UFO Princess Valkyrie

April 10, 2010

At first I thought how similar this show is to To Love-Ru because it involves a plain ordinary Earthling teenager being engaged to a princess of a super intergalactic empire. But that is where the similarity ends. In UFO Princess Valkyrie AKA UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie, the Earthling kid, Kazuto isn’t a loser nor prone to troubles like Rito. Valkyrie here on the other hand isn’t an airhead nor does she really posses a direct danger to her beloved one like Lala. Add a bunch of colourful casts of characters and there you have it, a comedy, sci-fi and romance series (don’t forget the fanservice too). And the thing which made me decide to watch this series was a brief line in the synopsis that goes "…more UFO crash landings". Oh yeah. I was looking forward to that.
In episode 1, Kazuto Tokino and his sister Rika runs a public bath house in Hagoromo Town left by his grandpa as his parents are overseas. Note the huge spaceship crashed on its roof. How the heck does it manage to sit upright for so long? Beats me. Besides, Earth is like a melting pot as it got me wondering do aliens like to enjoy Japanese style bath. You can see weird creatures streaming in and out of the bath house. Business must be good. And yes, be warned that there are topless female shots. Little Valkyrie wants to play with Kazuto but her chief cat maid servant, Sanada, says he’s busy with work. One morning, Valkyrie goes missing and panic Sanada calls her cat ear maids (CEMs) for an all out search but to no avail and only exhausting themselves. They even called Kazuto’s childhood friend Akina Nanamura (you can tell she has a crush on Kazuto) and her little pal, Hydra over to help. Kazuto reflects what Valkyrie had said the night before (about playing hide and seek) and finds her sleeping on a spaceship at the partly under construction spaceship tower. Valkyrie is happy to see him but slipped and causes the spaceship to go out of control. Kazuto shields her from the falling rubble so Valkyrie kisses unconscious Kazuto and transforms into an adult self and flies away from the falling debris with him in her arms. She chants some words to bring order back. Kazuto remembers how it’s the same like that time whereby Valkyrie’s spaceship crashes into the bath house and onto him. To make up for it, she gave him half her soul and kissed him. Kazuto narrates "Your soul and mine are supposed to be as close as possible. But I always wonder where you are".
Episode 2 goes back a little in time just after the UFO crash into the bath house and Valkyrie giving half her soul. Rika wonders who this little girl is and learns she is a princess from Planet Valhalla. Valkyrie wants to stay with Kazuto and says he has given him her ‘precious thing’ so when Akina hears it, she’s pissed and thinks he’s a paedophile. A spaceship crashes into Akina’s shrine home (another one?) and a pink Pegasus appears and head over to the bath house. It transforms into a green haired lady, Hydra and is looking for Valkyrie who ran away from a marriage interview and she had to take her place. Hydra tries to take Valkyrie back by force so the latter runs to Kazuto for protection. Soon the duo flee when Hydra gets violent. Hydra searches the city as the duo take refuge at Kazuto’s former elementary school. He sees and remembers a love umbrella mark of him and Akina under a desk. That night Valkyrie plays in the field’s puddle, Hydra finds them and starts attacking. One of her blast causes Valkyrie to kiss Kazuto as she transforms to her adult self. Hydra relentlessly attacks as Valkyrie only blocks them. Before she could unleash a powerful one, Akina puts a seal on her, turning Hydra into a kid without powers. Valkyrie explains how she’s able to return to her original form but ran out of energy and turns back into her kid self. As for Hydra, she has to work under Akina to compensate for her crashing. Bummer. Oh the love-hate relationship.
So well, in most episodes you’ll see this sort of pattern. Little Valkyrie happily playing around with Kazuto while the gang go on with their normal lives. Valkyrie has a little white pet called Shiro (is it a dog or bunny? WTF?! Such a sexy low voice he has) whom I find she abuses all the time though she seems like having fun with his pain. Pulling his ears and dragging/riding him isn’t fun for the victim, you know? Then a little happening which threatens our protagonists so Kazuto and Valkyrie kiss in order for the former to transform and save the day albeit for a short time and with limited powers. Note the little lengthy transformation and if it’s not Valkyrie, it has to be some other Valhalla princess each with their own transformation sequence. All is well, ends well. And Akina still can’t confess her feelings to Kazuto.
In episode 3, Rika is upset Kazuto didn’t renew the insurance which means they won’t get money to repair the place. Sanada arrives looking for Valkyrie and totally likes her chibi body. She misinterprets what Valkyrie told about her relationship with Kazuto and vows to serve her. She calls Kazuto "son-in-law". Hydra knows about Akina’s unrequited love and crush on Kazuto so she teases her. In retaliation she takes away her food. After school, Kazuto buys Akina a brooch as return of many past favours. Sanada spots this and misinterprets. She decides to take things into her own hands to protect Valkyrie by shooting any girl who is friendly with him. The rays turn them into loyal CEMs. From shopkeepers to total strangers! Extreme! As Sanada assembles them all, Hydra spots this and warns Akina. However it is too late as they’re being surrounded. Sanada tries to turn Akina into one of them but her miko powers repel them. Sanada uses a higher grade accessory to turn up the level but Akina holds it off till it overheats. She then releases Hydra’s seal and turns her back to her adult self so she and Sanada do a power battle which almost destroyed the city. Kazuto, who has heard from Rika, rushes over to clear the misunderstanding as he says his relationship with Akina isn’t like that. I guess Heartbreak Akina has her ego to protect so she agrees with him. Sanada realizes her folly and apologizes profusely. She and her CEMs work as staff at the repaired bath house while Hydra consoles Akina. Hey, how come those CEMs don’t return to their normal lives anymore? Forever servant to the Valhalla royalty, eh?
