot to see Sunao practising there again. Somehow the play reminded Nagomi so much like like her past that it started to make her cry. Sunao saw this and soon they had some chat about hope, dreams and not giving up bla bla bla. With that, Nagomi has her confidence fully restored because Sunao says the reason why she wants to act is to make people happy. Just like what Nagomi’s dad said, to cook to make others happy. The next day, Nagomi doesn’t really harbour any hard feelings for her mom and stepdad as she continues to watch Sunao’s play for Shizuka. Nagomi gives them her hand-made lunch and is happy when the 2 said how delicious it was.
Sunao decides to get a part time job in episode 5 after seeing some spotlights she wanted badly but it’s too expensive. She then applies for one at some curry restaurant and is accepted. You’ll notice that you’ll never really get to see the full head and body together of the restaurant’s owner, some huge Indian guy. You’ll just see his body at first and when he speaks, some cartoonish box will appear and you could see his cartoonish face. Anyway, to Sunao’s surprise, she finds Kanisawa working there too. Since the 2 don’t like each other, Kanisawa tries to get her to quit like making her memorizing the hundreds of various dishes on the menu and Kanisawa giving her some daikon curry. Yeah, lots of tension between the 2. But Sunao remain steadfast, working throughout the day and night.
Of course the other characters came in to the restaurant like Leo, Date and Shinichi. But since Sunao still hasn’t gotten over that daikon incident, he gives Leo an extra spicy dish and yells at him to get out. Yeah, it’s too hot for him to handle. Then Kanisawa and the owner dreads the moment Nagomi steps in because she can eat some super spicy curry dish within 20 minutes, in which, that person gets his/her meal free. And Nagomi’s doing it everyday. Oh the losses are running up. Also Otome visits the restaurant and Sunao treats her. Of course arrogant Erika has to come in and invites everybody because Erika’s paying. Because of that, Erika orders lots of stuff causing Sunao to be in a frenzy.
But Sunao showed Erika that she had memorized all those stuff in the menu when Erika asks her questions on it, surprising Kanisawa. After everyone has left, Sunao and Kanisawa are cleaning up the restaurant but bumped into each other breaking the plates and have spice covered all over them. The owner suggests that they take a shower. While doing so, some talk of apologizing and stuff as the 2 become friends. But all that seems distant the next day when they bumped into each other breaking the plates as they started quarelling. Well yeah, I guess it’s a different kind of friendship. Then back at home, Honoka comes into Sunao’s room and asks her what she’s doing with a flashlight. Yes, a flashlight. Looks like that pay isn’t enough for the spotlight and Sunao decides to settle with this mini one. Uh-huh, she’s done for with that part time job too.
Sunao has been accidentally ‘kidnapped’ and brought along for the student council’s annual survival training trip in episode 6. Uh-huh. Tachibana thought that Sunao’s part of the student council because he always seen her with them. But it’s too late to turn back now. As usual, Sunao tries to help out but Erika uses her authority to delegate duties to her members while she herself relaxes. Because Erika told Sunao that she could do anything because she’s ‘useless’, Sunao got mad and storms off and tries to find some food to prove Erika wrong. Wait a minute! Why do those daikons look like penises!!! Forget it. Though everyone else is back at camp and finish preparing the food, Leo notices Sunao isn’t back yet and goes searching for her. When he does, Leo tries to persuade Sunao to come back to the camp but she says something like how she doesn’t want to be near him and runs away. With Leo chasing, before you know it, they fall off a cliff and into the sea below, swimming towards and resting on a nearby little rock. Since Sunao doesn’t want to be alone with Leo, she decides to swim back but it seems there are numerous sharks swimming and circling around them. Wait a minute. Nobody got hurt and no blood, right?
