Ueno-san Wa Bukiyou

May 17, 2019

There are so many ways to express one’s love. Unlimited possibilities to think of the different ways to confess your love. If you’re brave enough, that is, to live with the embarrassing consequences that come after. Our titular heroine in Ueno-san Wa Bukiyou loves a club member so much that she has gone to great lengths in creating the world’s craziest and most innovative gadgets and inventions in hopes he will notice her love. Heh. What are the chances that is the recipe of backfires and disasters since her crush is such a typical cliché dense boy. All this trouble of creating weird stuffs than just telling him upfront in plain simple words? Okay. You do you. Love is weird…

Episode 1A
Science club president, Ueno has created Rocker! It is some sort of liquid purification believed to turn a desert into an oasis. Because she has purified her own pee and wants Tanaka to drink it! It’s a matter of survival! Of course he refuses. So Ueno lets fellow club member, Yamashita to drink it. No taste… No Odour… But Ueno still wants Tanaka to drink it. It’s pointless if he doesn’t. Since she is begging and crying, he believes something is wrong. Is she being mean to him?! Even after Yamashita puts it in ‘nice words’ why Ueno is doing all this, I guess it didn’t get through him. Still a big no. Now they’re resorting to insulting him and he’s like cool with it. He leaves and this continues to make the girls frustrated over his density. Ueno has a crush on him and has made several subtle advances but he was to oblivious to even take a hint. Yamashita suggests slipping it into his water bottle but Ueno brutally wants to mix it in his school lunch and tell everyone about it.

Episode 1B
Ueno has completed another invention, Kumatander. It supposedly turns the localized area completely invisible. Some dark matter thingy so you’ll only see the universe! So today’s experiment has Ueno put it under her skirt and Tanaka to record in which angle it is visible (if any). So far so good as Ueno wants him to completely put his head underneath her skirt. Reluctant at first but he eventually does it. Can’t see anything. Just the universe! Ueno then hints she is so confident with this that she isn’t even wearing any panties! Tanaka doesn’t get it. And so she has to beat around the bush why it’s so ‘attractive’ to peek under a skirt. Furious he isn’t making the desired attraction, suddenly he just decides to lift her skirt to see it for himself. That is when Ueno gets embarrassed and now screams for help. Then he offs Kumatander since he can’t see anything. Oh sh*t…

Episode 2A
Meet the latest invention, Dash! It is a deodorizer that could deodorize anything. Hence Ueno wants Tanaka to hand over his underwear! No way! He suggests taking other samples so the other girls chip in. Their pantsu?! Eventually they give their socks and Tanaka his shoes. Now they need to smell it to see if it stinks. Ueno relishes Tanaka smelling her stockings because he is going to put up with that embarrassed face. Unfortunately he finds it smelly. Yes, it really reeks. Yamashita smells it and doesn’t think so. Thus an argument ensues of whether Ueno’s stockings stink or not. Poor Ueno got so embarrassed that she could only run away.

Episode 2B
Ueno has created some multi-layered protective gear that could absorb any attacks. This gear is thin enough that it looks as though you’re not wearing it. Her plan is to get Tanaka to touch her in the chest and make him conscious about touching a girl’s boobs, turning him into one who can only think nothing of tits. But Tanaka smacks her butt! Although she scolds him that isn’t the place, she hints to him to try harder. Okay. He slaps her butt harder!!! She tries to get away but he grabs her by her butt! Can’t get away this time. He thinks she wants to change the gear. Poor Ueno got her butt constantly spanked. I guess that’s enough for today. Tanaka wants to hand over the gear as promised. How to hand over something she doesn’t have? Aha. Just give him her panties. Looks like regular panties. After saying how she has no fashion sense, he gives the panties back to her. No use for it. Ueno’s pride has been shattered to pieces. Somebody kill her now!

