Urara Meirochou

June 24, 2017

Time for another series about cute girls doing cute things. We have covered a lot of themes using this simple trope so what else is left for this to explore? Why not try divination then? What a great idea. And that is how you get Urara Meirochou. A group of divination loli trainees who yearn to be the best diviner enter a school as they study and practice while they level up their bonding and friendship in a totally cute and heart-warming fuzzy way. I mean, what else could you expect from this kind of series, right?

Episode 1
Chiya makes her way into Labyrinth Town with a bunch of animals following her. However people start accusing her of using animals to steal food. Panicked, she starts apologizing by showing her belly?! The district’s captain, Saku gets embarrassed and mad seeing this indecency and chases her down. That is where Chiya bumps into Kon and Koume. All of them are holding the same paper that leads to Natsume-ya to become apprentice urara (one who guides the lost at the crossroads). Chiya tries to teach them how to apologize for real and exposes their stomach?! They are caught by Saku who then is about to banish them. However Nina hopes she would overlook this as they are her apprentices. Or else she will commit suicide to take responsibility! At Natsume-ya as Nina gets to know them, they also find out Chiya’s reason for coming here is to meet her mom whom she believed is somewhere in this town. Apparently there is a fourth apprentice, Nono. As Nina’s younger sister, she is so shy and has been hiding Nina all the while. So Chiya is going to teach her true apology too? After eating cakes, Nina has them drink tea to tell their fortune. Chiya finds it so good that she keeps drinking them all and now her tummy is bloated. The girls are given a number which indicates their rank as a licensed diviner. They start at the bottom 10 and get promoted via exams. They then discuss the divination method they want to use. Kon will use kokkuri, Nono her creepy doll, Koume her tarot cards and Chiya… Mushroom reading? Everyone thought Kon is a fox so they molest her ears (just her ribbons) while she denies being one. Kon then uses kokkuri to read for Chiya. As they ponder what “Kurou” meant, Chiya lifts up Kon’s skirt to check if she has a fox tail! WTF. As they head back to town, they are tempted to take patron a store with food divination. They see Saku’s subordinates, Ooshima and Shiozawa trying to prove their love by ordering sweets. But since she doesn’t like sweet stuffs, they try to catch her cold. Can she just eat in peace?

Episode 2
Right when Saku enters Natsume-ya, she sees Koume trying to expose Chiya’s belly to make her apologize. She beats them up for the indecency. Everyone learns Chiya has been trying to look for her mom who is believed to be in Labyrinth Town every night. However she has no clue, not even her name or how she looks like! They thought using divination from the gods would be useful but Nina says it is even difficult for the top ranking urara to do so. This feat would also be a challenge for the legendary first rank urara. The problem is, Labyrinth Town is divided into sections that only allows one to enter based on their rank and hiring a top urara can be expensive. This puts a little damper on Chiya. The rest try to find out more as Chiya explains she was living in the mountains with Setsu, her mom’s friend who promised to take care of her child from birth till 15. Setsu really took care of her so Chiya feels a bit back just wanting to go look for her mom like that. Nono disagrees since her mom died while she was young. That is why she always has this doll to look over her. And no, she doesn’t find it creepy. That night, Chiya tries to sneak into the next district illegally but Saku stops her. She is warned she will have to ban her if she crosses the line. So what can Chiya do? Become a top ranking urara. That way she can enter freely through the districts without being arrested. The quartet have their first practical lesson on divination. Nina teaches them how to use the lantern for the shooting star divination. She reminds them of a single act that is taboo that must never be committed. They must never divine about the gods of Labyrinth Town as they will have their powers taken away forever. They might not see or hear them, but they are everywhere. The divination process goes well and they feel like they are in a different dimension. Then Chiya’s hair caught fire. Divination failed. Saku thought she is being considerate to her subordinates by ordering spicy food for them. They actually hate it and just wanted to eat her spicy food. Later Kon talks to Chiya what she saw in the divination. She thought someone called out her name. She thinks she might have heard the voice of a god. They make a promise to become first rank urara.