Prince Toriamu from Moora Planet comes to the bath house looking for Valkyrie in episode 4. He asserts he is her fiancee but Sanada denies and says he is 1 of many who’re supposed to meet Valkyrie. She continues he is the reason why she ran away. A flashback at Valhalla when Sanada noticed how Valkyrie’s heart doesn’t want to attend the meeting but has to for political reasons. When Valkyrie heard how Toriamu and her dad intend to leave her with politics and handle internal and external affairs, she felt heartbroken and fled. When Toriamu learns who Kazuto is, he mocks him so Valkyrie takes Kazuto away to play with him. He chases but loses her. He then spots Hydra who proceeds to tell him what has happened so he concludes he needs to get the important thing Kazuto stole and return Valkyrie to her normal self. Toriamu sets out in his robot and finds the duo playing badminton at a river bank. He fires a shot and takes his soul. A series of hitting and deflecting of his soul before Valkyrie hits it back to Kazuto. When he revives, she says she loves him and kisses him and transforms to blast Toriamu away (including Hydra) before sending him back to space. Hopefully that’ll be the last we’ll hear from that spoilt prince.
Studious Rika’s goal is to study and be number 1 in her grade in episode 5. So when her classmate Morikawa, who is also popular with the girls and on the school’s basketball team, comes to confess his feelings to her, Rika rejects. Of course this disappoints her pals. A little alien from a Pirate Association, Mardook, whom Rika accidentally stepped on several times because she’s too busy reading her study cards, comes to the bath house to kidnap Valkyrie. He spots Shiro and recalls him as a tough former comrade but Shiro thinks he’s got the wrong person and acts indifferent. Mardook’s plan is ruined when Kazuto comes in and accidentally steps on him. Being small isn’t good. That night, Rika gets a call from Morikawa apologizing if she hates him but she says otherwise and continues to chat. Next day at school rooftop, Rika and Morikawa watch the city together. Well, nothing conclusive actually. Just friends, that’s all.
Sanada orders a galactic space camera and starts filming a memorial of Valkyrie in episode 6 by following her anywhere and just about anything. Then it turns into a full fledge filming with her CEMs doing the props much to Kazuto’s annoyance. Her obsession has Kazuto and Valkyrie doing several retakes because some scenes couldn’t connect! Another shooting has them visit Akina’s shrine. Cheeky Valkyrie messes with Hydra’s spaceship computer which sends its attacking system haywire. The cannon fires at them and threatens to harm Kazuto. Valkyrie manages to kiss him and transform but even so she’s just defending against the cannon. Akina releases Hydra’s seal so the duo cooperate to restore the system back to normal. Sanada finishes her editing and shows it to the rest. What’s with the glorification opening song sung by Sanada?! Notice it includes scenes from previous episodes. Sanada does the narration and that voice background music too. She even did voiceovers for Valkyrie and Hydra and makes that cannon incident Hydra’s fault while Valkyrie the heroine! So one-sided. In the aftermath, Sanada continues to film Valkyrie sleeping but her camera ran out of batteries. Thank goodness.
Valkyrie’s sister, Raine, comes to Earth (crashing her spaceship into a parking vendor) in episode 7 in search of her sister. She loses her contacts so Kazuto helps her to find it but little Valkyrie comes by and accidentally breaks it. After learning what Kazuto did to her real Valkyrie, Raine intends to break them up. She has powers to physically impersonate people and starts with Akina to try seduce him. But when real Akina and Hydra show up, she retreats (Hydra quipping Akina’s boobs not that big!). Next, she impersonates as Sanada and is willing to pay them a hefty sum for their freeloading in exchange for Valkyrie’s return. Valkyrie is reluctant but money-faced Rika is ready to do so when Shiro points out the money is fake. Raine then escapes. Then she transforms into Rika and bullies Valkyrie to leave. When Valkyrie cries, everyone rushes there as Raine flees again. Some coward she is. Eventually she gets caught after a failed impersonation as a busty female version of Shiro. Tearful Raine explains all she wants is her sister back. Valkyrie temporarily transforms into an adult as the sisters bath together, play fireworks while Kazuto serves them (of course Sanada getting jealous…). Next day, Raine leaves but the parking vendor guy gives Kazuto the repair and parking bill. Raine wishes goodbye to her beloved sister because now she’s in love with Kazuto and plans to get between them as her spaceship crashes into a satellite. Dream some more lah.
Some of the CEMs working at the bath house hold other day jobs. In episode 8, they seek Sanada’s permission for a relaxation trip but she shoots it down. But when Valkyrie expresses her wise to go to the beach, Sanada gives the approval. Everyone, next time take your pleas straight to Valkyrie. All the girls prepare for the trip the next day while Kazuto and Shiro stay back to watch the bath house. Amazingly Valkyrie didn’t have Kazuto come along considering she’s so clingy to him. In the bus, Sanada’s haphazard driving, CEMs and Akina’s singing and Valkyrie vomiting on Hydra after eating too much candy makes the trip ‘exciting’. Yeah, real exiting. At the beach, Raine’s spaceship crashes into them so as punishment they bury her in the sand. While everyone has fun, Valkyrie accidentally trips and drops her ice cream onto Raine’s face. She is pissed and goes after her in her spaceship. But since she lost her contacts, she flies aimlessly causing havoc. Akina releases Hydra’s seal to punch her spaceship back into space. The girls have their celebration that night at an inn as drunk Raine tries to impersonate Valkyrie so frantic Sanada tries to put a stop to her embarrassing act before she tarnishes her beloved princess’ image. As for Rika, she continues to study amidst the party as the CEMs later watch the fireworks display.
Akina’s body turns into a little kid after Raine crashes her spaceship onto her while unleashing Hydra’s seal to stop Valkyrie fooling around but it backfired in episode 9. Adult Hydra proceeds to flex her authority on little Akina. In school, Akina is popular among her girl classmates though her size proves to be a challenge (can’t reach the blackboard nor jump over the pummel horse). One day at the park, Valkyrie wants to play with her but she refuses so they got into a kiddie’s quarrel. They bicker who likes Kazuto more which prompts Akina to break down and say how she has liked Kazuto since a long time ago. Raine’s spaceship crashes onto them and that is when Hydra becomes her little self and Akina returning to her normal size (Hydra making a cheeky remark how her boobs are still kid size!).
