Raz Dva Tri Chetyre! Wao~ssu! Waiwaiwaiwai shicatte! More lolicon maid for me. At least Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru OVA is just a single episode released for the BDs. But you can expect more or less the same kind of antics from the bunch of characters if you have watched the TV series. A certain maid with killer abs and an extreme unhealthy fetish for little girls freaking out this particular half Russian half Japanese loli whom she is taking care of and the latter is trying to reject her unhealthy love but at the same time find it hard to things without her while trying to carry on her normal life after her mom’s death. Life has never been so fun-cum-annoying…

Part 1
Hotspring episode! More precisely, a resort spa thanks to Midori’s parents’ hospitality. Sure, the TV series had that but it was interrupted with Misha getting lost. Now we can feast our eyes in peace with lolis and maids in swimsuits all day long! Sort of. Misha invites Mimika and Yui here. Of course, Tsubame came uninvited although she claims it is to protect her from the filthy views of lolicon perverts. Is she talking about herself? With Midori looking mature in her swimsuit, Tsubame can’t stop getting nose bleeds from the loli swimsuit fanservice. Hence they tease her to take off the cover of her swimsuit before it gets blood soaked. Well, if you can stomach those abs and muscles. Tsubame acts all violated being seen in public. But it’s just a silly ploy to make Misha take responsibility and sign this marriage agreement. Please don’t ruin the fun. And so we see the lolis having their fun and a few times almost ruined thanks to Tsubame being a lolicon jerk. But thanks to the great security, our lolis’ chastity and fun are protected. As they change and prepare to leave for home, Misha realizes something grave. On the way home, Tsubame could tell from the way she sheepishly walks. Yup, she isn’t wearing any pantsu. She was so excited that she came wearing her swimsuit underneath and forgot to pack an extra pair. This gives Tsubame the excuse to go all out to protect her secret garden. WTF… Excuse for her to get suspicious at everything that threatens her oujo-sama’s secret garden. I wonder if this is an excuse to take advantage and get some herself. But thankfully no untoward incidents. But a few steps from home, suddenly there is a typhoon! Damn, the heavens even want to peek at Misha?! Before Misha is about to give up, Tsubame f*cking Falcon Punches the sky!!! WTF???!!! IT WORKED???!!! Pure coincidence but still WTF. When they finally reach home, Midori asks why she didn’t just buy a pair on the way home. Oh…

Part 2
Misha watches an anime about a very clumsy maid. I guess it’s for fanservice because each time she slips, her pantsu is showing. This prompts Misha to think anyone can be a maid. However Tsubame shockingly slaps some common sense into her about fiction and reality. Then something about how reality doesn’t have people take maids seriously and how this anime’s maid lacks ambition, etc. With Misha getting irk, she carelessly says she can prove by doing all that by being a maid. I guess she fell into Tsubame’s trap. Because now she has to make good her words and this loli maid outfit Tsubame made, I suppose she was waiting for this day to put it on her. Even Yasuhiro can’t help snap a pic of his lovely daughter. One for the road! With Misha bent on getting through this, she’ll do what it takes and doesn’t want Tsubame to help. Otherwise it would be meaningless if she is shown the tropes. So we see Misha doing the chores and getting clumsy but without the fanservice. When she is about to clean her late mom’s workroom, she realizes it is tough being a parent or a maid to do such chores every day. She gets her resolve to continue being a maid for the day and makes a delicious curry dinner for herself and the maids. I wonder if the meal is ruined when Tsubame suddenly says I love you to her. She explains it is because she gets to see how Misha has grown up and showing her different sides. Hence her love just keeps growing. But Misha knows the game she is playing. Because Misha has confiscated her handphone and shows all the secret photos that she has taken while Misha was being as a maid. So engrossed in watching her that she didn’t realize her pets helped stole it from her pocket. Now you know why Tsubame wants her to be a maid? Pressured, Tsubame tries to explain herself but of course being blindly positive that she’s doing this for the future of their children isn’t going to cut it. Misha deletes everything. Best gift ever.

Desperate Housemaids
Still fun, still funny, still cute, still annoying. Nothing really much to expect here. No twists or revelations of any sorts like suddenly incorporating a new maid character into the mix. Just the same ol’ Tsubame using every excuse she has to justify her lolicon tendencies towards Misha and every failure makes her even more determined. Oh well, like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Misha, her strength and weakness both in one package. Misha is still hanging in there quite well as a kid. With her knowing how to play Tsubame’s game at times, I am confident that she won’t grow up into a psychotic traumatized person. I don’t think she hates maids. Just Tsubame in particular she dislikes. Stress on the word, dislike. If she did hate maids, Midori would be no different but Misha still accepts her a lot more than Tsubame. Speaking of Midori, she is still the same masochist in every perverted way. Even things going her way has her thinking it is just to give her false hope and then make her come crashing down in despair. You gotta love her twisted logic. Yui is still wanting to challenge Misha for whatever reasons and this short part feels unnecessary so as to just solidify her character for the sake of that. Since that whatever challenge she threw down to her didn’t really materialize anyway.

So this OVA didn’t really break the mould or change anything in particular. Anybody who watched the TV series would feel really comfortable at home with all the familiar stuffs and settings. Just add a bit of lolicon swimsuit fanservice and a very idiotic and clumsy in-anime maid fanservice. Thankfully I’m not a lolicon so I didn’t get turn on seeing lolis in swimsuits. Misha looks cute in a maid outfit too but I didn’t drool over her like a certain lolicon pervert did. She should be the star of the next season (if that ever happens) as she takes over being her own maid! Uchi No Maid Ga Watashi Da! It is somewhat true that in reality, people don’t take maids seriously. Because instead of cleaning, cooking and doing the laundry (like what maids are supposed to do!), maids are now there to serve you omelette rice meals with your name or whatever written in ketchup, then chant the magical good luck charm, “Oishiku nare!” to make it become tasty. WTF?! Do maids actually do that kind of stuff???!!! Moe~! Kyun~! Thank you Japan, for helping to rebrand the image of maids worldwide. Banzai meido!!!

Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru

February 17, 2019

Heh. First they tried giving me a boy maid. Thankfully I didn’t turn into a shotacon. And then there was that busty dragon maid. Thank goodness I didn’t convert into some furry fetish. And now we have a lolicon maid! Oh… Uhm… Well… Okay, good thing I am confident I won’t turn into a lolicon but will I be turned on by a maid who is into little girls? What the heck am I saying?! Anyway, in Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru, the maid of the main character is such an annoyance since she loves little girls. Hence the daily shenanigans and struggles of their odd relationship. Loli harassment! I hope this anime won’t make lolicons hate maids!

Episode 1
Tsubame Kamoi is out of luck. There is no job offer where she gets to spend the whole day with a little girl. She returns to the house where she spotted her ‘snow angel’ 1.5 years ago. Yeah, there was this cute half Russian girl, Misha Takanashi that caught her heart. But now the place looks unkempt and there is an ad outside hiring for a maid. Part of the requirements is to be tough and strong so she fears a bratty little fat kid. To make sure, she climbs up to pole to peek into the room. There’s that little girl Misha! Misha is so freaked out, she ran to her dad, Yasuhiro for help! Dad is so happy his daughter came for help and wants to celebrate! Tsubame is ushered in and already Misha is feeling the creeps. After Yasuhiro’s wife died, the place became messy as she did the cleaning and laundry. He can’t be at home always, he needs someone to take care of the place. As Misha is known to play pranks on maids, they don’t last long. Misha pours muddy water over Tsubame in hopes to kick her out but she is unfazed. This is nothing to her. You see, Tsubame is from the military and ex-JSDF! Instantly she sizes up Misha’s measurements and freaks her out to hide behind her dad again. Misha thinks there is no way to beat her after seeing her killer abs! OMFG!!! But the annoyance level increases when Tsubame wears her school gym clothes since there are none available. Dad is so happy to see them getting on together so well.

Next day, Tsubame returns wearing a real maid outfit. She doesn’t mind the stares of the neighbourhood as long as she get to be with the loli. In order to dig up dirt on Tsubame, Misha uses her pet ferret, Kumagoro to film her. Looks like she is going to put her panties on her head. Nothing happens. In fact, Tsubame knows about the recording and says hi. I don’t think there will be any searches in Google to kill someone easily without anybody finding out. Later Tsubame wants to eat lunch with Misha but she won’t come out of her room. So she fans the delicious curry in her bid to get her out. Misha is tempted but tells her to leave it at the doorstep. Once the coast is clear, she opens the door. Don’t look up now because she’s hiding on the ceiling! Caught the loli! Misha becomes upset thinking Tsubame only likes her because of her looks. This makes her no different than everyone else. However Tsubame assures she only likes girls who have not menstruated! As she brags about her preference of angels who can’t reproduce yet, Misha quietly takes the curry into her room and locks the door. Remember to draw the curtains too so that pervert maid can’t see you eating from outside the pole. With summer vacation here, Tsubame thinks Misha has no friends and needs to provide a healthy and happy life. Thus the next day she arrives in a school gym outfit with the logic she needs friends her own age (at the expense of the neighbourhood giving her that trashy look). Tsubame wants to know more about Misha but the feeling is not mutual for the loli. Here’s to more annoying days ahead. Papa can’t be so happy to see them ‘happy’ together like this. So touching…

Episode 2
Tsubame’s attempts to be friends with Misha so far… Failed! But she notices Misha loves playing an online game and hatches a scheme to create a fake account and pretend to be her friend. She imagines Misha will be shocked to learn the friend is her all along and they’ll become real friends. If only real life was this easy. Creating a new avatar under the name Kinue, she makes a friend request thinking there aren’t many ferret lovers in this town. Yeah, 65 friend requests and all of them filthy male lolicons! Look who’s talking?! Finally the real Misha shows up and accepts her friend request. Meeting up in the game, Tsubame’s avatar is a cute little girl but Misha an old rough and tough guy? Better to stem those weird invitations (but she’s still getting them, though). Both play the game well. Tsubame notices Misha taking pictures of Kumagoro as she needs to send them to her friend Kinue. Tsubame is delighted in hearing that but can’t reveal her identity. For now, she leaves the house without harassing Misha but this only makes her suspicious. Next time they log online and clear a very difficult game, Tsubame accidentally calls to Misha. This only ascertains Misha’s suspicions that Kinue is Tsubame. Immediately she logs out. Game over.

Misha wakes up only to find herself being carried by Tsubame to the forests. They’re going to camp together?! This is the worst. This is to make up for that online game incident and also she is hoping Misha will get that Stockholm Syndrome. A lot of campers thought they were like mother and daughter but of course this brings back some unpleasant memories for Misha as she scoffs off Tsubame as her mom. She agrees and creepily describes all her different Caucasian features. Since Misha can’t go home alone or she’ll get lost, looks like she’ll have to camp for the night and also help cook food (because she thinks Tsubame will kill her if she doesn’t cooperate). Their food taste good but of course Misha won’t admit it. Tsubame seeks forgiveness for that online game incident and won’t leave the mountain until she is forgiven! Instant forgiveness! That night she can’t sleep so she is bored and looks at the stars, only to remember mom’s last words that she will be one and be sure to look for her. Problem is, too many stars! Not sure which is hers. Time is right for Tsubame to invite her to sleep inside where it is warm. Warm indeed but Tsubame can’t stop sleep talking about turning Misha into a cute girl! However just when it gets interesting (Tsubame talking about how her father died around Misha’s age and that’s when she wanted to fly), sleep Misha falls asleep. Misha finally returns home and because she so happily describes the fun she did during camping, Yasuhiro points out the obvious only to make Misha embarrassed. So it’s fun or not?