Episode 3
Nina has the girls do an errand for her to pick up some bat bowl, a tool for divination. They arrive at Benten’s store which is the biggest supplier of divination tools in Labyrinth Town. As they are awed with the items, Benten’s appearance startles them and they accidentally break a rare crystal ball. Since they can’t pay, she will have them compensate it via the old fashion way of using their bodies. No, belly apologizing isn’t going to work. And no, not prostitution either. They’re going to work here to clear their debt. Because they are slacking, Benten confronts them that she knows they are from Natsume-ya and thus will keep the bowl till they clear their compensation. They’ll work here for a year. The girls are shocked since they can’t wait too long and such absence in training will make them lose their licence. They won’t abandon their training and hope there would be another way. Benten offers to take a gamble via dice. Simple. Whoever gets the highest wins. If they win, she’ll overlook this. Otherwise they will work here for 3 years. Chiya dares take the challenge despite rumours of Benten being a good gambler. However they won’t know for sure if they don’t try. On the first throw, Chiya wins! The girls are so ecstatic that they almost break some items. Careful now… So happy that they go home with the bowl forgetting to change back to their own clothes. Saku almost chides Chiya and Koume for being lewd. Apparently Chiya’s long hair is stuck between Koume’s buttons. When she offers to cut, Chiya goes into feral mode. Nina says that long hair is a symbol of the soul and life and thus a good divination source. She thinks it is a good time for them to form a close bond. Easier said than done because the duo are clumsy in every way. But Nina continues to have them do errands together. When Koume asks her why she won’t cut her hair, Chiya doesn’t answer. This has Koume breaking her buttons and then lecture her about them being friends and she still wants to keep secrets. Chiya feels appreciated for being called her friend. Later she reveals when she was young, there was a snake on her hair. Setsu swiftly cut their dinner and some parts of her hair went with it. It became Chiya’s trauma ever since.

Episode 4
The girls take shelter from a bad storm. Because of the creepy place, they can’t help worry about bad omens. They remember Nina teaching them about spotting good and bad omens but lesson time was up and they are left hanging about the latter. They don’t know how to deal with it. Apparently Chiya is having fun and all. Nono is scared of the lightning so Kon tries some lame divination pose. The storm just got worse. They take notice of Chiya’s positivism and realize if they start looking for bad omens, then bad omens will pop up everywhere. So they brave the lightning and watch it. They never realize it was this beautiful like as though watching the fireworks. Nono is no longer afraid of them. Soon the storm stops and the girls go home under a bight sunny sky. Nina has thought the girls about moles on body parts as divination. Apparently she is not happy that all of them failed except Kon getting full marks. She cancels today’s class and has a study session for their remedial tests. When Nina asks Nono if she would like to help with her studies, little sister rejects her and would prefer studying with her friends! Shock! Little sister is no longer the shy baby you once knew. As the girls study, the rest decides to use Kon as a sample to check for moles. Well, she did agree that she would like to help out. So they strip her and examine her moles but Chiya gets distracted with her belly. Embarrassing indeed. They spot 2 moles on her back of her neck and they think she got bitten by a vampire?! Nono relates to Chiya how she is always hiding behind Nina’s back. She is glad to have met the girls that is why today she wants to rely on herself to study for the test. Then Chiya strips her to check for moles. If got no moles? Paint one! Is this legal? Seems this is a charm from Chiya in hopes Nono will become the kind person she wants. Koume cheekily wants to use this method to become beautiful. Yeah, need a mole on the butt then. Everybody tries to strip and do that for her. Saku had the bad luck to walk in and see this indecency. If that isn’t enough, Chiya paints a moustache while she is out.