Valkyrie messes with Sanada’s computer in episode 10 and accidentally buys an asteroid. A regulation has them unable to cancel their order and they have to pay a high penalty price if they don’t pay before the looming deadline. They decide to go and pay Valhalla a visit to solve their problems but travel tickets are fully booked. One morning, the gang are shocked to see Valkyrie in her adult form but her personality is still of a child. Then she turns back to her little self at the park later. Sanada thinks her spirit is unstable. Raine then crashes into them so everyone cramps into it and goes to space. Valkyrie fluctuates between sizes in the spaceship. Oh the torment. The boss of the Space Pirates Association learns from Mardook that Valkyrie is coming their way so the pirates launch missile attacks on them. The gang realized the asteroid is located next to the space pirates’ territory. Valkyrie decides to transform even if her spirit is unstable. She and Hydra engage the spaceships while Shiro takes over Raine as pilot and dogfights with Mardook. The pirate boss fires a super devastating cannon, Genocide Buster at Valkyrie and Hydra but misses and hits the asteroid. Valkyrie immobilizes the pirate’s HQ so the boss has everyone on a mass evacuation. The asteroid cracks and hotspring water spouts from it.
It’s like hitting an oil field for them because in episode 11, Tokino Bath Annex is opened on the asteroid and becomes a major hit. Rika makes lots of money to pay the cost and do renovation. She even thinks of moving here but Kazuto isn’t fond of the idea. Valkyrie is acting strange (not lively but gloomy and more polite). The gang learns from some National Hotspring Research Centre that this hotspring can heal souls. One night Valkyrie kisses Kazuto but finds she can’t transform. Then the Valhalla Royal Ship arrives carrying Meemu. As she speaks with them, they learn Valhalla is divided into 8 parts, each governed by a princess and Meemu is the head ruler of these princesses. It is their policy that 1 of them must marry a prince from another planet and it was decided to be Valkyrie. But she ran away and the next candidate was Hydra but she too panicked and fled. Meemu is here to take them both back. Though Kazuto says his soul is connected to Valkyrie, Meemu mentions her soul is already cured. Valkyrie obediently follows Meemu back along with Sanada and Hydra. Rika gets to know their hotspring water is running out so they have no choice but to close it down since they break even after covering all the expenses. Raine crashes her spaceship when the gang are packing, not knowing what has happened. A news report reveals Valkyrie is to marry in a week’s time and the palace is under tight security. Rumour has it that it’s Toriamu but their side has denied it. Kazuto is bent on going to Valhalla.
It’s 1 more day to the wedding in episode 12 as the gang gets caught by a royal ship. You pretty much wonder the quality of the royal guards because they got beaten up and evaded their capture from a bunch of little Earth kids. Shameful. From Akina’s violent fury to Raine’s impersonation for diversion to Shiro’s jet fighter piloting skills (Mardook coming to his aid) and even Hydra breaking free from the palace to tell them Valkyrie is being held in the Dream Palace, all buying time to get Kazuto to meet Valkyrie. Kazuto tells Akina not to get the wrong idea as he’s here to wish Valkyrie goodbye. When Kazuto finally meets Valkyrie, Meemu gathers the rest and tells them that the real Valkyrie is weak though she acts with wisdom in front of the people. Thus the reason she ran away from all responsibilities before the marriage interview. Valkyrie tells Kazuto her soul became unstable probably she learned his treasured bath house was in trouble. Her weak self and one who loves him are in conflict so if she is no longer a child, she can’t be with him. She apologizes for her selfishness but Kazuto apologizes that he didn’t see her true self. They kiss and Valkyrie transforms into her adult self. She isn’t going to run away anymore. Meemu then announces the one whom Valkyrie will marry is Kazuto as he is the only one who truly understands and loves her. This was even kept a secret from Valkyrie and that this secret wedding was a gamble (a reason why Sanada couldn’t obtain much info) and for everyone to see with their own eyes. Rika is thrilled that Meemu is going to be her sister-in-law as they both get acquainted but Rika and Raine oppose (you know why lah). Preparations for the wedding are underway though Kazuto isn’t mentally prepared. Valkyrie appears in a stunning bridal gown but suddenly turns back to her kid self. Shiro reads a disclaimer from the hotspring effects saying both body and mind will degenerate if the subject is suddenly married. WTF?! Because of that, the wedding is cancelled as everyone goes back to their normal lives back at the bath house. Even the other princesses are soaking there. Not to mention their crashed spaceship onto nearby houses. They really should get their UFO licence checked.
There are 2 special OVA episodes. The first one being a recap episode being narrated by Sanada (who’d want to watch all that summary again?). The second one has Meemu visiting the gang and feels nothing has moved forward between Kazuto and Valkyrie. She decides to do a bride training competition and uses Sanada’s training cards in which a team picks a card, they’ll be transported to that world and must complete tasks. Their actions are connected to a monitor (ala reality TV) and the winner is decided after several rounds. Kazuto-Valkyrie team does several bride chores like cooking, flower arrangement and knitting while Akina-Hydra went through 2 wedding ceremonies (a western and traditional one!) and ended up arguing. Just like married couples. Yeah, married twice… Rika-Raine seems to experience bad luck tasks courtesy of Raine like unemployment, illness and love triangle (Morikawa wanting to take Rika away from useless husband Raine!) and Shiro-Mardook team did boring but happily married lives. Valkyrie becomes disheartened with her several failures and breaks down but Kazuto smiled and thanked her. She kisses him, transforms and thanks him instead. She says she’ll 1 day definitely be his bride. He replies he’ll wait as they embrace. Sanada is in awe while Meemu feels she’s worried over nothing. In the end, Kazuto wins the contest because he did all the chores perfectly. Later Rika, Hydra and Akina find Sanada editing footages from the contest and try to confiscate them, much to her dismay.