Episode 3A
After Ueno hands over the invention she asked for, Kitanaga starts stripping! Ueno tries to stop her since Tanaka is in the room. Apparently there are rumours of a peeping tom in the changing room so with this Kilt Hide, the sensitive areas are somewhat blocked by a ‘mysterious light’. With Kitanaga still insisting to strip, looks like Ueno is trying hard to be the ‘natural censor’. Yamashita then hits Tanaka’s eyes with a book to stall for time. But Kitanaga (now completely naked) doesn’t think it would do any good if they don’t test it out on a boy. Before Tanaka, she asks his opinion. Can’t see anything. Just the universe! So she asks him a more specific question that sounds like as though she is teasing him but Tanaka touches her tits! Woah! Now Kitanaga is scared! Actually Tanaka wants to know how the censor works or what it is connected to since it is floating. With Yamashita distracting his curiosity, chance for Kitanaga to escape. Kitanaga feels relieved the club is having fun as she was worried Ueno was stressed up these days (I think she still is). Kitanaga leaves but forgot to put back her clothes!

Episode 3B
Garakutan is another invention Ueno created that when you turn the bottle cap clockwise, it produces fresh water from the universe! She wants Tanaka to drink it but he has his reservations. Yeah, remember that pee incident? To prove it, she drinks it. Now it’s his turn. To her dismay, he picks up another bottle to drink. He explains about the indirect kiss that Ueno might be conscious of. Despite Ueno denying that and doesn’t care, her red face and stammering indicate otherwise. In that case, Tanaka offers his bottle for her to drink. Gulp. Nervous, isn’t she? Yeah, she dropped it. See? She is conscious. As Tanaka goes get a rag, Ueno picks it up and tries to drink from it. Darn he came back too fast so she corrects herself by taking her own bottle.

Episode 4A
Tanaka enters class and doesn’t even know why Ueno is repeating herself. This is actually a robot clone created by her and is supposedly the perfect female robot that will charm him. The real Ueno is hiding and observing as the robot wants to lie on his lap and be petted. After lots of pestering, Tanaka does so. Looks like the real Ueno is seething in jealousy. Tanaka says if she has any problems, she can talk to him or Yamashita. That is when the robot gets up and confronts him. Before the robot could ask if he likes Ueno, the real one pops up and tries to destroy the robot. Yeah, it’s tough. Keep punching it to stop completing its sentence.

Episode 4B
Because Tanaka wants a pet but the problems of noise, health and money make it undesirable, Ueno has created Summonstat that could materialize things to look like an autonomous living creature. She uses her stockings as an example. Folks, meet this, uhm, black creature thingy, Tamon. It seems attached to Yamashita, though. Tanaka wants to touch it and this has Ueno smirking because it would be like touching her stockings and thus he will be powerless before her legs! However Tamon runs away and gets attached to Ueno. Because Tamon doesn’t listen, Ueno has had it and will revert it back to her stockings. Is she going to ‘kill’ it? Uhm… She makes it clear that she won’t take care of it. While the rest are happy with their new pet, Tamon continues to be attached to Ueno. Hey, it’s her stockings after all.

Episode 5A
The school has several urban legends. Hence the science club trio are here to bust those myths with Ueno’s invention, P-Spectre. With the school being so big, Ueno has her robot clone to pair up with Yamashita to cover ground. Of course this is Ueno’s plan to be with Tanaka and all the urban legends are planted by her. She starts off by screaming into Tanaka’s ears and then teasing him for being afraid. But what’s this? It is Yamashita who has wet her pants?! Oh dear. Yamashita is weak against such stuffs and never said so as not to hurt Ueno’s feelings. With the robot cleaning up everything and giving her a fresh pair, Tanaka then returns with his jersey and other Ueno’s inventions. Too late. His kindness didn’t accomplish much.

Episode 5B
Nishihara from the track and field club uses her amazing athletic abilities to get into the science clubroom that is located on the third floor. She is looking for Ueno to help with her profuse sweating problems because it makes her look like she has urinated. Don’t worry. Ueno has already made PE Reserver that absorbs any amount of sweat and also recycles the sweat to become drinkable water! Why do girls want to strip in front of Tanaka? The invention works well as Nishihara teases Tanaka that he wants to drink her liquids. I think he has had enough of that sort of bad jokes recently. With Nishihara pestering him to do so, Ueno can’t stand the sight of him sucking on another woman and drinks Nishihara’s liquids. At this point Nishihara could feel some sort of sensation welling up from this scenario. It is her motherly instincts so she continues to let Ueno suck on like a baby.