I like this one short funny part where we see Tachibana standing on some cliff in his loincloth. Then all of a sudden he flex his muscles and gives off a loud "HMMPHHH" before the scene quickly changes. Because so, it’s so funny that it made me go "What the… What was that all about?". Anyway, the gang notices Leo and Sunao is missing and starts looking for them. Better hurry because the tide is rising and the small rock is getting smaller and smaller and soon there’ll be no place left to stand. And those sharks are still circling them. Wah. That patient, huh? Sunao can’t take it anymore and is gonna faint when Otome comes to rescue by slicing the water in half, making a pathway to the island (wah! Better than Moses did when he opened the Red Sea) with Tachibana disposing the sharks.
Back on land as Sunao’s still unconscious, the gang wonders whether Leo did something on Sunao, which Leo denies. As he wonders why Sunao stll hates him, Leo realized from the others the true meaning of the word daikon. It seems that back then, what Leo had said was meant to be a compliment! Did he know the actual meaning in the first place? Otome’s pretty shock by it too. Yeah, she doesn’t know what daikon meant either until just then. You’ve just insulted a girl and broker her heart without knowing it boy. With that, Erika overhears and knows Sunao’s phobia. Oh that b*tch is up to something. I can feel it.
So Leo decides to apologize to Sunao in episode 7 but she just ran off. To make things worse, there’s an upcoming festival all about daikons! Her worse fears come true. Then at school, the student council announces that they’ll be promoting that festival and need volunteers. Thus, the ones scoring the lowest in the upcoming test has to participate and shall wear some daikon costumes for the promo. With that, Sunao gets hyped up and tells her class to beat 2-C. Later Shizuka and Noriko arrives at Sunao’s home to study but asks her about what happened between her and Leo. Sunao tells them of that daikon incident but the 2 say that the daikon promo thing is made by the student council so it’s not really his fault because Leo has no control over it.
The next day, Leo arrives at Sunao’s house and truly gets on his knees and apologizes after some talking like how he thought that term was meant to be a compliment. Hmmm… Seems Honoka’s starting to like Leo and wants to call him onii-chan. Yeah, must be his charming looks. Sunao’s feeling pity and is going to forgive Leo when she suddenly remembers some letter back on the stage when she was young. Yup, Sunao soon runs off. The test begins the next day with Sunao’s class emerging tops. But since Sunao scored the lowest, she has to wear the daikon costume, along with other students who scored the lowest too. But it seems, to Erika’s surprise, Sunao isn’t fearful of the daikon anymore. Sunao didn’t even object or show the least bit of fear when Erika hands her the costume. Looks like she’s gotten over her fear of daikons. After putting on, Sunao also finds Leo wearing a daikon costume and the 2 had some chat before Sunao telling Leo that she forgives him.
The opening dream sequence for episode 8 is quite amusing because it’s a Snow White theme. With Sunao as Snow White, Erika as the evil queen, and the 7 dwarves made out of Otome, Yoppie, Kanisawa, Nagomi, Noriko, Shizuka and Inori. The evil Erika gives Sunao a daikon in which the latter eats and soon falls into a deep sleep. Leo the prince then came to wake up the sleeping beauty but Sunao wakes up first and wonders why she’s dreaming such a dream.
Anyway, this episode is about Sunao visiting some parade festival with Honoka and Shizuka in their yukatas. Sunao’s eager to go because of some famous actress making her appearance there. At the festival, Sunao somehow ended up participating in some beauty contest and it seems that some old guy as a judge quickly fails them all (especially Kanisawa who’s disqualified because of all those fake implants) and declares Inori as the winner because of her big boobs which he’s fascinated with women with such because Tsuchinaga dives down from above and unties Inori’s top with its beak. Pervert. Yeah, it seems that Tsuchinaga also mentions that it’s a no-contest and that Inori is the outright winner from the start.
