Zero Vs Zero

October 14, 2011

Yes, yes, yes. I probably had too much free time in between my anime session break to even come up with this kind of versus. As you have seen the title of this blog, I’m sure many anime fans will know which kind of Zero will be featured here, right? Okay, at least to me these characters that share the similar name are the most popular characters with the name Zero. Heck, how many characters are there with the name of Zero? More than zero, at least. Haha. Oops, sorry. A little joke there.

So on one corner we have this Zero guy from Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion whose real identity is Lelouch Lamperouge or rather Lelouch vi Britannia and in the other corner with have Zero Kiryuu from Vampire Knight. Both hot looking 17 year old guys each with their own dark and complicated past that would certainly make lots of fan girls swoon and drool over them. Unless you’re a fujoshi, that is. So in this little versus blog of mine, here are the comparisons of similarities and differences between these Zero guys:

His other hidden identity
Lelouch: The masked and caped defender of justice named Zero.
Kiryuu: A vampire.

Who knows of this hidden identity
Lelouch: He keeps his Zero alter ego a very heavily guarded secret. But later on, some his comrades find out about it.
Kiryuu: Initially Kaien and Kaname. Subsequently Yuuki.

Lelouch: A very strong believer in his philosophies and stands firm by them. Also the commanding type and with good leadership skills, he is able to manipulate and gain the trusts of others.
Kiryuu: Cold, distant, moody, impulsive and seemingly unfriendly.
But ultimately deep down within their hearts, we know that they are also kind, caring and gentle souls, right? Right.

Hair colour
Lelouch: Black.
Kiryuu: Silver.

Eye colour
Lelouch: Violet (original eye) and bright violet (when Geass eye is activated).
Kiryuu: Light lavender.

Blood type
Lelouch: Type A.
Kiryuu: Type A.

Lelouch: 178cm.
Kiryuu: 181cm.

Lelouch: 5th December.
Kiryuu: 24th October.

Lelouch: Black Knights.
Kiryuu: Cross Academy Guardians.

Offensive ability
Lelouch: His Geass grants him absolute obedience of his victims and they are to obey his command to their best. Also, his intelligence as a brilliant tactician and strategist.
Kiryuu: An anti-vampire gun named Bloody Rose.

Lelouch: Lacking in physical and athletic abilities.
Kiryuu: The temptation to drink blood especially Yuuki’s.

Lelouch: “Checkmate”.
Kiryuu: “What do you want, vampires?”.

The mark
Lelouch: A glowing ‘V’ symbol in his left eye activates when he uses his Geass. He got it when he received his Geass from C.C.
Kiryuu: The mark lines over his neck serve to contain his madness and falling into a Level E vampire. He got it when he was bitten by a pure blood vampire, Shizuka Hiou.

Adopted family
Lelouch: The Lamperouge family in Area 11 kindly sheltered him under their care.
Kiryuu: Kaien Cross acts as his foster father.

Lelouch: Younger sister named Nunally who is blinded and wheel chair-ridden due to an assassination attempt that left her traumatized. Well, if you want to count the other brothers and sisters from the Holy Empire of Britannia like Odysseus, Schneizel, Clovis, Euphemia and Cornelia, it’s going to be one heck of a big family.
Kiryuu: A twin brother named Ichiru whom he believed was dead but still alive.

Lelouch: Ashford Academy.
Kiryuu: Cross Academy.

Childhood friend
Lelouch: Suzaku Kururugi.
Kiryuu: Yuuki Cross.

Family background
Lelouch: The 11th son of the Emperor of Britannia, Charles zi Britannia and the 17th in line to succeed the throne.
Kiryuu: Comes from a descendent of famous vampire hunters.

Family circumstances
Lelouch: His mother Marianne was brutally murdered in an assassination attempt in which his sister was also badly crippled.
Kiryuu: His parents are killed by a pure blood vampire.

Personal life mission
Lelouch: Seek revenge against his father pertaining answers to his mother’s death and to create a better world for Nunally to live in.
Kiryuu: To protect Yuuki.

Lelouch: Suzaku.
Kiryuu: Kaname Kuran.

Love interest
That person he probably likes.
Lelouch: Not that I can think of. And if it had to be one, I have to say she has to be Nunally.
Kiryuu: Yuuki.

Love interest 2
The girl who likes him but doesn’t get her love returned.
Lelouch: Shirley Fenette.
Kiryuu: I don’t remember her name (probably even nameless) but this bespectacled girl fell for him because he saved her from the ‘stampede’ of other crazy fan girls trying to give their Valentine’s Day chocolates to the Night Class hunks.

Usually seen by his side most of the time.
Lelouch: C.C.
Kiryuu: Yuuki.

Targeted antagonist
Lelouch: At first Charles, then subsequently Schneizel.
Kiryuu: At first Shizuka, then subsequently Rido Kuran.

Subsequent power up
Lelouch: Well actually, more like his Geass power went out of control as he cannot “turn off” his Geass anymore.
Kiryuu: After sucking the blood of several pure blood vampires and finally his twin brother, his Bloody Rose powers up is on the same level that can defeat pure blood vampires.

In the end
Lelouch: In order for his Zero Requiem plan to work, he becomes a tyrant to make the entire world hate him and then gets stabbed in front of the large crowd by his accomplice Suzaku disguised as Zero. His death allows people to create a new and better world while piling their past hatred on him.
Kiryuu: Though he plans to hunt down and kill all pure bloods (including Yuuki), he couldn’t so Yuuki leaves the academy with Kaname to forever run from him. Thus giving him a reason to carry on living.

Lelouch: Jun Fukuyama.
Kiryuu: Mamoru Miyano.

From my point of view, I feel that Lelouch is the better Zero seeing that the anime itself is epic. There are so many characters and other plots to keep you on your toes and you will never cease to be amaze with his genius and strategies. While Kiryuu‘s anime series is only half as long as compared to the former, Kiryuu isn’t really the main focus as contrast to Lelouch because Kiryuu has to share the drama with Yuuki and Kaname whereas Lelouch has a very big chunk of just about everything focused on him. So you can say he has more development there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I have zero tolerance (mind the pun) for the latter. But based from my observation over the internet, I find that there are more fans for Kiryuu as compared to Lelouch. Maybe all those hot and sexy picture poses helped, eh? Probably it beats a certain hand over an eye or that mighty confident pose. So next time if you think number one is the best number, try thinking a number that may have no value on the surface but deep down it has lots of substance. Especially if they are being named after a character.


Vampire Knight

September 17, 2011

After all that hype regarding that teenage vampire series called Twilight, I decided to give a try for Vampire Knight. I may have not seen any of the Twilight movies but from some of the comments that I have read, some anime fans felt that Twilight was somewhat a little ripped off from Vampire Knight. That’s why I have to watch this anime series to check it out myself. Hey wait a minute. How the heck can I do comparison when I didn’t even watch the Hollywood movie?