Episode 6A
So this butt plug invention is actually some sort of umbrella? It doesn’t form a barrier but uses gravity to push away the rain. With Ueno really getting full of outdoing herself this time, she slips and somehow falls on her butt. Just right on the butt plug… HOLY SH*T!!!! She becomes embarrassed as she tries to escape but dumb Tanaka tries to see what the problem her behind is. Yeah, with the device activated, her skirt is full blown open like an umbrella! And he still wants to see what the problem is? Yamashita ‘diagnoses’ and good news the device just got tangled in her panties as she delicately tries to get it out. Could it all be just her delusion as we see Ueno just sharing this umbrella with Tanaka?

Episode 6B
E-Q Booster is a belt that doesn’t increase you strength but analyses your opponent’s strength and gives the corresponding amount to you. Hence Ueno wants to settle a sumo match with Tanaka. Yeah, the battle of the sexes. Even if Tanaka is weak, imagine taking away the gap between men and women. It will be down to the one with the strongest will. So as it starts off, Ueno is already struggling since Tanaka doesn’t hold any punches as he grabs her pants and has a leg in between her crotch! Time out! Giving an excuse E-Q Booster isn’t on, the match restarts. This time she easily matches his strength. Ueno’s dirty plan is to rub her soft arms all over him, Tanaka gets serious he won’t lose. He grabs her by the pants! Yeah, he looks like he is going to rip it (for men’s pride!) as Ueno has surrendered! But he won’t! Thank Yamashita for stopping this and saving her modesty.

Episode 7A
Oh God. Ueno has created…. Edible panties! She has gradually reduced Tanaka’s food portion to a point he will feel hungry and eat anything. But even so, can you eat panties? Not if she makes it edible! Some theory of how it is made of glutinous rice flour and you just need to boil it. Even so, is it right to eat food resembling pantsu? She folds it to camouflage like a macaron! Still looks like panties to me… And so the plan to have Tanaka grow an appetite for panties begin. Yeah, they have to wait a while since Tanaka was arguing with the canteen lady for his shrunk meal portion. I wonder who’s responsible for that. When Ueno gives the Panty Roti, Tanaka eats it without hesitation! He wants another helping! Yamashita knows Ueno can give her own real panties to him and all it takes is determination. She is rooting for her and as Ueno looks like she is about to give him, she backs out. That reaction clearly shows she didn’t even anticipate him to eat it. Yamashita so disappointed…

Episode 7B
Ueno has created Gacha Porter. Touching the switch, it will scan your brainwaves of your desire and pop it out in this gachapon. Tanaka is eager to try and of course this is just another trick. There is no brainwave scanning and all has been pre-programmed to pop out her pantsu and thus he will go through life thinking he has a desire for removing clothes. However the gachapon didn’t come out her pantsu. It’s Yamashita’s! Slap! Tanaka insists the machine is broken since that wasn’t his desire. A few tweaking and what we got this time? Kitanaga’s dripping wet swimsuit! Tanaka you pervert! Ueno stays silent as Tanaka takes the blame. Then she fixes it and what does Tanaka get this time? Yamashita’s pantsu again! Oh boy. Yamashita looks mad…

Episode 8A
Ueno pretends to be sleepy so Tanaka can ask what’s wrong. But he never did! Even if he tells her to go back and she says no, he’s like, “Okay. Whatever”. So frustrating! Eventually she has to explain this Coitsu Nate Luna D pill. When you take one when you’re sleepy, it gives you a subconscious personality to interact with others so you don’t really look like sleeping. So basically sleepwalking and sleep talking? Since Yamashita is under one, Ueno tells Tanaka to interact just for size. Of course her answers are all out of line. Hence Ueno wants him to take one to test. He reluctantly does so and falls asleep instantly. And you would’ve guessed it’s Ueno’s plan to sit close next to him and ask questions about his favourite stuffs. But when it comes to the important question of whether he likes her or not, she is taking too long and before she knows it, Tanaka has awakened. Ueno is so embarrassed so she pretends to be asleep and sleepwalk home. Yeah, she’s crashing into everything. Meanwhile Yamashita wakes up and sees this and wants to sue him for sexual harassment?