Later at the parade, Sunao tries to get a glimpse of the actress and in the midst got separated from Honoka and Shizuka and bumps into Leo. Leo offers to help find them but the 2 end up spending time together like at the swings at the park, having fun at the night festival stalls , visiting a haunted house. Wow. It’s like they’re on a date. That’s what Murata and Noriko thought when Sunao and Leo bumped into them. What’s this? Otome and Tachibana teaming up to beat the crap out of some thugs surrounding them. There’s this funny part where Shinichi’s having his love destiny being read by Inori. He’s asking how is it when Inori replied… Please wait for your next life! Hahaha! Even when Shinichi asks does he have any chance with girls who’re size 35, Tsuchinaga tells him he needs to be hard working. Yeah, Shinichi’s even shocked that a parrot is teaching him.
Finally Leo and Sunao are alone at some hilltop as they watched the fireworks. You know, shy shy blushing here blushing there. When Leo apologizes and how he likes Sunao’s acting, making her happy, and the 2 face each other which seems like a prelude to a kiss, suddenly Kanisawa (with Date and Shinichi tagging along) interupts them by saying something about taking their spot for the fireworks viewing, surprising the 2. Kanisawa’s even jealous that Leo invited a girl to their favourite spot. Sunao then thanked Leo for it all and rushes back home. Remember how yuri Erika is? Yeah, it can’t get any yuri than this. While Sunao’s running pass some bushes, Erika and Yoppie’s head pops out from it when Erika notices Sunao passing by. But if you look closely at those 2, what on Earth are they doing there?! I mean what’s Erika doing towards Yoppie. Is that grimacing facial expression from Yoppie pleasure or what. My mind somehow is running wild on its own.
Anyway, Sunao reaches back home to find Honoka and Shizuka there. Those 2 are teasing Sunao that she may be out dating with Leo because they saw her with a goldfish in a plastic. Of course Sunao is blushing but denies it all and says she was with him to find the 2 of them. But either way, those 2 still are pretty convinced that Sunao’s with Leo the whole time. Uh-huh, Sunao’s in a pinch. Later, Leo arrives back home and a familiar voice greets him "Welcome back. You’re late". Hmmm… Sounds like Otome. The plot thickens…
So episode 9 starts off with that Leo-Sunao ‘date’ at the festival and that letter thingy flashback. Back in school, class 2-C are trying to decide what to do for the upcoming school festival. Yeah, Shinichi and his perverted idea of some perverted cafe with waitresses dressed in black leather sexy outfits holding a whip while they serve. Besides that, Sunao tries again to persuade Erika to allow her to do a play for the festival. You know the answer. Not approved. Later as Suano’s sulking, Shizuka and the other girls (her other classmates whose names I can’t remember because they’re ‘insignificant’. Sorry) are impressed by her efforts and wants to help her out.
Then some more of those Leo-Sunao moments when Sunao coincidentally bumps into Leo at the supermart. Uh-huh, you know lah. Shy shy blush blush. Typical. More younger days flasback. So typical. Later though Sunao is thinking of creating a fake club, she decides to scrap the idea after Otome told her it’ll be breaking the rules. Sunao then tries to play reverse psychology by telling Erika that fake club thingy in hopes that Erika will grant her wish for being honest. Well, nothing’s changed. Erika’s still adamant with her no decision. Just then, Shizuka comes in and hands in an agreement with the entire class 2-A’s signatures whereby giving Sunao the permission to do anything she wants for the festival. Which means a play is possible. And since it’s a class agreement, Erika can’t do anything about it and has no choice but to approve it. Yay! The theatre club has finally been given the green light.
So we see Sunao and her classmates making preparations for the festival with some rehearsing their lines and some setting up the stage and props. Sunao’s thanking Shizuka for her idea when the latter says that it’s actually Leo’s. Later in the evening she meets Leo and thanks him. He wishes her good luck and reiterates how he likes the acting Sunao, making her feeling happy. That night when Sunao’s out in the city, she spots Leo across the streets and tries to catch his attention by waving and calling him. But she saw Otome together with him and they look like as though they’re a couple with Otome adjusting Leo’s necktie and patting the back of his head. Sunao felt devastated. Just when she’s just about to realize her true feelings for Leo, then came along some other girl. And to make things worse, it’s one of her best pals. Well, seems like it. Sunao has never officially confessed to him or vice versa. Is there gonna be a love triangle? Oh the tension and suspense is killing me. Just kidding.