Episode 3
Tsubame is tempted by other young girls. But her heart must stay strong to only Misha! Then she realizes, is Misha not going to school? After luring her out of her room with ice cream, she asks about school. Russians don’t need to go to school! Local law exemption? She plays dumb and later asks Yasuhiro. Because of her looks, she attracts attention. Yasuhiro blames himself for putting Misha through this. She told her if she be a good girl at school, mom will recover but did not. So he left her alone and hopes she’ll get over this. Tsubame will go to school with her and be the centre of attraction but she’ll get arrested in no time. So she goes talk to Misha again and of course another no. Hence Tsubame gives an example of a different looking kid in one’s class. It is sure to attract attention. You can only judge someone by their appearance before you get to know them. Tsubame then goes on to rant how she knows Misha a lot by how much toilet paper she uses! And with more other habits of Misha she observes, Misha decides to go to school! Just to avoid being with this annoying person! Man, if this was reverse psychology, it worked like a charm.

Yasuhiro must be so proud that his daughter finally decides to take her first step to school. Only, if Tsubame isn’t there waiting to go with her. Trying to pretend to be a girl sick for 3 years and is now resuming school? Nobody’s going to buy that. Misha goes off alone and meets up with her classmate, Mimika Washizaki. It seems there is a problem in class. Both were supposed to take care of the hamster. During the holidays, the teacher decided to put both hamsters in a cage so as to only clean 1 cage. Now it has multiplied! Meanwhile Tsubame remembers a room that Yasuhiro told her not to enter. It is an important room to Misha and it is believed it contains her late mom’s belongings. So for that day for Misha to open her heart and show her that room, she prepares a surprise back to school party at home. Once she is done, she decides to check on Misha at school. After sneaking and breaking in, outside her class she peeks and sees Misha and Mimika taking control of the situation as they address the hamster problem. Wow. She’s a hamster pro. Tsubame is so impressed but too bad she is arrested by the police. Misha returns home, shocked at the party bash. But Yasuhiro is heard over the phone apologizing. You know what the maid has done, right? Too bad, instead of spending time with Misha in this party, she has to fix up the school. At least the parts she broke into. Apologizing can only get you so far…

Episode 4
Misha keeps 3 of the hamsters. Noticing Yasuhiro will be working overnight and Tsubame doesn’t come over during weekends, it’s freedom! Too bad here is the maid. Yasuhiro called her to come. This means she’s going to stay for the night. Oh no. She’ll protect her from any evil! Says the one who is most evil! Tsubame is tempted to bath with Misha but decides not to. She thinks that if she does this often, Misha will feel lonely and eventually invite her into the bath. Not happening. Just get out! When she goes to bed, Misha is shocked to see Tsubame already waiting in her bed. Misha was so engrossed in her games that she didn’t notice her sneaking in. Kicked out of course. Next morning, Misha wakes up and plays her games for the entire day. When she is about to retire to bed, she realizes she forgot to do her homework. Hence Tsubame helps out by interviewing her about her future dreams. As she wants the easy life, why not marry someone rich? Tsubame offers herself because she has a bit of money. It’s not from her maid job but her side job of making doll clothes. That fetches a lot on the internet. Misha is not impressed. She wants to have a peaceful life without her around. Tsubame doesn’t get it and believes the harder the mission, the better the reward. But Tsubame has money, why does she need to work? Nothing is much better than taking care of a Russian girl and she is also fulfilled doing her hobby. Misha now knows what to write. So we see her read her dreams in class. She loves animals and wants to do a job relates to it. But she’ll consider the financial rewards and ways to increase her assets so she can get a high security house to keep a certain maid out. Such a realist. Later Misha looks up the internet for the doll dress. One is named after her. Better not go any further…

Misha is ecstatic when Mimika wants to come over to play. So happy that Misha forgot and only realized there is this perverted maid waiting for her. She foresees that either Tsubame will harass her to death or kill her to protect her oujo-sama. Bad ending either way. However Mimika is already here and shockingly Tsubame puts up the most courteous and polite maid act ever. Is this really her? Mimika learns that Misha can talk to animals. Misha thought others would find it weird but Mimika is impressed. Finally Tsubame’s true colours are revealed when she wants Mimika to put on a cute dress. Surprisingly she agrees. Because of her brothers keep messing her up (nothing hentai!), she can’t afford to wear cute dresses. Mimika laments she doesn’t have nice blonde hair but Misha prefers black hair. The case of the grass is greener? Conversation interrupted with Tsubame almost ‘dying’ from the young girls’ conversation. Tsubame lends a pair of decorative glasses for Mimika to complement her dress. As Mimika leaves, she thanks Misha and her maid because before today, she never liked her hair and glasses. Misha is glad Mimika calls her by her name. It’s like she achieved a friend, no? So her special nickname for her is Washiwashi? Misha also starts taking better care of her hair.

Episode 5
Yui Morikawa thinks she is the cutest in class. That is of course until Misha turns up. Oh dear. We’ve got a jealous loli on our hands. Hence she walks around a popular street in hopes of getting her picture taken by a famous children magazine. Too bad they asked Misha instead. And Misha turned them down! That’s it for Yui. She challenges Misha to a cute contest. I guess Misha can’t say no. It gets worse with Tsubame agreeing. Yui lays down the rules. They should spend the money they have to accessorize themselves. Mimika will judge who will be the cutest. So Yui’s 512 Yen is going up against Misha’s 12,000 Yen?! Well, Yui already has a head start considering she is already dressed quiet fashionable. Even with all that money, Misha’s poor taste in fashion is so poor… Thank goodness for her maid and friend. In the end, Misha chose something simple and Mimika points her as the winner. Yui won’t accept this so Tsubame takes the liberty to strip Yui! Has she finally turned into a criminal? Actually, Yui overdressed so it is hard to focus what is cute on her. With more fashion tips from Tsubame about more is less, Yui now considers Tsubame her master! Yui is then scouted by the magazine for her picture. Happy Yui posts it online and as usual, an uncle who always posts first comments on getting a low angle view. She doesn’t understand so Tsubame brutally explains what it means. Immediately she blocks that pedo. A few days later, that uncle is seen arrested on the news. Misha hopes the same would befall on Tsubame.