Episode 8B
A couple of girls enter the science club. They are Yamashita’s classmates and what shocks Ueno is that Mizuna and Yomogi are Tanaka’s younger sisters. Never knew, huh? And what shocks Yamashita is that they are twins! Yeah, you just never know. Ueno gives them a lollipop. Somehow they taste it differently. Because so, they end up arguing until big brother arrives. They bug him to which is the true flavour. He will not take any more of their monkeying and smacks them on the head. Then he lectures them for acting like children and then makes them apologize to Ueno. Ueno must be pretty shocked to see this, huh? Tanaka hopes Ueno could explain the workings of the lollipop but she feels reluctant and gives excuses. This makes Tanaka smack his sisters again for causing all this. Awkward. So the narrator is left to explain the lollipop induces our hallucinatory senses to make it taste the way we like it. Not that it matters at this point…

Episode 9A
It looks like Ueno is trying to be a flasher and lift her skirt… Actually it’s to show her yoga pants. Long story short, it turns whatever energy stored into energy back. To prove it, she can charge a handphone. Yeah, stick the charger into it… Now she wants him to rub it! Damned if he do, damned if he doesn’t. Because in that case he would rather wear it and rub it himself but she accuses him of trying to cross the line and be a pervert by wearing her shorts. Hence he rubs her thighs. Ueno enjoys this as she fantasizes her plan to make him dependent on this charger. Hence he will always look for her and touch her. Because the charging is slow, she accuses him of being weak. Don’t blame him because he is going to rub really aggressive. Yup, it’s really charging fast. Ueno cannot take any more of this and beats him up for sexual harassing her. And she was the one who instigated this stroking… It’s not like Tanaka has turned into a pervert wanting her. He just wants his handphone back.

Episode 9B
As usual, Ueno chides Tanaka for acting ‘gentlemanly’ since he is going out of the room so she could change. Yeah, why should she change in front of him? Anyway, once done, Ueno is in a swimsuit. Not your ordinary swimsuit so to speak. From all that mumbo jumbo, this swimsuit allows you to float the more it absorbs water. Truly amazing. But as she explains its pitfall that it must only be used in closed areas, suddenly Mizuna opens the door to ask her brother about some stuff. Because of that, some space quantum pressure force sh*t starts pulling Ueno out. Oh dear. It’s sucking her out as she holds on for dear life. Oops, a strap snaps from the force! Tanaka grabs onto her and tells Mizuna to quickly close the door. Only if they don’t look like they’re in some weird groping sexy position! Is this some new Kama Sutra pose? Perhaps Mizuna got the wrong idea and shuts the door. And as expected, Ueno beats up Tanaka for groping her.

Episode 10A
Tanaka enters the classroom only to see it turned into a subway train! And Ueno wants him to grope her?! Seems this Kanchikan device she is wearing has some spirit connections and it warns the wearer of an incoming pervert. Just when he agrees to play that part, a siren pops out of the device. Is this how it is supposed to work? I am unsure of what follows next because Ueno is feeling anxious and embarrassed. Hence Yamashita calls for a time out to discuss about the device not reacting to light contacts and only a forceful contact would activate it. I am not sure if Ueno’s emotions are causing it to activate since Yamashita suggests turning it off. However Ueno is not ready to cross that line and the more restraint she acts, the siren activates. When the experiment resumes, Ueno manages to psycho herself as a dead fish. Tanaka is ready to grope her but the siren goes off. Ueno starts crying in frustration as Tanaka pets her and tells her to rest. Don’t really understand…

Episode 10B
Introducing Repara-te. When you rub the glove over uneven surface, some science sh*t explains it will rearrange the particles and make it smooth again. Ueno plans to use this on removing leg hair and what she meant is hers and not yours, Tanaka! And as she prepares herself to be rubbed by him, Tanaka kills her with this question: Do girls grow leg hair? That is when Ueno ‘died’. That is when Yamashita jumps in to explain the normalcy of girls growing leg hair. Ueno is almost brought back to life but ‘died’ again when Yamashita explains herself as the exception since she doesn’t grow much leg hair. With Tanaka confused, he is tasked to ask his sisters. Too bad they give conflicting statements. While Mizuna denies, Yomogi admits. Hence the only other girl he can ask is Kitanaga. She puts a rest to all the mysteries. Yes, girls do grow leg hair and she has seen many of them in the swimming club. She also points out Yamashita as an exception. With that, Tanaka now believes girls do grow leg hair and Ueno has just returned from the dead. Justice is served?

