I’m sure every island has a tale of its own. So by mixing it with magical girl elements, what do you get? You get Umi Monogatari ~Anata Ga Ite Kureta Koto~. Now I’m not really into magical girl animes these days but it never occurred to me it was so till I was watching it. But unlike ‘heavy’ magical girl themes, I find this one to be a little mild. Firstly, the transformation scene is so short that it hardly lasts around 5 seconds. Secondly, the costumes they transform into aren’t that elaborate. Heck, I was straining eyes to see what the difference was. Actually it isn’t that hard, just that I thought it would be something very fancy. Nothing like that. Hey, no magic wand? And lastly, how often do you get an old turtle as a magical pet? More like advisor here if you ask me.

Other than that, this series is your typical good versus evil whereby our heroines have to put a stop to the evil that has awakened that is threatening to swallow the world and plunge it into darkness. Sounds typical, right? Another thing is that I found out that this anime wasn’t based on a manga (though currently it has one and is being serialized in manga magazines), it is actually based on a pachinko game! I don’t know the details because I’m not a fan of those vertical pinball gambling machines. Hmm… But a story based on it? Yeah well, like animes adapted from simulation games I guess. Just amusing.

So as we see in episode 1, Sea dwellers Marin and Urin decide to return a beautiful ring believed to be dropped by a ‘sky dweller’. That’s their term for land dwellers. Well, if you live in the sea, then the top of the ocean is like a sky to you, right? Seems the sky (land actually) have many bad rumours among the sea dwellers though Marin is still persistent to go return it so reluctant Urin decides to follow. Looks like she has siscon. Upon reaching the surface, the town is in the midst of a summer festival as they hear a miko sing a beautiful song of the island. Kanon Miyamori is being made by her mom, Miyako (looks young enough to be her sister!) to do some fortune telling part time job. Must be a family tradition. Kanon is upset because recently her boyfriend Kojima dumped her and she threw the ring into the sea. Kanon’s dark aura is enough to scare anyone away! As Marin and Urin try to find out who the ring belongs to, Kanon heard them and is disheartened to see the ring. She tries to smack it to the ground! Before she could throw it away to the sea, Marin stops her. Though Kanon has negative thoughts whenever she thinks about the ring, Marin thinks her flounder-cum-boyfriend (in Japanese, flounder and boyfriend sound close to each other) has to be a kind person to give such a beautiful present. Then Kanon spots her ex-boyfriend, Kojima with a new girl. She is totally in a rage and throws the ring into the woods. Urin thinks the sky dwellers are mean as the sisters go search for it but to no avail. The perverted guys are staring at Marin because of her sexy swimsuit… Urin Wants to forget about searching and return home but Marin insists on continuing because she thinks Kanon has a beautiful heart too and shouldn’t lose that beautiful ring.

Night time as Kanon finishes her part time job, she is surprised to see Marin still looking for the ring. Then the fireworks startle Marin and Urin (who is searching elsewhere). After getting use to the loud noise and noting how beautiful they are, Marin felt Urin must’ve been afraid too. She and Kanon go look for her. Urin is running scared and slips down the forest path up the shrine. She spots the ring lodged between a stone coffin and its narrow gap so she tries to get it out. Though she is successful, she accidentally breaks a seal on the coffin. A voice tells her to open its lid and when she does so, this causes dark aura to hover over the island. A storm starts picking up as Urin cowers in fear while a lightning strikes a nearby turtle statue.

In episode 2, Marin and Kanon find Urin as the sisters emotionally reunite. Marin thanks Kanon and hugs her, saying she loves her (no yuri thoughts here). But Kanon says she isn’t into that (told ‘ya). Then the statue turns into a walking and talking moustachioed turtle in a hat! I thought he was going to change into Master Roshi! Marin recognizes him as the legendary turtle who went to the sky and never returned, Matsumoto. A bright Bermuda Stone floats from Matsumoto’s hat to Marin’s palms. This proves that she is the Priestess of the Sea who has been chosen to defeat Sedna. But Kanon thinks it’s an elaborate scam to buy those fake stones so she leaves in a huff! Matsumoto explains the evil Sedna who was sealed in the coffin has been released to the world. She has the ability to truly plunge people’s hearts into darkness. Her ability will truly awaken if she reunites with her other half which is sealed in the sea. Matsumoto transformed his body into stone and slept in preparation for this. However Marin alone can’t seal Sedna as they need the Priestess of the Sky if they want to truly defeat Sedna. Kanon meets Miyako who teases her about her evil aura and fate to be a fortune teller.