Episode 5
Nina prepares the girls for the Wedding Kimono Festival celebration in which legend has it the gods come to this town to look for brides. Chiya doesn’t like the kimono very much because it is stifling. Blame her lose girl personality… In town, Chiya drinks the ritual wine and becomes drunk. This causes her pheromones to go wild and attracts wild animals. Because Nono and Koume also drink it, they become drunk too and also attracted to Chiya. Saku has a hunch the commotion is from them but looks like Chiya got the better of her as they end up in a suggestive pose, feeding her subordinates priceless fanservice. Chiya then rests at a forest’s shrine. Still a bit drunk, that is when she sees a weird dark monster before her. When she introduces herself, she hears a weird howl before collapsing. When she opens her eyes, she is back in Natsume-ya and her friends were worried she was hurt or something. When Chiya tries to explain that monster, Koume thinks she is referring to Saku in demon mode! Disciplining in progress. Everyone finds it odd that Chiya is apologizing without stripping. She feels unenergetic and that is when they realize she is sick. Her first cold. The friends help feed porridge and although Chiya loves this bonding, she soon realizes being sick is no fun when she is left all alone as the rest head for their class. Later Kon goes to the shrine and wait. She thinks that monster Chiya saw is one of the gods of Labyrinth Town. But surprisingly Nina arrives. They talk and Nina thinks Chiya can see gods. Kon feels depressed because she is always studying and being hung up on being the best. It makes her jealous that Chiya could see a god because she too wants to see one. Nina advises that all urara see each other as friends and rivals. Nobody knows what the future holds. What you see today, you might not see tomorrow. If she is in doubt, she hopes she could come to see her for help. She is her teacher after all.

Episode 6
The girls see Nina doing a divination to find a soul mate and she is squealing at all the good signs. Koume suggests they can help look for that soul mate and will use her pendulum divination which has a spirit of some klutz girl to show the way. You wonder if the pendulum knows where it is going because it is leading them all over the district. Saku spots them and tails them in disguise thinking they are going to cause trouble. When they accidentally bump into each other, Saku fears her identity will be exposed and tries to hide herself via low voice. Koume instantly takes a liking for this shady ‘guy’. Watching the girls can be a heart attack for Saku since they show no shame being indecent in public. Saku almost gets caught by her subordinates. They almost for her but keep reminding themselves their heart only belongs to Saku. Right under their noses… When Saku bumps into the girls again, Koume thinks this is fate. But Chiya jumps on Saku and recognizes a familiar smell. Everyone is shocked to see Saku. She dismisses their stalker theory and was just looking out for them as she worries if something terrible would befall on Nina’s students. The girls realize that this could be Nina’s soul mate and invite her to dinner with Nina. Nina teaches her students kokkuri and warns about the risks of using it. Later the girls try it and Koume did the unthinkable by removing her hand off the coin during the process. This got her possessed but Kon thinks she is just fooling around. Nono gets possessed before the fox spirit settles in Kon. Chiya can smell a different scent when she is being possessed. Although the fox spirit is cocky and threatens, nothing like a little pat from Chiya to subdue it. Is it a pushover or is Chiya’s power that great? The fox spirit loves Chiya’s patting and wants to her to be its bride. But Chiya wants Kon back. So how? Reading the book on the best way to cast a spirit away… Prostrate yourself and say sorry! The fox spirit finds it amusing and agrees to return Kon. After kissing Chiya’s forehead, Kon returns back to normal but has no recollection of what happened. When they return to Natsume-ya, Nina cannot remember why she had cooked a feast. Looks like somebody just got possessed…