Episode 11A
Ueno is up to no good again. She wants to sit on Tanaka’s face? Introducing this invisible bloomer! Some mumbo jumbo explanation that you are able to sit on air. Of course her real goal is to slam her butt in his face and turn him into a pervert. However he moves and she lands hard on her ass. Ouch. Let’s try again because the bloomer might have malfunctioned. Again landed hard on her buttocks since he got distracted by Tamon. Her butt looks very painful. Again. Will third time be the charm? This time he deliberately misses and poor Ueno lands hard on her rear once more. So when she gets desperate to do it again, this time he catches her in his arms. He scolds her for trying to hurt herself as her device is working. Please take care of your butt. This close proximity leaves Ueno paralyzed with embarrassment and looks like she’ll be acting like a good girl for a while.

Episode 11B
Tanaka enters the clubroom and sees Minamine giving him the glare. As Yomogi explains, the tennis club president hates men. She is here to about Ueno’s invention, a skirt that shifts its angle to protect what is underneath when it detects unwanted glares. However this only attracts more stares and she goes about ranting about this unconsented glares. Minamine was so desperate that she took several measures into her own hands by showing the crowd her panties and telling they are not and also leaving signs on the ground that says “No pantsu!”. Yeah… So her logic is because the skirt attracts attention, she strips them! So that logic is the reason she isn’t afraid of doing so in front of Tanaka? Then he explains there might be other reasons why others continue to glare are her and not just her clothes. Could she be a cute girl? Minamine leaves mad. While the other girls go crazy about Tanaka’s density. Yeah, it’s that bad, what he said.

Episode 12A
Unogawa of the gymnastics club sees Ueno to fix Gan-Q. They are eyeball drones that will detect any peeping eyes. As she fixes them, Unogawa tries to convince Ueno to join her club and even goes so far as to claim her stomach is flabby. Of course Ueno isn’t moved. But after Unogawa slaps her butt, Tanaka starts to ask if their relationship is like that. So vague. Please explain. I don’t know what he is ranting about that eventually left everyone as confused as hell, but basically he is asking if Unogawa is a man! Is it the way she talks? Unogawa of course snaps back that she is a girl. She even goes so far as to take off her jersey to show the body of a woman in a leotard. After Unogawa leaves, Ueno gives Tanaka a kind pep talk that it is not cool to mistake a woman as a man. Also, don’t be too conscious about it since Unogawa won’t take it to heart. Uhm. Okay. But this irks Yamashita because Ueno didn’t follow up to ask why Tanaka is relieved and takes it all out on Tamon.

Episode 12B
So this Ballet-tan allows you to experience the taste of the other person? All you need to transmit this date is both parties wear the wristband and hold hands. With Tanaka grabbing Ueno’s hand like as no big deal, you bet she is going to be embarrassed. Yamashita holds her hand to help her but she is still embarrassed. Tanaka begins the experiment by tasting a sweet but before Ueno could reply, Tanaka says she can’t taste anything. Of course this is a ploy to make Ueno ask Tanaka to hold her hand properly. You know, interlocking their fingers? So as Ueno sheepishly ekes that request out, Tanaka understands. Like couples hold hands, right? Now Ueno’s embarrassment has shot through the roof as she decides it is enough for today and heads home. Meanwhile Yamashita tries to do kung fu punches on Tanaka…

Ai Wa Bukimi Yo
And so as expected, nothing really changes. Ueno is still the embarrassed girl who continues to dream of having Tanaka as her boyfriend. Tanaka continues to be a dense dude. Yamashita continues to be frustrated with all the wasted efforts. Damn they have progressed so much in science but they have not made an inch forward in the love department. Heck, I think they even regressed! Truly, science is easier to figure out than love.

Watching this series sometimes makes me think back of watching that old Looney Tunes cartoon. You know, that Road Runner and Coyote show? Yeah. Because you see, Ueno has the talent of creating all sorts of weird gadgets (akin to the Coyote buying all sorts of weird gadgets) trying to get her junior (akin to trying to get the Road Runner) in some sort of desperate attempt but it all backfires and she will be left embarrassed and/or frustrated (akin to the Coyote failing violently and miserably) while Tanaka continues to be dense (akin to the Road Runner getting away). Rinse and repeat this process.