At the beach, Kanon sees a red haired lady and her freaky movements freak Kanon out. She is trying to capture Kanon as she runs but gets bound by her hair. Matsumoto, Marin and Urin arrive on scene. Upon the turtle’s advice, Marin uses the stone to transform (not much difference in clothing except her hair grown longer). Marin fights the lady who is the servant of Sedna wanting to feed on Kanon’s evil aura to Sedna. Kanon still thinks they really went this far to sell those stones! Then another bright stone floats from Matsumoto’s hat into Kanon’s palms. Matsumoto can’t believe this evil aura girl is the Priestess of the Sky. Kanon is reluctant to fight or get involved so guilt ridden Urin reveals that she broke the seal and pleads for her to save Marin. Kanon also felt she was responsible that this wouldn’t happen if she hadn’t thrown away her ring. With that, Kanon transforms (her miko outfit looking more like cosplay) and together they both attack the enemy. Before their spell could kill her, Marin stops it and thinks she has met her before. As she hugs her, she turns out to be an octopus friend from the sea. Freed from Sedna’s spell and returning to the sea, Matsumoto says she was transformed into a soldier of Sedna. He also notes the impossibility of purifying it rather than killing it. Something that has never happened till that. He adds it was their ancestors that sealed Sedna ages ago and are destined to meet. Kanon is still unhappy all this happened especially she almost lost her first kiss to an octopus. Marin returns Kanon’s ring so she leaves and says they won’t meet again.

Kanon wakes up next day in episode 3 hoping to forget those events. When she comes downstairs, she is shocked to see Marin, Urin and Matsumoto watching TV drama with Miyako! Miyako even wants Kanon to listen to Matsumoto’s advice! Kanon doesn’t want to be a fortune teller so she mentions of her dream of going to university and moving away from this island to a new city life. Marin and Urin are happy to see a little ocean in their home (the toilet bathtub actually) so they soak themselves in it so much so Kanon can’t bath in peace. As the sisters borrow and don Kanon’s clothes, they go help her with her part time job. Kanon spots an annoying friend of hers, Suzuki and goes into hiding. Suzuki is looking for her so Marin takes her in for fortune telling. Their conversation? Let’s just say Suzuki just can’t keep up. Suzuki mentions Kanon’s evil aura stems from when she’s young. She played an evil tree during a play and traumatized everyone. Scary. But she notes Kanon also took up dirty jobs that no one else would do and hate those around her to quarrel.

After Suzuki leaves, Marin says how she wanted to be Kanon’s friend but she dismisses it. Kanon doesn’t believe her and feels she’s the same like all those people who became close to leave her in the end. Kanon runs away but Urin catches up and chides her attitude. Teary Urin says if she doesn’t want to be the Priestess of the Sky, then let her take her place so she can help Marin and then return to the sea. But she can’t because she has no powers. Then a pair of lolis, servants of Sedna confront them. One of them tries to kiss Kanon! To take her evil aura lah. Marin senses the evil and rushes to the scene to transform and fight them. Though she tells Kanon to run away, she’s having a tough time handling them herself. Kanon reflects on Marin and Suzuki’s nice words. Seems she took the dirty jobs because she didn’t want people to hate her but didn’t think they would think of her like that. Kanon decides to join the fight and with their combined powers, purifies the lolis (a pair of puffer fish) and sends them back to the sea. Later Kanon visits Suzuki and gives her a discount coupon to her fortune telling. Though she hasn’t decided on becoming a fortune teller, she knows she doesn’t want to go to university now. For now, she’ll work on becoming pure.