Episode 7
Nina wants her students to memorize all incantations as it will be on the test. Plus, to be a top urara, this is the first major obstacle they have to pass. Of course it is tough hell trying to memorize them all since they are in old language. Nina reminds them the importance of incantations because it is showing your intention to borrow the gods’ power. Nono could do slightly better since her mom and sister used to sing such songs to make her feel better. That is why she did well in the test. Of course Kon too since she typically stayed up late to study. After Nono thanks Nina for the songs, she promises to work harder. Nina can only cry and find comfort in Saku’s arms knowing that her little sister is slowly growing up. Nina teaches about western witches and this has Koume explain her experience with one. Marie Quispiroucouette was a witch from France living in her manor. Her goal is to study magic from all over the world to become the greatest witch. As she is quite the prankster herself, many times Koume fell for her tricks since she was young and gullible. Koume became close to Marie and because nobody believed Marie as a real witch, Koume thought if she could show everyone, maybe then they’ll believe her. That involves trying to fly with her broomstick. Of course she fell like a rock but Marie’s magic saved her. Marie didn’t mind people not believing her so she has Koume promise to keep a secret that she could only show her powers to people she really trusts. One day there are rumours of an epidemic spreading because of witches. Although Koume’s family are not bothered, they have to let Marie go in her best interest. Sad Koume wanted to follow her and learn magic to protect her. So Marie gave her the task of becoming the greatest witch in this country. Do that and she’ll make Koume her apprentice. Then she just left. It took years for Koume to realize it was her way to keep her from being a witch since being a top urara is hard. She doesn’t plan to give up, though. Koume is disheartened her secret of being a top urara is revealed but the rest aren’t surprised. It’s their goal too. Koume must be feeling good that she wants to test fly her broomstick with all her friends riding along! Have faith! Didn’t work. Flopped. Try again?

Episode 8
Nina takes her student to a spring where it is said invisible gods gather along the banks. Of course this is part of their training to purify their body and offer prayers. But we have bloopers like Chiya prefer to go commando, Nono getting her butt stuck in the float, Chiya afraid of crabs (because ‘scissors’) and pervy crabs snipping their swimsuits. Kon and Chiya try out underwater divination. After submerging for a while, Kon opens her eyes and shockingly sees various strange gods. Because they do not like her prying, they ‘curse’ her. Next thing we know, Kon is on ground and Nina trying to save her from a leg cramp. Because of that, Kon cannot stop thinking of it and she has nightmares that the gods will punish her peeping by taking away what she holds dear. Kon talks to Chiya about this and believes she has committed that taboo of divining about the gods. She now fears she will lose her place to become an urara with them. To cheer her up, Kon starts licking her?! It could have been some lesbian passion if not for the sad overtone. Chiya reminds her about their promise and vows not to let anyone take it from her (not even gods?) so don’t give up yet. The only way to test if she has lost her powers is to do her divination. Kon sets up her kokkuri and thankfully it still works. She is even assured she has not committed a taboo and can still be an urara. All that happiness is spoiled when Koume quips maybe those aren’t gods she saw but ghosts… Kon might still ponder what she saw but Chiya says it’s like they’re carrying an unopened treasure box and the excitement is that they may not find it out now but tomorrow. The friends bond by eating snacks and howling at the moon?! Huh?

Episode 9
Chiya is lost. A masked urara offers to help divine her way home but at a hefty price. If she cannot pay, maybe her eyes or hair will do! Thankfully this kimono clad urara, Tokie starts chiding all the commandments that she is breaking and scares her off. Tokie offers to bring Chiya home free but first, Chiya must dress well! Despite Chiya doesn’t like the kimono, others find her cute and offer her free food! Not bad, right? Tokie also offers free divination and is spot on about her friends at Natsume-ya. Tokie learns she is here to find her mom but has no clue. Chiya is hoping her to be her mom and might have forgotten how her child looks like. No way. Just no way. Tokie notes that she saw some ominous monster and wonders who this girl is. Once back a Natsume-ya, her friends are relieved she is okay. But Kon is surprised. What is Tokie her mom doing here?! It seems Tokie has a reason to come to Natsume-ya. She is here to warn them of a great calamity. During her daily divination she saw the calamity befall on one of them. It hints to Nono. Therefore to beat this calamity, all must work together to stave it off. Nina is so shocked that she fainted and left the responsibility in the hands of her students. So much about big sister. The quartet think of the kind of calamity that would befall as well as the ways to ward it off. They try to use their divination but Koume pulls out a death tarot card while Kon’s kokkuri points to 4. Sounds like death! Oh dear. Then they put all sorts of weird talisman over her. Don’t think this is working. Chiya remembers some barberry bush that has power against calamity as said by Setsu. They go look for it but as their efforts become futile, Nono becomes disheartened. She runs away to spare her friends of her calamity. When the dreaded hour passes and nothing happens, Tokie pops up and passes them. It seems this is a qualification exam to progress up a rank. The prophecy is fake and to see how they would handle it. Their divination may have not yielded results but they are judged on other aspects like their friendship bond which proved steadfast and strong. But they shouldn’t be celebrating yet as they will soon be facing the main exam where they will be pit against other similar ranked urara from other houses. The girls are motivated the grownups are confident they will become better urara.