Well let’s see what both shows have in common (from my perspective of course). They have quite a number of handsome hunks. Even more handsome are the main trio protagonists. The 2 main bishonen guys aren’t only just good looking but have their own dark brooding past as well. The main female protagonist has feelings for both of them and is somewhat caught between it all. And yes, did I mention about the vampires? Yeah, those blood sucking creatures of the night that fear the light, garlic and stakes. Okay, just made up that part from the light bit. Unlike conventional vampires, if they don’t show their fangs, deep crimson eyes and super healing ability, nobody would know that they’re vampires as they blend well within the human society. And yes, unlike in Twilight, there are no werewolves here. Yup. You read that right. No werewolves. Only vampires. At least this saves a controversial area of conflict.

Bella Swan’s counterpart in Vampire Knight is Yuuki Cross, the adopted daughter of the headmaster of the Cross Academy, Kaien Cross. She has no memories prior to her first 5 years in life and all that she remembers is that vampire Kaname Kuran (the so called Edward Cullen’s counterpart) saved her from a vicious vampire attack that probably killed her family too. Yeah, probably that’s where the love began. She likes him and he protects her. So it goes to show that not all vampires are bad. Coming into this equation of ‘love triangle’ is Zero Kiryuu. I suppose I’m not going to say he is Jacob Black’s counterpart because Zero is human (and from a line of a well-known vampire hunter) and he doesn’t have the biceps to show for. He too just like Yuuki has a tragic encounter with bad vampires in the past. His family killed and he is the only survivor and was subsequently taken under Kaien’s care. You could say this is his adopted son as well.

One major point in Cross Academy is the division of so called Day Class and Night Class. Like their names suggest, normal human students dress in black and attend normal classes in the day while their vampire counterparts don the white uniform and head to class when the sun sets. Yuuki and Zero are the only prefects in this school called Guardians tasked with ‘protecting’ the Day Class students from the Night Class. Actually, it isn’t so much about protecting those innocent humans from vampire fangs because those vampires under the Night Class are well behaved and mannered lot. Kaname is quite a respected leader and also a pure blood vampire so nobody dares go against his orders. Doing so is like making a death wish. So what are these Guardians really are supposed to protect Day Class from? Screaming fan girls who can’t wait to greet the hot handsome Night Class gang each time they depart from their gate to the academy. Oh, if they only knew they were vampires. Maybe that will make them even go wilder. It makes you think if the duo are enough to handle those annoying fan girls (sometimes you just want to strangle them). Well, only Yuuki and Zero know that the Night Class students are vampires and this is a well-kept secret. Holding them back might be a tough job. Yuuki may have a hard time holding back those irritating fan girls but Zero’s cold and menacing look is enough to put off them off. He’s no fun. But he’s effective. I guess that’s why there’s no need for anymore Guardians. It also makes me wonder Kaien’s rational of splitting both classes. I mean, his ideal is to create a world whereby both humans and vampires can coexist in peace (which is supported by Kaname as well) but keeping it a secret from the human’s side? Maybe it’s not time for them to handle the truth yet.

Episode 1
So we are introduced to all the characters (including Night Class students that are part of Kaname’s entourage such as his personal bodyguard Seiren, Hanabusa Aidou, Akatsuki Kain, Takuma Ichijou, Ruka Souen, and the expressionless pair of Senri Shiki and Rima Touya) , the setting, the potential drama and build-up for the series. During a night with their usual rounding, Yuuki spots Hanabusa and Akatsuki threatening to feed on a pair of Day Class girls who secretly sneaked in just to take pictures of their favourite hot guys (they smelt blood when one of them was injured). They were going for Yuuki (who also bruised her hand) when Zero steps in to fire a warning shot from his gun, Bloody Rose. I suppose any smart vampire will learn how to back off because it’s a gun which can hurt them deeply and probably a fatal one. Kaname appears on the scene, reprimands his underlings and has Seiren erase the Day Class girls’ memories. Hey, it’s that easy right to erase people’s memories? So why the need to hide the fact that they’re vampires in the first place?

Episode 2
More woes for our Guardian duo because they are tasked to organize the exchange of gifts between Day Class and Night Class for Valentine’s Day. You know what this means. Lines and rows of infatuating fan girls waiting to give their chocolates to their admired ones. Heck, there’s even special ‘lanes’ set up for them to do so. Yuuki wanted to give hers to Kaname but was too busy preventing those irritating fan girls from stepping out of line and missed her chance. However Zero picked up her dropped present and hand it to Kaname. Yuuki isn’t too happy about this since she thought it would be hard for Kaname to get chocolates from her. I supposed even if Zero has no girlfriend, he has got lots of enemies. Okay, maybe just the Night Class of Hanabusa and the rest. They confront him for that confrontation the other day. Sure, they’re going to duke it out but with Yuuki stepping in between, the vampires back out since they know too well that they’ll incur the wrath of Kaname if they ever fight. Then something odd is happening on Zero. It’s like he has this fit and urge whenever he sees Yuuki’s neck. Oh dear. Please don’t tell me… It’s like he’s trying to control himself hard and his breathing is rather heavy and uncomfortable. Yuuki gives Zero her chocolates but he has that urge again and leaves. Hey what do you know? Vampires have the convenient little blood tablets to put in their drinks instead of sucking humans’ neck. But does it taste as good as humans?

Episode 3
Another assignment for our Guardians to do a spot check on prohibited items in the dorms of both Day Class and Night Class students. Yuuki spots blood tablets in Zero’s pocket but she didn’t any further than that. Because of that, Zero runs away to the nearby town as Yuuki goes in search for him. She encounters a little boy and helps him get his stuck balloon. But he rushes off as she tries to find and return his balloon. When she does at a bell tower, it’s a trap because the kid turns out to be a vampire as it bites Yuuki’s hand! I guess her scream was loud enough to attract Zero, who was in turn attacked by a female vampire. Thankfully he could fight for himself fires his Bloody Rose and kills her outright. Yuuki could’ve been done for if Kaname didn’t appear in time. For hurting his beloved Yuuki, that kid is going to hell. It must be something horrible enough for him to shield Yuuki’s eyes while he vaporizes the vampire kid. Kaname explains these type of vampires are called Level E. Humans that have turned into vampires and their thirst for blood has them spiralling out of control, thus making them very dangerous. We also learn that the vampire that killed Zero’s family is of a pure blood and when a person is bitten by a pure blood, either he/she dies or slowly undergoes a painful transformation into a vampire himself/herself (probably the reason why Yuuki didn’t turn into a vampire after being bitten). Which brings us to this case. Yuuki spots Zero at the school’s stairways. He doesn’t want her to come near but she wants to talk to him. So I guess her smell of blood is too good to refuse so Zero sinks his fangs into Yuuki’s neck! Oh sh*t! He’s a vampire! Now I understand why Kaname told him he did his best to suppress his vampire instincts for 4 years. Wait. Four freaking years?!