Misha’s school is having its sports day. Yasuhiro and Tsubame are here to watch. Initially Misha gave Tsubame the green light to come as long as she doesn’t stand out or say anything. Too bad that won’t last long because bad luck falls on Yui as she sprains her ankle. It’s like God don’t want the class ace to race. Yui requests for her master to replace her and with Misha feeling pressured by everyone, here comes Tsubame to the rescue. Really? They accept an adult to replace a kid?! We can see Tsubame is so efficient in the ball toss that the other teammates don’t need to do anything. Naturally the opposite complains of unfairness and wants a handicap. Yeah, even tying her hand behind her back, Tsubame still aces the tug of war and relay! Finally it is the 3-legged race. Misha is doomed because if Yui was supposed to be her partner… However Tsubame matches her pace to run at Misha’s speed. But Misha knows at this rate she will lose and wants Tsubame to do her best. However Tsubame would prefer to match her pace and run to the finish line together, something that is harder to do. Misha doesn’t care about anything but winning but luck is on her side as other teams tumble and they end up in third place. In the end, somehow the opposite team win the overall. Can’t say Misha’s side cheated now? But Misha notes the need to work on her stamina. But first, she has to get over her dad and maid fawning over the recorded video of Misha in action. Needing to upgrade the TV to 8K just to watch Misha in HD? Don’t waste money!

Episode 6
If there is anything Misha doesn’t need, it’s meeting another weirdo. Unfortunately for this goth loli weirdo, Midori Ukai, Misha blows her whistle and soon the police comes chasing this molester. While escaping, she kidnaps Mimika but she too has a whistle. Thank goodness for Japan keeping their lolis safe! Out of the frying pan and into the fire is what best describes Misha. Yeah, another weirdo waiting at home. As she tries to Google ways to get rid of her, she thought Tsubame is once again peeping from outside her window. Nope. Midori. From what she says, it looks like Midori is infatuated with Tsubame although the feeling is not mutual. She goes away after being threatened. Misha learns Midori is Tsubame’s former senior officer in JSDF. If Misha can think if JSDF is full of perverts, JSDF better start cleaning up their act. But Misha hits upon an idea. She thinks of using Midori to get rid of Tsubame. Misha thought her food bait was silly (since Midori craved for Tsubame’s cooking) but it worked! Misha tries to hear her out but too bad her loli brain can’t understand this ‘complexity’. You see, Midori falls on and off in between depression and ecstasy just thinking about Tsubame. Oh, time for flashback. When Midori was in the JSDF, she was working under the division to train dogs. It took years for her to get closer and bond with the canines but one day Tsubame as the new staff appeared, all the dogs suddenly obey her! Midori felt insulted but at the same time started to fall in love with Tsubame! And so this is where he one-sided love story began. Worse, Midori tries to act like a dog! Is she trying to be her b*tch? Anyway, Tsubame wasn’t impressed. As they take judo training too, Midori always set up for Tsubame to throw her down. Best feeling ever.

One day all that stopped when Tsubame suddenly quit. Desperate Midori confessed to her but was rejected. Midori was ecstatic of the rejection? Long story short, Midori is a masochist. So it was somewhat conflicting that after Tsubame left, the hole in her heart was both exciting and depressing. Yeah, Midori fell down the pecking order so low that even her training dogs rank higher than her! Considering Midori is now unemployed, how will she get money? Guess what? Midori’s family is filthy rich! Woah. Misha now feeling she wants to be a responsible adult and have a proper job than lazing around all day playing video games! This is when Misha tells Midori her plan. She wants Tsubame out of her house and since their goals align, they’ll work together. She is going to hire her as her maid. Somehow Misha kept her maid outfit in the garbage bin? Or was it a lucky find? She tries to change in public as Misha stops her and warns about being arrested. Midori complains about how uptight Japanese police are. More flashbacks as we see Midori molesting a young girl whom she thinks would be Tsubame’s taste. Yeah, the police arrested her. And now too because she got wardrobe malfunction and hence indecent exposure. I don’t know how all that worked out but Misha brings Midori back home and tells Tsubame straight in her face that she is fired. Midori is her replacement.

Episode 7
Surprisingly, Tsubame accepts it and leaves. Woah. Is Misha feeling guilty that she’s the bad guy now? Reminder: Labour law says you have to give 1 month notice for fired employees! Misha tries to look on the bright side that the annoyance is gone. But with Midori making dinner for her, WTF is this vomit induced curry?! Looks bad. Tastes bad! It doesn’t help that Midori is a masochist and loves Misha’s reprimanding. So masochistic that she eats the curry too! I guess it’s the same for breakfast. Watch how the toast gets burnt and then eating it. She really is bad at cooking for a purpose, huh? She might not be a great cook but at least she is a great cleaner. So for food, Midori solves the problem by ordering take-outs. Misha is all happy at first but when you have pizza and sushi every day, she’s starting to feel tired and wants to go back to the ordinary food. One evening, she spots Midori looking pretty anxious. That’s because she spotted Tsubame alone at the river. Can’t go to talk to her? Somehow Midori accidentally pushes Misha towards Tsubame. Awkward. Misha tries to sound that it’s not her fault but Tsubame tells her straight up that she rejected her and is not wanted in her life. That’s all to it. Misha then pleads to her she wants her to make dinner and snacks again. But she didn’t see this coming. Tsubame recorded that on her drone! She knew Midori sucks at cooking and waited for this opportunity to spring. Sneaky! Looks like Tsubame is rehired. But what about Midori? Can’t fire her without 1 month notice. And so we have 2 maids now working at her place at least for 1 month.