Not enough of this series? Don’t fret. There’s a 2nd season called UFO Princess Valkyrie: Juunigatsu No Yasoukyoku (December’s Nocturne). In episode 1, adult Valkyrie has a nightmare that Valhalla is crumbling. Little Valkyrie plays at the playground when a toy-like sword appears before her. Back home, Sanada recognizes it as the Key Of Time (KOT) and its origins unknown. Valkyrie uses its magic to help out with chores like cleaning and making things bigger (including Akina’s boobs). Drunken Shiro’s words that a guy must be big have Valkyrie to misinterpret and turns him giant size. However she can’t reverse it. Shiro goes around rampaging town and attempts to stop him failed. Akina releases Hydra’s seal but upon reaching KOT, Hydra turns into a giant and fights Shiro. Before she can pull some Mugen-ryuu sword style that she’s currently learning, Raine’s spaceship knocks her out. Shiro inches closer to the bath house so Valkyrie and Kazuto kiss. She goes to KOT and memories of that nightmare resurfaced before she uses it to undo the havoc. Soon everything returns to normal, including Akina’s boobs. Ah well, it was good while it lasted.
Another Valhalla princess, Chorus, makes her weird entrance at the bath house in episode 2. Sanada and the princesses don’t know much about her since she rarely appears in public. Chorus says she’s a machine and her original self died when she was young as her memories are implanted inside this body. Since there’s a flaw in her design, she will shut down permanently in 3 days and therefore requests a date with Kazuto. Raine comes by in a scooter (not crashing her UFO anymore?) and says Chorus isn’t a robot but nobody believes her. This causes Chorus to be in pain and speed up her countdown timer. Kazuto and Chorus go on a date while the rest spy nearby. When Raine spots them dating, she throws her usual verbal abuse. So it’s time up for Chorus and 2 minutes to shutdown. Valkyrie transforms to try stopping it with her magic but it was futile. The timer reaches 0 and everyone is surprised Chorus is still alive and saying it’s a miracle. It wasn’t Valkyrie’s magic as Raine explains this is how she always acted since she lives with her. Can’t blame everyone for not believing her in the first place, eh? When everyone thought she has left for Valhalla, Chorus is seen making and renting her home in Rika’s closet. Another weirdo here to stay.
Besides spamming inside Rika’s closet, in episode 3, Akina has an uneasy feeling so Chorus decides to print out a visual via printer (?!). After several embarrassing false alarms, an ominous dark pic with 4 white moons appear. Chorus feels it’s a premonition of this planet’s doom and goes round dramatically announcing aloud but everyone ignores her. Furthermore, nothing happens. To add salt to injury, her story has loopholes and inconsistency. A news report reports a sudden appearance of a giant object heading towards Earth and its only communication line is Tokino’s bath house. The gang are startled and think it may not be them but the large spaceship then appears before their place. Valkyrie and Hydra transform to go into action but a white beam blasts towards the ground and a delivery alien appears. He delivers a beauty product that Raine ordered ages ago. Since all the transport ships are out, he used the main ship instead. He shows the bill as Raine escapes. That girl… Though the problem is solved, Akina still has that uneasy feeling.
A flashback of Raine and Chorus while they’re still schooling in episode 4. The duo went to watch Valkyrie and Hydra (still schooling as seniors) in a battle club competition. The intense fight ends in a draw and fans from both sides flock to their sides. Because Raine is worried she won’t see Valkyrie after she graduates, Chorus suggests writing a letter and will help her do so. Raine learns Valkyrie is to be the queen during this year’s pageant Moonlight Festival and Hydra her lover so she decides to give the letter then. Since Chorus has been absent from class lately, Raine goes to find her and it seems Chorus starts telling that dramatic I’m-a-robot story. She doesn’t want Raine to tell anyone and her last will is to see her hand over the letter. During the night of the festival, Raine is by ill Chorus’ side so she hands the improved version of the letter and wants Raine to give the letter. Raine manages to do so after the festival. When Raine comes back, she is sad to see Chorus lifeless. But when the alarm clock rings, she gets like as though nothing serious has happened. Raine is upset with her lies but is glad she is fine. Valkyrie reads the abstract letter and though doesn’t understand, feels happy. Well, it’s the thought that counts too.
In episode 5, Kazuto encounters adult Valkyrie but clad in a black cloak. As they talk, he finds that she isn’t the Valkyrie he knows. She teases him if he loves the other Valkyrie. Since he blushed, she also hints that she may also have a chance since she looked like her. She says her name is Valkyrie Ghost. Because of that, Kazuto spaces out. Akina finds out from her pals that Kazuto may be two-timing because they were spotted together so she and Hydra tail them to a misty forest where they see Kazuto and Ghost embracing while electricity charges appear as she does something strange to helpless Kazuto. Back home, the confront Kazuto about it but he remains evasive. The next day, they tail him and suddenly their surroundings turn into a misty graveyard. They spot Ghost with Kazuto and it seems she’s sucking his life force. They try to attack but her barrier is stronger. Ghost kisses Kazuto to show ‘proof of their love’ and transforms into a black outfit, leaving Kazuto unconscious. Hydra starts her attack but is too powerful. Then it’s Akina’s turn but her exorcism powers are no match. During 1 of the blasts, little Valkyrie is blown away but is caught by Kazuto. They kiss and she transforms. However Ghost unleashes some power which makes Valkyrie unable to use her KOT. Because Kazuto shows concern for Valkyrie, Ghost gives up and escapes but promises to return and take his heart away. When everything returns to normal, Akina and Sanada think Kazuto betrayed Valkyrie’s trust but he insists he just couldn’t leave that person and it’s like something hit his heart. Valkyrie believes in him.