Episode 4
Either Yuuki faints because she can’t believe Zero is a vampire or he just sucked too much blood from her, leaving her anaemic. In the infirmary, Kaien puts the bandages on Yuuki’s neck while Kaname goes to calm down his Night Class fellows (the smell blood is too hard to ignore). Yuuki learns that since Zero isn’t a pure blood vampire, she can’t be turned into one although she is bitten. She now understands why Zero hates vampires very much since the pure blood vampire, Shizuka Hiou was the one responsible for killing Zero’s family and turning him into a vampire. She overhears that Zero is to be transferred to the Night Class for his safety as she heads over to Night Class’ dorm to talk to Kaname about her objections. But she meets Hanabusa and he’s really intimidating her especially about her bite marks which he knows isn’t Kaname’s. He backs down when Kaname slaps him for his rudeness. Kaname suggests she leave and never return here. Plus, since Zero has ‘taken’ something from her, he should be some sort of use. In the end, even if it’s Yuuki, he can’t simply turn down her request to stop Zero’s transfer. After all, humans like him will eventually become Level E. Yuuki isn’t convinced with this and goes to see Zero in his room. He is trying to end it all by pointing a gun to his own head, fearing he would turn into an uncontrollable beast the next time. Yuuki stops him so he packs his bags and leave. She goes after him and hugs his back, asserting that she has known him for a long time and is his comrade. Meanwhile Kaien meets the head of the Hunter Association as the latter mentions of putting someone in the academy to watch Zero. If he is deemed dangerous, that person will not hesitate to finish him off.

Episode 5
That person is Touga Yagari and he is the new ethics teacher for both Day Class and Night Class. Zero seems to know who this bugger is and leaves in the middle of class with Yuuki following. The duo go about in town doing errands for Kaien when Zero goes missing. Again Yuuki goes to find him but is being attacked by another Level E vampire. She tries to defend herself with her pole weapon, Artemis but could barely finish the job. Zero pops up in time but he too can’t kill the vampire off. The honours go to Shiki and Ichijou who were passing by as they’re tasked to hunt Level E vampires. Ichijou tells them to come to their dorm tonight if they want answers. Turns out to be Ichijou’s birthday bash. Kaname calls Yuuki and Zero closer and explains about the never-ending war between humans and vampires. During the time when the battle between vampires and vampire hunters were at its greatest, human vampires were created by vampires by dragging humans into the fray, making them soldiers for the war. Since vampire nobles have control over them, they have to kill them sometimes if they step out of line (the vampire hierarchy is strict with pure bloods on top followed by nobles and then ordinary vampires. At the bottom of the pack is of course Level E). Kaname has Yuuki sit next to him as this would be the safest place for her. Zero mentions about a vampire hunter’s job to kill vampires but Kaname answers that he couldn’t finish the kill thinking he pitied the Level E. Angry Zero pulls out his gun at his head, causing the rest to be alerted. When Kaname calms everyone down, Zero leaves and Yuuki tags along. At the pool, Zero can’t control his urge and is about to bite Yuuki’s neck again but she flings them into the pool, subsiding his urge. But Zero experiences another kind of pain when Yagari fires a shot into his shoulders. Zero recognizes his teacher.

Episode 6
Flashback reveals that Yagari lost his eye when he saved Zero from a Level E vampire but didn’t regret it (apparently Zero prevented him from killing this vampire who is his nurse because he still believed she’s a good person but she took this opportunity to attack instead). Yagari prepares to kill Zero but Yuuki protects him. Kaien comes by to take care of things. Next day, Zero is absent from class as Yuuki finds out he is being isolated. After being told by Yagari where Zero is being held, she goes to see him and in the bathroom, she allows him to suck her blood. He couldn’t hold back anymore and sinks his fangs into her neck till he is full. She wants to help him suppress the beast inside of him. Yuuki tries to hide her bitten neck but even so she can’t hide it from sharp Kaname. Later Kaname passes by Yagari as the latter wonders why he didn’t finish off Zero. After Kaname gives a warning shot, his answer is that so he doesn’t lose Yuuki. Next day, Yuuki senses something amiss when Zero and Yagari didn’t come to class. She rushes to Zero’s room and to her horror sees Yagari pointing his gun at Zero. However Zero pushes away the gun. Yagari remembers Zero’s promise of not making him regret losing his right eye. Seeing him in this pitiful state wants to make him kill Zero but he wants him to struggle on and not run away. As Yagari leaves, he tells Zero that ‘that woman’ is still alive. Zero promises to teary Yuuki that he won’t run away anymore so she vows not to regret it.

Episode 7
Yuuki has flashbacks from the time she was taken in by Kaien after a near-vampire attack and meeting Kaname. Though she was first afraid of knowing he is a vampire, gradually, they grew close to each other. Then when Kaien brought Zero back, she saw him clawing his bitten neck till it was bloodied. She assured him that it will be alright because she’ll always be with him. So when Kaname and Zero first met then, Zero tried to kill him with a kitchen knife (seriously, can that even hurt a vampire?). Obviously Kaname doesn’t plan to be killed by him and this causes Zero to lock himself up in his room. Yuuki tried to comfort him but he brushes her off. Soon after, Kaien establishes the Day Class and Night Class, much to Zero’s dismay. Though Kaien assured that the other vampires would behave with Kaname around, Zero believed if Kaname betrays them, everything would be over. One day, Yuuki tried to see Kaname but got tired of waiting and fell asleep on the stairways. Kaname (nearly had the thought of biting her neck but backed off) puts her to bed. When she wakes up, she peeks through the door to shockingly see Kaname sucking on Ruka’s neck. In present time, Kaname talks to Zero about the uneasy peace in school and believes Zero won’t betray Yuuki, thus the reason why he lets him live.

Episode 8
Ichijou’s grandfather who is also part of the Vampire Council, Asato Ichijou AKA Ichiou plans to visit the dorm. The vampire students await his arrival. Ichiou talks to Kaname and when he attempts to drink Kaname’s blood, Hanabusa and Ruka pull them away. Kaname reprimands Hanabusa for being rude so Ichiou kneels before Kaname to show his reverence as he feels assured that his grandson is under his care in this academy. As Ichiou leaves, he tells Ichijou to continue keeping watch over Kaname, the reason he lets him enrol in this academy. However Ichijou asserts he will not betray his friends. Later Kaien tells Zero and Yuuki that he has received orders from the Hunter’s Association that Zero is to hunt down Level E vampires and he has no right to turn it down. Their hunt has them fighting a Level E who is targeting women. But it seems Shiki and Rima too are chasing after the same Level E as they have received orders from the Vampire Council to hunt down Level E. The vampire has Yuuki in his grasps but Zero saves her and kills him. Before he dies, he mentions that he is glad that he doesn’t have to kill anymore. The whole event is being witnessed through the eyes of a raven to a little girl who finds the turn of events interesting and will be enrolling herself at Cross Academy.