We see the maids making breakfast for their masters and it is Tsubame’s intention to watch Misha’s sleeping face and then wake her up. Too bad Misha is already up because she got used to how freaky it was and to avoid all that she now wakes up earlier. Tsubame tells Midori that cleaning Misha’s room is a task only for her. That is because she wants to pick every strand of Misha’s hair and make it into a replica doll for her birthday present. Wow. Her grand delusion sure thinks she could make Misha marry her. Too bad Midori asks the same question if she made a doll out of Tsubame’s hair. She’ll immediately reject it! Ah, she loves the rejection. Midori has went far to dress as frilly as Tsubame likes. In the process, trying to figure it out was also fun. Is it a good thing or bad when Tsubame says outright that she isn’t her type so no matter what dress she puts on, it’ll not attract her. Maybe a both. Midori loves the rejection and at the same time Tsubame trying to make her feel better. Later the duo put on a disguise to go stalk Misha coming back from home. Misha doesn’t have a clue this old lady is Tsubame. She also pretends to be hard on hearing if Misha happens to talk to her. At the end of the day as the maids part, looks like it is going to take a while as Midori is saying goodbye to Tsubame every few seconds. Misha realizes as long as she is dependent on Tsubame for food, she can’t get rid of her. If only she has a weakness. Is there?!

Episode 8
Misha learns that Midori’s family runs a super famous hotel. Because they call her back, Misha wants to go stay there! With the maids begging Yasuhiro, too bad father will be the only one who has to stay back at home. Misha is awed with the luxurious suite. But why a tent here? Midori’s going to stay here. She relates how she pukes at nice things and wonders if she was switched at birth. Hence her parents got fed up and had another son who will become their heir to take over the business, allowing Midori to do whatever she wants. Misha settles the sleeping problem with Midori sleeping in the middle and Tsubame next to her. If Tsubame tries to cross over to rape Misha, she’ll kill her. Can she? Next morning, Misha gets a shock awakening with Midori bleeding all over! That’s the side effect of being too long in something nice and comfortable. Misha insists that Midori joins them for breakfast and all the other attractions this hotel has. Soon reality hits as Misha realizes Midori’s one month is up and she is still looking for a job (something that abuses her and with low pay – there are so many jobs in the world that fit that). She would love Midori to stay but Yasuhiro can only keep one. Misha has no qualms suggesting Tsubame marry Midori as she pities the latter. Tsubame refuses and would prefer to marry Misha instead. Rejected. Because Misha doesn’t like her one bit! So it’s okay for Midori but not for Tsubame? Yeah, double standards. In the end, Midori faces reality and leaves. Misha is a sad girl. Tsubame is an envious girl. Because Midori pets Misha’s head as goodbye. A week later, Misha continues to worry about Midori. Jealous Tsubame believes she is fine. Suddenly Midori rings at their doorbell. Apparently she bought the house next door. She tried to waste her parents’ money in some forex investment but it brought her more returns instead. So she bought a house and started her own cleaning business since she is good at it. She also means cleaning up houses with people who died in it…

Horror for Tsubame! Because she realizes Misha’s pantsu is missing! Yeah, she knows all of Misha’s pantsu well. Immediately Misha and Midori suspect her and threaten to call the police. Yeah, they’re not going to believe her she isn’t the culprit. I’m sure Tsubame would have wanted to say if she was the culprit, why would she have alerted them but they don’t listen and deduce this obvious fact on their own. Misha learns from Tsubame’s dirty trick as she records a line that makes Tsubame seemingly admit she is the criminal although it was just part of a sentence. Tsubame goes to clear her name by investigating the crime site. All the fingerprints are hers. Get ready to call the cops on her. After amazingly describes what panty thieves do, Tsubame now remembers what happened. As she was hanging out the clothes, a delivery rang at the door. Tsubame put Misha’s panties into her pocket to go answer the door before forgetting all about it. Now you can call the police. Later, more horror for Tsubame! Because now her own pantsu is missing. After taking a bath, she comes out to find them missing. Midori would be the suspect but Tsubame knows her well enough not to do that because she gets her kicks by wearing the same kind as hers. The degrading makes her happy. I guess the rest aren’t going to take her missing panties seriously because Midori is willing to lend hers while Misha suggests wearing Yasuhiro’s if she is so damn shy in going home without one. The real culprit turns out to be the hamsters. Did they steal it for nesting?

Episode 9
Misha calls Kumagoro. Because it’s time to go to the vet doctor! Fearing the needle, Kumagoro escapes. When Misha cannot find the ferret, she ‘interrogates’ the hamsters. Misha starts to panic. Yeah, it’s a big deal for her. Thank goodness Tsubame is here to help but her efforts are not appreciated. You can’t trust a lolicon with an ulterior motive. Misha calls Mimika to help put up lost posters of Kumagoro. Searching for it in the streets is futile as Misha remembers the day her mom died, she felt alone. Yasuhiro then bought her a pet ferret and it became part of her family. Tsubame relies on her last resort for the search. As Midori keeps a retired police dog at her place, Misha lets it sniff Kumagoro’s scent. Naturally it sniffs back to her house. Tsubame had to show her authority to the playful dog to make it do its job. Eventually it leads them to Yui’s house. Misha thinks Yui kidnapped Kumagoro but Yui is cocksure she did not and dares them to go look into her house. Isn’t that Kumagoro with her little sister, Yuina? Misha wants Kumagoro back but Yuina insists she found it and is hers. Tsubame would love to add another loli to her harem and even a small girl like her understands the implications of how scary this woman is. She gives back Kumagoro and apologize. All is well, ends well. Except that they’re going to the vet now. Ferret horror continues…

It’s such a cold day and Misha didn’t want to get out of bed and even thinks school is cancelled due to the snow. Oh well. Reality sucks. Off you go. She meets up with Mimika and sees her a little fat. She admits she was eating a lot of chocolates otherwise her brothers would eat them. Yui is trying to show off her winter fashion when Misha enters the class and now all eyes are on her. Instinctively Yui challenges her to a snowball fight. Normally there is no reason for them to accept except Mimika wants to lose weight. So the rule is whoever lands the most snowballs in 10 minutes wins. Their other friends will judge. At first, Yui seems to be leading as she is pro in making and throwing snowballs. Luckily or not, Tsubame disguised as a snowman give some hints in splitting their role as well as how to make harder snowball. Now that the tables are turned on Yui, she is calling it unfair? Wasn’t she the one who set the rules? Oh, her friends already gave up judging quite a while ago. So can we call it a tie? Because if they really kept count, Yui would have lost. Grrr… Oh Yui, just “Let It Go”! Haha! Misha thanks Mimika and this pure friendship moments is ruined because a certain lolicon sees it as some beautiful loli yuri. Time to bust the maid out of the snow.