Episode 10
The first promotional exam is here. Nina thought she could help calm their nerves but she remembers her own scary exam and gets nervous instead. Tokie explains about the exam format. Thankfully all houses will take this exam as a team so this means our Natsume-ya girls are relieved they don’t have to turn rivals on each other. Their mission is to get a green arrow hidden somewhere within the maze-like belly of a cursed serpent. Some of their teachers will act as demons so if they are caught, it is game over. Should they get lost and decide to forfeit, blow this whistle. Though, it is another different story if they too get lost. Chiya feels left out as her friends have divination tools. But you know the power of friendship and their bond. Yeah, all they need is each other. As the exam starts, there are traps all over the place. As though this is some twisted fun house. Could it be that Tokie is a sadist and loves watching the students being tormented? Not sure if this is even some sort of joke because there is a section where the girls have to pull a rope to see which is the real one and all of them aren’t. The catch is, all the basins fall on Kon’s head! So our Natsume-ya girls use their usual tricks like the pendulum and Kon getting possessed by kokkuri to find the way. They are even ambushed by Nina and other teachers but Nono’s singing made them go to sleep. So finally they reach a hidden room where the green arrow is. Rejoice! Tears and thanks flow. As they leave for the exit, Chiya thought she heard someone calling her name. Then creepy eyes pop out from the walls and creepy hands silencing her and dragging her into the ground! Yikes! The voice claims her as the loathsome daughter of heresy. By the time her friends look back, Chiya is nowhere to be found.

Episode 11
The friends know something is wrong when Chiya is not around. They need to find her. She is after all the one holding the arrow. So as they go find her, they get lost in the maze again and barely (and comically) avoid all the traps. Meanwhile Chiya continues to be harassed by the shadows. They keep calling her the daughter of the traitor and based on this, Chiya thinks her mom name is Yami. As she is being strangled, that dark monster saves her. It seems Chiya called out its name, Kurou based on the divination from Kon’s kokkuri board. When Kurou swallows Chiya, it is to protect her from the attacking shadows. Kurou combines with Chiya’s red eyes to chase away those shadows with their ‘death stare’. When Kurou swallowed Chiya, she saw visions through somebody familiar. Is that someone her mother? However no time for that because Tokie reminds them they have only 30 minutes left. You thought she is giving hope to remaining students to go on but actually she wants to see them struggle more! Chiya pleads to Kurou to find her friends first. With that, they barge through the wall right to where they are (Koume’s stomach stuck in some hole?). At first they freak out upon seeing Kurou but Chiya introduces this docile creature to them so everything is alright. Because right now the scariest thing is failing the exam! Chiya pleads to Kon to use her divination to point the right direction of the exit. As the clock is ticking down, they finally arrive at the door (Kurou quietly disappears). With 30 seconds left and they are still arguing who should open the door???!!! FASTER LAH!!! It should have been a no brainer because all of them should turn the key together. And they pass their exam! With 5 seconds to boot! Phew! Congratulations! Natsume-ya is only 1 of 3 teams to pass. In the aftermath, Chiya couldn’t find Kurou and thinks it has gone back. Kon has so many questions she wants to ask about Kurou but they’re feeling so blissful now. Enjoy the moment…