Meemu pays the gang another visit in episode 6 and has space bathing solutions as gifts. However as they take a bath, the defective product turns Kazuto, Rika, Raine, Sanada and Shiro into kids, Meemu into a teenager and Chorus a toddler. Valkyrie who was late to enter turns into her adult self. Meemu apologizes and the effect will wear off in 3 days. The kids are in no position to do work so Valkyrie does the chores though her cooking sucks. Akina finds out Kazuto has turned into a kid and tries to kidnap him but foiled! Meemu goes out to town alone and her beauty has several guys hitting on her. Later she meets a photographer, Hukami who gets her permission to take pictures of her as his model. He requests to take more pics of her tomorrow. The next day after another round of shooting, he hands her the developed photos but feels they don’t reflect the real her. When he asks her for tomorrow’s shoot, she says she can’t see him anymore. That night, Meemu goes to see Hukami and tells him that she’s returning to her home far away tomorrow as he finds out that she isn’t human. As a farewell gift, she takes him on a night flight around the city. Next day as everyone reverts back to their normal sizes, Hukami is taking shots in the city when he sees Meemu but mistaken her for somebody else.
Because the TV broke, the gang enter a karaoke contest to win a 50.1 inch Space Tachyon Plasma TV in episode 7 for higher winning chance since they’re part of the Hagoromo Shop Union. They have their shots singing on stage which includes Raine (doing pretty well), Shiro and his mates doing a band gig, Akina and Hydra doing a rock duet but due to Akina’s tone deaf and horrible singing, she leaves Hydra speechless on stage (however things seem to indicate they did well), and Chorus singing a weird song in her trademark weird voice (I think she scored the lowest, 9 points, as everyone isn’t impressed. Even the judge thinks it hurts too much). During the break, Sanada bribes the judge, Utaou some highest grade bonito. When it’s Valkyrie’s turn, she has support and stage props to enhance her singing of her kiddie Pyonko-chan song. Utaou gives her his special award: Utaou Bronze Statue. However this isn’t what she wanted (she was eyeing another prize which is a Pyonko-chan toy). Upset Valkyrie cries to Kazuto but they can’t exchange the prize since it would be deemed rude. A sudden entry as Valkyrie participates as her adult self and stuns everyone with her sad and slow ballad. During her performance, Ghost appears and continues with the song. Everyone is fixated on her and Valkyrie is disheartened to know especially Kazuto. When it’s over, Ghost disappears and Valkyrie returns to her little self. In the end, Valkyrie is happy to get the toy as everyone else discuss about Ghost’s sudden appearance. Akina wonders if Kazuto’s heart was charmed by Ghost when Valkyrie returned to a child that time.
Valkyrie wants to go on a mountain hike in episode 8 so Sanada arranges another trip with her CEMs and other girls. Kazuto and the other guys are left behind to watch the bath house again. As for some of the CEMs, they’re upset Sanada doesn’t know their names and referred to them as Member A, B, C and D. Maybe it’s fitting for insignificant subordinates. During the hike, they got distracted by a cute rabbit and took a wrong turn to the Field of the Underworld instead of the supposedly Double Cat Peak. As expected, they got lost and to make it worse, there is a cold blizzard. Soon everyone gets separated as Sanada sees strange lights and gets visions of tempting hallucinations in the form of Valkyrie. She finally finds her cat whistle to assemble her CEMs. Thankfully Valkyrie is safe with them. They then head over to a natural hotspring that Akina found. However everyone crams into it since it’s too small. Suddenly out of nowhere, Raine’s spaceship crashes (still haven’t learn, has she?), leaving a trail towards the inn as everyone follows the route to safety. Back home, Sanada remembers the name of her CEMs, giving them much encouragement.
While Akina is doing exorcism in a barrier in episode 9, Hydra comes by to explain she broke her favourite tea cup. An argument ensues and before they know it, they merged into 1 body and are known as Akidora. Odd to see them arguing among themselves in 1 body. The gang learns of this and soon they revert back to their original bodies. They conduct an experiment and it seems their power to merge appears when they are arguing and revert when they get along. Note their own lengthy transformation scene. Akidora goes to school and garners lots of fans. She also excels in exams (2 heads are better than 1), sports (beat the entire kendo team with combined strength) and love fortune telling (all accurate!). When they’re walking back from school, the streets suddenly turn icy and Ghost appears to snatch her Illusion Lover Kazuto away. Akina and Hydra merge so Ghost is taken aback by their power and whisks them to a different place to fight. A power battle ensues as Akidora combines both their powers to expel Ghost. However she escapes in the nick of time while nothing the ‘power of friendship’. Akidora sees a strange vision of Valhalla’s 12 moons before they and the whole place revert back to normal.
The gang discuss Akidora’s vision in episode 10. They learn that there are only 8 moons on Valhalla and they serve as each princess’ power source but it has been called that since ancient times. Rika deduces that there were originally 12 moons and those 4 moons in the pic and Akidora saw were lost. Sanada explains that the Illusion Lover comes from Valhalla’s old fairytale, the one whom the Queen of the Dark Moon waits for eternally (like the play in Moonlight Festival) but was just a mere illusion and doesn’t exist in reality. Chorus starts feeling pain and collapses while repeatedly saying how she wants to meet Illusion Lover. However the gang doesn’t know if this is one of her electric signal disorders after she murmured several unrelated lines. At school, Akina notices Ghost taking Kazuto away but when she confronts Kazuto at the bath house, he denies following her. One day after Kazuto and co have finished their shopping, they see Ghost waiting to pick him up. Meemu then arrives and exerts that she isn’t Kazuto’s companion. But Ghost says he is bound to her and kisses him to transform. Ghost and Meemu battle as the former mocks she can’t win against her if she’s a descendant of the Empire. Ghost is much stronger so Valkyrie transforms to replace weakened Meemu. However this is part of Ghost’s plan to lure her out so she could take back KOT which she claims belong to her, just as Illusion Lover. Though Valkyrie asserts Kazuto chose her and are bound by the same soul, Ghost goes over to unresisting Kazuto and they both disappear into a portal, leaving Valkyrie very distraught while everyone else in shock.