Episode 9
I guess it must be tiring affair day in, day out. Yuuki once again is having a hard time keeping out those annoying fan girls because of the upcoming ball event that both the Day Class and Night Class will attend. That night, Kaien introduces Yuuki to a new transfer student to the Night Class, she is Maria Kurenai. Maria fears of being ostracized due to her weak body but Yuuki vows to protect her. But during Night Class, seems like she’s a different story. She’s rather bold with Kaname but excuses herself after sensing the rest giving her hostile stares. As Yuuki talks to Zero, that guy suddenly points his gun at Maria when she appears. Yuuki protects her and upon learning Maria isn’t that woman, he puts away his gun. Maria gets Kaname’s permission to move into an empty dorm away from everyone else as Hanabusa talks to Akatsuki about Shizuka, a pure blood who disappeared after going mad. Next day as Yuuki worries about her exam problems, she spots Ichijou chasing after Maria right through the academy in broad daylight. Imagine all the fan girls. They think this must be some sort of dreaming for their hunks to be running around at this time here. Yuuki wanted to go after her but is stopped by Zero who warns not to get too close to her. Then Hanabusa did the most ‘vile’ thing as he hugs Yuuki to stir up all the hatred and jealousy towards Yuuki. Woah. They’re burning with anger! They give the poor Guardian a good chase for answers. I have one: You’re losers! Yuuki manages to give them the slip and bumps into Ichijou as they talk about pure blood’s ability to get other vampires to totally obey them. Hanabusa’s public hugging was to get Yuuki out of the way so he could talk to Zero. He wants to know if Maria and Shizuka are related as Hanabusa replies that they are distant relatives. However Zero is suspicious that Shizuka may have changed her appearance since she was last heard of 4 years ago. Hanabusa says that Zero should know since she has blood bonds with her. Back in the dorm, Kaname entrusts Ichijou to look after Maria even if she’s going to be hard to handle. Kaname mentions about the pawns of a certain woman wants has gathered in this academy but it is part of Kaname’s plan. Meanwhile Maria is going to take a bite over her manservant’s neck but backs off as though she’s just teasing him.

Episode 10
Yuuki has a hard time focusing on her studies so Kaien suggests Zero to coach her. She notices the spot on his neck whereby he was bitten before. Zero later goes to confront Maria at her dorm (worried Yuuki following behind as usual). He points Bloody Rose at her but can’t kill her as Maria explains he can’t kill the person who made him a vampire, thus his master. Zero realizes that Maria is Shizuka though the body she is using isn’t hers. Maria takes her sword and slashes Zero unconscious but doesn’t kill him. Kaname grabs Yuuki from the back and erases her memories. She wakes up the next day not remembering what happened the night before. Kaname asks her about the ball but Yuuki says she has security duties. Later when Yuuki picks up the stray cat, Maria appears before her and mentions the cruelty of forgetting the person who thinks so much about her. The cat scratches her cheeks and the blood causes her to remember those events. So her memories weren’t completely erased? Maria warns that Zero is closer to become a Level E and suggests the only way to save him. Something which Yuuki can only do. Meanwhile Zero dreams of his twin brother, Ichiru. They were very close to each other though Ichiru had a weaker body and Zero making up what he lacked. One day they saw a vampire woman (Shizuka) crying and wonder if their parents as vampire hunters had anything to do with it. Then one day, Zero was captured and bitten by Shizuka in front of his parents. She then proceeded to kill them. Before Zero collapsed, he saw Ichiru by Shizuka’s side smiling. When Zero wakes up, he sees Maria’s manservant and knows who he is even before taking off his mask. It’s Ichiru. And he thought he had died all the while.

Episode 11
Well, they aren’t the kind of twins that love each other. As Ichiru explains, he hated Zero because of his own weak body (in which he overheard his parents mentioning about the dangers of letting him become a vampire hunter), thus the reason why he aligned with Shizuka and killed the entire family. But he requested Shizuka to keep Zero alive so that he could be tormented and suffer the pain. Shizuka also cured his weak body. Ichiru offers Zero to be Shizuka’s servant but he refuses. Ichiru draws his sword but decides not to kill him and let him suffer more. Then Yagari barges in and helps Zero up. Yagari always considered Ichiru as student and he proves it when he protects him from his own sword (Zero deflected it) and taking the stab in his place. After Zero sends Yagari to the infirmary, he goes look for Yuuki who is helping her class setting up the ball. Seeing he is injured, he calls him to the store room and offers her neck, in which Zero doesn’t hesitate to bite! This reminded Yuuki of her deal to save Zero: Either to kill Kaname or become Maria’s servant. During the night of the ball, Kaname gives Yuuki a dress to wear. She finds him outside the terrace alone as they dance together. She mentions about erasing her memories that night so Kaname explains he only wanted to protect her. Because Yuuki can’t bring herself to kill him (as Maria’s reason is that he lowers his guard when Yuuki is with him), she runs away. Zero spots this and goes after her after confronting Kaname what happened (he says Zero’s supposed to be her shield). Elsewhere, Hanabusa and Akatsuki enter an underground chamber to see Shizuka’s real body in a container. Because Seiren warns them not to get involved further, they back off.

Episode 12
Yuuki heads straight to Maria’s dorm. Seems the only choice is to be her servant. But before Maria could suck her blood, she pushes her away. Ichiru brings Shizuka’s real body as she awakens in it and explains the only way to save Zero is to drink her blood. Then Zero comes in to finish things off but Yuuki protects her, noting this is the only way to save him. While they’re arguing, Shizuka uses her powers to control Zero to hold Yuuki. Shizuka bites Zero’s neck but when she targets Yuuki, Zero manages to break free from her control and grabs her throat. Zero shoots his own leg before pumping several shots into Shizuka. She then leaves the room since she has something else to do as Ichiru takes over. Yuuki learns about Ichiru. As the brothers fight, Ichiru mentions how he was jealous that Shizuka turned Zero into a vampire and ironically didn’t do the same to him. Though he always followed her, Zero was always in her eyes. Shizuka meets Kaname in a dark room. He then pierces his hands through his heart and then biting her neck. He promises not to let her life go to waste and vows to destroy their mutual enemy, that person who has been upsetting the pure bloods (shocked Hanabusa eavesdropping outside). Ichiru senses Shizuka’s dying breath and leaves the fight to rush to her side. Zero wanted to go kill Shizuka but is stopped by Yuuki, thinking that he will end his life after he achieves that. Zero hugs her and says though he has that thought of dying with her, he doesn’t feel that way anymore and promises to return. Devastated Ichiru finds Shizuka’s lifeless body.

Episode 13
Holding dying Shizuka in his arms, she tells him she is the only person she refuses to turn into a vampire even if he offers his blood. Her reason was so that he wouldn’t turn into a complete servant and obey her every word (it’s more fun when there are people who go against you, right?). So turning Zero into a vampire wasn’t boring? Well, he’s an interesting guy because he did resist trying to become one. Shizuka reveals her flashback whereby she had a human vampire servant as her lover. She loved him so much but before he turned into Level E, he was brutally murdered by the Kiryuu parents. She felt great anger and thus targeted them as revenge. By the time Zero comes in, Shizuka had already disappeared. Ichiru felt sad that right till the end, she never acknowledged him because she doesn’t want his blood. Zero says he understands Shizuka’s intention because he too has someone he doesn’t want to become a vampire. Ichiru leaves but Zero collapses due to the pain and all. When Yuuki comes by, Zero is gone and Kaien says he has been taken away for treatment. The next few days, Zero is absent from class. Kaname is acting like as though Zero was the one who killed Shizuka but Hanabusa doesn’t mention anything seeing that he knew what he saw then. Either way, Kaname has to report to the Council seeing that a pure blood was murdered. Afterwards Hanabusa talks to Akatsuki about Shizuka. The latter mentions about Shizuka’s fiancee changed the list of vampires to be executed by the Hunter Association. The puzzling thing was he hasn’t turned into a Level E yet and the fact Shizuka is in hiding from the Council who are badly pursuing her and her appearance in this academy puts her at risk. Hanabusa suspects it might be something she’s after. Kaname sees Zero being chained in a room. He is at his limit of turning into a vicious vampire. Kaname mentions he left Shizuka’s blood for him to drink but it was unfortunate he couldn’t. Seeing how depressed Yuuki is, Kaname offers Zero to drink his blood to alleviate him from his madness and the latter doesn’t resist sinking his fangs into his neck. Kaname mentions that he is only allowing him to live for Yuuki’s sake.