Sea dweller Warin thinks of going to save Marin and Urin in episode 4 since they haven’t returned for days but Sam thinks they’ll be alright. Warin also felt an ominous aura ever since they left for the sky. Because Kanon still has bad memories of this island, the sea and the ring, she wants Marin to keep it. She is reluctant so Urin decides to keep it instead. In order to purify the Priestess of the Sky faster to prevent Sedna’s revival, Matsumoto gives Kanon a treasure map to the maze-like Kagerou Island cave. Marin follows her but Urin isn’t allowed to since Matsumoto thinks she’ll be a hindrance. But Urin decides to go save her sister after hearing legends that the cave has dead pirate spirits from Miyako, though it was a joke. Marin and Kanon reach an area in the cave whereby a sunken pirate ship sits. As they have bento on it, a mysterious figure suddenly approaches them. Turns out to be Sam and Warin. Though protective Warin is happy to see Marin, she isn’t with the sky dweller and has her suspicions and thinks Marin has been tricked, etc. Because of that Kanon and Warin don’t get along. Sam though doesn’t think this cute girl could be evil. Due to Kanon’s bad experience with guys, this made her snap, blaming guys for being irresponsible and kicks Sam away. Her evil aura is absorbed by a skull as it turns into a pirate lady. Proclaiming to be Sedna’s servant, she orders her undead pirate army to take Kanon. I think Sam’s a flirt because he thinks the pirate lady is cute too but gets hit away! Urin and Matsumoto arrive. Marin transforms to fight them but Kanon can’t seem to transform. Water starts gushing into the cave as the sea dwellers get swept under. Warin wonders why Marin is trying so hard to save Kanon and goes to protect her. Then it hit Kanon how much Warin loved Marin. She is then able to transform and defeat the enemies. As they swim ashore, it’s revealed Matsumoto’s hidden treasure turns out to be an exchange diary with Utsushima, the first turtle he fell in love with. Once you read it, you’ll be able to get your pure heart back. Seriously? She’s not a turtle or in love lah… Warin and Sam return to the sea as Warin is confident leaving Marin and Urin in Kanon’s hands.

Kanon makes a necklace for the ring Urin is carrying in episode 5. People are arriving on the island to watch the solar eclipse. Matsumoto is stumped at Kanon and Miyako selling fake charms but it’s a sell-out since all the ladies buy it like hot cakes! Matsumoto warns Kanon to be careful as this period her heart may engulf in darkness and will never love again. Kanon is still sore about her breakup with Kojima. Marin assures her everything will be alright. She’s so friendly with Kanon that Urin felt left out. During the partial eclipse as the gang watches the phenomenon, Kanon panics when she gets a call from Kojima but didn’t answer. Urin teases her when suddenly Marin felt cold and starts chiding Urin for being useless. However her body is moving on her own and not under her control when she did that. Poor Urin runs away in tears. Kanon and Marin go search for her but Kanon bumps into Ooshima, Kojima’s new girlfriend. Hey, note the meaning of their names. Big island, small island. Haha. Ooshima is b*tchy and arrogant but felt she lost out when she sees Marin’s proportions. Ooshima seems to know about Kanon’s rings because she was the one who chose it. Kanon and Marin leave to continue their search. Marin ponders this feeling since she and Urin have never argued before. Kanon gives her words of comfort about loneliness and being sisters but Marin felt colder as the eclipse continues. Urin is on a rock as she takes off the ring. As the eclipse nears completion, she puts it on her finger. Suddenly it starts emitting evil aura.