Meemu couldn’t contact Valhalla in episode 11 so she receives a visual of her kingdom covered in ice and blizzard. She tells the gang minus Kazuto that the Blizzard of Time is a corrosion of dimensions, a super natural disaster that has once hit Valhalla. When Valhalla was a large continent, this blizzard caused it to lose its 4 moons and the continent to break into 8 parts. Sensing the source there, Meemu and the rest blast off to Valhalla. Kazuto is unconscious in a frozen place but Ghost still feels pain. Chorus is speaking weird as usual but they sound like pain and loneliness of Ghost. When the gang arrive at the blizzard, Akidora uses her powers to see what lies beyond and sees ruins from the past. Meemu says that is Valhalla palace of an alternate reality. Ghost then appears and says Kazuto is sleeping and orders them to leave so Meemu fights her while Akidora uses her power to check on Ghost’s true identity. She saw something before collapsing so Meemu takes her away before Ghost could roast them. Back in the ship, Meemu tells them a story only told within the royalties. When ancient Valhalla faced destruction, the 4 princesses sacrifice themselves to save it and left KOT in this world. Thus Ghost’s true identity is the spirit of those 4 lost princesses. Valkyrie should have ideas since she is currently the inheritor of KOT (1 princess per generation). While Valkyrie is still gloomy, she suddenly sees ghost-like Kazuto emerging from the blizzard and towards her. They’re happy to see each other and get close only to be separated by the glass window.
In episode 12, Kazuto says he believes Valkyrie can do it and will be waiting for her before disappearing. Chorus explains how Kazuto felt the sadness of the 4 princesses. Their spirits remained in the alternate space all the while suppressing the Blizzard of Time without anyone knowing. Their electric signals that drifted through space turned negative during those long years and somehow Chorus picked it up (this explains her quirkiness). However because the Illusion Lover was never supposed to exist, they saw how happy Valkyrie was and reacted and accelerated events with KOT’s appearance and materialization of Ghost. So they tried to get back those lost times and that happiness that they couldn’t choose. But they need to expel the Blizzard of Time at all cost. Using Raine’s spaceship to head into the centre, Ghost appears so Akidora goes into battle to buy them some time. Hydra realizes Ghost’s power source so Akidora uses her exorcism charms to seal her 4 eyes and slay her with her special ultimate attack: Four Way Holy Sword. Valkyrie hears Kazuto’s voice, transforms and follows it. Kazuto apologizes that he followed Ghost to prevent another disaster. He felt it when he first met Ghost and if he didn’t save this person, everyone will never be happy. Finally Valkyrie meets him and emotionally hugs him. He passes her the KOT as she uses it to eternally seal the blizzard by stabbing a weakened Ghost. The blizzard disappears and Valhalla returns to its normal state as the lost princesses thank her. Also, the 4 lost moons are restored. Just like that?
If you think that the ending was abruptly ended and unsatisfying, then be happy to know that there is a 3rd season called UFO Princess Valkyrie: Seireisetsu No Hanayome (Bride of the Celestial Souls’ Day). This 6 episode OVA indicates some time has passed since the last season since the gang are quite familiar with the Valhalla’s princesses. Speaking of which, the remaining princesses which have not appeared will do so here. Starting off in episode 1, that princess is Pharm as she crashes her spaceship into Kazuto’s school rooftop and decides to turn the clock tower into her home. She also becomes Kazuto and Akina’s homeroom teacher, something they’re not fond of. Pharm notes how Kazuto and Valkyrie are engaged to each other so it’s like visiting between relatives. Pharm gains lots of fan girls as they start wearing her style of specs so much so fan club called Society of Maidens and Spectacles is established. Pharm notes how this is her plan that if every maiden wears specs, that person will start to like glasses. Sanada thinks this a challenge to the princess’ authority and to increase her influence so she gathers her CEMs and declares war. Rika is sent as a spy to gather info (because she wears specs) but is captured when they realized her specs aren’t like Pharm’s. Before Pharm can put her specs onto Rika, Sanada and her CEM army arrive to attack. It’s an epic moe battle of every otaku’s dream: Cat ear maids vs megane high school girls. Anyway Pharm transforms and puts specs on Sanada’s giant mecha cat to make it go out of control. So it’s up to adult Valkyrie to save the day and restore order. In the end, Pharm tells Valkyrie she did this was because she wanted her to wear specs a long time ago. Thank goodness isn’t Kazuto. That guy has had enough ladies to handle for now.
Another Valhalla princess comes visiting the bath house in episode 2. She is Inarva and is here to make sure Kazuto and Valkyrie get married during the auspicious Stellar Season which is in 3 months time. She is also here to execute Valhalla’s Laws as necessary. Sanada fears her because she is the Goddess of Judgement and when she flashes her right hand, the world will be turned into a living hell. Even Hydra tries to escape but Inarva comes by and she tries to act goody-goody. But eventually her display of brute behaviour has Inarva unleashing her Punishment Dimension: Hydra having to hear Akina’s horrible singing and in reality she is crying in pain. Everyone starts to fear Inarva and act good. But Inarva exacts punishment on the rest like Sanada for abandoning her duties on Valhalla to follow Valkyrie here (her Punishment Dimension is Valkyrie hates her), Pharm for giving her students specs (Pharm losing her specs), Chorus for buying Gachapons (buying a book she already bought. WTF?!), Raine for eating cuttlefish (fighting an army of Chorus clones – however Raine doesn’t seem bothered) and even non-royalties like Rika (failed to enter university and that unemployment-poverty scene with Raine looks familiar), Shiro (Valkyrie abandons him for another look-a-like but black Shiro called Kuro) and Hydra getting a 2nd punishment (Valkyrie vomiting on her). Rika stands up against Inarva for going too far so Inarva is going to punish her but she manages to deflect it back and reciting a code that she isn’t acting like a princess should. With that, Inarva hugs her and feels she is worthy successor and hands her a Valhalla’s pocket size book for her to study (like she has another unnecessary responsibility). Before Inarva leaves, she tells the gang to learn the ways of Valhalla before the Stellar Season Ceremony.