While this is the basic formula of the series, with the different types of weird inventions, I suppose that is what keeps this series ‘fresh’. And yes, sex sells. Because Ueno who is trying to turn Tanaka into a pervert when she is the biggest culprit in the first place. Not sure about her logic of exposing Tanaka to her panties or ass once that will turn him into a hardcore panties/ass fetish pervert. I think you can count the numerous times that Ueno tries to make Tanaka see or touch her panties under the guise of her various inventions. While this formula didn’t get tired for me (I know, you’re calling me a pervert, aren’t you?), there are some skits that do not end with a punch line. I mean, it just ends. Maybe I’m too dumb to get the punch line but it feels like a let-down. Because like the Coyote, we expect to see him fail miserably in every attempt. So when Ueno’s invention fails and didn’t get the desired reaction from Tanaka, she’s just like embarrassed. End of skit. Uhm, okay? So what? Perhaps that is the end goal of every skit. Ueno being ashamed. How ironic for a girl who is so shameless in the first place. Also, do you not notice that many of her inventions are kinda pervy or solutions to stem perversion like peeping toms in the first place?

This is the problem that lies within Ueno’s character. At the start, we see her being overly confident that her invention will do this and that, mostly there is always an ulterior motive for her to create that invention. Under the pretence of an experiment in which Tanaka willingly or reluctantly participates, Ueno somehow manages to get close or in a situation that embarrasses her. Then she flips out. So it’s like, she already at least got her goal of being close to Tanaka, so why is she chickening out at this moment? This is what I find irritating about her character. Because with this method, we can continue the same shenanigans in every episode. Because when she fails, she gets to try again. Albeit the results are mostly the same. Hence it makes me wonder if Ueno is really interested in Tanaka in the first place or if she is just interested in the concept of being in love with him. Ueno isn’t your ordinary girl so being nice and girly doesn’t fit her image.

Hence the mostly tsundere attitude and how often she snaps at him for not thinking ‘normally’. Because it’s like as though she too doesn’t want to succeed. Imagine if they are now a couple. What now? How to take it from here? Yeah. Scary. Hey, even the Coyote caught the Road Runner once. So I suppose the bottom line is that status quo is the best because look how much fun everyone is having in the science club! Oh yeah… My only guess that might have Ueno speed up her confession is when there is a love rival for Tanaka. Oh yeah. Now there is none so it’s like she can take all the time in the world she wants.

One of the interesting aspects to ponder is the inventions of Ueno. The general idea seems to be really good but when you start to think about it, it sounds like they just really pull it out of thin air, enough to make it sound plausible with that simple sci-fi mumbo jumbo. Imagine Ueno as a genius has used her talents to try to get Tanaka to love her as a pervert when many of these gadgets of hers could have literally solved a lot of problems in the world. Seriously. Like Garakutan which could have easily solved the access to clean water that is unavailable in many parts of the world. And so it is with great sadness that once an invention ‘fails’, it will never be heard of again. Such a shame. Such a waste. I wonder where Ueno dumps all those failed contraptions because the only failed one that ever saw the next light of day is Tamon. Uh huh, the series’ so called pet mascot.

Tanaka has been casted as the ‘dumb guy’ thanks to his monotonous character and for this whole antic to work. I wonder he sounds like that is it because Ueno has been ‘harassing’ him for a long time and hence this kind of mundane voice because he expects her up to no good again and once more he has to put up with her crap. Even when he is lively, there is this monotonous sound to his voice. Like as though it screams I wish I wasn’t here. It is odd that as a science club member, the other members don’t really do much. Tanaka the most just participates in whatever experiment Ueno wants to while Yamashita is like a sleeping member. Is this the best place to read her weirdly titled books? It looks like she is Ueno’s partner in crime to snag Tanaka’s heart but she is more passive than active. An emotionless character who is even more monotonous than Tanaka. If not participating in Ueno’s schemes, she is more of an observer than anything else.

It is safe to say that the other characters are just as weird as our main characters. Because only weird people come to the science club for answers when they have issues. Like Nishihara switching on her motherly instincts. Kitanaga probably loves teasing with her stripping based on the fact that she knows Tanaka is not that brave enough to see her in the nude but then freaks out when the opposite happens. Mizuna and Yomogi are like day and night despite being twins. WTF they even introduced a new character in the final episode, Unogawa. I suppose that puts to ease that final missing character whom we see in the opening credits but has not popped out so far. Ah well. Better late than never. But just like the other characters that come and go before her, they don’t really matter or play a big significant role that would change anything between Ueno and Tanaka.