Since the theatre club has been formed, most probably the arc of the story will shift towards Sunao’s feelings towards Leo. Thus episode 10 begins with one of the most bizarre dreams ever. Yeah, Sunao’s in the process of marrying Leo and is gonna kiss when Otome shows up in a tuxedo suit. Then Leo changes his suit into a wedding dress and he and Otome runs off. Is that shocking or what. So in school Sunao’s wondering about what kind of relatinoship does Leo and Otome has between them. Though Sunao wants to ask Leo but it seems her embarrassment got the better of her and is unable to do so. Therefore she tries to avoid seeing them both.
Other than that, we see the girls of 2-A rehearsing their lines (very badly so much so you’d think they have no hope). I like the funny part whereby Otome gives the class 2-A some onigiris as testing because her class is doing an onigiri cafe. Murata seems looking forward to it but when the whole gang ate it, it tastes horrible because the onigiris were filled with weird and unsuitable fillings for an onigiri like mustard cream, pizza and even peanut butter! Murata doesn’t want to break Otome’s heart and says how delicious it is. Thus Otome gives him the whole sack of onigiris. Better eat his words now. Yeah, he’s munching it all down. Also, class 2-C doing a haunted house with weird monster costumes, Erika uses her indirect authority (or rather charm) on the guys to speed up the props for the festival by promising to give them a kiss if they finish fast (as opposed to what Yoppie said to Erika that they’ll be left on a deserted island), and Leo asking Sunao to dance with him for the festival (yeah, and all those busybody class 2-A are happily watching nearby).
Later as Sunao decides to take a shower, she overhears Otome talking with other girls in the shower how she’s going to ask Leo out to the dance. Sunao also finds out that Otome is Leo’s cousin and because Leo’s parents are away for a long time, Otome lives with Leo in the same house and takes care of him. Finally Otome delivers the killer blow when she says how she actually likes Leo. Sunao can’t believe she’s hearing this. How she’d wish that this is all a dream. Unfortunately it isn’t. And because it’s not the beginning of the episode either. ;p. Anyway, Sunao leaves without being noticed by the other girls.
The next day the festival starts and so does Sunao’s play with Erika’s watching it from her VIP seat. Sunao’s play seems to be going on smoothly until she saw Leo and Otome sitting together. Because of that she fumbled her lines and freezes, making the entire play a failure. Later Sunao’s no where to be seen but her pals think she needs some time for herself. Hmm… Date is asking Kanisawa to be his dance partner as the latter agrees to deepen their friendship. Shinichi wants his friendship to be deepen to but the 2 says he stink and isn’t really a friend. Oh the heartbreak. Though Shinichi tried to ask Nagomi but she just gave him that scary glance which made him back off instantly. And I’m not sure what Erika’s so frustrated about, sitting and thinking back at her student council room yelling "Seriously, it’s senseless!".
Sunao decides to skip school after her dreadful performance and after seeing Otome and Leo doing ‘lovey-dovey’ things outside the school gates in episode 11. That’s her reason for skipping class? Kanisawa who’s rushing to school spots Sunao sitting on a swing and tries to knock some sense into her but Sunao just got up and ran away. Back at school, Erika is having a meeting with Tachibana and says she’s gonna hold a selection for the student council president because she doesn’t want to be one anymore as her tenure’s coming.
I’m not sure about how this selection works but it seems like everyone’s gathered in the hall to hear some debate with the potential candidates voicing out what they’ll do and such just like how politicians do it during elections. So it starts off with Shinichi saying how he’ll enforce gender equality by allowing guys and girls to change together during P.E. period. Yeah, this guy never change. And donno on what criteria, Tachibana declares Erika the winner of the debate. And I didn’t know Date’s a little pervert as he says he’ll enforce sporting skirts. I can’t believe he said that. Ultimately, Erika still wins. And when it’s Kanisawa’s turn, before she could say anything, Tachibana declares Erika the winner. Hahaha.