Episode 12
A reward for our girls for passing the exam is a hotspring! Yeah, a reward for us too for sticking with them. While the girls change, they are fascinated with Koume’s corset as they have never seen one before. Then the girls trade wearing each other’s clothes. Kon is embarrassed with the very exposed Chiya’s clothes while Chiya is very suffocated in Nono’s clothes covering every bit of her skin. Koume looks ordinary in Kon’s clothes but Nono might look like a real witch in Koume’s garb. Now that the girls are ready to soak in, Kon can’t help her mom’s ‘warning’ when she tells her to quickly get promoted to her rank. Does Tokie think of her daughter as a rival too? Nina gets drunk but this is just the tip of the iceberg of her drunken behaviour. It will get worse… But since we won’t let that happen, I guess she just dances around and everyone having fun till the heat gets to them. As the quartet go to change back, they realize their clothes and divination tools are missing. They follow the trail of Nono’s doll’s hair before following a trail of ants that leads to some waterfall. Chiya dives in to get a treasure box in which all their stuffs are in there. Later they discover it was Nina who did this. She wanted to bless their tools with the waterfall’s blessings to protect them in her place but forgot to tell them after she got drunk. Wait. What do you mean in her place? As they have been promoted, they will go to a different school. Nina is sad they will part. Yeah, but the friends are excited and looking forward to it… Of course they’re sad too. So to solve this ‘empty nest’ syndrome, Ooshima and Shiozawa would love to make Saku and Nina their dad and mom respectively. What?! Maybe Nina believes she wants to go back to school again? Chiya tells her friends about her experience with Kurou and the certain things she found out about her mom. She tried to summon Kurou again but it didn’t work. She has lots of questions to ask but for now she needs to move forward and is sure she will meet her mom someday. Koume tries to do a prophecy using Nono’s forehead (?!) as she prophesize they will have more fun times in the future. I think we can all believe in that. Chiya can’t wait to head into the next area and rushes off on her own while her friends try to keep up.

Gochuumon Wa Urara Desu Ka?
Do we have to wait for another season to see what kind of fun and obstacles they will face? I believe it will be more or less the same thing. I mean with the trope of cute girls doing cute things as the main factor, how far or tough will their tests stray? How far will their friendship be tested? Who knows? Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. But that’s just trying to predict too far into the future with lots of assumptions when the sequel isn’t even a sure thing yet. But as far as this season is concerned, personally, it isn’t anything exciting.

Before you slam me for calling this a yawn fest, I want to make it clear that despite there isn’t anything new or fascinating for me in this series, this show isn’t all that bad. It has its cute charms and perhaps that might be the saving grace. Throughout the years I have seen so many cute girls doing cute things so it has begun to show as more of such series pops up. But since I did pick it up, it shows I haven’t got the cute fatigue set in yet, right? :-).

The characters have their own charm. If you are expecting deeper development and understanding than what is shown, you better pray for another season. We sufficiently get to know the main quartet and their quest to become the best urara so basically many of the adventures and training see them doing whatever is necessary to bring out the cuteness and charm in doing so. It might look like they’re having fun and all but I guess that is the important part if you are bonding in a friendship that will last through ages.

Each of the main quartet also has their own problems and issues to deal with. Like Nono trying to overcome her shyness (it’s hard to tell if she is really a ventriloquist…), studious Kon trying to be her own urara stepping out from her mom’s shadows and Koume aiming to become a witch and see again the person whom she looks up to. So the big mystery falls on Chiya who is supposedly out to find her mom whom she has no clue whatsoever about her. It’s like trying to deliver mail without any written address on it. And her happy-go-lucky behaviour doesn’t help make it any better. Oh well, she’ll eventually find mom anyway. Yeah, that’s being positive so to speak. To make her ‘unique’, they turn her belly exposing apology into some sort of a running joke. Almost turning into an exhibitionist and alerting our fanservice censors. Because everything is done in a cute fashion, nobody gets offended. At least not by any sane casual viewers.