Urin notices she can’t take the ring off in episode 6. Then she sees a little crying girl separated from her mom. She’s saying how she hate mommy because she’s paying more attention to the baby then her. But when mommy arrives, they are happily reunited and the girl’s happy again. This has Urin to think that sky dwellers are self centred. The eclipse seems to be lasting longer than usual and swarms of dark butterflies fly to the island. Miyako is trying to catch them in hopes of selling at a high price to collectors but is soon confronted with a twintail lady. Matsumoto believes she is Sedna’s servant and is after Miyako’s evil aura (like mother, like daughter – we all know where Kanon inherited it from) and tells her to make a run. Marin starts breaking down when they are being confronted by the twintail. To Marin’s shock, she can’t transform so Kanon suggests to run. The ring on Urin’s finger absorbs into her body as the butterflies engulf her. Marin and Kanon arrive at the cliff and hear the miko sing. The eclipse clears up and Marin’s heart feels better. When they reunite with Matsumoto and Miyako, they plan to search for Urin but see her coming out of the woods. Relieved Marin rushes to hug her citing she’ll never leave her but Urin seems lifeless and indifferent. Everyone goes home to eat. Matsumoto is surprised to learn that Marin is the one who can’t transform. Urin excuses herself as Kanon notices a dark butterfly mark on Urin’s finger. As Marin washes Matsumoto’s back, the turtle wishes Urin to return to the sea and let Warin and Sam take care of her since Marin’s priestess job may be a handful. But Marin insists that she will stick by Urin’s side. That night the twintail visits the house and Urin confronts her. Noting how she rejected Sedna’s power, Urin absorbs her powers instead. The twintail reverts into its original form: A yellow turtle. Then Urin tells Marin she’s returning to the sea alone because she can protect herself and also has the power. She’s sick of staying in the sky and tolerating sky dwellers and blames everything on Kanon. She disappears right after exiting the door, disheartening Marin.

After realizing Urin’s departure, they stumble upon the yellow turtle in episode 7. Matsumoto recognizes her as his daughter, Ichikawa. Hey, I thought he was a statue for hundreds of years? Miyako throws a celebration feast but Marin wants to go save Urin. When Kanon tells about the butterfly mark on Urin’s finger, Matsumoto fears the worst. That mark is Sedna’s mark and she may have possessed Urin to release her other self sealed in the sea. Speaking of which, possessed Urin is already unsealing the tomb. Marin jumps back into the save to save her. Matsumoto tells Kanon to find Porterius ring that will enable her to breathe underwater. He wants Ichikawa to aid her while he follows Marin. They search the house and since Ichikawa doesn’t know how it looks like, it’s trial and error. You know Kanon’s family with has lots of fortune telling stuff so this is going to take a while. She’s going to drown at this rate testing each suspected item. Kojima happen to come by since Kanon isn’t picking up his calls but she tells him she’s busy. Then it occurred to her how her famed pickles tasted good throughout the generations. She finds the ring in the pickle pot. Meanwhile Ooshima is trying to seduce Kojima and confess her feelings in an underwater boat ride. But they suddenly see Kanon diving down in her swimsuit. Since Kojima is complimenting it, Ooshima is bent on destroying her for running her crucial moment. Marin and Matsumoto meet Warin and Sam just outside the sea tomb. Marin is desperate to save Urin but a monster squid attacks them. Marin can’t transform and takes a beating. She could’ve been squid chow if Kanon didn’t arrive in time to save her. Because Marin is breaking down, Kanon handles this and even manages to purify it. Then they head into the tomb but the seal is already removed and Urin enclosed in a cocoon. Marin tries to persuade her not to take such powers but she blasts them away while noting she’ll take Marin back from Kanon.

A flashback of Marin and Urin happily playing together in the sea when they’re young in episode 8. The gang wakes up a distance away and Marin still wants to do her rescue mission. She hasn’t accepted the fact Urin had rejected her and is still hoping she is waiting to save her. Upon Matsumoto’s advice, Warin accompanies Kanon back to the surface. She learns about the life of the sea dwellers from their birth and how close Marin and Urin are. Kojima stops by Miyako’s house since he’s concerned about Kanon. Ooshima tries to act like a nice girl to avoid that school swimsuit girl version of Kanon to eternally embed in Kojima’s heart (haha). However she ends up having to help him search for Kanon. Not that she likes it. So when Kanon does return, she sees a bunch of miscalls from Kojima like a stalker. Then an unknown surprise call turns out to be Ooshima. “GO AND DIE, school swimsuit girl!”. Another problem… Kanon meets Ooshima and it seems the latter wants the former to properly break up with Kojima. Plus, Ooshima isn’t really dating him. Flashback reveals Kanon and Kojima’s argument stemmed from some exam ranking. Kanon took his remarks of his falling grades as an insult that she’s smarter than him. She even tells him to dump her. He went off without saying anything. Ooshima isn’t happy Kojima is persistent with that stupid girl. Seeing them at the fireworks display then was a setup so Kanon could see them easily and also she lied about choosing the ring but it was Kojima instead. He has always thought about Kanon. I guess Ooshima is really in love with him that she’s brought to tears that she has to suffer this kind of bad joke. Why does she have to have sad memories just to like him? Why isn’t she good enough for him? Why does it have to be her? That’s how love works, baby. Kanon too cries seeing that she still likes him but Ooshima says she won’t lose to her yet. Stubborn Marin decides to go back and save Urin but there’s an evil barrier. Upon contact, it tries to suck her in. Warin manages to pull her out. She chides Marin for not thinking straight and should focus on getting her priestess power back. She suggests going to Kanon’s place since she has evil aura and yet can transform. Insult or compliment? Like fighting fire with fire, eh?