As part of the pre-wedding ceremony, Inarva announces that Kazuto and Valkyrie are to find the 12 Stellar Stones throughout Hagoromo Town in episode 3. It is believed that their unification will be blissful for eternity if they retrieve them all. Akina volunteers and forces Hydra to be the ‘demon’ (obstacles in the game) while Inarva forbids unrelated party to help them. Read: Sanada. The duo find a Stellar Stone at a valley but are confronted with Shiro and co being controlled by Akina’s exorcism (she really doesn’t want them to get wedded. It’s personal…). Sanada watching from afar comes to their aid by transforming into a weirdly dressed Nekomimizukin to beat Shiro and co up before leaving in a huff. Every time the duo are in a pinch, Nekomimizukin passionately helps them out with her "Nyanko la vie!" catchphrase sp that they could retrieve the stone easily like on an alien guy’s head (he’s willing to give but got Nekomimizukin’s suplex move after she misunderstood he was a menace), on Pharm’s spaceship (Nekomimizukin distracted her with specs and veil combo), women’s public bath (ahem), men’s public bath (ahem, ahem), baseball game (what does scoring a home run has got to do with it?) and aquarium (Akina’s flesh-eating fishes backfired). They find the last stone at the spaceship tower. Adult Valkyrie and Kazuto cherish their moment together but Akina isn’t too happy. Back home, Inarva congratulates them and assembles the stones together. She feels the upcoming ceremony will be a success. Because Valkyrie is thanking Nekomimizukin, Sanada makes a doll for her.
In episode 4, a flashback of how young Raine failed to meet a friend Princess Keena before her final departure. In present, Chorus shows a small orange orb belonging to Raine but the latter entrusts it to her to keep. Raine undergoes some weird beauty therapy in a creepy place. As a result she is transported back to Valhalla’s palace bath. Teen Meemu suspects her as an intruder and sounds the alarm. Raine escapes and bumps into her young self. The duo make a run from the CEMs and dive into the pool. They appear from the bath of School Planet when Raine and Chorus were still studying. Both Raine bump into their other self. With Chorus suggesting that they could travel time via bath, the trio take a dip and return back to present Raine’s time. Beware everyone! Triple trouble! Sure the trio had their fun but that means their expenses are tripled. Not something Rika is happy about. Soon they go on a time travelling journey and end up in various places in time like when Kazuto was young or baths from previous episodes (space bath annex and snowy mountain hike). I wonder how this would affect time flow. When it’s time to go back to their original times, little Raine remembers when Keena parted and feels sad so present Raine decides to do something. They go back to that time and little Raine manages to meet Keena after the station chief recognizes her as a royalty. The girls exchange orbs before they part. In present time, Chorus shows Raine that her orange orb has turned blue.
Because Rika didn’t make Valkyrie’s wanted snack in episode 5, she decides to run away from home. She stays over at Akina’s shrine but her klutz is causing nuisance including a pillow fight. Sanada who is forbidden to tag along decides to go as Nekomimizukin but her CEMs spotted and ‘molested’ her. Next day, Valkyrie stays at Raine and Chorus’ place. Nekomimizukin spies from outside but was taken away by the police for being suspicious. Valkyrie and Chorus watch a strange Twilight Zone-like movie till morning. Next day, Valkyrie follows Pharm around school so much so rumours that she is her illegitimate child. When she spots Kazuto, she gladly comes home with him. That night when they talk about marriage, they both kissed as Valkyrie transforms. However she feels gloomy and flies away. So it’s like deja vu again as the cycle of stay over is repeated. First at Akina’s place (but this time she is more polite), then Raine-Chorus’ home (Nekomimizukin who has just been released gets caught again for doing the same thing), and finally at Pharm’s place where she tells Valkyrie why she’s gloomy: Marital blues. Valkyrie goes back to Kazuto and ascertains she’ll become his bride as they both embrace. Hmm… Valkyrie seems to retain her adult form from now on.
The last of the Valhalla princess appears in episode 6. She is Nesti and her fleet is taking on her arch enemy space pirate Alseira. Though Nesti wins, Alseira flees. Nesti discovers the legendary Princess Mural that the pirates were looking for and reports this to Meemu and Inarva. They feel this mural is necessary at Kazuto and Valkyrie’s wedding. A giant floating fortress is the venue for the wedding as everyone meets up to have a look at the mural onboard. On the wedding day, Alseira attacks to reclaim the mural (she says she had always loved Mardook?). Soon a sky battle takes place between both sides. Though Akina is happy that the wedding is disrupted, I guess her ego has her not to play the bad guy. Akidora goes into action and soon Pharm, Shiro and co (spaceship courtesy from late Raine as usual) and Valkyrie joins in. Alseira loses and abandons ship but Mardook destroy missiles to allow her to get away (still have feelings for her?). A spaceship crashes into the fortress and the mural starts falling off, threatening to crash into the bath house below. Valkyrie races to save it from being destroyed but it smashes into the bath house. Kazuto searches for her and is glad that she is safe. Suddenly kid Valkyrie emerges from adult Valkyrie’s side. Since both Valkyries are separated, rumour has it that the mural’s power may have been responsible. Now Kazuto doesn’t have to worry as he has both Valkyries now. Haha. Just kidding. The mural replaces the fading mural in the bath house as Kazuto notices a weird part in the mural. Inarva places the Stellar Stone which fits perfectly. Both Valkyries and Kazuto continue their lives and their wedding postponed yet again.