Episode 10
Yasuhiro wants to go on a vacation with Misha to the hotspring. Too bad loli prefers to stay home. Is she implying she prefers to be with the maid? Until Yasuhiro mentions the hotspring has capybara. Instantly Misha wants to go and this means she doesn’t have to see Tsubame. Now she relishes not seeing her face? Hence Misha doesn’t want father to tell Tsubame about this as she delicately plans how to go on this trip without raising Tsubame’s suspicions. All seems clear along the way until they reach the inn. Because Tsubame will be their matron! Oh sh*t! Feel like going home? But we just got here? Tsubame claims she was looking for some part time job but actually her spying on Misha is what got her to know about this. Misha can’t enjoy the bath alone since Tsubame is always there. Annoyed, she goes to pet the capybaras. Suddenly she sees a panda. A panda? In Japan? She tells Yasuhiro about it but he doesn’t believe. Hence that night Misha thought of going to get some evidence when Yasuhiro is asleep. Too bad she forgot to take her handphone and is lost. When Yasuhiro wakes up and realizes Misha is not around, time to hit the panic button. Oddly, stalker Tsubame wasn’t anywhere near Misha? Anyway she offers to go find her and wants the guilt ridden father to stay behind so as to welcome Misha back. It would be bad if he comes along and something happens to him. Because he is Misha’s only parent left. Sometimes she says some sensible stuffs. But most of the other times, just disgusting…

Misha thinks she will die in the wild. On the bright side, she can meet her mom. On the downside, she’ll miss all her family and friends. However thinking about Tsubame means death is much preferable! Suddenly Misha sees the panda. Strange, it is walking bipedal and eating fish raw? Pandas eat fish?! Misha thinks it is a brown bear in disguise. Don’t look now but big mama brown bear is here! Is Misha done for? Good thing or not, Tsubame is here to save the day. How can she even take advantage of this situation to hug Misha? So is she going to fight the bear? Well, she starts ranting how much she loves Misha. The bear just walks away! Even animals know not to mess with this psycho. While Misha is now safe, she is now keeping her distance with this pervert. When other rescue workers come, Misha gladly goes to them. They return to the inn as Yasuhiro lectures her but it is a pretty mild scolding. Misha regrets what she does as they apologize to the staffs. At least Misha shows a bit of compassion to Tsubame but she’s pushing her luck of asking her hand in marriage. Will papa approve? Yasuhiro is a bit overprotective of Misha now. He wouldn’t really know what to do had she been lost and he can’t go save her like Tsubame. He hopes she would properly call him daddy one day.

Episode 11
Flashback of the happier times Misha and her mom. Wow. So touching. Misha is happy that Mimika is coming over for a sleepover. Of course she is not impressed with Tsubame taking the initiative to set up all the elaborate stuffs. All she needs to do is make delicious snacks for them. I guess that will do. As Tsubame cleans up, there is a room that she was forbidden to enter, she wants to clean it. Immediately Misha shoots her down. Don’t ever enter that room. That room is actually Misha’s mom’s work station and it holds a lot of memories for her. Later Misha thinks of cleaning it as it is obviously dusty and dirty. Looking at the Herculean effort needed to clean, I guess she’ll postpone it to another time. When Mimika arrives, why is Yui here too? Apparently Mimika bumped into her along the way (fighting with a cat?!) and thinks Yui wants to be her friend. Misha invites her to stay over. As the girls have fun, Misha orders Tsubame to sleep outside to guard them from weirdoes. You mean like this one peeking at the edge of the house and almost being arrested by the police? Yup. Girls, meet Midori. I guess she’s joining them too? As the lolis bath, Misha can’t let her guard down and anticipates Tsubame barging in. None of that happened. Surprised, huh? Since Tsubame saved her in the woods, Misha relents and wears the pyjamas Tsubame made for her. Tsubame could die now but if she did, she won’t get to stalk enjoy further loli time. As Misha is preoccupied thinking about Tsubame because she is strangely nice today, her friends think she is a tsundere for her maid. She denies. Proven their point? Then it turns into a pillow fight. Ah, such fun.

Deep in the night as Yui needs to go to the toilet, she takes Mimika with her. WTF they witnessed Midori trying to it upside down on the toilet seat???!!! Surely scared the hell out of them. Then they see Kumagoro juggling the hamsters. In the darkness I guess it looks scary so they unwittingly hide themselves in the forbidden room. Accidentally they trip over some stuffs and though Misha’s mom’s stuffed bad was a monster and ran out. The duo slept the entire night huddling each other. Misha thought they were close friends. As Misha goes down, she sees the forbidden room’s door open. At that time Tsubame just came back. Misha becomes visibly upset about somebody entering the room. She suspects Yui since she was curious about that room yesterday. Immediately Tsubame covers for her and says that it was her who enter the room. This makes Misha even madder, telling her off this is a place for her family and not for any outsider to enter. She locks herself in that room.

Episode 12
Mimika and Yui realize their mistake and want to apologize. However Midori tells them not to waste Tsubame’s efforts. After they leave, Yasuhiro rushes home. Although Tsubame apologizes, Yasuhiro blames himself for not being a good father. So it’s time to confirm why Misha is so fixated with that room. As you would have known, it is her mother’s studio. Sometimes Misha always finds her way there to play with mom. You can say there are a lot of dear memories of mom there. After mom died, she stayed there for a while thinking mom was hiding somewhere. With that, Tsubame yells from outside the room to make Misha realize that her mom is not in that room. Of course it only serves to make her mad. Later Mimika and Yui call Misha to apologize. Misha also knows. Even if Tsubame always makes her mad, she would never do anything to hurt her. Midori enters the room via ventilation. Technically not inside the room? She gives her food and portable potty and says Tsubame is currently cleaning the house. When Tsubame is done with the task, Midori confronts her about Tsubame’s u-turn attitude of thinking she can no longer be with Misha. She scolds her if her love for Misha is that thin. Please think again what is the most important in the world to her.