When Marin returns to the surface in episode 9, she pleads to Kanon in tears to help her transform. After identifying the possible cause, Kanon takes her to Suzuki’s place whereby she suggests doing yoga. Marin is a natural while Kanon is having a hard time keeping her balance and posture. Suzuki tells Marin how everyone avoided playing with Kanon when she was young but Suzuki didn’t find her to be so. As Kanon and Marin continue their yoga at the beach, they see Ooshima (looking at the dark sea calms her heart?). She plans to confess to Kojima and wants her to stop her half hearted attitude and face her without hesitation. Release all her evil aura at full power and attack? Must be mocking her magical girl transformation practice she spotted. Later Marin chances upon Kojima at the bus stop. He tells her about the time they first met when he first moved to this island and lost his way. He noticed Kanon was always alone and unwilling to get close to others. Gradually as Kojima interacted more with her, he developed feelings for her and even confessed out loud at the library. In front of everyone. Shhh! Keep your voices down. Kojima tells Marin the meaning of the island’s song: Sung to suppress separation and sadness suffered by the islanders. Also the coexistence of light and shadow. Marin reflects the events that has happened and so does Kanon who is elsewhere. Kojima and Marin head back to the beach as Kanon shows up. Before he could confess, antennas swiftly wrap around Kojima and drag him into the sea. Both Kanon and Marin are now able to transform. It seems a pair of Sedna servants has Kojima in their hands. They plan to kill him so as to taint their hearts.

As they tighten their grip and start blaming Kanon for everything in episode 10, Marin thinks Urin can hear her. She pleads for her to stop and return to her side. This causes Urin to slightly snap out of her spell. The servants also lose grip and fall unconscious. Both priestesses go save drowning Kojima but manage to escape to land before the darkness in the sea engulfs them. Sedna controls Urin once more and awakens in her body. Wow. Now she has giant butterfly wings. She spreads her darkness throughout the entire ocean making it red and turning every sea creature into her underling. Why do they all look like teenage girls? I wonder what happens if all planktons did turn into her servant. Overcrowded… But Marin’s determination is so great that she purifies them all. When Kojima comes to, he thinks Kanon and Marin were mocking and laughing at him. He has had it with Kanon and is through falling in love. Marin notes he is possessed by Sedna’s darkness because this isn’t his true feelings. Ironically, those who are very pure are vulnerable to Sedna’s darkness. And you though being 100% pure would make you safe. Ooshima stumbles upon Suzuki (also possessed) so the latter scorns her. However Ooshima isn’t moved and even challenges her to use lines that have more impact and lose her footing. Here’s one: Kojima hates you. Oh sh*t. That really did have an impact. I guess Ooshima isn’t that pure after all seeing she didn’t get possessed. After Suzuki left, Ooshima is glad to see Kojima but he tells her not to see him and that she’s a bother. That really hurt her heart and you can’t help feel pity even if she’s a b*tch.