Vampire Knight Guilty

If the ending was kinda abrupt and unsatisfying, don’t worry because after taking a short break, the series resumes with an equal amount of episodes called Vampire Knight Guilty. The drama intensifies and more secrets and revelations will be revealed as it is going to get darker from this point on. And no, there aren’t going to be any werewolves making their appearance. This is purely and exclusively a vampire anime. No room for those hairy canines.

Episode 1
Life seemingly returns to normal. Well, almost. Yuuki is having a hard time keeping those irritating fan girls at bay. If only Zero was here. Speaking of the devil, he’s back! And with that cold attitude too. So nothing changed? It could be more than meets the eye. Now in addition to those urges, Zero has those headache visions of seeing a guy being cut to pieces. Later Maria awakens in her normal self and informs Zero about Shizuka seeking a certain person responsible for changing the execution list that resulted in her lover’s death. Not long, Yuuki is being attacked by several vampires sent by the Council. They are hunting down Zero whom they believed killed Shizuka. Though Zero appears in time to save her skin (this pattern is kinda getting repetitive), Kaname and his Night Class students order the attacking vampires to leave. Well, they can’t disobey a pure blood. So I guess with conflict of orders, I suppose they’re smart to go with the pure blood’s one (must be that hierarchy thingy). However since Kaname still makes it in a way that Zero was the one who killed Shizuka, Yuuki gets upset and will not talk to him anymore till he withdraws his accusations and proclaim Zero innocent. That night when Zero is asleep, he dreams of Shizuka but wakes up from the nightmare calling Yuuki’s name. She’s right next to him, wondering what the hell. She comforts him and he nearly kissed her. Ah well, don’t want to make it seem like he is going after her neck, no?

Episode 2
Yuuki and her friend Sayori “Yori” Wakaba meet a lost boy while walking through town. Yuuki offers to help him find his parents while Yori goes ahead to return to the dorm. When Yuuki and the kid reach an abandoned building, he kisses her and this causes Yuuki to collapse. Seems at this building, there is an underground party hosted by Shiki’s uncle. So it’s a little surprise if the Night Class gang who are attending this party see Yuuki unconscious on the floor. They may be going “Hey, what the heck is she doing here? Am I seeing things?”. Kaname takes her in and when she wakes up, she is being told about the vampire party and strictly not to leave the room. Ironically, Zero is also at the party to keep an eye on things as instructed by the Hunter Association. As they say, curiosity kills the cat. Yuuki spots the lost kid peeking from the door and goes out to follow him but ends up having a view of the party. She also sees how popular Kaname is as every darn parent wants him to consider their daughter’s hand in marriage to him. Can vampires do polygamy? He’s polite enough not to accept or turn them down. He’s just smooth… When Yuuki returns to her room, Kaname is there too. As punishment for not listening to him, he asks if she wants to be a vampire and live forever with him. Yuuki agrees and prepares to bite the bullet. Kaname shows his fangs but before he could take a bite, he pulls back, saying it was just a joke and had gone too far. Should she feel relieved? He apologizes and asserts he will never hurt her.

Episode 3
During the vacation, the Night Class students head over to Hanabusa’s villa for the holidays. Except for Shiki who will be returning to his family’s home (because his uncle said so) and ironically Hanabusa staying back at the dorm. Seems he has requested Akatsuki to do some research on Kaname’s family at his villa. I suppose he has other important things to do seeing that he asked his buddy and not do it himself. Ah, perhaps this is a chance to sneak inside Kaname’s room and check out his secrets. Like he’ll find anything. Like Kaname will be that careless. Then Hanabusa surprisingly pays Yuuki and Zero a visit at their dorm. No choice, they have to treat their ‘guest’ by cooking dinner. Man, he has got a huge appetite. Makes you wonder if all those blood tablets are enough for him. Hanabusa recalls how he first met Kaname when they’re young. Being the rash kid he is, he was honest in telling Kaname straight in the face that he hated him, much to the chagrin of the adults as they lecture him about the hierarchy and pure bloods’ status. Then at a ball soon after Kaname’s parent’s death, he noticed Kaname has turned even colder and unfriendly but that’s when Hanabusa started to take a liking for Kaname and called him his friend. Yuuki accidentally cuts her finger with the knife so Zero got attracted to her blood and sucks it. Hanabusa witnessed it all and soon leaves. He rummages through Kaname’s room and though couldn’t find anything, he knows he is planning something.

Episode 4
Shiki’s uncle takes Shiki underground. He is shown a man in a tube supposedly his father. He awakens and wants Shiki to lend him his powers and ‘possesses’ the poor kid. With Seiren reporting this to Kaname, holiday time is over so the vampire gang return to the dorm. Because Yuuki is having bloody hallucinations and the fact that she remembers nothing prior to her early years in life is bugging her tremendously, Zero advises her to go to the Hunter Association’s library to look for clues about her past. The meet the Association’s head as Yuuki is shocked to learn Kaien was once a vampire hunter. A legendary one, in fact. As they search through the books, the Association’s head confronts Zero in some room that is causing Zero’s urge to go wild, she mentions about drinking the blood of a  pure blood’s to save himself from becoming a Level E (didn’t he do that with Kaname?) or reverse the Curse of the Twins. Then a book that Yuuki is reading, suddenly bursts into flames, destroying all evidence that may lead her to remember her past. This causes her to be upset so Zero comforts her all night long. Perhaps it’s just an excuse so that he could suck more blood from her. Mmm… Does a sad girl’s blood taste any different? When Hanabusa confronts Kaname about his scheme, he just lets out a little secret that his parents didn’t commit suicide, but were murdered. Lastly, Ichijou visits Ichiou who addresses ‘Shiki’ as his lord. Hmm… That can’t be Shiki because of his different eye colour and yeah, he has more expression on his face worth a lifetime.