Soon Tsubame talks to Misha but remains outside the room. She explains her past. Her father was in the JSDF and because he always bought her macho and toys for boys, it’s the reason why she ended up loving girly and frilly things. Despite all that, she loves her papa dearly. So when his death was sudden, she was in shock. Her mom probably couldn’t bear to see her like this and told a white lie that he went to the skies. It is the same reason Tsubame went into JSDF so she could see him in the sky. She trained hard for that day and when she finally took off to the skies, of course she already knew, he wasn’t anywhere. Misha admits that she wasn’t mad with anybody who entered the room. It is the fact that she didn’t feel anything when she entered. It means she had fun every day without her mom. It’s like she has forgotten about her. That is why she is mad with herself. Tsubame continues that she was forced to quit the JSDF because of her failing eyesight. Her right is now completely blind. Misha feels bad she lost everything but on the contrary, Tsubame found her light: It’s you Misha! With Misha making peace with herself, she opens the door to bring Tsubame in so they could clean the room together. In the aftermath, everything returns to normal. This includes Misha still not calling Yasuhiro her dad, Yui challenging Misha to a challenge she already lost before (did she forget?), Midori back to her creepy masochistic ways and yes, Tsubame still not giving up on marrying Misha and even have her babies! If she doesn’t, she’ll hold her dinner hostage! WTF?!

Devious Maids
I guess life is not perfect and definitely not a bed of roses. For Misha to continue accepting Tsubame as her maid shows that she clearly values her a lot and is willing to put up with her annoying habits and constant harassing and pestering for years to come. It’s the small price to pay for having her delicious cooking and snacks. Oh Misha, don’t rush into answering Tsubame’s questions (although I know what your answers already are). You’ve still got a lot of years ahead of you so take your time and enjoy your childhood and don’t let the lolicon spoil it all.

Depending on how you find your comedy, Tsubame’s antics level are at annoyance level or at funny level. While this series doesn’t spam in your face Tsubame’s loli love antics, it does enough to make you laugh. After all, that is what the series is going to be mostly about. If the entire series is going to have Tsubame trying to fulfil her sick fetish and without some character building moments, I think it would be very distasteful and we would be just freaked out. It is like the lolicon version of the Road Runner and Coyote Show. You know that cartoon that has a certain coyote nonstop trying to get his hands on a certain road runner in every skit. That is basically what that series and cartoon is all about. So thankfully although there are some really ‘freaky’ moments when Tsubame goes overboard with her loli love (do you not find her delusions of Misha to be very disturbing on an uncomfortable and unhealthy level?), I find them amusing and hilarious to watch. After all, how can you not love a maid character!!!!!!!!! See the light today, people!!!! Maid characters are the best!!!! Always!!!! Wohoo!!!! Ahem. Now I understand how Misha feels…

I know some of the comedy effects are exaggerated but there is one thing that boggled my mind. It is that panda incident. I kept thinking there was some sort of motive behind it. After all, you don’t find pandas other than in mainland China. It was even walking in a bipedal fashion and eats raw fish it caught from the river. So I thought it had to be somebody in a panda suit. Perhaps Midori. And then nothing came out of it. So what the heck was all that? Therefore this ridiculous moment was just some rushed plot convenience so that Misha will open her heart a little and learn her lesson. Don’t always be a brat to Yasuhiro and Tsubame because technically when she’s in trouble, they are the only ones capable of protecting her.

Love her or hate her, is Tsubame a blessing in Misha’s life or is she a curse? Or both? It is indeed sad that Misha lost her beloved mom at a very young age and I am not even sure what happened to her real biological father. I am assuming mom remarried Yasuhiro because it would be really strange and rude for Misha to call her father by his name. It’s not that Misha really likes him and at first it feels like he only does so because he is the only one left she can rely on. All Misha wants is a family and it is unfortunate she can’t have her real mom with her anymore so everyone else like Yasuhiro, her pets, her friends and to an extend her annoying maid helps her fill that void and hopefully in time to come, Misha would be able to see Yasuhiro as her father. Yup, what Misha needs isn’t a maid. It’s a family.

Even though Misha dislikes Tsubame, it is not like she entirely hates her. That part where she was temporarily fired proved it. Even if Misha only likes Tsubame for her delicious cooking, at least there is a part of her she likes. There are certain points where Misha ponders over Tsubame’s history and it’s a sign that she cares, right? Over the course of the series you can see how Misha has ‘transformed’ from a girl who freaks out at the sight of Tsubame to one who just doesn’t bother anymore. Like as though she has learnt to counter this sicko by not giving in and overreacting because it seems that it was Tsubame wants. So she just makes sarcastic comebacks and enough to ignore the annoying maid that it makes her feeling confused and snubbed. That’s the way to play this game. You adapt. If you can’t beat ‘em, ignore ‘em. If the logic of Tsubame being persistent with her will make Misha finally give in, then the same logic would also apply to Misha if she constantly rejects her, Tsubame will give up and go away. The question is who will prevail first? It would have been super uncomfortable if Misha and Tsubame really gone down the yuri path (even if it was for reverse psychology). Adult woman and a loli seem like a very sick hentai genre. Thank goodness the rejection force in Misha is strong!

It’s a running joke that Tsubame is a lolicon and hence this peculiar character of hers that give rise to a lot of questionable situations and things she does. But don’t worry, since she is from the army, an excuse why she can do almost anything with ease. I don’t think I have ever seen any other women with such great abs like hers except for Shingeki No Kyojin’s Mikasa. Yeah… It is nice that we caught a glimpse and insight on Tsubame’s past. Especially about her father and why she wanted to join the JSDF. It might be short but it was impactful enough. Not really clear how it led to her lolicon behaviour but more importantly it gives Tsubame some character we can somewhat sympathize with (albeit 1% is good enough) instead of one who just an overpowered, can do anything and everything as well as an annoying lolicon. But for now, she’ll have this reputation of being a stalker trying to torment a kid in the name of love and disrespecting her privacy time. Yeah… Can you say that Tsubame’s twisted character is also because she somewhat come from a broken family? And only one with such background can help another in the same predicament? Good for Misha, she doesn’t need to learn lessons the hard way.