Kanon and Marin return home to discuss how to defeat Sedna but to their surprise see Urin. But they realize it isn’t her because of her butterfly wings. Sedna via Urin wants to swallow everyone’s heart with darkness and ‘thanks’ Kanon and her evil aura for calling out to her (showing her ring as proof) making her feel guilty. Because Marin still wants Urin to return, Urin slightly returns to herself for a little while. But she notes how she still doesn’t want to come with her. Noting her darkness powers aren’t enough, she flies away. Matsumoto decides to tell them how to reseal Sedna since she has no real body and can’t be completely destroyed. The method is to use Spear of Radiance and thrust it into Sedna’s core. Since this unprecedented event has her possessing Urin, she might also be sealed or worse, killed. Marin can’t accept that and breaks down. She can’t leave Urin alone and wants Kanon to seal her with Urin if she has too. But Kanon tells her to get a grip and won’t do that because she’s her precious friend. Kanon brings them to a small shrine on a cliff. It’s believed that if you put small stones into it and pray, the sea will wash away your sorrow. After memorizing the Spear of Radiance, the girls still have no intention to kill Urin and will separate her from Sedna. Just then, Ichikawa is consumed by the sea’s darkness and turns into her lady form. To make things worse, Warin and Sam appear to kill both priestesses.

The possessed trio try to convince Marin to return to Urin in episode 11. Blaming Kanon and Matsumoto, they try to get rid of them. Wow. Matsumoto can really fight and hold his ground! He’s pulling off punches and stances! Don’t mess with this turtle. When Marin sees how painful they are, she purifies them. But it has no effect. Instead the darkness becomes intense as the trio turn their attack on Marin. But with combined powers of Kanon, they manage to purify the trio and the sea. They bring them back to rest at Kanon’s home but they see Miyako also possessed by the darkness as she doesn’t care anymore. Marin, Kanon and Matsumoto return to the sea tomb but sense the evil weakened and Urin not around. Returning to Marin’s home, they see Urin sleeping, much to Marin’s relief. Urin tells about her scary dream and voice in her head telling her Marin hates her. When she mentions about defeating the sky dwellers with her, Matsumoto realizes Sedna still possesses her. Urin spots Kanon so she panics and escapes. Returning to the ruins of the tomb, Urin is disheartened Marin has sided with the sky dweller. Sedna’s voice propels her to turn to the dark side. Both priestesses combine their powers to purify Urin but it seems she’s absorbing their powers. Because of that, they return to their normal selves and are no longer priestesses. Urin lets the darkness engulf their heart. As they lay helplessly, they see visions of not only their sorrows but other people’s as well. Then they realize the hearts of darkness are the countless sorrow the islanders threw into the sea. That is Sedna’s true identity: Darkness made from thrown away feelings and not one who could turn light into darkness as Matsumoto believed.

Sedna tells Urin that unless Marin accepts the darkness, she will disappear like the rest. In episode 12, Urin is unable to feel sad as Sedna mentions she’s been released from her everlasting sorrow. Urin approaches Marin as they both embrace and then takes the latter away. Urin says it would’ve been better if they’d never met so she won’t see her so sad. When Kanon comes to, she tells Matsumoto Sedna’s true identity before searching for the sisters. Urin brings Marin to the coral reefs and is going to make Marin hate her and accept the darkness. However Marin will never do so even if she loves someone else or hates her because Marin simply loves her very much. Emotional Marin hugs her but Sedna is trying to resist. Urin still has a little light in her heart left and feels she is the only one who can seal Sedna. Each time she thinks of Marin, this causes Sedna pain. But it’s risky since Urin will disappear too. Kanon holds back emotionally wreck Marin while trying to convince her little sister to do things together again. Seems Urin too wishes the same causing Sedna to desire the same thing. The girls hug and in the end Urin and the rest of the ocean is purified. In the aftermath before the sea dwellers return to the sea, Matsumoto mentions the rule of both sea and sky dwellers aren’t supposed to meet. But since both priestesses are special, perhaps 1 day the rule may change. Urin returns Kanon’s ring as Marin and Kanon hug each other. Kanon finally manages to say “I love you” to Marin. Lastly Kanon tells Kojima she’s transferring to another high school and manages to eke out her confession that she likes him. Not sure if Kojima was being a doofus not hearing it properly because he wants her to say it again! Her pals and Suzuki even heard it as cocky Ooshima believes the competition has just started.