Sunao’s absence in class has been noticed by her friends alike. Yeah, Sunao’s spacing out and wandering somewhere in the city. It’s been 3 days already, girl. She meets Nagomi and the 2 had some chat before Sunao realizes something. Otome tries to visit Sunao at her home but wasn’t in. Instead she saw Honoka. And that Honoka seems to take a liking for Otome instantly and wants to call her onee-sama. This girl really looks up to a lot of people. Why not. She’s one of the shortest among the bunch. Hahaha.
Otome finds Sunao sitting dejectedly at the beach and the 2 chat. It seems Sunao’s so heartbroken that she doesn’t want to act anymore. Otome tries to knock some sense into Sunao and there are hints that they both find out that they like Leo. But because of Sunao’s indecisiveness and pessimism, Otome throws down the gauntlet and says she’ll not give Leo to a girl like her because it’s not the Sunao she knows and asks her to go find her own answers before leaving. Likewise the same thing back at the student council when Date is trying to make Leo realize things like how he’s running away from his feelings and try to consider the feelings of others. So while Erika finally gives her flawless speech, we see Sunao holding that letter which is for Leo.
The final episode 12 begins with Erika unsatisfied with the debate because her opponents are so ‘low-leveled’. Shinichi even tries for a second time by promising how he’ll make all girl’s uniform breezy, only to be remarked "Disgusting" by Nagomi, sending Shinichi crying in disbelief. Meanwhile, Leo is rushing to find Sunao and manages to do so. As Leo tries to find out why she skipped school and such Sunao lands him a slap because she don’t know what crap he’s pulling and says doesn’t he know her feelings. Of course Leo is that dense and doesn’t know what she’s talking about until she mentions that letter which she put all her feelings in it 10 years ago for Leo, returned. Leo still doesn’t remember.
Then Shizuka arrives and asks them what are they doing, that is, are they dating or what (of course Sunao denies it), since everybody’s worried and waiting for her back at school. With that, Leo says she can be depressed later and takes Sunao’s hands and rushes back to school. They finally arrive with Leo announcing that he has brought the final challenge. Everybody looks relief and alive once more as Sunao heads up to the stage. Though Sunao doesn’t know about the selection, it seems Erika has recommended her and shows her a letter. Yeah, something strange about that letter because there’s a line saying "Reason for recommendation: It’s meaningless for no one to challenge me although I will win anyway". And Erika’s pretty confident about her victory.
At first, Sunao’s just standing there not knowing what to say. She’s wondering what she’s doing here and probably have fallen into Erika’s trap. That is, until Leo shouts out "Go, daikon!" as words of encouragement. Though irritated at first, Sunao then regains her confidence and speaks. Well, I find her speech to be like some impersonation of the characters she first met back at episode 1. I don’t know if those people should feel insulted or what but I guess since they find it so amusing (or rather their impersonated 15 seconds of fame), they didn’t mind it at all and is amused by it all. Maybe Sunao’s acting is damn good. But poor Shinichi. He’s anticipating his turn greatly but Sunao just skipped his and mentioned about the cool guy Date. So sad. Besides the impersonation, Sunao’s debate is also like a short episode recap. Summarizing things of what has happened and her adventures when she transferred here.
Finally Sunao ends by telling why she’s on stage because of someone who’s always supporting her from behind (hint, hint) and will keep on acting so that she could share her feelings with everyone. Thus, jokingly tells everyone not to play with her name anymore. With that, everybody gives her a standing ovation and a round of applause. Erika then comes up to her and says she finally did it before shaking her hand. Everybody’s in estacy. This has never happened before or thought would never happen. Tachibana then declares Sunao the winner of this battle.