Episode 5
Yuuki experiences more horrifying bloody hallucinations and hearing malicious voices in her head that would send any normal girl into trauma mode. This causes her to accidentally attack Kaname (but stop short of touching him) before coming to her senses. He hugs her and confesses that he loves her. Later Zero confronts Kaname and the former thinks he is messing with her memories so Kaname throws him against the wall. He can’t kill him because he needs him to protect Yuuki and forces him to drink his blood. Can’t resist the urge, eh? Might as well since it will prevent him from descending further into Level E madness. As for Ichiru, he is back and working for the Council as her returns to Cross Academy. As a transfer student. How can this happen? Well, Kaien says that Zero approved of it. Plus, he feels this is perhaps the best chance for the twins to improve each other’s relation. And man, that Ichiru is such a hit with the girls. Makes them wonder even if they’re twins, how come their personalities are so contrasting. Like day and night. With one in, another goes out. Yagari this time leaves the academy to his own investigation. Yuuki goes to talk to Kaname again and begs him to tell the truth but he is worried that she will hate him if she learns her bloody and tragic past. It’s easy for her in her position now to say she won’t. However Kaname throws in a condition that if she wants to know her past, she must become his lover. And all in good timing, Zero walks by to see their intimacy. Only, Kaname asserts that he will protect Yuuki as her lover from now on. Like rubbing it in his face, no?

Episode 6
Though Yuuki experiences more restless nights and nightmares, Kaname orders his Night Class friends to guard Yuuki seeing that she has become his lover. Oh, the fan girls are going to hate her. Understandably, Yuuki finds it annoying that they’re following here everywhere, attracting unpleasant stares from the rest. But she has to suck it up and live with it because as Hanabusa mentions, their pride as vampires is at stake especially if it’s Kaname. Yuuki rests in the infirmary since she is feeling unwell. Hanabusa notices Ichiru with some weird blood bottle in his hand and confiscates it from him. Ichiru didn’t put up any resistance and leaves. He reports this to Kaname but he mentions Ichiru isn’t the real enemy and that he has his own role to play. Akatsuki reports to Hanabusa about his investigation and it seems that when he is close to finding clues, the page will burst to flames. It must have something to do on why Kaname is going to great lengths to protect Yuuki. So why the heck was there evidence in the first place? Wouldn’t it be easier if it was destroyed and never recorded in the first place? Kaien invites Ichiru to have dinner with him, Zero and Yuuki. Interestingly, even if he didn’t seem interested, he showed up. However it goes downhill when Yuuki brings up the topic about mistaking Ichiru for Zero at the infirmary. Zero blows his top that he might have done something funny on her so Ichiru leaves. Ichijou and Shiki return to the dorm. Rima notices something different in Shiki and realizes he’s not the person she knew.

Episode 7
As ‘Shiki’ meets Kaname, the latter instantly knows that this person is Rido Kuran, his uncle, Shiki’s father and Shizuka’s fiancee (wow, that’s a lot of relationships going on). Kaname attacks but is stopped by Ichijou. He doesn’t want innocent Shiki to be harmed. Later Rido wants to ‘snack’ on Ruka and corners her but she is saved by Akatsuki. Ichijou comes between them and tells them to leave things as they are as they don’t want Kaname to find out about this. Yuuki continues to bug and beg Kaname about her past but he’s not telling. So much so she collapses and Kaname takes her to Kaien’s room. Kaien mentions something about a promise made to Yuuki’s mother to protect her. More nightmare woes for Yuuki so much so she looks like she’s suffering. Zero comes in to check on her but Yuuki starts to strangle him. Yuuki gets upset when he didn’t put up a fight because he feels his life belongs to her (hey, he drank her blood). Yuuki insists that everything is her fault and that she was the one who pushed Zero to where he is now. When Zero mentions she sounded like she needed him, she replied that isn’t true and the person she needed most all the while was in fact Kaname. She pushes him out of her room and continues to cry in pain (still having those hallucinations) when she sees Kaname standing from the window (this is no hallucination). He casts a calming spell on her and takes her away. Then on the rooftop, Kaname sinks his teeth into Yuuki’s neck. She panics upon realizing what he is doing but he holds her down. Like some sort of S&M play, Kaname then kisses Yuuki and makes her drink his blood. When they’re done, they hear a click of a gun. Zero is furious that Kaname has turned his Yuuki into a vampire (yeah, we all the main protagonists as vampires now). However Yuuki protects Kaname and says not to shoot her brother! WTF?! Then she collapses as Kaname says he would be happy if that was true.

Episode 8
So this is where the revelation/confusion (depending on your view. Mine is the latter) starts. As Kaname explains Yuuki is 100% Kuran pure blood. Yuuki dreams of how she spent her happy days with her brother whom she loved dearly. She even promised to marry him, just like how their parents Haruka (yes, a father with a girl’s name) and Juuri did. Are vampires okay with incest? Apparently it’s okay in keeping the pureness of their pure blood lineage. Anyway they kept Yuuki’s birth a secret from the Council as they fear they would use her for their nefarious ends. However they couldn’t keep her hidden for long since Rido (who is part of the Council) comes looking for her and wants them to hand Yuuki over. This was when Juuri uses her powers to seal Yuuki’s memories and vampire powers so that she could live as a normal human being. WTF?! Is this even possible? How can a vampire be a human? Wouldn’t every human turned into a vampire use this method to turn themselves back? So with Yuuki’s blood permeating the academy, why is it that every vampire is shocked to learn Yuuki is a pure blood? Are they saying Juuri’s powers even suppress the vampire blood flowing in Yuuki? Kaname’s friends pledge their loyalty to Kaname not because of his blood but their friendship. Kaname explains Yuuki was born to be his fiancee. When Yuuki wakes up, her body is urging for blood. Being just ‘awakened’, she can’t control her powers as she unleashes a powerful blast enough to shatter the windows just after remembering how her parents were brutally murdered. Then Yuuki and Kaname proceed to lick each other’s blood. Meanwhile Rima confronts Shiki/Rido as they both fight. Rima tries to awaken Shiki by mocking him. Seems to work a little as the body is fighting back and resisting Rido. Yuuki remembers Zero and decides to go see him, disobeying Kaname’s orders to stay put. Akatsuki and Hanabusa are in a bind to protect Yuuki so she has them tag along. Kaname orders Seiren to take care of the Day Class students and then he talks to Ruka as she pledges her loyalty to him. Kaien takes out a sword from a chest he thought he would never have to use again.

Episode 9
Yuuki is outside Zero’s room and from behind the door, Zero points his gun at her direction. He is upset that she has no trace of humanity in her left so she agrees and says that the vampire side ate the Yuuki he knew. Meanwhile Ichiru opens the coffin containing Rido’s real body. Kaname comes in and borrows his sword to stab it. However he didn’t just stab the body, but his own hand as well and letting his blood flow into the body. Ichijou returns with Shiki’s unconscious body. A flashback reveals how Haruka bid Juuri farewell before his final fight with Rido. In the end, Haruka was killed when Rido stabbed his heart with a vampire hunter’s weapon. Young Kaname saw what was happening and rushed to Haruka’s side but it’s too late as he vanished into dust. Kaname was filled with anger but couldn’t kill Rido because he is Kaname’s master. Rido was the one who awakened Kaname, the first ancestor of the Kuran clan by kidnapping and using Haruka and Juuri’s first son but since it wasn’t enough, that’s why he returned to steal Yuuki after being imprisoned and released by the Council for 10 years. Kaname then blasts Rido into thousands of pieces though it won’t kill him. Though it will take time for him to regenerate, Kaname vowed to find a way to kill him then. Yagari returns and meets Kaien. Seems he has received orders from the Hunter Association to rid of Zero. Then Zero comes in, his body in pain and wants Yagari to put him out of his misery, thinking that’s his reason for coming back. The Association’s head is at Ichiou’s mansion. Seems she was the one who ordered Zero’s imprisonment so he can’t interfere with their plans. Ichiou mentions about conspiring with the Council to obtain ultimate power. Yagari throws Zero into prison and lectures him about his actions of wanting to die. He believes that Zero is not a vampire but a vampire hunter. He lays Bloody Rose down next to him and leaves. Zero is having deep thoughts about Yuuki.