If you buy the DVD, you get an extra episode 13. A year has passed and Kanon returns to the island. First thing Miyako did was to put on the fortune teller gear on her! Didn’t she miss her? Money more important. Meanwhile the sea dwellers have their own sea festival. Sam selling sea grapes, Warin doing limbo dance (are the fishes perverts? How the heck can they clap?), Matsumoto doing a butler cafe and Ichikawa a maid cafe as father and daughter fight over Urin as their customer. Urin goes to see Marin who is doing fortune telling. Did Marin adopt the evil aura from Kanon? Kanon finishes her fortune telling job and sees Suzuki. It isn’t long before Kojima and Ooshima come by. Ooshima hasn’t changed a bit. Still arrogant and telling Kanon off to give up her long distance relationship, bla bla bla. The sea dwellers spot a lost dugong calf and decide to help look for its mom. Sam the self proclaimed leader of the dugong search party gets into sorts of troubles while Warin is like why-you-so-like-that. Urin spends quite some time with the dugong so it’s no wonder it feels attached to her. She feels like a big sister. Kanon has got a boat licence, rented a boat and invites Kojima to go diving. Ooshima invited herself though she has lots of complaints. Seems Kanon took up oceanography to learn more about the ocean. As the duo dive, they spot a mother dugong stuck between the rocks and help free it. Urin and the calf wander too far and almost got sucked in by the undersea current. They are holding on tightly to Marin. The calf gives out a cry so its mom comes swimming to it. Marin uses her little powers to bring everyone to safety. As the dugong family parts, Marin and Kanon think they may have spotted each other from a distance. When Kanon and Kojima return to their boat, he asks why she took up oceanography. She replies to protect this ocean for the sake of the girl she can never meet again. Kojima is confident her feelings will reach her.

I’m not sure how many specials are there but they come along with the DVD. Entitled Marin No Kore Naani, each special lasts around 3 minutes and are nonsensical fillers. The only one I have watched is called “Apron”. Yeah, the girls donning their apron and trying to help Kanon make bento for Kojima. So we get all sorts of apron types like Kanon apron over her swimsuit and the ultimate one from Ooshima, naked apron because she is kiasu. Sam in an apron? Each have their own ideas on what ingredients to put in like Urin putting in total opposites such as salt and yogurt for pudding while Marin freaks out every time a sea creature is suggested. Like sacrificing a comrade, eh? Then they need some eggs but it seems the only one they found are turtle eggs. Wait a minute. That old bugger… He’s still going strong. In the end Ooshima just mixed everything in so the bento looks like a killer that made Kojima want to die rather than eating that sick fusion.

I guess the ending was rather okay for the TV series. Good triumphs over evil. Until the next time. However something still bugs me about Sedna. If she is made out of the islanders’ sorrows and its manifestation, then what was sealed in the coffin in the first place? If all that about Sedna bringing darkness to the world is just what Matsumoto misbelieved, then it just doesn’t add up, right? Why was she trying to feed on Kanon’s dark aura when the sea is full of all those sad thrown away feelings? So is Sedna gone for good? Not if people still have sorrow and hate. Overall the pace of the story is calming and slow so much so during tense moments and the fights, I don’t feel that there was any threat that would ‘move my heart’ or any sort of rush. There are also funny times during the initial episodes when the characters turn chibi and Kanon’s evil aura and habit of making money but those are minimal. Then when Urin got possessed by Sedna, it nearly became a tear jerker due to the amount of tears the girls shed in almost every subsequent episode. If it didn’t end on a good note, I would’ve classified it as a tragedy. It was sad that Marin and Kanon couldn’t even meet in the final episode though they came close. But I’m sure they have their memories to go by.

The tear jerking part can be mainly contributed to Marin. At the start she was the cheery and helpful sea dweller who loves everybody and does good. Then when she realizes she lost Urin, she became an emotional wreck and could think nothing but saving her sister. It’s the opposite for Kanon. At the beginning she was reluctant to get involved in fear she may be lonely again. But she gradually opens up and ironically though she is the one with evil aura, is the rational one among the priestesses as they battle against Sedna. It’s like switching roles. You can’t blame Urin for turning to the dark side because all she wants is to be with her sister. She gave in to the darkness at the weakest moment. Though she was the one who unsealed Sedna, in the end it was her own heart that helped sealed her back. I thought Matsumoto was just going to be a side character providing lip service and bumming around but he made me have second thoughts after that close combat quarters. At that point I thought he may even pull off some Dragonball move, no? So never judge a book by its cover. I wished he had more scenes doing just that. Otherwise Ichikawa felt really more like a side character. Probably one with the easiest dialogue lines going “Kyuu~” all the time and the only time she spoke was in her human form. Even that was just briefly.