Art and animation look a bit cartoonish. Especially Ueno who looks a bit like some mad genius scientist thanks to those crazy eyes. Sometimes she looks like a robot and a distant relative to Jenny Wakeman AKA XJ-9 from the cartoon series, My Life As A Teenage Robot. Even more so that her robot clone looks this similar. Even weirder are her twintails that seem to have a life of its own and perhaps an indicator of Ueno’s emotions. At points I thought they were arms instead of hair. In the final scene, we see it turn into some hardened iron or something as it leaves scratch trails all over the walls as Ueno walks home. Is her hair natural or do I have to speculate it is another invention of hers. Can’t imagine Ueno is bald! No way! This series is done by Lesprit. The first time they did something other than the Cinderella Girls Gekijou series that they have been doing ever since.

Hats off to Yuu Serizawa as Ueno. She might not be nowhere near as Aoi Yuuki as the titular Aho Girl, but with her flexible and amazing versatility voicing the various moods of Ueno, she is just amazing. Like as though she become one with her character and played her flawlessly as a mad scientist. I wouldn’t expect her to be the one who voiced Iroha in 3D Kanojo Real Girl, Shera from Isekai Maou To Shoukan Shoujo No Dorei Majutsu and Tenma from Mushibugyou. There are a few crazy characters she voiced too like Youko from Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa, Yumemi in Kakegurui and Nijimi in Mahou Shoujo Site but this one easily tops all that. Initially I initially imagined that Rie Kugimiya was also fit to play Ueno but I guess that tsundere specialist has (semi)retired. Gotta find new talents to voice tsundere girls, no?

The other casts are Aimi Tanaka as Tanaka (titular character in Himouto! Umaru-chan), Akari Kageyama as Yamashita (Beatrice in Princess Principal), Nichika Oomori as Mizuna (Yurine in Jashin-chan Dropkick), Miku Itou as Yomogi (Miku in Gotoubun No Hanayome) and even Tamon has its own seiyuu, Shiori Izawa (Tanpopo in Witch Craft Works). Unfortunately I didn’t recognize it was Haruka Tomatsu behind Kitanaga. Can’t remember if she sounded this squeaky. But thankfully I did for Ayana Taketatsu as Minamine, Rina Satou as Nishihara and Yuka Iguchi as Unogawa. Must be a coincidence of hearing Ayana Taketatsu in all the animes I watched this season (Date A Live III, Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka, Kakegurui XX and Gotoubun No Hanayome).

The opening theme is sung by Miku Itou, Hirameki Heartbeat. The song is actually decent and cute. Until it ends. It feels abrupt and one kind. Like as though they couldn’t come up with a decent way to finish the chorus and just simply put it as it goes. Yeah, it somewhat spoiled the entire fun of the song. For a short series like this, amazingly it changes its ending theme every 2 episodes. They are all sung by Ueno in her character’s fashion. They do sound okay like the samba-like My Pace Science (first ending – although this is a trio done with Tanaka and Yamashita), The rock-like Love Me Science (second ending), the slow rock of Houkago Traveller (third ending), the space-like Cosmo Luminal (fourth ending), the lively anime pop of Bukiyou Sensation (fifth ending theme) and the very sleepy song suitable for bedtime that is Kokoro No Furiko (sixth ending theme).

Overall, one of the funniest short series of the season that in a way is a much toned down version of Seitokai Yakuindomo. Because everyone is okay about lecherous and dirty minded girls doing lewd stuffs and saying pervy things to make the guy horny and turn him on. Some might find it a turn off and offensive because Ueno spamming her pantsu and ass to us just for some cheap dirty laughs and debauch humour. Also, the same bloody formula in every damn episode with somewhat the same outcome. Too bad, people. I never did grow up so I enjoyed seeing all the cheap fanservice shots. I’d trade places with Tanaka if he wants. Ueno could figure out the weirdest science possible and make it look so easy with a snap of a finger. But she still can’t figure out a way to one’s heart. This proves love is more complicated than science! You think science is weird? Love is even weirder!

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