Finally we see Sunao giving Leo the letter. Leo finds out that the reason why the letter was returned is because the stamp on it is fake. Sunao’s real shock. But nothing is more shocking when Leo opens the letter and it says "Leo, I love you". Woah! Sunao’s freaking out why she wrote such a thing and says how she didn’t change after all this years. She’s glad that the letter was returned. Leo feels the same way too because he also mentions that he hasn’t change as well. As they’re going to kiss, they’re being interrupted by the whole jin jang gang who’s watching them. Sunao pushes Leo away. Erika then quips that since she’s won the selection, now she wants a boyfriend. Though Sunao says she doesn’t want to be the president, Erika mentions that she herself is the CEO and will be commanding her still. Meaning, Sunao’s gotta to do all the work while Erika shakes her leg.
Just then, the other girls steal the letter from Sunao’s hands and reads it, pissing Sunao off. But it seems that all this is just an act! Yeah, Date’s the director and everything’s going smoothly. Before you know it, everybody’s arguing that they should be the main character. Even the teachers and Tsuchinaga wants to become the main character. And that Shinichi’s dreaming of wanting a beautiful harem. While everybody’s arguing among themselves, Sunao tells everyone to take a group photo when she bumps into Leo. Yeap, their lips met! Is that just an act or for real? Anyway, every darn character that has appeared in this series, from those bald gangsters to the curry restaurant owner, appearing for 1 last time in this big group photo. Hey, there’s even the little Sunao and Leo. How can the same person from 2 different eras be at the same place at the same time? So makes you think that this whole series is just 1 big act with different actors and actresses playing roles for the same character just at a different time. Or is it special effects to put them all together. Of course I’m only kidding about that part. It’s anime lah.
Overall, I kinda enjoyed this series with all the funny antics and stuffs. The characters are just loveable, probably wacky and zany in an interesting way. Okay, maybe not the wackiest or craziest I’ve ever known, but they’re rather okay in overall sense. And I’m not putting up an act about this.
One thing I’d like to mention about this series is the scene changer. It’s a short clip lasting only a second or two whereby it shows the characters in some costumes and some theme settings and at the end of it, that character says "Tsuyokiss". Well, it’s great at first because it’s like an eye candy getting to see the various characters in various outfits and probably ecchi and sexy poses in addition to knowing their name and their class. But after a while it gets irritating and annoying. Why? Because the scene changer can take place either several minutes later or just a few seconds after the last one! Imagine the frequency of it. So much so that when it happens again I would go something like "Oh no. Here it comes again… Tsuyokiss". At least it didn’t happen for the final episode and in that last episode, the only "Tsuyokiss" mentioned was during that big group photo with everybody saying it. At least the mid-intermission is less irritating as it shows a still pose of the characters scrolling across the screen and at the end, the highlighted character will get their big face mugshot appearing next to their still pose picture.
Though some viewers have complained about the drawing and art quality of certain episodes, to me they all seem pretty okay. I mean, it won’t get this series nominated for best picture, best sound, best script, best actor, best actress or whatever best of the best category. Besides, the character development is close to nil unless you consider that Leo-Sunao one to be such. But if you’ve seen lots of this kind of anime, you’d probably guess how it all turns out in the end.
Since the anime itself isn’t that ecchi (there are hints of it anyway), I suppose the producers decide to put the ecchi part at the end credits. Yup, you’ll find that the girls to be naked there with their arms strategically across their bodies like as though they’re hugging themselves or with their backs facing the viewers. You know what I mean. And if you’re the kind that quickly switches off the tv when the end credits start to roll, don’t. That’s because there’s some more clips at the end. Albeit just a short one and won’t amount to anything that important, but it may serve as a build-up to the next episode or tie up certain things from the current episode.
So is Sunao and co going for a second season? Well, there isn’t anything to say that there’ll be one. Maybe it’s budget constraints. Or maybe she has got better offer somewhere else. But that’s showbiz. Just like life itself. It’s just one big entertainment. And just like in the movies, you have to be at your best performance, or else you’re out. So simply remember this if you’re not up to par in real life: Death is life’s way of saying, "You’re fired!". Now beat that Donald Trump.

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