Episode 10
Yuuki’s first day as a vampire watching the sun rise. How ironic is that? But no time to enjoy the view as the Night Class students are helping to evacuate the Day Class students from an impending war on the academy. But it’s too late so Kaien has Yagari take them to shelter in the hall. Vampires start creeping in and attacking. If not for the Night Class students, those stowaway girls from the Day Class could have been goners. Here’s another irony: Vampires killing vampires. Yori, who is worried about Yuuki, sneaked out and nearly turned herself into a vampire meal if not for Hanabusa and Yuuki’s actions. Yuuki couldn’t hold her Artemis anymore (that pole has some anti-vampire effect) so she apologizes to Yori for lying to her about being a vampire. But Yori doesn’t care about that trivial stuff because to her she’ll always be her best friend. Yagari encounters his Hunter Association comrades (who are here to kill Zero – hey, why are they dressed like as though they’re some RPG party) and warns them after a little display of power. They decide to listen to him and go away. When Rido awakens in his real body, it’s like every vampire in the academy could feel his awakening. Must be some overwhelming aura, eh? Ichiru greets him while Yuuki wants to go see Rido but is stopped by Hanabusa. I guess her speech was moving enough to make him allow to her the slip. Zero is still in a dilemma when Kaname appears. He tells him the truth that he created Zero to kill Rido. Yeah, everything was part of his plan ever since day one. Look at it, he blood drank from the pure blood. From Shizuka to Kaname and even Yuuki. So he’s got to be one heck of a powerful being with all the bloods of the pure blood inside him. This power is enhanced since he is a twin of a vampire hunter and its powerful half. Kaname is confident that Zero will never betray Yuuki and plays mind games with him that Rido’s target is Yuuki. So if he fails to protect her, Rido will go after Yuuki.

Episode 11
The real Shiki awakens and thanks Rima for waking him up. The Night Class students continue to battle the endless wave of vampires, turning the academy into a mountain of dust. Rido is having some blood orgy fest. Draining the blood of the women till they turn into dust. Kaien faces off with the Association’s Head. She gives him a last chance to hand over Zero but he refuses and unleashes some sword technique (one slash to destroy the entire ground! Oh sh*t!) on her but she retreats. With Zero still having not made up his mind, this time Ichiru pays him a visit and picks up the gun and shoots him. However it isn’t fatal. Then Zero notices that Ichiru is also bleeding profusely (seems when Rido awakened, he tried to kill him as revenge for Shizuka but was dealt with a fatal blow). Then Ichiru mentions about how he hates him and all those jealousy thingy of the past. About the Curse of the Twins, it is believed that vampire hunters can never have twins. Even if they do, the stronger twin will devour the weaker one (like a vampire). But it is strange in Zero and Ichiru’s case for them to even born and survive. So the point is Ichiru wants Zero to drink his blood and ‘devour’ him so that he could fully obtain the true powers of the vampire hunter that rightfully belonged to him. This is the final piece of the puzzle that will power up Zero to kill Rido. I mean, what better way to go against a pure blood and fight on par with him other than another pure blood? And Zero has got several pure bloods inside him. But will Zero do that even if he hates him now? He has too although he hates the thought of losing his twin brother (and any other thing – like Yuuki). Not till Ichiru finally dies did Zero drinks his blood but in tears. As he leaves the prison, we see the fruition of his powers. A single punch destroys a block of wall! Oh sh*t! Don’t mess with a vampire hunter. An angry vampire hunter, that is. Or is it a vampire?

Episode 12
Yuuki continues to accomplish her mission while the other Night Class students protect her. Yagari is running low on ammo after facing hordes of endless vampire waves at the school gates. Feels like Plants vs Zombies, eh? Kaien shows up to strut his stuff and show us why he was once known as the legendary vampire hunter, taking out all the vampires singlehandedly. Meanwhile the Association’s head sees Ichiou. She wants her reward to drink his blood to keep her eternal beauty (her face is obviously cracking up) and admits that she was the one who sent orders to have Zero killed. However Ichiou isn’t interested in such a weakling and breaks her neck. Good riddance. Kaname arrives outside Ichiou’s mansion. He is turning all the bodyguards into mini fireworks display without even twitching his fingers! Holy sh*t!!! Nobody can stop him as he coolly makes his way into the mansion. No fight, man. He sees Ichiou trying to escape and is prepared to kill him. However Ichijou wishes to take care of this himself. Kaname agrees and leaves the mansion. It must be one hell of a rumble inside since we see the entire mansion crumbling to the ground. The rest of the Night Class students and Yuuki confront Rido on the rooftop, sitting on his makeshift throne of bodies. He orders the corpses to attack while he tries to attack Yuuki (the Night Class students are paralyzed from his spell). Before he could bite her neck, she grabs Artemis as it turns into a deadly scythe and manages to injure him. Then Zero shows up and fires his Bloody Rose at him. However he has trouble controlling his powers as he arms turns monstrous. He wants Yuuki to cut it with Artemis, in which clams the raging power down and returns his arm to normal. He prepares to fire another shot with Bloody Rose as it emits a very bright light. And why the heck are there plant vines connecting to his arm?

Episode 13
With Rido now heavily injured, he flees to the forest and tries to feast on more blood to heal himself. However he comes into Kaname and though he attacks, Rido is confident he can never kill him. However it isn’t Kaname who will kill him, remember? Yup, it’s Zero (whom Kaname called as Yuuki’s Vampire Knight) as his powered up Bloody Rose finishes Rido for good, turning him into fragments which I hope won’t be able to regenerate. That is one awesome power! All that building up to power up and the fight just finished within seconds? Shows how powerful he has become, eh? Kaname meets his Night Class friends and mentions how they are his pawns from the start to protect Yuuki. He frees them and tells them to do as they wish from now on. However they insist that they aren’t his pawns, but his friends. Zero meets Yuuki and though he doesn’t believe she is a vampire, he dares her to drink his blood in which she does and realizes his feelings for her. Yuuki plans to leave the academy with Kaname because he is a person whom she wants to protect. Zero says that he is going to hunt down and kill all the pure bloods even if it means killing Yuuki. She agrees to wait and run from him, thus giving him a reason to live. Kaien is saddened over his ‘daughter’s’ departure but I guess as a parent, that they will come when the young ones will soon leave the nest. But he has to clean up the academy with the help of his vampire hunter pals. Yuuki leaves with Kaname and it seems Hanabusa, Akatsuki and Ruka will be joining them on their free will. Shiki and Rima are at Ichiou’s crumbled mansion. Though we don’t see Ichijou, something tells me he is still alive since they spot his sword at the site. However I don’t feel the same for that old bugger. So Zero, how does it feel to be the only Guardian in school now?