Even if Tsubame loves lolis and young girls who haven’t have their first period yet, boy I have bad news for you Misha. Because once you have become a teen and have your first period, Tsubame will dump you! On second thought, maybe that is what Misha wants and the only way to legitimately get rid of Tsubame. But she’ll have to wait for years. So I guess this series is a bit short sighted because when the time comes as Misha grows up, what will be of Tsubame’s love for her? Will all those sick lolicon moments turn into true love? Maybe. But for now we see Tsubame’s delusions of marrying Misha and frolicking with her as though Misha will never age. If Tsubame’s love for Misha does not transform from a lolicon to a genuine one, man she is going to be real disappointed when reality hits her since Misha will be growing up real fast when she hits puberty. Every lolicons worst nightmare when their lolis grow up. I’m also thinking that even if Tsubame doesn’t think she is harassing Misha and this obviously would scar a little girl for life, is it because she doesn’t think Misha will grow up?!

The running joke for the other sicko maid, Midori seems to be that she is a hardcore masochist. The lowest of the lowest life from. I just want to know when her status will go below a water flea. Well, technically everything in this world can be hard on you if you’re masochistic enough. So no matter how kind you are to her, she has this twisted way of twisting and misinterpreting it to some sort of punishment on her. Technically you can say that with her around, that’s why we can’t have nice things. Because she is so averse to it. So it makes me wonder that in the worst case scenario if Tsubame gives up on Misha and decides to go for mature lesbianism with her, will Midori still love Tsubame? I mean, being rejected is what gives her the pleasure. It is amazing that Midori has not tried self-mutilation but I guess that would be too much for this cute series.

Other characters feel okay. Like Yasuhiro trying hard to be Misha’s dad but he can’t be a proper one since he is always tied up with his job. I’m not sure what he does but it seems his boss might be some sort of slave driver, often making his employees coming back to work on weekends and long hours, hence Misha is often alone. Don’t want to repeat the tragedy of losing your child like a child loses her mother. But if Yasuhiro screws work, he can’t afford to let Misha live comfortably and even hire maids to take care of her. Yeah, being a single parent sucks. Maybe he should see Usagi Drop for some inspiration. Mimika feels like she is there so that Misha has another person to call a friend while Yui perhaps just wants somebody to be her true friend. That’s why she is always showing off to impress people and targeting Misha just because she thinks she has everything better just shows she has inferior complex. Competing with her feels like an exaggerated excuse just to hang out with her. She won’t admit it but I think they’re friends now, right? Last and not least, Kumagoro and the hamsters provide some animal mascot relief (animal cuteness in addition to loli cuteness) but they don’t have any significant impact on the overall story.

Art and animation are quite bright and clean. Well, Doga Kobo animated this series and they have done quite a few titles under their belt that has cute or beautiful characters such as YuruYuri, New Game, Gabriel Dropout, Love Lab, Sansha Sanyou, Mikakunin De Shinkoukei, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Plastic Memories, Luck & Logic, Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyou and even in the same season, Anima Yell. It’s no wonder why there are cute girls and cute maids aplenty. Heh. But is it me when I first saw Misha, I thought she resembled a lot like Shichisei No Subaru’s Asahi. Yeah, the cute loli looks is there. And why does Yui remind me of Mitsuba from Mitsudomoe? Yeah, that bratty attitude and very similar hairstyle. Because Tsubame has an eye-patch over an eye, I keep wondering if she took this look from Rozen Maiden’s Bara Suishou. Well, the rose pattern over the eye-patch seems pretty familiar. There is one scene I remember the animation feels weird. When Misha first saw Tsubame outside her room, she got freaked out and ran all the way to Yasuhiro. The camera angle of following a panicky Misha makes the whole thing feel odd because it’s jerky and it makes Misha look more like a comical clown the way she runs and slips. Weird.

For the voice acting, I somewhat find Shiori Izawa as Yui (Moka in Kuzu No Honkai) to sound a bit strange because she sounds like she is trying to hold back her voice in her bit to try and sound bratty. Or trying too hard that she sounds like a fake loli. Not sure if I explained that correctly. The other casts are Haruka Shiraishi as Misha (Kirie in Himouto! Umaru-chan), Manami Numakura as Tsubame (Narberal in Overlord – probably why her character sounded so familiar), Mao Ichimichi as Midori (Bada in ClassicaLoid), Sayaka Harada as Mimika (Chiya in Urara Meirocho), Masayuki Katou as Yasuhiro (Demiurge in Overlord) and Kikuko Inoue who is already at that age whereby she can sound so motherly and as Misha’s mom (I guess she is no longer always 17! Haha!).

The opening theme, Uza Uza Wows by the duet of Misha and Tsubame is a lot fun to hear. Catchy opener with Russian words (Raz Dva Tri Chetyre! One Two Three Four!) and spamming of the cute waiwaiwaiwai~ that it makes me want to sound like a broken recorder. Lots of energetic exuberance that sums up mainly the relationship of the duo. The same duo also sing the ending theme which is another interesting song to here. Tokimeki Climax may sound like a rock song fit for a morning workout and maybe it is so (the ending credits animation are mostly about the duo working out) and the banter between the duo in the lyrics is as amusing to listen as always. Zenryouku! Sou ai desu!

Overall, a cute and funny show and I love it because of my maid fetish. Not the kind of ideal maid I would like to have but still a maid so this series get a free (bias) pass and thumbs up. Those who cannot find humour in this series might write it off as some sick perverse sexual harassment of minors. But why does it not seem so serious when a female is a lolicon? Imagine if Tsubame was a man, this series would have been bombarded with brickbats. It would have been distasteful and taken off the air for trying to promote pedo culture. Despite all the uncomfortable adult things that are being done to or imagined on a minor, this series has its hilarious moments. Try not to overthink and be offended with everything, okay? If Misha can put up with the most annoying maid ever, I’m sure that you snowflakes can put up with a harmless and fun anime series.

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