More Valkyrie would you believe it? A 4th season with 2 OVA episodes called UFO Princess Valkyrie: Toki To Yume To Ginga No Utage (Banquet of Time, Dreams and Galaxies). In episode 1, Valkyrie’s ex-classmate, Ymir pays her a visit at the bath house. Of course with both Valkyries existing, it is easy for one to misinterpret kid Valkyrie as adult Valkyrie’s daughter. It’s a long story. Yeah, so long it spanned 3 seasons. Haha! Soon her other ex-classmates, Noto, Embra and Nanna converge at the bath house for the school’s class reunion, much to Rika’s ire. Why there? As Pharm the organizer says, it would save her the trouble of making arrangements. And you thought Raine was the most irresponsible one, eh? While Sanada goes to great lengths to make the reunion party a success so as not to smear the Valhalla’s name, other classmates also arrive and they’re all girls from noble families across the galaxy. I can see why now. This bath house is sure an ‘attractive’ place. Kazuto doesn’t mind as he is happy to see Valkyrie’s smile. Kid Valkyrie being the candid little girl she is, has no qualms in revealing stuff like subjects some of her classmates dislike and mischief that no one would ever think Valkyrie would do. And you thought Valkyrie was a totally nice and gentle girl. Well yeah, there’s a kid in all of us. Of course her pals continue to befriend her and adult Valkyrie in a way is grateful for her kiddie self for ‘releasing’ her. But Rika’s troubles won’t be over yet because somebody suggested to hold their class reunion her annually. See what do I mean that this place is bloody attractive?
Meemu and Inarva pick Akina to be the priestess for the Farewell Star Banquet in episode 2 after observing her (like a stalker). The Sleipnir Comet which passes once in 900 years and all Valhalla Princess must be available while the priestess will present 3 wishing cards. One from the priestess herself, another from the head of the Valhalla royal family (Meemu) and the other from the royal family’s son-in-law (Kazuto). Of course Sanada and Hydra have Akina agree to do it or else it’s Punishment Dimension. Inarva trains Akina to perform the right steps while other preparations are being made. On departure day, Raine is missing but past little Raine appear so I guess with short of time, they just take her along. As they get ready for the ceremony, Akina is in a dilemma to write her wish. Soon the comet passes and Akina performs flawlessly. In the aftermath, kid Valkyrie is playing with past little Raine and accidentally topples 2 of the written wishes. They read it out as everlasting good luck on Valhalla (Meemu) and continuing prosperity for the bath house (Kazuto). But Sanada starts to panic because if Inarva finds out that if the wishes that aren’t supposed to be read, oh never mind. Too late. Punishment Dimension time. Even for both Valkyries. Meanwhile Akina alone in her room wonders if her wish will come true. Though it’s not shown but my obvious bet is to marry you know who.
I guess it has been too much Valkyrie for me although the final OVA didn’t present much of a development and felt like fillers. Though Kazuto and Valkyrie won’t be wedded in the near future, but at least their love for each other are confirmed. I wonder if this would go smoothly seeing the materialization of little Valkyrie. Can he marry both? Yeah, find a universal law that allows them to do so. In my opinion I find kiddie Valkyrie to be total annoying. I don’t know if some of you find her cute but to me she’s an irritating brat who always wants to play with Kazuto. I know she’s just a kid but I’d still prefer adult Valkyrie anytime. Raine is one of my favourite characters aside from crashing her spaceship (she never learns) and it makes me wonder how she transformed from a nice girl to someone who is unreserved and unashamed of her actions. I also like it when the gang teases her and she replies with her trademark "Ma! Shitsurei na!" (How rude!). I just wonder why in the final episode she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Perhaps on another hotspring time travel? Chorus too is my other favourite character because of her quirky nonsensical lines. However at the end of the 2nd season, she seems to be tamer, taking out the fun. Sanada herself too is pretty amusing every time she gets hyped up over Valkyrie. You could say her loudness is dramatically exaggerated but I guess that’s how infatuated she is with Valkyrie.
Initially it was also pretty funny to see Hydra teasing Akina on her flat chest but the tables are turned ever since Akidora was formed. Yeah, it looks like it is Akina’s turn to torment Hydra because each time they need to transform, Akina will just rip Hydra’s favourite stuff. Oh the misery. But as long as Kazuto doesn’t officially get married to Valkyrie, I suppose Akina has a chance. And how I wish I could see more of Inarva’s Punishment Dimension. Boy, I sure do sound like a sadist. There are a few things that bugged me. For instance if Nesti’s job is to eliminate space pirates, why does she have a skull and cross-bone emblem on her hat? Ever since Raine gets to travel through time, doesn’t her little self who has seen the future would make her present self know all about this stuff? Unless she can’t be bothered to remember. If Earth and Valhalla are at the opposite galaxy end of each other, how does Meemu and the rest make frequent visits so often? Time warp? So is Valhalla back to normal after the end of Ghost? Who the heck is running Valhalla when most of its princesses are on Earth? Some are answers are best left unanswered.
Oddly for me, many of the opening and ending themes do not appeal to me. For instance rock pieces like season 1’s opening theme Itoshi Kakera (buzzing electric guitars?) and season 2’s opening theme Meguriai (funny synthesizer sounds) sound a little sissy to me because of the pitchy vocals, season 1’s ending theme Save <3 sounds like a little samba piece, 2nd seasons’ ending theme Marble reminds me of Sgt Pepper due to the blazing horns, 3rd season’s opening theme Natsu No Mukougawa feels like a slow pop for a lazy sunny day, season 3’s ending theme Uchuu No Hana feels like a carnival atmosphere, 4th season’s opening theme pop piece One Kiss and 4th season’s ending theme is a male vocal in the form of a slow ballad, Sorekara. Thus to me I prefer the few insert songs like the sad ballad of Princess December and the sweet Agape.
There is really something mysterious which attracts aliens from across the galaxy far and wide to his bath house. It still bewilders me if those crashed UFOs are to be removed anytime soon. They’re sticking out like a sore thumb if you ask me. I guess it would be apocalyptic if Meemu, Inarva and Nesti were to crash their own huge spaceships into some part of Hagoromo. That will sure tarnish the name of Valhalla as bad UFO landers. Lucky we have Raine and her mobile spaceship to keep crashing anywhere. Oops. What am I saying? Inarva, please forgive my insolence and don’t punish me… But I know I wouldn’t want a spaceship to crash right into my home (heck, my house isn’t that big and it would be flattened in no time) and babysit an annoying little royal princess. Or two. Here’s a little thought then. Which is better: UFO crash or PC crash? "Ma! Shitsurei na!".

UFO Princess Valkyrie
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