For the rest of the other side characters, Nina looks like a kind and caring teacher but she too is prone to nervousness and panic attacks. So don’t stress her out too much or remind her of her own examination past. Then there is Saku who is trying to keep the girls in line and order in her section of town and sometimes can come across as annoying. However not as annoying as her lackeys because whatever she does or say, they will start fawning over how amazing and cool their superior is and hence they will follow her to the ends of the world, blah, blah, blah. I know loyalty is good but this just feels like fan girls lapping up too much to their senpai. Tokie is perhaps the most fun character seeing she has a dual personality and can shift from being a nice person into a sadist. Is it thanks to her because not many urara wannabes passed the test or is it thanks to her there are better qualified urara practitioners in higher ranks?

One thing that scares me off a little is some of the eerie spirits, the one trying to kidnap Chiya. Heck, when Kurou suddenly first appeared, I was even freaked out and spooked by its ‘scariness’. I really let my guard down. I was really thinking that despite dealing with the supernatural and divination theme, I didn’t really think they would put something this ‘scary looking’. Oddly, I didn’t think Nono’s doll was scary. And when those creepy shadows accompanied with equally creepy voice abduct Chiya, I feared it would turn into a horror show. Thankfully it didn’t last long. As for who this Kurou creature is, my big bet is that it is Chiya’s mom. Or her familiar. Lots of hints pointing towards in this direction. So why Chiya’s mom is missing and what she is doing is still a piece of a bigger puzzle for another day.

Art and drawing is of course leaning towards the cute and kawaii factor. Despite the divination theme and the setting in a world with gods and the unexplained, it doesn’t really scare you. Except for those creepy evil eyes and hands trying to kidnap Chiya. Veteran horror fans may not find it scary enough but to me it threw me off my balance since I really didn’t expect it. This series is animated by veteran studio, J.C. Staff who has experience in animating similar animes with a group of cute girls like Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel, Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu and the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes series to name a few.

Mamiko Noto is delightful as Tokie. Sounds like she is having fun in her role with both her cheery and sadistic form. All in a cute way. Rekindles the reason why I love her as the best seiyuu ever. Oh wait. It has always been that way ever since. I thought Ayana Taketatsu was behind Chiya’s voice but it turns out to be Sayaka Harada (Ai-chan in Getsuyoubi no Tawawa). The rest of the other casts are Kaede Hondo as Kon (Hikari in Demi-chan Wa Kataritai), Yurika Kubo as Koume (Meifon in Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid), Haruka Yoshimura as Nono (Ema in Shirobako), Ai Kayano as Nina (Inori in Guilty Crown), Ayaka Suwa as Saku (Echizen in Tanaka-kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge), Sayuri Yahagi as Marie (Haruna in To Love-Ru series) and Yuko Kaida as Setsu (Ryoumou in Ikkitousen series).

The opening theme is Yumeji Labyrinth by the quartet apprentice of Natsume-ya. I find this song weird. Despite it tries to be cute (including its animation of the girls doing cute things and stuffs), I personally feel it is trying too hard so instead of coming off as sounding cute, it became weird instead. Especially the gibberish at the end of the song (maybe I couldn’t catch what they’re saying). I think this part was supposed to be cute but I can’t help notice my hair was standing on ends hearing this part. At least the ending theme, Go To Romance by Luce Twinkle Wink feels more tolerable. Not as weird, a little cute. Just right.

I don’t really think this series is supposed to get you really interested in the realm of the unexplained and divination. If so, feel free to explore more on your own. Otherwise, it is just a ‘tool’ and setting for some light-hearted, funny and heart-warming cute girls doing cute things trope. There are unseen things and things that are unheard of that are best left unknown. Therefore any unanswered questions or requests for another season, please refrain from prying too much for details. So if you anger the producers gods, be sure to expose your belly as a sign of sincere apology. Or in today’s world, just show your tits! Instant divine retribution!

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