I never liked endings that don’t really end. At least for this kind of series. Well, at that time and even as of now, the manga is still on-going so I guess it’s better than putting in mindless fillers and let it run forever like some series that have 3 digits in their number of episodes. From what I briefly skimmed through, it seems the story continues after a 1 year time skip with Yuuki continuing to live in Kaname’s home and Zero making it his mission to find peace between humans and vampires (I thought he wanted to eliminate all pure bloods, which are vampires, right?) and even in the running to be the Hunter Association’s next head. Which is an ironic situation because he’s now a vampire who is also part of the vampire hunter association. However no sequel of this series has been announced ever since the second season ended its run at the end of 2008. I’ve got a feeling that there won’t be any for the foreseeable future seeing that each episode ends with the motto, “I’ll show you a sweet dream the next night” or for the cliff-hanger at the end of the first season, “The sweet dream has not ended”. Really? Which part of it all is a sweet dream? I think everyone will be glad when they wake up from this ‘nightmare’.

For the anime, I guess the entire drama is quite fair. Not to say that I enjoy it but I’m not the kind of guy who enjoys dark vampire dramas. The revelations were a headache to me and I didn’t understand the little twist that was revealed so much so I had to do a little reading up to understand (which was a good thing, right?). Some things I just didn’t understand like Yuuki being a vampire all the while. She is obviously torn between Kaname and Zero both whom she loves dearly but in the end, she had to choose her brother. Fans of Yuuki x Kaname would be please but to be fair to those Yuuki x Zero fans, there were some close moments too. On a cheeky note, yaoi fans of Kaname x Zero are also treated with a few close-up scenes together. Guaranteed to send them screaming and squealing with joy like those annoying fan girls. Another comic relief guy is Yuuki’s classmate who is the class rep. He always sounds like with full of angst and warning Yuuki to do things right. Like he is the one to say because he is an adamant admirer of Ruka. Unfortunately, it’s a one-sided love. Too bad he doesn’t even exist in her eyes. Yuuki may be strong, caring and independent but after retrieving her memories, she became stronger and resolved in her role to protect. She was less indecisive after remembering her past. Kaname and Zero may look good but their troubled past and personal issues are also deeply reflected in their voice. Notice how Kaname never raises his voice and is always sounding the gentle and respected leader he is worthy of. Deeply concern for Yuuki and his friends even if he doesn’t say it upfront. Zero at times may sound like he is full of angst but during other times, his voice sounds frail and delicate mirroring the imperfect being he is. Given his volatile nature, he values his friendship with Yuuki very much even though he severed his ties with her in the end.

I felt the other Night Class students didn’t make a great impact in the series overall. Even if they are playing supporting roles, I felt their presence was a hit and miss, especially Seiren. Her presence as Kaname’s bodyguard is mysterious but the lack of her presence around means viewers like me don’t really see the importance of having her around and it doesn’t matter if she exists or not. All the while I felt she was just like a messenger to Kaname. As even in the final battle, the Night Class vampires strut their stuff just to a minimum. I was hoping to see them unleash some super power combo (maybe I was just expecting too much) but instead see them pounding low-level vampires with their known powers. Same case for Kaien and Yagari. I wanted to see Kaien pull off more legendary moves instead of that one time. Speaking of Kaien, that guy is amusing because of his comical role from time to time (like wanting Yuuki to call him ‘father’ rather than the director of the academy). Otherwise, it’s no fun if he is dead serious all the time like Yagari. The other comic relief being Yuuki herself, going into her slightly chibi version when she is in her naive mode. Rima x Shiki relationship was slightly amusing because of their expressionless and sarcastic lines but that’s all about it. Ruka was like some jealous woman watching from afar and from the way I see it, I thought she would take some drastic action. Instead she resigned to her fate to be Kaname’s second best though her loyalty for him never wavered. Say, what happened to Maria? And Yori? Did Yuuki leave her for good seeing how things went in the end?

The story flow of the first season shifts from the focus of Zero overcoming his inner demons to a much darker and inevitable fate that gathers all the ‘chess pieces’ for a final showdown. So Kaname must be one hell of a good future planner. It’s a good thing his 10 year plan bore fruit in the end. Or else it could’ve been one big problem for him because from what I know, Rido and the Council want to remove Kaname who is occupying to the top of the hierarchy. Even power-hungry vampires are no different than humans. Another mind boggling fact that I found out and from what I understand, Kaname is the founder of the Kuran family and one of the original founders. So how did he become Haruka and Juuri’s son? Unless he is adopted by them. And even so, given the fact that he is an original vampire founder, he must have lived for a long time but how come he looks like a young kid? Does he have some powers to bend his youthful looks? Otherwise his mysterious power to kill of his enemies without lifting a finger is indeed awesome. No wonder he is so revered and yet his position is much coveted by some. Some of the scenes that involve the vampire licking the other’s neck or flesh can be disturbing at times so if you’re not used to this, you may find this unsettling. Another thing that I’m pondering is that after the conclusion of the battle with Rido, now that the students know about the existence of vampires, will they still be able to accept them for who they are? Or will everyone undergo a major memory erasing procedure? Hell, as long as they look good, the fan girls will still be as annoying as before.

The opening themes of both seasons somehow didn’t appeal to me. For the first season, Futatsu No Kodou To Akai Tsumi by On/Off sounds a little drowsy the way the lead male vocal sings the piece while the second season, Rinne Rondo also by that same group has that gothic feel to it. I don’t know, maybe it’s the chorus part that sounds funny the way they sing the lines in a fast manner. For the first season’s ending theme, it is Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima. It is a very creepy piece and the ending credits animation (doll Yuuki crying blood? Broken mirror? Horror bunny? Creepy…) adds to the very already eerie atmosphere. It made my hair stand on ends so I skip this part each time the ending theme comes about. Though the second season’s ending theme isn’t that scary, nevertheless it still feels like a horror song especially the fast and wild opening play of the cello. Entitled Sunao No Oshiro also by Kanon Wakeshima. Here we see another eerie depiction of Yuuki spouting butterfly wings made with blood and some spider thingy.

Vampire genres aren’t my thingy but it won’t stop me from watching them if they are interesting enough. If you’re fans of the vampire genre or even this series, I’m sure you’ll have lots of good things to say. Just like Twilight fans. Otherwise this series is just enough to get the curiosity off my chest. From the way I look at it, all 3 main characters are in a way vampires. My guess is that things will get more complicated if they throw in werewolves. Good thing we don’t have them here. Less one problem. So if vampires don’t really want to fight with humans, I guess it would be better if they could drink the blood of their own kind, which is proven here that it is possible. Being a vampire isn’t just about being cool (Hollywood versions like Twilight and Buffy are over-rated). It has its own downside too. Though you live a longer life, have heightened senses and can heal any simple wounds, the thought of drinking blood isn’t my cup of tea. And then getting caught in a blood feud, bloody conspiracy, a bloody love triangle… I don’t want such a sweet dream after all.

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