I have to admit that the most amusing character has to be Ooshima as she provides most of the comic relief due to her b*tchiness. I never get tired of her when she’s really acting up every time she’s talking to Kanon. You can never get Kojima’s heart no matter how attractive you are, girl. As for Sam, it still bugs me if this guy is a womanizer. To him, every girl he meets is cute. His flirt isn’t just limited to just any girl but even to the sea creatures. The island’s miko is still a mysterious character. I thought she would be Sedna because she’s always standing on a cliff singing and if she’s not doing so, she’s talking in a rather strange accent. Another thing that I’m pondering is Matsumoto don’t really worry he has to hide from the sky dwellers. Normally, one would freak out if they see a talking turtle but it seems he didn’t take any measures to hide this (at least not many islanders come into contact with that turtle). Maybe he’s more focused on defeating Sedna.

Aki Toyosaki who is the voice behind Ooshima proves that she can voice girls who aren’t just ditzy or airhead like Yui in K-ON! or moe ones like Uiharu in To Aru No Kagaku Railgun or Lisa in Seiken No Blacksmith. She sounds pretty damn convincing sounding the arrogant b*tch Ooshima is. Congratulations. However I find Miyuki Sawashiro’s role as Kojima to be unfitting because it made the guy sound like a girl. I know she has voiced male roles like Shinkurou in Kurenai but I felt a guy should have taken this role better. Other casts include Kana Asumi as Marin (Yuno in Hidamari Sketch series), Minako Kotobuki as Kanon (Tsumugi in K-ON!), Yui Horie as Urin (Kotori in Da Capo), Houko Kuwashima as Sedna (Sango in Inu Yasha), Junji Majima as Sam (Aoki in Kodomo No Jikan), Yukari Fukui as Warin (Sara in School Rumble) and Rokuro Naya as Matsumoto.

In line with the calming pace of the series, both the opening and ending songs are slow and calming. You can close your eyes and imagine the vast blue ocean if you want. The opening theme is Violet by Marble while the ending theme is Toumei Na Inori by Masumi Itou. During the ending credits animation, I was thinking when would that prince-like character would show up. Then it occurred to me that it was just a story Marin and Urin are watching. I guess that’s how sea dwellers have bad perception of sky dwellers because from what it seems the prince, a sky dweller and his love, a sea dweller were very much in love but in the end he married a sky dweller. So sad Urin had to be comforted by Marin. Another odd thing I want to point out is the background music of the series. As far as I am concerned, all of them are calm or jazzy. What is wrong? During fight or tense scenes, such music are played! It’s like as though there’s no sense of threat or danger whatsoever. It feels a little weird that a battle is taking place but they place this kind of soothing or jazzy piece. Like I’ve said, probably everything was done for the calming theme of the series.

On a trivial note, the next episode preview segment has Marin spouting short informative details about the ocean or the creatures in it. Like you know, male seahorses do actually give birth instead of the female. In the end, Marin always tells viewers that she loves everyone. We should do that too in real life. Each of the episode title has the word “heart” in it, referring to the situation of the hearts of the heroines in that episode. On an unrelated note, when I first heard Urin’s name, it conjure thoughts that she was named after… Let’s just say it has something to do with pass water… And if she was the elder sister and her little ones call her “Urin nee…”, well, it certainly looked like it, doesn’t it?

So I guess based on this series, everyone has a little darkness in their hearts. Throwing them away may be a good thing as I have always thought since it’s better to feel happy than to be sad. But in place of your happiness, your sorrows have to go somewhere, right? At least in this anime. Thus it’s like a never ending battle between the light and darkness. For darkness to exist, there must be light and vice versa. Call it yin and yang. Though I may not have taken a liking for the ocean after this anime, going around spreading happiness to others may not be my specialty. Especially if I have to use stones to transform myself and fight possessed beings. So I guess I’ll have to watch more animes and increase my happiness levels and keep my depression at bay. Anime-tachi, aishiteru! (Animes, I love you!).

Umi Monogatari

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